Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ October's Thread #002

10-01-2008, 09:31 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ this thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes physical limitations and/or difficulties.

Please join us in this special thread ~ to give support and encouragement; and share ideas, or just chat with one another ...


10-01-2008, 09:47 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we were so busy and elated about finding a place to live last night that I completely forgot to start the new October thread. Ignore that number thing that came up when I click on the title box. I know that you like the monthly thread so you don't have to go back through too many posts if you get behind.

THANKS MEOWEE ~ for the reminder that it is the first day of October today. We have had so much on our minds lately with having to move and health issues and company; my mind is in too many places at once ... lol!

HEY PURPLE ~ glad you were able to come in to post after your trip to London. Sorry that you had a bad fall; I sure hope that your shoulder and hip are feeling better soon. Will be sending up some prayers for that, for sure!

Thanks for your encouragement about a home; we sure had slim pickins' here right now. I think the stress was that so many places fell through and then some didn't bother to call us back: it was a bit frustrating for us. :( ANYWAYS, we are grateful that we have found a cute, little place before the snow flies. ;)

We are taking the smaller house; it has only one bedroom and a very small utility/pantry closet off the kitchen, but it does have a basement and a small shed for DH to use; and to store all the stuff we can't fit in the house ~ LOL!

Speaking of birthdays, I am turning the big "50" this month; almost can't believe that I'm leaving the forties now. Oprah once said that her fifties were her favorite years so far. I sure hope it's the same for me; but so far, so good ... with us getting a new place to live.

HIYA VAL ~ hope you are having a great week!

HI CAFFEINE IV ~ haven't seen you for awhile; hope you are feeling well this week.

Hope you all have a great evening, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-01-2008, 10:08 PM
Hi MEOWEE ~ just a reminder that we would appreciate it if you could put this new thread up as a red sticky for us. Thanks, we appreciate your help a lot ...


10-02-2008, 06:41 AM
Hi ladies

It seems a much nicer day out side today with sun :sunny: though you do need to wrap up warm. I had just popped outside and though I will be OK but I sure felt it and was glad to get back indoors.

ROSEBUD :~ Yes much to think about when moving home and if you are like me there is inevitably something you forget to do. Though I am fairly well organised and so things went pretty smoothly.

Great that you have a new home and if it is not to both of your liking you can always now look round at a more leisurely pace as you have a roof over your head. Shame all your belonging will not fit in to your new place but thankfully you now have a place to call home.

When I moved from the 3 bedroomed Victorian house I had to downsize to go in this bungalow. This has 2 bedrooms and 1 less reception room downstairs oh and yes no cellar (basement) . It was hard at first knowing what to keep and what to say goodbye to but we eventually did it. The only thing I really miss is a formal dinning room we only have a lounge and a kitchen. Neither of which are big enough to put a dinning table up not even a small one. Though overall I was so pleased to be on one floor and no more stairs to fall down. I felt independent for the first time in months, instead of relying on DH to help me down the stairs or to take the washing down the stairs or back up for that matter. Now I can do all of that on a good day. All those little things to me meant the world as I have always been fiercely independent.

My DH sister has just had her 50th birthday this weekend and she went away to the caravan she has with friends. We are suppose to be having a family meal but trying to get us all in one place at one time is proving difficult.

Time to go and brush my hair ready to go out. Only been out so far in the back garden. So till next time bye bye :wave: purpleorc :hug:

10-02-2008, 10:04 AM

Still overcast and cool around here . . . but it could be worse. Off to do the weekly mall-crawl this afternoon since we missed last week because of my silly cold.

I've been doing a little bunch of cross-stitch fridge magnets this past week and just realized that I'd better get back to working on those aprons. Told you I'd somehow manage to put it off -- but Christmas is getting closer.

See you all later . . . :grouphug:

10-03-2008, 05:11 AM
Hi chickadee :wave:

It appears another lovely day outside but I know there is a definate good nip in the air so will have to wrap up warm.

Last night went to play cards the first time this week as due to delivery we have not managed to go. Did no good at the cards but did win a raffle a bottle of washing up liquid. (no so many households here have dishwashers though more are now) good for us as we do not have a dishwasher and will not have room in our small kitchen oh well cest la vie :p .

MEOWEE You seem very gifted with your ability to do handicrafts. Some people just have the touch and get enjoyment from doing it as well. I can embroider, crochet and do simple knitting patterns. Though me and sewing machines do not mix it is a recipe for disaster :D

The grocery shops are inevitable it is the dint they make in our pockets that is the trouble. Everything just keeps going up not much ever goes down!

Sorry but this has had to be a flying visit as I am very shortly going to my parents and I am not ready. Says she still sat in her night clothes and dressing gown. So got to get my skates on and get myself in gear. Will have a walk this afternoon into town to go and get some cheap flaxseed at my parents healthfood shop. Then do a bit of window shopping it is nice there as they do not have a shopping centre as such so lots of smaller shops not all the big brand high street names. Bye and see you soon :wave: purpleorc :hug:

10-03-2008, 12:56 PM

Great shopping trip yesterday . . . great lunch too, but have to own up to the carrot cake and too many garlic breadsticks. :o

Today will definitely be better -- it may include more shopping but it will NOT include any carrot cake or breadsticks. :lol: Actually things are going well since I've already had my good OP lunch and the sun is actually shining out there too.

But, just like PurpleOrc mentioned, there is a definite nip in the air. :yes:

10-04-2008, 07:13 AM
Hi Ladies

Suppose to rain :rain: today and so by the looks of the clouds the forecasters seem to have got it right. I think I will have a little dog here will will need more than a gentle persuasion when it comes to going for a walk in a bit :D He has anything associated with water and that includes rain ;)

Went to play cards last night DH won 1st but had to share it. This drive was money so the first and second prize money was shared between them. I won a raffle of $4 ( i think that is roughly the amount in dollars.) So we did well over all.

We are having chicken casserole today for lunch with lots of vegetables, I have the casserole on at the minute and boy does it smell lovely. It is a big casserole so there will be enough for the next day as well. Chicken was on offer so we have got a cheap meal all in all.

I feel a bit snuffly (if that is an English word :D ) hope I am not having a cold. My face has been hurting not sure if that is a sign of a cold or the real change in temperature which has triggered that. I hope it is the latter as it as been so long since I had a cold. Not that I am complaining about that ;)

MEOWEE Like you I go off the rails once in a while we are not angels :angel: I had a chocolate bar last week and I did not have no excuse like TOM to hide behind :o Though I kind of figure one going of the rail can be righted with a few days of being on plan and being very good in the food department.

I went shopping yesterday and I was a lucky bunny :bunny: as DH bought me a necklace lovely round disc with pink and purple stone in it on a silver chain. Managed to pick up some flaxseed and goji berry mix to put on my cereal in the morning. Then some dried apricots which I like as a snack but do have to ration myself otherwise I can go overboard .

Mum bought a lovely navy cardigan with gold buttons down it looks rather smart. We then stopped for a coffee at the shop for me to get my second wind and take some painkillers.

Right time for me to do some work in the kitchen, like make some flaxseed cakes and put vegetables on for lunch. So it needs to be action stations in there. Before I go hello to VAL, ROSEBUD and CAFFIENEIV :wave: So till next time take care everyone purpleorc

10-04-2008, 10:33 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

And it is another gloriously sunny one around here . . . :yay: . . . must get out and play -- it probably won't be long before you have to listen to me complaining about the snow, so I'd best enjoy this while I can.

Happy to say I ate clean yesterday and have my :crossed: that I'll make it two in a row today.

Hope everybody has a good Saturday -- rain or shine -- keep things moving and shaking, gang . . . :carrot:

10-05-2008, 06:16 AM
Hello fellow chicks

It has been raining :rain: since yesterday around tea time and I don't think it has stopped yet. Oh well looks like we will have a walk in the rain today if it does not clear up anytime soon.

I have some baking to do in a little while and I need to go and shower. At the moment I have some oil in my hair which I put in as it was feeling dry at the ends. Just now mustering up the energy to go and get things started. Know it will be fine once I get cracking it is the get cracking that I have trouble with. Morning particularly are slow for me and I have very little get up and go. Showers make me feel worse as it brings on symptoms from my MS like pins and needles and fatigue.

MEOWEE Glad your having a little bit of nice whether. The thought of snow makes me shiver I am so lucky that we do not get snow. When I say we don't get snow it is very light dusting if we do unless if you live in parts of the highlands of Scotland and on some of the remote parts of Northern England. Even then their snow fall is nothing like the snow you have.

Good for you eating on plan I am sure that will make up for your faux pas on the garlic sticks and carrot cake. Yesterday we went to the farmers market and we had an ostrich burger which is low in fat but I find them filling now so my eyes were bigger than my belly ;) We go there once a month as that is when they come and get our burgers and ones to bake at home. There are so many nice things at the farmers market I do not know what to buy as we all have a budget. So I have to be ruthless with myself otherwise I would over spend dramatically

Time to do the baking etc so bye for now.

10-05-2008, 11:12 AM

I so :love: having you round this thread PURPLEORC. This is pretty much the only regular thread I post in where I'm not always the first one to sign in everyday. :lol:

It's sunny and coolish again today but I hve no great plans for my day so far. Just have to see what develops.

10-06-2008, 11:41 AM
Hi fellow chickadees.

Just returned from Huddersfield which is a city in Yorkshire not a super long trip only about 68miles one way. Went to pick up a piece of machinery which had been repaired for BIL. Great journey so no complaints on that front apart from the getting up early when I say early that is 7,30am :lol: I am not an early bird so was a big struggle. I have to be up the same time tomorrow to go for my treatment at the MS centre so I will be more like a snail :snail: tomorrow till I get kick started :yes:

MEOWEE Thanks for your lovely post but I have at least a 5 hours head start on yourself :rofl: with living in the UK so 9 times out of 10 I am able to come on here before yourself. The time difference maybe even more if you have changed your clocks for daylight saving ( I think that is what you know it by) here it is called "end of British summer time". If the clocks are put forward then it is known as " beginning of British summer time) Our clocks are put back 1 hour on 26th October this year and forward one hour for summer time.

:wave: hello to ROSEBUD, VALDINE & CAFFIENEIV. I know that you are all busy at the minute or away on holiday but I thought I would say a quick hello and hope that you are all well.

Must go and answer my mail, put the kettle on but not in that order I hasten to add :D a girls got to get her priorities right :lol: I a have a fair amount of mail to answer as I have not done it for a few days so it has built up. I have been good this weekend and managed all my chores with my DH help so up to date on that front :yes: Bye for now and take care :hug: purpleorc :hug:

10-06-2008, 02:02 PM
Hi everybody . . . :grouphug:

Oh wow -- don't get me started on Daylight Savings Time -- I hate time changes because it seems to take me at least a week to get used to them. We call the non-DST period "Standard Time" for some totally stupid reason. Stupid because DST is at least two months longer and, to me, it should be considered the standard. :dizzy:

Speaking of time, though -- :lol: -- this just seems to be one of those days when it moves at about twice the normal speed no matter what you call it. It's 2 pm already and I have no idea what I've got to show for the day so far.

Other than that -- nothing exciting -- and it is another beautiful sunny day.

10-07-2008, 12:49 AM
HI LADIES ~ I'm FINALLY BACK!!! I wish I was on holidays, but I wasn't; and I didn't realize that I hadn't even come in here all week. I didn't even get in here to read anything, so it will take me a few days to catch up.

No, we had some unexpected stuff that we had to do that has had me busy from morning til night; and last night, I was up to 2 am determined to get it finished. I had mentioned it in passing but didn't go into too much detail. Too complicated, paper stuff, and a favor for a family member; involving a lot of research, typing, and editing. I finally finished it all today, and boy, what a relief it is. DH says that now maybe we can get some sleep again.

And on top of that, things fell apart for that house we had found. We had some more questions that needed to be answered; so I called for more details and we didn't get the responses we had hoped for. By Friday, I decided to go searching and find out what we would be in for and we finally realized that the place would just be too expensive thanks to some people who knew someone who lived there before. So it's a NO-GO; and I'm glad, becuz I don't want to have to move out again and be financially strapped or should I say, trapped ~ LOL!

THANKS PURPLE ~ for keeping up this thread for us; I knew that you would realize that something had happened or we were away. In this case, we were indisposed on two fronts. We have been out searching for places to live, so our week has been very busy. Once again, we've had trouble reaching people for some reason. This weekend, we are supposed to go see another house; but after that last experience, I'm not going to get my hopes up too high.

THANKS TO YOU TOO, MEOWEE ~ for putting this thread up as a red sticky for us; and for keeping it going along with our PURPLE. DH made us a nice bonfire tonight to burn some old wood; and I just love that on a cool, bugless, October night.

I'm sure that VALDINE is very busy with her new job; I bet she is hopping and skipping on her toes, while she trying to learn her new position. We truly wish you well, VAL!

HI CAFFEINE ~ hope you are doing well and that your seizures and headaches aren't too bad for you lately.

Well, it's late and tomorrow, I will have more time to come in and read more. Take care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-07-2008, 04:07 AM
Hi Ladies

This is going have to be a quick post today as it is my day for my treatment and I am coming to post just before I go there. So excuse any mistakes but I don't function none to well at 7.30am :snail:

MEOWEE I know what you mean that some days just fly by and some how you have nothing to show for the day:shrug: I have a habit of starting one job then thinking about another so starting that one but not finishing the first. Before I know where I am I have 4 or 5 jobs on the go which is too much for me to do. I have done this more times than I care to remember and I sometimes end up in tears just through sheer frustration at myself :cry:

I must admit I like the winter months but that is for selfish reasons as I feel much better in the winter as the days are cooler. Though i know for many others that is just not the case and summer is much better for them as they are in less pain.

ROSEBUD So sorry that the house has fallen through and you are back to searching again. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise if was going to leave you financially trapped for money. I hope and pray that you find somewhere soon.

Gosh you have been a busy :bunny: bunny staying up till the wee hours of the morning doing a favour for a family member. I have done that before now for my niece before she has access to a PC and did all the research on William Shakespeare then printed it off and odd bits I typed and made a synopsis of it. So I know how much work it can be, it did not seem to be too bad at first and it just snowballs and gets bigger. I knew that she would have to go into some depth as she is at a very academic school which you much pass an exam for when you are 11. It isn't a private school but government run one but it takes the cream of children who are educationally bright. My mum went to that school but needless to say I didn't :D I am absolutely useless at mathematics and really struggle and it baffles me :shrug:

I know that peoples lives are sometimes busy and of course things take precedence to this as they should. You all did the same for me when Dad was in hospital so think nothing of it.

Time for me to stop rattling on and go and get ready otherwise I will be going in my nightie :D Take care till next time :hug: purpleorc :wave:

10-07-2008, 12:49 PM
Hi gang . . . :grouphug:

Oh ROSEBUD . . . so sorry to hear about the house . . . there's bound to be a better one just around the next corner, Chickie.

Speaking of Winter . . . :mad: . . . our gorgeous streak of weather is having a bit of a holiday today -- it's raining and the high is not going to get above 5 or 6 (that's the low 40's for those of you who don't 'speak' metric'). :brr: I'm definitely not ready for this yet.

Slept in again this morning and think it's got a lot to do with the fact that it stays so dark so much longer right now. Guess I'd better set my alarm for a few mornings to get my internal clock rewound. I have to take little Sandy to the Vet's by 8 am on Thursday morning and at this rate I'll never get there on time. :lol:

Have a great day . . . see you later . . . :carrot:

10-07-2008, 10:48 PM

Rosebud is right. I'm on my toes! Been working several 13 hour days. So when I get an evening off I am full on unwind mode. Lots of walking and pilates. If I'm going to work this hard I need to be especially dilligent about exercise if I want to keep my stress levels in check.

I got a blackberry for work so I'm able to check my work email 24/7. And I tried to use this phone as an excuse to quit my casual job at Reitmans. Alas the manager there wouldnt let me give my notice.. and now I can carry the phone on the sales floor.

I love my job so far. I'm responsible for all internal and external communication at city hall. I'm far from perfect and there arent enough hours in the day to get everything done that I should. But it's a great change.

I'm road tripping to southern manitoba for thanksgiving with my brother - we will spend the weekend with our parents.


Rosebud - it sounds like your housing situation is up in the air? So you checked up on the house but do you have somewhere else to go now? Im sure it will work out no matter. Good for you for doing due dilligence on that place before you took it.\

Purple I saw your progress pictures! WAY TO GO!!!! :high: You are such an inspiration!

HI to Meowee and Caffeineiv :wave:

I dont know when I'll be back next. But you all are in my thoughts!

10-08-2008, 05:45 AM
Good morning :wave:

Nice sunny :sunny: day here at the minute but it is deceiving after opening the back door it is really cold out there so I need to wrap up warm.

Going to do my weekly shopping today and just prepared the list to do it. DH on Friday is helping his nephew move home apparently it is not very far away. His other Uncle is helping as well so more hands make light work of the job. The nephew has been good to us over the years as he is a pc wizard so has helped us learn when we were complete green horns and we just about knew how to switch a PC on :lol:

We were due to go and play cards last night in a village about 28 miles away. We left at the normal time and very shortly after leaving home the traffic seemed heavy and eventually it was virtually at a standstill. We put the radio on to listen :listen: to the traffic report and it said that there had been an accident involving a lorry and 2 cars. The motorway (freeway) was closed in both directions for 2 junctions (junctions here are slip roads that leave the freeway and they have numbers to them my home town is served by 3 junctions depending on whether you live North, South or Central part of the city) going Southbound and Northbound. The motorway is called the M1 and it was the first to be built here in the late 1950's or early 1960. The Southbound goes to London and the Northbound goes up to Newcastle. So it runs a fair stretch of the country. I would imagine with the road being closed that their must have been a fatality. I really I that there was not a fatality and I can only pray that was not the case. Unfortunately you do see idiotic driving behaviour on the road and the motorway brings the worst out in people. Mainly as it is straight road so people speed at foolish speeds. The maximum speed for this road is 70mph. Police do put speed traps up but they can not catch all speedier. If you are caught speeding it is 3 points on your driving licence and a fixed penalty of $80. You are only allowed 12 points on your licence and then you are banned for driving.

MEOWEE I kind of though :yikes: that is cold 4 or 6 but then just found out that we were not much better than you at only 2 degrees higher today. So my grass is not much greener over here so they say. Though we are suppose to go to 14 later in the day gosh that will seem like a heat wave :lol:

I hope nothing to seriously wrong with Sandy and that it is routine vaccinations.

VALDINE Good to hear from you and how you are going at work. Gosh you are busy at the minute but you are doing the right things to protect your health as much as anyone can. Ooh nice a blackberry I hear they are nice but never seen one in action. I have only seen them on sale in the mobile (cell phone) shop. I know my DH will be envious of you :s: I know he would love :love: a blackberry phone.

Thanks for the nice comments regarding my progress pictures. I eventually plucked up the courage and though that this site has given me so much and especially the success stories which are good to read or see the photographs which keep you motivate. So I decided to post my before and now pictures. Not that I am at my goal weight which I do not know if I will achieve I am now struggling to lose the weight, It is so true about what they say the last 10 to 20lbs is the hardest to shift.

I noticed under your avatar you have something about the swank diet for MSers. I wonder if you were eating this diet. I would love to be able to eat it but I do not think I am so disciplined to do the restrictive diet. I think if I was I would end up many times cooking 2 meals one for me and one for DH. I hear that people who are on it lose weight as it is so "clean and healthy" plus a reduction in meat and fats.

Right time for me to wash up and get going so bye bye and take care :hug: purpleorc :wave:

10-08-2008, 09:20 AM
Good Morning . . . wow, it really is morning, too. :lol: Yes, I did set the alarm last night and then got up half an hour before it went off. :shrug:

Looks like (now that it is actually daylight) we will be getting a better day today -- it is not raining and the forecast is calling for mostly sunny and a high of 12/13 (mid-50s). We'll see -- it is definitely cold right now.

Anyway, got to run -- must scoop the kitty litter and then get the garbage out to the road for our once every two weeks pick-up -- even with just myself and the cats, it does seem to mount up.

See you later . . . :wave:

10-08-2008, 10:00 PM
HI LADIES ~ Went into town shopping today, was running out of essentials, esp things like fruit and DH's bread (he was down to one slice). WE had a good trip but it started to rain on us and we went out for a light lunch and rested our feet, as we did a bit of walking today, but I love to get the exercise even if I pay later with aching feet.

HI VALDINE ~ glad your job is going well for you; and keeping busy isn't necessarily a bad thing. That can keep you from getting bored, as long as you know how to pace yourself and don't wear yourself out. Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend with your family.

MEOWEE ~ would you believe that we have had snow at least two times in the last week??? YES, SNOW!!! We had two days of sun this week, and rain today. We went down to -5C the other night; we couldn't believe it, as it's still early October. Two cold falls in a row, so much for EL NINIO (sp) or whatever they call it ~ LOL!

HEY PURPLE ~ you are an inspiration; actually, you all are. You guys keep me going even though right now I'm not losing anything. I am still trying to eat healthy and living with a lot of stress right now with no place to live and some other issues, which hopefully will be on the back burner for awhile. Our THANKSGIVING is coming up on the 13th and we are looking forward to turkey and yams; maybe I'll even make DH a pumpkin pie and me just a pumpkin custard for fun.

You guys cheer me up; with your great attitudes! I have heard that others have had the same problem as me and they just try to maintain for a while, then go on a bit stricter plan for 3-4 months and then maintain again; and so on. It seems to work for them, so maybe I'll try something like that. As soon as we find out where we'll be living, maybe things will be better for me too.

RE: HOUSE ISSUE ~ what happened was that we went to see this cute little house and asked lots of questions and heard lots of promises by the landlord. Although I did express concern whether our furniture could fit, we thought we could be flexible. I told him we would take it if the $$$ details worked out; which I would call him about. So I made up a list of questions as I was doing the figuring, and called them back, but I couldn't get satisfactory answers and some even surprised me a bit. So I decided that I'd better do some more investigation before taking it. The landlord was pressing us to take it in two weeks, but I said no, let's wait a bit. Anyways, I knew someone who new the previous tenants and went to see them. I was shocked to find out that the costs for the place were more than DOUBLE than we were told! :yikes:

So we didn't take it after all; and a lesson was learned here. We now know what questions to ask. We haven't looked for a place in over 16 years; and so we had forgotten what it was like: a nightmare really. We have looked at a lot of places and many times we call, and they are already taken. It can be a bit frustrating when you only have 8 weeks to look and now we only have 3 left; with little success. I'm surprised just how many people are looking for places right now, just before winter.

The sad thing is, that there are places sitting here empty, but the prices are way out of our league: you'd think this was Toronto, by what they are asking. My sister says that they are asking as much as a major city from the south. So we just have to keep going and trust that one will show up eventually; we put our name in a for a small apartment again today, and we are going to look at a small house this weekend.

ANYWAYS, have a great evening and take good care of yourselves :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-09-2008, 09:08 AM
Hi Ladies

Well I am here sitting with a towel on my head smelling like a herbal store :rofl: I thought I would do a wee experiment after doing a bit of reading about natural dying. I have been toying for a while about dying my hair but do not want to go down the route of using chemicals dyes on my head for fear they will damage my hair which is as you know is long. I have kept my hair in good condition as I do not use harsh chemicals on my hair, I do not perm it (oh but I have been down this route in the past :yes: ) I do not blow dry it only air dry it and when I wash my hair I use the condition, wash and then condition method ( time consuming but worth it for soft silky hair) Well I am not brave enough to dye it at present so I though maybe a less permanent solution of a rinse maybe the way forward. So seeing as I have natural red highlights to my hair I have had a go at enhancing them. I cooked up this concoction to put on my hair last night and then steeped it over night. Strained it this morning and just pour over the strained brew. So that is the point I am at now sitting for about 30 minutes to take effect. You bet after all this trouble I won't see a blind bit of difference :lol: but a girl can dream of having lovely auburn locks ;)

I have everything prepared for lunch today we are having turkey thigh joint I know it is not a lean as breast joint but it is cheaper in this time when we are all having to tighten our belts due to the price rises. I felt this was a comprimise but not straying to far from our meal plan. Serving it with vegetables which are already done( just need steaming) and sitting in fridge. I did all the preparation last night as I knew mornings are not my great time.

My goodness where does time go :dunno: , one minute I was typing this and next I have now finished lunch, cooked some muffins and showered not necessarily in that order :D. Now I am munching on a yoghurt :eating2: and just about to relax with coffee :coffee: It is one of those morning well afternoons now that I hop from job to job not really finishing any of them but being shattered at the end of the day as I have taken on board too much.

MEOWEE I know you have your hand full this morning catching elusive Sandy who has vanished as he has seen the cat box coming out and no way is he going in there to see the vet. So with my past experience you end up with a few scratching for your troubles as the cat turns into this evil monster when trying to get them into the cat box.

Don't have that trouble now as we have a dog as you know but he has his own unique :yes: way at the vets which makes you want to crawl into the nearest hole and deny all knowledge that he's our dog. He howls at the top of his voice and is like this demented demon :devil:. He is not nasty or anything just plain over the top excited due to all the smells of the different animals. Plus he wants to meet and greet everything and everyone in site. So that my little darling pooch when he goes to the vet :lol3:. On a more serious not I hope that Sandy is OK and that is nothing too serious.

ROSEBUD I have been very lax on the exercise front as I have been busy lately but also my back has been very painful. Not that I have done anything to aggrevate it or injury it. I think it is the chicken :chicken: or the egg :egg: quandry is it wear and tear from my nursing days or is it my MS.

With stress :stress: that you are going through at the minute the best to hope for is that you eat as well as you can and deal with what you need to at present.

Never thought of doing the method of healthy eating then maintaining for a few month before embarking on a stricter eating regime. It just might work and give you time to adjust and it will ease finacial situation as when you lose weight in the time scale that I have I am not in clothes very long so I only bought a few at that size very loathed to spend anymore than I needed too. Also like yourself we are on a limited budget so it makes things a wee bit harder. It will give you time during the maintaining period to save a few dollars ready for your new collection of clothes. I also found that I have bought a few execellent buys from charity shops. Not sure if you have them but they are shops who sell second hand goods mainly clothes and the profit goes to the organisation like help the aged, OXFAM to name a few. Admittedly the smaller I have got the more choice I have had and bargains I have found. Plus I feel I am helping a charity in return.

Wow thanks giving is creeping up us again ::thanks2: when I say us I mean for the people of Canada and the States. We do not have such a celebration in the UK. I have never had pumkin pie or pumkin custard. We can not buy it tinned as you are able to only fresh. I have used pumpkin but as a vegetable by roasting it and treating it more like a marrow (squash). I will not buy pumpkin until after Halloween :haphal: as they are very expensive as people here tend to use them only for making lanterns out of . :yikes: what a waste I love the vegetable but do not get to eat much as it is only sold for limited time. I like to make a soup out of it as well and that is very tasty for the winter months.

Well enough of my gossiping :blah: and also I am getting tired :tired: bye and see you later :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-09-2008, 09:55 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE ~ well we had sun and rain, on and off all day. I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning house like a madcap ~ LOL! I can't believe I did so much, but my arms, legs, shoulders, and feet are very glad to remind me. So I am taking a break now to rest them up; only my fingies are doing the walking for now; lol!

DH took another load to the dump today: insulation from his shed which he tore down; he's almost done now. He's doing great, esp since all the help I tried to hire never showed up. I thought people wanted money today; oh, they want it, but they just don't wanna work for it ... I guess! :?:

Tomorrow, we look at more places; hope we find something soon; I hate leaving things to the last minute. I was always the one who arrived early becuz I hate being late for anything; always Miss Punctual ~ lol! So all this waiting is very hard for me. I hoped for at least one week to move, at a reasonable pace, and one to tidy and clean up behind us. Our neigbours have been moving for more than three weeks now; apparently, they knew something before we did, but no-one cared to share that with us.:(

HEY PURPLE ~ I think you are very brave to try and dye your hair with a homemade potion; I know that you used to be able to buy a natural "HENNA" rinse for your hair. It does work, if you get the right one; but you have to be careful not to put on too much or you'll end up with 'fire engine' red hair ~ lol!

I didn't realize that you don't have Thanksgiving in the UK. Maybe you could start your own new tradition; you can make pumpkin custard from a real pumpkin; I do that all the time. You can bake it too, but just sprinkle it with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon; and you will get the taste of what pumpkin pie is. I just know that you would love it; it is my DH's favorite pie, so here's a recipe for it ...

PUMPKIN PIE ~ is a custard baked in a flakey crust: made with 2 cups of mashed, cooked pumpkin with 2-3 eggs, 1 cup canned evaporated milk, 3/4 cup brown sugar, and spices like 1 tsp EACH cinnamon & nutmeg; 1/2 tsp mace or vanilla, and a pinch of cloves. I like to put a tablespoon of molasses in as well, to give it a richer flavor and color. Here's a tip: 1 cup of something is about the same amount as an average coffee mug (not the huge ones; just a regular one). Bake at 350 F for 50 minutes (or in a medium-hot oven until the custard is set to the touch).

HI VAL ~ TGIF ... hope you have a great weekend!

HI TO MEOWEE ~ hope the trip to the Vet turned out alright; and that your weather is warming up for you. We actually had in the 50's today; yeah!!!

WE saw a big, beautiful rainbow today; I always love to see them, as they lift my spirits to no end (they represent GOD keeping His promises to us; maybe this was a sign of hope for us). Hope you all have a lovely evening, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-10-2008, 06:06 AM
:wave: hello ladies

Well my experience yesterday to do a colour rinse on my hair was unsuccessful :lol: So I spent all that time for nothing smelling like a herbal shop and not to say all the effort. I have heard of henna but like you I am wary to use it as I know I will get some awful colour rather than some beautiful colour which I want. Mixing the henna leaves and the rest of the concoction together takes some time as well. Maybe the health store does a temporary colour of a henna rinse rather than actual dye.

DH is helping nephew move house today so I thought I would take the time to do some window shopping. Though I will have to rake out my walking stick as I need it when DH is not around to prop me up :D I do not particularly like having my walking stick but needs must as they say. I think I feel self conscious of it more than anything. I am sure no one is looking at me but I just feel that they are.

ROSEBUD Weird how the hired help never turned up to help DH as you say in this day and age you would think people would be grateful for the money. I could not do that to someone either not just turn up I would feel so bad that my conscious would never let me do it. Though other people do not have any qualms about letting folk down. It really baffles me that one :?:

The pumpkin pie sounds delicious and I am sure I would like it. There is not much I do not like when it is sweet :D I think DH would love it too as he has a sweeter tooth than myself.

I love the theory about rainbows that it represents God keeping his promises. I have never heard that one before but I like that thought. No we have the more traditional ones that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but I like Gods promises being kept much nicer.

Right I have to go as I am going into town and I haven't don't my hair as yet it is still sitting in the plait that I have for bedtime so it does not tangle up. :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-10-2008, 08:54 AM
Oh wowee . . . yesterday was not a good day . . . except in the eating department, strangly enough.

Hopefully today will be better all around -- without screwing up on the eating side. :lol:

Have a good Friday . . . see you later . . . :grouphug:

10-11-2008, 12:58 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a beautiful, sunny day today (all day); then tonight we decided to have a bonfire by the stars and 3/4 moon. It was lovely sitting on the deck watching it light up the yard; one of my most favorite pastimes ...

WE spent almost the entire day looking a places. Two were not suitable for us; BUT one of them has great potential, only we still have to do some more investigation on it. We are waiting for a callback on it; which we should get pretty soon.

HI PURPLE ~ hope your next venture of hair tinting works out better for you. Yah, we had tried to hire two different young fellows, but I guess they were too busy. If we get really ... desperate, we'll contact our local employment office for a couple of strong, young men.

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you have a better day tomorrow and a nice Thanksgiving weekend too.

We will be having a turkey with yams, and white turnips from our garden; and pumpkin pie and custard for dessert. I wanted to mention that for the custard, I just sprinkle a lightly greased glass dish with wheat germ or whole wheat flour very lightly, and pour the custard mixture into the dish and bake the same as for DH's Pumpkin Pie. I make enuff pumpkin custard filling for one large pie for him and a custard for me.

:wave: HIYA VAL !

I'm off to bed now, so take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-11-2008, 07:03 AM
Hi ladies

Firstly to all Canadian :happ3: for this weekend hope you have a lovely time. It sure does come round quickly it does not seem a year since the last Thanksgiving.

Today we are going to friends for a meal and then on to play cards with them so looking forward to that. Though my tummy is slightly on the sore side after having a bout earlier in the week with my tummy ulcer. It was my fault I ate something way too fatty I should know better on the healthy eating front and the ulcer one. So I paid for my negligence big time only blessing is now that the severe pain only lasted 12 hours which before my treatment commenced it was 72. The only trouble is after that my tummy is tender after that and becomes swollen. I could not believe it that I put 3" on around my waist from the swelling but it is slowly going down. So I am going to be careful how much I eat tonight and then I should be OK. I know her food is healthy as they are eating healthy. The trouble with them they eat healthy all week only to go away with a motorhome at the weekend where they drink a fair amount of alcohol and all the wrong foods. So they are in a revolving door syndrome as I call it they never get anywhere as they undo all their excellent work during the weekend. She asks me how have I done my weight loss and I explain but then does not follow it but blames it on medication. I know it is nice to have treats I am first in line for those :D but they can not be so frequent otherwise you are not going to get anywhere. Until the penny drops where they are going wrong then they will never get anywhere. It is a shame as they are a nice couple whom I love dearly but as you say you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink it.

MEOWEE I hope you have a better day today after the bad one yesterday. At least it is Thanksgiving this weekend so a nice celebration for you and your family.

ROSEBUD Shame about the hired hands not turning up it is all you need when you are in the process of moving.

You are making my mouth water with the fayre you are having for Thanksgiving it sounds so nice and even a couple of vegetables which are home grown so even better. They always taste so much better than the shop bought ones as I remember from my Dad's garden when he gave us vegetables. He had to give the garden up due to his failing health the last couple years or so. I know he misses it as he has always had a garden from growing up to getting married.

Lets hope the house that you have looked at it the right one and the rainbow that you saw was the sign that God had kept his promises.

HELLO to :wave: VAL and CAFFIENEIV hope you are both well. :thanks: Val for the lovely comments you wrote in the success thread boards that was very much appreciated and made me blush :o. Caffieneiv I hope your holiday here in the UK hav been enjoyable we have had a few nice days with weather here but a lot of overcast days. Not sure how much time you have left of your holiday as I can not remember how long you said you where going for as I have a brain like a sieve at times :?:

bye ladies must go and see to my mail which I have seemed to avoided like the plague ;) so take care and look after yourself :wave:

:hug: purpleorc :hug:

10-11-2008, 10:17 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Weather for our long weekend is shaping up nicely . . . lot's of sunshine and temperatures about 18C (low to mid 60s F). Only beat the alarm by a couple of minutes this morning so I hope that means my internal clock is just about set to where I want it again, although think I'll keep setting the alarm for a few more days before trying to 'wing it'. :lol:

Nothing too big on the agenda for me today -- have to pick up some last minute ingredients for the pumpkin cheesecake I've promised to make for dessert for tomorrow. It will be made with lighter ingredients wherever possible but still not exactly a health-food.

Much as I try to resist, I imagine I will overeat tomorrow -- I'm not a big turkey fan but I definitely :love: the stuffing and the gravy. Stuffing is my downfall. :drool:

Anyway . . . better get myself moving and shaking . . . have a great Saturday and I'll see you all later . . . :wave:

10-11-2008, 11:54 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we just stayed home today and I did laundry and stuff around the house while DH loaded some wood for storage. Not much else to report really; tonight, we had another bonfire to use up more of the extra wood we had here. So we sat outside for about an hour or so until it started to get too chilly.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you are back on a good schedule and hope your Pumpkin Cheesecake turns out for you. I love turkey, dressing, and gravy; actually, I love it all ~ LOL! Oh well, it's a lovely celebration and only once a year.

HEY PURPLE ~ I always try to make lots of veggies at both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that I fill up on them instead of the other stuff. With a bit of the others too, you really don't miss that much. I had a good day today as far as my meals were, but fell in the snack department: gobbled down some popcorn this afternoon, but I suppose that it could have been a lot worse than that. Hope your stomach is feeling better real soon.


Well, I'm off to do a puzzle before bed; take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-12-2008, 11:43 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Busy day today and I'm already behind on my self-imposed schedule. :dizzy: It is a very good thing that these 'special days' only come around once a year.

BTW, just had to post this little article . . . 1012 . . . we may all be doing more for the environmental concerns than we think. I know I got a few surprises. Not to say that we can't all do more, of course. :yes:

See you later . . . :wave:

10-12-2008, 12:30 PM
Hi Ladies :thanks2: Happy thanksgiving for today :thanks2:

It is a glorious sunny :sunny: day today so decided to wash the covers from my three piece suite and :crossed: that I get them dry.

Been busy in the house today with chores doing a good Hoover throughout the house, scrubbed the kitchen floor and then got way to hot so energy just went out of the window at brake neck speed. Feeling better now I have sat down for a while and let my temperature go down. I have been left feeling :tired: tired but I hope that will go the more cooler I become.

I have still got to do my daily exercise but will go as soon as I am fit. Though I suspect it will be a small walk which is better than nothing. Yesterdays walk I run out of steam and had to stop at a caf to recharge my batteries. Had a good 20+ plus stop which was enough to let me get going again. The homeward bound journey though is all downhill so much easier going that way than going.

Last night practised the fandango in the bathroom and failed miserably :lol3: Well the truth of the matter I lost my footing in the bathroom and the next thing I knew I had fallen sidewards on the toilet banging my hip on there and my shoulder against the wall. It hurt and shook me up a bit but It could have been worse if the fall had not been broken some what.

Had a lovely night with friends yesterday, she cooked home made leek and potato soup, roast lamb (New Zealand) with steamed vegetables, then a low fat cheese cake. It was all very nice but the host was worried about how much I had ( or how little I had on) on my plate for the main course. I explained that with the meal as a whole I had eaten way more than I do normally even my DH agreed. I have to eat little and often. To me my dinner was a good sized meal and since starting on my health eating plan I did reduce the size of my portions and had much larger potions of things like fruit and vegetable to fill up on.

We then went on to play a game called RUMMIKUB which is a game with tiles with number values in 4 different colours and 2 jokes. You play it very much like a variation of rummy very enjoyable even though I came last :lol: but I love to take part in games I do not care whether I win or lose I just like the taking part. Played a card game and did equally as bad and came last again :lol3: well at least I was consitant :rofl:

MEOWEE The pumpkin cheesecake sound divine :drool: I think it is really nice to have these little blow outs on special meals like this as it helps us keep on plan the rest of the time. I often tweak my calories leading up to something like that by saving something like 100 to 150 per day it does not sound much but if you do it for a week it give you some 700 to 1050 extra to have on this day so over the week it all pans out to having no more than normal but it allows all these extra calories for the treats. Plus even if you go over the extra calorie limit it is not going to be too damaging. Some people exercise more to get rid of the extra calorie but for us with challenges to overcome doing more on the exercise front is not always a possibility.

ROSEBUD We are rapidly coming up to a night in the calendar that we celebrate and that is bonfire night which is on the 5th of November. This represents the foiled plan of Guy Fawkes blowing up the houses of Parliament hundreds of years ago. Since then a celebration has been done on this day. A effigy of Guy Fawkes is often made and burnt on the bonfire. This is a of thanksgiving to the fact the King on the throne at that time King Charles had been saved.

Also some of the British Commonwealth countries also celebrate this day but it maybe known as pope day. This is because there was great divide in this country about protestants and catholics. Guy Fawkes was catholic and wanted catholic rule as the rest of Europe was. Though still to this day we are a protestant country as our religion. Though unlike years ago other religions are allowed to be freely practised rather than being done secretly.

I will be going out bonfire night to friends to their party they have invited us. So quite looking forward to it. No particular special meal though bonfire toffee is usually eaten. Which has about 1000 calories per small piece. OK so I exaggerate :rofl: a little about that but there is copious amounts of sugar, treacle and butter. All in all it rots your teeth and puts 14lbs on you just looking at it but it is absolutely yummy. We will celebrate it at the weekend as it bonfire night falls in the middle of the week. As you can imagine as soon as it gets dark you get lots of fireworks and the air smells of them as there is so many going of. It is certainly a nice tradition for visitors to the country to see with everywhere the eye goes there is fireworks galore.

Right :gossip: gossipping and blabbering :blah: on I must start tracks with the tea as I have not made in roads in that department today. We are eating a cooked meal today at this time due to being rather full from yesterday so thought it would be best to leave it till later when we would be more hungry.

bye :wave: and take care ladies


10-13-2008, 12:32 AM
HI LADIES ~ we were very blessed today to be invited out to a friend's for a turkey dinner at their place. We also played some games too; and everyone had some fun. It was nice to go somewhere and have a gathering with others at this special time.

HI MEOWEE ~ well, according to that list, DH and I a pretty green people; there were only 1 or 2 that we missed. But I have to say the one about the car's air conditioner was a bit funny: don't use it and you conserve gas; but use it by closing the windows to save on the drag effect, and you'll save on gas ... hmmm ... OKay ~ lol!

HI PURPLE ~ your BONFIRE celebration sounds like fun; we do something like that on our country's birthday most years. And that tile game sounds interesting; I like rummy, but that just sounds like an interesting alternate version.

Maybe your very tiny servings are the secret to your success in your weightloss; and maybe that's something I'll have to work on. As you say, it's much harder for us to keep increasing the exercise, as it wipes us out after a certain amount. I often end up so sore that the next day, I don't want to do anything extra simply becuz just walking is an effort for me ~ lol!

Well, I'll take a look at my servings and see if I can peel a little off them here and there. I did pretty good today, I think; although I did have a small piece of pumpkin pie for dessert, but like MEOWEE says, it's a good thing these days don't come around too often.

One thing that really bothers me, is that we don't have any restaurants here that serve a healthier fare. Some close down and others open up, but they just keep on serving the same high-fat stuff like fried this and fried that. We need a place that serves more grilled items like grilled or roasted fish, chicken, pork, or steak. I'd like something that has lean meat with a salad, and at most, maybe with a small baked potato, if I feel like that. I tried to get something like that this week and wasn't successful at all.

One restaurant advertised a healthier menu, but when we went there, they were closed; can't have customers, if you are not there. It takes time, but you have to build up a clientele by being open at regular times: why were they closed on a Friday at noon??? Do any of you experience the same problem?

ANYWAYS, it's getting late and I'm tired; hope you all are having a great weekend too. I'm going to go ahead and cook a turkey for tomorrow anyways as that will give us something for sandwiches too. Don't want to drag around a whole pile of frozen stuff either. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-13-2008, 11:42 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

I actually did better than I expected at the Thankgsgiving Gorge-fest yesterday -- not a really OP kind of meal, but I did stay away from the really high calorie stuff (well, the mashed potatoes and gravy part anyway). One more big meal (a late lunch) to get through this afternoon and then this holiday will be behind us again for another year. I kind of like that our Thanksgiving is early because it gives us more time before Christmas to eat properly and hopefully, lost a couple of pounds before the really big eating holiday comes around. :lol:

Have a great Monday, gang, even if you do have to go to work . . . :lol:

10-13-2008, 10:07 PM
:wave: HI THERE ~ spent a good part of my day, prepping foods and cooking and baking our turkey dinner; picked some carrots, onions, and turnips from the garden, and cooked them up with sliced celery; and made dressing for the turkey. Made homemade pumpkin pie for DH and a pumpkin custard for me; and they turned out swell.

So now we are both stuffed liked the turkey; Haha!!! I'm sure our stomachs have shrunk as we were feeling full with just one small plate; I think it was all the veggies as they do tend to fill you up faster. It was a very enjoyable meal, and we have leftovers for dinner tomorrow; just heat and serve: yeah! It will be nice to have turkey for sandwiches too.

HI MEOWEE ~ yah, made sure to have lots of veggies to balance out this meal; they can really help you not to eat too much junky stuff. We didn't have much of that around here thankfully (only popcorn this weekend).

We had a very warm day today; very unusual: in the 70's Farenheit. Just perfect for THANKSGIVING DAY, I think. On top of that, we had a nice light breeze come by just before dinnertime too. Now it's time for me to go have my evening tea and maybe I'll even do a puzzle tonight.

HI TO PURPLE and VALDINE ~ hope you both had a lovely day.

Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-14-2008, 03:57 AM
:balloons: :bday2you: :balloons:


10-14-2008, 11:44 AM
Hi Ladies

Tis a quick visit as I am :tired: tired after my treatment I popped in first thing this morning to give birthday wishes to Rosebud but no time for a post this morning.

