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04-24-2002, 04:16 PM
OK - I keep checking the thread and seems all the new pregnant people have ducked out... I thought if I started a new one people would be more apt to check in (the other was a little long). Anyway, I have been monitoring my weight at home - next appointment is 5/2 and I've gained 2.5 lbs! Gosh it hurts to gain, but I guess that's what being pregnant is all about. I know I have been eating more and have not been as diligent about getting to the gym. Its all that exhaustion and hunger that get in the way of keeping me on track!!

In any case, I have renewed my commitment to exercising throughout this pregnancy. I made it to the gym this morning and did 35 minutes of cardio on the Precor and some upper body weights. I think I did a little too much yard work on Sunday and my back has be killing me... mostly sciatic, I keep thinking its too early for this --- I am only 18 weeks. Anyone else with similar aches? Well, I plan to keep moving regardless. I know it will only get worse and sitting still does nothing for me.

Hope everyone is well and please post soon!!!

2.5lbs gained at 18 weeks:(

04-25-2002, 07:58 PM
Hi Absmom! I know what you mean about the sciatic pain. I'm only at 15 1/2 weeks and my sciatic has been acting up for about a week now! :dizzy: I have also been waking up with my hips aching pretty badly!
I managed 3 days of exercise last week, but I have not done anything so far this week. I know it is just stress. Tomorrow is my last day of work, I am getting laid off. I have known about it for a while, but now that it is here, it is very nerve wracking. I have a decent chance of getting another, lower paying job with the same company, just at a different location, but I won't know about that for another 2 weeks. It will be kinda nice to rest for a while, but I just wish I knew for sure that I would have a job.

I had my ultra sound at the hospital on Tuesday. We got a really neat picture of the baby's face, it looks like a little alien!:lol: They also found out that the reason I had been spotting was an abruption of the placenta. Thankfully it is only about 2 cm X 2 cm, so it is small, but it is scary to realize that it could have kept pulling away, possibly putting the baby's and my life in danger. Thankfully I haven't had any bleeding in almost 2 weeks. But it seems so much scarier now. The doctor thinks everything will be fine, but I have to take it easy, no running or anything, and if there is anymore bleeding I have to call the dr ASAP. But I think everything will be ok. The ultrasound tech also said that she thinks my due date needs to be moved up to Oct 12. But she said we needed to wait and see the results from the 20 week ultrasound before they officially change it.
I have my next appt on 5/7. I am certain I will have gained weight, hopefully just not to much.

I hope everyone else is doing well.

04-26-2002, 04:44 AM
Hi ladies!

Absmom, 2.5 pounds isn't anything girl, I've gained 6 in a week and a half! I'm not even sure how that is possible. So from no gain at all I'm now up 6. Like last pgy, mostly my weight gain is in my legs and butt. Oh and that lovely extra shelf you get on your hips. I'm so angry at myself about this, why do I eat so much? Urgh. I've walked everyday this last week too, so I really need to get my eating on track.

Anyway, baby seems fine, been having a fair few kicks - though none today so far. Ultrasound next Thurs, hopefully baby will let us see what type we've got!! :)

Nicole- That is very scary about the placenta tearing away! Thank gosh it has stopped and the baby and you are fine. I was made redundant in February and am now at home with a one day a week casual job. We lost 60% of our income and I went from being so someone on her way up and earning great money to this. Big change! They shut my office to save money.

Well I'd best be off. DD is driving me crazy - do you girls have shorter fuses lately? I get so annoyed with her so quick and I am always SO tired. Just exhausted. Where is all this 2nd trimester energy? lol


04-26-2002, 09:10 AM
Hi Nic and Dreamer!

I too am tired. My DD gets me up every day at 5:30 - regardless of when I put her to bed. And yes, I have - at times - felt like a raving lunatic and rotten mother. We've watched more TV and made more trips to McDonalds than at any period in her life. I too am waiting for the 2nd trimester energy burst.... My only motivation is that I promised myself and another pregnant lady at the gym that I would make it there to exercise at least 2 x week. Today is a gym day and I am dreading the event at this moment.

Nic - Sorry to hear about your health situation, although you must at least be relieved to at least know now what was causing the bleeding. Trust your dr. and don't worry - its no good for either you or the baby. You can't run, but did the dr. say no exercise at all? The job situation will work out one way or another. You will find a new one. My husband was laid off (surprise) last year. It was a rough period for both of us - him with the stress of finding a new job, me with the guilt of not working and both of us wondering about how to pay the bills. Things worked out (obviously I'm still here) and we laugh about how we wasted our impromtu vacation time by stressing. Keep positive and treat yourself well --- and enjoy your extra time at home.

