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04-14-2002, 09:51 AM
I decided to get up early this morning and be constructive!!!IT looks like rain today, soo no day trips today!!!I think I will go out in search of some dance tights since SD#2 recital is comming up!! Plus it is time to redo the cat food supply since I am now feeding racoons in the cat room!!!!

Lyssa--WOW..Uwere an early bird!!!U could have started the new thread this morning at 4am!!!!!

Congrats to the losers this last week!!!and the excercisers!!!!

04-14-2002, 11:33 AM
Hi All,

Happy Sunday!! It's a beautiful day here in NJ!! I have sheets in the washer that I'm actually going to hang out on my makeshift clothesline so they get that great sunshiny smell!! :D I am back in FlyLady mode. I have been shining my sink all along, but have not been reading the emails or working on anything else. Thursday when I was home I really cleaned my biggest hot spot...the kitchen table!! I just have to put a couple more things away and we can actually eat at it!! :lol:

Today my mom's exterminator is coming over to see what we've got. The ants finally got into the Combat traps we put down, found a bunch of them in different places dead. YEAH!! But today I cannot open my kitchen window because there's a couple big bees inbetween the windows!! :eek: The landlord still says they won't pay for it, but the guy said he'll take care of us. He does my mom's house twice a year and she never has bugs, hopefully he'll be able to do here, without doing upstairs.

Anyway, have a great day all!!

04-14-2002, 03:37 PM
Hello All,

It looks like spring is finally here with all the sinus stuff that goes with it. Actually I really don't mind that much. My car is still in the shop and K is still in KY so if I want to leave the house I'm in the car that's older than I am :^:, but at least I do have a car. The eating hasn't been going well, I need to start journaling again, I hate cooking for one. Although yesterday I did refrain from ordering the pizza I wanted and BBQ'd a chicken breast and potato. It's so warm out I'm thinking about braving the 2 dog walk :eek: .

Pyria - Congrats on the loss :D. You deserve it!!!!

Baily - my dog is a 3 yr old pound puppy, he's black lab and we think pit-bull. He's actually a real sweetheart, but he has issues with other dogs, and I need to be in control and vigilant (sp?) when I walk him so rollerblades would be out.

Nanci - Yea on the loss and being so near 25 lbs. K got his magnet about a month ago and then gained for a couple of weeks, when he crossed the line again on Tues they tried to give him a second one :lol:. I wish I hadn't gained back what I'd lost or I might be close myself Hmmm.

Liz - hang in there you'll make it!!! On the dog front, we have one of each, my parents always got mutts so that's what I got when I went looking, K's parents always had pure breeds so when he went looking he bought a Golden Retriever. Both are equally good as companion animals. I couldn't really recommend one over the other, it's all in what you want, if you really want a certain breed go for it, and don't let your heart over rule your judgement and get one that's more than you want to deal with because it's from a shelter, it's hard I know. You'll figure it out when the time comes.

LBH - Glad you're feeling better. Being sick sucks, but 5lbs :eek:. good luck with the exterminator!!!

RR - lack of BMW could explain the tiredness, of course so could hosting a party for 13 kids.....Glad you had fun!

Lisa - the car is a Legacy Outback Wagon, and I love it. The problems it's having are my (and K's) falt. It needed the clutch done last summer and to save money we took it somewhere we didn't know and they messed it up, so now we're paying for it!!

Karen - Congratulations on sticking to program, you're doing great. Also, you probably already explained this and I missed it, but what is geocaching??? I've never heard of it.

There have been so many posts lately I'm sure I missed someone, and I'm sorry.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!!

- Tech :spin:

04-14-2002, 07:49 PM
Hi guys!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. The weather here has been beautiful today. I took one of the dogs to the park with me and we walked a bit. Just a bit tho' my calves are sore from yesterday. I made it through day #7 but it was a struggle for awhile. I wanted a burger and fries from Wendy's SOOOO bad, but I had the spring salad instead. Then I found out the dressing is :o 6:o points. Thank goodness I only ate half of it.

I don't know if it's from being sick last week or what but I am having an easier time staying OP this time than the last time I tried to restart with WW. I have only been close to all my points once and that was because of General Tso's. I have 10 points banked and I still have 7-14 left for dessert tonight from todays allotment. I have tried to be scrupulously honest with points and even adding more if I wasn't sure. I hope this lasts. I also put my keys onto the WW keychain. Everytime I think about cheating I have a solid reminder to look at. I think it's helping, at least, today at Wendy's it did.

Tech: geocaching is a relatively new game/sport. People who have a GPS(global positioning satellite)receiver hide a container in the woods and other people who have them go out and find them. The one we hunted yesterday was in five stages. Stage1 had coordinates to Stage2, etc. The containers usually have cheap toys and such in them along with a log book to sign. It's a fun reason to get out of the house and EXERCISE!!

Lauren: Good luck with the termintor guy. I hope he gets rid of the ants for you. Ants are yucky.

RR: Hope you had a good day shopping.

Does anyone know how to figure out the points for 4 M&M's? That has been my chocolate fix lately. I've been counting it as one point (see, I have been trying to be scupiously honest!!). I'm just curious how many it might be.

OK, gotta go find something for dessert!! And make lunch for tomorrow.


04-14-2002, 08:49 PM
Good evening all:
Well it has been a good day. I went out and played Catch with B for awhile. I was shocked I can catch a ball.

Day 7 OP!! Done and over. I know there are a few hours before bed, but I don't have any points left. I am saving my banked points for the Brewers game Wed. afternoon. For my beer and brat. HMMMMMMM.....great way to send the afternoon away from work.

Karen- YOU GO GIRL!!! I know it helps me to know you are right there with me. Also I have had a day where I struggled to stay OP. And when I did stay OP it meant so much to me.

Tech: Glad to see you hope you are going well.

RR- Did you find those tights? I Hope it did not rain to much on you!

have a great Monday!! Karen make that an OP Monday!! Day 8 is coming up---WE CAN DO IT!!


Backfor 2002
04-14-2002, 09:41 PM

Lauren, Way to go on that 5lb loss. I am sorry you were sick though. I hope you got the bugs under control.

Bailey, So sorry about the lottery. I don't often play because I convince myself that I am going to win and boy is it a let down when I don't.

Karen, That 7.5 mile hike is AWESOME! I am with you on the burger & fries. I layed in bed this AM trying to calculate how many points it would be. I decided way too spendy.

Vicky, Sounds like the party was a success!

Tech, Spring is in the air here as well. Now if someone would just let mother nature in on it. I could sure use some of that sun.

Pryia, You are just rocking n Rolling here. Keep up the good work.

I am very pleased with myself today. I am wearing a pair of pants that I could not zip about 3 months ago.

Everyone have a good evening.


04-14-2002, 11:26 PM
Hi all! Checking in to say a quick hello. Had a great weekend with ds!:D Leaving tomorrow to open a store. See ya next Sunday night or Monday.


PS - Everyone seems to be doing so AWESOME!! Woohoo!

04-15-2002, 06:33 AM
Good Morning!!!
Just checking in and saying hello!!!!Off to work I go!!!
have a great day all!!!!

04-15-2002, 10:10 AM
Hi all!!
I had a great weekend and got lots of housework done. I guess my body must have heard my whining and took pity on me cuz when I weighed in on Sunday I was finally back down to 158. So, I'll try and accomplish the same goals this week: 1) gym 5x, 2) walk 3-5x, 3) one soda, & 4) stay within plan. I was pumping gas on Sunday afternoon and I got whistled at. Of course it was not some 20 year old stud muffin...more like a 50+ raggedly looking guy. Oh well, I'll take the compliments anywhere I can get them. :lol:

Gotta get back to work. I hope everyone has a good Monday.

04-15-2002, 09:43 PM
Hi guys!! I've lost 2.5 pounds!! Yippee. I was hoping for more, but lets not get greedy. :lol:

PYRIA: DAY #8 OP I am using all my points today plus one banked one. We went out for dinner and I did SO good. I am proud of myself. I only ate half of the potato with the smallest amt of butter and sour cream. I didn't eat all of the meat either. I ate lots of free veggies as a salad before hand. ;) HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD DAY!!

NANCI: Good job on those pants. That must be an awesome feeling. I can't wait to experience that for myself. Keep up the good work.

RR: Hope it was a good day at work. Geez, you still start so early. I thought I was early at 7:dizzy: .

LIZ: Good luck on meeting those goals!! One of these days I will make a goal to get to the gym. Right now I am happy to exercise on the weekend.

OK, hope ya'll have a great evening.

Backfor 2002
04-15-2002, 10:52 PM

Rabbit, Good luck on the store opening. We will miss you!

Vick, Hope it was a good day at work.

Liz, Congrats on the loss! Congrats on the whistle as well. That is always fun.

Karen, Way to go on the 2.5! That helps keep the great op days coming.

I am just heading to workout. I am hoping that it helps the blues I have. I am not sure if it is the Monday blues or what. I think I am a bit stressed that I have a bday coming up and I am doing a job I really do not enjoy any longer.

See ya all soon.

04-15-2002, 11:35 PM
Hey all! I love spring - Lizzard I should move down by you, I really think I have seasonal depression - always do so much better from now till about september. I have not been getting everything I wanted to get done done, but I am getting a LOT done and, more importantly, feeling GOOD about myself (mostly). Haven't filed for a tax extension yet (this is my fault, but it is not my fault I need an extension - for one of my accounts, they have not yet sent information on what I made/lost. They expect it to be either 100 up or down. Because of this, I have to get an extension). So, I was going to just finally sit down and do it for myself and the bf over the phone. Then I think I heard them say on the news that if the IRS owes YOU you don't have to file for an extension. Anyone know if this is true?? If so, let me know quick and I will blow it off! :lol:

I have recently set myself a couple BIG goals. Not sure if I will make them, but I am going to give it my best:

1) [B]Run the boston marathon next year[B/]. I know - I must be on crack. It most likely will never happen, but I figured having this as a goal might be good to help me get better about the aerobic exercise. I have been walking a little each week (and some running in fla) but not nearly enough. So, my goal is to try to get to the point where I can finish the race during the time period where they still officially time you (6 hours) - 26.2 miles in 6 hours = 4.36 miles/hour. Right now, I can easily do 1 hour switching between walking in the high 4's and running in the low 5's. Just got to increase the stamina times 6! It is a huge goal I know, but I have one full year. At the least, I should be able to do it in 8 hours!

2) [B]Become a human pretzel [B\]- AKA - Keep up with the yoga. I have been doing good on this and can see noticable progress. But dang that denise austin! I am paying for trying to keep up with her in her 20 min yoga, 20 min pilates on Sat. Maybe by next year I will be able to lie on my back and touch one knee to my nose and say "doesn't that feel great" too -- NOT!

3) [B]Get to WW goal[B\]. I am actually only 8.6 to 10 away (depending on the day). So, since our next goal is June 1 (7 weeks) I am going for then. Most likely won't happen till July 4th, but I will give it my best to be there June 1!

4) [B]Continue with FLYing[B\]. This is going really well. I am about 90% decluttered (did a lot of this in the summer when we moved cross country). Have also gotten everything clean and am getting better on my morning and evening routine. Plan to keep babystepping my way to a better life!

5) [B]Get out of debt[B\]. Won't bore you with the details on this one but I think we can do it pretty easily if I keep using Microsoft $.

6) [B]Purchase home[B\]. For reason's you don't need to know, bf's credit is not so healthy right now and we are in boston, so this will be a tough one. With just my salary, we can only qualify for $200,000 in this area. That basically means condo. Which would be just peachy (less room for clutter, less stuff to clean), BUT, most do not accept 150 lb POUND PUPPIES! So unfair. So, this will take a lot of leg work, but I can do it!

7) [B]Sell Jeep[B\] Necessary prerequisite for #6. First step: Clean as much of evidence of afore mentioned pound puppy out as humanly possible. Start walking to work or taking T instead of being lazy and driving the 3 miles - leading to lack of desire to sell Jeep.

8) [B]Get new job[B\] See career thread. Dropped the ball on this one this weekend.

9) [B]Win $300 mil in lottery tomarrow[B\]

10) [B]Make plan for quitting smoking[B\] This is as much as I can committ to right now on this one.

11) [B]Finish knitting sweater for DNephew before He grows out of it[B\]

04-15-2002, 11:50 PM
Well, I had a great post yesterday morning, and then everything seemed to go hay wire around here, and since I wasn't finished with the post, I had to delete it, and I never got the chance to post again. Oh well, what do I expect with 4 kids. I am lucky I get to post at all.

Things are a little better, I just wished I could get my life scheduled and in order. I think I would be happier and more fulfilled if I did it. I know, FlyLady works great, there is a lot about her I really like, but some how I feel like a robot doing things the way she says. Oh well, I need to figure something out.

I have been going back and fourth between the same 5 lbs. for a few weeks. I am still sticking to my diet, but I can't seem to exercise. I had a plan worked out, but dh said it wasn't good enough, so I can't get myself to do it anymore. He did later say that it wouldn't be good enough for him, because he likes really strenuous exercise for himself. But, I feel disheartened anyway. It is just so hard to find much of anyway to exercise at all with 4 kids.

Pryia and Karen- you guys are definitely doing great! Staying op for so long, and you are loosing a good amount of weight. Just keep it up, and you will go far!!!

Nanci - Hope the exercise helped you feel better. It is never too late to look for a new job. Dh just brushed up his resume, and is going to look for a new job. I hope your birthday will be better than you expect. It is a time to look on the good parts of your life, and to look forward to the good that is yet to come. As the old song says, "Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, and don't mess with mr. in-between" ;)

Liz - congrats on the weight loss! I've always heard that mutts are usually better, but I think you have a little bit more of a chance of getting what want by picking a breed that has a temperment more like what you are looking forl. I have always heard that poodles are great animals. I have known others who have owned them, and they are great creatures.

I don't have any more time to post tonight, sorry for those I missed. Hope you all have a great evening.

04-15-2002, 11:57 PM
So that's about it. Piece of cake. Will report back on my wild successes when I finish all of this at the end of next week :lol:

RR: Do keep us informed about the BMW! How about a nice doggy jeep? Hope you are better. Wow on the party. Sorry to hear about your friend.?. Oh, Mexico sounds great!

Pryia: Wow - you rock! Keep it up. Hope you had fun on your evening walk. Yum, brats and beer!

Nanci: Woohoo on 25 lb goal nearing. Give DH a high 5 for me too. OK - lets get our butts in gear on this work/smoking situation. I guess, you can wait till you get back from Mexico - 20 times!?!?! YEAY on pants - don't be down you are doing great!!

Rabbit: LOL I would have to wet them to throw them out too. Hope things are going well.

Liz: Great job on your goals - you deserved that loss! - lol on survivor thing - someone posted once about some show where they actually were paying people to be on the show all trying to lose the most weight. Just can't imagine what is wrong with some people. I am on the pound puppy bandwagon. Purebreeds are so expensive, there is little odds they will wind up in bad homes. Not that people with $ can't be bad pet owners, but the ones willing to shell out the dough are generally not AS bad as some others can be. The pound puppy's need kind souls to come rescue them. However, that is my 2 cents. It is a big decision and you should MOST DEFINATELY do what will make you happiest for the next several years. Too funny on the beerbelly man whisteling (that is how I picture him from your description). I am getting a bit more of this myself lately. Kind of feels good, but also pretty creapy and nasty. I think I might start walking around town doing that - walking up to random guys and saying things like "hey baby, bring a little of that my way" - just kidding - a lot of them probably would!

LBH: Glad you are feeling better - WOOHOO on the loss. Best with the FLYING and the exterminator.

Lisa: Keep up the good work - $50 toothbrush? does it also give you a manicure and a facial???

Lyssa: Hope all is well. I agree with RR - Check with your DR about ANYTHING you decide to do.

Karen: Woohoo for OP and loss! MMM wendy's - I don't know how many points for 4 m&m's but I am guessing more like 1/2. You could calculate the whole bag and then figure it for 4. I bet it is even less than .5, but I don't think it would be wise (for me anyway) to say I could have FREE chocolate!!!

Tech: Hope you get the car back soon! Good job avoiding that pizza - Come join us on the food journal!

OK, really sorry so long. Must come here more often so it is less painful for all of us! "A little every day..."

04-16-2002, 12:11 AM
Lyssa: Be strong, girl! Don't let DH or Flylady or anyone get you down - just try to find what works for YOU. You can do it - it just takes time and persistence.

I am so glad you posted that quote! I am ELIMINATING the negative - at least that is my goal. I don't expect it to happen overnight, but I am really making an effort to get rid of a little more of the negative every day - in myself, my relationships and my things.

I really had a breakthrough in the past two weeks that I think might be fantastic. For some reason, my mother is negative about EVERYTHING (i.e., 2 pm Sunday "You got way to much sun today!" 5 pm Sunday "How can you be that pale after the whole weekend in the sun?"). My bf is usually incredibally supportive, but I am noticing that it is only if things are going BAD or if I am trying to avoid changing my life for the better. When I am doing something to make things better, he gets very negative and weird. Think it might be because he then feels like HE needs to do something to make things better. In the past, I have said "You don't need to help, but don't get in my way and try to stop me". My mother I just ignored. NO MORE!! I am now telling them if they have nothing positive to say - don't talk to me. I have told them both I am DONE with it. I will not be a part of it any longer. They can be normal people and occasionally have constructive criticism to give in a helpful manner or they can #$%^ off.

Surprisingly, neither one of them got mad at me. (Well, minor fight with mother, but we got right past it). BF even seems like it might have sunk in.

OK - now I am really done. After reading Lyssa's post, I just had to get that off my chest.

04-16-2002, 01:37 AM
Just a quick post. It is late and I am tired. But I wanted to let you know I finished DAY 8 OP. It was a struggle this morning. But I did it.

Nice things I did:
Drank all my water
Stayed within my points
Walked for 30 min. during lunch
Bought some fruit at lunch-did not eat will use tomorrow
When stressed out tonight--did my dishes instead of eating off of them
Talk to my mom

04-16-2002, 09:23 AM
If you win the $325 Mill will you pay for us all to get together at some fancy health spa????? :D

I'm pulling for ya!!!

04-16-2002, 10:03 AM
Well I managed to lose the 2 pounds that I had mysteriously (or maybe not so mysteriously gained a week ago) but I'm still in the 150's (are you tired of hearing this yet?). I'm still struggling along and yesterday at work they decided to spring pizza and cake on us, after I had already eaten a healthy salad for lunch! I had the smallest piece of pizza I could find and skipped the cake so I was quite proud of myself. I mean pizza and cake - does it get any better than that?? If I ever see 140something on the scale I may pass out but I'll try to stay conscious long enough to post and let you know. Even though my personal goal is for about 135 I know I'll at least be content if I stay in the 140's for a while because it's a weight that I don't feel fat at if you know what I mean.

