Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ November's Thread

10-31-2008, 10:40 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.




11-01-2008, 06:26 AM
Morning Ladies

Gosh is it November already where has this year gone to it seems to have whizzed by at 90mph. Well hope we had a lovely Halloween last night. Rather quiet for me as we went out. Though did see a few dressed up in various costumes on the way out.

A total of 1,227 people wearing zombie face paint filled Old Market Square today - smashing the old record of 1,028 set in the USA. Well this record was broke in my home city on Halloween what a sight the Old Market Square must have looked :lol: Nice to be in the news other than for gun crime. The unfortunate thing is we have had a high incidence of gun related crimes and deaths in my city. Though a lot I think are to do with drugs and a drug turf war. One retaliating against another though that means that innocent people inevitably get hurt.

MEOWEE ~ It is notoriously difficult for some who are on insulin to get the BSL correct. It is an ever fighting battle. I hope today that it is better than it has been. Well I have not been so good on the diet front for the past few weeks and made some poor dietary choices which have shown on the scales. I did manage to eat clean yesterday, so lets see how many days I can string together as I seem to be going up and down the same few pounds and can not break this little plateau than I am on.

ROSEBUD ~ Glad to hear the the car has been fixed though sorry that it has wiped your saving out. Things like this never come at a good time not that there really is a good time to be paying out bills.

Yes I bet you have boxes galore in you home at the minute in anticipation for the move. I know what it was like 9 years ago I think it was. I have sorted out my lounge yesterday, well DH did it for me and Hoover throughout he was an :angel: So all my furniture is back to where it was and the vibrating machine is in the little bedroom. I have the little bedroom to sort out a little but nothing much a couple of bits and pieces to go in the bin and put the clothes horse away. Then hey presto.

Mum and Dad are coming tomorrow for a few days so may be MIA anytime over the next few days depending on time which I doubt I will have much. Will be going shopping to top up on a few bits and pieces that I need for the next few days. I have prepared my list which inevitably I will forget :dizzy:

Not much else to report here so bye ladies and take care

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

11-01-2008, 11:58 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Another month has begun and so we all get another new start . . . :yay: . . . and boy oh boy do I ever need it. Weight is up to 213 this morning, but by taking the average for October of 211.2, I decided I could leave my ticker where it is and work like mad to be sure it isn't fibbing by the end of this month. :s:

Beautiful sunny day today -- it is windy though and it is cold. Just hope it stays fairly dry this month because cold and damp (the more normal stuff for this time of year around here) just cripples me up with the old arthritis stuff and I really don't want any nasty bouts of that to go along with the still not stable blood sugar levels.

We had a very quiet Halloween which is about par around here. I get so few kids that I stopped doing candy years ago and just give them money. Saves me the unneeded temptation of left-over candy and the little ghosts and goblins seem to like it too.

Nothing new or exciting in my plans for today . . . hope the rest of you are having a great Saturday. :carrot:

11-01-2008, 11:51 PM
HI EVERYONE ~ jUST A QUICK NOTE TONIGHT. Well, we started moving into our new place today; we took four loads of small boxes and bags of linens and such. We didn't have much choice as there is no heat in this place anymore; it seems to have been turned off suddenly, but at least we still have a small heater for when we are here.

But GOD sent some :angel: ANGELS :angel: along who took our bed to our new place so we can sleep in a warm place tonight. Well, we are already paying for the heat and hydro there, so we might as well use it. We are heading there to spend the night, then we'll come back here in the morning and pack some more. So the plans got changed just a wee bit ...

MEOWEE ~ we also stopped giving out candy becuz we ended up eating too much of the stuff ourselves; and over the years the numbers dwindled to nobody this year; but when we move into town, that may be different.

PURPLE ~ We will be moving over the next few days; and on Monday everything gets transferred to the new place so I have to take my PC to our new place and get it all set up there; I hope the transition goes smoothly. At most, I hope I won't miss coming on for more than a day if everything goes well.

Well, gotta go as DH is waiting to go to the other place now; taking our NIKO to see it for the first time, so we'll see how he likes it there and how the neighborhood doggies take to him. Apparently, everyone around has one; but we got a bit of a shock when we got there today, the backyard fence was gone (guess the last tenant owned it), so we'll have to put up a small one pronto.

Take care, your friend ... ROSEBUD

11-02-2008, 06:46 AM
Hi Ladies

Just a quick call by as mum and dad are arriving very shortly so I thought I would take the opportunity to drop by whilst I am waiting having my morning coffee.

MEOWEE My ticker is not quite right either my weight has been up 3lbs I am paying dearly for being so naughty and eating so much of plan. The last 2 days I have eaten clean and plan to do the same today. Lets hope by the end of the month mind it back to where it was. I wonder why the pounds go on so easily but so darn hard to shift.

ROSEBUD Sounds like you have been bus with moving bits and pieces. I hope the sleep over in the new place went well. well at least it was nice and warm.

Yesterday we decided to tackle our spare room which has become a real dumping ground. It took a couple of hours to sort out and hoover through now it looks like a different room ;) The vibrating machine fits in there nicely though not much room to spare. I have been on the vibrating machine at least a couple of times a day. :crossed: that my balance improves. If not at least I will have toned legs :lol:

It has been nice to have this break and chill out a minute or two. Still have a few bits and pieces to do. I want to put a no added sugar topping to a desert I have made. Sugar free jelly and raspberries. I have made a blamange as well for lunch. Mainly as dad is not eating so well at the minute but will eat the sweeter things so I am capitalising on that :D. I have worked out that there is not too many calories in either and so will fit nicely into our eating plan.

Hoping that it stays dry because it has been raining heavy for the past 12 hours or so but has stopped now. If it remains dry at least walking the dog will be pleasant.

Just before coming on here I read in the forum general chatter sub forum lighten up. It was the entry about Jake and the unbaked yeast rolls. With us being pet owner I though you would appreciate this one. I was laughing so much I was crying. I can associate how dogs are garbage bins. Our Rizzie decided to eat the net string that goes around meat mainly turkey or pork. I did not discover that he had ate it until it was completely digested through his system. :barf:

Time to run ladies catch you soon. If I do not come on here in the next couple of days hope the move goes smoothly Rosebud and Meowee the scales are kind to you.

Take care of yourselves and see you shortly.

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

11-02-2008, 04:24 PM
Hi gang:

Not much exciting around my part of the world -- very cold and windy and the off again/on again precipitation that's been falling throughout the day has been white. It isn't sticking around long, mind you.

Just when I was congratulating myself for having finally slept in a bit longer (to 4:30 am) this morning, I realized I had to turn all the clocks back. :lol: So . . . I was up at 3:30 again. Even though I did have a nap, I've been feeling draggy and achey all day.

I know exactly what you mean about things our pets will eat -- as I was sifting kitty litter this morning, I uncovered a lump of well-digested embroidery thread that somebody had chewed up. Luckily most stuff manages to work itself through, but stuff like that can get dangerous for them.

Have a good rest of the weekend, gang . . . :carrot:

11-04-2008, 04:17 PM
Hey . . . where is everybody hiding?????

11-05-2008, 09:09 AM
Anybody out there . . . :mag:

11-05-2008, 11:00 PM
HI LADIES ~ Well, I'm back on the net again; the transition took only a couple of days as we were so exhausted and sore that I just went to bed as soon as we got home. Last night, we made a late run til 10 pm; and were up with the roosters this morning as a truck and cube van with movers were on their way. We had to be at our old place but the truck guys didn't show up until the afternoon, as he couldn't find anyone who wanted to make some quick money ~ LOL!

Boy did we have some problems or what; our original guys bailed out on us, which left us down to two packers/movers with a small cube van. We just kept filling our car repeatedly. Next time we move, we are renting a large truck; people were too unreliable and we were down the wire. Thank GOD for our two faithful friends who moved three loads for us; may He send them double blessings.

And I forgot my computer chair and the kitchen one I am using is so high and uncomfortable; will be going tomorrow to pick the last few things. I was so sore today after vacuuming and cleaning all the floors in the place today; wiped out is more like it. I layed down for a while and had an idea how to hook up the PC. DH misplaced our double jack; but then I realized that here I am only feet away from the jack so I could just plug in direct and was good to go. When you are tired, you think much slower ... lol!

MEOWEE ~ I guess you missed my post that explained that I would be MIA for a couple of days while we moved; and PURPLE has her parents staying with her so she said she would be MIA as well. As for VAL, I guess she is just really busy these days.

:wave: PURPLE and VALDINE ...

Be back later to read and catch up ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-05-2008, 11:25 PM
Hi there... I think I fall into this category...

About 2 years ago, I was injured during a training exercise for my job. Unfortunately, the injury has left me with a permanent back injury, to which I have had 4 surgeries. Unfortunately, I can't exercise and this has caused me to put on far more weight than I care to even think about, but am forced to see everyday. The stress of the life change has caused me to revert back to compulsive overeating.

I am looking forward to getting help and ideas from others who have been successful regardless of a physical challenge.

11-06-2008, 12:25 AM
:wel3fc: MONKEYBEAN ~ love that avatar pic; you and MEOWEE have both found felines with quite the expressions, for sure. Yes, you do fit into our physical challenges category; all of us here have some physical issues to deal with on a daily basis. Back injuries are no fun; my back has been hurting a lot the past two months with this moving thing. It will take a lot of rest to feel better, but we should be done soon.

Come back often and tell us about yourself, and your life ...

:hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-06-2008, 01:09 AM
Rosebud, thanks so much for your warm welcome! Thanks about the kitty avvie... That is my sweet baby kitty Humpfrey! And yes, I saw how cute Meowee's was too! lol...

OK, a little more about me... I hope this doesn't depress anyone, but I have to get it out...

I am 36 and a single, divorced mom of a beautiful 10 year old daughter. I love forums, computer games, news, reading, kitties, music, etc... I have three kitties, Lily, Bogey, and Humpfrey (pictured in avvie). My daughter and I are both dealing with weight issues. We are working together as a team to change our eating lifestyle and making healthier choices. I have to do this for her, to show her that it can be done, and that the rewards of good health far exceed the taste of chicken fingers.

Like I indicated earlier, I have a back injury that I got on 12/14/2006. I have always dealt with weight issues, but between the years of 2002-2006 I had finally gotten myself on track with my weight. I was working out all the time, eating better than I ever had, and felt great.

Now, after this back injury, everything has just gone down hill. The job that I had always wanted, I can no longer do. All the everyday things that many people take for granted, have been very difficult for me. And I have fallen into quite a bit of depression from the severe adjustment of it all.

I really don't want to feel like this. I want to have my life back! But unfortunately, that will never happen. So now, I wake up every morning and just do my best to make it through the day with a smile on my face. Some days, all is good; others, however, are not. Things have gotten so bad that I no longer want to do anything on the weekends because I don't want any of my old coworkers to see me like this. They remember me as a pretty, 125 lb person, and this person that I am now, is just not me, or who I want to be.

The stress of all of these changes in my life have led me back to food.. the only thing that seems to bring me comfort, even though it is only while I am actually chewing the food. Because after wards, I can barely stand to look at myself. I am finally coming to grips with the fact that I have a problem. I need to fix this problem, and I believe that this could be the turning point in my life that will help me move in that direction.

OK, that is a little sample of me.. There is so much more about me, but at this point in my life, it is really hard to think about anything else.

I am looking forward to learning more about all of you!

11-06-2008, 06:26 PM
Hi there . . .

Glad you are finally moved ROSEBUD . . . :hug: . . . no, I didn't miss the post where you mentioned it; just totally forgot :lol: another senior moment.

Welcome to our little group, MONKEYBEAN and you don't have to be sorry about needing to let off a little steam once in a while . . . we all know exactly how you feel, Chickie . . . :hug: BTW, Purrecious (my Avatar) is one of six; so what's holding you back, girl, you need more cats. :lol3:

I've had two busy days in a row -- yesterday, the day long outing that is disquised as a trip to the Periodontist; today, a visit to the vet with two of the menagerie combined with the normal Thursday mall-crawl.

All together too many restaurant meals. :yikes: The blood sugar levels are holding okay, but I really have no idea about the calories consumed.

My back has been bothering me a lot over the past week or so and today my neck is also kinked up. Naturally, while I was waiting at the perio's office I read this article that chronic (and basically unexplained) back aches in those of us who have 'reached a certain age' could well be signs of osteoporosis. Guess I need to check with the doctor . . . hey, at least it sounds like a good match with the osteoarthritis. :halfempty

Other than that . . . nothing exciting for me . . . hopefully tomorrow will be a wonderfully calm and relaxing kind of day for everybody and we will all eat OP stuff and nothing else.

11-06-2008, 11:08 PM
alright I made it! I'm here!!

:wave: welcome monkeybean. good to see a newbie to the thread!

Rosebud. It is good to hear about your move - sounds like its going relatively well. have you taken pictures of your new places?

Purple - I've been sort of at a plateau too lately. I ate a lot of junk with halloween. the chocolate candy bars have always been my weakness... and once they went on sale it was just bad things all around. I was finally able to stop when I realized how much saturated fat i was consuming and started feeling very fatigued after nearly 2 weeks of eating a lot of that fat. It has been a couple days now of eating on plan and I'm getting my energy back. I am two pounds above my ticker weight.

meowee - six cats eh? I have three. one is sleeping near my feet as we speak. I've had one cat since I was about 10.. am now 24. They're loyal things! Where did you take your six in from? Two of our three are cats we rescued as kittens. One was abadoned in a bag along the highway with its mother and another was abadoned under a trailer.

Daylight savings seemed to really mess with me. I've been sleeping 12-15 hours every day... first day of the week I got home from work in the evening and slept through dinner and the rest of the night.

Anyways. work is going well. It is very stressful but I have taken up yoga - which has been A MAZING for dealing with it all. I do lunch hour yoga sessions at the local health authority twice a week.

:hug: stay healthy all as cold and flu season starts up. vitamins, rest and water!!


11-06-2008, 11:09 PM
HI LADIES ~ Well, we've made it thru another exhausting moving/cleaning/sorting/setting up day ... my legs and feet are throbbing, and our spare room looks like a warehouse ... haha! Boy, we have a whole winter to sort and toss, sort and toss; and do I mean it!!! :(

We are just taking a wee coffee break and then we are sorting all the clothes in the closets; when you have help they just put things all over the place and then we have to organize everything. We waited all morning for the hydro guy to come and he was a NO-SHOW too. So DH took a small run; and came back for me and we brought a bigger load with our small trailer.

We had hoped to do three trips today, but that got spoiled; so tomorrow DH will do the rest with our small trailer. We did get a lot accomplished considering we did most of the move by ourselves. A guy we know said that he just hired a big truck and it took him three trips and he was done and he had a bigger place than us. We have learned from this move that we should have done the same thing. If I had a really long way to go, I'd do like my neice did and hire a large moving company that can take everything at once in those huge transport trucks.

MEOWEE ~ I'm glad your sugar is balancing out better and your trip to the :sssh: turned out OK! My DH also has osteoporosis and both our bodies feel like we have arthritis, esp when it's cold and damp, or is that rheumatism ~ lol.

MONKEYBEAN ~ I think we all can identify with your post very well; a page from our lives. Nothing worse than meeting up with old friends who only knew you when you were young and slim; but we all age and we all change as we get older. Mature people know that and good people will like you just the same.

... my pc is acting up again; sometimes it changes the type by erasing as it goes and I don't know how to remedy that, so I have to cut things short. DH wants my help right now, so I am rushing a bit too.

Take care ladies, Rosebud :hug:

11-07-2008, 12:11 AM
HI VAL ~ TGIF ... you and I posted at the almost the same time, so I didn't see yours. It's so nice to hear from you. I'm glad that those yoga classes are helping you so much. Yah, daylight savings and moving have upset my sleeping patterns too; it seems to be taking ages for me to get to sleep lately. I know some of it is caused by pain in my feet and legs, so I have had to take some pain meds for that.

I used to fall asleep fairly quickly, but maybe I'm just not used to this place yet; as we lived in the other one for over 16 years. DH thinks it will take us a little while to get used to it here.

I haven't taken any pictures, but thanks for the reminder; I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow, along with a dozen other things ... ;) I've taken to carrying a little black book to note things as they happen, like running out of salad dressing for instance; becuz if I don't write it down, I have nothing to jog my memory. My mind is just too busy right now; I have to remind myself to do my bills this month and arrange for mail forward tomorrow too ~ lol!

We spent half our evening just changing the doors on our fridge so that they face the correct way to access it better from the stove and counters. Poor Dh couldn't remember and :sssh: starting disassembling the whole doors, until I said 'Whoa, there! I think you just need to switch the handles and the hinges.' Turns out that was correct, as I found the manual for our fridge very easily (must have been brought last for a reason; thanks to :angel: from up above, I'm sure); and was able to double check very quickly ... phew, saved a disaster there ... Don't tell DH I told you about it, as he was tres, tres embarrassed about it ... lol!

We didn't bother buying any Halloween candy this year at all; as we have learned from the past that we can't stop eating it. Don't know what to do next year if a bunch of kiddies show up; will have to ask the neighbours what we should expect, as we are now in town.

You are right about the flu season coming up, but we already know several people with flus right now; so far so good, we have managed to stay well, and I am so grateful for that since we needed to be well to get through this move OK.

Take good care of yourself and do drop by now and then, becuz we love hearing from you and to know how you are doing. Your friend ... ROSEBUD:hug:

11-07-2008, 05:54 PM
Hi all . . . :wave: . . . life has not slowed down today. :shrug: Hopefully tomorrow. This is a very weirdly busy stretch for me.

11-08-2008, 01:10 AM
HI LADIES ~ had another busy day; just stayed home today to try and get this place organized a little more. We finally found our dishes, so we can eat like civil folks ~ lol! Sure got my exercise in today, cleaning and sorting, and such.

HI MEOWEE ~ Friday is a busy day for many people; shopping and visiting and so forth. The sun came out for a while this afternoon and stayed until sunset; so nice to be able to see it from my kitchen window now. Later tonight, we had rain showers; but we don't mind that at all.

DH says we should have the place sorted out by Christmas ... I sure hope so as I don't even know where my Christmas decos are right now, but maybe he does. ;)

HI to PURPLE and VAL ~ hope you both are having a great Friday night ...

Well, it's time to get to bed; as my poor feet and legs need a rest. Take good care ladies, your friend ROSEBUD:hug:

11-08-2008, 05:08 PM

Another damp but mild day . . . hey, sure could be a lot worse. :D

11-09-2008, 07:06 AM
Hi Ladies


I,m back like the proverbial bad penny ;) There has been two reasons why I have not been on. Firstly my PC went sick on me and took a long time to put right. I kind of think a reformat may be in order in the next few months if programmes are starting to deteriorate like INTERNET explorer. Secondly I have been hit for six and not very well. Not sure what it was just some little virus that made me feel generally pretty unwell, no energy and ache all over. I still have the aching but energy levels are gradually returning.

Went last night to a bonfire party at a friends house. Such a shame for the kids that it pour it down with rain and blowing a gale. It would have been much nicer for them to watch the fireworks. The host had done so much work it was unreal. She has cooked curry, chili, rice, jacket potatoes. Mushy peas, mint sauce, coleslaw, sausages and beef burgers. She had even made a vegetarian option for one of the guests whom was vegetarian. I would imagine she had easy 20 to 30 guests. So you know how much food she had cooked.

ROSEBUD Glad you moved into your new home and are settling in. Finding muscles you never knew existed is part of the course as we do too much and lift things we would normally never touch with a barge pole.

You can guarantee that the doors to fridges and freezers are all the wrong way round on moving. The main thing is that the move went smoothly.

You talking of flu season. I had my flu jab on Tuesday so whether that knocked me for six I am not sure. Also DH was brave enough :D as he is eligible for it free in this country as he cares for me and I am immune compromised. Never thought he would have it as every year before he has thought of every excuse not to have it none of them very good I might add. The only reaction DH has had is the site which had the jab is red and slightly swollen so if you knock it by accident it hurts like crazy.

Tomorrow I am off to Wales to Swansea to a cinema to deliver bean bags. It is a very long journey which I am now not looking forward to. I am dreading it in actual fact. I don't normally feel that way about a trip but with feeling off colour not so enthusiast. Will make sandwiches well cobs later today ready to take with us. Then make coffee to take with us. I have a little cooked meat for our Rizzie to take with him to take the edge off his hunger.

MEOWEE I love to eat out but the nightmare is not knowing the calorie intake that you have just consumed. You try to choose not too bad choices but it is such a mine field. I must admit I am struggling at the minute not sure why. Just hungry a lot of the time yet I do not think it is really hunger just me grazing. I am being mindful of my weight though because I do not want to go back to what I was ever. So the same couple of pounds I lose and then gain :dunno:

VAL Well looks like we are riding in the same boat of reaching a plateau. I suppose it is excellent practice for maintenance. I have made myself this promise that there is a 5lb window of leeway which I must not go over. Though I seem to bounce around the same 2 or 3 pounds. If this is as far as I go on my weight loss journey so be it. Though I would like to loose another 14lbs and then reevaluate. I imagine my medication that I am on may be the cause of my predicament at the moment.

I am on high doses of anti convulsing drugs and one of the side effects it weight gain. I would love not to have the medication but the pain I suffer from my face is so great that it drives me to continue to take it. :crossed: maybe in the future technology may progress for nerve pain and something else will do without the side effects of weight gain.

I am please though beyond belief at my weight loss. Last night at the bonfire party I was quizzed over it like I was some weight loss guru. Yes I have lost weight but you have to stick to a healthy eating programme for it to work. Though what works for me may not be the key to someone else's weight loss. My SIL wants to lose weight and is continually quizzing me. I have wrote it all down twice. Even giving this website for help. Though still she does not get it. So I think we are being invited for a meal. We all know this weight loss journey is hard work and it is a life style rather than a quick fix.

MONKEYBEAN Welcome to the thread nice to have you on board. It is really hard to adapt when you acquire a disability for what ever reason. I was my own worse enemy when it happened to me. I overate and all the wrong foods of course. It may not seem it you do come to terms with the "new" you. It just takes a while, some people adapt very quickly or others like me take a while. You have to go through the grieving process which may seem weird. Though you are grieving for the old you no longing being there that could do everything and then accepting the new you with all its limitations that may bring.

We all understand that here on this thread that exercise is limited or not just possible on certain days. That to me was so frustrating when others where saying they had done 5km walk or run when 0.5km was a marathon to me. I have learned not to beat myself up on the days that exercise is impossible as it is not achieving anything but to be proud when I can.

These are a lovely bunch of ladies on here who will support you though the ups and downs with your weight loss journey.

Time to run and put some dinner on. Take care ladies (PS not sure if I will make it on for a couple of days tomorrow in wales and Tuesday I am having my treatment.)

:hug: purpleorc :hug:

11-09-2008, 04:15 PM
Hi everyone... thanks to all for your kind words. It is so nice to talk to others who understand the difficulties that I deal with. I don't feel like I have to explain why i do this or that... it is wonderful.

I had a hard past few days. I have been thinking long and hard about my choices, and I have to admit, although I don't have a weight loss ticker on my siggie yet, I kept thinking about it the other night when I was going through a weak moment. I was craving something sweet and kept walking into the pantry and looking at the brownie mix... but when I picked it up, I turned around and put it back because I kept thinking about that ticker...

And as much as I wanted them, I chose to make sugar free jello instead.

Yea... baby steps!

11-09-2008, 09:54 PM
I guess I also fall into this category... I am 22, 287 pounds, 5'8. I had a very serious car accident almost 2 years ago, and broke both my legs. I can walk now, but have a nasty limping issue. I cannot run or walk long distances, which makes me very frustrated about not being able to exercise. I don't have a job, I graduated from college in june, and Im Flat broke. I live in Puerto Rico, a beautiful territory of the US, where the food is extreeemely good, and extreemely fattening. Anyone can suggest exercising ideas 4 me? Thnx! Cely

11-10-2008, 12:36 AM
:wave: Well. we had ***SNOW*** during the night; seems GOD waited until we were finished moving just like I prayed. We are finally moved in here, now it is just sorting, tossing, repacking, donating, and shelving all our stuff.

:wel3fc: MISS CELY ~ it is very easy to gain weight while in school; I know that I did, even though I tried to walk every day, so I kept it down some. I purposely would walk to school and back, only missing downpours (rainy days). Hope you find some kind of work soon; you gotta get out there and waive that diploma around ~ lol!

MONKEYBEAN ~ yes, in the beginning, you have to take baby steps; congrats on resisting those brownies ... that's a good start. I don't bake much anymore; the only thing, is healthy muffins mostly for DH, but I will have bran muffin now and then for tea. On special occasions, I will make him a pumpkin pie, but myself a crustless custard only. I am not perfect either, but we have changed many things.

HEY PURPLE ~ nice to hear from you; sorry that you came down with something, but glad you are somewhat better. Hope you have a pleasant trip to WALES, and a good therapy session on Tuesday as well. I have hit plateaus many times, but I am not giving up. Some theorize that the body wants to rest and so is resisting us a bit; so we just have to wait it out, but like you have always said, this is good practice for maintaining.

Maintaining is an important phase, esp if you don't want to gain all the weight back. Your 5 lb plans sounds good to me; I had just mentioned that to DH the other day. I haven't been able to walk much lately; am too sore and tired.

HI TO MEOWEE and VAL ~ don't worry too much; just keep on going, girl. You have done fabulously; and it sounds like you are getting lots of exercise in your busy new job.

Hope you all have a great evening; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-10-2008, 11:20 AM
Hi there . . . :grouphug:

We finally have a bit of sunshine and the temperatures are still holding a little above normal.

Nothing too exciting for me lately -- getting behinder and behinder because I still haven't gotten back to those aprons. Today, I'm making another run to see if I can find a bobble-head-doll. Strange, there are just none to be found -- a few years ago they were a dime a dozen. My eldest son recently had a thyroidectomy and I think a little bobble-head would make such a terrific gag gift for someone who just had his throat cut on purpose.

Welcome to the group MISSCELY, and :wel3fc: also . . . glad to have you joining us.

Have a great day everybody . . . :wave:

11-10-2008, 01:18 PM
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to stop in and say hello. I have been very busy reading up on all kinds of things that teach me about successful permanent weight loss. I am certain that this struggle will be much harder given my physical ailments, but it IS possible and I am not going to quit!!

OK, off to do some more reading! lol

11-10-2008, 04:16 PM
faith in yourself hope at the end and the love you diisplay to reach it.

11-10-2008, 04:19 PM
Just like a baby. its hard at first. but just get up again. like vince lombardi says. its not on wheter you fall that you have to consentrate on its on wheter you get up again. sit down and add up little positive notes on your daily life.

Be focused

11-10-2008, 04:22 PM
do a recap on any little positive points and times
Remember one above all
That your here another day
And its a new begining to start and begin
Carpedium Seize the day
Live everyday like its your last
Live life to its fullest

11-11-2008, 03:07 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we have ***SNOW***; it has decided to stay as the temps are staying cold, but there isn't a lot of it right now. We spent the day and part of the evening sorting more boxes, but I swear that DH spends more time moving boxes around than anything else ~ lol!

For me, that's a waste of time and energy; I like to just grab one and empty it, and move on to the next one. I really felt I get more accomplished that way; it's kinda the same with the BABY STEPS thing ... with each step, we are one step closer to achieving our goals.

:welcome: BLAHBLAO183 ~ does your name have some kind of significance? It is very unusual! Glad you joined us, and thank you for your positive thoughts: I sure needed them today myself. We are drowning in boxes here and my DH wasn't in a good mood today. Think I'll send him on some errands tomorrow: that may give him a fresh perspective.

HI MONKEYBEAN ~ Hey, be sure to stop back in again and share with us whatever you find out; we all can use some fresh tips now and then.

HI MEOWEE ~ You have an interesting sense of humor ~ lol! I haven't seen one of those bobble heads in a while either; they were a novelty item for some time. Hope your DS is feeling better real soon ... ^prayers ascending^.

HI TO PURPLE and VAL ~ hope both you ladies are feeling well; have a great day tomorrow ...

Tomorrow, it's back to the chores again; if I can just get some more storage space in here; we would be away to the races. There are so many pluses to this place, but one or two small flaws: a shortage of plug-ins and indoor storage space, so I am getting a couple of cupboards, one to use as a pantry and one to use as a linen/storage cupboard.

We'll be at this a while, I think ~ lol! Take good care, my friends ~ :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-11-2008, 06:29 PM
Well . . . I've had to give up on the bobble head . . . at least I got my own hair cut. :lol: Thanks for the good wishes for my almost 47 year-old bouncing baby boy. Actually I talked to him just a few days after the surgery and he was already feeling better than he had in many long months; except for a bit of a sore throat. :lol:

It's definitely getting colder around here, but seasonal. Windy though, especially right around the time of the Remembrance Day services at the cenotaph. :brr: Still no snow though and we are supposed to be back to double digits (around 50F) by the weekend. Can't help but think we will be paying for this mild spell later on.

Have a good eveniunbg . . . :grouphug:

11-12-2008, 12:48 AM
:wave: We got a lot more accomplished today; we brought two cupboards into the house: one for a food pantry, and one for linen storage. Plus, we unpacked several boxes today too. This is a lot harder than it sounds and take hours, but we are getting lots of exercise; and now I am exhausted and will flop into bed very soon ~ lol.

MEOWEE ~ you are getting better weather than us; we had a tiny ***sprinkle*** today, but not much. It's hanging around, but there's only a couple of inches. Some people already have their Christmas lights up on our street; early, but they look nice.

HI TO PURPLE, and VAL, and MONKEYBEAN ~ hope you all had a lovely day.

Time for me to get some sleep; I'm so very tired. Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-12-2008, 09:38 PM

I've got about 20 minutes so I thought I'd check in

Purple - anti convulsents :O since when? Please take care - sounds like the meds can really through you for a loop. I am staying within a 5 pound range too. I think I would like to take a break and maintain for the winter - plus I just bought 500 dollars worth of professional work clothing -- and I want it to last the winter!

Rosebud - still waiting for those pictures. How has your struggle to find storage gone? Is the snow sticking around down there?

It snowed again here and is really here to stay now. Which is okay. My brother still is unemployed... and is stressed about not working.. but he still spends 6+ hours playing video games every day. I am trying to be patient and understanding -- our parents micro managed our lives up until they retired to southern manitoba and I dont want do that to him too.

He is 22 and has been extremely sheltered his entire life as the youngest. Never moved away from home- never lived anywhere else other than his childhood home. Him quitting his job at Walmart -- the one he had since he was 16 was a huge step -- so I am doing my best to support him when he needs help while still watching out for myself first and foremost. He has been there for me in really hard times - so I will do as much as I can.

I hope everyone is well. I know there is a lot going on for everyone - my reminder to take it easy on yourselves still stands. Be kind to yourself! :hug:


11-12-2008, 10:07 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ had an easier day today; determined I wasn't going to overdo it. DH had to go pick up his ski-doo today; didn't get back to mid-afternoon. I stayed home and did some more unpacking and sorting.

HI VAL ~ nice to have you drop by. Sure is nice to have those two cupboards in this place; that's just what we needed. DH built them when we first got married, and they are heavy and awkward; and I know he wasn't relishing the thought of having to bring them in here by himself, but I was able to help him a bit and he came up with an ingenious idea of rolling them on a long narrow pipe: worked like a charm. He said that is how the EGYPTIANS moved heavy objects and so he decided to try it and it worked very well.

Sorry your brother is having job troubles; staying for six years in one place is quite admirable. Too bad he didn't have something else lined up before he left the last place though. He'll have to put some of those six hours in each day to look for a new job, if he wants one; this is a good time to look, as many places hire during the Christmas season.

I understand your concern, and you can support him for awhile; and also encourage him with some ideas if you see anything while you are out and about during the day or when shopping. I mean, like a sister or friend would; not as a parent: how 'bout suggesting that he spend his mornings looking for work, and then the rest of the day would be his to do other stuff ... he might like the structure of that idea better, or not ... LOL! ;) :D

He shouldn't leave it too long; as they say it gets harder the longer one stays out of the work force. There are many retails hiring now, and many restaurants are looking for help; and gas-pumping is popular with the young folks these days too (not too difficult). Although, I'm not sure what field he is interested in ... best wishes and prayers for his success.

We have had a few light ***snows*** so far and it is hanging around; but there's really not much out there, but DH says it's very cold. I have been hybernating like a bear; but I will have to go out to do our shopping and errands over the next couple of days, so I'll see.

Gee, I keep forgetting to take those pictures for you; I am going to buy some more memory cards so I can take just a few pics and show them quickly instead of having to wade through hundreds of pics each time I want to share something (thanks sis for the idea). Hope to get this done this week now that things are slowing down for us.

I don't blame you for wanting to try and MAINTAIN for the winter; I think that is a terrific idea. That will give your body a rest, and then you can go at it full again, next spring. It is very good practice for down the road.

HI TO MEOWEE ~ hope you had a good day, esp health-wise; and good weather too. It is getting a bit icey out there; supposed to have light rain tomorrow which may get rid of the ***, but then more of that is supposed to come on the weekend, so what can you do? It's officially winter here ... :shrug:

HEY PURPLE ~ In a sense, it is kinda nice that people are quizzing you about your great success losing weight. They admire you for it, and just want to know how they can improve themselves as well. Hope you are having a nice visit with your parents there.

Well, take good care of yourselves too; and have a great evening, your friend:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-13-2008, 07:04 AM
Hi ladies

Things did not quite go according to plan and another job appeared for us on Wednesday to Buckinghamshire. Again not so smooth journey. On the major road called the M1 near a city called Leicester there was a multiple car pile up requiring air ambulance. (helicopter who travels to remote, difficult places or seriously injuries people. We had heard about this prior to setting off so planned to take a detour. The detour went smoothly then all of a sudden we were in a queue for quite sometime. Then up the hard shoulder ( this a lane on a motorway that you go into if broken down or an emergency vehicle). All that had caused our queue was either people rubber necking or waiting for another air ambulance to land on the motorway. Very sadly I heard that later 2 woman had died at these accidents one at each. My thoughts are with their families and loved ones.

Since Saturday night till Monday morning we have had a poorly dog. He has been sick numerous times. Must have been a bug. I thought he was over it and just before we were to get into the hire van he was sick again. So all through the journey I had a sick bag for the doggy. Well in the end it became comical he kept yawning and I thought he was going to be ill so here me grabbing the bag and making sure it was in the right position. I think Rizzie though I was barking mad by the end of it. I think like us when we have been poorly he was just tired. He is as right as nine pence now eating us out of house and home :D He has been so hungry since that he has eaten loads which is not like him he tend to be a picky eater.

MEOWEE Love your sense of humour regarding the bobble head doll and your son. It is the kind of thing I would do to someone whom I know loves a joke and can take one in good faith. Shame you can't find one for love nor money. You watch when you do not want them you will find loads ;)

We have just had Remembrance Sunday and the selling of poppies for the service men and women. The day we always have for the 2 minutes silence is 11 November which is remembrance day. This week there has been a series of 4 programmes of famous people tracing their family roots on the first world war. I found it an informative program and I already know a fair amount about this period of history as this is what I studied at school for 2 years. I hope that for a younger generation it has brought a greater understanding what those men did for us.

VAL I have been on anti convulsents for about 4 years maybe more. I started on one and then the pain started to come back about 18 months later so I commenced on another along side it. I am never pain free from my face but it sure has made life a whole lot better as I now do get some relief as before this I never got any.

Yes I can understand you wanting to take a break and maintaining for a wee while after spending all that on clothing. That is the trouble with professional clothing it cost more to have fitted skirts/ trouser and jackets. Good luck with your maintaining I think you deserve some time to sit back and reevaluate. Though eating health of course has become our way of life now not saying it is always easy as it isn't.

Sorry that your brother is job hunting never nice. My sister is the youngest and when we were growing up she was ill with kidney trouble. Mum and dad did their best for her and protected her. So had a sheltered up bringing. So when she married she did not know how to cook! So I went over few a little while and taught her to cook the basics. Though when I was growing up by the age of 13 I was cooking a whole meal for the family. My sister now cooks beautifully and none of her children are fussy eaters as she has brought them up on fresh vegetables and fruit.

MISSCELY :welcome2: to 3fc and to our thread, Like many students we all put on weight due to the readiness of fast food, the cheapness of it and lack of time due to pressures of assignments /dissertations etc. I was luck enough to be working as a student nurse at the time and working full time. So plenty of exercise walking so that helped keep my weight down.

Maybe swimming could be something that you could look at as a form of exercise as it is non weight bearing and you may find that easier with having the limp that you do have from your serious accident. There may be water aerobics that you could do in your area. I am maybe not the best person to advise as I come from the UK and we may have totally different facilities

You have made the first steps which is the hardest in some way realising you have a weight issue and want to change. I so wish that I had realised earlier but I can't turn back the clock. Read everything you can on weigh loss and which diet plan you wish to follow. When you have your plan then go ahead and start don't be afraid to ask questions when unsure about an issue. Use the forums for support along the way. For me it has kept me on the straight and narrow and stopped me erring too much. Look forward to hearing from you.

MONKEYBEAN Life can be very busy at times I know that at the minute mine seems to be going 90mph. We understand that coming on here is not always possible though it is nice to see you when every that is possible. Great to hear that you are reading and have that brilliant attitude that will get you far. I am not going to quit. That is a great motto to have.

ROSEBUD See you are still busy with the unpacking that seems to take a while unpacking and sorting all your processions when you have downsized. Then it never seemed to take so long to pack a box as it does to unpack it :dunno:

I bet you are tired with lots of exercise running about the house unpacking and sorting things out. Be mindful not to do too much and make yourself poorly.

I suppose I never prepared myself for being quizzed about my weight loss. I never expected I would have this I was very naive looking back. With never being in this position of losing weight before I have lost smaller amounts but never like this or for so long.

Well I think I spoke to everybody I hope I have not missed anybody if I have sorry :sorry: Time to go off to do the weekly shopping now. Take care everyone see you soon.

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

11-13-2008, 10:02 AM
Hi gang . . . :grouphug:

Wowee . . . it's cold this morning . . . but still no snow and I hope that continues for quite a bit longer. :yes: Overcast this morning, but supposed to get some sun this afternoon. Things always seem so much happier when it's sunny.

This is the regular Thursday Mall-Crawl day and we've decided on Chinese for lunch. Funny thing -- what used to be (a couple of years ago) the worst restaurant in the area has changed hands and now has just about the best Chinese food I've ever tasted -- sure it's still too salty, but other than that it really tastes 'real'.

Other than that -- I still have not gotten back to those aprons -- but I did almost finish a sweter I started knitting over a year ago. Pieces are done and I just have to put it together and finish knitting the collar. Anything to avoid the aprons. :dizzy: I really must get my act together on those.

Have a great day, everybody . . . keep things moving and shaking . . . :carrot:

11-13-2008, 11:08 PM
:wave: Well, we had another busy day trying to get things put away and trying to stay upbeat about it all at the same time. I guess some things just get more difficult as you get older; the old body hurts a lot more, I can say that for sure. It almost seems like we are swimming in a sea of boxes ~ lol!

We managed to throw out several boxes/bags of stuff today; and our car is almost full up. I finally got my office chair in here; oh, it is so nice to have something comfortable to sit on while I type. A lady gave me this office chair years ago; and boy, did I miss it when I didn't have it.

The weather today didn't help matters much; it pretty well rained all day, making it simply yucky for going in and out. Poor NIKO and DH got wet everytime they had to go out, so I think that was a downer for sure. The rain took some of the snow away, but we can still see some drift spots out there.

We had a nice, peaceful dinner tonight: we had an old favorite of Italian Macaroni with diced tomatoes and lean ground meat, with a wee sprinkle of Parmesan on top. This is a comfort kind of dish, but I measured the cooked pasta very carefully; and DH loved it, as we haven't had this in ages.

PURPLE ~ glad you made it home safe and sound from your trip; prayers for those families that lost a member this week. We also remember our brave soldiers on November 11, as does the US too; I prayed for GOD's blessing upon each one in my morning devotional that day, and also for those out there today, esp for our peacekeeping forces. May GOD surround them all with his protective Angels and bring them home soon, safe and well.

HI MEOWEE ~ WOW, you have been very lucky not to have any snow yet; even some of the northern US states have had snow already. Hope you and your friend had a nice shopping day.

We may get out to do a bit ourselves tomorrow; hope the weather is nicer than it was today. DH wants to get out and away from the boxes for a while, and I can't blame him. Ummm ... Chinese ... luv it too!!!

HIYA VAL ~ TGIF ... hope you have a nice, restful weekend!

Take good care of yourselves and have a nice Friday ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-14-2008, 06:26 AM
Hello fellow chicks

Good morning ladies another quick fly by as I am off to my parents very shortly but I thought I would drop by. Managed to do the shopping yesterday was shattered though after walking round 2 supermarkets. Well one is a supermarket and the other is a cash and carry type warehouse which is huge.

Will go into town at my parents home today weather permitting not sure whether it is going to rain today. If it looks too much like rain then I will not go. This is as we normally have a walk as it is not too far.

MEOWEE I can see that you will have a big rush on with the aprons in the end ;) though there are some jobs we seem to put off. Sounds like the sweater is just about done though. I can knit very simple patterns none of the complex cables or fair isle styles. I can crochet but have not for a quite sometime now. I find crocheting more pleasurable than knitting. Though I think that is partly to do with the fact I am better at it and it grows quicker.

Chef's make or break a restaurant. You have given a fine example of how a restaurant changing hands has turned around it's reputation. I love Chinese food also but once in a while it does us good to have a little treat like this. Sure it has too much salt and we know that weight gains but goes in a few days with more fluid in the system. The main thing is if you eat out then you want to enjoy it and make the treat worthwhile. That way we are more likely to stay on plan with treats now and again.

ROSEBUD I also have a office chair they are such bliss and make sitting at the PC more pleasurable. Though my DH has one and I hate it :D Talk about hard and uncomfortable.

I seem to permanently have a mop in my hand these wet days. Here on the kitchen floor every time you go outside the wet shoe prints on the lino with the dogs paw prints. November certainly has been cold and wet so far. When we were out on Monday we saw many rivers and canals had broke their banks and flooded the surrounding area. This is because it has been very rainy the past few weeks and the waterways just can't take it.

Pasta dish sounds great, I am fond of pasta so thats why that sounds good. I have planned chicken for the weekend in a casserole with vegetables. Then steamed vegetables to go with them. I think it will be yoghurt for snack as we have plenty in the frigde at present. Need to crack on with the ironing this weekend also it seems to be building up at a rate of knots at the minute. I suppose it won't seem so bad once I get going.

Time to get a move on so goodbye ladies till next time

:hug: purpleorc :hug:

11-14-2008, 10:56 AM

ROSEBUD . . . I really hope you get a decent day today . . . rain get's sooooo depressing especially if you have to do things in it.

PURPLE . . . I usually prefer crochet as well both because it grows faster and if you have to rip out, it is so much faster and easier to get going again. Knitting does give a softer and more malleable product though which I find more comfortable for sweaters.

We actually saw a little "thick, and slightly white, rain" yesterday. :lol: This morning the sun is shining and the temperature is on the rise again. The forecast for the weekend is rainy though with a Sunday high of 20C/68F . . . :crazy:

The chinese lunch did in both my weight and my blood sugar levels but, although I certainly don't like it, I know both 'gains' are only temporary and it definitely was enjoyable. :yes: Going to be eating very properly and glugging lots of extra water today.

Have a good Friday . . . :carrot:

11-14-2008, 11:26 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, it rained during the night and when we woke up this morning, there wasn't any snow left on the ground. It had stopped raining and that gave DH the chance he wanted to tidy up the place before any more snow fell, as somebody's garbage got torn up (probably by animals) and blew down our laneway. He was a good guy (as usual) and cleaned it all up including part of the neighbours hill, so it all looks nice now.

We had nice enuff weather that we spent the day shopping; did a lot of walking today, as we also went to see a new big store that was just built here not long ago: it was their grand opening celebrations this week. We also picked up some nice stuff for our new place, like new rugs and other houseware things. We threw a lot of old stuff out, and we had decided that for our new place ... we'd get some new stuff!

We even picked up a few Christmas presents while we were at it; still have a few more to get though, but we can save that for next week ~ LOL! We also picked up some spit BBQ chicken and had that for dinner (I also had a nice big salad with mine as I had to make up for our Friday snack).

HEY MEOWEE ~ we have green outside right now and everbody is lovin' it. So you did have some faint drizzle-like stuff, but that usually melts pretty fast. Michigan is calling for cold temps and more of the white stuff; wonder if we'll be blessed or not. I even saw some stars out there tonight.

HI PURPLE ~ we bought somenew mats for our doorways, just like you mentioned, to keep the sand and mud out of the house. We are also blessed that we have a porch in the back of this place too, so we bought a thick bushy mat that you can brush your boots/shoes on to clean them (I think they call them straw mats).

We also did lots of walking today as we have a big grocery store and we went to two department stores (one is a new hardware/department type store). Thankfully, they thought to put nice big washrooms in there for the shoppers; you usually only see that in the malls these days. Was glad to get my dishes done so I could get off my feet which are very sore these days.

This was the tuffest move DH and I have ever done, now we need some time to recuperate. We are starting to make a dint in our warehouse of stuff ~ lol! Only you gals really know and understand just how much pain our bodies are suffering through right now. Poor DH has already hit the sack, as he is so tired.

We have been watching a bit of telly this week; got to see those DANCING WITH THE STARS shows; I really like those, and of course I have always been a big game show person. I'll catch a talk show now and then too if I'm not too busy. We don't watch much, but in the winter, we are home more, so we watch more during that time of year.

Even though I am tired, I wanted to come in and say hello ... so hello to everyone ... ;) HELLO to VAL and MONKEYBEAN ~ hope you both are having a good Friday night.

Take good care of yourselves, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-15-2008, 09:06 AM
Good afternoon ladies

Hello ladies very grey day here at present though not rained as yet though forecast I think for later today. I was lucky yesterday with the weather the mildest day we have had this November so far. So had a lovely walk into town at my parents place. Did have a rest at a coffee shop. Never been in this coffee shop but very nice small and cosy . Gave a nice home feel to it. It had on sale as well a range of locally grown and made products. Like jams and chutneys. Plus a cake / tea bread type thing called Lincolnshire plum loaf. It is made with fruit either served toasted and usually served with a smidge of butter. All very nice but not so good for the old waist line ;)

Did take though a nasty stumble with DH yesterday whilst out with the dog. I think I over estimated my ability :D thinking I am super woman ;) So it has pulled my back somewhat. It is sore this morning but I though it would be worse. So resting it as much as humanly possible today.

Went out to play cards last night a lady who I have not seen for months due to her or our schedule. She was surprised by my amount of weight loss. Though could not believe that I was in size 16 UK clothing. She thought I was in size 12 UK. With being that bit taller than a lot of women I carry weight well. I think that is maybe why folks are saying your not losing any more weight are you? With big hips it means you need a larger size bottoms and being big busted means bigger tops. Trouser/jeans are a nightmare as they fit well on the hips but are so big on my waist. I must admit that her comments gave me a real buzz last night. These last few pounds are proving hellish to budge but no one said this was going to be easier. If this is where I have to be then so be it I have achieved so much.

MEOWEE I also find with crocheting there are not many patterns and what patterns there are very old fashioned and not really suitable. There are so many beautiful stitches and yarns now that many pretty outfits could be made with the correct patterns.

It was my grandmother who taught me to crochet and mum has still a bit of her crocheted blankets at her home. They are zigzag pattern with no gaps and different colours. I think she must have been using up her spare yarns from other projects.

ROSEBUD Good idea those mats I have two big ones in my kitchen which are dark and will go in a washing machine. They come up beautifully and do not take very long to dry either.

Yes I love dancing with the stars. Here in the UK it is called Strictly come dancing. This is because years ago we used to a dance programme called by that name which just showed professionals doing this ballroom and Latin dances. I have seen the US version of the show and the format is very similar to our own except we have 4 judges. Then the bottom two dance celebrities have to do a dance off and the judges vote who they think did the better dance. With having 4 judges the votes could be even so we have head judge and his vote would count as two in this incident. Though in all the shows we have had that has rarely come into effect.

Time to go now and check on my dinner of jacket potatoes with meatballs and steamed vegetables.

Bye now ladies and take care.

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

11-15-2008, 10:47 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Well, one of my two chinese-food-induced pounds has gone away again and hopefully another day of lots of water will remove the other one too. :crossed:

Looks like the weather forecast is coming true -- it's already over 15C/60F this morning and it is raining.

See you later . . . :carrot:

11-15-2008, 03:57 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, I slept in for the first time in a long time, until DH's movie blasting away, woke me up! We spent the morning putting in a new shower wand, and our new shower curtains plus other odds & ends. Our kitchen cupboards are limited here, so DH is putting in cup hooks as we speak, to hang our coffee mugs; every bit helps, and we are trying to be a little innovative too.

PURPLE ~ sorry to hear you had a bad fall yesterday; do take care and rest up that back a bit, until you feel better. Glad that you got out to play cards and to walk and visit another new coffee shop. I like those little quaint shops; miss them, as they have been replaced with bigger drive-thru type places here.

You know, a lot of women here are finding that their body wants to settle at a different weight than they first imagined (many around the 160's & 170's range); maybe the body prefers that weight to being very thin. You are very tall and that should be considered when thinking of a goal weight. If people are telling you that you look great already; I would take that as a strong hint that you are at a healthy weight now. That must make you feel so proud of yourself.

I especially admire how you have eaten in a balanced way and still managed to lose so consistently. I have noticed that you select low-fat dishes and have lowered your portions over time; and that you have been very regular in your daily walks. That is so admirable esp since you have had to work around your MS symptoms and pain issues. What you have achieved is nothing short of REMARKABLE!!!

You have encouraged me to keep trying even though I have stalled and plateaued so much. I know that I have made errors though; and I also know that there are improvements that I can still make yet, so I am working on that area, becuz I want this to be a life-long change.

Your next goal may be to work on maintaining your loss, just like VALDINE is working on right now. She is also a very tall girl, and has that advantage as well. As for me, I am a shorty, and fat is so much more noticable on a shorty. I still have a ways to go yet, but I am eating much better than before; and I hope to do even better in the future.

HI MEOWOEE ~ we have had some sunshine today, believe it or not, mixed in with light ***SNOW***; we had sun shining on us from the south, while clouds and winds from the north, were blowing light *** towards the south. Interesting phenomenun going on there ... lol!

I always preferred CROCHET for the same reason; not that great at knitting. Maybe if I had learned it as a child, I would be better at it. I like the fact that crochet is so much easier and goes so quickly too.

HI VAL ~ hope you are having a great weekend and things are going well with your house too.

Take care ladies; and have a great weekend, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-16-2008, 09:58 AM
Good afternoon fellow chicks

It is a lovely day today though deceiving it is chilly out there as I have found out going to the recycle bins to put my vegetable waste.

Just finished dinner of braised chicken with vegetables. Did a selection of steamed vegetables also. I did it in dry white wine very tasty. There is enough for tomorrow as well so good bonus.

Was very busy with chores yesterday and so just about fell into bed. So much for resting :D though did have to take extra pain killers. I have been resting today apart from doing the dinner but that was a matter of putting it on as every thing was prepared.

MEOWEE Good news that some of the weight gain has gone. I am up at the minute by a couple of pounds but mind is TOM which is a known weight gain for most ladies.

ROSEBUD We have a few drive ins McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken but the Brits like there tea/coffee with a cake very traditional. So I think they are here to stay. Down south it is very common to have cream teas which translates as a pot of tea and scones with clotted cream and preserves. Extremely nice but not so good on the weight front :o .

I wonder if I am able to go a little lower in weight whether this apron of fat/skin above my belly button will shrink or whether it is actually more skin now. I do have hanging skin on my inner thighs and upper arms but I did come into this weight loss with eyes wide open. I kind of figured that being the size I was I was not going to get off Scot free and there would be loose skin. Most can be covered with clothing but not so easier with upper arms. I try to get blouses and tee shirts with longer short sleeves if that makes sense :) I may eventually talk to the doctor when I go in for something health wise so see where he wants me at and if my expectations are way off. It is nice though to know that others now think I look good and healthy so I know I am not too far off. I hope my time on the wobble machine helps I feel it especially in my core muscles. ( muscles in the middle of your tummy area)

Yes I have found that key using low fat recipes and smaller portions over time. If I found that I was hungry on that lower portion at lunch next time I would fill my plate up with more vegetables. They are low in calories but fill you up. I suppose I have my plate full with vegetables 3/4 of it and the last 1/4 is reserved for protein whether meat or vegetable protein. Slowly, slowly I have made these changes as I hate change :lol: Exercise is difficult in winter like yourself mine due to the cold and yours to the volumes of snow. I now can go on my wobble machines as many times as I want to make up for it.

You are moving in the right direction with your diet over time and tweaking it slowly. It will show progress eventually as all the changes made makes a difference. Plus it must be much better for our bodies as we are not fuelling it with rubbish. Think of it as a car the car does not run without the correct fuel. If we nourish our bodies with the good wholesome food it will perform to the best of its ability. Oh I still have treats as you know that way I do not think of foods as off limits and crave them all the more. Plateaus will go it is just finding the right "key" to unlock this level that you are on. For my DH it was eating more fibre (flaxseed) and less carbohydrate which I think was making him more hungry hence having the munchies. You will eventually find that magical key which you need to break this plateau and then you be melting away the pounds. It has taken some change in my thinking too. You do not have to eat every thing on your plate ( especially when eating out) it is ok at home as I can put the correct amount on. I do not need to eat as much as my DH. I used to have as much to eat as him for every meal and now I realise I do not need as much to eat as he does. I now look on food labels which I never did so many changes over time.

I have been luckier than yourself I know your DH has been supportive but mine has completed the weight loss journey with me. I was competitive in the fact I did not want to be the one who gave in this healthy eating. Then further down the line I had this goal I want to be lighter than my DH :o. All through our relationship he had been lighter than me. Though for once I am lighter than him by 44lbs now that was such a great feeling for me. We encourage each other when the times are tough. I still spend a lot of time trawling the INTERNET for good recipes for sweet toothed DH :lol3:

Yes whilst I am not going anywhere weight wise I am making sure that I do not put on any. I have a window of 5lbs which I will not allow myself to go over. I have been around there for months now so I am maintaining well plus I have been laxer with my diet in the past few months as well.

Time to go and make a cuppa :coffee: I am ready for one. It has been great coming on here and catching up with you ladies I really miss it when I can't come on here. I like the way it keeps me from straying to far from the path of healthy eating.

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

11-16-2008, 03:38 PM

We are definitely hitting the 21C/70F level today but it is very, very windy although there has not been as much rain as originally predicted. The wind now seems to be shifting around to the North so that should blow the warmth away by tomorrow. :halfempty

11-16-2008, 09:48 PM
whoa whoa whoa wait a second meowee - you're hitting 21 degrees celsius?!?!?!?!

It's -20 degrees celsius here! sigh. so I"m jealous of your weather.

Hope everyone is having a restful weekend. I have been catching up on sleep - didnt really know I was even 'behind.' take care all!

11-16-2008, 10:34 PM
Yes VAL that was not a typing error . . . amazing . . . but scarey. I just know we will be paying for this, big time, in the not too distant future -- snow is in the forecast by Wednesday or Thursday.

11-16-2008, 11:21 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We've had another busy day, taking out several more bags of stuff for goodwill and rearranging furniture: pretty soon it may look like a home -- lol!

I had a problem with my right calf; I had scraped the skin on it and there was scab on it, but it wasn't healing properly underneath. Discovered this last night so had to soak it for 30+ minutes and put a special salve on it. We are praying that it will heal very soon ... and thankfully, my blood sugar levels were good last night (5.3).

THANKS for the advice PURPLE ~ I am trying to be more consistent; and tweaking here and there. Your tips help me a lot; and I like that you find low-fat recipes for desserts that taste good too. My DH has always been at a low weight, so can't compete with that. All of his family was naturally smaller and he inherited his mother's skinny legs. They can eat a lot and not gain; I think they have higher metabolisms, or their bodies take what they need, and get rid of the rest, which is really the way it is supposed to be.

WOWEE MEOWEE ~ that is very warm for NOVEMBER; yes, you may pay for it with some snow real soon. We had ***SNOW*** all day, so our green is now white ... lol!

HI VAL ~ glad you are having a restful weekend; I'm sure you need it. I had to tell DH to take a rest for the remainder of the evening, as I am just starting to feel a bit better and don't want to ruin it.

HOPE you all have a great Sunday; take good care of yourselves too, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-17-2008, 12:51 PM
Good afternoon Ladies.

Just come back from a shopping trip to purchase some bras as the ones at present I have do not support me and have oodles of room in the cups. Did the calculation prior to going to see what cup size I want well that was a disaster. I do not realise how much loose skin on my upper body as it has migrated south with gravity. The calculations said I should be a 38C well that just had lots of skin bunched up under my armpits and very uncomfortable. Poor DH was so patient as I was in and out of the changing room like nobodies business trying to find something that remotely fit and was comfortable. It eventually panned out at a 36E it is not perfect but the best I have tried on so far with the bags of loose skin that I have now. I must admit I am much better supported now and not the room in the cup as before so have made some head way.

I have done my daily exercises I think today ;) just going in and out of the changing rooms and putting different bras on I was exhausted afterwards I must admit. I have been on my whole body vibrator for 20 minutes as well. I will try and go on later today again to make up for my bad choice I had a lunch :o

VAL Gosh -20F I can not imagine temperatures as low as that. At the minute it is 45F in the UK and I think that is cold :lol: I realise now that it we are actually warm and I have nothing to moan about :D

I hope you have slept well over the weekend and now are well rested and recovered from your hard week at work.

MEOWEE 20F still sounds rather cold to me in actual fact that sounds positively freezing. I am so lucky not to have your extremes in temperatures. We might drop down to the mid 30F but even that is cold for the UK. Though saying that we do not have the extreme high either during the summer.

ROSEBUD I have a sister like your DH she is so slender at about 130lb wet through and 5ft 6in tall. Can eat everything and anything and don't gain an ounce. I have to watch everything I put in my mouth else it goes straight on my hips. It is only now that I am losing the weight do I see that my sister and I are looking more alike. Oh yes I may have straight hair in comparison to her, fairer skinned and longer hair but the general features are now showing up more apparent. The first picture that I saw myself in her was a shock as I always considered us so different. I suppose not so different as I once thought. Maybe it was the weight that was the main difference.

I hope that your leg heals so and it does not take a turn for the worse. It must always be a worry for you with having so fragile skin on your legs which is so prone to infections. I have known people with such skin issues as yours and it is so hard. You can guarantee you always catch the skin you do not want to. I would imagine it has the consistency of what we call tissue paper. It does not cut it tends to tear like tissue paper would. Butterfly stitches are the best for this skin if possible to unite it together. Butterfly stitches are thin strips of plaster (band aides) that you put over the wound to unite it together the best you can. Can be very effective.

I had some on as a child in my thumb when I feel with a glass bottle. Oh yes my mum told me not to run with it but in one ear and out the other :o I was going to the local shop to get some vinegar. You went and asked for say 1/2 pint and you would get that amount put in your bottle. I screamed blue murder when falling as I did not want stitches not sure why as I had never had any before so not put off that way. I had quite a gash in my thumb and really it need stitches. Though they thought the risks for just a few stitches to be put under general anaesthetic was not worth it so butterfly stitches was used. I have a tiny scar but it has slightly misshaped my thumb due to the nature of the laceration.

Must run and put the kettle for a cuppa :coffee: for my pills and potions. I am finding that I need them now as I am sore from the changing so many times.

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-18-2008, 01:21 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ a bit rushed tonight; we went out today and got a bit of walking in, trying to spread it out a bit so my poor feet can recover somewhat. Our place is starting to look much better, a bit more homey instead of a warehouse nightmare. I have had to be a bit ruthless in the tossing department though, but I would rather have some nice new stuff anyways.

PURPLE ~ I'm sorry you had such a bad shopping day; that is a nightmare too esp if you don't know where you are. I am so fortunate that I have lost weight so slowly that I have only gone down one size at a time, so it has been easier for me to buy clothes. Yes, anyone who loses a lot of weight has to deal with the 'collateral damage' as I call it, or as someone coined rather funnily as 'FALL-OUT' but that's just a joke ~ lol! Oh we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes or we would just spend way too much time crying over something we can't do much about. I certainly know how sad and frustrating it is, but I am realistic about it too, as I would like to lose more yet. Some will opt to have surgery (if their health allows for that); and others will just make the best of it, and shop well to camoflage the best they can.

Yes, shopping and trying clothes on and off is an exercise in itself, but just think of all the calories you burned up while doing it; knocked down the damage from lunch a bit too, I'd bet. Look to tomorrow, you'll do better ... I know it.

My leg is starting to look a bit better; it kinda looks like a small burn about the size of a 25-cent piece (we call them quarters here). Usually they heal up much faster than this one has; hope it heals right up this time. My body has been stressed over the last while, so now that I can rest more, maybe it will heal up completely.

HI TO MEOWEE and VAL ~ hope you both have a great week. Our temps here are only around the freezing mark 32F or a little less in the 20'sF; just enuff to let a little snow fall, but we can still see some of the grass yet.

Take good care, gotta get to bed ~ your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-18-2008, 11:26 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Been a lovely day today. Been for my treatment at the ms therapy centre. Had to take a diversion today going as a police car was right across the road blocking entry to it so I suspect there was an accident down there. It is a notorious accident black spot as people miss judge crossing the road with their car in to the on coming road. we were a bit lost going this other way but finally came out where we knew where we were.

ROSEBUD I think that your wound size is about the same size as our 1p or 5p in British coinage. Either of those coins appear about the same size when I have looked on the INTERNET to gauge the size of your wound on your leg. Sound good news that it appears to be mending well.

Yes I agree you have to try and laugh at yourself. That way it helps you cope with things you can't change. Yesterday whilst at the supermarket I lost my balance at the cash till my DH kept me up right. Then said I told you not to drink so much :lol: Oh it was priceless seeing other people's faces thinking that I was drunk when in actual fact it is my MS. I bet they chuntered a bucket full ( means to complain) when they saw me going to a disabled parking space.

Yes camouflage is going to be how I deal with the loose skin. At the end of the day it is only my DH is going to see that and oh yes the odd doctor or two :lol3: . So it doesn't bother him so that is a big plus that he excepts me for what I am. My DH has lost weight as well but so far he has been lucky regarding loose skin. He carries he weight around his middle like most men.

Right time to start making tracks in the kitchen to get some food on the go for lunch. Have a cooked tea today as we normally do as we take food with us to the ms centre.

Take care ladies

:hug: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-18-2008, 12:05 PM

Wow, what a difference a day or two makes weather-wise -- high temperature Sunday, 21C/70F; yesterday, 5C/41F; today we will be lucky to make it much above freezing (0C/32F) and the precipitation that is expected will probably be white and lingering. At least it isn't nearly as windy. :lol:

Have a fun day . . . :carrot:

11-19-2008, 05:33 AM
Good morning ladies

It has started to turn gradually colder last night and will continue to do so into the weekend apparently. Oh lovely to look forward to NOT :lol: Well this this the weather forecast that we have been given so lets see if it pans out.

Went to play cards last night and found that I was 4th with a reasonable high score. The trouble was the ladies all were very high last night at the whist drive we were at. I won a tin of salmon. Not that we like Salmon but our furry baby does :T he absolutely loves fish I am sure he is a cat ;)

Going shopping later today then tomorrow we are meeting DH brother to go for a meal then off to pick a DVD player as his old one is past resuscitating :D

MEOWEE Looks like your paying for that unusally mild weather that you had early this last week. Mind you did say that would be the case. I suppose it seems so cold after that mild weather. You would not believe the weather could change so dramatically as it does.

No more :gossip: and :blah: time to think about finishing my :coffee2: coffee. Then think seriously about washing some pots up from breakfast. Have a lovely day ladies and take care till next time.

Look after yourself

:hug: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-19-2008, 08:48 PM

Very cold, very windy, very rainy . . . but still no snow . . . it is on the way, I'm sure.

11-19-2008, 10:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had ***SNOW*** pretty steady all day, but it was light and just enuff to cover the grass. DH took a couple of small trips while I sorted stuff out here. We got quite a bit accomplished over the last couple of days. Doing much better with my eating this week; and getting lots of exercise around here right now.

HI PURPLE ~ I coulda swore that I wrote you a response to your last post, but it seems to have disappeared somewhere ... hmmm. And, I thought that I saw a post from MEOWEE around 8 pm tonight too, but it's gone too. It's a case for SHERLOCK HOLMES alright ... we'll call it the case of the disappearing posts ~ lol!

EDIT ~ that's strange, all the posts just showed back up on my screen after I posted. Tres weird!

Anyways, hope you had a better clothing day today; we all have times when finding clothes that fit right is difficult. Models would agree with you that changing clothes can be hard work, using up lots of energy; yah, we'll count that as exercise for sure.

HEY VAL ~ here are the PICTURES I promised you of our new place (this is the front view) and the second pic is the view from our kitchen window ... our very own giant Christmas tree [that's DH standing in front, so you can see how huge it is]. The third one is a snap I took of our boy while on a drive home from our lot this summer; the cat is really his blankey, but what a nice background it turned out to be ... hehe!

I went out yesterday afternoon twice and took a bunch of them; and I nearly froze my face off and my hands while doing it. Boy, it is a nippy cold this year; not much snow though. It took me all last night just to edit and resize them all. SEE BELOW ...

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are having a good weather and sugar day!!! We had -5C today or near 20F (still that right now), and a cold wind bringing snow with it from the south.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

30777 30778 30779 30780

11-20-2008, 06:14 AM
Good morning Ladies

Got to go to the doctors later to pick up my prescription for my tablets and cream. Then will drop it in a pharmacy near my BIL work and pick it up after we have had lunch.

It is gradually turning colder here but nothing like your temperatures in Canada.

MEOWEE Sound like you said snow could be on its way. Just been taking a quick look on the tourist board information about your town/city looking at the beautiful scenery it reminds me of Scotland. The brightly coloured homes on the Lunenburg harbour is very similar to the one of the Scottish Islands called the Isle of Mull it also has those brightly coloured houses on the harbour front. I had really gone to see where abouts in Canada it was situated. This is as my geography is poor of your country. It just about know mine and your country is so much larger.

ROSEBUD I will have to go and knock on 221b Bakers Street and ask for Mr Sherlock Holmes to solve our mystery. It is the Mary (Marie) Celeste of posts I think :lol: Mind you bit of a long way for me to go it is something like 130 miles away London and then the address does not exist :D

Yes I will take my exercise in any form it comes ;) but oh boy it was so tiring putting garments on and off then traipsing to the bra section again to find another size. I was sure glad of the coffee I had afterwards I don't think it touched the sides :lol: I would not like to do modelling for a career no way I think I will let the Kate Mosses of this world take that role. No more clothes shopping for me yesterday just groceries the boring stuff ;)

Though I do need to go and get a couple of pairs of trousers as I am very short in this area. I have one pair of jeans and one pair of dress trousers. I a think another couple will see me through winter nicely. Would like to try a size 14 UK blouse just to see if I can fit into it as a size 16 is looking a tad big. Though I suspect I am in that annoying stage where one is too big and the other is too small.

Loved looking at your photography. Just wondering are most homes made in wood like your own? Here in the UK most are brick or even stone build. Mind you I live in a home built just after the war and they were suppose to be temporary housing and called prefabs. Needless to say they are still going strong and no signs of taking them down and replacing them with a more permanent structure anytime soon.

Great picture of Nico there with the cat picture in the background. Good bit of photography that one. With the looks of Nico there looks as though there might me a bit of black Labrador in him. What ever he is he sure is cute.

Take care ladies

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-20-2008, 11:57 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had another PHENOM weather day today: we had sunshine all day coming at us from the south, and winds blowing snow at us all day from the northwest! It was light snow, but by the time it was done, all the ground is now winterized. The temps have fallen to -10C as well; with the winds (wind-chill factor), I'm sure it was much colder out there today. Dh had to keep coming in to warm up his fingers and toes all day.

DH made another trip to make a donation to goodwill today; taking away some bigger items that we haven't used in awhile. Might as well let someone else get some use of them; they are just cluttering space up here ~ lol! I did mostly sorting and housework today; had a lighter day and put my feet up a bit more as I did quite a lot yesterday and my feet were complaining about it.

HEY PURPLE ~ Here in the north, most houses are made of wood (some are log houses too); and some have brick or stone on the outside of them to retain heat and for looks, I imagine. In the south, where I was born, you see more stone or brick or logs, but many are wood structures there as well, esp the newer ones. I have to admit that I love stone places the best with large brick coming a close second. In the area I came from, they have many stone and/or large brick places that kinda look like mansions from an old movie, that's probably why I'm partial to them.

Yes, NIKO is part black labrador and part border collie; one of the ladies in the Christian thread (Ronni) guessed it right on too. He's not very big though; we think that he is as big as he will be now, but maybe he will bulk up a bit over the next year, hard to say. When we first got him, he was a big ball of fur; but he lost that in the spring, so now he looks skinnier.

DH spent days (actually weeks) brushing him, which NIKO didn't like too much and they would get into a wrastle over it. I got some pics of them and it was very funny to watch and listen to, as NIKO kept making these weird moaning sounds like he was being tormented! DH brushed him becuz he kept scratching, and it was falling out all over our livingroom rug making a big mess; so DH brushed him twice a day and that helped a lot.

Hope you have better success finding some pants for the winter. They say that if you fall between sizes, you should go to the one higher for comfort: good advice, I think. You want to be able to breathe when you sit down ~ lol!

:wave: TO MEOWEE and VAL ~ TGIF; hope both you ladies have a wonderful Friday!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-21-2008, 01:12 AM
Hello all, I have spent many months just reading yours and my sisters, Justwant2Bhealthy's posts. It helps me to keep up-to-date on what is happening in her life day to day! I love it actually. Purple I almost feel like I know you from the conversations you two have! I hope noone minds my loitering everyday but I enjoy reading the banter on this site. Now to message my sister on this site, I must make 10 posts, so I'm going to make a valiant effort to do this all in one shot!
Take care all and God Bless!

11-21-2008, 01:30 AM
Well I'm getting closer to my 10 posts and I so appreciate everyones patience with me. Purple the cost to build with solid stone & brick in our country has become far too high, so most homes are frame with brick or stone veneer. My sister and I remember growing up in the old victorian homes because we had such a large family. Those old homes had such charm and character. It would be a dream to own one, but it's not within our means. They cost a ton of money to heat in our cold winters! But it's nice to reminisce about the ones we lived in as youths!

11-21-2008, 01:37 AM
Okay, one more in this thread.....I promise not to do another here. I mostly only cometo this thread and the Christian thread each day to catch up.
One more message and I can post a private message to my sis! Thanks in advance for sparing me the space!

11-21-2008, 06:08 AM
Good morning Ladies

:yikes: off to the dreaded dentist this morning so :crossed: I don't have to have anything done. This is only a check up mind you I think everything is OK but the dentist might have other ideas on the matter :lol: This is only my 6 months check up that we have in this country. My DH is also going but we see different dentists due to the fact he goes up the stairs to the dentist and me and stairs are not a great combination. Especially these ones as this is an old big house converted into a dentist. There are 2 practises upstairs and 1 downstairs. I see a lovely Polish lady who all through the consultation see calls me Ma'am. What is strange about that? Here in this country the only person we call Ma'am is the Queen of England when you have meet her for the first time ( which I haven't by the way ;) ) you address her as her Majesty and there after Ma'am. So I am off shortly to be the Queen :D

Went to cards last night so I went from Wednesday getting last place to 2nd place last night. Well that is the surprises that cards throw up you never know what you are going to get and I love that. DH won also and got bacon and baked beans. I won porridge oats so both very useful prizes. Then won in the raffle and won a tin of chopped pork. Not that I will eat that as we do not like it but our dog will eat it over a couple of days with his food as a treat.

Numpster :welcome2: to 3fc and to this board nice to hear from you. I hope you find 3fc a place of inspiration as much I have along the weight loss journey as I have.

There are always people willing to help you along the way and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about something. For myself it was the way I started to find my way through this mine field of what they call weight loss.

Nice to meet one of Rosebuds sisters my sister is not on this site as she is miss bean pole herself ;) Though she has been so supportive all through my life no matter what size I have been. She has been encouraging and :kickbutt: when I have needed it through my weight loss journey. It is so much easier doing the weight loss journey with someone as they know how you are feeling and what you are going through so Rosebud will be your ideal buddy on this. I have had my DH losing weight with me and so we have helped each other along the way. I am so proud of my DH as he has such a sweet tooth you wouldn't believe so I have been inventive and made healthy pudding look devilishly naughty ones. If he thinks he is having something healthy he is not so keen but looks go a long way to fooling my DH I have found out when it comes to puddings.

Time to run and get myself ready for this dentist. So till next time ladies take care and look after yourselves. Bye for now

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-21-2008, 03:14 PM
:wel3fc: NUMPSTER ~ you don't have to apologize for making posts; once you are a member, you can post as aften as you like, and wherever you like. Come back often, and just jump right in whenever you like ...


11-21-2008, 06:09 PM
Hi all . . . and a big :welcome: to our newest Chickie . . . :grouphug:

Still doing the headless chicken dance but wanted to say HELLO. Somehow working ten to twelve hour days didn't seem so tiring ten or twelve years ago. :dizzy: Am I getting older or am I just out of practice. :lol:

We are gearing up for a really big storm -- supposed to get 30 cm (that's a foot) of snow by noon tomorrow; so far just a bit of dust; but it is cold and windy.

Have a good evening. . . :carrot:

11-21-2008, 10:19 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just stayed home and did laundry and unpacking more boxes today; we're making good progress. DH was brave enuff to go out a couple of times for errands and brought some chicken home for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook (just heated it up) and that was nice.

HI MEOWEE ~ we decided to stay in as the temps were very cold here too; dropping down to -11C plus with very cold winds and some light snow today. DH said the streets were empty; I think people are trying to adjust to the sudden drop in temps by staying home ~ lol! Yes, I have noticed that since I'm older, doing any kind of work (even housework) is so much harder and painful; I told DH recently that I can't believe how hard I worked when I was younger. In retrospect, maybe I'm paying for it now ...

HI PURPLE ~ you aren't the only one who is gonna have to go to the dentist. Last night when I was cleaning my teeth with floss, one of my fillings fell out ... :yikes: Now I have to go for sure and I don't enjoy that at all, esp becuz we don't have many dentists here. We have one that is only part-time and the other is booked up a lot.

You are fortunate: I always have wished that a nice lady dentist would move up here and help us out. We don't have many dentists here, and I'm not sure why; my ideal dentist is one that only does what's needed, and who specializes in making you feel good while you are there. I haven't always had good experiences at the dentists and long for that someday. I wish more parents would encourage their daughters to become dentists.

I hope your visit went well and that you had a good day. WOWEE, you and your DH had a great night at cards; lots of prizes. I think that is so wonderful and sounds like a lot of fun too.

HIYA NUMPSTER ~ I love coming here; you can meet really nice people; get lots of advice; and talk about many things; and get great support in the area of good physical health too ... all in one place. Hope you come by and visit us lots!

HI VALDINE ~ hope you have a nice restful weekend planned!!!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-22-2008, 10:37 AM
Good afternoon fellow chicks

It is a glorious day here but cold but to be expected as it is November. Went for a walk with DH and looked as though I was going to rob a bank :lol: This is as I have to protect my face the best I can because cold winds can cause an attack of trigeminial neuralgia. Done the washing today and DH helped me peg it out. It is all dry now so was excellent drying day. Just the horrid ironing left now.

We have had pasta and Bolognese today for dinner. I made it with minced turkey and lots of vegetables chopped up fine. So it got in extra vegetable and made it sort of vegetable/meat Bolognese which reduced the calories a little. It was extremely nice and served with wholemeal pasta weight out of cause as I tend to be more than heavy handed with this. Breakfast cereal is another thing I am heavy handed with and have to weigh out every time else I end up with like 3 servings :o.

Been very efficient and managed to prepare all of the dinner for tomorrow. That way I just go to the fridge tomorrow and put them in the steamer to cook. I have done lots of vegetables as per normal as that is a great way to fill up and not many calories. Also extra fibre into our diet which makes it filling as well.

MEOWEE Wow a foot of snow forecast I can not imagine that amount of snow. I am fairly certain I have never seen that amount apart from on television. I hope it did not come else it is hours of shovelling I would imagine to get your paths clear.

Yes it sort of creeps up on us not being able to do these 10 to 12 hour shifts without blinking an eyelid. When I was a pupil years many years ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth ;) I would have to work 13 hour shifts, then come home and study well if I was being good student I would :D. Then sometimes we would go out as a group of nurses to the early hours of the morning grab a few hours sleep and then go to another 13 hour shift. I shudder at the thought of doing that. On numerous occasions when working as a staff nurse I would work the afternoon shift from 1pm till 9pm and because another nurse phoned in sick and I was unable to cover it I would stop and work over night till 7am. Yes I was tired but it was not that difficult. I know I could work one shift of 8 hours never mind a marathon like that.

ROSEBUD Well dental appointment went well for me and no treatment. So I have to come back in 6 months time. My DH did not fair so well he has got to have a crown and a filling. So he is going to return next Thursday for his treatment at 2.30pm. Here in the UK you go to the same dental practice and see who you want at the practice. You go every 6 months providing no treatment is needed. This practice specialises in treating nervous patients and they are very good with patients and making them feel at ease. I am an NHS ( national health service) patient so have to pay a reduced fee. I have to pay as my private pension from nursing makes me not eligible for free health care. DH on the other hand is in receipt of the correct benefits because he cares for me so gets free health care for his teeth. There is one other category of patients and that who is private. Any one can choose to go private but oh boy do you need some money to pay. It is mega expensive for any treatment. The only thing I have looming over my head is I have a tooth that needs extracting but is not causing any problems if I did not have my trigeminial neuralgia it would have been taken out long ago. But with my history they are not touching it until it is necessary to do so. Even then it will require like a high dose of lignocaine to extract it and even then it is not pain free. So I am not looking forward to that anytime soon :D

Sorry to hear that a filling has dropped out whilst flossing. So that means a trip to the dentist for you. I hope you get a dentist soon and sort the problem out especially with it being the weekend. Here at the weekend we have an emergency system where you go to a clinic which has doctors one side and dentists another. I have had to go a few times in the past for the dentist. It was more when I was tyring to find out what this pain was in my face. It feels a little like toothache but worse but it is the best I can describe it as. So you think it must be toothache, then they say no your teeth are fine. Then you go to the doctors and they would tell me I need a dentist. That was sad time trying to get a dx for this. It was a relief when I had a name and some form of treatment.

Time to go and make a cuppa :coffee2: and fetch the towels in. So bye for now ladies and take care.

:hug: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-22-2008, 10:05 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had beautiful sunshine all day today; so we decided to take NIKO and go out for a drive. We hadn't picked up our mail in a while and needed a bag to hold it all ~ lol! We ended up doing a bit of shopping as well, but I forgot my list, so I had to wing it; but the problem with that is that you end up buying stuff that's not on the list. :D

HI PURPLE ~ glad your visit to the dentist went well; feel bad for you DH having to get some work done, but he'll brave it out, no doubt! ;) Yes, I have to measure my pasta, rice, and cereal; I think that is a commom problem, as we don't realize that a serving is so small. We had leftover chicken for dinner tonight; luv that when there's enuff for two nights, so I don't have to work as hard to have a nice dinner; still made myself a salad though.

I'll have to go searching in the freezer tomorrow; I used up a lot of stuff before the move, so I am now trying to restock a little bit. Trying to figure out what to have for dinner tomorrow.

HELLO to VAL, MEOWEE, and NUMPSTER ~ hope you all had a great day!

Well, it's time for me to put my legs up, and do some puzzles; and rest up a bit. Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-23-2008, 07:08 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning.

Well what a difference a day makes today is raining :rain: on and off and not a glimpse of sun shine :sunny: in sight. Woke up this morning to a very light covering of snow like an icing sugar (confectioners sugar I think you may know it as) on top of a cake. It is now melting extremely quickly.

Just finished cleaning the bathroom which I did not get round to yesterday. Decided to tackle the net curtains. Oh my :yikes: they were really dirty. I did not realise they had become so bad. So they have been scrubbed with in an inch of their life :lol:

Did a fair extra amount of exercise yesterday. Went of for 2 twenty minute walks with DH wrapped up like a bank robber ;) to protect my face. Then I had in between 30 minutes on the whole body vibrating machine. I must admit I took no rocking when it came to bed time :faint: I was shattered what with cooking, washing, ironing, hoovering and making bed. Ended up with bad back pain from the ironing worse than normal. I know being tired and in pain is a bad combination and I know it is a trigger for mindlessly eating. So I have to put my hands up this morning and confess I did exactly that now tallying up the calories the damage came out at just over 300 calories. So calorie intake for the day came in around 2200 which is way too much. So I am hoping that I can stay on plan more today and pare back my calories a little by filling up on vegetables etc and less calorie ladened foods. Right my confessional over and onward and upwards in the right direction.

ROSEBUD Yes he will have to be a big brave boy ;) for the dentist :rofl: He knows the dentist well so even before the examination began he told him I know you are running late so no need to look too closely ;) Then on finding these problems he even tried to wangle them to wait 6 months. The nurse assisting the dentist was laughing at his ploys to get out of this treatment for as long as possible. Needless to say they did not work so he only got a 6 day reprieve. I know he hates the dentist due to the needles. Usually afterwards he experience lots of pain from the injection site and often gets an infection there so ends up in more pain and on antibiotics. So my :crossed: that this doesn't happen this time and he gets off relatively pain free. Though I suspect he will have to have numerous injections to do this treatment so I think the likelihood of this is slim but I am not telling him that. Ignorance is bliss in this case so it will be our secret ;) One thing the dentist told me that made me feel 10 foot tall that my oral hygiene was brilliant and no scaling. I did have a polish though as my teeth stain a little due to drinking black coffee.

I received a letter the other day from the hospital about my neurological appointment next year I thought that they must have changed the date. Nope just the clinic. Why oh why did they have to waste the paper the clinic is in the same place as the previous one. All it is you wait on a different side of the room. I am sure that patients could have been told on arrival instead of sending out needless pieces of paper. I hate to see waste of paper when it is not necessary.

Hello :wave: VAL and MEOWEE :wave: hope you are both well and the weather is not too harsh in your part of the woods. I know that you both experience heavy snow falls in winter plus really low temperatures.

Well time to get a move on and start making tracks with Sunday lunch. So till tomorrow take care and see you soon.

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-23-2008, 02:21 PM

Still busy and still looking at snow . . . :lol: . . . now that if finally got started it doesn't want to quit.

11-24-2008, 01:08 AM
HI ALL ~ just a quick stop tonight as it's late; lots to do tonight. It warmed up to -5C ... yeah; but my feet were freezing so I am now wearing fake wooly socks inside my slippers; that did the trick and they are nice and toasty too; and I'm not exaggerating that at all. It's either freeze or roast around here! ;)

HEY PURPLE ~ seems your DH feels the same way as me about the dentist; I try to avoid going in the first place. I'm trying to decide where to go to have mine checked out. Just stayed home today; did a bit of my laundry to catch up. I threw a bag of DH's old clothes out today; he agreed that he has way too many clothes. Really we both do, so I am sorting and tossing as we go with them too.

HI MEOWEE ~ sounds like you may get that foot of snow after all; hope you're not buried down there ~ lol!

HI TO VAL and NUMPSTER too ~ hope you both had a great weekend!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-24-2008, 12:03 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Just not long returned from the city shopping. I went to the indoor market to the book store there. To drop of a heap of books read plus pick up a few more mainly by the same lady. I quite like her books and have just been introduced to her so I am going to read her past copies.

Whilst in town I went to a shop I buy clothes at as they are reasonable priced. I went to see if I could fit into the size down as I did not have any gauge how I was doing. I knew that the size 16 blouses and 16 trousers were getting big. To be honest I thought I would be in that horrid place of limbo land were one is too big and the other too small. I tried them on not only did they fit they had plenty of wiggle room ;) I was in tears in the changing room as I had made a size 14 UK me a size 14 I could not believe it. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever get to that size. I had to compose myself before coming out of the changing rooms. I just wanted to share my nsv with you. I had only my DH and they are not so overjoyed by things like that.

MEOWEE Do you normally get a lot of snow your neck of the woods?

ROSEBUD Talk of your fake woolly socks I have a couple of pairs for bed. My feet are often like blocks of ice and that is the only thing that gets them warm. My hands are cold more often than not, it is a constant struggle to get them warm again. Good job I am not in Canada with your low temperatures I would be frozen ;)

DH is much better at going to the dentist than he was as the dentist deals with nervous patients. I was not keen for a long while as when I was teenager I had a butcher of a dentist. He would fill teeth with no pain killer of any kind. He would charge the NHS for thecost of giving you pain relief apparently but obviously not use it. Needless to say he got struck off and a term in prison for defrauding the health service. Once I realised that dentists weren't all like that I relaxed and feel happier about going for treatment.

I do understand your fears it is horrid to have fears and you are powerless to stop them. I have the same dread of wasps and to some extent bees. I scream blue murder if there is a wasp in the vicinity when I was younger. Though going to work you can not show weakness on certain types of mental health wards else the clients will hone in on it. Oh summer was the bane of my life. I would wish for winter and no wasps :D I told other staff of my fears and they helped as much as possible. If one was buzzing around I am saw patients must have known I was terrified I was breathing heavily and sweat would run down my face :o

Tomorrow is treatment day at the ms therapy centre so not sure how much time I will have to come on but I will endeavour to do my best.

Big hello to VAL and NUMPSTER hope your both well and the weather is no too bad for you. Take care ladies and catch up with you soon

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

11-24-2008, 05:17 PM

11-25-2008, 12:18 AM
HI LADIES ~ we also had a shopping day today; did a lot of walking -- sure got my exercise in today. I was smarter this time and took a light pain med before leaving and that helped a bit.

Well, we managed to get most of the things we went for; we were looking for a rug for our livingroom as the floor is a bit cold (no basement) and it's a new kind of flooring that looks like hardwood, but isn't (a good fake). They were on sale, but the one we wanted is at another store; so we'll see if arrives here and is the right color or not then.

We got a cute little family of snowmen ornament that we want to put on the front of our deck; we already have some large candycanes, so they should go together. As for the Nativity Scene, that will have to wait until DH can make one; and that will take some planning and arranging for materials. We saw only one today and it was already sold. But I thinkt what we have with some lights will look nice too.

HI PURPLE ~ I'm so very glad for you for your NSV of fitting into a size 14 UK clothes today: I think that is FANTABULOUS!!! I don't blame you one bit for being so happy; that is a dream for many of us here. You have worked so hard, and you deserve it!

You are not the only one who had problems with bees, but I think I am healed of my fear of them now (which is answered prayer). For the last few summers, bees can come around, and I don't panic like I used to; but I have to admit that I still don't like wasps much as they are more aggressive. As I probably already told you, I got stung by a whole hives of bees when I was a young child, which caused a terrible fear of bees for decades, not just for me, but also my siblings (esp my sisters, who remembered that incident very well). I'm glad that I feel better about them now.

Yes, we had dental work done without needles or pain meds when we were kids too; I think that's why the drilling bothers me so much now; plus there were other incidents too. I look forward to the day that I find a good dentist again. You know, many do good work; but I don't like it when they want to do work that other dentists say isn't necessary.

For example, I'm so glad that I met one smart dentist who told me not to have my wisdom teeth removed unless they were causing a problem or bothering me, as later I lost one of my back teeth and the good wisdom tooth came down and replaced it; otherwise, I would have had a big hole there. There were other dentists who wanted to take them out for no good reason whatsoever. :dizzy: Well, that's my rant for this week!!! LOL! ;)

:wave: HELLO to you too, MEOWEE ~ hope you had a good 'SNOW' day ... ;) We had very light, fluffy snowflakes today -- very pretty really, and the temps were much milder here which was nice for us for shopping.

HI to VAL and NUMPSTER ~ I know that you are both out there ...

Take good care ladies, and have a good Tuesday ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-25-2008, 10:56 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Just returned from my oxygen therapy so I am somewhat tired :faint: So excuse me if there are any error and it is grammatically incorrect. Just about typed this message out when I received a private message when I went to read it I do not know what button I press but poof my message was gone. The worse thing being I had just about completed it and was just going to read it and give it the once over. So this is version two of my post ;) so :crossed: that it goes all right this time and it doesn't disappear into cyber space.

ROSEBUDI know my fear of bees / wasps started in my childhood. My first encounter was when I was about 7 years old. Mum and Dad were decorating their bedroom and I went and asked may I have a sweet (candy). I was told it was OK to have one so off I trotted to get one. So there I was in the dinning room with the sweet tin in hands. I went to sit down on the dinning room chair and there unbeknown to be was a bee :yikes: So I dropped the tin and was screaming blue murder by this stage. Mum and Dad come hurtling down the stairs at break neck speed to find I had been stung in the posterior :o. The second encounter was when I was about 11 years old and some how a wasp had crawled up my trouser leg. It inevitably stung me so then I promptly like a demented idiot was patting my legs furiously. So of course the wasp stung me numerous times and then I started to scream and cry. So Mum comes running to see what is up with me. Then quickly whips off my trouser to release the wasp. I had ended being stung 6 or 7 times.

My behaviour from there on was one of sheer terror I only had to hear the slight buzzing sound and I would scream. Plus exit the room quicker than grease lightening. The embarrassing thing was nine times out of ten it was a blue bottle fly but I wasn't going to stop round to find out if it had a sting in its tail. Despite hating them I do not like to see them killed either. So DH has to release them into the garden with jar and piece of paper. I don't do the screaming but you are definitely aware I don't like them.

I am fortunate that I have a good dentist who cares about me. She won't take the tooth out because of my history rather than go ahead. Prior to that I had a Swedish dentist who was brilliant. She said I do not know anything about MS so I am going on holiday next week and I am going to Sweden. She kept to her word to me that she was going to find out about my condition and how it effect her as a dentist and my treatment. I liked the fact that she admitted she was not familiar with my condition but was willing to find out on my behalf. She was one who went an extra mile for her patients. This lady I have now is also very good and I hope she stops at the practice for a long time.

Take care ladies see you again soon


11-26-2008, 12:38 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you all had a nice day; we stayed home and did stuff around here. I washed my drapes before putting them up in the livingroom: putting them up was a task for DH, but they look pretty good now.

Our new landlord was here for a while doing some minor repairs that should really help to keep us cozy and warm this winter. And, DH put up a shelf in our laundry center for my soaps and stuff so I can reach them better. So we got a lot accomplished today.

We had a nice dinner of lean pork chops with mixed long grain rice side dish (wild/brown/white mixed) along with veggies too, of course. I did some house chores today like the floors (did dusting the floors twice, as things get messy when repairs are being done), so I got some exercise in today. I did a little bit of band work today for fun too. I had strained my right shoulder a bit a couple of days ago, so I found that the stretchy band didn't aggrevate it too much; good for flexibility, I think.

HEY PURPLE ~ watched the finale of the DANCING WITH STARS ... no surprise there, as the judges had made it clear who they wanted to win already. I just like the fun of the dancing the most; many of the dancers were very good, and some are very funny too.

HELLO TO MEOWEE, VAL, and NUMPSTER ~ hope you all have a great Wednesday ...

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-26-2008, 06:03 AM
Hi and good morning ladies

Went out to play cards last night but I did no good. Though DH did well he got 2nd place and won bacon and eggs which is always a good prize to win. Not many weeks till we go to what are called Christmas whist drives where we get a lot better prizes and more people win and they have 4th and 5th even more at bigger whist drives.

Going to friends this weekend for a meal we were going out for a Chinese but that has fell through as the third couple we were going with she has been taken in hospital. Chrissie has had an attack (ms) and she has been struggling for weeks to be honest. I hope they are able to help her out big time as she is not eating properly and has become painfully thin. I think her poor eating habits are now rubbing off on to her daughter. Her daughter is only 7 years old so very impressionable and she is becoming very thin. Youngsters now days are so more body conscious than we were. I think it is the media in all forms that have contributed towards this. At that age I was more worried about playing with my dolls and going round to my friends.

ROSEBUD Lunch sounded nice I must admit my DH would have though so he is a big lover of pork. I am not quite so keen as when I began my nurse training all those years ago for some reason I always was working the weekend it was roast pork. After about 3 years of roast pork every other week it lost its appeal a wee bit.

Our dancing with the stars finale (called strictly come dancing here) here in the UK is not for a few weeks yet. I think we still have 5 dancers in. This year it is very close it is hard to say who you think is going to win. It could be between Austin Healey (rugby player), Rachel Stevens (singer) and Tom Chambers (actor). These celebrities have all being at the top of the leader board in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. I would not like to have a bet to win as it is so difficult to say.

I think having curtains (drapes) make a huge difference to a play. For starters they give more warmth but they make a room look cosy. I have big curtains in the lounge which are in velour ( think that is how it is spelt :lol: ) and they touch the floor. They are in a wine colour to match the carpet and three piece suite.

Going to do my hair shortly as I am going out so going to put it up. At the minute it is my plaits (braids ) from the night before. So take care ladies

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

11-26-2008, 04:26 PM
Hi gang . . . :grouphug:

Still plugging along with the number crunching but it will soon be done. Decided I'll never get the last aprons done so have been looking into other things (store-bought-stuff). :mad:

We've got mild weather (7C / 45F) and it's getting really messy out there because the snpow is obviously trying to melt. Temperatures and rain are going to continue overnight and throughout tomorrow apparently. Certainly don't mind seeing the snow go away, but now we are in danger of extensive flooding. Luckily I live on the top of a hill.

Have a great day . . . :wave:

11-27-2008, 12:54 AM
HI LADIES ~ we had milder temps today and of course, that means we had a snow day! Yah, it snowed and snowed and snowed; it a wonderful white winterland out there right now and the trees look so pretty. Only one neighbour is out there, energetic guy that he is ... cleaning off their vehicles and pushing snow ~ lol!

HI PURPLE ~ have sent up some prayers for CHRISSIE and her daughter; that must be tuff on her too, watching her mom as she is so sick. That could affect how she eats too. Some people eat when they are upset, down, or sick, but some people do the opposite; I have a couple of friends like that; rare though it may be.

Hope you had fun playing cards, even if you didn't win a prize; congrats to your DH on a good night. We don't eat pork a lot; maybe once a week or so; we haven't had roast ham for awhile. I looked for a nice shoulder ham this week and they didn't have any. Maybe closer to the Christmas holiday, they will get some in.

Tonight we had a meatless pasta dish and I also had a salad with mine. I'm trying to cut back a bit on the meat, but try to still eat healthy for both DH and myself. I did pick up a couple of lean round roasts of beef for only $1.99a pound this week: great deal; and the chops were the same price too.

HI MEOWEE ~ nice to see you; too bad you didn't get the aprons done, but I'm sure you'll find something nice. We went to a nice Christmas sale this week, and I picked up a nice handmade hat & mittens & scarf set for the winter to match my new brown parka. I had hoped to find some homemade knit socks, but they were already sold out; so hard to find these days.

HI VAL & NUMPSTER ~ hope both you ladies have a great Thursday ...

Take good care now, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-27-2008, 07:09 AM


:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-27-2008, 09:56 AM
:lol: . . . What PURPLE ORC said . . . have a really great day . . . :grouphug:

I love knitting socks -- I feel so wonderfully busy with all those needles clicking around at the same time -- trouble is, I never get the second sock done. :rofl: Have to convince myself (and all my family) that mismatched socks are the latest "in" thing.

11-27-2008, 10:05 AM
Hi Ladies

I am back for a second time today was going out so just put the message for thanksgiving and ran :lol:

DH is going to the dentist very shortly but not very keen I am afraid. He wanted a bravery pill at lunchtime ;) but had to settle with a mild pain killer which I gave to help with post treatment pain.

meowee Shame you will not get the aprons done in time but there comes a point where you have to admit defeat.

I hope that it does not thaw too much and cause flooding. I know you are in a safe environment but it would be dreadful for others. It causes so much mess and heartache.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the prays for Chrissie and her daughter. It transpires that Chrissie had a series of epileptic fits. So she now has to be tested to see if they are MS related or another reason. Same now she has lost her driving licence for a year now. She was reliant on her car for Independence as her mobility is even more impaired than my own. She is now at home with her family.

My luck changed last night at cards and I won 1st prize a couple of chicken breasts. My DH did no good so cards is a game of swings and round abouts that is what I love about it you never know what you might get.

We went out for lunch today It was not planned as such but a hiccups last night I forgot to take my medication for my night time until very late so hence I could not sleep until very late. To help DH said lets go out for lunch. I still managed to eat healthy. I had a jacket potato with salad and a chicken breast. It was really nice mind you I was hungry by this time and a scabby horse would have tasted good ;)

bye for now

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-27-2008, 10:47 PM


We had a good day today; it snowed all through the night (gee, that sounds like a song ~lol) so the snowplows were here first thing the AM again. The man asked DH if he was paying, and DH said 'NO-WAY ... that's the landlord responsibility, not ours!' Nice try there pal! ;) I mean, we didn't call ya, so why would we be paying ya too??? :dizzy: Our landlord may be praying that it stops snowing real soon. :D

DH went out and did some errands and had to buy himself a shovel to clear the doorways. I saw a sale in a CT flyer, so he got a real nice one for only ten bucks ... yeah! I spent a while today trying to sort out our bills and books for the new month; and had to make a few calls.

MY WEEKLY RANT ~ GEE WHIZ, who gave the GAS companies permission to hike the heating bills by 40% when we only get a 2% living increase every so many years??? Our first bill came and it is on a EPP (equal payment plan), but it is twice as much as we were told it would be. The nice lady said that they had added in the last installment of the increase of 25% on our bill for this year. :yikes:

Well, we gotta have heat in CANADA, eh; or we'll all freeze to death! LOL! And, we all need hot water to bath and clean and such; so DH was whizzing around filling holes all over the place to try and help keep the bills down. We found some gaping holes around our back door, and another huge one under our dryer vent; plus I put up drapes in the big livingroom window, so we noticed a difference right away, as all these things were fixed. I even did some investigation to see how we could save money on the net. So, DH has a new hobby for the winter ... lol!

HEY PURPLE ~ good for you, winning at cards last night; and that's not a bad prize there. I'm so glad they have figured out what happened with CHRISSIE already and that she is back at home. Sorry she lost her wheels though; but hopefully they can get the seizures managed with meds for her soon.

Good for you eating so healthily at your lunch out today; we have found a place that you can order some healthier foods, but it does cost quite a bit more though, so it will have to be for special occasions mostly. We find that the market DELI has the best option of spit BBQ chicken for the best price; thank GOD for them.

:lol: That's tres funny, MEOWEE! your knitted socks don't get finished either, eh? You sound like me! That's why I like only quick & easy and very small projects; but these days, I'd rather just wait and buy them from those talented folks who know how to knit so well. ;)

HI NUMPSTER & VAL ~ TGIF ... hope both you girls have a Fantabulous Friday!!!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-27-2008, 11:00 PM
:wave: just running by. hope all the best ladies

11-28-2008, 02:22 PM
Hi Ladies

Tis a swift drop by not had anytime today as I have been watching medical documentaries most of the day in between doing the normal daily chores. This is because I do not have a huge amount of energy today it seems to have deserted me some how. Need to go and find this magical energy I bet I left it somewhere daft ;)

Just got myself ready to go out to play cards at a small village called Gunthorpe. It has a lovely setting over the river Trent and look idyllic with all the boats moored up. Once upon a time it flooded regular this part of the river but some work was done so it has improved things somewhat.

I have read everyones lovely post so nice to catch up with the news. Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow to answer them if I am more energetic So bye for now ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-29-2008, 12:42 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ it's a quick one for me too, as it's getting late. We went shopping and ran a few errands today: just picked up a few things that we forgot earlier in the week; plus a few small gifts ... we were trying to keep things simple this year, but DH just had to splurge and bought himself a mitre saw becuz it was on sale -- yah, huh-huh, huh-huh!

I had ordered some new boots for both DH and I; they arrived today, but both of them are way too small. Is it us or are they making shoes and boots for the 'little people' these days??? LOL! ;) So we have to return them and try a bigger and wider size; if that doesn't work, we'll have to keep looking.

I did get some walking in today; glad to get some exercise any way I can. Tonight, we stayed in and watched a cute Christmas movie, and had some popcorn for a treat. Hope you all had a good Friday too.

HIYA PURPLE ~ hope you can find some energy over the weekend; and best wishes for your games tonight.

HI to MEOWEE and and NUMPSTER and VAL!!!

Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-29-2008, 04:18 PM
Hi there . . . :wave:

I'm still in the land of the living and I'm finally finished with that little "job" so now I can get back to getting organized for Christmas -- wrapping and mailing are on the agenda for the coming week.

BTW, ROSEBUD, don't forget that our feet (and our ears) never stop growing. :lol: But, I do think you are right, manufacturers do seem to be cutting corners on sizing in some things.

Over all,my eating hasn't been too bad for November, but I will definitely be moving my ticker up a pound for the beginning of December (unless some miracle occurs in the next 24 hours). At least the blood sugar has been running at much better levels since I went back on insulin six weeks ago and I guess I'll just try to be content with that for now. I know that the chances of my weight going in the downward direction during the month of December is simply a figment of my overly vivid imagination. I just seem to lose all willpower this time of year. :dizzy:

Hope everybody has a great Saturday . . . see you all later . . . :grouphug:

11-29-2008, 09:14 PM
HI LADIES ~ well, we decided to take those boots back and ordered some more; I ordered two sizes and Xtra-wide: the lady says to try them both and bring back the one(s) that don't fit. I told DH that if they don't fit, I may have to buy a pair of men's dress boots to get them wider.

That's another one of those traits (flaws) that we inherited in our family: wide feet and wide backs, weight problems and Santa bellies, a wicked sense of humor, and big, swelled heads! ;) hehe! LOL! I'm sure NUMPSTER could attest to that too ... :D

HEY MEOWEE ~ I'm not surprised to hear that our feet keep growing; as I used to take a 7 regular, and now I take an 8 wide or is that Xtra-wide? A few years back, I bought a men's pair of runners and loved them because they have much more room in them and are my most comfortable pair, but they are starting to get warn out. I hope that I can find another pair like them next spring.

Gee, that's sad to hear that our ears keep growing; for some people that might not be so good! :lol: When we were kids, we used to tell NUMPSTER that if she told a lie that her nose would grow just like Pinnochio's :o; apparently she believed us, although I did tell her once that it was just a joke. Weren't we naughty? :lol:

I understand what you mean about the month of December and being so hard to keep to plan. I can do really well with most of the meals; my problem seems to be snacking, esp on all that CHOCOLATE! I'll try to be good, and have some nuts and dark chocolate, but I will have one nutty-chocolate treat on Christmas Eve as that's a tradition in our family.

I have to admit that I am doing much better than in former years. We have cut way back ... I don't do mega-baking anymore. Actually, hardly any now; just bran muffins and maybe a pumpkin pie here or there, esp for DH as they both are his favorite; his favorite muffin is CHOCOLATE-BRAN MUFFINS. :lol:

HI to PURPLE and VAL and NUMPSTER ... hope all you ladies are having a well-rested weekend. I managed to get a little walking in today too; and we went a-hunting for all our Christmas decos and will start putting them up tomorrow. We usually have them all up by now, but our move delayed us a bit. Who knows, maybe we'll get them up in a few days.

Take good care, your friend and Sis :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-30-2008, 11:35 PM
:wave: WHOA, ladies ~ nobody's been here but myself since yesterday, so that means you are all feeling great and are so busy that you couldn't make it in here ... and that's a good thing, right Martha? ;)

We had a quiet day today; just stayed home and played with our Christmas decorations. It took us half a day just to do and undo and redo the front deck; and tomorrow, we will tackle the lights, as we couldn't find the bulbs we wanted to put up. Wouldn't you know it, the very bulbs we want to use were packed last and we can't find them; found every other color but them, which is white. We have one far shed to search yet, so they must be in there. :lol: We put up our snowman family and candy canes; plus some big, red bows so far. It's catchy ya know, all down the street people were out putting up lights and decos; and put them on tonight for the first time.

We had a lovely roast chicken dinner with roasted veggies together; and I took a lesson from our PURPLE and made a jello-fruit dessert. I made raspberry and put in raspberries, orange pieces, banana slices, and some mixed fruit as well; gee, I have enuff to last for a few days for sure. I saved it and had it for a snack tonight ... very yummy! I did much better today by not snacking as much, so I am very happy about that.

And, I did manage to get a bit of walking in both yesterday and today; but I hope to increase it a bit more this month, esp with this being the holiday season. I am trying to offset any damage by increasing my exercise and walking this month to see if that helps me this year.

Well, it's that time of month again; the last day of the month, so I have started the new December's thread, which we will ask our resident monitor, MEOWEE to bless with a red sticky for us, and send thanks her way too! :D

So, I hope to see you all over there tomorrow; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug: