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04-17-2002, 06:33 PM
Guys, I figured I would post this here in case anyone wants to join in. I will post the plan for the week. If you want to join, just post your results below.

Taken from http://running.about.com/cs/forbeginners (http://www.running.about.com/cs/forbeginners)


1. Commit: Pick a 5K or 5 mile about 9 to 10 weeks from now - REGISTER! - Don't let negative nellies talk you out of it - maybe bet them on it or ask them to join.

2. Are You ready?: Clear plan with DR.

3. Purchase running gear: Good shoes are important - you may also want a good watch.

4. Map out running courses of 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles and 6 miles. Avoid heavy traffic.

5. Go easy at first - first 3 weeks critical. You will feel soreness and fatigue - DO NOT GIVE UP - this will go away! Take it easy so you don't experience too much discomfort and give up - THIS IS A JOURNEY NOT A RACE! :lol:


GOAL: Jog 1 mile without stopping.

Remember to: Warm up adequately, jog at a pace that allows comfortable conversation. When you are too tired, walk until you are ready to run again. Just walking at first is fine - BABY STEPS! Also, after the run, warm down.

Each outing: Try to run a little farther nonstop.

Don't panic: IF you miss a workout. Just try to make up for it on one of your free days.

DAY 1: Walk/Jog 1 mile
DAY 2: Walk/Jog 1 mile (you may be a bit sore today 0 - take your time)
DAY 3: Walk/Jog 1 mile
Day 4: Jog 1 mile - Can ya? If not, do the best you can without causing excess discomfort.
Day 6: Jog 1 mile - Can ya? If not, do the best you can without causing excess discomfort.

Keep repeating this week until you can jog 1 mile relatively comfortably. Then move on to week 2.

Week 2: We will improve our 1 mile pace and complete our first 2 mile.

I hope it is ok that I lifted this from that web site. You should really go check it out. It has lots more stuff and great links!

04-17-2002, 06:36 PM
Bailey's Day 1: 4/16/02

- well, I mapped the mile and went out with the dog. We did it in 13 minutes (1 shoe tying break, 3 breaks to water the lilly's and one to fertilize the local park). I can run about 4 or 5 minutes and then need to walk for a bit to catch my breath. I am hoping to be ready to move on to week 2 at the end of the week. The dog is another story, so from now on, I will be jog/walking the course alone, then repeating it at a slower pace until the dog is in better shape. Poor pooch! Will also have to check in with his vet.

04-17-2002, 06:48 PM
Bailey's prep:

Well, I found a 5k in my town which is in 6.5 weeks. I found another which is in 10 weeks but will be harder to get to. Will register for 1 of the two in the next month.

I have a dr's appointment on April 23, so will clear the plan with him then. Hopefully, I won't do any permanent damage in this first week - will take it slow! I also need to take the dog to the vet and get a plan cleared for him as I would like a running buddy.

I have everything I need for now. May purchase a stop-watch. When the race gets closer, will buy better running shoes. Will try to save cigarett $ towards these.

I found a nice 1 mile. Need to get the others mapped out. Work is about 3.5. May use this sometimes, but would not be able to take the dog.


04-17-2002, 08:24 PM
Bailey & Rufus Day 2: 4/17/02

I made it another mile - not even sore from yesterday! I did it in 13 minutes (had to wait for a light for about 2 minutes though so more like 11 or 12). I really need to stop smoking:?: Ran exactly half the time, but had to go through about 6 walk/run cycles. That does not add up to any runs that last very long! Oh, well, onward and upward.

I thought the dog would run away and hide when he saw me getting my running stuff out. Yesterday, he was panting so hard and leaking gallons of drool for about a half hour after our 13 minute walk/run. He was raring to go again today though. He got all excited and ran to his leash. I told him I would be right back and did my first mile. Then I got him and we walked/ran a mile with less running (only about 1/4 of the time). He only panted for about 6 minutes after we finished and seemed to have a lot of fun. Need to go to the vet though. He keeps licking his leg. He is a large dog and they often have bone problems - one of the primary reasons for their short life expectancy (this makes me cry just thinking about it). Hope it is nothing serious! Won't do any more running with him , just fast walking, until I can get to the vet!

