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04-13-2002, 05:45 AM
My story is just like everyone that has ever lost weight. My son got married last year and I lost 53 pounds so I would look great. Now I have gained back about 25 pounds. I am a cook and really lose track of what I am eating when I am working. Same ol', same ol', never stand up and eat. That is what I do every day. My husband has never had a weight problem and he just doesn't understand why I don't just loss again. Just can't get me head back in to it. Lost on Atkins Diet, which is great for me because I am a meat eater. Still have problems with portions, always way too big. I also have to admit that I love my beer. That is the worst, but just like to have a couple every once in awhile. My whole life has been based around food. Can't seem to have fun unless I am cooking and eating. Please help me before I go into a full blown downfall.
Thanks for your support.

04-13-2002, 08:18 AM
Well the truth is, people that loose for an event tend to put the weight back on. However you have not put it all back so that is a good thing. I think if you look into something like WW you might find a ballance for what you need. You can have your Beer, you can follow low carb and you will find to do the portion control. Take a scroll down the topics page and look into WW. There are also people on the Low carb threads that combine with WW. You will find plenty of suport here and a program or diet to fit your needs.

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