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11-14-2008, 10:53 AM
Good morning all! I'm just in a wonderful place this morning and wanted to share. :hug:

I stumbled on 3FC at the end of September looking around for diet programs. I was just feeling "ihhh" about myself and sick of it. Boy, am I glad I found this place! :woohoo:

I started 3FC at about 165 pounds. The picture on my profile is the picture that really made me feel down in the dumps. I have still been going between 160 and 165 almost two months later after being very active with 3FC but I don't care anymore! I kept beating myself up because I wasn't loosing right along with everyone else! BUT, I found something else from this site that has literally changed my life. :trampo:

The Couch to 5K. What a great program!!! I was in the Army for 6 years and have been in the Air Guard for almost 4 and could never run. I even broke my pelvis at basic training which made me not have to run or do much real physical activity for 4 years... :eek: I keep asking my husband, who is very active with the military, why they don't have new people do the C25K before going to basic training?!?!?! Such a GREAT program. It REALLY does work, if you just stick to the schedule. And I have gone from 4MPH to being able to get up to 7MPH to end my run! For those of you considering doing it, DO IT....just keep jogging when you need to be jogging...even if you could walk faster then you jogging. The speed will really come gradually!!!

I can now officially call myself a runner! :carrot: I completed week 7 day 3 last night but I could have easily stayed on that treadmill for another 25 mins. So yeah, that is why I'm so excited today!!!! I am going to continue hoping to loose some weight but I am DONE with any planned diet. I am just going to continue to eat what I know I should be eating and continue on with my running. I feel so healthy and happy even though I haven't lost any real weight. Without 3FC I never would have done the C25K.

THANK YOU 3FC and to all of you who have supported me the last two months!!!!!!!! :D

11-15-2008, 01:45 AM
Great to hear about! Good on you for coming through a broken pelvis and starting running.

I hope everything continues to go well.