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11-11-2008, 08:10 PM
About 3 years ago 3 of our indoor cats died within about a year. We had one kitty left and she was quite lonely. We were thinking about adopting another older cat to be her companion when my neighbor called and said they needed to get rid of their 2 year old cat because one of her kids was allergic, so we took him. So we've had him since July.

I love this cat (his name is Pudge--and he is!) but he needs constant attention! I've bought him tons of toys (but he only really likes to play with an aluminum foil ball and a box) but he loses interest pretty quickly. He likes it if I throw the ball for him, but he loses interest after just a couple of minutes. Unless he's sleeping he follows me around and meows, or gets into cabinets or tries to get our other cat to play.

The other cat is 10 years old and she'll play a bit, but I think the age difference is too big. I've even thought about adopting a younger cat for him to play with, but that's just crazy.

Anyway, when I don't have time to entertain him I do lock him in the solarium. It's a very nice glassed in room with food, water, cat litter boxes and lots of comfortable places to lay, but I still feel guilty.

Does anyone have any ideas to keep this cat busy? And will he grow out of it? It's been so long since I've had a young cat, I don't remember if they're quite that active at 2 years old.

11-11-2008, 08:43 PM
My cat is about 4 and he does the exact same stuff, he is totally not self entertainable. He actually is sitting right next to me right now sorta half sleeping he has pretty much been an annoying brat all day. Whenever, we are in the kitchen, he is in the kitchen underneath our feet until we give him a piece of lunch meat turkey. He meows constantly now and I wish we could let him outside but he contracted FIV over the summer so now he has gone from being outside to inside. I am still trying to find stuff that will help him entertain himself but he would rather jump up on my desk while I am doing homework and be an attention whore. Alas, i wish I had answers for you but just wanted to let youknow you are not alone in your "fight"

11-12-2008, 03:38 AM
I lucked out I suppose - my own cat Zoe is fairly independant. She simply demands that her food bowl be full at all times (even if she doesn't want to eat it - she just likes that it's there) and she demands that she get her evening pets in before bedtime. Any attention other than that is just icing on her cake lol.

11-12-2008, 09:52 AM
Our Max talks soooo much! And he never sits still on your lap. The only way you can get him to stop nose-pushing for petting is if you make your hands disappear (tuck them in your pockets).
And ... he will not eat (just keeps meowing) until I do something to his bowl. Even if it's full, I have to ruffle the food.

Rain Dancer
11-12-2008, 11:47 AM
My cat is pretty independent, too. He likes attention... On his terms. He isn't a snuggle bug and doesn't follow me around very much. Tho he does, once in a while. His big thing is pinballing all over the house. He loves to race around, boinging and running from one spot to another, like a pinball. He can clock some serious mileage and it sounds as if there is an entire herd of cats galloping all over my house when he does it. :lol:

My cat is about three years old. I have to guess at his age. When we met, he was a little scrawny half grown baby, living outside all alone. He was sleeping on a chair on our deck and I started feeding him. Over time, we became friends and he came in and became a member of the family. :D

12-10-2008, 09:34 PM
My cat stole my boyfriend.... She is so sly, if she was a woman I would never speak to her again. When I get out of bed, she immediately crawl up and snuggle next to him. My pats are not good enough for her any more. When I pat her she gives me that impatient nudge like I am not touching her right. But when he pets her she purhs and koos, what a $#%*.

I love her to pieces, next year she will be 20 years old. Old girl deserves all the loving she can get.