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11-09-2008, 10:11 AM
I'm switiching to Core this week because I need a boost and something different. Can you tell me if my taco salad is Core? I think it is. Thanks.

FF cheese
ground beef or turkey (lean) made with Taco Bell seasoning packet
kidney or black beans
FF salsa
FF sour cream


11-13-2008, 06:14 PM
Maybe a little late for input, Jan, but as long as that was the only ground meat you had that day & there is no sugar in the taco seasoning packet, it is Core :)

11-15-2008, 11:39 AM
Thanks! Unfortunatley my first week CORE WI was awful - I gained 2.2lbs and left WW in tears!:( My leader said my tracker looked good and I counted points correctly for the non-CORE foods so what went wrong? I exercise daily so I am so bummed!! She said sometimes that happens on CORE and I was so careful NOT to over eat.........I'll try again I guess but that's 3 weeks in a row I've gained!!! :mad:

11-15-2008, 11:48 AM
Have you tried combining the two plans, counting points for your food but making sure to eat primarily Core foods? It could be that your portions are either too big or too small (eating too little will often cause your losses to slow or even turn into gains). Especially with exercising every day, you may not be feeding your body enough fuel for all your activity. So try counting points and calculating your earned APs and eating those too. See if upping your intake doesn't jumpstart something for you!