Weight Loss Support - From Earth to the Moon: Revised Challenge

04-07-2002, 02:06 PM
Happy Sunday, Earthlings! I'm selfishly dropping out of the Earth Day Challenge and creating a new challenge for myself to lose SEVEN pounds by April 28, which is the Sunday after the approximate date of the full moon of April.

I'm doing this because I still love these challenges but the last one wasn't working ... I was going in the wrong direction, my weigh-in was UP only a half pound, but that was consistent with the high calories I took in all week and the low exercise, which I don't regret (either) because that's what my body needed. But I am absolutely determined to do two things this spring ... either get a full-time job (seems impossible) or go to school or something AND reach approximately the level of weight and fitness I've been working for so long.

So I'm revamping my weight loss calendar to "box in" this indulgent week and shoot for the moon so as to at least get back on the right track and not waste April in a haze of long naps, depression and swimming in vats of dulce de leche (there's a thought).

Here's to the Earth AND the Moon! Peace, children!

04-08-2002, 12:18 AM
Had a really good "new start" ... ending with 1760 calories; a.m. exercise was 30 minutes of easy walking, p.m. 60 minutes of fitness walking.

BTW, I did not mean for this to be a replacement for the other thread ... just needed to start over and needed an "extension" ... hope everyone continues on whatever challenge helps them the most ... join me to the full moon or rally round Earth Day.


04-08-2002, 09:14 AM
Crone...count me in either way.....today is my fresh start...I HOPE....now that the weather seems to be improving.....I can take Kail walking during the day while hubby is at work and Jesse is at school....and then once I get Kails ear plugs made end of month I can take him to the Y swimming with me....I even went yesterday and bought a really nice new stroller for Kail so I could start walking again.......so count me in and I will say that from now until April 28 ( I think thats the date you said ) I will try my hardest to reach a goal of being down 7lbs (wish I could pledge more but it comes off so slow I don't dare ).

Take care all....LisaL

Does anyone know when Angel gets back from her vacation with the boys??? Sure do miss hearing from her!!!

04-08-2002, 04:45 PM
Hi Crone and everybody!
Suits me--actually in my mind I was extending the challenge thru till May Day, a date that's close to my heart.
I'll do my weigh-in tomorrow morning and will check in with the news!;)

04-08-2002, 10:01 PM
Hi ladies...
Can I join you too?
When are the weigh ins ?

Day one
Food : OK, stayed in my points range.
Exercise : 2 hours, cardio then weight training.
Motivation : Great, really feel like it's gonna happen this time.
Goal for the challenge : lose anything between 3 and ? by april 28 !
I totally relate to the the full time job or fitness level part :dizzy:

kelly 202 - 183,5- 147

04-09-2002, 12:15 AM
Hello, everyone! I'm about to go to bed ... had a discouraging career day but a good weight management one. Ended with 1680 calories; 40 minutes of fitness walking (divided into two segments).

Welcome, Kelly25!! :) Looks like you had a good day, too! You can certainly join us ... we don't have any rules and everybody weighs in when they want to! I weigh-in every Sunday morning and have done so for approximately six years. :)

Thanks, Eydie and Mom for not minding about the extension. Actually, I never thought of May Day. That sounds like a neat holiday, too. A community I used to cover had a May Pole dance every year and a picnic. It was so nice.

Angel-Eyes posted on the other thread. She's back from her vacation ... not sure if she wants to switch to this thread or didn't see it. Didn't mean to confuse anyone. :)

Peace to all!

04-09-2002, 07:07 AM
Good morning!

Am out of bed before dawn for my weigh-in and a quickie workout. Hang onto something, 'cause it looks like I've lost 1 whole pound! Hooray for me! Why didn't someone tell meabout this calorie counting thing earlier? I didn't do it because it was too obvious, I guess!

My big challenge for today is being at work for 14 hours. I have a lunch to prepare for the art class and then in the evening I'm preparing a reception for an evening program. Doesn't seem practical to drive home and back again so I'm staying straight thru. I'm going to bring my play clothes and go for a walk and do my yoga and I have access to a shower so I can be decent for tonight. Lunch is healthy and low-fat so I can dine with the artists, it's the reception food I have to stay away from! Eternal Vigilance!!!!

Welcome, Kelly!!! :D

Crone, do you hear anything from Babette?

04-09-2002, 10:02 AM
Kelly, welcome aboard.....we are always ready to take on another "earthling".!!!
Weigh ins are whenever your usual weigh in is....we normally keep a running tab and you just update it as needed with your posts.

Angel....sure glad to see your back.....glad to hear you all had a great time and jealous to hear you had so much SUN.....it was sunny here this weekend but wind was chilly....How did the boys enjoy themselves?

Crone.....I dont think you will confuse anyone with this new thread.....they will see it growing and the other one not growing and they will leap aboard with us here.

Eydie.....hope you survive your LONG 14 hr day.....and enjoy squeezing in your walk yoga and shower.....!!!

Gotta scoot for now....trying to get stuff packed up still that we dont use on a daily basis.....so I am SOMEWHAT ahead of the game when they tell us we are in the clear to move into the house........take care ya'll....LisaL

04-09-2002, 10:06 AM
Crone....just letting you know I left a message on the other thread stating that there had been a revision and for everyone to fly on over here with us earthlings........LisaL

04-09-2002, 11:51 AM
Good-morning, Earthlings and Moon Dwellers! I'm very happy it's morning, as I felt stressed all night and desirous of eating lots of sweet things, but managed to resist the calories' siren call.

Momto2Boys: Thanks for posting a message on the other thread! For some reason, I didn't think to do that. I believe I need a nice vacation somewhere also. :)

Eydie: Fourteen hours is a long time. Good luck on that. I used to work those kind of days but now four hours is more my speed! :)

Haven't seen anything from Babette for awhile, not even the 21-day challenge thread she was posting on or LLB's "What are we hungry for?" thread. Hopefully, she's happily immersed in lots of work and will be back soon.

Hi to Angel-Eyes, JoJo and everyone! I'm off now to look for a job yet again.

04-09-2002, 01:24 PM
Hi Everyone. I've just spent awhile getting caught up.....so many posts to read. So nice to see everyone again. Sorry about not posting earlier....I was also confused on which thread to post, but thanks to my friend Mom,....now I know!!

I just returned from a weeks holidays on the coast of Georgia. It was absolutely gorgeous!!! And yes, even though I used spf 45....I still got a really bad burn. Easter came and went terribly, I couldn't keep out of the bunnies but the next day, I left for the week and left those darn things behind. Even the boys, have forgotten about them, (I must toss them out or I'll be nibbling them again) I tried my best to stay on points, but at times I know I went over. Today is my first day back to journaling, and so far so good. Glad to be back!!

Mom....so good to hear that the surgery went well, now for number 2 son. And congratulations on your new house!!! YEAH...no more nasty landlord!!! When do you move? when is the closing date? A packing we will go....a packing we will go.....good luck!!

04-09-2002, 02:38 PM
I wish you the best of luck in finding a new job.....maybe that is your cause of this stress and wanting to eat those HORRIBLE EVIL SWEETS that we all soooooooo love...ha ha...anyhow....good luck....you wont need it though...your a strong woman who will get what she wants in the end!!!

Angel.....do you really feel the need to rub it into me at how LOVELY your weather was on vacation ??? LOL... it got really cold here again for a week or so I guess and now its absolutely beautiful out....I took the storm windows off two windows in the living room so Kail and I could enjoy the breeze coming in while I do some baking......I always make huge batches of cookies up and freeze them for the boys......that way in the morning I toss a baggie of frozen ones into Jesse's school bag and by snack time they are thawed and ready......so I shall scoot for now as I am off to start baking.....take care all......LisaL

wondering where babette, joanie, morrigan, joshiesmommy and those other lurkers have snuck off are???? Hope your all doing well!!!

04-09-2002, 11:35 PM
Wow, so many news, so many people, I'm kind of confused, but I'll catch up with you eventually !!!!!!
;) :D :dizzy:

Day 2
I'm having a great time losing right now... last month I was really low and demotivated, I'm really back on track !!!!!

Food : OK, stayed in my points range. Even at night...like you Crone, it's a miracle I kept away from the kitchen last night, plus I'm alone with the kids all this week...
Exercise : free day today.
Motivation : Still great !!!

Goal for the challenge : lose anything between 3 and ? by april 28 !
Starting weight : 182 today

Kelly 202 - 182 - 147

04-10-2002, 09:42 AM
Hi Everyone. Just checking in, sorry my weigh in isn't until Sat am and since I was away last week; I'm not really sure where I stand yet. I was pretty cautious while away, and tried to stay within my pts. (have to admit, while at the beach and having a good time I did my pts in my head......)
Congratulations to all the Losers so far!!!And Gennel?.....YOU GO GIRL!!!

Today is another day, so for all of you.....not sure if you're on plan, just start again. Out with the old, no guilt and begin anew!!
So far, since coming back from Georgia......I'm okay, so I'll just keep what I'm doing. Have a great day!!

04-10-2002, 02:42 PM
Hey, I think I found that pound that I lost!:lol: After 27 days of 'good behavior' it all came crashing down yesterday because the stress of a 14- hour day got to be too much for me. [a little cookie binge!] The good part is today I'm completely back on track and feeling good. A new thing for me because ususally it takes me a few days to get back in the groove.
And I'd like to thank my ever-resiliant body publicly for waking up this morning craving pineapple, oceans of water, and a long walk! So forgiving!

04-10-2002, 11:41 PM
Moon to Earth, hello! :) I am having a mellow day and, inspired by Eydie, having a pineapple/yogurt shake (lassi) and drinking lots of water. I've also walked a total of two hours, 70 minutes in the desert this morning and 50 around the neighborhood this p.m. Calories ending at 1775.

Eydie: Thanks for reminding me of the benefits of lots of water when life doesn't go well. Sounds like you are adept at hopping right back on track!

Angel-Eyes: Georgia sounds like a great vacation spot. I've never been there but would like to see everything in that area someday. Glad you had a good time. Did I miss something? Who is Gennel?

Kelly: I love your "great" motivation; it is contagious! :) When optimism and motivation are high, anything can be accomplished. It is harder to stay away from binges at night. Sometimes I solve this by simply starting my new calorie day at midnight so I can have a snack. It just goes on the next day's count. Sometimes, though, that's not enough to stop me from bingeing. Don't feel it'll happen tonight, though.

Momto2: Thanks for your "strong woman" comment! :) I was pretty discouraged yesterday and just seeing those words acted like a pick-me-up ... you are right, I am danged strong! Thin, too! :)

Six pounds by the 28th! Here I go!

04-11-2002, 12:20 AM
Hi Crone. Leave it to you to find my little slip up...lol This morning I wasn't too energetic and I copied and pasted a post of mine from another thread. (what can I say?...I hadn't had my coffee yet....lol) Gennel is another member here and lost 5.5 lbs; hence my YOU GO GIRL!!...HAHA

04-11-2002, 02:43 AM
:cool: Ah, a mystery solved, Angel-Eyes. Gennel does indeed deserve a "You Go Girl!" for 5.5 pounds! I second it. :)

I'm madly surfing the net for jobs at the moment, in common with probably 10 million other job seekers with similar if not better qualifications. This is making me want to go out for ice cream, but I'm resisting.

04-11-2002, 09:21 AM
been lurking alot lately, just to check in on everybody. So I figured I'd better post so you knew I was still alive. :D

Everythings been crazy around here, I ended up working a couple doubles at work and it sure paid a toll on my diet. I really have a problem sticking with my diet when I get soooo tired so I ended up taking an extra freeday, so I ended the week not losing but actually gaining .5lbs. but I have not only dropped that weight but another 4lbs. already this week. I even rode my bike for 50 minutes yesterday. Thats the most bike riding i think i've ever done. :smug:

Well I hope everyone is doing good and hope to here more from everyone soon.


04-11-2002, 09:59 PM
Hello, Earthlings and Moon Dwellers! Having a quiet day, ended eating with 1650 calories and doubt that it'll go up tonight; exercise was 30 minutes of weights a.m., 30 minute walk p.m.

Sheila: Glad you delurked. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 4.5 POUND LOSS!!! Sometimes the most difficult weight management weeks are the very ones where good losses occur. It's really ok to take extra free days or eat or rest a bit more to compensate for extra work and stress. IMO, it's a good thing, as your body knows what is best. Congrats again!

04-12-2002, 09:50 AM
Good morning girls....How are you all doing?
Sheila....way to go on that 4.5lb loss...that is terrific!!!

I am going to pull out of this challenge for now....I can not seem to get my act together and its not worth even attempting to post a loss or gain....because right now at this point....I dont know what the deal is...but I feel so darn hungry all the time....It doesnt matter if I drink a gallon of water....I am still finding myself wanting to eat out of hunger for the most part and then boredom sits in and I want to eat even more....So, until I can get myself together and back on track I will just cheer those of you who have your act together on......!!!

Angel....how are the boys doing? How is hubby enjoying his new job and surroundings? You seem pretty well adjusted to the new environment...INCLUDING THE SUN AND WARM WEATHER....LOL

Well, I shall go for now.....I got a ton of laundry to do....boys dumped a cup of drink all over Jesse's bed last night so I am having to wash all his bedding...on top of the everyday laundry we go thru!!!....I also need to start getting this apt cleaned up.....in-laws are up from Florida on Monday.....yahooo....free babysitting.....LOL

Talk to you all later....LisaL

04-12-2002, 10:33 AM
Momto2--I completely understand about the highs and lows of this journey but don't stop visiting altogether. Sometimes when things aren't going well for me I find that I post much less but it doesn't feel like I'm being real so I come back and declare it--warts and all!!!

I haven't been a paragon of fitness virtue lately myself. Last night I had a little ice cream binge. You'd think after all these years I would come to the final conclusion that I just can't have it in the house. Oh well...as my signature says I'm a 'goddess-in-training', not there yet!!!:lol:

Going out into the big bad world today and I'm going to try not to succumb to all the food treats that the big city has to offer. However, I'm going to a Asian market and a Middle Eastern market to see if I can find something exotic I've never tried before. Hopefully it'll be something lo-cal too!;)

04-12-2002, 12:17 PM
Momto2: Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, Kemo Sabe! :) It's really hard to stay on the straight and narrow weight management track. I just chip away at fitness, day by day, like everything in life. The challenge is pretty casual, so don't give up completely; it's just for fun! Even if you think you're off track, probably your body is wiser and is doing what is best for it and you just may find your fitness level soaring in the near future.

Eydie: Funny you should mention an ice cream binge last night! :) I had one, too, shortly after I posted confidently that I was through eating for the day. Mine came after a short nap, woke up feeling anxious and it was still early enough to go out and the rest was inevitable. Just another in a series of inevitabilities in my life, this one involving dulce de leche, which I wish no one had ever thought up. No biggie, back on track now!

I'm off to hike and then do laundry. Job hunting not an option today, but each day is a new beginning, so who can say what evening will bring?

Six pounds by Full Moon Sunday! I'm on my way!

04-12-2002, 01:29 PM
Hey girls....thanks for the words of support....I know I can always count on ya'll....I don't intend to give up completely and I will remain a faithful poster....I just think that right now I will drop from this challenge unless I find myself back on track 100%...I always do this...I get going really well, lose close to 20lbs and I seem to lose my get up and go.....its more like get up and gone.....but I just have to wait until I am ready to do this again....right now I know more than anything I want to lose....but I have been so damn stressed out with the boys needing this surgery stuff done and the HOUSE.....and the fear of pulling Jesse from a school that is wonderful....pulling him from all his friends he has made....and from a wonderful teacher....I know he makes friends super easy but he keeps saying he wont ever see his buddies from here once we move and I have to keep reassure him that they will still be friends no matter where he lives because we can have them over to the house still....but lord I never felt so darn stressed out in my life....well maybe I have but that stress I had before.....made me LOSE A TON OF WEIGHT....of course I was smoking back then too......isnt it amazing how when one smokes they tend to lose weight cause they can light up and not stuff food in their mouth...yet its so unhealthy to you that you quit and gain a load of weight.....its a no win situation......oh well...I am rambling now....LOL...so I will shut up and quit typing.....thanks for listening to me......ya'll are great ears!!!

Take care...LisaL

04-12-2002, 05:17 PM
Hi Ladies. Not sure how much I will be posting here either. Lately it seems, I've been lurking and content with reading everyone's success but when it comes from my own...??? I hopefully will be reassured when I weigh in tommorow, last week I was away and now I'm both dyeing to know but also frightened to find out if I['ve gained or not. I've been watching my points, but not so diligent as when I first started. I have to get revved up and get going like gang busters again. Combined with these feelings of frustration I've been trying to cope with some very personal family issues surrounding a brother of mine. Each day, I try to start anew but always get bogged down due to boredom, guilty feelings, frustrations......sounds like an emotional eater to me. So I'm just going to take it one day at a time and see what happens. Hopefully all will be resolved in time. Thanks for being so understanding and just for being there for me!!

04-12-2002, 06:50 PM
Angel-Eyes: I totally understand just the urge to lurk and not feel pressured and not sure how the weigh-in is going to go when balanced against the stress eating. Sorry you are experiencing family problems ... for me it's hard to not comfort myself with food (e.g., cookies & creme bars, ice cream, dulce de leche, vanilla slimfast, sigh) when things get to be too much. I try to remember that no matter what happens, I still have to deal with it all in the same body and it's easier in a fit one of those! :)

Momto2: I think you're right about the smoking ... I was thinner when I smoked, too, but the smoking itself was so problematical that being overweight is better. It isscary to move when you're a little guy or even a grown-up girl (like me). It'll even out, though. Change really is good.

RE: The challenge that I keep starting, to be honest with you, I'm dropping out, too. I'll be lurking and posting, though, to see how everyone is doing. That said, I have to let you know that I'm headed out the door to buy a cookies 'n creme bar and some vanilla slimfast in a can (my anti-depression splurge) even though my calories for the day ARE ALL EATEN! :) Yes.

Eydie: It is my firm belief that nothing exotic and wonderful is every low cal, but good luck! :)

I did have some California rolls from Trader Joe's. Those could be thought of as exotic and they are definetely low in calories and wonderful. :)

Peace (hopefully soon)!

04-13-2002, 09:00 AM
I found pomeganate molasses at the Jerusalem market and it's a tart/sweet syrup that the owner recommended on green salads,but I think it would also be good on certain fruit salads. Also, used with chicken; being vegetarian I might try it on tofu! Also, found some lovely barley crackers, very high fiber and organic. And a spread called ajvar, made with peppers, eggplant, spices, and garlic--really delicious! And dig this, some candied dried cantalope! [Okay, and some wicked dark chocolate too!]

The Asian market expedition was good too. All kinds of exotic spicy condiments, Chinese and Indian! I tell you, if I had nothing but plain rice to live on I wouldn't lack for variety with all the little jars I have now. And the stuff at the Asian markets is so inexpensive. Very cool!

Yeah, what is it with this self-sabotage thing that we all do? I find that it's worst for me after I find that I've lost a few pounds. I don't know if I start feeling cocky and invincible or it's a fear of success. Something deep and dark there, for sure!

Still will try to have a healthy weekend! Surrounded by all my little potions!


04-13-2002, 12:45 PM
I'm just lurkin' but you made me hungry, Eydie! I'm going to look for that pomegranate syrup at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. I really need to find some way to eat chicken ... made the transition back to meat eating in December and it had been very helpful to me (iron, especially, in red meat) but gradually stopped eating the red meat and went to chicken; now I don't even want the chicken. So maybe something exotic with rice, which I love.

I'm thinking of bodybuilder pancakes for lunch ... these serve as fritters for me and are good cold, made with rice, cottage cheese and egg substitute, sometimes fruit, tropical extracts, etc., sometimes extra fiber thrown in.

04-13-2002, 03:17 PM
Good afternoon girls....how are ya'll? I am glad to hear I am definately not alone on this darn low I am having....I feel so down on myself for letting myself get off track but it happens all the time...and then I will get that boost of energy again and I will be more than ready to get up and go......I am glad ya'll understood what I was babbling about though...lol

Crone....not sure if you like chicken tenders...but I buy the skinless boneless tenders at Sam's club (but you can find anywhere I think ) and I take corn flakes and crush them up and add salt pepper and garlic powder and put it all in a baggie and I shake the tenders in it and bake it at 400* for about 20 minutes flipping half way. They are really good....I also just love the mexican chicken recipe I found online.....using taco seasoning and shaking the chicken in it like shake and bake.....and then you bake it like normal and then after taking out of oven you put a spoonful of low fat sour cream and drizzle taco sauce or salsa over it....it is soooooooo yummy

Angel.....how are you girl? If I dont find you posting here I will keep up with you via emails if thats ok with ya? I doubt I will get back into this challenge but maybe next one I will have that urge to get my booty in gear and get straight again.....we shall see...but for now like others...I will remain a lurker and poster.....just not in the challenge... I still love to chat and keep up with everyone on how they are managing....just not in the race.....hope all is well with the boys.....hugs

Take care all....LisaL

04-14-2002, 09:59 AM
Went way over my calorie budget last night. :( We had some friends over and they came bearing gifts of chocolate! So after a low-fat meal we all indulge in the chocolate--oh well....
Now why did I do that? Just going along with the majority? Didn't want to be rude? Got into that nice laid-back mood since we were with friends--and my defenses were down? Or maybe it just looked really good and it was there and one piece led to another...?
So this morning I walk up with a sugar hangover and I feel all bloated. So attractive!!!

I've been off track for maybe 4-5 days now. I've got to pull it together again. I really don't like the way I'm feeling! Time to get out the measuring cups and spoons again! Eternal vigilance!!!!

04-14-2002, 10:59 AM
Yo, Eydie! Don't feel like the Lone Ranger!:)

Earthlings: There seems to be an epidemic on this thread of plan abandoning, so join the club. I am the worst as I've allowed negative thinking and the agenda of others to sabotage my health for two weeks now. Speaking only for myself, I really need to get the weight down again.

In my view, behavior is the key to a happy and orderly life. I love the people on this support forum and I love the "streaking" I used to do, focusing on behavior and not on pounds (though I do weigh myself once a week ... I once streaked my way to a 100-pound weight loss). Streaking is similar to the Blockettes' 21-Day Challenge, but there are no rules and no blocks ... just a counting of days of "good" (definition flexible and up to individual ) fitness & weight management behavior or as some say "on program" ... starting over when a "bad" day creeps in, as it will, over and over again, because that's the way humans are ... I really don't consider overeating, weight gain or skipping exercise to be "bad" nor do I consider being on program "good;" these are just relative terms. Sometimes it is a good thing to be "bad" and start over; other times it is good to be "good" and continue on. It is the journey that brings results. It is the journey that counts.

This is a long way of saying, I'm going to start a new "streak" and a new, focused thread just for streaking ... no competition to Blockettes or holiday challengers intended! I just need a game to play that I can win and a focal point for posting on 3FC! :)

04-14-2002, 12:21 PM
Crone....I hear what your saying....and I think if I just try to be "GOOD" and post either a good day or bad and not focus so much on reaching a set goal....I might be able to get myself back on track....so post away your new idea for your streak and I will make my attempt at regaining my composer and refocusing....I think I put too much emphasis on LOSE LOSE LOSE...and the whole point is to get myself healthy and in shape...not necessarily LOSING but in the long run I know I will.....

I would like to applogize to any of you who I might have taken along the easy road out of the challenge by making excuses for my behaviour.....I in no way intended to set a pattern for others to follow....I just was simply stating how I felt and that at the time being I didnt think I was focused enough to remain in a challenge....but that with every new day there is HOPE for me to get back on track like I was before.....so again...if I had any influence in others dropping out so easily and letting themselves down...I truly am sorry!!!

Take care all...hope you have a great weekend....mine is consisting of cleaning thru things and packing stuff up AGAIN......how boring eh.....LOL

Talk later....LisaL

04-14-2002, 06:36 PM
Momto2: No apology needed for me anyway! :) I'm a whimsical, writer-type who easily absorbs other people's moods ... even on the Internet! :lol: I just think the challenge idea wasn't working for me either. I'm doing well today, reading job ads and eating low cal food.

Anyhow, I posted the streak thread, so when you feel inclined, streak away!

We all shall overcome in the end ... I just want to do it NOW! :s: