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04-16-2002, 01:11 AM

Time to start another thread already ~ Welcome all who come here. Stop and post if you have an inkling to say something to us and join us if you wish.

The Iron Monster was kind to me once more and showed me down another 1.4 pounds. I love the direction I am going now. It is such a great feeling that I want to keep it up. Well I was the only one out of my leaders 3 classes today who took in their 12 weeks of journals all filled in and had reached the goal we had set back on January 28. They awarded me a nice book ~ Weight Watchers Tools For Living Journal. Like a diary and neatly bound. The goal I had set was to lose a pound a week for 12 weeks and I had reached that back on March 18th. ;) My next goal is to get that 10% keychain which is less than 5 pounds. I only have .4 of a pound and then I will be in virgin fat ~ this I have been losing is that hussy fat I had regained. I had previously lost 40 and gained all but the 12.3 back. Next week I should be in that new territory if I have a loss larger than .4.

SHARON I am so glad you are able to get those pills down Felix even if you have to wrap him in a towel. He will be better soon.

JEAN your toe nees more rest....maybe tonight at card club you can prop it up a bit since you are not eating out.

Have a good night everyone.

Joyce in CO
04-16-2002, 09:13 AM
Maggie - WOW You are doing great. I had to come in and snoop and saw how you're doing. You must have found some great motivation. Can I come rub shoulders with you? :D Keep up the good work and the iron monster will always be kind. That hussy fat will be gone this week. I just know it. I've been working on the hussy fat again. Got 3# more to go to get to virgin territory. Thanks to Gail and Sharon, I made it thru the weekend OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Again - great work Maggie!!

04-16-2002, 05:40 PM

JOYCE how nice for you to stop and post as you were cruising by. Thank you so much for the kind words. It is work well worth it and we can both be working on virgin fat together once again. I wish you a good journey and you can rub shoulders with me any time you wish my friend. You do know you are welcome to come here anytime. Please do.

Are the rest of you Flowers having a good day?

04-17-2002, 03:10 PM

Another day to be happy in - sun shining and the flowers singng. I am OP and on a roll and not a rolley coaster I used to be on. Live is good.

Rejoice with me for this is DAY 100 that I have been OP. :joker:

Wake up everyone and smell the coffee. :wave:

04-17-2002, 11:50 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I could have sworn I posted here yesterday! :?: :?: We had a half day of school today; 16 minutes classes and then an inservice this afternoon on technology which is useless because our internet is down half the time.

Sharon -- I'm so glad Felix is feeling better! We tried to poke a tranquilizer pill down a cat when we lived in Ohio . . . my mother found it under the bed after we had left! There must be a knack to it but I sure don't know it. :dizzy:

Maggie -- Keeping 12 weeks of journals and staying OP for 100 days are the reasons that you have lost all the weight that you have! CONGRATULATIONS! You are just doing GREAT and I am so proud of you! I know you will enjoy using your new journal. I can wear a pair of sandals that have a wide strap but everything else seems to squeeze my toe. I can't figure out why it is still so swollen; I hope it doesn't stay that way! :(

Joyce -- "Hi!" It's nice to see you! Stop by often! :D

Gail -- How are you today? :p

Gloria -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :hb:

I need to put a load of towels in to wash and head for bed. Our annual book sale is this week and I volunteered to work on Friday night and Sat. morning. That was before I found out that I also have a baby shower and my parents are coming through this weekend, on their way home from AZ.

Have a super Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-18-2002, 02:09 PM

JEAN looks like it is just you and me in the flower patch. You probably put shoes on too quickly for that little toe. Nerves can cause swelling so maybe it just hasn't settled down yet. Get a nice pair of Birkenstocks and you will be stiling.:D

GLORIA I hope you had a lovely birthday :hb: day yesterday. I know you had the actual celebration earlier but somehow the day is the day with birthdays.

It is another lovely day here today. Yesterday some clouds gathered but nothing became of it.

Have a good day all who come to read and post.

04-18-2002, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It was 86 degrees on my way home from school and that is too HOT to be in school around here! I hope we are not in for a super hot summer . . . I wonder where spring is?

Maggie -- We need more rain but so far nothing in our forecast. I need to do some speed cleaning tonight. My dad and mom are coming in on Sat. from AZ; I'm working the book fair tomorrow night and Sat. morning plus a baby shower later on Sat. Not too good at scheduling on my part! :rolleyes: It is kind of lonely in the flower patch! Where is everyone?

Have a fantastic Friday! :p

Jean -- :wave: from :cool: Iowa!

04-18-2002, 07:33 PM

It has been a beatiful day in the neighborhood. Yesterday we reached 98. Way too HOT much too soon. Than you for your birthday wishes. As I was so cutely reminded by all and sundry 'Next year I start a new decade'. :joker: It was a quiet day but DH did surprise me at lunch time and we ate at a little Thai bistro in the town square. Very nice! Went to Bedford, today, and they have a brand new Commissary/BX that opened on Tuesday. Wow! What a nice place to shop. Large, bright and with great fresh produce. I love shopping in a new store as they are always so clean and bright just as they should still be a few years down the line. It doesn't always happen that way.
Thank you all for your Birtyday wishes.

JEAN You sure have a busy Saturday ahead of you. Isn't it always the way, its either a feast or a famine. Still, I am sure it will be nice visiting with your Mom and Dad. I have a feeling we are just going to skip Spring and head directly into Summer!!!:cool:

MAGGIE Your are a wonder woman. Such stick-to-it-ness , if there is such a word you are it!!!!:strong:

Gloria in MA....wish all a great Friday and a spectacular weekend!

04-19-2002, 01:55 PM
It has been way too long since I popped in here! Excuse my absence, please!

Maggie, what more can I say--you're doing fabulous! You've been a tremendous support to me and just want you to know how much I appreciate it! :D

Jean, how's your toe doing? I'm still limping around! :rolleyes: I never thought I would say this but I miss walking on the treadmill.

Joyce, hi! :wave:

Gloria, I love it when my hubby surprises me...with anything! I'm easy! I pictured a sweet bistro in a town square...complete with striped awnings!

Gotta bring y'all up to speed. I haven't been to WW in quite awhile even though I've been on program--eating at max most days...not losing a thing...in fact, I've gained a couple due I think to me not being able to get any walking in. So I made the decision and I have it on good authority ;) that this will work for me...I'm starting the Wendie Plan tomorrow. Also, my youngest daughter is starting WW with me in the morning. I'm looking forward to spending some mother-daughter time with her.

04-19-2002, 03:40 PM

Yep it is still morning here way out on the left coast. Gorgeous day I may say. Did I say that before? Probably every day this week. I am looking forward to this weekend being over - I know - not nice to wish time away but I do so want to see what the scale shows. I want it to be down at least .5 to get into that virgin fat area. :lol:

JEAN you are going to be one busy gal this weekend. Don't forget to plan your healthty snacks so you can stay OP through it all. Have a nice visit with your folks. That book fair sounds like one could pick up some good reading.

GLORIA isn't wonder when your husband surprises you. I love it myself. That Thai Bistro in the town square has a romantic ring to it. Wonder woman eh? Oh would I ever like to look like her! Thanks for the kind words.

GAIL nice to see you drop in. Always welcome to come here when you are able. Thank you! I am grateful for having the opportunity to be of help to you and wish you every success in your program. Saturday is a big happening for you. A good start on a new beginning and personalized program that you get to share with the company of your daughter.

Everyone have a great weekend.

04-19-2002, 06:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It was 38 degrees this morning! The wind is whipping the tree branches around and it is mighty chilly outside. From 86 to 38 is way too big a change in 24 hours! The weekend is here and I am doing a happy, one legged dance! :lol:

Gloria -- Your birthday lunch sounds perfect; glad you enjoyed your day! We only got to shop in the BX a couple of times -- the thing I remember most is how cheap the cigarettes were and we would buy them for my FIL.

Gail -- I can finally wear shoes a half day and sandals the other half! Good bye slipper!! ;) I think having someone to go to WW with would just be the best! I used to walk with a neighbor and we kept each other on track. She moved to FL and now neither one of us are very committed.

Maggie -- You would like our book fair -- hardcover books are $1.00 and paperbacks are $.25 or 5 for a $1.00! People will bring back what they bought the year before and we just resell them again. A lot of the books look like they've never been opened, let alone read.

I need to get off line as I am waiting for a phone call from my dad. We have a relative who is having a heart pump installed (?) today; it's a 10 hour surgery and hopefully will enable him to have a transplant down the road. Scary!

Have a super weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-20-2002, 02:18 PM

What a wonderful Saturday. Another week just whizzed by. Did you keep your FOCUS as it was going by? My goodness ~ the time just flys by. Pretty soon we will have finished the first trimester of this year. It was just Monday a day or so ago.......

Have a wonderful weekend and GAIL this is a fresh start for you! I wish you the very best. It is your time to shine.

JEAN yep. I would love that book fair and so would the Cowboy! Have fun with your parents.

Don't forget to drink your water this weekend. It is soooooo good for you.

04-21-2002, 01:01 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It is raining tonight and they are talking 1 to 4 inches of snow by morning. I don't care so much about the snow, it's what comes between the rain and the snow that worries me! I had an "on the go" kind of day: started out at the book fair at 8, baby shower at 10, home by 11 and fixed a quick lunch, then baked a cake cuz I thought the kids were also coming home which they did not so the cake is going to travel with my dad tomorrow! Our lake is being dredged this summer so we drove out to see the farm land that they have prepared and then on to see the dredge pieces which are sitting on dry land yet. We always play cards when we are together and that's been my day. They are leaving after church tomorrow morning so I will play catch up on the laundry and upstairs cleaning tomorrow. Then it will be Monday again. *sigh* The weekend always goes by so fast!

Maggie -- You are so right about the week whizzing by. When I was a kid I can remember adults saying how time flies and I thought they were nuts. Now I know just what they meant! :smug:

Have a super Sunday, Flowers! I hope to see some more flowers in the flower patch tomorrow. ;)

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-21-2002, 06:14 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
I think I am hearing an echo in here! :ink: Where is everyone?
It is a cloudy and windy day here but at least we didn't get the snow! My dad and mom left right after church this morning so we headed for Sioux City. I have shower and wedding gifts to buy where the brides are registered at Target. Makes gift buying so much easier (when they have the items in stock)! Beth's 24th birthday is Wed. so stopped in to say hello to her and leave her birthday gift. We bought her tickets to go see Lord of the Dance when it comes to SC in May.

Have laundry going and guess I will gear up for another Monday.

I hope you have a nice "rest" of the day!

Jean -- :) from Iowa!

04-21-2002, 07:07 PM

Hope every one is having a lovely day. We have been to church and checking out some places and went to Bart's Books and cruised around some more with Cowboy eating his ice cream and me sucking up a lime flavored Perrier. Life is good. Went by the green grocier's stand and picked up some limes - 10 for a dollar, another Mango - that other one we got last week was so good - and some grapes. Already have strawberries in the fridge.

JEAN I heard your echoooooooooo way out here and thought I had better check in before you got blue in the face :( :lol: . Looks like you have the gift buying under wraps and it won't be a hastle at all. Is the play Lord of the Dance like Riverdance?

Have a geat evening ladies and get yourselves ready for Monday - it is peeking at us even as I type. :wave:

04-22-2002, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is a sunny, cool (cold!) day here in Iowa. It was 38 degrees on my way to school this morning. Would you believe we had NO heat . . . zip, none, nada! We were complaining right away but it takes a couple of hours to warm the building up and by 10:00 we were still sitting in 60 degree rooms. Then there are the students who came dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirts. I came home to pelicans on the lake which is a sure sign of spring! Boy are they ever sitting in cold water today! :eek:

Maggie -- I miss the fresh fruit and veggie stands so much! We got so spoiled when we lived in Ohio because they were open all year around. Beth says that L of the D is riverdancing as in FAST! We thought maybe she would want to invite a friend to go with her but she opted for us. The theater has been renovated to look like it did years ago so I am anxious to see it. Bob saw Roy Rogers and Trigger on the very same stage when he was little! :lol: I wonder if our deoderant has worn off? It seems no one wants to talk to us! :shrug: Good luck at weigh in tonight -- I'm sure you will show another loss!

Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers . . . wherever you are!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!