Bailey - loved your post about your goals. Spring does that to me too and I feel so energized. I've been following flylady for quite a while and I totally just pick and chose what I want to do. I mostly use her for tips and motivation. I've been really working on the decluttering and it feels great. I'm also looking for a new job, get my husband out of his credit card debt and buy a house. They're all related aren't they? Here, where I want to live, you can't buy anything decent for much less than $300,000 - isn't that insane?? I could move farther from the city to get more for my money but then my travel time to work could go up to an hour to an hour and half each way and that's crazy. Or I could live in some of the less desirable areas - no thanks. Sucks.

Related to Bailey's post about yoga - here's a question for everyone. Could everyone please post if they have a favourite exercise video and what it is and why they like it. I have a few tapes at home and I mostly exercise at the gym but sometimes it would be nice to do a quick workout at home but when I go look at tapes, it's overwhelming. This way if everyone says which ones they like maybe we can all find some great new tapes. I'll check and see if I have anything good at home.

Sorry this has taken me so long I don't have time to respond to everyone but congratulations on all the losses and the people who are staying OP!! It's so nice to hear.

Have a great day,

04-16-2002, 11:42 AM
Just a note of interest:

I learned the old song I quoted from the show "Home Front" that came on in the early 90's. Did any of you ever watch it? It was a show based on a small town after WW2. Well, that show is very special to me, and I was devistated when they canceled it. You see, while the show though it was set somewhere in Ohio or somewhere like that, it was actually based on Conroe, TX. And the war bride from France was actually based on dh's step-grandmother. One of the producers of the show grew up and was best friends with dh's step-mom. I have to say, that dh's step-grandmother really deserves to have a character based on her because she is a dear character her self.

Anyway, I think it is cool, and it is the closeset I have ever come to knowing Hollywood types.

04-16-2002, 12:14 PM
First off to everyone, great job on the losses and staying on plan!! You're a wonderful inspiration!! :D

I managed to stay OP yesterday but barely (thank goodness for exercise points). I was really tired and had a headache so I had a tough time with willpower. I'm feeling much better today. In regards to the pup, I think after our July vacation we will spend some time watching the pounds to see if they have anything and if after awhile we don't find something we like we'll look at getting a purebreed. Knowing me I will fall in love with someone within five minutes of walking thru the door.

Pry, I have a copy of the WW Points system and I use that to control my eating habits. At the gym I sort of do my own plan Ė 3 days a week I do 60 min of cardio, 2 days I do 30 min cardio and 40 min lower and upper weight training. I change it up a lot so I donít get too bored. All 5 days I do at least ten min of ab work and stretching. Iím always trying new strategies and new exercises.

KarenK, your hike sounds like so much fun!! I miss have wooded hilly areas to hike in but Iím happy with the beaches (even though I rarely get there). Congrats on the loss!!

Lauren, howís the ants? Hopefully your exterminator took care of things.

Nanci, Iím sending some FL sunshine your way!! Itís hot and humid here. Spring is gone already and Summer is raring itís head. Congrats on fitting into the pants.

Rabbit, have fun and good luck with the new store.

Bailey, come on down!! I know what you mean. We go thru a short rainy season here and I get really lazy and depressed when the sun is missing for a few days. I guess weíre like flowers Ė we go into hiding and wilt during the winter and during spring we are reborn and refreshed again. What kind of Jeep do you have?? I have a purple Jeep Wrangler Ė had it for five years and love it!! Good luck with all of your goals. The Boston Marathon???? Youíre gonna need some morphine when youíre done with that!! I think Iím gonna try and do some 5Kís and 10Kís this year. I ran my first ever 5K last December. It felt so awesome!!! My only goal was to not be last and I was about 4th from last Ė but I was happy!!

Lys, Iím with Bailey Ė find what works best for you. Iím sorry DH influenced your exercise plan. Just regroup and rethink things and do what you need to do. Of course your plan isnít going to work for him. DH and I go to the gym together but we separate as soon as we walk in the door. He has a completely different way of doing things than I do. I set my own pace and it works for me. Sometimes heíll tease me and say that my workout is way too easy but you know what Ė I make it to the gym every morning. Heíll go gung-ho until he hurts himself and then whines for a week about his shoulder or knee, etc. Men!! :lol:

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

04-16-2002, 02:45 PM
Hello All,

Just stopping in real quick. I want to stop by more often so that I don't get so far behind. It's really warm here right now, but that's supposed to change tomorrow. K came home from KY and we walked the dog's today but forgot not to exercise at noon because it's too hot!!! Oh well at least we did someting.

WW is tonight and I have no clue how it will go. I am going to start journaling tomorrow (I know don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today), I think I need a clean start (again :lol: ).

Liz - Sounds like a plan on the dog thing. You cracked me up about the exercise thing with your DH. K and I don't have that problem but I always went through that with my dad when I was still at home and no matter how I tried to convince him that he'd do better with slow and steady, it never worked, maybe it's a guy thing.

Elisa - can't help on the exercise video since I don't exercise which is the main part of my problem :D . Hang in there they say the last pounds are the hardest, and I'm sure you'll get there eventually.

Baily - you can't have the $325 mil it's mine. :lol: Actually I'd be happy to share :D. Good luck on the rest of your goals.

Pyria - Congrats on day 8.

Lyssa - Good luck figuring out a program that works for you, and don't worry about what DH says, everyone needs there own lifestyle, you just need to understand each others. About the exercise, I don't have kids so this may be way off in which case ignore it, but have you thought about involving them in your exercise? Maybe go to the park and ride bikes if you have them, or to the zoo and walk around, or just out in the yard playing catch. I don't know, i just know when my mom became a lifetime member of WW ages ago I remember going with her to exercise, I just didn't look at it as exercise at the time, but as fun stuff. (sorry, didn't mean to ramble on)

Nanci - Good luck getting over the birthday blues, and good luck with the job thing, I certainly understand being in a job you don't like anymore, that's what's made it so hard to go back after getting laid off last fall.

Karen - 2.5 lbs :eek: , congrats on hanging in there for day 8, I always have problems after a big loss.

LBH - How are you doing? Did the exterminator have good news?

RR - Busy, Busy, Busy. Hope you're having a good week.

Sorry to write a novel, I'll stop back when I find out how WI goes. Have a great day all!!

- Tech :cool:

04-16-2002, 03:33 PM
Hi All,

The exterminator had to go to his day job for OT, a boiler at the school he works at burst, and the place was flooded!! He's coming Saturday morning now. But the ants are still under control. The Combat traps are working because we found a bunch of them dead in the corner of the kitchen and on the baseboard in the living room...two of the trouble spots. So we're under control for now!

According to www.weather.com it's 87 degrees here at work, and 90 at home today!! :eek: That's just ]not right for around here in April!! Where's Spring?!?! I have to speak to the landlord about the A/C. We have central air, but the control is upstairs and since nobody's living there right now, we can't turn it on without the landlord letting us in!! I don't know how we're gonna work it, because we'll want it on, but it will cost a lot because there's not separate zones. Everytime something like this comes up, I don't like living there more and more. The yard is really the only advantage. It would be nice to be able to turn it on for a little while after work, but then turn it off at night, ya' know?!

Oh, gotta run, have a great afternoon all!!

04-16-2002, 04:21 PM
ok, I have a few minutes to actually post!! I am so grateful that Noggin has made their little kids shows to stay on longer. Dk's age 4&5 are watching "Maisy". :)

LBH - good luck staying cool.

Tech - I know what you mean about getting behind when you don't stop in frequently!! Since I've been out lately I miss everything, and don't have time to respond. I wished I could take my kids exercising, but because the Little ones are 4 & 5, it is hard to actually exercise when we go places. I worked out a routine I could do while they were watching tv. Dh and I agreed that if I just pushed myself harder in what I worked out, it would do me some good. So, I think I will give it a try again. I know that I will never make it truely successful if I don't just get up and do it.

Liz - you are way too cool!!! You are so dedicated to exercise. You are an inspiration to me. And it is cool that you got whistled at no matter who it was by. I bet that even though you are above your target weight, with all the exercise you do you must look really great. Just think once your clothes fall off of you (back to your dream from months ago) you will really get whistles:o

Elisa - I didn't even feel that fat in my 150's. The last time I dieted (before the babies were born) I actually got back into my 150's, and it felt great!! Just keep at it and you will end up back in your 140's!

Pryia - You are doing so good!! This is your time, you will get it now!!! Keep it up, and you will be a skinny mini!!! I have faith in you!!!

Baily - Thanks for the words of encouragement!!! I unfortunately don't have the sort of relationship with my parents that would allow me to "stand up to" them. I have tried before, and they just say I'm the one with the problem, and they aren't to blame. They convieniently tell me that they never did or said what ever it was that I am trying to stand up to them about. I need to learn to deal with my life with out them, and to learn from the ways they have hurt me, so I don't hurt my kids in the same way. About those goals of yours, did you just get super powers, and forget to tell us. :lol: They are great goals, they just sound a little ambitious!! But I am sure you will be successful with everyone of those goals!! And I agree with Liz!!! If you win the $300 million, will you get us all together so we can actually meet. I would love to have faces to put with the names!!!

