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04-09-2002, 01:42 PM
Hi All,

I have finally taken that last step. I am setting up my own business. I am going to be working with people for whom gyms and similar facilities are just not suitable. Either because they hate the thought of lycra and treadmills or because they have a medical condition that means such exercise is not appropriate.

I will be interviewing clients, helping them re-assess their daily activities and building exercise into their daily lives. I will also be providing personal activity programmes, where appropriate.

What I need to know is what sort of things would put you off or motivate you to use such a service?

What words, pictures, behaviours really please you and which truly annoy you and turn you off?

What sort of help do you really want/need? Written info, demonstrations? Weekly, monthly, daily contact? Face-to-face, on the phone, e-mail or written contact? WHAT?????

Have you got any experience with a similar service? How did it go?

Lastly - what do I call myself? At the moment I'm a "Lifestyle Activity Consultant", but I personally prefer "Fatness Instructor" (husband's suggestion!).

Any anecdotes, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated. Stef

04-09-2002, 11:08 PM
Hi Stef,

I've read lots of your posts and know you know your stuff.

I personally would never ever have contact with someone who called herself a "Fatness Instructor" i think I have a great sence of humor, but that really turns me off.

I guess I have several questions about your services. Number one are what are your credentials? Next would be WHERE would you be giving your services? At a place you've leased, your home, the client's home, a public place?

As a 55y/o extremely overweight woman with severe osteoarthritis of the knees (just had 1 knee replacement and another scheduled for the middle of the summer) I have always been interested in and a participitant in fitness issues. I have walked, run and walked and been a health club member for almost twenty years. Now I spend most of my exercise time duing water aerobics and stationary bike riding.

The number one thing that would get me involved with a service like what you intend to offer is a recommendiation from either a medical person, or someone who has used your services.

You asked too many questions for me to remember all of them, but maybe I'll think about them again, and stop back by.

04-10-2002, 03:31 PM
Thanks Ageoldie.

Yes! My credentials are going to have to feature quite highly. As I am vocationally qualified as both an aerobics instructor and a gym instructor as well as having a higher degree in health and exercise sciences I hope that this will be reassuring to potential clients.

As for where - I am hoping to become an integral part of a countywide GP exercise referral scheme and work within surgeries for the most part.

Strangely here in the UK most people have responded positively to the 'fatness' bit. I never intended to use it, but was amused at how many would be customers suggested something similar! I think I will stick with the 'Lifestyle Activity Consultant' as that seems to be the norm around here!

Again, thanks for your input, Stef.

04-13-2002, 06:49 PM
Hello Stef -

I have also read some of your posts are I agree, you rally know your stuff! I printed out some of your instructions on ab work, and use it - thanks!

If I were looking for an consultant of that type, I would probably first want an initial lengthy session, with you asking my eating/exercise history, taking measurements, etc. And asking what my goals are. Then what I would ideally want is someone who would come to my home to personally work with me through some different individualized workouts - cardio, free weights, machines. Then I would love to have some printed material (like different exercises/correct moves/properform) and suggested workout variations for when I didn't have the consultant with me.

Hope this input helps!

(and I'm afraid I couldn't deal with the name having any references to "fat":D )

Sincerely, Holly

04-15-2002, 09:54 AM
Thanks Holly,

Home visits rate highly with everyone I speak to. We have a policy here that this may not be the best idea for my own safety.

However I am anticipating starting on neutral territory and expanding into clients homes. This makes perfect sense to me and I am sure that I could set up a system that lets someone know where I am etc.

Just one more question:

How much would you all be willing to pay per session?


Venus Envy
04-28-2002, 08:29 AM
What a great idea, Stef!

Gosh. Price is a tricky thing, isn't it? Most personal trainers here in my area charge $40-50 an hour, but you're offering more than just run-of-the-mill training. Maybe a sliding-fee scale based on ability to pay, starting at $60 an hour ...

In the U.S., the tax folks have recently declared that weight-loss programs are now tax deductible for those who are clinically obese. With the services you offer and with physician referrals, it sounds like your clients would be able to take advantage of that deduction, which would probably influence how people feel about leaping the cost hurdle.

05-04-2002, 12:37 PM
Hi there, hope you don't mind another opinion.

Lifestyle activity consultant does not sound like someone who is offering a service to increase fitness and health. It is kind of ambiguous, could mean just about anything. I almost like the fatness instructor better, at least it is to the point. I always go with the KISS motto, keep it simple stupid. Maybe Fitness Consultant?

I would prefer to go to a private office not have someone to my home though a home visit might be useful at some point for you to evaluate the home environment

Initially daily contact whether by phone or face to face might be good to get the person off on the right foot. You could spend time in between clients by calling others that you have already assessed. It could be part of their price. For that I would prefer to pay a flat fee based on a certain number of assessments and follow ups then perhaps an hourly fee if they want further assistance.

Just some thoughts.

05-05-2002, 09:05 AM
Stef - Good luck with your new venture. I know you have the knowledge to do it. You go for it!!

I would like to ask your advice about the best exercise for the hips. I know that at 50, which I am, everything starts to droop:( a bit but is there a particular exercise that would get rid of the bit that droops just below the panty line? This bit really bugs me. I already do a lot of walking. Thanks for your time.


05-06-2002, 07:36 PM
Thanks Jen - The title also covers my academic research and other consultancy work - it is quite small on my logo. What I really need is a slogan/strapline that will get people's attention, but all the good ones have been used (Fit For Life, Active Living One Step at a Time, etc etc) and my mind has gone blank! Any ideas anyone??

Anne! If you walk lots then you are already doing a very effective exercise for the hips (and most other bits too). It strengthens and tones most areas of the bum, thighs and stomach as well as being good cardiovascular work. If I understand you right the bit you mean is centre and back (I'd say under the Bridget Jones elastic but you'd have to have seen the film or bought a pair of Harvester knickers [all is safely gathered in!?!?!]).

Sooooooooooo, (........thinks long and hard)! You need to work the gluteus maximus to tone this area! Unfortunately it is a large muscle in just the wrong place! The hamstrings need to be worked too!

To save me loads of time - do you have an aerobics video that includes floorwork, or have you been/do you go to a class? You need to look out for hamstring curls (standing) and the leg raise exercises balanced on one knee and both forearms.

If you want then I will re-post with a longer explanation - but walking is just about the best exercise for this area!

Read you later Stefxx.

05-06-2002, 07:45 PM
Thanks Stef- I think I know the leg raise exercise you mean and I will checkout the hamstring curls.

Take Care