Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ September Thread

08-31-2008, 10:40 PM
WELCOME EVERYONE ~ this thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes physical limitations and/or difficulties. Please join us in this special thread ~ to give support and encouragement; and share ideas, or just chat with one another ...




09-01-2008, 12:26 PM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

Wowee ROSEBUD . . . my last day of August was very different from yours . . . actually about noon, the weather didn't look too bad and since the back was also feeling pretty good, I decided to go to town. Oh boy, what a mistake. :dizzy:

I was wandering around Walmart when a really nasty freak storm arrived (obviously not hurricane level, but bad enough that you couldn't see to drive it was raining so hard). Got thrown out of Walmart because they took a generator hit when the storm started and were trying desperately to get as many people cashed out and away from the store while their emergency backup power was still working. Since I got soaked anyway, decided to do a couple more stores before heading home. Storm continued to rage throughout the night.

More rain in the forecast for today. :mad: We have been having a couple of sunny breaks though. :shrug: Getting caught in the rain and soaked to the skin has not helped any of my arthritic little places, I'll tell you. Luckily nothing much going on today anyway. Maybe I'll get some sewing done.

Hope everybody else has a great Labour Day . . . it always seems to be the start of Autumn even though the new season doesn't officially arrive until the 21/22. I'm so old-fashioned, the first thing I did this morning was change purses -- no white after labour day, you know. :lol:

See you later . . . :wave:

09-01-2008, 08:12 PM
HELLO CHICKIES ~ today, we had one of the hottest days of this entire year; our outdoor thermometor read 90F in the shade, and it was humid, but bearable. The kids played outdoors anyways, but kept scooting under our umbrella for shade (couldn't blame them really).

WE had some good news today: apparently, our landlord cannot evict us for no cause; they must obtain a court order, because it's the law. They can't evict for the reason they stated becuz all she had to do was incrementally increase the rent to cover the increased costs and they didn't do that. Also, they cannot turn off vital services (like fuel, heat, hydro, water, etc) as they threatened, becuz that's illegal too, and they can be fined up to $25,000.00 for each of those violations. Plus, her feeble attempt to trick us all into signing a paper to voluntarily vacate the premises is also illegal and very unethical. It takes a while to get a court order and it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to evict four families (some with children) in the winter time here. Regardless of what they want to do with the property in the future, they must go through the legal procedures first.

So, we all have a temporary reprieve for now; this will give us all more time to find suitable accomodations in the near future. I did finally get some return calls; but all the places we looked at were already taken, BUT we will keep on searching for a nicer place.

I picked another basket and half green and yellow beans; we took some to a lady friend who is battling cancer right now and she sure appreciated it. We have way too many and she can use a little lift right now too. Just did stuff around here today like laundry and stayed close to the A/C.

HI MEOWEE ~ thanks for stickying the new September thread for us. Boy, what nice weather you are having out there; we've had some doozy storms this year too. We have had dry weather all this week, but the farmers are so happy because now they can all clear their fields; they were getting very worried for a while there.

HELLO TO PURPLE and VALDINE ~ hope you both are having a lovely day; and a good Labor Day Holiday for you VAL!!!

Well, we had a nice steak dinner tonight with veggies from our garden and sweet Ontario corn ... yummy! It was a good day all in all! DH got a lot of stuff done today and that made him happy too. That's all the news from here for now, so take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-02-2008, 09:43 AM
Hi there . . . :grouphug:

How can you tell the last long weekend of Summer '08 has now passed into history? The sun is shining this morning, that's how. :lol: Oh well, at least Mother Nature's DS Gustav seems to have fizzled out, although her latest creation, DD Hannah, does seem to be picking up steam. Looks like the predictions for a bad hurricane season this year are coming true. :mad: Hannah may be heading our way by this coming weekend according to this morning's forecast; although a lot can change between now and then.

Nothing very exciting in my plans for today -- but that is one of the joys of being an ORF -- you can change things up on the spur of the moment; so who knows what kind of mischief I may get into. Still a couple of things I need/want to get at Walmart that I didn't have time to find before we all got kicked out of there on Sunday.

Have a great day . . . try to keep things moving and shaking as much as you possible can . . . :carrot:

09-02-2008, 02:03 PM
Hi Ladies

Hello to you all. The trip to Kent went extremely well but very tiring. I have been to treatment today at the MS centre. It will be my last until another fortnight as next week we are on holiday. We go on holiday on Saturday, gosh it has crept up so quickly. Wow we are into another month even saw some decorations to put on to a christmas tree (chocolate with foil on in different shapes) ! I swear that they get earlier every year.

Not a lot of news here but I though I would drop by and post nevertheless. I have caught up and read your posts so I am now up to date. So till next time take care and look after yourself. :hug:

09-02-2008, 10:34 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ we had another scorcher today, but I think it was only in the mid-80's today and we had a nice breeze to make it more bearable. We went to town today to run a few errands and I picked up a few deals while I was there. We didn't stay too long as it was too hot with all that payment around ~ lol!

I am having to use my other PC tonight, as when I came home, I couldn't get my faster PC to go on the net; it seems that I have lost another modem :(, so we will pick up a new one for it this time. Thank goodness that I still have this backup here to use; it's a lot slower, but it will do in a pinch. I had to bring all the Security features up to date before coming in here.

MEOWEE ~ I guess you need to 'batten down the hatches' and get ready before that new storm hits the coast; but at least, you have a bit of a warning. Our weather is gonna cool off for the rest of the week and I'm glad of that really.:D

HI PURPLE ~ glad your trip was good and the treatment went well; nice of you to drop in when you are so busy! Are your Mom & Dad staying with you until you go on your holidays? I'm glad your Dad is feeling better so that he can enjoy the vacation too.

HEY VAL ~ only a short workweek for you this week becuz of the holidays. Have you given your notice yet; or do they already know? Guess what? This week, there was an ad in our local newspaper for a 'COMMUNICATIONS CO-ORDINATOR' and the position falls under the auspices of our CDC (Community Development Corporation); now, how funny is that??? :D See I told you they were related ~ lol!!!;)

Well, we just had bangers and beans for dinner becuz it was just too hot for a big dinner; although we did have our A/C going full-on. We are so grateful to have that little machine; should have gotten one years ago. I am thankful that my brother encouraged us to get one; he was right right that the small ones don't cost as much as people thought: your dryer uses much more power than the A/C.

It's time to go have some tea and put my feet up and do a puzzle to keep my brain cells workin'. Take care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-03-2008, 10:05 AM
Good Morning . . . :grouphug:

I'm here . . . surprisingly . . . Just to let you know, I've been having really weird computer problems the past few days and will be making an appointment to get this beastie a checkup either Friday or Monday. At the moment, 3FC is one of the few places I'm able to access, but I don't know how much longer that may last. Bought myself a new toy yesterday, a laptop, (like ROSEBUD, I really need something for backup, especially since I do have committments around 3FC) along with a cute little stand for it (which took me over 3 hours to put together :dizzy:) and a thingamajig to allow me to set up my own little wireless network -- BUT -- this nasty desktop (which is currently hardwired into the cable connection) will not let me load the software to set up the wireless.

Today I will tackle the laptop set up and hope that Vista cooperates. Must admit I haven't heard great things about it so far. Any of you guys have it? My brain cells 'need' a Mahjong fix and it is one of the things I haven't been able to access since Sunday -- major withdrawal pains. :lol:

At least the weather was gorgeous yesterday and this morning is an instant replay, but "they" are predicting more rain :yikes: for this afternoon -- wowee, we do not need that -- a lot of places around my little town and county are still dealiong with some flood damage from the freak storm on Sunday. Luckily I'm on higher ground and didn't get the major problems that hit those who are closer to the harbour.

So . . . have a great day everybody and hopefully I will be back . . . :crossed:

09-03-2008, 11:27 PM
HI MEOWEE ~ yah, my PC has been running a bit slow the last week too; so I did scans every few days and did find some trojans. I don't go to many sites, so I was surprised to find so many in one week. These are probably tracker trojans; and I had hundreds of cookie trackers too. :yikes:

Congrats on the new laptop PC; it is a good idea to have a back-up when one goes. My BIL has a laptop with Vista and they really like it; they brought it up for their holidays and watched movies on it while they were here at the cottage. We never really discussed many problems associated with it, except I remember them saying that one of his music programs he bought wouldn't load for him through the Vista ... hmmm; dunno if they ever solved that one.

We had a lovely day today; they had predicted rain, but it didn't come: yeah! So, we decided to go to town and get a new modem for my PC: they had one left, so I'll put it in tomorrow I guess; and just keep using this one for now.

We also went to look at a small house that a friend told us is coming available soon. We would have liked to have it, but the price was way too high. I'll try and see if he'll put the price down, but I really doubt that he will. I just can't believe the prices they are charging here right now for apartments and houses.

For only a one bedroom apartment, they want from $650 to $750 a month, PLUS utilities; I think that is outrageous; and DH is getting very worried that we are going to be homeless soon. ;) Our neighbour (who is on a disability income) says that her maximum limit that she is allowed for a place to live, is $700 INCLUDING all utilities: that means they are already over the maximum allowed for these people. As if we don't have enough challenges already, I think it's going to be very hard for all of us to find a place that we can afford.

