Weight and Resistance Training - My Weight isn't budging but my inches are...

10-21-2008, 10:07 PM
I know this isn't a bad thing...but I need to see results on the scale to keep motivated. I have hired a trainer and he thought my caloric intake of 1200-1300 was good. Week 1 - lost 9, Week 2 - lost 1 (which I expected), Week 3 - (official weigh in is fri but I weighed myself tonight and I'm 2 lbs over last week. I know it's most likely due to the muscle mass I'm building but I was really expecting this when I got below the 200 mark - not at 10lbs). The trainer referred me to a nutritionist and she said that working out 6 times a week -four days at 30 mins and two days at 90 mins. I'm a little low. She also said that my intake of food was not realistic and I need to diverisfy(?) more. Ok, maybe that's the problem, maybe I should try WW, ... this seems to be turning into a rant rather than a question...

So, my fellow life changers...how did you manage to get through this stage of the game (it's so early for me to be feeling this way)?:?:

10-21-2008, 11:19 PM
OH, i"m having the same problem, so I feel ya. I've been increasing my weights on every lifting session, so I figure I will eventually get to the place where I'm not increasing as much and growing mass as quickly, and the scale will start to drop again. I am seeing physical differences like you though, and I'm trying to stay focused on that. I might end up being the slimmest heavy woman, but that will be between me and my doctor only! ;) I take measurements this Friday and am looking forward to what a month of this concentrated effort has done for me.

10-22-2008, 01:43 AM
Do I understand that you've only been doing this for 3 weeks and that you started both weight lifting and calorie counting at the same time? If so, I'd say (and believe me this is just my opinon :) ) you need to give it longer before you say "it's not working." And if your inches are changing, then something is happening. Eventually the scale will catch up. Are you actually lifting 6 days a week, or does that include your cardio time too? And really, though it's hard, I'd give it more time. I once spent nearly 3 months at the same weight, and went down two sizes in that time. Bodies are strange things at times. Could you adjust your focus to something other than the scale for awhile? Focus on your measurements, on the gains you're making lifting (as Fran says, they'll slow down), or even the fit of your clothes. Whatever you do, keep up the good work! :)

10-22-2008, 08:20 AM
What are you eating?

And, yeah, you need to give it more time (although I think you are not eating enough).

10-22-2008, 11:40 AM
Yep, if you have a fitday url, post it here and we'll all chime in on what you're eating.