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11-14-2008, 10:59 AM
Well were can i start...
I just started 3FC today, mainly because i dont really talk to anyone about my weight. I was recently selected for my schools netball touring team :carrot: (im 15 btw and from australia) and our coaches have given us till the beginning of pre season training ... 6th January to get into shape. I have always been big bu have never had the motivation to do anything about it. So now ive finally decided to get a move on, and i have roughly 6 weeks to get into better shape nd build up my fitness (where talking beach, swimming pool and countless othe training for pre season)....so bottom line..im looking for a buddy..or buddie who i can write to each ay and tell them everything ivebeen doing wrong so they can help me stick to my healthy eating/fitness plan...
any age is cool..i dont even know if people that are my age blog on here.

but anyway thanks for taking time to read my blabber!

let me know what you think

11-14-2008, 11:34 AM
Hey! Yes, tell us more. Do you have any kind of plan?

We can all be your buddies here...


11-15-2008, 03:13 AM
..well im trying (note:trying) to eat healthy, i usually walk about 1.5 ks from my bus each afternoon after school. My brother, dad, my sister and me go for jogs in the pine forest next to my house, usually for about an hour and half nearly every afternoon. We run on the sand cos its better for you. I also have a leg magic which i try to use and my dad is going o help me with weight raining (which should be good) I play basketball on Fridays and train on tuesdays but at the moment thats about it. I jus need to make sure i stay motivated and dont stuff my face with the wrong sorts of foods..haha. I have been feeling great when i get home from a run, like i want to go again and i really want to be that energetic all of the time!

Do you have any tips for me of anything i should be doing, anythig you do that couldbe helpful??

thanks for listening