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11-15-2008, 03:04 PM
Hello! :wave:

Here's a group for any Weight Watcher members (or anyone thinking about joining) to check in, get support and encouragement while trying to become healthier, not just thinner. We want to focus on eating a wholesome diet, exercising more, having a positive outlook on life, and losing weight along the way. This is what Weight Watchers promotes anyway, but sometimes it's hard to stay focused. Together, we'll make it! :yes:

11-15-2008, 04:53 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies.

Barb - :welcome3: We are happy to have you join us. I've lived in Rock Hill for 2 years now. I was born and raised in Central TX and lived in TX until I met DH who is from IN,k but lived in FL when we met and married.
Congratulations on your decision to get the weight off before your 60. I lost weight and was well on my way to goal in my 50's and then a few yrs ago I lost it and went into a rebellious state and gained a lot of it back. I just came back from a visit with my family in TX. My sister, her daughter and her son-in-law inspired me with a whole new attitude... Thank God. They all are doing WW Flex and look good. My nieces hubby has reached goal and is a Lifetimer. My niece cooked a great dinner for a family get together while I was there and it was WW friendly down to the desserts. This is my 3rd day back OP. I agree it is so easy to eat your pts and then hit the WPA. I'm working on including some of the WPA each day. I am impressed with the way you are planning for your trip by taking foods with you. I kind of did that myself on our trip. It payed off by me not gaining although I didn't lose either. Last time I went home I came back ticked off about dieting and this time I came back ready to get going with a whole new attitude about working on WW plan.

Jane - :cheer: Yeah! Great job staying OP during Mexican lunch with your friend. Just shows us what planning ahead can do for us. We took presents to family when we were on our trip. Now we have to work on getting things ready for Tony's DD and her family coming for Christmas. We have no plans for Thanksgiving as our local family/friends backed out on us. DD wants us to put up our huge Christmas tree which is a real job, but it will be nice to have the grandchildren here. Planning a trip to see Tony's cousin in NC while they are here too. I have been looking at WW magazine and cookbook for healthy alternatives to foods for Christmas so I can stay OP for the holidays. Granddaughters do like for Mommy and Nannie to bake cookies with them. Jane, it worked out a good thing we didn't plan to meet you and Neal in Evansville. We got lost in So IN and took us over an hour to find our way back to civilization. We got on a dirt road that looked like it was only wide enough for a horse and buggy down by the Ohio River. I wondered if we were in Amish country as I saw a sign at one point that said to watch for Amish buggies.. It was really scarry experience until we got back on track.

Ruthie - I missed your post until now. I don't know how I missed it. Glad you are still here. I thought about you on our trip home from TX. It rained so hard for the first half of our trip we could barely see. Thank God it was cloudy, but no rain for the other half of the trip.

Jen - Sounds like you have a really good and appreciative boss. Great getting back to dancing. Great way to exercise. Congrats on making a mini-goal ahead of time.

Everybody else - :wave: Hello there. Hope your doing well.


11-15-2008, 08:40 PM
Does anybody know what happened to all the other people who used to post here, have they all jus disppeared, or did I miss something!!
Suppose Im guilty of the same thing.
Talking about wrapping presents Iv all but 2 presents bought and wrapped, I just need to find one for my mam, and one for the possible BF,
When I say possible, it could all b over tomorrow, its very complicated lol, I could explain it, but I dont even know whats happening at the minute.
Iv only been seein him about 4 weeks, but I really have falen for him, which with me doesnt happen often lol :) Only thing is he is quite a bit older than me (theres a surprise ) hes 33?? But we'll see how it goes,
He has tickets for us to go and see aladin the stage show in January so thats somethin to look forward to.
Yeah I am for some reason finding it very easy to stay motivated, I dont know how or why, but I am more dedicated than ever, Ive been back at weight watchers now for aobut 17 weeks, and havent put weight on once.??
Not that Im complaining.
Before I forget, welcome BARB, happy to have you here.
JANE, I wish I could plan ahead the way you do, Id do the opposite, Id just whatever I wanted, and be very careful for the rest of the week!!
TRISH Isnt it odd how the little things can inspire you, like seeing your family do well.

I have alternative motives at the minute, and I have to lose as much weight as possible before April, I think that could be pushing me forward.

Anyway I better get back to work, Oh and seen as I dont have it here in Ireland, when is Thanksgiving.?
Jen x

11-16-2008, 08:59 AM
Good morning everyone!! It was nice to wake up to some sunshine for a change. The weather here has been so dreary--it's been hard to work up any enthusiasm for exercise. This morning is sunny but 30 mph winds..hey--ya can't have everything! Not much planned for the day-- we were out at BJ's Wholesale Club yesterday and I bought a rotisserie turkey breast for tonight's dinner. They are SOOO GOOD! Will have green beans and roasted sweet potato with that. YUM!
JEN Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope things work out with the "potential bf" the way that you want. I always went out with men older than me. I think I always felt older than my age back then. Now I can't believe how old I am!! LOL Good job staying motivated and on track! Send some of that motivation over this way!!

Have a good day everyone!

11-16-2008, 10:07 AM
Hi Ladies,

A quick one here. Leaving for church in a few minutes.

Barb - I think you said you live in DC so we have about the same weather. I agree the sunshine is a welcome sight this morning. I get those rotessaries chickens too. DH and I love them, but I always go up a lb or 2 because some places add salt to them when they cook them so I heard.

Hey girls. I get this thing called Diet Tips... forget who puts it out. But today they reminded us to be sure to remember to drink water during the cold months. It said that by the time your thirsty you are already dehydrated. Interesting point of info, I thought. So decided to share it. I have a tendency myself to want hot drinks instead so trying to be extra sure to get my water.

Jen - Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November which is the 27th this year.

Jane, Ruthie and any one else reading this:wave:

Y'all have a great Sunday!


11-16-2008, 10:47 AM
Trish You're sure right about the rotisserie items being akin to a salt lick!! I'm sure that accounts for a lot of the flavor... :-( If I weren't feeling so lazy I'd roast a fresh turkey breast myself... Next time!

Just had high-fiber oatmeal, an orange and a small glass of skim milk for breakfast. I'm FULL!!

11-16-2008, 02:36 PM
Barb - I know. DH wants a rotiserrie chicken for Thanksgiving since it is going to be just the 2 of us. They are sooo good and a lot less work for me. I gave my machine away because it is so much easier to buy them ready made. I've been trying to figure out a way to fix chicken so he will eat it other than fried. His triglicerides (sure I spelled that wrong) were up when he had is last blood work done. Strange thing is DH really wants to eat the legs only. I told him we should just buy legs and roast them in my flavawave.

I'm an oatmeal person too. I eat oatmeal with blueberries, sunflower seeds or walnuts and FF Lite and Fit yogurt every morning. Since I have to eat breakfast (didn't when I was younger), I decided to eat a healthy one. Oatmeal to keep my cholesterol down, blueberries for healthy eyes, seeds or nuts for healthy oil and yogurt to keep from having yeast problems even add cinnamon for blood sugar. Always feels me up too and also I seem to stay satisfied longer.

I think you said your daughter attends Winthrop. Is this her 1st year? Do you ever come to Rock Hill to see her? Maybe we could meet up sometime if you do. Do you still have family in Charleston? I little girl at church today had a shirt on from Charleston. I haven't been there yet and she told me that it is a beautiful place that I really should see. I thought of you when she told me. Do you miss it? I miss my family back in TX, but I love the weather here in SC much better than TX.

11-16-2008, 04:56 PM
Trish Promise me you'll make a trip down to Charleston in the springtime..there's no other place like it, I promise! I miss it with all my heart. This past year I've been traveling constantly back and forth from DC to down there to visit my father who's 80 and battling cancer. We found out this past week that the cancer has spread..it's just not a happy time. My sister is down there still, too (my parents divorced 20 years ago)..we've got Dad in a beautiful assisted living facility and right now are finishing up the cleaning out of his house. Not an easy task either physically or emotionally!

Yes, my one and only child (daughter) is a freshman there at Winthrop. I haven't been down there since Parent's Weekend in early October. Once things become more stabilized with my dad I plan to visit her there more often. She tries to get down to Charleston when I'm down that way but she's got a lot going on at school. I will definitely give you a head's up when I get a chance to visit..would love to meet up with a boardie! Do you know of any WW-friendly BBQ joints?? (very funny, I know..but Lord help me I love BBQ and everything that goes with it!) Save those WPA's!


11-16-2008, 10:34 PM
:hug:Barb I am so sorry about your Dad. I will keep you, your Dad and sister in my prayers. Believe me when I say I know how you feel and what you are going though. My Daddy and sisters and I went through the same thing with my Mama back in 1992. She was 65. I think of her a lot since I turned 65 this year. I always considered her my best friend and felt so lost and abandoned when she died. I went to TX last week to see my Daddy who is 85 yrs old. My sisters and I hang on to him like crazy because we can't stand the thought of the day we have to let him go too. I talked to him just tonight. I always call him at least once a week. Is your Mom sitll living?

I too love BBQ. My family always fixes BBq once when I visit in TX as it was one of the things I that I really missed when I moved to FL. When I moved to Rock Hill, I was thrilled to find Sonny's BBQ here in Rock Hill. They have a salad bar, but I don't eat from it because too many things to tempt me. So I usually get the BBQ beef or pork and then have green beans and corn-on-the-cob. That way I figure I can stay within my points and have my BBQ too. On special occasions like my birthday, I splurge and have the baby back ribs of course that blows all the points for the day and then some. Maybe we could meet there for lunch when you come to town.

11-17-2008, 08:00 AM
We love Sonny's BBQ! I honed in on that place when we were there for orientation. There's a Maurice's over on David Lyle Blvd near the mall..I grew up eating their mustard-based bbq and onion rings. (Hmmm....could be part of my problem! lol)

Thanks for the kind words for my Dad. My mother is still living and is remarried. But that's another story! lol

Well, even though it's only 32 degrees outside, I'm layering up and taking my dog for a walk this morning!! I've been going stir crazy in the house with all the rainy, gloomy weather! Hope everyone has a wonderful, healthful day!

11-17-2008, 09:49 AM
Hi All,
Managed to walk 6.5 miles after 12 hour shift yesterday, I was so pleased with myself :) But im paying for it now no doubt, I am so tired, Need to get some energy back for dancing later, I cannot miss that!
All is quiet other than tht. Iv been incredibly good this week, but a sneak preview on the scales before thursday has me up 3 pounds. I have to be good as gold the next three days, I am not prepared to go up three pounds.
Other than that all is quiet on this front!
hope your all keeping well
Luv Jen x

11-17-2008, 11:28 AM
Hi ladies,

Jen - Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of November. My DH is 10 years older than me, and I like that just fine. Does your family like your BF? The fact that he has made plans with you for January says he's planning to stay around for a long time. What happens in April? About the members who used to post, well, people come and go in groups like this. I know that a couple of them didn't want to do WW after all. Angie is in L.A. right now. Plus, we have a LOT from other 3FC groups that read us, but don't post. Guess we're interesting, lol. :cool:

Barb - I like oatmeal when I need comfort food. :dizzy: The bbq should be okay if you watch your portion. It's all about portion control, right? I'm so sorry about your dad. Mine has been gone since '79, and I'd sure like to just sit and have a cup of coffee with him and my mom. She died in '84. Hey, include me in on that meet up!

