Weight and Resistance Training - Lift and Chat: September 15 - 30, 2008

09-15-2008, 10:04 PM
Very late start to the thread today! Sorry folks. I was away for 4 days in Northern Virginia enjoying some much needed down time with dh.

The Shenandoah Valley is absolutely gorgeous and we found plenty of things to do. Much to our surprise and delight, there are about 150 small wineries between Winchester and Charlottesville, VA and the four that we visited (these were suggested by a local restauranteur) made some excellent wine. I was really surprised.

We managed two day hikes, nelie- and BOY WAS IT HOT!!!!!! The park rangers suggested coming back in March or April- great weather and not nearly the insane crush of people that October brings.

Also went to the Virginia Scottish Games and listened to lots of live music, watched Border Collies do their thing (amazing!) and watched huge guys in kilts flinging weights and phone poles across a field :dizzy: I did not sign up to join them.

OK, here comes the truth- I made it to the hotel gym exactly once and rarely ate on plan. The rest of the week is going to be a major shock to the system while I get the system used to am cardio, lifting, and a lack of chocolate and wine. :o


09-15-2008, 11:38 PM
Hey Mel, sometimes ya gotta LIVE, eh? Enjoyed the narration of where your 4 days took you. Who knew all that was going on up there in thar mountains!

09-16-2008, 10:11 AM
Mel - Glad you had fun! My DH tries to tell me calories don't count on vacation :)

As for me, I don't think I posted before but I've started running. Ok I've only got 1 session in besides my 2 sessions of water running but yeah thats it. I went to a running store and got fitted and it was a great experience (but expensive, running shoes for both DH and I, a heavy duty sports bra, socks, etc). Oh and the sports bra... the lady laughed at me when she asked me about sports bras and I told her about my $3 walmart ones. I don't know if I mentioned this but I no longer wear regular bras, I just wear the $3 walmart ones or bra tops. Ultimate laziness. So I got a $40 plate of armor sports bra that is actually very awesome. I highly recommend it, moving comfort 'Fiona' bra. http://www.movingcomfort.com/Product/cd_005.html

Oh and I also got my new heart rate monitor which is very cool. I did my NRLW workout with it on last night and it depressingly told me I burned 91 calories. Today will be biking so that should be interesting with the HRM. Tomorrow morning is swimming which still makes me nervous about taking it in the pool but I'll be interested in seeing what it says.

09-16-2008, 10:34 AM
Hi there,
I've never been on this particular thread before, but I lift and was checking it out when I saw nellie's mentino of the Fiona moving comfort bra.
I just want to say that I too recommend it highly I am currently a 36 D, but I have been a DD before too...and even running long distance (10 miles) it doesn't cause much if any chafing, where as I used to get terrible and painful chafing on my shoulders and even across the top of the braline even using other expensive bras...so , just wanted to give a "me too" to the fiona.


Oh and the sports bra... the lady laughed at me when she asked me about sports bras and I told her about my $3 walmart ones. I don't know if I mentioned this but I no longer wear regular bras, I just wear the $3 walmart ones or bra tops. Ultimate laziness. So I got a $40 plate of armor sports bra that is actually very awesome. I highly recommend it, moving comfort 'Fiona' bra. http://www.movingcomfort.com/Product/cd_005.html

t .

09-16-2008, 12:28 PM
Hey Mel, glad you had a great vacation with your sweetie. The hiking sounds great, the wineries sound great as well. I wouldn't worry too much about getting back into the swing of things - you're a 6 year maintainer so you can do it!

09-16-2008, 05:32 PM
Mel: Welcome Back! I doubt that you could do that much damage if you also had some very exhausting hikes in your travels as well.

Nelie: Congrats on your purchases and joining the world of shin splints and achy joints. Oh, I mean running. You were very wise to get fitted for shoes and a good bra. Enjoy the experience! :hug: (Just make sure you keep working to keep a nice strong core and hip flexors)

Wow, we had some kind of storm here Sunday afternoon. We lost power in the afternoon and about 90% of my community is still out. We were lucky. Our power was restored Monday morning around 12:30am but my cable/internet connection was down just until now. The kids have been out of school and it looks like tomorrow will be another calamity day. :crazy: This storm was all wind. No rain. The winds were clocked around 75 mph and took down a lot of healthy trees. Fortunately we did not sustain any real damage and the neighboring trees did not land on our house. Getting around town is still a little tricky though. Many of the intersections do not have working street lights and people do not know how to behave at a four way stop. :club: In a few more days things will be back to normal but for now, my only ventures are to the gym in the wee hours before everyone else gets up.

09-16-2008, 08:35 PM
Whoa.....leg day today was a shock to the system! I hope I'm not too sore tomorrow. :p My lower back muscle attachments have been bothering me due to a fibro flare which really limited my deadlifts and back squats. I did manage more weight on a set of overhead squats than I've done before, so I don't know whether the week off was good for me or bad. And I can definitely do significant damage in a few days food wise. :(

Lydia- Columbus sounds like a disaster zone! DD only lost power for about 1/2 an hour in German Village, but says some of her friends in other parts of the city have been told NEXT week! Seems that the electric company sent crews to Houston before Columbus got hit. I guess Houston really does have it worse. Does your gym have power? She had to go to the downtown location of hers because the suburban one has no power (not sure why she doesn't go downtown since that's where she lives.....)

One of my brothers lives in Houston and it really is a mess there. He is a pilot for Southwest, and they moved all the planes out of Texas before the storm hit and the airport is still closed. My SIL is a nurse-anesthesiologist at one of the hospitals and they are running on emergency generators and doing no surgeries, so she's on a sort of vacation.

Hi chickichicki :wave:

Nelie- you really are branching out fitness-wise. Good for you! :bravo:


09-16-2008, 08:41 PM
Mel - don't take this the wrong way but I love hearing about you going "off plan"! ;) Not because I want to see you "do badly" but because I love knowing that even us "crazy, say no thank you to the treats most of the time and go the gym and work out like mad" people are also human. I'm not great with moderation, with my food, it tends to be all or nothing when staying on plan. The healthiest way of doing things? Probably not but it more or less works for me.

Nellie - keep us posted on the running. It's funny how runners say how cheap the sport is...just tie up your shoes and go! Hah! But after the initial outlay, it is minimal. Good shoes? Most important. I just bought a second pair of exactly the same shoes I bought last year and went out for a run today and they were great from the first moment, just like the original pair. Worth every penny! But a good bra...it's just as important. I see so many runners out there and I cringe and want to tell them to just buy a good bra. It makes all the difference. I'll check out yours but I've also done really well with one of the Champion sports bras...nothing moves!

I had a great workout day and a rare "two-for" fitting in both a much needed yoga class and an equally necessary 5k. Beautiful weather and a nice run by the water. Other than the headwind on the way back, it was great!

I've been scarce lately since things got a little crazy at work. My boss got "let go" after more than 15 years at my company and with no warning. No one saw this one coming and we're all still in a bit of shock. It was sad, really.

Oh!! and I made Meg's (I think it was Meg's) Fibre One muffins and they're my new favourite snack/breakfast. I tweaked the recipe, if anyone wants to know and even my husband liked them...shocking really! ;)

My food's been pretty good but we're out of town this weekend...heading to Buffalo for a bit of shopping and a Bills game with a visit to the Cheesecake Factory in there too. Destined to not be great but all I can do is try to limit the damage to two days and get right back on track.

:wave: to everyone!


09-16-2008, 09:01 PM
I did biking and running today (30 minutes biking, 35 minutes running - 2.3 miles, 10 minutes stretching). My heart rate monitor said I burned nearly 600 calories. Now that is what I'm talking about! My knees felt great, my legs felt great, I felt great. I think I'm going to really enjoy running. It does send my heart rate through the roof though and when it does, I start walking until it gets to a certain level, then run again.

09-17-2008, 09:51 AM
Hi all.

Lydia glad you guys got your power back quickly. It rained so much here this weekend I started looking for animals traveling two by two. :chicken: :chicken: Good luck getting the boys back on track after the school closing. Schedule changes, even small ones, can wreak havoc in a household with kids.

Nelie, running is such a great exercise. The high you feel when you finish and look back over the distance you just covered is AWESOME! :running: And I'm so glad you found the proper gear as well. It's a wise investment.

Elisa, i love the wind at my back. Feels like it's pushing me along. :goodvibes: And have fun on your trip.

Mellie Mel, how are the legs and back doing today? Sore I hope but not too sore. And any time off spending quality time with the spouse is good for you, as long as you come back and hit it, which you did! :lifter:

I've been a sort of bad girl. After the legs / Strike / Step weekend torture fest I haven't exercised a bit. I planned to take Monday off but yesterday and today I just couldn't do it. I got up both days at 430AM but instead of going to the gym or even doing TaeBo or biking at home, i just laid in the bed and watched Married with Children re-reruns. My food has still been squeaky clean (even passed up a choc raspberry torte yesterday) :snooty: but I feel blah. Somebody kick me - :kickbutt: PUHLEASE!!!!

09-17-2008, 10:39 AM
Did swimming this morning - 900m which is a bit over half a mile. My legs are wiped out though!

09-17-2008, 01:08 PM
Tiki: :club: Consider it kicked! :devil:

I'm real busy right now. Will post later. Go to bed early tonight and get that workout in Tiki! :hug:

Confession: I got my two hour workout in this morning. I arrived bright and early at 5:30 left around 7:30, ate my warm oatmeal/cottage cheese/Ppowder concoction, took a hot half out shower and then crawled back into bed for another two hours. I successfully kicked my own butt. The only thing that got me out of bed was the desperate call of a girlfriend looking for a playdate :stress: They PROMISED that the kids would go back tomorrow. Unfortunately, DS2 doesn't have preschool on Thursdays. On Friday I begin a seminar that lasts for three days (insert primal scream) This is so not what I planned for this week. (grumble)

09-17-2008, 03:02 PM
Lydia - when you're back later, can you tell me about your breakfast concoction? It might seem simple to you but it sounds so odd that I need details. How much of each (approximately) and which parts are hot and which are cold? So does it all turn out sort of lukewarm-ish (that's a technical term by the way ;)). I, as always, need more protein and would love to give that a try.


09-17-2008, 09:12 PM
Elisa: My typical morning breakfast goop as DH calls it. I actually crave this stuff though when I wake up so it must work well for me

.25 C of dry oats
.50 C of nonfat cottage cheese

Mix dry oats in with just enough water to make it float. Pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Add cottage cheese, a good dose of Splenda and cinnamon, stir, and heat for another 20 seconds in microwave. Add one scoop of protein powder and L-Glutamine if you use that too. Stir it up to mix in the powders. Sometimes I will add in a tablespoon or two of fat free plain yogurt if I want to thin it out a little bit. This and a cup of coffee keeps me humming through my two hour workouts everytime. :yes: I will also eat this if I missed dinner due to an extra workout like a bike ride or yoga class as was the case tonight. It's warm and snuggly and can put me right back into bed too. Kind of like an all purpose ready whenever I need it kind of meal.:cool:

09-17-2008, 09:41 PM
That's my "glop" meal too :) I almost always travel with those ingredients, some pp, and apples.

Legs are pleasantly sore :p

Last night was a very short night. I didn't fall asleep until around 11:30, then couldn't figure out what all the noise was at 5 am. I was stumbling around for a while before I found the elliptical and the TV remote. YAY! New episode of House. ;)

Gym time was kind of a bust. On my third set of overhead presses my shoulders just decided they had had enough! I couldn't even get ONE stinking rep. I gave up and did funky cable versions and got through the workout.

Food has been spot on since my wine and chocolate fest in Virginia :lol: My pants are too tight to stray off track again.

Lydia- Some years ago, we had a snowstorm here that closed school for two weeks about a week after winter vacation :dizzy: I thought we would all be :crazy: by the time the dug the buses out of the drifts. Everything except the school buses were fine atfter about 3 days.

Tiki- go do that workout!!!!! Killing yourself on the weekend and being too exhausted during the rest of the week might not be the optimal plan.....

Elisa- I'm thrilled I can make you happy by going off plan :rofl: Several years ago I admitted to eating an entire jar of peanut butter in an hour and there were more posts on this thread than I've ever seen :?:

Nelie- You are doing GREAT! My last swimming experience was about the same distance and I thought I was going to pass out before I could get out of the pool (might have felt better if I'd had some food in me, tho).

Good night all :wave:


09-17-2008, 09:45 PM
Lydia - :thanks: so much for the detailed explanation...that's the kind of instructions I was looking for!! :) It does sound goopy but interesting enough to try! I need something to carry me through the mornings and I like all of the ingredients...just wouldn't have though to put them all together. I will be trying this very soon and get back to you. To be honest, it's only the protein powder that I'm worried about. I hope it doesn't give it an odd taste. I can normally only tolerate the powder when I disguise it with some fruit in a smoothie or drink it up really fast.

Mel - I hope you took my joy in your post the way it was intended...I'm even more proud of you for your PB story! :hug:


09-18-2008, 02:38 AM
Nelie - great job on the swimming. I'm not that far yet. Tonight I did 6 laps, not without a short stop at the end of each one though. In college I took lifesaving classes for PE and to pass we had to swim a mile - whew, that took it out of you. I'm improving quickly though. I actually could have gone at least one more lap but I was out of time. They're tearing up roads all over town still - hoping to do a massive paving before snowfall. Got held up in traffic on the way to the pool.

Lydia - your glop sounds good, though I have no pp at the moment....

Gotta scoot.. It's after 9:30 and I aim to be in bed by 10. DH got home from his camping trip tonight - walking in literally as I finished cooking a nice stir fry for dinner.

09-18-2008, 09:53 AM
Lydia, that sounds like my kind of food!

So after the House discussion last week, I watched a few episodes on Sunday (House marathon + on call with no active patients). I laughed my rear off. I think I have found a new favorite show. Thanks guys!

I don't post much cause not much is going on. Just running and lifting and eating and working (oh, yea, working!). I did this reverse grip chest press thing last night and I think I tweaked some nerve on my forearms. I'm sure it will pass.

Have a good one!

09-18-2008, 10:42 AM
I'm glad I could help all of you with your breakfast plans. MY kitchen is open at 5:00am for breakfast if any of you traveling to Columbus. It would wig DH out completely to see a kitchen full of female lifters eating this stuff with big smiles on their faces.

I saw the last five minutes of House as well. I just happened to turn it on and there it was. I exclaimed "Oh hey, it's that show with that guy." DH turns and says you mean "House." (He doesn't watch TV either) I'm like, "How in the :devil: did you know about this show." He just smugly looks at me and says "I know everything." :s: dork. I hate it when he one ups me like that. :lol:

Kids are finally back in school. Well, one of them is the other will be back tomorrow. Its such a beautiful day here it's a shame I just can't calm myself to enjoy it more. It just feels so unsettled this week since the kids were home and trust me they ran like maniacs back and forth to the school, house to house on their bikes...you know, like real kids are supposed to do in the summer without planned activities. By the middle of the week one of DS's friends has his arm in a sling and another little boy got clubbed in the side and my DS fell of his bike and scraped up his knee pretty bad. I'm a little rattled even after a yoga class last night. To add to it my left knee is a little messed up. I'm going to need to take the squats and running out of my workouts until this flare up goes a way. I'm trying hard to work around the pain and can't quite target the quads in the way that I like. Anyway, better days are right around the corner. I can see them. :goodvibes:

Have a great morning everyone. :coffee:

09-18-2008, 12:33 PM

Rabbit checking in.
I have been lurking these past weeks, to crazy busy with work, house chores and whatever. I am still trying very much to get back into the groove.

I have gained where I wanted to be loosing, so I am now looking much more carefully into my food calories, and I aim to get in 30 minutes of exercise each day. Difficult. But I have a new toy to keep me company, I use the nintendo weight loss coach these days. it is a "game" on my DS, and altough the advises etc are not much and the entries for calories burned in exercise and caloties in through food are very rough, I find that it does help me keep track a little bit better. I feel I have a positive commitment to look what challenges the DS has in store for me, and to tell every evening what exercise i did and what food I had. The game does have very optimistic views on the speed with which I'll loose weight tough, because it just stubbornly refuses to shift.

On the good side, I am biking to work again, altough on an electric bike. I found out that is is just over 4 miles one way, and I cannot stomach biking 8 miles each day without some help. On the electric bike, 30% is provided by the motor, so that I still get a form of exercise every day.

For the rest I am just very tired, achy joints etc. I can tell that autumn is coming from the aching of my hands.

Lydia - I love your stories about the kids at home,

Hi to all the ret of you,

Have a great day,

09-18-2008, 02:13 PM
Hi all,

fly by post here. The Girl got stung by some flying bug yesterday at Meet the Teacher night, then began to complain of a headache and sore throat. By 1AM her face, eyes and the wiggly thing in the back of her throat had swollen up like crazy and she couldn't breath well. I drugged her and tucked her in with me, but that was the end of my sleep for the night. This AM the swelling had gone down a bit, but not where she could function (talk and eat) properly so I gave her more Benadryl and took her to work with me. She finally was okay for school (she HATES missing the core classes) so I dropped her off in time for science, english and economics - missed math. Needless to say I got NO exercise in this AM nor have I eaten anything other than a half a nuked sweet potato. I can't wait to get home to my fridge!!!

09-18-2008, 10:49 PM
Wow! You are a brave mom! When the throat starts closing I'm thinking ER, despite the $100 co-pay that goes with it. She should be careful even more so going forward as her next bite will likely make her react worse. :(

We are an epipen carrying family for a tree nut allergy so I always go into panic mode whenever dd eats something while we're out and tells me her throat hurts. Never know when cross contamination or secret ingredients in restaurants will show up.

09-19-2008, 03:15 AM
wow, Tiki, how scary!:eek:

09-19-2008, 08:29 AM
Rabbit- Good to see you. I was thinking about you yesterday :)

Tiki- I'm with Fran...swelling after inset bites or ingestion of some foods terrifies me. I've spent a day in the ER myself due to a kiwi fruit allergy (actually the fuzz on the skin) and most of my family carry epi-pens for bee stings. I probably would have had my car keys in my hand all night.

Gotta run :strong:


09-20-2008, 07:25 AM
Tiki: Thanks goodness your daughter is okay now. Wow, what an experience. I hope you are all well again and rested.

Fran: Love the note under your avatar. I'm struggling with the whole diet soda thing. The wacko part is that I only "think" that I really enjoy the diet cherry or vanilla Coke. I get half way through it and and it ends back in the fridge. Lately the "On the Go" mix ins for water have been my first choice. Perhaps better but not quite as good as just plain water. I'll get there. Anyway, :bravo: with this huge step! I think it's huge. For me the diet soda is a trigger that also makes me long for the kiddie carbs and that's where I'll trip. I drop this habit and I lose like three pounds of water in two days. ~sigh~ Proven again this weekend by this morning's weigh in. I was no where near any of th kids stuff and there it is, a nice three pound drop. :^:

Rabbit: Hey, there are you are! The weightloss toy seems interesting. I know that whenever I am accountable in tracking my calories I do seem to do much better at losing. Maintenance, not so much of a challenge but when I really want to cut, I really have make myself record that stuff somewhere. I still use Fitday but only when I really feel like I need to drop a few pounds. I've just gotten out of that habit.

Nice workout yesterday. Nothing major to report but a nice calming centered feeling afterward. :goodvibes:

Have a great weekend everyone :coffee:

09-22-2008, 08:28 AM
Up and at 'em Monday! It feels like fall out there.

I had a good legs session Saturday, a treadmill run between yard work, food prep, and going to a concert by a German group that sings and plays Gaelic music yesterday :dizzy: and managed to stay pretty much on plan this weekend!

This week is going to be wild with school open house, my ds's 18th birthday (my baby), and work. Oh yeah...work :( Planning is crucial!

How was everyone's weekend?


09-22-2008, 12:49 PM
Mel, my baby turned 7 yesterday and we had 2 open houses last week for them! lol Fun similarities!

I got up this morning and did my 45 min walk with dh on our dreadfully hilly neighborhood. Then took my first crack at making real oatmeal. 1 cup of quick oats, 1/2 c skim milk, and a little less than 1/4 tsp of splenda. This was also my first venture into the splenda world. I added it in 1/16 tsp increments until I got it where I liked it. I think I may look for the brown sugar splenda in the store since I read on the pkg it's available.

Whoa - what's with all the fat in oatmeal? I was entering my meal into spark and kinda choked when I had to type in 5 g of fat and 1 g of saturated fat. But the 10g of protein were also nice.

(Keep in mind I can't add the p-powder to my oatmeal like all of you can, so I take it naturally where I can get it!)

Have a great day everyone!

09-22-2008, 03:45 PM
Afternoon, everyone.

Oatmeal + cottage cheese + protein powder? Sounds like a mixture that isn't for the faint of heart. Don't get me wrong, I like all three ingredients. The combination, though, sounds downright ... vomitous. :)

Shoulder/ab workout done for the day. Pullups were fine, despite the extra few um, five, um, five plus pounds that I'm hauling around these days. But, I definitely felt a Not Good twinge in my shoulder whilst doing reverse flyes (flies?). And, my hip has been acting up again. Getting old sucks.

Be strong,

09-22-2008, 09:16 PM
Oh good grief Kim! You aren't old!

My legs are really sore- I think it was from the run rather than leg day. I was really cranking the speed intervals, and running inclines. At least I thought I was really zipping along until I met up with my lunch-time workout partner today who did the Phila Distance Run yesterday. She maintained the same pace over 13 and a 1/2 miles that I did for 2 miles :o

My back and chest workout today was very ho-hum. The spirit was willing, but the body was tired! I cut a few sets short so that I wouldn't drop a dumbbell on my face :p

Fran- I'm amazed that this is your first foray into oatmeal :o It's good fat, and not that much of it.

Nite :wave:

09-23-2008, 12:40 PM
REAL oatmeal - that comes in a canister and not a packet. i'm cooking challenged, so i always relied on the company to season it for me. Now i'm doing it myself.

09-23-2008, 01:40 PM
Real Oatmeal is SOOOO much better. So Fran, how did it turn out? If you are going to prepare it in a more conventional way you may want to add some fruit: bits of chopped apple, unsweetened applesauce or mashed banana for a little added flavor as well. My youngest son prefers yogurt in his oatmeal. His yogurt of choice is the Trix blue and red swirl. When it is added to oatmeal it turns a lovely color of pruce. Now Kaw, that is something that appears to be absolutely vomitous. :lol: But hey, I've got him eating oats since he was two. Hopefully he will still be eating oats in college. :goodvibes:

Decent workout today. Upper body and in a hurry too. As ridiculous as it sounds it's so hard to get everything in during the hour and a half that I want to do. Two hour workouts everyday are too much, but I really could use at least one more than the one I get on Saturday. Maybe in October when some of my obligations are completed I will return to late morning workouts again while DS2 is in preschool.

It looks like a beautiful day today. :sunny: If the sun is out in your area make sure you all step outside and get a good dose of Vitamin D today. :yes:

09-23-2008, 01:54 PM
Hey Lydia, I might try the bananas. I'm allergic to apples (late life allergy) tho the applesauce would probably be ok as it's cooked, which disrupts the proteins. I used splenda yesterday, then thinking it will probably cause some unknown problem with my spleen (splenda-spleen, get it? :rofl:) like the protein powder did with my kidneys, I went back to just real sugar today. I may try brown sugar once I get to the store, but dh tells me that honey is best. (I did way too much reading yesterday suggesting the consumption of chlorine -which splenda is made from {3 chlorine molecules added to one sugar molecule} - is not healthy). Maybe our scientists and other well-reads can weigh in here.

So question to the group, what natural sugar do you use to sweeten? or do you avoid that on purpose?

09-23-2008, 02:13 PM
Fran: This is such a great question to pose to the group. I use Splenda. A lot! It's in my oatmeal, its in my coffee, it's in the tea drink mixes and the sodas I drink. Gosh I really need to cut this back. It does worry me. I do have packets of Stevia that I've used but it just has a little different taste. I would most likely get used to it.

09-23-2008, 05:03 PM
Good afternoon, everyone.

On sweeteners: I use nutrasweet in my coffee (I know, I know...), the tiniest of splashes of maple syrup on my oatmeal or plain yogurt (if I'm having it for dessert), and old-fashioned sugar on the rare occasions that I bake. Can't think of any other regular uses for sweeteners, although I'm sure there's plenty of hidden sweeteners elsewhere in my diet.

I learned a new exercise at the gym this morning: triceps pushups using a bar and a rack/cage. (Maybe there's a better name for these?) Set the pins on the rack roughly 3 feet from the ground, and put an unweighted bar on the pins. Put your hands, palms down, close together (i.e., less than shoulder width) but not so close that you can't get your head between your hands. Stand about 5 feet from the bar, so that your body is in an incline plank position. Bend at the elbows until your head is between your arms, in front of the bar. (It may take some scooching of the feet to get the distance right.) Keeping your elbows in, use your triceps to push yourself back up. The closer the bar is to the ground, the harder the exercise.

It's basically an overhead triceps press or skullcrusher motion except your bodyweight provides the resistance instead of dumbbells or a barbell. A bonus is that it requires you to use stabilizers in your core, especially the abs -- after all, you're doing a moving incline plank.

Oh, and the instructor who showed it to me prefaced his demonstration by saying, "you look like you're into torturous exercises, so you'll probably like these."

Not quite sure how to take that, so I think I'll take it as a compliment. :)

Be strong,

09-24-2008, 08:29 AM
Kaw last week I described a version of what you just did, but drape towels over the bar and grasp the towels with each hand under the bar. Much harder because you have to stabilize your hands! have fun!

Sweeteners- I use some splenda, and agave nectar. The agave has a very low GI and tastes good. I also use fake pancake syrup mad out of splenda. Agave is expensive :o

Cardio done, not sure if I can lift today. I am car-less. My lunchtime workout partner is doing a long swim today and I'm not sure I can afford that much time away from my desk. :(

Today is ds's 18th birthday. Dinner will be at PF Chang's so I know I'll have sodium bloat tomorrow, but I'll try to be calorically good!


09-24-2008, 08:55 AM
Hey Mel enjoy dinner tonight. A little sodium bloat will pass and if your feeling bad about it tomorrow or the next day just recall how you were feeling 18 years ago after delivering that young son.

Just got my legs and cardio in this morning. Fun new tricks on the ball. Found myself flipping over quite a bit . This one took me a while just to figure out which hand should move with which leg. Really. Cognitively I knew what I wanted to do, but physically it was like my wiring was going haywire and I had to do it over and over very slowly until it took. Kept wanting to lift the same side arm and leg :dunno:


Oh, and this is the one that had me flipping over half the time. Good stuff


Scroll all the way down when you pull these up to actually see the trainer perform these moves.

Coffee on the way. :coffee: Have a great morning everyone

09-24-2008, 10:00 AM
Oh those deadbugs look fun! I've been lurking because I went on a trip, came back and now I'm sick. No exercise for me. Standing for too long even makes me tired.

09-24-2008, 11:12 AM
Hi all, been lurking this week and dealing with a very stressfull issue. since school has started the Boy has had as many as 4 different classes where the teacher was absent and there were no subs: Honors Chemistry, Geography, English and Spanish. It's been ridiculous to the point that I spent a good part of yesterday trying to transfer him out of the school district he's in. I only put him in that school because it's a high level, flagship school for DPS but with all the district financial issues, it's been a nightmare. the parents have met with leadership, staged protests, wrote letters, you name it and finally we have SOME issues resolved. I moved my son to classes that have male teachers because their absentee rate is MUCH lower - sounds sexist I know - but he's got to have a teacher. Hopefully, life will go back to normal with his new schedule and new classes although he's got a lot of CATCH UP work to do since he's missed basically two weeks worth of class due to teacher absenteeism.

Through it all, my workouts have suffered BUT I've still been eating clean and not letting stress chase me to the fridge.

09-24-2008, 10:14 PM
Hey everyone! I had a great weekend in Buffalo (ate too much, blah, blah, blah) and have managed to pretty much shake off the damage of the food court, the Cheesecake Factory and the football game. :o

All this sugar/sweetener talk is interesting. Like with much of my eating lately, I am trying to switch from low calorie to healthy but it's been too many years for me to make all the changes at once. So, long story short, for now I'm still probabaly taking in way too many chemicals but I'm too scared of gaining weight to do anything else.

I have sweetener in my coffee, my cold drinks and sometimes my baking. Sometimes is aspartame (yeah, yeah) and sometimes it's Splenda. What's good and what's not? I don't know. But as my DH likes to say, he's more likely to live forever than die from the aspartame because he's been drinking sugar free Koolaid for so many years, he figures his insides must be pickled in it by now. ;)

Back to better stuff....mmmm...oatmeal! And yes, I assume that around here when we say oatmeal, we mean the real thing. Yum. I like it but I can eat too much so I have to be careful. I like it with a little brown sugar splenda or the real thing and cinnamon, a splash of cream and then whatever I have around. A little cut up banana or apple or raisins. DH adds nuts or a little coconut too.

tika - sorry to hear about all the school troubles but good for you for not following it up with some stress eatings. The workouts will come back when things settle down for you.

Lydia - I still haven't tried the goop (okay, I admit it, I'm a bit scared of it) but it's on my "to do" list!

Workouts are good so far this week and, if the weather keeps up like it says, I think tomorrow will be another beautiful day and a good day for a run.

Be healthy!


09-24-2008, 10:35 PM
Having a good week here so far. 2 cardios and 1 fbwo logged. Food logged. Trying to reclaim some glory days type of losing.

Mel, we took dd to her first year of travel lax tryouts. Tonite was nite 2 and I guess they got what they were looking for bc they told the kids to stay 15 mins late (it was already 2.5 hrs each nite) and let them finish up tonite and get Friday back. It's supposed to rain is why. So we'll check the website tomorrow and see. She made the first cut Monday nite. She's better at lax than soccer, and she plays travel soccer, so she's probably going to get good news (which is bad news for the taxi drivers in the family).

Nelie, sorry to hear you are sick. Was it at least a fun trip, pre-sickness?

Lydia, calling for rain tomorrow? ;) (our little inside weather forecast system = rain here on fri means rain for her the day before)

09-24-2008, 10:45 PM
Fran - The trip was tons of fun. I had never been to NC and I enjoyed it immensely but the company was awesome (fellow 3FC mods).

We should do a MD/PA get together, if we can pull Mel away from work...

09-25-2008, 02:02 PM
Tiki: Teachers absent from the classroom?! ~sigh~ What a way to begin the school year. I wish your son success with the rest of his year. Hopefully he will be given a little room to catch up with the last two weeks.

Elisa: Go ahead! Try the gloop. It's not so bad.:s:

Fran: Don't you just love the accomplished feeling of a successful exercise week! For me, I can get there and do it. Success for me is taking the time to alter my routine and incorporate new things. I'm getting better though. Oh, and yes. Rain is coming tomorrow night. I love it when it rains in the evening; :goodvibes: I'll be out on my covered patio with a book.

Nelie: Your trip does sound wonderful. I've been to NC several times, Ashland and the Outer Banks. Both were great fun. In Asheland we hiked up Mount Mitchell. This was about :chin: fifteen years ago. I went with two other couples all of whom were much fitter than I at the time. I wasn't really into a hike but thought how bad could it be. :rolleyes: The trail we began was about three miles. Within a five minutes of the ascent my friends found a sign that indicated a second path that was only one mile up to the top. It was a rather primitive path marked with spray paint. Oh wait: Here's what it looked like most of the way:

Let me just say it was straight up and coming down wasn't any easier than going up. There were snakes involved. :yikes: At one point I muttered something like "Get me off this "flipping" mountain" The only cool thing was that when we did reach the top we saw people getting out of parked cars and complaining about having to take stairs to get to the observation point. We just crawled under the railing and scared the bejezus out of everyone standing there. :devil: I wonder what it would be like to climb that thing today? :dunno:

Decent workout again today. I totally forgot how to do the deadbug with the ball this morning. Got into position and just hung there. :dizzy: Guess I better take another look at it. Again, I knew how to do it, just couldn't get my coordination down to do it right. :lol:

Have a great afternoon everyone.

09-25-2008, 03:34 PM
deadbugs!!! lol!! In the army when we got into trouble we had to lie on our backs in the dirt, mud, cold concrete or whatever and do this weird exercise called the dying cockroach while yelling at the top of our lungs that we were dying cockroaches. I only had to do that one once!

09-25-2008, 07:08 PM
Poking my head up from the busiest 2 weeks I've had in awhile. Been doing some exercise - mostly swimming - but eating pretty clean. Haven't weighed in awhile but clothes feel good.

I use very little in the way of artificial sweeetners - but sweets are not my "thing" either. I use a bit of real brown sugar or real maple syrup on oatmeal. I don't sweeten my coffee or tea; I drink maybe one or two diet colas a month. In the summer I'm apt to drink Crystal Light, but again not a lot. I never sweeten cold cereal either. But then, my DH more than makes up for me! He puts sugar/syrup/molasses/chocolate syrup/honey in tea, cereal, ice cream, yogurt, etc. And still weighs 140 - sigh.

09-26-2008, 09:29 AM
i'm an artificial sweetener QUEEN!!! I've had the family on crystal light since 2000 because we LOVE kool-aid but don't need all that sugar. I also use splenda in my coffee and tea. When I used to eat cereal, I'd use it there too.

09-26-2008, 11:50 AM
If you love Kook-Aid like my DH does (and you're not concerned about the sweetener)...buy the sugar free...it's yummy!

I'm having a super hungry day so far and it's not quite 11:00 a.m. I've been super good with my food this week (and probably lower than I should be for calories) so maybe that's the answer. I've eaten a fair bit but I'm trying to keep it healthy and clean.

Hope I make through the day with no real damage!


09-26-2008, 01:09 PM
Elisa, I LOVE the sugar free Kool-Aids but they are so expensive!! Whenever they are on sale I stock up like crazy! And good luck on making it to the end of the day. You can do it!

09-27-2008, 12:32 PM
Good Morning everyone:wave:

Great workout this morning. One of those really good ones where you feel nice and centered afterward. I came home stripped off the wet clothes and hopped into my fleece for what looks like the remainder of the afternoon. :goodvibes: My intention was to hit a yoga class immediately after but now that I've had lunch, I'm not going anywhere for a while. :s:

Elisa: I know all about those super hungry days. There is usually a reason behind it just like you stated, "a low caloric week" Those happen sometimes with me too and it always comes back to get me later.

Speaking of calories in...I was reading Alwyn Cosgrove's blog yesterday and was reminded of the relevance of circuit weight training. I was particular excited about the thought of an afterburn (metabolism remains increased during the post exercise period for over 36 hours!) Thirty six hours! That's a whole 'nother day! And then many of us are back in there the next 24 hours doing something all over again. Now it is so much clearer to me why I've been able to lose and maintain such a significant loss. :chin: But if I'm compounding this increase in metabolism it makes me wonder just how darn low my metabolism is without the afterburn effect. :dunno: Anyway, here's the link in case you are curious.


09-27-2008, 09:55 PM
I've been finding that I'm hungrier after I swim.... Most of the time that's not an issue as I'm home having dinner shortly afterwards. But on the two nights of the lessons, which end at 9:30, I'm wanting to clean out the fridge when I get home. Granted I've had a lighter dinner, but I don't want to eat that close to bedtime, which is usually 10-10:30. So far I've made do with tea and a graham cracker. Maybe it's that I'm using a lot of energy because I'm learning something new? Actually I'm trying to unlearn some habits and create new ones, but whatever. Last night I had really wobbly legs and this morning I had a nice soreness in my upper arms. :)

On that note, I need to go start cooking. I'm leaving Thursday for 10 days, and DH sooo doesn't cook. I have to leave him something to warm up. I'm thinking some chili, some pea soup (his favorite) plus leftovers from whatever we eat this weekend. That plus sandwich and salad makings should hold him. He often cons one of our gullible friends into inviting him over. :lol:

09-28-2008, 09:29 PM
Have a great trip Pat.

I think the swimming has taken 40 years off your vocab, you teenager! Cases in point:
Actually I'm trying to unlearn some habits and create new ones, but whatever.
I'm leaving Thursday for 10 days, and DH sooo doesn't cook.

It's delightful!! :) I feel like I'm overhearing some of dd's pool friends talking! So it must be all that water.

09-29-2008, 08:26 AM
Happy Monday! :wave:

Cardio done, everything packed. Sorry I've been MIA, it's been a tough week and this week looks pretty bad, too. I'm really fighting emotional eating and losing the battle. BUT I haven't missed a workout :p (doesn't do much good, tho!)


09-29-2008, 10:00 AM
Mel, the workouts counterbalance the eating - at least that's what I tell myself to keep from feeling even guiltier about emotional eating. Hope this week gets better. :hug:

Hi rest of group! How's ya Monday shaping up? Mine is okay. Legs are delightfully sore from this weekend's workouts. I also have on a shirt I haven't worn in a year AND it's tucked in. I think I'm cute! :carrot:

Food tip! NEVER nuke egg whites and spinach. I tried that combo this AM in the office and it was horrific. :p For some reason, the combo made a frothy bubbly mess inside the eggs that was near impossible to get down. Unfortunately that was all that I brought for breakfast so I got it down and then chased the taste / sensation away with a huge mug of coffee. Mid-morning snack and lunch should be MUCH better. ;)

09-29-2008, 12:32 PM
Mel: :hug: Give that stress away to someone else who deserves it more than you. I really hope that the rest of your week runs more smoothly. If you have to eat beyond what you really think you should just make sure your reaching for things that are not habitual. For me, that would be anything that comes in plastic. :lol: (Don't even talk to me about pretzels right now)

I also have on a shirt I haven't worn in a year AND it's tucked in. I think I'm cute! :carrot:

Oh Tiki! You are cute! :hug: Congratulations on wearing your tucked in shirt today!

[QUOTE=tikanique;2384512 Food tip! NEVER nuke egg whites and spinach. I tried that combo this AM in the office and it was horrific. :p For some reason, the combo made a frothy bubbly mess inside the eggs that was near impossible to get down. Unfortunately that was all that I brought for breakfast so I got it down and then chased the taste / sensation away with a huge mug of coffee. Mid-morning snack and lunch should be MUCH better. ;)[/QUOTE]

Isn't the oatmeal sounding better all of the time. :s:

I'm off the chart hungry today too. Yesterday was busy and I missed a couple of meals. Today I want to inhale everything for lunch. I just returned from the grocery and had to laugh at what came home. I seemed to say "no" to almost everything my hungry little five year old self wanted to get but somehow the chocolate chips still came home with me. :dunno: I must be craving dark cocoa because it was the general theme in the grocery for me too.

Had a great Yin Yoga session last night. I really enjoy these. I have been working out six days a week and always seem to take Sunday as my rest day. The yin yoga is a very relaxed evening class where we really don't push or challenge ourselves like Ashtanga. They turn down the lights and burn incense and play music. We go into various poses as directed by the teacher and hang out there in meditation for two to five minutes. Trust me, it's blissful after all of the cardio and lifting I do the rest of the week. A nice way to begin a new week. :goodvibes: I also learned a new position that was incredibly relaxing. This is the closest I could find to the pose. Except instead of being upright we bent at the waist in this position, placing our arms and shoulders and foreheads onto the mat. Great streatch in the glute, some in the quad but a little dicey with the knees and I found myself losing circulation in my foot half way through it. :lol:


Todays cardio was decent but my legs routine was pitiful. I think it's time for a planned rest. (I keep saying this and just can't make myself do it.) Okay. I'm taking the rest of the week off from my lifting and just doing cardio, core, stretching, yoga, and cycling. That's enough for maintenance for a week or so isn't it. :D

Have a great morning everyone.

Oh, Pat, Have great trip! :wave: (How nice of you to cook for DH. It just wouldn't occur to me to do this for mine. But then again he cured me of this when we were newlyweds. While he was zoning out in front of the fridge I gave him suggestions of what was inside for a snack. He soundly closed the door, looked me square in the eyes and said, "I am a man, I have a thumb, I can get my own food." Yeah, that one has come back to bite him a lot in the last twelve years. :lol3: All I have to do now is say "I am a man..." :devil: ~sigh~ He's such a good sport. :love:

09-29-2008, 02:50 PM
Tiki...nuked eggs...shudder! Brave of you to eat it anyway! ;)

Lydia, I like the "I am a man..." line, lol.

Hi to everybody else...I haven't been lifting lately, unless you count weilding a shovel and hefting bags of concrete. Been busy with work, building a new firepit for our yard, more work, running dogs, workworkwork, skating...uh, that's it. I'll be back when I have something to report. Hoping to work the lifting back in tomorrow. I need a personal assistant that works for free...is that so much to ask?

09-29-2008, 07:59 PM
I'm taking the rest of the week off from my lifting and just doing cardio, core, stretching, yoga, and cycling.

:rofl: :rofl:

We all seem to have a warped idea of "rest"!

Tiki- congratulations on the ticked shirt! I'm sure you are cute :D

Got through today without jumping out a window. Wouldn't do much good anyway, I work on the ground floor! About the only upside of eating too much is that I can lift heavier which is fun, but a bit counter-productive for the goal of staying in the same size clothes. A bigger back is something I do NOT need!


09-30-2008, 12:48 PM
Mel, jump out anyway! Then run away screaming down the streeet!!!!

09-30-2008, 09:14 PM
No, Mel, jump out, then lay there and play dead. See how long it takes somebody to come see if you're faking, or to miss you from your job. ;)

09-30-2008, 10:35 PM
Uhm. You better think about that one. These could be answers to questions you don't want to know. :s: :lol: Just kidding.