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10-30-2008, 08:32 AM
I just found this site and thought to post here for other's thoughts. I know we have a couple resident vets here, and a few breeders. So I thought to see what others had to say!!!!!!


10-30-2008, 08:43 AM
here's the reason many counties only do it once a year even though there is a 3 yr vaccine...because rabies is high in that county. I've live in a rabies populated county that required a 1 yr vax instead of a 3 yr vax. It was an extremely rural area. And the reason they kept it one year was more for the owners. Its more likely owners will remember every year then every 3 yrs. And personally, if you've seen the effect of rabies like i have...you would want it too. You can argue any other vaccines if you want and talk about how they need to go on a less frequent basis...but here's my opinion...talk to any one who's had to go thr prophylactic post rabies treatment (after being bitten by either a rabies or nonvaccinated animal)...and it SUX! rabies is a very serious and deadly disease. I currently work in a county where its a three year vaccine. But like i stated came from a county that was 1 yr. And trust me, i think the one year was very important in that county. It really helped get people to do the vax and emphasis it. Maybe if more people who owned animals were more responsible, then those counties could switch to 3 yrs...but coming from someone who's seen a whole kennel of 50 dogs euthanize after one was tested positive for rabies and a family of 6 recieve treatment (including a yound 2 yr old)...i say until that county and its people can take responsibility for such a serious disease, I would not switch to one year in those areas. Rabies is too serious of a disease in both human and animals and should not be taken lightly. the few animals that do have reaction to the vaccine are far and few apart to chance the health and welfare of pets and humans. I have a huge issue when it comes to zoonotic diseases. And if we can prevent them...let's do it. why take someones life at chance

and as for a waiver..i personally would never write a waiver for a rabies vaccine. Sorry if that sounds mean...but i don't trust a rabies titer. Even humans when we get vax for rabies...if we get bit we still have to go thr partial prophylactic treatment. So that's stating that there's always a chance. I will never take a human's life (or other pet) and put it in danger by not vaccinating for rabies. I could never imagine if something happen to a person because i stated that the animals rabies titer was high enough. There really is not enough evidence out there.

10-30-2008, 08:48 AM
Thank you Gator. Please do not misunderstand my posting! I vaccinate my dogs! I was doing another search and this came across my path and I thought to ask! I know rabbies is a killer and it's treatment is NOT fun as you shared.

10-30-2008, 09:36 AM
If you have to draw the dog's blood, send it off for a titer and then possibly have to give the shot anyway, why not just give it to start with?
This reminds me of the anti-vaccine stuff that you find on the net about human vaccinations.
I know that's a VERY controversial subject, so I don't want to get that started.
One thing I've learned about the internet is that there is always someone challenging something that is common knowledge and they're trying to make it out like it's totally wrong.

10-30-2008, 10:32 PM
i'm sorry if i came across witchy..that's not what i meant to do...i just am very strict when it comes to rabies. An owner can choose to do whatever else when it comes to their dog's in regards to other vaccies (ie parvo, distempter etc)...its their dog's health they are putting at risk..but when it comes to something so serious at rabies...i make my point...i guess sometimes a bit loud and annoying LMAO (:

10-31-2008, 09:47 AM
Thats alright gator, I know you meant well, and I also know you probably think I throw animals around like yesterdays newspapers. :(. I truly do believe a pet comes into our lives for the duration of their lives or ours! I had my cats for over 15 years! And as I was just about to go on defending myself about the puppy and kitten I recently adopted and had to rehome, I realized that I only have to answer to God., my conscience is clear!

Cody already knows come, (without sitting in front of me, but it's a start!) and sit, and we are working on the potty. Today I'm going to introduce stay and work on come some more!

And I have to share this... I told cody he needed a bath and proceeded to grab the bath supplies for doggies. When I got to the bathroom there was my 2 yr old Jade in the tub looking none too happy, but being obedient to the "unavoidable" . Boy was she relieved when I told her it was Cody's bath and she could leave! She got out of the tub and came back to make sure thats what I wanted, when she saw me put Cody in the tub she went away! Poor thing, such a good, obedient dog I have! :)

11-03-2008, 08:36 AM
?????? you're the the one that brought up your animals. I was just talking about how i felt about rabies vax and something that i'm extremely passionate about. Never said anything about your animals in this post?????????????????????????? and didn't bring it up. So please don't read so much into my posts.