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04-23-2002, 02:24 PM
Just got back from hash-slinging for the old loves -- joined them for the meal, which I usually do -- and I'm stuffed! I don't know how those little old ladies put away so much food in one sitting! Of course at home I usually skip lunch or eat something light, so I'm just not used to it. If I keep this up, I could see new heft in my future. :eek:

Where the heck is everybody? Out gardening, and duck hudda pond walking?


Cherry Cow
04-24-2002, 01:47 AM
Hi Kiwi! Hi Cows!

Well, the interview was weird. They really didn't have anything for me. It was kind of a waste of time for me. They really liked my voice, but they had already hired someone. DH's interview went slightly better, but I don't think they're going to be able to agree on salary. Which is okay because I wasn't totally enthusiastic about the town. It was nice, but not GREAT! You know what I mean? We are tired of moving, and we don't want to move again until we get a great place and great jobs. Unfortunately, we can't stay here.

I didn't exercise much... we went swimming in the hotel pool Sunday and Monday nights, but I decided not to use the health club there. I'll work out tomorrow. I'm tired tonight.

I hope all cows are doing well and are away because they're busy and not because they're sick!

Cherry :moo:

04-24-2002, 11:30 PM
I come to explain where I bin. I bin depressed. Me and Herbie is breaking up and I come here so you all can make me fel better.

Cherry Cow
04-25-2002, 12:32 AM
Oh, poor Peachie! That's terrible!

04-25-2002, 02:40 PM
What's going on? :( I'm sorry to hear things aren't going well. Don't forget you can always rant away around here! (Or mope, that works too)

Not much going on around here. DH went off for the day with a friend to do some boat stuff shopping, so I'm alone for a change (when that man retires, I'm going to have to get a job--I don't think I could stand a permanent couch potato companion). But I'm just wasting my day on the 'puter, silly me.


04-25-2002, 08:08 PM
I'm not around for a couple days and all h*ll breaks loose. Peaches, say it ain't so! That's terrible news. You can vent and say all kinds of things about men if it will make you feel any better.

Cherry, sorry the job didn't work out, but I think you should save yourself for that really wonderful job in the really great town. It's out there somewhere.

I've got a headache so I'm going to go take some drugs. See yas.

04-25-2002, 10:20 PM
I'm still here at Herbie's for a while. We've been doing this for two years and I certainly feel that's long enough. He isn't. I'm going home before school starts in Aug. That's all I know.

04-26-2002, 05:29 AM
Peeeeeechy! What happened? You mean he's not ready to make a commitment to the purdiest lady in all of Dogpatch? Men!:mad: Did you give him an ultimatum?:?:

Nothing much happening here. Went swimming Wednesday in my cute suit. Nobody noticed. Still fat. Geez, it's not like I eat *that* much.

Yesterday was *my* mummy's birthday *and* dh's mummy's birthday. Go figure. We had cake and dinner at the ils. First cake, then dinner an hour later. That's how they do it here. Wierd.

Just talked to my mother about summer plans at the Sun of a Beach Motel in Osoyoos and she informs me that just about everyone on the face of the earth wants to go. Head count so far:

--Sugar, dh, 2 kids (6 and 9)

--the parental units

--youngest brother, SIL and baby (almost 1)

--middle brother and his 2 girls (6 and 10) (no SIL - she says she prefers not to sleep in a strange bed unless it's in Daddy's condo on Maui:dizzy: )

--first SIL's nephew (9) from Ontario

--SIL's former room mate (a very loud, obnoxious Dutchwoman of indeterminate age), her current boyfriend and her large, agressive dog.

Now doesn't that sound relaxing????? No, we wouldn't all be sleeping in the same room, but still........

Gotta go do some gardening. I promise to come back later and annoy you all.:smug:

04-26-2002, 04:21 PM
Sugar, I think it sounds like fun in the sun.:cool: We have a week at the beach reserved in August. Staying in our favorite little cabin on the ocean. I think my sil and her 2 boys will be with us for at least part of the week. I love her, but I always feel a little inferior. Maybe because she's so durn perfect. Little size 6.

Have a lovely weekend, cowsies. DH doesn't want to share his desktop puter because he thinks its for work. Hmph. So I still won't be checking in on the weekends. That's ok. I've got to get something done sometimes.

Peaches, is it a done deal, or is there hope of a change of heart? Take care.

