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10-06-2008, 01:25 AM
HI & :welcome3: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Come join us as we walk away the pounds this fall. :woops::running::tread:

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee::cofdate::coffee2:

10-06-2008, 01:51 AM
Omg..I'm so loving this book, The Shunning, right now. It's sooo good. I highly recommend it. I cannot put it down!!!! I could probably finish it tonight if I wanted, buttttttt I have a ton of stuff to do in the morning, so I wont, lol.

10-06-2008, 01:52 AM
I am such a dingbat that I had my response put in another window and I was ready to post it and clicked closed the wrong box!

so, just quickly about my weekend!

Saturday night was a great night! It was really nice to get out of the house.....and then my friend called Tommy to see how her daughter was doing and he told her that Marissa wouldn't eat for him or her daughter, so he didn't know what to do with her. He said that she was sleepy so he gave her a bottle and put her to bed. When I got home, I went to put my purse in my room and she popped her head up and smiled at me. So, I made her another bottle, tucked her in, gave her a kiss, and she fell right back to sleep.

I stepped on the scale on Sunday morning and got a nice little surprise! It told me that I was 226.6 and I was really surprised especially with eating out, having dessert at the restaurant and then having a small piece of strawberry cheesecake when I got home.

Now that I have my mojo back, I am ready then ever to get into cooking! I have been working on my grocery list and I am dusting off my recipe box and pulling out some nice healthy meals that I can make!

10-06-2008, 11:57 AM
Good morning to all. I am feeling like my old self today and rarin' to go. As soon as laundry is finished mom and I plan to head to the Mall.

The scales ARE my friend. I actually stayed at 166 over the week-end, so I shall take it this morning. I wanted in the 160's for my 60th...and hoped for 160...but not going to make that one. So, I will smile and be happy with what I have. That is 15 pounds less than I had in March. (man..that is sloooow losing)

I also was planning to buy 2 new pants/tops sets for our going through my closet and found 2 I had "outgrown" but loved and couldn't bear to part with. They are almost new. Surprise...they fit this morning. so...I can spend that money on a classy pair of shoes. Yay!

I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day. I will be back later to do indies. Gotta go shop...Lol.

10-06-2008, 12:50 PM
Good Morning :carrot:

wow, happy news, :bravo: Mindee & Sue! It is great to read some excitement, helps motivate me, thanks. Happy to hear about the weight losses. :)

When is your birthday Sue??

Marrisa sounds like a sweetie,Mindee. I am glad to read you had a nice evening out. Thanks for starting a new thread :carrot:

Franice- Do you mean the Shinning? Or Shunning? :dizzy:

I almost have finished my book, stayed up late to do that. I was so thirsty I drank 32oz's of water , so I didn't even bother to weigh this morning. I will change my ticker though because I hovered around 146.8 last week.

Too many tootsie rolls and pancakes, I suppose...and late eating :yikes: .

I want my Mojo back too!!:D

Only 1 job lead this morning, paying some bills and signing up for a parenting class on Wednesday nights. Cross fingers the bloody phone rings for interviews! I need to be working full time, ASAP.

Gabster goes on a field trip to the fire station this morning, so she was happy to get ready for school.

k- on the agenda is to drink lots of water and stick to my meal plan!!

:wave: Greetings to everyone else!! Cristina, Katy, Jules, Sassy, Tammy, Asia and Miss Jellybean. :wave:

10-06-2008, 12:54 PM
Good Monday morning, ladies! the costume! Will look great with your new have to take a picture for sure. Last year I bought a witch hat and some tights but never could find a witch costume so nixed dressing up. I still have the hat but think I gave the tights day I will dress up. Going to have to check out your book and see what it is about. I watched some movies on Sci-fi most of the day...actually 4 supposedly scary movies. Two of them were stupid and two were actually okay. I loved Carrie and The Shining. I watched all of the Nightmare on Elm Street well as all the Friday The 13th, and Halloween...why I'll never know...because after the first one the second and third ones are usually dumb.

SUSAN...funny, hiding out in a room watching CNN, lol. Hey, what do they expect you to do if you can't get in the rooms to clean them? How was your weekend? Never heard of the book or Author you are reading. I am reading, or trying to read Full House by Janet Evanovich...thought I could use something light and silly. While in AR we were browsing thru an Antique mart and I found that book and another. And my mom said she had some JE at home I could take...she didn't like them. Imagine that...someone not likeint Janet Evanovich, lol. Anyway, between the one I bought and the ones she had she had all but two of the Full series. Didn't even know they existed either. But I have to find #2 & #4 I think it was. How are you guys liking your new home? Of course with going to AR and the hubby being on strike for 3 weeks my West Coast trip is out...sorry. This year anyway. Marissa okay? She isn't coming down with anything is she? Glad you had a nice evening out. And WTG on the loss! :woohoo:

SUE...enjoy your shopping day with the fam. And WTG on your 160's :bravo: It doesn't matter how long it takes to get it off, just that you got it off! I feel ya has taken me forever to get this little bit off as well. But at least we know we can maintain. :D

JULES...hope the computer is doing better for ya. How's all with you? Are you enjoying Ryan being home? Or is he home yet, I forgot?! *slaps forehead* I can't remember. So what is the grandbaby going to be for Halloween? Will you guys dress him up and take him out? I've seen soooo many cute little costumes for the little ones.

SASSY...sorry about the sink...such a pain. Hoping you can get your schedule change. I just couldn't imagine working the hours you do. So when does the hubby start his new job, or has he already? Is he excited?

Nothing much going on today. I've got a little pinch in my left hip so I may not do any exercise today. Not sure yet. It kills me if I don't get anything done so we will see. Did get up early for my walk but the rain hit this morning so that was out. Hate the dreaded treadmill but I know I will have to hit sometime. Going to have V work on my exercise room and get the t.v. hooked up so at least I can pop in a dvd and walk the day away, lol. Anyway...he is getting off early to go to the doctor so guess I will go with him. Hopefully get back in time to cook my pot of chili...have the pinto beans soaking right now.

Have a wonderful day!

10-06-2008, 01:04 PM
Hiya snuck in while I was typing away and looking for graphics. Same here I think...on a candy roll for some reason...those darn choc orange pumpkins and panckaes, lol. Need to learn self control and stay away from them. Normally I am not a fan of the candy but not sure what my problem has been lately. I am lucky that I didn't gain any while gone because the whole time we ate out and snacked a lot, or it seemed like a lot to me. But you are doing good and will get on track. And I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for some interviews! :crossed: :lucky:

And yes Mindee...thanks for starting the new thread. I thought about it and then forgot head is elsewhere for some reason. :thanks:

Have a good one ladies!

10-06-2008, 01:11 PM
So not much to say right now. I feel like total crap. I basically spent most of the night in the ER. I had a horrible panic attack. I think just being in the ER made it worse too. But they were really nice, unlike at the Naval hospital back in WA. I'm glad I get to go to civilians docs now.

Anyways..I have to rush cuz I'm gonna do the dishes.

Susan~Its called The Shunning

Cristina~I've always been too scared to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. I've started it so many times, but never seen to get past the beginning, lol. I love Halloween..omg, that movie is a classic. Dont care too much for the Jason movies. Why they felt the need to make so many..I have no idea. Maybe to proove that Jason really is effin messed up, lol. The first one, Friday the 13th, was okay though. Kinda freaky, lol. OMG...yesterday we bought the Japanese versions of The Ring, and the Grudge. They look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary!!!!! We also bought this one movie called the Suicide Circle. Looks like I be scared for the rest of my life, LOL!! I really have to do the dishes!!

10-06-2008, 01:11 PM
lmbo - cute Monday avatar Cristina!

I have never read Evanovich. I really like this book, The Writing Class. I picked up another of her books yesterday, she is a very humorous/smart writer. I am sure you would like the writing style.

I love the new place, I like the almost floor to ceiling window in front, lots of light comes in from that. And it seems to make the stairwell more spacious. Momo likes sitting at top of the stairs. Nosy cat, trying to keep tabs on everyone. lol

ouch on your hip! Hope the pain eases :hug:

Gaby's father wants to take her back to Arkansas again, maybe I can hitch a ride and try and see you that way?? Just a thought, course I need a job first, so summer would be when that would probably happen.

Don't ask what the manager thinks you should be doing if you have no rooms! Big She suggested sweeping the sidewalks and started talking cleaning of the heaters. I guess that is what her husband is suppose to do and when I told that to another *housekeeper* she snorted "they want us to do their work*, I eat tootsie rolls and watch CNN. I would suggest they redo the schedule and not have us come in before the sun rises. Geesh. Who wants to get up when it is pouring rain outside?? Not me. Do I sound bitter already?? lmbo.

10-06-2008, 01:14 PM
oops, you sneaked in Francie:hug::hug:, sorry about the ER trip.
Get some rest if you have been up all night. What is the Shunning about? Thought maybe it was a typo with the U and the I :dizzy:

anyway, hugs to you and take it easy :)

10-06-2008, 01:20 PM
oops, you snuck in again Cristina:dizzy::dizzy:..we can do this all day, huh?? lol

It is Halloween, candy is on sale and such....and it doesn't help that work hands out candy. And if I get the good kind (DOTS and tootsie rolls) I feel a need to eat it. Sugar and Coffee is doing nasty things to my frame of mind. :yikes:

I did have 1 pancake this morning , along w/ yogurt and a banana.

AND there was a reason I came back...

I was curious if any of you notice a connection between posting and weight loss?? Seems I am not in the mood to post when I am gaining but when I am doing well - or at least motivated - I am ok making the site a regular stop in my surfing. :dizzy:

Does that make sense?? Whatever... I am trying to sound like I have depth. lol...

Toodles :waves:

10-06-2008, 02:31 PM
So far I've washed the mugs, cups, glasses, and the dinner plates. I'm just gonna hurry up and do the dessert plates and the bowls..and Fonzo can do the pots, pans and silverware. I'm feeling soooooo sleepy again. I dont think the meds have worn off yet.

Oh ya..they weighed me at the hospital..and I lost 5 pounds without even trying, lol. I dunno how thats even possible. I have been emotional eating lately, and I get full fast, so I never finish anything.

Susan~It's about this Amish girl who finds out a secret her parents have been hiding from her. Its really good!!!! I'm gonna have to go back and the 2nd & 3rd book now.

10-06-2008, 03:23 PM
hello is every one on this Monday?

Well, we finally got a replacement door for the boys closet. Now, Logan is supposed to be napping, but of course, he isn't! But then that means that he will go to bed easier for me since he is not napping.

You ladies are welcome for starting the new thread. I thought we still had some time, then I went back to go over what I had missed and noticed that I was post #100.

I am sitting down trying to get some new ideas for dinners....since we will be going grocery shopping either tomorrow or on Wednesday!

Sue~ That is great news about your victories, both on and off the scale! I just recently found a pair of jeans, that are a size 22, that I can get on and do up without having to lay on the bed to zip them up.

SuzieQ~ That is so cute about Gabster! They are having the open house for the fire department this coming Sunday. So, we are taking the kids, and I think the neighbor is going to come with us. Good luck with your applications! I just sent Tommy's resume for a job that he saw in the local paper. It is for fourth shift, which would be Saturday and Sunday ONLY from 7am to 7pm or 7pm to 7am. He knows what to do as far as the job entails, so hopefully they call him and he can get that job. He was kind of hesitant at first because he says that then we won't see him at all, but if it means us getting ahead instead of lagging behind, we can make it work.