I don't think the Ontario Government is keeping abreast with the times; they need to take a closer look at the housing situation, and see what is really being charged out there in the open market for apartments and houses; and then increase the subsidies accordingly. They say that they want to end homelessness in Ontario, but then they have to make sure that people have enough income to get a place to live.

If you only can get a minimum wage job or are on a pension, then by the time you pay your rent and utilities, you'll be lucky to have enough money left over to eat and for transportation. :yikes: What is going on in this country? This is crazy ...

WELL, that is my rant for this week: I hope something changes soon. Will be staying home tomorrow and starting some packing; I'm not going to wait until the last minute, because this old body can only take so much at a time.

HI PURPLE and VALDINE ~ I hope you both are having a wonderful day and week; and great fall weather too. Some of our leaves are turning yellow and falling off the trees already, even though (like Meowee says), Autumn isn't official until September 22 this year. I think that the seasons should fall on the 1st of those months, like April 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st; but they go by some fancy, smancy daylight hours thingy ... oh pooh!!!! ;) :D :p

Take good care ladies, and have a great evening, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-04-2008, 12:02 PM
Hi Ladies

Managed to find a slot of time today to do some posting on here. I am at mum and dad's house for a couple of days as they are picking up things for their holidays that they need and pack a much bigger case for clothing.

It has been horrid weather here at the minute with all the rain we are having but I should not complain really as we have come off lightly compared to some parts of the UK.

Well just about ready for my holidays now will go back to my house tomorrow afternoon and then I will start packing and ironing a couple of shirts that my DH needs for his holidays. I think I am about ready but I am no where as organised as I usually am for such an occasion.

MEOWEE It is not great when you have PC problems and in this day and age we rely on them. Glad you have now a new toy in a laptop PC :D That is something I have not had but would like to have so I could sit on the bed and do work etc.

Sorry to hear that there was floods in your home town but a blessing that you live on higher grounds so were spared the heart ache that they bring. I think that some parts of the UK are experience such problems. I know from friends how much devastation they can bring.

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that it is so difficult to find affordable accommodation. One thing we are lucky with here if you are on a low income like you and your DH are on due to your health. Then the government will help pay your rent up to a set amount on a house or flat. It may not cover all the rent but it would pay the lions share of it. We are lucky in that respect. I dip out of that category as I have a private pension from my nursing days.

If on a low income they will help pay your council tax for services like police / refuge collection etc. Though you will have to pay your own gas / electric and water. Most will have a metre for these if on a low income so they do not get a bill. So we are so very fortunate here regarding help and we do not realise. There is also more affordable accomadation that is council owned and because of your health issues you would be given a bungalow. You are allowed pets providing they do not disturb the neighbours. I live in such accomadation and have done since very shortly after my dx for ms.

Well time is gone and I must help my parents with tea so hope to catch up with you soon. Bye for now and take care :grouphug:

09-04-2008, 05:49 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had another lovely day today: ideal really ... sunny and cool; perfect fall weather that some call 'a FALL SPRING. DH and a neighbour went to the city today and had a nice trip; I just stayed home and did stuff here. Picked some more veggies to have with our roast Chicken dinner which is in the oven right now.

I'm so glad to have NIKO here with me when DH is away; I don't feel so lonely although I still miss my girls terribly. I guess I always will, but NIKO is becoming a wonderful companion now that he is about a year old (he may be even older really). He seems to have stopped growing so looks like we have a medium-small size doggy friend. He was so excited when DH got back home and went bonkers all over the place. It's funny, he stayed outside the whole time DH was gone and wouldn't come in; but just as soon as DH got back, he asked to come in the house straight away ... how interesting that is.

HEY PURPLE ~ glad to see you back and that everyone is getting ready for your holidays up in Ireland; is that where you said your were all going? Sometimes the short-term memory plays tricks on us now that we are getting older ... LOL! Yes, you have some nice benefits for your low-income famililes; I think our rules are a bit unfair in some ways: if you have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with children, they will give you much more money. And so many couples are crammed into tiny box-sized apartmentettes or even motel rooms because they can't afford a house or regular-size apartment.

I noticed this week that lots of our motels have people living in them long-term because of the shortage of places to rent here; I hope we don't end up the same way. That's the real reason all our motels are maxed out or full-up, not because we have a giant tourist influx in our town, and we have several motels in this small town. I was wondering how come they always said that they are full; now I know the TRUTH ... live and learn, as they say!

HI MEOWEE ~ I hope you can get your new PC up and running well for you, so you can come by and post ...

HIYA VAL ~ TGIF tomorrow; only one more day this week and you have another weekend!!! You know, when I was working, I always counted the days to the weekend ~ lol; can you tell??? I loved the jobs best that were only 4 days a week; they were my favorite, as the week seemed to fly by faster too.

Well, that's all the news from here from my vantage point; so I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-04-2008, 05:51 PM
Hi . . . :grouphug:

This desk-top is getting more temperamental every hour. Lap-top is now up and functioning, but I cannot connect to the new wireless net connection until this old one cooperates. At least the new one came with lots and lots of free games. :lol: Hopefully, I'll be in good shape on both machines by the beginning of next week. A friend gave me the name of a local computer wizard. So far now answer on his phone (I suspect he actually works at a regular job and just does this as sideline) so I will try the number again a little later. If he doesn't work out, I've always got the option of hauling it into Staples.

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow . . . :yes:

09-05-2008, 01:26 AM

my personal laptop crashed. Will have my brother look at it this weekend.

I put in my notice at the CDC yesterday and will be starting at the city on the 29th after my cruise.

busy busy. just checking in to say hi :hug: take care all,

09-05-2008, 02:39 AM
Hmm...guess I fit in here.

I'm a mess. :D

I have a heart I have to keep an eye on. I had to wear a monitor with both pregnancies. I've got PVC's which make it hard sometimes to get my heart to get back to beating correctly. I've got an abnormally fast pulse...always have...and an abnormally low BP when I'm healthy. Because of the pulse and the fact that your baby doesn't get much oxygen if your pulse gets over 140...I wasn't allowed to exercise either time I was pregnant. My resting is 98 and when pregnant, doing a nice brisk walk up a mild hill I could get up to 190.

I have arthritis in my hands and feet and I have hips that are showing serious signs.

My feet are ruined also from having done ballet for 10.5 years plus other stuff. I had a tumor, some bone, and some tendon removed...the tumor had grown into the was benign. They think the tumor was from going up en pointe too much as well as at the same time doing soccer (on the boy's team, my school didn't have a girl's team), track, and was too much for my feet. My feet went from an 11 in high school down to an 8.5 in college...go figure. I'm the only person who I've ever known that had their feet shrink 2.5 sizes. I was almost able to wear my dad's shoes and then was finally able to share shoes with my was great but I think it caused problems too. If you know anyone else who has had their feet shrink so much I'd LOVE to know I'm not the only total freak in the world. :D

I have scoliosis and a tilted pelvis. Because of the scoliosis one leg is a bit longer than the other (and one shoulder higher than the other). I was in a car accident a year ago too, that I haven't yet managed to get pain free from.

I was able to take 3 sessions of a water aerobics class geared for people with arthritis and chronic pain. It was lovely. I want to swim 3 times a week if possible (the Y will be having a sale later this month so I have to wait to sign up till then). I'd go for 5 but my youngest is only in pre-K for 3 days a week, so that is all I get. It is almost 11 and I'm about to try to find some way of getting my heart rate going faster other than staring at a camera I want (I'm a photographer...the one I'd love is more expensive than if I bought 2 of my car). Walking is difficult for me with my feet and my legs/hips/back, but I try. I'm looking forward though to when I can exercise during the day without my youngest trying to help (though 35 pounds sitting on your neck when you are trying to do crunches really DOES offer resistance).

09-05-2008, 09:14 AM
:welcome: CAFFEINEIV . . . so glad you found us and we all hope that we can help you through the fun time of losing weight with additional obstacles that definitely do not make it any easier . . . :hug:

Good Morning to everybody else, too . . . :grouphug:

Another glorious morning in northern Nova Scotia but it is definitely just the last lull before the storm. :yes: Hanna is coming for us.

On the computer front . . . sorry about your lap-top's demise, VAL

My desk-top has an appointment for this afternoon about 3 . . . add to the time estimate from the 'wizard-guy' of 5 or 6 hours in his shop plus another hour or two when he brings it back, . . . the fact that it is the weekend, and . . . the fact that Hanna is supposed to hit us late Saturday (with possible power outages) . . . I have absolutely no idea when I will get back on-line.

Hope to see you all soon . . . :dizzy:

09-05-2008, 03:18 PM
I was using my grandfather's laptop for a while there. The battery didn't work so you had to keep it plugged in. If one of the kids kicked the cord it would shut off instantly. It would get so hot that my legs would hurt. We didn't dare run Windows on it so were using Linux. Then, the motherboard finally decided it was going to retire.

I used to do computer tech work for a big computer company. Some of the calls I'd get were interesting. Had one from a guy from Nasa. Had one from a woman who offered to send me brownies and asked if I was single because her grandson was. I had one from a woman I actually had to tell her to look under the desk for her CPU and then tell her which button to push to turn the computer on. She'd told the computer to shut down, hadn't meant to, it shut down and she was sure she'd broken the computer. One of my friends spent a couple hours trying to figure out what was causing a beep from the computer. Finally when he heard the beep after they'd taken the computer completely apart he asked the guy if there happened to be a smoke detector above the desk. needed new batteries.

09-05-2008, 06:33 PM
:wel3fc: CAFFIENE1V ~ glad that you came over to visit us here; I think you'll like it here. We all know what it's like to have several challenges while trying to lose weight. You definitely have had some problems for sure. I think the key thing is to just keep on, keepin' on ... you are already down to 180 lbs; so you only have to go another 60 to meet your goal, and that is very doable.

Our PURPLE and VAL (short for VALDINE) are doing fantastic. Both are doing a low-carb type plan with VAL eating less meat, but she still eats fish, poultry, and bit of lean beef now and then.

I'm on a lower carb (not no-carb) but more balanced plan because I have had trouble with my sugars, which I'm proud to say are back in the normal range. I am also on METFORMIN so I have to make sure to eat enough or I have the opposite problem and get sick from low blood sugar. I have lost only 3 inches this year; and been on a long stall, so I have been making some changes lately to try and help.

For one, I have increased my walking to at least one short walk each day, plus 2-3 longer walks each week; plus I have my rowing maching set up and available again. I am going to get DH to set up all my equipment for me just as soon as we find out where we are going to be living for the next year. I also lift hand weights and do Chair Aerobics, which I have added some TAI CHAI and Belly dancing arm movements to for variations. I also have Leslie Sansones WALK OFF THE POUNDS dvds which I want to use more this winter.

I hope these changes will make a difference for me. I heard someone say recently, "That all is not lost, as long as you still have the courage to dream the dream!" He also said that having courage is a choice ~ you can choose to have the courage to keep on trying; and courage isn't something that you can lose: no-one can take it from you. This was a spiritual message that really lifted my spirits this week ...

MEOWEE ~ Hope that your PC gets fixed up real soon; so that you can actually use your new laptop. I have also heard some of the concerns that CAFFEINE has mentioned; maybe you could put a pad of some type under the laptop if it gets too warm.

About my PC UPDATE ~ ... well I got really fooled this week. Every time I couldn't get onto the net, I would do a bit of research then call someone (ie a tech support guy or a friend or relative) to find out what was wrong. Each time it would turn out to be a loose wire or connection; or my modem was gone. On Tuesday, I couldn't get on the net all day, then I remembered that I had a back-up modem in my older PC (DH tried to say I didn't, as his memory was playing tricks on him that day, but thankfully I pressed the issue).

I hooked it all up and here I was a happy camper back on the net again; so I thought that's the proof I needed: my modem is gone for sure (after all, it was only a second-hand one). So the next day, DH and I go into town and I pick up a new one. Then I read the paper today with shock: apparently some saboteur cut some large cable that supplied the internet to all of Northern Ontario. The only reason I was able to get on with my older PC that evening was because the workers had replaced the cable by then. So my techie support was in error; it isn't always the modem!!! :(

So now I have an extra new modem for spare, as technical components for PC's are non-returnable here. Oh well, if I ever need one in the future, I have one right handy ~ LOL! Did we learn something this week class??? LOL! DUH ...

HI VAL ~ I bet you will be really busy over the next while; and I bet you are tres, tres excited too! I'm sorry to hear that you've also been having some PC troubles; I guess it's the week for PC problems ... LOL!

HIYA PURPLE ~ Hope you all have a wonderful trip over the next week (?). Enjoy yourselves. See you when you come back. BTW, I went to the doctors and we found out what kind of rash I had; I picked up a special salve for it and the one on my hand is completely gone now ... yeah!!! Most of the scap on my ankle is also gone; last one came off last night; now I'm just putting some more lotion to get rid of the dryness. It took a while, but we are winning ... :D

We had rain here all day; so we went to town to get a trailer hitch for our car: no-one had one, so we had to order one. DH found a place that had one for $120.00 less; then he has to attach it, but then we won't have to keep paying others to move around all our stuff. DH likes to be independant and not have to rely on others: and I understand that!

Oh and BTW, my DAD and SM arrived here last night and my DAD came by to chat for a while this morning; and I'm so happy that he looks better too. I don't know if I told you that he got bit by a snake (a Mississauga Rattler) and some red ants while working on his camper trailer recently, and had a very bad reaction, but he's doing much better right now.

Well, that's all the news from here for now; hope you are all feeling well. We also went out for lunch today (had chicken); so we will have a lighter dinner tonight. Take good care ladies; and I'll try to hold down the fort over the next few days while PC's get repaired and folks go on vacation ... :wave: ... Bon Voyage!!!

I think I wrote a book ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

09-06-2008, 12:05 PM
:hyper: I am really excited! And stressed and busy. My appetite took a vacation and I'm having trouble sleeping... so I'm cutting out caffeinated drinks for awhile. (kinda sad because a community group person I work with saved a coupon for a free starbucks for me and I have to wait till atleast next month to use it).

:welcome: caffeine1v :) hee hee I thought you name was caffeine IV. Caffeine gets me into all sorts of trouble... but it's latest usefullness is causing a lot of pain when I get silent UTI's. I'm on immuno-modifiers for MS so I'm prone to a lot of infections without typical symptoms. Sorry I missed the plan you're following?

Rosebud - it really is the week for pc problems! My brother said he'd look at my laptop today -- until then I'm just using his :) It's nice after several years of having 'college roomies' to have family for roomies. We can be ourselves and still talk to each other 5 minutes later. Hope your computer is fixed soon!

Purple - hope time at your parents goes smoothly as does packing for holidays.

:wave: meowee how did the desktop apt go? Do you have to do anything to prepare for Hanna? Hope it mellows out by the time it gets to you!

Turns out the new job is working 8 am to 5 pm... during the winter and 7:30-4:30 during the summer :o I am so torn between quitting my weekend job and sticking with it. Weight loss is much slower now.. I have 37 pounds to go till goal but I plan on taking the next year to do it. It's buying new clothes that is going to break the bank! I'm going to have a talk with the manager at Reitmans where I work and stop her from giving me 4-9 and 5-9 shifts on Fridays. Maybe onlly 6-9 or nothing on Fridays!

ok I'm going to go and be useful by cleaning.
have a great weekend all :hug:

09-07-2008, 12:08 AM
:wave: Well, I put an ad in the paper to try and find a place, but we haven't had any offers yet, but there is a whole week left yet. We are putting our trust in GOD that he'll look after us with the help of some kind Earth Angel. DH is a bit concerned and I told him to stop worrying; everything will be OK. My DAD was teasing him and telling him that our car could make a good mini-camper as it has very comfortable seats ~ lol!

It was cool today; we had to put on the heat to get the chill out of the air. We went over to see my DAD and SM at the farm today and we had a nice visit. They are coming over next week for a roast beef dinner; better start planning.

HI VAL ~ lots of changes in your life and coming up in ours too; I hope we can find a nice place to move to. Some of our neighbours are happy to be moving like me; esp the young ones as they want to move into town. I just want to move period; but it would have been nice to have some more time.

DH is doing fantastic getting everything ready; I just know everything will be OK, as things are going so smoothly for him. Not much other newsy stuff, so take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-07-2008, 05:23 AM
argh!!!! I'm using my husband's laptop from work because I'm downstairs and can't sleep (an all to frequent side-effect of my seizure meds) so I typed a nice long reply to logged me out!

I'm tired but still can't sleep so I'm just going to make it short and type the reply out again (well...what I can remember of it) tomorrow if I get a chance.

Tomorrow, will be going to church (my dad's a pastor), having lunch with the 20's and 30's girls...all 7 of us if every girl in our church in that age bracket comes (small church). It is at a little coffee shop near our church and I'll have to beg off of eating because all they have are sandwiches that they slather with butter and heat up by "grilling" which with all the butter essentially becomes fried. Then I'm hoping to go get hiking boots and a bag to use as a carry on for my trip to England later this month. I've got to get another medical alert bracelet and then fancy it up by removing the chain and doing a beaded thing instead.

Oh, another thing I'd like to do before I go is to have my husband take my wedding ring to a refinery so we can get the $ from it and make a new one I actually like. See, the ring we originally bought I liked, but it wasn't platinum like Ben Bridge had it labeled as. Because of that they made me a ring that is platinum but I've never liked it. Anyway, I can't wear it now because I'm so fat. I'm curious how many of you have had to either give in and get rings re-sized or are like me and stubbornly avoiding it in the hopes that your fingers will be where the weight comes off first. :D

Oh, and I'm actually starting to look into the ketogenic diet because it can be really good for epileptics. Right now all I'm doing is watching what I eat and trying to exercise a bit more. The ketogenic diet is supposed to help with seizures. I honestly don't think I could do the ketogenic diet though. You have to measure everything exactly and it is almost all fat with very little protein or carbs. To get it to work best you have to restrict fluid intake too. Now, I don't drink much unless I force myself to anyway. I've actually gone a whole day without drinking anything and not even noticed it. Today, I think I had about 5 ounces of water and maybe 1/2 of juice with about 3 ounces of all told I've had a little over 8 ounces of liquid. My husband says I must be part lizard and get all my water from the food I eat. Still...I just don't know that I'd be able to do it. Heck, they generally want you in a hospital when they first start the diet. There is a modified Atkins' diet too that you can do, but if you just looked at my favourite foods you'd think I'm French, which I'm not. I could easily live on crusty French bread, cheese, coffee and chocolate...good dark chocolate, not wax. I say dark chocolate is chocolate, milk chocolate is pretending, and white chocolate is the ghost of chocolate past. Atkins just sounds like pure torture and certainly not something I could stick to for more than a month (if that).