Karen - You are doing really good with staying op. :wave: (would have prefered applause, but this is as close as I can get!) Keep it up.

Nanci - WTG! on the pants!!!That is too cool!!!

Just a note on my progress, I am still hanging around 165, but I noticed to day that my "double chin" is disappearing. That is a nice feeling.

04-16-2002, 09:50 PM
GOod Evening!!!!!
Just another quickie before I go to bed!!!!I am a sleepy one here!!!
Bailey-Hmmm....BMW almost definately out!!!!:D :D I think I will have to stick with the Durango- room for 8 vehicle- at this point in my life!!!Would love a jeep, but hopefully, that is out too!!!!:smug:

Everyone is just posting away!!!I am heading to the healthclub tomorrow after work!!Today was 2-job-Tuesday soo I didnt go!!!
Have a great evening!!!
Congrats to the losers soo far!!!I havent weighed in a while and I must keep it that way!!!!!

04-16-2002, 11:19 PM
Ok not only have I posted for the last 9 days I have also stayed OP! I am really PROUD of myself.

Work is busy, but I have tomorrow afternoon off and Thursday afternoon off. :dizzy:

The weather here has been perfect. Warm and Sunny!! Just the way I want to see it. Suppose to cool down in the 70's tomorrow. I can not believe we are actually having a spring. Wisconsin only has 2 seasons. Cold and road construction.

Sorry not repling to everyone. But I am tired. Came home and stayed outside all night. Now time to get some zzzzzzzzzA


Backfor 2002
04-17-2002, 01:19 AM
Hi all,

Just wanted to pop in and say that everyone is doing AWESOMSE! I am so proud of all of us.

I am so cranky and Bit##& that I will not stick around here long. I do not want the mood to rub off on anyone. I just picked a fight with DH for no reason other than I am CRANKY! Man I feel like a moron, does anyone else do that? Please tell me that I am not the only one.

This is my last complaint of the night. I am so JEALOUS of all of you that are having the AWESOME weather. I need ome of it. Karen aren't you from OR? Is it as bad your way as it is here?

Ok I am heading to bed to put everyone out of their misery! Me included.


PS Vick, Are you trying to tell us something? :-)

04-17-2002, 06:05 AM
Hmmmmm...without saying anything....I think December 15 is gonna be extra special!!!!!!!;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
Please send positive vibes and prayers this way!!!Soo for, so good!!!!!!!!!!!

04-17-2002, 08:36 AM
Hi All,

Wow, it's gonne be 95-98 here today!!! :eek: :eek: The landlord gave us the key to the front door last night so we can turn on the AC, so I will be doing that before I leave...don't want Zeus to get overheated today. :D

RR- Without saying anything, huh? Hmm...how far off is Dec...8 months?! ;)

Nanci- Hope the crankies go away! I've done that before, picked fights for no reason. Don't think I've done it with DH, but definitely with Mom!!

Lyss- Isn't it cool when you notice little things like that?

Tech- Hope WI went well!!

Liz- Good luck not falling in love with every dog in the place!! I'm horrible that way, shelters, pet shops, I want to save them all!!

Elisa- Congrats on the 2 lbs. and the restraint in the face of pizza and cake!! :D You are strong!! The only video I've done in Gilad's New Beginner's Workout and I liked it. I still have never gotten through the whole thing in one shot, but that's because I didn't stick with it. It's low impact, but challenging.

Guess I better jump in the shower and get to work!! :p Have a great day all!!

04-17-2002, 11:15 AM
Just popping in real quick before I take the beast to the vet (he's currently absorbing his tranqs so they can draw blood, last time they had to sedate him to get ex-rays but that's a looooong story).

K and I both lost 2.4 lbs last week :eek: . I told him maybe he should go out of town more often and he gave me a dirty look. I was just kidding. :s:

Hope everyone has a great day. Supposed to be in the 80's here again, I'm with Pyria "WHAT HAPPENED TO SPRING?????? " :?:

Catch you all later.

- Tech :cool:

04-17-2002, 01:18 PM
I don't know what happened to spring either but I'm not complaining. It was about 90 yesterday and again today but I understand it's supposed to go back to normal temperatures by the weekend - yuck! I love this weather!!

Well I was out for dinner last night and it was a little good a little bad. The good was I planned for and had only had about 8 or 9 points before I left. AND skipped on the french onion soup and casear salad I really wanted. The bad was the 3 (yeesh) pieces of garlic bread and the garlic shrimp that tasted kind of yummy and oily (oh well). I also got rice instead of fries and only had 2 bites of dessert. All in all not too bad. I was up a pound this morning but I know that could go away quickly. To me it was a good compromise because we were out for a nice meal which we don't do too often and I wanted to enjoy but I still didn't use it as an excuse to have whatever I wanted.

Tech - that is so great for you and your husband. My husband and I have both slowed down on the weight loss but I think it's partially getting closer to goal and partially relaxing in what we eat. But we're still going at it.

Lauren - I'm jealous of your air conditioning. We could have used it here too but when you live in an apartment, they decide when they'll turn it on and April is a bit early for that.

RR - thinking of you!

Nanci - I do that sometimes too but thankfully not very often. It's funny when you calm down or your mood gets better and you realize how silly you were but at that cranky moment, it's so easy to just be nasty! :)!

Hi to everyone I've missed. I'm so hungry and am off for my usual Subway roasted chicken salad (They're quite yummy by the way and only about 4 points with the low calorie dressing.)

Have a great day,

04-17-2002, 05:04 PM
Spring is here!! It is always in the 70's and 80's and some 90's here!!! Just like where Pryia said, we have only 2 seasons, but ours are Summer, and February! Construction is year round here!!

Well, well, I guess RR will be leaving us for another board with people in her condition. :smug: I just hope she will check in with us once in a while to let us know how they are doing. Keep us posted, prayers are headed your way!!!

Elisa - that is definitely an accomplishment. We all need to eat for life, not just to loose weight. I do think one of the problems facing most weight loosers is not going back to the way they ate before. Dr. Dean Ornish said on Oprah that you should be able to be on your plan 80% of the time, and off of it 20%, and still loose weight. You definitely deserve applause. Keep it up, and you will get skinny, and stay that way.

Tech - congrats to you and dh!! Good luck with the pet!!!

LBH - glad you got the key to keep you cool.

Nanci - I hope you are having a better day today!!!

Pyria - Cool, time off. Does this mean you will have extra computer time? Oh, wait, you will be going to the game tonight? Beer, and Brat!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!

Well, I think my depression stemmed from the worst case of PMS ever. Which would make sense if fat cells really do release estrogen as they collapse and I have lost more weight in the last three months than I have lost in my life. I have never gotten serious enough about loosing weight than to loose more than 10 lbs. before I started gaining again.

I think I am coming to the point where I am ready to exercise again. I have some ideas to spice up my routine, and I think I have an idea as to when I can do it. So hopefully tomorrow morning, I can give it a try.

Hope the rest of you are doing good! Have a great day!

04-17-2002, 06:15 PM
Sorry girls, but I did NOT win 325 million dollars. I was so looking forward to that CRUISE I was going to take us all on to get acquainted!

You guys were my inspiration yesterday. I had written into my weekly plan that I would have my first day of "marathon" training Wendesday or thursday. After reading Liz had run her 1st 5K in Dec and seeing Lyssa's new "just do it" attitude, I decided to start RIGHT THEN. I went to a running website and found a "9 weeks to a 5K plan" and read the first 2 weeks. Then I got changed and did my stretching. Unfortunately, when I went to put on my sneakers, I couldn't find them, so I guess I will have to start tomorrow.

JUST KIDDING!! I went and dug those sneakers out of the car, leashed up the beast and did 1 mile (plan for day 1). I was pretty much right were I thought I would be. I can run about 3/4 of it, but have to keep stopping to catch my breath (must quit smoking). My first minigoal is to be able to RUN the 3/4 mile strut your mutt for cancer on April 29th.

The big problem? I almost killed the dog! Not even kidding, he is so out of shape he panted for at least 40 minutes after we finished (we only walked/ran for 13 minutes!) and drooled about a gallon's worth in thick slimy slingers which are now all over the house. I was honestly getting very worried about him. Then, he came around. Guess I will have to leave him home when I do MY training and get a little extra exercise when I take him out for HIS training. I feel like such a loser. I mean, it is one thing to let MYSELF get to this state, but a 3 year old large breed dog not being able to do a mile in 13 minutes? Very sad!

Pryia: 9 days op - way to go! You are on quite a roll!

Lizzard: Sorry no spa trip.

Elisa: YEAY on the 2 lbs - you are doing so great and not giving up! It looks like it is going to be a slow painful process, but you can do it! I know what you mean about a comfort weight - I am really about 3 lbs away from mine - can't wait! It is so amazing how everything is connected - I feel that if I keep up with flylady, I will not constantly be running around thinking "I have to clean the house, declutter, do paperwork, laundry, etc." That just all gets done with relatively little effort and seems routine. This gives me more time to shop wisely, plan a financial plan, etc which will save us $ to get out of debt and buy a house. It also gives me time to look for jobs, which will help us to be happier, get out of debt...You see where I am going here.

Property around here is insane. My sister just moved from atlanta where they had a beautiful old home in a nice neighborhood. They were planning to downsize and give up the yard and were hoping to spend about 300-350. HAH. They DID downsize and lose the yard, but to a tune of 675 thousand. BF's ex wife is refusing to move out of the house and sell it, although it was ordered in the divorce decree. He (thankfully) has no plans to her and their dd evicted. Unfortunately, she is not paying the morgage either, although we send HALF of bf's takehome in child support (dd has severe CP and is having quite a tough time). So, now the home, which is in his name, is in forclosure, so it will be about 5 years at least before he will qualify for anything. With my salary and my credit rating (which is not too bad, but not perfect) I only qualify for a loan of about 175. With 20 thousand down (the absolute best we can do) that gives us just under 200 to work with. Around here, that means studio or at best 1 br condo. Most don't take pets. The ones that do usually have a weight limit - usually about the toy poodle level - our guy is 3-4 times these limits!! We can't even fake it when it is a 50 lb limit, which most people with "big" dogs can get away with. So, then we are left with the bad neighborhoods or the huge commutes - maybe since I didn't win the lottery, my fairy godmother will send down the perfect housing option!

Sorry to go on there. I have "Yoga for weight loss" with suzanne deason which I really like. It has all kinds of modifications, so you can do it no matter where you are starting. But it can also be hard even for people who are in shape. Works on strength, balance and flexibility. I also have Denise Austin power yoga/pilates (20 min of each on 1 tape). She bothers me, but I like the exercises she does. Unfortunately, she does not show modifications, so you have to do the best you can and be careful not to injure yourself. I have only done this one once and overdid it (read home from work 4 days later with back strain). But if you are careful, I think it is a good one. I also liked the old buns of steel series. Don't have the old one, just the new. The buns one is pretty good - don't really like the abs one.

Lyssa: You left out one of the best lines of the song (they are all good) "tune in to the AFIRMATIVE!!!" So cool about the tv show. I like the get up and do it attitude! Sorry things are difficult with the parents. LOL - super-bailey knows the goals are ambitious and actually does not plan to meet them (at least no time soon) but rather to have them all written down so she can plan baby step goals and work towards them. (THEN SHOULDN"T I GET UP OFF MY FRANNY AND BE DOING SOMETHING thinks bailey) Good luck with the exercise.

www.heptune.com/lyrics/accenttc.html (http://www.heptune.com/lyrics/accenttc.html)

TECH: Did ya win? Can you take us to the spa? Congrats on the loss. Hope you are journaling!?!:s:

LBH: Glad you sloved the AC situation!

RR: Gosh - dec 15th is such a wonderful day!! I get a little teary when I think about this. You are in my prayers. How wonderful!

Nanci: I find I feel less guilty when I pick a fight with bf due to crankiness if I follow my nasty cranky comments with the following "And I am sorry that I am in a bad mood and being so nasty". Helps me. Don't know if it helps him though... Hope you are feeling better and dh is understanding (and out of your way!)

04-17-2002, 08:05 PM
Bailey - quick question for you - what website was it with the 9 week plan to running a 5k, I would love to try that. I've tried in the past with little success but since it's spring (and I do own a treadmill) this might be a good time to try again. I'm also breaking out the bike, taking it for a tune up and hoping that with a few different activities I won't get so bored with exercise. It's also almost tennis time too!!

Also, thanks to everyone for all the kind words and encouragement!


04-17-2002, 08:28 PM
Tennis sounds great - haven't played in years though would need to buy a racket....

I posted the web site on the thread I started about running a 5 k, but did not post it here - sorry! it is


It is in there as something like 9 weeks to a 5k, along with a lot of other good stuff. Join me on the other thread if you do it!

04-18-2002, 12:04 AM
Karen and I are still OP---DAY 10.

Karen is having problems getting on the board.



04-18-2002, 05:50 AM
Bailey--My goal was to do a half marathon--The training programs are great!!!!I finally did one in 1hr 45 minutes...Of course, I want to move on to a Marathon, but must wait for that one!!!

The weather is very warm here in the 80's!!!We will have a very hot summer!!!!
WEll, off to dress for work!!!Have a great day all!!!!

04-18-2002, 10:32 AM
Hi All,

HEY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NANCI!!! :hb: I thought I remembered it being someone's birthday in April, so I scrolled through the calendar to find out who!! :lol: Hope you had a good one!!

04-18-2002, 03:19 PM
Go away for a few days, and y'all write a book!! :D Hope I can catch up!

I was super busy Monday, and was sick Tuesday and Wednesday. My first official sinus headache/attack, I guess. Started out w/ a stabbing pain in my left eye that woke me up at 3AM Tueasday that eventually spread from eyebrow down to my teeth. Had a fever and felt nauseous, too, so after I got my urgent business done here @ work, went back home. Wed, the pain was some better, but I still had a bit of a fever and throat pain on the right side, so i stayed home another day. Today, I just have the throat pain and a headache, so i came back. if the throat doesn't get better by tomorrow, i am going to the doc. It feels like when I used to get tonsilitis every 6 weeks, but my tonsils are now gone (removed when I was 18). Can you get tonsilitis w/o tonsils???? :dizzy:

Found out yesterday that I am getting a small inheritance from a close family friend who just passed away. I sure will miss him. :cry: I know NC does not have inheritance taxes, but does anyone know if I have to pay income tax on it? I know I'm an accountant, but I'm not a tax accountant!!!:p I don;t think so, but I want to make sure.

I don;t ahve time to respond to everyone (esp since there are tons 'o messages!) but I did want to single 2 out:

Karen and Pryia - woo hoo on staying OP!!!

Lauren - about the A/C - if the controller is in another apartment, whose electric meter is the A/C hooked up to??? Seems to me if there is only one thermostat then there is only one unit. If that's the case, then it seems that that one aparment w/ the thermostat would be paying for everybody's A/C use, which is not fair. Now if your rent includes electricity rather than you getting a separate bill for it, then it all comes out in the wash. Might be something you ought to look into. Or, now that I think about it, you might just be talking about the on/off switch for the main unit and not the thermostat and I am just stupid????

Everyone keep up the good work!


04-18-2002, 03:49 PM
No spa trip. Bummer. :( I saw that cute girl on the news claiming 1/3rd this morning and I was hoping it was you Bailey (I know...she's only in her 20's but I was thinking maybe Bailey's lieing to us about her age). :D :D A girl can dream, can't she??

I don't have time to respond to everyone but just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling really good this week. I don't know what's up -- I guess I'm at the peak of the month. I've been easily staying OP with eating and having great workouts and still following my daily goals. I hope this good vibe stays for awhile.

It sounds like most everyone else is doing great too. I'll go thru all the posts and try to reply to everyone tomorrow. Everyone but me has gone home for the day so I'm sitting here by myself wondering why??

I'm outta here........

04-18-2002, 05:21 PM
HI I'M BACK!! Finally. I decided to update my email address and WHEW!!! What a fiasco. My internet provider decided to block all email from 3FatChicks 'casue it looked similar to a spammer's. So I wasn't getting my confirmation emails OR the emails from Suzanne when I was asking for help. She was able to reset me from her end to get me back on. THANKS SUZANNE!!! Also thanks to Pryia for running interferance along with DH. I was in severe withdrawal!!

Nanci: http://www.scubaboard.com/images/smilies/birthday.gif
Hope it was a wonderful one!!

Not a lot to say tonight. So far I am OP for day 11. Last night we ordered a small pizza from Dominos and four slices = 2 regular slices!! We felt like we were being bad 'cause we ate the whole thing, but we weren't that bad!! We are going out tonight for my last no-class night. I am planning to have chicken even though we are going to the Outback. I have enjoyed this week off so much. I'm a little sad to go back! I will be glad when this is over.

I got my order from Natural Ovens today. I got some oatmeal raisin cookies that are OK. They are 1 pt each and a bit dry in the beginning, but after you got used to, it tasted pretty good. I'm not crazy about raisins tho. I am going to freeze them and see how they are.http://scubaboard.com/images/smilies/bandsmlz.gif

04-18-2002, 06:01 PM
Hi All,

Lisa- Our situation is a little different. We are living in a one family house, but it's a bi-level. If you know how they're set up, if you walk in the front door, you're on the landing and you either go up 6 stairs or down 6 stairs. The owners, who live a few doors down, put a door that locks on both sides at the bottom of the down stairs. The house is set up to be a mother/daughter. We live downstairs, but the A/C thermostat is upstairs. There's only one furnace, one A/C unit...unfortunately the A/C unit is not in the furnace room...which is downstairs! The heat is set up in zones, so we can control our own heat, but the A/C is not set up in zones. :( Right now there is no one living upstairs. When there is, it's just in the master bedroom/bath...the person does not have use of the rest of the upstairs. The owners had started renovating it, and put a new kitchen in, but it's not complete. They basically use all the upstairs, except that MBR/BA as storage for their crap!! Someone will be moving into that room mid-May or so, and they intend to rent out one other bedroom also. They rent them to interns and such from local companies. Like the guy that will be moving in is a college student that will be a summer associate at DH's firm. He'll move out in August when he goes back to school. The owners told us they consider downstairs the main apt., and if we have any problems, we take priority. Unfortunately we're discovering that they don't care about taking care of this house!! The screen on the sliders in bent, but they said they had someone look at it and they'd have to replace the whole unit and don't want to...so we suffer with a door that is very difficult to close. A couple of the windows, which are old double-hungs, don't close right, because they're bent, and we can't open them because the bees come in!! It's a bunch of little stuff that adds up to a lot of aggravation. If it gets worse, I'm just gonna tell them, look, you've gotta clean this place up, or I'm reporting you. And then they'll get in trouble for renting it out like that probably!!

Wow, didn't mean to ramble soo much there!! :lol: Sorry!!

Karen- You & Pryia are doing soo great, 11 Days OP!! Where did you get those cool little smilies?!

04-18-2002, 07:02 PM

Just wanted to pop in quick and say that yesterday was my first day OP!!!!! :D and I'm well on my way to completing day 2!!!!

Well I was over on points a couple, but I got in all my water, exercised and wrote everything down which are my mini goals for the next couple of weeks, I'll add other stuff as I conqure these.

Don't have time to respond to all, I've gotta go start dinner because I'm really hungry and don't want to get to the point I overeat :( .

Talk at you all later (and keep your fingers crossed I will FINALLY get my car back tomorrow)

- Tech :T

04-18-2002, 08:19 PM

Well, we went to Outback and I ended up only having a 7 point dinner!! I thought the salmon was 7 points for 3 ounces and when I got home and looked it up its 7 for 6 ounces!! And I only ate half of it. So, that means that I have 6-13 points left for dessert. I LOVE it when I make mistakes like that. http://www.scubaboard.com/images/smilies/dance.gif

Lauren: www.scubaboard.com/images/smilies for the smilies. There are some really cool ones. If you want to use them you have to put them in an image tag (use the image button) and use the scubaboard URL, at the end put the name of the smilie. You find the name by right clicking on the one you like and selecting properties. (ie: http://www.scubaboard.com/images/smilies/bunny.gif)

Tech: WAY TO GO!!http://www.scubaboard.com/images/smilies/cheering.gif

OK, gotta go for now. Have a good evening!!


04-18-2002, 10:16 PM
Really quick--- day 11 OP is done.

Sorry I can't stay!! Lightening out!

04-18-2002, 10:46 PM
Good Evening all!!!
Everything I am not gonna say anything about...is going great!!!My blood work is doubling perfect and I am now on Aspirin daily per md orders....:smug: :smug: Just praying and keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

04-18-2002, 10:58 PM
Wow, this board is hopping!!! It is nice.

I actually exercised this morning. There are a couple of angels here who have inspired me to "Just do it"! I think that should be the phrase for this web site, and as a matter of a fact, I am going to start a new challenge and call it "Just Do It". This will be for those of us who aren't as industrious (did I spell that right?) as Bailey who wants to run a marathon. But for us to work on our commitments to exercise.

Pryia and Karen need to get an award for 11 days on point. Ya'll are doing so good, and you both deserve a hand.

Pryia - Hope your browser is ok from the lightning.

Tech - WTG, you will do it too. Just follow Pryia and Karen and you can't go wrong.

Nanci - Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Nanci! Happy Birthday to you!! And many more!!!

Lisa - Do get your throat checked out if it isn't better. I believe I have heard that if you have a soar throat and fever, you should call a dr. But I do hope you are feeling better, and that you will be able to post more again soon.

RR - it must be in the air, I have another friend that is looking at the same possibility. I hope all goes well.

Baily - Tennis sounds fun, I have always wanted to play. Unfortunately I took it in college, and flunked (too busy eloping with dh, I guess :LOL: ) I think that is one of my not to long term goals to learn to play tennis. Maybe I can get dh's car fixed so he will give me back the van, and the kids and I can learn together. Sorry to hear about your tragic loss ($325 million tragic losses that is) Better luck next time. Move to Texas, 100,000 would buy a decent house in a fairly decent neighborhood. (Just don't try to buy anything nice in the inner city, that is where prices go up drastically and it is where all the worst neighborhoods are.) Yoga sounds interesting too. I definitely need to work on being limber.

Check ya'll later. Hope some of you come to join me on the "Just Do It" thread!!!

04-19-2002, 12:49 AM
Howdy there,

Just wanted to put a quick note here - lyssa and I both posted exercise threads today - great minds think alike:D . I moved my goals up to hers. Hers is stuck up on the top - Just do it challenge...So whatcha waitin for? Don't know how to delete mine (plus it has a special message for BFB - Where are ya?) So I guess it will just drift off into the thread archive.

Well, I ran/walked a mile Tues and Wens. Was supposed to do it again today, but a little sore so the dog and I just did about a half mile with a little running and a lot of walking. I think that it is going to take me a while to achieve the goal for week 1 which is to jog a mile without stopping. That is FINE. I want to keep at this and see consistent, slow progress. Tomorrow is supposed to be my rest day, but I plan to run/walk a mile as I did not do it today!

Q: Does anyone else gain as much midcycle as they do with AF? I think I have asked this before, but it consistently baffles me. I can tell my thighs, boobs and arms are getting smaller, but not only are the 6's not fitting looser, I am back up to the 10's being tight! The gut is out of control. Today, I weigh 5 lbs more than a few days ago. This happens every month, and I panic. Old dogs and all, maybe I will learn eventually.

Guess what I found? The cincinnati? marathon is called the "flying pigs marathon". They have the cutest pictures of flying pigs on their home page! I printed them out in color and taped them to my control journal, one on the cover and one on my new marathon section. I LOVE MY CONTROL JOURNAL! and I love flying pigs! Pigs were always my favorite animal growing up. Don't have a clue why, but they were. When does Juldiet get back? I miss her and I want some flying pigs!

Rabbit - when do YOU come back? We miss you!

BFB??? Throw a dog a bone, would ya? You always make my day.

Karen: You rock! 11 days is great - sorry you have to go back to school. Isn't that the best when you get "surprise points like that?

Tech: You can do it! Great job op. Keep it up - slow and steady... Hope all goes well with the car

Lyssa: We am slowly getting over the tragic loss. The credit card companies are SOOO relieved!:lol: I'm with ya on the challenge!

Pyria: Great job!

RR: Nice job on the 1/2 marathon! How long did it take you to get there??? My super over ambitious goal which I will likely not meet is to do the Boston 1/2 marathon which is in 6 months. Most likely, if I "Just do it" I will do that race in 18 months and then see what I think about going on from there. :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: Yeay RR!

Lisa: Sorry I don't know about the inheritance thing. I think it has all changed since Bush took over. Hope you are feeling better!

LBH: Hope things get better with the house! Have you heard anything about the job? It's probably too early. I STILL haven't sent out my stuff. Bad bailey!!! (chanting: Just do it, Just do it, Just do it)

Nanci: Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you are feeling better. We miss ya! You can always hang here - we can handle the caddy b$(#* comments no prob! We will even still love you in the morning!

Liz: No spa trip - but I was thinking maybe we could try to plan Something. NOTE - EVERYONE NOT FROM THE EAST COAST, PLEASE STOP READING - I DON'T WANT YOU TO FEEL LEFT OUT. Now that they are gone, I think that 9 of us live between Boston and Florida. Maybe we could try to get together sometime in the middle? Or, we could just do it the easy way and Y'all can come to Boston!:lol: Well, you have figured me out! I am not the lottery girl, but actually a wiry 55 year old balding guy with glasses. I just like doing things like this:lol: No seriously, I AM 32 and Female. How else would you explain the incredible shrinking boobs and the ovulation weight gain? Glad to hear you are having such a great week. I think it is the time of year:D

Hi to all I missed - Check in would ya?

04-19-2002, 01:03 PM
<<dancing in my chair>> WooHooo, It's Friday, It's Friday!!!! The good vibe is still here and I have tons of energy. I wish I could bottle some of this for when I'm going to be grumpy in a couple of weeks. :) I did really good again this week.
Goal 1: Made it to the gym all 5 days and had great workouts. I really pushed myself (my biceps are killing me today).
Goal 2: Did my after lunch strolls everyday but they weren't as long as last week. It's just too hot.
Goal 3: I had my one diet coke on Wednesday but I think I'm gonna have to splurge and have another one today. I've drank strictly water except for the one soda and one giant strawberry daquiri all week long. I need some flavor today.
Goal 4: I stayed well within plan all week. I'm gonna splurge a little today but I have a lot of points banked so I'm not worrying about it.

As for the rest of ya...

Lauren, good luck with the antman and keep cool this weekend. Iíve thought several times about volunteering at the shelter and giving the animals some TLC and exercise but I know it would be so heartbreaking for me. I canít stand to see animals with those sad eyes and the last thing I need is a houseful of dogs.

Lys, good job on the exercise!! Iím glad I can be an inspiration to you. All of those in here that write about resisting temptation and being strong are my inspirations. With all the exercise I get I do have some good muscles. The bad part is theyíre still covered with flab. I think I look good until I see a pic of myself. Iím getting there slowly but surely. At least I feel good.

RR, this is the year for you. I read some of your previous posts when you went thru your troubled times before. My prayers are with you. Is there something in the water cuz I know so many people that are in your same condition. One of my best friends has been trying forever and has had several losses but two weeks ago she made it past her first tri and she is doing great. Good luck and take care of yourself.

Pry, you are doing so great!!! You and Karen are helping to keep me focused.

Nanci, I hope youíre feeling better. I think most women can relate to you. Iím the same way Ė thereís just some days that Iím not happy and all I can think about is b&#$%-slapping everyone I see. When I have ugly PMS I should be locked in a closet until itís safe for me to come out.

Tech, congrats on you and Kís loss!! Did you get your car back??

Elisa, 90 in Toronto already???? Thatís hotter than florida.

KarenK, glad youíre back. Great job on staying OP!! Keep going strong!! I think Iíll stick with the smilies I get. Your way sounds too complicated for me.