Cristina~ Thanks for asking about Marissa. She is just used to me feeding her when we all sit at the table to eat dinner. So, I am guessing that is why she wouldn't eat for Tommy. Cause she ate fine for me yesterday. She actually wouldn't fall asleep last night so I had Tommy bundle her up for me and we went for a walk. She coughed a couple of times, so if I feel inclined to walk from now on, it will be by myself.

Francie~ I hope you feel better soon! Yay on the unintentional loss! Since you are going to be a witch for Halloween, what is Fonzo going to be?

10-06-2008, 06:09 PM
Franice - Go to bed! Dr. Susan's orders.... I am going to snooze the rest of the day myself after I pick up Gab in a few minutes. Congrats on the 5 pounds!

Mindee- I am sooooo lazy. I am trying to get a job without a resume. lol
I like soups and cornbread...chili, chicken/veggie soup. Chicken dumplings, casseroles, meatloaf, hmmm, Mexican.....I think tonight is an easy meal of tomato soup and grill cheese, at least for Gaby, I will stick to a salad. Good luck to Tommy on his application!!

I did get a call while I was out this morning regarding the rehab application. I called back and he would have met w/ me tomorrow but I work, so we scheduled for Thursday morning @10. It is suppose to be a flexible/different shifts (24/7) so I might keep my motel job too if I get this one to work around the motel work hours. Almost have to have 2 jobs to cover all the bills. I love being single!!:carrot::carrot:

k- off to get the Gabster. Fighting the urge to visit the reduce bakery rack at the store.....what if they have pies???? lol

10-06-2008, 06:32 PM
popping in quickly for a second........

we are having chicken alfredo for dinner....Tommy is making it his own way.

good luck SuzieQ!

10-06-2008, 10:13 PM
Popping in for those indies... while watching DWTS.

Mindee- Wow, I bet the alfredo will be wonderful. Sounds like you had a nice time out with your friend too. Those "mommy-breaks" are much needed sometimes. Way to go on the weight loss.

Susan- You always seem so busy. I couldn't keep up with you. :) Good luck on the rehab job interview. *fingers crossed* Do you have someone near who can help with the Gabster if you work past school time? I hope it all works out for you. Hey, just an editorial comment....turn that t.v. at work to Fox News. haha...My bd is Oct. 7th...the big birthday, 60.

Francie- That book does sound good. I will have to look it up. My sis-in-law just gave me a stack of Sue Grafton books. I have wanted to read them for awhile, so now I have no excuse.

Cristina- Yeah, I enjoy the 166, but it has come slow. Then Mom who said last week she was back up to 130 told me today she had lost back down to 124. I said "Mom, you sneeze or poo and lose 6 pounds and I beat myself to death for months to lose a couple pounds." What is wrong with this picture?? Hope your hip gets feeling better. I am still using the darn mouthrinse for those sores, but at least the infection is, or seems to be gone from my sinuses and ears.

Jules- Sorry for the computer probs. No fun! Hope you are doing okay.

Sassy- Hope you (and everyone around you) feels better. Must be sickies going around. Ugh! Hope you can look for a new place to live before cold weather, if that is what you want.

Katy- Miss you.

Asia and Tammy- You are missed too. Pop in and let us know you are okay.

Mom and I did go shopping for a short while. I was able to find a long sleeve shirt to wear with my exercise pants, 2 tank tops on clearance, some kitchen towels and undergarments. :) Real exciting, huh? I am sure I will go again before money burns a hole in my pocket.

I made beef stew for dinner, but wasn't very hungry. Now it is too late to eat and I am wanting to nibble. yikes... Tomorrow is lunch with my fam. Then Fri. lunch with DH's fam. I have to go find the menues from the places and plan my meals.

So long....

10-06-2008, 10:49 PM
Mindee~What are your ideas for dinner?? I'm always looking for new stuff to make. And I'm gonna be a vampire, lol. Fonzo still has no idea what he's gonna be. We were gonna do a theme..but he changed his mind.

Susan~Did they have pies?? Mmmm pie. I usually look the other way when I know I'm gonna pass by the bakery, lol. I did go to bed, lol. So thanks Doc. ;)

Sue~OMG!!!! I LOVE Sue Grafton!!!! I've read them all. She takes FoReVeR to release another book though. She must be a slow writer or something, lol. They are so addicting. You will speed right through them, cuz you wont ever want to put them down, lol. I told the Doc (Susan) I went to sleep..and had some weird dreams. But my little Lucky thought I had slept too much and so she woke me up at 9:30, lol. Anyways, I'm so hungry right now, so I'm gonna go find something to eat.

10-06-2008, 11:25 PM
Hiya ladies :wave:

Susan...I would definitely meet you in Arkansas...should have done that the last time you went. I do plan on going back every year so that wouldn't be a problem at all to change my route and go thru NW Ar. I have gone thru there before just to change things up on the trip before...going thru Joplin, MO. Not out of the way at all...just a different route and about the same amount of time. Plus I could visit with my brother too! Going to go look up the book as soon as I sign off here. I've got so many books in a stack waiting to read I may hold off on buying any for a while until I read what I have. WHAT?! You've never read any Janet Evanovich? I love her number series...grandma and Lula are so freakin funny! Grandma is a horndog, lol.

Francie...hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear about your trip to the ER. I went to check out your book you are sounds good but then I saw it was one of a series. I hate how all the writers, well, a lot have started the series thing. I've got the Janet Evanovich ones i just alked about to read and then I want to read all the Little House on The Prairie books. DS had them and loaned them to me. Although, I will always read JE, James Pattersons Alex Cross series and Catherine Coulter...I think those are my three favs right now.

Okay...just came by to say Hi not write a mini-novel. Will write more tomorrow!

Nighty, night all :wave:

10-07-2008, 12:10 AM
Cristina~Ya..but theres only like 3 books, so its not seriously long or anything. It is very good!!! I'm reading like a couple series too, lol.

10-07-2008, 01:50 AM
Hello All. :wave:

Well So far I have been doing better on eating anyways. I had a chicken sub from subway for my "dinner" lastnight. I got hungry and starting munching on chips, that I have been nursing for 2 weeks. (its one of those small bags you get out the vending machine).

For some reason I am so hungry...........I dunno why. So not sure what I'll be doing for "lunch" but ya I'm hungry. lol. :hungry:

Well only one more night after tonight and I'm off!!! YAY!!! :cp:

Tonight is going extremely sllllooowww.............:yawn:

Thanks all. I feel better, but one of our coworkers is out with larangitis sp?? and being that we work for a callcenter, yeah being able to speak is an essential thing. lol. DH starts his job next week. He went to his Orientation last week, his benefits totally rock! :carrot: I have already started my "new" hrs. Only one hr earlier. I decided to just stay with it because I was thinking if I went to 7 pm - 7:30 am, I'd have to deal with all those dang school busses in the am, as our work is down the st from a bunch of schools, so ya 8 pm - 8:30 am is ok.

Well that is about it, I'll do more when I am off!!!



10-07-2008, 02:03 AM
well, dinner was great! and I had a small piece of cheesecake.....I really need to stop giving in to temptations!

Francie~ We have a lot of dinner options. we have pork chops with different sides, taco salad, a taco bake that I got from off here, hamburger helpers, chicken fried rice....and I am sure there are more but I can't think of it right now.

I never did go looking for recipes yesterday, so I really need to do that on Tuesday! I have roughly seven more slots to fill in our month long wish me luck in doing that!

10-07-2008, 11:02 AM
LAZY CROCK POT CHICKEN 1 pkg. boneless chicken breasts
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/4 c. flour
1 jar sliced mushrooms
Salt, pepper and paprika
Rinse chicken breasts. Put salt, pepper and paprika on BOTH sides. Place in crock pot. Mix other ingredients together. Add to crock pot. Cook on LOW all day. Serve over noodles or mashed potatoes.

CROCK POT CHICKEN 1 (8 oz.) can tomato sauce
1 sm. pkg. spaghetti sauce mix
1 c. water
4 oz. mushrooms, undrained
Chicken to fill crock pot
Mix tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce mix, water, mushrooms. Mix in crock pot with chicken. Simmer 4-5 hours.

Two quick crock pot recipes for Mindee and Francie.

10-07-2008, 11:06 AM
Good morning...Nothing going on here this morning. I am taking the day off. Just piddling around with computer stuff and recipes and then I am off to lunch.

Weight is steady at 166, so that is my official BD weight. Not as low as I hoped, but better than before. :)

Have a good day all!

10-07-2008, 11:43 AM
Mindee~I have a couple boxes of hamburger helper. But I dont use beef with it, I use turkey meat. Fonzo doesnt like pork I do have salmon, chicken and steak and a couple different sides to make with it.

Sue~I dont have a crock I should really get one. friend and I have been talking about Thanksgiving lately. We're gonna have it together along with her in laws. So I've volunteered to make the pumpkin pie. Except I'm gonna make pumpkin pie cheesecake. So I'm looking for the right recipe. I dunno why people add nuts to it? Thats just weird to me. I'm gonna have a pratice run next week, cuz I do not wanna mess this up. gives me an excuse to have some cheesecake, lol. I'm gonna have to fight Fonzo off for it.

Anyhoo...I'm gonna go and clean up the house. Gotta look like a proper housewife, lol.

10-07-2008, 11:48 AM
:celebrate::celebrate::celebrate: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE!!!!! :celebrate::celebrate::celebrate:


10-07-2008, 12:43 PM
eeek, it is your birthday Sue!??!?!? back in a second....

10-07-2008, 12:49 PM
I know, you are a classy lady Sue but I thought this was funny! lol


10-07-2008, 12:50 PM
oops, HAVE to get to work in 10 minutes!!

FOX news, huh?? I will try it. Scale has been creeping up...UGH....

No pies, I did look. Had pretzels instead and am retaining water now. :yikes:

back later...

10-07-2008, 02:42 PM
This is for you SUE! A very...

to YOU!

Hope your day is a special one!

10-07-2008, 02:56 PM
Hello, hello...

A chilly, windy day here in the land of oz. Got in half my walk and getting ready to do the other half at 1 p.m., or as soon as I finish up here, lol. Then will do a dvd and some weights. The hubby finally did my little carpet squares in the exercise room and hooked up the dvd player so I am set to work out below. And I even found my big ball and he blew that up as well. No more wearing down the carpet in the living room. :yay: :yay: You don't know how excited that makes me. :D

Nothing much going on...did make a run to the po, Target and Wal-mart. Saw some pumpkin shirts at Wal-Mart for $5 so bought one, and a lighted pumpkin necklace, lol. I know, lame but hey, some lame excuse for a costume is better than nothing :lol:

Sue...hoping you have a wonderful day today. I know the recipes were for Mindee & Francie but I copied them as well, lol. Sound good to me and I DO have a crockpot! mentioned the tootsie rolls...DS bought me a giant bag of the midgets for my trip to AR...always have to have something to snack on when driving a long distance for some reason. Still have 1/2 the bag left...they are a good, lo-cal treat.

Francie...three books are not so bad. The ones I started, JE..."Full" series I think there is 6, ugh! I feel trapped :lol: I like Sue Grafton as well and started with "B", don't ask me just sounded good, lol. But someone said why didn't you start with 'A'? Doesn't really matter with those, or JE numbers because they both give a little history with them. But I have since gone back and read A and hope to start with Number 1 with the Janet Evanovich...started with 7, lol. What can I say, I like to be different, lol. Hoping you are feeling better today. And I love the pumpkin cheesecake and with nuts!

Sassy...what kind of call center do you work for, if you don't mind me asking? I was just curious because of the hours you work and wondering who the heck you guys would be calling after 10 p.m. Anyway, glad you started the new hours and liking it.

Okay, Hi to everyone else :wave:

It's 12:54 and I have 6 mns till my walk or I will turn into a pumpkin! Okay, gotta back later.

10-07-2008, 03:42 PM
well, the kids are off doing their thing.....and by that I mean Brandon is in school, Logan is not napping and Marissa is napping.

we discovered last night that we are going to have to switch Marissa over to a booster seat soon. so, I have to talk to our friend that works here to see if he wants that, along with the boppy and walker for his little boy that is due in December.

tonight, I think I am just going to pop some pizzas in the oven and call it dinner. I already told Logan that we could go for a walk tonight because he wanted to take off on Brandon's bike after Brandon left for school.

Sue~ Happy Birthday!!!!! And thanks for those recipes, I wrote them down and put them in my recipe box.

Francie~ You sound like me! I told Tommy the other day that I wanted to make an apple pie when we were talking about Thanksgiving. Then he started laughing, but then again, it did come from me and I am just now getting into cooking! but you have to start somewhere right?

Cristina~ So, did you turn into a pumpkin?

gotta run and see if the mail lady left us mail today. she screamed at the office manager yesterday because someone put a pin in the part of the mailbox where she puts her key, so we couldn't get mail yesterday. she was supposed to have brought a new lock for her side we shall see. then I am going to go on a treasure hunt for some yummy recipes!

10-07-2008, 03:59 PM
Back again!

Got my walk in and man...had to find the wind to even stand up. I know, hard to believe with me being as big as I am, lol. It is nice out except for that darn wind though. Getting ready to go do my dvd and some weights. In the mean time...I started a load of laundry and some pinto beans for chili for dinner tonight...chili and cornbread muffins...the most perfect dinner for me and fitting for this weather.

MINDEE...nope, not yet :lol: Save that for Halloween. Marissa is definitely growing like a weed...booster seat already eh? I'm assuming you are talking about for the car? How is Brandon liking school so far?

Hi again to everyone else :wave:

Going to head on over to the General second home on 3fc, lol.

Have a wonderful day, all! :hug:

10-07-2008, 04:25 PM

Happy Birthday, Sue!

10-07-2008, 06:06 PM
I am soooo steamy pissed off today.

when I hooked up cable I went w/ Charter for telephone too. In order to keep my same phone number they had to schedule 3 weeks out. They came last week but I had to reschedule for this Thursday.

Today I was disconnected!! Ugh. I called Qwest and they said...."you owe 39.99, that is why it was disconnected.

I said BS.., let me talk to a supervisor and supervisor gets on the line and says Charter disconnected me, not because of a balance owed. Qwest can't connect me back up because they don't have my number anymore.

So, back to Charter and they tell me they don't own my number either. I said ..."that is cute because Qwest says you disconnected me and can't reconnect because they don't know where the number is anymore.

Charter says "we never got 3rd part confirmation that we could have the number"

I said "cute because you were out there last week when I had to reschedule.....and you make me wait 3 weeks to even get the number"

Oh, Charter says ....I might have been scheduled but I tech never came out"

I said..."yes, they did come out because there was a work order flyer on my door saying they missed me."

Now I am not even scheduled for this Thursday they tell me....

OMF - ingCheesecake....

I can't afford not to have a phone with all my applications out there.

Charter is a big screw up!! I hate dumb butts too who talk like they know what the **** they are talking about when they don't.

To top it off I made the call on my 15 minute break and was on hold for 30 minutes so I deducted 30 minutes from my timesheet....and hope I don't get f-ing fired.

Not that I even take breaks...usually..not that I sit and smoke all the time like the other employee's.....ugh

I feel so screwed today.

I want my phone on!!!

10-07-2008, 06:28 PM
Cristina~I wanna read the "Full" series. I think I've read like 2 of them? I cant remember. I know I read Full Bloom. I started the SG books with B, lol. Only because my mom didnt have A. I was a little confused cuz she kept referring back to something that happened in the first book. I hate reading out of order. It bugs me, lol.

Mindee~I'm making homemade pizza tonight. So I guess its a pizza night for the both of us, lol. pie for Thanksgiving sounds yummy!!! And yes, you gotta start somewhere. Are you gonna make it from scratch? Peel the apples and all??

Cristina again, lol~That sounds soooo good!! It's nice and breezy outside, but totally warm inside. For some reason they A/c isnt working right. I think they might've turned it off. So we have the fans going and the windows are open. I cant wait to make stew and pot roast once it gets colder.

Susan~Ugh thats total BS!!! Stupid lazy phone companies..they dont know what they're talking about half the time. Its all done on computer, and theres that one stupid person who doesnt do their job and put it in the comp..and so it messes everything up. I hope you get your phone on soon.

Well nothing much new with me. I cleaned the living room..and Fonzo mopped the kitchen and living room. My friend is coming over tomorrow to drop off her 2 kittens. I'll be cat sitting them while she's in Az for 10 days. Gonna have 6 cats in here..lmao. We're gonna go CRAZY!! Her cats are seriously needy too, lol. But they're cuties.

Okay..gonna go play a game online before starting on dinner.

Oh ya..for my fellow readers. I have a new app on my myspace called..iread..or something like that, lol. I added all my books on it. It's really cool. You can also become fans of your fave authors!! Check it out when you can. And ADD yours too!! So we can be friends!!! :)

10-07-2008, 08:01 PM
Hey ladies. I completely fell off the wagon. But I am back on and Its not too late. I did gain about 10 lbs back but I have already lost half of that. Arg Think of how far I could of been.

10-07-2008, 11:03 PM
well, it is official! I am bored off my butt! The kids have all been in bed for about an hour or so. Marissa just finally fell asleep after 9pm.....she was holding out for a milk bottle. but alas, she has given in to the sleep princess.

Now, I am waiting for Tommy to get home from Lodge, because I want to go for a walk! I might even throw a little bit of jogging into the mix.

Cristina~ Nope, not for the car. I guess I should have been more specific when I said that I would see if he wanted that. By that, I meant the high chair. So, she would be upgrading to a full fledged seat at the table. If she sees you with a plate of food, she will tell you "eat please" and then walk or crawl over to her high chair. and sometimes, we just get the "eat" and then she puts her hand out for you to hand her something.

Brandon is loving school! He doesn't have school this coming Friday due to a teachers in service. BUT next month we have parent teacher conferences! He has grown a lot since he started school just over a month ago! He is saying a lot more now too! His speech therapist sent him home some homework. And every night after Marissa and Logan get put to bed, he walks over to his book bag, grabs his speech folder and says "homework."

They also do vocabulary words in the classroom itself. Last week, their vocabulary words were body parts. This week, it just has Halloween as the category. SO, with that being said, he can tell you Halloween AND trick or treat (which comes out tick or teat).

SuzieQ~ I am pissed off just reading all that! The would urk the **** out of me!

Francie~ Speaking of books, do you by chance still have the two books that you put aside for me? One was curves and I forget the other one. Honestly, I thought that was the only way to make an apple pie, which is to make it from scratch. So, I guess I better start looking for a recipe now! I will have to go check out that app on your myspace.

Asia~ It is so good to hear from you! I was wondering where you went.

10-07-2008, 11:07 PM
Asia~So good to hear from you!!! Keep your head up!!

Mindee~OMG!!! I just saw the books last week..and I just tossed them in one of the boxes of books. I'm so so sorry!!! We're gonna finish unpacking this weekend, so I will be sure to have them out for you. What was the other book? You can buy the apple filling from the store. I'd like to make my own apple pie..But I'm kinda scared of messing up, lol. I may have a recipe in my Christmas or Thanksgiving cookbooks.

10-07-2008, 11:30 PM
Francie~ I think the other one was South Beach related. I will have to see how ambitious I am as to whether or not I will do the full blown home made or cheat a bit. That and how the kids are will also play a role in it as well! I am the same way as you are.....if I am trying something new, I am too scared to screw it up. But I just might bite the bullet and go from scratch just to prove to myself that I can do it!

10-07-2008, 11:35 PM
Mindee~Ohhhh ya!!! OKay ya, I saw the books not too long ago. I'm pretty sure I know which box they're in. Well..if you mess up the pies, then you can just try again. Do you have an apple peeler? I really wanna get one!!! If I find a recipe for apple pie in one of my cookbooks, do you want it?

10-07-2008, 11:53 PM
Ok I can write a little more now. SO I completley fell off the wagon. It all happened on one of those really busy weeks when you have like 4 different get togethers. I compleley bombed. Well I started to feel so awful. I mean it was so hard to get out of bed. I was just so so lethargic. All I was eating was starch and potatoes. Well I am back on and I feel so much better already. My energy is returning the healthier I eat. I am also taking a b vitamin and it does wonders. This time its sticking. I bought my bikini for next summer and I need it to fit. I still have plenty of time. This is gonna be awesome.

10-08-2008, 02:24 AM
I have been thinking about making apple crisps too! My sister used to make an apple pie and then apple crisps when she would get apples from the orchard.

Francie~ Yup, we have an apple peeler. We also have an apple corer too. But I am never using that one the right way because it never works for me! I will gladly take a recipe for apple pie if you find it!

Asia~ It is so good to hear from you! I have had some moments like that just recently! Great for you for buying the bikini for next summer. that reminds me actually that I am going to need a new one next year. a new suit, that is, and not a new bikini.

10-08-2008, 02:34 AM
Hello. Well my eating went back down the gutter.........:rain: :shrug: I shall do better though! :)

Do you ever think that your spouse/significant other is an enabler? I definitely think mine is!! He went to the grocery and got me a bunch of junk food for work. Which I know he was trying to be nice, but its not helping me, nor my coworker, who I share my junk food with (we share our stuff), who also wants to lose weight. So I guess I need to have a heart-to-heart with him this weekend and tell him, "We appreciate you buying us the snacks, but next time, maybe if you could possibly get us something healthier?" Hows that sound? Mean? Ungrateful? :?:

Cristina -- No I don't mind at all, I work for an IT company, we do IT support worldwide, so that is one reason for the 24/7 coverage, #2 is a lot of our customers are 24 x 7, so therefore, to support them, we have to be too, because if a server or something goes down, it can cost them millions of dollars. I hope that answers your question. :)

HAPPY BDAY SUE!!! :bday2you: Sorry its a day late!

Hi everybody! :wave:

Well this is my "Friday" (TG!!) and so I shall come in and post more when I am off! :)


10-08-2008, 11:22 AM
Asia~We've all been there :hug

Mindee~OKay I'm stupid..whats a cobbler?? LOL!!!

Sassy~YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fonzo is totally an enabler!!!!!!!!!!!! He gets all the good foods and as soon as I smell it, I dont wanna eat any of the "good foods" lol.

So this morning, I woke up at 5:50ish..and started having a little panic attack. But I got over it by cleaning. Ugh, I cant believe this is happening again. I feel like such a failure. I thought I was getting better, but I guess I'm not. :( friend is coming over soon to drop off her kittens and hang out with me. So I'm gonna go wait for her..peace, love and bubble gum!!!!!!!!

10-08-2008, 12:40 PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a nice lunch with family. My out of state family remembered and called, which was nice. I had a margarita for lunch and they sent home a piece of cake with me. I gave it to mom. She is a sweets addict. I figured the drink was enough for me. LOL...

Today is gloomy and rainy. I am cleaning and getting ready to go for groceries. Be back later...

10-08-2008, 02:42 PM
well, all is quiet on my front, which means, they are both sleeping OR they are scheming something up. I do have to add something exciting on here!

Last Wednesday, I weighed in at 231.6, right? Well, I stepped on the scale this morning, and I weighed in at 230.4! So, that is a loss of 1.2 lbs in one week! If I keep up with this, which I am going to do, then I will be making some progress in no time!

Sassy~ I totally agree with you on Tommy being an enabler! He stopped at the grocery store last night to pick up some things for his lunch, and brought me home a container of sour cream and onion pringles. He said that he knew that I liked that, and didn't want to come home with nothing for me. So, now I have to sit him down and tell him that I am trying to lose weight, so I need to keep all the junk food at bay!

Francie~ Apple Crisp, if I am not mistaken is just like a cobbler. Or, some might even say it tastes like an individual cup of apple pie!

Sue~ It is great to hear that your birthday lunch was great!! It is a gloomy rainy day here, so I am sitting here coming up with recipes and the last of the dinner ideas.

10-08-2008, 03:00 PM
Okay, just finished reading thru all the posts but...I said I was taking the dog for a walk at 1 so gotta run. I will be back in a few minutes though to post.

10-08-2008, 04:33 PM
well, I have been doing some poking around websites that have recipes on them,

and I now have a recipe for Apple Pie and Apple Crisp! So, I am going to pick up the stuff that I need for those tonight when we go grocery shopping and I will make them and let you all know how they turn out!

10-08-2008, 04:35 PM
Okay, I'm back :D

Wasn't a long walk, just decided to do my Sculpt & Burn DVD and weights, lol. Now I can sit back and relax the rest of the day, well, except for fixing dinner-chicken and dumplings tonight. Got my walk in the morning as well. Went a little later than usual because it was a cool 44 degrees this morning. Not sure what it was at 9 but once I started walking it didn't take long to get hot. Don't mind going later, just need to figure out a new schedule and get used to it-hard to when you've done something else for a while. sorry about the f-up with the phone. Hope they get it straightened out and soon! :crossed: and Mindee need to quit with the talk of pies! :lol: Making me want some. I used to bake from scratch but the last few years it is mostly store bought frozen or from SAMS because it saves so much time...and it is probably better than mine would be, lol. ALmost finished with Full House and so far I like it....not sure if there is anything that JE writes that I don't or wouldn't like. I will check out the thing you mentioned...I saw it on the bulletin but didn't have a chance to check it out. Beef stew sounds really good, gonna have to make some of that soon! Are you ready for winter in Anapolis? All this talk of stew makes me think of winter...I love the soups in the cold weather...makes you feel all warm inside.

SUE...glad you had a nice BD! glad to see you back! Don't fret...we are here for you! :hug: You'll get back to where you were soon enough.

SASSY...I thought you had mentioned where you worked before but my memory is gone! I swear I can't remember much of anything these days-just too much other stuff on my mind. My hubby is definitely not an enabler. He knows better than to bring something in the house unless I ask for it, lol. He always feels bad for not getting me a BD cake but for the last few years I have told him I do not want one. I will end up eating the majority of it for sure so I just don't want it around. Wherever we go out if I feel the need I will get a piece and then there's no more. But yeah...even on V-Day, Easter or any other holiday/special day he does not buy me candy.

MINDEE...not a fan of the apple cobbler but I LOVE the peach cobbler! I kind of thought you meant a booster for the table because I was thinking she wasn't old enough to graduate to a booster in the car, wasn't sure. I had to get, well I didn't have to, I Cambrie a booster seat but thinking she really needed one of the toddler seats because the booster just doesn't sit well. I bought one so we didn't have to try and remember to get the booster seat out of Charlotte's car. They have to be in a booster here until they are 7 or 65-70 pounds...can't remember exactly...but it's the law.

HIYA KATY :wave:

Okay...not sure what but I am thinking there is something I need to be doing, lol...I am outta here. Have a good day!

10-08-2008, 04:37 PM
Speaking of recipes...anyone have a good one for bread pudding? I had some while in AR and it was so good...made me want to make some. Maybe I'll do a search online but was hoping someone had one that was tried and true.

10-08-2008, 05:23 PM
Just a quick pop in. DD sent me this pic. and I thought I would post, taken now that I am 60. Ugh! (hubby took it, DD cropped it and put it online)
I wish I took a better photo, but I am so pale and always seem to be talking when they snap the shutter. Imagine talking? hmmm..


10-08-2008, 05:32 PM
mmm, hey.

Yay, Asia!! We missed you here. Sorry to hear about the weight gain but you will get it back down!

I just got off work and I don't know about my phone, it was suppose to have been turned back on this morning. I don't wanna get upset if it isn't so I don't care if it never rings. lol
It wasn't even that the phone was disconnected it was the attitude of the morans that couldn't even admit a goof on their part. Finally the last Charter person I spoke to apologized for the mix up and said it shouldn't have happened. Awwww, that deflated my *anger* bubble instantly.

I have my job interview in the morning, think I will go and check out the 2nd hand store for a top to wear, something different. I did see a property management job in the paper today so will apply for that is a position as an assistant so you have to live on site, which I have done in the past. It would take a lot of expense off my hands with rent, water and sewer,power..because all that is included w/ property management.

Just thinking out would probably be a smart move.

:gossip::gossip::gossip::gossip::gossip::gossip::g ossip::gossip::gossip:

Mindee- I love cobblers! My step dad has a sister that makes an awesome peach cobbler. I still am waiting for Gaby's IEP to get to her new school. Happy to hear Brandon is doing so well in school.

Sassy - I don't have spouse, I enable myself. lol I think my ex husband was more secure when I was overweight, he seemed to think he could control me more that way. When I lost back in 2000 he came unglued the closer I became to goal.

Cristina - I will just have to put a trip to Arkansas on the schedule! Gaby liked flying but I think I would try to get closer to Yellsville , instead of flying ito Little Rock, that drive after the flight was soooooo long. Didja figue out what you needed to be doing?? :)

Sue- YUM, Margarita's!! I like the ones at Chevy's. I haven't drank since McDreamy. I need to get another BF, I could never drink alone...or could I?? :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers: I do have Gaby's father close by, and she is in something called the Adventure Club. I have her enrolled in that on Tuesdays and Wednesday's for $6 dollars a day and she can stay there from 2:15 to 5:30 , so that is a good deal. I am finding I don't really need it because I get off work by 1pm. On the weekends her father has taken her while I work.

Francie - :hug::hug: I hope you are having a good day, sorry about the panic attacks. Don't be hard on yourself, you have/had a lot going on lately. Moving is a big life changing thing. Just take it easy!! Doctors orders. :drill:

Katy - Do you guys have school Friday?? Just curious. :dizzy:

:wave: to Jules and Tammy!!

I have to go buy a birthday gift for this weekend. We are going to head to Portland tomorrow after school and Friday there will be an in service. Going to leave Gaby there and her father will pick her up Sunday and bring her home. That way she can go to a relatives birthday party on Saturday and spend time w/ her sisters. I might just head home Saturday early, have to be at work that day at 8am.

blah - blah...k- I smell. I need a Cinderella stint is over for a few days!!:carrot:

10-08-2008, 05:36 PM soooooo do not look 60!! You look way younger and I am not hust saying that!
It is a great picture, thanks for posting it. I always have my eyes shut. lol

anyway- hope you are having a good Wednesday!

10-08-2008, 07:13 PM

My phone is still disconnected. Charter is so full of BS. After calling this morning to confirm they would be out there, after being told they would be,....they have the nerev to say I have to wait 7 days for Qwest to release the number.
And qwest doesn't even have the number in their system anymore because if they did I would screw Charter and stay w/ Qwest now....just get my phone on!

And I went to the Toy store and I can get something decent for $50. hahaha.

10-09-2008, 02:03 AM
well, we went and did some grocery shopping last night! it was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of great things!

now, I am all set to make my apple pie and my apple crisps! our friend said that she would stop talking to me if I gave her piece of the apple pie to our friend that works here at the complex.

Cristina~ Here in MI, it is 8 years old and I forget the weight. But I know that they have to be 4'9" as well. I am not usually a cobbler kind of person, but for some reason I love apple crisps.

I have to check my email, but I had emailed my mom yesterday for the recipe for Irish Soda bread. Although, the recipes that I keep finding online, don't have the alcohol that I remember having to put in it. So, I am waiting to see if she can dig up the recipe. But that might be a while, since I am still waiting for her to find my baby book!

Sue~ I have to agree with SuzieQ! You don't look 60 years young at all! I always have my eyes shut. But then again, it is genetic, my grandpa's eyes did the same thing when he used to smile.

SuzieQ~ Good luck with your interview!!!

I am off to finish up my email, and then to head to bed. I am so tired!

10-09-2008, 03:01 AM
Hi All,

Well I am off.........:beach: but just not in a very good mood. :mad: I dunno just seems like every little thing is tickin' me off! lol. Like there was a magazine and some stuff on our desk and I bumped one of it off on the floor and I went off like the paper was gonna yell back at me! :rofl: OMG I think I've totally lost it! :crazy:

I just feel so FRUSTRATED :bomb: lately and I dunno why!!! Nothing has really happened, work is fine, DH and me are fine...........I just got done with my period, so thats not it, only thing that I can come up with is that our apt is an absolute mess AND so is our finances!!! :cry: :mad: :tantrum: :rolleyes: :fr: :stress: And DH wants to possibly switch insurance co.'s and so he wants me to do some online quotes but when I go to do that, they need our current policy information, and of course I can't get that online because our current insurance co's site is a pain in the butt and I have the info on paper but to do that I have to dig it out and that is a pain and just GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Why can't things just be easy!!! LOL! I know life isn't easy, but just the little annoying irritating things drive me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tantrum: And that is exactly how I feel right now: :tantrum: I just wanna get down on the floor and just start screaming and kicking and just have nice good old fashioned "fit" :lol3:

Ok.........moving :bike:

Sue -- Great pic -- You look Maaarrrvvvelouuss Daaaarrrlllinnnggg! :D Definitely do NOT look like your 60 -- at all! ;) Glad you had a great bday! I had a great bday, but ya know what? NOBODY (but the girls from work and you all of course) remembered our 10 yr. Anniversary! :yikes: I know 10 yrs is nothing compared to some people, but I think its pretty darn good! No cards, no phone calls, nothing from my family!!!! Anyways, I'm not 5 anymore so I guess I should just move

Cristina -- I meant to THANK YOU for my bday card!!! :D Ya my memory isn't so good now a days either. But I think mine is a part of the PCOS and part of me getting older..........:p

Mindee -- I love Apple Crisp!!! :T Its Yummy! Lemme know when your gonna make it so I can "swing" by!!! lol. :hungry: Men........They so want to please us and its sweet, but its like um do ya want me to continue to look like the Michelin man??? lol.

Francie -- Holy Moly -- 6 kitties!!! :fr: Bet you got your "paws" full, eh? :rofl: Yes my dear sweet husband loves to buy me things I love and I love him for it but I guess I need to tell him um, hon, please get me something healthy!!! lol.

Suzy Q -- I had a dream lastnight (sounds like a beginning of a speech, eh? lol) that since I do work nights at work and nobody is around but my coworker, why can't I do some exercises there between calls? :exercise: Ya I will look a tad bit crazy :crazy: but why not? I'd rather look crazy and be thin, then look "sane" and be fat! :p

UGH I wish I could share my pics of me, but I have so many rolls, :sumo: you'd be whipping out your coffee :coffee2: to dunk em in!!! :rofl: I took a pic of my coworker and it was one of those that she didn't expect and it turned out soooo good! I am like I can never take a good picture! :p

Well :hug: and I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thursday! (

10-09-2008, 12:44 PM
Mindee~Did you make the pie and crisps yet?? You know what I totally love, but never allow myself to buy anymore? LoL!! Apple blossoms. I can only find my fave ones at Safeway. So I tend to avoid the whole store. Omg..its sooooooo yummy and very hard to eat just one.

Cristina~I used to love the pies at Costco. But they're so huge!!! Too much for 2 people. Although one time, I bought a giant cake for myself, and only ate the frosting, lol. But that was when I was going through my major depression days. You doesnt even feel like fall here. It's a little cooler now, but thats about it. I wonder how the winter will be. I still have all my winter clothes, so thats cool. I'm just waiting for a super cold day so I can make stew!!! Mmmm

Susan~Stupid phone company. Do I have to go down there and beat them with a rolling pin???

Sue~You soooooooooooooo do NOT look 60!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!!! It might be time to start lying about your age!!

Sassy~Usually when your place is messy, it can make you feel frusterated. I do have my paws full, lol. 6 kitties..and these 2 kitties are CRAZY!!! LoL!! They LOVE table scraps!!! But they're not getting any from here!! They did jump on the counter to smell where the food had been..but found nada there. Bad kitties, lol. They're so cute though, so its hard to stay mad at them, lol.

10-09-2008, 01:51 PM
Good Morning -

Every thing has been annoying me too Sassy, I think mine is pms related though. Maybe you are having a bout of post pms?? Possible. :D Bless your heat if you want to exercise between phone calls!! lol Sounds like a plan. I have meant to look into joining CURVES....because even though I am in the middle of nowhere, there is a CURVES.

Mindee- what is the flavor of Irish soda bread? Never have heard of that. Oh, had tons of responses about Gaby's IEP, seems it was never sent and the old school just forgot to send it. It was suppose to have been faxed this morning.

Francie - Rolling pin would be too good for Charter. I swear. They called last night and promised again to connect this morning. Yada, yada...I don't think I even care anymore. lol It is like, whatever,...I aint getting my hopes up, getting use to phone booths.

which btw,,,,,phone booths suck..they never work and when they do it is a bunch of static. And I love when Charter says "is there a number we can call you back on??" ummmm, no! Duh....

* pms.

k- off to the interview. It is at a group home and I found the address early. Good thing because I had Astor lane down and it should have been Oyster Lane . I was also told between Gearhart storage and Morris paint but she meant Safekeeping storage, middle of cow country but I found it!!! :carrot: Yee haw....

chat later. maybe...lmbo

10-09-2008, 02:28 PM
Susan~Like duh, you're not hooked up cuz they arent doing their job. LoL!! They must be really stupid over there. You should call them like every 15 mins. LoL!! That would make them hook you up sooner.

I'm watching the ID channel. I LOVE this channel. Its basically all criminal investigation stuff. It's totally awesome. LoL!! I love the New Detectives show.

10-09-2008, 03:05 PM
well, as I type this, I have two that are absolutely refusing to take a nap!

I am also on a mission now to find a Chucky mask, and a stripped t-shirt. A friend of ours calls Logan in Child's Play Chucky. I was just talking to him, and I mentioned to him that I am looking for a stripped t-shirt for him. He said that if we put it on him, give him a little fake knife, then he will definitely scare people.

So, now I am on a mission to look and see what I would need to pull off his costume. Now, maybe I can convince Tommy of it when he gets home from work.

Oh yeah..........I was fuming mad at the transportation department yesterday! Brandon's regular bus driver Pam, warned us that she wasn't going to be there yesterday. So, we expected some delays. What we didn't expect was for the bus driver to turn around and head to leave the complex because she didn't pull around to the back of the complex. Tommy had come pulling up as the bus was turning around. so he backed up in the van, and then sped off to get to the bus before she left the complex.

I talked to his bus driver Pam today, and she said that the little boy that sits next to Brandon didn't get home until really late. And when she got to his house, the little boys mom let the bus driver have it! I told her about what happened here and she said that the next time that she is going to be out, she is going to have someone ride with her the day before so they know where they will have to go.

Sassy~ If you need any pointers on how to have a proper temper tantrum, I have an almost three year old that can show you how to do it! I will definitely let you know when I make it, so you can "swing" on by. Tommy told me, and has told me for the longest time, that he likes a girl with meat on her bones.....which is fine and dandy with me......I just have too much meat on my bones! And it doesn't help any that I have the German body took me having three kids to FINALLY lose my hips!

Francie~ What are apple blossoms? Nope, I haven't made them yet. Brandon doesn't have school tomorrow, so it won't be tomorrow. I will make it soon, and if I don't make it, then I will try and get it done for Logan's birthday party possibly!

SuzieQ~ There really isn't a flavor to the Irish Soda bread. All I remember is putting in a little bit of beer, and then that cooks out. Oh yeah, and raisins.....but that is it! I am hoping that my mom can find the recipe that we used. Speaking of IEPs, Brandon's teacher is going to be testing the kids on their skills soon to see if they have met every thing or not.

10-09-2008, 04:19 PM
Hello ladies... made me think of my Aunt & Cousin...they would take each others kitties in once in a while when one or the another was going away...5 kitties they had. I had a friend years ago who always took in strays too...she had 6 or 7 at one time. That is how my Aunt and cousin ended up with 3 & 2...they took in strays. Hope you are feeling better today :hug:

SUSAN...darn those stupid people! Hope they get it all straightened out soon so you can have your phone back on. Good luck with the jobs! :hug: Never did remember what I should have been doing, lol.

SUE...I agree with the don't look 60-you are a good looking 60 year old for sure! Thanks for sharing the picture with us! must be in a baking mood missy. Sorry about the mix up with the bus.

SASSY...hope you get to feeling better soon. I've had days like that. :hug:

HIYA KATY, JULES, TAMMY, ASIA and anyone reading this :wave:

Not a lot going on today. Spent too much time messing around on myspace and never did get pics from AR trip on there. I think I have some decent ones so will be doing that soon. Got my walk in this morning a little earlier than I have been. Just felt like getting it out of the way early didn't care how cool it was...think it was 45. But once you get to moving it's not so bad...unless of course the wind is blowing 100 miles an hour!

Went and did my grocery shopping as well and ran tot he used bookstore to see if they had the other two books from the 'Full' series. I bought the first one, my mom had three others, and I needed numbers 2 & 4 I believe. Starting Alone by Lisa Gardner and then will read #2. I have to have something in between so I don't get tired of them. I can only take so much of the silliness.

Gotta go do my biggest loser dvd and weights now and check the mail.

Have a great day!

10-09-2008, 04:45 PM
Awwwww, it is early release day at school AND my phone is hooked up!!

Franice - You know....the people I "chat" with at Charter are like in Idaho. I like when they say "what are you near....Eugene??"....ummm, no...more like Portland, more like the mouth of the Columbia, the tip of Oregon,,,,think Lewis & Clark. Just basically..........think. lol I know I am mean but really,,...when I thought no one can be worse than Qwest, I met Charter. lmbo.

Mindee- mmm, Irish soda bread of course has beer. haha
Do you let the kids have it?? Sounds yummy....where does the soda come in?
Sorry about the bus driver mix up. :hug:
You are waaaay too motivated to be on missions. lol My only mission is to have lots of money and be thin, too bad I have to work and watch what I eat for that. hahaha

Cristina - I am going to look at myspace right now, like to see what pictures you all have posted! With 100 miles winds I am not going outside. You one crazy lady! lol

I m happy!:carrot: My interview went well, I was there for an hour. The man that interviewed me was very nice and homey, made me feel comfortable right off the bat. It is a group home for 5 disabled males and basically you are just available to help with running of the a big family. It just sounded like fun and something I would love to do. He said he liked my laid back /calm personality *snicker* and thought I would fit right, he was going to recommend for HR to finish the criminal background check and I have to do a drug test. Hope I pass......:D

That is good news!

I went to KB Toys and bought a classic train set that runs on batteries for only $17.99, marked down from $34, so I am happy about that. I have some wrap from the bowling party so I don't have to keep shelling out $$$$.

Going to pick Gabster up and go home and pack for the trip to Portland this afternoon!

Chat later.

10-09-2008, 10:34 PM
Happy up-coming week-end ladies... Hope your weather is as beautiful as ours.

I rode 4 miles today and exercised 20 minutes...getting back up to where I was. Warmed up chili and that was dinner. Have to eat all our leftovers and clean the fridge.

Watching Grey's and then ER, so must cut this short.

Hi and Bye all.

10-09-2008, 11:39 PM

Francie -- Bad Kitties. lol. Mine loves to jump on the counters or try to be "sneaky" about it but hes so heavy that there is no mistaking when he does it! lol. We can't even leave out bread because he will get into it! :rolleyes: We don't feed him table scraps, but he acts like we never feed him and that is definitely NOT the case!! lol.

Mindee -- I too have that "German Build" I get it from both of my grandmothers, who were both German..........Ya my DH likes "meat" on his woman's bones too, but ya I don't' have just meat here I have like a whole COW! :moo: :rofl:

Suzy Q --- Well I figured out why I was feeling that way, my AF started AGAIN! GRRRR!!! :mad: DH came over asking me what was wrong and I was like I started my period for the 2nd time this month, ok!!! :mad: He backs away slowly and says, "ok I'll just talk to ya when your ready" :lol3: I feel like I should be turning my head around and spewing out stuff like in the exorcist! lol. :congrat: on the interview going well! I will keep my :crossed: that you get it! That is a great deal on the trainset!

Cristina -- Thanks. I too spent WAY too much time on myspace lastnight as well.....Amazing how much time you can spend on that stupid thing! lol. Wish I spent that much time on exercising! I'd be a toothpick by now! lol.

Hi Sue -- Wow you go girl! :bike:

Hi everybody else, I hope your doing a lot better than me right now! At least I am not at work, so that is one GOOD thing, right! lol.


This is just for Francie: ( :lol: ( to you "Daywalkers" :lol:

10-10-2008, 12:07 AM
I couldnt get on Yesterday Because our computer was down. It was a really good day though. Tonight we (Me and Andrew and Todd) are going ot Buffalo Wild Wings. They have the best onion rings. i am going to eat some. I find that if I deprive my self of what I want I will fail. So I am gonna eat what I want bt just not all of the time. Like tomarrow I will eat really good. So anyways that is were I stand.

10-10-2008, 12:50 AM
Mindee~Apple blossoms are like a folded up apple pie. I dunno how to best descibe it, lol. But it tastes soooooooo good!!! LoL!! Thats all that matters, lol. I want an apple pie so much right now!!! Its my fave pie.

Cristina~My mom had a friend like that. She'd take in strays and find homes from them. She has like a TON of cats. She's a cat lady for sure, lol. I'd like to do that too, but Fonzo probably wouldnt let me, lol. No more wasting time on Myspace!!! LoL!!!

Susan~YAY for having the phone hooked up!! I've never heard of Carter. Are they a local company?? We have Comcast, and so far they're okay. Of course, we havent found our house phone yet, lol. OHHH!!! That totally reminds me of this one episode of Friends. Phoebe was waiting to be the next caller..and she was like on hold for the whole night and going onto the next day. And it turned out that she was calling to Idaho. So she racked up Monica's phone bill, lol.

Sue~Omg..wasnt Grey's good tonight?? I totally cried a couple of times. Love that show!!! Next week looks even more drama filled!!! LoL!!

Sassy~My cats are usually sneaky. Which I dont mind ya know? But if I catch them, then they know they will get in trouble. But my friend's cats are horrible!! I was making a sandwich, and Nash just jumped on the counter and tried to eat my food. Like wth cat!! Then earlier when Fonzo was eating, Crosby got right next to him, and tried to get the food. They're horrible!!! Bad kitties. They dont know the meaning of being sneaky!!! And they dont even care if they get in trouble either. It's like nothing to them. Crazy cats!!!

Asia~I agree with you. I sometimes deprive myself of certain foods, cuz I know I will overeat. But most of the time, I eat what I want, in moderation.

10-10-2008, 12:52 AM
well, I made dinner, and we didn't starve, get food poisoning, or set off the smoke I am doing good! I made beef steak quesadillas. We bought two kits when we went grocery shopping, and since they didn't recommend freezing them on the package, we had to eat them. I am thinking of making strombolis for dinner on Friday.

I think I have a request for cowboy spaghetti on Saturday, so I think that is what we are having. I am going to invite our friend that works here to come over with his wife and son.

Cristina~ I have been in a cooking mood. I think I just realized that if I want to get healthier, then I have to be more pro-active about it and not sit by and make Tommy do all the cooking.

SuzieQ~ YAY on the phone getting hooked up! Some of the kids had a half day around here. I actually haven't made the Irish bread since me and my mom made it. I did a search and was actually able to find some recipes for it now, and none of them have beer in it. So, I will send my mom an email to see if I was just imagining that part or what. But, when I make it, I will let the kids have some. If I am not mistaken the soda part of the bread is from baking soda, but I could be mistaken.

Sue~ You are doing great on your bike riding! What are you going to do in the winter time? do you have a stationary bike that you can ride?

Sassy~ I am 50% German and 50% I am surprised that I am not an alcoholic with all the fondness for beer with both of those heritages! In fact, I am the opposite, I can't stand the taste of beer. (now if you stick a flavored beer (i.e. Smirnoff, Mike's Hard Lemonade) in front of me, then it is over with as long as I am in the mood for it) I am right there with you having the whole cow! :lol:

Asia~ Any plans for the weekend?

10-10-2008, 12:53 AM
crap! I didn't get to finish watching Grey's because Miss Marissa demanded a walk!

Francie~ You snuck in on me! Those sound really really good! I just might have to look for a recipe for those!

10-10-2008, 09:50 AM
Morning All. :coffee:

Well so much for a nice fall day.........Its supposed to be up to 77! What kind of Fall Day is that? lol.

Anyways, this will be a "Shorty" from me......Ok, don't Fall Over from that statement! lol

We are going out to look at apts, so we can get the you know what outta here! lol. Honestly, DH with his new job, we need to be closer to his job, since he will be on-call and working for a hospital and all be closer to the inlaws......

Well Adios Amigos! (

10-10-2008, 11:03 AM
Wow Sassy- Hope you find something you like and can move closer to DH's work. While I hate to move, I love a new place. Time to organize everything and get rid of old "stuff." Just a cleansing kind of feeling for me. (and I only did it 2 years ago after 25 years at the other house, so not like I KNOW what I am talking about. ) :)

Mindee- Way to go with the cooking. I am in a rut and can't figure out what to cook most nights. Tired of the same old 4 or 5 dishes we like. I think I will drag the cookbook out here later.

Francie- I could not deal with so many cats...and up in my food. I love one or two cats who are lazy and lay about. haha.. I once had a cat who surprised me. After I had made a beautiful bundt cake for a party I went to get dressed. When I came back he had devoured half of the blueberry cake. It was on the table and I didn't think he ever got up there. Yeah, right. I learned quickly. Later he got up there and ate a stick of butter. Really!

Asia- So nice to see you this morning. My kids love BWW. I have never been there. Yeah, I too have found that if I allow myself to eat in moderation I can do better. Deprivation never works for me.

Susan- Hope you have a nice trip and get good news about the job.

Cristina- Good morning. I know you are out exercising. :)

Nothing going on here today, just some housework. Ugh...

10-10-2008, 12:31 PM
Good morning, ladies...

Just stopping by to say Hi while I am resting in between things. Went for my walk and was a little chilly for the shorts I wore, lol. Put shorts on because it is supposed to get up to 80 today and whatever I put on in the morning stays on all day! Mowed the front yard as well and came in to take a break and get some food in my belly. Now I am heading out to mow the back. Thought I might as well go ahead and get it all done today and while it is cool, so I can do other things tomorrow, like read. I do okay if I am moving around so try to thru-out the day so I'm not over doing it. But if I sit down for too long my body gets stiff and kinda aches...weird.

Have to ask MINDEE...what is cowboy spaghetti and stromboli?

Okay, I am outta here...will be back to do individuals. And I will try and get some pics on myspace today, if not tomorrow for sure.

10-10-2008, 01:11 PM
Mindee~I tend to posion my hubby at dinner. LOL!!! Just kidding!!! I had a dream I was eating apple pie, but it tasted like cheesecake, LOL!!

Sassy~I hope you find something. Look online, then go and see the places in person. I love apartment hunting, but it can get stressful. Good luck!!

Sue~These cats are getting on my nerves. When I was making Fonzo's lunch, they jumped up on the counter twice. I accidently bumped into one of them and he fell in the sink, it was kinda funny, lol. We're just gonna have to put them in the room while we make & eat anything from now on. I dunno how my friend puts up with it. OMG!! What a bad kitty!! LOL!!! A stick of That is gross and weird!! Did he get sick?!!!? When Sassy was a kitten, she ate a whole muffin!! LOL!!! Cats are worse than dogs sometimes, lol.

Cristina~My friend has to buy earmuffs for when she goes jogging, cuz the wind hurts her ears. I usually go for walks in the afternoon, so it always warm outside, lol.

Soooooooo last night, the effin cable & internet went out. Thank God it happened after my shows were all recorded, lol. But the cable came back on this morning..and Fonzo fixed the internet when he came home for lunch. Thank God, cuz I was getting bored, lol.

I started another book called The Historian. And omg..its soooo good. I was falling asleep while I was reading it last night because I didnt wanna put it down, lol.

Anyways..I'm gonna go make lunch and watch my shows before I love the 70s starts.

10-10-2008, 01:12 PM
Mindee- I forgot to add that I am loving the biking. For the winter I am hoping to be in warmer climates. I already told hubby that if we go West for the winter he has to buy me a bike to ride. He said the condo unit might have an exercise room with a bike. Sure enough, the properties we are looking at all have exercise rooms. If I can't bike I will at least walk.

Back from a 3 mile ride and ready for a shower. We are going to go shop and eat later. Gotta look up a menu also and plan food. See you all tonight.

10-10-2008, 01:15 PM
Francie- You snuck in there. Well, our cat might have gotten sick on the butter, but we lived on a farm, so I put his butt outside for the rest of the day and he just laid on the porch in the sun. I told my then DH the cat was basting. :)

10-10-2008, 01:44 PM
Francie- You snuck in there. Well, our cat might have gotten sick on the butter, but we lived on a farm, so I put his butt outside for the rest of the day and he just laid on the porch in the sun. I told my then DH the cat was basting. :)


10-10-2008, 05:36 PM
well, I have made it so far through the day......which is amazing because Brandon didn't have school today so I didn't get my break!

I got the onion cut up to put in at least my stomboli, and then now we are waiting for Tommy to get home from work. I will start making dinner here shortly since it takes about a half hour to cook.

Other then that, nothing really going on. Our neighbor was over here the other day and Tommy had Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals on. It was a new episode, so she had her hair short. Well, my neighbor turns to me and says "you know, you could pull off having your hair cut like that." So, I am going to see if she will be willing to cut it short for me. The same ol' same ol' ponytail when I get hot thing is getting old!

Shell~ How did the searching go?

Sue~ I am the same way! It seems like we are always eating the same things over and over again. So, that is why I am branching out and looking for recipes online. My mom actually emailed me back and she is emailing a lady that is a close family friend that is 100% (as far as I know) Irish, for the recipe for the Irish Soda bread.

Cristina~ Cowboy Spaghetti is a Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meal, that I got out of her cook book. Let me see if I can find a recipe for it online.....

here ya go:

Francie~ LOL.........I try not to, and haven't so far.

well, Tommy just got home.....gotta change Brandon and then start dinner.

10-10-2008, 07:21 PM
Hello ladies...

MINDEE...took a look at the cowboy spaghetti...what's the calories per serving size on that...looks kind of fattening with all that bacon, lol. But I do love bacon! Just not sure I would want it on my spaghetti. Will your kids eat that with the onions on it? My kids were kind of picky eaters when they were the age yours are.

SUSAN...have a safe trip to Portland! And hoping you get the job! Glad your phone is back on! what is this book about? Will have to go check it out. I am on Alone and so far, so good. I've not read anything really, really good lately. Well, actually The Weight Of Water was good...didn't realize the murders were based on a true story. So now I am trying to find those books about the murders. They have 2 on Amazon but want $50 for them...don't think so. Might have to go to the library and see if they have something on it. I have mufflers and I sure could have used them the other morning. Today wasn't so bad...I like to get my walk in first thing in the morning so I can do whatever the rest of the day and not have to worry about when or if I am going to fit a walk in. But I know once it gets cold I will not walk outdoors, I don't think. I haven't in the past anyway. So did you make your pumpkin cheesecake yet?

SUE...good job on the are doing great with it. I've not rode my bike in a while. Hoping you find some place with a gym that has a bike. :crossed: Hope you had a nice time shopping and eating out.

ASIA...I never deprive myself of anything. I have found when I do that that is when I am most likely to binge. But at the same time, it may be hampering my weightloss too! But I am losing, slowly, very slowly so...I just watch what I eat...portion control and moderation are key for me. So enjoy your onion rings!

SASSY...happy apartment hunting! Did you guys have any luck finding anything? I know you will be happy to be out of the place you are in. I wish I could get skinny from all the exercise I do...unfortunately it doesn't work that way for me...gotta get the exercise and eating to mesh. Seems right now all I am doing is exercising to maintain. Oh well...I know eventually it will come off. I am a slow loser for sure.


Okay, so got everything done, well, with the exception of a load of laundry. On my last load and getting ready to start is sounding good though, lol. May get some later and WI Sunday, lol.

Anyway...hope everyone had a wonderful day! I say had because it is just about over for me here. Going to see if something is on later and possibly get some reading done.

Later gators!

10-10-2008, 07:33 PM
Mindee~You know its a good day when someone doesnt get food poisioning, lol.

Cristina~ It's like about Dracula aka Vlad the Impaler. What were the murders in the book??? I like true crime books. Some can be disturbing and very sad though. Nope..havent made the pumpkin cheesecake yet. I'm still trying to find a good recipe.

10-10-2008, 07:40 PM
Sue~Did you see this that I posted??

And for anyone else whose pets eat weird stuff, lol.

10-10-2008, 09:56 PM

Well we looked at one apt. We went to 3 places, but only the 1st one had something for us to physically look at and it was VERY nice! Crown molding, BRAND NEW: Appliances, Carpets, WINDOWS, almost everything has been re-done. It just got a new owner in June and he's been busy remodeling. They also have Garages to rent as well, be great for DH's motorcycle and storage. We REALLY REALLY like it and the lady we talked too there was so nice! Oh ya and very close to the in-laws and easy access to the highway for DH. ;)

We still wanna look around some more, just to be sure, but it was a nice place and lots of room, lots of closet space and the best part, the kitchen was open and not closed off to the world and bigger than ours now. :D

Yeah when we do move, DH and I have already said we are downsizing A LOT, gonna get rid of a TON of junk. I told him I want to "simplify" our lives as much as we can, he agreed. :bravo:

So now we are about to watch "The Happening" with Mark Wahlberg. :whoo:


10-11-2008, 12:24 AM
Francie...That was hilarious.

Sassy- Sounds like a nice apt. Good luck as you keep looking.

Cristina- I am tiring of the riding, but don't want to walk. Just lazy this week I guess. Hey, I know about slow losing. Geesh! DH said again today that I can't eat any less and still be alive. LOL... Of course, he is a BIG eater, so he thinks I am eating nothing. :)

Rode 3 miles today ate so-so. Bought a pair of jeans that actually fit and a real cute top.

Have a nice week-end all.

10-11-2008, 06:56 AM
Hey Ya'all,

Well The Happening was just weird. Mark Wahlberg did just fine in it, it just was

I plan on doing absolutely nothing today..........just feel kinda blah today. :kickcan:

10-11-2008, 08:16 AM
Sassy~That apartment sounds really nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Downsizing can be really hard. Which is probably why we have like a couple boxes dedicated just to dvds and books, lol. We're still trying to downsize. I wanna see The Happening. Fonzo's friend at work told him about it, and he told me about it. I love me some Marky Mark though, LMAO!!!! He was all telling Jay Leno that he has no idea how he's gonna explain all that plus the pants dropping plus Boogie Nights to his kids, LOL!!! " Oh how fabulous. Getting Marky Mark to take time from his busy from his pants dropping schedule to plant trees" (LoL!! Sorry..I've seen Clueless wayyyyy too many times)

Sue~Glad you liked it!!! LoL!! Congrats on the smaller jeans and cute top!!!

Well...I'm up early, cuz we went to bed early, lol. Fonzo went to bed at 9:30pm..and I went in the room to read, but ended up falling asleep at 10:30pm. What kind of 20ish year old are we?!?! LoL!! Well, Fonzo has to work today, so he had to go to bed. And I walked 3 miles. But thats only because I got lost..LOL!! But shhh..dont tell anyone, lol. I ended up going to the wrong apartment building, and got all turned around. I felt like a total dumbass!! LoL!! Next time, I will pay more attention to where I'm going instead of singing along to New Kids on the Block on my iPod, lol.

10-11-2008, 12:13 PM
Good morning, chickies

FRANCIE...too cute! At least you got some exercise by getting lost, lol. The murders are called The Smuttynose the book, well...I won't say in case someone wants to read it. But she put her own twist on it. Your book sounds interesting. I'm not really a fan of the vampire books but my SIL highly recommended the Twilight books...she said it is different from what I might think and she is pretty sure I would like it. Love your siggy!

SASSY...the apartment sounds really nice. Hope you guys find the right one for you! I agree the movie was a little weird but I liked it.

SUE...funny, I am getting tired of walking, lol. But if I don't my body hurts...I think I am stuck now. was your dinner last night? Did you guys have the stomboli? Still don't know what it is, lol.

JULES, KATY, & TAMMY...hoping all is well with you ladies. is your weekend going? Meant to ask and I keep forgetting, how is Rocky doing? were your onion rings?

Nothing much going on with me today. Went for my walk this morning...was feeling lazy and was only going to do half of it but once I got to the half-way mark I just kept going. Always feel better for doing it but I just wanted to be lazy, lol. Going to tackle my work table in the has stuff all over it and I have some Christmas trees to decorate to get ahead. Of course the patriotic one I have had up all year but the half the white lights went out last year and I waited until the last minute and couldn't find any red lights. So I have to take all the decorations off and put the red and white lights on that one. Then I have Josh's little one that was in his room since he went to Iraq, lol I need to re-decorate and then another Christmas theme this year (like I always have one, lol) is trees. I am finding all kinds of goofy trees, and decorating different trees to put around the house...mainly the living room and dining room/area. Finally found some Christmas wrapping paper at Wal-mart so I can get the few little gifts I have wrapped already...they are for the grandkids...I have vowed to be done with it all by Thanksgiving :crossed: Anyway...blabbing...that is what I am up to today, nothing special.

It is really cool out now so I opened a bunch of windows to air the house the fresh air. It is supposed to get up to 80 something I think so I know the air will come on later but for's nice. Okay...

Have a great day!

10-11-2008, 12:22 PM
Cristina~Hmm..I'm gonna have to look up the book now. I'm clearly into vampires, lol. So is Fonzo. He's read all those Anne Rice vamp books. You should try reading at least Twilight. It's just so wonderful. Omg, I love it so much!!! I like to compare all the vampire books I read to Twilight, lol. I bug Fonzo a lot, cuz I'm all.."thats now the vamps in twilight are" and he's like.."I knew you were gonna say that" LoL!! I like your theme for Christmas. I think our theme will be red, white & blue like last year. LoL!!! We have a couple sailorish ornements. I wanna get some more.

Okay..I'm starving. I dont think I will take a walk today. I'm feeling extra tired and lazy today. Plus, tomorrow we're gonna tour the that will be my walking, lol. OKay...gonna go eat breakfast.

10-11-2008, 12:34 PM
Good morning..Just got back from the bike ride. Now I want to get some iced tea and sit on the porch for a few. It is so nice and Fallish outside. We also have our windows open, but we have for a few weeks now.
Later I am going to take out a couple screens and wash up those and dining room. I won't do the whole house until they harvest in the fields around us. Too much dust will fly. I am hoping they do that wile we are gone and the house is closed up tight. :)
Feeling good today and think I will even start getting clothes ready for our trip...although it isn't until Fri.

Francie- Target has a ton of books by the author who did The Shunning. Lewis, isn't it?

Cristina- Christmas??? Oh my, I don't even know where we will be for the holidays. If we are here we will have to get a new tree. I ditched my scraggly one when we moved.

Okay..I am gonna go sit on the porch.

10-11-2008, 12:36 PM know, I see a lot of people reading the Twilight books and it definitely is making me curious, and especially since my SIL started telling me about it. Funny about you and guys are such a cute couple! Touring the academy sounds fun! And I am sure you will gets lots of walking in. You guys have been getting lots of walking in since you moved there haven't you? So much to do and see!

Okay, I am outta here for now. Will take a break later and probably be back, if I don't hang around V when he gets home. I saw that there are more scary movies on the sci-fi station today too, lol! Better get started on the table and tress so I can watch some later.

Have a great day ladies!

10-11-2008, 12:41 PM
Hiya snuck in there. You know, if I hadn't have gone to Hobby Lobby a coupleof weeks ago I wouldn't even be thinking of Christmas, lol. No I take that back...I saw a couple of things on sale a while back for Cambrie and thought I would get them while on sale and since I saw it. Everytime I passed on something and went back to get it later they were gone so...Pluse I have three more people to buy for. Hey, when you are finished with your windows you can come do mine!

I love sitting on the deck in the morning. That is what I do when I come back from my walk...head straight to the deck and sit and relax before getting on with the rest of the relaxing.

FRANCIE...forgot to say, you'll have to post a pic of your tree. I love the red, white and blue theme trees and I bet yours is pretty!

Okay, now I am really outta here, lol. Okay, after I change my avatar.

Have a good one :wave:

10-11-2008, 01:11 PM
Sue~You and Cristina make me wish I had a nice porch to sit out on. But all I have is a balcony that has a dying cactus and some bar stools out on it, lol. And yes..that is the author. I checked out the 2nd book from the library.

Cristina~Almost wrote Cristmas..LOL!!! You should read Twilight before the movie comes out!!! Then you can go watch the movie on Nov. 21st!! Yes..we've been doing a lot of walking. It's really pretty here. Of course, when we walk, we sometimes get ice cream from the ice cream truck, lol. But whatever. Oh..and our tree just has red, white and blue colored ornements. I think the lights on the tree are multicolored. So you cant really tell the difference really.

10-11-2008, 03:46 PM
Taking a break from the trees and cleaning. Ugh...decorating trees are a pain in the arse for sure! I had to take everything off the patriotic one except the little red bows and now I have put it back on and it looks bare, lol. Same stuff went back on and I knew it would look different, ugh. Before putting the blue lights back on though I tried them and of course they didn't work. Which is fine, with the red and white I think it is way more than enough on that little bitty tree, lol...don't want to burn the house down. Did a little mini tree that looks bare as well, ugh. Going to have the hubby move my Christmas stuff to the front of the basement so I can go thru it and see what I have. I found some little pink trees that are almost identical to the color of the main bathroom, lol. They are too cute. I am getting into this, lol.

FRANCIE...everyone needs a treat every now and then, lol. And besides you get hot from walking and need to cool off, lol.

Okay, gotta go again...the hubby is on his way home. Going to go watch a stupid movie on sci-fi while I get some lunch.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

10-11-2008, 03:51 PM
I got my screens and windows done and ate some cottage cheese for lunch. Kind of lazy now.

Our neighbors are clearing a lot across from our house and we have been sitting out on the porch watching. I hate to think that they are going to start construction and that will be going on all winter over there. They have 2 big trees to drop, so I'd better get out there and watch. (big excitement, doncha know?)

10-11-2008, 04:23 PM
I just wanted to pop in and say hello :wave:

I have been up since 4:30 and drove the 90 miles home, so I am kind of wanting to go take a nap. Only worked 4 hours today but tomorrow looks like a busier day w/ the walk/run happening in the morning between Wash & Oregon 6 mile bridge.......motel is booked already and people are wanting late check outs so they can come back and shower. blah - blah..

I miss all my babies!! It was hard to leave the girls this morning. I wanted to just sneak out but Beck wasn't feeling good so I had to run to Plaid Pantry and get her some 7-up and saltines and of course Gaby wakes up and starts whimpering that is going to miss me...I felt so bad.

Spent Friday w/ the girls shopping and letting Rach drive my car......she did pretty good! Took Gaby for a 90 minute swim and she will go to a pool party this afternoon, after that her father is suppose to pick her up and go to grandpa's for the night.

Bought some thin slice beef for 1.99 down from 3.99 yesterday. You can use it in sandwishes and stuff, I put it in a rice dish and it was so good. Today is the last day of the sale so I am going to get some more.

I picked up Certain Girls from the library Thursday so have been reading is ok.

Cristina - I can't believe you are doing Christmas am on 4th of July at the moment :D My grandmother had enough decorations to do several trees. I don't know what happened to it all, some beautiful stuff, I wish I had gotten some. Rocky called me at the ex's, I hadn't talked to him in several days. He has lost 30 pounds and might take 6 months to a year to recoup before going back to work. He is walking a lot and slowly getting his strength back, thanks for asking :)

Sue- Do you like swimming?? Maybe something different would move the scale:?::?:

Sassy - Happy hunting for a new place! The one you decribe sounds nice.:)

Francie - I didn't get the memo saying we can have ice cream after a walk! Funny. How is your Saturday going?

Mindee- Racheal Ray cooks a lot of fattening meals. I love to watch her though and am amazed on her cheese spaghetti w/ bacon sounds way too good, I would eat the whole thing.

k- I am going to bail! I am sooooo tired and hungry. Chat more later.


10-11-2008, 04:47 PM
Okay..So I'm a total nut for infomericals. I LOVE them!! LoL!! Anyhoo..I saw this on tv..and now I want it.

I'm a makeup freak and must have everything weird, lol.

10-12-2008, 08:18 AM
Mornin' All. :coffee:

Sigh its back to work tonight........:p I have been feelin' like crapola.........But I am sure I will end up going to work anyhow..............Not like I do anything that is extremely labor intensive or

Francie -- The Happening is very strange. Mark does a great job in it, but its just weird. Ya I saw him on the Tonight Show. lol. We have A LOT of crap to get rid of. Once we get rid of that stuff I think we both will feel much better and when we do move, we're getting a bigger place, at least with more closet space, course that really doesn't make sense if we're downsizing I know, but well I dunno.....I guess if we move we want to do better for ourselves, ya know? lol. I dunno........

Cristina -- Ya that movie definitely was weird, but not Mark's fault and it was pretty good, just the ending I was like WTH??? lol. So confused, but that does not take much for me! :dizzy:

Suzy Q -- My mom never let me ever drive her car. I think I drove it a few times later on, when I was older, but never when I was younger and I was a good driver!!! lol. I remember we worked together at the same place when I was first outta high school, and we usually rode together. Sometimes I drove and sometimes she did. Well when she did, she would never let me take the car to get lunch! So I'd end up taking another co-workers car all the time! lol. Just was strange a friend trusted me more than my own mother did! lol. Now I go out and pick her up in Indiana and drive her here, only an hour an a half drive, but I guess I am ok to drive her around, but then again it is always in my car! lol. Anyways, sorry to ramble, I just read about you letting Rach drive your car and it reminded me of that! lol. We still wanna look around, but that place definitely is in our minds for sure! lol.

Well Have a Wonderful Sunday All! (


10-12-2008, 11:25 AM
Sassy~Okay, I have to see this movie now. Mark is sooooo hot!! I wanna watch Three Kings now too, lol. I'm a sucker for a man in uniform, lol. We tried to downsize before we moved. But things were happening so fast they everything we thought we got rid of ended up being packed. Stupid weird movers. Fonzo said theres going to be a book drive or I'll get rid of my books that way. Theres just way too many, lol. Thats our main problem. We have too many dvds and books. I feel better after donating all our stuff. Oh ya..whats the first best thing you can do with your lips???

10-12-2008, 12:34 PM
Good Sunday morning, all...

FRANCIE...Three Kings was good! Love the eyelahs thingy...wonder if it would really work though. Seems like it would be weird it just turning like it does. If you get it let us know!

SUSAN...these are little trees...the two are only about 2 ft tall and then the others are about 1 ft tall and tiny. Just little table trees. I love trees and just thought it would be pretty. Not sure why I started thinking about Christmas except that when I was in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago they had a most of their stuff out and knew I needed a couple of things so thought what the heck...why not be ready. It takes time decorating the stupid things, lol. I will probably decorate the house the week of Thanksgiving...except for the outside...V will have four days off and we'll do it probably Thanksgiving Day like we always do. Not much we will do outside this year...nothing like the previous years. Wow, I didn't know Rocky would be down for that long. Lots of hugs to him. And hugs to you too...hope Becky feels better too! :hug: may not sound exciting to some but I love to just sit out and watch the neighbors, or just sit and look. I don't have a front porch, well...enough room for a chair but I feel funny sitting there. But I love the deck...hoping the tree(s) came down okay. Won't you guys be gone for the winter? Maybe if they build it will be done by the time you guys get back. know, it may not have been that your mom didn't trust you, lol. I know with other cars I didn't car if the kids drove them for some reason. But with this one...the only people that I will let drive is DD, and once in a while the hubby. He doesn't like it much though because his legs are too long and he's not comfortable driving. But it's not that I don't trust anyone to drive, I just won't let them for some reason, lol. Kinda like my sis...she just bought a brand new car and is a smoker but she will not let anyone smoke in her car, not even her, lol. Did you guys look at anymore apts.?

Well, I was stupid yesterday and watched about 4 stupid movies on the sci-fi station, lol. They were supposed to be scary movies..but were dumb. The first two were about werewolves, the fourth one was just weird and the ending was something like in The Happening...left me confused! Just kept thinking WTH?! Can't even remember the third one, lol...I was doing other things while it was on. Going to watch more today too, lol. And finish my was just getting good last night and I couldn't stay awake.

Went for my walk this was nice and cool again, am loving this weather. It is supposed to rain later today though and for the next couple of days so I will be hitting the treadmill or going to the mall. Going to do a dvd as soon as I get off here and then some laundry. Jason has dibs on the washer and dryer tomorrow, lol.

10-12-2008, 01:52 PM
Good Morning,

I was watching the 30 best/worst beach bodies yesterday on tv , Cristina. I think I got down to number 4 when I switched off and went to read. Fergie looks amazing though, I wish I looked like her.....*sigh.

The little trees would be cute, I would love a home where I could do it but always being on a limited budget and my habit of throwing stuff away as I move (and I have moved a lot in the last 7 years! I don't even have 2 daughters living with me anymore, lost em in somewhere in the u-haul - lol)

I was surprised on Rocky's recoup too. I know at first it was 2 months and the doctor offered him up to a year. Good news is his disabilty insurance will cover some loan payments (he said $600 a month, yikes) for him while he is healing. So, that is a huge relief.

I read alittle on Certain Girls and just went to bed last night by 9pm. I was tired. Now I have to go to work, trying to budget food in with what $$$$ I have left for the month. Thinking Tuna/Hamburger Helper is a must , sale of 10 boxes for 10 $$$ at the moment. ha ha.

I was calm w/ Rachel the day went on I became more stressed. Her fathe rhad been saying she was doing *great* on her driving all week but when I got into town Rach said he only let her drive in the parking lot of the, I felt bad for her. lol

My first husband taught me how to drive, we had to get an automatic first though...I was a failure on the stick shift.

blah - blah..bbl.. off to work. Scale is UP to 148 this morning. Oh, what a wild weekend I had.....I guess it was worth it. lol

ta ta

10-12-2008, 05:44 PM
Susan- I hear ya! I am afraid to weigh tomorrow since I can not stop eating this week-end. Just can't find the ONE thing that will satisfy me.
I better go ride the bike, cause that is probably all that can save me.

10-12-2008, 06:23 PM
just popping in to see how every one is doing.

for some reason I didn't get any emails for this thread yesterday or today.

we took the kids to the local fire station for their open house today. it was a lot of fun and if I can get the pictures to upload sometime today, they will be on my myspace page!

Cristina~ Strombolis are basically like pizza turnovers. They are like flat pizzas, but then you fold them over to make like a pizza pocket kind of thing.

As for the cowboy spaghetti, you can omit some things and of course make it more heart wise for your own tasting.

I will be back later, I have to go and figure out why the pictures aren't uploading properly.

oh yeah........I got my hair cut too!

10-12-2008, 06:42 PM
Mindee- I am not going to omit bacon!! :devil:
I want to see your hair! I am wondering if I actually put a permanete number in my hair instead of a rinse the last time...the color doesn't seem to be fading and it looks like I have dark roots. ugh. Like I don't have enough problems! lol

Sue - I know, why do we have the munchies? I went looking for that yummy thin slice beef and we don't get it on the coast, bummer. Did I ask you about swimming? :dizzy: I just think it might be a nice addition to your biking.

ewww, I could be a personal trainer! lol Ya, right...I can't even exercise myself.

I did make $3 in tips today .....that is what?? 3 boxes of hamburger helper?? lol ....or almost 2 grande coffee's.

Annoyed w/ Gaby's father , he is JUST l((2:30)) leaving Portland, won't get Gaby to me til 4:30. Great, not much downtime for her to settle back in to a routine. He just doesn't realize.....everything takes time!! And I don't have time!! Oh, wait...I guess I isn't like I am working til Tuesday. hmmm. I hope the rehab place gets the references done asap and I can start training. Otherwise I am working on my resume tomorrow and applying for that property management job.
No rest for the wicked.:devil:

I guess that is it. I am in need of a shower....crawling around bathroom floors is kind of nasty. lmbo....

k- you all behave!! :carrot:

10-12-2008, 10:15 PM
Susan- Re: the swimming, I know it is good exercise. But, I don't know how to swim and have no pool. Except the young couple right across from us put in a pool this summer...I wonder if their 4 kids would GET the heck out so I could exercise in there? hmmm... a thought. Actually, DS is in a place with a pool in CA and I am telling him all the time to get out there and swim. (He is a big boy and could stand to get healthy)

I truly am going to start walking again to mix it up. I would LOVE to jog, but I fear my knee wouldn't like it.
I did ride 3 miles today. No more news...

10-13-2008, 12:35 AM
Ugh....I am so under the weather. I have been doing my yoga. I think I really need to detox. I am so slugish and bloated and I am having constant headaches. Argh. This week is gonna be crazy too!!

10-13-2008, 01:29 AM
Ok so I am going to detox. I am going to start out by having 3 days of just water then you are on a monotrophic diet which means I can have one type of fruit for each meal. Like all plums or all apples. I do that for a week then you introduce "real" food back into your system. But is natural food. Nothing fried or incredibly artificial. It is going to be so so so hard. I am doing this though!!!! I am always under the weather any more. I am detoxifying. I will def check in tomorrow.

10-13-2008, 02:30 AM
Do not post here.....see you in BIK #59!