General chatter - 5 Year class reunion/ delusional high school football fans *rant*

10-18-2008, 08:22 PM
Last night, I went to my 5 year class reunion (who really does a 5 year???) at my schools homecoming football game. Where I live football is everything, its what my small community eat, sleeps and breathes for. Personally, when I was in school I used it a social hour and did not give a hoot who won and I still don't give a crap about the games. The reunion was a complete bust, but I still had somewhat of a decent time. Here is how it went:

It started out with making a nice batch of banana pudding because the invite that I received said bring your favorite tailgate food, a football etc and have a great time. I get there *no one* brought anything. All that was set up was a rickety card table with a sign in sheet so we could get our free ticket into the game. I ran my wonderful pudding and my chair I brought back up to my car (I was more than a little peeved).

I dressed a little nicer than normal. I had on a short sleeved dress shirt under nicely fitted buttoned up (business type) vest and nice pair of jeans and slip on cowboy boot looking shoes. The others were dressed like they had come out Britney Spear's trailer park. I started talking to old friends and my best friend from high school says: "Well you just turned into such a girly girl." which is highly ironic because I am not. I can still hock some snot with the best of the boys. Also she says "You have put on so much weight." I thought, pot calling the kettle black, she herself had put on a good 40lbs but I didnt say anything I did however, say "Well I am working to lose it, I have lost 34.6 lbs thanks for the encouragement."

Fast forward to setting up our seats. We had gotten a reserved section roped off for us (rows 3-10). Well we were only supposed to have rows 3-9 but no one knew that. So I am putting down my blanket on row 10 and get ready to sit down. This lady comes out of no where and proceeds to tell me that I am to move my things immediately because we are sitting in her reserved season ticket seats. I politely told her that I was unaware that these were "her" seats however that these rows were roped of for the Class of 2003 alumni reunion. She then tells me to move again and that she will go and get a security guard to prove that she has the legal right to sit there and she does every week and would have my friend and I removed, blah blah blah. Then had the nerve to tell me she wasn't trying to be rude. I just about lost it on her.

The high school that I came from could not win a game to save their lives. They are lucky to have a season where they do not have a losing record. So why people pay money to sit in reserved seating to watch a team that notoriously loses is beyond me. Also, probably at least 50% of the crowd is there to watch the band play because we are the best in the county, pretty much the region and the largest band.

After that there was this guy that is sitting adjacent and behind me screaming the whole time about the game. Stuff like "COME ON REF ARE YOU BLIND?" "Lets go Defense stonewall em'" etc the whole fudgin' time we are there and teaching his 12 year old looking sons to do the same things (which is highly disturbing) Before the game, after the bands pregame show they had not even half exited the field. The ball team and refs was walking out on the field for the coin toss practically mowing over the band. It takes more than a few seconds to get 176 kids off the field. I peeved and said "cant they just wait like 1:30 while the get out of the way" to my friends. The guy behind me said "well its because they have a schedule to keep and the band is just in the way" I muttered a few things under my breath but that was pretty much the end of my night. I left after the half time show because it was pretty cold, I couldn't handle being around all those nasty people an my sister and I wanted to see the half time show.

The only good point about the night, I was able to catch up with some people that I hadn't seen in a long time.


10-18-2008, 08:49 PM
which is exactly why I skip high school reunions.

10-18-2008, 08:52 PM
which is exactly why I skip high school reunions.

I pretty much talked myself out of going about a week before. Then I thought well I have nothing else to do why not and I was better off with my previous judgment.

10-18-2008, 08:56 PM
I wasn't exactly thrilled with the people that I graduated with. I've run into a few of them recently and they are still up to the same antics they were in high school....10 years later. A few of them were still living with their parents, still going to college...

They were stunned when they learned that I was married with children. Making comments're so grown up.

No kidding. I'm almost's about time.