I had a really bad night with my trigeminial neuralgia last night the worse bout I have had in a long time. Going in the oxygen tank today did give me pain but a manageable pain. This is because you have a mask on your face but not one of these light weight ones but one of these heavy duty ones. There is only one sort of mask that I use and that is the one that has very soft rubber compared with the others. So this has compounded the fact that I am tired today as I slept on and off last night. Will be glad of my bed tonight :D

ROSEBUD I reduced the portion sizes of things that were fatting or high in carbohydrates but over time so I got use to the changes. Then I changed to a slightly smaller plate for my meal. I think of the plate as a clock that I put meat and potatoes roughly into 1/4 of it and the other 3/4 of the plate I fill with seasonal vegetables. That way I do not have to measure and weigh to much which can be time consuming. I do weight my cereal for the morning as I tend to be very heavy handed on those without realising ;) I did not do these changes over night but over weeks and months. That way it is not over whelming and gives your body time to adjust to the new change in the regime.

We had a treat today of a slice of carrot cake :o which probably had my whole days calories in :rofl: but to minimise the effects of the treat we are only having a small tea rather than the planned cooked one. It does us all good to have a treat now and again. Oh that carrot cake sure did taste good that is all I can say :D I have not had one since the beginning of healthy eating.

MEOWEE Sound like you did excellent on the eating front despite all the tempting foods on offer. It is great that it does not come round more than once a year.

Thats all folk till next time

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

10-14-2008, 02:04 PM
Hi there . . . :wave:

A very Happy Birthday to you, ROSEBUD . . . always remember you are just getting better and better -- never any older. :high: Oh . . . and don't forget to get out there and VOTE today, Chickie.

At lest the sun is shining for this Canadian Federal Election Day and I guess I'd better getmyself out there to the polling station and then off to the Doctor's office for my annual flu shot.

Have a good Tursday everybody . . . :grouphug:

10-14-2008, 10:57 PM
AHHH ... THANKS SO MUCH for all the birthday wishes! We had a good day. First, we went and did our civic duty by VOTING for our federal election today. Then we went and put in an application for another place.

After that, we did some shopping and then went out for a little lunch. Then we picked up my birthday present, which I picked out. It is a 3-tiered hand-made wooden bird feeder that I had been admiring for some time, and a small desk organizer kit for my desk. I told DH that all I really wanted was a nice, warm place to live for my birthday ... lol!

MEOWEE ~ THANKS FOR THE B-D WISHES and the voting reminder too. We marked it on our calendar, and it was easier to remember when it falls on your birthday.

THANKS TO YOU TOO, PURPLE ~ for the birthday wishes, esp since you weren't feeling too well; so nice of you to think of me and to come in here and post so early in the morning on a busy day. Am sending up prayers for you that you are feeling better real soon.

Yes, your eating plan sounds great; I have been doing similar things myself and sure could notice this holiday that we couldn't eat as much as we would have in the past. I picked up some more fruit and salad stuff today when we went shopping (strawberries, bananas, and pears).

HI VAL ~ hope you are having a great and exciting week!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-14-2008, 11:08 PM
happy belated thanksgiving fellow canadians

:hug: I hope all is well ladies. Work is overwhelming me. Life is overwhelming me. Being a landlord is overwhelming me. I was at my parents place for the holiday - I wish I could have been there forever!

10-15-2008, 06:02 AM
Hi Ladies

Well I washed a big pile of laundry last night on the weatherman's saying it would be partially sunny today. Oh dear at the minute it is :rain: raining so it looks like I will trying to dry it indoors. Either in the drier for some pieces or on the radiators for those which are unable to be tumble dried.

I have to strip the bed shortly as I have my parents coming over today after the whist drive. Then run the Hoover over as I gave Rizzie some treats last night 2 sticks which smell horrid but he seems to like them :D Well he has got bits from them all over the place not quite sure how he managed that seeing as he ate them in the kitchen. Not to mention his ball which I can assure you will be making its way to the bin very shortly as it is shedding bright yellow bits over the floor. Which stand out like belisha beacons on a plain maroon carpet.

MEOWEE Not sure when my flu jab is for this year but I am due to drop in my prescription so I will find out then from the doctors. I know they only take seconds to administer. They are a real blessing I think this vaccine.

ROSEBUD Your welcome regards the birthday wishes I had it taped inside my medicine box so I would not forget. The main thing you had a nice day.

Hopefully my facial pain has gone as it was for the majority of the day. Although I was fearful it was coming back as at about 11pm last night I had two jolts of pain go through the right side of my face. I normally have it on the left side of my face. It stopped me in my tracks but that was it no more since then. It has left my face tender but I can deal with the tenderness.

I hear that you, Meowee and Valdine all went to the poling station. Well at a risk of sounding not up on foreign affairs :lol3: which election is it in Canada. Not sure if it is the general election as we call it when we vote to see who we want in government for the next 5 years.

VALDINE I understand how everything is overwhelming at the minute you are taking on a new post and new to land lording. So you are finding your feet as you go along and it is all very scary. With several things like these becoming overwhelming it makes life seem overwhelming.

Try to control the things that you can. The most importantly is your health. So try to eat, exercise and rest right. Take your prescribed medication as instructed and that is the best you can do. That is all anyone can do is their best. I hope things start settling down as you become more familiar in the work that you do and more relaxed about being a landlord. Though during this difficult time I am thinking of you and what a wonderful job you do. I know that at your age I could not deal with all those things especially along side dealing with the chronic condition of MS.

Time for me to start my tasks for the day plus cook dinner somewhere inbetween ;) bye and take care :hug: purpleorc :hug:

10-15-2008, 09:16 AM

It was a General Election . . . but we still have a minority federal government, so how long it will last before the next election call is anybody's guess. :shrug:

10-16-2008, 12:09 AM
:hug: HI VALDINE ~ :hug: will send up some prayers for you PRONTO!!! You are under a lot of stress right now. Lots of big changes and new responsibilities in your life all at once. Great advice there from PURPLE; I couldn't have said it better. Step back, take a deep breath; don't forget your PILATES; and GENTLE YOGA can sure be relaxing too. I made up some of my own moves and motions, doing them along with deep breathing exercises, whenever I feel overwhelmed by life.

I do know how you feel; we've had a tough year ourselves. The landlord issues can be sorted out: there is a solution to every problem, and a relaxed, clear mind can make better decisions. As for your job, I'd give the same advice that PURPLE did: tackle only one thing at a time. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish each day and then each week; putting the most important tasks at the top of the list. Start in the morning, and check them off as you get each one done.

A big desk calendar can help you keep track of things also. I am very organized and like to do things like that to help me do my bills and such. You are a smart, strong, young lady; and you already told us that you are fiesty too. Start with yourself; keeping yourself well, with lots of rest and that will help you tackle the other stuff much more easily.

Did you get the apartment ready? Do you have a tenant, or are you showing the place? I would put an ad in the paper and would show it on my day off only. Set aside one day and show it to say only three people. Usually that was enuff to find a suitable tenant. I typed up some basic rules about the rental (ie how many people can live there); and gave a copy to each tenant: it was an informal kind of lease. I chose to include all the costs in one price but made sure to charge enuff to carry the place easily (including some for insurance, all utilities, minor repairs, and a little profit for your troubles).

I charged a "SECURITY" deposit to all my tenants: boy, they sure worked hard to get that back. Meaning, if they wanted it back at the end of the tenancy, they had to keep the place in good condition. If they did any willful damage, I gave them an option: either fix it yourself, or I'd pay someone to fix it with their security deposit. By having the rules already set out on paper, there were less problems for me as a landlord.

HEY PURPLE ~ wonderful advice for VAL there, as usual. Good for you ... notes stuck to the bathroom mirror: that's a great idea! I'm so glad your pain has gone away; nothing worse than pain like that and migraines. Keeping up my prayers for both you and Valdine. Good idea about those vaccinations: DH is down with a cold or flu that is taking a while to go away. Just sent him to bed with an aspirin and a bottle of water: poor dear!

HI MEOWEE ~ gee, I haven't heard what the results were of the elections; which party(ies) won? Another minority: oh boy, lots of issues there. Our people here are all losing their jobs because of a lack of trees or wood product sales, or both, whichever is the truth ... who knows. Another lovely Christmas for the people in the north; Santa will be on a diet again this year! LOL! Gonna have to prayer a lot harder for everyone ...

ANYWAY, was a bit under the weather myself, but now I am feeling better; just did stuff around the house like laundry myself today. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-16-2008, 12:31 AM
just running by before I go to bed. Hopefully I can read up on the thread this weekend.

I just wanted to thank you ladies for the thoughts and prayers. And Purple I think you're wrong - you have and are persevering so much so dont undercut yourself. Thanks for the ego boost though. I decided not to tell my new employer that I have MS -- so I'm feeling some pressure to not use that as an excuse for anything. ever.

I am joining a lunch time yoga class starting next week. And now I'm off to inject my interferon before I forget. :hug: thank you for the love and reminders to take care of myself. I'm trying.

( Rosebud I have 2 guys living in the house with me besides my brother .. now it's just winterizing the house to take care of . I missed it but did you find a place to move to yet?)

10-16-2008, 01:22 PM
Hi Ladies

Just a quick pop by before I make a drink to take my afternoon medication. I have my parents here at the moment as Dad is going to hospital for a check up tomorrow. Thought today he has had his car in to have a service and MOT (a test you must have annually to show that your car is fit for the road) That MOT alone cost $80+ so not cheap but does ensure that your car is of a certain standard for the road.

Not time to answer your post possibly until Saturday but nice nevertheless to drop by to catch up on the news.

Today we have had big parade through London to celebrate the Paralympians and Olympians success in Bejing. Today also is the 50th celebration of the childrens Televisions shows Blue Peter. Over the years they have had different presenters but it still is as popular as ever.

Time to go now wow that time just whizzed by.

:hug: purpleorc :wave:

10-17-2008, 12:08 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had very cool weather today, but the sun finally came out in the afternoon; and we've had a big yellow moon out there tonight: so nice against the dark sky. Last night, there was a kind of multi-colored rainbow around the moon: unusual and very pretty. My camera couldn't get a pic of that as I needed a bigger zoom to get something that far away.

HI VAL ~ glad you are getting things sorted away in your house; yah, the cold weather comes, and the storm windows have to go up; gotta get the oil tanks filled up to keep nice and cozy. And, depending on how cold it is, you may have to cover some windows with clear plastic and thick, lined curtains to keep out the cold winds. We put up 1-inch foam pieces to fit the top of our windows plus curtains and plastic where needed too. The southern folks don't have to worry about such things. Wide (2.5"), clear tape that comes in a big roll is also very handy for taping around windows and door sashes: and it doesn't look too unsightly either. You can buy that at any hardware store; and then we just peel it off in the spring when it isn't needed anymore.

Let me know how your yoga classes go, I used to watch some ladies that had yoga shows on TV. I can only do the simple stuff as I don't have the flexibility like I did when I was young, but you can still do some movements if you are careful. And NO, we haven't found a place yet, but we did get some good news today; we have more flexibility to get a place than we thought. I'm concerned that I'm wasting time on wild goose chases, when we really need to focus on the renting thing for now. I don't want to make any drastic decisions because we are feeling pressured to find a place. Two months isn't really long enough to find a place in a small town when you only have a handful of places come up each week and dozens of people looking.

We are noticing that the access into many places isn't very good; meaning for people with physical challenges trying to go up 20+ stairs outside a building is ridiculous, esp for me. Not to mention, that I have a terrible fear of heights/stairs because of bad falls; and most of them have this access problem. It is sad to see the line-up of seniors and middle-aged persons trying to find accessable and affordable lodgings. Our country did not prepare itself for this problem; people have been warning about it for years. Money is desperately needed for housing up here; but will it come??? :shrug:
ANYHOW, that's my rant for today ~ LOL!

HEY PURPLE ~ hope you have a good visit with your parents; and that everything goes well for your DAD at his appointment tomorrow. DH had to take our car to get the steering fluid lines checked; turns out one is leaking, so we are waiting for parts to arrive for tomorrow and the mechanic will fix it for us. Thankfully, it was just a line and nothing bigger than that. That should set us up OK for the winter.

We may go out to look at another place tomorrow afternoon as well; it's keeping me busy just manning the phones and looking around. Baked some fruit-filled bran muffins today for DH for snacks. We had fish with salad and veggies for dinner tonight; a nice change after having turkey three nights this week already. I put some in casseroles with leftover veggies and gravy into the freezer for dinners later on.

Well, time to go for now; it's getting late and I want to get my legs up for awhile. Take good care, chickies; your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-17-2008, 09:13 AM

Woke up yesterday with a nasty pinched-nerve kind of back ache and spent most of the day flat out in bed. It's still with me, but a little less so this morning so I thought I'd try sitting and typing for a little while anyway.

Now on my good news; bad news front -- after seeing quite a few double digit BGLs, I decided to bite the bullet and put myself back on insulin. The first 6 months I was off insulin held together fine because I was still taking Actos. The past 6 months without the Actos have been getting consistently worse and worse. So, it was time to do something (past time, actually, but I kept hoping for a miracle) and I know the doctor will not let me go back to Actos (nasty long-term side-effects are too possible) so it's back to playing human pin-cushion for me.

Other than that, it's another rainy day around here and that is not helping with the back ache either and I won't be doing too much of anything today. We have a Municipal election tomorrow and at the rate I'm moving, doesn't look like I'll make it to the polls.

Have a good one everybody . . . think this little guy is about all the moving and shaking that will be seen around my house today . . . :carrot: . . . well, other than the cats; they never sit still for too long (when they are awake).

10-17-2008, 07:00 PM
Hi Ladies

Just popped by after a long day of visiting the hospital at the outpatients department then out for dinner. Then on to my parents home out playing cards tonight then back to my house. To say the least I am whacked. Oh yes I have made a casserole for tomorrows lunch to slow cook over night ready for tomorrow. All I have to do now is steam vegetables of our choice. Oops I forgot I managed to put the washing on as well strip and make our bed. So forgive me if this post is some what packed with spelling and grammatical errors ;)

Will leave answering your posts till tomorrow when I will have more time and it will make more sense I am sure :D

I am going to try and have a relaxing weekend as possible as next week is very busy with two delivery jobs and my oxygen therapy to name a few. Going to the computer fayre on Sunday and the local shop to buy some bits and pieces for making cobs (bread rolls or bun or baps called many things depending where you live).

Been great catching up on your posts to see how thing are going or not as the case maybe.

Time for me to start making tracks for my bed I think I am definately :tired: tired tonight and will not take much rocking to get off to sleep. Nite all and take care :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-18-2008, 09:04 AM
Goodness gracious, PURPLE must be sleeping in . . . :lol: . . . enjoy it Chickie.

Looks like a beautiful sunny (but cold) day around here. My back is feeling almost normal again and I'm debating about the wisdom of popping out to vote and to pick up a few staples. Fear it might not take much of a wrong move to lay me out flat again.

Otherwise SSDD . . . thanks to the wonders of injected insulin the BGL numbers are looking good but the weight is still stuck on the ticker number and, unfortunately, shooting insulin will NOT help to get that moving in the downward direction any too quickly.

Have a great Saturday doing lots of fun stuff, gang . . . see you later . . . :wave:

10-19-2008, 01:49 PM
Hi ladies

All for my plans of a relaxing day I think I found more jobs than enough and there is still more to do as I did washing so there is the dreaded ironing. I took no rocking in bed last night as I was so tired :tired: I think I could have slept on a clothes line.

I made some cereal bars from a recipe on here, which I put nuts, apricots and dried fruit. I did cut the amount of sugar as I did not have brown sugar only white and it is something called half and half which is half granulated and half sweetener.

I cooked a beef dinner with plenty of steamed vegetables and then did some stuffed baked apples. DH did not look very keen on having the baked apples ( I think he though they looked too healthy to be a pudding :lol3:) Though when he had ate it he asked was we having it again today ! :nono: it was to be yogurt today so a big let down :D

Been to the computer fayre today which was very busy but I wait in the café reading my book as it is took much going round there as I lose my balance easily so not good in pushing crowds a recipe for disaster.

I also baked again today some oatmeal cakes which I have now popped in the freezer. I am sure I have some frozen blackberries in the freezer but I can not find them. I wanted to put them in the oatmeal cakes instead I used frozen raspberries.

DH has just been watching the Chinese grand prix as there is a British drive whom is doing well at the minute called Lewis Hamilton. There is one more grand prix in Brazil in a week or a fortnights time so he will be watching avidly then.


10-20-2008, 01:08 AM
:hug:HI LADIES ~ I'm finally in here to post; we had a busy, busy weekend looking at places again. We also received two more offers today but only one is good for us; it is for December and a nice place, so if the others don't pan out, we have one more to add to our list.

It has been in the 50's F here with a bit of sun, but today it was raining all day. We had a small bonfire on Friday night until about 9 pm as the winds started to pick up on us, and it was very cold. We spend some of last night and today cleaning up the building and yard, to spiff the place up for the landlady. Some tenants left a lot of junk behind; we sure hope they come back to get their stuff out as that won't look good for them to others.

MEOWEE ~ I'm sorry that you had to go back on insulin injections, but it is better to get those numbers under control. Too bad you can't get those kind of needles that is a pump; they use that a lot for kids today so they don't have to do needles anymore.

HI PURPLE ~ you've been very busy baking and cooking up a storm. Hope your DAD's appointments went well. Did you win anything at cards this week? Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon. We have been losing some ourselves trying to find a place, but we have an extension now; our landlady says we can stay a bit longer if we need to, so that should help us out.

HI VAL ~ hope you are having a great weekend and things are going better for you at home and at work.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-20-2008, 09:37 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Blood sugar numbers are still great -- appetite is also great (unfortunately another little side effect of the extra insulin) so I don't expect to be seeing downward movement of the ticker for October. :mad: Yesterday was an eating disaster. Luckily we get a fresh new start everyday.

Over the years, I've gotten used to the insulin needles, ROSEBUD. They actually hurt less than the finger pricks for testing the BGL. Insulin pumps are more commonly used for type I's and are great for a type I who often needs 4 to 6 injections a day. I'm not sure that I'd want to be constantly attached to a needle mechanism that way and the whole kit has to be changed on (I think) a weekly basis anyway.

Wowee, PURPLE, you are just baking up a storm there, Chickie. Sounds yummy, but believe me, I don't need any extra temptations right now. :lol: We have a product called "Splenda for Baking" that comes in both white or brown and that sounds a lot like what you are describing. Actually for most baking, plain Splenda (Sucralose) works very well anyway.

Hope everything is going smoothly for you VAL . . . :hug:

See you all later, gang . . . :wave:

10-20-2008, 07:05 PM
Hi Ladies

Though I would drop by in my busy schedule of this week which by the end of the week I will not know whether I am coming or going :D Today we went to do two deliveries in one round trip. Well that was the plan but the van really did not feel right and kept over heating yet the water gauge did not come on. We limped on and did the first delivery which was 115 miles away. The next delivery was 111 miles away from that point. Then by this point the van was just about died a death we turned around and headed back home. Though realised that was not going to happen so we managed by some look and someone looking over us I am sure to get to a service station. So at least I could use the rest room and stretch my legs safely. Also exercise and toilet our Rizzie safely. So all in all great place to stop to wait for the AA to come and look at the van. The AA are a company or one of them here in the UK which do roadside assist if you have broken down for a small fee per month. Seeing as it was a hire vehicle it was the hire company whom had paid the fee.

So we were towed back home to drop me, the clobber (food bag/ doggy stuff/ sat nav and sheets to cover the seats) and Rizzie off. Then DH was towed to the lock up of the company who hire the van and pick up his car. So I know today was going to be a long one and tiring but this was very draining on me. Especially when we got home when it was about 6.30pm so most drop in eating places are closed down by this time. Only restaurants and take aways at this time at night. Restaurants tend to want booked reservations and take aways the food is none to healthy :nono:. Plus it is too greasy for my tummy :yes: . So on arriving at home I had to try and cook something up that was reasonably healthy. So did pasta in tomato sauce and cauliflower cheese grills. It was the least thing in the world I wanted to do was cook, I was whacked but I knew it had to be done otherwise the other option was DH cook who had driven or eat greasy food (no thanks gives me too much pain for one and nightmare on the scales :lol3:)

We have another trip on Thursday going North this time to Cumbria somewhere not sure until I get the postal code etc. Fingers :crossed: crossed that this goes more smoothly. Tomorrow is my treatment day at the MS centre.

Will be going to bed very shortly :tired: as I am worn out but thought I would drop by as I was not sure as the week went on how fit I would be to come on here. Excuse my bad English and grammatical errors tonight as I am sure there will be a few faux par's ;)

Great news MEOWEE that your blood sugar level as levelled out nicely shame about the pesky side effects. I think I will be very careful about making the cereal bars as my DH is very fond of them too fond if you get my meaning ;) So I think I will make them once in a blue moon as a bit of a treat else he will put back the weight he has just lost in the past few weeks then blame me :D So I will nip it in the bud and just not make it.

Dad's appointment went well at the hospital thank-you ROSEBUD . Though he has got to have a CT scan on his appendix to see if it is safe to leave it as it is as normally the procedure would be a planned appendectomy to stop any further infections in that area. They still do not want to operate on Dad unless it is necessary due to the high risks. So on the 3rd November he is to have a CT scan at the same hospital so I will have them over again for a few days to make it easy on all of us. As my DH will take Dad to hospital ( mum and me will go also)

Night all time for my bed :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-21-2008, 12:31 AM
:wave: HELLO EVERYONE ~ we've had a very productive weekend and today, as we went to see another place and loved it ... SO, WE TOOK IT!!! And yes, it is for sure, because we gave them a security/holding deposit.

We can start moving in on November 1, 2008. It's a nice duplex and the rooms are a nice size, so all our furniture will fit, which was a concern. It's all ground level, and we have a back yard for NIKO, which we are so pleased about. Our new landlords are fun and cheerful people to be around: they just felt so very right. A lot of my prayers were answered here. I just knew that it was the right place for us as soon as I walked in; it had everything that I felt we needed to feel comfortable, so that had to be an answer to our prayers.

THANKS SO MUCH to all our faithful friends here, who have been praying for us all through this stressful time. I had forgotten just how harrowing that house-hunting could be. But now we can relax for a bit too, as our present landlord gave us an extension so that we could move at the right time as well.

Anyways, it was a nice way to spend a rainy day; thankfully, it stopped by the time we went out. Then afterwards, to celebrate, we when to a RIB & STEAKHOUSE for my 50th birthday dinner and it was healthy and delicious too.

ANYWAYS, I'm so tired that I am falling asleep at the helm here; will talk more tomorrow. Take good care and thanks again ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-21-2008, 04:34 AM
Hi Chickadees

Well slept like a baby as you would imagine, though did not want to get up when the alarm went off at 7.30am I could have gladly laid in bed. I get a lie in tomorrow you watch I will be a wake with the birdies ;) Then up again early for Thursday as we do a delivery to Cumbria to one of the chain of cinemas which are opening thick and fast here.

ROSEBUD Great news to wake up to that you have a home and it feels so right. Glad your prayers were answered you so deserve a nice home to live after all the heartache and worry. Here in the UK we don't have duplex's well we do just not called so :D. The homes that were put into duplex's where many of the old Victorian builds own by a bit more wealthier families and had many children (8 or 9 was not uncommon then). So hence the house was quite big too big for one family today without domestic help. Victorians like big spacious rooms with large windows and high ceilings so all on a grand scale. So these houses lend themselves well to being divided into 2. Some were divided into 3 or 4 depending on the scale of the house. I lived in one for a while that was a one bedroomed flat. It had a lounge, dinning area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. All rooms where a good size inside the flat the only reason we moved was to have more bedrooms to have family to stay over especially mine as they live away from me. I did not know what a duplex was until recent years when a film came out by that name but even then I know the film came here under the title our house. Why we do not use the word I do not know as I think it is a great word to describe a flat in a house.

Time for me to get a move on and get myself shifted at break neck speed as I am to be off very shortly. Also need to check that I have taken all the bits and pieces needed for today. Put the dinner on in slow cooker ready for tonight ( meat balls, then only have to cook pasta later tonight). Will have a banana or yogurt for sweet. I am going out tonight to play cards over all the past week we have not done bad wininng bacon ( rashers for grilling) with bean x2. Won $4 in a raffle and won a bag of cooker/ eating apples which I took 2 and did baked apple. Dh won a small tin of biscuit which we donated to a christmas whist drive for the raffle. They were nice butter biscuits with chocolate chips in all very nice but not very good for our waist lines ;)

Bye ladies and take care xxx :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-21-2008, 09:07 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

So thrilled for you and your DH (and the furbaby), ROSEBUD . . . you see, all the frustration was meant to be because the perfect place was at the end of the stressful journey. Have a good move, Chickie.

Oh my, PURPLE, all your talk about those butter biscuits is making my mouth water for the annual Christmas Shortbread. I'm trying to restrain myself this year because I can't even give my baking spree to my buddy LouLou since she's been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She can't handle the flour; I can't handle the sugar; nobody needs the butter. :dizzy: But, darn it all -- I make great shortbread. :drool:

Speaking of things we don't need . . . my BGL was almost too low this morning and, since going back on the insulin, it has been getting too high by dinner time -- guess I need to do a little tweaking. May drop the evening dose a bit and then add a daytime dose and eliminate the oral diabetes meds all together since they don't seem to be doing much to keep me stable.

The other side of the coin -- and not a happy one -- my weight is moving in the opposite direction. Hopefully some of the extra two pounds I see this morning is www from too much salt and too little water yesterday. We'll see. :crossed:

Weatherwise, it's pretty dull and dreary this morning plus cold and windy as well. At least there's no white stuff in the current forecast. Last night our local weather guru was saying that on October 21, 1974 Halifax received better than 39 cm (over 15 inches) of snow -- please, please, no repeat anytime soon this year. :crossed:

Okay . . . have a great day . . . see you soon . . . :wave:

10-22-2008, 12:30 AM
HI LADIES ~ thanks for your well wishes; it sure was a relief after the roller coaster we were on. We found out that the ad that I had wanted to put in the paper in the first place was the clincher: the lady at the newspaper office told me I had to write it differently. DH thinks she just wanted more money. So I then insisted on the original ad I had first given her be put in (after all, we were paying for it); then we got calls every day, sometimes two a day; and that is how we finally got the place.

Today we went shopping for fruit and stuff; and to transfer the things like hydro and phone and such. The gas office is just there for show; there is really no-one there ~ lol (it seemed so odd looking). Things are sure complicated these days.

MEOWEE ~ tsk, tsk, you shouldn't say such things; the sky is clear with zillions of stars really close, but man, is it cold; last time I looked, it was -5 Celcius. I'm praying that GOD will stave off the ***stuff*** because we can't move until November 1st. Maybe those things were allowed for a reason so that we would end up with the right place for us. Hope you get those sugar numbers more balanced real soon.

HEY PURPLE ~ Hope your DAD's appointment went well for him; and congrats on all the wins you've been having on your game nights. Over here, we build DUPLEXES all the time; these places are usually identical on each side with a thick concrete wall between them for sound and fire safety: that is what ours is like. You are right, many people will divide a big Victorian house here down the middle and make a duplex out of it.

Well, I did manage to also get some laundry done and we had leftover turkey casserole for dinner. We want to make a run up to our lot this week just to check on things and have a fun picnic day, but the weather isn't exactly co-operating with us.

HIYA VAL ~ how are you doing this week? Hope everything is going good for you, especially at work.

Well, it's time to get ready for some shut-eye; take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-22-2008, 06:17 AM
Hi Ladies

I think last night we may have had our first frost of the year it was cold enough to be one with clear skies with the stars twinkling away. I suppose it is a sign that winter is coming thick and fast. Though my winters are very mild compared to you in Canada and parts of the US. I think it is cold if it gets to anything like -1 but the worst I have ever seen is -8 here in the UK but that was a many years ago and that was a freak cold spell. We many just dip below minus but only about -3 at its worse.

I did no good at cards last night but I was asked to cut the cards by the MC (master of ceremonies) and I cut a 9 for the people who where playing in a position of gent. I had finished uncannily with my DH and the first thing I said to him well that is not the right number for you. He had a torrid time last night and was the "whooping boy" (ie every one was taking a good score out of him). Though some how he won that he had four 9's and he had not got round all the tables and there was 8 1/2. It turns out though if he had not got the most of a number he would have the lowest for the gent position with 140.

Today I am going shopping for a few bits and pieces but not a great deal mainly the staples like milk and bread. I am lucky this week I have a $8 voucher off if I spend $40 plus when you shop with this store you get points on your card (not credit or store card) when you get enough points (500) that is then worth equivalent of $5 to take off your shopping so this time I will get $13 off my shopping so will be a cheap bill if there is ever such a thing as a cheap shopping bill these days;)

So much for my lie in come 8am ping I was wide awake. I guess tomorrow when the alarm goes off I will want to sleep then and want a lie in :D So I was not quite up with the birdies but not far from it. Will make some sandwiches later today to take with us tomorrow. I would rather do them now than at 6.30am :dizzy: as goodness knows what I would end up putting in them as I can't get my act together then. All I make in the morning is 2 flasks to go with us when we go on our delivery. Well DH said it was to Cumbria well his geography is not his strong point to say the least. We are going no where near Cumbria it is Cymbran which is a county of Wales, The journey is about 3 hours in total so another long day a head of me. Fingers :crossed: crossed no more breaking down.

MEOWEE I hope you manage to get that balancing act with your insulin and BSL right. I know when my Dad was in hospital and on insulin pump they were forever struggling with his BSL. So I hope real soon you hit on the magic formula. Sorry to hear that the scales have moved in the wrong direction lets hope it is due to sodium intake, more exercise than normal or any other external factor which retains fluids for a day or so. I know it is discouraging to see the scales go the wrong way I know what it feels like from my perspective. So hang in there and eat the normal healthy diet and I am sure the scales will gradually budge in the right direction.

Yes it is frustrating when you love baking and there is no one to bake for as such. I love baking and always have since a small child. I love cooking full stop but nothing gives me as much pleasure as baking and seeing a beautiful end result. Not that it stays around long with my DH. So I do very little baking now for obvious reasons and I do miss it.

:yikes: 15" of snow I have never in my life seen that much snow. I suppose the most I have seen is about 6" of snow and that was a once off. I know my mum and dad have seen a worse snow fall and that was the winter of 1949 or was it 1947 I never remember. The snow covered the hedges and folk had to dig pathways etc. I just can not get my head round that volume of snow. I am like Bambi on ice with out the snow and ice without adding in the real McCoy. I am sure I would be in the accident and emergency department in winter without fail or just confine myself to the house.

ROSEBUD Gosh busy time for you now you have a new home to live, with all the changing over of services such as hydro, gas, telephone, INTERNET providers the list goes on and on in my experience at times you felt it was never going down the things to sort out. Though eventually everything works out right and all is sorted. I think at times I just got overwhelmed by things so they looked like mountains to climb rather than the molehills they were :D

Yes good way of getting a new home by advertising in a paper sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Normally people look in newspapers for the places to rent or go to an estate agent for the same reason. So thinking a wee bit different made all the difference and you had several phone calls from it one proving to be the right one for you, DH and your "furry baby".

Time for me to go and get myself into order ready to go out. You watch I will do my favourite party trick forget my shopping list :D Then have to do it by memory which is about as reliable as a colander with all the holes. So I normally forget something that we desperately need. Well bye for now ladies and take care :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-22-2008, 04:15 PM

10-23-2008, 02:06 PM
Hi Ladies

Phew the drive to Cwmbrn :yes: that is the spelling one of those peculiar Welsh names which bears no resemblance to the English language. It is pronounced "come bran". I have been through some beautiful scenery today with Welsh hills and valleys. It is a glorious time of year for the spectacular array of colour that you get as the leaves prepare to fall off the tree. The workmen came and kindly helped my DH with unloading some 49 bean bags. I could not help at all as the site is site being built so very uneven and muddy. This would have been a great recipe for me to be about as graceful as a baby elephant doing ballet ;) Sometimes on my good days I can carry a bean bag or two to help my DH but of late my balance has deteriorated and it constantly looks like I have had 1 over the 8.

The journey today was 300 miles round trip I think my 3rd morning of getting up with our feathered friends has taken its toll. I was exhausted for most of the trip and then ended up having back spasm which in the end required medication which made me even tired. Feel better now than I did but I am having an early night so I should be right as rain tomorrow. DH is taking me out for a meal tomorrow not sure where we are going as yet.

Our furry baby had a lovely long walk last night and so today he slept like a baby throughout the journey. I think partially due to the fact he had to get up this morning early and he is worse than any teenager I reckon getting out of bed in the morning :D Now we have returned home he is raring to go keeps bringing me his ball to play with and he is about as subtle as a brick when he wants you to play he justs drops it on your keyboard :yikes: From past experience I save frequently so not much work is lost.

Really enjoying a book(fiction) I am reading at the minute set in London around 1950's about a father and his 5 sons whom have a builders merchants. This is a front to hide there dodgy dealing and safe breaking etc. They close ranks so wives and girlfriends no nothing or next to nothing of there dealings. In particular they protect their "baby" sister of 14 and tell her that when school children say her family are nothing but thieves they are jealous of their success. For many years she believe it until at a dance she is dancing with a lad who asks her name. The name was enough for him to stop dancing with her and back off so swiftly. From this moment she knows that the "Draper" family are not what she thought.

It is very gritty but true how in London criminal gangs ran parts of London. Maybe the most famous being the Krays Nothing went on in their patch without there say so and they ruled with an iron fist. Though there Mum was their light of their lives and would do anything for her.

I hope you are all right and you are taking care of yourselves. Till next time :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-23-2008, 05:17 PM

Okay . . . I'm officially in a bad mood today . . . the return to insulin injections has definitely done good stuff for my blood sugar control (5.0 / 90 this morning) but it is playing major silly buggers with my weight control efforts. I've gained five pounds this week. :mad: Now, I know it's fluid retention and I know that is something that Insulin does a wonderful job of promoting; but I don't have to be happy about it, do I. Oh well, you do what you gotta do. :shrug:

On a better note -- the nor-easter we had yesterday just brought high winds and lots of rain (no "S"). Today it is still pretty windy but the sun has been shining most of the afternoon. Amazingly the trees are still looking pretty good out there even though the wind brought a lot of the leaves down.

Hope everybody is having a really great and thrilling day . . . see you later, gang :wave:

10-24-2008, 02:32 AM
HI LADIES ~ I've had a couple of harrowing days trying to get all our moving changes done; it seems like I called everyone at least three or more times to get things straight. Boy, have all the rules changed since we last moved. I was getting so stressed at one point, I had to take a respite for awhile.

Tomorrow, we are going to town to apply for a mail box and do a couple more errands that I can't remember right now as it is late. I fell asleep on our sofa after doing a puzzle and decided to come in and read a bit and do a quick post before going to bed.

PURPLE ~ you are so right, there are so many things to remember to do and arrange for; I had to call over two days to get everthing done right. I still have to do a bunch of address changes, which I will focus on the week we move. It is such a load off our minds now that we have a nice place to live; knowing where you are going is of major importance when you have to move.

We just had fish today for dinner with salad and tomatoes. DH did another bonfire for me tonight, so I just sat in my rocking chair and relaxed for over a couple of hours. I love them; they give me a peaceful serenity that helps me to destress. We've had a lot of stressors this year; I sure hope that's the last of them for this year; we need a break ~ lol!:D

:wave:MEOWEE ~ sorry about the scales going up, but I'm glad to hear that your blood sugar levels are much better; maybe in time the two will balance out. Glad that storm didn't show up your way either; we have had very cold temps; went down to -10C the other night, but the skies are clear out there right now. Maybe we'll see lots of sun tomorrow; that would be really nice.

HIYA VALDINE ~ TGIF hope everything is going well for you; best wishes for a great weekend coming up too!!!

Well, better get off to bed; take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-24-2008, 08:38 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Looks like this morning will mark the end of our sunshine for a few days . . . but, we are supposed to keep double digit (only just) temperatures (50 F) right through next week. Everything has it's price I guess.

Speaking of paying the price; I'm happy to report that the BGL is still terrific and the good old scale-:devil: dropped a couple of those www pounds this morning, too.

Nothing too exciting for me today -- a few more errands to run while the sun is almost shining and then a nice quiet weekend. :crossed:

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday . . . :wave:

10-24-2008, 01:16 PM
Hi Ladies

Well slept like a baby this morning I was absolutely shattered come bed time I was in bed for about 10.30pm and slept until 10am. If it was not for the telephone this morning ringing I would have not been up then I think. Three early mornings in a row has eventually taken there toll on me. It sounds like we are going to be busy mostly up until Christmas. Due to one company a chain of cinemas opening and they all order been bags. The next order which is a big one of around 80+ bean bags which comes to around $20000 or just more for the order is not to be sniffed at. With such big orders costing thousands we are helping with a lot of these deliveries to make sure they arrive safely and on time to this customer who is spending so much money with them. Then also at this time of year things get busier as people soon start looking for buying gifts on-line for friends and family. So the business get progressively busier as a result so we help out more. Though in January and February it is normally a quiet period of the year.

MEOWEE Great news that your blood sugar levels have sorted themselves out such a shame it resulted going on insulin injects to achieve this. Glad the scales were kinder to you this morning. I think you gave me a pound ;) as I was up one pound this morning on my weight in. Though I think TOM is to blame for mine.

ROSEBUD I know when I have moved in the past I write list of people I have to contact and then work from this note pad. writing names of people I have spoken to and a big tick if that task has been sorted. Even after moving I keep this piece of paper(s) with my filed papers that way I have a reference just in case of any hiccups that occur.

I can understand how it so stressful it is and a respite was needed to recharge batteries. It is know by research to be one of the most stressful times in ones life another is having a child. I see how these big life changing events have so much organising to do which is never straight forward as you would like them to be is so stressing. How these people cope who love moving home every few years or so I shall never know they must thrive on stress is all I can say.

It has been a beautiful day today and went out for a meal today. I have been officially naughty today :o but it was my birthday so I think it is allowed once a year :D well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Now back to earth with a bump as I go back to healthy eating for the rest of the day. I must admit I am still not one bit hungry after having that meal so that is good some of the extra calories will be spread over the day. I think I will have tea/supper as one meal later on tonight.

I have now got to go and make some flaxseed muffins for my DH for tea/supper. I think I will make some blueberry muffin for a change. So bye for now ladies and take care. But first a big hello :wave: to Valdine and Caffieneiv till next time :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-24-2008, 04:49 PM


:wave: Of course, I didn't remember that you are an OCTOBER baby too; you probably told me, but with so much going on, I forgot ~ lol! I'm so glad that you celebrated and enjoyed yourself; yes, your birthday is only one day a year, so that shouldn't make a difference over the week.

Thanks for all the tips for moving and changing things; I had to arrange for things like the 'WAVING' of new large deposits; and even though I always do the books and pay the bills, I have to have the accounts in my name also, in order to be able to talk with the companies about our bills. Sometimes, I think there are too many rules and too many laws for our own good; and too much legislating going on. OK ... that's my rant for this week ~ lol!

This morning, I had to wash our livingroom rug as one of our heating valves broke and leaked water over 1/3 of the room. Yesterday, I had to RE-PACK about half a dozen or so boxes, as they were ruined. :( Thank goodness that we bought that rug cleaning machine some time ago; it has turned out to be so handy. Our new place doesn't have too many rugs; the landlord is taking the rugs out of the bedrooms, and putting in new flooring. So, the only rug left will be in the back porch.

I also made some muffins for DH today; today, I put in apple chunks, raisins, and a few dried cranberries on top. I also cut down the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup and put in 1/2 cup sugarfree applesauce instead. They tasted just as good as the others, so I'm going to keep making them that way.

MEOWEE ~ glad to hear those sugar levels are stable and you lost a couple of pounds; PURPLE was right: they were probably just water-weight pounds after all ...

HIYA VALDINE ~ how's the weather up in Thompson these days? Have you still bare ground right now? How much daylight do you have? DH says the far north often loses a lot of their daylight at this time of year. Hope you have a fun and restful weekend.

Well, the sun was out for the morning at least and the clouds started to roll in this afternoon. DH is cleaning up the yard and finally finished taking down our garden fence: that's the wood we are using to have our bonfires. Got enuff for a couple more, I think. I have just one more box to repack; it was books, so I let them air out overnight.

Hope all you ladies have a great Friday night, and a great weekend too; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-25-2008, 12:08 PM
Hi Ladies

Went to do my morning exercise today and incorporate getting something from the shop that I had forgotten. I had forgotten some stuffing which I use to make pork in stuffing. We just got back in time before the heavens opened and it poured it down with rain :rain: So I was saved from looking like a drowned rat :D I enjoyed the walk but it was cold else I would have stopped half way to have a coffee outside at the cafe. We have the furry baby so we have to stop outside

This afternoon went to Macro I think that is how it is spelt. :yikes: I walked loads in there but by the end I was shattered and my balance was non existent I am sure folk thought I was drunk ;) So now I am lazing having a coffee just arrived home. Mind you I have put the dinner on which is the pork in stuffing with loads of steamed vegetables. Last night I spent a while preparing all my fresh vegetables for the next couple of days or so. So hence now I just go to the fridge and voil my vegetables are preprepared so that makes life that little bit easier. I have done the hoovering already today as well. I do have some muffins to make for myself but I may tackle them tomorrow. I think the way I feel the ironing will get pushed over to tomorrow as well.

Received a couple of good freebies the last couple of days which are a good sized bottle of shower gel by Radox (50mls) and 15ml bottle of perfume by obsession. I go on a site where freebies are advertised and periodically I do get thing come through which are nice trials sizes of the product to try.

ROSEBUD Thanks so much for my birthday wishes I did not expect you to remember my birthday as you have enough on your hands with the move. I know how consuming that is and stressful. Thanks for taking the time to wish my a happy birthday. I had a lovely day relaxing with my DH the meal was naughty but so nice :D But as you say in the grand scheme of things I am sure that with healthy eating this week the calories will be swallowed up and I will probably stay at the same weight.

:yikes: That was a mini disaster the water valve leaking over your prepacked things making you have to mop up, wash the rug and re pack the boxes. That is all you need to pack more boxes as if you do not have enough to do!

The muffins sound gorgeous and good idea to reduce the sugar but sweeten it with natural sweetness of the apples. I tweak my recipes to make them healthier or more nutritious for the calories.

Time to go and finish the remainder of the dinner before we have burnt offering :D. I am going to relax after having this dinner as I am tired now. Mind you I might get my second wind later with a bit of nice food inside me ;) Bye ladies

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-25-2008, 07:03 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, GOD sent the sun out for us today, as when we woke up it had been raining and their was a cold wind. So I prayed about it, becuz I didn't want to go to town in that, and by the time I had breakfast and was dressed, those prayers were answered -- all the clouds had moved away and the sun came out for the rest of the day. DH couldn't believe how fast those clouds were moving; and I just said ^^thanks^^ once again!!!

We decided to go today becuz we wanted to go to a mini-party up town; the second-hand shop we go to is now under new management and had new staff et al, and they were having a get together, so we went and had free Tim Horton's coffee and there were lots of homemade baked goodies too. DH had a blueberry muffin and I had rice crispie squares as they are pretty low in calories. There was lots of friendly people there and it was fun.

We also went shopping and I picked up a couple of pairs of pants for the winter and DH got some extra-tough socks for the winter. Then we came home as I had done a lot of walking and my feet were sore, so I had fun and got some walking in today too.

PURPLE ~ sounds like you had a busy day today too; and lots of walking in for you as well. Oh, I love the perfume OBSESSION: it is my favorite; good for you getting yourself a free sample. I'm sure it will be one of your favorites now too.

:wave: MEOWEE and VALDINE ~ hope you both are having a wonderful day!!!

Some big, strong guys came over today to help DH move some heavy things; he was so grateful for their help. And it is such a relief that the last of his yard work is now done before our move; he was getting concerned how he was going to move them, as he is a slighter built man. He gave them a tip for their goodness.

We are just going to have a restful Saturday night and if DH feels like it, he may do a bonfire again tonight. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-26-2008, 06:50 AM
Hi chickadees

Well dreary day here and it hasn't stopped raining :rain: all night and it is forecast for the rest of the day. So no washing for me today. I want to do some bed clothes and the towels. I prefer them dried outside if I can but not always possible in winter.

Last night our clocks went back one hour so got that extra hour in bed last night. So for a week or so my internal body clock is going to get some adjusting too the new hour.

Managed to do all my chores in the end. Did get a second wind later in the evening so I used it to my advantage. Cooked some blueberry muffins they were yummy good job I have froze the rest to stop me going munching them aimlessly. Need to buy some muffin cases next time I go shopping used my last ones up last night. Even managed to do the ironing not that there was loads but I try not to let it build up else it is too much for me standing there ironing for long while. I could use my perching stool to make it a little easier but I prefer to stand.

ROSEBUD That was nice to get a free coffee of Tim Horton's I have vaguely heard of this brand at the hospital near me they did sell for a while in one of the shops some of the doughnuts and other sugary confectionery. We use to have a coffee at this shop but it was not Tim Horton's. I don't know if the coffee is like Starbucks which I love but costs a pack around here so needless to say it is high days and holidays I get one of those ;) I bet it was nice to get away for a short time from the stress of moving. A nice pleasant way to recharge the batteries.

Yes looking forward to using the perfume that I had as a freebie. I like it when I get free fragrances as I love perfume and hate to go out without it. I feel kind of naked without it. Even more so now I seem to take much more pride in my appearance down to the jewelry matching what I am wearing and socks if I am in trousers.

After my week of being more off plan than on it I am now come to down to earth with a bump yesterday the first day of eating on plan and it didn't go down too well :D I know it will get easier once my body has detoxified from the junk and then it doesn't crave it. Otherwise I crave all the sweet things which are absolutely no good for me. I think another couple of days and the cravings will go. So I need to drink plenty to flush it out of my system. I have turkey breast today with steamed vegetables for lunch today. Then I have a fat free well virtually fat free yogurt for a snack later. I will then have plenty of fruit later as I have neglected my fruit intake for this week.

Right time to go and sling the hoover round well not literally but do the hoovering. Our beloved hound as made more mess than 4 children put together :D So bye and take care

:hug: purpleorc :hug:

10-26-2008, 05:51 PM

Sorry I've been a bit MIA -- small family emergency -- nothing devastating; just very time consuming. Hopefully life is now back to whatever passes for normal around here.

Take care, all -- see you tomorrow -- :grouphug:

10-26-2008, 11:20 PM
GOOD EVENING LADIES ~ well, we had sunshine for the morning then this afternoon, big dark clouds rolled in and we had a good shower. It is getting dark much earlier now, and it seems so weird, but we'll all have to adjust. Dh and I decided that we should just get up a bit earlier, but I noticed that it was still darkish at 8am this morning. I usually go to bed around midnight and get up at 8 am.

PURPLE ~ we normally turn our clocks back at this time too, but this year they decided to delay it a week until after Halloween for some reason; who knows, it may be for the kids? I'm not really sure ... :shrug:

It does take some adjustment though, to have an extra hour in the day. But it will be getting dark by 5 pm instead of 6 pm; is that better??? I dunno. Maybe it will be light around 7 am instead of 8 pm. I guess somebody somewhere thinks this is a good idea for some reason; hope they are right.

HI MEWOEE ~ yes, I thought that something might be up; hope everything is OK for you and yours. Glad you are back ...

HIYA VAL ~ Hope everything is going OK for you too CHICKIE. I know the darkness is creeping in here, so it must be up there even more so. Maybe you could find an older mentor who can help you and show you the ropes at city hall; someone you can trust who could give you some advice too. That would be so nice for you. Hope you had a good weekend; drop by for a minute just to let us know how you are.

Well, both DH and I got some stuff done today; as yesterday was more of a fun day for us both. DH was packing some of his indoor stuff/junk ~ lol! I did some laundry and washed the kitchen floor as the rain made things really mucky; and our little furry baby scurried across our white kitchen floor with his muddy paws, as DH let him off his leash ~ lol; fun, fun, fun!

I really enjoy having NIKO around, even if there are some small accidents like that; he is doing well in his training, learning more and more with each passing week. He is very smart and knows every command we have taught him so far; he just likes to ignore us now and then, but with some firmness of tone, he hops to it quite quick ~ LOL!!! ;) Really, he's a good boy!

Well, that's all the news from here for now; take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-27-2008, 09:33 AM
:wave: Hello fellow chickadees :chicken:

Lovely morning today with brilliant sunshine :sunny:. Does not have the heat like in summer but still glorious never the less. I have taken the opportunity to wash some bits and pieces. Just waiting for the laundry to finish in the washing machine then out on the line. I have already put out the towels so this is the remainder. Mind you I bet me putting my washing out will make it rain :rain: I bet the neighbours will love me as I notice many have their washing pegged on the line :lol3: So ladies last warning purpleorc is putting her washing out ;)

I will have a shower later tonight and wash my hair in readiness for tomorrow. I can't be showering in the morning. Gone are the days of wash and go :rofl: Now I need a good :kickbutt: to get me going especially at 7.30am. I was tired last night for no reason was falling asleep watching antique roadshow which was from a village some 16 miles away. It was held at Southwell Minster a beautiful church of cathedral proportions. So with being so near to home I wanted to see this episode.

I am in the process of cooking dinner we have having roast beef with steamed vegetables. Then some stewed rhubarb with zero fat Greek yogurt. It has been a while since we had some rhubarb so looking forward to it. I am making enough dinner for 2 days so I have something easy to hand for Tuesday on returning from the MS centre. Though it will be healthy and home cooked. Will take a muffin for me and DH to take to the centre to have over lunch time with a coffee.

MEOWEE ~ Sorry to hear that you have had a mini emergency in the family. Lets hope in the next few days things settle back to normal for you and your family. Then you have a bit more time for yourself and family in general.

ROSEBUD ~ This year the turning of the clocks is a little earlier this year once in a while it ends up very close to my birthday. Then other times it is like a weeks away. Never sure how they come to the decision to the date. I think some one sticks a pin in a hey presto we will have this date this year :lol:

We have had daylight saving ever since the first world war I think it was introduced but never bothered to change it back when the war ended. Our licencing laws on what time pubs or places that sold alcohol could be open was governed by strict laws and that came in during the first world war. It was only relaxed in the last couple of years. Though still rigidly enforced is the not selling of alcohol on good Friday till after 3pm. If you go in a Supermarket on the day the aisle is all cordoned off so the public can not go down there.

Speaking of the first world war the paper poppies have gone on sale in readiness for the remembrance Sunday which will be the nearest Sunday to 11 November. Though still adhered through public places is the 2 minutes silence is held on 11 November at 11am. It did use to be one minutes silence but since we are in conflict with Iraq then it has been up to 2 minutes for our lost service men and women.

Time to go and put on the dinner and put my hair up. It is just plaited from going to bed as this is how I sleep. I find it tangles my hair the least if I plait it. Bye bye fellow chicks till next time

:wave: :grouphug:

10-27-2008, 05:45 PM

Using my laptop today and the slightly smaller keyboard is driving me nuts. :crazy:

Other than that . . . dull and boring day after the excitement over the weekend. :lol: Also, dull and rainy weather, but it`s fairly mild at 17C / 63 F.

Blood sugar is still holding at good levels and today the doctor decided I should try Insulin Glargine (very long lasting and not as prone to spikes and dips) once a day instead of going to two shots of Insulin NPH (the kind I'm using right now) -- of course, the Glargine (brand name, Lantus) is three times as expensive. Certainly hope my insurance plan covers it. :crossed:

See you later . . . :grouphug:

10-27-2008, 11:32 PM
:wave: got my flu shot today! I didnt realize IM needles were so dead easy. the sub cu's I give myself burn like none other!\

Rosebud your DH is right. it's getting darker earlier and lighter later and I had to start using my SAD light in the mornings. I am so glad you found a place to live!! :hug:

I hope you are well Purple and you too meowee.

hee hee. I had a statement of mine printed on the front page of the local paper last week.... before my business cards had even arrived. I'm loving the job. Things are well. Hope everyone is taking care! :hug:

Val (was the energizer bunny for my friend's halloween pre-wedding social last weekend)

10-27-2008, 11:50 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we woke up to a fairy sprinkling of ***snow*** this morning, but DH said there were bigger flakes before I woke up. It stayed the same on and off for part of the morning only. Then the beautiful sun came out around 11 am and we had a sprinkle then sun and so on all day.

WE went to town and got all those errands done that we didn't get done last week. I also picked up some new rugs which were on sale for our new place; I wanted a 6-foot long one to go underneath my piano as there is hardwood floor in the livingroom and I don't want to scratch it with the wheels. DH says that we can put protectors under the wheels too if we want to. I think I may have some of these in my green sewing box; hmmm ... I should check on that ~ lol!

Also picked up a few groceries and some bbq spit chicken for dinner; so healthy and yummy and good price too. They are all ready to eat for the about the same price as in the meat case, so why not? I just added a small new potato each, a veggie, plus some sliced tomato and salad ... so filling. For dessert, I had a tiny angel food cake with strawberries; DH had one of his chocolate puddings instead. I had some of my rhubarb with apple for a snack this evening.

MEOWEE ~ yah, hope your insurance pays for your new medication; I don't know why they wouldn't, esp since you need them (I guess it's a matter of price though); so let's pray that they will.

PURPLE ~ I also have long hair and I put it up in a twisted bun as soon as I get home usually or just before I go to bed. I devised this easy way by putting a crunchy around once (as for a ponytail), then around only halfway for the second time; then I wrap the tail around that and tuck it under the crunchy at the bottom. It kinda looks like a long twist and it stays in very well; and lasts all night long. I assume you mean 'braided' when you say "plaited" ... my homemade 'twist' keeps my hair from tatting just like your plaiting does.

HIYA VAL ~ hope you have a great week at work; you must be very busy as we haven't heard from you for awhile. Take good care of yourself ... EDIT ~ you and I must have been typing at the same time, but you posted before me; so nice to hear from you and your avatar pic is lovely!!!

Have a great Tuesday, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-28-2008, 12:04 AM
HI VAL ~ I just glanced quickly at your post ... I can see why we didn't hear from you. Nice of you to help your friend with her pre-wedding social. That's a good idea to use one of those SAD lights; we have our house full of florescent lights to brighten things up too. I'm so glad that you like your new job.

Yes, we have a lovely, bright and roomy duplex. It has about the same floor space as here, just layed out better; our livingroom is much bigger and I think that will be nicer. Dh has two sheds and they love dogs, so we can have our NIKO with us. So many ads today say NO PETS even though it's supposed to be illegal to ban them; but nobody stops them.

We have our own big yard and two decks (one in front and back) and a back porch to catch the north winds; oh, just so many benefits really. I just knew as I looked around that was the place for us; everything we had on our 'NEEDS' list was there. WE can't wait to move in; they are painting and putting in new floors in the bedrooms for us. We will start to move in soon, as we got a week extension from our present landlord (they are just closing the place up anyways).

Maybe you can get those new kind of needles for yourself too, so you won't have to suffer so much.

It is so nice to hear from you; take good care and don't forget us here, eh??? :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-28-2008, 01:23 PM
Hi Ladies

Just returned from my weekly treatment at the ms centre. Also went on the wobble machine not called that really but it vibrates when you stand on it. It tones muscles and burns fat. :lol: when you are well endowed like me up top and have little aprons of fat on my tummy everything wobbles. I have found muscles I did not knew existed today so I hope it did me some good ;)

We had a our first ***frost*** of the winter season. We are due to have a cold spell now for the next 3 days with a high risk of snow :yikes: which is not so usual for us here in the UK unless you live in more hilly or mountainous regions. So :crossed: that it does not come to that.

MEOWEE ~ I know what you mean about laptops. I can not use them very well when I have tried other peoples out the worse being the mouse mechanism which you control by your fingers. Well I am hopeless at trying to control it.

I really hope that you health insurance plan covers the new type of insulin drug then at least it will reduce the number of times a day that you inject for one and also you are kept on a more even keel with the BSL. So I have my fingers :crossed: for you that things are favourable.

VALDINE ~ Really nice to hear from you as I know your schedule at work is very hectic and tiring :tired: Great news about how you love the job and wow front page news of the local paper that is good work.

Love the fancy dress on you very cute.

I did wonder when you had to start using the SAD lighting as I know your daylight hours are considerably reduced with living where you do. I know it is nice to have a place to live and call home. It is great to please yourself and have roots.

Talking of flu jabs I have to have mine next Tuesday afternoon. I think I have persuaded my DH to have one. He can have one as he is my carer but I think it may be prudent as he now does voluntary work at the MS centre he is in so much contact with MSer it may be wise for their sakes.

Unfortunately beta interferon stings like blazes some drugs that you inject do others you feel virtually nothing.

ROSEBUD ~ Yes I mean braiding when I call it plaiting. We tend to call braids plaits here not sure why. Today I have my hair in a herringbone plait (sometimes called fishtail ) which I learnt to do off You tube. I have to think about what hair style I put it in on Tuesday as I have an oxygen mask to contend with with is strapped on top and around the back of my head. The one thing I would love to do is something called French braiding but I do not seem to have enough hands and fingers to do the job ;) I frequently put it in various buns or use hair sticks.

Unfortunately Val's injects can only be given subcutaneously (which means just under the skin) and they use small needs as it does not need to penetrate far into the skin The flu injection is given intra muscularly (I/M) which means they have to penetrate in to the muscle itself. So the injection itself will tell you which method it has to be given. So Val is stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding the administering of the drug. :( Though on a positive note it is arresting the disease and making any relapses less severe and last much less time. So the positives much out weight the negatives.

Time to shift my rear end :kickbutt: and make a start on dinner else it will be supper time before we get it ;) So fellow chicks take care and catch up with you later.

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-28-2008, 04:25 PM
Hi gang . . . :wave:

I was up way too early this morning and consequently I'm just now getting up -- for the second time :dizzy: -- feels like I've wasted the whole day and, wow, I hope I sleep tonight.

Weather-wise I certainly did not miss much -- another very rainy and very windy one around here; but once again it's pretty mild for this time of year. As much as I'd like to see the sun again, I just know it will bring very cold weather with it when it does come back. :brr:

VAL . . . I love the costume, girl . . . :hug: . . . and I'm so glad you are enjoying the new job so much. Hate to tell you, but I find the flu shot hurts more than the insulin shots -- although that may be a thing of the past because I have read that the new kind I'll be starting later this week tends to sting a bit. Now . . . what I could do without is the constant finger pricking. :mad: That does get painful.

:lol: PURPLE . . . I'd be happy to send you some snow once we start getting ours. In the meantime, enjoy your lack of it, I am. :yes:

And as for you, Happy Miss ROSEBUD . . . it is so good to hear you feeling so great about the upcoming move. :yes: But just keep that snow all to yourself, girl. Okay?

Have a good rest of the day . . . see you later . . . :carrot:

10-28-2008, 09:32 PM
HI CHICKIES ~ we spent the day at home packing and I think we got over a dozen boxes packed and closed up. The place is kinda starting to look bare as we packed up all the pictures and other ornamentals like my wind chimes today. The only thing left on the walls are the clocks and the calendars ... lol!

PURPLE ~ thanks for explaining the different kinds of needles to me; that makes a lot of sense. Yes, French Braiding is one of the most difficult kinds of braiding; most often, someone else does it for you. I wonder if your DH might be able to learn it some way; maybe from a video or a book from the library. Some men aren't into that kind of thing; but some men are ...

