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09-17-2008, 03:41 AM
G'day all,

Pleased your hip and your neck got a bit better after your excecises Karen. Just goes to the show that excercise IS good for you;)

I bet the girls were very cute Trudy. Matilda seems to be 'ageing' by the day. We taught her last night how to eat with a knife and fork and she did remarkably well. She is so knowing, talking in riddles so she doesn't know what you are talking about is almost impossible now.
Glad you are enjoying your computer, it is great to have a reliable, fast computer.

Not much has happened since I posted early this morning:)


09-21-2008, 07:14 AM
Morning All
Its feels like months since I last posted We have been very busy with the garden and farmers market I some how got appointed the offical spokesperson The whole group of vendors have been in the local paper twice and the last one went across Canada to other small villages like ours
We also do a lot of our own canning of veggies and some fruit so we have been busy do that as well
I think we did well with the markets this year if the weather had been better less rain and more sunshine and heat some of the veggies did not do well Hopefully next year will be better

Hope every one is doing well Suz :carrot:

09-22-2008, 04:25 AM
G'day all,

Nice to see you Suz, you were missed.
It sounds like you have a very busy life with your veggies. We should swap, you have some of our sunlight and we have some of your rain...if only that was possible!

I had a busy day today trying to finalise the American book. I have changed tack and have changed software.
I had some changes made to my computer and THOUGHT everything was backed up but of course it wasn't and I lost a number of files of my book. I really felt like throwing in the towel but instead I used some other software and got a new lease of life on the producing of the book. I hope it will be finished and ready to the printers by the end of the week.

As most of you know, we are semi retired and live of our investments. The turmoil in the American stockmarket has effected us here as well and it has been doom and gloom for a few weeks now.
We (Australia) are certainly not as badly off as the American market but nevertheless we have been touched by the turmoil.
We are seeing our financial advisor tomorrow and hopefully get some good news.

Hope everyone is well,


09-24-2008, 06:47 PM
Suze, I was wondering what happened to you, but thought it might have something to do with your business. My, that has really turned into a fulltime job, hasn't it? Are you glad it is over for awhile?

Maria, the financial market is all anybody can talk about around here. It is the topic of so many conversations, and I must say, that it is just terribly frightening. I heard that those who are getting ready to retire may not be able to because their 401's have been so slashed. Well, that sure is the pitts! I just wonder how long taxpayers can keep bailing out companies? This is truly a non-partisan issue right now.

Leon had a cold last week and guess what! He did share! I have been so sick. Took off yesterday and today just cannot quit dripping. Boy, I do hate being sick, like everyone else in the world.

Have any of you watched DWTS so far? I have no clear-cut favorites as yet. I do think Cloris Leachman is a bit embarrassing. Her low-cut gowns are a bit much for an 82-year-old. And I don't know most of these people.

My favorit show started last night. Biggest Loser. I am always so stunned at how big people can get! There is a woman who is almost 300 pounds! I just don't understand how anybody who is that big can get around and have a life. Do any of you know anybody that morbidly obese? On man is so sick he can't exercise but 30 minutes a day. How do you let yourself get to that point?

Well, hope everyone is having a good day. Just wish the news wasn't so gloomy.

09-25-2008, 08:42 PM
We went away for a few days. It is always great to come home. When we were young, we would go on 4 weeks vacations (I would take extra time off work and my DH's company shut down for 4 weeks in July & Aug). That became too much, and we went for 3 weeks, down to 2 weeks, next came 4 days and this time we were gone for 3 days. I couldn't wait to get home. I have to face the facts, I don't like traveling anywhere anymore.
We upgraded our room to a suite and was so disappointed. Our view was a brick wall with a path beside it so we had to keep our drapes closed all the time. The drain was plugged in the shower so we stood in water while having a shower. The tv room had a hide a bed and 2 hard chairs. The bedroom didn't have a dresser, but did have another fuzzy screened tv. Won't be staying at Country Inns & Suites for a while.
My DH had been fighting off a cold for a while, and it came out full bloom during our trip so I had to contend with "Mr. Cranky" as well.

Glenda, I saw that Biggest Loser show last week and was astounded at the size of these people. 2 of us wouldn't add up to one of them. However, after eating at IHOP, Famous Dave's and Ruby Tuesday's this past week I can see how some people could get this big eating out all the time. The portions were so huge, I would be full and push away a 1/2 plate of food, or more. At Arby's in Canada I buy the "Regular Roast Beef" sandwich. The next one up in size is the Roast Beef with Cheddar. In the USA they start with the "Big Roast Beef" which is like another 1/2 sandwich on top of our Regular. Then it goes to Bigger and then Biggest. After that I noticed the Roast Beef with Cheese is listed. In Canada there is straight fries and curly fries offered. In the USA there are straight, curly, & cheese fries, not to mention potato cakes. If people eat out a lot I don't think they have a chance on staying slim.