And now the struggle begins to try and get my dd ready to go. It was so much easier when she couldn't walk or talk... Anyway - my next appointment is 5/3. I don't plan to diet, but I do plan to watch what I eat and get my gym time in. I really can't bear the thought of that dr's scale being 'off' in the wrong direction!! Am I being obsessive????????

Happy Friday!!
207/199/201.5 (+2.5):(

05-05-2002, 09:05 AM
Where is everyone??????? Well, I'll keep updating you... it's a kind of therapy for me - to keep me on track and focus on my goals.

I had my dr's appointment on Friday. I braced for a gain and was happy that the total was just 5 lbs. Over the last week or so, I have felt so bloated and tired. I got my tests back and found out that my iron is really low - even taking the prenatal vitamins, so the dr. added another supplement (ferrus sepal???) He said that should take care of the tiredness I've been feeling and I hope he's right. We've got vacation in a few weeks and I really want to enjoy it.

The last of my non-maturnity clothes have been retired and people I don't know have asked me when I'm due (They're no longer on the fence about whether or not I am just fat -lol).

I signed up to be a babysitter at the gym. In addition to the free membership, I am hoping that I will be more motivated to work out if I have to be there anyway. The sessions are just two hours so even on a bad day, I should at least be able to do a 20 minute walk on the treadmill.

Well, I've got to officially start the day and get ready for church. Nic - I hope that you and the baby are doing OK. Dreamer - catch up when you can..... My sonogram was pushed back to May 17 so my DH could come so I'll be sure and update then with the baby's sex!! I can't wait to find out!!

Absmom (+5lbs at 20 weeks)


05-14-2002, 10:38 AM
Hi Nic and Dreamer whereever you are!! Hope you are doing well and that I'll hear from you again soon.

I have my ultrasound this Friday and we'll find out the sex of the baby - provided that he/she isn't trying to hide...

It's going to be a busy week for us - My husband comes home Thursday night - he's been away for the last two weeks. My niece turns one on Friday so we have a party to go to that night; I have a wedding shower on Saturday and we leave for Disney on Sunday! My DD is a little out of her mind, so I've been trying to keep her busy, which is a bit challenging since its been raining for three days straight!

After kind of a blue week last week, I am feeling a lot better. I've been exercising and keeping track of my food. I've also been able to better tolerate my prenatal vitamins so I am taking them pretty much regularly now -- including my iron supplement... Maybe that's why I have so much more energy..... I haven't stepped on the scale since the dr's 2 weeks ago, but I'd be very surprised if I've gained anything... I'm not going to risk any disappointments so I am not getting on it before vacation.

Well, I am off to start my day... Pregnant lurkers feel free to pop in!

05-15-2002, 01:14 AM
Hi, Absmom and Dreamer,
Sorry I haven't been around in so long! Everything is going good. I had some trouble with depression after I lost my job, and between that and a headache that lasted 4 days, and my DH's diabetes acting up all of a sudden, I haven't had time to be on the computer much. I haven't had anymore bleeding and at my last appt, the dr said that if this kept up they would go back to calling my pregnancy "normal"! So that was a relief. But, they had just had their scales adjusted and recalibrated, so the scale showed that I had a 20 lb gain!!!!:mad: The dr said I shouldn't worry about it and said that my weight had probably never been right! So I am not sure what to think. I can still wear some of my old clothes, and I definitely don't feel like I've gained 20 lbs! But, I am trying not to dwell on it, and since DH is having trouble with his blood suger, we have been walking 20-30 minutes almost every morning. It is helping him, and it is definitely making me feel better. I want to keep up the walking, and add my arm weights and leg toning, as well as stretching, and I think I will feel pretty good about how I'm doing. I think I have been feeling the baby move. I didn't know what it was at first, it felt like a shifting or something deep inside. It is pretty weird, but it has kept up for over a week and a half, so I am pretty sure that's what it is. I'm at 18 weeks, and this is my first, so from what I've read, that could be what it is. I have also been having some trouble with hip pain and sciatic pain! When I asked the dr about it he tried to nicely tell me to deal with it, it would only get worse! :lol:

Well, I will try to start checking in more regularly. I'm sorry it has been so long. I hope everyone else is doing great!

Absmom- I am sooooo jealous of your vacation! Are you going to CA or FL? I love love love both! I can't wait to take my little one for the first time! I want to go back so bad! We had a trip planned for late September, but now that won't be happening! I'm glad your not feeling blue anymore! And don't worry about your weight, just do the best you can and stay healthy! Enjoy your vacation and say hi to Mickey for me! :D


05-16-2002, 02:25 PM
Hi Nic (Dreamer and lurkers too!)

I am glad to know that you and the baby are well, even if your life situation has been less than ideal. Sorry about the job. Of course you'll find another, but the whole event is really tramatizing... Your DH's health problems certainly didn't add to it all, but I am sure that he's feeling some stress with all this as well. Hang on, take care of yourself and know that you'll make it and be better off for your experiences. We went through it last year with my husband (which is why he has this crappy travel job now), but the end is in sight for us and things are good...

I don't know if I am more excited for the ultrasound tomorrow or the vacation starting Sunday. We're off to Florida for 7 days of Disney fun. I am still trying to figure out how to use my new camera (a b-day present from DH), but hopefully we'll end up with a few pix. My dd is out of her mind - and I can't wait to see her face when she FINALLY meets Tigger (forget Mickey).

Since my DH has had to travel so much over the last year we've racked up a lot of hotel points and air miles, as long as we can keep our food and souvenier spending to a minimum we could come out of this relatively unscathed... I am a worrier when it comes to money. We need to buy a second car in the next month and I already have severe sticker shock. We just don't have enough room in the station wagon for 2 kids so we're taking the plunge into minivan land. Why do they have to cost so much!?!

I'll try to check in tomorrow to quickly update on U/S. Hopefully we'll know which team we're on (pink?/blue? or ???)
I really want another girl so send good vibes my way.... Aside from that the pregnancy/life in general is going welll this week. I am exercising, have alot more energy --- actually did some spring cleaning! yikes!!

Ciao for now,
:o :o

05-17-2002, 02:53 AM
Hi Absmom, (Dreamer to, if your out there!)
I am still very jealous of your trip! You'll have a blast!
I hope your U/S went well! Were they able to tell you which color to start decorating in?
My DH is feeling better, but his blood sugars are still way out of whack. They have him on 2 medications, and it is still staying the mid to high 200's. But his blood pressure is back to normal and his trigylcerides (sp?) are dropping. It is a fight to get him to take all his meds, he can be just like a kid! He hates taking stuff and right now they have him on 4. But if he can lose some weight, the doc thinks he can go off all of them in 20-25 lbs, and she wants him to lose 50. Maybe this will help me lose the baby weight plus the weight I needed to lose to begin with.
I am definitely feeling the baby move. It was moving alot this evening when I was laying down to take a nap. It is a pretty weird feeling, but very cool! :dizzy:

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!


05-18-2002, 10:00 AM
Hi Nic, Dreamer, and all!!

Well, Its a girl!!! Thank goodness... The Ultrasound went fine and it looks like I am right on schedule. I'll keep this short -- DH is home and making my morning a little difficult... He needs to find a new job soon. We are so out of whack with our relationship--- I hope this vacation doesn't bring us to the brink of divorce.... It's almost like he's single again:?:

Enough -- positive vibes please!!!!

Have wonderful weeks and I'll post when I get back!


05-20-2002, 02:58 AM
Sorry, slack poster here (good lurker though!)

Congrats on dd #2 absmom! You were hoping for another girl whereas I was hoping for a boy, but now a few weeks on I'm really excited that I'll have two girls. Df and I actually talk about 'the kids' now or 'our girls'. Kinda cool!

Sorry about dh being like a single bloke - my df goes through spells of that. Hope he finds a new job soon.

Nic - 20 pounds ia a bit scary isn't it? Mind you I'm up 11 or 12 in 4 weeks and am really finding it very hard to deal with. I mean I am just starting to show (those who know I'm pg they can see when I wear fitted clothes), but my butt and thighs are huge again, just like last time. Ah well, figure it is just the way I am! My df needs to lose about 40 pounds, so I too am hoping that we will do it together - he can start now and I'll join when baby comes!

So one friend of a friend had a baby girl on Sat after something like 2 days in labour. Yuck! And one of my dearest friends sister is in hospital with high blood pressure - 190/90! She is 36 1/2 weeks and I feel she may end up getting induced.

