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04-14-2002, 11:23 AM
I've decided to revisit the idea of "streaking" ... focusing on "good" fitness and weight management behavior (as defined by me for me) and counting my consecutive "good" days (The Streak); I start over when I have a "bad" day (as defined only by me). I once lost a lot of weight doing this and had really long streaks. Some of us have also "streaked" on this board and it is similar to the Blockettes' 21-Day Challenge, but no rules apply other than those the streaker makes up. So inspired by the Blockettes, I'm going to streak (there is no "try," Luke Skywalker) my way to better weight management and hopefully the **** LAST 30 POUNDS! I'd welcome any fellow streakers on the journey, but will post here regardless. I pledge to keep the posts short, focused and to the point; name, rank & serial number only, no rambling, I promise (in future). I do not post my weight, but do post the ups and downs of my Sunday weigh-ins.

My "streak" plan is the same as always: Eat approximately 1500-2000 each day (hopefully in the lower range); two exercise sessions per day. That's the whole shebang. This is Day One!

To Anyone Who Reads This: Have a wonderful and productive day whatever you may be doing. May this week bring peace to the world (please?). :) Now I'm going to see how many smilies the system will let me put in here.

:devil: :cool: :D :) :smug: ;)

04-14-2002, 09:36 PM
Crone...I always get a kick reading your posts!!! You said to come and streak away when I felt inclined....well....even though I didnt eat a whole lot today...I didnt eat too good of things...but you know what....I went for 2 walks today....the first one was short just to end of road and back to hunt Jesse and his friend down....LOL...the second was tonight after I had a plate of home made mac and cheese...WHICH I MIGHT ADD....I SCRAPED 1/4 OF THE PLATE....I WAS FULL.....LOL....but we walked down to the bike path with the 2 boys and walked to the second road and back home...which is almost 2 miles Brent says!!!...So.....I am slowly working my way back into the swing of things!!!

Ok...I am going to pledge this....for now....my plan to streak is to eat less of what I have been eatting until I am back at my normal pt range amount....which I am thinking I might even take a stab at not counting points....just journaling what I ate and try to see if it still holds me accountable for what goes in my mouth......and I will walk each day....weather permitting....and with any luck....I will be back in the saddle again.......Crone.....we can do it......and I am also not going to beat myself up for the day that comes along where I dont streak well.....I shall stand up....dust my booty off.. and climb aboard that saddle again......

Hoping and wishing you all the best of luck...we owe it to ourselves to do what makes us truly happy......take care all...LisaL

04-15-2002, 09:39 AM
Hey Crone....how are ya? Well, today I will count as my first official day attempting to following my streak plan!!!

My streak plan again is the following:

1. Less food intake
2. Journal all foods that enter my mouth
3. Walk each day as long as weather permits ( which as of right now....its nasty old rain outside)

So, later today I will post and let ya know how my first day of streaking has gone.....I am praying this new day is a new beginning!!!

Take care all....LisaL

04-15-2002, 01:04 PM
Still holding at the second day of this streak. Ended yesterday with 1980 calories; a.m. & p.m. exercise both walks, sort of a medium intensity, two walks totaled 50 minutes. It is getting hot here.

Momto2: Thanks for joining me in this latest walk to fitness. I like the simplicity and flexibility of your plan. Eating less, walking (or other moderate exercise), journaling (awareness) ... these ARE the keys to a healthy weight. You are right, "WE CAN DO IT!" And, you should NEVER beat yourself up for anything ... it's totally counter-productive.

Everyone: Sorry to jump all over the board with new threads. Hope everyone continues to, as Momto2 says, do what is right for themselves and succeed.

04-16-2002, 10:23 AM
Well, I managed to stay from snacking last night.....which for me right now....is a major milestone....I have ALWAYS been the type to snack while watching tv.....and last night after I had my dinner....I didnt eat a single thing.....

I didnt get my walk in yesterday cause I spent all day running around here packing stuff up still.....and then had to get my hair cut last night so I didnt make my walk......but today I will get all my chores done early enough so that I can walk tonight after dinner.....my in-laws will be here from Florida around dinner time and they love to walk too....so I will drag everyone out for some fresh air....

I didnt journal yet either....I seemed to have packed it away so I guess for now I will just jot it down on some paper or try to remember everything I eat each day....ha ha....but I didnt do too bad yesterday.....I actually didnt eat a whole lot.....

small bowl of home made mac & cheese
handful of cheese doodles
2 small fried chicken tenders
1c of rice
1c of peas
and that was all I had to eat....I am mighty impressed.....
Oh and I had a banana in the morning....

How are ya doing Crone???? still streaking?

Wishing others will begin to post.....its kinda getting lonely in here eh crone????

Take care and talk later....LisaL

04-16-2002, 11:26 AM
Ended yesterday with 1955, still on the high end but in the ballpark of where I want to be. Exercise was two 30-minute fitness walks.

Mom: Woo-Hoo on your streak's first official day! :) You are doing great. I think it's a real accomplishment to attend to your health and fitness when going through all the transitions you are facing. Your menu is much better than mine was (several slimfast, bread, candy bar, tuna, apple). Not to give advice (ok, I will) but remember to eat enough calories so your metabolism doesn't go into starvation mode and slow to a crawl.

Remember, too, that "running around packing stuff up" counts as exercise ... so you DID get that in. And you journaled in your post so you did that, too.

It's a neat idea to recruit your inlaws on a walk. I like the challenge of turning everything and anything into exercise: Walking business meetings, my "hall treadmill" (when I don't feel like anything else, I walk fast from kitchen, through big living room, long hall, turn around in my gym room and circle back, over and over for up to two hours), stopping on my travels for a quickie "hike" in any nice setting, housework (sticking in lunges, squats, swinging the mop around, etc.); the list goes on.

I also wish everyone would come out and post on this or the other thread. Hope I didn't make anyone mad by abandoning yet another challenge and starting yet another. I didn't mean for this to replace the other for everyone else and nobody has to "streak" ... it's all just for fun and focus and support.

Well, I reneged on my promise to keep to short posts, but I'm off to do weights, then job hunt!


04-16-2002, 04:08 PM
Crone.....no worries on the longer posts....it's nice to sit and read what others are thinking and doing!!! and incase you hadnt really noticed....most of us on the original threads....tend to be long winded....ha ha

I dont think people feel like you have abandoned the other thread or challenge.....your doing what you feel right for you and they I am sure understand.....and I think once they get to the point of feeling up to journaling and posting again.....they will.....and I KNOW they are all lurking......LOL

I will do better at eating more calories too.....yesterday was just the first day in a long time that I didnt feel like sitting inside the frig and eating everything insight.....and your RIGHT....I did journal cause I posted it here.....and chasing after 2 kids, packing 3 more boxes up....and cleaning for the inlaws arrival....I would consider that pretty moderate excercise!!! Thanks for shedding a little light on that.....LOL

Today it is SOOO beautiful out here and I was going to go walking with the boys but I need to find the sunblock.....Kail and I have pretty WHITE skin and burn SOOOO easy.....so unless I find it.....we wont go walking until sundown.....which is ok with me too.....its less traffic on the bike path and cool shade.....right now its so sunny and lots of kids down there with school being out .... but Jesse is driving me nuts to go down so he can ride his scooter.....he rides around here but gets easily bored with it.....so we shall see......

I am going to end my post for now....but I will post tomorrow morning on my daily intake and exercise journal......take care Crone.......LisaL

04-17-2002, 01:52 PM
Really not too much of the "more" ... but my streak is holding well. Ended yesterday at 1935. This is still highish but I prefer to eat enough to be comfortable rather than binge and end my streak. This streak is going to go on and on; it will be legendary! :s: Exercise was 30 minutes of weights (full body circuit, medium weights) in the a.m.; p.m. was 20 minutes of a Leslie Sansone tape (40+ workout) followed by a 30-minute walk. My knee is much stronger this week.

Mom: Sunblock is really important where I live, too. It's funny how life revolves around the weather. When I lived in the midwest, my whole existence was seasonal; if it was winter, I had to plan accordingly. Here the "accordingly" is in the summer ... and summer is nine months long, give or take! Hope you had a nice day yesterday with your little ones.

04-18-2002, 01:35 AM
Still on streak, but lonely in here! :dizzy:

Mom, are you there? :?:

Well, I ended Day 4 with 1960 calories, exercise was 65 minutes of walking, divided between a.m. & p.m.

Not sure if I'll be able to post for awhile ... but the streak goes on! :)

04-18-2002, 09:24 AM
Just a really quick post to tell you I am still alive Crone and havent forgotten you....my inlaws arrived Tuesday from Florida so I havent been on the computer too much.....I promise later when they are gone with the boys shopping that I will get on and update you.....but glad to hear your still streaking and I have not done TOO bad......still trying hard to not snack at night after meal time......but anyhoot...they are all hollering for me to go make them popovers for breakfast....so I will be back on later to write you more....take care...LisaL

04-18-2002, 10:40 AM
Good Morning Crone and Mom!!! I've been reading quietly to myself lately and not posting, hence the lurker alert notice. Hope you both don't mind......I've been having to deal with some family issues concerning a brother of mine and I hopefully can put this behind me. Its been difficult the last 2 weeks, but it seems to be getting better. You both have been doing so well lately with your streaking!!! Ha!!,,,everytime I read that, all I can think of is that song the "Streaker" from a long time ago. Good luck with day 5 Crone. One more question Mom????....what is a popover?

04-18-2002, 11:32 AM
Angel...sorry to hear the trouble your having with your brother...family troubles are never fun to deal with....I hope all is better for you soon.....as to the lurking....we dont mind....just make sure you stop to say hi......I miss keeping up with you.....and to answer your question.....a popover is made of flour egg egg whites and milk....you mix it up and they actually make popover pans that are very deep muffin type pans or you can use ceramic ramikins and you bake them and they rise above the top of the pan and POPOVER.....and they are huge and light/airy kinda thing......we put jam or butter spray on them.......I had never had them until I got with Brent.....and his mom makes them....but I started making them and they popped way more than hers did.....so they wanted me to make them while they are up from Florida to show them how high out of the pans I can get mine to rise.....LOL....

Ok....as for my streak....( always think of streak as running around nekkid....ha ha ).... I have been walking everyday....not a whole lot cause of the heat that we have been dealing with here.....but I have managed to get outside and walk around and I have been eating on the lighter side.....I have not been snacking after dinner which is a HUGE step for me.....so.....I have been doing pretty good on my streak......wishing you all the best of luck on your streaks.......take care....LisaL

04-19-2002, 12:35 PM
[COLOR]I'm on Day 6 ... not much computer time this week but still streaking.

Angel-Eyes, hope your family situation is easing somewhat and that your brother is ok. I know how dear a brother can be ... I have only one left and he is very important to me.

Mom: I love popovers! I have made them with Eggbeaters and they are very low cal. Maybe I'll have some today.


04-20-2002, 11:32 AM
Day Six completed with 1795 calories & 115 minutes of exercise divided into four workouts (my streak plan calls for only two, so I exceeded that, sometimes dividing exercise into comfortable chunks is the way to go for me). I did 40 minutes of circuit training a.m., a 10-minute fitness walk mid-a.m., later 5 more minutes fast around block, p.m. was a 65 minute moderate walk.

Hope everyone is having a good day so far.

04-21-2002, 01:11 AM
Hey Crone and Angel...how ya girls doing? I am in Vermont right now with family and will be home tomorrow at some point in afternoon....then I can post some more.....glad to hear your on day 6 of streaking crone.....I havent done too bad here but not enough exercise....well I havent had much time to sit so I guess thats a good thing!!!

Will post more tomorrow.....talk to you girls then.....LisaL

04-21-2002, 02:11 PM
Well, The Streak paid off with a 3.5 weight drop today. I'm now on Day 8. Soon I shall have a 21-day period of my streak program under my belt in honor of the intrepid Blockettes and their 21-day challenge. My calories for the week averaged in the mid-1900s; I did not reach 2000 at all during the week, but hit the 1700s & 1800s twice; I exercised twice a day (or more) to reach my weekly goal of 1700 calories burned in exercise (I actually exceeded that; my spreadsheet translates minutes exercised into approximate calories burned and I like to play with that).

Mom: Vermont sounds lovely. Glad you are hanging in with your program. You are probably getting much more activity than you think. Have a great trip home.

Signed, The Streak!

04-22-2002, 09:10 AM
Good morning Crone....how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good....but tiring.

I just got home from Vermont yesterday and then had the joys of doing all the dirty laundry we brought home and putting everything away.

Not sure if you heard this on your national news Crone.....Saturday on the east coast we had a really good sized earthquake....pretty unusual for the north east...was pretty freaky....it struck around 6:30am and awoke everyone in the house.....Brents aunt and I thought her furnace was getting ready to blow up in the basement......which is what a lot of people thought in their homes...it shook all the way from Plattsburgh NY ( 15 miles from epicenter ) all the way up to Maine and way down to Maryland...It shook Brents aunts house so bad that she had to get up and hold her fan on her night stand cause it was falling off....and I had to get up and keep her little trinkets from falling out of the windows.....all that day we heard big rumbles like thunder and then small after shock tremors.....it measured a 5.1 in most places and a 5.5 on the scale.....it was wild

Anyhow....I am off today to take the boys back to the ENT for Kails post op visit and to have ear plugs made for him.....and then Jesse needs to have ear plugs made also and finds out when he has his adenoids removed....glad to be getting the ear plugs today...they start swim lessons next Monday.....we thought since we will be around water for vacation and then when we move to our new house being on an island we thought it a good idea to teach them to swim now and not before its too late

Our weather is back to freezing cold weather so I wont be walking outside.....might get on the bike later tonight when boys are asleep.

Will post more later on how my day went......hope you have a great day.....take care...LisaL

Angel.....how are you? Hope all is getting better with your brother!!! How is L & E doing?

04-22-2002, 04:27 PM
Hi, Mom! What a harrowing end to your trip. I did hear about the earthquake, although not the details. Glad you are safe. Hope all goes well with the boys' swim lessons. It's such a good idea to have them learn young. I personally have never learned to swim and now would be terrified to try. :(

I'm on Day 9 of my streak but not having a good day at the moment. Maybe later! Still holding to calorie level, though.

Have a great rest of the day, Mom and Angel-Eyes, too, also lurkers if any! :)

04-23-2002, 09:22 AM
Just a quick note.....will post more later when I have a chance.....but I need to start my streak all over again.....we got some news on the house yesterday that was pretty upsetting....the bank approved us for the loan itself....the company who does the PMI part...denied us....so that means either we come up with $20,000 for it or we back out of buying for now....which we have no way at all of coming up with $20,000....when we have been saving money aside for the closing fees.....so it looks like I will be looking for another freakin apartment because we gave our notice here and I am not willing to live here anymore anyways after the **** the landlord put me thru......so last night I binged big time......I ate normal all day and after that news came along.....I ended up eating a heaping plate of alfredo with fresh tomatoes and then moved onto a bowl of ben & jerrys ice cream......so lets see how today goes.....talk later.....LisaL

04-23-2002, 04:27 PM
I wrote a long reply to your post but couldn't get it to post. Now I'm shorter on time, but wanted to let you know how sorry I am that your deal didn't go through. I know how that can feel, but please believe that there is another great thing just waiting around the corner. There tends to be a logic and reason for everything that happens, if we can just search long enough to find it.

In my opinion, apartment life is for the birds, so I understand your frustration. Have you thought of renting a house with an option to buy? Often these deals can be worked out informally with a homeowner who simply wants someone in the house. You might look at rental property and just ask if the owner would be interested. Also renting houses is just as inexpensive in many areas as apartments and far more pleasant for family life, in my opinion. (No offense meant to those who like apartments. I just don't.)

You are a good person, Mom, and you will prevail. Things just take time.

I'm on Day 10 but two seconds away from a binge. Life is making me nuts but it beats the alternative. :dizzy:

04-23-2002, 09:19 PM
Crone...thanks for your very kind words of opinion...and your so right....renting an apt is for the birds....your paying for someone elses home....it stinks....and you cant do any rennovations without permission and they dont always allow them....We are going tomorrow evening to look at an apt....its actually an old farm house I guess made into a duplex...the owners son and dil live there with their 3 kids which 2 of the kids are same age as my 2 boys.....and its on 8+ acres of land so plenty of play space....has a nice big back deck and the heat and hot water are included for $680/mo which right now for this dump we are living in....our rent is $475/mo and the electric is running us $300/mo so anything has gotta be better than here.....but who knows....someday soon I hope something will work out with a house......!!!

I just got done making whoopie pies with peanut butter frosting filling instead of regular creme frosting.....gotta tell ya...I did try them....but I am still not doing too bad.....I am by no means streaking but I am trying.....and that has to count for something.....ha ha

Hope you didnt binge too badly if you gave in.....your doing so well....keep up the positive thinking and you WILL reach your final destination to a healthy CRONE...LOL

Take care and talk later....LisaL

04-23-2002, 09:50 PM
Mom: I didn't cave in! :) But I did find some more of Blue Bunny Sugar Free Lite Ice Cream Krunch Bars. These are good and only 90 calories, so I had three. You would not know these are sugar free. I also found some 90-calorie, sugar-free Healthy Choice Strawberry Creme bars. Will try these tomorrow. I'm off to do weights now.

The duplex sounds nice and a good deal. When I refer to my dislike of apartment life, I mean the big, big, big complexes that all look alike. Again, no offense to anyone, it's just my own preference, but I had my fill of those kind of places in the earlier part of my life. The house I now own (with the bank) is actually the most affordable place I've ever been in (the payment would surprise you), but of course it has problems. Everything does.

04-24-2002, 12:24 PM
Crone.....isnt it funny how some sugar free things tastes SOOO horribly disgusting and then you get lucky and find the few that actually are SOOOO good you cant tell the difference???...I love the sugar free fudgsicles....and I like some sugar free ice creams.....and amazingly I am now accustomed to diet drinks....which before I ABSOLUTELY HATED.....!!!

Glad you found some snacks that you could indulge in but not go overboard!!!

I will be thankful to know we have a new place to live and when the boys are all done surgeries I will be thankful....then maybe I can let my hair down ( its pretty short actually....ha ha ha) and take a few deep breathes and get myself straightened out.....I hate not being in control of my eating....and I know I have put on weight...but I refuse to weigh in right now

Anyhoot.....I should go for now.....waiting on Kail to crash and burn so I can take my shower....seems like thats the only time I get to myself is when he is sleeping...and by then I have a million and one other things running thru my head to do.....LOL.....

I agree with you on the HUGE apt complexes....we have had our share of those too.....and they usually have NO room for kids to play....and you get stuck with CRAPPY neighbors half the time.....at least this old farm house duplex is out of the way and not 101 little brats running around and Jesse will be less inclined to do stuff he knows he shouldnt...but around here he tries to impress the BIG kids when he does things he KNOWS he SHOULDNT....oh well...I will post again later and let you know how it went looking at the apt.....take care...LisaL

04-25-2002, 08:40 AM
Good morning Crone....how are ya? I am up WAY too early for me...ha ha....I was up and at chores at 6:30am which is highly abnormal....LOL

Anyhow, we went and looked at the apt in the old farm house and ended up taking it....there is a huge amount of playroom for the kids in the house and over 4acres of land in back that they can play on.....and the landlords are SUPER nice.....and very easy going...said we could paint the place if we wanted to in the colors we liked if we didnt care for the colors there......which to me is a BIG plus....cause I like to paint but normally landlords dont want anything but WHITE....how boring...and how dirty with kids.....!!!...Jesse's new school is right down the road from the apt and its a small school again which I totally love!!!....more one on one with the teacher and kids when the classes are smaller.

We gave them our money and we can start moving in this weekend....which means I will be busy as heck tonight and tomorrow getting stuff packed up.....and that also means I wont have access to the computer for a while until we get everything all settled there....so if you dont hear from me after this weekend for a week or so...dont be alarmed!!!

Gonna go for now...gotta finish getting Jesse ready for school and in middle of doing laundry.....talk later today.....LisaL

04-25-2002, 04:59 PM
Crone....guess what...guess what????? WE GOT THE HOUSE..............YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!!!!!
The bank called this afternoon and said they had found a company willing to take on our PMI part of the loan and so now it is a done deal.......so we now have to try to talk to the "NEW" landlord about renigging our lease we signed last night....YIKES....but hopefully he will be ok with it...considering we didnt sign in until last night at 8pm........ok gonna go for now......take care...LisaL

04-25-2002, 09:47 PM
At least I think so. Kind of losing count. I'm in a huge slump but preservering.


Mom: A huge WOO-HOO to you! That is wonderful news about the house. I operate on the theory that when we stop pursuing something or someone, that something or someone turns right around and starts pursuing us. You had adjusted and signed the new lease and were looking forward to the duplex ... wham, out of the blue, the house you really wanted turned around and came after you. Works every time! :)

This works for me in weight management, too, but it's not such a good thing in that regard ... if I stop "pursuing" the demise of those extra pounds, they turn and come after me. Sigh. :?:

04-26-2002, 12:21 PM
the 13th day of my streak, that is!

Congratulations to me! :smug: :cool: :s:

04-26-2002, 09:22 PM
Crone...you go girl....13 days of streaking is awesome....you only have a week left to make that 21 day goal of starting a HABIT!!!
I wish I could say the same for my end....but I just CAN NOT get myself together....who knows....maybe once the nice weather gets here and we move into the house....I will get my act together....lord knows I will be so busy packing and unpacking and arranging the house the way I want it....and then I will be outdoors alot with the kids in the backyard and I am enlisting the help of my brother ( who worked doing landscaping for years) to come down and help me do a raised multi-level flowerbed.....and then we will be having a garden tilled and I can work planting in there....so I am PRAYING that once we get moved and Jesse surgery is done on next Friday that I will get my life in order and get myself back on track and kicking some butt.

Ok...I have some stuff to get done...going down towards Boston tomorrow to the kids great grandpa ( step great grandpa...still the same to me though ) for his 90th bday ( I think he is 90) and we are staying the night in a hotel with the boys and then heading home in afternoon.....its only a couple hours away but MIL wants to see the boys one more time before they head back to Florida on Tuesday so she offered to put us up for a night.....LOL...how can you reject a free night .....

Take care and hope you had a great day and have a great weekend....LisaL

04-27-2002, 08:36 PM
Mom: I ended my streak today, deliberately. The deus ex machina was several bottles of dulce de leche milk ... sort of dul - ce - machina! :)

The underlying warrant to this little drama of my life is it's just not fun anymore. To be honest, I was having more fun when I was obese! :)

Thanks for being my supporter on this sort of lackluster thread. You're the best! Hope all goes well for your move and your weight loss journey.

Well, there are three more bottles of dulce de leche in the fridge ... you should have seen the look on the convenience store clerk's face when I bought all eight bottles in stock.

04-28-2002, 05:53 PM
Crone.....what is dulce de leche? I dont believe I have ever heard of it?????

Dont be too down on yourself....remember you told me....sometimes we have to give up on things in order for them to turn around and become ours again.......so....take the time you need and when your ready....you will be back on target......I so know what you mean by how HAPPY we are being obese....you eat whatever in the **** it is your little heart desires and it tastes SOOOOOOO good and you dont have to wonder.....well maybe I shouldnt because it is high in points or calories.....and you just go for it......I fully agree....I am happier when I can eat whatever I want whenever I want for NO POINTS...but then I get to the point where I am SO UNHAPPY with the way my clothes fit.....and I then kick myself again and get remotivated....so just give yourself a little vacation that just might be VERY needed in order to regroup yourself......Huge hugs....I am behind ya all the way!!!!

04-30-2002, 09:17 AM
Crone....hoping all is ok with you....I tend to worry when I dont see you post.....if you have fallen off the streak wagon.....just pick yourself up and dust your bottom off and get back on when it feels right to you.....I know....I have to do the same thing....I hate to admit this but since I dropped off the wagon again...I have managed to gain back 10lbs...yep you heard right....10lbs....which I think is TOTALLY DISGUSTING AND UPSETTING....to think I was doing so well with 19lbs under my belt and I have gained back all but 9 of those pounds....SICKENING...but I have faith that the time is coming where I look at myself and realize I find myself disgusting and I get my @$$ in gear......

Take care and talk soon I hope...LisaL