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09-25-2008, 01:34 PM
Has anyone done any swimming instruction through the Total Immersion program?

If so:
1. did you take lessons in-person or use a DVD?
2. did you get the results you wanted?
3. were you a decent swimmer when you started

I am a beginner, hate swimming w/my face in the water. Want to conquer this so I can use swimming as another form of cardio exercise.

Thanks for any advice.

09-25-2008, 02:31 PM
I was thinking of doing it in person but it probably won't happen this year as I've already spent enough money. From what I've read, you can be a very beginner.

If you are a beginner who hates swimming w face in the water, I'm not sure the DVD will help.

What do you hate about having your face in the water? Just comfort level? Do you have goggles and a swim cap? Have you tried with shallow water first? I love swimming in deep water but I know some people have an issue with it.

Pink Geranium
09-25-2008, 06:30 PM
I have been working with a couple of swimmers using the Total Immersion Book as a guide. One has progressed really well - he could swim, but very little, and now does about 40 lengths at a time (not all at once yet, but he is really getting there). For him the book and DVD worked great.

My other friend has a fear of water and though she already swims well enough to benefit from refining her stroke, she cannot take the instruction because she does not like having her face in the water. She still can't swim a lap, not because she can't, but because she hasn't been able to address her fear. So the book would be useless to her until she can be more comfortable in the water.

I would suggest taking a beginner's class in swimming that focuses on water familiarity and getting used to the water as well as some instruction. You need to be comfortable in all positions in the water before Total Immersion will be of any use, but it's not hard to get to that point if you build a good foundation of basic skills. Once you do, I wholly reccommend the system. I'm a former competitive swimmer and I have learned from it myself, and my one friend who had no water fears, just poor swimming skills, has gone from barely making one length to doing many, as I said above (his ambition is to do a triathlon and swimming is holding him back).

Hope you can get involved with the water. It's very kind to your body and a lot of fun. Good luck.

09-26-2008, 11:03 AM
One thing I didn't say is that one way to get better at swimming is you need to swim. The first time I went swimming, I had trouble sticking my head under the water but I kept at it. I also found that breathing to one side helps rather than trying to alternate sides. I also practiced putting my face in the water with a swim board. I went from floundering in swimming to swimming half a mile within a few weeks of doing it. I won't say I'm great or fast but the difference is amazing just on getting out there and practicing.