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10-16-2008, 06:31 AM
For motivation, and also for something to watch while im exercising, i watch a lot of the old episodes of the biggest loser.. i was watching an austrailian one by tblaus3x and saw something so inspiring.. there is a man John, that has had a heart attack in the past, has high bp and is in his 40's i think ( if i remember right).. anyhoo.. he was allowed to stay in the house as long as he didnt let his heart rate go above 100.. he couldnt do Anything but walk 3 times a day for 40 mins, and also watch his diet of course... the thing that impressed me was that he lost loads of weight. he was in the top 3 biggest losers in the house until he had to leave the show .. it just goes to show that with healthy food choices, and just Walking...YOU can lose weight.. it's nice to know for those with physical limitations etc that keep you from doing a full workout that all is NOT lost... if he can do it.. so can anyone else:)... just thought id share:hug: