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09-19-2008, 02:54 PM
Yes.... My chin. It's VERY pointy and ROUND. Not so bad from the front, but from the side it's repulsive. I think it's more noticable now that I've lost over 30 lbs and some of my double chin. Can your actual chin go down in size? It reminds me of a little ball on my face. I REALLY don't like it. Anyone else out there hate their chin? I'm hoping when my face slims down more it gels in. :?:

Cats tongue
09-19-2008, 03:12 PM
Is that you in your display pic? You are so pretty!

I know exactly what you mean though. from the front my chin looks fine, but from the side I don't have a nice defined chin with the 90 degree angle between the chin/throat... And I want that sooooooo bad. :( I don't know if I'll ever be able to lose the weight there.

I think you have a sexy chin, but I totally get where you're coming from. Think there are any exercises out there for chin toning?

09-19-2008, 03:28 PM
It's definitely possible to lose weight in our faces... so perhaps in our chins as well...

However, I have to say that everyone has something they don't particularly like about their bodies. At some point, we accept who we are, we dress for the day and move on.

You look stunning in your photo. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that your chin accentuates your lovely lips.

09-19-2008, 03:37 PM
I've always disliked my chin, but for the opposite reason - there's not much there. I wish mine was more pronounced.

I guess we're all just stuck with what we've got, eh?

09-19-2008, 03:40 PM
Do you know, I never would have thought of even looking for fault at your chin if you hadn't said anything. I used to work with this pretty girl who kept complaining about her low hairline. She referred to it as her 'two-finger' forehead. I hadn't noticed at all. But she kept bringing it up at least every few days, and I found after awhile that's all I could look at.
Back to you: Your chin is fine. You have a pretty face!

09-19-2008, 03:43 PM
Awww thanks guys :hug: You all made me feel a little bit better about my chin. Thanks again.

09-20-2008, 03:39 AM
Yeah I totally have what people like to call a "butt chin" but I think that it gives character:):) And you are beautiful by the way so try not to stress it!

Iconised Ghost
09-20-2008, 03:56 AM
Luvja, when i saw your photo i wouldnt have even thought about your chin if you hadnt mentioned it! I think my first impression was "that looks like a confident, intelligent, beautiful young woman" not "wow what a chin!" :) i agree with everyone else, dont stress about it, its not bad at all imo

09-20-2008, 04:00 AM
Hah. I also have that round/pointy chin thing going. But I really HATE my ears. I think they stick out too much. I won't wear my hair in a ponytail (or wouldn't when it was long enough) because of my ears. :)

I think we all have things we hate about our bodies (aside from the obvious here, of course).

And I suspect most of the time no one else ever notices them! :)


09-20-2008, 06:31 PM
ive noticed my facial features tend to appear bigger with weight loss. eyes rounder. nose more prominent and yes my chin is much more visible.

09-20-2008, 07:03 PM
What a silly issue! I guess we all have our own ridiculous dislikes about our body. I hate my nose, I think the top of it starts too high near my eyebrows, rather and low and... dippy? :rolleyes: Silly huh. Just take it easy, I think your chin is great!

09-21-2008, 05:20 AM
Hi luvja,

You look great to me.

Anyway if you're really paranoid, maybe some face exercises will help. Have a look at the ones on shapeyourface.com. They may help.