Dieting with Obstacles - Hi everyone, I posted a few weeks back..

09-15-2008, 09:37 PM
with just a compounded list of things wrong with me.. I recently had MORE blood tests done... One being a Serum IgA, However my lab screwed up and did the Serum IgG, which is not so bad, cause I now have that result for FREE :D So I am now awaiting this tesat result... My question is I was searching the site, but have not seen anything listed, but is there a place too go for support when going gluten free, I am going too give this a shot, as I think gluten might be a HUGE part of my problem. Like I said, I have not seen a support group here, but was hoping there might be one ?
I do know there are quite a few on the net, but Ijust really kike what I see here, and would like too stay here. Is there a group here for for gluten free, and weight issue?