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09-24-2008, 12:41 PM
I am hoping someone can help me here. I have been working out in the gym for the last couple of weeks, trying to increase my work out as I feel able to. Yesterday I did 20 minutes running/10 minutes walking on a treadmill, 15 minutes on a recumbent bike, and 15 minutes arm weights. Thsi morning I woke up with pain in my left heel. It hurts occasionally when I walk and hurt a lot when I twisted it a little while ago (I twisted it to see if it would hurt). I am so afraid that I have hurt myself and will not be able to keep working out. So my question is - has anyone heard of/experiemced this kind of thing? Thanks!

09-24-2008, 04:33 PM
You most likely have plantar facitis (sp?). It will hurt more in the morning and less as the day goes on. It is caused by scarring on the tendons that run along the underside of your foot -- attaching to the ball and the heel. THis causes them to not stretch as well as they used to. As you sleep, they lose there stretch and then - presto! Serious morning arch and or heel pain and lesser pain when you stretch them or just as the day goes on. It can get worse (I get it as well). What you need is to get some really good arch supports and maybe gel insoles for your workout shoes. There are also special things you can wear at night to help maintain the stretch.

This problem did once cause me to simply have to stop running altogether for a couple of months, but the eliptical, bike, etc. can still give you a great work out -- you will not have to stop altogether. It is just possible that you will not be a runner. I have given up running, but still get plenty of good cardio. Or, since you have caught it early, you might be able to intervene now and still run after resting it fir a little while.

09-25-2008, 12:08 AM
Thanks so much for the info. I did some research and it looks like you are probably right. I went out tonight and bought some arch supports, threw my flip flops in the back of the closet, dug out my Chaco's, and took the night off from exercising. I am hoping *fingers crossed* that I can go back to the gym tomorrow and be ok. I think I will also look up the stretching exercises and try those at work tomorrow. I love my treadmill and hate ellipticals and will be heartbroken to have to give it up. Anyway, thanks again!

09-25-2008, 07:46 PM
Never wear flip flops and wear good, supportive shoes with a lot of cushion. I live in FL and go barefoot on tile and wood floor all of the time and about six months ago I developed bad heel pain in both feet.

I bought a high quality pair of Ecco Yucatan sandals and I bought a pair of heel cups online (heelthatpain.com) for my running shoes and have experienced a huge improvement. I never go barefoot anymore, which has helped a lot. I also do calf and foot stretches twice daily.

Good luck!

09-25-2008, 07:58 PM
I have had this for months at a time, yes from going barefoot doing a WATP video. Not too smart. But that wasn't the first time I had it. What cured me the first time is wearing Adidas Adilette sandal that have an arch support that stays firm. The sandals wear out before the arch goes. They last a really long time. I know it once took almost a year to get over. I was able to exercise, however, because it does get better as the day goes on. I haven't had it now for quite awhile but I know how awful it feels.