Exercise! - 15 WEEKS until Christmas!....Anyone want to start EXERCISING with me?

09-10-2008, 03:54 PM
ok...so I have put off exercise long enough. As a Merry Christmas gift to myself....I am going to start a 15-week exercise program where I start off SMALL and work my way up to harder and harder...really trying to push myself. I must admit...I am VERY nervous about GAINING weight doing this?? I have been at a standstill for ONE full yr. now.

Anybody out there who keeps telling themself they really want to start doing "something" CONSTITANTLY? Well...here is your chance to have some partners and a support team...Let's do it!!:carrot: Whereas anyone is WELCOME....I am just a mere beginner as I have NOT stayed with anything long enough for it to really make a difference in my weight or the shape of my body.

I have designed my plan as follows: Gym...three days a week. Once a week..I will begin a NEW exercise....with each week building on the last week. I also have more intense GOALS planned out for each 10 pounds I go down. Such as HOT YOGA when I reach 209...TEN pounds away form onederland.

So...for WEEK #1......Tues. & Thurs. = WALK
Mon. & Wed. & Fri. = Gym raquetball and SWIMMING

Anyone else for a NEW...consistant exercise program? Tomorrow is a new day....15 weeks to a healthy, firmer body!:D

Quiet Ballerina
09-10-2008, 06:52 PM
I would love to join in! :cp: I've been looking for a new challenge, and this sounds great!

Here are my (minimum/starting) goals:

Week 1:
Wed: elliptical 30 min
Thurs: Walk away the pounds DVD (30 min)
Fri: elliptical 30 min
Sat: elliptical 30 min
Sun: skip day
Mon: elliptical 30 min
Tues: Hip Hop Abs DVD (30 min)

I like the idea of adding on to your workouts bit by bit!
My Sat/Sun schedule might alternate. It depends on which day I have off that week.

09-11-2008, 01:26 PM
**** yeah people! 15 weeks! If I worked really hard I could lose 30lbs in that time - so I'd be down to 184lbs by Christmas.

OK week 1 then:

Friday: 90 minutes gym, one workout DVD
Saturday: 90 minutes gym
Sunday: made some plans, but hopefully at least 60mins gym
Monday: 90 minutes gym, one workout DVD
Tuesday: no gym, workout DVD
Wednesday: 90 minutes gym, workout DVD
Thursday: 60 minutes gym, packing
Friday: moving house, but will try to get 60 minutes gym

Let's do this!

09-11-2008, 04:02 PM
I am ALREADY dreading this??? What the heck is wrong with me people? Exercising for me is ALOT harder than not eating?? I woke up..thinking..Great..I MUST start walking today???

Oh well....I will put on my shoes (that are by the door by the way) and I will go out to the street ( I have a perfect neighborhood for walking) and I will walk until I get tired...I am NOT going to measure myself or time myself for now..I am just merely going to walk and a hard steady pace for today.

I have such a BAD attitude towards exercise?:(:o See IF you two girlys had not joined me...I guarantee you I would of NOT went??

09-11-2008, 05:09 PM
Skinny4baby: Thank you for starting this thread! I am so jazzed about starting a consistent routine. By using your 15 weeks to the holidays approach I know that by that time it will be a habit and I will be well on my way to a healthier me.

A little about me. I have struggled with weight since adolescence, but mostly after high school when I moved out on my own. I have a wonderfully supportive family that will get behind whatever I decide to do. I have been married for 19 years. For 10 of those years my husband and I struggled with infertility before we found a clinic that found the right methods to get me to ovulate. For 3 years we were on a rollercoaster of treatments, pregnancies and chronic misscarriages which really did a number on me physically and emotionally. My weight crept up and crept up until I did successfully carry to term our beautiful daughter Olivia. Then just 10 months later we conceived again naturally and successfully had our second daughter Zoe. Needless to say being overweight I did not gain much with each pregnancy, 7lbs total with Olivia and 12lbs total with Zoe; however, none of the weight went away! I still weigh only 5lbs less as the day I gave birth to Zoe two years later. I would have thought I would at least have lost nine lbs due to the baby, but water retention was bad after my c-section and I have not gained but have not lost since then. My weight is 290lbs right now the highest it has ever been in my life when not pregnant.

I have type II diabetes, hypertension and will be having a thyroid ultrasound next month because my thyroid is enlarged. With all of these health problems I am worried about being healthy and seeing my children grow up after trying so hard to have them.

I am determined to get off insulin and my blood pressure meds and losing weight. The best way to do it is to get moving :carrot:. Luckily I have excellent cholesterol and trigylcerides, so I have been given the okay to choose any exercise I can handle.

My sister gave me her treadmill last week when she got an elliptical machine and I have been working up in 15 minute increments daily until I now do one hour a day on it.

My goal is to consistently keep doing at least an hour a day on the treadmill. To increase my water intake from the 5 or so glasses I drink now, to about twice that and to reduce my portion sizes. I cook healthy right now due to my diabetes, but I know I need to eat less of what I cook.

I do not have a specific amount of pounds goal that I am setting for the 15 weeks, but I would love to be able to wear something comfortable and flattering by the holidays instead of the baggy shirts and one pair of pants that fit I am wearing now. If I had to set a lbs lost goal I would say I would like to shoot for 15 lbs which is a reasonable lb a week which would put me at 275 which is what I weighed before my first pregancy.

My husband is so behind me and he can tell that I am different this time. I broke down crying last night beating myself up for not doing this sooner. I love my family with all my heart and my girls deserve a happy and healthy mommy.

Sorry for the book length introduction. I am completely psyched about having a group of supportive people to do this with to know I am not alone.:)

09-11-2008, 06:54 PM
Ah Diana...Big Hugs to you...We seem to have ALOT in common..We are the same age and almost the same weight. I have struggled with Infertility for over 5 yrs. I have did six rounds of clomid (had an ectopic on the sixth cycle) Two cycles of Femera, and THREE IUI's..one of those with $4500.00 worth of injectible meds. All BFN's.:( I thought my main problem was that my cycles were so out of whack...they ranged from 46-56 days long. RE said I was not ovulating. I did have an HSG where the dye quickly went through my tubes but ponded on the left side below my tube..whereas I did go on to have a tubal on the left side also. After that..I went on to drop 15 pounds and my cyles became every 25-33 days. So I have given it one full year..thinking it might happen on it's own..since this is the first time my cycles were so perfect without meds. But it has not. So last apt. with RE I ask for him to do a LAP on me..to see if maybe I have adhesions on that left..For some reason..every time I have a follicle check..they are always of the LEFT side?? So I was thinking maybe he could cut them away and maybe that would help me have success?? But RE does not agree. He insists that it would not help?? So I am going for a second and a THIRD opinion tomorrow and Monday, back to back. Tomorrow is with a ob-gyn that is VERY popular in our area..Mondays in with a different RE.

Do you mind sharing what finally worked for you..if this is to private ...I understand....you could even PM if that is better? I am just so desperate?? I know the more weight I get off...the better my chances are.

I am also IR. I take 2000 mg. of Gluc. My sugar level is always good when I check it. And actually my prim dr. had me only on 500 mg. but RE wanted me on 2000 to maybe help me get pregnant. AND....I just got a call last week that my TSH was at 4.13. My RE called me in Synthroid...75 mg..Which I think is to much??? I was wondering IF I may help my hypo thyroid with exercise and vitamins with IRON???? I know I am cold at night alot, and it is VERY hard for me to lose...even when I am consistantly hungry ( I am so good about not eating when I am not hungry) but I am awful with exercise..hense this thread!!! Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!!

ok...Girls let GOOOOOOO!!!!:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:

09-11-2008, 08:37 PM
Yay! I have been looking for a challenge to join and this one is perfect for me! I plan to start slow with a Crunch exercise video (Crunch Cardio Dance Blast).

Week 1 Goal: Thursday 9/11 - Wednesday 9/17: Push to get the whole video done without stopping :cheer:

09-11-2008, 08:54 PM
I'm in! Here's my plan:
Thursday: 45 minutes elliptical & 100 crunches & free weights
Friday: Burn & Firm Pilates & 100 crunches & free weights
Saturday: Burn & Firm Pilates & 45 minutes elliptical & 100 crunches
Sunday: Burn & Firm Pilates & 45 minutes elliptical & 100 crunches
Monday: 100 crunches & free weights
Tuesday: Burn & Firm Pilates & 45 minutes elliptical
Wednesday: Burn & Firm Pilates & 100 crunches & free weights

Shy Moment
09-11-2008, 08:56 PM
I have had so many problems with my knees again I just haven't been exercising like I use to. I am ready to get back on track and do what I know I should be doing. Here is my routine. :)

Monday - Wednesday - Friday
Walking Aerobic ( Leslie Sansone Videos ) 1 to 10 miles

Tuesday - Thursday

Walking Aerobic ( Leslie Sansone Videos ) 1 to 6 Miles
Resistance Training - Toning ( Leslie Sansone Videos ) at least 40 min

I am going to be going to curves starting Monday on Monday - Wednesday - Friday. If I decide I like this and join I will only do 1 to 6 miles Walking Aerobic ( Leslie Sansone Videos ) on these days

This is what I was doing before the knees started giving me problems except for the curves.

09-11-2008, 10:46 PM
Woo-Hoo! Day #1 down for me!!! I even did some stretches before & after.

WOW!!!!:D Soooo glad we have lots of joiners!!!! This should be fun!!

09-11-2008, 11:00 PM
Hi ladies! I am so proud of myself. I not only did my exercise early in the day, but I managed to eat small portions all day as well. However, I think I have gone through 6 pieces of sugar free gum.:D We had whiting for dinner. I baked it with lemon, garlic, dill and a peppery seafood seasoning mix. It was so good and then we had steamed broccoli and steamed zucchini on the side.

Shy Moment- I am sorry your knees are giving you so much trouble. Mine hurt sometimes too. I have to be careful when exercising to warm up good beforehand with stretching.

Raw- I have never done Pilates. Do you find it a fun type of exercise? Is it similar to yoga?

Clewles81- Your Crunch Cardio Dance Blast sounds fun. I think I need to drop a few pounds before I do too much dancing. The last time I had a "dance party" with the girls my knees hurt so bad the next day.

From220 to 112- 30lbs sounds reasonable by Christmas. I admire your 90 minutes at the gym. I have trouble finding the 60 minutes to do my treadmill without having to leave the house to go to a gym.

Quiet Ballerina- The elliptical machine is a good overall body workout.

Skinny4baby- I do not find the question too personal at all. By the end of all our rounds of doctors and all my modesty went out the window. I was told I did not ovulate. I joined a great fertility support site call Taking Charge of Your fertility where I could chart my bbt, so I took my basal body temperature every morning to see if I was ovulating on my own and they were right I was not. I did not respond to injectibles, but they did find I responded to clomid at a high dose. My first pregancies were all clomid cycles because we did not have male factor infertility. I used an ovulation monitor and my bbt chart to see when peak days were and it worked. Unfortunately, our first pregnancy ended in a blighted ovum and I had to have a D&C. We got pregnant 3 months later and I was told to stop taking my metformin and started misscarrying the next day.

After my second loss we had all of the misscarriage testing done on me and even did gene testing on both me and my husband to see if we genetically did not mix well.

A year of clomid later we got pregnant. Again we were taken off my meds and again we misscarried. They suspected a molar pregnancy with that one because it took 16 weeks of blood tests before my hcg went from 574 to 0. This cycle of clomid, stopping my meds and misscarrying happened twice more and I was exhausted emotionally. I was fed up with my doctors and our insurance changed, so I told my husband I did not want to try for awhile. We instead started construction on our first house. We were so concentrated on building a house that I was able to heal a bit emotionally. In October of 2004 we moved in and began to get settled. We both started thinking it would never happen for us. I still had not found a new Ob/gyn, so we could not get a prescription for clomid.

It was a really tough summer for me because in July my sister told me she was pregnant with her fourth and my other sister has 3. After they went home I just sat down and balled. Then we were hit by two hurricanes in a row and all other thoughts were on hold for awhile. It was miserably hot, we were without electricity for two weeks and I just felt depressed as can be. I had not gotten my period in months and with my sister pregnant I wanted to try again. After it looked like no more hurricanes were going to come our way I decided to call my endocrinologist for a provera prescription to see if my period would start so we could try again. I explained that I did not have a general practitioner or a ob/gyn so they called in the prescription.

After having been to the fertility clinics it was ingrained in my mind never to take provera without peeing on a stick first, so I bought a digital test at the grocery store and even though it was about 4pm did the test. Then I went about my business and forgot about it. When I went back in it said "pregnant." I shook it like a magic eight ball thinking the not was stuck, but it still said "pregnant." We got an emergency referal to an ob/gyn that specialized in high risk, since I am diabetic the next day. We had been so disappointed with all our losses that I was prepared for the bloodwork to come back low. We figured with no electricity during the hurricanes that I was only a few weeks along, so my dh did not come to the doctors with me. To my surprise after the internal the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound right then and there. They did one and I almost fell off the table I cried so hard when the tech said "and there is your baby" and I said "there's a heartbeat?" and she said "yes, 171bpm." She did not know my history. The doctor and I were amazed. They gave me pictures and I was shaking so hard I could barely drive to my husbands work. Turns out not only was there a heartbeat, but I was already 4 and a half months pregnant. The day I cried my heart out that my sister was pregnant again I was pregnant.

The universe is crazy because before I went to my husband's work my sister came into the same office I was leaving to have her gender u/s and was shocked to know that if the baby had cooperated I would have had a gender u/s as well, lol.

So now that I have written a textbook on my life, I will answer your question. I was on 2,000 mg of metformin and I did not stop taking it because I did not know I was pregnant. To this day I am convinced that my Olivia is here because I was not told to stop all meds when I got my positive.

My new Ob did tests on me after her birth and said that from my history of only 3 to 4 cycles a year I probably only ovulate once a year. We did not use birth control because we did not think we needed it and again on only metformin I conceived in December and tested positive on New Year's Eve. I never thought after all those years of infertility that I would be blessed not once, but twice. My advice is to not lose heart. I had many days when I was sad, bitter, angry and unhappy, but I never lost heart that it would happen one day even if not biologically. Having gone through infertility I know that you can feel like no one understands the emotions you are going through, so if you ever need to rant, cry or whatever feel free to PM me. I could never talk to my sisters because neither one ever had any problems conceiving.

I will tell you that I was 279 when I first got pregnant, so it is possible at our weight. I was able to keep my blood sugars under tight control and my babies were not overly big. My first was 7lbs 14 oz and my second was 8lbs 13oz (however, my first was born at 37 weeks and my second at 38).

Shy Moment
09-11-2008, 11:51 PM
Congrats on a great day. Warming up don't help when the knees are having a bad time. All I can do is wait it out, take the meds, gain the weight and when they get better I can exercise again and lose weight again. They hurt all the time but not like they have the last few months. They are doing pretty good now. Got 6 miles of my videos done and tons of yard work including bending stretching and lunging to pick up apples under two trees lol.

09-12-2008, 12:47 AM
I'd like to join in this as well...maybe it will help me not be lazy and actually get off my bum lol...i exercise but its intermittantly cause im not accountable to anyone.. so this should work for me lol cross fingers

monday, tues, wed -exercycle 60 mins, free weights 15 mins
thurs, fri - a lot of walking collecting money from my father in laws customers lol... exercycle 30 mins
sat- 60 exercycle

i will also add an hour walk to each day that it isnt raining... course this is england so lol

09-12-2008, 10:40 AM
I am sorry nothing helps the pain. Yard work sounds good. You make it sound so beautiful with the apple trees. I live in Florida and grew up in New England, so I miss all the Northern trees and the changing seasons especially this time of year.

Sounds like you have a good plan in place to keep you going. What kind of exercises do you do with the free weights? I need to do something for my arms to tone them up.

Have a great day everyone.

Shy Moment
09-12-2008, 12:09 PM
It really does help to have someone else with us to exercise. I wish I had people here at the house to make me work harder. Some days I go through the motions but really don't put much into it. You are more than welcome to beat up your body with us lol.

I have lived in just about every state for a short period of time when I worked at a trucking company. I have never really ever thought of living anywhere else but home. I even bought a house just 10 min from where I grew up lol. You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. It was horrible last night. Another person hit a deer in front of my house. Took them forever to get the people out of the front seat as the deer was in the front seat with them. Am very glad hunting season is just about upon us. They are everywhere. People can't even let their kids play out in the fields and I can't let my wonderful little Bella out in my fenced in back yard without someone. The deer jump the fence and want the apples on the ground under the apple trees. I have to go out every morning and pick the apples up and toss them behind the fence to try to keep the deer out. When people think of deer they think of sweet little bambi. I don't think they have ever had a 200 pound buck ( who isn't happy they are anywhere around him ) standing in their back yard while their little 12 pound dog is wanting to come in the house and scared to death to get anywhere near that animal.

09-12-2008, 01:07 PM
Day 2 got through over half of the video :) Now the next couple of days will be a killer I am on 3rd shift in the ER tonight, Saturday night and Sunday night so if I can stay on diet and exercise through this weekend I'll be okay!!

09-12-2008, 01:32 PM
Hey ladies....so i'm a day late but i'd like to sign up!!! I was totally just thinking i'd like to join a challenge, but they are all closed!! Way to start this one!!!! I'm not sure i quite understand the guidelines but none-the-less here goes.

Friday - Lunchtime swim 20 mins, evening run 37 mins
Saturday cleaning all day..maybe i'll get to the gym
Sunday - ARC Trainer
Monday - lunchtime swim 20 mins, evening run 38 mins, pilates dvd
Tuesday - lunchtime swim 20 mins, evening run 38 mins
Wednesday - lunchtime sime 20 mins, evening run 38 mins
Thursday - lunchtime swim 20 mins, evening run 39 mins
Friday lunchtime swim 20 mins, evening run 41 mins

Friday evening workouts, and Sundays are especially hard for me to commit to. On Fridays I'll have like 10 mins left on my treadmill, and i'll be like what's 10 mins...i want to be out with my friends. The sad part is that 10 mins won't kill me nor my plans!! What's 10 mins....over the course of the month it adds up. 10 minutes = a less jiggly butt!!! Sundays are hard becuase i just want to relax all day, but that totally sets me up for running to the fridge when i'm bored....so i shouldn't do that either!! Relaxing sundays = extra calories!!! So on top of my daily committment i need to work extra hard to put forth the effort and not fall back where i normally would!!

09-12-2008, 01:33 PM
Day 2 got through over half of the video :) Now the next couple of days will be a killer I am on 3rd shift in the ER tonight, Saturday night and Sunday night so if I can stay on diet and exercise through this weekend I'll be okay!!

You can do it...sometimes it just takes a little more effort. :hug:

09-12-2008, 11:36 PM
Hi everyone. How did today go?

Kristine: Welcome. You have a nice routine planned out for your exercise goals.

Clewless: My sister is an R.N. those 12 hour shifts can be brutal. Sometimes she forgets to eat.

Shy: I remember a guy hitting a deer once when I was a kid and the road was shut down and his car was totaled.

We went for a long walk and to the park and then I still got in my hour on the treadmill. I can already see a difference in my blood sugar numbers. My numbers have not gone over 136 today after eating and they have been in the 200's.

I think my legs are beginning to get use to the walking. Before they would start to ache at around 15 minutes, but now they do not start to ache until about 45 minutes in, but it is not a painful ache just annoying. I am definitely not ready to up it past 60 yet.

Have a good night everyone.

Shy Moment
09-13-2008, 12:12 PM
I live in a all shifts world lol. I worked second and third so I am just use to those shifts and of course the kids are a first shift kind of people lol. I go to bed at about 3 am and get up about 8 am sleep in till 10 if I am real real tired. I feel for you. Wish you could get a steady schedule.

My problem is my lungs. The legs are fine and can do 5 mile videos. Right now my knees don't like them but the rest of my legs love them lol. My lungs on the other hand have decided after all this time that 2 or 3 miles at a time is more than enough lol. You will build up to doing as much as you want to do. You just give it time.

09-13-2008, 09:45 PM
I work completely alone. No one is ever around the office all day long. I'd love to workout during the day when it's slow. I noticed Kristine612 swims during her lunch. This isn't an option for me, but I would still like to be active throughout the day - without getting sweaty a gross. I really dont want to leave the office either because I might miss a call. I've thought of bringing my yoga mat and 3lb weights to work and doing that whenever possible, but it's such a hassle lugging all that into work. Any suggestions for office exercises?

Shy Moment
09-14-2008, 12:49 AM
You could bring a small set of dumbbells and do a workout with those. Nice easy work out that still gives a nice workout but isn't going to get you all nasty.

09-14-2008, 04:40 AM
Day 3: Was able to get up early enough to walk on treadmill 30 minutes...I have also been able to stay on eating plan. Thank God!

09-14-2008, 04:18 PM
I agree a small set of hand weights would be a good way to tone while at work if you are not wanting anything too aerobic that would make you sweat.

Clewless: Yea!:carrot: Great job on sticking to your plan and getting your treadmill in.

Shy: Thank you for the encouragement. Yesterday we took the girls out in the double stroller and walked around a nearby lake. Total walk is about 4 miles. It was midmorning so we were sweating quite a bit.

Yesterday and so far today I have not strayed off my food plan. My highest blood sugar was 154 which was after cereal so to be expected. I just finished grading a ton of papers, so we are off to take another walk around the lake. My feet ached a bit all night after the walk, but they feel better this morning. I got on the scale this morning and was down 3 lbs from last week when I started doing the treadmill. I hope it is not just water weight from sweating during yesterday's walk. It is TOM, so I am hoping the weight loss is even bigger once my body is back to normal. I stopped by diet soda all together and have been just drinking my morning coffee and water during the day.

Have a great day everyone!!

09-15-2008, 01:50 PM
Well, I didn't do all the exercise I intended to do over the weekend... but I did do about 300 crunches, lots of time with free weights, and about 20 minutes of light aerobics. Had too many tests and didn't leave the house all weekend. Ike didn't help either, when it's rainly and cloudy it's so hard to leave the house or do anything.

09-15-2008, 02:44 PM
Diana G = good job on adding thirty minutes to your walking...that's huge!!! When i started jogging i could make it about 2 minutes, and it just kept increasing i'm currently at 24 minutes. It almost seems effortless after a while. And your BS being lower that's huge!!! Think of all you are doing for your future..and your post seems more uplifted as well...soon your butt will be too ahahhaha

Shy Moment - try and increase the intensity like the last few minutes of your walk..it will increase the strength of your lungs. it feels like you're going to die but it's only 120 seconds for maybe another mile in a few weeks!!

Raw23 - That's why i started swimming..i wanted to be active, but i didn't want to get all gross. i do use a kickboard so i don't have to redo my hair and what not. plus it's great for the legs!! Do you have a flight of stairs at your office?? You could walk up those a few times a day. Or maybe(space provided) you could pick up an inexpensive used treadmill and hop on that. It's nice to do something during the day...kind of breaks up the drudgery that is the OFFICE hahahah!!

doing well so far here. i did get to the gym on saturday morning for a while so that was good. weighed in at 187 today so that was exciting! I have a bachelorette party in two weeks and hoping to lose another 5. i guess we have to wear all white...who does that?!?!?! 1. no white pants are flattering unless you are like a 6 or smaller 2. it's after labor day. Kind of nervous about it to say the least. It's too cold to wear a skirt otherwise i would go for that....i want to participate but i want to be comfortable so we'll see what happens...it's two weeks away there are other things to focus on. have a good evening everyone and enjoy your workout!

Shy Moment
09-15-2008, 05:17 PM
I was up to 10 miles of walking aerobics videos a day lol. Didn't take very long without exercise for the lungs to get weak again. I will get back to where I was. Will just take me a few weeks

09-15-2008, 05:40 PM
WOW you've really inspired me ladies - 15 weeks to christmas, which is really 14 now for us, right? SO i'd like to be at a weight where i'm going to be happier to take pictures. I don't have a lot of pix over the last few years.

My plan has been to just walk, and try to lose the weight, as well as a modified diet, which I've been really good at following.

I found this on Friday and started right away - from couch potato to runner...
can't post links, but it's at coolrunning dot com

It's only 25 minutes of warmup and exercise, but MAN do i get a good sweat on during it. I am using my treadmill so far, but will get out in the great outdoors soon - once I am more comfortable. I am shy to run in public.

Other than that I will make sure to get out for a 30 minute walk 3x a week at work, and do some weight training/resistance bands 3x a week too, in front of the TV. Maybe when I hit my next milestone - 180 - I will add something else.

I'm also trying to get fit for pregnancy. I have an older child, but my cycles for the last while have been really long. I'm hoping weightloss will regulate that.

Good luck to everyone!

09-15-2008, 05:41 PM
meant to subscribe...

09-16-2008, 12:30 AM
Raw, 300 crunches is awesome! I have such a tummy it gets in my way, lol. I told my husband my first goal should be being able to easily get to my feet to rub them when I work out.:)

Kristine: Thank you. I found that if I envision myself walking in some really cute shoes, which of course need cute clothes and of course I am my ideal weight to wear them that the time flies by and I have more incentive.;)

Soon: I hear you on the pictures. We never took many pictures over the years, but the family is photo crazy now that we have two little ones and it is harder to find excuses to not be in the photos.

Shy: You will get back there! 10 miles is awesome.

Have a good night everyone. I have an endo appt tomorrow for my diabetes check up. I wonder what I weigh on their scale? I always weigh sneakers on the scale there so I bet it will be higher than mine.

09-16-2008, 02:54 PM
:lifter: I finished my enitre workout video today for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!! :carrot:


09-16-2008, 05:19 PM
So we're down to week 14?? I was thinking today that not only are we all doing something good for us, but maybe this will help easy all of the stress of the holiday season as we get closer. I know I do't want to be the lady freaking out at the mall about god knows what at the top of her lungs becuase ALL SHE WANTS IS FOR THIS TO BE OVER!!!! hahahah Things are going well here. My run last night was much needed. ohhh So last night i cooked all of my meat for my lunches during the week. i make some chicken and some pork on the foreman grill right....well i had put the meat on a plate, and came back the the kitchen hours later to find the plate empty!!! like 4 pounds of meat and the dog laying on the floor...lovely. I was so pissed!! I did laugh after a few minutes looking at my dogs stomach like plump full it was kind of funny...

Shy - 10 miles wow!! that's incredible...doesn't it seem crazy when you stop for a while and then start again...it's like wow

09-16-2008, 05:20 PM
:lifter: I finished my enitre workout video today for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!! :carrot:


rock on!!!

09-16-2008, 06:49 PM
Didn't exercise at all yesterday....but today got through with half workout video and walked on treadmill 30 minutes and I am feeling alot better!!

Raw: WAY TO GO!!

09-17-2008, 10:38 AM
Hey there ladies, I've got my next date with the treadmill tonight for my "couch potato to 5k" interval running. The inspiration you guys give me, finishing your videos (Raw), and eating on plan - well, let's just say it's good peer pressure. And cooking - even if the dog eats it. Kristine, that was hilarious. I've got a boston, so she can't get into that kind of stuff at cupboard height, thank goodness!

I'll be in there, doing my thing. And I might even take the jogging to the street at some point. Maybe even with the dog. But baby steps!

DianaG- I hear you on the cute shoes. In fact, if I have cute running shoes, it's much more likely I will go running. Sad but true. And I do shop on sale, so it's not so bad.

Off to eat breakfast - late, but better than never.
Good luck girls!

Shy Moment
09-17-2008, 03:40 PM
That is wonderful. Once you see you can do it, you want to do it more and more. Exercise is going good. Some days it is not planned exercise it is yard work. I do more lunges and squats doing yard work than I ever do in a routine lol.

09-17-2008, 05:51 PM
Things are well here..not going to gym...filling in for a friend's volleyball team on Wed nights which is exciting...

Where has everyone been???

09-17-2008, 11:56 PM
Kristine, I can't believe your dog ate a week's worth of meat. The little :devil:. How is your dog today? I hope he or she is feeling okay after such a full belly.

Shy, I hear you on the yardwork. Outside and when I clean up after the girls I am doing tons of squats.

Raw, Congrats on finishing the whole video!!!!:carrot:

Clewless, I know some people only work out 5 days out of the week, so as long as you were moving the next day you still did great.

Soon, I love cute sneakers too. I have one foot that turns in a little so I cannot for some reason where Reeboks or Nike running shoes. I wear out the side of the shoe because I am stepping on the side and sole because of my foot turning in. However, I found that New Balance running shoes have a sturdier heel in them that keeps my foot from turning and I do not wear them out as fast. I usually get last years styles on sale when I get new ones because how much can you change a sneaker? ;)

Things are quiet here for the moment. I did some massive housework today, graded four classes worth of homework and got in my one hour of walking. I am exhausted though and my laundry room still has clothes in the dryer and a load waiting to wash in the morning. Who would think two children so small could dirty so many clothes so quickly!:dizzy:

I am refusing to put diapers on my oldest. We are in the midst of potty training and she is stubborn. Half the work I did today was changing her clothes and cleaning my carpet with vinegar. I am trying so hard to be patient with her, but she speaks so well that I do not understand why she does not say when she has to go. I am trying the set her on the potty every hour approach and she just holds it until about 15 minutes after she gets off the potty and then comes and tells me she went. I have to say I am feeling pretty much like a failure in the mom department over the whole potty training thing. She loves to sit on the potty and read a book, but will not make the connection between sitting on the potty and going potty. :sigh: Sorry for the rant, but I just folded a bunch of her underpants and they were all from today.

Shy Moment
09-18-2008, 01:51 AM
I never had to pick up after the kids but I sure do have to pick up after the apple trees lol

09-19-2008, 12:32 PM
Hi! I just stumbled on this website yesterday and I am so hoping it becomes my motivation to not only lose weight but start exercising! I love your countdown to the Holidays goal and I think posting here every day and having a support group will really help!!

A little bit about me, I had my daughter a year and a half ago and while I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes. Even though I was told by the Dr. I now have a 40% chance of developing diabetes that obviously wasn't enough to get my weight down or start exercising. I have been off an on crash dieting and telling myself I'm going to exercise for over a year now. So anyway I totally appreciate that everyone is doing this and I hope I can have as much luck as some of you!

Here is my goals for the first week, starting tomorrow (it seems like I have heard this in my head about a million times.....tomorrow I will start, oh well hopefully this time it will work!)

Saturday - 15 elliptical
Sunday - 15 elliptical
Monday - cardio work out video
Tuesday - 15 min elliptical
Wednesday - cardio work out video
Thursday - cardio work out video
Friday - 15 min elliptical

Thanks so much for starting this!!! :)


09-19-2008, 03:49 PM
Hi all!
I've been looking around all day for a good challenge that I'd like to join in on! Especially right now, since I've been at my 155 plateau for a few weeks. I'm going to start off small with the gym three days a week. After past experiences I know if I go there much more than that I'll get sick of it! (something about the way it smells in there...)
And I'll try and get in some for of exercise the other days. So here we go, for the week of 9/21-9/27:
Sunday: Go for a bike ride
Monday: Swim for 1/2 hour.
Tuesday:Walk Dog
Wednesday: Take yoga class at gym
Thursday:Swim for 1/2 hour
Friday: Walk Dog
Saturday: Exercise Video

Well, wish me luck! And good luck to everybody else too!:carrot:

09-19-2008, 03:59 PM
Jen: Welcome! I am glad you have decided to do more exercise now. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001 and if you can avoid it you definitely want to. I have mine under control, but having to take insulin is not something I ever thought I would have to do. My goal with my exercise aside from the weight loss is to not have to take insulin anymore for my diabetes.

Platnumjo: Hi! Welcome aboard. Sounds like you have a good plan going. Doing different activities each day would break up the tedium. Have you been doing Yoga long? I have always wanted to do it, but I am not that limber or coordinated.

Shy: You make those apples sound delicious, or maybe I'm just hungry.:o Seriously, I would love to have an apple tree in my yard, but they do not grow well in this region. My sister has citrus trees, but they are not the same. Having grown up in New England a bit of fall in my yard would be nice.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in. I will have to just weigh myself once a week because I weighed myself this morning so tomorrow won't be such a surprise. I am just proud of myself that I did not miss one day of exercise this week. Normally if I did not feel like it I would make an excuse such as housework, grading papers, "I did it yesterday" etc... This week if I did not feel like it I told myself too bad, filled my water bottle and did it anyway. I find it ironic that one of those days it was raining so I did the treadmill and when I turned on the television, which is conveniently within sight of the treadmill, the show "I lost it" was on showing someone who weighed my weight and was down to a size 8 now. Talk about motivating. I do not have asperations of wearing a size 8, but I would love to be in a 10 or 12! ;)

My husband got on the scale at my doctor's office the other day and he was so not happy with his weight. He was half heartedly doing this with me, but now I have his full cooperation with the foods I am serving and he is exercising with me.:carrot:

Have a great Friday night everyone. I actually got all my grading done for today and can enjoy the night off. There is a nice breeze today, so I am going to talk dh into a walk when he gets home with the girls. They went to look at Halloween costumes, so I could get some work done.

I think we will stay in and watch a movie tonight. Not sure what yet, but a relaxing evening at home sounds nice.


09-19-2008, 04:26 PM
Diana, Thank you! Your actually exercising when you don't want is very motivating, story of my life! :) I will keep that in mind when I try to think up excuses in the morning :) It must make it helpful to have your husband on board, I'll have to work on mine.

I've never done a yoga class but I did do Denise Austins fat burning yoga and thought it was very fun. Have a wonderful Friday night and hopefully I have good news to post tomorrow!

Platnumjo, right there with you I have been plateaued at months! Good Luck with the routine!


09-19-2008, 05:07 PM
Thanks diana and jkaiser!:^:
I haven't actually done yoga before, since i am extremely uncoordinated, but i'm excited to give it a try. I'll just make sure I stay inconspicuosly towards the back!
I have to keep trying different things, I know myself well enough to know that if I say I'm going to run the weight off or something else I'll get completely bored after a while and quit. In a couple weeks I'll be starting a women's self defense class, and I'm way excited for that! :sumo:
I recently just took swimming lessons (yup, a 24 year old that didn't know how to swim!), so i'm really excited to do that more often!

That's great that your husband is working with you diana! I appointed my boyfriend the portion control police a few months ago, and that's working out pretty good. He's one of those :devil:'s with a speedy metabolism, so he doesn't have to worry about watching his own...

I have to make a two-hour drive after work today, so I will definitely be relaxing tonight! I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays strong! I know its my roughest time of the week!

09-20-2008, 03:25 PM
Hi everyone. How is the weekend going so far?

I had to babysit for my sister-in-law today, so I had 5 kids running around. I am exhausted.:dizzy:

When it gets a bit cooler we are going for our walk. I did my official weigh in this moring and the calorie counting and the walking is taking effect.

My highest weight ever was 295, so that is my ticker high point. When I started watching my calories and walking daily a week ago I was down to 291. This morning when I weighed myself I was 285!! All that walking paid off. :carrot: I know initially the first week people lose more than normal so I do not expect a 6lb loss this week, but I feel good about the start of my diet. I have no idea of how much I was eating before (I'm guessing 2-3k a day or more), but watching my portion sizes and not snacking between meals except for my healthy keep my blood sugar even snacks (which I include in my calorie count) has me at about 1400-1500 calories a day.

I think it also helps that I totally gave up all beverages except for water and my morning coffee. Not having all of the salt in diet beverages is probably one of the reasons the first week loss is so good.

I filled the freezer with some buy 1 get 1 free lean meats from my local grocery this morning so I won't be tempted to just "pick up" dinner.

09-20-2008, 06:56 PM
Congratulations Diana that is awesome!!

5 kids I don't know how you did it! I'm almost comatose after watching my sisters 2 with mine! My day has consisted of getting up at 7 and actually doing my 15 minutes on the elliptical! I can't believe I did it. I was sure there was internal bleeding when I was done, but seeming as I'm writing this it can't be too severe!

Now I need to start working on the food aspect too. I usually keep down to 1500 calories a day but there usually isn't anything healthy in that 1500. I had a doughnut (not something I usually have, I usually skip breakfast) and 1/3 of a kraft mac and cheese! I will try to do the water only like you, I usually drink just iced tea with the occasional diet soda...........

Well here is to a good start for me and a great start for you! Tomorrow I have an apt. with either Denise Austin, or Richard Simmons!

Take Care!


09-21-2008, 12:20 AM
Jen, Thank you. It was not too hectic. They were my two, ages 2 and 3. A 4 month old niece, a 6 year old niece and a 2 year old nephew. The two 2 year olds watched a Max & Ruby DVD and ate cheerios. The 4 month old drank a bottle and went to sleep and the 3 and 6 year olds drove me nuts, lol. They mostly played with dolls and then played some kick ball in the backyard with daddy on watch duty. My mother-in-law brought them over at 8a.m. so no sleeping in for me. Starting your day with the elliptical is a good way to make sure you do not skip it.

We went for a walk today and almost got rained on. The good news is that it brought a nice breeze from the ocean, so it was cool.

My meals usually consist of Special K, oatmeal (the rolled oats not instant) or cheerios with a little fruit sprinkled on top. Lunch is usually low cal in the 200-300 range and then I splurge on dinner and it is usually a normal dinner only with the starch replaced with something healthier like spaghetti squash instead of sphaghetti, broccoli instead of a baked potato and no bread. Usually just a protein and two vegetables.

I also have a mid morning snack and an afternoon snack to make sure my blood sugar stays even, usually a granola bar or some other carb/protein mix like cottage cheese or yogurt.

09-21-2008, 11:13 PM
Wow Diana, I am impressed with your eating habits, if I could get that under control I would be doing good!

Well I did the elliptical again for 15 minutes, I ran out of time to do a workout video, had to make cupcakes and attend a baby shower.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


09-22-2008, 12:57 PM
Jen: Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the baby shower. I love all the tiny clothes.

I do not know if I would call it a "habit" yet. Eating whatever I wanted when I wanted is what got me in this predicament in the first place. I am trying to make it become a habit. My downfall is breads, not chips. I love homemade bread with butter and any kind of donut or pastry. Going without the snacks like chips and dips does not bother me. You could eat a tube of pringles in front of me and I would be all right with it, but if I enter a house or restaurant with that fresh baked smell in it my willpower is sorely tempted. My biggest downfalls are pizza and french fries with ketchup. I just avoid going out to eat as much as possible so I am not tempted to eat the fries and got rid of all my pizza take out menus. I am thinking of allowing myself a "pizza" day one day a month maybe. It depends on how well the rest of my diet and exercise routine is working. :carrot:

09-22-2008, 04:37 PM
WOW! Ladies...You all are the bomb!! Everyone is doing so good!:carrot: Except me?:dizzy: I have went walking only...a few times...ok like twice? I think I am going to have to play HARDBALL with myself. I don't have a choice. I am putting something in the works...all I know is...I am so done..finished with this see-saw back and forth with the same three pounds and the inactivity. I don't work...I don't have children..and I am thinking of taking a major leap to try and make my mommy dream come true..so I MUST get some more weight off. Exercise is not an option for me.

I will report back...I thank you ALL for doing so great and keeping this thread going...it has helped me more than you all know.:hug:

09-22-2008, 05:16 PM
Skinny4baby: Great to hear from you! Do not beat yourself up. You exercised twice more than you would have done otherwise. The way I see it any amount of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Little steps at a time are the easiest ways to make changes in my life. I began by just doing some walking on the weekends, then a few times a week and now it is everyday. If I had jumped in and started doing my exercising everyday from a sedentary lifestyle I would have given up and thought it was to hard. By working my way up to what I am doing now I am able to get use to it mentally and physically.

09-22-2008, 07:52 PM
I hope everyone had a great weekend :wave:
I didn't get the chance to do my walk yesterday because we got home late, but I did help shingle a roof!
Today I am definitely going swimming though! I packed all my stuff and once again appointed my boyfriend a new task: making sure i exercise when I say I'm going to!:coach:
That's always my biggest problem! One day I'll get a burst of motivation and plan all these things I'm going to do, then when the day comes around to do them, I'm like "eh, I can give it a shot tomorrow..." and I'm getting pretty tired of it! So swimming pool, here I come!:swim:

09-23-2008, 10:15 AM
Well, it sounds like people are getting there! I'm feeling well, frustrated about the slow and steady process but it's alright.

92 Days until Christmas. It's actually a good little chunk of time. I think I should be able to get down 20 lbs by then, since I'm focusing on my diet plan and getting in my walking/jogging.

Like Diana said, slow changes, that's how you make it a lifestyle.

I went out for my walk and did more power walking and less running than i usually do, since it was my second day in a row. But when i was running (at night, under streetlights) i kept seeing my shadow - and i kept thinking "that shadow is going to look so much better soon! IF i keep on running."

That was pretty inspirational.

This christmas WILL be fun! :)

09-23-2008, 12:22 PM
Diana: Right there with you on the breads and baked goods. I love to bake too so stopping myself from doing that sucks!

Skinny4baby: You can do it! The slow process of it all sucks and is extremely discouraging but think of it this way. If you had started it two months ago you would be that much closer to your goal so if you start now then two months from now instead of looking back and saying you wish you had spent those last couple months doing something active you would have, no matter how big or small it is. I know that sounds cheesy but sometimes it helps.

Platnumjo: I would have to vote that shingling a roof counts as exercise. It sounds alot harder then riding an elliptical! I do the same thing, if I don't exercise right when I wake up I make excuses all day long and say.....I'll do it tomorrow. This chat board is the first thing that has gotten me to stick to it!

Soon: I agree, slow really sucks, I know I am going to weigh myself again Saturday and nothing will have changed but at least endurance is building up...I hope :) 20lbs by Christmas would be AWESOME!!

So far I am 3 days of exercise for 3, I haven't done it yet today so hopefully I manage to start my video at 11! Have a great day!!!


09-23-2008, 01:41 PM
Platnumjo: I use to procrastinate on my exercises too. If I had access to a swimming pool I would be swimming laps every night. :swim: When I was a teen I was overweight by about 60 lbs. I went to aerobics everyday after school and swam laps at night and lost the weight in five months and managed to keep it off until I married and left home which coincides with my not having a swimming pool 10 feet from the back door.

I agree that tiling a roof does count as exercise. All of that lifting and squatting is definite movement.

Soon: I love your use of your shadow as motivation. Thank you for the days countdown. It definitely sounds like a larger amount of time when it is put into days instead of weeks. I think 20lbs is definitely doable by then. :ginger:

Jen: Congratulations on the three days in a row! :cb: I hope you had fun doing your video today. Keep it up!

I had to take my two year old to her check up today. We had to get her blood drawn. She is not a happy camper right now. We promised the girls we would take them to the playplace at McD's today. Wish me lots of willpower. I am drinkin my water before I go and plan on only getting a coffee while there.

09-23-2008, 02:35 PM
Hello! Can I jump in here?

I've been a VERY reluctant exerciser during my weight loss and eventually I've found the motivation. I took a chance and joined the gym & hey presto, all of a sudden I'm a gym junkie! Didn't know it was in me :D

So here's my plan. Weekly I'm going to attempt 1 hour of fat burning and strength training on Sunday, Friday and if possible one night during the week. Bring it on :D :strong:

09-23-2008, 04:37 PM
Hi everyone!!! Haven't posted in a few days updating....

Kaiser - Welcome congrats on trying to change your life for the better!! It is difficult, and it's more than worth it. I noticed you post about you diet....even if you try and go for things more natural you'll be surprised at how much you will start to lose. It also seems to give you more energy for your dates with Mr Simmons, and Ms. Richards. PS isn't she a killer!!! I have her cardio dance DVD...oh man! I told my BF that it was torture and i thought that was illegal in the US LOL

platnumjo - Welcome hun!!! The inevitable "tomorrow" last week on the biggest loser one of the wives kept telling the husbands something to the extent of...."work it today for tomorrow" something to throw out there. It is one of the hardest things...i get super motivated and then it seems to slip. When i remember that this is the journey to the new me...it means making new choices, and not falling back into the habits of the old me. Instead of eh i'm too tired today...it's the old me says i'm too tired...the old me can't fit in her pants...the new me is a different size and says bring it on!

Skinny4baby - look at what you've created!! That has to feel good...you can do this girl we're all here for you.

DianaG - I've missed you!!!! So how's the potty training going?? I admit i did chuckle when you were like "15 mins after she sits on the potty she comes and tells me she went". I know this is frustrating, but it is mildy funny LOL. And then you were like "she has such good vocabulary too" LOL I don't have childeren, but i've watched friends go through this. Have you tried telling her when you have to go...like...Hmmm i have to go potty, and then like deliberately showing her you go into the bathroom and what not...that might work....i dunno! Glad to hear you're still on schedule..how's the BS levels holding up? How did McD's go??? Can we create a new name for it? Like Mc :devil:'s I wish you luck lady...that's not an easy task!!!!

Things here have gone well. I've been weighing in on Mondays...gives me more motivation to stay on track over the weekend...this week i was at 185 woo hoo!!! (need to change the ticker) I did skip my workout on Friday...i spent the evening with my man. It was nice...we went out and had a few beers(diet no no). It was nice. I realized the next day however how bloated i was...i never used to realize it..maybe i was perma-bloat before i dunno. Sunday evenings I've been doing last chance workouts which is nice...kind of takes out the slowness of a Sunday. The Biggest Loser is on tonight..can't wait to see it. Headed to the mall for a new sweater, and then to the gym to watch it. Hoping i don't cry this week..that can get embarrassing LOL. Today i'm super crabby...i don't know why...i'm just...irritated..does anyone ever get that way??

It's nice to see that more people have joined...kind of takes me back to the feeling when we all started this..almost gives me more hope, and more dedication to continue...ty to the newbies!!! It's good to see you!

Take care everyone!!!

09-23-2008, 05:18 PM
Hi everyone! How is everyone doing today? (please excuse my "drinkin" in my previous post. I must have missed the "g" when typing. How embarassing.:o)

Spoz: Welcome! I think your plan to work out three nights a week is a good one for building strength and cardio. You sound motivated! I am glad you found a gym that you enjoy going to.

Kristine: Congratulations on the weight loss. I love your idea of making your weigh in day on Monday so you are on a better behavior over the weekend, lol.

Mc':devil:s was actually not a problem. I thought it would be when I got out of the car and smelled the french fry smell (which should be illegal!) Inside it was not as bad. We got the kid's their happy meals (this is only a once a month treat for them). I got a large iced coffee with no cream and the sugar free vanilla syrup. It was yummy. I brought my new Murakami book and read while they played on the play place so I was not concentrating on everyone else's Big Mac's. The coffee filled me up so I was not hungry and then I came home and hopped right on the treadmill for an hour. Although I think my motivation for that was to avoid the finals I need to grade later.:dizzy:

Potty training is getting better. I now have her to where I am taking her every two hours and I have to turn the faucet on for her to go. She somehow misses the bowl, but at least she is on the big girl potty and the bathroom floor is easier to clean than the carpet. She gets a sticker for each successful trip to the potty and a second sticker for washing her hands. The stickers seem to be working.

Have a good evening everyone. I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner tonight, so I am off to peruse the freezer and pantry.

09-23-2008, 05:23 PM
Thanks for the motivation guys!

You know what?? I'm going to LA Weightloss and I just got weighed today and I'm 20% into my goal - only 80 more to go!! And I have lost 5% of my total body weight. Yaaay!!!

Good luck to everyone exercising - I'm impressed by you guys. I will be doing a video again tonight.

09-23-2008, 06:16 PM
Instead of eh i'm too tired today...it's the old me says i'm too tired...the old me can't fit in her pants...the new me is a different size and says bring it on!

Wow! That is an awesome way of thinking!:thanks:
I really need to watch "the biggest loser", I've caught a couple of episodes before and i loved them. I am definitely soft-hearted though, so I know they'll make me cry too!:cry:

Well, I made it swimming yesterday, it felt great! I just need to remember how much better I feel after exercising, it really does the mind good too!
And my bf has committed to walking the dog with me tonight, so I'm in good shape so far...

Diana, I have faith that you can just get coffee at mcdonalds, i did it myself this morning! I just have to remember how icky I feel after eating their food, especially for breakfast!

Hi Spoz! :welcome2: I think your plan sounds great! I always have a hard time figuring out how I'm going to exercise, but once you get it mapped out I think it helps a ton! I definitely want to get back into weight lifting more often, I just need to find the right program...

Double Kudos on the 3-for-3 exercising Jen! This chatboard has definitely helped me too so far! It's so encouraging to log on here everyday and see how everyone is doing and getting nice comments and inspiring thoughts from everyone! Now I check this board more often than my fantasy football team!:comp:

09-24-2008, 10:20 AM
Diana: Why did your daughter have to get blood drawn? I hate needles for myself, it's even worse when they have to stick my daughter. And she has her shots / wellness check Friday :( Congrats on Mc:devil:'s!! I don't know if I would have had that will power! Yes and avoiding even worse things for exercise does work well. That was part of the reason my workout video got done yesterday, I got sick of working on my work work and decided to go do the video instead!

Spoz: Good Luck and if I can do it you can because you all ready have a better attitude then I do :)

Kristine: Thanks for the encouragement and yes Austin is a killer! If there is such thing as a nice **** it is her! I decided I would wait on her for 2 weeks until my endurance is up! Simmons on the other hand was about at my pace right now! :) And yes I get crabby and irritated for no reason every once in a while (my husband would say more often then that!) :)

Soon: You are doing awesome! My weigh in is Saturday and I hope I am doing that well!

Platnumjo: I know I am on here all the time, while I am working I will just reach over and refresh to see if anyone has posted. Unfortunately I actually have to go to the office today! That is great you did the swimming and dog walking! My dog is too much of a butt! Last time I tried to start jogging and I took her, every time she saw people she would get spooked (and when a great dane gets spooked, jogging for myself goes out the window and just trying to keep her under control is the exercise!)

Well I did do the workout video yesterday and I got up at 5:15 so I would have time to do the elliptical today and I did so now I am off to work! Hope everyone has a great day!!!


09-24-2008, 10:56 AM
Thanks Jen! Well, I don't know - I think getting up that early to do workouts must require a pretty good attitude! Every-time I even attempt that I just turn off the alarm!

I'll try and get more personal with you all it just is a little overwhelming to jump into really long conversations!

09-24-2008, 12:21 PM
Soon, Congratulations on 20% towards your goal! Woohoo!

Platnumjo, Thank you for the faith in me. I know what you mean about feeling good after working out. I forget about it when I am starting to work out, but then when I am done I have a much better attitude.

Jen, She has never had her lead and iron checked so the doctor does it between 1 and 2 years old and she just turned two. I delayed it as long as I could and I made my husband take the day off to go with us so he could take her back to get the blood drawn. Back in college he worked as a phlebotimist in a hospital and he has experience in working with babies, so he knows just how to hold her.

I admire your getting up at 5:15 to do your exercising. I do not think I could do that.

Spoz, I definitely understand how hard it can be to keep up with threads. No pressure here. We are just here to motivate each other to keep up the good work.:)

Fat Pants
09-24-2008, 05:06 PM
Helllooo... can I jump on the Christmas exercise bus? :wave: I really need a kick in the pants!

I just started my exercise routine again after a very long break.... I think it had been about six weeks since I'd seen the inside of my gym :o I did however train for the Race for the Cure 5k, and intermittent hiking, so it wasn't a total loss... excuses, excuses!

Currently my routine looks something like this...

Mondays: 35 min cardio
Tuesdays: 25 min cardio, 15 min weights
Wednesdays: 35-40 min cardio
Thursdays: 25 min cardio, 15 min weights
Friday: Day off
Saturday: Walking outside as long as the warm air permits... if no walking, then pilates for 30 min

It's not set in stone... I'm a grad student working on an independent study so I have to be flexible whenever my professor asks me to do work, but I should get at least 4 days of exercise in, if not 5!

I'd really like to lose 15 lbs by Christmas! Off to a great start this week with 75 minutes of cardio on Monday (35 minutes at the gym, then a 40-minute walk with my hubby) and a 30 minute brisk walk yesterday! Now's when I start to lose steam though...gotta keep going!

09-24-2008, 06:53 PM
That's my goal too. I would love to lose my last fifteen by Christmas!

So, the dog took me for a walk last night! I think I definitely got a great arm workout!
My biggest problem confronted me yet again today though... I brought a salad for my lunch, and at noon a pharmaceutical rep brought everybody in mexican (my weakness)! Unfortunately, I gave in to my craving! Don't get me wrong, I've won a few battles, but it just doesn't get any easier. Anyone have any will power ideas?:dust:
Jen, I would love to be able to get up at 5 to exercise. I know if I did it a few days in a row I could definitely committ, its just that first morning when the alarm goes off, and I think about the extra 2.5 hours sleep I could get that does me in!
I'm really excited to try a yoga class for the first time tonight:yoga:! I'll be sure to let ya'll know how it goes! (I'll even include the parts where I looked like a fool!)

Oh! P.S. I read an awesome quote today by an 83 year old man that ran a marathon.
"The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret"

09-24-2008, 07:14 PM
WELCOME to all the newbies!! The more the merrier!!

Love the quote..it is awesome. So true too! It sums up the way I feel..I NEED to do everything I can to get more weight off to up my chances of being a mommy...I don't want to live my life with regrets.

09-24-2008, 07:20 PM
Welcome! That is a great schedule you have. I understand about the independent study. When I was working on my thesis I never knew what my weekly schedule was going to be like. I think the day I passed my oral defense was one of the best I've had. The amount of relief I felt was amazing. I did not realize I had been walking around so tense until the tension was gone.

15 lbs by Christmas definitely sounds doable.:)

Platnumjo: I hope it does get easier. Having to turn down your favorite type of food would be a huge temptation. That would be like me and a pizza from Stavro's (a local restaurant), my absolute favorite. I am so glad I already have tonight's dinner thawing out. I am making a ghoulash recipe from a cookbook that is supposed to be served over egg noodles, but I am substituting steamed broccoli instead. I am also substituting fat free sour cream for the sour cream in the recipe and using a leaner cut of meat. I have never made it before, so I hope it comes out good.

That is a great quote. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have fun at your yoga class.

Sorry Skinny, we were posting at the same time. You are motivated by the best reasons. You will get there!

I forgot to mention that I lost all my high school year books and have none of my teenager photos. I have to get some from my mom for motivation. I was thin my sophomore, junior and senior years after losing the weight from all my aerobics and swimming. I want a picture to put on my treadmill. lol.

A girl from school I have not seen in 20 years posted a picture of our senior class. (I went to a small school and there were only 17 of us in my senior class). There I was out in front with my 80's hair and size 10 pants. I hated the hair when I saw it but was wishing I still had that waistline. I then found a picture from the same yearbook of me in my cheerleading uniform. It has been so long I almost forgot I was one for one year. I sent the photo to my husband at work and he thought it was adorable hair and all. (he's a keeper all right.)

Fat Pants
09-24-2008, 09:10 PM
Jo ~ What a dog! We also have one that likes to take us for a walk... 85 lb. lab that still thinks he's a puppy! Willpower is a tough one. It is a daily struggle for me. I don't know if you calorie count, but for me it is easy because it allows some room for slip ups or even giving in to something you really want because you can see how many calories are in the food and adjust the rest of your eating for the day, or get in some extra exercise. This is hard with food you don't make at home or food that doesn't have its nutrition readily available on their website! But you can guesstimate. My old personal trainer told me once that dieting is 80% eating, 20% exercise... don't know if I totally agree with the ratios (I NEED to exercise lots to lose weight..), but she mentioned that if you go over your calories, just add in just a bit more exercise. Like today, I'm about 100 calories over my limit so it's an extra walk for me tonight!

Skinny~ I'm with you on the baby. That's where my heart is right now, and why I want/need to lose weight. :hug:

Diana ~ ahhhh yeah, the life of a grad student! I'm kind of at my professor's whim. I graduate this semester, though! My comprehensive exam is Nov. 14th and then the oral defense the week after. I will be a VERY happy lady around Thanksgiving, as I will all but have my diploma in my hand! :cb:

Well... exercise... I got in 15 minutes weights today and 25 minutes cardio... could have gone longer on the cardio, but I needed to get home. My in laws are visiting tomorrow so cleaning the house and a walk is in order for tonight. Hubby tempted me with Chic Fil A for dinner, but I was really light on calories for the day, so I didn't do too much damage. Talk about willpower.. I should have chosen a salad or grilled chicken sandwich...instead I got the regular chick sandwich.. oh well, one mistake doesn't undo all the hard work!

As Anne Shirley says, tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it!

09-25-2008, 08:17 PM
Spoz: I know the long conversations can be overwhelming, just enjoy what you have time to read, enough to get encouragement! :)

I don't like the early early workouts, they suck, but I know if I don't do them before work I will be too tired or have too much to do by the time I get home. They days I work from home I usually hold off till either 7 or 10 to do them :)

Diana: I have had my husband take my daughter in for her shots most of the time thank goodness yours has the experience!

Fat Pants: (I feel like I'm being rude!) :) Welcome and good luck! You did a great job on exercising yesterday, I always get board after about 15 20 minutes and think of everything else I need to be doing!

Platnumjo: Yes the snooze button.........very tempting!!!!!! How was Yoga can't wait to hear that story I am soooooo uncoordinated! What kind of dog do you have. I wish I had the energy to deal with walking mine!

Well I got in 20 minutes on the elliptical today and if I didn't have to rush into work I think an extra five wouldn't have killed me! I'm so happy 6/6 I just hope I at least lost 1/2 lb by weigh in Saturday, I haven't been great about eating but I haven't been too bad, a little less than normal.......

Have a great night!!


Fat Pants
09-26-2008, 09:22 AM
Jen ~ Sounds like you did great on the elliptical yesterday! It's hard for me to do anything more than 20 minutes, too. I think something about just seeing the time on the machine, and really being a "reluctant exerciser" in the first place makes it feel like more torture than it actually is. ;) And I am a total clock watcher, starting to think about everything at home I need to get done...ahh!

Well despite feeling like I was going to fall asleep at work, I made myself go to the gym and got in 40 minutes on the treadmill/elliptical. My in-laws were down so we went to On the Border last night...eek! I did make a good food choice... finally... had half of a 520 cal dinner, but the chips were a bit too tempting. I had the calories to spare, so I still came in right around 1550 cals, but I've got to stay away from those chips!!!!

My grad student duties are calling so I have to go to campus after work today... no gym for me, but hubby promised a walk this evening, so hopefully I can get some exercise in! It's also TOM so I won't weigh until next Wed or Thurs, but if I can just keep up this exercise, I should have no problem losing some weight.

Have a good weekend, everyone!!!

09-26-2008, 11:57 AM
Fat Pants: Best of luck on your exam and oral defense in November. It is amazing how free you will feel afterwards. I took my comprehensive exam months before my defense. I admire your doing both in the same semester.

Have fun on your walk with dh. We plan to take one today, but we have to wait until after the air conditioner repair person shows up. Our air was not blowing cold air on Wednesday. When they came out yesterday it was frozen and they could not check for the leak until today. If it is a coil then it is covered by warranty, but not the labor. He estimated 4-5 hundred dollars. Man, am I in the wrong business. I should go back to school to be an air conditioning technician, lol.

Jen: You are doing great on your elliptical. Saturday is my weigh in day too. I hope we both see results.

I know I am already seeing results on my glucose meter. Before I started exercising and watching my diet my blood sugar would be in the upper 100's and 200's. My 7 day average is 91, my 14 day average is 92, my 30 day average is now 97! The 30 day was diet and meds only, the 91 and 92 is diet, exercise and meds. I am so happy I could cry. I go to see the endocrinologist on Oct. 3rd. I know he will be pleased. Even if the scale has not moved much this week I will know that I am getting healthier. (although, I really hope it moves for me, lol).

I am off to take my husband to his doctor. He has not been in two years! When I found that out I made him an appointment. Why do men avoid the doctor like the plague? Both his parents are diabetic and his father had prostate cancer, and we found out recently that my dad has prostate cancer as well. I think my husband should go and be tested on a yearly basis for his sugar and prostate and overall health. He agrees, but is passive agressive about it. He wanted to cancel today because of the air conditioner, but I called the air place and they can come out in the afternoon no problem. Men.:dizzy:

09-26-2008, 12:34 PM
Hey Girls!!! I am soooo HAPPY and INSPIRED by you ALL!:hug: I have decided to go for it biggest loser style. I am just mentally so tired of this standstill. Basicly I will NOT eat out at ALL until I reach 249. I will eat Superfoods RX w/protein & wholegrains. I plan on working out two times a day...AM & PM, for a total of about five hours aday UNTIL I GET TO 249! I know that the 249 may seem a little silly to some?? But I have weighed 265..back and forth like three pounds since Aug. of 07??:dizzy: I NEED to mentally get to 249. Then I will make a commitment to the gym Mon. Wed. & Fri. and a GOAL chart I have made up for every ten pound increments until I get to ONEDERLAND!! 199!!:D

I will report in next week. I know I can do this...if some of those men on TBL can do it..SO CAN I! How gooooood it will feel!! Yes..I will get tired..Yes..I will get sore. But hey...Feel the Pain/FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!!

Keep up the good work! I appreciate the support so much!:hug:

09-26-2008, 12:56 PM
Oh lordy... I haven't exercised since Sunday!!! :tantrum: :censored:
I've been eating well. Just not exercising. ARG!!! :stars: No excuse. Just haven't. :mad:
So... this may come as no surprise... I haven't lost a pound this week. :rolleyes:
I have to do it!!! :frypan:


:woops: :lifter: :running: :exercise:

09-26-2008, 02:40 PM
I will post more when I get home from my errands, but I just finished my 1 hour Sweatin to the Oldies and I have to say a 18 month old bouncing on your stomach during sit ups does not make them any easier (in case anyone was thinking of trying that!).

09-26-2008, 03:17 PM
LOL. My husband uses our two year old to work out his arms. He lifts her above his head about 10-15 times and she thinks it is a game.

Skinny4baby: Yea! Sounds like you are motivated to break that plateau you have been on. I think it is perfectly understandable that 249 is a mini-goal. Good luck this week!

Raw: I find that dieting alone just does not do it for me. I have to add the exercise or I don't lose. As funny as this sounds if I diet without exercise I always have less energy than I do now that I am exercising with the diet.

Uh, the repair man is 15 minutes late. I hope they show up soon. We want to get our afternoon walk in.

09-26-2008, 03:47 PM
Well, sadly I didn't make it to the yoga class the other night. I had a meeting with a travel agent (me and honey are going to Disneyland in February, so excited!:yay:) and it went way longer than I expected. So instead when I got home I took Googe, our yellow lab, so cute, for a run. Man I am still feeling it today! Jen, I've always wanted a great dane! But I'm sure if I had one I'd have to do some serious weightlifting:lifter: to be able to walk him!

I didn't make it out last night for exercise though, it was the season premiere of "The Office", and I wouldn't miss that for the world!

Diana, I know exactly what you mean about men and the doctor! A couple weeks ago Eric got bit by a horsefly and his arm swelled up, and the next day he got bit by who knows what and his finger and the top of his hand swelled up too. But do you think he'd even consider going to the doctor to make sure there's nothing serious, of course not:frypan:! He just took some Benadryl and left it up to chance that he'd be okay! Lucky for him he was...

Well, honey and I are going out to dinner tonight:eating2:, I'm hoping I make good choices!!!

09-27-2008, 11:19 AM
Platnumjo: I hope your dinner went well. Disneyland sounds fun. I have not been there since I was eight. We live an hour from Walt Disney World so we often go to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, but they are getting so pricey.

I did my official weigh in this morning. I have lost 2 pounds this week. :cb:Less than last week, but I figure a lot of last week was excess water from all the salt of the junky food I was eating. I am happy with 2 pounds a week.

I have absolutely no idea of what our menu today will be so I better go forage around in the freezer. If I wait until I am hungry I do not always make the best decision.

09-28-2008, 12:07 AM
Diana: Congrats on the 2 lbs, I think I found it though! I did my weigh in this morning and I actually gained two lbs! I was really discouraged and almost didn't want to exercise anymore but I figured if I really cut down my eating the exercising will take a bigger effect! So I did 30 min. on the elliptical this afternoon.

Speak of the devil I am actually heading to Disneyland tomorrow, so hopefully the walking is enough exercise. I will be back Wed. night.

Good luck to everyone else with the exercise for the next few days!


09-28-2008, 05:48 AM
27 that's great, its so easy to get discouraged , so good on you for hitting the elliptical!

Wtg diana, thats awesome :D

I didn't manage three days at gym this week, but I'm going today and I went Tuesday. I know alot of people on 3fc do 30 mins on the elliptical but that would actually kill me. I can manage about 5 mins so I'm going to aim for 10. :dizzy: I had alot to drink last night too so it will be interesting to see if I fall off the treadmill or anything.

09-28-2008, 07:06 AM
im in on this....
im so determined for this to be a Merry Christmas this year....
but im more determined to stay there....

13 weeks now i believe....
goal is set....
im motivated....
bring it on....

09-28-2008, 07:06 PM
Jen: I read in some weight loss materials from my doctor that a person's weight can fluctuate 5 lbs during any given day and there is no telling where the person is in that 5lb range at weigh in, so you may be pleasantly surprised with a bigger loss next time you weigh in.

Spoz: I think setting your exercise goal a few more minutes in small increments once you are comfortable with how many you do now is a wise choice. I had to do that with my treadmill and walks. I could not have easily gone from my few minutes straight to the time I do now without passing out.:dizzy:

sh315: Welcome! Congratulations on all the weight you have lost so far! I am confident that you can reach your goal in the next 13 weeks. Motivation is the best thing we can do for ourselves and you sound motivated.:)

Fat Pants
09-28-2008, 08:55 PM
Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Disneyland sounds like so much fun. Have fun!! I agree - it's great for walking!

Diana... way to go on the weight loss! :woohoo: I haven't hopped on the scale yet (will do so at the end of this week) but I hope I have at least as much success as you!

Spoz... when I first started doing the elliptical, I barely made it a minute. It was killer! But each time I worked my way up.... I love the elliptical now. :D But I do try to mix up my cardio... I seem to adapt to cardio pretty quickly so it takes some effort to get my heart rate up.

Ok, me, exercise... well I didn't get a walk in on Friday, but DH and I went to Chili's and I stuck to side salad and bowl of soup. Yay! :carrot: Friday was a tough day for me..bad day at work, and it being TOM, I just feel like I want to eat everything in sight. I actually FEEL hungrier during that time. It was a struggle not to tear through the pantry.

Saturday we attempted a walk but 15 minutes into it, got rained out. unfortunately my eating wasn't that great, either. We did get in a 45 minute walk today, and it's back to the gym for me tomorrow. :wl:

09-28-2008, 11:37 PM
Well I had a great weekend! Yesterday I did my 30 min of elliptical and 45 of burn and firm pilates (the whole video, too!) and today was 30 min of elliptical. Skipping tomorrow- I'm in such pain!! But back on the wagon Tuesday.

09-29-2008, 01:00 PM
Fat Pants: Sorry Friday was so rough for you. I get insanely hungry during TOM and whenever my sugar crashes below 50. Congrats on sticking to soup and a side salad at Chilli's. I hate that restaurant because I absolutely love their appetizer combo with the chicken fingers, mexican eggrolls and hot wings. All very very bad for me. I am going to try to avoid restaurants when possible until I am below my first mini-goal. lol.

Raw: Great job on the whole Pilates video. I intend to add some stretching and toning videos into my exercise routine, but I am waiting another week or so to make sure my walking is a habit by then. I am glad you are listening to your muscles and letting them recover today.:)

I hope my willpower holds out this week. Our air conditioning went out last Thursday. They came Friday and looked at it. The repair guy called this morning to say that the part is still covered under warranty, but labor is going to cost $635 dollar. Totally insane, they either get paid several hundred dollars an hour, or the guy will be installing the part for a week. The other bad news is that the part needs to be ordered and will take about 6 days.:mad: I am in Florida. This weekend it was insanely hot even at night with all the windows open.

It is raining today, so I did my walking on the treadmill. I was not five minutes into it when I was sweating rivers. I hope my family is not too hard to live with until the air is repaired. The little ones keep saying they are hot and my husband is grouchy when he is uncomfortable. At least the weather forecast has the next few nights in the 70's and then the 60's, so the next few nights should not be too bad. The days are supposed to be in the upper 80's though.:(

At least if I can keep my exercising up in this heat then I know that I am on the right track.

I need to figure out some low calorie dinners. It is a pain looking every ingredient up on Fitday, but just baked chicken gets boring. I think I need to find at least 10 good recipes and rotate them so we do not get burned out on eating the same thing every night to make sure we do not go over our calorie count for the day.

Anyone have a tasty not too expensive low cal meal that their family loves?

09-29-2008, 02:43 PM
Aw gah Diana! I feel for you, I'm not a fan of the heat and thankfully in the Uk our summers are just getting worse so we don't have to deal with so much heat.

Anyway, had alot to drink on Saturday and a mega mega bad binge day today so I'm going to make sure I get into the gym as much as possible this week and here's how I plan it to look. Also glad to say I hit my target of ten mins on the elliptical without getting too short of breath or givin in. Yippee :D

Tues: 10 min ellitpical, 10 mins mixed walking/jogging on tread mill, fifteen mins on bike and half an hour strength training.

Wednesday: As many sit ups as I can handle (my abs have been very abandoned lately) 10 mins on the rowing machine, and 10 mins treadmill.

Friday and Sunday...defo in the gym but I'll see whats hurting the most before I figure out what I'm doing :rolleyes:

09-29-2008, 06:37 PM
Way to go on the 2lbs Diana!:cp: Yeah, Disneyland is pretty expensive for a theme park, course everything is expensive nowadays!

I know how you feel Jen, I weigh myself every day and it fluctuates from 155 to 157. Never 154 or 153, the jerk! :mad: (That's my fault though!) Have fun at Disneyland! I can't wait til its my turn!

I had a pretty good weekend, we ended up getting Papa Murphy's thin crust Friday night, so yummy! Saturday I met a friend for lunch at the Olive Garden and just had soup and salad. It's not too tempting to cheat there since their soups and salad are delicious!

For my exercise, I cleaned the entire house :whoo: all Saturday morning, then walked around the mall for a couple hours. I tried on some cute pants and was very excited when I needed 1 size smaller! Sunday I just did some push ups, crunches, and dips while I watched football. Not the most productive weekend:shrug:, but it was great!

Congrats on the ten minutes Spoz! Those elliptical machines can be a killer! I remember days of barely being able to walk thanks to one!

FatPants, I definitely sympathize with on the TOM hunger! I'm not a big chocolate or sweets person, but when that time rolls around all I think of is apple pie and chocolate candy:chockiss:...Horrible!

09-29-2008, 07:26 PM
Diana - great job on the 2 pound loss...that's awesome keep up the good work.

So is everyone going to disneyland???!? LOL

Spoz - Make sure you hydrate...maybe hit a sauna and detox LOL...

Things are going well here...WI today and still at 185...no loss no gain. Think I might add some interval training to my runs this week. Hoping that will jumpstart again. From Friday on i didn't really eat much...and i think that may have contributed. Eating on schedule is key!! So this week we'll amp up the intensity!! I did go shopping on Friday..and picked up a shirt in a 12. Made me so happy, and it was hott!! Had a bachlorette party on Friday night, and it was nice to feel good again, and not like i had to hide in the corner. I've missed that. Hope everyone has a good day!!!


Fat Pants
09-29-2008, 08:21 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great start to the week.

Spoz - WAY TO GO on 10 minutes on the elliptical! :dancer: You'll be up to an hour in no time! :D

Diana - So sorry to hear about your A/C. We do not have A/C here but we are not as nearly as humid or hot as you guys down in FL. DH and I invested in a $30 WalMart window fan that helps suck the cool air in during those really hot days. Hopefully you get your replacement part sooner than later!

Cheap meals... don't know what your diet plan is, but I count calories and usually have about 500 allotted for dinner (give or take). Anyway here are some of my favorite low-cal, cheapie meals:

Pot roast: stick a top round and 2 cups of water in the crock pot (about $7-$8) and set on low for 8-9 hours. Serve with low-fat mashed potatoes. 4 oz of meat and 1 cup of mashed potatoes is 320 cals.

Quesadillas: pick up taco-sized lf flour tortillas, can of rotel, and mexican blend shred. cheese. Dice up chicken breasts and brown, add chili powder, cumin and garlic powder to season. Add rotel tomatoes and simmer until reduced. Top 1 tortilla with 3/4 cup meat mixture, 1/3 cup cheese and top with second tortilla. Toast in the oven - 520 cals.

Tonight I had 2 oz. Ronzoni Plus (fiber, calcium and omega 3) angel hair pasta with 3 ready-made meatballs, 1/2 marinara sauce. ~ 350 cals.

Hope these get you started!!

Platnum - in my book, anything that gets me moving counts as exercise! I think my exercise during the football game was yelling. :D

Well today I'm back OP and doing well so far. Got in 15 minutes of weight training, 25 minutes on the cross trainer, and DH and I are about to embark on our nightly 2-mile walk. Whew! :running:

09-30-2008, 01:35 PM
Platnumjo- Congratulations on needing a size smaller in the pants. That is always a great feeling.:carrot:

Spoz- Yea! on elliptical success. I am not sure what you were drinking, but I have heard that vodka and tonic is not as high calerie as some drinks. I prefer wine, so I have never tried one. I think I read somewhere that the clear alcohol's have lower calories. Good plan on the sit-ups. I read your post and thought, "abs, what are abs?" ;) I have not seen mine in quite awhile.

Kristine- Woohoo! on the hot new top. I am glad you enjoyed the bachlorette party. It is amazing what a boost to our self esteem it is when we know we look good. I think you will get right back on schedule with your eating.

Fat Pants- I am calorie counting. Since I am diabetic I have to be careful when doing some of the diets out there. I am finding I can keep my blood sugar level by eating a healthy balance of carbs and proteins with each meal and snack. Keeping between 1200-1500 calories a day seems to be working so far. I usually do about 200 for breakfast, then a 100 morning snack, 300 for lunch, an afternoon snack of 100 and then after counting those (Sometimes I am over, sometimes under my allotted for that time slot) I see what is left over to get me to my daily goal. Usually it is 500 calories or so depending on if I am doing a 1200 calorie day or not. I try to vary it so my body does not become accustumed to the same thing daily.

The recipes sound good. I might do the roast this week because I am trying to avoid using my oven as much as possible until the air is fixed. Last night I did lean pork tenderloin cut up and put in the crock pot with sauerkraut. I cooked it about 8 hours and it was so tender. I was thinking that the crock pot was my best bet while it is hot in here.

Today has been relaxing. I got up with my husband at 6am and we had breakfast together. I made scrambled egg beaters garden vegetable flavor with whole wheat wonder light toast. I did splurge and have two servings of the egg beaters for 80 calories instead of 40. the toast was 80 calories for two pieces as well. I put Polaner sugar free strawberry preserves on the toast for 20 calories, so the whole breakfast was only 180 calories. 30 more than when I have cereal, but it was much more satisfying.

I then watched Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein with the girls and then did my hour on the treadmill. I do have some finals to grade, but I do not have to submit the grades until this weekend.:) I think I have been too stressed the past few days and a little me time to just relax with the girls is needed.

Have a great day everyone!

09-30-2008, 04:23 PM
Diana I usually stick with spirits which happen to be lower cal, thankfully I'm not the kind of person to eat when drunk so thats okay.

It amazes me how much I actually enjoy exercising now, especially looking at much I hated it before. Has anybody else found that or is it still a bit of a push for you guys to work out?

Pretty glad to say that my clothes feel alot more loose, my waste is down .5 of an inch and my butt really hurts :D All great signs! Hope everybody else is doing great :)

09-30-2008, 05:36 PM
I'm still trying to get myself into the swing of things:woops:, but once I get started exercising regularly then I'm set.
Today I ordered the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, maybe since I can't make myself go to the gym this will work much better!
I'm feeling pretty optimistic lately, especially since I've finally made my decision on what type of career I want. Next Friday I'll be going to a seminar at a local college to look into their nursing program. I'm really excited! I'm running about 6 years behind on that, but it's all good:shrug:...

Those recipes do sound good FatPants, I need to try cooking more healthy meals. Tonight I'm baking some chicken tenders I marinated in italian dressing and I'll saute up some zuchinni, we have buttloads of it, in olive oil.

Diana, I've always wanted to learn how to cook a pork tenderloin, I had it once at my cousin's rehearsal dinner and loved it! Did you use any special seasonings?

Way to go on the loose clothes Spoz:carrot:! That feeling is definitely better than any type of food! I've been wearing pants that I haven't wore in two years, and it's awesome!

I start my women's self defense class tomorrow night:kickbutt:, so excited!

09-30-2008, 07:46 PM
Spoz- I resisted the exercise at first, but I found since Sunday I have been looking forward to my exercise and my legs and feet aren't in pain anymore; although I do feel it in my butt and hips when I am exercising. I can not wait to measure myself again, but I want to give it 20lbs before I measure again.

Platnumjo- Have fun at your self defense course tomorrow! Before I put it in the crock pot I cut it into slices about 3/4-1" thick. I then sprinkled them with soy sauce, garlic powder, Pork-Grill Shakers seasoning blend by The Spice Hunter (I got it at Target). It is basically a mix of salt, onion, garlic, pepper, chile pepper, parsley, brown sugar, celery seed and citric acid. Then I dumped a can of sauerkraut on top and added some more water. I had to add salt and pepper a few more times because I think the sauerkraut might absorb some like potatoes do.

Tonight I am doing salmon. I am using a glaze on it though, but I counted the honey in my daily count. The glaze is equal parts honey and dijon mustard. I have never tried it before on salmon, so I will let you know how it is. Usually I like dill, horseradish and fat free sour cream with a splash of lemon as my sauce for salmon if I use a sauce, so this is entirely different for me.

Fat Pants
09-30-2008, 11:14 PM
Jo, I LOVE LOVE LOVE zucchini, but I understand having too much to know what to do with it! Your dinner sounds yum. I love marinating chicken in italian dressing and grilling it when the weather is good. Delicious!

Spoz, high five on the looser clothes! :cp:

Diana, that pork recipe sounds yummy yummy yummy. Sounds like you had a good day with the girls!

Well, I am disappointed in myself tonight. The good news is I got to the gym for a pretty intense session on the cross trainer and burned 450 cals. Yay!

Then I just blew it. A Mtn Dew in the check out line, 3 pork carnitas for dinner. I would have been ok if I had just listened to my body and only had TWO carnitas like I had planned, and left the pop alone. About 200 over for today. :mad: At least I worked out so it wasn't a total wash.

By the way, this carnitas recipe is pretty good. :D I get a pork shoulder (I need to find a leaner cut of pork!), a bottle of salsa verde, and some mexican spices (cumin, garlic, cayenne, etc.). Throw it all in the crock pot and turn on low for 8 hrs, then shred. SO yummy. I eat it with 90-cal tortillas and a little sprinkle of shredded cheese. I usually don't eat three, but tonight I just went to town. :(

Oh well. Tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it!

10-01-2008, 12:01 AM
Fat Pants: My husband is an absolute hot sauce and spicy food lover. I will have to try your recipe for him. Currently his favorite addition to his meals is Endorphine Rush hot sauce. When they say only a drop is needed they are right! This stuff brought tears to my eyes and brought made my face beet red. I told him he can add it to his after I serve me and the girls. No way I am torturing them with that sauce. lol

Sounds like you had a great workout. I feel like the heat is ruining my diet plan. I am retaining water from all the heat. I swear I drank a gallon of water today and only went to the restroom like three times. I am hoping by drinking tons of water my body will not want to retain so much, but my rings are tighter than they were the other day.

10-01-2008, 03:43 AM
Fat Pants: I do that quite a lot, have an intense workout then go and eat a whole load. But you're body is still going to show the workout and you still did something good for your body so I wouldn't say you 'blew it'.

Platnumjo - that is awesome! And better late than never right?

My scale is up a little, I can't seem to get past 155 so I'm going to make sure I'm drinking enough (I know on non-gym days I don't) and make sure I keep my calories in check because they have all been a bit sloppy lately.

10-01-2008, 10:09 AM
Spoz: One thing I do to make sure I get lots of water during the day is to use the same cup all day. I have a 24 oz sports cup (the kind with the pop up lid) that I fill at least 5 times during the day and I do not let myself go to sleep until the bottle is empty.

I keep it on my desk when I am working, use it for all my meals and take it with me when I go places in the car. Having it with me all the time makes it easy to drink all of the water.


Fat Pants
10-01-2008, 10:24 AM
Hi ladies, good Wednesday morning to you! Feeling a little confused and down this morning. I have averaged about an hour working out most days since getting back on track last Monday. My eating has been mostly spot on, with yesterday as an exception and perhaps Saturday getting a little "sloppy" as Spoz put it. Well tomorrow is my official weigh in so I wanted to peek at the scale this morning just to see what kind of progress I was making.

I have lost nothing! zero! zilch! nada!

I can't believe it. Maybe I just need to tighten up on the eating, but I thought I had been doing so well. I am not yet done with TOM and yesterday I was pretty bloated so perhaps it is a little leftover water retention. I just thought with all the exercise I've been getting, I would at least have seen some sort of result!

10-01-2008, 04:27 PM
Fat Pants- Do not get discouraged it is probably water retention. I peaked at the scale the other night because my rings were tight and I was up 4lbs! I drank some water and cursed the air conditioner and went to bed. When I woke up I weighed myself and was down 2 from the night before, but rings still tight. I think I had too much salt, or not enough water due to the heat and was retaining water because when I woke up this morning I was down to where I should be and then some. It is amazing how many pounds of water weight the female body can fluctuate by. I bet if you give it a few days, avoid added salt and drink your water that you will see the scale move from all the exercise you have been doing.

10-01-2008, 04:28 PM
I can either do gym first thing in the morning which many people prefer or after college. The problem is I dont have to be at college till 1, so I can see myself sitting around and thinking ' I cant be bothered for gym' and then rushing around later tomorrow night. So has anybody tips on early morning motivation?

Fatpants - Usually when I find I've really tried and the scale doesnt budge that I go and be really naughty food wise, find the next day the scale drops and because of my binge two days later I'll gain. So just hang in there, your body is probably just taking it's time, and maybe you've lost inches?

Diana- I usually have a 1.5 litre bottle that I fill and have with me but if I ever leave it in the kitchen I tend to totally forget about it. I'm working on that though.

Fat Pants
10-01-2008, 05:11 PM
I could see the too much salt thing. Those carnitas - while yummy- are salty. I think it's the salsa I'm using. Maybe I should look for a different brand. Spoz, when I do really well and then go and binge, the scale always drops for me, too! It has always been a mystery to me....

Well today has royally sucked (some issues with my final exam panel forcing me to change professors less than two months out...ahhh!!! Stress!!!) so I am going to take it out on the gym.

10-01-2008, 07:43 PM
Spoz: Early morning motivations is tuff for me because I am so not a morning person; however, my toddlers get up insanely early so I am learning to be motivated in the morning. What gets me moving once I have them fed and dressed is to have my morning coffee before I hop in the shower. Then when I am awake I put on some of my favorite tunes and eat my breakfast. By the time I am done with breakfast the coffee and shower have done their magic and I am ready to get to work.

Fat Pants: I am trying your pot roast recipe tonight. I don't have any potatoes so I added a package of lipton instant onion soup for flavor and it smells wonderful. I just checked it and it fell apart when the fork touched it. I have it on low until my husband gets home from work. I guess I will serve it with a side salad and some mixed veggies. That should not be too bad even though the lipton soup added 160 calories to the crock pot. I figure about 20 calories a serving?

That so stinks about your panel doing that to you! Is it your Chair professor or one of the committee professors? I am not sure if it works the same at your college, but my chair was my advocate who helped guide my thesis and stood with me to help me defend. It would have been awful to have him changed two months before the defense. I hope it works out for you.

Fat Pants
10-01-2008, 11:37 PM
Hi Diana! I hope you liked the pot roast. I have done it before with the lipton onion soup mix and it is delicious! If you get six servings out of the pot roast (that's usually about how many we get) then I think the calorie estimate is probably about right.

The issue with my defense is I had an adjunct prof on my panel and her schedule couldn't match up with the dates, so my chairperson called to suggest we replace her with this other professor that I just absolutely loathe. He is a huge jerk! I think I have found another professor to take the adjunct's place so hopefully it all works out. Whew! Can't wait for this to be over.

I am happy to say I'm right on with eating today, and got in an intense 20 minute weight lifting session and 20 minute cardio session. Felt good, but I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow, too!

10-02-2008, 10:21 AM
Fat Pants: The Roast was delicious. My husband loved it. He likes spice, so about halfway through cooking the roast I added a couple of tablespoons of horseradish, since it is a free food, and let it soak into the roast. It really had a nice flavor that went well with the mixed veggies. We have half a roast left and I would say the girls only had 1/2 servings each, so it probably is six or seven servings.

That is awful that a professor you loathe would be the replacement unless your other professor can do it.

Two of the three on my panel were professors I knew and respected even though they are considered "tough." The third was the head of our department who I had never met. He was a bit of a problem. His first comment was, "So what is your thesis?" Gee, after reading the abstract, introduction and conclusion he couldn't figure that out. Afterwards my mentor told me it was a question meant to get my back up, sort of a devil's advocate question.

My husband and I celebrated afterwards with a movie and dinner. This is before we had the girls. You will be soooooo relieved.

Congratulations on your intense workout! What do you do for weight training? I think I am ready to add weight training to my exercise plan now that the cardio is a habit. I have hand weights, but no videos or anything. I think my husband can show me some exercises, but I have not asked him yet. I am especially interested in working my triceps. (Is that the back of the arm?)

I am having a great day today. The air conditioner place called and our part came in early. Woohoo! They will be here to put it in later. Who would think I would be so happy to add this to my debt? :dizzy: Heat makes you think crazy things.

I also cheated and got on the scale today even though my weigh in isn't until Saturday and I am so close to getting below the weight I was in 2004 before I got pregnant with Olivia. That will be a small personal victory for me. Although, I do not think my belly will ever be pre-pregnancy condition again. :belly:

If the air is fixed in time for dinner I might make chicken, hmmm. Not sure. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I am running out of fresh fruit and veggetables. I guess it is a lean pocket for lunch today.:( I want to save the last apple for my afternoon snack. :)

The high today is only going to be 80, so I think I will take the girls for a walk before the repair person shows up instead of doing the treadmill.

10-02-2008, 02:31 PM
So, I show up for my "women's self defense" class last night and there were a bunch of parents with their little kids signing up and getting karate clothes:?:. I go ask the lady with the clipboard if i'm in the right place and she flips over a paper and there's my name with like three other ladies'. She says they combined the women's class with the "jr. karate" class since not enough women signed up. I was so mad!:mad: No offense to little kids, love em can't wait to have my own someday, but I did not sign up and pay for 5 year old karate! So I left, extremely disappointed. I'm calling the lady in charge of the community classes today and having her put me in something else... maybe belly dancing :belly: (for adults hopefully!:crossed:)...

And to top that whole escapade off, this morning I go to get my emissions done on my car and the dang thing doesn't pass! And I know exactly why, nothing is wrong with the car, it just has an upgraded air induction system (for better gas mileage) that the car's computer doesn't recognize...:stress:

Sorry about my rant fest, my mood is slowly improving as the day goes on. I went to the local farmer's market this morning and got apples and pears for .39 a pound, :carrot:! And last night I did some crunches, push-ups, and lunges, and boy I'm feeling those lunges today! Yay! :cp:

Fat Pants
10-02-2008, 04:19 PM
Hi everyone! Diana, so happy your A/C replacement part is in!!! The sweaty wait is over! :lol: I am none too pleased about the last minute changes to my panel, so hopefully this alternate professor gets back to me quickly and I can move on. This guy - he is the head of the dept. and kind of has the "aura" around him of an egotistical person. I told my husband I'd rather have my statistics professor on my panel than the other guy!! And I LOATHED statistics!

Weight training - well I go to a gym and use the weight machines because I haven't had the courage/knowledge to do free weights yet, but there are plenty you can do at home. Some of the best restistance/weight training exercises I learned from a few sessions with a personal trainer - I never used anything higher than a 10 lb weight I believe.

Have you used an exercise ball before? The two I liked best using those were a chest press and reverse crunches. Yowzer! I want to buy an exercise ball soon and use it at home. It seems to be VERY effective from what little experience I've had with them. Here's a good website showing different exercises: http://www.exerciseballworkouts.net/

Another one I liked - don't know how good your knees are, mine are somewhat ok - just doing simple squats and lunges at home. You will feel it for sure!

Tonight we are having one of our couple friends over for dinner. I'm making baked chicken breasts stuffed with a slice of fontina cheese, basil, and artichokes. I modified it from a Martha Stewart (http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/chicken-breasts-stuffed-with-cheese-tomato-and-basil?lnc=5a79cf380e1dd010VgnVCM1000005b09a00aRCRD&rsc=cf_link)recipe. Also having roasted zucchini/squash/mushrooms and red potatoes. Yum! They are bringing dessert so I've been good all day so I can sample some.

Jo - that sucks about the self defense class! Nice of them to let you know ahead of time. :rolleyes: I don't blame you for not wanting to do a "self defense class" with karate for five year olds. Hopefully you can find something to replace it with! Sorry to hear about your emissions test. Boo! I had a day like that yesterday... channel all that frustration into a serious workout! :D

Well, I was down .6 today for my official weigh in. I am not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I guess i'm realizing it's more and more about the journey and not the short term outlook. A loss is a loss!

I *should* get to the gym today, but I'm so sore and burnt out from cleaning the house top to bottom last night and not getting to bed until late. I'm trying to justify... been working out every day since Sunday... ok, I know I should go. I need a kick in the pants!!!

10-02-2008, 05:47 PM
Jo: I totally don't blame you for not wanting to take karate with a bunch of 5 year olds when it was supposed to be women's self defense. Belly dancing is fun. :belly: I have a couple of DVD's that are quite a good workout. I am definitely sweating by the end of them. Maybe they offer a Tai Chi class, that is usually more adult oriented.

Thank you for mentioning the farmer's market. I was just thinking I needed to go get fruits and veggies and forgot we have an awesome farmer's market just 20 minutes away. I will have to go there Saturday.

Fat Pants: lol. Someone else who loathes statistics. I absolutely hated that class. I disliked it so much I kept the book in the trunk and only took tests in the course, since the teacher did not require homework to be turned in. I only got a B+, but at least I did not have to drudge through it so much. Then I found out I did not need it for my degree because my other math courses counted as my math credits. It counted as an elective, lol.

Your recipe sounds great. You have to let us know how it comes out. Thank you for the advice on the weights. I do not have a baby sitter to go to a gym, so any exercise I do has to be done at home or around the neighborhood.

Congrats on the weight loss! Any loss is a good loss. If you ask me a thorough cleaning of the house should count as exercise.

10-02-2008, 06:00 PM
Well I'm back! Disneyland was fun, lots of walking and not too much eating! Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good if not great!! Lots of good recipes too!

After seeing the scale last night and gaining another lb. I nixed food for good, started slimfasting it today. That with the exercise and I would think I would see some kind of result by next Saturday! Still trying to decide if I will exercise today, I have an apt. for work in an hour so I can't right now and then I have to pick my daughter up so I don't know if I will get a chance....... 100% for tomorrow though. Here is this weeks plan:

Friday: 30 min. elliptical
Sat: 10 min. weights 30 min. elliptical or workout video

and I think just rotate that every other day.

Hope everyone is doing well, good to be back!


10-02-2008, 06:10 PM
Jen, I am so glad you had fun on your trip. I admire your slimfast plan. I simply cannot nix food. I have to have something to chew or I do not feel like I had a meal. Rotating your weight training and cardio and your straight cardio days is a good idea. That will give your muscles time to rest between workouts.:)

10-03-2008, 05:02 AM
Belly dancing is amazing! If thats what you end up doing I hope you have a fantastic time!

Today my scale is UP which isnt surprising because the end of last week/beginning of this week was awful food wise. But it's still discouraging, ya know? :( I'm not gonna go binge but sometimes it just feels like I'm going nowhere... I always get to one number and just stick. Anyway my leg are very achey so I really don't know if I'll go to gym today. I'll probably just lift some weights at home & use the exercise ball.

Fat Pants
10-03-2008, 08:54 AM
Hi everyone, Happy Friday to you! :woohoo:

dinner last night was great; I had a little more salad than I planned, but I figured if I'm going to indulge in anything it might as well be salad. And wine. Ohhh... too much wine. I'm feeling it a little bit this morning. :coffee:

I hopped on the scale to see if there was any damage and I'm at the same weight as yesterday, so that's a plus. i've really got to get in some good workouts this weekend and definitely work on not blowing it food-wise as I tend to do.

Jen I too admire your slimfast plan. I will sometimes have one for breakfast but I find myself starving not long after it!

Well I have a full day ahead of me so I'd better get to it!

10-03-2008, 10:26 AM
Spoz: I must be tired today. Since you capitalized up I sat here thinking what does U...P... stand for, lol. I saw it as an acronym. Plateau's can be discouraging, but when your body does start losing again you will probably see a big drop in the scale. I hope your legs feel better.

Fat Pants: I have not had wine since I started this. I really need to work it into my calorie count at least once a week. I miss a nice glass of chardonay on a Friday night while hubby and I catch up on our week's.

Overindulging in the salad is definitely better than having more dessert.:)

Ugh, did I mention yesterday when the guy showed up to fix the air it was the wrong part. They are bringing us a replacement unit for the week no charge since it will be another 7-10 days before the new part gets here.:(

I am off in a half hour to go get my thyroid ultrasound. I am really nervous. All of my thyroid bloodwork came back normal, but my thyroid is enlarged and they want to make sure it is not cancer. I think I would feel better about the appointment if they had worded it as wanting to make sure it was okay. lol. I am sure it is nothing, but still afraid they will find something that needs to be checked. The idea of a needle biopsy in the throat is sort of gross to me. You would think after years of giving myself insulin I would be immune to needle's, but no. Wish me luck.

10-03-2008, 11:45 AM
Ah Diana I have thyroid problems and take insulin so I can relate. Last time I went to get my yearly blood test to check everything out I passed out! :o Slightly embarrassing when I've been sticking needles in myself for years, but you're absolutely not alone! And I'm sure the test will be just fine, I can understand you're being nervous but it's best just to check everything out just in case, right? big hugs to you :hug:

10-03-2008, 12:11 PM
Spoz: Thanks for the hugs. It was only an ultrasound tech when I got there, so the Doctor won't review her measurements and scans until Monday. At least she didn't suck in her breath, give me weird looks, or let any curses out, so I figure nothing looked abnormal to her, lol.

That is great that you no longer need insulin! That is one of my major goals with losing all this weight. To reduce my diabetes meds and blood pressure meds and just plain old get healthier. Looking better is just the icing on the cake (oh, the irony of the metaphor.) I think I will need my blood pressure meds readjusted soon. If I go from sitting to standing too quickly I get dizzy, which could be from too much blood pressure med now that I am lighter.

I have been spot checking my pressure at home and it is not low, but who knows, right?

10-03-2008, 03:02 PM
Ah no I still take insulin, I've been a type 1 since the age of 1! But hey, many people have improved their diabetes and stopped with insulin by losing the weight and I'm positive you can do it! Glad to hear everything seems ok, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Monday :)

Fat Pants
10-03-2008, 04:58 PM
Diana, we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you! I'm sure everything will turn out great. :) what a bummer about your A/C part, though. Why can't it ever be easy??? lol

Well I am happy to report that all ended well with my graduate committee problems. Got the alternate professor I wanted, and a final date set - Nov. 18th for sure! I wanted to get it out of the way so I wouldn't have to think about it over Thanksgiving.

I just got REALLY nervous now that it's all set in stone!!!!!

10-03-2008, 05:56 PM
Good Afternoon!

Yes slim fast sucks and I am starving, but one good thing is I am so hungry I always have dinner ready by 5:30 instead of the usual dragging feet 8 o clock!
So far so good yesterdays diet was successful and I did 30 min. on elliptical this morning. I've only eaten 2 slim fast meal bars today and I have dinner ready to go.......only 3.5 more hours till I get to eat it!!!

Diana: I will keep my fingers crossed that you can drop the insulin soon!

Fat Pants: You are going to have the Best Thanksgiving ever I can imagine! I stress out so much when I have to do something small I can't imagine when it is something big!

10-03-2008, 06:40 PM
Still waiting for Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred to come in the mail...:kickcan:

I joined this calorie counting web site, fitday.com, yesterday. And wow!:yikes: I can't believe how many calories I ate without even thinking! So I'm gonna whip my butt into shape on watching what I more carefully! I think I might try cooking all my lunches one day a week and vacuum sealing them...:chin:...And telling my BF to quit making deep-fried zuchinni! I only had one piece last time though, our whole house is smelling like it and the thought of any more makes me sick:barf:

Diana, I'm sorry you have to wait til Monday to find out the results, but it sounds like things will turn out well. That definitley sucks about the AC part! I live in utah, and during the summers when its like 90+ I'm completely useless!

Jen, I'm glad you had fun at Disneyland! I'm so excited for my Disneyland trip! I look at it everyday on Google maps! My BF thinks I'm nuts:crazy:!

I used to have an exercise ball, and I loved it! Unfortunately when I moved out my klepto sister took it! I need to put one of those no my Wal-Mart list for tomorrow, along with some dumbells for my JM Dvd (still waiting...)...

10-03-2008, 09:47 PM
Hi everyone. Thank you for the well wishes. I am going to keep optimistic about it and just know it is nothing. They say pregnancy can make an enlarged thyroid and it has only been since Zoe's birth that they have noticed anything. It just felt bigger the last time I was in, but it was a different doctor so how would she know how it felt last time.

Well we have a replacement unit out there, but it is not really compatable with our system so before they left they go "oh, by the way try not to let it get below the high 70's because it might freeze up on you." lol. Freezing up is what broke our last one. At least it is cooler out at night now, so we can set it higher and be comfortable. It is nice to have air circulating again.

Spoz: Sorry to hear you are type 1. Are you on an insulin pump or shots? I got a pump after my third misscarriage and have used it ever since. I only have to use a needle every three days instead of many times a day.

Fat Pants: I am so glad you got the alternate professor you wanted. Try not to worry about it. You will be so relieved when it is all over. My fingers will be crossed for you on the 18th.

Jen: Congratulations on the slim fast willpower. I hear you on dinner. The girls eat around 5 or 6, but Lee isn't home until 7:30 or 8, since he has an hour commute and works 10 hour days. I usually wait and eat with him even though I know eating that late is bad. At least I am too full for after dinner snacking. I hope this diet gives you the boost you need to get the weight dropping off.

Platnumjo: I use fitday dot com and they are great. I put my frozen meals in the custom food section because I have trouble finding everything if it is a lean cuisine etc... I was amazed at how much I was eating before. Now I vary the amount of food I eat by 300 calories a day so I don't set a calorie intake habit. Sometimes it is closer to the 1200, but usually it is closer to the 1500. Actually putting everything in fitday lets me know if I am on target and my official weekly weigh in is tomorrow so I am hoping to see a good loss. I usually overestimate my calories a bit to make sure I am not off in my measurement. For example, I don't measure my milk in my cereal so I put in the calories for 2/3's cup, but I don't like soggy cereal so I am sure it is actually less than that. In case I am wrong in my estimate I feel better overestimating. I never get exactly close to 1200, so I am always sure I am eating above that amount.

Once I started making healthier choices I was amazed at how much food 12-1500 calories is. Sorry for the long fitday response, but I love that site!

10-04-2008, 09:54 AM
Good morning everyone!:) I am off to the farmer's market to see if I can save some money on fresh fruits and veggies.:carrot: :cb: At least I will be off once I finish my coffee :coffee: and wake Olivia up. She is usually up at the crack of dawn, but she wet the bed last night and I had to change her jammies and sheets, so I guess she needed the extra sleep.

I weighed in this morning and lost 6lbs this week! I can't believe it. I wonder if it is the exercising daily or the calorie counting or the water drinking. Maybe my blood sugar being in control is effecting my natural insulin levels so it is not as hard to lose. Whatever it is my husband says it is working so don't mess with it. He is losing too. He is 1.5lbs away from being in the 200's!

Having his support so I am not making us separate meals really is helping me.

Have a great day everyone! :yoga:

10-04-2008, 10:12 AM
Oh wow Diana, 6 lbs is incredible WTG! Yeah I'm on insulin injections, not many people in the Uk are on pumps and I'm not sure if I like the sound of them yet..

Platnumjo - It is really easy to eat too many calories without realizing it, even whilst eating healthy foods so it figures why calorie counting is such an effective weight loss method.

I'm doing okay, gonna plan all my meals out because at the moment my meals are all a bit hectic and I need to get back into the swing of cooking again. I'm gonna go for 15 on the cross trainer in the morning and aim for 100+ sit ups. I want the perfect abs when I reach goal weight.. (it will be done)

10-04-2008, 10:49 AM
Spoz: Thank you. I think one of the problems with being as heavy as I am is that I don't see any difference in my body. So far I'm down 18 lbs and I do not see a difference. My mother-in-law came over last night and said she could tell in my face and shoulders. I did get out a measuring tape and I have lost 4 inches on my waist and the waistband of my pants is loose where it use to dig into me, but I still think I look like a baby elephant. :(

At least when I look at my long term goal it is no longer over 150 lbs which seemed impossible to me. I am making short term goals. My first one is 30lbs down, so 12 more to go. I figure looking at it with short term goals is best so I don't get discouraged. I must have been eating tons more calories than I thought to have put on so much weight.

I've started doing sit ups. I told my husband it is hard to believe I even have abs under all this weight, but the last thing I want when I lose the weight is a flabby stomach. Of course afte two kids, one of them a c-section I will not be sporting any tummy baring outfits, but at least I want to see a good looking mid section when I am done. lol. I am sure my husband does too, but he says he loves me and thinks I am beautiful now. What a sweetie.

I am still waiting to go to the farmer's market. She finally woke up and I went to get her dressed and realized I put all her pants in the dryer last night and forgot to turn it on! So now we wait on the clothes to dry. I love the thought processes of kids. She was like. That's okay mommy I don't need pants I've got a shirt on, lol. I told her no, you don't go outside without pants on.

10-05-2008, 03:01 PM
Diana: The short term goals are a good idea and 18lbs is alot! Your doing great!

I did my 30 min. yesterday and kept the calories under 1200. Today I have only eaten a slim fast bar, done 30 min. on the elliptical and walked 2 miles. I still haven't had the initiative to do the weights yet.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


10-06-2008, 03:01 PM
Oh my Gosh, I've gone over my calories every day this week (no more than 100-200) and I did gym TWICE last week. I need a kick up the butt.

10-06-2008, 05:18 PM
Jen: Thank you for the encouragement. Wow, 30 minutes on the elliptical and walking two miles is great for one day if you did not get to the weights.

Spoz: You can do it! Two times to the gym is two times more than you would have done if you were not thinking about it. They say that calories should vary during the week, so maybe your calories were not as bad for you as you believe.

I have managed to get all my walking in this past week. I did not get to walk outside on Sunday because just as we packed the girls up in the double carriage and made sure everyone had water it began to rain. :( I ended up doing the treadmill instead. I realized that I really looked forward to the outdoor walks when I ended up indoors. I had not really thought about it until then. I think it is having my husband do it with me and being able to look at different scenary as I go. I tend to reach for comfort foods when depressed.

It is almost TOM for me. Do you ladies continue to weigh in during TOM? I am afraid that I will get discouraged if I do because I carry a lot of water weight then, especially in my lower back. Just wonder if I would be setting myself up to binge if I saw a massive gain on the scale.

Fat Pants
10-07-2008, 10:02 AM
Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good start to the week. I only exercised once over the weekend... a 50-minute walk on Saturday while the weather was decent. Better than nothing, I guess. My eating was a bit out of control. Not too bad, but could have been better. Yesterday I was in Denver all day and didn't get home until late, so left with conference food (lasagna, but I only had a small helping), and 30 minutes of pilates last night. Today it's back on track.. I WILL go to the gym!

Diana I try not to weigh in during TOM. I too will hold a lot of water weight, and I find it discouraging. It is hard enough for me to control my cravings during TOM (feel like I could eat everything in sight!) so it's just better for me not to weigh. :D

10-07-2008, 02:25 PM
I didn't have a great weekend exercise-wise either. The only movement I got in was Saturday, and I'm still sore from it! I went duck hunting with my boyfriend and his brother, we had to walk about half hour each way through 6inches of water with soft mud underneath... My calves are still killing me! And when we weren't walking we sat in pouring rain:rain: for 4 hours!

Last night I did some curls:lifter: and tricep exercises while watching the football game, and today I packed my bag so I can go to the gym after work. I think I'm starting to get to the point where I'm disgusted with myself for not exercising very much:tantrum:! Christmas is getting closer and closer and I haven't lost an ounce, but I know that's my fault for not buckling down enough...

That's awesome you lost six pounds Diana!!!:bravo: I definitely agree with you on the mini-goals. I always look at breaking into a new weight number (170's, 160's, 150's, etc...) as an accomplishment. It's alot better than thinking how much overall I have to lose, that can be discouraging... I weigh myself everyday, even on the TOM. But its usually during then that I notice a couple extra pounds...:shrug:

10-07-2008, 04:13 PM
Fat Pants: I admire your restraint. Lasagna is one of my must avoid at all costs foods. One bite and I can't control myself. lol. I could not stick to a small helping of lasagna. Congrats on the 30 minutes of pilates and the 50 minute walk.

I tend to have mad chocolate cravings when it is TOM. Luckily, it is my diabetes more than my willpower that keeps me from eating it. I am thinking I probably will avoid the scale unless my morbid curiosity gets the best of me.

Platnumjo: Now that is adding resistance to your walk. I can't imagine walking through constant mud. Did you get any ducks after all that work and waiting? I like your idea of doing bicep and tricep free weights while watching television. I really want to work my triceps and have shapely arms. I have some eight lb hand weights that I can do the exercises with. I will have to try a few sets tonight as hubby and I watch t.v. after the girls go to bed.

Having your gym bag always ready to go is a great idea for keeping you on track and heading to the gym. I know when I use to go to a gym that if I could not find clean gym clothes, socks or a towel etc... then I would use that as an excuse not to go. With a bag already packed and ready to go there is no excuse!

Am doing good so far today. For breakfast I had cheerios with skim milk and some blueberries. Lunch was an ounce of low sodium turkey breast on Wonder light wheat bread (only 40 calories a slice!) and an apple. For dinner I am doing big salads with a chicken breast cut up on top. I bought some cherry tomatoes and peppers at the farmer's market that I will cut up to mix in there to. I may add some low-fat shredded cheddar and a few croutons just to get some more carbs in so I do not want to snack after dinner.

I am not sure what my afternoon snack will be, but I have a ton of fresh produce from the market.

Have any of you ever tried white eggplant? Last night I made eggplant parmesan with a white eggplant. It was the best I ever made and that was with a no added sugar spaghetti sauce and skim mozzerella and parmesan cheese. I did add my own oregano, basil and crushed fresh garlic (6 cloves!). What can I say it smelled so good when I was crushing it I did not realize I had crushed so much! It was excellent. Thank goodness I have sugar free gum in the house. lol. It made eight servings which came out to 187 calories a serving. I had two.:) The best thing about the white eggplant is that it does not need to be peeled. The skin gets soft when you cook it unlike the purple eggplants and the eggplant is not as bitter. I will definitely look for it again.

10-07-2008, 06:41 PM
Diana - that sounds delicious! I've never tried eggplant, I have NO idea what it looks or tastes like but funnily enough have quite a few recipes that require it. So I'm guessing I should go out and try it?

Plat - I hear ya. My weight loss is going veeery slowly right now and I'm not doing a huge lot of moving. But hey ho, we're doing SOME exercise right? And even if the weight comes off slowly, I guess in the long run it's going to be easier to keep off :)

I'm doing okay. Totally re thinking my eating habits. Instead of being number crazy when it comes to calories I'm going to concentrate on intuitive eating and wether I really want to eat or if I'm just doing it because I have spare cals. So far so good! And I had a major workout in the gym earlier - and managed 15 mins on the cross trainer. Woohoo! :broc:

10-07-2008, 07:58 PM
Spoz: Wow, that sounds like a great workout. Intuitive eating sounds good. I know I sometimes eat when I am not hungry.

Eggplants are sort of oblong rather large veggies (a little pear shaped only longer) that come mostly in purple; although like I mentioned they do come in white. The inside is tan with seeds in the very center. It is a firm veggie. It is best when baked, or sauted. I usually brown it first in a pan before baking it so it cooks faster. It can have a bitter taste, but usually that is tempered by the salt in a recipe; although, I found the white eggplant did not need any salt. The skin does not get soft when cooked, so it is usually best to peel it first before slicing it and cooking it. Otherwise you will need a knife to cut it when it is cooked which I do not mind, but take off if I am cooking it for guests.

It is a really filling veggie and makes a good parmesan, a substitute for lasagna noodles and even a sandwich.

I tried it raw once and do not recommend that. I thought maybe it would be good like zucchini and yellow squash, but alas I was wrong. lol

10-08-2008, 05:16 AM
OOH!!! It's an aubergine! I've always got confused between aubergine and other names it goes by, so yes I have had aubergine before. I can't say it's my favorite but you've definitely tempted me to try something new with it :)

Fat Pants
10-08-2008, 09:11 AM
Woohoo! It's the middle of the week! :carrot:

Diana I looooove lasagna too. Love it. I can never buy it, or make it, because I will eat a LOT of it. I think the only thing stopping me is the fact that I had to eat in front of other people, haha. But if I'm at home with a lasagna...watch out! I need to come up with a healthy alternative to regular lasagna...maybe with ground turkey and lf cheese. Mmmmm.

Spoz I like the idea of intuitive eating. Sometimes I feel like with diet plans that are restrictive - (and really, 99% of them are), if someone tells me I CAN'T have something, I just want it more. Counting calories hasn't been so bad as long as I really allow myself what I want but make sure I'm within calories for the rest of the day. In the long run, it's all about making better choices. I may have a doughnut for breakfast, but I should really eat a salad for lunch.

Well I got my new running shoes yesterday!!! I'm so excited. Tested them out last night on a 2 mile brisk walk. so far so good except for a blister on my right heel. I think I just need to tighten the laces or they just need to be broken in a little more. Other than that, they are so comfortable! Amazing what a good pair of walking shoes can do.

Honestly right now I'm struggling with having zero motivation to exercise. If it wasn't for DH pushing me the past three days, I would not have exercised at all. This is usually when I start to peter out, too, so I have GOT to push through it and make this an every day habit, especially with getting to the gym now that the weather is getting colder and I can't resort to walking in the evening for much longer. Need some motivation vibes!!!

Oh, and it's supposed to SNOW on Sunday!!! Ahhh!! :brr:

10-08-2008, 10:02 AM
Spoz: lol. I'm sorry. My mom only ever called it an eggplant and I have no idea why, but that is what I always called it. I did not know aubergine was its name. :o I think it really does depend on how it is cooked. It needs strong flavors to balance out the bitterness which is why it does so well with the spaghetti suace and garlic.

Fat Pants: A new pair of running shoes is a wonderful feeling. Have you ever read Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine? There is one chapter where the little boy gets a new pair of sneakers and he describes how wonderful they are and I can never put on a new pair without remembering the joy the little boy in the story had.

If you find a healthy low calorie alternative to lasagna that does it justice please share the recipe!

I did try a sort of recipe that I can't remember where I got it from where I mixed low fat ricotta, low fat mozzerella, a can of diced tomatoes and a small can of tomato paste, Italian herbs and then mixed everything together and used it to stuff bell peppers. There was no meat in it, but I was really trying for something that would be like stuffed peppers without the meat and rice and it just turned Italian as I added stuff. It did taste a bit like the lasagna filling, so I may do that again when I get another craving for lasagna.

Wow! Snow already. I guess that is one good thing about being in the South. I never get snow. I can walk outside all four seasons. I bet it is hard to get motivated when it is cold and snowy. I am thinking I would want to snuggle up in a comfy chair with a good book and a steaming mug of earl grey if it got cold down here. Although, I do have way more energy when it is cooler.

Fat Pants
10-08-2008, 11:00 AM
Hi Diana, your stuffed peppers recipe sounds delicious!! Almost like lasagna without the noodles. :) I will have to give it a whirl. My post got me thinking about a low-fat lasagna recipe so I scrounged around for some. Hubby isn't a big fan of lasagna, but he's going out of town for a week soon so I'll have to whip up a low-cal lasagna then. :D

In the meantime, here are a few I found:

Terrific low-fat lasagna (http://www.wchstv.com/gmarecipes/terrificlowfatlasagna.shtml)

Skillet Lasagna (http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=20856)

Portobello Lasagna Rollups (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ellie-krieger/portobello-lasagna-rollups-recipe/index.html)

I think I will give the first one a try soon!

10-08-2008, 02:27 PM
Yay! I finally got my butt to the gym yesterday!:carrot:
I ran/walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and my legs are hurtin today... But its definitely a good feeling sore!

I know how you feel FatPants, I am definitely dreading the snow! We're supposed to get it in the mountains saturday and sunday...ugh...Hopefully not too bad since honey and I are making a trip to Evanston for some liquor Saturday! (yup, I live Utah, where you have to drive to another state for any sort of selection...:()

Spoz, that is an excellent point you make. A couple years ago I lost 20lbs in a month, then I gained all of it and more back in a year! This time around I've learned that taking it slow is much better. I always remind myself weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint!

I didn't get any ducks Diana. But they did let me shoot the shotgun once just to see what it's like:)! This is really my first year trying any hunting. My honey and his family are big hunters, his mom is a taxidermist! I have yet to kill anything, I'm worried I'll feel horrible when I do!
Packing my bag yesterday definitely helped get me to the gym, so I did it again today! And as soon as I get JM 30 day shred I'll try getting that done before I go to work in the mornings...I don't want anyone watching me!

10-08-2008, 03:20 PM
Fat Pants: Thank you for the recipes. I love mushrooms, so I will definitely be trying that one first!

Platnumjo: Woohoo on the treadmill!:tread: I am sorry your legs are sore today. I bet they feel better tomorrow. That stinks that you have to go to another state to get any good spirits. After the vodka is gone I am not buying any more until the holidays. I have not had a drink in months. I have been using the vodka in my marinades though, lol. It works really well.

I have never been hunting. In my mind I think I would be okay as long as we used what we hunted, but if the experience ever happens I do not know how I would really react. I did cook a duck once, but it was storebought. :)

Have a great afternoon everyone. I am off to make some coffee. :coffee: I skipped it this morning and now cannot seem to focus. My husband just called me and said, "Oh, honey. I forgot. I promised my coworkers I would bring chilli for the pot luck at work tomorrow. Could you please?" Lucky for him I had the meat in the freezer and beans, diced tomatoes and spices in the pantry. I was lucky enough to find one last onion in the crisper. He better be grateful when he gets home! Now I have to smell chilli all afternoon, when all I thawed out for our dinner is boneless skinless chicken breasts. Now I will have to find a spicy way to cook the chicken so I get a smidget of the smell I am smelling now. We shall see.

10-08-2008, 03:53 PM
Diana I think it just has several names, many people know it as an eggplant too! maybe its different countries? I'm going to look into some recipes for that now.

Plat I know the feeling. A few years ago I lost about 30/40 lbs simply through exercise, not eating and drinking way too much alcohol and then it continuously creeped up. I'm always trying to support people by explaining that slow loss isn't a bad thing but it seems only recently I'm starting to take my own advice :rolleyes:

I'm doing good, I'm staying within my calorie range simply but not thinking about it all day. It's like I'm no longer in a diet but just being healthy. I also agree that having a gym bag on standby helps, I usually just take a big bag but my mum has just ordered me a new gym bag and towel specifically for the gym (and this is so dorkish) but I'm really excited about that. It's like another step towards being serious about this. (Plus it's a really cute bag)

Hope everybody is having a wonderful day!

10-08-2008, 05:31 PM
Spoz: :) Thanks. I don't feel quite so goofy about the eggplant now.

You are not a dork. Getting a new gym bag and towel is cool. I never really get anything for myself so I would be excited about that as well.

I am trying so hard right now to not sample the chilli. :) I hope his coworkers like flavorable, yet spicy. I added 3 drops of endorphine rush to the pot. yummmm.

If you want to hear a funny story about being dorky I have a good one from yesterday. The story is long.

I have an i-pod mini that I have had for years and I love it. So about two week's ago I downloaded the newest version of i-tunes. My library of music played fine etc... So fast forward to this past weekend. My i-tunes is not working. The music on my i-pod is fine, but whenever I played anything on my computer it sounded scratchy and out of whack and the main vocal tracks were either sounding like they were miles away or just plain not there.

I was afraid to sync my i-pod up with my library because I did not want to mess up my music on the i-pod that wasn't corrupted. I went to the Apple site and did all of the trouble shooting they listed such as updating Direct X, drivers etc...

None of it worked, so I wrote an email to their customer service telling them what it sounded like and what steps I had done for fixing it etc... and asking them what I should do.

Well a few hours later dear husband calls from work and asks if it is working and it is!! It played just fine for when I played it for him on the phone. We talked a bit and he hung up. I turned i-tunes back on and got to grading assignments. I put my headphones on so the kids could watch Lady and the Tramp and it was messed up again!!! I called him back and I put the phone near my headphones and we were both stumped. I accidentally unhooked my headphones and the sound came out my computer speakers and it was fine!! I am such and idiot, it was not i-tunes it was my stupid headphones.:o

I am so wishing that I could make that email go away. I was polite in it, but I am going to feel really stupid when they write me and I write them back saying "nevermind it was my headphones." They are definitely going to be laughing at that one.

Fat Pants
10-08-2008, 10:40 PM
Diana that sounds like something I would do! :rofl: I am a technical writer for a software company, and more times than not, when something doesn't work for me, it's "user error" versus something that's actually wrong with the product! :lol3: I figure if *I* am dumb enough to break the software, then there's at least one other person out there who will do the same.

No need to feel dorky, Spoz. I am the same way. When I got my new running shoes yesterday and my hubby and I went on a walk, I was leaping up in the air because I was so excited. :o I agree with the steps towards being serious. I felt like when I bought my first pair of "real good" gym shoes, I was committing to this for more than a few weeks.

Jo we have been getting some snow in the mountains already. I was in Breckenridge in August and it snowed two inches the day we drove back home! I couldn't believe it. I'm so not ready for the cold weather. I live in the wrong state for that!

Well here's my report for the day: 15 minutes intense weight lifting, 20 minutes on the cross trainer at the gym and 45 minutes walking with hubby. It felt good to be back! :lifter: Only thing really cramping my style was my blister, so I'll give the new shoes a rest for a few days and use my old shoes so my heel can heal.

Had a chicken enchilada casserole for dinner. Mmm!!

10-09-2008, 06:37 AM
Diana I do things like that all of the time! Mostly though my embarrassing stories involve lots of witnesses and me not wanting to ever leave the house again, so I figure technical difficulties aren't too high up there!

I'm off to the gym later with my mum. Sooo, I'm going for 15 mins on the cross trainer, 15 mins mixed walking/jogging, 5 mins on the rowing machine. And half an hour doing free weights and weight machines and stability ball exercises.

And.. I really have the urge to bake today so I think I may go bake something I'm not fond of so I won't eat it all :rolleyes:

10-09-2008, 10:44 AM
Fat Pants: I hope your heel heals soon. Blisters are painful. Your workout sounds good. Doing the cross trainer, weight training and walking in one day is great!:carrot Thank you for not making me feel bad about my "user error" problem.;)

Spoz: I hope you had fun at the gym with your mom. I think having an exercise body is a motivating factor. It is more fun to work out with someone than all alone. At least the only witness to my stupidity is my husband, aside from the tech that answered my email. My husband is use to my "duh" moments. Of course he is the one who was walking around the living room the other day looking for his glasses when they were on him!

lol. I love to bake and cook. I think it is good that you are cooking something that will not tempt you. The last time the kids wanted cookies I made gingerbread cookies because I am allergic to ginger. They loved them and I did not want them at all.

Christmas will be hard because I like to make and decorate butter cookies with the girls and those are yummy. My mom and sister make enough sweets to feed thirty people and they are all yummy. Of course they are all supportive of my efforts and will probably "police" the sweet table to make sure I don't hate myself in the morning, lol. I come from a family of skinny people go figure. My sisters are 5'4" and 5'5' and about 125lbs and 140lbs and my mom is 5'1" and about 115 lbs. I must take after my dad.:(

My plans for the day are to get my heartrate up in the fat burning zone for the majority of my exercise hour either by doing a work out video or my treadmill depending on the kids' behavior.

I have no idea what tonight's dinner will be, but I feel like tons of green veggies today so I know broccoli and maybe brussel sprouts will be involved.:broc:

Fat Pants
10-09-2008, 11:10 AM
Diana I come from a family of skinnies, too. My brother is 6'1" and probably 170, my mom is 5'2" and probably 115. And my dad is six foot and around 185! It is hard sometimes, especially since my brother can practically eat anything he wants and not gain weight!

JO - forgot to mention, my husband is going to St. George in two weeks to test out a new ejection seat. He is so excited about hiking around in Zion. We went to Moab earlier this year and fell in love with it. Can't wait to go back!!

10-09-2008, 02:01 PM
Diana, I can sympathize with you and your techonological situation. Just last week my card scanner at work wasn't working, so when I saw the tech guy in our office I quickly snagged him and told him about my problem. He plugged it back in and voila! It was working! I felt so stupid!
The good thing about my boyfriend and his family being hunters is that we hardly ever have to shop for meat. I can't remember the last time I had beef tacos and not deer meat! And after so long I don't know if I'd like a beef taco...:moo:

Spoz, don't feel dorky about the gym bag/towel. I get excited over anything I can buy for exercise. When I took swimming lessons a couple of months ago the highlight of my day was buying swim goggles! Life's boring when you don't get excited over the little things...:shrug:

FatPants, I'm a horrible Utahn traveler. I have yet to go to Moab or Zion! I've been to St. George a couple times before, it'll be nice and warm for your hubby on his trip:sunny:... So last night for dinner I tried a variation of your pork carnitas recipe. I didn't have any salsa verde on hand so I tossed some boneless pork ribs in with 2 cans of diced tomatoes w/chilis and 2 cans of green chili peppers and 1 diced onion. I added some chopped garlic and cumin and chili powder, and ten hours later it was delicious! Thanks for the idea! My boyfriend loved it:love:!

So yesterday I made it to the gym again!:carrot: I did the stair climber for ten minutes, lifted weights for 20, and did some crunches on the balance ball. It was a pretty good day. The reps brought greek for lunch, my total weakness:eek:! But I managed to limit myself to one pita and some lemon rice. I finally have the feeling like I'm getting back on track:) Tonight no gym though, I'm getting my hair done after work. There's nothing like a new haircut to make you feel on top of the world!

10-09-2008, 06:09 PM
Fat Pants: My mom can eat pretty much what she wants, but my two sisters do have to work out quite a bit.

Platnumjo: Sounds like a great workout. Yea! on your only have the lemon rice and a pita. Of course, now I am craving a pita.

lol on your tech story. Definitely something I would do. Have fun getting your hair done. I have an appointment in the morning for mine. I am going to tell her not to highlight it this time though. I can only afford to get highlights one more time before the holidays so I thought if I get them the week of Thanksgiving I won't have to get them done again until after the New Year. I do always feel great after a hair cut though.:)

Fat Pants
10-09-2008, 09:59 PM
Good evening, everyone! Hope you all had a great day...tomorrow's Friday! :carrot:

Got in a 2-mile walk and... gasp.. ran for two minutes of it! Hubby got me running and man, were my calves feeling it. I also wish I had a much tinier chest. It really made me realize how much weight I carry in my bra... too much. Call me crazy but I'm actually hoping I lose some of my boob weight. My back hurts so bad sometimes, and my posture is very poor!

Jo- your modified carnitas recipe sounds delicious!!! I want to try your version. :D Way to go on resisting the Greek... I feel you.. we have a fantastic small Greek restaurant about five minutes away. It is the best!

Spoz - I'm inspired by your workout with the free weights. Eventually I'd love to get up to half an hour with weight training. You're burning up the gym! :wl:

Well tomorrow is weigh in day so here's to hoping a I see a loss.... :goodscale

10-09-2008, 10:24 PM
It's been a while since I've been on this site, you know up and down and up, and up and up!!
I want to join this challenge! I joined a gym and I go maybe once a week. I want to commit I have to be good to myself. Actaully excersising makes me feel better and I'm always glad I did.
Friday-walk around the lake at work
saturday-gym 1 hour
sunday-walk dog
monday-walk around lake at work
Tuesday-gym 1 hour
thursday-gym 1 hour

That sounds doable! I will check in later


10-10-2008, 04:50 AM
Fat pants - I LOVE weight work outs, I bought some weights a few years ago before I put my weight on and have always lifted them but of course I religiously lift now that I know I'll burn more cals! And you're telling me about boobs.. mine are actually pretty small but when I'm running they really bug me too.

Diana- What did you make for tea? I'm now coincidentally snacking on Broccoli since reading your post (I swear I'm an addict) and I wouldn't worry about christmas too much. Just try and enjoy it and not think about all of the food - last year I found by concentrating on the things like just enjoying family time it was alot easier not ti give in to naughty foods.

Leure - Hello :wave: Your plan sounds pretty attainable to me, I joined the gym only last month and am now a gym junkie, and I only do 3 days a week so I'm certain you to can do it :)

Well I'm doing pretty well, I'm actually not really obsessing over calories or the numbers on the scale but more about getting into shape and hitting the gym. I'm going back in today and I'll probably go for about 15 mins on the cross trainer, 5 on the rowing machine and about 20 mins with the weights.

Fat Pants
10-10-2008, 08:55 AM
Hi everyone, well I am really at a loss (not literally, unfortunately). Hopped on the scale this morning and had gained back that .6 lbs I lost last week. I really have no clue why I'm not losing weight. I eat on track between 1500-1600 each day, I've worked out a LOT this week, and I gain weight? :?: This makes no sense to me. Usually at this stage in the game, I should be down almost 4 lbs. Instead I am right where I started 2.5 weeks ago. This makes no sense at all. :kickcan:

10-10-2008, 09:26 AM
Fatpants don't feel bad! It's normal for our body to fluctuate even the healthiest people do it, it's most likely that you're retaining water, especially if you're working out alot :hug:

10-10-2008, 12:13 PM
Leure: Welcome. I think your plan sounds great. I do not go to a gym, but I try to work out everyday anyway. Exercise always makes me feel better after I am done, not always during though. lol.

Spoz: I ended up making chuck short ribs in the oven because dh took the crockpot to work to keep the chilli for the pot luck hot. I had never made them before, but I put a cup of chicken broth in a pan added about 3 tsps of horseradish and cranked on some Weber's steak seasoning and garlic. Then I put a lid on them and cooked them for 3 hours on 350 degrees. They were so tender they fell apart with the fork. I had steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts on the side. I weighed my meat, so I had 4oz. With the broccoli and brussel sprouts the total calories came to 459. I am not sure to add any calories for the horseradish because the jar says 0, but I put 3tsps in the whole pan, so is it still 0?

I love broccoli. I can eat just about any vegetable raw for a snack. I love the crispness of them. I think concentrating on the gym and getting healthy is a good idea. When I think too much about the calories I go nuts.

Fat Pants: I'm sorry. I agree with Spoz that fluctuation from retaining water is a big factor. When I went to bed the other night I weighed myself at 281, I got up twice in the night for a bathroom break and in the morning I weighed 275, then this morning I weighed 276, so our weight fluctuates quite a bit during each day. Since you upped your exercise this week your body might be retaining more than usually and in awhile your body will adjust and you will see the scale move.

I hope I stay on plan today. We are going to try to get our walk in before it rains, it is overcast right now. I have to go get groceries, so I should probably eat before I go, lol. Have a great day everyone.:)

10-11-2008, 01:39 AM
I'm sorry I have been so busy with work and sitting in front of that computer all day I haven't wanted to get in front of this one afterward. Exercise / Dietwise I have done well. I have done my 30 min. of elliptical every day (although no more than that) and have managed to stay between 1,000 and 1,200 calories every day (except tonight I got up to 1,500 couldn't resist free soft serve ice cream!).

I haven't weighed myself for fear that if I haven't lost anything and I'm doing all this dieting and exercise I will totally fall off the wagon! Plus next week is TOM so another good reason to not weigh in!

Fat Pants: So jealous of the new shoes, I meant to get some when I was at the outlet mall the other day and completely forgot! Hope the blister is better though! Don't worry too much about the gaining weight thing, the same thing happened to me and I just figure if we keep up the diet and exercise eventually it has to start working! That is just physics or nutrition or logistics or something that sounds like that! As long as your sticking to it you are doing great!!

Leure: Welcome! This board is awesome and totally helps to keep things on track and in perspective!

Spoz: Very impressed with the weight training, I keep wanting to but just don't know where to start, I work out at home, so no circuit / equipment to know where to start. I have my husbands weights (they go from 5lbs on up) and weight bench, but there the mystery begins........

Hopefully this week is less hectic and I can get on here more!! I think I may even be ready for Denise Austin this week..............


Fat Pants
10-11-2008, 09:38 AM
Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 1.6 lbs from yesterday! :woohoo: Strange. I think I'm going to start weighing myself every day just to get an idea of the fluctuations. It may drive me crazy but at least I will know a "true gain" or "true loss." I also think I may need to be eating more...usually around 1500 cals would do it, but I work out sooo much more this time and I think I just need more cals to sustain myself so my body doesn't think it's starving! Well I'm off to start Saturday errands...hope you all have a good day!

10-11-2008, 12:10 PM
Jen: Hi. Sorry work has been so busy. I can definitely understand not wanting to be in front of a computer any longer than you have too. 30 minutes on the elliptical a day is great! I just added a few handweights to my day, but I am only doing one exercise right now. I hold the weight in my hand and put my arm above my head like I am raising my hand and then I bend my elbow and lift it back up. My husband said it would work my tricep, so we will see. I can do it while I am watching television, so it is a pick up anytime during the day exercise.

Fat Pants: Yea! I am glad you saw a loss this morning. Since I am fairly new to calorie counting etc... I have been charting my weight on an almost daily basis just to take note of fluctuations like that.

I lost two lbs this week and am 10 away from my first mini-goal of 10%. I am so happy. The highest my blood sugar has been in the past three weeks is 123 and that was one hour after eating a dinner where I had some red potatoes. I cannot wait to see what my HA1C test comes back at in November.

We are off for our walk in a few minutes. Want to get it in early today since our MIL is dropping off my niece and nephew later for us to babysit.

10-11-2008, 01:22 PM
Weight training really is nothing to be scared of! Most moves are quite simple and effective straight away. I would start out with something simple like bicep curls and squats/lunges for the legs. If you do reps and slowly build up resistance you'll se wonderful results even from those most basic movements :) (And Diana those tricep curls are really good for bingo wings. Also another good move is holding the one weight with both hands stretched out at the lowest part of your back and lifting up in a slow movement.)

I'm sounding like a personal trainer here! Eep. Anyway I'm doing okay, my weight still isnt budging I've only lost about 7lbs overall and I'm just going no further. Possibly because I never quite stick to plan so I'll concentrate on that for a while and see how it goes. I've also gone from 3 litres of water a day to maybe half a liter so no doubt theres some retained water in there too.

Fatpants - Glad to hear about the loss, told ya it was nothing to worry about! :)

10-11-2008, 02:24 PM
Spoz: Thank you for the arm exercise advice. Living in Florida I really want to be able to wear tank tops and other sleeveless shirts without embarrassment. I did not know they were called tricep curls or I would have called them that.:) I just told my husband which muscle I wanted to start with. I thought I would add a different weight exercise each week until I had a 20 minute workout of weight training going. :lifter:

I also plan to start doing a bellydance :belly: workout tape my sister gave me.

I forgot to mention when we were out walking just now my MIL saw us. She was out checking yard sales and pulled off the road to say "hi." She said that she did not recognize me from behind. I have no idea if she was just being nice or if 20lbs really does make a difference to someone who doesn't see me every day. I sure felt good the rest of the walk.

10-12-2008, 05:05 PM
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I just got back from a family picnic and am so proud of myself. Two children have birthdays this month so they had two birthday cakes there. I did not have any cake. I even brought my 97% fat free Hebrew national dogs for me and my husband. I had my hot dog with mustard and did not have any of the starchy sides they had. There wasn't a vegetable in sight. I hope I can keep my willpower momentum going through the rest of the month. I plan to buy my Halloween candy at the last minute, lol.

10-12-2008, 05:15 PM
Diana that's awesome, you should be so proud of yourself :)

I went out yesterday night with my friend (who is a very bad influence on me) for her birthday. I had planned to only drink Diet coke & ended up getting very drunk from vodka and plain cokes. Then today I had a mega binge. So, I'm trying to stay optimistic now and not dwell. Lots of protein and veg this week and good workouts :strong:

10-12-2008, 05:28 PM
Spoz: That is a healthy way to look at it. When I do have slip ups and I will as the holidays approach I want to just accept the fact and move on instead of berating myself and dampening my enthusiasm for losing weight.

I do plan on having a tiny piece of birthday cake on my husband's birthday which is coming up in the first week of November, but I will try to plan that into my day.

Fat Pants
10-13-2008, 09:21 AM
Hi everyone! hope you had a great weekend.

Diana - Way to go on the two lb. loss! :carrot: You are only 10 lbs away from your goal... so close! You are such an inspiration to me! And what a great compliment from your MIL :)

Spoz- I'm with you on the binge. After doing well on Saturday, yesterday was a total blow out involving ice cream and lots of pretzels. :hug: Today is a brand new day, at least!

well I'm learning lots from weighing every day. On the days I eat only 1500ish cals, and work out really hard (5+ miles or over an hour of exercise), I'm up by at least a pound the next day. Then days like yesterday, where I seem to eat everything in sight (and was probably over about 500 cals.. YIKES) and just sort of exercised (did a 3 mile walk), I'm down a lb. Very interesting. Also, yesterday was the first day I tried eating more substantially for breakfast and lunch. I have a hard time planning for these meals as I am not your typical breakfast person, but got some Special K waffles at the store that are pretty yummy.

Tonight we have friends coming over for Monday night football, and though we are grilling brats, I have one planned for my meal and also lots of veggies to fill up on.

10-13-2008, 09:47 AM
Fatpants For me a binge usually takes about 3 days to catch up with my scale, as does being good. So you will probably see a difference in a few days - if there will be any. But you're back on track and that's great, wtg!

I'm totally avoiding the scale right now & feeling very frustrated with myself. Being healhty though...

10-13-2008, 10:27 AM
Fat Pants: Thanks. I am so excited to be close to my first mini-goal. I hope my first goal is met by Christmastime. I realized last night that I only have 30 weeks until my 40th birthday. I so want to be down to at least 200 by then, but that is a lot of weight. It will also be our 20th wedding anniversary and I weighed 180 when we got married 20 years ago and have not really been below 200 for the past 15 years. That would be a great anniversary present, so the closer I am to it the better. I think it works out to 2.5 lbs a week, so maybe I should shoot for being under 225 by then instead. It is in May.

Isn't it interesting how much our weight fluctuates? Definitely frustrating though. I try to weigh myself at the same time of day wearing the same type of thing (i.e. nightgown or sleep pants and tank) so that my clothes do not attribute to ups and downs to much.

Sounds like you have a great plan for not overindulging on snacks and brats during the Monday night football get together. I find the days I plan out ahead of time do much better than the figure it out as I go days.

I have not tried the special K waffles. I might try them to mix things up. A girl can have only so many cheerios, bowls of oatmeal and eggbeaters with peppers before she wants more variety, lol.

Lauren: I am sorry you are frustrated right now, but glad that you are keeping up with your healthy habits.

I will probably be avoiding the scale the remainder of this week. TOM did show up yesterday, so I am up 1/2 lb from my weigh in on Saturday and expect that to go up. I will not be stepping on the scale again until it is over. I just hope I do not give in to my chocolate cravings. That is the one thing I crave during TOM and not any chocolate- Hershey's with almonds is what I always want. The sweet with the salty gets me. Luckily there is none in the house and I do not have to get milk for the girls for at least three more days so I can avoid the store.:)

So my husband took pictures of me on Saturday to compare with when I first started losing weight. I look in the mirror and do not see a difference, but when you put the pictures together there is a definite difference in my cheeks, tummy, butt and legs (on the sideways picture). I actually took my pants off without unbuttoning them yesterday lol. Unfortunately though the next size down is a bit tight around the waist. I will have to go baggy with a belt until I lose a few more lbs.

10-14-2008, 04:39 AM
Diana you've done so well so far and I bet you look incredible! Well done :) As for the chocolate I don't get TOM because of bad diabetes so I can honestly say you girls who get those endless cravings every month must have incredible willpower! Hang in there, you can do it! :strong:

Fat Pants
10-14-2008, 10:04 AM
Hey Diana, I think your anniversary goal is a great one! Our anniversary is in early December so I won't be reaching my long-term goal by then (haha), but I'm still aiming for another 10 lbs or so. We just made reservations to a bed and breakfast for the weekend before our anniversary, so I'm really excited about that! Are you doing anything special for your anniversary? 20 years is something to be very proud of!!!!

Spoz, good for you for still being healthy! To me it is so hard when you don't see immediate results from being good, but they will come. The weight loss this time for me is way slower than it has been in the past but I think it's because I'm not starving myself or just going half-assed. Hard work does pay off eventually!!

Well as for me, I got in 20 minutes of weights yesterday and 15 minutes cardio. Why is it that some days it just seems like it takes twice the effort to exercise than other days? I just felt like I was totally dragging at the gym yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. I did ok with eating at our football night last night - could have done better, but could have done worse, too. Didn't see a gain this morning so that's a plus. :D

10-14-2008, 10:30 AM
Spoz: I am with Fat Pants that I so admire your resolve to keep working out and eating healthy when the scale stalls. I need positive reinforcement and can easily get disouraged. You are an inspiration.

Thank you on your confidence that I look good. I think it was just a shock to me to actually pose for and look at my picture. The last picture I have of myself that I look at often is the one from the hospital when I first got to hold Zoe. I kept telling myself I was swollen from all the fluids they pumped into me for the emergency c-section, but I know only part of it is fluids. I have not looked at any pictures of me in the two years since. In the mirror I never look as big to me as I really am. I have never suffered from low self esteem in myself because I have always gotten good grades, I have a M.A. that I worked my butt off for and I did not let 10 years of misscarriages and trying to conceive break my positive attitude and spirit, but my body image does cause me great sadness. However, this is now one area that I have complete control over so it is definitely my choice now to lose the weight and keep it off.

Sorry for the long message, but I always get a bit maudlin during TOM. I got on the scale today, which I should hide for the week, and was up two pounds. I keep second guessing myself wondering if it was the low-fat popcorn last night, or did I eat too much one day not exercise enough, etc... When I know it is most likely hormones and water retention.:( My husband threatened to take the scale to work with him this week. :lol:

Fat Pants: Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. A bed and breakfast sounds delightful. We haven't given it much thought yet. I think he is going to be hard pressed to beat our 19th though. We met in the eighties when I was fresh out of high school. His brother was my boss. He was involved with someone, but I had the biggest crush on him. They broke up and a few months later he asked a group of us from work out and then went behind my back and told them they were not invited, so I was the only one who showed up :o. We hit it off and have been together ever since.

I was a huge fan of Duran Duran and had seen them in concert in 85. Well, last year he heard they were coming to UCF arena, so he bought us tickets and the concert was only a week and a half after our anniversary, so that was my present. We had such a great time. It was our first "big night out" since our three year old was born. I honestly don't think there is anything he can give me this year that would create such a wonderful memory for me as the two of us and my favorite group in concert.

I will also be turning 40, so I am not sure yet how I will be reacting to that one, :lol:. I might be a basketcase. Although, it was my brilliant idea to get married on my birthday since we wanted a May wedding. I find it hilarious that my mom said I was too young to get married and I am the only one of her daughters that is still married to the same guy. My two sisters waited until they were older and both got divorced. I got married the day I turned 20 and it was hard at first neither one of us knowing anything about cooking, paying bills or living with someone, but I have never regretted it.:)

10-14-2008, 12:35 PM
Thankyou fatpants and Diana, that means a lot to me. I am so unconfident in myself it's unreal, but I know I'll never give up because I hate what I've done to my body and I can't live knowing I'm not at least trying to improve it. My biggest fear is that I'm one of those women I've known all my life who have been on diets for years and year and years but just never lose a lb and go round in circles.

Also, Diana that's wonderful! Congrats and Happy birthday! :woo:

10-14-2008, 02:32 PM
Hey ladies!;)

So yesterday I started my Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, boy that woman is a ****! It's a good thing she wasn't actually in the room w/ me because I'm sure I would have gotten yelled at!:coach: And I am definitely feeling the burn today! I think had I jogged for 20 minutes I wouldn't be half as sore as I am now. But its all good, no pain no gain!
Although I think today when I do the video I won't do it right before dinner. After I was done I was famished! My boyfriend's brother made bratwursts for dinner and I ran upstairs and had two!:nono:

Congratulations Diana on the 2lb loss and your 20th anniversary!:congrat: It always sounds like you two get along great, and that's what matters most, that beneath it all you're best friends. My parents have been married for 35+ years and I don't think they have a thing in common. My mom bosses my dad around constantly and doesn't appreciate a thing he does. That's why I'm glad I found someone who I can relate to completely, and I can be myself, no matter how dorky I am! :hyper:

So I didn't get to schedule for the bellydancing class, but instead I signed up for a class taught by a former Mr. Universe.:strong: It called how to lose your belly fat and other blah blah blah. It's only one night for two hours, so I'm hoping I can really learn something from it.

10-14-2008, 05:51 PM
Lauren- Thank you. I didn't mean to confuse anyone, our anniversary isn't until May. I was just wondering if I could get down past 250 by then.:)

I read your post several times before I read the "un" in front of confident. You know what that tells me, that I see you as a confident woman. The fact that you are determined to do this for you shows that you have confidence on your ability to succeed.

Jo- We are best friends. I love that we both feel young. We still play and have fun together. I see my sisters and they act so much older than they are and so serious. This is not to say that we are not responsible people, but we do not think that taking care of our responsibilities can't be done with a positive attitude and a bit of fun.

I have seen some of the posts on the 30 day shred. It sounds like a tough, but effective workout.

Fat Pants
10-14-2008, 09:14 PM
Hi ladies! Glad to see we are all feeling the burn from a good workout! :wl: I keep hearing about this Jillian Michaels shred... is it that tough?? Sometimes I feel like I can barely make it 15 minutes. :p

Diana I totally agree about being best friends... I also married my best friend and it's the best decision I've ever made. I think it's so important to be close friends with your spouse. If you can't talk to your spouse like a friend, how are you going to relate?? My brother and SIL are really serious and almost grumpy in their marriage... for their sake I hope it lasts but it seems like they are lacking some good fun. Jo your comment about someone who appreciates you no matter how dorky you are... reminds me of something my mom said when she first met my husband (then boyfriend of 3 months). We were all sitting around and I was making some joke about not wearing undewear (long story) and my mom was mortified :yikes: that I would talk that way in front of a guy. She scolded me later and said he would never ask me out again because I tell embarassing stories... I told her I've been my weird, quirky self from the beginning and it hasn't scared him off yet! It's so important to be with someone who truly lets you be yourself and still loves you for it.

Ok enough of my blabbing! :D

I got in 45 minutes at the gym even though I really didn't want to go. I had to go at a later time (meeting with the prof) and it was soooo busy, but I'm glad I did it seeing as how it is freeeezing cold outside, so no outside walking for me today! :shocksn:

10-15-2008, 02:45 PM
I went to the gym Friday and Monday, I'm planning in going Thursday and saturday. I'd like to get in more exercise but I can't seem to make time. I guess I can't stress about it. If all I can do is 3 days thats better than none. I started my low sugar, no salt, calorie counting plan. Boy, this is a challenge. I made the most tasteless dinner last night that I thought I was going to have a mutiny. And after sticking to it all day, I blew it by eating about 7 cookies. What the heck! I can do almost anything once I get started except with food. Its not the food plan its me! I get in my own way! I'm open for suggestions.

10-15-2008, 03:08 PM
Fat Pants: I am glad you were able to get your gym time in. I like the cold because I always feel slimmer when my rings are loose, :lol:.

Your story about your mom was too funny! With me it was my mom and older sister saying embarrassing things in front of my husband when we were dating. Definitely good boyfriend points when he didn't blink an eye at some of what they joked around about.:o

Leure: :hug: Sorry you were good all day and then ate some cookies. One idea I have to help you is to add spice to your cooking. Herbs and spices are how I keep my husband interested in the lower calorie meals. I use a lot of fresh garlic (grated on a cheese grater is wonderful!), lots of different steak seasonings (minus salt), papricka, dill weed, sage, cumin, curry powders etc...

If food is too bland then I will eat it and not feel satisfied, which is why I rarely make chicken unless I can really spice it up with flavor (not necessarily spicy-hot flavor, but spicy lots of nice flavor). If the food is tasty and satisfying I am less likely to want to nibble later.

I also recommend not buying treats that you personally like. For example, just because I am overweight and dieting does not mean my kids cannot have a treat every now and again. I always let them pick the type of cookie, ice cream etc... and nine times out of ten it is not one that I would have picked. Staying away from my favorites and not even keeping them in the house helps tremendously.

I also chew sugarless gum when I start to get that I'm bored I want a snack feeling. Having something to chew satisfies the craving and is only 5 calories compared to whatever I would have found to chew on.:)

10-15-2008, 04:59 PM
Did day 2 of JM shred yesterday, even though I was completely dreading it! But I've got to give it up to my honey, he's really pushing me to get this done! Probably because I whined everyday until it came in the mail! It wasn't as bad on the 2nd day, I think I slacked alot less than I did the first time.
It's a pretty tough dvd Fatpants, definitely one of the hardest I've ever done! She keeps you moving the whole 20 minutes! Each workout is a 2 minute warm up and then three sets of 3min strength, 2min cardio, 1min abs, and then a 2 minute cooldown.

Leure, I agree w/ Diana, spice it up however you can without salt. Last night I baked some chicken tenders that I marinated in LF italian dressing and garlic the night before, and they were delicious! I love cumin and chili powder to give things a kick! Plus alot of hot sauces are really low in calories, and there are some mild ones out there if you don't like your mouth burning!

Fat Pants
10-15-2008, 08:20 PM
Leure - I second all of Diana's and Jo's suggestions. It has taken me a few times of falling off and getting back on (starting, stopping and restarting) with calorie counting to figure out what really works. For me I know if I feel like I can't have something I want, then I just want it more. So I try to plan 90% of my food around healthy, wholesome foods, and leave a little room for something I really want. Like today, I really wanted a nonfat chai latte from starbucks, and that is 230 calories, so I had that with my turkey bacon for breakfast instead of my usual two waffles and turkey bacon. I just find that the more I think about things that I can't have, the more I want them. :p I also totally agree with Diana's suggestion to be things you wouldn't normally eat if someone needs a treat in the house. My husband likes something sweet after dinner so I buy him reduced fat chips ahoy or a type of ice cream that I don't really care for. It makes it so much easier when it's just something you don't like.

I really like to take recipes that may be full-fat and make them more healthy, like using fat free sour cream instead of regular sour cream; or 1/2 the cheese called for in the recipe; swapping ground beef for a leaner ground turkey, etc. For instance on Sunday I made a potato soup recipe that called for heavy cream and instead I used fat free half and half. It is all about being creative... and if you aren't happy with the food you're eating, you're more likely to go off plan! Been there many times, done that a lot. ;)

Jo thanks for the info on JM 30 day shred. I think I am going to pick it up this weekend and start it next Sunday when my husband goes out of town.

Well I managed to drag myself to the gym and do 20 minute weights and 20 minutes HIIT. It was a struggle. I have a few NS victories, though. DH and I went to Chipotle tonight (my favorite place to eat!) Chipotle is normally really bad if you get the burritos. The burrito that I usually like is over 1,000 calories. :yikes: I usually skip the beans and get double rice. Tonight I asked for light on the rice and had a burrito that is about half the size of what I normally get. It was hard NOT to ask for extra rice, but I made it! And... no Dr. Pepper along with it! Oh, willpower! I've finally found you!

The other NS victory is that I can wear a pink sapphire/diamond ring my husband gave me while we were dating. I haven't been able to wear it since we got engaged 3 years ago. I was so happy to put it on in front of him!

Oh, and down .4 today. :woohoo: It's been a good day. Happy exercising, everyone!

Fat Pants
10-17-2008, 09:08 AM
Hi everyone! Hope you're all busy with good things in life!

I took a "break" from the gym yesterday and went on a 2-mile walk with hubby and the dog instead, since the weather was pretty nice. Today was my weigh in and I am down 2.2 lbs from last week. :carrot: Finally the weight is starting to come off after 3 weeks!

10-17-2008, 02:14 PM
:cp:Way to go on the 2.2lbs loss Fatpants! That's awesome!:cp:

I'm still working on losing anything! I know its my fault, I'm still faltering more often than I should when it comes to my eating.:eating2: But I'm definitley feeling better about my exercise routine w/ the 30 day shred. I skipped Wednesday b/c I had a nursing seminar to go to at a local college. I was totallly bummed out after I left.:( They want $57,000 for a two year program!:fr: But every other school has a five year wait just to get in! Ugh...

I'm excited for this weekend! We're going down to my Bf's parent's house in this cute little town. Everyone will be there for the rifle deer hunt, but I'm just excited to get out of the city. A person needs some good fresh air every now and then! And yup, I packed JM and my dumbells!:lifter:

I definitely need to buckle down and start my :gift2: shopping! I can't believe how close it is! I want to be one of those people that doesn't have to go anywhere near a mall in December!

Well, have a good weekend ladies! And may the force be strong in you!:rofl: That was dorky to say!

Fat Pants
10-18-2008, 01:26 PM
Don't have much time, but Jo, I just wanted to say one thing....

JILLIAN MICHAELS IS THE DEVIL!!! :lol: I didn't last 10 minutes. How sad!!!

10-20-2008, 02:14 PM
Hey there guys! We are making it - 10 weeks until Chrustmas ? Nearly. A little over 9.

My weight loss stopped / stalled a little bit. And then I got bad at eating - or good - i don't know. Mmm. But i've gotten into the jogging. Usually I go about 2-3 km, and last night i did 6.3!!

Hooray gmaps pedometer. I love the accuracy of retracing your route.

I don't feel bad, except one hip, so I will give it a night to recover and then whammo, out there again tomorrow!!

I've been walking and jogging more, and doing a few exercises here and there - need to get a set of crunches etc going. Other than that, I'm just trying to follow my LA weightloss plan - but it's hardest being around friends - bad influences.

I guess the best thing about this 15 weeks is that it's great practice for the holiday season! I lost 2.3 lbs over thanksgiving weekend with willpower - fingers crossed, I didn't put it back on this weekend.

Fat Pants
10-20-2008, 09:59 PM
Soon - google maps has a pedometer thing? I should check that out! I've been using mapmyrun.com and it's all right. Way to go on loosing 2 lbs over thanksgiving... I know that's going to be a real challenge for me! It's that whole influences thing.... :D

Well I was a bit bad with the food over the weekend so it was back on track (again) today. I got in 40 minutes at the gym. I exercised my willpower tonight.. hubby is out of town so I was pretty tempted to go get some fast food or mexican, but decided to stay in and make my own. Not as convenient, but way healthier! It's off to study for finals for me... little over a month until the big day(s)!

10-21-2008, 04:52 AM
Uuugggh. I exercised once (twice??) last week, cant even remember. I'm feeling a bit bloated and gross and could really have done with more exercise this past week but I was away from home and I did walk a bit. Off to the gym to update my membership to 6 month tonight and then really push myself for my recent negligence.

10-21-2008, 10:40 AM
Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared over the weekend. We took some much needed family time and stayed off the computer and unplugged the phone. It was sooooo relaxing. We went to the mall one day and a photographer was there with a fairy forest set. She dressed the girls up as fairies and they looked adorable. We ended up buying them all and getting her card. In the Spring she is doing mermaids and pirates.:)

If any of you want to take a peek they are on our family website. I will put it here with spaces, but there are none in the address.

www. Garlandweb .net

Jo: The Shred sounds challenging. I may have to get it, but it might be awhile before I can do it, lol.

I hear you on the holiday shopping. We already have the girls done and I picked up one thing for dh when I got his birthday present. I still have about half the nieces and nephews, but we only give to children under 18.

Adults we pull names because there are so many of us, so that should not take long.

Fat Pants: You are so right about wanting something more if I tell myself I can't have it. I had a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks the other day. My absolute favorite. I look forward to it all year. We got a small and I split it with dh. I probably only had two ounces, but I counted the calories for the whole thing to be safe.

Congratulations on your NSV!!:carrot: Being able to go to a favorite restaurant and not overdue it is a huge step! I avoid pizza places like the plague.:devil: No self control there.

Yea! on your ring fitting. I bet every day you wear it your will power will be stronger because it is a reminder you can do it. Good job on being down 2.2lbs!

Spoz: Making a commitment at the gym will help you exercise more. I would feel I had to get my money's worth. Being away from home does make it hard to keep to a schedule and diet plan.

I did not weigh myself Saturday because I was still all bloated and icky feeling from TOM. I did weigh myself this morning and I am down 2lbs from the last time I weighed myself. I felt so huge all week it was nice to see the weight was just water retention.

I had my first NSV yesterday. My pants are getting a bit baggy and when I reached in my dresser to get dressed yesterday I accidentally grabbed the ones I was wearing before I got pregnant with Olivia three years ago. I thought what the heck and tried them on. They fit!! The waist fit perfect and the thighs and legs were loose, yea!! So I am one pant size down from when I started this plan.:)

10-21-2008, 05:36 PM
Yeah, Jillian is evil!:devil: The first day I tried the dvd I only lasted about 5 mintues! Its getting a bit easier as I go. I notice the days when I've done it in a row are not as bad as when i've skipped a few.

Good job on eating at home while your husband is gone fatpants!:carrot: The last time my bf left town I ordered mexican takeout! It was a chicken salad, but still not the healthiest thing! I definitely eat better when he's around, cuz I know he'll guilt trip me for cheating when he's there! :o

I ate horrible over the weekend!:tantrum: Friday night we had papa murphy's, no thin crust unfortunately, and then I had it for breakfast again saturday! Ugh! I can't resist when there's pizza in the fridge! I practically dreamt about it all night!:jeno::jeno::jeno: Lately I've been fluctuating between 155-157, Monday morning I was 159!:yikes: So I've definitely cut down so far this week and I've been writing down everything I eat and the calories for it. It helps me keep track better than having them online at fitday, this way my numbers are constantly around me.

That's a great idea to cut of all distracting electronics for the weekend! When we go to my bf's parents' house its like that. There's no computer and neither of us keep our cell phone's on us. It'd be nice to try that in the city... It would be nice to have some undistracted time with honey...:cofdate:

I'm starting my Christmas shopping this weekend! I'm so excited! It should be easy this year, I don't have to get my bf much since our present to eachother is Disneyland. I am getting him Toy Story on DVD though, its his favorite! Speaking of that! I got Sleeping Beauty on DVD Sunday night, I love that movie! It's definitely one of my favorite Disney movies!:woohoo:

Well, my goals for this week are no soda whatsoever, and to do JM at least 5 days straight. :crossed:

Fat Pants
10-22-2008, 09:06 AM
Hi everyone, hope your week is going well so far!

Diana - what a great idea to turn off the computer and just hang out together. For us that would probably be the TV at our house. When I think about it, it's such a waste of time, especially when nothing's on! I love the pictures of your little girls...they are just so adorable! Such cuties! You have lots of be proud of. Way to go on the 2 lb loss and the baggy pants! I was looking at your ticker... only 8 lbs away from your first goal!! :woohoo:

Jo - yeah you weren't kidding about JM. It's good to know I'm not the only one who pooped out after five minutes the first time. ;) I keep thinking the exercises aren't THAT hard when I watch it, but they ARE! I love Toy Story... I bet your bf will love it!

Well, where am I... I got in some decent workouts at the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Today I will most likely skip as I have a meeting with my professor after work, and then it's time to buckle down and study for the next two nights. Funny, I hate exercising but I'm kind of bummed about missing the gym today. If I get home by 4 I will probably still go... it's not like I'm going to do any studying between getting home and making dinner anyway, might as well go to the gym and put my time to good use! I am holding steady at 202... I ate pretty poorly with my friends last night so I'm just glad not to see a gain.

10-23-2008, 08:01 AM
Jo: Having no distractions was definitely relaxing. The weather on Saturday was blustery and the girls actually managed to fly kites! They had a blast. Toy Story is a great film! I don't know if it was on national news or just local, but a father and his autistic son were in the ocean on vacation and got pulled out by a rip tide. The boy loves Toy Story and when it got dark the father would say "To Infinity" and the boy would respond with "And Beyond" and the father knew his son was okay. The Coast Guard found them and saved them, but I bet that dad was worried to death about his son. Disney heard the story and brought them to Disney World for free. Gave me goosebumps when it was on the news and my husband wonders why I don't want to take the girls to the beach when it is only 5 miles away.

Sleeping Beauty is my husband's favorite Disney film. He loves the dragon at the end. My favorite is Lady and the Tramp followed closely by Beauty and the Beast. We are definitely Disney film collectors. People think they are for the girls, but the truth is the majority of them were bought years before we had any children. :o

You can do the no soda week! I gave up soda due to the expense and the salt and wow, what a difference. Before I struggled to get all my water in, but now it is all I drink, aside from my absolute must have coffee in the morning. Wow! 5 days straight of JM. You can do it, go! go! go! :carrot::carrot: (Okay, I am a bit jazzed up this morning. My sister needed a sitter this morning because my mom is having an MRI and she usually watches my niece. She had to leave for work at 5am. I was afraid I would fall asleep and drank like a whole pot of coffee!)

Fat Pants: Thank you. The girls are hams in front of a camera. Olivia cried when her turn was over and it was Zoe's turn.

I know, I can't believe I only have 8lbs to go on my 10% goal. Of course when you weigh so much 10% is a much bigger number, lol. I prefer to tell my sisters I've lost "blah" pounds because it sounds like I worked much harder than saying 5% or so.:) The little victories, lol.

We do not watch too much television. We have a few favorite shows, but some are in reruns right now. We like Heroes, and that new Fringe is pretty good, so Mondays we watch those. On Tuesdays we like Eureka, but it is off season right now. Wednesday's I like Bones and he likes Pushing Daisies, so we alternate. Thursday I hate to admit I am a total geek and watch Smallville and sometimes CSI if I feel up to something that might be icky. I use to watch Stargate on Friday and Dr. Who, but neither is on right now and nothing on Saturday and Sunday. It sounds like a lot now that I've typed it out, but I guess 1 to 2 hours a day is not bad on 5 days of the week.

We like to play World of Warcraft together which is why no computers last weekend. The expansion comes out soon and I do not want to hear too many spoilers about it from the Beta testers. We started playing when Olivia was born because I was on bedrest for so long before hand and then on maternity leave for 10 weeks and then we kept going as a "date" night because we did not trust a sitter with our newborn, lol. Now that we are at the level cap it is just fun to go destroy enemies together.:) I keep telling my husband he corrupted me and made me a science fiction geek, lol. He bought me my first sci-fi novel and introduced me to multi-player online computer gaming.:)

Now that I have digressed like crazy, my plan for the week is to continue exercising everyday whether I want to or not. Drink all my water, I have been slacking a little due to it not being as hot outside, and no Halloween candy! I love Reece's so that will be a hard one.

Have a great day everyone.

Fat Pants
10-24-2008, 09:44 AM
Diana I think any time you connect with your spouse or kids is a great thing, even if it's with a computer game or tv show. :) My husband and I make it a point to watch The Office together every Thursday. It's true, it does seem like a date whenever you get to do it.

Are you going to treat yourself to something when you reach your first goal? Maybe a pedicure or a new pair of shoes? :D

Well, for me this week....

WARNING: about to verbally vomit on this thread.... :o

It has been a really rough week. My husband has been gone all week during a week where it seems like I needed him the most. He gets back today, thank goodness. I don't really sleep well when he's gone so that's enough stress as it is. Plus he has been on site (he designs ejection seats for the military) all week doing this test and has been entertaining Air Force folks at night so I haven't been able to talk to him much at all. Big downer, but normally I could handle it.

I ordered a dress to wear for our upcoming company Christmas parties and got it on Wednesday. It fit but if I were being honest, i'm just still too fat. I would look good if I were about 25 lbs lighter, which is not going to happen in the 8 weeks I have until the parties. :D So, I was pretty upset about it, but managed to pull myself together and find a dress I like even better at David's Bridal. It worked out in the end.

But yesterday was just awful. I had a really bad day at work and I'm so sensitive that I just take everything way too personally, even if it's constructive criticism. My comps are in 3 weeks and I started really studying last night after doing research for two weeks and compiling articles. Last night I started writing out my answers and just totally lost it. :cry: I must have cried for a good 15 minutes, but I think I just needed to get all of the mounting stres out somewhere. I'm just so overwhelmed and afraid I'm going to fail my exams and not graduate. I used to wonder why everyone would freak out about comps and now I know! To top things off, I was waking up at least once an hour last night, dreaming about comps while asleep and worrying about work while awake. Let's just say Starbucks got a visit from me this morning. :coffee:

Ok. I need to pull myself up and dust myself off. All of the stress caused me to weigh in at 201.0 this morning :fr: There was only one day that I didn't really eat a whole lot but I made sure I ate between 1300-1600 (including Mcdonald's yesterday) each day. So, either God's being really kind to me because it's been such a hard week, or it's stress. I don't know if it's a real loss, but i'll take it.

And I need to go to the gym regularly to work off this stress and tension! At least hubby comes home tonight. I will be sooo happy to see him.

10-24-2008, 06:24 PM
FP: :hug: I'm sorry you had such a rough week. I am glad the dress situation worked out because I know I always feel better at a gathering when I know my clothes look good.

The stress can do that to you. I was not stressed about my comprehensive exam until I found out that if I failed I could only retake it once and if I failed again I could never get my degree from them. Until I learned that I thought people overreacted to comps. I think you will find that you are nervous until the test as you study, but on test day you will feel fine. I don't know what a math major's comprehensive is like, but for my literature one we got a list of what novels and concepts the questions "could" be from. I found organizing my notes by the list made it easier to study then going back over my class notes. If that could work for your upcoming exam then it might relieve some of your stress to have your notes all in one place to study from.

Yea! on the weight loss. With all the exercising you have been doing I'm sure it is a real loss.


10-25-2008, 02:48 AM
It sounds like everyone is doing really well!

FP: Just think all of the stress will be lifted by the time you go Christmas Shopping in December!

Diana: I agree with the soda, I've felt much better without it! And also with the Disney movies! My husband thinks I was stocking up on them before we had a baby and that I'm just completing the collection now..........right and why was it I had them all on VHS in the first place! I think Beauty and the Beast and Mulan are my favorites!

I have so missed being on here! I've been swamped lately though,with work and exercising and I had to decorate a cake for my cousins birthday so there went one of my days off. I joined a club that bakes for soldiers too so it is nice to finally have time to get on here and catch up! As tempting as all of the baking has been I've managed to stay under 1400 calories all but one day in the past few weeks, and I've done my 30 min cardio everyday except for 3 that I was sick last week. Anyway weigh in is tomorrow so hopefully something has happened! I'm really getting sick of Luna bars...... :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Fat Pants
10-27-2008, 09:17 AM
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. We had some nice fall weather here. We went to a pumpkin carving party at our neighbor's house where I ate too much. Well, let's just say I ate too much the entire weekend. Darn TOM makes me feel like I could just eat everything in sight. I really slacked off last week. Time to get back on the horse!

I feel more under control with the whole finals issue - got a good gameplan for studying worked out so I just need to stay disciplined. I still have three weeks, so if I study for an hour each night then I should be more than fine. I also figured out that if I take one research article to the gym with me, it makes the exercising go by faster, and I am actually able to better concentrate on the reading. Two birds with one stone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Any ideas for surviving Halloween? We have lots of little kids on our street so I'm sure we'll be getting our fair share of trick or treaters. :sklol:

10-30-2008, 05:13 PM
Jen: lol. I keep buying the DvD's and my husband is like, "don't you have that one on VHS?" Doesn't he know they wear out. ;) I am glad that you are keeping up with your exercising in your busy schedule. I have been a bit swamped around here lately too, so I have not been posting as often. I applaud you for baking without sampling.:carrot: I could not do that. I love baked goods.

Fat Pants: Sounds like a great plan for exercizing and studying all at once. I agree one hour a night is plenty. You don't want to overdo it. My plan for Halloween is to give away all of our candy and I won't touch the girls because I would feel that was "taking candy from a baby" lol. I would love to be the last kid at our house before I turn off the porch light. He or she will get a bagful.:)

I have been faithful to my exercising. The weather has been so gorgeous (70's) that I have been taking the girls out for long walks by myself. The double stroller is a bit rough over the unsidewalked areas but the fresh air is magnificent. I have not lost much lately, but I measured my waist and it is down 6 inches from when I first measured it.:)

I am off to take the girls out now. Later.

11-02-2008, 11:12 AM
Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great Halloween. The girls had a blast. The 3 year old was snow white and the 2 year old was Tinkerbell. They looked adorable; although, I am still washing glitter out of their hair.:dizzy:

So far I have been very good staying away from the candy. I did have 1 Reece Peanut butter cup on Halloween night, but I knew if I did not that I would have obsessed over it. Having had it I can now ignore them.

The girls are bummed today. There was to be a picnic today, a sort of fall festival with hay rides etc... and it is raining with a 60% chance for the rest of the day. I am pretty sure it will be postponed, but if it isn't I am thinking it would not be a good idea to take them. They both swell up horribly when they get mosquito bites and I bet the field is muddy and wet even if it stops raining. :( There dad is in trouble though, lol. He told them we would bake cookies later if we could not go. What is he trying to do to me! I think he was just hoping to do something fun to get their minds off the picnic, but geesh.

Have a great day everyone!

katie m a r i e
11-02-2008, 02:41 PM
Well its only about nine weeks now, or so? But I would love to just try starting now. :] Besides, thinking of it as 'A Challenge Until Christmas' seems a lot better than just a 'Nine Week Challenge'. My reward for hard work can be all the presents and warm fuzzy feelings. :3 So I guess I shall start today!

Week 1 [11-2-08/11-9-08]
Sunday :: 30 Minutes Biking
Monday :: 20 Minutes Biking
Tuesday :: 30 Minutes Walking
Wednesday :: 30 Minutes DDR
Thursday :: 30 Minutes Biking
Friday :: 30 Minutes DDR
Saturday :: 30 Minutes Biking


11-02-2008, 09:51 PM
Katie Marie: Welcome! I have lost count of how many weeks are left. I am more a "until Christmas" mindset as well. Warm fuzzy feelings is a goal worthy of working towards. I love the holidays and being able to feel good about myself will add to that enjoyment.

I understand the walking and the biking, but what does DDR stand for? Is it Dance Dance Revolution? Just going with the initials there, lol.

Have a great night everyone.

katie m a r i e
11-03-2008, 12:21 AM
Ha ha. :] DDR does in fact stand for Dance Dance Revolution. My mom got it way back for us to play together for exercise, and its been collecting dust in the corner. I don't know why I ignore it so much. It burns a lot of calories, its indoors, and its fun. Hopefully I'll start using it a lot more, especially since its getting into the colder months... even in Texas...

Fat Pants
11-04-2008, 01:29 PM
Hey everyone! hope you're all doing well. I've been tremendously busy with studying for comps (I should be done two weeks from today!) and just trying to keep my sanity.

I have NOT been exercising much... I seem to have lost my motivation. :( I'm tired all the time from working all day and studying all night. The good news is I continue to lose weight, albeit more slowly than if I was exercising, but I'll take it. I'm less than one pound away from ONEderland, so hopefully I'll break that barrier by the end of this week! :woohoo:

11-04-2008, 01:36 PM
Katie Marie: I have thought about it a few times, but was not sure if it was fun for someone with two left feet. :( My nickname as a child was Grace.:)

How is everyone doing? Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. The girls and I made him cupcakes instead of a cake. They decorated them all by themselves. I think there was more frosting and sprinkles on my table and in their hair than on the cupcakes.

I hope I did not blow my diet too badly. Yesterday I had a good breakfast of low carb toast (80 calories) with spray parkay and 1/4 cup on egg beaters, so I started off on plan. Over the course of the day though I ate two cupcakes and two pork chops and about a cup of homemade scalloped potatoes. My husband's favorite and he asked for it on his birthday. I did not eat lunch and my veggies were non-existent yesterday. I feel horribly guilty. I know it will take a few days to show up on the scale, but I am hoping the two cupcakes and the potatoes were not too bad for me.

Today I am back on track. I had Cheerios and fruit for breakfast then took a four mile brisk walk and then had a 100 calorie yoplait light for a snack. I plan on a turkey sandwich and salad for lunch, an apple and peanut butter for mid-afternoon snack and something light like fish or vegetarian for dinner. I might hop on the treadmill later while watching television to feel a bit better about the sweets yesterday.

On a positive note I still have not touched the kid's Halloween candy.

Have a great day everyone!:)

11-08-2008, 09:44 AM
Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I was surprised to be down two pounds this morning after the birthday cupcakes, but woohoo! Now hopefully they won't show up this week.:) I have been exercising every day though to make up for it. I hope to meet my short term goal by Thanksgiving. Hopefully that will keep me motivated to not overeat during the holiday, especially since I am cooking. I am a taste as I go along person and those calories add up. My downfall on Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie and crunchy Turkey skin. The worst part of the Turkey! I plan to use splenda in my pumpkin pie, so one piece shouldn't kill me if I do not eat all the crust.

Fat Pants: I am sorry I missed your question about rewarding myself. I do plan to reward myself when I meet my first mini-goal. I am not sure how yet. My husband told me not to buy any perfume until after the holidays, which pretty much tells me I am getting some, but no idea which one. I was thinking about getting my highlights done again before the holidays, but dh said that was a maintenance expense and doesn't count.

I think if I find a good book I've been wanting I will get that as a reward.:)

Fat Pants
11-10-2008, 05:03 PM
Diana, way to go on another two pounds!! you are such an inspiration! I hear you on the turkey... my dad always fries the turkey and it is oooohhhhh soooo goood. It will be difficult not to overeat. But I bet you can do it, especially since you're in control of the food! :D I think a book sounds like a great idea for a reward! You've definitely earned it. :D

Well my big week is here. My comps are on Friday. I am tired, stressed, overwhelmed, you name it. somehow I managed to lose another .4 lbs last week. Slowly but surely, and I have not been exercising at all, save for a walk last weekend when the weather was decent. I'm only .2 away from ONEderland...wow! The only thing I can think of is that I'm so stressed about my finals that I am too busy to think about eating.. :lol: It will all be over a week from tomorrow. It can't be here soon enough!

Keep up the good work, everyone! I can't wait to get my life back and be able to think about things other than school... like exercise!

11-12-2008, 12:50 PM
Fat Pants: I had fried turkey once; it was amazing. I am marinating mine in an apple brandy mix that I got from Emeril Lagasse on the food network. I am hoping if the meat is flavorful I will not want to use the gravy I will be making for everyone. I do love being in control of what is made. I plan to make the make ahead potatoes before my husband gets home from work. I will swap out the sour cream and cream cheese with he fat free variants. I did that last year and no one noticed and everyone said how good they were. It really cuts down the calories, even though they are still high because of the potatoes. For vegetables I plant to make green beens with shallots and maybe some sauted spinach. I always use splenda in my Pumpkin pie, so if I skip the crust that won't be too bad I hope, lol. I can't watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade with the girls without my pumpkin pie and coffee.:D

Way to go on the loss! Woohoo, Onederland is right around the corner for you. Stress might have something to do with it, but I know you will do fine. I wish you calm nerves and clear thoughts on Friday!!:) You will succeed!

I have been browsing Amazon for new books by my favorite authors, but have not settled on the one I want yet. I think I am in the mood for something Science Fiction. I was thinking about Neal Stephenson's new one, but have not read any reviews on it yet.

I cannot wait to be able to buy some new pants. I am down one size, but luckily I still had some nice pants and jeans from before I got pregant with Olivia and they fit nicely now and are actually baggy on the legs. As soon as I reach my 10% goal I am going to have my husband take my picture. I have a starting photo and am hoping to take a new one each 10% loss or other milestone.

Have a great day everyone.

Fat Pants
11-13-2008, 11:24 AM
Wel I have weighed consistently in the 199s for three days now so unless I totally blow it today, tomorrow's official weigh in should be a nice start to a tough day! :D

11-19-2008, 09:50 AM
Fat Pants: :carrot:Congratulations on Onederland!! I am so happy for you.

How did things go on Friday?

Sorry I haven't been on lately. I had a stack of term papers to grade and each one took me about 45 minutes so I had no free time this past week. Thankfully they are all done until the 30th when I have a new batch to grade.

I was retaining water all week and getting discouraged that I was not going to ever reach my mini-goal, but I made it!! :dance: I weighed in at 265 this morning!! I am so happy. I go to the Doctors today to get my bloodwork results. I am hoping to see a major improvement in my blood sugar since starting all of this exercising. All of that walking :tread: paid off. Have a great day everyone.

11-19-2008, 10:28 AM
Fatpants and diana it's great to see you're both doing so well. Bet you're glad you've got all that grading done now Diana :D

Sorry I havent posted in almost a month - My gym membership ran out last month and I couldn't afford to renew it, so I've been busying myself with overing my binge eating disorder and college work. I updated my membership yesterday however,s so I'm back in the game now :)

11-19-2008, 01:37 PM
Spoz, Great to see you! I definitely understand about the gym membership. I do walking because I can't afford a gym and a baby sitter.

I am definitely less stressed without the paper's hanging over my head. I do not mind them when they are good papers, but the not so good one's take forever because I put detailed notes on them all.:dizzy:

I am taking the girls out today to celebrate. My oldest has been dying to go out "somewhere exciting" lol.