04-26-2002, 07:03 PM
Yesterday was my mother's birthday! Really! Maybe mothers are supposed to change their birthdays to April 25th when they have kids. I never heard about it, did you?

Peachie, want me to ask Herbie to marry you? :lol: Silly man. Although I have to be honest here and say that if my marriage were a thing of the past, I would think twice about ever marrying again (not that I'm considering such a thing, just if, you know ;) ). Probably more than twice. Damned hard thing, marriage.

The Osoyoos vacation sounds like a real zoo, Sugar. We are also planning a week at the beach with family -- ours is the end of July this year. I can't wait every year. I haven't seen my nephews since last summer and I miss the little monsters!

I just found out that they are not going to have Summer Theater in town this year -- every year we end up planning vacations around it because DD loves it so much. She is very disappointed, but I'm going to start brainstorming for things we can do because of it........... :s: Would you believe they think they'll offer Line Dancing instead? Barf. (Pardon to any country fans out there...)

Oh, did I tell you I have to get reading glasses? I'm obsessed with it; I keeping telling everyone I know. Probably because my glasses are driving me crazy -- usually I wear contacts and I haven't been able to since last weekend when I broke one. Every day about 5 times a day I think I'll "go put in my contacts" -- and then I realize I can't. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:


04-27-2002, 08:38 AM
ohhhhhhhhhhhh--------now let us see---is he worth the bother of co-habitating? do you think that you will be more miserable with him than without him? If you think it all the way through to the end---with you back at your own house ---do you feel better or worse? How is he behaving now that he knows you are going???? {LIKE I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!} I just don't want you to feel bad about your decision when it finally happens------at any rate----take care of YOU and DS first!!!!! I am sure Sugar is upset about this terrible school shooting in Germany----I hate this stuff so bad,especially since I actually KNOW of kids who are cabable of such behaviour at our highschool---I am sure they are at every school,but this kind of thing gets them going I think---They have two teenage boys in custody in Newfoundland who were plotting to kill their parents and then head over to the school---by some kind of luck they discovered their plans before they were able to do any harm----imagine.well,wabby---my green house is under construction in my cousin's shop--as soon as it's up,Kiwi will post pictures for you;) thanks Kiwi----Cherry---do you like Joyce Vedral--I know she is an old hag---but so am I ----any opinions?????? well---I have to get ready to go to the opening luncheon brunch thing at the Golf and Country Club---Mil has invited me and she is soooooo sweet to me,I must go---even though these things are NOT my bag---and fashion show---yikes!!!! KIWI DID YOU GET THE SNOW????I AM DISGUSTED WITH THE BIG PILE OF SNOW ON MY LAWN!!!!:mad:

04-27-2002, 04:35 PM
Take a breath, girl :lol: Yeah, we got the snow too. It was ridiculous -- snowed for hours and hours, then it turned to rain and the snow just disappeared (thank goodness). Can't wait to see your greenhouse! At the rate this spring weather is progressing backwards, you'll need it this summer!

I haven't look at the news yet today. Always depressing to hear about another school shooting. Would anyone like to see something really funky that also came from Germany? Here it is:
Click here, then scroll down to the link called 'Stephan King's "Die Hand"' ( It is a zip file, you can tell it to open it from there, then hit "I Agree" on the zip screen, then double click on king.doc. The instructions are in German; here is the translation:

Stephen King's "Hand" - Follow the instructions carefully!

This is really amazing!

1. Leave your hand on the mouse
2. Doubleclick the symbol below (it's virus checked)
3. Concentrate on the dot in the middle of the screen and count to 30 (It's very important to watch it for 30 seconds! Otherwise it won't work!)
4. Now look at your hand on the mouse
5. Don't scream!

It might ask you if you really want to open it, but it's okay to; I've virus checked it myself. I guess this wouldn't work if you don't have zip software or Word for Windows on your 'puter.

Picture this scenario for a glimpse into life in the backwoods:
This morning at 8 am a siren blew (I ignored it). DD hopped out of bed, ran down to the lake and dragged her canoe up to higher ground. Then she went back to bed! Now, this isn't right out our backdoor or anything -- you have to run across the yard, down a path, across the railroad tracks, up a small hill, down another path and down onto the shore of the lake. Heehee, I almost wish I'd seen her. The siren is a warning that the dam gates are opening or closing, and that could make the water level come up.


04-27-2002, 06:07 PM
that would have been a sight to see, I'm sure!:D

Yes, this is the second shooting this year, I think. 17 people dead. 14 teachers, 2 students and the killer himself(suicide). 19 year old kid who forged several notes from his doctor saying he was sick on certain test days and got kicked out of school. He was disqualified from taking the final exams and decided to take it out on the teachers. Had a gun permit because he was in a shooting club. Really horrible stuff.

I have had a sore throat for about 4 days. What should I do? I don't think it's strep because it's not getting worse and I don't have a fever. Already tried gargling with sage tea (my doctor's favourite rememdy - what does he know?) but that didn't help. :?: It's off to bed for me.

04-28-2002, 01:59 PM
Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried those zinc lozenges? Like Coldeeze? I don't know if you can get them there, but they are supposed to actually shorten the length of colds, and they're good for a sore throat. Course they taste like chalk :shrug:

I have nothing to say. Tata


04-29-2002, 05:18 AM
Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I do have some of those lozenges around somewhere.
Lozenge. What a strange word Reminds me of a sociology prof I had in university. He would come in to the room, shuffle his papers around, clear his throat and say "Uh, does anyone have a lozenge?" *Every single time!* without fail. Everyone who took his classes would go around campus imitating him, poor guy. He also had a sweater with a moose on it.:dizzy:

04-29-2002, 01:32 PM
Hi cowsies. No snow here. Lots of sunshine. This is what is blooming - iris, tulips, lilacs, rhodys, Georgia Blue veronica, forget-me-nots, corydalis, bleeding hearts, hardy geraniums, & lots more that I can't think of. It is soooo beautiful. My body hurts all over though, cause I worked almost all weekend in the yard. Except for a saturday outing w/ my mom & sis. We went to the Hulda Klager Lilac garden. You can see it at I wasn't planning on buying anything, but of course I found a lilac that I just had to have.

Kiwi, don't your townfolk know that real cowboys don't line dance? I am simply amazed that your DD actually woke up when the alarm went off. And doubly amazed that she didn't just roll over and go back to sleep.

Bagzie, will you wear white gloves???? The last fashion show I went to was in about the 4th grade when they had a mother-daughter fashion show and a little film about the wonderful changes that our body would be going through soon. :lol:

Sugar P, hope you're feeling better.:^:

04-29-2002, 06:31 PM
Originally posted by Wabby
Kiwi, don't your townfolk know that real cowboys don't line dance?

I think that's the trouble -- there aren't any real cowboys here, so they don't know no better;)

The Lilacs look luscious. I love lilacs. I hope ours bloom this year. I think it was last year that I chopped them down to stumps because they were getting so unruly. We won't know for quite a while at this rate: it snowed all day yesterday and through the night and part of this morning. We have a few inches of very wet heavy snow out there trying to decide whether to melt or not.

This is how I amuse myself: this morning I had drive DD to school (one of us missed the bus...) and I had to actually get out the snow broom to clear off the Explorer. I gave it a mohawk, which was quite jaunty. Then this afternoon I had to go pick up DD and a couple other girls. The mohawk had melted a bit and was starting to want to slide off the roof. Well, I drove very carefully so as not to knock it off until I had the girls in the car. I told them to watch the avalanche and I braked hard when I came to a stop sign and all the snow fell down the windshield onto the hood. :lol: :dizzy: :joker:

Thanks, you're a great audience, I'll be here all week.


04-30-2002, 08:13 PM
This was qtrly payroll tax return day. I hate that. My head is throbbing.

Kiwi, that's why all the kids love you. You're still a kid at heart. :lol:

Are you better yet, Sugar?

Hi to the rest of you lovelies. I've got to go home and find something low calorie for dinner. Tomorrow is my mammogram day - what fun!! :o

04-30-2002, 10:43 PM
It takes a whole day to get a monogram? How can that be? Surely even a big monogram would only take an hour or so? What kind of monogram is this? Are you sure you shouldn't go to someone who can sew a little faster? Nowadays, they have sewing machines that can make monograms automatically. Maybe you should

Ahem. That's mammogram, Emily, not monogram, mammogram.

Oh. Well, that's different.
never mind

I watched the shows about Gilda Radner last night. Can you tell?

Good luck with the squeeze.