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10-12-2008, 08:40 PM
Here we go again! I noticed we busted through the Magic 500, so I took the initiative to start afresh. (Does that mean I get to have a chocolate now?)


10-12-2008, 09:46 PM
I will bookmark this new thread. Ok, so I've text my personal trainer and told him that I've lost the plot and we're going to nut something out on Wednesday to get me motivated and back on track.

For lunch today I had a 6 inch meatball sub from Subway. Probably not the bestest thing I could have eaten but I only had $4 to my name and the sub of the day is $3.90 so that was about the best option I could think of.

Bring on payday tomorrow when I can buy some proper food!

10-12-2008, 11:18 PM
I am so excited, I have made a friend. A good one. She works for the company that I used to work for and is the rep for my hospital. We have been going out lately, and we're just getting along so well, it's all very comfortable and we can just hang around in our tracky daks and have fun. She wants to lose weight too, so I'm hoping having a diet buddy will be helpful!

Fingers crossed for me - I've got pathophysiology exam #2 this week! I have been studying like CRAZY, so I hope I do well!

10-13-2008, 12:41 AM
fingers crossed gen! and woohoo on the trackie dac friend - i have three of those now - one in perth though, but my neighbours and i are pajama buddies! and my neighbour is also my gym buddy and it does help coz i didnt go to the gym last week when she was away!!!

this week i am determined to get some water into me!

julia - yes you need a good shake up - i didnt even notice that you had gotten back to 87 - get away from 90 girl!!! it sucks up here!!!!

i am going to post some photos of my marvelous garden
the tomato plants were cheap but i think everyone will be getting tomatos for xmas, next month i will plant some more on your advice ani - good idea - benji and jem eat tomatos like apples so i cant have too many and i cant have NONE

10-13-2008, 12:51 AM
Here we go
all the way down shed i dug then at the end of the garden near the house we are extended patio so i dug six metres to the left and then a garden path another six meters
but found out that i dug too deep
so then had to shoval 750kg of sand/gravel into the hole
too funny
jemima is actually a good help
totally got the concept of mulching - i just had to go back and find the lettuce she burried

10-13-2008, 08:36 AM
Found it lol. Now I just gotta try bookmarking without my comp stuffing it up lol.

10-13-2008, 04:57 PM
Garden's looking good Kel!

I went out for dinner last night on a work related shout and god it was divine. Garlic bread to start then a lamb shank with mashed potatoes and roast veggies followed by creme brulee.

No wonder I'm packing on weight!!

Back on board today though and I've started the day with a good breakfast of my favourite muesli.

Today I will:

1) Write down everything that I eat.
2) Stick to my points.
3) GO TO THE GYM!!!!!
4) Write a list for my grocery shopping.
5) Think of some nice things to cook for the next week's meals.


10-13-2008, 05:57 PM
hiya chicks..

Kel your garden looks great :) and i really like the colour of your shed.. makes the plants really green .. :)

Julia i hope you can find your mojo again .. mine ran away on friday lol.

I have been feeling crap since frieday.. or was it thursday.. not sure now.. im tired all the time and my emotions are on a nasty rollercoaster...

PMS is hitting hard and i still dont have TOM.. grrrr... my legs ache for no reason im hardly sleeping and one minute im happy the next im really blue.. and i have gained 1.2 kg.. so i just know any minute now....... lol

Friday morning i was really happy after buying my 18's but after i got home i looked in my cupboard at all the tops i love.. and realised i cant wear any more.. they look rediculous.. .. i got blue and continued my pity party on saturday .. spent most the day on the couch shovelling crap.. ( amazingly enough i didnt go over in cals by much becuase i skipped dinner)

Late saturday afternoon i got sick of myself and decided to go and sort out my wardrobe. I tryed everything on and made two piles.. ... one to go one to stay.. everything that was too big went into one pile ... i didnt even keep my favourites .. i took out 35 items that are to big lol.. and i didnt even go through my jackets.. .. Sunday i went out with my friend on a port river dolphin criuse.. that was fabulous. got lunch and dolphin sightings for $14 .. and $11 for the kids.. we had a great time.. and went to the market afterwards.. .. when i got home.. i listed all my old clothes on ebay..
my fav tops is the tie dyed ones and the jade green one.. and it looks like other agree becuase they are selling... no turning back now.. lol

These clothes have got to me before.. i have been at this point.. where they dont fit .. and i was stupid.. i gained back so i could wear them... yes there were other things going on at the time.. with leahs allergies.. but.. i wanted to get back in them.. and i ended up growing out of them the other way.. lol.. 15 kg heavier then i had ever been..

anyway.. im fine but very tired.. gonna go take a multi and have some breakfast.. hope you'll have a good day .. fingers crossed my hormones dont lead to me to murdering anyone today.... oh wait hubby isnt home... im safe from that manslaughter charge for another month... lol

10-14-2008, 04:38 PM
Sorry to hear that you've got a bit of a mind trip going on Amy. I know it's hard to get rid of old favourites but just think of all the lovely new clothes you will be able to wear! I hope you feel better soon.

I had a great day yesterday, stuck to my points and had a great workout at the gym.

My goals for today are:

1) Eat no more than 20 points.
2) Have a great workout at the gym.


10-14-2008, 09:41 PM
I caught up with Lindor again yesterday after work and we went for a lovely long stroll around the river.

I'm having today and tomorrow off work, as I will be working every weekend for the rest of the year. Well that's the plan, but who knows with Bunnings? I'm going to spend the morning in the garden.

At this point in the week I am very confident I will lose some weight at Friday's weigh-in. Of course it means I have to be a bit disciplined on my days off, but I really want the scales to shift, so I'm doing it!!!

10-14-2008, 09:47 PM
How was Lindor Ani? I hope she is okay. Lindor, if you're lurking ... I'm thinking of you!

10-15-2008, 02:35 AM
Julia im glad your getting back on track :)

Ani that sure is a plan everyweekend... we there goes the social life huh?good luck for wiegh in

my baby girl is officially a kindergartener.. as of yesterday lol..

She started her big girl kindy and is loving it.. Yesterday i took Nan shopping so it just felt like a normal tuesday.. but today well today i was FREE

i walked the kids to school and got to walk back at my own pace..
when i got home i decided i felt great from the walk.. jumped into my bathers and headed down the pool.(just like that no arguments no food dribnk prep nothing just went). and on the way i had the radio in my car LOUD and i was singing along to it LOUD lol...

i went ot the pool swam my laps then basically just splashed about complety relaxed for a while.. and then went in the spa and suana.. and then back int to pool.. I had a long hot shower with no one bugging me...
got back in my car with my loud music on my station ... not the F*&king wiggles .. and went and collected Leah from kindy.. lol ...

OMG freedom is so nice.... i want more.... give me more.... lol..... 8 years i have been stuck home with kids and now....... Im free tuesday wednesday mornings and thursday 9-3... yippeee... ..... FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM FREE..

ok i understand you guys without kids probably dont understand this.. and others probably think im a monster.. truth is adore my kids.. but mummy times is very nice when i have a hubby that works away.. so i have the kids always no help .. nothing and when he is home its only for a week and i want to spend time with him.. which means the kids too.. .. lol so i usually get no break .. now we have kindy.. im getting me a break

Tomorrow is my birthday ill be 28 so im going out to lunch with my friends Leah is in kindy all day so i get a nice break for my birthday too lol

10-15-2008, 07:02 AM
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Amy. And no yr not a monster. I love me time to. And yep I'm one of those that never gets a shower in peace lol. If I want it I have to wait till 10.30pm or sneak in before kids wake around 5am.

Yes Lindor hoping all went ok at Dr. xxx

10-15-2008, 06:02 PM
Amy I'm a firm believer in me time. Everyone needs it and just because you're a mum doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy spending time by yourself. Happy birthday too, I hope you have a great day! :hat:

I had a good day yesterday. Went half a point over my daily points allowance but am not too concened about that.

I did have a kick-arse session at the gym and got to have a good chat with my trainer. I told him how I've been feeling unmotivated and have gotten off plan and he made a few really good suggestions that I'm confident will help to give me a good new start.

I've realised that the weekends are what stuffs me up every week without fail. I am good with my diet and go to the gym Monday through to Thursday and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday I generally do no exercise and my diet goes out the window.

So, he suggested that I have a couple of rest days during the week and have Saturday and Sunday as gym days as that is likely to make me more conscious of what I'm eating and if I do over eat, the exercise will help to counteract it.

Also, he said that he wants me to set a goal of doing 240 minutes cardio every week as that's what he usually recommends people do if they want to lose weight. Looking back over my training diary, I've really only been doing around 140 minutes a week so that will no doubt make a difference.

He also suggested that I start getting him or someone else to check over my food diary so that I'm held accountable to it. That's a scary thought but a very good idea because I know it'll make me think twice about what I'm eating.

I'm really stoked to have these new things to focus on and I think it'll make a big difference.

Keeping on track with food will be a challenge as I've got several trips coming up - working in the North Island for 2 days at the end of the month then a 5 day work trip to Canada so I'll have to think of some strategies to keep on track while I'm away from home. My downfall is eating out and seeing what everyone else is eating - I tend to think, bugger the diet I want to eat that too!


10-16-2008, 02:41 AM
Julia that sounds like a great idea so will you do sat sun tues thursday sat from now on then?.. as for the food diary thing.. thats what i get by using ck and thier message boards.. i have my food diary on display there.. and i could put a link on here too if i wanted to any how.. lol

im having a flying visit.. im having a brilliant birthday thanks for the well wishes

Dropped the kids off and went and done my aqua aerobics class.. didnt do laps becuase i wanted to go clothes shopping.. lol.. im really glad i did i went into a couple of shops and found nothing then i went into Kmart.. of all places,. can you believe i found something nice in kmart?? lol any tried on 5 tops in there and they were all a great shape.. and i love there sizing becuase even though i know they are an 18... they say 16-18... woohoo.. lol . thats sounds good to me..and also found a very nice handbag in therte.. i havent used a bag in years but since i amactually wearing a skirt i didnt have a pocket for my keys phone sunnies and purse.. so i got one and i really like it too ..

on the way back through the mall i saw an absolutly gorgeous top in crossroads.. tried it on and it looks amazing..( i love it so much i felt like crying.. it feels my emotional need for pretty clothes and its the nicest top i hyave ever owned.. lol ) so i bought it ..
and finished off with a pair of jeans reduced to less then half price in autograph.. ..

i then met the girls for lunch at the pub.. they bought my lunch and drink and embarrsed me when they got the pub to bring me a cake while they sang happy bithday.. lol.. i had salad and half my chicken snitzel with mushroom gravy for lunch and left all the chips.. so i feel like a did greeat well until they brought out the straberry cheese cake with extra cream.. lol you think im gonna pass on my own birthday cake... nope... sorry lol.. YUM i promise i had a small piece though..

next im off to my parents house for dinner.. i know she is doing a roast.. and since im not hungry and mums lets you self serve i can behave quite well there.. im not putting the food in today.. becuase i think i have done good.. and i dont wanna know. the truth.. . lol

10-16-2008, 06:41 AM
...a 5 day work trip to Canada...

I want your job!!!! :dizzy:

Ok, firstly, everything with my boob looks benign...I should hear of the official results on Monday! But already, that takes one thing of my mind!

Ani, it was awesome catching up with you again!! You made the 'visit' a whole lot easier and less stressful! So thankyou! :)

And people...

...Ani looks great!!!

And I have been re-inspired! I was intending to start a whole new weight-loss attempt today, but I was invited out for lunch, so that kinda fell by the wayside! :lol: But it has given me time to think about what I am going to do and what goals I am going to set!

So, tomorrow morning I am going to weigh-in, and that will be my official start weight...I am anticipating something well into the 90kgs! Then, I am going to try to follow Ani's slow and steady approach (tough for the 'I want it all and I want it now' kind of person that I am!). My proirities will be to drink 2L of water a day and to eat no more than 1500cals to start. Although I enjoyed the walks I did in Perth with Ani, I am not self motivated enough to do that here, not to mention the desire to walk in near 40C temps is not really inspiring either!

I still have a few 'challenging' moments in the not too distant future, but I need to deal with those as they come...the first being a work trip for three days from Monday! As Julia suggests, it is hard to keep in control at such occasions.

I also want to start reporting my progress more regularly here again...good or bad!

And that will start tomorrow morning with my first official weigh-in! ;)

10-16-2008, 08:50 AM
am so excited for you lindor - once you know where you are you can figure out where you have to go!

julia - 5 day work junkit to canada sounds very nice

amy - happy birthday to you! cant believe you are only 28, dont know why but thought you were older, sounds like you had a magical day

i weighed in today at weight watchers and was 700grams DOWN woohoo

10-16-2008, 05:53 PM
YAY Lindor, I'm glad you're feeling inspired again! It was great to catch up with you too :D.

Kel - :carrot:. What's the plan for this week?

I dropped 0.4kg this week and weighed in at 73.5kg. My roster has changed again and from today I will be working Friday - Tuesday every week, so I'm going to change my weigh-in days back to Monday.

I also changed my ticker this morning - my new goal is to get to 67kg. I don't know how long it will take me, but that doesn't matter.

10-16-2008, 06:15 PM
plan is weight watchers..... maybe even track mypoints, i didnt do that last week but i really should have..... i wonder why it helps?? it definately helps if i plan my food intake the day i am going to eat it.... i guess i did that just not on paper

you are so cool ani! you have lost more than 30kg now!!! and kept it off - that rocks

jemima is standing here screaming, she has been screaming on and off since before 5am, i am a little over it... we are going to a new playgroup today so that should entertain her BUT i have to have a shower as last night my "my time" 10.30 shower went cold so i am a wuss and only shaved one leg so i have to have a shower so i can fix that situation.....

she is just sooky and i dont know why, if i sat and gave her FULL ON attention she would be fine...

she just pissed on the floor twice....... this is going to be an interesting day

10-16-2008, 07:51 PM
Hi, my name is Lindor and I am over-weight (obese infact!!).

My official weigh-in this morning has me starting at 91.5kg. So I'd like to lose something around 25kg. Hey! I've done that before haven't I? :dizzy:

I will drink 2L of water
Eat no more than 1500cal
Maybe...maaaaybe do some step-ups in front of the TV! What's good on the box tonight??

I can do this...I can do this...I can do this!!!

Ani, well done on your loss! Can I assume that if I hadn't done those walks I might have been a bit heavier today? :p

6.5kg to go! Wow! I can't even imagine how that would feel!! :carrot:

10-17-2008, 01:34 AM
Hi, my name is Vonni and I am overweight.

I weighed in at 75.5 this morning. George is coming and I feel like eating crap.

My goal is in the next 2 weeks to lose 500gm. Any extra is a bonus. Nothing good on box here tonight. But may do 10 minutes on elliptical if I can find the energy to get off my overweight ***.

Tomorrow working silly shift time so who knows how I will go. And tomorrow night I am going to a fancy dress 21st birthday party. (I am going as a punk.) It is set menu and not sure yet what so hopefully there is a healthy option. Think they were talking about a roast with veges or a honeyed chicken breast with salad. Might go the chook.

Will post pics on when I get some done.


10-17-2008, 06:51 AM
this is so what i need


10-17-2008, 08:47 AM
Hi my name is Kylie, I am overweight. I weigh 100kg, and I have never felt frumpier. (thankyou, Mr. Bad Haircut).

I want to lose about 30kgs, but I can't see how just yet. I read the Australian Healthy Food Guide while eating chocolate.

I commit to only having 3 coffees per day, and only 1 smoke per break (instead of 2-3). I commit to finding out about the kickboxing class on my street, and to looking great by the time I get to Prague in April 09.

10-17-2008, 06:08 PM
How fantastic to come in here and find everybody sounding so motivated!!

I'll join you all. My name is Julia and I'm overweight/obese. My weight at last weigh in was 87.1kg and my goal is to get down to 70kg so that's 17.1kg to lose.

It's so good to have you back here Lindor, sounding positive. That's great news that your tests are sounding good. Best of luck matey!

I've had a really great week this week. The past 2 days I've gone over my points allowance by 2 points each day but my exercise has been really good so hopefully that'll balance it out.

I'm really enjoying having something new to focus on by aiming for 240 minutes of cardio a week. So far this week I've done 170 minutes and I'm going to the gym after work today so will add to that running total.

Have a great weekend ladies!


10-17-2008, 08:40 PM
My name is Ani and I am overweight.

It is my aim to get out the chisel and chip away until I have achieved all the goals I have set for myself in the last two years. I'm not going to accept excuses from myself, and I'm not going to stop.

I'm going to chip away at the thoughts in my head that tell me I'll always be a fat chick, and at the habits I have that require some attention.

I'm going to chip away at my sad wardrobe. Everything is too big, too loose, too threadbare, too old…

And I'm going to chip away at the next few kilos. This is Day 807 of my new lifestyle (don't ask me why I know that :D), and even though I get frustrated by how slow I have been to lose weight, it doesn't matter. I have lost a kilo, and then I've kept it off, and then I've done it all again. THAT'S what matters!

10-17-2008, 09:26 PM
Hi im Amy and im obese.

my last weigh in i was 115 kilos .. so i still have a long way to go my goal is 70ish? kilos.. i was 135 kilos and size 26-28 this time last year.. i have lost 20 kilos and many cms.. and am now an 18-20..

I just bought myself a whole load of 18's and payed for them compltely with the sale of my bigger clothes on ebay.. i sold 24 items on there and got $312.51.. my new clothes in tottal cost me $285 .. with a new handbag too.. :) so i have spent nothing on my new clothes :)

my plan is to keep going.. slow and steady wins the race right.. i dont have a timeframe in mind for my weight loss i just know its gonna take some time.. and i find it easier to focus on small goals then the great big overwhelming amount.. lol though all up from start to finish i will need to loose 65kilos to get to 70.. lol so i will need to loose a whole other persons body weight.. lmao.. nice huh???

my mini goal for now is 110 kilos for xmas.. that would make me happy ..

i started this journey on december 12th 2007 but i cant be bothered working out the days.. lmao..

10-17-2008, 10:24 PM
Amy - that is so cool! You must wear some really nice clothes!

We are gonna keep on keepin' on. I know we are. I love the minutes idea, Julia. (I'd probably end up doing 240 minutes on the last day of the week lol).

Lindor, I am so! happy to hear you like this. Those slumps really take it out of you, esp with your heatlh scare. Let's go baby!

10-17-2008, 10:42 PM
OMG! What have I started here! :lol:

Actually, you all joining in like this has kinda made me feel committed now!

I managed all but one of my goals yesterday...can you guess which one I missed???

I hate exercise!!! But only when it is exercise...I can walk for miles and not complain, if it was getting me from A to B. I can climb flights of steps, if it was getting me to a destination! I can't do the monotonous, not getting anywhere kind of exercises! But, in the past exercise has not been a huge part in any of my weight-loss attempts, so I am not going to feel down about this!

So todays goals are:
Drink 2L of water
Eat no more than 1500cals
Maybe...I might move a little - I need to rake the dogs litterbox (my tiny backyard)!

Have a good day all...and I agree, lets make this surge of motivation last!!

10-18-2008, 06:58 AM
thinking outloud now...
we all know we have emotional triggers that "make" us eat
some of us eat when we are depressed
or when we are in bad mood
or when we are bored
but i am wondering WHY
as in WHY do we eat.... obviously if there was a simply answer we would not be fat but can someone help me as to why we chose eating as our answer, could we just "do something different"??

as i said just thinking outloud

i had salad for lunch.

10-18-2008, 06:58 AM
you are ugly
i am fat

at least i can diet.

(sorry read it again on a bumper sticker and LOVE it)

10-18-2008, 08:28 AM
Lindor you started something good for all of us just a bit of self observation and a way of feeling more together as a group.. :)

Kel alot of people find replacing there motional eating with another activity helps..

like read a book.. have a bath.. play with the pets.. craft.. anything other then eating.. lol.. i have become and emotional cleaner.. lol.. yup dull arent i.. but when your pissed off with the world it feels pretty good to bash the dust out of something .. or scrub something to and inch of its life.. lol and the rewards from cleaning are instant.. there is nothing that can make you change your mood quicker then cleaning something up..

find something else you can do when you feel the urge it could be anything.. that doesnt involve eating.. lol anything at all.. do it a few times when your feeling there uneccessary draw to food and soon emotional eating will be fairly well under control .. IM not saying you wont do it again.. but you sure will do it less often..

we eat becuase we found it a way of hiding from our emotions.. and /or the things we should be doing.. lol..

10-18-2008, 08:32 AM
Hi girls,

Just a passing thought (seeing as Lindor and Ani just caught up), would you all be interested in having a skim coffee together?

I mean, we could do it in our states together or something?

It's easy to do in Adelaide at least....

10-18-2008, 09:35 AM
Hey Kylie!

Not sure I understand what you are suggesting here? Are you thinking of a get together at some location (Adelaide as you suggest) at some point? Vonni (I think it was) made the same suggestion some months ago and I think most of us were ok with Melbourne possibly in February/March '09. I'm not sure how that stands now - I know for one, that I might have a few issues with getting to that meet myself now.

I also wondered if you meant we all have a cup of coffee at precisely the same time, at our own individual places? Which initially sounded like an odd idea, but on thinking about it, I kinda thought it could be fun too.

Way back in the early days of Aussie Chicks we used to have weekly gatherings in the chatroom here (which either they have got rid of, or I am totally blind and can't find it anymore), where we caught up and chatted about anything and nothing. It lasted a few weeks anyway...and was kinda fun to do.

Maybe we could work on something like that???

I think it could be helpful to feel more connected as a group.

10-18-2008, 07:19 PM
Is anyone else on yahoo? We could do a chat there if they don't have it in here anymore. We can make it private and only our friends are allowed or to be invited someone has to get on and invite. Anyhows, my yahoo idee is donuts_lil_sis (if anyone wants to add me) haha ironic it is a food thing hey? But my sis is called donut on yahoo (nickname when she was little) and I am younger so...... mind you I can't ever recall her being called that as she is 14 years older than me lol.

Went to the fancy dress last night. Had a roast. The stupid people only gave us ONE choice when they promised my daughter there would be 2. It tasted like ****e lol. The cake was nice but ice cream sponge. Peppermint and vanilla. And I promise I only had a small piece. I only had one drink. The rest I drank water. Am posting pics on my Bebo for all and sundry to see.

10-18-2008, 07:45 PM
Pics posted lol

10-19-2008, 03:52 AM


Can you cut up a banana and freeze it for later use???

I bought a load of bananas at 99c/kg the other day and they are now going black! Don't want to throw them out if I can save them!

10-19-2008, 04:18 AM
Um, dnt think so lol. Try it and see.
Mash it and Put a bit of lemon juice with it then you can
Hang on, I have heard of people doing choc coated frozen nana blocks on a stick so I guess you can
Anyhow, make some healthy nana muffins n freeze

10-19-2008, 04:49 AM
Yes! But peel them first.

On another note - I'm loving watermelon! I got home from my run today craving something sweet and cold. I found the watermelon we had in the fridge and cut up a huuuuuge bowlful. Then I put it in CalorieKing thinking that I was glad I went for a run.

...440 gm is only 132 calories! Wow! I'm sitting here hoeing into it, and not feeling at all guilty. I guess it really is mostly water!

10-19-2008, 09:05 AM
i think you can freeze banana.......
blackle it. (it is the same as google but better for the environment) (

and i am going to replace my afternoon binge with afternoon cleaning if i can.
so there

10-19-2008, 09:06 AM
How to freeze Bananas


The easiest way is just to throw them in the freezer.. yep skins and all. When you are ready to use them for baking, just defrost, snip off the tip with scissors and squeeze out like toothpaste!! If you want nice chunks for smoothies, slice and flash freeze and then package together. Just use what you need.. Simple!!

10-19-2008, 05:05 PM
Oh my golly goodness, you ladies will never guess what I did in the weekend ...

On Saturday, I RAN FOR 70 MINUTES!!!!! I was on the treadmill and kept a slow but steady pace of 7.5kph and ended up running 8km!

Then yesterday, I went for a walk with a friend that ended up lasting for 3 hours! So I exceeded my goal of 4 hours cardio for the week by 3 hours.

Go me!

My goals for today are to stick to my points and do my usual class at the gym.


10-19-2008, 06:51 PM

imagine if you ran in a straight line for 70 mins where you would be!! forever away!!!

i am having salad or a ham and salad roll for lunch today, am quite looking forward to it.
i may have a friend and her bub coming over but if she wants lunch that is what she can have. if she wants morning tea i have some ww cookies in the cupboard or i can 'whip' up some pumpkin muffins that are 2 points each apparently....

my vege patch is kicking butt coz we have had good rain the last 2 weeks
hope not long now til i get some food in there!

10-19-2008, 07:46 PM
Morning all!

Just about to walk out the door and leave for my work trip! I spent a good deal of time yesterday assessing what my diet was going to consist of whilst away, and although any nutritionist would kick my butt big time for my choices, I am just satisfied that I have kept each day to under 1500cals! So, assuming nobody is going to say 'lets go out for dinner' I should be fine!!

I know I am bad for maintaining my water intake while away too, not sure I'm going to be able to change that! Where I am going some people react to the water in a rather unhealthy way - I am one of those people! And I am not one who can justify spending lots of money for bottled water, whatever the reason. I bring my own bottles of water from home, but I drink from them sparingly in case I might run out and not have enough to get my morning coffee! It is all psychological of course...because I have never returned home with less than half the water I took! :lol:

And apart from that, I work 10+hr days in an office that feels like I am based in Antarctica!! They loooove their air-conditioning there!!!

So, today is day four of my new weight-loss attempt and lifestyle change, and so far I have kept to my goals, bar the exercise bit (which apparently bothers me, but not enough to get off my butt and do something about it!). For now, I am content with the water and calorie limit. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make Monday my weekly weigh-in day or stick to Fridays as that was the day I started on...I'm going to try Fridays for a bit and see how that goes.

Julia! Awesome work with the running!!!

Vonni, happy birthday mate! ;)

Kel, you mind sending a few drops of rain my way please?

And thankyou everyone for responding to my banana delema! I cut one up and froze it yesterday afternoon, and had it on my breakfast this morning! It was just perfect!! :dizzy:

By the way Vonni - I couldn't cook muffins (or anything else for that matter) even if my life depended on it! :lol:

Ok, must go! See you in a few days!

10-19-2008, 08:41 PM
Hi Everyone!

So I read my post back and clearly I wasn't concentrating at all when I wrote it! What I meant was perhaps all the Adelaideans could meet up, (coz we are all close to the city from what I can tell). And it would be cool that all the Sydney-siders, Brissy girls etc could meet.

Hey Kel, I noticed you said you use blackle - I have a way cooler idea - It still has the black screen, but it also donates money for each search you make to a charity my friend runs, called Carpets for Communities.

Must dash, boss is coming shortly!

10-19-2008, 10:03 PM
Oh dear god, got totally smashed at the work dinner thing last night. Keep getting told things I said and did which I have *no* recollection of - that never happens to me! The hot guy from work turned up with his wife, and apparently I was sitting there chatting away like a big-mouthed loon to her for ages. I shudder to think wtf I was saying.

Oh god, someone tell me it wasn't that bad haha. I am dreading going to work tomorrow, the boys will give me so much crap!

10-20-2008, 01:16 AM
wow gen! you must have drunk alot!!! it is awesome you are having a great time!!! i wonder what you were talking about with 'the wife'??

10-20-2008, 04:10 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes. :encore:

Unfortunately the scales don't say happy birthday. But they haven't smacked me in the head either. STill the same.:dizzy:

My eldest came over with her b/f this morning to do me breakfast. :fr: OMG just having her turn up before 10am AND DRESSED was enough to give me ten happy birthdays lol. Well the breakfast was Mcdonalds haha. Didn't have the heart to tell her I am OFF maccas. So had 2 pancakes (they gotta be real dont they?) with only half the butter and syrup I would normally:bravo:.

Then friends came over and I had a small slice of caramel charlotte. The Matt came over with a sponge cake.

And I am bloated, as I have been way out with my pill taking so george is hovering and will do till the full blown thing grrr. My fault.

Having a lean lamb steak and mashed taty with peas and corn for dinner tonight.:D

A friend came over yesterday and he made me a guinea pig cage. His wife breeds them and Ebony wanted one (mummy wants lots):^:

I went to pet shop and bought one that was soooooo quiet and lovely. We had him in a shoe box inside until cage was built. My son left the screen slider open and my dog got it grrrrr:mad: She didn't maul it, but grabbed it out and took it outside. It was dead though as she had pierced it with her teeth. Anyhow I got another 2 from Margy. My dog is sleeping next to the cage licking her lips. Thank god it's been made dog proof lol.

ebony woke from her sleep and even though I told my son not to tell her, he must have. Cause she came out to me and said Prinny ummm. and made chomping face. :(

Anyhow, better run. Dinner is almost ready (early I know) and I feel like proper food as all day I've had crap.

Vonni xxx

PS Gen Gen Gen :p

10-20-2008, 06:47 AM
I actually didn't drink that much (yes, that's what they all say...) - maybe 4 glasses of wine. But I didn't eat anything because I was to busy yapping away. I really shudder to think what I was saying, but unfortunately I am sure I'll hear all about it at work today!!

10-20-2008, 08:20 AM
Make sure to fill us in Gen lol. Drinking on an empty stomach???? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????:nono: Oh well. As long as you had a good time. Hope you don't feel yuk and hope they dnt give u 2 hard a time 2morrow / today.

My sis says that all the time "I only had 3/4/5 drinks" Prob with her is she drinks out of greedy peoples glasses. One glass holds equivilant of a stubby and a half..... so in wine thats way to much grog lol. Specially her. But she's so funny when she's had a few.:crazy:

10-20-2008, 04:48 PM
Happy birthday for yesterday Vonni, it sounds like you had a lovely day.

Try not to worry about what you may or may not have said Gen, I'm sure it won't have been as bad as what you might imagine!

All my hard work last week paid off and I have lost 1.1kg

Stuck to my points exactly yesterday and had a good session at the gym. Unfortunately it seems that I am getting shin splints so I'll have to try and come up with some alternative to running for the next week or so.

Goals for today are to stick to my points and do 40 minutes cardio at the gym.


10-20-2008, 09:16 PM
hey guys im doing great feeling great and am happy.. kid free this morning and enjoying myself.. :) i have a whole load of parcels to send off today but imn gonna sort them out after lunch ... im going to walk to kindy so.. no point doing the parcels now. im not gonna be able to carry 10 of them to the post box.. lol ..

Vonni happy birthday for yesterday

Julia congrats on the fabulous loss and that kick *** run..

Lindor great to see you in high spirits :) and feeling better about everything..

Gen please do tell us what you find out about your sloshed antics.. im sure you behaved yourself really lol

Kylie its just you me and Barb in adelaide.. and barb hasnt been around for quite sometime.. im meeting a whole load of girls from calorie king at a park in albert street goodwood on november 15.. could you make it there?? to meet up would be great they are all on the same journey as us.. and it will be great.. i have never met any of them beofre and only chat reguly online with one of them.. lol ..

Kel love the new picture of jem very cute.. sounds like your doing well with your chpoices.. your gonna have the best veggies im so jealous..

well its that time again i have pictures lol.. so here they are.....
january when i was 280 pounds.. already lost 17 pounds but didnt take one before this was size 26-28

me on the 19th oct.. 252 pounds i think.. anyway size 18.. :) lol

not bad eh.. :) im very happy to say the least..

10-20-2008, 09:34 PM
wow weeeeeet woooooo
you look hot - you can so tell and you stand different too!!! you look awesome
before and after photos really motivate me

vonni you sound so brave with the dead gunniepig thing... i'd be a mess
pancakes are the better maccas brekky option for sure! and they are yummy

got to go and play with jemima

oh oh my capsicum plant has a flower on it!! woohoo

fish for dinner tonight - ww recipe - i ate jems brekky which was not in the plan but i will have no avocado in my salad at lunchtime to "fix" that

10-21-2008, 12:23 AM
Hey there!
I'm a newbie to this thread so I'm sorry if I don't get all of your names straight away! Ahah seems like it'll take a while to get into the swing of things.

But you all seem really lovely and I can't wait to get to know you all :)

10-21-2008, 06:50 AM
Vonni, sorry I missed your birthday - happy belated birthday!

Amy, you look amazing! I can't believe how quickly you've done that! You're about to overtake me! Congrats, you really have done an amazing job.

Well, seems I wasn't THAT bad - the boys gave me a bit of crap, but nothing like what I was expecting! I am getting sick though, so maybe that's my punishment!

10-21-2008, 06:51 AM
oooh - I got 97% on my patho exam last week! Now if only I could do that for statistics this week....

10-21-2008, 06:59 AM
97% that is so good!!! do you have to study lots??

i had ham in my salad and didnt really snack and did clean when jem was asleep and then i cleaned when i usually would have been binging i think.... could have gone for a walk with jem.... but didnt and it is stormy here so i am glad i didnt although the girl likes the rain....

10-21-2008, 08:02 AM
Mammy WELCOME to Aussie Chicks - looking forward to getting to know you and share your weight loss journey. I'm interested to know more about what you're up to and what your weight goals are. What kind of plan are you following?

I'm Ani and I've been around for ages. I count calories and work in a physical job now. Have lost a little over 30kg in just over 2 years. Still got a bit to go, but I'm getting there.

Vonni HAPPY BELATED to you. Sounds like it was a winner :).

Julia - woo hoo :carrot:. I'm very proud of you.

Gen, Gen, Gen - do we have to charter a plane and go over there to slap you? :D

Amy the change in you is stunning! You look so different, and I am really inspired by you. You go girl!

Kel you never cease to crack me up.

I've had a mongrel of a day - spat the dummy completely at that b!tch from work… and in true Ani style I did a spectacular job. Must go stuff my face with food now… but don't worry, it's vegetables ;).

10-21-2008, 04:44 PM
Welcome Mammy. You've found a great group and I hope you'll enjoy coming here :D

What awesome photos Amy! It must be so encouraging to be able to see such progress.

Gen, congrats on such stunning exam results! That's awesome :cp:

Yesterday wasn't 100% great food wise - someone brought in a chocolate mud cake for their birthday so I had a slice of that. It's hard to figure out how many points for things like that that aren't in my book but I estimated it at around 6 points and by the end of the day I was over my daily allowance by 3 points.

I did go to the gym and did 20 minutes walking, 20 minutes cycling and 15 minutes walking which brings my total for the week so far to 100 minutes. 140 to go!

No gym tonight as I'm getting my hair done so the goal for the day is to stick to my points.

Have a great day ladies!


10-21-2008, 05:54 PM
Welcome Mammy.
Amy WOW:twirly:
Julia you are entitled to some nice stuff dnt beat yrself up about it :hug: Yr loss on weigh in was fantastic:D

Gen glad to hear it's all good :p

Ani 30kg in 2 years wow. I've struggled to lose 3 n a year. what the heck am I doing?:mad:

10-21-2008, 06:53 PM
Yes, I did study a lot for that one. Now statistics this week, I'm finding it hard to study for. It's just so BORING! Heh.

10-21-2008, 07:27 PM
vonni you look too cool as a punk.... you SO dont look like the mother in law (close enough) or the grandmother in those photos!!!

gen i admire people that can study and still work, live, etc must be full on, i cant even clean my house!

ani - whats so funny??? it was the ham hey........ probably worse than avocado........ whats wrong with this picture??? THERE'S NO BACON!!!

julia -are you doing exciting things to your hair??? next hair cut I am getting all the colour taken out of my hair... or at least starting the process..... big deal! going to be weird....

had a sneak peak at the scales WHY DO I DO THAT and looks like i have put on...... i am not sure what to think about that.... so i wont until tomorrow offically weigh in....................

10-21-2008, 07:51 PM
Hi Everyone!

Mammy welcome! It's great to see new faces around! My name's Kylie, I've been overweight since I moved out of home nearly 3 years ago. (Has it really been that long!?!)

Amy - you look smokin'! That is so excellent - it really must feel great. I think I'm about where you are - if I convert, I must be approx 220 pounds?

Hope everyone is getting on well. I'm really not trying at the moment, I'll be honest. Yeah, poor form. You know I realised that I don't eat at home anymore? I rarely have breakfast (Ani don't hit me), I always buy lunch, and I'm very very rarely home for tea. The only reason I noticed that was because I realised I hadn't done the dishes in ages - because I hadn't used any!

The meet in Adelaide on the 15th sounds pretty cool. PM me with the details etc, and we can sort it out :)

Hope you all have a great day!

10-22-2008, 07:00 AM
I survived my trip away! And I am kinda pleased to say I did not exceed my calorie limit at all! Yay!! But, I went totally the wrong way and ate way too little!! Boo!! Yesterday was less that 800cals!! But it wasn't because I didn't want to was kinda because I forgot to eat! :lol: I had a lot of work to do and I HAD to be home today!!

Other news...I got a call from the breast doctor in Perth. The lump is officially a benign fibroadenoma...that is good news! But, because of the discharge before and the fact that it re-occurred after the recent biopsies she'd like to see me again as she thinks there is duct involvement that needs further investigation/surgical intervention! So Ani...don't pack your walking boots away just yet! :p

Kylie, I have to admit it is very hard to get back into a diet if your head is not there to do it...but don't get caught in a rut. I know...I've been there!! Your best bet would be to set a start date and knuckle down and do it! And the first thing you need to do is get stuck into regular breakfasts!!! If Ani doesn't hit you I will! :p

During the whole time I was 'off' my diet, I always ate breakfast!! The thing you need to change is your lifestyle, get regular meals at regular times, don't worry about what they are just yet, but get regular! Then look at cutting back the calories with those meals! And maybe later throw in some regular exercise...did you look into that kickboxing class??

Hang in there will make it! :hug:

Amy...awesome pics! It must be really rewarding to see the change!!

Vonni...I picked you in the photos before I read that it was you! :lol: Looks like it was a fun event!

Julia...well done on your loss! And your achievement with your exercise goals!

Gen...excellent results! And good luck with the next one!

And Mammy! Welcome to Aussie Chicks!! I have just restarted my weight loss journey! I was initially 112kg, dropped to 80kg, totally fell off the wagon...and starting again now at 91.5kg! I can't do it without this bunch and I am sure we'll help carry you through too! Please don't be shy...jump in and talk...about everything weight-loss and anything else!

Alright, gotta run. I got a job interview tomorrow morning that I need to prepare for! Not going to jinx myself by saying more about it just yet...but I really want this job!! And I suck at job interviews! So please cross your fingers for me!! :^:

10-22-2008, 08:40 AM
hello mammy???
hello barb???
hellllllllooooooooo everyone

my weigh in is tomorrow.....................

10-22-2008, 05:44 PM
What fabulous news Lindor, I'm so pleased for you. It must be a huge relief to have gotten that news.

I kind of fell off my wagon last night and went over my points allowance by 5 points. I think that where I went wrong is that I ate too much during the day and didn't have enough points left in the evening. That and the fact that I bought a bottle of wine and drank 4 glasses!

Anyhoo, today is a new day and I will move on. I've packed my gym gear and will go to the gym after work. I will also stick to my points today!


10-22-2008, 07:33 PM
Fingers are crossed for you Lindor.

Yeah we had fun at the 21st. There were a heap of bikies at the hotel (in a diff area) and when I went outside for a cigarette they thought was so cool and wanted picture taken with me lol. A guy said he was gonna tell anothers wife I was the trollop of the night so I said tell her she shoulda seen the others.... I was the best looking lol. All in good fun though.

Last night went to the RSL and watched Dan England. Anyone remember him of Aussie Idol? He was very good, but a very poor poor poor turnout.... a dozen people in fact exactly. Was so disappointing to see this small town not support. They whinge nothing ever comes here and when it does.... they dnt support it.... go figure.

Anyhow we had a great night. He is a very talented singer and guitarist.

Shoot, gotta run bbs. kid playing with toilet.

10-22-2008, 07:45 PM
Good Morning!

Lindor, I'm glad you're ok. :) Thanks for the encouragement - I won't tell you that I didn't have breakkie again this morning, even though I'm starving. I just forgot and now I'm at work.

As for the kickboxing, I'd still like to do it, but I need to get some money problems sorted out first (still left over from when I was unemployed). Probably will look again in the beginning of November.

Vonni...Where are we all seeing these hot pics? Are we all on Facebook?

Shoot, gotta run bbs. kid playing with toilet.

lol hahahaha!

10-22-2008, 10:31 PM
Hey all im new here too!i live on the Gold Coast in qld!
Im so glad i found this place....except im sure my boss doesnt because i pretty much sit on here at work reading all these threads!
I'd love to eventualy share my experiences with you guys to!!
p.s. how do you get a ticker?xx

10-22-2008, 10:58 PM
hi taryn - you get a ticker by pressing on one of our tickers and then creating your own.... let me know if you need a hand.
i am in brisbane.

vonni's photos are on her bebo thing - she looks awesome

i lost 100grams this week.
am a little disappointed coz i ate salad 3 days in a row for lunch BUT figure that it couldhave been NO loss if i didnt...... ho hum

julia - i am with you
today is a new day!

lindor - so glad you are ok!

ani - i am thinking about getting a job at bunnings... other than being wanK3rs whenyou hurt yourself are they are good company to work for?

10-22-2008, 11:00 PM
my cupcakes are ready!

10-23-2008, 04:56 PM
Welcome Tarryn :welcome2: hope you enjoy it here!

I had a great day yesterday - stuck to my points and had a great workout at the gym.

No gym tonight as I've got a birthday celebration to attend so the goal for the day will be to stick to my points.

Have a good one ladies.


10-23-2008, 05:46 PM
julia - how do you stick to your points at birthday celebration when you have been unable to plan??

kylie - i am on facebook and so is vonni - and so is jemima... are you?

10-23-2008, 06:11 PM
Hey guys hubby is home atm which is why i have been mia

welcome mammy and Tarryn ..

Hubby has noticed a huge change in my shape since last visit.. and is very happy with me .. :) :hyper: :whoo: .. ok truth out he wont leave me alone..:drool::rofl:

thanks so much for your comments :):thanks: im feeling very happy with everthing and had my weign in today...

113.7 kilos.. so im down 1.4 kilos this week.. from last weeks TOM weight of 115.1.. that will do.. it looks like i may do fine in reaching my xmas goal of 110 .... lol.. maybe i should try for something lower like 108?? hmmmmm... will have to think about it ..

Lindor:hug::hug::hug::hug: that is such great news :) im so glad its all come back clear :)

Kel.. dont discount the little losses... well done . :):goodscale

Tarryn and Mammy with these boards you have to be registered for more then 20 days and have made more then 20 posts to get a ticker... so come on .. tell us about yourself.. dont be a stranger.. whether your ready to start losing weight or just wanna chat for a while before your start we dont mind ..:wel3fc:

Kylie go and join the class.. can you just do it as a casual for now and asee if you like it? :exercise:

Vonni that party looked like a blast.. :hat:and i love the joke you had outside .. gave me a laugh :) shame about Dan england turnout though

Julia looks like you've been kicking butt all week :boxing:dont be so hard on yourself.. one night of fun is fine every now and then

Gen well done on you 97.... wow.. you smart cookie.. :):congrat:

Ani i hope your week has improved form your dummy spit day.. :( :hug:

ok now i have gone smilie mad.. i will go.. lol John is home till thursday.. so ill be fairly quiet till then... yeah i know me:ziplip: strange huh? lol.. ok talk to you guys soon

10-23-2008, 07:21 PM
Hi, my name is Lindor and I am obese! However... marks the end of one week of weight-loss management for me and I have learned (re-learned) that I can live without binges! In this week I have waited patiently for a doctor to confirm test results on a breast lump. Prior to this week, I have used the lump as a 'what's the point of dieting if I have cancer' excuse and I blame that for a good deal of my weight gain over the last few months!

This week I have also agonised over an impending job interview...for a job I really, really want to have! I sat that interview yesterday and I am still not entirely sure how I went!! Ordinarily anxious moments like that would lead me to the junk food section of the supermarket!

This week I also traveled to another town for work...often that will result in huge roomservice meals that most likely amount to near 2000 calories each! And for the drive I would require a huge box of hot chips to munch on to relieve the boredom!

This week there was also a morning tea 'birthday celebration' at work...normally that would involve picking on chocolate biscuits, party pies and other calorie filled crap!

This week my daily calorie intake has never exceeded 1500 calories!

This week I have also managed to improve my water intake...although I was far from perfect, I did managed to drink some!

And finally, this weight went from 91.5kg to 89.5kg this morning!!

This week I feel happy and confident and ready to start another week of weight-loss! :dizzy:

10-23-2008, 07:59 PM
Lindor that's AWESOME :carrot:. I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to see how you go over the next few weeks/months…

Tarryn welcome to Aussie Chicks. Don't be shy - jump in and join our chats. I know it can be intimidating to try and join with an established group - but we love it when new people join us and share their weight loss journey. They are a great bunch, and have certainly made a massive difference to my weight loss.

Kel it's worth applying to Bunnings. They are pretty good to work for most of the time - the main problems tend to be with the personalities of some of the people, but you get that wherever you go.

Amy - great result! You are doing amazingly well. And you sound really happy that John is home :D.

Julia don't worry about a few 'off-plan' moments. They will happen throughout our lives, and the trick is to just find ways to incorporate them into our worlds.

Kylie do you know what's stopping you from eating better? Is it money? Time? Something going on in your head? And of course I won't slap you ;).

Hey Vonni - funny pics. I loved them.

I've had a pretty ordinary week and expect to gain weight on Monday. I don't really know what's going on - but I need to sort it out.

The good news is that it is RAINING here in Perth this morning. YAY!!!

10-24-2008, 08:12 AM
lindor - i am so so jealous!!!! you are under 90!!! wooooooooo hoooooooooo
for some reason THAT has given me inspiration!
i CAN do it
i have NO excuse
i am so not in the zone but am trying!
and my new best buddy loves to bake so i REALLY have to try!

10-24-2008, 05:41 PM
Kel, it's hard to know exactly how many points I have if I'm out on a celebration night out, I generally just guesstimate.

I had an okay time last night but the people I was with were all couples and all planning weddings and that's all they talked about and I ended up feeling really sad to be single and jealous of their lives. Silly I know but that's how I felt.

I think I probably went over my points because I ate a big bowl of kumara wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce but that's okay, I wouldn't have been too far over.

Working this morning and will go to the gym after work then I get to enjoy a long weekend as Monday is Labour Day.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


10-24-2008, 06:49 PM
Went to Mardi Gras last night for Rodeo. Standing at side of road and tractor / trailer ride did a speedy uturn in front of us and rolled over. Puleed pram out of way real quick. Got Bree to stand with her and helped. 8 taken to hospital. Manb that I and another lady stayed with & helped was on the side when it tipped and got crushed. The crowd lifted it up. Lots of kids on board to but I think most kids were just badly shaken. Another man close by had severe gash on back of head. When 000 asked me how many people required assistance it was so hard to see cause of the crowd.

Note to self

NEVER EVER let my kids on one of them fun train / tractor rides..... EVER.

Note to Kel and AMy.

never EVER let yr kids on em.

10-25-2008, 07:57 AM
or near them by the sounds of it!!!
YOU are so lucky you and your kids are not hurt!
Were any of the 8 taken to hospital seriously hurt?

I am not going to lose weight this week, i am not going to not try but i am not going to be surprised or sad on thursday as i have not been 100% committed the last 2ish days to expect or deserve results.... and i am ok with this as i am out of the quick fix phase and happy to weigh a little more for a little longer knowing that every 100grams i take off is going to stay off...

10-25-2008, 11:54 AM
Sorry! Still having troube keeping up and getting names! Ahah

You're all so inspirational! So motivated!
I'm doing great with my exercise, but I still can't kick the habbit of binge eating, eating the wrong foods!
How did you all overcome this??

Went to a psychic today and she said I'll accomplish my goal, just need to change my approach! (and that I'll meet my dream man in april/may next year! Ahaha!)

10-25-2008, 05:39 PM
Vonni! What an awful experience! The small local Mardi Gras we have here each year, I sometimes wonder how safe the drivers are! You have think, with all the excitement going on around them, are the drivers of the vehicles paying enough attention to their driving as they should?

Glad you and yours are all fine!

Mammy, binges are just a way to temporarily distract you from other things! What you need to do is find other ways to distract yourself from food when you feel that way! Try reading, needle-craft, jigsaw puzzles, walking the dogs, picking up the phone and talking to a friend etc. And another trick is to drink plenty of water, often when you are thirsty you can mistake this for a need to eat something (weird huh? But it is true). And if you absolutely don't think you can avoid a binge, have a load of healthy options in the fridge and cupboard to reach for! Cut up some fruit and veges, have some portions of unsalted nuts or seeds around etc. It does work...but you need to want it to work too. Good luck mate...we have all been there! Oh yeah, and you need to look at overcoming what it is that makes you want to binge...that is the tough bit!

So, why am I up so early on a Sunday morning?

We switched to daylight saving time at 2am this morning! Ok, so that might not make sense as technically we have lost an hour over night and I should still be sleeping! But, last night I got to thinking that, now with the sun coming up later, it would be a lovely opportunity to brave the 39C day that is predicted and catch some early morning photography time! I haven't been out with my camera for a looonng time, so today is it!! Besides, I need to distract myself from this 'waiting' for the outcome of my job interview last week! It's driving me batty!!

Ok, enjoy your Sunday!! :)

10-25-2008, 06:32 PM
Mammy I sometimes still binge - this week has been a BingeFEST for me - so it's a life-long learning thing. But obviously I've learned to manage it most of the time, and the way I have done it is to plan my meals and have healthy food on hand.

I've learned to identify my 'danger times' - the parts of the day where I am most likely to overeat, or to go off plan. And I've learned to eat meals that are high in "bulk" but relatively low in calories. I've also spent some time trying to understand WHY I eat when I'm not hungry.

Vonni are you OK? That was an awfully traumatic thing to go through… and are the kids OK?

Lindor - you go girl! I'm envious that you are up early and going out to do photos. I'm up early because I have to go to work.

A couple of funny things happened in the last few days. I went to a chemist to get something, and when he was putting my stuff in a bag, he slipped a pamphlet in there for weight loss. Must have thought I needed his "slimming products"!

Then last night I ran into an old friend that I haven't seen for more than a year. She looked at me, mouth dropping, and said: "You've lost so much weight", then nervously asked: "Are you well?".

Lucky I don't define myself according to how other people see me :dizzy:.

10-25-2008, 11:44 PM
Then last night I ran into an old friend that I haven't seen for more than a year. She looked at me, mouth dropping, and said: "You've lost so much weight", then nervously asked: "Are you well?".

Funny how people think if yr getting thinner you are sick. When I lost a heap of weight last time (yes last time before I out it all back and more) People would walk right past me and not realise it was me. Lucky they had the good sense not to speculate or they would've known about it. I'm not backward in coming forward. Most just said I looked great. Funny how when u have a good period people say you look well, then if dramatic change even for the better they don't say it. Or in your case Ani - ask if yr not.

Yeah we ok. Kids were pretty wide eyed. I left Bree with Eb and pram just a couple metres away but kept turning to check on them. A friend had come over to see what had happened and saw them so stood with them for me while we helped.

EB keeps saying how her mummy helped a sore man. lol. Just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, but almost wrong place wrong time.

Newspapers just had a small paragraph on it as it was as they were goin g to print, prob more on Monday. But it said police are investigating the incident. The tractor and trailer got taken on a tow truck. No need to investigate - driver error is a simple but dangerous thing. I bet they find nothing wrong with the safety of the coupling etc.... Already given my statement. Told em straight ... to fast to sharp.

Dnt think any weight will be gone for me this week.... grrrr. so much for my 500gm I wanted gone. George has been in the wings for a week (forgetting pill) and I guessing he will be making an appearance in the next day or 2. Feel bloated and yuk and greasy. Didn't help that for the past 2 nights I have binged when gone to bed with book. I might take to painting my nails so I have to carefully turn pages and can't eat n lick my fingers lol.

Water water everywhere........

Well, at least in my belly.

How's everyones weekend been? Lindor how's the photography? I got given a beautiful prosumer camera a couple of christmases ago but havent had the opportunity to use it properly yet. One of these days........

Ani hows work going with the light duties?

Hi Mammy. Dn't think I welcomed you before. To caught up in self lately. sorry. Hope yr faring ok.

Kel, Amy, Barb?, Kylie. Everyone else........ HI :D


10-25-2008, 11:49 PM
Hey everyone! I haven't posted here before but I am a sydney girl.

It's nice hearing people talk in kilograms... I like taking a break from making imperial to metric conversions in my head. =]

10-25-2008, 11:49 PM
Oh, BTW. Has anybdy thought more about Melbourne? A date perhaps? I have some money coming to me (not much but enough for accom and flight) soon so want to put it towards that. Though I think I can give to travel agent and they just have it till I decide. Though prob cheaper to do all myself online. Is a weekend better? Or weekday? I know flights are cheaper tue - thur. Maybe I was thinking I might make 5 days of it. Go on a Thur so I can take in any markets on weekend and fly back on a monday/

Ideas people? Lets start throwing them around. Anything exciting happening in Melb those months?

10-26-2008, 09:23 AM
hey vonni
i have no money whatsoever, infact tomorrow i have a group interview for nightfill job at woolies.
but i would be able to pull some moneyout of somewhere for a quick trip to melb and sleep on my brothers floor.
i have jem's b'day early feb but all of january i am free

benji is not talking to duke/dutchess... that is the four week old kitten jemima and i acquired from the asians next door (they were meant to get 2 kittens but ended up with 4 so need to get rid of 2 - i like pussy cats.....)
if we succeed in keeping him/her for a couple of days i will bring it to the vet and find out if it is a him or her and if it is going to survive get health check etc........ it is very cute
jem has to learn to be gentle though..... she loves it very tightly and upside down

i had two parties today........ so party food to match.....

how BAD is maggi noodles?? the low fat ones??

10-26-2008, 04:54 PM
Hey Mazza welcome to Aussie Chicks. Don't be shy about jumping in on any of our conversations - everyone is very relaxed and welcoming around here :D.

Me - GAINED 0.9kg :frypan:. My bad eating, lack of water over the last week or so has shown up on the scale and I have nobody to blame but me. And it stops NOW!

My roster is all over the place, and it has really affected my routine. For example I started at 8am yesterday (and we switched to daylight saving) and only had four hours' sleep. Today I start at 6am - with five hours' sleep - and tomorrow I start at 1pm. Try having a consistent eating plan and sleep pattern when you have to work that kind of roster.

But today it goes right back to basics for me. To start with I am going to write down all my goals before I go to work, and then I will stick to them throughout the day.


• No more than 1600 calories;

• Five serves of veges and two of fruit;

• At LEAST 2L of water;

• More than 10,000 steps on my pedometer.

This week I AM going to make healthy choices and not let myself down. I mean it!!!

10-26-2008, 08:10 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Vonni I'm glad to hear that you and the kids were sound a bit like my mum, actually. She's always the first to jump in and help when these things happen.

Kel, I worked at woolies for 6 years, including some nightfill. It's not a bad job, easy enough. Most nightfill managers are pretty chilled out, as long as you don't waste time.

Lindor honey! I am so happy to hear you talking like that! I know what it's like to give up and feel like s**t, so I'm glowing inside to hear you happy!

Ani - it's funny - I never worry about you, because I know that if you ever do falloff the wagon, you always catch the next one. That determination is awesome.

Welcome to the new girls, it's great to see new faces. I hope you'll join us on a regular basis (we are in here most days).

I know it's hard being single, especially when everyone around you is blissfully together etc. But it's not always that blissful. My flatmate just broke up with her fiance, turned out he has a major gambling problem, and he'd rather breakup than get councelling. Stupid man. She's pretty shell shocked, but she's strong.

As for me, I'm not sure why I'm dallying around. All my friends are giving me little nudges about losing weight (only because I've been talking about it). I feel wrong every time I eat bad food, but it's become a bit of a joke : "Diet starts tomorrow"

Gotta split - boss.

10-27-2008, 12:50 AM
perthchick: no big deal, look at the huge amount you've lost already! it's amazing :) very inspiring! and I think I'll follow those guidelines too XD ahah

smylie: I think i read in the weight watchers book they'e about 2-3 points..but i could be COMPETELY wrong. so dont take my word for it.

elerine: ahah I'm exactly the same way, "diet starts monday" moday comes and i see myself eat a large serving of fries "okay diet starts tomorrow" it's a vicious cycle! but the last few days have been good :) aha

has anyone heard of EFT tapping? I'm going to see a specialist for it in a little while, hopefully, if it's not too expensive.
Apparently it has a huge success rate and can rid you of emotional eating. which is my main problem.

oh and hey Mazza! another sydney girl and another new person! i'm not alone! :P

oh my god. could it be any hotter today???

10-27-2008, 06:43 AM
Hey its me Barb
I've finally realised that I can't do this on my own so I'm making a promise to regularly check in here, whether its good or bad and be honest with myself.

I'm not going to sit here and do the whole "woe is me routine"! So for me to no longer be obese I need to shed 22kg, then another 12kg to be "normal" (puts me at around 68) somewhere that I haven't seen in a very long time ,if
Mammy. I just did a search on EFT tapping and found a site that gives you instructions on how to do it. Sounds interesting, have a look.

I promise to be back soon!


10-27-2008, 07:44 AM
Hi guys. Never rains but pours with me and my family. Have 2 days to finalise assignments before I go on clinical next week (or not allowed to go till February) but it didn't get done. Ebony had another siezure today. We were playing this morning blowing bubbles and jumping on tramp etc... When I was finishing dishes and getting ready for her nap she just started staring off into space then went a bit wobbly then fell down. I picked her up and she was hot and wouldn't acknowledge me and her pupils were dilating then pinpointing so I put her in lounge room to get panadol and thermometer then was going to take her to Dr. Heard a thump and went back in she was fitting. poor little thing. I rang 000 as I couldnt very well drive with her like that and they came and we went off to hospital. Lucky she was still out of it as she freaks at emergency vehicles. We were there for 3 hours then came home. She's fast asleep now. Her temp had suddenly gone from normal (for her it's 35.5) to 39.4 with no warning nothing which is why she had convulsion. Lucky I had noticed her being weird and moved her off hard floor. I had a feeling she was going to as I have seen my nephew have epileptic siezures plenty and recognise the 'gaze'. Anyhow, she was pretty dazed and confused for some time after and had to wait for her temp to come down before bringing her home. Funny, cause she isn't sick in any way shape or form for her to get the temp.

Barb great to see you back here. I lack motivation, have put on more weight . Have so far lost zero zilch nothing according to my start weight last Feb. But I soldier on and come in anyway for the great company and I do get spurts of motivation. Please stay.

Mammy yeah it was hot here in sunny QLD to. think we might have storms by end of week. So getting out the kero lamp (our power supply in this town seems to die at the slightest hint of a storm).

Ani I feel for you and yr roster. Can't they do it with consistency? Like a rotating monthly thing? Have sll same shifts for a month then swap them? Or are other people to hard to accomodate?

Kel good luck with yr group interview. I have done night fill at my work (big W) and love it. Kylies right.... most night fill managers are pretty cool.

Ok I gotta get of 3FC and get onto some medical website for my ***. Catch u all later xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


10-27-2008, 10:21 AM
oh vonni!!! you are so brave! i would freak out big time i think if jem was like that - or does that supermum thing happen where you just do what you have to do and then freak outlater???

i went to group interview for nightfill (but turned out the job i had gone for was longlife assistant which sounds like dayfill to me) ANYWAY i left at 4.50pm and my emails at 5.29pm had a second interview invitation for checkout chick so that could be fun....... more glamous than nightfill but less exercise... its all good i think i talk too much to do much good at nightfill or TOO padantic to be of too much use.....

jemima is LOVING the kitten we acquired benji is NOT, jemima though cracks a huge mental everytime she has to leave the kitten then she promptly forgets about it until we are looking for it... it is REALLY small.... if benji has not given it back by thursday i have a vet appointment for it..... then it can change from an IT to a he or a she

hi barb!!!!!!!!!! welcome back - i've been worried about you!!! pm me your email address so i can spam you if you go MIA again........
how are you kiddies??? what have you been doing???? where do you live again???

vonni do you want to meet up sometime??? i can come to you, my mum grew up in warwick so i'd love to go and look around there again and jem would probably love it too

i gotta get to bed, jemima has been waking up WIDE AWAKE at 4.30 the last couple of days this morning at least at 7.30 she went back to sleep with me until about 9.30 - 10 but the 3 hours fighting her to nap with me was exhausting!

10-27-2008, 04:57 PM
Wow, so much to catch up on!

Vonni what a terrible time you've been having! I hope your daughter is okay and that everything is on the improve.

Welcome back Barb, it's great to see you here again. And welcome to all of our newbies.

Ani your shifts sound horrible! I hope you are keeping well despite having such short amounts of sleep at the moment.

Good luck with your interviews Kel!

I didn't quite get to my goal of 240 minutes cardio last week, did 220 so only 20 minutes short. I did go to the gym 4 times so that was good.

Diet has been pretty average, I overindulged during the weekend and went over my points allowance every day :frypan:

The next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge and my goal will be to simply maintain my current weight.

Tomorrow afternoon I go to the North Island and work there for 2 days and then Friday afternoon I go to Canada for a week. I won't be able to do much in the way of exercise and my diet is bound to be less than ideal so maintenence is what I'm hoping for.


10-27-2008, 08:18 PM
Kel supermum happens. Almost anyone you talk to will tell you that and only afterwards do you really think about it. Though when my 19yr old was a baby her cousins put her on a table and she flipped onto hard floor, I flipped out and literally threw her to my mum. (she was 3 mths old) Maybe thats whats wrong with her lol.jk

10-27-2008, 08:21 PM
That'd be great to meet up sometime. But next mth I am at the hospital for clinical every day but weekends. Saturdays I work. But Sundays are fine. We have a nice walk round the river here and a nice park for kids to. And yummy place to go for lunch lol. a HEALTHY lunch hehehe. But are you sure you wanna drive all this way? Its an hour and half from brissy city.

10-27-2008, 08:52 PM
Vonni how is Ebony this morning? I had epilepsy from the time I was a child, and only went off meds 10 years ago. I know that dazed look, and I know how bloody tired you feel afterwards.

BARB! I'm so happy to see you posting here. Doesn't matter whether you are losing or not - I love it when you are hanging out with us. Do you have a plan, or are you thinking about it at the moment?

Kylie why don't you set a 'start date'? Maybe do some planning, and work up to it?

Hey Julia, I wouldn't worry about weight loss too much while you're away. If you can maintain, and maybe take the opportunity to walk around a bit more while you're in Canada, that may help. But the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.

Mammy I'm not sure what EFT is, but I reckon if you use it as a tool and not a lifeboat it might help. I have a friend who has done something like tapping, and she claims that it helped her release some kind of emotional barrier. But I understand emotional eating, and it's an ongoing process to learn why we do it - and to overcome it.

Kel - keep the kitten. It's very very cute :D.

I had a much better day yesterday and achieved all the goals I set for myself. Today will be a challenge as I work from 12.30pm - 9pm and I have physio from 11.30-12.30pm. I don't get my meal break until 5.30pm and have no time for lunch because of physio. These are the times I am likely to get so hungry I stuff my face with something 'quick'. And I can't get my head around it. Oh well, it's just a day…

Gen where are you?

10-27-2008, 11:17 PM
Barb great to see you back..

Vonni .. your having a terrible time.. im just like ani .. epileptic as a kid.. it really does make you feel awful. i hope your little one is feeling better today ,

Julia have a great time in Canada.. wow that will be fun.. enjoy yourself and dont worry about nothing..

Ani .. yup today roster suck.. could you eat lunch early??? would that work.. say just before you go to physio.. ?

Kel i have my fingers ans toes crossed for you to get your job
Mammy..Barb and Kylie .. you'll find your way soon.. one little step at a time.. why not just start off by taking a walk everyday.. say 5 minutes.. build it up slowly to 30 and then do the same with your diet.. one small change at a time.. thats what i did .. worked pretty good..

im going fine atm.. no problems at all with food or exercise..

even with John home.. amazing huh? lol hes leaves thursday morning :( lol.. but at least ill get my car and computer back... lmao..

ok.. better run.. cya'll later

10-28-2008, 12:57 AM
Just quickly...while I sit here during my lunch break...

...about an hour ago I was informed I was successful with my interview and I got the job!!!


So, the next couple of months will be a huge challenge for me...not only am I resigning from my current job and starting a new one...I will also be packing up house, moving interstate and starting a whole new life!!!

At the moment that feels too overwhelming to bare!!

But I know I will see all the good in this again, and I will enjoy the ride!

And what is best...I can bring you all with me!!! :lol:

10-28-2008, 01:11 AM
Congrats on the job Lindor woohoooo......

Eb had tests done after 1st siezure but no eplipsy was found. But for a while she did have blank moments and sometimes fall down. Dr said she has little brain collapses that an EEG wouldnt show up unless she was having one at the time. So they put it down to febrile convulsion.

Yah Kel I agree with Ani. Keep the kitty. We are getting another one in a few weeks. My daughters moggy had 4 and they are so cute.

10-28-2008, 09:14 AM
julia - woohoo have the bestest time in canada - make out with some cute guy no strings attached.

vonni and ani - i plan to keep the kitty..... i was also thinking about saving the other one my neighbour needs to get rid of...... of course i may end up divorced - cat is currently lost she is very little.... most likely under the couch though

lindor - i am SO excited for you..... a little jealous actually..... starting a fresh wow!!!

me - am thinking seriously about saving 30bucks a month and quitting weight watchers officially but not unofficially..... we shall see

went on mega walk to day it is 3.5km to the dog park which means 3.5km back again!!

10-29-2008, 05:20 PM
ok im back.. hubby left at 4.30 am this morning... lets hope his plane doesnt stuff up again.. he was on the flight last week from brisbane to adelaide that landed without brakes... boy did that plane come in fast..

wrotten qantas need a severe kick in the butt.. they have all these problems since they sent there maintence to china... hello.... maintance here may be more expensive but soon the lawsuits will cost you more then the maintence ever did ...

grrr.. anyway.. emotional eating kicked in first thing this morning.. i have had chocolate cake for breakfast... I got the whole cake out of the freezer.. with the thought of binging.. but i had a small amount and put it back in the freezer... on the pack it says a serve is 1/6th.. i had less then 1 .6th.. lol so i suppose my habits have changed a great deal.. once upon a time i might have eaten half that cake.. or more when emot eating reared it ugly head... yup i have had chocolate cake for breakfast.. yup it was a bad choice.. but im not pisssed with myself...

Im actaully pleased that i just stopped.. (222 cals)

I have a nasty azz head cold and hubby left while i was unconcious and probably snoring.. so i didnt get to say good bye.. :( i woke up at 5 and ran down the house to go give him a cuddle and say bye and he was already gone.. :(I tryed to go back to sleep and couldnt so i turned on the computer.. which decided to lock up the minute i got on CK.. got pissed and upset and headed to the kitchen..

ok confesion over..

my week has been great . me and hubby went out to lunch kid free on thursday(after my aqua and swimming ), played the wii together most of friday , saturday we played the wii and watched movies.. it was too hot to do anything.. sunday we went around his parents house for roast dinner.. (lunch time) and then went to the shops.. monday i went to aqau again.. then we took leah to the park and to the lolly shops ( Nannys shop ,Johns mums) and then went for a walk at the river and out to tea with the kids .. tuesday he went fishing.. and i walked 9kms.. he had the car.. i walked the kids to school came home.. grabbed the parcels for the ebayers that had finally payed and carryed them up the shops (9kgs worth.. omg was that a struggle and to think i used to carry double that all the time.. lol) walked home again becuase hubby promised to be home before Leah got out of kindy.. nope.. he wasnt so walked back to the school to pick her up.. .. i was strating to feel wrotten tuesday morning so i had a maon at John the minute he got in the door becuase he wasnt home when he promised.. lol.. yesterday.. i spent 90% of the day in bed.. hubbys last day home.. i cooked a dinner i couldnt even taste and then fell asleep on the couch at about 8pm last night . Hubby didnt wake me up so i moaned at him again.. poor guy lol.. and then didnt get to say goodbye this morning.. lol yup i am feeling very guilty and a bit upset.. and pissed with myself.. for being sick.. and moany..

all in all we had a great week and had a great discussion about our future.. he wants to get a Job in Collie WA .. it looks really nice there and if he gets it we may all move there.. So we can be more of a family.. The idea is to pay off our home as quickly as we can.. if he got a job there he would get living away from home allowance.. to pay the rent and we could be together.. we would leave our house empty. dont want anyone in our home.. we have spent to much time and money making this house perfect for us.. which is why he works away .. we addeded 3 rooms and 60k to our morgage.. it 07.. he has been away since feb this year and we have reduced our loan by 26k .. every dollar we dont need has gone straight into the home loan ..

and the thought of coming back to work in adelaide for just enough money to get by and still have a big loan is not one that is sitting very well with my hubby .. So fingers crossed he gets the Collie job and the place is as nice as it looks.. anyone know anything about that area please let me know ??

10-29-2008, 06:13 PM
Amy it sounds to me like your way of dealing with food and binges has changed dramatically! We all slip up every now and then and you didn't slip up nearly as badly as you could have.

Good for you :cp:

I had a terrible day yesterday. Was leaving work to head to the airport and was in a hurry. I was backing out of my parking space, looked behind me and in both directions, slowly backed out and straight into another car :cry:

No damage at all to my old tank but the other car copped my towbar and that put a reasonable sized ding in the side and took out a side light. I have 3rd party insurance and that will cover it but I will have to pay the first $400.

I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow and I'm committed to going to Melbourne for New Years and I'm really stressing about how I'm going to pay for both of those and now this added $400.

I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10-29-2008, 06:35 PM
julia - so glad you are ok
amy - your life is so full on!
me - not telling what i weigh today, just cancelled weight watchers (not from lack of results just coz i cant afford it)
really over losing weight but slow and steady is going to work for me
but not last week coz i just didnt care and also didnt plan or shop properly just enjoyed time with jemima and didnt think about what the next meal for either of us was going to be - and had 2 birthday parties to go to etc

gotta get ready to take kitten and one of my dogs to the vet and then will decide if i am going to officially go and weigh in before i have to go to hair dresser which is going to take hours (taking colour out of my hair) (colour that has been there for ten years) then i gotta work at the opshop...

stupid sneakpeak weigh in

10-29-2008, 07:46 PM
Amy, Collie is a small country town south of Perth. It's obviously a mining town, and has a great feel of 'community'. I think it would be great for you and John to be together with the kids full-time - so I really hope he gets the job.

Julia what a b!tch of a thing to happen. I know what it's like to be overwhelmed by financial stress, and not know how you're going to manage. Why do you have to go to Melbourne?

Hey Kel the scales are not your enemy; they are just a tool. You're right about slow and steady - it is the most effective way to lose weight and then keep it off (for most people).

I'm doing alright this week. I've stuck to my goals around 85% of the time, and I can't ask for much more than that. I'm determined to get back under 74kg by Monday's weigh-in - I refuse to gain weight and keep it on. Simply REFUSE!

Have a good day everyone.

10-29-2008, 08:27 PM
Woohoo - still fat, but I got a 92 on my statistics midterm! Yay.

10-29-2008, 08:33 PM
Just a quick one.

So far so good, will weigh in tomorrow

Have a great day!


10-29-2008, 09:53 PM
Ani, have to go to Melbourne for New Years because I've already bought my ticket to the event I'm going to and have paid for my airfares!!

Congrats on your great exam results Gen :)

10-30-2008, 12:29 AM
woohoo Gen congrats. :D

10-30-2008, 09:00 AM
huh.. ive learned nothing.. my day got worse.. freddos.... choc chip cookies and cookie doe... no dinner.. unless you count the cookies as dinner.. hmmm... no exercise..

lunch was then only healthy thing i had .. spinach silverbeet cabbage garlic and tomato stirfry with omega 3 eggs and a bit of watermelon for morning tea.

rest of the day was choc choc and more choc.. stupid.. i know .. tomorrow im going to go buy some real food.. i have none which is the real problem.. no veg left no fruit.. made the cookies so the kids would have something to take tommorrow to school/ playgroup.. and definatly wasn't up to go shopping today..

i am feeling a bit better tonight though. and im shopping tomorrow even if im half zombie .. with ratty hair.. lol ..

10-30-2008, 09:40 AM
AMy go shopping straight as early as possible. Have a good brekky first. I find it helps heaps not to be tempted to buy crap.

Vonni :D

10-30-2008, 06:53 PM
Hi my name is Lindor and I am obese!

Today marks the end of week two and the start of week three for me.

It has been yet another challenging week for me, dominated essentially by waiting for the result of my job interview, and then the joy of being accepted for the job! I am absolutely thrilled by the result...yet rather overwhelmed by the prospect of such a huge change in my life!

It was when I sold my house, nearly two years ago, when I first really started to lose control of my diet, it was a huge change, and food was my only stability and a mighty comfort. Although I have struggled on and off over the two years, I never managed to really get my act together again from that point, but I did manage to reduce the damage to just a 10kg gain.

So, here I am again at another huge point in my life. So far, I have not had the desire to 'celebrate' my success. Although this result would previously have been the perfect excuse to over-indulge, I have still managed to stick to my weight-loss goals. And that is a massive achievement for me!

Other little achievements for the past week...

I went shopping last Friday...and never strayed from my shopping list!
I bought chocolate...and it remains unopened in my fridge!
I went out on a photo shoot...and never stopped at the roadhouse for icecream or chips!

I have learned (again) that from not binging I can get a better nights sleep!
I have rediscovered that I do not need an afternoon nap on the weekend anymore!

All week I did not exceed my daily 1500cal limit. I drank water...but I still need to work on making the 2L though. And I did NO exercise! Why does that seem to bother me and why am I not doing anything about it??? Ugh!

And finally I went from 89.5kg to 88.0kg

This week I plan to continue the same. And this week should be a little more settled...apart from the NEED to think about packing up home! I looked at my calendar and I think I have a total of two full weeks at home before I leave, between work trips, a trip to Perth and a trip to Darwin! I also have to be cautious on Tuesday - Melbourne Cup Day - as we have a luncheon at work and that often involves LOTS of food!

Gen...well done with the exam result!!

Amy...we all binge! But we souldn't worry about the binge itself, it's too late for that after we've done it, it's getting past it that we need to concentrate on! Go easy on yourself will you! And go to Collie!!!!!

Julia!!! ENJOY CANADA!!! Really wish I was in your suitcase right now!!

Barb! So good to see you posting again! :)

Alright...gotta run! Sorry for the brief personals! Not enough time in the day just now...sooooo much to do!!! But I do read all your posts and smile at your good news and feel sympathetic at the tough times!

Oh yeah...a quick laugh for you - at my expense!!! I woke up just after 3am this morning with a huge headache! Went to take some nurofen for it before I stopped myself thinking: 'I can't take this - it might affect my weigh in!'

So I took myself and my headache back to bed!!!

Do I have cause to worry here??? :lol:

Have a good day all! :)

10-30-2008, 08:39 PM
Lindor - you're on fire :carrot:. Fantastic result on the scales, but even better is your determination and those insights you're coming up with.

Gen it's good to hear from you. And congratulations on those exam results!

Amy it was just a bad day. I have them - and I just put it down to history and move on with better food choices. I'm especially vulnerable when I haven't planned, and don't have a choice of healthy food in the house - so I understand where you're coming from. And it would be hard for you with John going back to work. Take a deep breath, and make good choices today!

Yesterday I was sick and spent all of my day off sleeping on the lounge. Back to work this afternoon, so hopefully I'll manage. Still feel a bit plain, but I'll get there. I want to make sure I reach my goals today - especially my food goals - and stay on plan.

10-31-2008, 12:09 AM
well bel;eiev it or not today was weigh in day and between the dining out take out and yesterdays binge i still manged to loose wight... 800 grams.. :) so im down to 112.9 this week .. which brings me only 1.3 pounds from 50 pounds lost.. what a rush.. even with my crap week i stayed in my calories most days.. except yesterday i went over by 200.. lol ..

I eat 1500 calories and cal king reccomend 1800.. but i find it better for me to focus on 1500 and go a little over then try and eat more and end up binging.. again.. lol on 1800 i was having trouble.. oh i still got room i can have choc or cake.. or or or.. now at 1500 i feel guilty for eating the crap.. just works out better for me.. USUALLY.. lol..

so yesterday i just put down to being sick im feeling alot better today had i felt good yesterday i would have sent the kids to school for the afternoon( we had yet another teacher strike yesterday morning kids were supposed to go from 12.30 - 3pm.. i didnt bother that would have meant getting out of my pjs and brushing mty hair... lol) and gone and got some food but i was ill and i didnt ..

comforting thing is i read your body needs more calories when your sick in order for you to get better.. :) lmao thats my excuse and im sticking to it..

Last night i was sick guilty and lonely so i came and whinged on the boards thanks for your replys :)

Lindor congrats where you moving to with the new exciting job??? ??? congrats on the loss too :)

Gen well done on the midterms

Ani i hope your feeling better today

Kel is the kitten a duke or dutchess?? dont you give up on us like ww.. :( i thought you were onto a good thing there.. you've been far more motivated lately then you were .. do you really think it was a good idea to quit?

10-31-2008, 10:41 AM
not a hugely great idea quitting but money REALLY is an issue at this moment for us so the 30bucks a month i am saving will be much appreciated by the family
and i was not getting a huge amount out of going to the meetings and the weigh in i do here is just as motivational...... and benji said that i had to keep a food diary and he will look at it..... so still have the tools in place

at the moment though i just dont care and id ont know why

it is 6 weeks til xmas
anyone up for a 6 week challenge???
challenge ourselves to do something we have not done yet every day for 6 weeks? or something?? i need something....

and it is duchess and she is lovely, and somehow still alive with jemima loving her lots!

i better go put her and myself to bed - huge day tomorrow
going to help friends do yard work
then going to fancy dress halloween party (i will upload photos) i am going as steve irwin (coz he is scary) and benji probably a hippy and jemima a little witch (or if i can find the right outfit a evil clown)

10-31-2008, 06:12 PM
Woo hoo Amy :carrot:. You must be feeling a lot better and have heaps more energy. I'm about a pound or so away from having lost 70lb - and I feel like a completely different person in terms of what my body is able to do now.

Kel what kind of six-week challenge are you thinking of? It's nearly eight weeks until Christmas, and I think we could all lose 2-3kg in that time if we really worked hard at it. But it's a very tough time of year to lose weight because of all the parties, family gatherings - and the sheer availability of excess food.

I've stuck pretty well to my goals this week, and am hoping for a good result on Monday. I'm working all weekend, so if I exercise a bit of discipline for the next two days I'll be OK.

10-31-2008, 06:54 PM
We had snow and 28 degrees yesterday. Today it's cold, but blue skies and 60 degrees for Halloween. Now if only I wasn't on call!

10-31-2008, 07:45 PM
Bugger it! Since I write down my steps/km every day I'm setting a big goal. I'm seriously gonna walk across this country (or the equivalent of it), and I don't care how long it takes me. I've started this ticker from last week's walking and will update every Monday.

Gen aren't you FREEZING?

10-31-2008, 09:36 PM
today is 1st November
today my cold has finally gone..
today im going to eat no rubbish
today im going to workout for at least 30 minutes
today im going to take my multivitamins.
today im going to catch up on my washing pile
today im going to be kind to myself
today im going to drink all my water
tonight im going to go to bed and feel tired and im going to sleep becuase i didnt sit on my backside all day eating rubbish..

Ani i do feel alot better in myself.. and yes i can do everything alot easier .. i mean i was having trouble with just about everything.. i could hardly reach around to wipe my own butt before and that is no joke i could only just reach .. (terrible isnt it )

i had a pretty good day yesterday went and got my shopping and ate fairly good.. the only exercise i got was doing the shopping.. but it felt good just doing that .. today im considering taking the kiddies down the pool.. they love that. im still a little tired.. i went to bed at 11 and slept in till 10 (which is ungheard of for me im usually up at 6.30)this morning lol.. the other nights i was hardly sleeping.. what with the sore throat and blocked nose.. you know 3-4 hours.. so i have caught up some..

This morning i had chocolate cravings before i even had breakfast.. i even opened the cupboard and looked at it before shutting it again and grabbing a banana..

great idea kel heres my week one for a 6-8 week challange

.. so i promise to be chocolate free for the next week...
anyone else wanna give something up for the week with me?

i also promise to workout everyday for 30 minutes minimum....
come one some one can join me on this one.. 30 minutes could be 2 15 minutes walks a day .. a workout dvd.. whatever..

and i promise to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day

11-01-2008, 10:03 AM
ok - i am going to be in on my own challenge
and my promise for this week is to drink 2L of water every day
and then when i achieve this weeks challenge
NEXT week will be to exercise for 30 mins every day
and by the end of the 6 weeks i will have achieved 6 things i didnt think i could consistantly do
thats the plan anyhow

the only choc i am eating at the moment is milo

oh did i tell you all - my life now complete - i got job at woolies checkout chick!

11-01-2008, 09:46 PM
Forgot to weigh in on Friday morning so I did it yesterday. Down 1.7kg! :carrot:Got to be happy with that. :D


11-02-2008, 01:39 AM
Week one I'm in for cutting down on coffee, and getting earlier nights. shouldnt be to hard as I start at the hospital for a 4 week stint as of tomorrow.


11-02-2008, 03:33 PM
I weighed in at 73.3kg this morning - a drop of 1.1kg :carrot: and I added another 53km to my journey across Australia.

Hey Barb - woo hoo! I'm really happy that you got such a great result.

11-02-2008, 04:42 PM
WOW Ani congratulations:cb:You're on fire :flame:. Thats awesome. You must be so thrilled. I am!!

Well guys my scales havent moved today, so much for 500 gm in 2 weeks..... :censored: Hopefully in these next 4 weeks I am going to lose SOMETHING with all the walking and stuff. Going to wear my pedometer to. Not today, have to clear it with our facilitator first.

It should be a good time to get in habit of eating at proper times and being in that environment the right foods to. Only they DO have a snack machine but I will just not take any coin:D

Gotta run. Have to start in a tic.

PS prob won't get on every day now. But will check in soon xxx:hug:

11-02-2008, 04:44 PM
Barb way to go :carrot:

11-02-2008, 07:04 PM
woohoo well done Barb 1.7 is fabulous.. :) i bet it feels great to be back on the wagon again...

and woohhhoo Ani well done on your 1.1 .. that is fantastic.. :)

11-03-2008, 04:11 PM
One more day to work and then two days OFF! Even better - it's pay day Thursday so I can get some decent food in the house.

I'm determined to stay on plan today, as much as possible, because I want to get as close to 72kg by the end of November as I can - and the only way to achieve that is to make good decisions every single day!

11-03-2008, 07:31 PM
Today I'm on :cloud9:, it's time to :celebrate:!


Can you believe I made it to 21?!?!

What could you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

11-04-2008, 12:10 AM
happy birthday kylie i hope you have a fantastic 21st

11-04-2008, 03:43 AM
kylie - "what amy said"
woohoo happy birthday to you!

i am doing ok this week i am going to weigh in on thursday at weight watchers and pretend last week didnt happen

i dont even remember what i was going to say coz jemima is pulling my hair and the kitten is meowing
so i best go make dinner
pork stirfry yummmmmmmo

ps - barb what are you doing?? 1.7kg is AWESOME!

Ani - you are going to get past 72 before the end of november i can feel it!

maybe i can get down to 91.4kg..... maybe

personal question for everyone
what do you do about shaffige?? i dont know how to spell it but since i've been bigger in this stupid sweaty weather my legs rub together and i have big red marks and it hurts alot....???

11-04-2008, 04:52 PM
Zinc and castor oil cream Kel, but it does make yr legs stick. I cnt really wear skirts for the same reason so when at home wear some shorts that aren't hot. Even jeans. Any nappy rash cream can also help but I find the Z and C the best for me.

Happy birthday Kylie..... Amy where DO you find these things? lol.

I've had a good 2 days so far att he hospital. Gave IM injections first day for the first time. And I thought i'd be scared but was great. yesterday I went to theatre. Followed day surgery patients right through from admitting to going into theatre in my lovely scrubs lol then to discharging.

Today I am going to hydrotherapy so guess what.... I had to buy a pair of swimmers (blerk) and I gotta go now and shave my legs.



11-04-2008, 07:10 PM
Happy 21st Kylie!!!

Von, I love my scrubs - I wear jeans to work and change into scrubs every day. When I'm working as a nurse I wear a lab coat because I need the pockets for all my crap that I have to carry.

Don't do what I did when I started giving IM injections - forgot to change off the drawing up (looong) needle and gave an old lady a butt shot.. hit the bone! Poor old dear. Never did it again though!

11-05-2008, 01:28 AM
Hydro today. Man what an experience. I have learnt........ that I don't have very good balance on my right leg, that I am weaker in my left arm than my right. We had many kinds of people... disability, stroke, obese, elderly etc..... was great fun but I am soooo tired. And one of my teachers are coming to dinner tonight. She is also our facilitator this week.

Ouch for hitting the bone. We were made deliberately hit bone in our lamb shanks we practiced on so we know the feeling. grates doesnt it... can't imagine the ouch for the client / patient. lol

Gotta run get chook.


11-05-2008, 09:16 AM
And yeah Gen. Scrubs are comfy as. I thought they looked uncomfortable but was pleasantly suprised :D

11-05-2008, 07:02 PM
Sorry I missed your birthday Kylie, I hope it was a great one!:balloons:

I'm doing well with the new lifestyle at the moment, hoping to record another loss this week. (did you all notice that I never used the "D" word!) My first goal is to be under 100, even if its 99.9 I'll be happy with that. ;)

Gotta run. busy busy busy.


11-06-2008, 08:10 AM
barb that is an awesome attitude, i think i might copy you
new lifestyle coming up
no more living week to week on a diet, trying to cheat towards weigh in days etc

UP 600grams in 2 weeks - officially weighed in to hear that
woohoo NOT

zinc and castor oil cream, i'll have a looksy, i was hoping there was a way to still wear skirts and prevent it, it has never been so bad, but i have never been so fat before.....

lifestyle change is coming up.
i am going to STEP up and take on the challenge of being a wife and a mother like I WANT TO BE and STOP listening to EVERYONE else and trying to please everyone else
it is MY life, MY baby, MY husband, and the way THEY see me is more important to ME than what anyone else thinks
so there

(i have had advice from a friend if you could not tell.....)

11-06-2008, 05:46 PM
weigh in day down 700 grams this week..112.2 kilos now :) im happy with that becuase it means my BMI is finally in the 30's.... lol 39.8 i started this journey at 47.9.. so now im just obese rather then super obese.. lol.... it also means ive now lost 50 pounds.. lol.. yippee.. pounds make it sound so much bigger doesnt it? lol

so bmi wise im nearly at where Ani started at.. lol so i still got plenty of work to do..
all my measurements are up from last week ... who knows what that's about but my body weight is down .. i suppose i may be bloated a bit but then i would have not showed a loss of weight... but anyway im sure it will sort it self out before next weesk weigh in.. .. well im off busy day with the monkey in tow... playgroup day.. .. have fun..

11-07-2008, 04:37 AM
Had a sneaky weigh in today..... down 700gm woohoo hehe lets hope i dnt undo all that over the weekend

11-08-2008, 07:54 AM
woohoo vonni
woohoo amy

i am lost in weightloss void

hopefully will be returning to earth soon.

11-08-2008, 06:48 PM
I've had a pretty ordinary week - I don't even know why, but I have gone way over my calorie allowance, and done just about everything wrong.

Not sure why I keep sabotaging myself when I am this close to reaching my goal. Maybe I don't really believe I can do it - or maybe I don't believe I am worth it. I just don't know.

Somehow I have to convince myself to get back on plan, and I'm not really sure how to do that. Over the last six days I have averaged 2300 cals/day and only 1.3L of water. Exercise has been fine, but I've still been letting myself down.

This week my hours of work will be more "normal" - mostly 9.30 - 5.30 - so maybe that will help me get into a better routine. But one of the reasons I have struggled is that this week I have had five different shifts in five days, including one day starting at 6.30am, then the next day starting at 12.30pm. It's hard to be in a good routine when my hours are all over the place.

I just rang in sick for today because my throat feels like I have swallowed razor blades, and that doesn't help either.

The only way I know to try and get back on track is to take things right back to basics, and set goals JUST for today. If I can achieve 80% of the following I will feel better about things:

• Eat no more than 1600 calories;

• Include 2 serves of fruit and 5 veges in whatever I eat;

• Drink 2L of water.

That's about all I can really ask of myself.

Sorry about the whinge - and for being so self-indulgent. It frustrates me that after all this time I still have weeks where I let myself down so badly.

11-08-2008, 07:13 PM
Ani, don't ever apologize for having a bad week. You are such a source of inspiration and strength for all of us all of the time, and we are here to listen if you need to vent! Give yourself a break - you've achieved amazing things with your weight loss, and one week in the scheme of things is nothing. At least you recognize what you're doing and are questioning why. Getting so close to goal seems like it would be great, but it has to be terrifying too! No more excuses for not doing things or getting things you want.. can't blame the weight any longer. You *DO* deserve it, and you know you do. Just get back on the horse and keep trotting.

11-09-2008, 09:10 AM
ani - your "whinging" helps us
we see what you did "wrong" but we also see how you are fixing it
it helps me heaps to KEEP hearing the challenges and to know they dont go away once you loose heaps of weight
it helps me to know that it is a ongoing battle, so i can keep trying to get outof my head that there is a quickfix...

tomorrow morning i am weighing in
not to "start again" coz lifestyle change is slow and steady i know that now
but to benchmark myself and give myself some goals etc

so tomorrow - new ticker and first day of checkout chick at woolies

11-09-2008, 05:22 PM
Ooh have fun. I loved working at Safeway - did it for 7 years thru school and uni. I was in the checkout chick of the year competition 5 years in a row haha. I still have my sashes at my mum's place.. how sad is that!

11-09-2008, 05:41 PM
Gen thanks for the support - and you too Kel - I really value it.

I didn't bother weighing in this morning - I just didn't want to demoralise myself, but I added up the how far I walked last week and moved my exercise ticker along a little bit more.

Good luck with the job today Kel - yay for new adventures :D.

Today is a fresh start for me too. I am going to get back into making better choices and I'll work through whatever is bothering me.

It is scary Gen, and it was a massive reality check to discover just how quickly I can fall back into old, old habits and binge like a mad woman. The challenge now is to find the way to let go of that.

Yesterday was another bad day as far as food choices go, but it has got to stop right now. I can't undo what I have done for the last week, but I can start to make better choices today!

So, the plan is:

• Eat no more than 1600 calories;

• Drink 2.5L of water;

• Walk 10,000 steps;

• Buy the most yummy, tempting fruit I can afford and have that for my snacks instead of chocolate and other crap;

• And forgive myself for a bad week, and just move on!

11-09-2008, 08:13 PM
Ani, I didn't weigh in on Friday for the exact same reason! Last week was a total balls-up with weight-loss...and this week hasn't started off much better! I think my mind has decided to put off weight-loss for a few weeks because of all the upheaval I am going to be going through!

Tomorrow I leave for Perth...will be there 'til Friday...will probably be having minor surgery to have my lump removed. Ani, let me know of your schedule...this will probably be my last trip to Perth for a while and I'd love to catch up for a coffee...or Fish & Chips! :p

I am then home for two days before leaving on a work trip...I have cut that down to just a two night trip rather than the week.

Then on the 22nd I am taking two weeks leave to visit Darwin, get a feel of the place and house hunt etc.

When I return, I have one full week here, another work trip and then I am finished and will be leaving for good a few days later!!

It's all exciting...but daunting too! How am I going to get myself packed in time? How is my old dog going to take the move? What if the job isn't what I expected? What if I am not up to their standards? I don't want to think about it anymore!!

Anyway...back on topic. All I really want to achieve for the next few weeks is to maintain at around the 88 - 90kg that I am at now. I don't want to gain anymore...and if I lose some then that is a bonus! At the very least, I vow to have breakfast every day and I vow to drink 2L of water every day!

Must run!! I have an appointment with the bank manager shortly and I must pack for Perth...and for the move too for that matter!!!

Good luck with the new lifestyle Kel!

Kylie...soooo sorry I missed it, but Happy Birthday for last week too!! :hug:

11-09-2008, 08:31 PM
Hi everyone

Thanks for the birthday wishes - I had a wonderful Tuesday, and a smashing (or was that smashed?) Saturday night!

My boss and I are fed up with being round, so we're going to start bringing lunches to work (instead of racking up $100+ weekly bills at the coffee shop downstairs!). It's going to be good to have someone to work with. We're going low carb (yes in moderation), and just generally cutting out the crap.

Bring on the eggs!

Kel, my relationship with woolies was definitley love/hate, but it's a pretty good place to work generally. My one tip is to make an effort, because most of the young ones don't. Turn up, present well, take an interest in your regulars, and don't take too long on your breaks, and you will be in the good books!

Gotta dash, will be back.

11-10-2008, 04:41 AM
Sorry I haven't been around. Down another 700g last week, but had a terrible weekend. We made pizzas and even though the toppings were very healthy (roasted veg, olives, artichoke, tomatoe, low fat cheese and fresh herbs) I ate WAY more than I should have, pizza just never fills me up! So I'm guessing that this weeks loss won't be a great one.

Oh yeah, Kel buy yourself a pair of bike shorts to wear under your skirts. I think Target have the different length ones to choose from.



11-10-2008, 05:19 AM
hey babr good idea. Never thought of doin that cause i dnt wear dresses n skirts much either cause like Kel - the chaffe (?) thing.

We have a new facilitator at the hospital. She started today. lets see how she goes before I make judgement :D. Friday going to orthopeadic theatre wow that'll be good.

Okay I havent lost any extra weight than my sneak peek but thats ok. We are up n down stairs ALL day lol. so I'm guessing reason for not any more loss is muscle is getting better underneath all this flab. All I am concentraing on is eating okay and drinking water. Not bothering with exercise or being too pedantic about diet over the next few weeks till I am over this hurdle of clinical.

Looks like everyone is faring ok this week. Ani not only do we see yr set backs but we also see how you pick yrself off and dust yrself off again and soldier on. Its an inspiration :D

11-10-2008, 03:36 PM
Phew! Met all my goals yesterday.

My roster has changed, so I'm now working 6.30 - 2.30pm today. I have realised that my 'danger zone' is those afternoons when I'm not at work (or when I finish early), so I am going to have to come up with a plan to overcome that.

My main plan for this week is to get myself back on track, and to reach at least 80% of my daily goals. One day down… :D

11-10-2008, 04:15 PM
Ani do you think you could have your main meal when you get home? Snack on some celery while cooking it if necessary. And make those days quick easy meals to cook, or cook extra day before and make something out of it..... eg, if you have mashed potato and veg with meat one evening, cook extra spud n veg and make a shepherds pie the next with leftover.

11-10-2008, 11:56 PM
i just cant stop eating

i loved woolies - my first shift last night, next on thursday night then soon i find out what regular roster will be i hope

regular roster will mean routine for exercise
doc orders routine in some exercise

11-11-2008, 12:20 AM
oh yeah and i didnt weigh in
maybe next week

and thanks for chaffisge advice
bikepants awesome idea will do that
and then cream for when it hurts
it seems to come and go - right now all good!

i am one big fat deflated balloon and i dont know why

11-11-2008, 01:58 AM
hey guys had a stressful weekend.. that led me hiding in a corner ignoring the world and switching the phones off , keeping the curtains closed and myself binging yesterday.. i had chocolate 160grams of it plus a snickers bar..... yup you guessed it had to skip dinner last night.(wasnt hungry). and felt angry at myself.. .. but better day today ...

Its all over my sister.. who has once again had a mental breakdown and is in a hospital in the mental ward over in sydney..

She has been in and out of trouble for 12 years.. trashing houses.. gathering debt.. druggy friends.. abusive hubby.. you name it.. she has done everythign she could to upset our parents from not talking to them to calling them names . and marrying mr incredible... But now expects us all to go to sydney because she has really ballsed it up this time.. My parent are towing there van to sydney as we speak.. and yesterday they were nearly killed when i semi plowed straight into a stupid P platter that tried to over take there van and car without looking .. they also blew a tyre replaced it only to be pulled up by someone becuase the one the put on was falling off..... wrong sized nut holes made the wheel move and the nuts wiggle off.

My sister keeps trying to call me reverse charge.. so im ignoring the phone.. i dont want to know... her usual lies... she is saying she is going to leave her pond scum husband but we will see... ( he is a ex child prostatute with paraniod scitzophrenia that got locked up for trying to kill some one.. a couple of years ago for 18 months.. lost his job cant get another one and has been living off her wage ever since... any wonder she is in a mental ward? and the pair of them live in one of those rentals you see on ACA)

so yep i have had enough and got to the point of ....... talk to the hand.. becuase the ear aint listening.. ...

other wise ive been ok.. one dietry slip up.. only was 1832 cals that day so not to drastic really just annoying.. I have been keeping busy clearing out extra crap in my house.. started with my fat clothes.. then the shed... then the kids toys.. then Leahs clothes... then the kitchen and today the linene cupbaord.. IM sick of having all this stuff we dont use and having trouble putting away the stuff we do use.. so its all gone.. goodwill bins.. and the salvos shop.. :) feels great :) oh and of course the good old fashioned rubbish bin too lol..

11-11-2008, 08:40 AM
Amy :hug:

11-11-2008, 09:00 AM
oh amy that is full on
hang in there!

11-11-2008, 05:38 PM
Amy I think it's very wise to not get caught up in your sister's dramas. As tough as it is, you have enough going on in your own life - and she needs to take some responsibility for her own behaviour. And even though it has been said a million times before, you can't control or change what someone else does - all you can control is your own reactions to them.

I know it's really tough, because she is family - and I am thinking of you :hug:.

I had an OK day yesterday: ate 1650 calories, walked 10km - but I only drank 1.2L of water. Still… a lot better than I have been, so I'll take that as a mostly successful day.

I think I have discovered what is wrong with me - I'm feeling restless, and beginning to think about leaving Perth. On some levels I have been thinking about it for a little while, and I have been here for about 20 years, so it isn't all that easy.

But I've been toying with the idea of moving to Queensland (I have two sisters living there) - and then on Sunday one of my closest friends from many years ago got in touch with me through Facebook. And would you believe it, she lives in Brisbane!

I'll give it some more thought over the next few months and see how well it sits with me.

Anyway, in the meantime I need to try and have another good day with my weight loss, and work to reach those goals. I have two days off, and I'm hoping to catch up with Lindor while she's here - it might be my last chance for ages because she is going to be moving interstate soon.

Julia are you back from Canada yet?

11-11-2008, 06:25 PM
I'm back!


Had a great time in Canada but am suffering for it now. I'm tired and run down and feel like I could sleep for a week.

Had a nice weekend celebrating my 30th birthday but overindulged somewhat and that is no doubt adding to my feeling crap.

We were so well fed on my trip and I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of cooking for myself again. I've got a session with my trainer tonight that I'm dreading because I feel so flat but I'll go because I know it'll do me good.

I've had a quick skim over all of your posts. Happy birthday to Elerine - hope it was a great one! Kel, congrats on the new job, I hope you enjoy it lots. Amy, I don't really know what to say about your dramas but hang in there chick, you'll get through it.

Ani that's potentially an exciting change for you to make. Vonni, sounds like you're loving what you're doing at the moment and that's awesome :D

Keep checking in Barb, you're doing some great work at the moment. Gen, how's things going with you? You in the middle of winter over there now? Brrrr.

That's about it for today. I'm so out of synch with food etc so will just try to get back on track this week.


11-11-2008, 09:38 PM
I'm so out of synch with food etc so will just try to get back on track this week.

hey hey
i have NEVER really thought about weight control that way
being "in synch" with your food
being "in synch" with your body
my daughter and my hubby are TOTALLY "in synch" with their food choices and know when they need to eat and can and are satisfied with just that they dont OVERinduldge but they induldge

i will THINK about that
and go and find something for lunch - i know there is fresh bread and i have lettuce IN MY GARDEN but no tomatoes ready yet.... tomorrow i will buy some and keep watching the rain make the ones in the garden bigger

11-11-2008, 09:38 PM
so yippee LETTUCE SANDWICH for lunch hehehehehe maybe i will add some tuna

11-11-2008, 11:18 PM
hey guys thanks .. im ok but just really needed to vent. :)

Im back in control and ignoring the phone.. lol.. well letting the machine get it before i do and scanning the calls :) my folks should reach sydney today and them being off those roads makes me feel a bit more relaxed..

Im making some real progress with my excess stuff.. which is great and i have tied up some loose ends i keep forgetting about.. like the canceling insurance on the old car we no longer have a hard rubbish pickup for the old dishwasher.. and filing away paper work to find the new bankcard in the pile.. :)..

this month has been a great one for weightloss for me.. i have lost almost double what i usually do.. so im very happy about that... im gonna make my goal of 110 for xmas.. no problems at this stage.. lol..

Ani you sure are changing your life around.. first the job and house and now thinkignabout the state.. wow .... so could you get bunnings to tranfer you ?? that would be good to have a bit of job securitry when you get there..

Kel .. can you come over and dig me a veggies garden please??? frsh veg is so much nicer then shop stuff...

Julia great to have you back.. i was just wondering when you were coming back

11-12-2008, 04:31 PM
I went to the gym last night, the only chance I'm going to get all week. Weighed in and am up 0.5kg which I'm relieved with that it's not more.

Off to get more tattooing done tonight then off to Auckland for the weekend to see Def Leppard in concert.

Off work on Monday as my dad's going into full time hospital grade care so I'm going to have the day off work to help mum get him settled in.

That's all for now, will check in again next week.


11-12-2008, 11:16 PM
Hello, my name is Kylie, and I'm not going to be overweight for long!

So there is only two of us in the office, and we both weigh the same amount. We both wracked up MASSIVE bills at the coffee shop downstairs, so we've decided, that's it. No More. We are going halves in salad stuff and we made lunch today together - it was great!

No more 3-5 skinny lattes per day either.

And....wait for it...

I joined the gym!! I'm going first thing tomorrow morning. There's an RPM class scheduled, but I don't want to scare myself off on the first day! It's right near work, so I'll just walk in like normal, work out, then shower/dress/doodle-bop to work.

The gym has everything I need - cardio, Les Mills (yay!), sauna, steamroom, aromatherpay (can you believe it?!). I've signed on a month-by-month contract because I am hoping and praying that I will be overseas in April next year.

Amy, I really hope you are ok. I've done the family drama thing this year too, it's hard. You sound like you're going ok (minus the drawn curtains and chocolate), so chin up hon, everything will come out in the wash.

Julia - I hope Canada was freakin' awesome! It's on my list of places to go (like everywhere else I guesss). I'm hoping to live/work in Central Asia for a year, after stopping in at a conference in Prague. Central Asia is pretty much the countries that end in -stan.

Ani, glad to hear that you are plugging away.

Hope all is well with everyone.

11-12-2008, 11:18 PM
and Kel, once you're done with Amy's garden, can you do mine? :P

11-13-2008, 03:14 AM
i am going to have to take another photo of my garden it is getting so big
rain is good
and yes i will do everyones garden just pay for the flight and i am there
(except first week of december that is anniversary holiday week)

guess what i am starting on monday
you are all going to shake your heads at me

celebrity slim

ok - i know exactly what you are all going to say
but i am going to do it for a couple of weeks to get under 90 kilos then i PROMISE to stop and maintain
then i will change lifestyle properly while maintaining by then my house and mind should be in order

11-13-2008, 04:53 AM
KEL:no: everytime you go on one of these things you end up putting on more then you lost in the first place.. dont do this to yourself:no:... again..... :club::rollpin:

Kylie you go girl always great to have a partner in crime.. to keep you accountable ... thats great.. enjoy the gym...too
:crazy: My life just ends up a bit more crazy everyday.... lol

I got a text from a friend i havent heard from for about a month.. that read....Hey.. How are you. Sorry no chat.Been admitted to psych ward. Mentally and emotionally broke down. Text me if you want.:crazy:

UMM its terrible but all i could do was laugh.. i mean... who next..... .. i have got over the whole sister thing now Mum and Dad are safely in Shell harbour .. and the friend.... well i will speak to her but not worry at all.. she has a hard life she is completely blind has epilepsy.. and looks after 4 kids all under 8 .. and the youngest is the baby that got mengicoccal a few months back and nearly died . there had to come a point where it got to much..

I can relax now.. and im happy that i get a break of being the only daughter mum talks to.. lol . and my friend lives the other side of the city so we talk about twice a month or something.. so its very easy to deal with.

At the pool today i got talking to one of the girl that is always quiet in class .. she is really nice.. we ended up talking most the class. and some.. lol.. she is doing weight watchers.. and has lost 5 kilos in 5 weeks .. not bad eh?

anyway just letting you'll know im completely fine.. adelaide meet up for calorie king weight losers ( Kylie can you make it?)is this weekend and the local pagaent so busy fun weekend planned :) ... speaking of which ... trampoline got delivered today :) and i got therr stocking stuffers too .. so kids are done for xmas.. now just everyone else to do... lol.

11-13-2008, 05:48 PM
gosh amy you are so strong! you have so much going on around you it cant be easy to keep it all together!!

i know i always fail on the maintenance side of things with the shakes diets but i feel more comfortable that i can do it this time...

and ani - move to qld it is awesome
my neighbour is maybe looking for a housemate and you would probably get on with her really well

11-13-2008, 06:07 PM
weigh in day...... im down a whole kilo this week .. :) yippee :) im very happy about that ..

But i truely am fine Kel dont worry about me.. now if it was my kid then i would be a mess.. but my sister and friend.... nah.. upset for maybe a few days then.. dont care again.. lol My sister ran away at 15 and has been playing these games ever since.. she will be 30 in march.. and since i hated her before she left.. being a teenager myself..... We never got the close adult relationship most sisters do.. i mean.. she still acts like a teenager.. and we ahev always been polar opposites anyway..

I like quiet time to myself she like drug filled parties.. she would smoke the joint and pass it on i would stamp it out .. she would drink the beer i would pour it out.. lol peer pressure never got to me.. i have always been the same... non comforming.. and boy did her friend hate me.(since i would knick off with whatever they were passing round and be rid of it ). but she had to take me along... Mums rules... lmao... im only 18months younger then her so my company was mandatory.. lol... i was the only thing that stopped her being really stupid so when she did run away she lost the sensible voice in her ear saying dont be so bloody stupid.. lol..

I am strong unless its my kids... that is when i fall apart into a million tiny peices.. lol..

11-13-2008, 06:17 PM
Kel :o. Shakes are not the magic pill you think they are. Yes they will help you lose some weight, but your body doesn't like them, and your mind gets confused. So as soon as you start eating again you will gain the weight back, because your body is starving for nutrients.

The other day a friend asked me to reflect on what I've done that has made me succeed with my weight loss, and I came up with a list. I thought I would share it with you - because very little of it has to do with food (and that surprised me). Here it is:

1. Set goals - even if they change every day - it's important that you have something to be working toward. And make them SMART (small, measurable, achievable, realistic, with a timeframe).

2. Learn - know how much food you need, discover your relationship with food, and keep on learning.

3. Use your tools - scales, tape measure, clothes size… but never let them become your master. They are there to measure your progress - NOT your worth.

4. Eat the yummiest food you can afford - and include things that will fill your plate and your tummy. Don't ever deprive yourself of great food - and don't buy "diet food/low fat food". It's mostly high in salt, sugar and other crap, and not worth the trade off.

5. Discover the way that sleep, salt, stress and sickness impact on the scales.

6. Avoid exercise you don't like. Find creative ways to move - it all counts.

7. Real weight loss is slow. It's Michaelangelo chipping away at the Statue of David. Anything less patient, determined, honest and challenging is a cheap imitation.

8. Believe you are worth it. No matter what you have to do to shift your thinking, and to start believing in yourself - DO IT!

9. Don't wait for motivation - it contributes little to the journey. Weight loss is about a personal commitment, a promise to become the best person that you can.

10. Be the president of your own fan club. Don't do it for someone else, for a special event - outside influences will let you down. Become the 'special event' yourself.

11-13-2008, 11:09 PM
Check out my avatar - how cute is my niece?

11-14-2008, 12:26 AM
gen she is TOOOO cute, love the rosy cheeks

ani - i like number 4 and number 7
i know shakes are not magic i know but right now i need something to trick my mind into thinking i can get below 90kg

11-14-2008, 01:09 AM
just call me mary

mary mary quite contrary!

11-14-2008, 01:10 AM
amy - i dont have a sister so i have no idea what it would be like
my sister in law just had another baby girl so her two are 18months apart i wonder what they will grow up like.

11-14-2008, 05:03 PM
Awesome garden Kel. I've been eating my own veges for a week or so now - and I love it. I planted a few more things last week, and will pop in a few more tomatoes, english spinach and capsicum next week. I LOVE having fresh food to eat.

IF I get any money from my tax return I am going to buy myself some gym equipment and a 6-month membership to the local pool. I'm really finding these last few kilos hard to shift, so it's time to change my focus and start working on a different approach.

I've also got someone coming to stay for a few weeks on Wednesday, so that little bit of rent money will come in very handy. If nothing else it will pay my car registration…

This week has been better for me, food wise, but still not quite right. I have been averaging 1830 calories - and that's just a little too high. If I can just improve on it a little bit next week I will be happy.

11-14-2008, 06:23 PM
mmmmm spinich - yes i must get some of that....
i also need to get my basil happening more too

11-14-2008, 07:33 PM
Spinach is the devil's work!

11-15-2008, 11:20 AM
oh and amy - wooo hooo down a whole kilo that is so cool so how many kilos have you lost now??? i dont understand pounds still

and gen - i dont understand why spinich is the devils work.... i only know about popeye

11-15-2008, 04:09 PM
Gen you're a ratbag - spinach is soul food :p

I'm setting myself a challenge - this is "water week" for me. Starting today I am going to try and drink 2.5L of water every day for a week and see if I can give my body a good 'flush'. I've been pretty ordinary with my water intake for the last couple of weeks - so I think it's time to fix that.

11-15-2008, 06:13 PM
Met Kylie yesterday we had a great time :) at the park and my kids were good the whole time.. only time i saw them was when they were hungry or thirsty.. lol didnt bug me at all.. it was a great park..and perfect weather..

Went to our local pageant in the morning and walked down to the beach then got went home for 20 minutes to get ready for the park.. had a picnic packed for lunch but they were too busy to want much lol..

I remembered to cover the kids in suncream but not me... grr we were sitting in a shadey spot so i thought i was fine.. but my left arm must have been in the sun at the very top... and boy is it saw .. my face is burnt too .. ouch.. face may have been burnt at the pagaent ..

kel as far as weight loss i was 135 kilos and im now 111.2 kilos so just short of 24 kilos is gone forever ..

Gen your niece is very sweet :)

and Mary your garden looks fabulous.. lol .. i bet Jem is loving it too

11-16-2008, 03:55 PM
I gained 0.7kg over the last week or so - and I have no excuse.

This week's plan is to eat around 1600 calories a day, drink more than 2L of water every day and walk a lot.

I'm starting to feel that I've got my head into a better place for losing some more weight too, so it's all good - I hope :D

11-16-2008, 06:57 PM

From 103 to 100.7 this week. I think it's a fluke, but I'll take it! Gosh, this is the first week in months that I've seen them go down! Awesome!

Amy and I did have a lovely time in the park on Saturday. We met up with a couple of girls from Amy's other forums.

Just a quick one, will come by later. xx

11-17-2008, 04:54 AM
Been really busy lately ladies, so sorry I haven't popped in. Weighed in on Friday morning to see that I've gained 700g. Pooh pooh! Oh well that's life. Will try harder this week. I feel really bloated too so maybe carrying a little bit of fluid.
Gotta run.


11-17-2008, 08:18 AM
700grams you can lose that this week barb! maybe it is coz you had such a good loss the other day

amy its too cool you met kylie, i still feel bad i didnt get to meet ani when i went to perth - timings just were not on our side

what kind of stuff are you eating out of your garden ani??? my tomatos and capsicum are so close and very exciting my corn is up to something as well! tonight benji cooked salmon & tomatos and used celery from the garden! he said he quite often walks past and just helps himself which is too cool

weigh in today for shakes diet........... 95kilos exactly
so 5.1kg to lose by xmas or newyear!

11-17-2008, 03:58 PM
Oh Kel, when will you learn that shakes are not the answer? Short term fixes don't work - you know that!

I'm in a really odd place at the moment. My diet and exercise have been off track since just before I went to Canada and my motivation is nil.

I had the day off work yesterday as my dad went into full time care. He's 63 and has Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, early onset alzheimers and bi-polar disorder.

Mum's been looking after him at home ever since he had to give up work and the time has come where he's in need of hospital grade care. It's a nice place and I know that it's the best thing for him and mum but I find it so depressing to see him sitting there being served lunch that was pretty much all mushy type food, eating it with a spoon while having a bib tied around his neck.

So I think it's because of that that I just feel so disinclined to do anything good for myself at the moment. I'll try though and my goal for today is to go to the gym.


11-17-2008, 07:17 PM
Kel I am eating tomatoes, lettuce and english spinach. Looking at my tomatoes, I don't think I'll have to buy any for at least three months. One of my cherry tomato plants has over 250 fruit!

Julia it's sad when something changes so significantly with your family. On a logical level it's going to be much easier for your mum, and your dad will get really good care - but on an emotional level it's really tough.

Don't let it derail you from your own goals - especially when you are working on something that will improve your own health and quality of life :hug:.

I'm working 11-7pm today - strange hours! and then I have two days off. I can't wait because I am physically exhausted, and my legs and arms are hurting. I'm getting close to the point where I am going to need a holiday, because my body is complaining about how hard it has been pushed for the last nine months.

I'm mostly on track this week - about 10% off at the moment, but that's not bad. I was talking to my physio yesterday. She has lost 17kg this year and is at the point - like me - where she has just 7kg to go. We were bemoaning the fact that it's the hardest part of losing weight, and trying to think up strategies to beat it.

I don't know the answer yet - all I know is it is going to be a huge challenge!

11-18-2008, 02:15 AM
julia that will be such a huge relief for your mum but so sad that they will live apart. you have to be appreciative of what you have and work to get into shape and enjoy your body and your life while you can

ani they are weird weird hours do you eat before and then get one break??

you were so right about eat the best food you can buy, as checkout chick i am seeing all sorts of things come through and the cheap nasty stuff you probably have to eat a heap to enjoy but the fancy smancy stuff you would just need a nibble so it is all relative and i have been getting awesome ideas of things to eat and for jemima to eat - but bah humbug she doesnt like blueberrys i think it is the 'skin' so i am not sure what to do there

11-18-2008, 05:46 AM
"bah humbug" I don't like blueberries either :D the skin is nasty :p

Julia we call them clothing protectors here. And in the care facility where I did some prac, and also now at the hospital we had some quite "proud" clients and I made them feel at ease and put a little humour into the whole "somebody has to feed me" thing by saying that I wasn't to steady with my hand and thats why protector was needed. Then though in saying that, you have to pick and choose who wouldn't take offence.

Ani is right, yr dad will receive the care he needs there. Is there any support from an organisation that you and yr mum could get if you wanted to take him out for the day or overnight? Day trips are easy enough to manage but your mum would need assistance at home for any overnights. We have a few here who are quite dependant, but still go with family sometimes. Lots of hugs to you, yr mum and dad :hug:

Well, I have 8 days left of my placement. The NUM Integrater (think thats what she is) at the hospital where I am doing it asked me if I wanted work as an AIN until my registration comes through at the end of December early Jan. So putting in an official expression of interest and a resume tomorrow.

Not lost any weight grrrrr. Probably getting muscle from all the stairs.

Kylie and Amy how awesome you met up. Glad you had a great day.

Gotta fly. Have read all posts but busy busy as per usual.
Love Vonni xoxoxoxox

11-18-2008, 07:03 PM
I love blueberries - all kinds of berries in fact.

Kel every time I go to the supermarket I have a look at what other people are putting in their trolleys - it horrifies me to see how much crap some people buy.

Vonnie that's exciting news that you already have a job offer - it must make you feel good.

I'm on days off today and tomorrow. My house looks disgraceful, so I'm going to spend most of today cleaning and pottering in the garden. I should be able to meet my goals today - I'm determined to try and lose something this week. In fact I would like to try and have a goal of losing a little bit every week until the end of the year.

11-18-2008, 07:13 PM
I love blueberries! They're my absolute favourite type of berry and I'm always sad that they're so expensive. I haven't seen any yet this season but hopefully they'll be available soon.

I'm feeling better about life today but angry as some genius has decided that Dad's health issues are age related and they want to move his case to a different department which would mean that his care would be based on asset testing. Rude. Mum's currently writing an email arguing her point.

Anyhoo, I've decided that it's time to pull myself out of the slump I'm in and I know that the best way to do that is to get my butt to the gym tonight. I didn't go last night, instead I went home and went to sleep. Not good!

Goals for today:

Write down everything that I eat and stick to my points allowance.
Go to the gym.

Time to get back on the horse!


11-18-2008, 09:56 PM
i am going to make muffins with these ones jem is not eating by themselves (or in her cereal, yogurt etc)
but any other suggestions for blueberry use?

11-19-2008, 05:32 AM
hey guys im taking a break from weightloss atm.. i just want a break.. so im eating a bit more and not doing so much exercise.. I have been spending most my time sorting things out in my house.. I was sick of Leahs toys being all along one wall so i took her drawers out of her wardrobe went down to bunnings for some melamine and some of cuts timber and put a shelf in there.. which means all her toys are in her cupboard.. and every other oom has had stuff pulled out and either donated or thrown.. today i cleaned out the car and washed it ..

Whe im doing alot of wroking out the house slips.. and my prevoius hoarding ( whilst i had post natal depression) was left unchecked for way too long.. ignoring it (stuffed in every cupboard in this house)seemed easier then dealing with it.. lol so now im sorting it all out and it feels great.. yeah im buggered but im feel better about everything.. im still watching my calories.. but im not obsessing over them.. i have given up the whole carb protien/fat ratios idea and am just sticking pretty much to the calories.. as best i can without getting to carried away.. i feel like i could give in the whole counting thing and just make the choices on my own.. but for now i will contiue with cal king..

I do feel like im ready to make a different step in this weightloss thing but for a week or two im having a break .. my body is tired my mind is too and i just want to relax for a while .. plus TOM is coming and dont i know it ,had cramps and pain since sunday .. but still no tom.. so that is probabl;y the main reason im feeling a bit lazy about weight loss.. lol .. everyone needs a break from time to time.. so im gonna take mine.. NO weigh in no nothing .. lol..

11-19-2008, 04:40 PM
is that leah's real hair??? she is so beautiful

take a break from weight loss GREAT idea
but DONT let yourself PUT on weight, make is maintenance time
this is the part i have never been able to achieve
you have done so incredible now sit back and enjoy sexy body and the knowledge you are eating well and not getting fatter

i am NOT HAPPY JAN thursday is my "day off" benji takes jem to daycare in the morning, i get a little sleep in and then the chance to potter around the house before i have to work at the opshop
benji forgot one very important thing this morning when he left................ his daughter
so now i got to make her lunch and get dressed and get her dressed and take her to daycare before coming home and probably not getting the sleep i need - woolies is really nice but i am new to standing on my feet for so long and it is really busy there at the moment so a bit of sleep would be nice

11-19-2008, 05:31 PM
Amy I think that you'll be just fine giving yourself a break, you seem to be in a good headspace to do it and I rekon you'll be fine to look at this as a trial at maintenence. Good luck and make sure you keep checking in with us!

How are you enjoying your 2 days off Ani? I hope you're getting a bit of well deserved rest and relaxation.

Yesterday afternoon I drank a can of sugar free V and man, I won't be doing that again in a hurry :dizzy: I had extra energy for the gym but I was jittery and shaky and I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest!

Other than that, it was a good day. I stuck to my points allowance and had a good 60 minute workout at the gym.

Goals for today are to do the same - stick to my points and have a good workout at the gym.


11-19-2008, 07:24 PM
Good morning loveys!

I am feeling great this morning, so I'm sending a little sunshine your way!

Hand in there Barb - I know you can do it. Do you want to work together on this? PM me or something, we can have a chat.

Kel - I've been there with the shakes thing. And everyone told me it was a bad idea. And it was. Yes, I lost 15kg in a month, but I put on 20kg straight after I stopped the shakes. I know it's your choice, and we'll support you.

Julia - I'm sorry to hear that your dad is in care. My mum works in that industry, and she makes sure she treats everyone like human beings. I'm sure your mum will appreciate a little break, even if it's hard to admit.

Ani - I'm so envious of your vegie garden! It seems like you planted yesterday and now there is veg there! If I had a garden, vegies would be in it!

Vonni - good luck with the application. It sounds like you're doing really well there.

Amy - good onya for knowing what's what with you. Cleaning will be just as good for you as losing 2kg. There's nothing as satisfying as seeing space where junk used to be.

I went to the gym again, 40min cardio and then BodyBalance. Feeling good!
I've settled into a rythym food wise. I have a cup-of-oats for breakkie, salad wrap for lunch. Dinner is a little sketchy still, but it's all good. 2/3 ain't bad!

Alright, have a wonderful day! xx

11-20-2008, 08:36 AM
yes kel that is leahs hair.. hers is longer then mine.. she sits on it in the bath.. when it sits straight becuase it wet.. lol she has the curls just like me .. funny thing is she had nearly no hair till she was one then it just grew like grass .. lol. The outfit she is wearing is the princess dressup Nanny bought for her birthday... and she just loves it :) ..

The theme for this week however seems to be running around naked... lol .. she just strips off and streaks around the house.. and its cold here too.. MAD CHILD.. lol .. This morning she wanted to wear her pyjamas to kindy.. i said no and she had a tanty.. then next thing i knew she was naked once more.. lol so i told her to get dressed... yuippeee anothe tanty... when she finally did get dressed in clothes that didnt match at all ... i decided to just leave her in them and explain to the kindy why she looked like a unloved child... lol..

Today i took my mil and myself outlet store christmas shopping .... this morning i had noone sorted for xmas.. $280 later i have christmas done for 9 people and 2 birthday present too for the kids friends coming up ... so 11 gifts done for 280 .. i think that is pretty good .

food has been fine as usual.. im just finding it all easy now.. not gonna weigh in ..for now just plod along. :)

kel i cant beleive Benji forgot Jem... what did he sleep in or something and have to rush out?? lol MEN!!

Julia i hope your mum will be ok without your dad it must be awful to have to make that decison for your life partner.. and i wish you all the best.. its cant be and easy time for you ... Well done on getting back to the gym though :)

Kylie sounds like you have a great plan sorted out :) what take long for the weight to start moving now :)...

ok well off to bed for me :) night night

11-20-2008, 03:42 PM
That photo of your daughter is amazing Amy - she looks exactly like you!

Thanks everyone for all your kind words regarding my dad's situation. He's doing well in the home and mum is stoked to have the house all to herself and to not have to worry about him anymore. I'm feeling much better about it all, I think it'll just take time for me to get used to it.

I didn't manage to stick to my points yesterday but I did go to the gym and had a good workout so that's one good thing.

Goal for today is to stick to my points!


11-20-2008, 04:08 PM
Hey Kel, are you ok after the storm last night? Hope it missed you!

11-20-2008, 06:46 PM
Counting today there are 41 days left of this year, and I have set myself the task of reaching 72.5kg by then.

I am asking myself to do three things every day:

1. Eat no more than 1500 calories.
2. Walk at least 10,000 steps.
3. Drink at least 2L of water.

Every day that I reach all three goals I am going to put $10 aside - and at the end of it I am going to go on a mad shopping spree. Of course if I only reach goal a few times I won't be having much of a spending frenzy, but if I DO stick to the plan most of the time I will have a bit of a party :D.

Since I have a temporary housemate I can afford such a lavish reward system, and it might be just the thing to get me back into the right frame of mind to lose some more weight.

11-20-2008, 11:19 PM
ok well you know im female becuase i have changed my mind... lol

After a very successful shopping trip to the best big w in this state i have decided i am jumping back on the wagon again.. ive kinda had one week off already.. so... thats long enough .. my pain is gone and i feel fine so that helps me out..

I did my own xmas shopping since mum and dad are away and john too and Nana wanted me to get myself something that is what i have done.. i got 5 tops.($15 each bargain ). 2 singlets and OMG!!! 2 dresses.... beleive it or not i have not worn a dress since i was about 13 years old... and these are the absolute best shape ever they are very lower though and have a cross over bit that go below my boobs .. which is why i got the singlets :) they come right in under the boobs my skinniest bit then flair out so..they are super flattereing.. all the bumpy bits hidden and becuase of the bit that comes in you get the illusion that im thinner then i am.. I will take a picture after xmas.. lol when they become mine.. .. nothing like getting what you want for xmas by getting it yourself..

I loved doing it knowing its wasn't my money i was spending.. lol

anyway im back on the wagon.. being off it i have pretty much misbehaved every single day... which goes to proves to me im not ready to stop. Also since i can walk into so many shops now and buy clothes now.. i dont want to go back to not being able to .. i will weigh in my naughtyness in the morning.. expect a gain.. i know i do.. lol..

11-21-2008, 09:56 AM
- and at the end of it I am going to go on a mad shopping spree.

Now Ani...why did I crack up after reading that??? :p

I'm totally off track at the moment...too much going on! I'm off to Darwin first thing tomorrow morning for two weeks to have a look-see before I move there permanently early next year! Somehow I don't think I'll be able to set any real goals while I am away...nevermind sticking to any! But I am going to try to be good, if not just for my weight but for the want to save a few dollars too!

Anyway...really only wanted to pop in and say 'hi'...let you all know I am still alive!! :dizzy:

11-21-2008, 06:59 PM
ok its confession time........ LMAO... just weighed in... and im up 500 grams... serves me right too lol ..

i got what i deserved for being bad.. lol

11-21-2008, 11:15 PM
gosh i wish i could be 'bad' like you amy... when i am bad i put on more than that!!!

hi lindor!

ani - that is a really really good idea ten bucks a day for reaching those goals that are going to make a huge difference.....

me - been pretty good with the shakes this week, i dont expect a huge loss i do expect a loss though
been so so busy with working and baby and stuff, been having to find new daycare coz the current one puts my baby down they call her duck coz of the way she walks and they think she is slow and they put me down as well so end of january i have a spot at a new place
monday i have clinic appointment for some behaviour management ideasand am working monday night
tuesday i have hearing appointment to check her hearing
wednesday day off - bible study at night but i dont know when i'llhave time to read the bible stuff!
thursday working 9 until 1 so benji better not forget jem !!! then MAYBE go to the gym as i only have a month left
friday playgroup and then working friday night
then saturday market day at opshop where i going to be selling hairclips i make same with sunday THEN

julia - we have missed out on the worst of the storm stuff, friends of mine had trees everywhere and flooding, the opshop was flooded and roads and trainlines and tunnels flooded cars everywhere but we have been lucky and my garden is loving it.... we had hail and had to run outside and cover the cars but that is the most excitement - oh and a converstation topic for me at woolies!

i cant wait til monday when i weigh in

11-22-2008, 04:07 AM
I logged in to read everyone's post's earlier and forgot to put my own one in here!!

I've stayed the same this week. No gain at least.

Ani What a great idea, if I had $10 a day to spare I would do it too.


11-23-2008, 01:07 AM
hI ALL. Madly finishing workbooks. I copped a tree on my roof in Thursdays storm. Got SES to remove it. Not to much Damage but now have the dilemma of getting rid of it from my backyard where they left it. lol. My shed door blew off and a big branch landed a foot away from car. Neighbours copped tree against their carport just missing their new caravan. Plus we had many more odd bits to ntidy. Oh and kids cubby blew across yard and smashed into fence. Rumpus room flooded and screen bent in so couldnt shut window. Power out till midnight as tree came down ojn powrline up the road. So didnt get a chance to clean up soggy towels till friday arv. Matt got call out to tree and powerlines on fire across town. So we did well in the storm lol. Kel.... glad you're ok. Brisbane copped it real bad.

11-23-2008, 04:32 AM
gosh Vonni that is dreadful i always thought you were above brissy but must be kel .. :)
did the rumpus leak becuase of the tree in roof or did you loose some roofing there too ?..
how long till you get someone to come fix it all and is storms covered under insurance these days??

11-23-2008, 09:16 AM
no i am in brissy - 20mins drive to the city
vonni is west of brisbane about 2 hours i think
we were very lucky brisbane is totally looking like a cyclone hit it about 30 mins north of where i live.....
and the opshop got flooded

i had ribs and pizza tonight - all you can eat
so my weigh in tomorrow hmmmmmmmmmmmmm we shall see
may not be as "good" as i would have hoped
but whos fault is that???!!!

11-23-2008, 06:53 PM
Dropped 0.4kg this week - I'm happy with that :carrot:, and I have $20 towards my mad shopping spree on 1st January :D.

Vonni are you covered by insurance?

Lindor - :p.

This week's goal is to stay on plan and earn as much of my 'reward' money as possible.

11-23-2008, 08:45 PM
Vonni and Kel, I'm so glad to hear you're both okay after the storm. From what I've read about it, it got pretty crazy.

I had a lazy weekend - no gym and no eye on my food. Oh dear. Today is another day and I'm back on track and looking forward to the gym tonight. Going to get back to focussing on achieving 240 minutes of cardio each week.

I got sick of my old broken down tv in the weekend and splashed out on a lovely 32 inch flat screen beastie. It was only $777 with 18 months interest free on finance which I thought was a great deal. So long as I pay it off by May 2010 I don't pay a cent more than the cash price.

Yay Ani, congrats on your weight loss and good luck on earning that cash for your shopping spree!


11-23-2008, 10:22 PM
wow 240 mins a week, how are you going to break that up???

i lost 400grams as well this week! but i know i can do better
however having a avocado tomato and lettuce bagel for lunch
working at woolies means i see more of what is available and i love bagels but didnt know where to buy them
so now i have 3 to enjoy this week
starting NOW

ani - imagine how much money you will have to spend if you put away 70 dollars a week!

11-23-2008, 10:45 PM
Kel I make my own lunch or dinner to take to work every day. Today it's dinner because I am working 1-9pm, and this is what I am having:

• Poppy seed bread roll
• Tomato (from my garden)
• cucumber (from my garden)
• lettuce (from my garden)
• english spinach (from my garden)
• slice of smoked ham
• two thin slices of cheese
• avocado

In total it's around 340 calories, and it is so yummy and filling!

Has anyone thought about how they are going to plan for December with their weight loss?

By the way Amy - I am really glad you are back on plan. It worried me a little that you were "taking a break" at this time of year. I've come to believe that in order to stick with weight loss - which is incredibly difficult to do - you have to keep goals in your mind, or some kind of "maintenance plan", otherwise you end up giving up on yourself and going back to those bad habits and patterns that got us all in this situation to begin with.

You have done such an amazing job on yourself this year, and I am excited to see what you can shape yourself into in 2009. For me it isn't the physical side that brings the biggest rewards (although it's awesome to feel smaller), but the mental and emotional strength that comes from beating your own demons.

Give it heaps, and turn yourself into the most fantastic woman you can imagine yourself being.

11-24-2008, 07:20 AM
Ani you are so right my little break was a bad idea and im still not back on track .. actually im struggling all over again..

i have no energy at all and no motivation.. food is not good either.. im blowing my calories every day.. and im still gaining... :( .. after only a relativly short period i feel like im becoming more unfit.. walking to school and back only once today felt like murder... i used to do it 2-3 times a day .. my legs were hurting my back was too and i felt sick when we got home.. i mean come on.. its very frustrating..

rest of post deleted...

11-24-2008, 04:18 PM
Crikey Amy, so sorry to hear of all your woes! That's really terrible about your friend, I hope she is ok. Thinking of you and hope that you're ok :hug:

I had a great day yesterday, was right on track with my points and I did weights followed by an aerobics class. I weiged in at 86.1kg which means that I've lost 400g of the 500g that I'd put on in Canada :D

My goals for today are to stick to my points and to have a great workout at the gym tonight.

My goals for the week are:

1) Go to the gym a total of 5 times
2) Achieve 240 minutes of cardio over the week
3) Stick to my points at least 5 days out of 7


11-24-2008, 08:10 PM
Amy I reckon your body is screaming at you to put some healthy food into it. At stressful and emotionally tough times our bodies hate the added pressure of trying to metabolise crap food. It's hard to deal with family crises, and awful when things are happening to friends - but don't punish yourself by eating rubbish and undoing the awesome work you've done :hug:.

Julia you go girl! I'm really happy to see you working to your plan.

All is good here - I'm just chipping away slowly, and hoping to see the scales go below 73kg before the end of the year.

Gen and Barb where are you?

11-25-2008, 05:25 AM
ok goal met for today ..

180 minutes walking
1488 food calories
took multi
6 glasses of water

goals for tommorow..
walk again.. stick to cals .. up the water to at least 8 glasses

sorry about the pity party last night .. i was sitting here alone worrying about everything and crying.. but it has made me feel a bit better to just vent .. was too busy to think today and got my soapys coming on tv tonight so no time to think..

hope yours all doing ok .

11-25-2008, 03:51 PM
Don't apologise Amy, that's what we're here for!

I had a great day yesterday. Was slightly over my points but I evened that out by having an awesome workout - ran for 40 minutes then walked for 15.

Goals for today are to stick to 20 points and to go hard at the gym tonight. The gym won't be a problem because I've got my personal trainer tonight and we're going through a new circuit programme and it looks HARD!

Have a great day everyone :D


11-26-2008, 01:36 AM
Hi all,

Quick question: What motivates you to drag your bum out of bed at an un-godly hour and go to the gym? I'm really struggling - I keep going 'tomorrow' and of course we know how that will end.

Love your jiggly-ungymmed friend,


11-26-2008, 03:42 AM
kylie - gym motivation
-if you go in the morning you dont have to go at night
-if you go you will build muscle and if you have muscle it eats your fat while you are doing nothing during the day
-if you are eating good going to the gym will accelerate weight loss
-once you get to the gym you will wake your body up and feel refreshed
-you will have half an hour to think about "stuff" and start sorting out your day before you have to get into it

amy - i was reading your post and letting jemima play with my camera at the same time... and she has a photo of me when i got to the part about your friend - i can not believe it! i honestly dont know how you stay so strong, i guess you just have to, i guess seeing all the things that can happen, happen so close to home it really makes you realise how lucky you are and makes you make the most of what you have

hungry jacks sucks for taking the baguettes off the menu, i had same problem a couple of weeks ago!

11-26-2008, 05:39 AM
Kylie - Get a gym buddy, if you tell them your going then you will because they'll be there too and even if they don't show your already there so you may as well stay!

11-26-2008, 01:18 PM
I am around, just in Virginia training a hospital with hot married guy. Well I was, he just left to go home. Now I'm staying with my aussie friend in Arlington for the holiday (it's Thanksgiving tomorrow) and heading back probably Sat. Then may have to go out of town again to North Carolina for an implant on Monday. Plus, my final paper is due for one of my classes next week - busy!!

11-26-2008, 07:07 PM
Kylie I don't go to the gym. I'm a firm believer that you have to find exercise that you enjoy and look forward to, and for me it has always been walking and gardening.

If you're able to find something you actually like, it will make a lot of difference to your motivation.

Gen - good to hear from you. You do sound very busy!

I spent eight hours in the garden yesterday, and I created a new outdoor living area. I enclosed my fish pond with bricks, put bags of potting mix around, and planted ferns. Then I made a "verandah" with shadecloth and rope, and moved plants around - and then I mowed and fertilised the lawn. Slept well last night :D.

Today will be much more boring. Cleaning, shopping…

But am on plan with the weight loss, and working on earning that money for my spending frenzy!

11-27-2008, 02:28 PM
Kylie, I am not a morning person so there is no way that I will drag myself out of bed to go to the gym! I do go most nights after work though and what makes me go is that I've made it my routine.

A couple of things that help to keep me motivated are: I keep a star chart on my fridge. All it's got is a box for each day of the week and the days I go to the gym, I put a star in the box. I hate seeing empty boxes so that encourages me to go!

My trainer has set me the goal of doing 240 minutes cardio each week and I know that the only way I'll achieve that is to exercise about 5 times a week. I keep a running total in my diary and that keeps me active too.

This morning was very unusual for me in that I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and went for a 60 minute walk :D Feeling very virtuous now!

I'm on a course today and that's likely to finish at around 4pm so I'll look forward to being able to go straight home to relax and not have to think about having to go to the gym.

Have a great day ladies :D


11-27-2008, 05:05 PM
hey guys weigh in day for me.. and i have actuially lost weight this week.. my 111.7 is now 111.6 LMAO.. but im happy becuase it has moved in the right direction.

Having john home has made me very happy.. we went fishing yesterday kiddo free and enjoyed ourselves.. we caught some reeds.. a few leaves and then some rain and we went to the shops instead. :) .. but it was still fun.. .. we bought a movie while p the shops and watched it with the kids last night .. we were all asleep early after that .. 9 pm my eyes were shut..

Anyway got playgroup today then the school disco tonight .. tommorow Cameron has a birthday party to go to at the picture theatre. that chiuaua film.. and sunday we plan on dumping the kids off somewhere and going to watch a film ourselves. ..

. cya guys later..

oh yeah and kylie i agree with ani you have to find something you enjoy.. I love swimming.. so i do that and aqua .. i also like walking .. which is good.. the walk to and from school is 60 minutes . so if i do that 2/3 times in a day or even once there is my exercise.. and then at home i have wiifit.. and the elliptical.. ( which is fun if i have something good to watch whilst on it.... bring back the biggest loser !! lol) .. ok im off gotta get the kidlets ready for school.. cya later

11-27-2008, 07:05 PM
Hi girls,

Thanks for your ideas. I guess I've joined the gym because it's convenient, and it was easy. It's not the right season for hockey, so I wont be playing that.

It's just the 'early' part that isn't great. If I had a choice, I would be a morning person. I love mornings. They are just really hard to get up for!

ack - brb

11-30-2008, 06:30 PM
YAY! Dropped 1.1kg this week and banked another $40 for my mad shopping spree :carrot:.

It's my birthday on Friday, and if I stick to my goals between now and then I am going to buy myself a present.

How is everyone travelling? It's very quiet in here.

11-30-2008, 07:30 PM
Woohoo Go ANI!! :carrot: That's an awesome effort!!

I lost the plot completely over the weekend in regards to my food intake. Was bad, bad, bad!

Back on track today though and looking forward to a good week. It's that time of the month and I'm feeling pretty blah. No gym tonight as I'm getting my tattoo finished.

I had 2 days off work to attend a course last week and it was really good. It was all about "realising your potential" and it's given me a lot to think about. Both in my personal life and my work.

Hope everyone is well :D


12-01-2008, 09:08 PM
That course sounds interesting Julia, I hope you get some long-term benefit from it.

Where is everyone? I know Lindor is in Darwin, but where's everyone else?

All is good here, and I'm still feeling motivated. My goal for this month is to try and find some balance. I had a look back over the past few months, and realised that I seem to have two good weeks and then two bad ones - so I am constantly undoing the damage of the bad weeks. If I can just be a little more consistent I will be happy.

I'm not sure how I will go but I have re-set my goal for December and I am going to work hard and try to get below 72kg by the end of this month.

In all honesty I don't feel like I am close to my goal. I am still carrying a lot of fat on my body, and I can't see how another 5kg is going to make a significant difference.I'm not aiming to get skinny - just to a healthy weight - but I would be disappointed if I get to goal and I still have a lot of fat on me.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I being impatient or unrealistic? I guess the next six months is going to be an adventure, and a bit of a journey of discovery for me. Hmmm…

12-02-2008, 04:53 AM
I'm here. Plodding along..... Am reading posts daily, just nothing really to say
Vonni xxx

12-02-2008, 04:22 PM
Yay Ani, so great to see you so motivated and doing so well :D

I wish I was the same! It's that time of the month and I've been feeling really blah. Didn't get to the gym yesterday and I won't go today as I've got a hair appointment so that's already the first 3 days of the week without any exercise.

Food not going great either as I haven't been keeping my food diary like I usually do and due to TOM I've been craving vast quantaties of mashed potatoes and lollies!

Will get back on track for the remainder of the week though, starting tomorrow.


12-03-2008, 07:02 PM
Well yesterday was a disaster. Last night I binged and scoffed a bag of potato chips and a whole block of Lindt chocolate.


Not good. Today I am determined that I will go to the gym. That always gets me back into the right frame of mind.

I've got a lot of thinking to do at the moment as one of the girls I work with has asked me if I'd like to move in with her. It would just be the 2 of us and it would mean that I could go from living in an ancient house which is kind of manky to living in a lovely new townhouse.

The biggest draw is that I'd have my very own ensuite bathroom and a proper wardrobe. In my current flat i have a shower in a cupboard and a sink in the corner of my bedroom and no wardrobe so have clothes hanging in a single wardrobe made of canvas that occasionally collapses!

I also have the world's tiniest kitchen so it would be nice to have a better kitchen to cook in.

The only thing I'm worried about is that I've lived by myself for almost 2 years now and I don't know how I'd like living with someone else. Also, I work with her so worry that it could be a bit much.

It is a great opportunity though as I've thought about moving for a while now but can't afford anything nice and modern by myself and I wouldn't want to live with someone I don't know.

Anyone got any feedback or ideas of things I should ask her or think about? I'm going to look at it this weekend.


12-03-2008, 07:17 PM
Julia it's one of those balancing acts. Living with someone is different to working with them, or being friends with them. In my experience, the things that will make it successful or not are the small things - do you share the same values about 'clean versus lived-in'? Can you stand to listen to the music she is passionate about? Do you both have good boundaries around space and privacy?

I think it would be great to move out of your tiny little closet and into something a lot more spacious and fresh. It might also give you a different perspective on life. I know that for me, my surroundings are important, and are a reflection of how I am feeling emotionally.

I'm sharing at the moment. It isn't perfect - but nothing is when you're used to being on your own - but it's an immense relief financially, and it gives me more freedom. It also challenges me to look at the "I'm set in my ways" stuff, and I kind of like that.

As for the chips and chocolate binge - pfft! I've done it more times than I care to think about. Put it behind you, because today is a new day and a whole new set of opportunities :).

All is going well here - I am aiming for consistency this month, and hope to get it.

Had to go to the dentist yesterday - blurk! - but it was less painful than I expected.

Getting my eyes tested today and will have new glasses soon - woo hoo, I'll be able to see soon.

It's my birthday tomorrow. I was rostered to work from 1-9pm but one of the boys has swapped with me. So I'm now working 6,30 - 2.30pm and then going to Fremantle with a friend for a wander through the shops and for dinner.

Vonni why don't you have anything to say? What's going on?

12-03-2008, 08:13 PM
Just been busy and totally off track. Sugar levels have been skyrocketing and I havent lost any weight even though I ate reasonably well all month and was on my feet 6 days a week. So Dr sent me off for blood tests... E/LFT, THS, FBC, fasting glucose (i was gestational diabetic)Iron Studies, Folate studies, Cholesterol, blah blah blah lol. She was almost convinced I had type 2 diabetes but Got results today, my LDL is raised (almost double acceptable) and Triglycerides up and HDL down. So going tomorrow for a chat and no doubt to a dietician and blah blah blah we are EXPERTS in this damn diet stuff and they can't give me any more info than I already have so it'll be a waste of my time and theirs.... I DON'T drink, I DON'T eat saturated fatty foods. I cook healthy (olive oil or none) lean meat, chicken, veges steamed/ My vice is a choc or a small snack pack of chips.... So go figure why its raised?????????? I'm pissed off.... and scared lol. Scared cause I am trying to lose weight and eat right and this happens grrrrr.

There.... I've said something :D

12-03-2008, 08:15 PM
Oh yeah....I dnt even drink softdrink or cordial.... Water tea and coffee. AND I have used skim milk for 20 years.

12-03-2008, 10:52 PM
**hugs** Vonni.

My Black Dog is back, so I have zero motivation for anything at the moment. Had two days off work because of it, and I'm really struggling being back here today.

I'll go to the gym tomorrow night, that might help.

Love you all, just finding it hard at the moment.

xx Kylie

12-03-2008, 11:45 PM
Oh Vonni I'm sorry to hear that you're having some medical worries. Hope you're able to get some answers soon :hug:

And Kylie, I'm so sorry to hear that the black dog has arrived on your doorstep. I know how hard it is to get yourself out there to do anything when you're depressed so don't be too hard on yourself.

It's a vicious cycle - it's so hard to get yourself out there to do something active because you're depressed but you know that if you do get out there and do something active you'll likely feel so much better.

Try and do some exercise if you can manage it and I'm sure that it'll give you a bit of a boost.

Take care mate :hug:

12-04-2008, 01:46 AM
Hey guys im back.. been busy.. with the hubby.. he went back this morning..

i have been readin just not posting..

Vonni do you think she needs to retest? i mean if there is no reason for the levels and your diet is good.. what could you be doing wrong?

Kylie im sorry your blue :( .. :hug: for you!!

Ani ... for tomorrow

Kel .... where are you hiding???

we had a fabulous week . went fishing twice took the family out(nan mil fil and bil ) for dinner and then went just us n kids.. took leah to the the adventour playground beach and had fish n chips at the beach. watched harry potter.. and booked a holiday .. :) IM so excited..

we are going to go on a house boat for a week from the 5th to the 12th of january. it launches at murry bridge. so not to far to driveand is a great big boat.. for $1300 for the week .. :) we are not telling the kids.. we have just told them we will go fishing.. lol ..

Diet wise.. i have quit counting calories.. becuase it had started really annoying me.. i feel like i know enough to not count them anymore.. It has been over a month or two since i wanted to do it but did so faithfully until sunday..

Im still working my butt off and making good choices.. but ive lost alot of weight in the past without the counting.. and i eat more when im counting then when i do it alone.. so .. only stands to reason ... move on.. do it my way.. I had a big thinkl about it.. when im counting i knopw exactly where i am at for the day calorie wise.. and that leads to night time junk.. i know i didnt eat them all so why the **** not have a little something.. lol .. now i have stopped counting i have stopped that behaviour.. and im hoping it will make things easier for me.. i dont want junk food at all i eat well.. and 95% of the time i am right on my calories.. i have learnt alot and feel i dont need to vcount them anymore.. so im going back to basic.. good food good exercise.. ( and i do plenty of it anyway.. i average 1000 minutes a week )..

12-04-2008, 03:55 PM
Gosh Amy that's a helluva lot of exercise! Good for you. Hope it works out for you not counting calories. Good luck :D

Ani ... :bday2you:

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Thanks for your thoughts on my housing dilemma, they were helpful and gave me something to think about. Today I'm going to do some research on what is a fair price to pay per week and tomorrow I'm going to look at the room. I must admit, the more I think about it the more appealing it gets!

I had a good day yesterday. Haven't been recording my food intake so don't know if I went over my points or not but I did go to the gym and had a great workout - 30 minutes of weights followed by 60 minutes of cardio.

Goal for today is to go to the gym after work tonight and do 30 minutes of circuit type weights and 30 minutes of cardio.


12-04-2008, 04:40 PM
Ok well the proof in my madness came out this morning.. ...

weigh in day. i have been bouncing around 112 for a few weeks .. but TOM finally came this week ( about 2 weeks late).. of course becuase hubby was home... LMAO .. and this morning.. im 111... woohoo.. so thats a loss of 600 grams this week .. im very happy with that. goes to prove i can do this without counting the calories.. i stopped counting sunday so.....

Im very happy :) ANI

12-04-2008, 06:56 PM
Happy Birthday Ani!!!


12-06-2008, 05:10 AM
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes :D. I had a really nice day, ate Japanese for dinner and didn't splurge at all.

Been at work all day today and I have come home starving hungry. I must burn a fair few calories at work because I am losing weight at the moment on 1800 cals/day. That's pretty high for my weight, but I work pretty hard and come home buggered most days.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

12-06-2008, 10:59 PM
Grrrrr the Gremlins ate my post. I did have this on it
But rushed out as soon as I hit post and didnt wait around.
Sry Ani so Happy BELATED birthday now.


12-07-2008, 05:44 AM
ok guys this is getting silly.. i dont like seeing only the odd blow fly in our room.. where is everyone??? lol

I really hope you stragglers are ok .. :grouphug: to you all..

I have been insanely busy and hope you have too which is why your not here..

Ani im glad you had a nice birthday :)

My quitting calorie counting.. feels good and right and im very happy.. i have removed the pressure off myself and doing my own thing.. it may sound really strange but im in a good place with myself at the moment im happy to just loose the rest of this weight slowly and not be in a rush .. i feel fit and healthy i like how im looking and i will continue making the good choices.. but no more pressure on me.. which is great ..

Christmas for us will be great got all the family coming.. i cant wait and after xmas is Johns birthday thenour holiday.. we are taking th4 kids up the river for a week.. so lots of fun to come :)

anyway.. i really hope you guys are ok.. especially you Kel .. im starting to worry bout you

12-07-2008, 06:16 AM
shucks amy you were worried about me!!! how nice!!!

i was on holiday - i am sure i mentioned it once or twice before i went away.... just didnt have time to log on and say goodbye - i felt rude about that - anyway HAD THE BEST TIME
will post some photos soon

went to maleny (up the mountains in the country) and stayed on a farm! so benji and jem were very surprised and LOVED it they milked a cow fed chickens and ducks and horses and other stuff THEN we went to Perigan Beach (near noosa) but quiet and had 2ish days on the beach and in the pool so they were surprised again and loved it
and i have come back relaxed and pumped
pumped to STAY relaxed!

almost had to call greenpeace to get me off the beach..... yes i am now like a beached whale

it is almost funny BUT IT IS NOT how much weight i think i have put on in the last 2 weeks.
it is NOT funny coz it is my health
i can feel it this time
i really have put on too much weight
i am honestly committed to healthy new start
my new years starts now
and my resolution is not only to loose weight but to keep it off and have healthy lifestyle for baby and me
to plan meals for my family
to budget for my family
and to keep a tidy house to keep family healthy
be organised for family
so i am not stressed
so i am healthy

forgot my meds all week so will find them and get back on to that.

happy birthday ani

is john home for a while now amy?? for xmas??

gen do you get holidays?? do you get a break?

julia, what kind of things did that conference teach you??? did you go for the flatmate option?? i would if i were you.... save some money and get some variety in your day to day life.... at least see how it goes?

going now had a gazillion emails to answer then as part of new year kel not going to be on the net so much but wont be able to help myself but to check emails at least once a day....
oh will be back tomorrow to weigh in..... eek

12-07-2008, 04:53 PM
97.9 whoops
almost funny that i had made my first big goal weight an 8kg loss, little did I know that i would need to lose 8kg to get under 90.
not funny
my body hates me
but i am really sorry so i am going to make it up to my body
pretty bad when you can actually FEEL your health sliding yet still eat eat eat

jemima time now

12-07-2008, 07:47 PM

Thank God for that. I don't know where it went, but I'm not going to look for it!

12-07-2008, 11:33 PM
I found it Kylie!!! And more!!

Word of advice...

...never think that it is an economical advantage to book into the cheapest accommodation when on holiday. Don't get me wrong, the place was comfortable...but no cooking facilities!! Had to go out for nearly every meal!!!

Anyway...just quickly (lunch break), Darwin was great! I know I will like living there! I have signed a contract to buy a house...if everything runs smoothly I should be in by early Jan!!

Weight loss is right out the window!! But half heartedly trying to make a mends now...however I know I should be eating something better than salted mixed nuts for lunch!!! Airconditioner has died here (home) again and I just want to stop quickly to sort out my pets then get back to my airconditioned office!

Hope everyone is well!

Happy birthday for last week Ani!

12-07-2008, 11:38 PM
wow wow wow lindor!!! that is so exciting! what is the house like???
i am so excited for you, i was just discussing selling our place to move somewhere with some land.... but not the right time for us

wow that sounds so quick - end of january!

kylie - woohoo :carrot: its been too long since we have had a carrot party

12-08-2008, 12:22 AM
Congrats on the house and the excitement about the move Lindor, that's really cool!

I decided not to take the option of moving in with the person who asked me to. Just not convinced that living with someone I work with is a good idea. Plus, I love living by myself and am not ready to give that up just yet.

Work has been madness today and I'm still here 20 minutes after closing time which is very unusual for me. Not going to the gym today and I can pretty much guarantee that I won't do any exercise all week as I'm off to the North Island on Wednesday night and don't come home till Sunday.

Glad you had a nice birthday Ani :)

Dinner for me tonight is going to be weiner schnitzel, mashed potatoes and veggies and I can't wait!

12-08-2008, 01:55 AM
Wow Kel what a blog.... lol. good on you for Jemima time

Kylie, don't worry bout lookin for it, it doesnt want to be found

Lindor how exciting. Sounds like its all systems go for you. A new start a new life. Congratulations D

Julia thats to bad about the not moving thing, but if yr not ready and do it anyhow, you won't be happy. And it's harder to get out on yr own again.

Gen how are you doin? Ani? Hey anyone seen Barb??

BTW.... I have FINALLY finished all my assignments, exams, clinical, research papers and essays...... YAYYYYYYY

Now I will be cranky if any resubmits as end of study period is next Monday lol.

No more pressure and nowe I can get my house in order before xmas and my diploma then registration comes through and I start working more.


12-08-2008, 02:16 AM
Haven't had a chance to read everyones posts, sorry.

Happy belated birthday Ani.

I've been so busy with getting things finished I haven't had time to really take care of myself. I have been taking measurements over the last three weeks and I'm happy to say that they've moved down, so I'm doing something right. Not really concentrating on what the scales tell me, sometimes I think they lie just to make me feel bad!!!!

Anyway that's it for now. Will try and keep up with everyone.


12-08-2008, 03:16 AM
They do lie.... They are evil:devil:

12-09-2008, 01:53 AM
Final exams week.. .no time for anything!

12-09-2008, 01:58 AM
Vonni, there's a huge genetic component to cholesterol. You can try fish oil supplements? Also increasing fibre also can reduce cholesterol a lot.