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04-11-2002, 03:15 PM

Welcome all who come this way.

It is another bright beautifly day. The birds are twitterpated and we had a visit from Rockie Racoon last night. Since we put Turn on wet food and set his container of dry outside ~ well that ole Rockie found out how to open that plastic container and chowed down royally. Sure determined what we were going to do with that food. ;)

You know folks this business of losing weight isn't an easy battle but we can win it if we keep doing it 24/7. Don't get discouraged just get determined and do the best you can.

Last night after I had eaten all my points I wanted a piece of candy but chose instead to drink a diet cream soda. That worked that time. Tuesday was a hungry day where I wanted to eat everything in sight but held firm and didn't let myself get carried away and Thin Within won the battle and finished the day within bounds. Draw from that inner strength you have and you can do this thing. We fight a constant battle with food.

Have an OP day today ya'll.

04-11-2002, 08:43 PM

It has been and interesting 24 hours for us. Brand new (expensive) monitor failed. After much phoning from here to CA I was told to mail it and they would repair it. Not too happy to do that but I had no choice. We only bought it in February but the store won't take it back after 14 days. :( To make a long story short, sent the monitor back and reconnected old monitor. Some how the cord on the modem became disconnected so reconnected that then I couldn't type. Found the keyboard connection loose--reconnected that. When I went to post it seems I was not logged in--so I logged in. I must say just 'talking' to you, my friends, was worth all that.

JEAN You may not be going on a long trip but it sure sounds like you will have a busy summer. That's a lot of weddings. I'm sure it must be nice to have a real church to go to. Sounds like a great celebration!

MAGGIE California certainly sounds like a lovely place to live, especially at this time of year. The daffodils are up and the tulips are showing their greenery but nothing like your discription of your area.

Gloria in MA.....think I will surf the net for a while. Have a good evening all!

04-11-2002, 10:53 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
We got rain, rain, and more rain today! It has that damp, chilly feeling outside but the temperature is fairly warm. We had an hour and a half assembly this afternoon; the jazz band (good), lip sync groups (DUMB!), and a bunch of kids who have formed their own band (LOUD NOISE!). If you didn't have a headache going in, you sure had one coming out! Of course, the kids' band was the hit and they kept playing and playing and playing. :dizzy: I finally left when school was supposed to get out and there was still a gym full of kids.

Maggie -- How come you are feeding Turn wet food now? I thought dry food was supposed to be the best. Of course, I should talk cuz Leonard won't eat anything but canned food. We have possums who come and eat the outside catfood. :rolleyes: They would be kind of cute if they had a furry tail. :lol: I really admire your determination! I wish I could get some that would stick around for a while. The outside mother cat is definitely "with kittens" and she is eating like there is no tomorrow. Bob fixed a box for her in the shed but I doubt she will have them in there simply because there is only one way in and out for her.

Gloria -- Don't you just hate it when things don't work right? Why can't they just replace the monitor where you bought it and then send it back to the company -- that would be so much simpler for you! We had bell practice tonight and what a production Sunday is going to be! We have to walk in with the choir, go to our assigned seats, get up at a certain time and wait for our cue to go up front and take our places. I will be sooooo glad when Sunday is over! I guess I am just not a very good "out of the normal routine" person. Putting it simply, by Thursday night I'm kind of grumpy! :mad: But tomorrow is Friday and that is good!

Have a fantastic Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-11-2002, 11:11 PM

Still nice out here and it is 7 pm. I sure love living here again. Finished eating on this 19 point day within bounds. If I get hungry, which I doubt, there are always tomatoes and green beans and chicken broth to fill an empty hole.

GLORIA I thought they were supposed to take things back at least 30 days when they malfunction like that. I took something back 6 months later once to a store. Go figure. Check into the Lemon Law ~ they have to deal with you ~ like make it right or a new one.... or your Attorney General will help out. There is wiggle room for you.

JEAN Turn had some blood in his urine awhile back and the vet said that the first step was to get him off dry food. If that didn't work he might have stones or something that would have to have him put to sleep. Good thing the canned food worked. Two days on the canned food diet and the urine cleared up. Those who don't have inside only cats don't know when this happens because they don't have a but hut to clean every day.:D That loud assembly needed to have earplugs to pass out. That is horrible to subject the teachers to that.

Have a nice evening ladies.

04-12-2002, 06:51 PM
It's FRIDAY and I am doing a HAPPY dance! The sun is out and it's so nice! Wish my toe was well enough to go for a walk! :(

Maggie -- I can't say that I have ever heard of a litter box being called a butt hut! :lol: Our old cat had the kidney crystals and we had to put her on prescription cat food. I don't remember if we did both the wet and dry or just the dry as she would eat both. Speaking of earplugs -- we have a neighbor kid across the street who likes to play LOUD music while he shoots baskets. Last night we could hear it in the back of the house with the TV on. I came upstairs to check email and could really hear it so I got some 60s music, put the CD player in the other bedroom with the window open, and cranked it up. Bob happened to notice the mother coming home from a walk (it was about 9:30 and dark out) -- all of a sudden the garage door closed, the music quit, and the kid disappeared inside the house. I suppose I am on their list now but I was in my robe and not about to walk across the street to ask him to turn it down. One other time Bob was out in the garage working and said the language in the music was pretty bad. He just walked out and stood in the driveway and the kid finally turned it off. He is back out there right now w/o the music. I don't know why it has to be so loud or nothing at all.

I need to go and make a grocery list. I haven't been in quite some time to do some serious shopping. Have a great weekend, Flowers! I hope we see some more of you over the weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-13-2002, 01:35 AM

Busy day here. Went to the green grocers and got mangoes, plums, nectarines, strawberries and bananas. And in the market lettuce is down to 69 cents a head- this is the crop after the one the freeze ran the price way up over 2 dollars. I love fruits and veggies.

JEAN you go girl! That is the way to do it - fight fire with fire... or music with music. Both of you breaking the "noise" ordanice. :lol: That was too funny how his mother got the message. Around here if the music gets too loud and they don't turn it down when asked then they are asked to pack it up and leave the campground. Have yourself a good weekend.

Maggie, winding down a beautiful day.

04-13-2002, 05:11 PM
Happy Saturday, Flowers!
It has sprinkled off and on today, the sun has been out a time or two, and now it's getting dark again. Nothing like having a variety of weather to talk about! :rolleyes:

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I finally wore a shoe to school for the first time in 2 weeks. I wasn't moving very fast but at least both feet matched. :p I was also pretty darned sore last night!

Maggie -- I suppose I was the one acting childish the other night! :eek: We also have a neighbor kid who lives behind us whom we've "watched" for several years while he has partied with the loud music, alcohol, cigarettes, and sleep overs. Sometimes the parents are home and sometimes not. He graduates this year and we've heard rumors that they are moving. Bob wants to call them up and volunteer to help pack! Anyhow, getting the noise from both directions gets to be a bit much. I haven't seen the kid across the street today but then his parents are both home today.

I still haven't made it to the grocery store. That's next on my list to do. Bob is out planting oats today so it is quiet around the house. I have been putzing all day; now I need to get going!

Have a super Sunday, Flowers! It's kind of lonely in the flower patch today. :shrug:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-14-2002, 03:31 PM
Hi everyone...checking in to let y'all know I'm alive and well and feeling better each day in regard to being on program. Feels so good being in control again...thanks Maggie for all those encouraging emails! (((HUG))) You're a wonderful friend. My foot lets me know when I've done too much walking...the swelling is almost all gone and the bruise has seeped down into my toes--THAT is so WEIRD!

Jean, I read that you're back to wearing both shoes now! Glad you showed that kid "what-for" by blasting back loud music! :joker:

Maggie, iceberg lettuce is on sale here for $1.29 a head. And it looks pretty good too.

Gloria, just hate computer problems!

I haven't been up to a whole lot--I've seen a lot of Amanda this weekend. My daughter told me she gets notes sent home with her every evening from daycare telling her she's either bossy or she's hitting her friends or doing something. Of course, I don't believe them--she doesn't hit me and well...the bossy bit...she does lead me around the house by the hand...hmmm... :s: Nah! She's being framed for sure! :lol:



04-14-2002, 08:35 PM

It has been a beautiful weekend in the neighborhood. Sunny and temps in high 60's n low 70's. There was a grand opening of a Kohl's store on Friday and, of course, I was there. What a mob.It is a very nice store and they had a lot of goodies at quite good prices. Was able to get the DDs and DIL their Mother's Day gifts and some other things I had been looking for. Then Saturday DH took me out for a birthday dinner. Today I took the puff off the bed and replaced it with the lighter covers. This meant washing the duvet and airing the puff. Feel good now that is done.

Have also been trying to get things ready for the trip and today I reversed my closet and put the winter clothes on the back rod and visa versa. Need to get DH to move on doing his closet. He has some Summer things stored in the attic so that is a project for another day. We are using the spare room as a staging area for things we think we will need on the trip and then when we actually begin packing we will weed out all the extras.

GAIL Glad to hear your ankle is getting better. Must be all those frozen veggies.:lol: Your right those little ones like Amanda have that ability to wind us around their little fingers and of course your not biased.

JEAN You, too, are well on the way to recovery. Boy, getting a shoe on that foot is a great step forward. Using fire to fight fire is a great tactic. Sometimes it is the only way to make your point.

MAGGIE You are right in the area of the freshest of fruits and vegetables and I am envious. It will be a little while, yet, before our farmers will be selling their crops at roadside stands and I can hardly wait. That's a great price for lettuce we are still paying $1.29 a head.

I just love this daylight savings time. We still have light and it is 7:30 PM.

Gloria in MA....heading to the kitchen to finish cleaning up and then to read a book. Have a great week, all!!!!

04-14-2002, 10:10 PM

I am still around. I have been so busy! Gail and atest to that. I have been on program this week. First week back. I even banked points. Thanks to Maggie's emails and Gail keeping at me, I made it. Thank you both for the help.

This was a beautiful weekend. The weather was great. The only bad spot was that we found out our big stray cat had been attacked by a dog. Our neighbors were able to chase the dog away. Keep in mind this dog had our 17# cat in its mouth. We took him to the vet and she said she didn't think there was major damage. That he is badly bruised and has some punctures. He is walking around very very slowly. Poor guy must be hurting.

I hope all of you are doing well. I don't know if I will have much more time to read or post this week. We are on overload at work.

Maggie, congratulations for the losses you have shown.

Jean, I seem to remember something about you being injured. Are you okay now? School will be out soon. :) For you anyway :(

Gloria, looks like I missed your birthday. Happy late birthday!

Take care!!:wave:

04-14-2002, 11:12 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It is a WARM 73 degrees out at 9 pm! We've had another day of some sun and some clouds but no rain and NO WIND!

Our big shindig at church went off without a hitch, as far as I know. Next weekend we have a public open house but I don't think DH and I have to do anything for that. The last Sunday is the organ recital with an organist who specializes in organ music. Then we are done celebrating, I hope.

Gail -- I wore two shoes to church today! We spent so much time standing around waiting for things to get started I finally took one off and stood in my stocking feet. We wear robes so I don't think anyone even noticed. :smug: After church we took MIL's car over to Amanda to use while her's is in the shop. She and I went shopping! I had to pick up a picture that I had had framed and that store just happened to be next to Toys R Us! Boy do they ever have a lot of stuff! We didn't buy anything but did compare prices. I can't believe your Amanda would be bossy or hit someone. I'll just bet the other kid did something first and the caregiver didn't see it! :nono: I'm glad your ankle is feeling better -- I know what you mean when you say you can tell when you have done too much and for too long!

Gloria -- Was your birthday yesterday? I'm sorry I let it slip by and I hope it was a great one for you! :hb: You can come and do my closets when you finish yours -- I just hate that job! In my next life I am going to have a closet for every season! When I pack to go somewhere I always pack way too much. I usually bring home clean clothes that are all wrinkled from being packed! :rolleyes:

Sharon -- Hi Stranger! I feel so sorry for you cat! I just hate it when a dog takes after them. I hope he's moving a little faster each day. Congratulations on being OP once again! *clap - clap* :strong: Send some of your determination my way please! I broke my little toe by walking into a door . . . no one's fault but my own because I didn't slide it open all the way. It is still tender but I can get a shoe on for at least part of the day. We have 25 days of classes left and 3 days of finals. Now that's not counting the 2 personal days that I am taking, an early dismissal day on Wed., and a "screw - off" day spent in the park. Am I counting? You bet I am! :lol:

Maggie -- Where are you today? :?:

Have a great week, Flowers! I really do think that spring has finally arrived! The grass is turning green and the tulips are up.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-15-2002, 12:35 PM
Good Morning Magnolias

It is Monday and I have been looking in a computer file for something one of my email buddies asked me if I still had. Well it took me and hour or more but I found it and sent it to her. So now I had better get back to other things I need to do. While I am at the computer I just thought I would drop in and say HI!:D

Saturday's Birthday Dinner was pre the actual date which is Wednesday so I thank all for your Birthday wishes. Wednesday will just be another day. We may go to Bedford Air Base for a last shopping trip before the NC trip.

Oh! Oh! DH just came back from his walk and I think I will discover what he has planned for this Patriot's Day.

Gloria in MA....saying hello!

04-15-2002, 06:30 PM

Another beautiful rainless day in the neighborhood. They had to cut a couple limbs of a HUGE tree because they were dead and ready to fall and smash whatever was beneath them ~ like someones trailer. Anyway the limbs were hallow and we snagged a couple rounds which are about a foot and a half tall and a two feet across. Put rocks in the bottom and potting soil to the top and planted some pretty flowers in them. Where I sit and type I can look out and see one of the pots and the other can be seen from the bedroom door.

GAIL and SHARON thank you for your kind words. What I gave to you was what a friend gives a friend. I appreciate both of you gals saying that. It is so good that you both are back OP and being able to bank points. That is control and feels so good.

JEAN I am so glad that your toe is getting better enough for you to wear shoes. Now, please, remember to open that bathroom slidder all the way. :o I am here but where is my post?:?:

GLORIA That was neat that you could find some nice gifts in that rush of a crowd. I just know you are very excited about your upcoming trip. Have a great time.

GAIL you do know that usually the first swing isn't seen by the teacher, but the second blow is. Poor Amanda is probably being blamed for defending herself. Once my daughter was being kicked under the seat, while riding the bus home, by a boy and she said she asked him to stop and he wouldn't so she slugged him on the arm. She was in kindergarten then and the bus driver kicked her off the bus for two weeks. Well the principal was a personal friend and she went right to him and told what happened ~ the whole story. He told that bus driver to "never" kick that little red headed girl off the bus again if she valued her job. My little girl had bruises on her legs where she had been kicked. So there is always more to the story than comes home in those notes. When she brought that one home she told me the "whole" story and aslo told me not to worry about it because she would handle it the next day. I let her do her thing and it worked out fine.:D

SHARON how is that cat doing? Poor thing, those puncture wounds must be quite painful.

Well folks another weigh day has rolled around and so quickly. I have kept my FOCUS so am hopefull that I will show a loss. Also we had a goal for 12 weeks going in our meeting and today is the deadline. I had as a goal to lose 12 pounds by April the 15th from January 28th. I met that goal a while back but tonight is the reckoning. We are to turn in our last 12 weeks of trackers - aka:journels tonight. I wonder how many will be doing that.

Have a great afternoon ladies.

04-15-2002, 07:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The sun is shining brightly, the wind is blowing ferociously, and it is HOT! This is too much of a change from having the furnace running a few days ago.

Gloria -- Whenever I go looking for something I thought I saved on the computer, I usually don't find it. You must "save" better than I do! ;) Tell me again when you are leaving on your trip. I know you've said but the date slips my mind. I think you should do something special on Wed., just for you. After all, it isn't every day that you have a birthday!

Maggie -- I couldn't wear my shoe today . . . I don't know if I overwalked in it yesterday or what but the slipper went to school with me. :lol:

Gail -- We always tell the kids that it's the second offender who gets caught, rarely is it the first. I'd love to be a mouse and watch Amanda's group together, wouldn't you? :o

Sharon -- I'm with Maggie, how's the cat today?

I have card club tonight and the hostess is fixing our supper. We usually eat out, for our last get together, but she likes to cook. I hope I never get this month and I've already told 'em that if I do, we're eating out! :s:

Have a super Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-15-2002, 07:06 PM
Felix seems to be feeling better. He is fighting me giving him his pill. We had to wrap him in a towel to give it to him and I get a nip everytime. His buddy Tiger was obviously excited to see him moving around. I swear that cat was smiling. The two slept close to each other last night. They usually sleep on the couch in a ball but Felix hasn't been able to get up there. I tell you though, that is one strong cat. I bet the dog got the worse end of it. I know my hands are.