Bailey, roflmao!!! No man would put himself thru this message board listening to women talk about AF, PMS, stress, weight, kids, etc. Let us know how Rufus is doing. Donít hurt that puppy. How about next time everyone plans a trip to FL we try and coordinate and get together at the same time? Oh waitÖI live here so I can meet up anytime. Iíd love to come to Boston Ė Iíve always wanted to see that area. Do you have that funky Boston accent????

BFB, Where are you???????????

Hi to all those I missed and have a great weekend everyone!!

04-19-2002, 02:33 PM
Happy Friday All!

Well last night didn't go to well. AF came to visit Wed night and yesterday was my first full day of training at the Village and I felt ichy so after dinner I wallowed. Oh well it only comes once a month and the alternative is worse (no offense RR).

I'm still going to count it as day 2 OP since my goals were to drink my water (I did), journal everything (I did :eek: ) and exercise 3 times a week (yesterday was my off day).

I'm pretty excited about starting work at Greenfield Village (even though the pay stinks :( ). Unfortunately because of their training schedule I won't have all my training done until May 24 so I don't really start until then. But for the next week and a half they have Thomas the Tank Engine there and need extra help on specialty stuff so I may be able to pick up some extra hours that way :D. (if you're interested their web page is www.hfmgv.org (http://www.hfmgv.org) )

Liz - congrats on meeting your goals for the week :D. Your making great life choices that'll help you stay there once you get where you want to be.

Baily - any exercise over what we did before is a step in the right direction. Even though we didn't walk far on Wed (I had cramps and couldn't figure out why 'til I got home and went to the restroom :lol: ), I counted it because it was more than I'd done the week before. Hang in there you'll make it I have faith.

LBH - congrats on the interview (I peaked on the job thread). I wouldn't worry about the jewlry as long as it's not "garish" I doubt anyone else would even notice and if they didn't hire you because your necklace didn't match do you really think you'd want to work there????

RR - I understand you don't want to be jinxed, so I'm not going to wish you luck on that thing you're not talking about. Keep us posted.:s:

Pyria - Congrats on Day 11!!!! You're doing great :)

Karen - I like the smilies, but I think you have to be registered there to get them :?: Do you scuba dive? I've thought of trying it but I usually don't have the time or I don't have the $.

Nanci - Hope you had a great birthday!!!

Lisa - Hope you feel better soon :)

Everyone - (including those I missed) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND

Of course after all the complaining I did about it being too warm too early, and what happened to spring, wouldn't you know it they're predicting snow mixed with rain for Sunday :eek:. Watch out you NE'eners it's coming your way next.

- Tech

04-19-2002, 04:10 PM
WARNING: Do not read this - it will bore you to tears, just had to get it off my chest!

OK, y'all - I actually really like my boss as a person and respect him professionally, I just do not like our working relationship or my role in the company. Will not bore you with all the details. So anyway, he was out of town for two weeks and came back Monday afternoon. I asked if we could set up a meeting to review my projects (which are not going well, and should actually NOT be done due to dorky statistical validity assumptions, but he won't listen) and he said sure. Then he did not speak to me AT ALL on tuesday, I was out on Wendesday, he did not speak to me AT ALL on Thursday. When I left at 6:30 he looked totally shocked. So, later last night I get this message that he had been wanting to go over my projects but I had not been around all week, so could we meet at 7 or 8 this morning? Now, My hours are 10am to 6 or 7pm with lunch at the desk and about 5 cigarette breaks. Plus, I had things I needed to do last night. So, I took a nap from about 7-11pm, then did stuff till 3am, then got ready for my day and was in the office at 4:30am to prep for the meeting. Well, he came in at 6:50am, said he had other things he had to work on first, gave me those things for review, had me in an hour long meeting going over my suggestions, then made revisions and LEFT FOR VACATION without saying WORD 1 about our meeting which never happened. It is 3:00pm and I am leaving now.

Gonna go to the gym, see how quick I can do a mile on the treadmill (goal = 12 min), maybe do 1 other mile, do weights, tan a little, then go home and SLEEP

04-19-2002, 04:42 PM
Hi guys.

Well, I hope everyone had a great day today. I got off early 'cause an admission we were expecting didn't show. I like those surprise times off.

Tech: I certified as a diver but I didn't pursue it too much. I'm actually TERRIFIED of the water. I know, I know. I was trying to overcome the fear, but it was not to be. I met my husband because we were going diving together. I love it once I'm down, it's like being inside the aquarium and totally awesome. It's the part on top of the water that I can't handle. At lot of programs let you do a free trial lesson to see if you like. You should check it out. You do not have to register to use the smilies, least, I didn't and I'm using them. I got Tinker Bell there too.

Liz: (trying to join Liz up on that chair. Oops, butts too big!!) It just sounds complicated, it's not that bad. Just click on the IMG button and fill in the box. That easy.

OK, gotta go see what to have for dinner. Have a great Friday Nite!!

04-19-2002, 05:01 PM
Karen - another good pizza is the Pizza Hut Veggie Lover's Thin Crust. It has sliced tomatoes! :T

Lauren - thanks for reminding me why I bought a house! :p Remind me that I said that when I have to shell out the $$ to the landscaper this fall! :eek: I've decided to put part of the $$ I am inheriting into my pitiful yard before the neighbors petition me to move. :o

Tech - good luck at the new job!

Lyssalou - thanks for the concern. The fever si down, and I ahve been doping up on tylenol. That keeps the throat from hurting, but I can sure tell when it's wearing off. Will give it until Monday, I guess. Can you tell I hate the doc??? Actually, I hate giving him $86 to tell me it's a sore throat! Lat time I went, it was $86 to tell me I had a cold.

Liz - WTG on the goals!

Gotta go. Everyone have a great OP weekend. Will check back in on Monday!!!


04-19-2002, 05:33 PM

MAN, I could spit fire right now I'm soo mad!!! :mad: I went downstairs to check and make sure facilities set up the big room for Orientation Monday and the room was stark naked except for a small desk in the middle!!! :eek: Normally we only have 20-25 people and they fit in the biggest room we have, which seats 22 by fire law. I requested that they set up the old "break room" which they want to lease for some dumb reason, because we've got 52 people coming Monday!! This conversation has been going on since March 27th!!! After going back and forth in emails, finally my boss, the one that's here in the office, told her to cancel the blood drive that day (which was gonna be in that room) because we needed it for orientation. So I go to her to find out why it's not set up and I asked the guy, because she was on the phone. He knew nothing about it!! I'm like, I have 50 people coming here Monday and I need that room set up!! So I come back to my desk to print out the emails and shove them in their faces and go down to check it out. Another guy is there setting up chairs conference style...just lined up in rows! I'm like, uh, I need TABLES & CHAIRS. So I go back upstairs to her cube and the guy's not there. I said uh, Pam, Diego's down there lining up chairs, I need tables and chairs. She says, in the snottiest voice she can muster, OK Lauren, I'll take care of it...without even turning around!! :mad: Man, I could've split her in half at that moment!! I was seconds from postalness!! So now I'm sitting here, trying to cool off, and I have to wait to make sure they get it right! AAARRRGGGGHHHH....

04-19-2002, 07:19 PM
I think I am very glad I stay at home. Bosses are the pits. I don't remember having a boss I liked until my last job, which I quit to have kids. I was a medical courier (cool job, with car, and I got the country drive!) for a lab. I guess the reason I got along so well with that boss was because I was never in the office :LOL: .

Well, I am always looking for ways to cut the oil out of my favorite recipes, and tonight, it is fish gumbo. I experimented with a few ways to make the rue (I know there is a different spelling for that, but those of you who cook gumbo know what I mean.) I found out that you could brown the flour dry. I tried with water, and that was a disaster. It looks and smells really good!! I will let you all know how it tastes later.

I just did the nutritional analysis at Diet Site.com (http://www.dietsite.com) and found out that it is 101 calories per serving, and only one gram of fat. Of course you add the rice, and that is another 100 calories. But that is a 200 calorie meal. If I had cooked the rue the way you are supposed to do, it would have added aproximately 61 calories, and 7 grams of fat. But if I cooked it the way my cookbook says, it would be over 500 calories, and :o 32 grams of fat. I use only white fish for my gumbo. Because of the Kosher influence in my life, I am uncomfortable with cooking with the normal foods that go into seafood gumbo, but it is still to die for.

LBH - Hope you weekend is better than today.

Lisa - just for your info, I once suspected I had strep, and I was able to get the dr.s office to let the nurse just give me the strep culture. It saved me the vist charge, since I only saw the nurse. But I hope you will be better soon. Hope your weekend is op, fun, and pain free.

Karen - Wow, extra time off, nice. Hope your dinner was good.

Bailey - I read it, and it didn't bore me at all! I am very interested in what a degree in psychology will get you. It is one of the things I have considered going back to school for. But I have to get dh out of school first. Looks like another 2 years, I can't wait. Looks like no one is up for our "Just do it" challenge, but that's ok, we will get our hearts healthy :LOL:. I am looking into other options to get a better work out. Flying pigs marathon? Sounds like fun. Are you going to sign up for it? Sorry again for creating a board, with out checking to be sure no one else had started one.

Tech - Wow, the Greenfield Village looks like a cool place to work. What will you be doing there?

Liz - I am with you on dancing in the chair!! I love Friday!!! I usually get restless on Friday's and some of the kids school work gets pushed off until Monday, but not today, they got it finished, and now we can go into the weekend guilt free. And this weekend is payday:devil: !

Pryia - Tonight's your night! Details, need details :LOL: . By the way, McDonald's Chicken Ceaser Salad is only 100 calories with out dressing. Their Fat Free dressing is ony 60 calories. That could be a whole meal for less than 2 points (right?!?)

04-19-2002, 11:54 PM
When life hands you lemons...

So after no sleep and annoying work situation, I was all ready to leaver early (after being there 11.5 hrs). Then, the printer called. WE ARE A 5 PERSON OFFICE! No one has any skills in any type of publishing. I TOLD them and TOLD them to get the 30 page multicolor paper with 17 exhibits professionally done. Did anyone listen? NOOO. So, anyway after literally 5 months of agony over this thing (which, by the way is looking like it will turn out fantastic and will really help business), 5000 copies were to be printed today for delivery on Monday (when we HAVE to do the mailing). The printer called at 4 and said that the colors were off. Due to the Paul Mcartny (sp?) concert, the courrier could not get to us, so I got to go out and look at it. It is actually just a bit past my house so not that big a deal. And, the colors were actually BETTER than before. But, I could not get home due to concert traffic. (Boston on a friday at rush hour is bad enough as it is. So??? Went over to Harvard Square to visit BF at work (nice treat for both of us) and to do some shopping!

I know, I should not be doing shopping b/c of our financial goals. However, they have the greatest consignment shop www.secondtimearound.net (http://www.secondtimearound.net) I found the CUTEST goal dress - it is Ann Taylor, sundress, palest blue (almost grey) with back cut out, in flawless condition. Now, I LOOK in Ann Taylor a lot (don't buy much) so I know that dresses like this one usually sell for 150-250 there before they go on sale. This one was...$36! So I bought it. It is my lemonade.

Problem? It is a size 2. Whatever. I can hang it in my closet and have it motivate me to get where I want to be (most likely a 4/6). Then, when I am just oh so happy with myself, I can give it to my sister (actually size 2) or my cousin (often a 0, eating disorder :( . And maybe, just maybe, it will one day fit. I tried to try it on, but it got stuck on my boobies. Not an easy feat to accomplish, when the boobies practically invert:lol: . But, it looks to be about the same size as a size 4 that I could wear about 3 years ago (I weighed about 130-135). So.......Pigs may fly afterall.

Off for a weekend on the cape. Can't go till about 2 am (bf is right now on the 3-11 shift at work and ALWAYS has to work late). Saturday and Sunday should be great though (although that boss guy I was talking about before is also my father and will be there - can you see where this situation is going? Must get on the job thing).

Have been doing good on my run/walk/runs and yoga - terrible on food, good on alcohol and terrible on H2O - Exact opposite of my early stages of this journey:rolleyes:

Liz: Yeay you. Keep that feeling as long as you can! Actually, I read somewhere that b$%^&-slapping people is really good for you - it releases all these wonderful neruotransmitters:lol: Just Kidding! run for that closet. The dog is doing good. I worry because he has had so many out of the blue health issues (as giant breeds often do - why do we do these things to animals?) That is another reason I would go for a Mutt. Inbreeding is not good for humans - why would it be for dogs (although the pack of little rug-rats I had with my cousin seem just fine):D Called the vet today and have an appointment for May 4th. Even wrote it in my control journal. This last time to fla we had no time and no car, but I usually go every year. If I win the lottery (or get a new job) we will be there!

Tech: Sorry to hear AF is harassing you too. Her evil side-kick AO is on my @$$. The greenfield place sounds great! When did you get the job? What will you be doing? YEAY! Great job on the exercise and I totally agree - baby steps all the way. I appreciate your faith in me and you have mine as well.

Karen: Hope you enjoyed that surprise time off - even better than surprise points (sometimes). What type of clients do you see?

Lisa: GL with the yard - hope you are feeling better

LBH: Maybe your boss and my boss got together and planned these little stunts? Geesh - hope you have cooled off. I myself am still a bit peeved.:devil: :devil:

Lyssa: I don't know - I can whine about work, but don't think I could take too long with 4 kids to tend (and I have done a lot of work with the little suckers - bless their hearts). I love working with kids, but I also love LEAVING kids at the end of the day :lol: I admire you. Let me know if you want info on psych degrees. I used to run the sessions for undergrads about career opportunities so, although you won't believe this because I am usually so quiet, I could go on and on... I am psyched up for the challenge whether it is 2 or more! I seem to be posting quite a lot there too, would you mind if I do 1 post per week so it does not get too long? GL with the exercise thing. If I get time I will look around and see what I see for stay at home moms. Maybe try doing all daily activities while balancing one of the little angles on a body part?:lol: (Sorry - I really do LOVE kids - don't know what has gotten into me) I think if I ever could do a marathon, I would have to do boston, as I grew up with it and it practically passes my front door. I Love the concept of the flying pigs marathon, however.

Nanci - where are you? are those pigs in the air?

Rabbit and Juldiet - come home! We miss you

elisa - hope all is well

To all those I missed - Hope all your lemons turn to lemonade!

Backfor 2002
04-20-2002, 01:13 AM
Hi all,

Ok just a quick note to let you all know that I am alive and well.

The crankiness has moved on. THANK GOD. I think that I had some major issues with my bday which is totally stupid but what can I say. Thank you all for your wishes!

I gained 1.8 on thursday. I am over the pity party on that one. I guess the wine and fish & chips that I convinced myself I deserved was not such a good idea. Dh did well and was down another 1lb.

Ok Bailey don't be leaving me out of any get togethers. You all know I have such an issue with traveling :-) I am definately up for getting together. I just need some notice and I there.

I will catch up with all the posts later. I just have to say everyone is doing AWESOME!!!!! We are all really in the groove.


Backfor 2002
04-20-2002, 01:15 AM
Ok I really have to start proofing. What I meant to say is I am there.

04-20-2002, 10:52 AM
I did not make day 12, but I am back on track this morning. And I will try and break my record. And I am okay with not makeing day 12. SInce it had been so long since I made it through day 1!

I skipped WI cause I was just to tired to get out of bed.

KarenK- Did you make it through day 12? I sure hope so.

I am going shopping today Eddie Bauer to use my Corporate Discount.

04-20-2002, 11:48 AM
Good Morning!! I hate people who are perky early in the morning. Wait a minute, I just looked at my clock and it's 10:44. I just got up 1/2 hour ago. Guess it's not that early!! :D My behind is dragging today. We are going to Six Flags and I'm waiting for DH to get out of the shower.

Pyria: I made it through Day 12, but only because I talked DH out of going to the movies. I would have never survived the popcorn. But you are OK, you are back on track today. Have fun shopping at Eddie Bauer. Do you buy clothes there? I've never found much in my size and certainly not since I've put back on all this stupid weight.

Gotta go get dressed now. Have a good day all!!

04-20-2002, 01:44 PM
Everytime I try and catch up with this thread, someone else posts!!! :lol: I have had a grim week ToM is early and is dragging on, have no desire to work or exercise and reading 58 posts to figure out what has been going on is gonna be a challenge! Guess tonight is slippery slope night, two tubs of strawberry cheesecake Hargen Dazs are in my freezer and they are SHOUTING my name. I feel I need to boost my energy levels :s:

04-20-2002, 06:29 PM
Hello all!!!!
We have gone to the zoo and walked all day!!!I am pooped!!!I even slept the whole way home!!!I have overdosed on Lemon Heads all day...the thing we are not talking about--my blood levels are high and perfect..and now the fun nausea is hitting full force!!!The only thing that helps is lemon heads..Not the middle, just the sour candy coating on the outside and throwing away the middles...One more week until the sonagram and then I will say the word!!!!:D In the meantime, I am resting, drinking lots water, taking my aspirin as ordered and excercising!!!!

TEch--the job sounds great!!Wow,, the weather there is nuts!!!Here, it is just warm!!!!

Bailey and Lauren--Hope the job is better on Monday...SOmetimes people at work can make U crazy!!!

We had a picnic today...I saw a man eating and drinking junk out of the garbage cans...Being queasy already, I made Refman take me from there...He ate leftovers from 6 different cans and took offense when I offered him clean food...SOmetimes, I wonder about people.....

Have a great day all!!!
BPB--Do not listen to the ice cream!!!!!

04-24-2002, 10:07 PM
RR: I guess I missed something while I was gone - happy sonogram!
Your picnic story reminded me of a picnic I had with a boyfriend on the Boston Commons. A street lady came up sat near us and then stripped! She talked non-stop about something totally unrelated to stripping. This would of been summer of '86.

I lit the grill tonight. Its just an old charcoal one -maybe someday I'll get a gas grill. I guess I didn't even use it any last year and my charcoal wouldn't light. I asked DH if he had any ideas (he knows nothing about cooking). He came out of the studio with a propane torch (a big one that is on a hose attached to a big propane cannister). It was too funny - you should of seen the kids faces when he lit it up. It worked though - dried out the charcoal and it was ready quicker than ever!! :) (by the way it was jerk chicken, corn on the cob, and mushrooms).

Bad thing #1:
Have to take the truck in tomorrow to have the transmission worked on. These kind of things always happen right after the warrenty expires!!

Bad thing #2:
I was moving the kitchen table and looked in the floor vent and its full of insulation. That means we need duct work (again) and that something is living under the house!!

What will Bad thing #3 be?????

- jul