Trish - sorry you got lost here in Indiana. It's easy to do on some of these backroads. I still wish we could have met up, but maybe I'll make it down your way some day. Yes, there are several Amish communities around southern Indiana. I like going to their restaurants.

I did the rest of my Christmas shopping this weekend, and all I have left to buy for is my son. Well, and for Neal's stocking. Whoo hoo! The presents are wrapped, and ready to go under the tree. Now I can focus on other things.

Have any of you tried the Kashi pizzas? I had 1/3 of the Marguarite Thin Crust one this weekend, for 5 points. Very yummy, and fairly healthy.

Have a good one!

11-17-2008, 11:32 AM
Jen 6.5 MILES!! WOW!! That's amazing!! I wish I could say the same. I'm still waiting for it to warm up a little before I venture outside. I WILL DO IT, though...30 mins minimum. In the meantime I've gotten a lot of work done around my house! Where did all this laundry come from?? I'm blanking on ideas of what to have for dinner. We may just go with the turkey burgers tonight..you can toss them on the grill frozen! lol

Hope you all are having a great day! This is the last "quiet" week before the holidays!! YIKES!

11-17-2008, 11:45 AM
Jane I've seen the Kashi pizzas..I'm just afraid I'd eat the entire thing! I do love pizza! Please please please do my Christmas shopping for meeeeee!!! lol. I've got to get myself in gear and just do it!

11-17-2008, 12:08 PM
Hi all
I was jus askin about thanksgiving so ill remember to wish you all a happy thanksgiving lol :)
Hmm April, a long story made short. Ill see a friend i havent seen in a long time.
Basically hes been my best friend for years, then one night over the summer we spent th night together, He told me th next day never to repeat what had happened that night because he was seein someone else an hasnt spoken to me since. But ill see him in April, at order of malta competitons, and I just want to show him what hes lost. It may seem like a stupid reason but its keeping me motivated none the less.

Ive most of my shopping done too, just 2 presents left to get, an we always to secret santa at work but havent organised it there so ill have to one get from there too but that normally requires a visit to a sex shop for that present lol
As for the walk, I needed it after a tiring day at work

11-17-2008, 08:03 PM
GRRRRRRRRRRR....my laptop just up and died on me this afternoon. Won't turn on!! Hopefully it's a simple fix (although part of me lusts for one of those new Dell laptops in cute colors!). Kicking myself mightily for not backing up my pictures or iTunes library. Fingers crossed it can be fixed....

Had a Wendy's grilled chicken salad for dinner tonight.We're supposed to get snow showers overnight. Yay. I'm supposed to play golf tomorrow at 11 but I'm thinking we're going to cancel out. Is supposed to be a high of only 40 and windy. I love golf and all..but not THAT much! :rolleyes:

11-18-2008, 12:18 AM
Hi Ladies,

A quick one here.

Jen - I thoroughly understand about the April thing. We probably have all been there and done that one some time in our lives. Just remember that jerks like that don't deserve us any way. Good luck. Sound your new bf wants to stick around maybe he is a keeper.

Barb - Brrrr on the snow. I've never been into golf, but my Daddy used to love playing it. I always thought that if you walk the course that it would be really great exercise.

Jane - You busy girl. All that shopping and wrapping done. I don't think we are going to be buying much this year since between the two of us Tony and have almost $10,000 dollars of dental work to have done in the next few months. That is going to be our Christmas plus the kids coming.

Well, I sneaked a peak on the scales today and I was down 4 lbs. It puts me back to where I got hung up before when I got discouraged and blew it, but I believe if I keep doing what I'm doing that one of these days that there has to be a breakthrough. I know WW works. In fact, I recently read somewhere that out of the top diets WW rated #1. The 2nd one was Slim-Fast. They both help you successfully lose weight and nutritious for short term, but for long term maintenance WW beat all the other diets. Strange Day one I had my regular pts + 9 of my WPA, day 2 5 of my WPA, on day 3 I had 4. Yesterday I had 1 WPA and today I haven't had any of them. So this is really working for me. DH goes to the doctor tomorrow and we usually go out to eat, but I'm going to eat out this week. I want to see what happens if I only have OP meals at home.

Catch y'all tomorrow:hug:

11-18-2008, 07:09 AM
trish 4 POUNDS!!:cheer2: That's wonderful!! Keep on keepin' on! You're right about walking the course...especially one that has a few hills on it. I'd say about 50% of the ladies in my Thursday league walk ..interestingly enough, they're the really fit looking ones!! Once I get back to playing regularly again (in the spring) I plan to be out there with my pushcart!! Right now I'm "kaput" after about 12 holes!

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy day!!


11-19-2008, 01:44 AM
I had another good OP day making 6. Feel good about what I'm doing just hope I can keep that going.

Barb - Thanks. Did you get your laptop working? I have a Dell and love it, but they didn't have the colors when I got mine. It has been acting a little slow on line though. If it keeps up I may change from msn.com to yahoo and see if it works any better.

Hope everyone has had a good day.


11-19-2008, 10:32 AM
Just a quick pop-in today. I'm having company over tomorrow night for vegetable beef soup, and I want to get it made today so the flavors can meld. I'm making 2 huge pots so I'll have leftovers to freeze. After that, I need to spiffy the place up a bit. I'll do indies (individual replies) when I can. :hug:

Have a good day!

11-19-2008, 04:35 PM
Hey everyone!! My laptop is barely limping along..I hope I can keep it limping through the holidays until I can get another one. There should be some good deals out there the closer we get to Christmas. I haven't been doing so great with the food these last couple of days..I have to shake off the "diet" mindset. It's really an issue for me. All I want to do is EAT! And then eat some more. Trying hard to keep a handle on it and drink a lof of water..that helps. Spent the morning clearing out the fridge and freezer..you all wouldn't believe the UFO's (unidentified Frozen Objects) I tossed!! Three year old raspberries, anyone?
Jane Ahhh soup!! With so much of the country in the deep freeze that sounds so inviting! Good for you for making double and freezing some. I like to make extra for those times I just don't want to cook!
Trish Keep up that OP momentum!! You're doing great!!

Hope all the rest of you health-focused friends are having a great day and staying warm!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


11-20-2008, 02:39 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

Just finished my 1st week back OP and started week 2 and I am thrilled to say that I have total loss of 4.5 lbs this week:carrot:. I might have done a little better but we went out to eat yesterday at KFC. Really shouldn't eat out the day before WI day.:dizzy: I couldn't get but one drumstick so had to get a thigh but I took all the fat and batter off of both to compensate and ate only the meat. Of course you still don't know what you get as far as salt etc in other foods. I usually get green beans and corn-on-the-cob,but they've had only regular corn the last few times I've been there. So I had to compensate for that too. The good thing is that I only used 26 of the WPA so hopefully it was covered with the 9 I had left.

I get a little magazine called "Nutrition Action" which gives you truthful info about foods. I never knew how I got on their list. Any way it is by scientists who are trying to get more nutritional foods in schools, restaurants etc. You can also go on their website and get info too. It says you really shouldn't eat out but 1x a week if possible. Also I learned that the Flat Belly Diet research was done on people whose parents were diabetics. There is no data for other people. I found that to be interesting. Another good reason to use WW pts to judge what and how much you eat. It also tells you all the things to do to get belly fat in this issue which one is eating out too much.

Hope everyone has a great day.


11-20-2008, 11:06 PM
Just a quickie to say "hi." I was down for a couple days with stomach troubles. Now back on track and feeling good.

We are on pins and needles waiting to hear if our offer was accepted for a condo in Las Vegas. We miss going out for winters since we sold our home there before last winter. Believe me, one winter here and I am ready to go... (sorry Jane, I know you love the snow.)

Exercise has been poor, but eating not so bad this week. I will let you know how I WI Monday. I lost the 2 pounds I had gained on vacation and hope this week to lose even more. :)

11-21-2008, 12:24 AM
Hi Sue - Sorry you were sick with stomach troubles, but glad you are feeling better and back on track. :woohoo: On getting the 2 lbs back off and good luck on your WI Monday. Hope you get the condo you want in Las Vegas.


11-21-2008, 02:41 PM
Happy Friday everyone!! Slow going for me today...my husband and I went to see The Eagles last night in concert in DC..didn't get home until well past midnight then up at 6. The tickets were his 50th birthday present from me..we've been trying to get tickets for years..all their shows sell out instantly, it seems. Great show..loved it! But dragging today.. I seem to be getting a better grip on the eating issues.. I know it's all emotional overeating and I'm trying to handle the emotion without the food as anesthesia! It's not easy!! Amazing how that is my very first impulse: FOOD! Have a great weekend y'all...and a very Happy Thanksgiving week. I'm out of town without computer til next weekend!! Take care


11-21-2008, 03:00 PM
Barb - :thanks1: to you too. :carrot: Glad you are getting a grip on your eating. You have a good weekend and week and we will look forward to hearing from you when you return.


11-21-2008, 07:19 PM
Hello ladies,

Trish - congrats on the loss, girl, you are doing great! I'll have to check out that magazine. Thanks for the tip.

Barb - I cleaned out my freezer, too, to make room for the soup. Great minds think alike, right? haha. I really like soup - most all kinds, and so does Neal. I eat it all year long, but especially like it in the winter. I am struggling, too, with staying OP. OMG, I would love to see the Eagles!! Post pictures, if you can. Have fun out of town, and we'll catch up when you get back. Happy T'giving!!

Sue - any news yet about the LV condo offer? I hope they accept it. Glad your tummy troubles are over. :hug:

Jen & Ruth - how's it going?

Last night's dinner with my sister and her grandkids and DH, and Mary and her girls was so much fun. After we ate, we ladies helped the kids make red and green paper chains. You know the kind I mean, where you take off a link each day? I have Christmas stickers that I let them put on the last one, for Christmas Eve. They each had a glue stick, and were having a ball, haha. I use to make those when I was a kid, did any of you make them?

What are everyone's plans for T'giving? We're going to my sister's house at noon, then are having Neal's brother and the kids here at 6ish for supper. I'm doing a simple dinner then, and Mary is bringing several dishes.

Toodles for now,

11-21-2008, 11:12 PM
Since we are trying to focus on health, you may want to check out this link to a list of the 129 Healthiest Foods:

http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php?PHPSESSID=a8dad325212f0dee3a87072737e b99d1

11-22-2008, 12:43 AM
Thanks Jane for the website. It looks great. What a fun time with y'alls grandchildren. 3 of ours will be here for Christmas. I'm going to look on that grandparents.com and see what I can find to do with them while they are here. Also plan to do some baking with the girls. Don't have any real plan for Turkey day. We are having some work done to take care of water run off under our house and the guy is going to be here working all next week even Thanksgiving day. Tony and I are either going out to eat or we're getting a roasted chicken and put stuff around it just for the two of us.

Everybody have a good weekend.


11-22-2008, 12:43 PM
Jane- I love the paper chain idea. Always have. They are easy and the kids can take one off each day. Sounds like you had a nice time with family. Your turkey day sounds busy. I know you will have everything ready for supper a day before, right? :)

Trish- Good idea to have the chicken or go out. Sometimes the restaurants are pretty busy though. I know you will have a good time with your "grands" too.

Barb- I sure envy you the Eagles concert. I would love that!! Have a nice week and be careful on your trip out of town.

We are going to DH's sister's for Thanksgiving. I think there will only be 8 or 9 of us this year. I plan to bake an apple cake and try some different cookies on Wed. It will seem strange to NOT cook the bird or ham and all the fixings. For years I had the big celebrations at our previous home. I have had as many as 45 or so to meals. Fun, but oh my, the work!! I do miss all the little kids though, they are grown up now.

Nothing much here this week-end, just trying to stay warm as it was 18 this morning. brrrrr.

11-22-2008, 06:05 PM
hi all,
a very quick hello. . . mad busy these says.. im so close to 30 pounds i can feel it... lol.. but i managed to get both my tragus pierced :)
hope everyone is doin well

11-24-2008, 07:02 PM
Hi all,

Trish - I'll have to check out that grandparents site. One thing about T'giving is, there's plenty of healthy food available with the not-so-healthy stuff. I'm going to make sure I send the pie, etc home with the kids. Plus, we aren't having as much as we've had in past years anyway. None of us needs all that. Your idea for a roasted chicken sounds good.

Sue - I'm glad you're being a guest instead of a hostess this year. If my DDs didn't help as much as they do, I'd quit having dinners, lol. Thankfully, we still have little ones around. You'll have great grands one of these days!

Jen - what the heck is a tragus? I didn't know we had something with that name, let alone two of them, haha. Are you busy with work, or the bf? Probably both, right?

Barb - how are you?

Nothing new on this end. I'm going to be cleaning tomorrow, and cooking Wednesday. I'll be glad to see the extended family on T'giving. Even some of them live close, their lives are just so busy that we don't see each other often enough.

Later, taters!

11-25-2008, 12:20 AM
Hello everyone

Just popping in to give Jane a big:hug: Its been awhile since I have had the computer all to myself without everyone else fighting for it. Hoping everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

11-25-2008, 02:54 PM
Right back atcha, Kathy. :hug: You just made my day! Please pop in as often as you can, and here's hoping you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

11-25-2008, 05:17 PM

11-26-2008, 10:14 AM
HI all, am I right in sayng thanks giving is tomorrow, i dont know with time differences but its wednesday here. So i shall not be around tomorrow cause of my weigh in so Ill wish you all a happy thnksgving now instead :) x
An yup Iv been mad busy with work, the bf and dancing.
My teacher on Monday night kept complimentin me on how good I was at the new routine were doing, and I didnt even notice until the end when she called me aside :)
I was ansolutely delighted with myself :)
Anyway hope you all enjoy thanksgiving :)
Oh and as for the piercing, your best jus googling it...
All my luv

11-26-2008, 09:38 PM
Jen - I did google it, and had no idea until now that I had traguses. :dizzy: Yay for you, getting the comment from your dance teacher. I'm not surprised, though.

Trish - have a good day with Tony tomorrow.

To you all - Have a happy Thanksgiving! I feel blessed to have you in my life. :hug:

11-26-2008, 10:56 PM
Jane- Funny you should say that..I AM going to be a great grandma in the Spring. My grandson is going to be a daddy. Boy, does that make me feel old.

Jen, Trish, Kathy, Jane and all the others here. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

11-27-2008, 12:22 AM
Sue - Congratulations. I have 2 beautiful great grandaughters a 6 y/o and an 8 m/o. And it does make me realize how old I really am although I don't feel that old. Makes me wonder what happened? How did I get to this point?:dizzy:

11-27-2008, 06:23 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

I went on a crazy binge last night. I haven't done this in years. I had a 4 lb gain this morning. Today was my WI day. I'm sure the gain will be short lived, but I couldn't believe I did it. I am sure I over did my points including what I had left of my WPA (not sure I counted all of them).

This morning I decided to take my own advice and think the way "normal" thin people eat think rather than the way "dieters" think. Besides WW does say "Stop Dieting and Start Living". With that frame of mind, you can't blow a diet you'er not on. So treating this as a normal way of eating rather than a diet, and I immediately started my 3rd week of WW OP today. This is Thanksgiving Day and I have been OP all day. Since it was just Tony and me, we had roasted chicken and I made stuffing and fruit salad which are 2 of my favorite traditional Turkey Day foods). Tony doesn't like stuffing (can't imagine anyone not liking it lol) but I was able to make it with things in it I like and with whole wheat bread and whole grain corn bread making it healthy and WW friendly. I saved some of it for later and some of it for Christmas. My dessert was 1 WW carrot cake for 1 pt. I am so excited about the way my Thanksgiving Day has gone. The new way of thinking has worked wonders and I have such a free feeling and attitude.

Hope everything has been good for everyone else too.


11-27-2008, 11:50 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Hope that everyone had a great day. (Our Thanksgiving was October 13. Not sure why there is such a difference on dates there.)

Sue congratulations. That will be exciting to have a new addition to the family.

Trish, your dinner sounds wonderful. Fruit salad - what a great idea. We always have the family to our house for all holidays, and all the kids love fruit. That might just be the dish to get them all to sit still and eat for 10 minutes.

Jane I hope that you had a wonderful visit with your family. I am glad that your family helps you with dinner. I bet the grandkids had fun with you.
Do you have your Christmas tree set up already? I was thinking of inviting all the nephews and niece over to have a tree decorating party, complete with popcorn and hot chocolate.

Well I must run and get a little guy into bed.
Chat later

11-28-2008, 12:19 AM
Hi all,

Sue - congrats about the new baby! Boy or girl? Or do you know yet?

Trish - we've all had setbacks like you did yesterday, but the important thing is that you're back in control and have a plan. You're on the right track, and doing fine now. Are you excited about the changes coming to WW?

Kathy - I don't know why, but I was thinking you were from California. :dizzy: So a happy BELATED Thanksgiving to you, lol. No, I don't put up the Christmas stuff until T'giving is over, but we'll probably do that this weekend. I'm in no rush, since we'll have to move the furniture around in the living room. I bought one of those skinny trees, and hope it's nice. We gave DD our old one, so I guess I better like the new one, lol.

Hello to Jen, Barb, and others.

I had a wonderful day, but have to say I'm glad it's over. Neal's brother visited until past 10, (it's past 11 here, now), so we had a good visit. He's coming back in 3 weeks, with the girlfriend we've never met. That will be fun!

Well, I'm so tired, and heading to bed in a few. Take care! :hug:

11-28-2008, 04:11 PM
Hello Ladies,

Jen - I googled the targuses too and all I can say is "ouch". I have a tough enough time getting my earrings in the lobes so there's no way I could do the targuses.

Kathy - The fruit salad was a nice change from a regular salad and I knew DH would eat it. It was simply fruit coctail w/Splenda, an apple, a banana, about 1/2 can mandarin oranges, 1/8 c walnuts and lite cool whip. WW book says 1 c of fruit salad is 1 pt so I counted it as 1, but it could be a 2 with the walnuts and cool whip. I always allow extra in my pts just in case.

Jane - I have heard there are some changes coming in December and I look forward to seeing what they are. I've started going on WW.com again to get in on the changes. I really haven't heard what they are. I'm wondering if I missed it in the recent issue of our magazine. Did I? Have you heard anything? I may join on line again to get in on it. I read somewhere that if what you are doing is working not to change anything and that most of the changes are with Core any way. But I'm looking forward to hearing since I could really use some help to get a good boost to losing this weight. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving time with your family.

We are starting to put our tree up. We weren't going to do it, but Tony's DD and family are coming for Christmas and will be here a week. When we told her we weren't going to put it up, she sounded so disappointed that we decided to do it. It is such a huge full tree that it takes forever to do it. We got it put together and 2 sets of lights on it. Tony puts 10 sets on it. The tree is old and coming apart in places so will only make it this year and we will have to trash it. Tony had to do some work on it so we can us it this year. He doesn't want another one, but I told him that I wanted to buy another one when they go on sale after Christmas but to get one that is not so big because we just can't put that much work into it any more. What used to take us whole evening to do now takes us days. Maybe with a tree that isn't so full wouldn't take us so long. With his health problems and my back problems, we just can't put as much work into that kind of thing any more. I've started a thorough cleaning of the house to get it ready for when the kids visit. You know that extra cleaning you don't do too often. I'm doing a little bit each day to get it done. They will be here the week end before Christmas.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week end. Catch y'all later.


11-28-2008, 06:12 PM
Jane - I just went over to the Core thread to read some of the messages because I've decided to switch back to the Core Plan. I see that WW is unvieling a new plan around December 7th. I am looking forward to see what their plan is, but not sure I want to fool with counting pts, but we will see. Hopefully they have learned something to help those of us who have a real struggle with losing.

11-29-2008, 02:01 PM
Trish - yes, the revised WW Core plan starts Dec. 7th. From what I've read, it will be based on eat high volume, whole foods, intuitively. No one will be forced to change, if they don't want to, but it sounds like something that would be right up your alley. I gave my big tree to Mary, and bought one of those skinny trees. It isn't up yet, so I don't know if I'll be happy with it, but I know it won't take up nearly as much room, so I do like that part.

Hello to all others. :wave:

I need to make a trip to town for more fresh veggies, but didn't want to brave the crowds on Black Friday. Mary and Katie went shopping yesterday, and said it was wild, and the check-out lanes were soooooo long.

Have a good weekend!

11-30-2008, 05:54 PM
Hi all.
Im so jealous, I want to have a thanks giving :(
Things though are going amazing with the bf!! touch wood, Im starting to save now so I can get my own place... :)
Talk of Christmas trees already.. gosh!!! lol :)
well it is only 3.5 weeks I suppose. Havent been doing too good on the diet side of things lately but managed to stay the same this week, so Im pretty happy with that. God only knows how this week will go. but if its going to cost me 10 euro every week i need to get my act together !!
glad everyone had a good thanksgiving!!

12-01-2008, 12:11 AM
Hi everyone

Just popping in to say hello.

Have to steam clean my carpets, but wanted to keep in touch.

Have a great Sunday.

12-01-2008, 01:24 AM
Just a quick hello from me, too. It's been a long day, and I'm headed to bed. See ya next month. :D

12-01-2008, 05:37 PM
Just a quick pop in to say hello. Can't believe it is December 1st. We are busy finishing up witht he Christmas decorations. DH says this will definitely be the last year for the big tree. I think I've sold him on looking for one not so huge. Catch ya later. Hope everyone is having a great day.


12-01-2008, 11:03 PM
Happy December. It is cold and snowy here, so no outdoor activities for me. I will have to try the exercise shows on cable. :)

Busy getting Mom ready for her trip to FL, coming up Sunday. I had to call for her medical info and some refills, get an appointment for the dogs bath and trim (she gets to go to FL also) and will take Mom to the bank tomorrow. Now, if I could only climb into her luggage and hitch a ride. Funny but DH just came in and told me I could go to FL if I wanted, that he wouldn't mind. Ha. Mom got an open ended ticket and won't come back for awhile. He would cave after the first week of me being gone.

Am slowly getting back on track here and my weight did not suffer...just didn't go down. :(

Jane- No idea of the baby's sex yet. I will let you know when I know. :)

Trish- I also want a new tree. I am thinking of getting one while they are on sale also. A pre-lit one and then I will have tons of lights to get rid of.

Jen- Glad to hear things are going well with the bf....and not gaining is good. :)

Kathy- Hi again, nice to see you.


12-03-2008, 12:24 AM
Hello everyone

Well 23 more days. I am trying not to be a bah humbug this year. I am actually going to try to enjoy the season this year. Going to get the tree set up in the next day or 2. We usually put it up around the 23rd and take it down about the 28th.

Sue - how long is your mom going for? I can imagine you would go for 2 days, then you would get a phone call from DH saying "Whats for supper, I have nothing to make" LOL

Jane - Will everyone be coming to your house for Christmas also? Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I am going to try and get mine done by the end of next week. I always do all mine on the 24th, so this will be a challenge for me this year.

Jen - Glad that everything is going so well with your BF. How long have you been together? Good luck on getting your own place. Do you still live with your parents?

Trish - did you get your tree up and all decorated? Do you decorate outside also? How many kids do you have? Will everyone get together at your place for Christmas?

I sure hope I didn't miss anyone. Sorry if I did.

We will have everyone here for Christmas. It will be total chaos. That is why I would like to have everything all done ahead of time.

Well I must run. The little guy has the flu, so he has been sick for the last couple days. Hopefully the rest of us won't get it.

Chat with you all tomorrow.

12-03-2008, 01:15 AM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

:(Sorry making a quick flyby. Had a busy day today, but stayed OP and had a great Core day. I'm really getting the hang of this way of eating. Went out to eat and just had a salad while DH had HB and fries. Yeah :carrot: for me being a "good" girl for a change. Too tired to read right now so I'll catch up and do indies tomorrow. Hope everybody is doing well.

12-03-2008, 12:37 PM
Happy Wednesday everyone

Today is my first day at home, I do have to go and apply for unemployment benifits this afternoon, but other than that, I don't know what to do with myself. Except that I will make time to go and use the treadmill today. Kids are still home from school sick today. Anyways, I guess now that I have the idea, I will go feed the horses, then get on the treadmill.

I will check back later.

12-04-2008, 01:02 AM
Goodnight everyone.

12-04-2008, 05:37 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

I guess we are all busy getting ready for the Christmas holiday etc. I had an appointment to get my hair permed Tues, then went out to eat and then shopping at Walmart. Looked at the Christmas trees and saw one we liked and do so hope they will have one left and on sale after Christmas. Had the guy here for a week now (even T'Day) running a line under the house so that when it rains it runs from the front of the house, under the house in a pipe and then out the back of the house. Because of the way our propery slopes down toward a pond in back, water was collecting and settling under the house when it rained. That took thousands of dollars which sad to say. But it had to be done or the house would never pass inspection to ever sell it if or when we might decide to.

Kathy - Between the 2 of us DH and I have 5 children and 8 grandchildren and I have 2 great granddaughters. Yes we finished decorating the tree Monday, I think. I would love to decorate out doors, but DH doesn't do that because he had things stolen when he lived in FL. Someday, I would love to have the money to do it though. We do have a front window now that the tree sits in front of to be viewed which I like. We always had it in the back of the house where no one could see it even if we did open it when we lived in FL. My deceased hubby and I always decorated outside until he got to sick to do it.
I guess I missed your situation somewhere. Did you get laid off from your job? I know a lot of people have lost jobs lately. DH doctor told him 1 in 5 people are out of jobs here in our area. DH and I do a 24/7 internet prayer partner service for our church and we have several people on our prayer list that we are praying for them to find work. I know when you are used to working it is difficult know what to do when you have time to yourself. However, I would say enjoy that "me" time you are getting right now because things will change and you will wish you could have it when you are busy again.

Jane - I am looking forward to seeing what new ideas WW has on the new plan. I am really enjoying WW Core. It is so much easier just working to get the water, fruits and veggies, dairy and fats in and not have to worry about a certain amount of pts that I have to eat. It has been difficult to realize I don't have to count certain things. I hope the new plan will just make Core and Flex easier for all of us. I hope we will be able to order the info from online website without joining, but I will join if I have to. I found a lady in our small study group in new church that does Flex. She doesn't go to meetings, but said she was going to join locally in January. Even our pastor's wife was interested in WW. Niether of them are overweight or at least they don't look it. I will join online for 3 months special they usual offer online if I do have to in order to get new materials.

Sue - I was just thinking of your mother and wondering how she's doing. She must be doing really well since she is able to travel. Hope she has a good trip. You'll miss her though won't you?

Jen - I'm glad things are going so well with you bf. It is good that you have come to a place that you may have eaten more than usual, but held your own with a gain. I always see that as a good thing.

A lady on Core thread has a challenge goal for herself to lose 1 lb a week so I decided to join her. Someone else works at either 15 lbs or 10 lbs at a time. I think that is more realistic to focus on 10 or 15 lbs at a time rather than having to look at the 90 I want to lose. And looking for 1 lb is better than hoping for more.

Well, I will close for now and catch everyone again when I can. Y'all do the same.


12-04-2008, 08:29 PM
Happy Thursday everyone

Trish yes I got laid off from my job, my last day was on Friday. My boss is a I guess I won't say because it is not nice. He is bringing in foreign workers and laying off alot of his staff because he does not have to pay the new workers the wages that he has to pay us! (So he says) Most unfair. Whomever he hires has to do the same job, so they should get the same wage. I am entitled to unemployment for 36 weeks, and there is actually jobs here so it won't be to hard to find one. But I would like to wait a little bit before I get another job.
So will your family be coming to your house for Christmas or will you go visiting some of them? It is always to bad when people decorate, and then find their stuff stolen. I don't hear of too much of that happening around here, but in the summer alot of yard stuff goes missing. Especially the garden gnomes.

What is the difference between the Core Plan and the Points Plan? and doesn't WW have 1 more different type of plan? I did look into going, but with working and not getting home until late, I was just too tired to be going out. Maybe now I can check into it.

Well I must run, the little guy wants to kick my butt on Mario Cart. Kids....

Chat with you all later.

12-04-2008, 10:09 PM
Hi all,

Sue - kind of like sending a child off to camp, huh? Does your mom stay with family, or have her own place. Either way, I have to say I'd like to be going to Florida, too! I miss Mickey, lol.

Kathy - WW is introducing their new plan, called "momentum" on the 7th. They are going to be focusing on healthy foods, and Core is the most affected because they will no longer be allowed unlimited amounts of "Core" foods. Those who have WW etools have already been given the plan, and the WW official website outlines some of the new changes. I'm sorry you lost your job, and I don't blame you for wanting to draw unemployment for as long as you can. It is very unethical for the employer to replace you with lower-wage people! Yes, my family (kids and grands) will be here the 24th for our big celebration. My sisters and all the extended family will get together the 13th. That will be fun! Like you, I'm going to do as much ahead of time that I can. That's what I did for T'giving, and it worked out well.

Trish - well, with the changes WW is making, there will be only 1 plan. Former Core people will chose Simply Filling foods. Since they have mentioned it on their website, I think it's ok to talk about it now. Seems several of the members want to stay on Flex or Core and not change their plan. I hear you about the home maintenance. Seems there's always something to be done. Good luck with your challenge.

Today has been busy, then I went to a Christmas program for my DGD tonight. How cute! It was "Christmas at the OK Corral", lol.

I have been doing only so-so with food. I do really well, then really bad. :o The looming holidays are going to be a huge challenge!


12-05-2008, 11:27 AM
Trish- Mom is doing better right now, thanks for asking. She still has the pain down her leg, from her back, but we have learned to manage her meds. pretty well. They can't operate due to her heart problems. Actually, she needs three surgeries, but can't have any. Her heart Dr. won't allow her to be "put under." He says for her to go and have a good time for as long as she can. So that is what she is doing. Last year I would never have thought she would survive a month, but thanks to two new drugs in combo her heart is puttering along quite well. If these aches and pains didn't get her down she would feel good!

Jane- Yes, it is like sending a kid off. I know I will worry just the same also. Mom is going to stay with her sister, who she lived with for 13 years. They miss each other, understandably. This is in the Ft. Myers area. They lived down there together, then moved up here for a year. Mom got sick and her sis wanted to move back south. Mom didn't think she could make the move so we talked her into living here. I know she would rather live in FL, but her sis has had some illness now and it would be hard for them both. When they were younger if one got sick the other took over, but it wouldn't work now if they both got down. Mom doesn't drive anymore, so she wouldn't be much help in an emergency or even in care-giving. Getting old is not fun I say. Mom is going to be 81 in Feb. and has been sick for quite awhile. I feel blessed that she has been here this long. (and hope for much longer)

Kathy- This month will whiz by, won't it? I always think I have time to do such and such..before I know it everything is upon me. DD and I talked last night about our Christmas here. I always have Christmas Eve late lunch and early evening get-together. But there is only DD, her hubby, her 22 yo son & 17yo daughter, his 17 yo daughter, my youngest DD's 19 yo son, mom, DH and I. OOPS, this year no mom. The grandkids have to go to their other parents later Christmas Eve. Then they all have their Christmas at DD's in the afternoon Christmas Day. That's the day DH and I head out of town to his family's dinner. It has become just all the siblings and a few friends who have become like family. None of the younger family members, as they are all with their families. It really works out quite nice that way. But it is hard when our kids grow up and their kids are mostly grown up. DD said it wasn't as much fun anymore, but I told her to wait a few years until she has "grands." That's when the fun starts again. She is going to have a "grand" niece or nephew in the Spring, so that might help. We haven't had a baby in the family for 8 years...and he is all the way out in CA.

Oh my, I meant to pop in and say hello, didn't mean to write a novel. My back is giving me fits and I can not sit in any chair but straight back, or my computer chair. lol.. Guess I will be here all day in front of the computer. Oh well, it doesn't hurt when I stand, so I will go work in the kitchen for awhile and hope for the best.

Have a nice week-end all ...Hi to everyone.

12-05-2008, 06:34 PM
Hi Ladies,

Kathy - Sorry about your job. I just realized you live in Canada so I guess everyone is affected by these kind of companies and bosses. I hope everything works out for you the way you want.

Sue - I know how you feel. My Daddy turned 85 this year and I thank God for everyday I have him and pray to have him longer. No fun to watch them get older and grow through what they do, but still would rather have them with us as long as possible.

Jane - I joined WW online this morning so I could get the info on the new plan. I found out that I'm not eating enough on Core. So decided that since I'm paying for 3 months that I am going to try the new plan. It looks pretty healthy.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good day. I've spent all afternoon on the pc at WW printing new info so I'm tired of it right now. So I'll catch y'all tomorrow.


12-06-2008, 02:36 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

Spent most of yesterday at the WW website. I joined WW online so that I could get the information on the New Momentum Plan. It is a lot like Flex with a lot more ideas of how to eat healthy. They did away with Core, but do have what they now call Simply Filling which is a lot like Core. I tried counting the points for the day, but since I like Core and don't do well with counting points, I switched to Simply Filling. The Simply Filling program seems to be more like IE with some rules which I need. So in my opinion it will be a great program which ever way a person decides to do it.

Everybody have a great weekend.


12-06-2008, 11:19 PM
Just a quick one here.

Sue - yes, getting older does have it's drawbacks for sure. I'm glad your mom will get to spend some time with her sister. That will give you and your DH a little more freedom, too. Any word on the house in Vegas?

Trish - did you notice that I had posted a link on the main page for the new WW cookbook with Momentum/Simply Filling recipes? You might like that.

Hi Kathy, Barb, and Jen.

Makenzie is spending the night with me. We've had lots of fun on the Wii, and I have green fingers from making Green Eggs and Ham for her. I love being a grandma!

It's cold here in southern Indiana, and the wind is howling outside. Brrr!


12-07-2008, 01:15 PM
Good Morning ladies

Sue, what day does your mom leave for sunny warm Florida? My friend lives in Clearwater, and I talked Mark into letting me go and visit her for a week when I can find a seat sale. Back in January my MIL took DH and BIL on a cruise to Brazil for 10 days. I think that it is only fair that I get to have a little vacation.

Trish - looks like you did alot of research on the new plan. Now that I have some time at home, I am thinking of joining WW. It does seem to be a successful program for whoever joins it, and they do seem to keep the programs updated to new and better things.

Jane - You made green eggs and ham? That is way to cool. You are a cool grandma. Did you read the story also? We love that book. What games did you and Makenzie play? Do you have the kids for sleepovers often? Cole and I are going to get out the easy bake today and make a couple of treats. Did you see the movie Horton Hears a Who? I see that it is finally out on video on Tuesday. That is definately on my to buy list. That is a great movie.

Well, I am off to start cleaning the house. Got a call from my MIL saying that she would like to come for Christmas, and DH thinks that the house needs to be perfectly immaculate. Drawers, closets and all. That will definately keep me busy.

Well hope everyone has a great day. I'll check back later.

12-08-2008, 12:32 AM

Kathy - I have had the Green Eggs and Ham book for years and years, and we love it. I added the green food coloring to the eggs then scrambled them. She ate them all up, although I wasn't sure she would. The ham was regular, not green, lol. Yes, I think it is a good idea for you to get to go see your friend in Florida. I got a good deal on plane tickets to San Francisco for a trip with my DD in April. I'm going to meet some on-line friends, and see SF for the first time. We've rented a house, and it's in a good location. Are you glad your MIL will be coming for Christmas? You know, having people over is sure a good way to get the house cleaned. I slack off on cleaning, but love to have people in for dinner, so that gets me back on track once in awhile, lol.

Hi to everyone. :wave:

We celebrated Neal's birthday today, although his bd is really Wednesday. But today is the day all the kids could be here, and it was great to have them all together.


12-08-2008, 03:19 AM
Hey Jane
Happy early birthday to Neal. (Just in case I forget on Wednesday)
I was thinking that green eggs and ham would be great for a breakfast around here. We are big fans of Dr. Suess. Cole really likes to help me cook, and that would be great for us to make together. My MIL and I do not usually get along, but she is DH mother. Its very stressfull when she is here. And she is used to living alone, and holidays here are always now at our place. I don't know why I bother to clean, because by the time 25 people come and go, the house is destroyed anyways. Our house is loud and chaotic when everyone is here.
That will be a great vacation for you and your daughter. SF looks like it would be a great place to see. It will also be nice to meet your friends.
Hello to everyone, I must get to bed.

12-08-2008, 04:36 PM
Hi all, Another fly by visit for me... Ireland apparently is in a recession, they just forgot to tell people where i live that that includes going to the movies. I mean seriously by close yesterday I had about 8000 euro in my till alone!! .
Recession... I somehow think they are mistaken...
So obviously thats why I haven been around, been working crazy hours, just to keep the place running, and training in new staff.. iv been run off my feet.. but it means my eating has suffered, and looks like i might have pu on a pound or two this week eith the lack of proper meals. :( humbug to it..
Im just going to struggle to hold my own over christmas, and after that get straight back on target. well that is the plan.. I think..
Right im off again, have to try and figoute out how some mans credit card was charged 126 euro in tickets. but we have no record of it!!! :S

12-08-2008, 10:40 PM
Hi Ladies,

Jane - Yes, I saw your message about the cookbook. I have so many that I don't use so I probably won't buy it. I did see some really good ones for baking on WW website and plan to copy some of the cookie ones for the DGD and me to bake when they are here. I agree about the house cleaning seems like I work harder to clean when I know company is coming.
Tell Neal HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Tony and me. Your trip to SF sounds good. Will Marti make it down while you are there? I miss her around here.

Kathy - I always wonder too why I work so hard to clean my house before the kids come here. It will be a mess when they leave, but at least it will be clean when they get here.
Yes, I did do a lot of research on the New WW plan. I am doing the Slim Filling/Core right now and lost .5 lbs last week. However, I'm thinking that since the new Momentum is more like a combo of Flex-Core that some call Flore that I may try to figure out how I can make it work for me especially for the rest of the year because of the Holidays starting this coming Sunday. I've got parties, etc for the holidays and would love to begin 2009 without a gain. I did WW that way in the beginning and I lost weight so I believe that if I can get back to that way of eating that I will lose weight again.

Jen - It is good to hear from you. I think the recession is "global" at least that is what I hear on television. Just hope it doesn't last. Take care of yourself and stay in touch.

Tony and I went Christmas shopping today and came home and wrapped everything and it is all under the tree now. Still got to get something for DGD birthday which is 3 days after Christmas.

Y'all have a good evening and I'll try to catch ya tomorrow.


12-09-2008, 12:36 AM
Hi all,

Kathy - my MIL and I got along better after she got sick and I took care of her. She decided I was a keeper after all, lol. Good luck with yours. How long will she be there?

Jen - I've read that during wars and times of general stress the movie business improves because that's one way people can forget their troubles for awhile. Kind of makes sense, I guess. Yikes, I hope you find out about the guy's credit card. I bet he's ticked. I think most of us are just trying to hold our own through the holidays, regarding weight. I admire those that can lose during all the parties and such.

Trish - yay for you, getting all the Christmas shopping done. I thought I was done, but forgot a gift card for my son. That's not a biggie, though. With Mary in the situation she is right now, her ex not sending support, Neal and I are helping Santa this year, and bought 3 Nintendo DSs for the girls. They're each silver, and I had fun buying them. Makenzie wrote a letter to Santa the other day and said he didn't need to bring her much so that other kids could get more. It was really sweet. I have every confidence you will have success with the new WW since it seems almost tailor made for you!

Neal and I just watched the very last ever Boston Legal. We've seen every show from the beginning 5 or 6 years ago, and will miss it.

Tomorrow night is the twins' Christmas program at school. They are Sheep number 1, and Sheep #3, lol.

Toodles for now,

12-09-2008, 12:45 AM
Hi Everyone.

Hope everyones day went well.

Jen, there is a recession here in Canada to. What is the hot movie in Ireland right now that has everyone running to the theatre? Good luck in tracking down the trouble credit card receipt.

Trish, how old is your DGD going to be on her birthday? Cole and I are looking foreward to tomorrow, because the movie Horton Hears a Who is out on video tomorrow. That is definately a must buy.

Jane, what did you do today? What days do you babysit the grandkids? Our little Roxy is learning how to talk, and she has decided that she is gramma's girl. Her new word is Thankyou. She crawls up to whomever has the tv remote, grabs it, says Thankyou then takes off giggling as we run to catch her. DD has the cutest picture of her smelling the flowers at her other gramma's house. I am trying to get her to make it my new avatar picture on here. We will see if she can do it.

Well, nothing else new around here. Going to try and get some groceries and Christmas shopping done tomorrow. We will see how busy the stores are.

Chat with everyone tomorrow.

12-09-2008, 12:00 PM
:wave::coffee:Good Morning Ladies,,

Up early this morning so I'll be tired tonight. I have to be at the dentist office in the morning at 7 am so I need to go to bed early tonight. I'm having one tooth pulled crowns on either side so I can have a bridge. I'm going to have another front tooth filled ASAP so I don't lose it as well. Sure hate spending all this money here at Christmas especially with company coming for a week. Oh well, can't be helped. And I hate going to the dentist. :stress:

Kathy - Roxy sounds so cute. Reminds me of the cute things with our little grandchildren. Our DGD will be 6 yrs old. She was born 29 days before Tony and I were married and we took care of her when her Mommy went back to work. So while all our grandchildren are special, she is extra special to us because she is one "we" shared from the start. Her Mother and Step-dad want a child of their own sometime in the future. It is sad to me that we live so far away as I would love to be able to take of it too.

Jane - I'm sure you are so proud of McKenzie. What a sweet attitude. I heard someone say on tv the other day to be honest with children about the economy as they understand more than we realize. She sound like a very smart and loving child. I'm sorry Mary is having trouble with her ex not supporting the children. With his attitude about the children, I thought he would do better. I know April is having trouble with her ex too. He is going to court to lower his child support. He seems to think that since she is married that he shouldn't have to pay so much. She reminded him that they are his children and his responsiblity not Richards. Can't believe how these men that were such good fathers can change so when they leave.

I better close for now. Hope everyone has a great day.


12-10-2008, 04:30 PM
Hello everyone.

Just popping in really quick to say hello.

Today is clean the house day, and probably for the rest of the week. You know baseboards to wipe down, doors, windows, ok I think I need a nap now.

Jane how was the Christmas Concert? My MIL will be at our house for 3 days and at BIL's house for 3 days. Yup gotta clean out all the drawers and closets to for a 3 day visit. We went to Cole's Christmas concert. It was cute. He was a toy puppy so he got to wear his Halloween costume again.

Trish your DGD is the same age as our youngest. Isn't it a great age? Good luck at the dentist today. I was suppose to go last Tuesday, but I had to take DS to a chiropractor as he slept wrong and couldn't move his neck and his back was spasming. Needless to say, my new dentist appointment is now the middle of February.

I am sorry that both of your daughters are having problems with their ex's. They seem to think that any money goes into the moms pockets for her next purchase of a fur coat or diamonds or something. They don't realize that kids always need food and clothes.

Well I am off and running. Gotta try and get the fridge and stove cleaned today to. :dizzy:

12-11-2008, 04:10 PM
I don't have time for indies, but wanted to say hi and I'm thinking of you. :hug:

12-11-2008, 07:12 PM
I'm baaaack!! I feel like I've been gone forever..my trip to Charleston to work on my dad's house was stressful beyond belief..and then returned home to find that my dog had gotten a spider bite on his leg and I had to rush him to the vet ($323)...during the exam the vet noticed something in his mouth that didn't look right (oral surgery: $1522.00--that's not a typo). He had 2 precancerous tumors in his mouth and had those removed along with three teeth. <sigh> On the WW side, I"ve been doing pretty good..the exercise has been nonexistent thanks to either (a) rain or (b) freezing temps or (c) all of the above! I could do a video or something I suppose but motivation has been low... I've been doing almost all of my Christmas shopping online...I feel like I'm just so far behind the eight-ball right now... :-( On a happy note, my daughter will be home from college next Wednesday!!! (I may be in Rock Hill in Jan, Trish!!)

12-11-2008, 08:01 PM
hi all another quick one from me, had my official weigh in today an stil managed to stay the same, so i am MORE thsn hsppy with that..
But by now I think i have read every weight losss book in the bookstore, i tend to buy one every few weeks and its more for the motivational aspects and tips then the food programmes, or just to see if i could do it, and I came across one today, only i THINK its englidh so probably nobody else has heard of it.
Its called "get off your arse and lose weight"
but its brilliant, I mean, one line I can think of off hand is, when your looking on in the mirror and the person looking back at you, says let me out you fat f*****r, Im fed up in here. Its straight talking and to th point, think its the kick i need to get my act together again

12-12-2008, 02:34 AM
Hi Ladies,

This is a quick one because it 1 in the morning. Went to the dentist and got my tooth pulled and my temporary bridge. 2 days before I went to dentist had a front tooth chip off and it looked awful. So the dentist filled it. So it was really nice to have it done but way expensive. My new dentist is soooo good and gentle. I was there from 7 am till almost noon and I was tired when I got home and went back to bed. Got up today with my gums sore which was to be expected. So I've been mostly resting today. Didn't eat much either days just not hungry.

Barb - Maybe we can meet somewhere when you come to Rock Hill, if you have time.

Jen - I'm glad you've been able to keep your weight the same while you have been so busy. I've had a habit of reading diet books too. I have learned a lot that way.

Kathy - Yes, 6 is a fun age.

Busy day tomorrow so I don't know if I'll get back or not. Gifts and cards to mail, and Tony wants to go to Charlotte to get that birthday present for the DGD. So I'll catch y'all again as soon as I can.

Y'all have a good day.


12-13-2008, 08:01 PM
Well, I am doing the new Momentum plan. I didn't want to do any counting, but I think I need the accountability of tracking points. I know I will need them during the holiday. I read on the WW online that a lot of the people who have switched to the new plan is doing a lot better than before so I decided to do it too. I'm up this week and I know it could be the pain meds side affects, but it could also be that I'm not eating enough either. So we will see how this goes. I also ordered the new books yesterday as I understand they have changed some of the Core food lists.

Everybody have a great week end.


12-14-2008, 12:09 AM
Hi all,

Kathy - your granddaughter is a cutie! Aww, I bet Cole was an adorable dog in the program. We babysit on a 4 days on/ 4 days off rotation. Thank goodness your BIL is sharing the time with your MIL.

Jen - yay for staying the same weight. Even that is hard to do at holiday time. I'm all for reading books that motivate, and like you, even if I don't want to follow a particular program, there are good ideas in most of the books out there.

Barb - sorry about the stress at your dads. Also for the poor dog, going through all that. How's he feeling now? We're pretty sure my Molly has a couple of cancerous tumors, but the vet said, at her age, to not worry about them. She's from the shelter, so we don't know her exact age, but she's at least 11, probably older.

Trish - good to know the new plan is working for so many people. I know WWs tried it out on test groups, and has to have a certain percentage of success before they change a program, but still, seeing it work with the general public is great. Wow, sounds like quite an ordeal at the dentist. Hope insurance will help with some of the bill.

Ruth - how are you doing?

Seems like there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done. My family party was tonight - so much fun! I needed that.

This coming Friday is when some of Neal's family will be here for dinner. There will only be 12-16 of us, so it's not too big of a group. I'm not sure what to serve, but I'd like it to be mostly things that can go in the oven, or be done in advance.

Have a good weekend. :hug:

12-14-2008, 02:30 AM
Happy Saturday everyone

Well, my niece wanted to come for a sleepover, so she is here for today and tomorrow. She is 9 and absolutely loves playing with Roxy. However her and Cole fight constantly. He wants her to play with him to, and she just wants to play with the baby. Makes for a long day.

Jane, how many were at the family party? Was it at your house? Then you will have another get together. Wow you will be busy. What sort of makeahead meal ideas do you use? I need some for our Christmas dinner. I always kindof feel a little resentful (although I really try not to) because I am so busy cooking and getting everything ready - brunch and dinner - that I really don't get to visit with anyone. Some makeahead ideas would really be appreciated. How many grandkids do you babysit? Do they spend the night, or does mom drop them off in the morning? You will sure have a great relationship.

Jen - I am like you, I have read alot of books, I know all the information that each book has, I could probably write a book, but I really am always looking for a book with good motivation to help keep me on track. Or actually get me on track. I will have to see if I can find that book that you found.

Trish - I have been researching WW on line. I do actually have a couple of the cookbooks. My Grandma used WW years and years ago. I have all of her old stuff. I have been trying to follow some of that also. Seems that they really try to keep their stuff fresh and have some great motivation stuff for the members. You know I really am just waiting for the magic pill to come along and help me out.

Hi Barb - I to am sorry about the stress at your dads. I know how that goes with the dog. We went on vacation a couple years ago, and left our dog with my brother and SIL. He got really sick and needed teeth pulled, and a lot of medication and the vet bill was quite high. My SIL said no need to worry, she would pay for the bill. I asked her if she would like to keep the dog also, so she had something to show for her money. I really didn't think that she would keep our dog, but she did.

Did I mention that my DD's dog had puppies? They are Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Cole thinks that he should get one for Christmas.

Anyways, I must run and I will chat with you all later.

12-15-2008, 12:35 AM

12-15-2008, 03:29 PM
:wave:Hello HFFriends,

Barb - Sorry for the stress with your Dad. Hope he is getting settled and doing okay in his new surroundings. Coming home to the news of your dog didn't help either. Glad your daughter will home for the holidays. Let me know when you will be in Rock Hill and perhaps we can meet some where. Maybe we could go to Sonny's for lunch.

Kathy - I read some where on line that WW is the #1 in successful weightloss and maintenance. So I think they do keep up with the healthy way of eating while losing weight.

Jane - Our DD from FL and her family will be here Friday and will be here until Sunday after Christmas. I've got to plan meals and plan to keep them WW friendly. Good luck with your Friday evening dinner. Enjoy. I know we are all busy getting ready for holiday and guests. I've got to do the cleaning of bedrooms now... dusting etc. At least I've got the major stuff done. Just minor regular stuff and it counts as exercise.:carrot:Yeah!

Well, some how I hit Monday instead of Saturday for my WI online, but it turned out okay. I ended up with a 4.5 lb loss since my gain last week which means I lost the 3 lbs I gained plus another 1.5. So that was good.

Jen, Ruth and everyone else :wave:

Have a good Monday. See ya later.


12-15-2008, 05:47 PM
Kathy - there were about 25 of us, and we held it at the church's Fellowship Hall. For the buffet dinner here on Friday, I'm planning a tossed baby greens salad, a tomato and fresh mozzarella salad, boneless pork chops and stuffing, meatballs, a rice dish I haven't decided on yet, baby carrots, Italian green beans, and pumpernickel rolls. For dessert - fruit salad, shortbread cookies, and tiny eclairs. The pasta salad, fruit salad, and pork chops can all be done/ready to bake ahead of time. The meatballs and eclairs and cookies are store-bought. There should be something there for everyone, even the kids. Congrats on the new puppies! I think Cole should have one for Christmas, too. :D

Trish - I joined WW Online yesterday. Sure is a lot of info to read through! Yay for the loss. :carrot: I think you can edit your weigh-in day, and other stuff. I'm so used to writing my own meal plan in a binder, and not sure how I'll like doing in on the computer. I've got to get some cleaning done, too, before Friday. My sister was here Saturday to visit and told me I had cobwebs in the light hanging over my dining room table, lol. I got those down, so that's a beginning, right? haha

Hi to anyone reading this. Jump in and join us. :)

It's cooooold here in Indiana. The temp is 21* with a wind chill of zero or below, here in the country. We had some sleet earlier, and I won't venture out in that stuff.

Nothing new... same old, same old. Have a good day. :)

12-15-2008, 08:59 PM
Jane - I have found that my having to track my points online has really helped me and made a difference. I went to a church Christmas party last night and only ate 1 T cheese sauce and 4 corn chip scoops and 1/2 c of coffee. Knowing I had so many points and that I was accountable for them online really helped me stay OP. I do like doing Momentum instead of Simply Filling because I like a tablespoon of walnuts in my oatmeal each morning.

I agree there is a lot to read, but it is all helpful. I am really looking forward to our new WW magazine when it comes out again. I cleaned and dusted our bedroom today and have to do back bedroom and the 2 rooms upstairs before the kiddos get here Friday. Good luck with your cleaning and don't work too hard. lol


12-15-2008, 11:02 PM
Hello Everyone

Hope everyone had a good Monday. 1 week until my MIL gets here. But we will just go to the airport to say hello, and go out for supper. Then she will spend a few days with my BIL before she comes here.

Trish that is very exciting that your DD is coming for Christmas. You will have a hectic household for awhile. Do you want to come and clean my house also? We will do it quick so that you can be back in time for your company! :bravo: on your weight loss.

Jane - yummy yummy. Can you come and cook while Trish and I clean? That sounds absolutely wonderful. Jane I had a chuckle about your cobwebs. My niece had a sleepover this last weekend, and she started freaking out because she saw a spider walking across the floor. After I took care of the spider, I then took a look around and saw that I certainly have a few spider webs in corners that I have to take care of.

Well I guess I am going to go and check out the WW site, and see about joining WW on line - Then I am suppose to make a list of songs from I tunes. My SIL got me an MP3 player, and she wants to buy some songs from Itunes for me to put on there so I have good music to work out to.

Chat with you all later.

12-15-2008, 11:46 PM
Just a quick "hello" from me again ladies. I have been under the weather and just trying to get caught up. I spent all day working here at home and now tonight reading and catching up on 3FC's and my e-mail.

Good to see that everyone is doing well. Talk to ya'll soon.

12-16-2008, 11:18 PM
Hi all,

Trish - I'm having such a hard time with my computer being sluggish. I know it's my server, not the computer, because both of our computers are like that. So, my WW info is so slow to load, and it's very frustrating! Plus, I think I just like to keep track of stuff in my binder, lol. Yay for you, being good at the party. Church parties are hard for me - too many good dishes brought by the old-fashioned cooks.

Kathy - I just love iTunes, and have downloaded many songs from there. I made a CD for each of my kids, full of songs that remind me of them, or of things we did together, and although most of the songs I just copied from my CDs, I got quite a few from iTunes, too. For example, my son and I used to watch the show Simon and Simon every Tuesday night, and I downloaded the theme song from that. Making a work-out playlist is a good idea. I made one that has snappy songs on it, to use on the treadmill.

Sue - hope you're feeling better.

Well, I've got my game plan in place for chores leading up to the dinner on Friday. I went to the grocery today and bought everything I need, and will do cleaning tomorrow, (gotta get all the other cobwebs, lol), cooking/prep work on Thursday and then the rest of it on Friday.

I got my hair touched up today, too, and by the time I started home, the roads were a sheet of ice. Neal called me, worried, before I ever left the grocery store, to warn me of the roads. I made it home fine, and Neal and Molly were waiting at the door for me. I doubt there will be any school tomorrow.

Take care, :hug:

12-17-2008, 12:03 AM
Sue - Sorry you are feeling bad.:hug: Hope you are feeling better and will be fine for the holidays. No fun being sick especially this time of the year.

Jane - I know how it is at church parties. And our young pastor loves to eat and they seem to want to bring food for everything. Even offer doughnuts and pastries with coffee half hour before church service. I'll get me a half cup of coffee some times, but I have never even looked to see what they have to eat. I figure if I don't look then I won't be tempted. I got the bedrooms cleaned and ready. Tony did upstairs so I'm trusting it is fine. I'll have to pick up in the living room and last minute stuff to do in the kitchen, but I'll do that maybe Friday before they get here. Once the kids hit the door nothing will be straight again until they leave any way. But at least it will be perfect when they get here.

You know it may not be your computer. I thought the same thing you did, now I think so many people are doing online shopping for Christmas this year because our computers are slow too. At least that is what I'm hearing through the news. So I think it causes everything to be slow. Sometimes, it takes me forever to get online and when I do it takes forever to get to msn or yahoo. Then the next time, I may get right through. It is like some time when we try to get on 3fc's especially really late at night and they are so busy you can't get through. So maybe things will get back to normal after the holidays. In fact, I was on WW online today doing my Pts tracker and all of a sudden for no reason, I was knocked completely off line.

Kathy - What a neat idea. We could get the house work done quicker and I get the feeling Jane is a really great cook. She could do the cooking and we'll do the cleaning. She has mentioned cobwebs a few times and so maybe I need to check some corners around here too. :D I made DH clean the blinds in the back bedroom where he leaves a window open with a fan blowing dirt in during the fall. :devil: I don't do windows.

Well, we got most of our grocery shopping done today for when the kids get here. Trying to get a lot of healthy foods fruit, yogurt etc to go along with the other stuff they will be eating. I decided to go the easy way with the cookie baking so the girls can do it and I can just supervise. I'll bake brownies and stuff like that. I've got some frozen pies I bought last year when they were here and never ate and hope they will still be good. I'm trying not to have too many things that will be tempting to me. I usuall have veggies and dip when they are here and still may get it for them. My gums are still sore from my dental work and I have to be careful eating hard foods right now.

Guess I better close for now. I'll catch you again later.


12-17-2008, 02:21 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in really quickly to say hello. I am in the middle of cleaning, so I better get right back to it. I'll check back later.


12-17-2008, 03:21 PM
:wave:Hi Health Focused Friends,

I know we are allreally busy with party and company etc. preparations. Just wanted to drop in and say... :wave: hello and be sure to try to Have a really terrific :goodvibes day any way. Remember to take time for something we all need and that is our "me" time that helps us to relieve :stress: and to stay calm so things go smoothly.:yes:


12-20-2008, 02:52 AM
Happy Friday everyone

Hope everyone is doing all right. Just popping in really quick. Trying to get presents wrapped and stuff done.

Jane hope your party goes great.

I will come back and chat with you all tomorrow.



12-20-2008, 07:11 AM
Good morning!

Trish - yes, I do notice the computer being more sluggish during high-usage times, so you're right about that. Did your family make it up ok? Have fun with them. My dinner went well, and we had a ball. Amy's kids, ages 12-15, wore themselves out with the Wii, while the adults lingered at the table and chatted for hours. Paul's girlfriend Linda is very nice, with a warm personality. We took to each other right off.

Kathy - did you get the presents wrapped? I have a sinking feeling that I forgot something for someone for Christmas. :dizzy: Guess I'd better double-check my list, haha. Bet Cole is counting the days til Santa comes. How old is the baby? Old enough to get into the presents? She sure is a cutie.

Now that the party is over, I have to think about getting some cookies baked for Christmas. The grandkids decorate sugar cookies every year, so I have to get those made, and I "have" to make chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles. I'm not making any fudge or other candy - it's just too tempting to me.

We may have a white Christmas. I hope so. :crossed:

Have a good weekend. :hug:

12-20-2008, 10:48 AM
:wave:Good Morning Ladies,

Too much coffee :coffee: last night when the kids got here and never was able to sleep. They make it much stronger than I do. I had one and a half cups :coffee: this morning and I'm wired. Knew the little ones would be up early so I got up and had breakfast with them. They were so excited to be here. The are used to getting up at 6:30 in the morning and came down around 7:30. They were probably surprised I was up since I usually sleep longer. Seems their excitement didn't help them sleep well either. Haley wanted to be the first one up and said Tyler was already up and on the pc when she got up. I hope I can get back on schedule of getting up earlier while they are here as I would love to get back into the habit of exercising first thing in the morning when they leave.

Jane - Glad your party went well and you had fun. Children make Christmas soooo special and fun. Little Hannah was concerned about Santa Claus coming and her being in SC. She asked her Mommy "Does Santa go to SC?" April assured her that she had written him a letter and that he knew she would be in SC and that he is bringing her presents here. She reminded her that "we have to be sure and leave milk out for Santa because he loves milk". They are so cute at that age. She was eating her bagle with pb on it this morning and when she was getting full she says "this bagle is making my stomach hurt". I explained to her that her stomach doesn't hurt, but that she is getting full. I told her that she didn't have to eat all of it if she was satisfied as I explained to her that I am learning how that feels myself and that it isn't good to overeat. She proceeded to tell me that when she doesn't want any more that she gives it Tyler. My DGS was eating his breakfast chuckled and said, "I'm never satisfied". He is blessed with an active metabolism which I hope he keeps so he can stay thin.
Jane, I used to make snickerdoodles when Bill was living. They were his favorite. Tony's favorite is chocolate chips cookies and brownies. I made those cheesecake brownie swirls for the kids to have when they got here and sang "I knew you were coming so I baked a cake..." They almost devoured them within the 1st hour here. I'm not making candy either. I did buy me some peppermint sticks. I found some that is more of the texture I like than the usual ones. 1 pt per stick. I love counting points all of a sudden. Tony and I have a DQ blizzard for a meal once in a while. I got my new books and they have Hawaian blizzard now only 9 pts. I was excited to learn that my favorite one I usually eat only is only 12 pts. which I had yesterday. Asked the kid if they make the Hawaian one here and they do so I'll get it from now on as it is fruit and healthier.

Jen, Kathy, Barb, Sue, Ruth and anyone else I missed - :wave:

Have a nice week end.


12-20-2008, 10:52 AM
Jane - Just noticed you said you might have a White Christmas :carrot: Yeah for you. We would love to have a White Christmas or at least some time while the children are here, but it would be a miracle this far over and down. These DGC being from south FL have never seen snow. :(

short & sassy
12-21-2008, 12:22 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. School and work seemed to get the better of me. But school is over now, I finished with 3 A's. I will never take 3 courses in a semester again while I'm working full time. Way too much stress. I was able to maintain around 166 (give or take a lb.) over the summer, but once school started I managed to put back on 10 lbs (give or take a pound or two). During that time I seemed to have lost all motivation. Good news is that with the stress level a little lower...I think I've found it again.

My game plan now is going to the gym and watch what I'm eating. I got bored with counting points so I've had to find something else. I found another website that tracks nutrition, fitness, and has tons of info and it's all free. So I've been using it for the last few weeks. I also joined the wellness center at the local hospital. I've only been going for a week, but I feel good about it. Last week I worked out on the cardio equipment and yesterday I did water areobics. Boy I'm sore this morning.

So, I tried catching up on everyone, hope you are all well. Trish, I bet you are really enjoying the kids. I've bought Christmas for all of grandkids...just have my mom and mother-in-law to take care of.

Jane, I so appreciate you and Trish remembering me. It was so heartwarming to come here and find you asking about me!! I really love you guys. I promise not to stay away from the tread again.

Well, I've got to go...I'm washing clothes and picking up a little around the house. I plan on going to the gym this afternoon...As sore as I am from yesterday I think I need the whirlpool!!

12-21-2008, 05:33 PM
Hi Ruth - So good to hear from you. :cheer2: CONGRATULATIONS on the 3 A's. I'm sure it was stressful:stress: while trying to work fulltime as well. :sorry: Sorry about the 10 lb gain, however, it sounds like you have a really good plan in the works :carrot: to lose it again. We love you too and we have been missing you. Hope you get to come here more often. Yes we are definitely enjoying having the children here. It will make for a more exciting Christmas since having children around is what makes it more fun. What are your Christmas plans?

Have a good week end.


12-22-2008, 11:46 AM
Good Morning HFF Ladies,:coffee:

The new Momentum Plan @ WW is working great for me. Also Monday being my WI day is working great because it keeps me from going wild with food on the week end. We ate at Ryan's yesterday after church. Always have to take the kids once while they're here as is DSIL's favorite place. I over did it and had to count my pts rather hi. End of week of journaling on WW website and had about 8.5 WPA left and didn't use any of my AP. I had to weigh early since the kids are here and was sooo excited:D :goodscale I'm down 2 lbs. Website tracker doesn't show the 4 lb gain so it shows I've actually lost 3.5 lbs from when I started. Of course I show the gain so I show from the gain that I lost 6.5 lbs. Either way that is exciting:carrot: this time of the year.

Well, it is getting close to Christmas day and kids are excited. Someone at church gave me a 10 day friendship bread and this is day 10 so I have to bake 2 loafs and start another for me and DD. I think I'll wait and do cookie baking with the DGDs tomorrow.

Y'all have a great day.


short & sassy
12-22-2008, 12:17 PM
Good morning ladies, I've got to make this quick...just taking a break from my work. Trish, sounds like you are really on top of things. Congrats on the 2 lb loss! Isn't it great to have the momentum during the holidays...we have a head start on all those that start in January!

No major Christmas plans here this year. Seems like most of our kids are working on Christmas day...so I'll probably throw a few snacks (healthy of course) together and let them run over when they get a chance! I'll have to go to my moms probably over the weekend, maybe Friday.

We are putting my mother-in-law in a nursing home this week, so we'll probably be tied up with cleaning out her apartment over the next few weekends!

Well, time to get back to work...talk to you girls soon.

12-24-2008, 12:33 AM
Hi HFFriends!

Trish - it's neat how you explained stopping eating when you're full to your DGD. One of Mary's twins, Madison, may end up having a weight problem later on. Ever since she was born, she could eat at any given time, and is asking what she'll have for supper when she's eating lunch. I worry about her. She is chubby, but not fat, and Mary does buy health snacks, and tries to limit them. It's hard, though. The bad part is, her twin, Makenzie is petite and very slim, and can eat a horse w/o getting chubby. Some things in life just aren't fair. A big Whoo Hoo to you for losing 2 pounds! I'm glad the Monday weigh in is working for you. Have fun with your family!

Ruth - we missed you, hon. Congrats on the A's, and I hope you do have lots less stress in your life now. Your game plan sounds like a good one, and you'll be back where you were before you know it. Oh dear, is your DH doing ok with putting his mom in the nursing home? I went through that with my MIL, and it was so hard on my DH. Hope you got to enjoy the whirlpool.

Kathy, Jen, and Barb - hope all is going well for each of you.

I just got back from Walmart where I exchanged 3 silver Nintendo DSs for 3 pink ones. I didn't have my receipt, and had to beg for them to make the exchange, but they finally did it. When I bought them, silver was all they had, then Walmart got a big shipment in yesterday of all colors, and I know the DGDs like pink best. Actually, they are not greedy kids at all, and would have been thrilled with getting a DS in any color at all. But the pink is so pretty!

I have not been OP, and feel sluggish because of it. Nobody to blame but myself. I will be so glad when the holiday goodies from everywhere are gone.

If I don't make it back before Thursday, I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. Have fun with your families and friends. :grouphug:

12-24-2008, 05:38 PM
Hello Everyone,

Well, I've baked all the goodies I'm going to make. The girls made their cookies and decorated them. Then I did mine and have most everything done to that stage where you can make everything quickly. I decided to thaw the spiral ham tonight and get up and put it in the crockpot in the morning and cook until we get ready to around 2 pm. I got the idea from others doing WW. I am really tired already.


12-24-2008, 09:39 PM
Hello everyone

We Wish you a Merry Christmas
We Wish you a Merry Christmas
We Wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

From My Family to All of Yours, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

12-28-2008, 02:41 AM


:kickcan: Hope everyone is having a nice time with their families. I will be here waiting for you all to come out. All my company is gone, and it is back to normal for us here.


12-28-2008, 11:46 PM
Hi all,

Trish - I always cook my hams in the crock pot. Well, I buy the precooked ones, locally made, with the very best flavor. This leaves the oven free for other dishes. How'd you like yours? Did you have a nice Christmas with the family?

Kathy - I'm here! It has been a hectic week for all of us, and I'll be glad when 2009 is here, and things get back to normal. I'm all messed up on which day it is, lol. Tomorrow is day 1 off of babysitting, but we will have Mary's 3 girls New Year's Eve. That was my idea, since Neal and I don't have any place special to go, anyway. Were your grandkids happy with their Christmas?

Ruth, Barb, Jen, Sue - hope you had a nice Christmas, and pop in soon.

Our Christmas was so nice. All the kids and grands were here, and I felt very blessed about that. So many people I know don't get to see their loved ones on holidays.

All of the toxic food is out of the house now, but I have to admit I over-indulged. Btw, do any of you eat hummus? I have been mixing the Original flavor with the Roast Red Pepper one, and mmmm, it is so good!

One more thing - I've started grinding coffee beans in a grinder I got for Christmas, and have to say how wonderful it smells and tastes! If any of you are coffee lovers, you might want to try this.


12-29-2008, 12:29 AM
Hi Jane

Yes it was a good Christmas here. Told everyone just to get the DGD an empty box, as she is at that age where they have the funnest with that. Cole told me on Christmas Eve that he wants Santa to bring him a hobby horse. I have been asking him for a month and he tells me the night before. He said if he told me, then Santa wouldn't bring it. I went to every store in town in hopes that I would find one. I finally did, at the farm store. I should have tried there first. My niece comes back for the week to stay with us, as they need a babysitter, and it is just easier if she stays here instead of trying to get her back and forth everyday. Her parents get a break, and I get to go crazy. They were the only ones that were not here for Christmas. We just always have everyone here, both sides of the family. Next year some of my aunts and their families are going to come also. That will be nice. How are you enjoying the babysitting? How did the kids like their DS's?
Well I must run and get a little guy into bed.
Have a relaxing Sunday evening.

12-29-2008, 02:45 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

This will be a quick one since DH is hungry. I will get back as soon as I can.

We thoroughly enjoyed having DD and her family here, but there comes the moment when the DGC are tired and ready to go home. DGD (6y/o) said she was ready to go to school and see her friends. DH and I got to the place we were tired of her fussing and going on. So 8 days was enough for all of us. But it was great having them here and they seemed to enjoy what they got except for the older 10 y/o didn't seem to be too excited about her gifts. There must have been something she wanted that she didn't get, but no seemed to know what that was.

I managed to eat off Christmas day and got right back OP point wise the next day although not necessarily all good foods. I used all my WPA and some of my AP for the week. WI today showed that I gained .5 lb which I am very pleased with.

Hope everyone has a great day. Catch y'all later.


short & sassy
12-29-2008, 06:02 PM
Just a quick note, I will try to get back online tonight, but I haven't said hello in a few days...so I thought I'd take a minute...but I'm at work so I can't stay on long.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Everything was great here.

Talk to everyone later.

12-30-2008, 04:46 PM

Kathy - Kids are funny. Today, I saw Makenzie run up to my front door, then leave. I opened it, and asked what was going on, and she said, "We're pretending your house is the mall, and it's closed." HAHAHA! The girls were ecstatic about their DSs after being told Santa only had a few of those. I bet you are ready to have the house back to yourself, right? Usually when company leaves, no matter how much I love them, I'm glad to get back to normal. (whatever THAT is, haha)

Trish - sounds like you did pretty darn good staying OP. I showed a 2 pound gain, but today the scales is right where I started before Christmas. New Year's Eve shouldn't be too much of a challenge. We're having a steak dinner, and I can limit that. Then munchies with the kiddos later. I bought lots of fresh fruit to cut up into a fruit salad. Also have hummus and veggies. They'll have some crackers they like, but I won't eat those.

Ruthie - good to see you, and I'm glad you had a great Christmas.

Hello to Jen, Barb, and Sue, too.

For those that peek in but don't post - please join us. You are welcome here. :yes:

Neal and I are going to go see the movie Seven Pounds in a bit. It's supposed to be a pretty good one. Anybody seen it yet?

I've made some turkey-white bean chili, and yum yum, it's good. Healthy for me, to boot.


12-30-2008, 04:48 PM
Btw, I thought I'd wait and make a new thread for us on Thursday for January. Then we could just start a new one each month. Does that sound ok?

12-30-2008, 06:04 PM
Jane let us know how the movie is. I think that it sounds good also.

Grandma's house is just like the5 soon. mall - always an exciting place. :lol: Wish I had the imagination of a kid. Mmm Yummy Chili. You know you have an open invitation to my house anytime. Not only just to cook. To visit also.
Sounds good about the new threads.

Trish WTG on staying OP over the vacation. I had a 5lb gain. Must have been all the chocolate covered almonds. But I ate them all and we have no more so I hope that I will lose those.

Hi Ruth. Hope you get a few minutes to yourself to pop back in and chat.

I bought the WW cookbook. I am hoping to get some good ideas for dinner. Healthy that everyone will eat will be really great.

Must run and take down the Christmas Tree and get that all put away. Need to get the kitchen cleaned also.

Chat later.

12-30-2008, 11:13 PM
Hi ladies- Sounds like the holiday was fun for you all. Lots of little "grands" and kiddos running around. Here, I had Christmas Eve lunch and really all day snacking with DD and her family being the only ones here. My two grands are 17 and 22, so no little ones. We had a nice time and they taught DH and I to play "spoons"...I was so bad at it, but DH was pretty good. LOL

Christmas Day we went to my SIL's where there were lots of in-laws. They are great and we have a ball. Of course, there is always a mountain of food too.

Missed Mom as she went to Florida for the month. She had a good time, came back to the cold on Sunday. Poor thing.

I was back up 2 pounds and one is already gone, so hopefully I can get through Thurs. without finding it again. I am having the in-laws here, and we will eat, but I tend to not eat as much at home for some reason.

It is sad to have my other daughter, grandson, son and step-son in CA during the holidays. (well, it is sad all the time, but especially so this time of year) I have told them all to start saving their pennies to try to plan a trip home next year. I just bought a new 7 ft. slim tree after not even putting a tree up this year. (or last) So I want lots of gifts under the tree.

I have started doing WATP and shooting for 45 minutes of that or walking 5 days a week. Now to get the food under control. You all are doing so great at getting back on track.
Jane- I plan to try the hummus. Is there a certain brand you buy? I must admit I have never bought it, I have made it a couple times.

Trish- Yes, 8 days is probably long enough for any company, even those you love. It is always good to get back to ones routine. Good job on the .5....I would have been happy too.

Ruth- Glad your Christmas was great. Hope your New Year is too.

Kathy- Let me know what you think of the WW cookbook. I am always looking for ideas for dinner. I get so tired of trying to think of things to have. Then I end up cooking something totally bad for me. LOL DH likes meat and taters...boring. :)

Hi to everyone else..Jen, Barb... Happy 2009 to you all.

12-31-2008, 07:08 AM
Good morning,

Kathy - I'm getting to be quite the traveler, so you never know, we may be able to meet someday. Once you try some recipes from the WW book, let us know which are your favorites. I just saw one in the January Good Housekeeping magazine for Lentil Soup with Butternut Squash that I'm going to try soon. Neal won't want it, so I'll give him leftovers, haha.

Sue - around here, we have only one brand of hummus, called Athenos. I buy the original and the roasted red pepper and mix them. I've never made it myself, but the recipe sounds easy. I used to play spoons years ago. As I remember, it was lots of fun and got real rowdy. Just my kind of game! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

Hi to all others. The movie Seven Pounds last night was one of the best I've seen in a long time. The story line was unique, and both Will Smith and Rosario Dawson did a great job. Please go see it!

NSV for me - I took and apple and a little pack of string cheese with me to the movie for my snack and didn't even want the popcorn and candy. Whoo hoo!

We're babysitting tonight to ring in the new year, and there's no place I'd rather be. What are your plans? Whatever they are, be safe.

I'll be back next year. :grouphug:

12-31-2008, 07:18 PM
Hello Ladies,:wave:

So good to hear from all of you. We've all been so busy with the holidays that we have been here off and on. Some of you are really getting the snow or rain and I hope you will have a warm safe New Year's Eve.

We have no New Year's plans tonight or tomorrow. It will be pretty quite. DH and I met online during holidays 6 years ago. We dated online and telephone. Since he was in FL and I lived in TX, we spent New Year's eve watching the New Year in on television while on the phone with each other. We started watching the ball drop in NY eastern time and ended watching the New Year celebration in Hawaii. Now we just watch the ball fall in NY. Probably will watch a movie, but not sure what yet. Tomorrow I will take some of the leftover ham from Christmas day and fix it the way DH likes it after I take my serving out. I don't want the sugar. I will cook cabbage which seems to be his families NY tradition thing like the blackeyed peas were traditional for mine. Not sure what we think would happen if we didn't have them. So for the most part our meal will be WW friendly.

Jane - I liked the way you said "I'll be back next year". Has a nice warm feeling. Nice that we can all meet each other back here next year.

So to Jane, Sue, Ruth, Jen, Kathy, Barb and others -

and we'll meet here again next year.


12-31-2008, 10:59 PM
Happy New Year to You All.

Just staying in tonight. We invited my parents over to ring in the New Year.

Looking foreward to a great 2009 with all you ladies here in our little friendly corner.


01-01-2009, 12:29 PM
Hop on over to the January HFFs. :)