Weight and Resistance Training - 'New Rules of Lifting for Women' & my Weider home gym

Shannon in ATL
09-10-2008, 02:04 PM
I've been looking at getting the 'New Rules of Lifting for Women' book, and I'm wondering if it is something that I can adapt to use with my Weider Max home gym?

I'm having a hard time figuring out what exercises to do on the Weider, how often to workout on it, that kind of thing, so looking for some insight, inspiration, something! :)

09-10-2008, 02:20 PM
Do you also have free weights? I believe if you have free weights (dumbbells and what not), then you can do the modifications to do the workouts.

For some things, you may be able to use your home gym but for other things you may need to use free weights.

Just thinking of the first phase, squats, lunges, deadlifts, stepups would require some free weights (or body weight). Lat pulldowns and rows could probably be done with your machine? Depending on your machine the shoulder presses could be done with your machine but since they are dumbbell shoulder presses, I'd say just use dumbbells. You'd need a ball for the 2 crunches.

As for how often, I'd say every other day although the book does give guidance on how often and I highly recommend reading the book through before starting the program.

Shannon in ATL
09-10-2008, 02:38 PM

09-10-2008, 02:42 PM
Yeah, what nelie said. In general, if you read through the book, they advocate a lot more free weight work, and less about the machines.

There are a small handful of things that are machine based, but I'd say the vast majority of the exercises are dumbell/barbell based. Or body resistance.