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04-15-2002, 03:42 PM

Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor as we share our lives, as we restore health, lose weight and raise a family! We welcome newcomers as well as all of our regulars!

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04-15-2002, 04:10 PM
Good Afternoon!

Hows everyone doing today? I'm happy to report that my day is going a lot better than yesterday. It feels so good to be able to get my marbles put back in order again! I had a bad case of PMS yesterday & my poor, poor family had to deal with me. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day here yesterday & they all stayed outside for most of the day. I did really well staying OP & I'm doing a good job of it today too! I'm actually starting to enjoy eating fruits & vegetables. I hopped on the scale this a.m. & was up 1#, not bad for eating pizza on Sat. night & dealing with the PMS bloating today. I think that this program is starting to become habit forming, as it doesn't seem much of an effort to me anymore. I got my 1 hour of peddlin' in this a.m. & am so happy that I got it out of the way! On Saturday I stayed on for an hour & a half to try & make up missed time. I woke up yesterday a.m. & I had a humungous bruise on the inside of my midthigh. I'm assuming I got this from straining the blood vessels, due to too much biking at one time. Oh well, I'm dealing with it. I guess no pain, no gain, huh? Spryng: How's your dh doing? Is he back to work yet? To the rest of you gals:
I hope that you all are having a happy & healthy Monday! Well, I must get going & finish up on a few things around the house before picking up dd from school. Chat with you all later!

04-15-2002, 06:17 PM
Jackie, treat that bruise with warm soaks, a heating pad, and an ace wrap to keep it compressed. :)

04-15-2002, 08:06 PM

Should I be worried about my bruise? It doesn't really hurt too much or cause me discomfort. Should I be concerned or not? It looks worse than it feels. Thanks for thinking of me though! ;)
Do I have to worry about blood clots? :?: I'll maybe check in later this evening.

04-15-2002, 10:39 PM
Well, sanity prevails at my house for now. Everyone is asleep or in bed, that is why!!!!! (hehehehehe). But wait, considering my sanity level............aw well...........:dizzy: , no comment.

Jackie- thanks for starting the new thread. 4 pages- the other one had gotten to and I was just too busy to start a new one.
Have you had it with lions yet????? (Better not watch any MGM movies for a while, ok?). Come chat with me about Robert Louis Stevenson. "We" have to write a biography about him. 20 note cards are due tomorrow, and I actually got Ds to do most of them last nite. Of course, I hounded him to death...............followed him all over the house......threatened to throw out his CD player....you know all the good stuff! As for your leg, how is it?
Sounds like you just overdid it to me and I would not be concerned about varicose veins unless you already have a problem with them or have a genetic predisposition to a problem with them. One thing I read about varicose veins (Dd is developing a few superficial ones- her legs take so much impact with all the athletic stuff she does and on Dh's side there is a genetic leaning toward them)- after you do a certain excercise- such as running, biking or walking- an activity that causes a lot of blood to go to the legs, it is a good idea to finish up with something else, like crunches or push ups (aren't you glad that I posted?????) as this calls for blood to go to another major muscle group and not pool in the legs when you stop. I dunno, I read it on WebMD or IVillage. Made sense to me. Jen's advice about the warm wraps etc just sounded soothing to me. Glad that you are staying OP too.

Jen- now I forget what I wanted to post to you!!!!!!! Oh, yes, you too are "enjoying" warm weather, just like me only a few miles south of you in NY. It is the pits, if you ask me! But great for you- great to get the kids out in etc..... What are your plans for the week??????

Spryng and Sheila- how are you doing?

As for me and a picture, I might try and download a picture and then I could email it to anyone who is interested. I have one current picture (I am not photogenic at all and look like such a burn out). I have to see if I can scan it or something like that.

My house still looks like a disaster and willl until Wednesday. Tomorrow I will be out most of the day, so little will get done.
Dh decided to rip off all the sheet rock tape in the living room/dining room and re-tape it. (we live in a raised ranch/bilevel). So it still looks pretty rugged. I am surprised that he tackled this at this time of year, usually softball prevails and all other life as we know it comes to an abrupt halt.
I did not do too badly as far as eating today. I was far from perfect, but seem to be gaining control of myself. (control was lacking a bit last week). I am giving up on the Atkins diet- for one very good reason- I can't find the time to read the dumb book!!:lol: So, WW has done well for me, I can lose on it and will go back to my somewhat loose interpretation of that.
Well, I had better get some shut eye. I am on 4 hours of sleep from last nite and want to get up early tomorrow am to walk to avoid the heat. Have a great nite!

04-15-2002, 11:22 PM
Hi everyone, not too bad of a Monday. Sushine out, tried to keep busy. no high fat food, what a blessing. How is everyone.? I hope all is well. I am going to wait until Saturday for weigh in.


04-15-2002, 11:31 PM
My husband is in Korea training some people, he does suppy. I am post military too, had to get out due to asthma, exercise induced, or shall I say, running induced. ALot of my friends were in the unit I was in, and many received orders to depart. A few are still here, in the army. Dont have many other friends besides them here, Just got out in October, had spent 2 months with Mom in Va. I have alot of family there, My youngest brother is in Japan, he is in the Airforce. My older brother is in California in the army. Well, seems like that made my Mom nervous, all her children in the service at one point. I miss good old Virginia!! I am really trying to be busy, if not I may do what I did the other day. I am going on a Am walk tomorrow, and follow that up with tae. bo. I really feel good physically, I am so glad. Well that is the continuation, that I missed earlier to post. Take care everyane, and thanks for the wonderful support:) You have the pronounciation correct too!! Some people call me Tisia too.


04-16-2002, 12:15 AM
Good evening all. I hope everyone's day went well. Mine went ok. I'm disgusted with myself though. I blew another perfectly good day to bad choices. This morning when I got up I knew exactly what I was going to eat to keep me within my cal range. I even had a nice juicy orange for breakfast but then this afternoon I talked my dh into going out to eat (huge mistake) what was I thinking??? I can never eat right when we go out anymore. So we had mexican and I ate way too much. Then we went fishing with my dad and after that was over I ran to a convenient store and bought three burritos and three cheese sticks and ate it all. What is wrong with me?? :cry: I can feel my waistline expanding as I type. I am afraid to get on the scale because I swore to myself that I would never be 140 again and I ahve a feeling that I'm getting close. If not there already. :( help me girls!!!!! What I need to do is stop eating out period. Because when I am home I never eat bad. I always feel like a cheat isn't worth it unless it's outside the home so I don't cheat while at home. I eat my vegtables and fruit and low cal items with a smile on my face. So that's the first thing I need to do. Go cold turkey on eating out. It has to stop. I'm feeling miserable about myself and it's my own fault. I did this to myself. I have to stop and now. Tonight. I can't undo the damage I did today but I can try to fix it by eating right from now on. I see some family at the end of May that I haven't seen in a couple of years and I want to be at my goal weight by then but the only way to do that is to eat right and get the weight off. Sorry, I'm ranting. I am just so angry with myself.
My DH is doing good. Thank you all for asking about him. He hasn't seen the cardiologist yet and he goes back to work thursday. But he hasn't had any more chest pains. So hopefully whatever it was that caused it passed. I hope so anyway. I mean he's only 25. That's way to young to worry about heart problems. Oh and yes he went fishing with us today. We always go as a family. Yesterday I out fished everyone and today I out crawdeded everyone. :) Me and my little sister caught a ton of crawfish. She likes to keep them as pets and then my 2 yo dd wanted some too so we will be setting up the aquarium tomorrow to have some "pet" crawfish. But that's ok. I think they are neat to watch.
Well other than that. I guess that's about it. It has been a fun outdoor kind of day but a really bad eating day. I am praying that I get a hold of this and do better tomorrow. I better.

04-16-2002, 01:25 PM
Good Day, All!

Well, I was totally pleased after hopping on the scale this a.m. I was down another 2#! That makes me over the 10# loss mark.
I'm also into the next decade of numbers as of this a.m. I also started TOM yesterday & usually I retain during this time. I wonder if I'll lose even more as the week gets to the end? I sure hope that my pizza doesn't show up on the scale. Usually when I eat a lot of "naughty" food, it shows up about 5-7 days later. I sure hope not! (I ate pizza on Sat. night) It's another beautiful day here in Wisconsin. Yesterday it reached in the high 80's & today it's supposed to hit 95! This is unseasonably warm for WI.
We usually only get up to 65-70 during this time of the year. I'm actually thinking about putting the air cond. on. I'm working on getting all of the stale air out first. Well enough about me, how are the rest of you doing? Ginny: Thank you too for the info on my bruise. I do have some varicose veins besides the bulging bruise that I have now. I'll try to include some stretching exercises after I'm done. (after my potty break!)I guess 11 years delivering mail did me in! (Including my deep scowl line between me eyes!):s: So, how is Robert Louis Stevenson coming along @ your house? I still had to look at a few lions this a.m. because ds still didn't have enough pictures of them yet! I sure wish that the evening could be family time & not have to worry about homework. This sure can take a toll on the whole family! DD & I are going to the Buck's game tonight & she wants me to finish her Cheerleading outfit that I started @ Halloween. I'm not sure if I'm in the right mood to work on it though. Ginny, I'm happy for you that your dh apologized to you yesterday. Your house sounds like mine! All the hours we spend on our ds's projects we could be spending on housework, huh?
Oh!, I have a question for you: Didn't you just paint your living room about 6-8 months ago & now your dh has torn it out? Hope you have a lovely OP day today! Latisia: Thanks for answering all my questions that I had about you. I bet your dm is feeling quite overwhelmed about right now. Wow! and your dh, Korea is a long..... ways away from you, isn't it? And for you: I bet you're feeling about the way that your dm feels about right now. And then to have a lot of your buddies just about ready to be deployed too? You poor girl, you! I can see why you'd like to get back to Virginia again. I have a cousin & a few friends living in Virginia. I'd love to go visit them someday. Who knows: Maybe I'll just jump in the car with my kids this summer & go visit them! (That is if my dh lets me!)
Spryng: I'm having fun with putting all your names in color & for some silly reason, I put yours in blue because something tells me that this is your favorite color, am I right? Silly question, huh? Pretty soon someone is going to think that I have nothing better to do with myself. I have plenty to do, but just don't feel like doing any of it! (Burnout Syndrome!) I'm glad to hear that dh went along fishing. My dd's friend went with her dad last night fishing & when my dh got home, my dd begged him to take her last night too! Unfortunately, as usual, dh was way too busy! It's kind of sad because he's missing out on some special one-on-one time with her! DH does take them fishing when we stay at a cabin Upnorth during our summer vacations. So, your kids should feel "honored" to have their Daddy go along with them. Oh!, and about your catches: Congrats! I used to be pretty good at catching fish, crabs, turtles & frogs when I was younger too! One time when I was about 10 years old, I put several frogs in a coffee can, with wholes punched in the lid for ventilation. It was evening when I did this & when I woke up & checked on them in the a.m. they were floating dead on the top of the water because I didn't think on how sunny it would be by morning. Well, after that incident, I have done the catch & release method since! Now back to Spryng: Don't get too hard on yourself right now. I know how you feel though! I felt this way on Saturday evening when I was eating my pizza. I think if you try to eat just fruit & fruit juice in the a.m., you will see a weight loss in the long run. Maybe add a little more exercise to balance out for the extra calories. If it's not too hot, maybe you could take a nice long walk with the kids & maybe your dh if he's allowed to walk that far now. If you are craving FF that much, could it be possible that your pregnancy test gave you a false reading? :eek: Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it, huh? Okay, Okay, here I go again being an Old Mother Hen! I do know how you feel though. We have to think on the positive side though, that we will have occaisional binges & then we can get on the right track again & straighten out again. I guess I binged a little too long & now I'm gradually losing the weight that I lost last year. I was just thinking the other day that if I would have kept that weight off that I lost, I could be working on the final 20-30# that I still needed to lose! Positive thinking again: "I WILL LOSE IT!" It's kind of funny though: I'm just about the same height as you are & my goal is to get to "140"! I'd be totally happy to weigh what you do! But I remember when I was in my 20's & 30's & thought that weighing 140 was way too much! I always felt great at 125#. This is what I got down to just before I got pregnant with my dd, the youngest who is almost 9 now. I keep telling her she was worth the extra pounds that I've kept on as the result of my pregnancy with her. A few years ago the kids gave me a t-shirt for Mother's Day that reads: "A MOM IS WORTH HER WEIGHT IN COOKIES!" Now back to you again Spryng: Did you listen to the opposite side of the tape that I sent you? It's about eating out & binge eating. Maybe listen to it again, if you have already. I know, sometimes that doesn't help either! Well gals, I'd better stop typing away here, before I don't accomplish anything today. I hope the rest of you get a chance to stop in for a few lines or so. One more thing: I hope that I don't come across as offensive to anyone here. Sometimes my posts may sound offending, but it's usually due to me rambling on & on as fast as I can so that I can get off the computer! Well, I'm going now, (that's a promise!) Have a great day!

04-16-2002, 01:56 PM
Jackie your posts never seem offending in any way! You are very realistic and encouraging!! :)
I'm feeling better about myself today and I must admit I didn't listen to the other side of the tape you sent me yet. I was so excited to start Fit For Life that that's the only side I listened to. But I will listen to the other some time today. I really like the whole idea behind FFL but it just doesn't fit into my eating patterns or my likes. But I am keeping to the fruit for breakfast until noon. I like the way I feel when I eat light. What is a typical day for you on the diet? What do you eat?? I could never figure out what to make for dinner besides all vegetables. And I like my pasta and breads and cheese with my breads and pasta so it was tough for me. So I am going to incorporate some of the ideas of ffl into my "new" plan. I will have fruit until noon and then vegtables for lunch with soup or salad and then something low cal for dinner. But filling. I will have my 8 glasses of water a day and not eat after 8:00 pm to allow my body ample time to digest all the food I consume. And if I feel like I am starving after 8:00 pm I will have only fruit. So it will be alot of FFL but dinner will not be properly combined all the time. I like boxed dinners too much :) mac n cheese or tuna, chicken, or hamburger helpers, and all kinds of stuff like that. I just love boxed dinners. Guess I'm weird. But they have come a long way. They all have low fat versions on them. And I always cut out the margerine and use fat free skim milk and it rally cuts the cals.
Well enough about that. I feel good and optimistic today and I think maybe I hit rock bottom last night and I am finally ready to get this thing going again. But my real test will be later. I have to go to town to buy fish and such for our aquarium. And whenever I'm in town my DH always wants to eat something and so does the kids and I have a really hard time eating anything remotely healthy. And I eat alot of it. But I'm going to already have ate lunch by that time so maybe I won't let my hunger take over my brain and I can either skip the meal or order a light salad or something. I'm trying to think postive. I know I can do this again. I got on the scale this am and it read 138. I gained two more lbs. Hopefully it is water weight and will flush out in a couple of days from all the high sodium foods I've consumed lately. We'll see.
Well, I better get off here. Congrats on your two lb loss Jackie!! You are doing so great!! And yes, blue is my favorite color!! But you've always had me pegged. Somehow you are connected to me :)
I'll talk to you later!!

04-16-2002, 03:25 PM
hey everyone, Jackie, my husband is overwhelmed, he is the only one there that really knows what they are doing!! Oh my.. I do miss my friends and family in Viginia, It is so different from here too, I can go there, and enjoy seafood, here, it is hard to find some things like that, some restaurants barely even have the kind of food I am now used to!!

spryng, I am going to write you. Stay motivated, take it one day at a time. Dont be distressed, it only makes it harder.. You are leaning on the right track. I think you may need more calories, complex carbohydrates, and some protein.. but that is just my view, what do you think??? I will get back with you.

Hello everyone!! Stay strong!!


04-16-2002, 04:11 PM
I don't think I need more calories. I stall if I eat over 1300 or so. And I lose the best at about 1000 or even a little less. As far as protein goes, I may incorporate more nuts and cheese in my meals but not chicken, pork, or beef. I do like fish though. I need to buy some. Mmmm.... a broiled fish with melted cheese on top with a little tartar sauce sounds great right now.
I'm not going to town after all. My DH is there now getting some things so I decided we'll wait on the fish in the aquarium. Right now I just want to stay home and focus on the house and myself. For lunch I had a bowl of tomato soup and 2 cups of salad with light fat free italian dressing. It was very good. But the only thing with salad and soup, it never stays with you every long. I'm already starting to feel hungary again and it's only been 2 hours. But I plan on drinking more water and at least waiting until 3 or 4 until I eat dinner. I haven't decided what I am making yet.
latisia, where do you live now?? And thank you for all your support. I'm not real familiar with low fat diets. But your lunch sounded really good. But bagels have too many calories so I don't buy them. If I eat bread it's low cal wheat bread that I toast.
And I forgot to answer a few of your questions Jackie. yes I read the entire book. I just couldn't put it down. But I'm like that with just about any book I pick up. Does the Fitonics book have better meal ideas than the one I have?? Because so far today I've been doing ffl. But that doesn't mean I will have a FFL dinner. And I probably won't. But I will have brocoli or cauliflower with dinner and a salad so it will still be 70% vegetables today. I hope some of this water is gone by tomorrow.
I'll check back in later.

04-16-2002, 05:42 PM
I feel like just giving up. I really hope you girls can take it. Your usually chipper cheerleader is totally tuckered and has used her last brain cell.

As I sit here. My laundry is sky high. The house is a wreck. So why am I here? I'm having a breakdown. And no one wants to hear about it. I've flubbed up my diet and succesfully added 6#. Yep, 6#. I feel like a total failure. Thats not all. I have to hire a daycare for 2 days a week. This farming is for the birds. I'm so stressed out. Dh promises it won't be for long, just untill we "get things rolling". If I gain anymore they will be rolling alright. I'm sorry my thoughts are all astray. I can't seem to focus. Oh and my diet. What diet?! I've been eating everything. If it ain't nailed down I'm eating it.

Okay. Ten deep breaths. Hang with me. Geeesh. You all have to be hating me. I don't post for days then I sit and blubber. I'm sorry. I really need some support here. I'm going to go for now. But I'll be back after dinner. And I will post my pic then too.


04-16-2002, 11:52 PM
Just a few quick words gang. Very busy around here with the kids on vacation this week!

Jackie, I hope I didn't scare you about your bruise. You shouldn't have to worry about anything serious like a clot... I was just trying to give you some soothing remedy ideas. :) And, I never find your posts offending. That is just what I have been worried about with posting my opinions earlier this week, and I really hope I have not offended anyone.

Spryng, and Misty... hang in there girls! You both sound so discouraged. Truth be told, I am in the same boat with you, but am refusing to acknowledge or discuss it. Denial is awful!!! But, you two are taking the first step which is owning it... only then can you beat it!!! I am cheering you guys on whole-heartedly!!! :strong: Maybe I can even find some inspiration with you wonderfully strong women. :)

Ginny, I couldn't see your pics :(

K gang, gotta run. Dd is having a sleepover... gotta go tame the wild ones!!! :lol:

talk soon... :wave:

04-17-2002, 12:41 AM
hey you all! well i am still here in Texas til about July. spryng, are you a vegetarian?? do you like beans? (they take some adjusting though) Go with what you are comfortable with, If you can only eat 1000 calories and lose weight, I am curious about your metabolism and activity.. Well let me know what you do for exercise? Oh no, I never got the tae bo 2 tape.. My son wasnt feeling too good. Well everyone I am doing ok, and plan to continue doing so.. Stay strong
oh, one more thing Misty, there is no hate here! Just take it one day at a time , as I put it.


04-17-2002, 12:44 AM
I just wanted to say that I hope I am not offending anyone, After serving in the service, and on top of that being a nurse. I have naturally been trained to tell it as you see it in as much an empathetic way as you can. Let those who listen make what they can out of what is given. That is all, I also care a lot about people.. well I am a nurse.. lol have a good night everyone..


04-17-2002, 12:53 AM
Well, the award goes to Jackie for the longest post today!!!!!! (hey there, I think you beat out my all time longest post). I love to read them, even when I do not have the time to do so!!!!

First of all.......MISTI- we love you here~ you know that! Feel free to dump/unload anytime. This is life, there will be good days- bad days...... for everything there is a season. We do not hate you and are here for you thru everything. Go back and read the opening statement that goes with each SAHM's thread- we are here for support, encouragement and humor. The good times and the bad. Sounds like you need some time for yourself....easier said than done, I know. Can you sneek in a bubble bath, or 15 minute walk, maybe a haircut? Something just for you to recharge those batteries. And as far as the daycare goes, that does not make you a bad mom- you would be a bad mom if you did not provide care for your family. This is temporary- take it one day at a time. Try to eat healthy- this is not a time for junk. And if a few pounds creep back on........it has happened to all of us. Gosh, I just hate to see you beat yourself up. Mothering is the toughest job in the world- and it comes without any manual or instructions. You are doing fine. The only mistake I can see that you are making is allowing self doubt to creep in.

Spryng- glad that Dh is doing ok. Can you somehow get ahold of an eating out guide? (I think I have talked about this before). Just some way so that you can allow yourself to eat out, and have something (self denial ultimately backfires)- but not overdo. (easier said than done, Ginny). Sounds like you got back on track with eating. Hope that your day ended up well.

Tisha~ did you get your walk in? I hope so! It is so hard moving around the country as you do in the military. God bless you for all that you do for our country (in support of your Dh). I know from my college days how hard certain areas of the country are to adapt to and what wanting to "go home" is all about. You have a little home here with us, and as I am sure you have seen, most of us come here to unload some fairly personal stuff from time to time. We are glad that you are here too!

Jackie- you are worth your weight in gold (cookies are too high in fat!). Congrats on losing another 2#! (I am not even going near the scale, afraid for what it may tell me) How is your leg doing? Now, lets see.........you are watching reruns of Born Free.......or Lion King............bet if you saw one more lion you would puke!:lol: How was the Bucks game???? I think the room that Dh painted was the bedroom (another one of his demo jobs) and of course there was the bathroom that he " demo"ed the day before Thanksgiving.......and the day before Christmas.
Aw, I should just be thankful that he does this much work around the house.

Today I had to renew a bunch of books at the Library on my favorite author............Robert Louis Stevenson. $3.00 later in late fees, I walked out with the books.:dizzy:
Tomorrow is another busy day. I am helping out at Dd's school (the 15 yr old), and have to make some ravioli for a fund raiser lunch there. Dd (6) has piano lessons........ and then Ds will most likely stay after school for extra help in math and will need to be picked up. Opps.......forgot, have to get Dd fromsoftball practice too.
I gotta get some sleep if I am planning to get up at 5 am and walk to avoid the dumb heat!!!!!
Have a great nite!
(if I forgot anyone, please forgive me)

04-17-2002, 01:11 AM
Hi, It's me again!

Just two things to say tonight & then I'll address you all hopefully tomorrow sometime. Ginny: Guess what song they were playing when I walked into the Bucks stadium! (I didn't even get to where I was supposed to sit.) Can you guess, huh? Well here goes: THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT!" Is that a gas, or what? Misti: Hang in there hon, we all love you here @ the SAHM's thread. Consider yourself {{{Hugged}}} :love: You can dump your problems on us anytime, really!! How could anyone hate you? Well, I just got caught on the 'puter & it's way.... passed my bedtime (I guess)!! Until later, take care everybody.

04-17-2002, 01:48 AM
It's late but I just had to post one more time tonight!! I did it! I got through one day of eating great!!!!!!! I am so excited!! Fruit for breakfast, soup and salad for lunch and potatoes, pasta, cauliflower and green beans for dinner. (I passed on the pork chops my DH made) So in all I ended my day at about 1000 calories! I drank all my water and even got a jog in to the mailbox!! So I feel victorious!! Now comes the hard part --- doing it again! But the first day is always the hardest for me and I did it so I'm happy right now.
I just want to say this one time to all nobody offends anybody with their posts or opinions. WE LOVE ALL POSTS AND OPINIONS HERE :)
Misty- please cheer up. I know exactly how you feel. And hearing that you too battle with your food makes me feel better. You are human and not perfect after all ;) Just like me!!! :lol: But don't beat yourself up. I do that enough for everyone. You are so close to your goal now. I know you can do it. I think we are just stressed. Me because of my DH and finances and you over the farm and your kids. Stress makes us do funny things (or not so funny if the scale shows it ) But things will settle down and you will take those 6 lbs off in no time. I know you will. You are my handy sidekick!! Lets kick some "fat" out of here ok??
Ginny, I don't know how you do it. Your kids run you everywhere and yet you still get in a daily walk and time to post here. I think you are my hero :smug: I hope that when my kids are the ages of yours that I am super mom like you, or even half the mom you are would make me great! They will really appreciate you some day. I already do!! My parents never let us join anything because they didn't want the responsibility of running us here or there. You are so self sacrificing. I admire you!
Latisia, no I'm not a complete vegetarian. I'm working on it though. I don't eat pork or chicken and never steaks of any kind but I still love fish and hamburger patties or meat in general. Like when it comes to pizza I want it cheese only. I like my pasta with vegtables etc. But I love a good hamburger and I love tacos. So that's where I eat my meat. I wish I could cut that out too but it's too tasty right now :) yes I do like beans and Ilove nuts so I know I will still get my protein. Plus did you know that our bodies only need 1 lb and a half of protein a month??? That's all the body uses and needs back. So I know I get plenty of it in a months time. Exercise?? What is that?? JK. :) I don't do anything regualr anymore. I got in a jog today and it felt good. I clean house and chase kids. That's about all the exercise I get in usually. I take a short walk to the mailbox everyday and that's it besides walking wal-mart or the mall a few times a week. Is that good exercise?? I was doing aerobics everyday but I got out of the habit. I need to start again but I just can't get motivated. baby steps for me :) I am going to purchase a treadmill though. Hopefully within the nest month. So that will get me going.
Thank you so much for your kind words Jen. And sorry that I haven't gave you a personal post in a while. It's hard to remember who said what when there are so many posts to read. But I'm not ignoring you. I love to hear from you. Well my typing is getting crazy. I guess that means it's time to go to bed. It's WAY past my b-time. I'll see you girls tomorrow. G'nite.

04-17-2002, 09:08 AM
Good morning!
As I sit here attempting to infuse caffiene into my body (anyone got an IV?) I had to send out an email and thought I would check in and say hello!!!!!!

Jackie-sleep my darlin', don't cry my darling the Lion sleeps tonite!!! Hope you got some sleep there, Jackie. Your post made it here even later than mine. Hope that you and Dh had a good time at the game.

Spryng- congrats on having a good day!!!!:) Go for another today. You are off to a great start- and it is good to hear you in a "can do" mode once again.

Well, Yawn, I got my walk in this am (gonna be almost 90 here today :( ). The ravioli are done, now just have to get my dear little Dd off to school and off I go! (to the big Dd's school). She was actually nice to me this morning. Have a great day, ladies.

04-17-2002, 11:13 AM
Good morning all. I guess none of you could see my picture I posted on the first page. Hmmm, wonder what I did wrong? I can see them just fine. Well anyhow, someone let me know if you can see them.

Thanks so much to all of you. I really needed some support, and understanding. Today is a new day and I'm starting all over. I'm still trying to convience myself I'm not a failure. In time. I really wish I could get out and have a hair cut or just go for a walk. I would be nice to have a thought of my own for a minute. I so appreciate all of your kind words.

Spryng, I'm with you. I can't believe you thought I was anywhere near perfect. I'm a accident waiting to happen. But anyway I'm way proud of you and your day back OP. Keep it up!

Jackie, I've been keeping up on your posts and weight loss. Fit for life really suits you , huh? I'm so glad you found something suitable. Thanks so much for the hugs. They were much needed.

Ginny, I was thinking we should call you and Jackie the zoom zoom sisters. Your lives are so busy. How are you doing with you Dd? Thanks goes to you for all of your kind words and encouragement.

Gemini, it's a hard place to be in. Owning up to it wasn't so hard for me. I'm always the first to admit when I'm wrong or messsing up. It gets easier after you just let yourself admit it. But I'm hanging in there. Thanks.

T-girl, Don't worry about offending anyone here. Sometimes your approach is the only way to really get things accross. I'm so glad to see you posting. I really look forward to getting to know you better.

I'm going to go now and see if I can figure out this picture.

04-17-2002, 11:30 AM
Photo (http://community.webtv.net/hotmail.com/chelebean/Photo) <~~~~~ click there to see my photo. I really hope this works girls. Please let me know.


04-17-2002, 12:57 PM
Hi All
Lilbit WE are all here for you dont get discouraged.. I am pulling for you , I been there I know how it feels just take a little bit of time for YOU and regroup and then you CAN and WILL be refreshed and refocused..JUST DONT GIVE UP Lil just so you know I am a major sufferer of depression for which I am on meds for.. Right now and most the time my whole life is in chaos laundry undone dishes undone .That is why sometime I dont post that much .. I am getting better but you know I still lurk around online here.. It isnt easy being the "chippy cheerleader "all the time .. You dont need to be just be you.. Rant rave vent if you need to . As for the 6# gain dont get fed up and stuff just roll with the punch and get up brush yourself off and move on.. You will lose the gain maybe not tomorrow but it will come off.. You are burning yourself out, calm down, relax ,enjoy the sunshine .. Dont call yourself a failure because your not.. (((((((((((((((LILBIT))))))))))))))))) heres a cyber hug for you . If ever you need to rant rave vent whatever email me at sheila061968@hotmail.com . I tend to be a good listener so I am told.. (of course my 12 year old daughter says diffeent) Oh and dont feel bad about getting a temporary daycare for the kiddos.. I think that alot lately too . In fact I am really looking forward to sending him to kindergarten in Sept. Oooops I didnt know there was more to the thread I didnt see your pic yet I guess I didnt read down enough...

T-Girl Nah I dont get offended easily and knowing your background in Military and in nursing I do understand that "just the facts" attitude is instilled upon you by the intense Military training..

Spryng After reading your post I still didnt know what a crawdad/or crawfish was so I consulted a Louisana online friend of mine and come to find out a crawdad/crawfish is called a crayfish up here ( mini lobsters according to DS). Now I know why you all thought I was a blondie:lol:

OK all I best get going and get something done here before it gets too hot where all I think of doing is melting into a pile of molten goo.(yuck too descriptive I know)
I will try to get back on later and address more of you ..

Take Care

Lilbit you are absolutely gorgeous !! I did get to the pic without a problem . Take Care

04-18-2002, 12:16 AM
Misty you are gorgeous! Just how I pictured you! Was that picture really taken yesterday? If it was then you shouldn't worry about your gain because you look fantastic!! So thin. You have worked so hard and your body shows it.
Well I had another good day. Stayed OP again. It feels so nice. I'm really hungary right now but on this new plan of mine I don't eat anything after 8:00 pm only water. So I'm going to bed soon to take my mind off of it. I did eat out today. But I refrained from alot of food. In fact I ordered a regular hamburger and that was it. I was proud of myself. It was hard to see the kids and my DH munching away on their fries too but I thought that day three always has a weight loss for me and I want to see that. I've already lost 2 lbs!!! I know it is water seeing how this is only day two but still. As you know, it means the same. It feels great! So I'm back to 136. I want to be 125 by May 22. That is my next goal. My brother comes home from boot camp and then a few days after I see an aunt of mine that I haven't seen in two years so I want to look my best. So that is my next goal.
Well I have a bad headache so off to bed I go. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Oh and my DH is finally getting in to the cardiologist tomorrow. So lets pray nothing is wrong ok?? Thanks ladies! :) I'll talk to you tomorrow.

04-18-2002, 01:36 AM
Thanks everyone, just wanted to make sure about that.. Spryng I just read your post, and you are so close to your goal:) I just realized that, and I wanted to say JOb Well Done!! ( Bowing),,, Keep it up girl. Remeber I had asked you if you were veg? I have cut down alot of meats, they tend to contain alot of fat anyways, I do the chicken without skin, turkey, lean sanwhich meats,,

I do not know my losses yet, and curiosity is abound, I will wait though, want to suprise myself.. Military training is intense, as well as nursing school, I did that before I had joined the military.

I hope everyone has a good night. i will be on earlier tommorrow, had to take care of some issues....( teething son).. lol


04-18-2002, 04:23 AM

I couldn't sleep, so after tossing & turning for a few hours, I decided to get up & check in with you all. DH is out of town tonight so I can get away with sneaking on the 'puter this late at night. I'm trying to figure out why I can't sleep. It could be due to 3 things: 1.) I finished peddlin' around 10:15 this eve. 2.) I'm hungry. 3.) I'm starting to feel down in the dumps! I sure wish that I could sleep so that I'd maybe feel better in the a.m. So, I'll start out by saying that I'm so happy that
Latisia has put in a post to us. I was a little worried when I heard about the bad tornado out your way. Oh!, and I've never been offended by any of your posts either. I rather enjoy them. I hope that your son will ease up with his pain due to teething so that you can get the rest that you need. Ginny: My ds finally turned in his African Folk Tale book. The teacher was so pleased with him & he also loved his book cover (Material from the old Zoo shirt!) ;) Hopefully Mark is coming to an end with his project too! DD & I enjoyed the Bucks game last night. (DD went, not DH) This was probably the last game for the season for us. (Bucks lost tonights game.) :( And for my leg: The swelling went down & now I'm just stuck with this HUGE bruise! It looks so gross that I won't even wear shorts in public. And for your late library fine:
I can top yours....by about $27.00 more! Remember how I used the covered snowmobile trailer for Christmas presents? Well, we also used it for the "brown bag" stuff out of ds & dd's bedrooms around Christmas time too! DH was so disgusted with their rooms that he loaded up anything that was on the floor, bagged it & then tossed them on to the trailer! Well, about a month went by, found the books in a bag on the trailer & the fines came to: $30.00!! That was just one library....the other one had a fine of: $8.50! I hope you have/had fun @ your older dd's fund raiser.
You'll have to tell us all about it. Misty:
Thanks for posting a picture, you look fantastic! I do agree with Spryng that you look fine the way you are & have nothing to worry about. I know I'd be totally happy at the weight that you are. I've got a long....ways to go before I'm your size! I just took a few rolls of film in to the store to get developed. Hopefully I'm in one of the pictures & that I'll like it enough to try & post here. I requested that Kodak send a set to my e-mail address so that it would be easier for me to download to you all. And for the Fit For Life plan, yes, I think this plan suits me. I don't feel that it's a fad diet, as you do get the basic-4 foods in the plan, you just have to eat some of them separate from one another. I just may see "140" while I'm "40" yet! (It will be close though, as I turn 41 in July!) :eek: I really don't feel that old. I guess you're as young as you feel, huh? I hope that you wake up in a "chipper" mood in the a.m. I'll keep you in my prayers, okay?
Spryng: Horray, Horray!! For staying OP for another day, one more & you'll make 3 in a row!! It's sounds like you are following the same "modified" Fit For Life program as I am. I stick with the fruit @ BF, a salad for lunch & then, kind of a "free" dinner of my choice. If it works for us, lets go for it! Tonights "free" dinner was a Jr. Turtle Sundae. :rolleyes: Did I really just admit to that? I made darn sure that I stayed on the bike for my whole hour! I'll have to PM you & let you in on some of my secret menus. As for your DH, I am definitely keeping him in my prayers. I hope all goes well @ the appt. & they can find out whats wrong with him & hopefully it's not his heart! Let us know how it goes, okay? Try & stay away from those FF chains!
I wan't to hear all about "day 3". Sheila:
I'll pray for you too, okay? Did you ever hear of the FLY LADY? When you mentioned the CHAOS in your life, which stands for "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" in the Fly Ladies lingo. If you've never heard of her, check out her website: www.flylady.net She has helped me quite a bit. And I'm not sure if I told you that I suffer from depression too. It's pretty well under control with meds, as long as I remember to take them on a regular basis. I've had my days where I'm laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside. I can be quite the "actress" once in awhile. It's sounds like you were having a good day by the sounds of your last post. (Or are you a good actress too?);)
I love the advice that you gave to Misty. JEN: Where are you & how are you doing? Perhaps I missed your post somehow! Well gals, I'm getting pretty sleepy & I think I'll be able to sleep now. :yawn: See yah later, gators!

04-18-2002, 10:09 AM
I'm here, I'm here! I'm just buried under all the kids in this house!!! :lol: We're having a blast this week, but I'm exhausted, and the house is a pit! Can't wait for vacation to be over! (but I'll miss them, too!)

Oooopppsss, we're late for swim class, then off to the gorcery store! Cleaning this afternoon and baking cake layers for a cake I need to deliver tomorrow. Sounds like everyone's doing ok... thinking of all of you, and I promise to post more when I can. Hugs to everyone...:D

04-18-2002, 11:30 AM
Well here it is, day three for me :D I'm quite proud of myself. I lostanother lb this morning!!! Now 135. Only 10 more to go!! I hate backtracking but at least it's coming off again. I think I justmay be able to meat my goal by may 22.
I'm going to have oranges for breakfast, tomato soup with salad for lunch and not sure about dinner yet. Maybe something with mac n cheese :) It's nice to know we are doing sorta the sme plan Jackie. And yes PM your menus anytime!!!
I'm ashamed to admit I can beat everyone with my late charges at our local library. Before I got married (4 years ago) I took out a Danielle Steel novel and didn't return it for a few YEARS. The last letter I got (about two and a half years ago) said I owed about 150 dollars. But I kept forgetting about it and then we moved and it was misplaced. So after so many years I didn't want to show my face there. :o A friend told me to go at night and drop it in the drop box and see what happens. So I did and paid the bill. Sad huh?? I know they've long since replaced it, before I returned it. So now I avoid libraries all together. I'm just afraid it will happen again.
Well anyway, today had just started for me. My DH will be at his doctors appointment most of the day so I won't be tempted to eat out or anything. Plus I just don't want to. yesterday I just wanted to go home and make dinner but my DH was bent on eating out so I gave in but didn't go over my cals which I was proud of. and it paid off in the form of another lb dropping. :) But today there will be no FF. Only good stuff from my very own kitchen.
Well I hope everyone has a great OP day. I'll check back in later.

04-18-2002, 01:08 PM
Hi Everyone
Freckles I was having agreat day yesterday but I do admit sometimes I have to be a great actress to pull off the blues from my son..I have never heard of the FLY LADY so I will have to check out that site .. Yup that Chaos does apply with me.. I know that I have to do these things but sometimes I get so overwhelmed that it doesnt matter.. I am almost out of my meds and I need to get int touch with the doc in order to get more (I get samples) my insurance is no more so I cant afford the prescription..Sometimes I am great with giving the advice I wish I could practice my own words sometimes..Funny I have a couple online friends that I been helping thru rough times they just were diagnosised with depression.. And what is funny is they never realized I was in the same boat as them . Anyway I am always there for them to vent to and by helping them it makes me feel better.. But there is only so much I can do online which does get me a bit unsettled..
Spryng Congrats on day three!!!! You are doing great girl!!!At least you returned your book .. I just found a book I borrowed from 1995!!! When I thought lost it I bought one from a second hand store and told them I lost the original and replaced the book in Nov 2001.. They werent too keen on that but I wasnt going to pay outlandish fees for a book that would be more then its worth..So I said take it or leave it I even typed out a agreement that if they accepted the book they couldnt charge me with the fees on top.. They signed and accepted the book and that was it..
Gemini Next week is school vacation wek here!! at least most of theweek was great weather so far!! I am hoping for nice weather next week so I can get out of the house with the kids
Tgirl How I DONT miss the teething age.. Luckily my son popped out teeth by threes..He is still rambling on his "list " of things he needs for kindergarten..Since when does a kindergartener need a bike for school???He is getting a bit overwhelming with this list of his..My on is almost 4 feet tall I hope he has no problems fitting in due to his height.. All the four year old I see around here are lil munchkins
Lilbit How you doing today ??? Check in and lets us know OK
ECMom I am a caffeine fiend myself I cant give up my IV just yet..Sometimes I wonder if when they take blood it doesnt come out coffee..

Which reminds me I didnt go to my cholesterol testing ..I forgot the appointment was Monday.. I need to reschedule that too..
Yesterday it reached 93 degrees here in NH !! I did stay inside in my workout wear yesterday the humidity here was terrible enuf to cause my asthma .. Grrr for once I wish I was normal.. But I knew I couldnt go out in that outfit..It shows a little too much skin and my other neighbors (not my landowner next door but the ones in the building next to mine) are gawkers.. They stare and smile and make comments that they think I wouldnt understand because they speak in their native tongue..And they do all that when I dress like a slob .. Not taking any chances They make me self concious about myself..
Oh well cant live by there comments I need to get over it for if I plan on getting down to 160 from my current 259 I will have to get used to it..
Well all I will stop in later I hope to anyway .. Before I sign off I think I wana check out that site Freckles recommended
Take Care all and enjoy the day
Tomorrow I weigh myself I think I lost some but not sure how much..

04-18-2002, 04:47 PM
Hi everyone!! My son is doing pretty good sleeping right now..
Sheila, I know what you mean, about the height thing, my son is 15 months old, and everyone thinks he is 2 or 3 .... In december, he was 32 inches!!! DH is tall 6ft4. , not me..

I am doing pretty good, and still need to do the other half of my workout, i will do it somtime today..
Congrats Spryng on a job well done. looks like that's the plan for you.

Talk to you all later


04-18-2002, 07:27 PM
Hi everyone!

Sheila, thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice. I'm sailing in your boat too. Bi polar so they tell me. I was on some heavy duty meds for awhile... 3 different pills a day. Then I found yoga and Omega 3. I consult with 3 different doctors regularly. It still gets the best of me sometimes. Look up the Omega 3 and 6, it might be of interest. You can buy it over the counter. They are fatty acids from fish oils used to aide in depression and menopause. My mother uses it for both and she has real results. Thanks also for all of your compliments too. Makes me glad I posted my pictures. Oooo, yeah! Fly Lady is so great! I love that site.

T-girl, I feel for you with the teething baby. My 13 month old is going through the same thing. I've spent many nights up with her. Nothing seems to sooth her. I hope you are holding together alright with out your Dh too. I can't imagine. You must be a very strong woman.

Spryng, you are way to sweet. Thanks for the compliments and boosting my confidience. Way to go staying OP and losing another #! Keep it up. I hate back tracking too. Funny we seem to do it at the same times. So how did your Dh's doctor appt go. Good news I hope.

Gemini, I'm glad you checked in. I was thinking about you. Hope the "pit" doesn't get to deep!

Jackie, did you ever take melatonin? I'm not sure how safe it would be with your Welbutrin. It helps me to rest. It had no side effects either. Also over the counter. Walmart sells it. I was just offering that info since you said you were tossing and turning the other night. Thanks to you too for all of your compliments and advice. It means so much to me.

Ginny, hmmm where are you? Did I miss your post? Well. I hope you are doing okay and getting out to walk in this beautiful weather.

As for me. My sanity is getting better :dizzy:. But my life is crazy as ever! I have found one lady I like to sit for my children. I'll be meeting with her on Monday. Child care is so expensive! 30 dollars a day for my 2 Dh's. That blows my mind! Well, girls I have to get. Thanks so much for all of your support.

04-18-2002, 10:23 PM
Good evening all!
I'm so glad I was uplifting for you Misty. We all need it sometimes. And you are right. We seem to gain and lose about the same times. Strange huh?? :)
Well my day went well. Another day down. My DH goes back to work tomorrow (oh, by the way the cardiologist said he was fine. SO thanks for everyone's concern, thoughts and prayers) So once he is gone I can really buckle down and get some more weight off. I seem to always eat more if he is home all day. So tomorrow will be a breeze for me on this *plan*. I look forward to seeing more results. But I don't think I will weigh for a few days. I don't want to get myself upset if the scale doesn't go down or something. So I may weigh in about 3 or so days. That gives me something to look forward to also.
I feel so bad for you gals with the teething babies. My kids never had any problems. My DD (2) didn't get her first tooth until she was 13 months old! But she wasn't fussy or anything. My DS (1) has a mouth full already and just got his 1 year molars and never cried or was the least bit uncomfortable. Hmm... I want to say I was lucky but that seems inappropriate. Because you girls are lucky too to have beautiful babies. So I will say I didn't have teething problems. And leave it at that ;)
Are any of you wanting more kids?? My DH and I have been considering it lately. For some reason I'm going through a "I want a baby" syndrome. I'm hoping it will pass.
Well, I'll catch you all later!

04-18-2002, 10:38 PM
Hey girls, stealin' a few minutes of computer time while kids are in bed and dh has run to the store.

Congrats to you, spryng, on your loss! And I'm glad dh checked out ok. :) As for more kids, I am done. Actually, I thought I was done after #2, but hey, things happen. :lol: And #3 is just the sweetest thing... a true gift. Everything happens for a reason, you know. :) But I had serious autoimmune issues with last two pregnancies, so I had my tubes tied with #3, and we are very happy with our family of 5 plus the cats and dogs. :) Actually, I couldn't imagine life any other way. :)

Latisia, did you know I am a nurse wanna-be? :lol: I work about 20 hours a week in an ER as a tech, and had just started nursing school before I got preggo with the baby. I'm hoping to get back to school in the fall. Some of my best friends are the nurses I work with... they are the most caring people I have ever met in my life! Go Nurses!!!! :strong:

I will join the rest of you on the depression wagon... had severe bouts when I was younger, but treated well with Prozac for years. I stopped prozac when I got preggo with my first baby, and furtunately, have not needed medication since. It's such a misunderstood disease, and horrible to live with.

Ginny and Jackie, I'm just going to refer to you girls as the "Wonder Twins" from now on!!! :lol: I hope when my kids are a bit bigger and have homework and such that I am able to stay on top of them, work with them, and be the kind of mom I want to be to them, like you girls. Hats off to you!

Sheila, 2 words about your neighbors... screw them!!! (I am also a one who should follow my own advice more often!)

Misty, what can I say, your beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!

Dh is home... gotta run!

04-19-2002, 12:06 AM
:jig: Wu Wu! Yea me! I have finished my first day OP since the disaster! It feels good. I'll hop on the scale in the morning and let you know all about it.

Gemini~ you hit the nail on the head about the "Wonder Twins". I wanna be like Jackie and Ginny when I grow up. I mean when my kids grow up! Forgive me I'm in a silly mood. Which is a plus after the bad bout I just had. I was once on prozac for a few weeks once. I'm very sensitive to alot of meds and couldn't take it. So great that you are living without it today. I really respect that aspect. And the nursing, nurses rock! The most compassionate, wonderful, loving, selfless, giving, endearing, people on the planet! That's for you too T-girl. I come from a long line of nurses. I worked my way through college as a nurses assistant. Thanks for the compliments too. It really means alot.

Spryng~ Oh dear! Baby fever! I get it all the time. Fight it girl! You really have to give your bod' a break. Give yourself some time. You will enjoy your pregnancy more and be in better shape for child labor. I want a yard full of kids! But one more is all I'm having. I hope I can have one more. I had an ovarian tumor in 1997. After surgery they said I only had 50% chance of ever having children. I'm blessed to have 2! Then after Dd # 2 came my doctor said having another might not be a good ideal. I should wait 2 years then we would talk about it. So for now I'm totally enjoying the beautiful youngin's I have. You are "lucky" about the teething. My first popped all of hers no problem. But my second, she has to do everything differently! She's a hoot. The teething is easing up some. She is only getting up 2x a night now, compared to 5x. Oh and I am so happy your Dh is fine. It's relieving, huh? I know exactly what you mean about the Dh and the eating. Mine always puts me to the test when he is home. It is so hard to be strong.

Sheila~ just like Gemini said about the neighbors! I'm so glad my nearest one is a mile away. Boy would they get an eye full! My Dh out in the snow in below zero weather in the am gathering wood and coal for a fire wearing his boxers, rubber boots and my pink furry robe!

As for me, well. As always I'm working my way out of a mountain of laundry. I spent the day outside soaking up some rays and playing ball with the kids. Makes me feel like I'm 5 again. Those were the days! I really did great staying OP. Then I went 10 miles on he bike and did yoga for an hour.

Nighty Nite girls!

04-19-2002, 11:11 AM
Congrats Misty!! I know how good it feels to finally get something right! You'll get those 6 lbs off in no time. Most of it is water I'm sure. Are you doing a diet plan? or just cutting portions?
Thanks for the visual on your husband in the snow with your pink robe on!! :lol: I don't know what your husband looks like but just picturing any man in rubber boots and a pink fuzzy robe got me going!! he must be a very secure man or you live way out in the boonies. :) I love the country too. I grew up in it. But when I turned 16 my family bought a house in town. I hated it. Then I got married and lived in an apartment. I hated all the nosy neighbors. When I had the kids I just knew I had to get out of there. I couldn't even take them to the apartment's park because people would come out of their apts to stare at us. So now we are in the country. We have neighbors but they are well spaced. I can't see they are doing and they can't see me. I like that. Plus our neighbors are not nosy and are never home much. So I could go outside basically naked (not that I would) and they wouldn't care. That is so nice. The only thing we are having a time getting used to is wasps and bumble bees and wood bees. They seem to want to bother us when we are outside. And that freaks me out. I had a huge red wasp land on me the other day and I went screaming and running and yanking my shirt off. It flew away long before I knew it but I just knew it was out to get me :) It's going to take some time getting used to them, especially if I plant flowers.
Well, here is day 4 for me. I'm not weighing today. Today I'm going to focus on cleansing my system. I think I'll stick a little closer to FFL today just to give myself a good cleansing. After all the weeks of fast food and junk I need a good cleasning. Plus I need to do it while DH is at work. He's off sunday and monday so I need to do it today and maybe tomorrow before he is home all day again.
You are right Misty. I need to focus on my body. Give myself a break. My kids are 11 months apart and I love that!! That's why it is hitting me so hard right now. I always said that if I had kids I wanted them close in age. Well, if I got pregnant right now my youngest will be over 2 when it was born and that's a big gap. I didn't want big gaps. But I guess I'll wait. DH wants to wait. He's looking forward to our two getting bigger so we can all go play putt putt and such together without a baby in tow. So I'll fight the urge for now.
Well, it's going to be another HOT day here. I need to take advantage of the semi-cool breeze we have this morning and get my house cleaned. I'll talk to you girls later!!

04-19-2002, 01:41 PM
Misty, I am LMfatAO at that visual of your husband!!! We are in the country, too, and I love it! We moved out here 2 years ago from a suburb outside of Boston... more house for the money, and such. Quick funny... last month, older ds had tonsillectomy at Children's Hospital in Boston, which is about 90 minutes from us. As we were driving in the morning of the surgery, ds looked out the window and noticed all of the huge radio antennea from a nearby tv station. He asked what they were and we tried to explain to him. Then I turned to dh and said, "honey, our kids are going to grow up country bumpkins and not even know what an antennea is!" :lol: I wouldn't have it any other way, though.

Spryng, way to go on day 4, girl!!!! I am so proud of you. And I can totally relate to your thoughts on sibling spacing. Both dh and I come from families where the kids are spaced far apart (my youngest sis is 11 years younger than me.) We knew we wanted our kids close. Dd and first ds are 23 months apart. We thought we were finished, but 2nd ds was born a little more than 3 years after the first. I was really worried about that 3rd kid being a girl, because I really didn't want there to be more than 5 years between sisters. But fortunately, he was a boy, and the 3 years age difference is not bad! He is now almost 18months old, so really starting to get into playing with his big brother. Older ds is still young enough to like to play with "little" things... trucks, rescue heroes, etc. And young ds gets a kick out of being able to play with the "big kid" toys. Actually, all 3 kids play VERY well together... we are blessed with that! :)

So girls, I should get back to work. I have been buried under frosting all morning, trying to get this cake done to be delivered tonight. It's a very complicated design... very time consumming. This is a good friend I'm doing this for, but I'm still charging her big bucks!!!! Fortunately, I am keeping busy enough to not be eating too much, if you don't count licking frosting off my fingers. :o Actually, I don't consume too much of the stuff... I get so sick of it. :p

Hope everyone has a great day, and a great weekend. I may not be able to post much til Monday... dh is having "the guys" over tomorrow to watch the NFL draft :?: and Sunday is opening day for Little League... dd and ds are playing t-ball this year. :)

talk soon... :wave:

04-19-2002, 02:28 PM
Hi everyone first I cant contain myself any longer I am down to 255.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!*doing the snoopy dance* How I lost 4 pounds and still being TOM I have no clue.. But I weighed 4 times to make sure !!!!!I think I am FINALLY on a roll here!!!

Lilbit I am glad to see you are feeling a bit better about things .. I have been diaginoised two different times the first said I was manic depressive the second time I was Bi Polar..So I am something but I am on meds for it.. First it was Prozac when I took that I would literally being sitting in a stupor drooling on myself..(not a pretty pic) Then I was on Zoloft started at 25 mg then after 2 years I was at max 200mgs . Now I am on Celexa 30 mgs which seems to be doing me good.. ( I forgot to take it last night but I will tonight ) In a way dont it feel good to know you arent alone in that boat?? I have heard and tried the Fish oil pills as well as St Johns Wart and unfortunately they dont have what it takes for me..But I am trying to get to where I dont need any pill to make me feel like me again.. It is a journey in itself..
Spryng I still get the baby fever but my son had to be the last one I could have. He is a miracle baby too.. In 1995 I had become pregnant and I didnt even know it.. My uterus tore and I was bleeding internally (they called it a plecenta abruption) so every month I was having what I thought were periods.. In dec of that year I came down very sick and started bleeding out as they call it.. So when I was rushed to the hospital I found out to be almost 5 months pergnant. Due to the intense bleeding I was rushed to a Boston Hosp once I was stabile enough to be transported.. While there I became very unstabile and was unable to carry the baby any longer for my bleeding was not stopping after transfusions and blood clotters. I was at high risk and the baby would not have made it on her own if born.. I was then made to start labor and gave birth to a stillborn.. My son was then conceived in 1996 I began to have complications with bleeding but luckily I was under intensive docs care after his Csection birth in July 1997 I had been bleeding as well internally so then with docs advice as well as talking to my priest I was able to have my tubes cut tied and burnt for ay further pregnancies could jepordize my life..I have 2 beautiful children and a little angel above watching her family.. I am blessed and alive.. Why did I ramble on so much about this I am not sure but I am sure that I am finally at Inner peace with my loss in 1995 after a long time of feeling like I was a failure ..
Gemini : I wish I could think that way I try to.. But even hubby thinks it is best while we are here that I be careful what I wear outside untill he switches to a first shift.. He is a bit uneasy with be far away at work on over night shifts and since I live on the first floor that they might get drunk or on drugs and get courageous..Break into the house and..... well I guess I just get the creeps too much .. I am sure by summer they wont be there since there home based buisness is getting alot of attention from the police.. So sooner or later they will be raided and deported..( please understand I have nothing against other creeds races or cultures but their home based buisness is a fact and it is widely known)
Freckles THANK YOU for recommending that site.. Just reading prior to joining increased my spirits alot.. I did join now I have 23 emails and that is a bit overwhelming but I can read them slowly ..Cant wait to get into the FlyLady way of things..

OK I rescheduled my cholesterol fasting lipid test to Monday April 22 at 8:30 I HOPE I remember it this time.. I have a thing about forgetting my own appointments but I can rememeber almost everybody elses..
My friend said my scale is 1.5 pounds too much.. She weighed 132.5 when she was here last night and today she is 131.. She can get away with 131 on her 5' body she is pregnant ..Yup she is only 5 feet .. It is funny last time she was pregnant she wobbled like a duck at 4 months .. She is just 2 months now and she is waddling already..
Oh well I am rambling again I best stop it for now
Take Care and Remember it is getting warmer so make sure you get the water in
Talk Soon

04-19-2002, 02:31 PM

Wow! Could it really be Friday again? The weeks are really flying by for me. Less than 2 months from now school will be out & we will be in full swing with summertime! How did it creep up on me? I'm really going to try & work at getting down to what I weighed last summer. I have a little over 15# to lose. If I stay "faithful" with my program & include my daily exercise, I think I'll make it. So far today, I've stayed OP, drank my water & have already gotten on the bike for an hour, burned 606 cals. & put on 13.2 miles. I didn't bike at all yesterday, so I may go back on for another hour later on today. I hopped on the scale this a.m. & still haven't lost the pound I gained the other day.
I'm now blaming it on the brat that I had @ the Buck's Basket Ball game on Tuesday night. Yesterday a few Mom's & our "Little Girl Scouts" went to the Girl Scout store that's about an hour from our house. My dd's school had off yesterday & today for a teacher's convention. After we finished @ the G.S. store, we decided to treat the girls to a T.G.I. Fridays restaurant. It's located in the Miller Park Baseball Stadium. (Home of the Milwaukee Brewer's) The girls were able to watch the players practice for the game that was last night. My dd actually got brave & asked a guy that was running around the field if he was one of the players. His reply was: "Yes, I'm one of the players!". DD was a little on the shy side & ran away after saying "Oh!", so I'm not sure which player he was. Well, I did pretty good staying OP & had a Ceasar Salad, but replaced the CS dressing for a "non fat" dressing. DD wanted an order of Mozz. sticks, so I decided to have one of them. The rest of the day I stayed OP. I just read an article out of the Health magazine that was a great reminder to me. It said that psychological tests indicated that anticipating laughter-In that study, preparing to watch a funny video-reduced levels of tension, fatigue, anger and depression. Unpublished data by the same research team show that these mood changes are accompanied by favorable physical changes, such as reduced levels of stress hormones. "The body prepares itself for pleasure," says study author Lee S. Berk, Ph. D. "Expectation is a synonym for hope. If doctors can learn to elicit hope in their patients, it could be a powerful tool for battling chronic disease." So we are supposed to schedule some fun in our weekly planner and reap the benefits of looking forward to it! So...tonight my dd is going to a B.D. party sleep-over & DH & I decided to take our ds to go see "Ice Age". I've seen a lot of previews for it, so I know there is a lot of humor in it! I highly recommend that you all do the same by either renting a funny video, go to the movies, or find some other type of activity that will induce laughter! Speaking of laughter: I did get a good chuckle out of Gemini/Jen's comment about Ginny & I being the "Wonder Twins"!! Should I go get my cape on & start flying around? :lol: I hope that Jen is enjoying the remainder of the spring break with her kids. (Hmmn...maybe I should borrow my cape out to her, huh?) Oh golly, gee! I need to leave for awhile because dd can't wait for lunch. I'll finish my post later, okay? (Like it's not long enough already, huh?) :rolleyes:

04-19-2002, 04:24 PM
Sheila thank you so much for sharing your loss with me. It makes me think even more of you for all the pain you had to endure and I know that you cherish your children even more so now. You are an inspiration to us all.
I'm the type of person who hasn't been through much. I've only experianced two deaths in my family. A grandfather and a great grandmother. But neither was I close to so I wasn't too affected. I mostly was saddened by the gief the rest of my family was experiancing. My pregnancies were uneventful. I was put on bed rest with my first because of unexplained bleeding. But then they found out I was RH negative. I got a shot and the bleeding stopped. So after that is was normal. The second didn't have any complications either and I delivered on time. Actually a day late. So I'm as normal and mundane as they come :o
And congrats on your 4 lbs loss!!! That's amazing! What diet program are you on???
jackie you are doing so great too. is FFL still agreeing with you? I have the option of two things for dinner tonight. I had fruit for breakfast (a lg. orange) and a huge salad for lunch, so now I have the option of either going all the way with FFL and having more vegtables with a baked potatoe or something properly combined or making my favorite spaghetti with meat balls. because either choice will keep me under my cals for the day but I'm wondering how I will feel if I have a full FFL day. But on the other hand I really want spaghetti. Hm.... what would you do? And advice?
Well, I guess I better find something else to do. I did get my house all together today. My kitchen looks great and the living room is tidy. I think I want to take a shower and read a novel now. (while the kids are napping) I'll catch you girls later!!

04-19-2002, 05:08 PM
My scale was at 123# today!!!! I'm very happy about this. I drank water untill I was ready to float away yesterday. I'm having another good OP day. Has anyone had the vegi burger at Burger King yet? I got one today. IMO super yuck. Green pepper was way to much. I only ate about 3 bites, Garrett (dog) seemed to enjoy it. So I'll opt for some low cal low fat cottage cheese and a grapefruit later.

Spryng~ glad you are going to fight the urge. My childen are close too 19 mo apart. I'm glad but it was so hard on my body. I can only imagine how you felt.
As for my *plan* well, I'm still doing low cal. I'm keeping at 1000 a day and I'm going to start drinking the ensure shakes. I'm not getting enough nutrients and can't seem to eat enough (without binging) to keep up with my daily activities. My fam doc suggested it. She said it shouldn't slow my weight loss a bit.

Sheila~ [(misty) does snoopy dance wth you] Wu! Wu! way to go! 4# down! Yipppeee! I about cried. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. My older sister has a simillar story. It was unimaginable, I held her hand the entire time. Her husband is very loving but he couldn't provide the sympathy she needed. He had no ideal what she was feeling. Something only a woman can understand. She lost 3 babies and has one beautiful son. So my heart really goes out to you. But like you said an angel watching down on you. You are a very strong woman. BTW do you really feel like you are Bi Polar? If you don't mind me asking. I feel like the doctors just "labled" me Bi Polar because they really just don't know.

Gemini~ I'm a stump jumper/ridge runner! Raising two little mud bugs. Funny how it comes about. I love the country. We are (((((((waaaaayyyyy)))))) out there.

Jackie~ Way to go staying Op at TGI Fridays! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up ad those 15# will be gone in no time!

everyone~ so glad you got a laugh out of my husband. He really is a character. Never a dull moment. I'll add another funny too: A few weeks ago he had the post hole digger digging a hole to put up my clothes line... he hit the sewer line. Got it fixed and is now terrified it will clog. The other night he went to flush and looked down to see some small and flowery material. Frantic thinking it was our Dd's underware he plundged his hand into the toilet to save them. It was a paper towel!

Well, the kiddies are up from their nap. Have a great day girls!!!

04-19-2002, 05:18 PM
Thanks for another great laugh misty!!! :lol: it doesn't sound like you have to rent a comedy to be amused around your house!!! :lol: And a HUGE congrats on losing the weight!!!!!! was that a three lb loss?? See? I knew you could do it!! The ensure sounds great. How many cals are in it? It might be something I'd be interested in. I got out of the habit of taking my multivitamin. I need to start that again. Yes, my body really took a toll with two pregnancies so close together, But mainly it was just weight gain. my DD was only 2 months old when I concieved again. So I didn't get a chance to lose the weight from her and then I had to go through another 9 months of gaining. The day I had him I weighed 195!! I was miserable. I looked like I was having quadruplets. :mad: if I do have another baby I want to only gain the recommended 20 lbs or so. Not 50 or more!! So to do that I have to start thin and then while pregnant eat healthy foods instead of all that junk I loved so much during the other two. :o
Well, I'm off again. I ended up taking my shower and now I'm playing some online games. They help me relax. Talk to you later!

04-19-2002, 06:12 PM
Gosh, darn!!!!!
I just wrote a post..........hit the wrong button and whamo........going, going, gone goodbye!!!!!!!!!!:( And now I have to get dinner on.:dizzy:
So.......I hope to get back on later. Life has been busy......softball and all the usual stuff..
See ya later!!!!!!!!!! Hey, this is getting so long. I am going to start a new thread....... and will get back to this later.

04-20-2002, 12:21 AM
Gemini, forgot to respond to you, I do agree that nurses are so kind, and just great!! Keep on doing your studies, it will pay off because nursing is such a wonderful, and important job to do, Only certain people and do it,, and once you realize you are that person, you gotta do it! I really miss my patients!! Well I am glad to hear the news!! Take care!:)

oh, one more thing I saw, Spryng I can relate to you on the pregnancy weight thing.. I was so nervous, I gained over 70 pounds while pregnant, started out, 20 pounds over my lightest weight, and ate the house down! When I do get pregnant again I want to be trim, and very conscious of everything I put in my mouth! Well that is it, goodnight.