We just went out and bought a hall table and a chest for the lounge room. We have some doors downstairs to paint and then we will be working to convert our studio (room out the back) into a spare room so that our spare room can become the baby's room. Most of dd's furniture will just go into there and she will get new, 'little girl' furniture. Seeing she started walking last week (!) it seems appropriate that we start treating her like a little girl now not a baby :(

By the way, do either of you have Braxton Hicks? I have had them since about 15 weeks this time. I get them fairly often, they aren't at all painful, but they definitely have a sensation to them. Last time I didn't get them to about 7 months.

Sam 21.5weeks

05-21-2002, 08:09 PM
Hello all!!!My name is Vicki and I would love to join the thread!!!I have been on the 30somethings for over 2 yrs now and on this thread until Jan when I lost my baby...I am now 10weeks and want to get started watching and chatting with others in this condition....I had been at goal weight for 1 yr and gained 10lbs with the first pg....I started this pg still with those 10 lbs and have gained 2 in 10 weeks....No energy to excercise after working a full time job on my feet but I am trying..This is my first child..
Looking forward to getting to know everyone....

05-25-2002, 01:48 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm sorry it has been so long since I last posted. DH has been playing with the computer again, and I have just been feeling really tired. I have been feeling the baby fluttering for a couple of weeks now, but the other day, I swear the baby was playing trampoline on my bladder! I had 2 really strong thumps, which I think DH would have felt if he had his hand on my belly. It was really cool. That is the first time I have felt anything more then flutters or shifting! LOL

Roadrunner- Welcome! It is nice to meet you. I am glad things are going better this time. When are you due?

Dreamer- The 20 lbs is scary, but I was remembering the other day that 4 days after my first appt, I weighed at my parents house and was up 8 lbs from the drs scale. At the time I didn't think anything of it, I was to sick to eat too much, and I never weighed on their scale again, but now I wonder if that wasn't my actual starting weight, which would give me a gain of 12 lbs. That seems much more reasonable! We have alot of stuff to get done around the house too! The room that will become the nursery is a disaster area. It has been our "junk" room for 3 years now, so we have lots of cleaning to do! I have been having what I think are the Braxton-Hicks. My tummy tightens up, and sometimes I get a light cramping sensation, similar to TOM. I am assuming that they are the B-H's, since I haven't had anymore bleeding and nothing else happens, it just stops.

Absmom- I hope you are having a wonderful vacation! Although since you are in the Happiest Place on Earth, I'm sure you are! Congrats on your little girl and I am sending lots of fun vacation and happy hubby vibes your way!

I hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you soon
EDD 10/19/02

05-26-2002, 09:30 AM
Good Morning!!!!I am due 12/19 I think...Going for a sonagram on friday to double check everything...The first sonagram said 12/23 soo I am curious to see if things change...Too scared to weigh and have not in 2 weeks...I did notice that my belly is really pooching out which is too weird and my butt has increased...This is a real "body changing" experience..I have decided I will worry about the changes after the baby is born and to enjoy things while it is happening!!!!!
Hello to everyone!!

05-28-2002, 09:32 AM
Hi Everyone - Welcome Roadrunner!
Back from vacation and after a few days of routine home life, i am feeling more myself - rested... Disney was fun - My DD was out of her mind-- almost too much to do. I know she'll never remember all the fun she had, but her reactions & general excitement will be with me and my DH for the rest of our lives.

We walked miles each day, so I am hoping that most of the crap I ate was burned off, but I am jumping right back into my eating/exercise so as not to lose focus. I have a drs apt this week and frankly I feel huge... Oh well, I guess that's part of being pregnant(!?) The baby is moving all the time and my DH finally was able to feel it for himself. We're starting to think about cleaning out our junk room to create a new nursery, but the task is just too much for me to bear right now so its all still in the "thinking stage"...

Dreamer - I have been having Braxton-Hicks since early on like you... I guess that means its normal --- maybe the first time around we just didn't recognize what they were????

Roadrunner --- I couldn't help but think that you sound like I did during my first pregnancy... Keep healthy, welcome the changes, but do your best to watch what you eat and exercise! My post partum was so horrible that I considered never having another child. The main reason was that I gained so much weight and stopped doing anything physical. Remember - labor is like running a marathon!! I hope that wasn't too preachy!!!

Nic251- You should be entering the second trimester energy boost soon. I am in it now and feel really great! Night and day...

Well, I am off to change my dd and get out in the yard. I was in the middle of mulching yesterday when the thunderstorms hit... so I have a lot of work ahead of me... Hope you all have wonderful days!!!



06-04-2002, 03:04 PM
Hi All! (Whereever you are...)

Had my June drs apt today and was up 2.5lbs... I could tell that I had gained over the last few weeks, so I was actually happy that it wasn't more. Vacation is over, however, so I am back to eating thoughtfully and exercising on a regular basis. Aside from a nasty headache after a dental apt yesterday, I've been feeling great. I've been sleeping well and have a steady stream of energy until around 7 p.m. At least that's dd's bedtime...

My in-laws are coming this weekend -- their first trip since we moved over a year ago --- so I am the mad cleaning woman. My MIL is a little tough to take sometimes and I don't want to give her any amunition... I'm trying to stay positive and hope that our DD can keep her entertained.

I am feeling a bit of stress this week - my husband's crappy travel job is going even worse - talks of lay-offs within the next few months... We've started sending out resumes locally, but noone has called and my husband is starting to get nervous. A few years ago the head hunters were calling him unsolicited on a weekly basis so I can understand his concern. Send good vibes that someone will call.... I can't even think about him being out of work right now... the baby, the house in various stages of remodel... and our need for a second car... yikes!
Well, I hope that all of you - Nic, Dreamer, Roadrunner, lurkers are feeling well!


06-05-2002, 05:49 PM
Thanks for the tip Absmom!!!I actually did a Marathon soo I know that labor must not be easy!!!:dizzy: I have actually been at goal weight for 2 yrs now soo I am really watching to keep things in control...I do 3-5 miles on the treadmill slowly now, attempted the recumbant bike but kept hitting my stomach with my knees:smug: I have hit week 12 today!!!!!Very excited.. I Listen to the heartbeat daily and giggle every time!!!
I have officially gained 0.5 lbs the first trimester. I have been not soo faithful for last few weeks with excercise, but now I am feeling better and go to the gym after work....

Take care all!!!

06-05-2002, 07:09 PM
Hi all,
Hope things are going well.
Abs mom, I will definitely be sending good vibes your way, it's tough not having a job. I have been sending out resumes and phoning companies for 5 weeks now, and the closest I've come to finding anything is a $9/ hr bank teller job! No thanks, that is definitely not enough money, and it would be on my feet all day. Of course now that I am starting to really look pregnant, I'm sure no one would hire me anyway! I know they aren't allowed to discriminate, but I know that if I had 2 people with equal qualifications, I definitely would not choose the one who was going to give birth in 4 monthes! :dizzy:

Roadrunner- Congrats on hitting 12 weeks! You must feel so relieved!

I don't know how you all have so much energy! I feel tired all the time, and I am not sleeping well at all! I can't even nap well!
:lol: I had my appt yesterday, unfortunately, I got to see the nurse practitioner instead of the dr. I really don't like her very much. She is definitely not very nice, and I had gained a couple more lbs, so she tried to lecture me on my weight, again (she seemed pretty put out that I was pregnant at over 200lbs at my first appt). But she really had to shut up when she saw that my bp was 118/70 and when I told her that we walk 20-30 minutes a day 6 days a week, plus I have added my toning back in 3 times a week. I know I really need to watch my diet, it's just really tough when you spend most of your time home alone though! She did tell me that my sleeplessness was only going to get worse, and that it is completely normal to not have that rush of energy durning the 2nd trimester, so I guess there is nothing to worry about. We also got to hear the heartbeat, which is always great. About 7-10 days before my appts, I always start to worry that something is wrong, so hearing that is always a relief. I go next Tuesday for my ultrasound, I'm really excited about that, but DH doesn't want to find out what it is, so we have been debating that, I think he is going to win, but I know it'll be tough not knowing! I can't believe that this pregnancy is over halfway through! It feels like just yesterday I was at 6 and really starting to feel sick, wondering how in the world I would ever make it through the next 6 weeks, without dying, and here it is, 21 weeks!
Well, this has gotten long! I'll try to check in again soon.

EDD 10/19/02

06-10-2002, 12:39 PM
Hi everyone!

Well, the in-laws have gone; my dh flew out this a.m. DD and I are back to our normal Monday schedule. Just went to the gym - did 40 minutes on the bike and 2 sets each of upper body machines. Felt pretty good, although I must admit I'm feeling a bit blue... I am trying to keep focused and positive, but its not always easy.

Nic - I don't envy your work situation - Its tough enough to look for jobs - but then add a pregnancy and the fact that you've been so tired and I am sure the motivation wanes... Force yourself to take a walk - even just 10 minutes... It really does help me to feel better - maybe it will work for you. And keep on plugging away with the search. Something will come through for you!!!
As far as that Nurse Practicioner is concerned --- Don't let her get the best of you. Everyone would love to be a goal weight when they get pregnant and everyone would love to gain only the right amount of weight ... Oh, to live in a perfect world!!! You've got to work with what you have. Like you, I was pretty close to 200 when I got pregnant. Not the ideal, but what choices do we have other than to work on maintaining good fitness levels and keep the gains to a minimum. Does she want you to go on a diet????

Roadrunner- Sounds like you have a good handle on things - health / fitness... I admire your accomplishments... Keep up the good work!

Baby is moving all the time - guess that's good, but it has started to wake me up during the night. I know that this is the beginning of the end to my full nights of sleep for many months to come... Oh well, I know it will all be worth it - to have a healthy baby and complete our family... My mom keeps reminding me how quickly babies/kids grow... In just a few years it will all be done. I try each day (even the tough ones with DD) not to wish my time away.Its all so precious! Hope you all have great days!!

EDD 9/22/02

06-12-2002, 05:31 AM
I'm having a GIRL!!! We're so excited! We went for the U/S today, and DH said the whole way there that we weren't going to find out. Well, about halfway through, I started to get nauseous, which the tech said was just from laying still on my back for to long, and she had me turn over, away from the monitor. When I moved so did the baby, and the tech had a much better view of the feet and legs, so she started taking measurements. When she was doing that she apparentely got in real close and DH noticed that something didn't appear to be there, so all of a sudden, he tells the tech that we are going to have to find out what it is after all, and they are about 99% sure it's a girl! I would have been thrilled either way, but it is so nice to know! She also says the babies measurements put me at 23 1/2 weeks rather then 21 1/2 weeks, moving my EDD to 10/6. She said my Dr would want to confirm it, but from the placement and size, she was pretty certain that I was further along then 21 weeks. So, I guess we'll have to see what the dr says.

Absmom- I actually do walk almost everyday. DH had a really bad fit with his diabetes, and we started walking 6 days a week, to help his blood sugar get back in control. It has been tough the past few days, I live in Colorado, and there have been lots of fires around here, and the smoke has been blowing across town, so everyone is having sinus and eye troubles, and they advise you to avoid outside exercise if possible. Plus due to the smoke my poor dog now has pink eye! :dizzy: We have some drops to put in them and we give him Benedryl twice a day. Let me tell you he loves that! But, he seems to be doing better, so we are going to walk this morning. As far as the NP goes, I try not to let her bother me, but yes, when I went for my first appt, she did tell me that it was ok to stay on my diet and continue to lose weight. She wanted me to eat 1600 calories a day! I know I really need to watch what I eat, I am really trying to snack only on fruit and veggies or yogurt or something healthy rather then cookies and ice cream. In some ways I'm glad I'm pregnant in summer at least the fruit is better! But, for now I really just intend to enjoy what is left of my time with my little girl, before I have to share her with the world, and as long as I stay healthy and active I am going to try not to stress about my weight! Of course my sister is getting married in mid-May, and I am in her wedding!!! :o But I will worry about that in October! Please hang in there, and don't get depressed, I will keep sending you happy vibes, and praying that things get better for you. Hang in there, and keep up the awesome exercise!

I hope everyone is doing well.
EDD 10/6?/12?/19?

06-14-2002, 07:11 AM
Hi all, me again! I hope everyone is doing great! I am finally starting to feel better and I seem to have a bit more energy! I am so excited about having a little girl! For some reason giving her a name seems to make it seem so much more real! I have been doing better with my eating, one of the simple things I am trying to do is use less margerine, and less cheese on things. It seems like such a simple way to cut out calories, and so far it has been really easy. I have also limited myself to 2 cookies a day, and I am trying to kill my sweet cravings with fruit, strawberries with a little sugar, or some lite cool-whip, seems to work really well. I still really need to work on portion control though, it has always been hard for me to stop before my plate is empty, but it seems doubly hard now! :^: Dh and I are still walking everday, although I have to admit that we are going a bit slower now, Katie really lets me know it when I am over-exerting! I also ordered the Yoga Mama stretch tape, and a 30 minute pregnancy toning/stretch tape, I already have the Kathy Smith tape, but with the walking almost everyday, I would really rather have just a toning and/or stretching workout to do. So hopefully these will keep me moving and motivated.