04-18-2002, 10:27 AM
Okay Bailey, you have me motivated too. I haven't focused on my jogging since I did that KSC 5K (3.1 miles) race four months ago. Last week I was finally able to really begin pushing myself on the treadmill since skiing and the knee problem. So I'm with you on this!!! Since I have a pretty good history and a close relationship with the treadmill I'm going to start with Week 3. My goal is to run at least three 5K's this year and beat my previous time of 33:28. This December I want to run the KSC 10K race.

Since I already exercised today, tomorrow I'll jog two miles at my own pace and see if I can do it.

When I did the previous race I had a friend who encouraged me the whole way. She's itty bitty and can run 5 miles without even breaking a sweat. She slowed her pace, stayed with me, and talked with me the whole time (I was barely able to speak :D). DH ran the race too but of course I'm too slow so he finished ahead of me and was standing at the finish line cheering me in. I almost started crying. I never in a million years thought I could accomplish that.

04-18-2002, 08:53 PM
Yeay Lizzard!!! I am so glad you are joining me! Hope people aren't annoyed that I am starting so many random threads! Starting with week 3 sounds like a good plan. You can definately better your old time (not that the time was not good - it was great! - you just rock:D ) AND conquer that 10K. Got choked up reading about your first race success. I sure hope I get there!

Unfortunately, looks like I might need to quit smoking :lol:

Bailey and Rufus Day 3: 4/18/02

Now, I really don't want to be making excuses already...BUT - I was a little sore today (not too bad) AND - I am pretty pressed for time. ALSO - I wanted to make sure I got the dog's workout in, as I really want him as a running buddy if the vet ok's it. PLUS - tomorrow is a rest day for me. SO....

Dog and I did about 1/2 to 3/4 miles, some running some walking, some sniffing stuff in the park. Took us 10 minutes.

Tomorrow, I will do a mile by myself and see if I can run more than walk, then take the dog out for a mile of "little run, lotta walk, plus sniffing and all that other good stuff.

I don't see myself comfortably running a mile by the end of the week and that is FINE! I will repeat week 1 happily until I can do it. I really want to be consistent with this but take it slow so I don't get burned out and quit.

04-19-2002, 09:00 AM
Great job Bailey!! Yep, be careful and set your own pace cuz if you don't you will strain something.

Well, I hit the treadmill this morning and jogged two miles in 24 minutes and walked two miles in 30 minutes. It felt good but it wasn't easy. After my first mile I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to make it but I stayed focused and did it. The last 1/2 mile jogging was really tough. I swear my body just wasn't made for running. During the walking part I felt much better. I have to be really careful otherwise I have a problem with pain in my lower legs just above my ankle but it's not shin splints.

I printed out the week 3 schedule and taped in to the mirror in my bathroom. I guess Sunday morning I'll be hitting the road. I've still gotta map out two miles thru the neighborhood.

Thanks for inspiring me!!

04-19-2002, 09:55 PM
Well done LIZ!!

I was so tired after no sleep last night I wasn't sure I had it in me, but I went out without the mutt and did 1 mile in 12:08.67(sweet bf gave me his timex he keeps in his pocket that had no band and I put it on one of my bands:D ). Was actually able to run a little more this time, despite tiredness. I don't know if my overall time was faster or not, as my old times were with the most pathetic excuse for a watch (very rough estimates). But, I have probably been around 12 to 14 all three times. I suppose as I can run more and walk less, this will have to improve:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: Although I doubt I will be running the whole mile by the end of the week, my "minigoal" is to break the 12 minute mark either tomorrow or sunday.

After, I came inside, had a bit of H2O (not too much, just a little, lied down for 1 minute (yup, timed it) and walked around for 1 minute (ditto). Then, I leashed up the beast and hit the pavement again. We did a little running (only when he started it!) some walking and good old fashioned sniff/pee stints. Also stopped to talk to some admireres (he is very unique looking). According to yahoo maps (I know, I should clock it with the car, I think I might even get a pedometer) we went .6 miles in 12:16:10. Not too bad. The dog took 4 1/2 minutes to stop panting hard (which he often does just because he is hot) and 8 3/4 minutes to stop panting all together. Getting better!

Since I am counting yesterday as my day off, I will be doing my best to run as much of the mile as I can the next two days. We are going to cape cod and my sister is bringing her two dogs, so between playing on the beach and playing with his cousins - I think the dog will get those two days off!

04-21-2002, 11:24 PM
Bailey and Rufus Rest of Week 0: Getting a bit easier but not too much. Still have to walk a lot. Did a mile on sat with the dog in 12:15. Dog did fine. Will start week 1 over (which is FINE) today and do it until I make the goal of 1 mile without stopping to walk.

Bailey Week 1
Day 1: 04/21/02
Gave dog day off. Found new route where I don't have to cross street. Made 1 mile in 10:46:26 with still about 1/2 walking. Plan: limit cigarettes to 15 per day (an improvement for me) and try to get to where I can do 1 mile jog without stopping in under 10 by end of week.

Day 2: 04/22/02 (Goal in under 10:30)

04-22-2002, 09:00 AM
Bailey, I'm impressed!! Your 1/2 walk, 1/2 jog miles are faster than my nonstop jog mile!!!!! I did manage to cut a minute off today and completed two miles in 23 minutes. My goal tomorrow is to do the 15 minute non-stop at a 10-min mile pace.

04-22-2002, 07:39 PM
Wow Liz, you are doing great! I seem to have plenty of "sit on your a$$ and do nothing muscles, as well as a handful of "run for the hills, the pirates are coming" muscles. Unfortunatley, I don't appear to have any "lets go jog at a leisurly pace and be good to ourselves muscles". Oh well....

Bailey and Rufus Week 1:
Day 2:
Well, it is cold and rainy here, but I went out anyway! Did my 1 mile in 10:47:11. Still need to repeat the run-walk cycle about 6 or 7 times to cover the mile though. But, each time on the way out, I make it a little further without stopping. Going to work on cutting down the # of cycles, too. It is 6:30 and I still have 6 cigarette's left, so I may make it through the day in only 15 if I pay attention. If I make it 2 days at 15, I will cut back to 14. Hopefully, this will help the running. I never even get to the point where I can feel the running in my legs, because my lungs give out on me:?: . Going to take the dog out for a "fast walk" mile, as I don't plan to run him anymore until we see the vet on May 4. Also, he ran a TON this weekend on the beach and with his cousins. I know it is only day 2 here, but I think a am going to need another week to get to where I can jog a mile straight without stopping. No problem, I am making progress!

04-23-2002, 09:08 AM
Week 3, Day 2
<<pant, pant>> OMG!!!!! My short little fat butt with stubby legs is not meant to run very fast. But I did it anyway. :) After a five minute warm up I turned it up to 6.0 (10-min mile pace) and survived fifteen minutes (barely). It's been almost two hours since I did it and I'm still breathing heavy. :lol:

How come other people can go 6.0-7.0 on the treadmill and look so graceful?? With me at 6.0 it sounded like a herd of buffalo was coming thru the gym!!!!!

My right leg is a little sore but I put some deep heat stuff on it so I'm hoping it wil be okay.

How did you do??

04-23-2002, 07:42 PM
Way to go Liz!!! Careful not to hurt yourself - is tomorrow your day off? Maybe you should take one anyway if your leg hurts. You are doing great! - I have never turned the treadmill up past 5.5 (although I may sometimes go faster than that on the street.)

Bailey and Rufus Week 1:
Day 3:
I never knew going to the dr could be so good for you!:lol: I had my stitches taken out 2 weeks ago, my physical today, blood work tomorrow, "annual exam" in 1 month - all of which require a 2.5 mile round trip walk (really, it is almost required - type the two addresses into mapquest and they say they are having trouble finding a route - too many one way streets in boston! Plus, I have at least 3 referrals as a result of the drs appt, all of which will likely require a good walk.

On to the running program - perfect day for running today. I forced myself to go SLOW and managed to JOG for the whole first 1/2 mile! Then I did my walk, run, walk routine (total of three 1 to 1.5 min walks) on the way home. Result? 1 mile in 10:38:24. Tomorrow I am off. Thursday, will try to JOG 3/4 mile, and friday will go for the whole enchalada (wow - I have no idea how to spell that one!) Slowly plugging along...

Took the dog out for 1/2 to 3/4 miles in 11:17. Another week and a half until the vet appointment, then maybe he can come with me again.

YEAY rest day! (Although, with the exception of when I am actually doing it, I like this!)

04-23-2002, 09:12 PM
I forgot to tell you all, my friend did get out of the Hospital! I am so glad, too. She said she almost didn't get to get out of there, because the dr. messed up her discharge order, and it took a visiting nurse to get it all straightened out. I hope she never has to go through that again. Unfortunately, she will have to go back on Friday to get her "permanant" cast. That may take her all day there too, but I hope not.

Backfor 2002
04-24-2002, 01:28 AM
Hey you guys looked lonely here.

Lysslou, Glad your friend is out of the hospital!

Bailey & Liz, you both are doing awesome!

I have been adding more and more jogging to my work out. There is no way that it could be confused with running.

I was able to shorten my time up tonight by 4 minutes though. That felt really good.

I am going to sleep well tonight.

04-24-2002, 03:51 PM
Well I had to take it easy today cuz the leg was still a little sore. I managed to jog one mile at 12-min pace and then walked the second one. It looks like I'm gonna stay at Week 3 for one more week (at least). I'm gonna walk tomorrow for 30 min and then Friday my plan is to try and complete all three miles but probably at a 12 minute pace. How is it that those plans always make it seem to be so easy?? They must be for people who are already in perfect shape.

Glad you joined us Backfor!! Great job on decreasing your time!!

Lys, glad your friend is home but keep up with that walking. :)

Bailey, you're doing so good!! You're getting better and better everyday. You'll be jogging that three miles in 30 minutes before ya know it!!

I was watching this one guy in the gym this morning. He's a major runner with long thin body. He was running a ten minute mile on a full incline for a couple of minutes. When I do that much of an incline at a slow walk I still have to hang on to the bar for dear life. I was majorly impressed!!!

04-25-2002, 11:07 PM
Liz: Hope you are feeling better. Best of luck tomorrow! Sounds impossible to me at this point. If it stops raining here, I may try to jog 1 mile to work and walk the other 2 or 3.

Nanci: Great on the jogging! keep it up!

Lyssa: Hope your friend is doing better. You are doing great on the exercise!

Bailey and Rufus Week 1:
Day 4:
Off. And I do mean off. Did nothin.

Day 5:
I did it! I went to the gym today and did 1 mile JOGGING on the treadmill. Last 1/4 mile was tough, but I made it (in 11:21). Then walked a slow half mile. I have heard that it is easier to run on a treadmill. Not sure if this is because it controls your pace, because you don't have any hills (unless you make them) or because you only have to propell yourself up, not forward. Anyway - I made it, but there seemed to be NOTHING easy about it! Poor dog, missed 2 days in a row. Will have to get him out this weekend.

Will try to do 1 mile on the street tomorrow. If I can, I will move on to week 2. Otherwise, it is week 1, round 3!

I am going to just keep following the plan. Let me know if you are reading this and would like the plan posted here, I will post it (just don't want to bore people).

04-26-2002, 09:13 AM
I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!!!!!! I jogged 3 miles non-stop in 36 minutes. I slowed my pace down just to make sure I could go the distance. Next week I'll try it at an 11-min pace. It was tough but not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. That last 1/2 mile I was chanting "Bailey, Bailey, Bailey" in my head to keep me inspired. It worked so, Thanks Bailey!!!! My leg has even quit bothering me. I was worried it was going to be killing me after today but it's not. I think the slower pace helped. I feel really great today -- I think I must have sweat a gallon this morning.

In regards to the treadmill vs. street they say if you set the grade on the treadmill to 1.0 it's supposed to be the same as running outdoors (I don't do this though). It has something to do with the treadmill not giving you the same resistance as the street does. For some strange reason I find it easier to run outside (even though I never do it -- I like watching tv while I exercise). The fresh air and the constant change of scenery takes my mind off what I'm doing.

Bailey, Congratulations!!!!!!!! Doesn't it feel great to accomplish a big goal? I'm very proud of you.

Lys, Great job on continuing to exercise. They say it's the main key to losing weight and keeping it off.

04-26-2002, 11:35 AM
Yeay liz!! I knew you could do it! Glad your leg is better. Interesting about the treadmill thing. What I found, was that if I set the pace to 5.3, I could easily (ok, so it wasn't "easy") do that aerobic-wise, but I could really feel it in my legs. On the street, I tend to run faster, run out of breath, and have to walk but my legs never get tired. Will try to pace myself today and see how I do!

Bailey and Rufus Week1:
Day 6:
Took the dog out and tried to pace myself. He was trying to sniff around and pee, so I had to exert a little extra energy to tug on the leash and keep him with me. Made it 1/2 mile jogging the whole way, but then had to walk to catch my breath. Did the walk/run thing on the way home - stopped for a "pit stop" for the dog and for some neighbor kids to say hi - so made it through the mile in 11:44:42. Would have been bummed out by all of the distractions if I thought I could have made the mile jog without them, but I don't - so it was fine. One more week of week 1, here I come! I really think one more week will get me there.

Day off - nothing!

04-28-2002, 07:47 PM
Liz - How is it going???

Bailey and Rufus Week 2:
Day 1:
Well, I went to the New Balance factory outlet for the last day of their 25% off sale. Got some great running shoes, summer running shirt and shorts for only $54! Didn't wear them today, because it is cold and rainy. While I was there, I found a flier for a 5k which is a fundraiser for the Doug Flutie Foundation. He is a football player that grew up in the town next to mine. Big star QB at BC and the the Patriots. I worked in the autism field for a gazillion years.... Needless to say, I feel that this is karma - I really want to do this 5k. I am not expecting a great time or anything, but would like to be able to run it nonstop (i.e., no walking). It is 3 weeks away (May 19th).

So, I suited up and left the dog home. Ignored the rain and JOGGED that whole dang mile in 10:45:23. Even the uphill part that covers my last 1/5 mile to home. So I am going to push on and try to complete week 2 this week. In ordered to do the race on the 19th, I need to log my first 3 mile jog on Friday the 17th and then see if I can do it again on Sunday. This means that I can spend 2 weeks on week 2 and one on week 3 and maybe struggle through. We'll see.:cool:

04-29-2002, 09:22 AM
My butt is dragging low today!! I just couldn't manage to get out of bed this morning for the gym. My Sunday was all screwy and out of whack and it's totally affected me today. Not to mention PMS is rearing it's ugly head. Where's the nearest dark closet?!?!

I'm staying on Week 3 of the plan one more week. Tonite I will put my two miles in. It's not gonna be easy but if you can get yourself out there when you don't feel like it and the weather is yucky than I can force myself too (and our weather is nice).

Your 5K race sounds wonderful. It's great that you could find something that's so near and dear to your heart. I need to start looking for one but I also need to start training outside more since the weather is starting to get hot. I'm too spoiled and used to running in the a/c with the ceiling fans blowing a soft breeze on me. :)

I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how I did.

04-30-2002, 07:01 AM
LOL Liz, we are on the same rotten stinkin schedule. I just kept thinking if I could just make it through yesterday, things would have to get better. Then today hit! Dang AF. May just have to join you in that closet. Hope you made it through the 2 miles. Don't know how you are going to manage the outside training in that heat!

Bailey & Rufus Week 2:
Day 2:
Forgot to read my plan and just went out and ran a mile. Actually, it was freezing and raining and dark and I had had a big dinner and a little wine, so it was not at all pleasant. Made it to three houses short of 1 mile and had to stop and walk. Really, I tried, but if I had finished it running I may have been posting this from the ER. UGH. Sorry - not such a cheery post. Accentuate the positive!!! I did it and did NOT die and actually came so close to making the whole mile and would have been able to if I did not end with a hill (it is a pathetic excuse for a "hill" but it kicks my butt every time!) The rest of my route is soooo flat - I will have to work on this - but not yet! Didn't even pretend I was going to take the dog. Once we check in with the vet, I think I will start taking him again. (Vet appointment May 4th).

So: Really must get over PMS/depressive state! I can do it. The rain is supposed to let up for a bit. Couldn't manage a wink of sleep tonight, so I should sleep like a log Tuesday night and wake a whole new person on Wendesday!

04-30-2002, 09:32 AM
Uggh Bailey....First off I have to apologize for all those nasty thoughts I was sending your way last night. :D When I got home from work the couch was teasing me saying "sit down, take a load off, turn on Oprah, let's chill." But I didn't listen cuz in my head all I could hear was you saying how proud you were of yourself for doing your run in the crappy weather when you really didn't want to. I kept thinking "damn Bailey!!!!" You guilted me into it though. So I immediately changed into my workout clothes and stretched out then hit the street jogging. Did I mention it was 90 degrees outside??? After not drinking any water (only a giant diet coke) and eating all that sugar running in the heat was a killer! I ran the first mile in ten minutes cussing you out the whole way. :lol: Then I walked for about five minutes trying to catch my breath and cool down a little before turning around and putting in the last mile. I did that one in more like eleven minutes. As soon as I crossed my end mark and was done I was sending happy thoughts your way again. I was very grateful for the inspiration you gave me. I would never have done it without you!! It put me in a much better mood and helped me to refocus and get back on track. When it was all over and done with I stripped down and jumped in our cold pool and chugged a glass of water and all was right in the world. :)

Thank you Bailey!!

By the way, I would really love to sponsor you for your run whenever you get signed up and are ready to do it. If you want, PM me with your address and I will send you a check -- just let me know who to make it out to.

I'm gonna change up my schedule a bit. I can't run two days in a row. It's making my leg sore. Today I walked two miles and tomorrow my goal is to run the 15 minutes at under ten minutes.

04-30-2002, 01:38 PM
YEAY LIZZARD!!!!!!!!! A million congrats and pats on the back. It is so funny, as I was crawling up the steps to my house last night, I was thinking "Liz must really hate me for this, I hope Liz doesn't hate me for this. Does Liz know where I live? Cause if so, I should start locking my door." Then I got inside and recovered and thought "Hopefully Liz is going to be happy in the long run. If not, hopefully she will just realize that this is not for her and go back to more sane forms of exercise without hurting me."

I love having a buddy here - I think about you for most of my mile as well. I would, however, totally understand if you were to stop, as running is actually not all that good for the body in some ways. If it seems to be hurting me (not short-term pain), I plan to stop - Otherwise I am determined to keep up with it! WE CAN DO IT!! Maybe we could meet up for our first long race? Spending travel $ for a 5k seems silly, but I would totally make the investment for a 1/2 marathon (ok, that is still a long way away.

Thanks so much for your offer to support me in my race! The Flutie foundation is really good. Autism is such a complex disorder and is quite draining on the families, both emotionally and financially. The flutie foundation raises bunches of $ (Flutie Flakes cereal, 10-10-220 plus lots of other fundraisers) and uses it to support families who desperately need help for their children, but do not have the financial means to obtain it. (Some of the suggested treatments out there cost about 50k a year and are generally not covered by insurance. Even more basic treatment programs can be cost prohibitive). I will find your email and send you more info. Thanks!

Bailey and Rufus Week 2:
Day 3:
Just can't do it. Will do my 12 min jog tomorrow (hopefully in the am). Sorry for wussing out.

05-01-2002, 07:40 AM
Bailey & Rufus Week 2:
Day 4:
Ouch. Went for the 12 minutes today - didn't make it. My new nifty running shoes are supposed to keep my feet from rolling out, which is supposed to be a good thing. Truth? It hurts! Only made it 10 minutes. Don't think I would have made the full 12 anyway, as I was completely out of breath and am crampy. Onward and upward! I will try my "groundbreaking" 2 mile run on the treadmill tomorrow. No doubt, I will be repeating this week. I will get there, though!

05-01-2002, 08:55 AM
You're doing so good Bailey!! I can't believe you're all ready to try two miles. You've made really fast progress. I hit the treadmill this morning and after my warm-up and cranked it up to 6.2 (9:40 mile pace). I was hoping to keep that pace for 15 minutes but could only stand it for 11 and then went down to 6.0 the last four. I still did great and that means I was able to run a mile under ten minutes -- first time ever in my life!!

That would be awesome for us to get together some day for a 1/2 marathon. How long is that??? Could I rollerblade?? I'm still striving to do the 5K and I feel like I'm forever away from the 10K. I have no intentions of stopping though. I love the feeling I get after I've run. I just can't handle doing everyday. Maybe after I've lost these last 20 lbs.

Your reply to my previous post was too funny!! Thanks for the laugh! I'm gonna venture back to the website and see what the plan is for Week 4.

05-03-2002, 08:54 AM
Hello????? Bailey, are you there??? Have you escaped from the closet yet???? Come'on out. It's gonna be okay. Time to get back on the horse!!!! You were doing so great so don't let a few days screw you up. Don't make me come over there and drag you out for a run!!!! :D

Should I tell you that I did good today?? Will it pi$$ you off or encourage you??? I was supposed to do my 3 miles at 11-min pace but I went for 4 miles at 12-min pace. I can't believe it but I did it!!! The last four minutes was a total struggle for me but I got focused and pushed myself thru it. I feel really good now but I'm starving!!!!!!!!! Since I burned so many calories does that mean I can have two candy bars today??? :lol:

05-03-2002, 02:34 PM
Now Liz, if you are going to follow the program - follow the program! It is 1 candybar per mile = 4:eek: :lol:

Yes I am still here and am half way out of the closet. I have had a really bad week, but have managed to "run" 3 days. That means I have to go today and tomorrow. Today, I am going to try the 2 miles on the treadmill. I am sure I will have to walk part, but that's fine. Tomorrow I will go for a 1 mile jog on the cape. Am not planning on trying to make up the yoga or weights, but really want to make sure I run 5 days (even if I don't make my goal on each day). Thanks for the encouragement.

And YES I went to the just do it challenge thread right before I came here and saw your 4 MILES!!! That is amazing! YEAY LIZZARD!!!!!! You are doing an amazing job. Of course you should tell me! I get so excited when you succeed and it is definately a motivator! Enjoy your weekend off.

Thanks for being here.

05-03-2002, 09:32 PM
Bailey and Rufus Week 2:
Day 5:
Took today off. Couldn't do it.

Day 6:
Well, I made it! 2 miles on the treadmill in 24 minutes:) Wasn't fun, but was not that aweful either. On the way there, I really didn't want to do it and was feeling really bad, almost queasy at the thought of trying for two miles. I really did not want to fail. And then you know what I realized? A couple of months ago, a lot of days I would not go to the gym BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO WALK AS FAR AS THE GYM! It is well under a mile, but that was not easy for me. Today, I walked over without giving it a second thought (the walk over, that is) and then jogged 2 miles! Even if I had not been able to make the full two miles, it would have certainly been no failure!! Accentuate the positive: I no longer worry about walking less than a mile! WOW. (plus, I did the 2 miles to boot). Vet appointment tomorrow at 10:00...

05-06-2002, 09:40 AM
WOOOHOOOO!!!! Great job Bailey!!!!!! You did it!!! I am sooooooo happy for you. It sounds like we're both back on track again. I wasn't in the mood for the gym this morning but did it anyway. My boobs are killing me and I thought there was no way I was going to be able to run but....after my warm up I cranked up the speed and kicked it out. I can really feel a difference happening in my body. My legs are getting much stronger and my stride is getting smoother. I set the pace at 10:54 and went two miles. After that I still felt pretty good so I cranked it up to 10 min pace and did a half mile then brought it down a little bit at a time to finish out my last .6 miles. It felt good!! I was sweating like crazy but not miserable -- breathing was under control and so were my muscles. My leg hasn't been bothering me at all. I'm very happy with how my body is responding to all this!!

I'm gonna veer from the plan on that website. I don't want to push myself and run everyday (not to mention I like mixing it up a little). So Mondays I'm going to work on getting my time for a 5K down. Wednesdays I'm going to work on speed by doing interval training -- running 5 min as hard and fast as I can stand, then slowing it down to 12 min pace for five min, then starting over. And Friday I'm going to work on my distance and see how far I can go at an easy pace. This way I'm improving for the 5K and working torwards a 10K. :D

I can tell I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. I got on the bike after running this morning. I was hoping to do 12 min but I could only stand it for 7. I don't have all the soft cushioning on my butt to comfort me anymore!!

05-21-2002, 12:51 PM
OK - I have racked up 2.5 weeks of unexcused absences! Will start again tomorrow. Maybe I will only need 1 week on W1 and 1 week on W2, since it is my second start.

05-21-2002, 04:44 PM
I knew you'd be back Bailey!! :D

I haven't been doing much of anything. Monday of last week I did one hour (5 miles) but that was it for the week. Monday of this week I did 30 min (2.5 miles) and I'm hoping to go for a half hour tonite.

I'll be back home Thursday and back to my normal schedule after the holiday weekend. Then we can both get back to challenging each other.

06-15-2002, 01:05 AM
Geeze, sorry Lizzard - Guess I really didn't stick around too long there, did I? Well - I am going to give it the old college try....AGAIN!

06-16-2002, 01:11 PM
Yippeeeee!!!!! I'm glad you are okay. Sorry to be a worry wart but in your bio you said you go thru phases of depression and your last few posts I could tell things were getting rough. I just want to let you know that someone out there that really cares about you -- ME!! :D I'm still hitting the treadmill three times a week for 60 min each and making some great progress.

However, my weight has gone no where. Saturday morning the scale said 159 so I was thinking I might finally be making progress but this morning it was back to 161. I'm gonna have to put the scales away. They are really frustrating me.

I'm glad you're back!!