Cloris Leachman must be going senile. I was embarassed watching her. Sometimes the dancers get upset with their marks, but I never heard anyone swear at them before. She was lucky to get 3 5's for her dance. No doubt there will be people voting for her to stay while more competent dancers get voted off. I don't know who most of the dancers are either.

My little angel started Kindergarten and she absolutely LOVES school. I can't believe how these years have flown by.

Anyone watching Survivor tonight? I might give it a go.... I will see.

Bye all..

Karen L
09-25-2008, 11:44 PM
Sorry about the cold Glenda. I know a drippy nose is the pits. If you are not apposed to taking an over the counter med the Allergy med Zyrtec is great for a drippy nose. You can take it for a few days and then when all is under control quite. Also my doctor recommended Afrin nasal spray for 3 days only. It is very addictive.

You asked if any one knew of a person who is or was morbidly obese. Well that would be me. I come from a family who has had many.( I believe this is why I work so hard to not get there) Some still living some not. Plus I worked with some people to get it off. I think it is something they don't realize that has happened until it is to late. Many people never look past their face in a mirror so they don't really see. I've talked to some who really didn't think they were that heavy. It's a strange thing. Also not moving. Most Obese people never even walk around their house except maybe to the bathroom. I agree with Trudy The portion size of food in our US restaurant's is awful. I've gone to ordering the Senior portion and that does help. I am continual surprised at the number of elderly people here who are extremely over weight. Yet they continue on in the same way as always. Strange!
Maria I just saw the latest picture of your grandchildren. I can't believe how much they have grown. My how time flies

09-26-2008, 02:46 AM
G'day all,

How disapppointing Trudy to have such poor accommodation.
We stayed mostly in Super 8 motels when we were in America however there were some that were well below par. We were caught once and from then on I asked to see the room before committing.
Unbelievable that your little angel is going to school, time is sure flying.

Cloris Leachman sounds horrendous, I am not missing much by not seeing your version of DWTS:dizzy:
I just love the American 'So you think you can dance' show, such talented young dancers, a joy to watch.

As far as morbidly obese people, we were very shocked to see so many Americans in this category.
Our first breakfast in America (at the MArriott in LA) came as quite a shock in so far what was served and the HUGE people at the breakfast literally stuffing themselves on dounuts and similar.:(

I am not surprised the economic crisis is that everyone is talking about Glenda. It will be very bad for America if the government doesn't come to the rescue and it will reverberate around the world.
How this crisis has been allowed to get to this, is a mystery.
It will be the ordinairy person down the street to pick up the tab for the mismanagement of the economy.

We have the football final here tomorrow, any of you with cable TV , do yourself a favour and watch one of the biggest events on our sporting calendar, the AFL grand final:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: We are all hoping Hawthorn or the Hawks will win.

Have a great weekend,


09-27-2008, 01:26 PM
Hi everyone:

I have missed a lot while we were away, but will try to catch up with everyone.

We had a good time but were cold a lot of the time even tho' we did bring cool weather clothes. Those northern relatives don't put the heat on until the last possible moment. can't say i blame them with the cost of heating oil, but we did wear a lot of sweaters over sweaters. and we did have an electirc blanket for sleeping. I am grateful that we did not catch any colds while there.

And of course- on the subject of eating. I agree that the portions served are way too huge. If I order something like that, and I am home, half of the meal becomes the lunch for the next day. but yo can't always do that.

I sometimes think that the overeating which allows people to become morbidly obese must be the opposite of being anorexic. Neither can see what they really look like, only what their brain lets them see.

It seems that most of what we did while away was eat. Entertaining always comes with lots of food, it seems. I was doing so well losing before we left, and now I have to do it all over again.:mad: Of course I have only myself to blame, but even tho' I tried to be careful, when people don't cook with calories in mind, it does make a difference. I just have to get back on the exercise track, and start over again.

I agree with you all about Cloris Leachman. I hope that she goes next week. I don't hink people should vote for her just because she has been a great actor. Right now I sort of like Misty Mae, the Olympic Champ. But there are a couple of others that are very good, too.

We haven't watched the Biggest loser yet. But have watched it in the past. It is amazing to me what people are able to accomplish with all the coaching and exercise. Of course there is the mony goal in mind too.

Suz: I'm glad your produce stand worked out well for you this summer. You must be a good spokesperson, otherwise folks wouldn't have given you the job.

Trudy: I'm so sorry your vacation was a bust as far as your accomodations were concerned. It is very frustrating to have to pay for an unsatisfactory room.

The American Stock Market certainly has been crazy. We saw our financial advisor while we were away. It is frustrating to know that the greed of individuals and CEO's have contributed so much to the problem. That was what fueled the housing to begin with, and then just got worse and worse. Banks made some terrible mistakes, and people so anxious to buy a home also made some really bad judgements. It took a while for things to get this way, and will sure not be solved overnight. I know the Gov't has to step in, but I must admit that it galls me to know that the taxpayer is having to pay for the mistakes of a few.
I better get off my soap box.

I am not going to cmment on all the posts as i haven't been able to read them all and would probably forget what I read anyway. But I am glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed. finally have all the laundry done, stuff all put away, and now back to the diet plan once again.

Have a fun weekend.


09-27-2008, 08:30 PM
I haven't been here forever. Time to catch up with everyone. The first week of school a squirrel ate a wire in a transformer so we were without electric most of the morning. It was hard to be creative with about 400 kids coming for lunch. Last week the hurricane blew through here. Never thought that one would come to Ohio. We are still picking up the pieces and tree limbs are still coming down. Some of the traffice lights are still not working. There is brush and tree limbs piled all along the curbs for the townships to come pick up. Some people were in the dark for over a week. I can't imagine what it is like in Texas.
My left arm was hurting for a few weeks. I thought I did something to it. Would mostly hurt at night. Then I got tender spots on my hands. It hurt so bad one night D was going to take me to the hospital. Since there was no electric and lots of people worse off than me I stayed home. My hand broke out and when I went to the dr she said I had shingles. I thought you got that on your waist. Lots of medicine later it is getting better.
Glenda I watched DWTS and I think 3 nights is overdoing it. They drag it out too much. Cloris is obnoxious and has to go. I noticed that they cut her off a few times. I like Brooke Burke, Rocko[see that he was on The Biggest Loser}, Misti. Not sure on a lot of them but I know those 3. Loved watching Misti at the Olympics.
Trudy what a bad experience you had with rooms. Your little angel is growing up.
Ann welcome home to your own bed. It is nice to go but always nice to come home.
I agree with you all on the portion size of meals. They are getting bigger and bigger. We very seldom eat fast food but I do like the yogurt parfait at Mickey D's
Hopefully I can get back to the Y this week. My supplemental insurance gave me a free membership in the Silver Sneakers. I miss the exercise but want to stay away till I am shingle free.

09-28-2008, 03:51 AM
G'day all,

Ann good to have you back and I can relate to 'there is no place like home'!
I also know how difficult it is when you are away and trying to stay on a healthy eating regiment. We had visitors yesterday to watch the football grand final, nibbles and drinks all afternoon :( and then today the kids came over and we had hotdogs for lunch which I had not planned all. Oh well better again tomorrow.
You are right about the greed of some individuals Ann, I really don't know how those people sleep at night.

Sorry you have been unwell Peggy, Alan has shingles on our wedding day and it effected the whole left side of his body. I also thought it was something just around your waist:dizzy::?:

Alan has had a call to ask if he will do another stint in Malaysia, he has agreed to 4 to 6 weeks. Not sure when he is going, we probably won't hear for a few weeks and then get a call to get on the next plane to Kuala Lumper:dizzy:

Hope everyone is well.


09-28-2008, 02:36 PM
Hi Everybody: It has been awhile since I was here. Sorry Suz, I hardly got to know you. I'm happy for you that your vegs sold well. Wecome home Ann and Peggy sorry you had shingles. I know they can be very painful. Are you doing any painting lately??
I saw Cloris Leachman in the show where she put her leg on the judge's desk....now that was certainly a wonderful sight. ;)
I too saw my financial advisor and and got into preferred stocks and away from anything to risky. I felt that what was going on in the US could affect us. I don't care at this stage in my life if I make a lot of money in interest I just don't want to lose any of the principal. So that's done....and I feel better and relaxed.
I have been worried about my brother for awhile now. It appears his esophagus is swollen and it also affected his vocal cords. Cancer of course was the BIG worry and the doctor scoped him twice and finally a couple of weeks ago he sent him for a CT Scan. It took two long weeks for the results and thank God it showed absolutely no cancer. I'm telling you gals I would rather hear the "F" word which I hate then the "C" word which I hate even more. All my favorite shows Bones, NCIS, CIS will all be returning, so no more reruns. My grandson, Keenan (14 yrs) will be leaving for Turkey on Oct. 1st, so we are all getting excited. He has practiced so hard and is praying he finishes in the top 10 in the World's Archery Competion.
Now that the doctor has doubled up on my heart medication I no longer get angina pain and actually feel really good. It would be nice if I could get some of this stupid weight off. I feel I am doing some crazy dance, two steps forward and then two steps back. GEEZ!:(
It's starting to look like fall in our fair City, the leaves are turning colour and some are already falling off the trees. Maria it's nice that Alan has the opportunately to do more work with the economy the way it is. I know you have worked hard on you book and hope you will be pleased with the end result. Well gals, it was nice chatting with you. It would be much nicer if you all just could pop into my kitchen for tea. Hugs. Sally

09-28-2008, 09:35 PM
G'day all,

How nice to see you Slavika, yes it would be lovely for us all to 'pop in' and have some morning/afternoon tea and a chat!:)
We are like you and don't really care too much if we make a lot of money on the interest but we just don't want our capitol to be eaten away by this crisis.
Pleased your brother has been cleared of any form of cancer.

We are getting things done so that when Alan gets the word to go over to Malaysia, we are ready and do not have to panic to get things done.

Off to get my haircut this morning, way overdue.

Beautiful spring weather the only fly in the ointment is that the road we live on is being resurfaced and there is a lot of noise and dust:(

For anyone who cares to look at my American book, you can do so here http://www.mesdesigns.com.au/ourtrip.html


09-30-2008, 11:16 AM
Maria, I am so impressed with your book. I just looked it over and it does definitely look professionally done. I want to read it all, page by page. I have not paid attention to the details. Are we going to be able to buy a copy eventually? This is one of my joys, Maria, since I have not traveled extensively that I love to read and imagine the places you have been. Thank you again so much for working on this so hard and, first and foremost, for your visit to this country.

Peggy, I am so darned sorry about your shingles. My dad had that on his chest and he was miserable. You are right. Never heard of it on the hand. Silver Sneakers? That sounds like a fun place.

Sally, glad you feel a bit more relaxed about your investments. I go from being angry to being anxious that they pass the bailout bill. Just don't know which way to jump. Maybe it is their dire predictions of what will happen without. I think the scariest part is that absolutely no one know what will happen without it. I have read about what went into this fiasco and it is not, as we have heard, the fault of people who just bit off more than they could chew but the greed of financial people who kept producing "fees." Lots of blame for all sides.

Trudy and Ann, glad you are home. In the words of Dorothy, "There is no place like HOME!"

Have a great day!

10-04-2008, 11:23 PM
I guess everyone must be really busy. Here it is October 4th already and no new posts.

We have been busy doing nothing special. A couple of Dr. appts. some shopping and that is about it.

We were the recipients of a very nice gift today. My SIL's boss passed away a while back, and his daughter is now the boss. She offered Mike a brand new lift chair, that her father had never used. So Mike brought it down for DH. He delivered it today. DH doesn't really need the lift part right now, but it is a nice recliner as well. And who knows a year or so from now what he might need. MIke even brought it in a company truck, then he went to meed the boss lady who is cleaning out her fathers Florida home, and took a truck load of stuff from there back to Virginia.

I have managed to lose one of those lbs I gained on vacation. Just have to keep at it.

Hope you all are having a great time this Autumn/Spring weekend.

By the way, Maria, your American book is lovely. You have done an awesome job. A very professional presentation. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Now you just have to get to the Southern part of the U.S. as that is a very different part of the country.

Hope to 'see' you all soon. on this board.


10-05-2008, 05:37 PM
Time is aflyin by. The trees are starting to turn. I got my fall decorations out. Today we took P to a couple of farm pumpkin festivals in Indiana. They had hayrides and pony rides. P picked out a pumkin for me in the pumpkin patch. My dil fell in love with the sweetest donkey. She wanted to take it home.
Ann how nice to be gifted a lift chair. My mil has one and they are so nice. Good going on losing a lb. Any loss is better than a gain.
Maria I am going to take the computer out back and see your book. What a nice way to see all your memories. I can link on to really fast internet out there. So it is back to Malaysia. Are you going to join Alan?
Glenda-silver sneakers is just a perk from my supplemental insurance for a free Y membership. Now that my hand has cleared up I have to get back into the groove.
Well I guess the Bengals are bumbling their way through another game from the comments I hear coming from the other room. Since we were held hostage for their nice stadium you would think they would sometime get it together and play like a team.

10-05-2008, 07:53 PM
G'day all,

What a lovely gift Ann, my father in law had a chair like that and the lift part was great regardless if you needed it or not!
How nice of Mike and Holly to think of you.

Nice to 'see' you Peggy and to hear all is well in your part of the world.

Thank you for the comments about my book. Yes it can be purchased but it is extremely expensive :( . It is an Australian firm so it would be even more expensive to ship it out to the UK or Canada.
To give you an idea...the finished book printed with a dustcover was AUS$245.00. To have the same book printed not using the software of the printing company would have been over $500, hence the change.
If any of you are interested, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

At the moment I am finally doing the book of Saskia's first year, I am getting experienced and I am steaming along.
I will have it printed and it will be a gift for Joe and Lexie's Christmas.

Alan is off to Malaysia tomorrow. I won't be going this time, it is not my favourite destination and Alan is at work anyway.
He will return home on December 5.
I am not sure how I am going to cope with the 2 girls on my own on Wednesdays but I will give it a shot and see how I go.

Hope everyone is well and happy,


10-06-2008, 10:15 AM
Hi everyone;
Maria- I am havaing a problem sending you emails. The last five I sent have been returned and the reason given was rejected as spam. Is that anything you can fix from your end? I did reply to your newspaper column, and that was rejected. Then I copied the body of the letter, and sent that to you alone, and that was rejected. So now I don't know if possibly more of email with our address are not reaching you.

I don't envy Alan Malaysia. But I suppose since he is working he is in air-conditioned offices. I'm sure you will make out fine with your girls one day a week.

Peggy- I don't know much about the Bengals, but right now we aare all rooting for the Rays. They took so much abuse for so long. it is nice to see them up on top for a change. They deserve it, for sure. Are your colors bright? When we were north we were under the impression that all the colors were very pale, from lack of rain.

Time to go to curves and Phil to his special exercise.


10-10-2008, 08:14 PM
G'day all,

Another weekend and it seems that Alan has already gone for many weeks when in reality it is just less then a week.:(
I am finding it a bit hard to settle this time despite the fact I have lots to do.
No doubt I will adjust again.

The company that has printed my American book have asked if I was interested in becoming a re-seller. What it means is that if someone would love to have a book done but is unable to do this themselves, I would do it for them.
It means I will have to revamp my website and do a few different books to put on my site as samples. I intend to do a book on football using David's (sons) photos, a wedding album and another holiday book. That should then give 5 examples with the 2 I have already done.
So lots to do!

I have been lying awake at night trying to come up with ideas as to how I am going to tackle all of this:dizzy:

I won't make any comments about the financial crisis or the presidential race, it is all just a nightmare and I cannot bear to read or hear about it at the moment, it is all to distressing.

I have once again decided to make a REAL effort and get rid of some of this
excess weight, will I ever shift some of this weight permanently:dizzy::?::mad::rolleyes::shrug:
I have made a reasonable start and hope to have made a noticeable difference by the time Alan gets home in 8 weeks time.

Hope everyone is happy and well despite all the doom and gloom in the world today.


10-10-2008, 11:58 PM
Maria: I'm with you. I am not listening to the news anymore or reading anything more than the comics in the newspaper. I can hardly wait until all this election hoopla is over. I think in a way it is obscene the amount of money spent on T.V. ads that people are sick of hearing. It seems to me there are a lot better ways to spend money. A million dollars for one T.v. add is a little much.

It sounds like you are going to be very busy while Alan is away. How did you and the girls get along?

I am glad that maybe the email problem is solved.

Just looked at the time, and no wonder I am yawning. It is time to call it a day.

Hope y ou all have a lovely week-end.


10-13-2008, 05:47 PM
Okay, girls, I am with you on the news. Occasionally I take a moratorium on the news in the best of times, but now I am glad to do this. I am so darned tired of campaigning! I record everything I watch and pass by every bit of the commercials.

Maria, I know you miss Alan, but seriously you sound so busy! And Dec. 5th will come quickly for you. I think I will pass on buying your book. Love you tremendously, but $245 is a bit steep. I would imagine that your little angels are fun and too good to be too much trouble. We had Austin (7) and Jackson (4) over the weekend. Their parents went to the OU-Texas game in Dallas. They are not true fans so when OU lost, they didn't much care. Did you all hear that OSU upset Missouri at home? Quite a day. Our biggest competitor lost and we won! Such fun! At least for a week.

I am so fat. I am taking an oath that I am going to stick to my plan and lose at least 10 pounds. I am starting to look like the Biggest Losers without my shirt. Yuck!

We are having the most gorgeous fall days here! Just sunny and clear and not at all hot. I love it! But you can feel a change in the air.

Ann, you are just blessed to get the chair before the lift is needed. Glad it is just a nice recliner. Maybe the lift part will never be needed. You know something? I think this aging thing with me has just recently become accelerated. My neck, my knees, everything some days just hurts! Hope getting off 10 pounds will help.

Have a great day!

10-14-2008, 11:30 AM
Maria: I am still getting your emails returned. I guess I am not on that white list as yet.

Well gals, who is going to get voted off tonight. I expect that it will be the chef, as he got such bad comments and for once Cloris was not so bad. But I can't imagine that she can survive another week. I do hope that I can do as well when i am 82, and be as limber. But I can't wear high heeled shoes!!

Glenda: I cannot imagine you even close to those folks on the biggest loser. But 10 lbs is a good idea. I am working on that again. right now, I have to lose the 4 all over again that I gained while on vacation. So far I am down 1. We'll just work at it together.

I was having more aches and joint problems than I thought was right, so i looked up side-effects of the simvastatin I was taking, and sure enough, joint pain, and leg cramps were listed. The Dr. had said if it gave me any problems to just stop it, so after 3 months I stopped it, and already I don't have so much joint pain. Glenda- maybe you are taking some med. that is causing your difficulty.

We are rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays. So far they have won two games and I sure hope they can win two more. I think they really deserve to be in the World Series. The ball club has taken a lot of ridicule over the years, and they are the 2nd lowest paid club in the American league. So I say, Go Rays!!

That is sort of like your team Glenda, beating their biggest rival. It sure is good for moral, and Tampa and all the surrounding area is really excited for the prospect.

I am making some progress on my quilt project, and now have to cut some more flowers to applique. "See" you all tomorrow.

Ann :lol:

10-14-2008, 02:41 PM
Good afternoon!
Ann That is interesting about the Simvastatin. I am also taking that but I don't have any more joint pain than usual. I have knee problems when using the stairs but that is the arthritis talking. However, I will remember what you said and watch for any further developments. My girlfriend on the Cape has the chair you described and she loves it.
I believe you are going to the World Series as our Red Sox have just fallen apart the last few games. However, I will root for the Tampa Bay team if we don't make it.

Glenda We always look bigger to ourselves that to others. I have no doubt that you will be able to lose that 10 #'s. It may take time but all good things come to those that wait.

MariaOf course you are missing Alan. That is understandable! I hope the work you are doing and taking care of the girls will go a long way to making the time fly by!

Peggy You sound like me about the sports teams. Except for when we are in a playoff or something like that I can take it or leave it.

It certainly feels like fall here in the Northeast but we did have an exceptional Columbus Day and weekend. It has rained the last few years but this year was wonderful. We have followed a tradition for the last 20 years or so with the secretary and her husband from the office where Jack used to work. On the Sunday of the Columbus Day weekend they drive down from the other side of Boston and then we head off to Cape Cod. We have breakfast at the Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich at the start of the Cape. After breakfast we drive leisurely down 6A which is the road least traveled. It has a great number of gift shops along the way and we manage to stop at most of them. I was very strong this year and didn't get anything for myself...I have no more room for knick knacks. However, Jack found a beautiful sun catcher for the living room window. It is quite large and it has three Cardinals in different poses. It really is beautiful.
After the ride we come back here and I had made some spaghetti and sausages and meatballs that I could just reheat with some garlic bread and a salad. It usually is an early night as they both had to work the holiday. I

I think I told you that last summer I got an IMAC computer and got their One to One year long lessons. I have been going once a week to the Apple store and am enjoying it and also learning a lot. For $100 you get 52 sessions which are individual lessons as well as they transferred all the info from my PC to the IMAC. They are just young kids but my goodness do they know their stuff.
Today I have been downloading a number of my cd's to ITUNES and now I can enjoy music as I play with the computer.

If nothing else it is keeping my mind going and I will not stagnate.


10-15-2008, 11:05 PM
Maria: I am still on the black list. It is very frustrating. I j ust want you to know that I do send things to you, but they all come back,.

10-16-2008, 04:46 PM
Okay. How are all of you? There certainly is an air of gloom around here these days. Oklahoma seems to be rather lucky, kind of not as badly hit as some other places in the US by financial news. We never did have real estate that was so over-priced, but who knows what will happen to everyone.

I know we are all just sick of campaigning. It will go on thrugh ETERNITY! No doubt! I just want it over.

I don't know if I told you about my bathroom. Right now we are waiting for the tile and formica man to put that in. Then the plumber will put in a shower and sink and a carpenter will redo walls. Then we paint. Wouldn't you know how frivilous I feel for redecorating in the middle of the meltdown, but in our defense, it was because insurance was helping us with that big leak. Still feel guilty.

Maria, are you just busy with the kids and your job? I guess you should be getting into spring and summer about now. We are having some very cool days, but mostly just crisp fall days.

Well, hope all is well. This is the 4th day on program. I am hungry. I think it is nerves as much as hunger.

10-16-2008, 07:44 PM
G'day all,

Ann it is VERY frustrating and I will see what I can do about it from this end, when I check you are definetly 'whitelisted', I might have to ring them yet again:mad::mad:

Glenda it is not just the real estate, we are ALL going to be effected one way or an other. You and Leon are lucky that you have secure jobs, we are already seeing job cuts made in the car industry. Both my kids have secure jobs so hopefully they will not be effected by the turmoil too much.
I don't know about your country but grocery prices are increasing just about every time you shop.:(
It is a very worrying and sad state of affairs.

We are having beautiful weather and my garden is looking a picture with everything blooming and green :love:
Some hot weather forecasted for the weekend. I will be watching David play cricket at our beautiful Adelaide Oval, lovely sitting on the lawns under the trees watching a serene game of cricket!
I am re doing my website and offering a new service in the creation of books. I have had quite a few enquiries so I might as well add that to my services, something a little different from what I have been doing.
It will take quite a bit of time creating a few books as samples to be posted on my website.
Of course when I have something like this on the go, I get all this other work coming in, just bits and pieces but enough to interupt my day:dizzy:

I will never come here and say I am bored;):D


10-21-2008, 01:01 AM
It has been a while since I came to see what everyone is up to. I have been so busy helping my aunt downsize as she prepares to move into a smaller suite in assisted living. She will be 89 in a couple of weeks and is having a terrible time parting with her "things". I would say she is a horder, not as bad as some I have seen on Oprah, but would be worse if she didn't have her daughter in law monitoring her constantly. They DO NOT get along, and I am in the middle of every conflict. I get a phone call from one complaining about the other, then 10 minutes later the phone rings again and I have to listen to the others version of the story. Last night I was so depressed with the whole thing and my DD phoned to talk about the grandkids. What a relief that was, it brought me back to my reality. DD and the kids came over today. We took them to a park and playground and had a wonderful day. I have no idea how I got myself into this mess with my aunt, moving day is Nov 1 and I can't wait for it to be all over.
I haven't been through my e-mail in days, I peeked there and I have 111 to go through.
Gloria, I got a good start on learning my Vista and then got busy with my aunt and all my progress stopped.
We had another Federal election last week. The same political party got in and we still have a minority government, so the same problems will continue. I hate politics and politicians! We are told that Canada has a sound banking system so our financial problems won't be as bad (do we believe that?) We do not carry a huge debt either, so that is good news. However, it seems like everything goes up every time I shop.
We had our furnace serviced and we have a crack in the heat exchanger which means big $$$$$. We could fix our 24 year old furnace or buy a new one. We have decided on a high efficiency furnace. That is a huge expense especially since we bought a new car this year too. The government is giving a rebate on the high efficiency furnaces and we will be eligible for it, but we need an inspection first so the furnace won't be installed until Dec. It has been one problem after another lately.
Well, I thought I would let you all know that I am still alive and kicking and I would get to all the e-mail.
Bye for now..

10-25-2008, 10:43 AM
Wow! A whole new format? I had to log in once again. but I like the looks of the home page.

I haven't been around in a while either. Are we all just getting lazy, or what? I spent some time getting prepared for the 'dreaded colonoscopy' this week, and now am nervously awaiting the report on the polyps removed. So, Glenda you know the feeling.

Trudy: Nice to hear from you and i am sorry that you had the undesireable task of sorting out the quarrels. but just think you are earning a gold star.

It would be nice if I could maintain the weight loss I had after my prep. :D: :lol: But of course it was not to be. So back to the same old grind.

Gloria: how are you coming on your weight loss? You were doing so well.

Glenda: how are things going with your resolution to drop some lbs. again?

And I guess that question goes for all of us.

Maria: Are you using your Wii fitness? I think that should be really good, if it is anything like the other Wii games and exercises. Of course the Whooping cough probably hasn't been condusive to much exercise. Hope you are improving.

We have been enjoying some much needed rain for the past two days, but it does make for gloomy lazy days. Not much ambition. Can't go out and walk. So got busy with laundry (fun, fun) and the mundane things of life.

My quilt project is coming along nicely. My plan to to work on and get finished 10 blocks and then see how it will look, before I continue on the next ten.

Have a good weekend all, and keep the weight dropping off. Ann

10-26-2008, 12:26 PM
Good Morning Everyone
its been a while since I was here since the Farmers market finished 2 weeks ago we have been busy getting the rest of the veggies out of the garden and rototilling in our compost , leafs and we still have to go to a friend of ours and pick up a couple of loads of well aged manure to put in We are battling the weather trying to get things done we have already had wet snow and may get more on tuesday and right it is cold damp and off and on rain

I will try to be better at posting more often things should settle down soon and we can start on our inside winter projects

Take care hope everyone is well Suz :carrot:

10-26-2008, 07:44 PM
Oh Suz- I hate the thought of snow already. I sure do hope that you can get all your garden preparation done before the snow comes in earnest. It is best done in the fall rather than the spring. It was nice to hear from you anyway, and maybe we will all get back here a bit more as we get involved in winter.

Hi to everyone. Ann

Karen L
10-26-2008, 08:49 PM
Just so you know my son said it snowed in Wisconsin today. BRRRRRRRRRRRR
We had a chilly start to our day in Florida, about 58 this morning.

10-27-2008, 10:59 AM
May I add my BRRRRRRR! to the thoughts of Snow! It has been getting colder and now we are to have a couple of days in the high 60's. go figure!
Suz Nice to see you back. I am sure it is a lot of work to get your garden ready for winter especially when winter is already showing itself. After you get it set for winter can you then have some time for yourselves? I hope so.

MariaIt is good that you are keeping yourself so busy. Every time I read about how to keep yourself from aging it mentions that keeping busy and keeping your mind active is part of the process. You may never age!!!!

TrudyIt never ends. Your furnace problems are so close to ours. Although we don't have a crack the fellow that cleaned our furnace pointed out a rust spot that we are to keep our eyes on and if it gets bigger we, too, may need a new furnace. Ours is only 19 years old. UGH!

Karen Your low of 58 is our high!! As the weather gets colder Florida sounds better and better. If it wouldn't mean moving so far away from the kids we might do something about it.

GlendaA new bathroom sounds lovely. A lot of work and expense but when it is finished you will be real happy.

AnnYou asked about my weight loss. I went to the DR. on Thursday and I had lost a total of 27# since May 28. I am happy. I asked if my BP was settled enough to get me off the BP med but he said the Benecar I am on is also helping my kidneys from any effect of the diabetes. As to that....my blood count is great and I do have to watch my carbs and not put on any weight but I am officially not pre diabetic any more. I just don't really know what state I am in but I feel good so that is all that counts.

Well, as the laundry is finished I think I will make a library run as I have finished all the books I got last week.

Have a great week all!!!


10-27-2008, 07:51 PM
Gloria: Way to go. :cp: 27# is really good. Sorry for me that I can't say the same.

Karen: It is going to be colder tomorrow a.m. than it was today. Even our cat was cold this a.m. She rarely sleeps on our bed with us, but she was snuggled right up to me most of the night.

I am hoping that the Rays will come out of their slump and win tonights game. If not, it is all over. I guess that maybe they are just not as hungry for the win as the Phillies. But at least it would be nice to bring the game back to Tampa.


11-01-2008, 07:24 PM
Hi Everybody: Well I certainly had a lot of posts to read which was great but now I have to try to remember what I read.
I think it was ANN that was having trouble with her cholesteral medication. I think I have been on about 6 different ones and about one month after I start a new one my muscles start to hurt and cramp. The "statin" drugs are the worst of the lot but they do apparently do the best work at keeping your cholesterol down. The one I am on is called EZETIMBE 10 mg. daily. The first month I was on it I felt fine and thought, well that's wonderful, finally the doctor has found a drug that isn't giving me grief. Well now I am into my second month and yesterday I finally quite taking the pills I hurt so much. All my muscles ache and my legs and feet are cramping. The worse thing is my back is killing me. I looked the drug up on the internet, it is a side effect.
My brother is still having trouble with his voice which is being caused by a swelling of his esophagus or something to do with his voice box. They honestly don't know and this has been going on since around June or July. His wife, my SIL got a scare and thought she was having a stroke and went to the hospital twice within 2 days. They still haven't completed all the tests but it's very scarey, and she is worried. So am I. My friend whose husband had a stroke 2 years ago has now been placed into a nursing home. He has only been there three days and cries that he wants to go back home. What a sad situation. She just wasn't able to care for him at home any longer. MARIA, your book of your trip turned out to be just wonderful as did the book for your GD. You are so talented, and I love your new web site. Well done!:bravo: GLORIA, congrats on the 27# weight loss. :carrot: I too have been making an effort to get some of this weight off. In the month of October I managed to lose 5# which doesn't seem like much but it seemed to me that it sure took a lot of work. I am now working on getting another 5# off or else I won't have anything to wear when I go to Maui in February. :(
I think it was PEGGY that got new SILVER sneakers. That would be something I would like. GLENDA I know you are in a home renovation nightmare but this too shall pass. <grin> :D:D I gave PATCHES a bath today, first time. Usually she is fine from one grooming period to the next but she was smelling dusty from all the wind we had and since she sleeps on my bed I thought I would clean her up. She is back to looking and smelling like my nice little pup again. Well you all know that my GS is back from the Archery Tournament in Turkey now and my GD and her Mom leave for Germany at the end of Nov. for the World's Tap Dancing Championship. I had 22 kids come to my door for Halloween treats last night. That was better then last year when I only had 12. I think my dear friends that is all my news for now. Bye.

11-02-2008, 06:21 PM
onto the new thread all,