I'll check back soon
Nicole and Katie
EDD 10/6?/12?/19?

06-16-2002, 03:03 PM
Hi All!

Nic - Congrats on your news of a baby girl!! We all claim to just want healthy babies - but the gender is really an issue --deep down longing for one or the other... I was convinced with my first pregnancy that we were having a boy - name picked out and all... I really wanted a girl, but figured that I rarely get what I want... Besides the ultrasound tech/nurse kept refering to "he" and if she'd catch herself she'd say "OR she", but I thought I'd figure her out. Even in the delivery room, the nurse kept telling us that DD's heart rate indicated a boy... What a wonderful surprise!!!

The fires in CO are pretty scarey - While it seems like they're starting to get a handle on things, I never really considered the amount of smoke generated or how far it could travel OR more importantly the negative affects on peoples health. Take care of yourself on that front. Good that your feeling up to exercise and are more attentive to your diet. Its a constant battle - but I keep on trying to remind myself that maintaining focus will be worth it in the end. I've had to fight some amazing cravings this week for an icecream sundae - a real one, not a WW treat... Hot fudge, nuts, yikes!!!

I guess the stress of DH's job situation coupled with contractor woes and other house repairs has really affected me. We're betting on an interview this Friday - the location within a mile of the house... I really hope it works out - This commuting thing is OLD, really old... We're both burnt out - I never had a desire to be a single mom, and DH hates to travel.... Go figure.

Wish us luck - It will be hard to wait til Friday and beyond - Hopefully it will be worth it!

Keep healthy, Keep exercising and Be positive!! Great babies await!!

Cheers to all!

06-18-2002, 10:56 AM
Hi, I hope everyone is doing great!
It has decided to get hot here again! We have a swamp cooler, but since it was almost 100 outside, it was just barely comfortable in here! I swear I spent most of the day fidgeting trying to get her out of my rib cage! It felt like she was sitting on my lungs! :dizzy: And forget about trying to sleep. The wind has also shifted, so the smoke is blowing over the city again. Buring eyes and throats once again. But, it really makes me feel sorry for the people that are living with the smoke, and greatful, because they still have a home to live in. We did manage to walk for about 20 minutes this morning, by the time we got home, we were both commenting on how much warmer it was, and it was only 6:30. I also did the first 25 minutes of my new Yoga Momma tape. I have never done yoga before, so it was definitely a learning experience. It takes a lot more upper body strength then I thought. I knew I would be lacking in the flexibility, but I was really suprised at how tired my arms got. But the stretching, especially the lower back and hips felt great! :D Hopefully I can try to do more tomorrow. Dh thinks he felt the baby move for the first time on Sunday. He said it felt kind of like when you get a muscle that gets a little mouse in it and it quivers. He was really excited! It would not suprise me if he can feel some of her back flips, she has definitely been getting stronger and more active.

Absmom- I will definitely be praying that everything works out great for you and DH. I will be sending good work vibes your way all week! ;) I bet he is really looking forward to a 1 mile drive, I know I loved working only 2 miles from home my Dh was always very jealous, cuz his job is over and hour away! Try not to let it get you down, I'm sure it will all work out great. I can relate to the ice cream cravings! Everytime it gets hot I want ice cream. :lol: Unfortunately, I generally end up giving in! :?: Actually I have been doing better lately!

Well, I'll try to check in again soon.

06-28-2002, 03:00 PM
:) I am new to this post All though I have been to this site for about a year now. I was on ww till i got pregnant a month later.
I have tried to stick with points. but I ended up with gestational diabetese(sp). The doctor put me on 1800 calorie diet only gained 3 pounds so far this pregnancy. this is my sixth pregnancy
all though I only have 2 children.both girls one is 13 years old the other is four years old. I am having another girl on Aug.11th. I love to walk but lately the heat has been preventing me from doing so. also I have had some monor complications so I have been off of work since June 18th. sorry I have written so much but I am glad to find people in the same boat as me. I was 198 when I got pregnant. thanks for listening to me.