HI MEOWEE ~ so far, the snow we have had is really light and melts right away; hope it stays that way too. I know what you mean about the finger pricking; my brother told me how to adjust my needle gun so it doesn't shoot so hard; and the pharmacist gave me extra-fine needles so they don't hurt quite so much. Of course, I don't have to test my blood as much as you do; so I have great empathy for you. My sister says it hurt more than she thought; maybe I have a higher pain threshold than some people; I wouldn't be surprised, after all the painful procedures I endured as a child. Maybe they made me a tad more pain tolerant. :shrug:

We had leftover bbq spit chicken for dinner tonight; so yummy, just love it. Of course, we served it with veggies and such. My legs and feet are just throbbing from all the sorting and running around. So came on here to rest for a while. We are pleased how well things are going.

We are having a light "fairy' sprinkling of *** SNOW *** out there right now, but the winds are fierce, which makes the temperatures drop so quickly. NIKO was having a fit to come back inside; don't blame him. At our new place, he will have a nice big doggie house of his own to get out of the elements; as we had to dismantle his doggyport here.

HIYA VAL ~ hope you have a great week!

Just fininshed my emails and writing some letters to family before coming on here; now I will go put my feet up and do a puzzle or two also. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-29-2008, 06:26 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning

Went out last night play card but didn't do any good though enjoyed myself a great deal. We though just as driving out to this village to play cards which is some 28 miles away which is the furtherest we travel to one. :yikes: saw a gritter truck travelling throwing grit out on the opposite side of the road on the ring road to Nottingham. Not sure if you know what gritters are as they are possibly know as something different. Here they spread out a salt and goodness knows what in to help present ice and snow forming on the road.

Today is my shopping day though I will have to go later in the week to pick up some bits and piece as I am having my parents over for a few days. Dad has got to have a CAT scan at our local hospital so my DH is taking him and it is nice to stay a few days. The CAT scan is to see the health of the appendix if it looks healthy enough they are leaving well alone. If the appendix is not so healthy then it has to come out though it will be planned and the appropriate doctors and nurses can do the operation to remove it. It is better than in an emergency trying to get a very specialist team. Dad would have a high risk due to the heart attack only being a short time ago.

MEOWEE ~ Yes if I ever am up mega early I end up going to bed and it really does feel like you have lost the day some how. Then usually I can't sleep that night typical so in the end the extra sleep was counter productive.

No honest I don't want any snow :D I've been a good girl ;) Oh a more serious note here we are so ill prepared for snow fall I do not have any boots or snow shoes due to the fact I have seen only one good snow fall and that was nothing compared to other countries and that was about 6" Though by a few days it had all melted away. It brings our services to an halt. I tried to get home from a late shift on this heavy snow fall of 6" at around 9pm. By 11pm I still was not home so I decided to turn round and make it back to work. Why this decision well I was on duty in the morning at 7am so I managed to get back well past midnight and spend the night in a empty side room. I could not sleep so got up and helped the night staff. I was lucky the next day my nurse in charge send me home a couple of hours earlier as I had helped the night staff and the horrendous journey I had.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw we did not have any snow though there had been a sharp frost so it is very chilly out side enough to freeze the brass whatnots off a monkey :D

ROSEBUD ~ Hmm my DH really would not do a braid in my hair he would see that as too effeminate :dizzy: When picking colour for clothing especially shirts they can not be lilac, purple and pink is a big no no :nono: Mind you slightly in his defence his father was a strict military man and his attitude was to life there are clear lines between what is a womans territory and what was a mans I am sure though if I was unable to do it for myself he would learn a few simple hair styles that he could manage.

The only time I have French braids is if someone has done them for me namely a hairdresser. Though that has been a long time since I saw one of those. I tend to cut my own hair with it being this long you can do a self cut. You can either do the straight cut at the bottom of your hair, the U shape or the V shape. I have my hair in a gentle U shape. I love the straight cut but with my hair having waves and is a bit curly it looks weird. The best on is cut either in a V or U shape. I am needing a little cut on it at present as it is starting to get fine and a little straggly at the ends. I want it back to its thick state at the end.

Your welcome about the needles it doesn't make sense unless someone tells you. I before nurse was unaware of the differences. Though you soon learn fast when having to give them to others.

I never forgot my first one I gave to a patient. I was shaking that much the charge nurse ended up shouting at me to stick it in. It was the :kickbutt: I need else I would still be standing there today. The lady I gave it too was a lovely 85 year old whom at the age of 24 had been put in a mental hospital due to being pregnant outside marriage. This was not uncommon practice and these ladies for forgotten about. Then they became so institutionalise that it was impossible to give them back the normality. After I gave her the injection and she knew it was my first one. She was also so kind to the nurses hated the other patients and would get aggressive with them stating "I'm not one of them". I can understand her anger of a wasted life due to her father disowning her. The lady stood up from the injection rubbing her buttock saying "that didn't hurt a bit". When clearly it had but wanted to make me feel better :hug:

Time to run and get moving, Catch up with you soon

:wave: purpleorc :hug:

10-29-2008, 10:20 AM
Hey there . . . :grouphug:

Still fairly mild around here but the sun is starting to put in an appearance (:yay:) and the forecast is for drastically falling temperatures (:brr:) Still no snow in the forecast, at least for the rest of this week.

BGL is still doing great, but weight is up 2 this morning. Hopefully things will settle down agaain soon. :shrug:

Nothing too exciting in my plans for the day -- must get my Christmas list organized -- still haven't finished those aprons :lol: -- happens every year, I start out in such good shape and then end up with a flurry of crafting come November.

Have a great one everybody . . . see you soon. :wave:

10-29-2008, 08:47 PM
HI LADIES ~ We spent the day packing more boxes until dinnertime, and my feet were throbbing for a rest. We're doing so well that we've run out of empty boxes, so we have to go to town and get some more, esp small ones.

MEOWEE ~ We had cool temps here too, but we did get some more fairy dust sprinklings of the ***white stuff ***, which I don't mind because that melts pretty quickly. It also keeps the ground frozen and less mucky. I haven't given much thought lately to Christmas lists, but I do already have some of my gifts purchased. If I see sales throughout the year that I think my friends or family might like, I pick it up right away. I already picked up some fancy shower soaps for the ladies for only $2.00 each; that's more than 60% off.

PURPLE ~ We have 'sand & salt' trucks in Canada that sprinkle either sand or salt on the road: some sprinkle down a mixture of both. Up here in the north, they sprinkle mostly sand and that keeps the vehicles from sliding so much.

When I was in college taking my social worker course many moons ago, we heard horror stories about people being put into mental hospitals who really shouldn't have been there in the first place; not to mention some of the strange and useless treatments some of them endured, poor dears. So glad we have progressed in that area ...

My DH will attempt to trim the back of my hair for me in a pinch; he doesn't have much confidence about it, but he will try it if I need him to. The one big aversion he has is that he hates to carry or even hold my purse for me ~ lol! He makes the same comment every time I ask him, "I look pretty silly holding this thing, hurry take it back!" LOL! He's worried that other men may see him holding it and think oddly of him. I then tell him that he is being silly already ... hehe ... ;)

We had spagetti and homemade meatballs with sauce, plus a romaine salad for dinner tonight; it was very yummy. I have the pasta measuring down pat on this one, and Dh just loves it. Had to spend some more time arranging our utility bills today as there were a few glitches; hopefully everything will be straightened out on Friday ... :^:

HIYA VAL ~ hope you had a great day today, and another one tomorrow ...

Well, it's time to go have my tea and do my nightly puzzles; gotta rest these tired 'ole feeties too. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-30-2008, 11:19 PM
:wave: WELL, HELLO THERE CHICKIES ~ Well it seems like I'm the only one around her today; but I hope that all the rest of you are well though ...

I know PURPLE is having her parents over for a stay, so she will be very busy also with her Dad having to have some more tests done. Hope you all have a lovely visit; you are so blessed to have your parents around you so much. I pray that the tests turn out well for your Dad too.

And MEOWEE ~ is busy looking after her cats; I hope you had good weather today and there is nothing wrong with your computer again. We had glorious :sunny: sunshine today; it was so beautiful out there and in the 50's F too. Supposed to stay this way until the weekend too.

HIYA VAL ~ TGIF ... hope you had a great week, and there's just one more day until you can have a rest on the weekend. We are supposed to be putting our clocks back this Saturday one hour for daylight savings time.

We just stayed home again and packed more boxes this morning; DH took some stuff for storage and our car lost all its antifreeze; seems the magnifold on top of the engine has a crack in it. I did see it and it is about 6 or more inches wide; so that means more car repairs and $$$ out just when we are moving: this wasn't good timing. We will be broke by the time we move, I think. A friend is picking up the parts for him and bringing them out here tomorrow; sure hope they can fix it alright.

I baked some muffins while DH was gone and did some cleaning around the house. I packed up my main dish set and the glasses and mugs today. Just left out the essentials for us to use, so we can have them all ready for the move which starts very soon.

Hope everyone had a great day; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-31-2008, 07:36 AM
Hi Ladies

Firstly :witch::sklol::witch2: HAPPY HALLOWEEN :witch::sklol::witch2: for today one and all.

Was MIA did plan to come on yesterday but everything seemed to back up jobs wise so it didn't go to plan.

I went to Sheffield to pick up a vibrating machine that I use at the MS centre. DH wanted me to have one due to the fact my balancing is going. So anything that might help is a bonus. We brought it home and assembled it. Moved the lounge around to find that we didn't like it that way :lol: so was too shattered to do it all again so left it for that day. So today guess what we are doing putting it all back where it was today.:o I also fitted in a walk prior to going to Sheffield. Then when I returned home made a batch of muffins for DH. Not too long after that we were off playing cards. It was a night where I did very well so only lost 4 games all night so one where I do badly and sit most of the night would have been nicer for my legs after such a busy day. Though someone upstairs had different plans for me :) I won 2nd prize and a couple of kitchen rolls.

MEOWEE ~ Good news regarding the BSL though not so great news about the weight gain. I would hope once the body has adjusted to being on insulin again the pound will melt away again. My weight has crept up a couple of pounds though that is two reasons one I had to take some medication which I hate to take as it constipates me and secondly I have made some poor food choices. So I am hoping that if I buckle down and eat better and drink more both will be resolved.

ROSEBUD ~ Yes you are right there was some horror stories of mental health patients many people being put in hospitals when they shouldn't have been for one. If you were epileptic that was another reason for being admitted. On my first ward there was a gentleman with learning difficulties who was fast approaching his 90's and reading his notes from the 1920's he was referred to as this idiot or this Imbecile it broke my heart reading this and made me cry :cry:. He was a lovely gentleman yes he could be violent, he could swear like a trooper but their was a lovely side to him that I adored. If he had been born today he would have had much better quality of living and more than likely living in the community with minimal support.

Your DH is so like mine. At one time he would not hold my handbag (purse) an the one time I forgot it in the car he put it in another bag and covered the top of it before he would bring it to me :lol: He has got a wee bit better the more the MS has taken hold he will hold on to it for a few seconds till I get my balance. Though anybody would think it was a hand grenade by the way it wants rid of it :lol3:

I was nearly up this morning before our feathered friends :D I was up at 7am ping I was wide awake. I have done my stint on my exercise machine and prepared dinner. Cut two finger already :o on a dicer machine I have I thought I had the other end and was rubbing it with my fingers to remove the particles of carrot. :yikes: I had the blade side so hence to cut fingers. Nothing bad no transfusions of blood needed or stitches ;) Just two small cuts that are more like cuts from paper more sore than anything else.

Really bad timing regarding the car and draining your funds. Things like that come when you least need them. You will have to pull in your belts for a while after you move till you are more financially solvent. I have had to do that a few time so I appreciate how hard that is but necessary.

Just received some sad news via a text call from my Mum to let me know that my sisters MIL had passed away in her sleep. So my sister is now busily organising everything to go to Ireland tonight to sail early morning. Her MIL had been very fragile for many months having the last rite numerous times.

Thats all the gossip :gossip: for now plus I am sure you have listened :listen: to enough of me waffling on :D so bye ladies and take care

:wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-31-2008, 04:50 PM
Happy Spooky Day, gang . . . :badbat:

Had a nasty blood sugar low yesterday morning and consequently made some very bad eating choices. Finally picked up the new Lantus and used it last night. This morning the BGL was a little higher than I'd like. Hopefully, I'll get this all balanced out sloon and can get back to the business of weight control.

Nothing else is exciting around here -- weather is still holding in the decent range -- fairly sunny and with seasonal temperatures. High today was 5C/41F. It is windy and that does make it feel colder, but no snow, so far.

Stay out of mischief tonight everybody . . . and don't forget to change the clocks back this weekend . . . :witch:

10-31-2008, 11:48 PM
:joker: HAPPY SAINTS HALLOWED EVE, or was that HAPPY HALLOWED SAINTS EVE? LOL! :joker: ... One place here is having a party for their :angel:HAPPY HALLELUJAH NIGHT! :angel: ... OR I could also just say the modern version of :queen: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :queen:

MEOWEE ~ sorry to hear you've been having troubles with your sugar again; but there is bound to be adjustment time needed with any new medications. We had beautiful :sunny: sunshine :sunny: all day today; it was lovely and warm, but a cold wind came up in the late afternoon with some clouds.

PURPLE ~ Sorry to hear about your sister's MIL passing; keeping them in my prayers.

You certainly have had a busy couple of days; that's funny about likening holding a handbag to holding a hand grenade ... that's so very true!

Glad to hear that you were able to get one of those vibrating machines; hope it helps you feel better. I got DH to set up my rowing machine again; it keeps getting moved and buried in boxes lately.

DH and our mechanic friend worked 3+ hours on the car; put in all the new parts and it is running well again. It cost us all our car fund we had saved up and then some, but hopefully we won't have any problems with it again for awhile. The crack was only about 4-5 inches, but that is still large enough to loose all your antifreeze and stop the car in its tracks. We put in a new one that is made of cast aluminum, so that should last the lifetime of the car now (well, it better ~ lol) ...

I just did cleaning around the house today; moving and sorting things out. I also arrange for a few more details regarding the utilities; just one more left for Monday as I had to wait til the car was moving again. We hope our house is vacant when we go look at it tomorrow; the people were supposed to be out by tonight. A friend drove by, and they were still there this afternoon:; maybe they were just cleaning up? :^:

Well, DH layed down early tonight after a busy day and had more of those annoying CHARLIE HORSES in the back of his thigh. He wiggles and squirms around so much, it just makes it worse; and I go running because he acts like he is having a heart attack or something. I have had a few of those myself this year; they do hurt, but he really does like to goof around! ;)

I told him that now that I know that he is going to live, I'll go back and finish my post ~ lol! :lol3: Not longer after, he recovered nicely and sauntered back to bed; way too early for a fun-filled Hallelujah Friday night, in my opinion ... lol!

Hope you have a great night too, VAL!!!

Take good care folks, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-01-2008, 12:28 AM
:coach: IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN ~ we are on the move once more ...


Please go to the new PHYSICAL CHALLENGES NOVEMBER THREAD -- that Meowee so gracefully 'red stickies' for us; see you there ... and thanx!

:hug: ROSEBUD:hug: