30-Somethings - Confession Time! What was your last straw?

04-06-2002, 05:10 PM
So what was the last straw that got you losing weight?

Personally I think I am starting this because I am back on the road to lose this weight. And I need to know why I want to lose weight, and I would know what were others reasons too.

Okay here goes:

I am huge
I am not able to fit any of my spring/summer clothes from last year
I hurt---my knees and back are killing me
I feel bad about me
I can hardly move sometimes
My job is demanding as far as movement and I am having a hard time moving all day and not hurting
I use to be able to walk a lot farther with no pain and now simple walks hurt

I am looking forward to reading yours too!

04-07-2002, 09:30 PM
1. I hate the way I look!
2. My weight is a disappointment to my parents.
3. I want to be sure that I live to see my kids grow up, with out having heart problems.
4. My sil who has always been fatter than me, is now thinner than me.
5. Dh is doing this with me.

04-08-2002, 06:17 PM
I was just tired of looking so bad and feeling so bad about myself. I never wanted pictures taken of me, didn't want to see anyone (or anyone to see me is more like it) so I didn't want to go anywhere. I knew I was living unhealthy. Self confidence was at zero. I was embarrased. I couldn't take feeling so bad about myself anymore!


04-08-2002, 07:19 PM
The last straw was when I went into one of my favourite stores and nothing fitted and I caught sight of myself from all angles in the mirrors.

04-09-2002, 01:47 PM
:o Final Straw? Wow where to begin?
1. I got out of the shower and saw this hugh blob get out of it?
2. I want to be healthy and at 222 pounds and only 5'3" I amfar from it.
3. I want to be HOT!
4. I don't want to embarass my son anymore than I have.
5. At even 20 pounds smaller sex was alot better for me. I was open to more posistions.:o
6. My hubby is 6' and 212. He is alot taller that me and weighs less.
7. I want to jump in to hubbys arme and not worry about being dropped.:lol:
8. I have some really cute outfits inmy closet in a size 14-16 range that I want to fit into this summer.
9. I want to honor God by being fit and not fat.

04-09-2002, 02:44 PM
For me my last straw was the same as most people's.

Not fitting into anything in my closet - even my fat clothes.

Being emberassed getting weighed (and weighing more and more every time) at the doctors.

Not liking to have my picture taken - and thinking I "ruined" the otherwise nice picture.

Worrying that my husband thought I was fat (although he would never say so).

Feeling sick when looking at the size on the new pants I had to buy.

Seeing a number on the scale that just made me want to lie down and cry.

There's so many but these all built up until I couldn't take it anymore.

So while I continue to beat myself up about my recent lack of progress, I know I can proudly say that at one time I saw a number that was 30 pounds more than I see now and I'm about 10-15 pounds from my wedding weight where I felt beautiful!!

Good Luck Everyone,

04-11-2002, 02:40 PM
My "last straw" was almost 1 1/2 years ago so it's hard for me to remember the main events. Of course the number one thing was my wedding -- that's what started this whole exercise thing for me. There's nothing more depressing for an overweight person than wedding dress shopping since they make the sizes larger. I only lost two pounds before the big day so I was still pretty much at my highest. I'd have to say my wedding pics keep me going though. It's sad but I hate looking at how big I was and how my dress was so tight. Other things that drive me crazy today:

1) I cringe when I spoon with DH cuz he always wraps his arm around my gut that's hanging out.

2) I'm with all of those who hate to get their pics taken. I'm the heaviest of all my female friends -- they can all wear bikinis and look great. It's extra hard living in FL.

3) I hate clothes shopping -- it depresses me.

4) I love myself but I'm not confident with my body. I want to be able to strut into a room and say "I know I look good!!!!!!!!!" :cool:

04-13-2002, 11:47 PM
My last straw(s)...

1. Turning 34, and realizing I haven't been on a date since college (the last time I weighed less than 180 pounds), and if someone asked me out I'd probably think they were playing a cruel joke on me. (I've heard rumor of men who like fat women, but I've never met one personally).

2. Hitting 299 on the scale, and knowing that 300 was just a meal away.

3. Wanting to "get a life" and stop hiding behind the fat before I hit 35.

4. Being embarrassed to fly.

5. Losing contact with old friends I keep waiting to get in touch with "once I've lost some weight".

6. Getting a good therapist and working on the related bad habits that support my problem (e.g., too little structure, too little sleep, making excuses and buying into them...)

7. Feeling like I didn't look like the successful woman I am, always wearing cheap knit clothes because they fit, and too depressed to take enough pride in my appearance.

8. I finally figured out the "magic bullet" wasn't coming -- there was no "last straw" that would suddenly make everything easy. Instead, this would be, and will be, a lifelong struggle. Accepting this is probably the most important step I've taken toward making real, lasting progress.

04-14-2002, 12:19 PM
I too wear a lot of knit clothes because they fit. I am not spending big $$ on suits in a size 20!

I have a show to go to the beginning of June for work. I have an awesome Blue Suit I am planning on wearing. I have not tried it on, but I know it probably does not fit. It will by June. I am planning on losing 15 pounds by then. I have 7 weeks to go. All I need is a pair of comfortable shoes to match. And I am set to go. It is a 2 day show. I have no clue what I will wear the second day. But I will look great the first day! My plan is as I get to the size I want. I will make my work look a lot more professional. It is hard when you are HUGE! First finding nice looking clothes, that don't make me look 60 and that I can afford.

04-29-2002, 11:07 AM
I am a fairly new member here but saw this rgread and wanted to reply, mainly because I have not told anyone about my last straw.
My last straw was a little bit of all your straws combined plus my cousin. I love her very much, she is a good person, and we are good friends. I was big (now I am mainly struggling with an eating disorder more than with being overweight and I feel very petty because many people here really have a lot to lose, but I come to support more than anything else), but she was huge (she's lost a lot of weight now!!!), and when I saw her not being able to walk for long, having heart problems at 30 (!) because of her weight, not being able to dress nicely etc, I decided I did not want to let it come to that.

:) Greekgirl from Athens, Greece

05-15-2002, 04:29 PM
I am also new, but couldn't help giving my last straw either, so here goes........being asked contantly when I am due:o My youngest is 15 months old.

I also hate never having anthing to wear, I have a closet with some nice clothes, some even with tags still on them, but can't fit into them. I want to burn my leggings and long shirts and wear jeans and short shirts.

Just moved back to the town I went to high school and don't want people to go "Gee, what the heck happened to her" I want them to say "Boy, she looks great, better than in high school!"

Have a 20 year reunion coming up in 2 years and wan't to look "hot". At my 10th, everyone thought that I was pregnant, my youngest was 4 months old.

Am sick of my stomach hanging over the top of my underwear and my thighs rubbing together. I want to be sexy!

I want to look good, feel good and have lots of energy instead of fat, frumpy and lethargic.