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09-17-2008, 05:46 PM

I am gonna give it to you straight. My feet feel awful. They are just absolutely painful. I work from 7:30- 3:00 and am constantly on my feet all day. I know why they hurt and that is because they have to carry all of me around everyday:o.

I was wondering if anyone had tried a particular shoe in sole and loved it. I have seen one for runners and wonder if maybe it might help.

Oh yeah, I only wear flats or tennies so heels or sandals are not the problem. Thanks guys! My feet will soon appreciate it too!:dizzy:

09-17-2008, 05:52 PM
I am a stylist, on my feet all day. I'm not sure what you can wear to work, but I bought these crocs and I love them. They are black flip flops and they look like just plain normal black flip flops, not all bulky. They are soooo comfy. Also, if you look into nursing shoes they have some really cute comfy ones.

09-17-2008, 05:54 PM
Oops, sorry I just saw you don't wear sandals. My bad! You should check out the nursing shoes though. ;)

09-17-2008, 05:57 PM
Someone told me flats aren't good for your feet, well, cause they are flat. Not sure if there is any truth to that.

09-17-2008, 06:36 PM
Other that the great ideas already here, try soaking them and rubbing them. Also, here's something totally inside the box, try taking a painkiller. I figured that one out after starting a new job where I was on my feet all day, and they KILLED me. I got a little headache, took an advil, and my feet stopped hurting, when the headache went. Never occurred to me to take one FOR my feet.

09-17-2008, 06:37 PM
I have the same problem. My feet would KILL me after a long day of running around the office. I got rid of my flats (and heals) and bought several pair of Sketchers shoes. They have some really cute shoes that look like "work" shoes on top but have cushion and tread on the bottom. They are a little more expensive but well worth it in the long run. hahaha...no pun intended.

They are awesome...and my feet are SOOO much happier.

09-17-2008, 06:50 PM
Back when I was working retail, I found that wearing shoes with a bit of a wedge heel were the most comfortable. Then get one of those gel insoles and you're good to go!

I also found I eventually just got used to it...can't stand for 8 hours a day anymore, though!

09-17-2008, 06:56 PM
LOL, tylenol hhmmmm...

Now there's something I hadn't thought of!:dizzy:

09-17-2008, 08:11 PM
getting the arch support you need. Go to Goodfeet or Brooks and get fitted for a proper pair of shoes.

You can also try the 'nurse shoes' someone else mentioned. They're actually diabetic shoes. LoL. They provide the best support because the soles will eventually mold to your feet, but I know if you get them from Brooks (the Addiction walker is the best support shoe i've ever worn) they will heat mold the insert that comes with the shoe to your foot.

You also might try wearing some support socks that cover the entire calf. Those help with fatigue and swelling as well, but only secondary. Get proper shoes first.

09-17-2008, 08:41 PM
Clarks and Dansko are pricey, but they are well made, last a long time and really support your feet. You might see, too, if you have plantar fasciatis, which is a common foot ailment that causes an ache in the arch of your foot and which is generally cured by heel and arch supports and or a really good pair of shoes. I am a teacher, on my feet all day, and I wear sturdy, but not necessarily cute shoes cause it makes me crabby to have achey feet. Good luck in your search!


09-17-2008, 08:44 PM
I'm on my feet most of the day as well. I used Dr.Shole's which are supposed to be the best but even they weren't great ($80 for a pair of loafers). Then Wal-Mart came out with a brand called Earth Shoes ($40 for a pair) so I tried those. I swear by them...they are like walking on clouds. I don't know if they carry them in the states though but any other Canadians that have worn them please back me up on this; they are fabulous!

09-17-2008, 11:04 PM
Another vote for Danskos! I avoided them for a long time b/c they are not "cute" but frankly they have mad arch support and are GREAT for standing around all day. (I have the mary-jane clog so at least it's a *little* girly!)

09-18-2008, 02:19 AM
I've worked many jobs where I was on my feet constantly. First of all you need shoes that fit properly and are well made. A good fitting pair of shoes may cost more, but they are so worth it. Another thing that helps is to not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row (just like bras.) Your feet will feel better and your shoes will last longer.

As far as inserts, I really like the green superfeet inserts. I have high arches though, so they may not be the right kind for you.

I also agree with what has been said about flat shoes. My feet feel best in shoes with a moderate heel (approx 1".)

Carrie~If we are talking about the same shoes, then Earth shoes are available here too. They are not Walmart exclusive either, in fact I'm surprised Walmart would carry them. I've been wanting to try them, but I've heard they can be hard to get used to. They have negative heel technology and I've heard people say it feels like you're walking uphill until you get used to them. Supposedly they help your body alignment and posture.