Anyway, I'll write more tomorrow.

09-08-2008, 03:35 PM
HELLO LADIES ~ Well, I was pretty tired yesterday, so I thought I had already posted and looks like I didn't. I fell asleep early while doing my crosswords and woke up around 2am; then I moseyed off to bed.

I went to do some packing and noticed that all but two of the boxes a guy gave DH have no bottoms ~ LOL! Oh dear, we'll have to find some cardboard and cut them to cover the bottoms as they are good boxes with lids. I told DH that I haven't packed in so long that I don't know where to start: so he suggested my extra dishes from the high shelves that we don't use quite as often; but I just realized that even with my little homemade step, I can't reach that stuff, so I'm in a pickle ...

Anyways, I did some calling around searching for places to no avail; a lot of time wasted, but who knows, once we get the word out enuff that we are looking ... somebody might know somebody who has a place available! I even made up some business-like cards to hand out to people we talk to that say 'We need a home'; plus our name and phone number ~ who knows, it might work. I'm trying the 'networking' stuff big-time here.

CAFFEINE IV ~ that diet sounds very unbalanced to me and something that might clog your arteries for sure. Take a look around this site; I'm sure you will find a plan that would be healthier and easier to stick with. I have never heard of a plan before that suggests you restrict your water intake; you need to be careful that you don't get dehydrated, becuz you could very easily esp during hot weather and when you are exercising.

I've lost weight off my fingers already; I'm down to a size 6.5 from a 9. I found this out this summer when I tried on my sister's rings: I probably could wear a size 7, but I have to get white gold becuz the yellow gold makes my skin blister & bleed as I have severe metal allergies.

That is a cute saying about the chocolate; I think white chocolate is kinda like fake chocolate, and milk chocolate is for kids: so by unanimous vote ... dark chocolate is the winner ~ LOL!

HIYA VAL ~ yah, my PC wasn't even broken after all; the internet was off for the day! They got it back on in the evening and by then I had switched to my back-up PC. So now I have lots of extra parts leftover ~ lol! I have to watch how much coffee I consume or I get an upset tummy; most people around here live off the stuff ... all they do is drink coffee and smoke ciggies and cough ~ lol!

PURPLE ~ Have a great holiday in Ireland!

:wave: MEOWEE ~ hope you get one of those PC's up and running very soon ...

We have had rain on and off all day long today; I did get out in a short sunny spell to pick some veggies for dinner. I picked the last of the beans in the drums and a summer turnip. I still have carrots and more beans in the main garden. The carrots can stay in there until October to get as big as possible. My tomatoes are ripening on the plants; they started out slow but now they are doing well. I am keeping them on the porch by the house and we put a clear plastic tent over them at night so they are doing great considering our temperatures have dropped quite a bit in September.

Hope everyone is doing great this week; take good care of yourselves, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-08-2008, 11:57 PM
Oh...I hate packing! Ok, so I also hate unpacking unless it is presents. :D Boxes without bottoms don't hold all that much I've been told. I hope you can make them work and still be stable. Umm...about getting stuff from high shelves. If they are in the kitchen, I always just climb on the counter and stand there. :) When we pack I often do the books first, then things we don't use much or often, then clothes that are out of season. I tend to leave the really breakable stuff for last because boxes get shoved around and fall over and things like that. Pretty much I just start in one room, pack up everything I can in there, then go on to the next. I like to do them room by room because then you can label the boxes and you aren't mixing rooms and making it harder to know where to put them in the new place.

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that we've found that every time we wanted to move it seemed like nothing was working and then suddenly we'd find the perfect house. We've owned 2 homes. The first one we had almost asked my in-laws to co-sign but neither of us felt comfortable with that. So, we waited a few more months just looking around. One day I was looking at a new development with our realtor. We were figuring we might possibly be able to afford one of the little 1100 sq. foot single level homes. Saw one, it was teeny and had no personality. It was starting to rain and so we went into another home that was for sale. It looked like a white farm house almost, just what I like. It was 1700 sq ft and we were sure there was no way in heck we'd be able to afford it. Weren't even going to look at the price and my realtor said we might as well, just out of curiosity. Well, come to find out it was the model for the neighborhood. They were wanting to sell it NOW because they couldn't start phase 2 unless it was sold. They'd knocked the price down so much it was about the same as the 1100 sq ft house. The second time was even more amazing. We looked at a house where literally, our realtor and I went home and took a shower after seeing it because it was so bad...we think they were probably the drug dealers of the neighborhood. All the rest of the homes we looked at were without a yard or were run down or would have to have had every single room painted (one had a black room, a poo coloured room, a forest green, and a rotting eggplant). It was insane. Yet again we went to a house we were sure wouldn't work. We were able to get it though...the owners had told the previous potential buyers no because the people had wanted to turn the family room into another bay for the garage and the owners couldn't handle the thought of their house being messed with like that. God can kind of just smack you over the head and say "move here" if you let Him. :) It doesn't sound like you are hoping to buy at all...but the same thing happens with renting too. Heck, we've known someone who did a rent to buy thing too.

I know...the diet would be HORRIBLE to do and sounds like it would shorten your life span. I would only do it to stop seizures and even then don't think I could manage it. Heck, I think brain surgery sounds better really...and my Neuro wants me thinking about that. I don't know why it seems to work for stopping seizures, but it does. Takes kids who are having 50 tonic clonics (used to be called grand mal's and now are called something that sounds like a drink old English generals had during WWII or something) a day even with 2 or 3 meds, and quite often gets them to where they don't even need medication.

I'm glad to hear your fingers went down in size. I'm really hoping mine do. I miss wearing my wedding ring. :( I like looking married.

I went to do some packing and noticed that all but two of the boxes a guy gave DH have no bottoms ~ LOL! Oh dear, we'll have to find some cardboard and cut them to cover the bottoms as they are good boxes with lids. I told DH that I haven't packed in so long that I don't know where to start: so he suggested my extra dishes from the high shelves that we don't use quite as often; but I just realized that even with my little homemade step, I can't reach that stuff, so I'm in a pickle ...

CAFFEINE IV ~ that diet sounds very unbalanced to me and something that might clog your arteries for sure. Take a look around this site; I'm sure you will find a plan that would be healthier and easier to stick with. I have never heard of a plan before that suggests you restrict your water intake; you need to be careful that you don't get dehydrated, becuz you could very easily esp during hot weather and when you are exercising.

09-09-2008, 06:39 PM
HI LADIES ~ well the day started out cool, wet, and chilly; not fun to be out in really, but I prayed about it and the sun came out ... yeah! Well, the neighbour wanted DH to put the heat on but the furnace wouldn't work, so the experts had to be called in. Thank goodness we bought a little heater; works just well enuff to warm up the main rooms. So I prayed that GOD would bring out the sun for the other people in our complex; and He did!!! (And the expert is working on the furnace as we speak).

I didn't have a good day yesterday. The munchkins have been acting up terribly the last while: being very nasty and mean to our poor, sweet NIKO. I had to rescue him for the umpteenth time last night: this antic was to tie him up and hang him by his yard rope. Man, was I fit to be tied: I mean, VERY ANGRY!; and it takes a lot to get me mad. I have caught them (well one more than the others) hitting him, slapping him, poking him, stomping on hit paws, punching him, tieing him up, strangling him, kicking him, and hitting him with sticks and blocks of wood and other miscellaneous objects and so forth (and this is just in the last two weeks).

I'm fed up of trying to teach them how to be civil towards a puppy. My new rules are that NIKO cannot and will not be outside the same time as them. We've discussed this problem with their families more than once, to no avail; they just say, 'Yah, we know', but they don't address it! These kids are so sneaky as they would wait til we put NIKO outside then come running over to "play" with him: I told them that's not "playing". The real issue is that they have no adult supervision nor any structured play of any kind.

So ... I told DH "Now that is something that I am not going to miss when we move!" Actually, the only thing that I'll miss is the birds and the lovely sunsets, but GOD can bring them to where we move to: I will pray them back to us ~ LOL! Anyhow, I also had a cold and a wisdom tooth that was giving me headaches, so that surely didn't help matters much.

CAFFEINE IV ~ thanks for the moving advice; that's very helpful to me; and it's all coming back to me now. ;) The encourgement about finding a place lifts my spirits too. Dh has been panicking, so I have to try and get him out of that negative frame of mind. We are not buying a place (can't afford that) becuz we are going to build one on our lot; we only have the foundation done and it will take us about 3-4 years to finish it one-stick-at-a-time ~ LOL!;):D (BUT, we won't have a mortgage at all when we are done; and that's very important).

Sad that we are being forced to move now; so we have to rent for now and there is a real shortage here. I can't live upstairs or in the basement becuz I can't do that many stairs; so I need a ground floor place only and there are only a few of them here. Why that is ... I don't know! DH and I have noticed that about 97% of the apartments available here are not on the ground level. :?:

ANYHOW, our life seems to be taking some odd twists and turns right now: while we are exuberant about building: others are constanting trying to talk us out of it. We don't know what is going on; I have never heard so much negativity. Someone told us that sounds like the big green monster (jealousy) getting to some of these people; I guess that is possible, but I don't understand that becuz I'm always so happy for others to have their dreams come true!

But like you say, we are believing and trusting GOD that He will direct our paths and that the perfect place will just show up at the right time: I just hope it's soon, so that we can start moving before it starts snowing! :D

HIYA VAL ~ hope you're having a great week. Did you say when you are starting your new job? My short-term memory isn't as good as it used to be ...

HI MEOWEE ~ how are those PC's coming along?

:wave: HI PURPLE ... sure miss you when you're gone!!!

Well, I have to go put dinner on; think we'll have fish tonight as DH likes that; and we are having my DAD and SM over for roast beef dinner tomorrow night. So take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-10-2008, 12:40 AM
I didn't have a good day yesterday. The munchkins have been acting up terribly the last while: being very nasty and mean to our poor, sweet NIKO. I had to rescue him for the umpteenth time last night: this antic was to tie him up and hang him by his yard rope. Man, was I fit to be tied: I mean, VERY ANGRY!; and it takes a lot to get me mad. I have caught them (well one more than the others) hitting him, slapping him, poking him, stomping on hit paws, punching him, tieing him up, strangling him, kicking him, and hitting him with sticks and blocks of wood and other miscellaneous objects and so forth (and this is just in the last two weeks).

Umm...I would actually call in the humane society if I was you...or the cops. The statistics show STRONGLY that kids who are willing to torture animals are very likely to go on to torture people and often become killers. The fact that they are willing to hang him...NOT a good sign. Besides, it can end up making is so the dog will be unable to tolerate any children around him and could end up biting someone out of fear and would have to be put to sleep (depending on the laws of your area) all because of what those kids did to him.

I hope your wisdom tooth stops causing you problems soon.

Glad I could help at all. :) We lived in a single storey house which my grandparents owned (growing up, we were generally below poverty level. My dad for a while there made $150 a week as a pastor and didn't make much running his printing business out of our home). While we lived in it, a second floor was put on it. At one point, we were standing around talking and a foot came through the ceiling. The guy had slipped and not stepped on the beam. My mom just shoved the foot back up to help him get un-stuck and went on talking. Do you have a plan for the house you are building? I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at house plans and have designed several for fun. Actually, I've had a house plan picked out for years that we'd like to build if we ever get a chance to have some property.

09-10-2008, 07:12 PM
Hi . . . guess who . . . :grouphug:

At long last I am reconnected. :yay:

It is likely going to take me a few days to get caught up with reading around here, though and it is definitely going to take longer than that to reload some software onto my computer; get used to using XP on this machine again; try to start to understand Vista on the laptop; and rewrite some of my homegrown Excel and Word files that I use all the time.

I haven't had a chance to read all the posts yet, but certainly saw the one immediately above and agree completely -- anyone that would try to harm a small animal wouldn't think twice about harming a small human either -- I think you should call the police, ROSEBUD.

Anyway . . . have a great evening and I certainly hope I'll see you tomorrow. :lol:

09-10-2008, 09:36 PM
Welcome back Meowee! Glad your computer is working with you again instead of being on strike. :)

09-10-2008, 11:59 PM
:wave: :hug: be back this weekend

09-11-2008, 02:14 AM
Warning...pity party to follow.

I must say, I'm absolutely terrified at the moment. I see my neuro on the 18th. My meds aren't working anymore. My seizures aren't the tonic clonics like you think of when you think epilepsy (used to be called grand mal), I just get severe dizziness and can't focus. My first med I was on back before I got an official diagnosis (back in '99) made me gain 50 pounds in one month...after 2 months of gaining about 10-15 each month...and all this while barely eating because it took my desire to eat. Why couldn't it have made me want to eat more and still lose weight...oh to be so lucky. Anyway, the med I'm on now causes me not to sleep well and made me lose a ton of hair, plus I went from actually being quite smart to testing as being firmly in the normal (sorry...not trying to brag, honest...but it feels like my brain isn't working at all because it has stopped working like it used to) and my fine motor skills have plummeted. I had to resort to a wig for a while there, but after I'm on a specific dose for a few months my hair starts to grow back. I'm on the highest dose the doctor feels comfortable with putting me on. She gave me a supplemental med to take...I slept 18 hours with only a break (after 9 hours straight) long enough to drink 1/2 a cup of caffeinated coffee in the hopes I'd wake failed. I go see her and I don't know if we'll be changing my med and I'll have to see what "nifty" side effect I get this are guaranteed to have a side effect you just never know what. It is either that, or brain surgery. The idea of surgery is less scary to me than another med. The thing the heck we'd be able to afford it. I'm sure she'd have me on a VEEG for a week or so. That is an EEG that is 24 hours for multiple days. They CAN do it at home, but like to have you in the hospital for it so they can have you on camera the whole time. A simple 1-2 hour EEG costs us $750 after insurance...the thought of having to stay in the hospital for who knows how many days, PLUS surgery...maybe that is why God had some guy rear-end us...maybe the settlement will cover surgery and testing. Doubt it, but you never know.

So anyway...I'm stressing out which isn't good for my dieting. I'm worried, close to tears because I keep having seizures. Had to sit in my office during most of the church service because I kept having them over and over. I don't know what it is doing to my brain. I already have some calcification and deterioration and she warned me that if I have lots of uncontrolled seizures it is likely to get worse. The type of epilepsy I have is the hardest to control with drugs, but is the best for surgery. The thing is also very well known for getting worse and worse and if you don't have TC's when you start out...if you don't keep them under control you'll very possibly end up getting them. That would mean I couldn't drive my oldest to school, and there is no bus. My husband would have to work from home most days because my mom is working on her MFA and though she's within 5 minutes, my youngest with his comprehension delay wouldn't know to call 911 if I had a TC.

Sorry...I know I'm borrowing trouble but I'm very scared.

09-11-2008, 10:42 AM
Oh CAFF . . . I've got my fingers and everything else crossed for you . . . my Mother had epilepsy but, luckily, she was pretty well controlled by good old Phenobarbitol all of her life. I honestly never saw her have a major seizure -- she'd occasionally just kind of look blank and lose her train of thought for a couple of minutes -- but I do know she had some pretty bad ones back when she was a kid. Good luck, Chickie . . . :hug:

And a sunny Hi There to everybody else, too . . . :grouphug: We are having an absolutely gorgeous morning in northern NS -- sunny and cool (only about 50F right now). Fall is definitely 'in the air' around here. :yes:

Guess my plans to reload some software and try to rewrite a few of those scuttled applications will be on hold for a little while -- today is the regular Thursday afternoon mall-crawl and since I will be away for the weekend (in North Carolina, if IKE is cooperative) starting next Thursday (18th), have to make the most of this one. :yes:

Other than that -- nothing new and different for me -- just happy to be able to say (with some degree of certainty) that I will see you all later. :wave:

09-12-2008, 01:17 AM
HI LADIES ~ I'm back from two very busy days; we had visitors both days. We had a lovely dinner and everything turned out great (yeah; always a tiny worry), then we played a nice game of EXTREME CHASE and had a wonderful time laughing about DH's mistakes as he was so tired he kept making booboo's! ;)

Today, a man came to get the last two vehicles we owned besides our car; poor DH sure hated to part with them, but we can't take everything with us. We have had to down-size big-time becuz we just don't know where we are going. We went to see another small place; looks pretty good to us, but the owners say it's not ready to show until another 2 weeks, and they needed to get some more info for us too. DH likes it, but we don't really know enuff yet to get our hopes up.

A nice friend called to say that he and his wife want to come and help us move; that is so answered prayer. We've had cold and wet weather and my muscles are just screaming in my legs and feet lately; and we've been under so much stress here. I was bawling and asking GOD to please send some us some earth Angels and they called right after a prayer at dinner.

RE: OUR RASCALLY MUNCHKINS ~ I'm afraid these kiddies are a bit young for the COP THING; they are only 3, 6, & 7 and one is AUTISTIC or something close to it (although he and the 3 y/o are not the biggest problem; they have only been caught doing things a couple of times after copying the real mischief-maker). You know, in every group, there is a leader who has a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind with life; and this lad is only about 6 y/o.

They have scolded them and made them stay indoors for two days as their disciplinary action. Today, they came out and immediately ran over to our place, only to find that our NIKO is staying indoors when they are outdoors now. He goes out before they get up, when they are in school, and after dinner when they go for their baths at night.

CAFFEINE IV ~ I expressed the same concern to DH; 'What is that boy going to be like when he is a teenager?' He's got a terrible temper and he's very defiant; but at other times, he can be very sweet for a while ... They do have their hands full, and so do his teacher's at school. The family is already annoyed with us for complaining, although I don't why since they know he is a little rascal??? :?:

HI MEOWEE ~ I'm so glad that you finally got your PC up and going; hope everything loads up well for you too.

:wave: HIYA VAL ~ TGIF; just one more day this week! Hope all is well with you too!

:wave: HI PURPLE!

Well, we did get some packing done today and we took CAFFEINE's suggestions; DH packed books while I did my brass collection and small ornamentals. If we keep up this pace, I think we'll be OK; thank goodness, we did some tossing last winter as we were getting so cluttered. That is turning out to be a blessing; and I also did some laundry today too.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and talk as I was so busy I didn't get in yesterday. I must also say that I do appreciate your advice; thanks for being so caring. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

09-12-2008, 10:07 AM
Another beautiful morning in northern NS . . . hope things are glorious in your neck of the woods too.

After I got home yesterday and started playing around with the computers again I decided I'd have to 'go to town' again today to find a book -- something along the lines of "An Idiot's Guide to Vista for Dummies" might be appropriate. :yes:

Other than that -- SSDD -- see you later :wave:

09-12-2008, 04:18 PM
HELLO CHICKIES ~ cooler weather today, but that's OK cuz I'm doing indoor stuff today: packing, sewing, laundry, and so forth. DH is away helping my DAD for the day, but I have sweet NIKO here to keep me company.

MEOWEE ~ that's a good idea to get a 'VISTA for DUMMIES' book; I have several of the 'DUMMIES' series for my PC's and programs; and have found them to be very useful over the years, esp since our short-term memories aren't as good as they used to be. ;)

CAFFEINE'S ~ tips are coming in real handy; today I did extra linen and clothes; and stuff in the kitchen that we don't use very much. My goal is at least 3 boxes plus some bags each day; that should put a good dint in things. We are very blessed here to have most of our surgerical procedures paid for; and I'm so glad we don't have that system (like in the US).

Never heard of seizures called by that silly name; my sister was on PHENOBARB when she was young too, and yah, it does make them kind of like walking zombies. I think for people with severe seizures, they need to use that drug and/or maybe do surgeries if it's safe and helpful. Hope your meds get sorted out for you real soon.

HI TO VAL ~ hope you have a great weekend. Gee, I hate that some of these short cut keys sent me off to other places; sometimes I press shift and something and next thing I know, I've wandered somewhere away from my page ... eeks!

:wave: HI PURPLE ...

Well, I just came to check in; guess I'd better get back to work ... lots more packing to do. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-13-2008, 09:48 AM

Busy day of computer frustration for me. :dizzy: Its overcast and humid anyway with rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday. Guess that will be our only taste of IKE :crossed: who is currently lambasting Texas.

Stay safe and as dry as possible everybody.

09-13-2008, 07:36 PM
I fit a size 14! I'm a 14 yay :)

so I went shopping for new jeans because my 16's were starting to get bad 'saggy butt'

Caffeine I hope you're doing okay. I know at my workplace, they have to legally make accomodations for me so that I can work safely. Can the church do something like that for you?

Rosebud = when are you officially moving and did you find a place yet? that would be very nerve racking but you are handling it very well :hug: Hope your Friday was good. My TGIF didnt end up so good.

Mewoee - it's been raining here all day too... but not because of Ike. Guess I cant cut the grass :)

:wave: hi Purple! you must still be on holidays?

Wrapping up my old job is getting messy. My boss is ignoring me and using me. There is more to it than I can summarize but I've had to always save a week of vacation as my cushion in case I needed more time off with MS flares (since i dont have any coverage at this job. no STD or LTD) and he's been really ignorant in general.

We will see if I dont 'go home sick' for my last two days of work on Monday and Tuesday.

happy weekend all!

09-14-2008, 08:28 AM
Oh :yay: VAL . . . fantastic going on those 14's, Chickie.

And a wonderful GOOD MORNING :wave: for everybody.

Actually not such a nice morning around here -- overcast and muggy -- it will be a good day for getting some household chores done I think. :yes:

09-14-2008, 10:31 PM
HI CHICKIES ~ we had a bit of a storm last night so I didn't want to risk coming on (you know, one of those storms that didn't really get as bad as they predicted); but it rained on and off until dinnertime tonight and then finally cleared up.

We picked up dinner yesterday and took it out to my DAD's so they wouldn't have to cook the night before they went home. They should be home by now as they were supposed to leave early this morning; it's a long trip of over 500 miles. We had a great visit with them: DAD caught a nasty flu bug that feels like a head cold but lasts more than a few days; sure hope he felt better today as he had to get home to have a test on his neck veins for Monday to make sure they are free and clear. Even though they didn't feel that great, they looked better this time.

HEY VAL ~ I was concerned for you that something like that might happen; feel free to use up those sick days, if needs be. Your boss should be mature enuff to know that people come and go: that's life; and they'll find someone else to fill that spot. They should be giving you cards and flowers to help you celebrate your new position, and thanking you for a job well done. I hope things are more professional at your new place.

ABOUT MOVING ~ well, officially didn't really happen as the landlord never did show up with that notice in writing so DH has to go get it for our records tomorrow. On August 29, 2008, she asked us to vacate by November 1st 2008, but I don't know why since they said they were just closing the building, and they are now saying that they are not demolishing the building afterall; their story seems to be changing weekly. Personally, I don't care what they do with this building after I leave.

We have a couple of places lined up, but they are not final becuz the present tenants don't want them to show them until they have left; and I understand that. I didn't like how our landlord and her agents kept traipsing strangers through our place over and over for nothing; esp since now they are just emptying the place to use for "unknown" purposes.

There is one place that we would really love to have; we are praying that we'll get it, but we won't be seeing it until the end of the month. Oh, how I hate this waiting game; as I like to know where I'm going. Don't we all? We do have an emergency backup, but we are praying and having faith that GOD knows our needs and wants; and I know He cares about us too, and will help us.

MEOWEE ~ hope things improve for you on the weather front and with your new PC too. Whenever I upgraded, I had to learn the ropes again too. With each new PC comes new programs and bells and whistles etc ... ;)

:wave: HI PURPLE ~ guess you'll be home from your vacation soon. I forgot how long you were going for, but I know you left a week ago, Saturday. I thought it was only a week; or -- maybe not ... lol! :D

CAFFEINE IV ~ hope you are feeling better this week.

I just did some more sorting, packing, and other odd jobs this weekend. Our car has to go into the garage to have a tow hitch put on it this week; and we'll be picking up some more boxes too. Not much else to report for now. Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-14-2008, 10:35 PM
HEY VAL ~ :congrat: on getting into size 14 pants!!! :carrot:WAY :carrot:TO :carrot:GO!:carrot:

I actually found a pair of blue jeans that fit me, and they are a bit baggy too. I guess there is hope for me after all ... lol.

09-15-2008, 09:39 AM

Another busy indoor type of day for me -- weather is definitely back to the hot, mugginess of Summer -- but with lots of wind and on-again, off-again rain -- guess this is our little brush with Ike. Gas prices went sky-high over the weekend too, following the Ike-induced trend. :mad:

Oh well, lots to do to get ready for my little mini-vacation to North Carolina this weekend -- see you later.

09-15-2008, 09:15 PM
HELLO LADIES ~ Well, we finally had a nice, sunny fall day; it started out cloudy and cold, but changed for the afternoon and evening. This is what fall should look like. Had a good day packing some books and more linen; and even did a bit of mending while reading posts here.

Our car now has it's own hitch so we can pull our small trailer; that will be very handy for us esp with moving coming up soon. It will be good for taking trips to the dump too, which will save us having to hire someone else. DH was busy dismantling his little shop out back to move to our lot; there's some real mega-savings for us too.

HI MEOWEE ~ it's nice that you finally got some sunshine today, even if it wasn't perfect weather. Hope the rain goes away and that humidity leaves soon too.

HIYA VAL ~ just one more day and you are onto a great new adventure ... Oh, and it's official; we are moving as DH had to go pick up the vacate notice today. The official date is now October 31, 2008; why it changed ... only others know ~ lol!


Our livingroom is now our official box room; it will likely end up piled to the ceiling. We decided to start there for that reason, getting all the nick-nacks and such packed away first so it would be safer. We are doing pretty good; I am also going to try and use up as much food from our freezer for the next while so we won't have much to cart. And, we are going to toss all our old rugs and such in the bin as we go and buy all new stuff when we get to the new place. New place, new stuff; I like the sounds of that!

Hope you all have a lovely evening and great week; take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-16-2008, 02:21 AM
Thanks for the props ladies! Oct 31 eh Rosebud? Good thing you are so organized.

I have to share what happened to me today at work. i posted in the 100 lb club...
Hey photochick. lol we've never met. And I mostly just lurk but you've given out some good advice lately... the 'dont let people treat you like crap' stuff has really stuck in my mind. I LOVE the line you've got 'do you realize you just said that outloud?'. Some day I'll have the composure to do that without thinking.

BUT today. I sorta did :) I recently resigned from my job. Today was my last day and I'll be 'switching to the dark side' and joining local city hall despite working in economic development for a couple years.

My stud of a boss brought me into this office during the lunch hour - when the witnesses were gone and tore several strips off me for my 'attitude' and chip on my shoulder (both of which I dont deny... the guy has been giving me the run around about health insurance for months and I have MS).

Things quickly deteriorated when he caught me smirking. I didnt respect him to begin with and the predictable manner in which he was responding to me just supported my judgement.

He started insulting my work in the organization and spoke to how I had been 'babied' because I sought his direction for my projects. Then it stooped lower and he went after my professional abilities saying I would be an UTTER FAILURE at my new job. He said I wouldnt be able to handle it along with a few other negative things about the way I behaved (the behavior I wont deny.. I'm not happy with the guy).

Photochicks your wise words stuck in my head. When my boss finished ranting and insulting my character he asked if that would be all for me. At this point I pointed out that his words about my new job were completly inaccurate and he had no reason to say such spiteful things. The whole thing ended in a, abeit totally insincere, apology and butt sucking about how great I would be.

:high: thanks (I shouldnt let anybody treat me that poorly... about my weight OR my professional career) I may not have had the best attitude but I would NEVER stoop to insulting a person's performance at a professional position they havent even begun,

So seriously. My former employer is a butt. But an amazing turn of events had me go downstairs in my building to be consoled by friends... whose manager is also the deputy mayor that interviewed me for the new job and ended up overhearing/consoling me about how perfect i was for the job/being disgusted with my current boss. (she's also a board member for his organization/the development corporation) it's a small city! (15,000)

I'll be packing tomorrow as well as buying my bus ticket. then headed on the 9 hr ride to winnipeg wednesday and off to LAX thursday. Hope you all have a great week :hug: all the best packing rosebud!

i wil take pictures :)

09-16-2008, 08:56 AM

Hope everything comes together well for you ROSEBUD. :yes:

You have a great trip VAL and don't let that idiot get you down; you don't have to put up with him anymore. :yay:

Drastic change in wind direction and temperatures overnight . . . but still mostly overcast out there . . . hope to see some sun later on. Also hope to see a downward trend in gas prices later on. Prices fell back in Ontario overnight, but we are still sitting at the Friday high. :mad: Can't put off the fill-up too much longer.

Other than that, nothing exciting for me -- some laundry; some packing (for my little weekend trip to NC); an exciting visit to the DrugStore -- life is definitely ticking along. :lol:

See you tomorrow . . . :carrot:

09-16-2008, 10:09 PM
HI THERE CHICKIES ~ we were blessed to have another beautiful sunny fall day; two in a row ... WOW! I was able to put a few clothes out on the line; perfect day for it.

VAL ~ that was totally unprofessional behavior by your former boss; sounds like a little temper tantrum to me. He has no right to berate you just becuz you're leaving; and to even bring up your future job was ridiculous and showed poor character. Just go and have a wonderful trip and forget about the past; and dream of a wonderful new future at city hall.

THANKS MEOWEE ~ things will work out; we're hoping to get one of those places, the one we like has everything we were looking for. Boy, it's hard to wait: but we're actually quite excited to go to a new place; just like VAL should be too. All of us were put in a pinch; I feel bad for our neighbours as it isn't going to be easy for them to find a place here.

We only had six ads in our local newspaper this week and most were no good for us; (2) second stories (upstairs) and (2) basements and (2) were houses that were either too big or too expensive for us. The younger ones could possibly take an upstairs or basement place for awhile as they can do stairs well and we can't. It's not a good time for those who have to find places to live right now; but we are remaining hopeful!

HELLO TO PURPLE and CAFFEINE IV ~ hope you ladies are well and we see you drop by sometime soon.

Well, DH is packing up his records; he has a lot of music that he loves to listen to. That's one of his favorite hobbies; and we like to dance around the place a lot too, and it's all good exercise too. That's all the news from here for now. We have to go into town tomorrow to pick up some more small boxes and a few other things like tags and such so we can keep track of things; if I can't find any, I'll try to make some.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

09-17-2008, 11:52 AM
Hi . . . :grouphug:

Just a quick little :wave: Have to clean up a few things and then get packed for my fairly early start tomorrow. At least gas has dropped back down a bit, but not as much as it went up last Friday -- never does. :mad:

Don't know how the computer situation may be in North Carolina so if I don't get a chance to drop in again until Monday, rest assured that I am thinking of you.

09-17-2008, 01:37 PM
Hi everyone

Prior warning this is going to be a bit of a long entry with being away for so long and I need my fix ;)

I am back from the English/Welsh borders I have had a wonderful week and been very lucky with the weather. It only rained during the evening or night which did not affect our plans in any way. I have never done so much walking as I did this week so despite my blow out on a few naughty foods along the way my weigh gain has been 1lb which I was surprised about and thought it would be way more. Our log cabin was in the sticks (slang word for remote) so nice and peaceful. It overlooked woodland and Chirk castle. We went to Chirk castle every day for a walk to give our dog his exercise morning and evening. One day we did our walk over an aqueduct and saw many barges. Plus several beautiful cottages on the canal side and some of those where holiday rentals.

I have missed coming on here and doing my nearly daily piece here on 3fc. On Sunday I caught up with the washing and dreaded ironing, I have just about unpacked everything except our shoes from one bag so just about done and dusted. Though that did wipe me out some what doing all those chores I was foolish and did not listen to my body as I should so pay the price. When will I ever learn ;) Now I have to get back to reality and eat sensibly which I am determined to do. I did not let my exercise slip whilst on holiday as you heard we actually walked twice a day but that is so much more achievable when you do not have the normal daily activities when you living at home such as washing, cooking, ironing well you get the picture. Not once did I have to take pain killers for my back which I normally do at least a couple of times a week especially when I have been standing a lot of the time. On Monday back to Wales to do a trip to deliver bean bags to a cinema so was shattered after that. Then on Tuesday that is my oxygen therapy day (oh boy was it needed) but than had to do the weekly grocery shop after that so not much time.

Then today just went whizzing by as I went out for lunch and popped into another supermarket on the way home to pick up the pieces I’d forgotten but inevitably you end up getting more stuff as it is on offer. By the time I returned home made a flax seed muffin for DH to stop him having the munchies and it seems to be working. He is no longer grazing in the evening and it has shown on the scales with as of today it was a 3lb loss. He has been on a plateau for an age and not moving. He now is so motivated due to the fact he can see progress. The shirts are now fitting wonderfully and he has a nice new wardrobe of shirts and trousers. I have started also collecting a new wardrobe as I have dropped down to a UK size 16 (size 14 in US) though one or two tops still remain at 18 as they are not so generous with the cut as some manufacturers.


:welcome3: to caffieneiv to the thread so nice to have you on board. I will tell you at little of myself. I live in the UK and I am 43. I have MS and prior to that I worked as a psychiatric nurse for 16 years. Though as the disease progressed I was unable to continue work and retired on ill health grounds. Approximately 16 months or so ago I decided enough was enough I was fed up of being overweight so embarked on healthy eating. Very shortly after that I discovered this site which has been my saviour and kept me on the straight and narrow path. I am now 118lbs lighter, healthier and fitter than ever before. Like you I am on two lots of anti seizure medication for pain control of trigeminial neuralgia. Though I am more fortune than you as I am also on an anti depressant for pain which I only take at night and it has a sedating effect. I have been on a healthy eating regime which comprises of less carbs, less red meat, more vegetables and pulses. Plus reduce the size of my portions and I now fill up on vegetables and pulses. Well enough of myself for now and get on with the job in hand.
We may be a small bunch on this thread but they are great bunch and have got me through some difficult times. Needless to say they are friendly and helpful ladies who have got me to where I am today I could not have done it without them.


I never went to Ireland but my eldest niece did for the summer holidays from school. I went on the Welsh and English borders so some days I was in England and others in Wales. I have been thinking of you and your DH and wondering how your search for a new home was going.

Glad to hear that your leg is finally on the mend. It is not pleasant to have a skin condition that lingers around. I can tell you that from experience when my eczema flared up big time and I was infected head to toe as I could not stop scratching myself. I was even doing it in my sleep! Though the dermatologist at the hospital was so sympathetic and understanding and he started to get things under control in 3 or 4 weeks.

I can see that a lot of your time has been taken up with packing up your belonging for the forth coming move. Gosh you do not realise how much you accumulate in that time. I am sure my books alone would take up a couple of boxes :D I hate the packing when preparing to move I have had to do it a several times and you have more and more stuff each time :dizzy:


First I must congratulate you on fitting into size 14 clothing oh it sure must feel good. If like me you could never imagined that at the beginning of our weight loss journey that we would manage to attain such a size. Enjoy the shopping for the new wardrobe in this size that is another fun part about weight loss. I have such enjoyed shopping for my size down and finding many pretty tops. Although I do not buy too much at one size as inevitably on this weight loss journey you are not in them many months.

Well done on putting your former boss in his place. People like that need someone like you to pull them down a peg or two. I am so glad that you have the confidence in yourself and believe in your own abilities. The new employer would not have taken you on if they did not think you could do the job and was the best qualified to fill this post. Many years ago I had a division nurse manager who really did not like me and for no apparent reason. Whilst at work she did everything in her power to make my life miserable and eventually I had the unions involved. Sometime later I moved to another area to work as I was settling in my patients from hospital to a nursing home. (Unusual set up as I was still employed by the National Health Service). On this one day I was at work and this division nurse manager came to visit the nursing home. She was by this time retired under ill health (registered blind)was all sweetness and light with me. I saw it as the prime opportunity to say my piece “of you made my life **** when I worked under you do not pretend to like me now” and I walked away from her. It felt good to just say something to her as before I always had to be on my guard what I said and did whilst she was around. I did not want a blemish on my nursing record and so did not give her any little reason to do so.


Have a lovely weekend away at NC and take time to relax and unwind. So pleased that you are OK despite the brush with hurricane Ike. It has started to become cool here over the past few days it is definitely turning that corner ready for winter not that we have the severe weather changes that you do in Canada. Here we have a climate that is very temperate compared to other countries around the world.

Well enough from me and my epic post and sorry if I have missed anything out as there has been a lot to catch up on. Time to put the kettle on and get a cup of coffee then get ready to go out to play cards tonight. So till next time take care everyone and look after yourselves :grouphug:

09-17-2008, 11:56 PM
HEY MEOWEE ~ Have a great time this weekend on your trip to North Carolina; that's a long drive, so I hope you enjoy the fall scenery along the way. We'll catch up with you when you come back; and hold down the fort while you're away! :D

WOW PURPLE ~ so nice to have you back with us, and to hear your cheerful journal voice again. Glad you had a fun time on your holiday, sounds heavenly. Yah, my memory is crap these days, I know you probably told us many times you were going to Wales, where part of my Grandmother's family was from. I have seen pictures of the area and it seems lush and green as well as a bit mountainous in some places.

You have done fabulous to only gain 1 lb on your vacation and that could even be water-weight too. I'm glad the homemade muffins are helping your DH as mine loves them; and congrats to him on his new 3 lb loss. We add bran and ground flas and sometimes mashed fruit to help keep them healthy and I also use partial or all whole grain wheat flour depending on the recipe I am using. He says they have helped him keep more regular in that other area too, if you know what I mean. ;)

I am continuing to make some changes and have recently cut out more fat out of my plan (esp things like butter and margarine); I hope I see some benefits for that some time down the road. I haven't been up to our lot to do my walking lately becuz the moving thing has put a nix on that for this year; we will resume all that first thing next spring.

HOME UPDATE ~ we received another call tonight and offered another house to move to; and we are seriously considering this offer. Some details will have to be looked into for the cost to see if it is plausible for us. This is a relief to DH as he has been panicky of late, worrying where we are going to live, so this will help him calm down a bit; if not, I may just have to knock him out ~ lol, just kidding!!!;):D:)

Poor DH was so upset today; as he made a long run to the dump to get rid of a large load of junk and it was closed. He was so upset; not only at the waste of the morning but the cost of gas is high here right now too. I had tried to find out the open dates but no-one was there to answer the phone; guess everyone is on holidays there too.

HI TO VAL & CAFFEINE IV ~ have a great trip VAL; and hope you are feeling better CAFFEINE!

Our livingroom is now full of packed boxes and we are actually getting buried in stuff; and I am even throwing stuff in the garbage as we go too. Our books alone take up several boxes, as do our music collections. :yikes: Some stuff may have to go into storage for awhile; I think storage space will be on our agenda as we look at places. Two places have lots of storage space and the other may be too small ... hmmmm; what to do; what to do!

Hope you all have a lovely evening; take good care, :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-18-2008, 11:04 AM
Hi Ladies

Been a warm day today so maybe winter is not coming so early :D I have cooked a couple of dinners today so I will have another for tomorrow. Firstly I did chicken in stuffing (sage and onion) with vegetables and the second was roast breast of chicken. So it will allow me to do other chores within the home as I am not tied up in the kitchen for the best part of the morning.

Oh well the Olympics and Paralympic are eventually over. We did very well in both of them but especially in the Paralympic where we finished 2nd on the medal table. Our tally was 30 gold medals and we surpassed that and took 42 I think. One of my lasting moments from that games was a swimmer who was 13 years old who won 2 gold medals in the 100m and 400m events. She had only gone for experience for the 2012 games when she would be 17 years old so for her it was a dream come true.

Well managed to win first prize last night at whist with my team of 4 players (which includes me by the way). We all won 2 fillets of chicken breasts which fed me and DH plus a few treats for Rizzie for our dinners today. whilst cooking that I cooked 2 other chickens (small) one for a chicken dinner tomorrow and then the remainder of the chicken and the other one was sliced for future sandwiches.

Watched last night the programme "who do you think you are " and it was a man called David Suchet more famously known for his role as Hercule Poirot in a television series. It deals with tracing the family history of the person as far back as they can. They can reveal some interesting facts along the way. This subject interests me from the historical point of view and secondly I have searched my family tree as much as I can. I could go further on my fathers mother's side of the family but I need a birth certificate to do that to get names. Though that is rather pricey now. Then drew a blank around the 1890's on my mothers side of the family again down her mothers side of the family. On the birth certificate there was no fathers name so that is more than likely an illegitimate birth. We knew there was some skeleton in the cupboard so to speak as when my grandma was alive she was strongly not wanting the family tree to be traced. Whilst she was alive I abided by her wishes and waited another 15 years after that until I traced the family history. That is when I unearthed this fact and in my grandma's day it would have been shameful and something to hide so hence her reluctance for me to trace the history. I was surprised that I was able to trace back as far as 1790's on the family tree on my mothers father's side of the family.


Like yourself I also put other ingredients in it such as berries, dried fruit (including apricots) and bananas. So another crafty way I sneak fruit into my DH diet without him even thinking he is eating such a things. All he sees is cake :rofl: and quite gladly munches the lot :D

Small changes like the amount of fat can make an impact on your diet. When making a sandwich I do not put margarine or butter on. Though occasionally I will put a smear of sandwich pickle or beetroot chutney to liven things up. Where ever possible I use that one cal spray for spraying a small amount of oil or buttery taste to the dish. I buy the leanest cuts of meat I can afford and cut fat off where ever I can (for example bacon rashers). When you are happy with those tweaks to your diet then you can incorporate other little changes. So over time these little changes make a big impact on your diet both being healthier and less calories.

Well time for me to go and wrap up food that has been cooling it should be well and truly cold by now. So till next time by for now. :hug:

09-18-2008, 11:35 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ we had a lovely fall spring day today; cool and sunny all day. I just love fall days like this; I was able to go for a little walk to check my garden and feed GOD's little friends, our birdies, that come by. Will have to woo them to come along with us wherever we go ~ lol; I'm sure they'll find us with a little help from above.

HEY PURPLE ~ guess it's just you and me for a while, as MEOWEE and VALDINE are both on trips this weekend. Sounds like VAL is taking a much deserved holiday before starting her new position; don't blame her.

Congrats on winning the games last night; I like those prizes esp with meat costing so much these days. Those prizes are quite practical. Good idea to cook up meals ahead; I am doing the same now too. Many times, I do at least two meals at once; that saves times, money, and electricity too.

I also really enjoyed watching the Olympics this time round; good clean fun and every thing seemed to go pretty smoothly without much scandal; it was nice to see how hard CHINA worked to put on a good games and I think they succeeded at that. I hope we can do at least as well for our winter games in Vancouver in 2010.

Regarding Geneologies ~ many of our family on both sides seem to have come from Ireland and England; plus a small number may be Native Indians on my Dad's side. On my mother's side, they are mostly Irish, and some may be East Indian and the connection there may have come from England and Scotland again, as I may have mentioned before. I have a cousin who has spent a lot of time on the geneology on my Father's side of the family, which we have in common.

So I got some more packing done today; did small glass trinkets from my bedroom and the like; while Dh made his trip to the dump successfully this time and he also put some stuff in storage for us today too. He is feeling much better today and I'm so glad about that; he isn't worrying so much now. May GOD bless the nice young man who helped DH unload his trailer today; he sure appreciated the help.

I also transplanted my SNAKE PLANT today as it had grown six new shoots and the older ones were dying off. I put it in a larger planter with all new soil and it looks very nice; already for the move to a new place.

Well that's all the news for now; over the next while we will be preoccupied with packing and carting to a storage place that someone has generously offered for us to use for now. Everything being in a rush the way it was, we won't have time to move it all right now.

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-19-2008, 11:12 AM

It has turned out to be a lovely day here again though there is a nip in the air morning and evening. It is suppose to hit highs of 18c today so warm for this time of year. I think I will do my washing tomorrow what little I have and maybe strip the bed whilst I am at it. I have been for my morning walk with DH today and picked up my prescription for my medication. Was lucky on the walk that at the group of shops that is near my doctors they had a sale on jewelry so picked up a couple of necklaces.

My printer has decided to print some weird and wonderful colours so I am having to do a head cleaning on it and hope that will shift the little blockage. The only trouble with head cleaning is it uses up quite a bit of ink each clean and ink cartridges are so expensive. Though we either get those from computer fayre or have refillable ones which works out a whole lot cheaper.


yes it is just you and me for the present whilst Valdine and Meowee are away. Do not blame Valdine for having a break before joining her new post a time to recharge those batteries. If the weather is as nice as it is here at the moment both will have a nice time weather wise.

Yes it is nice to win meat prizes as you say with the cost of meat it sure does come in handy. Most of the whist drives we go to it is groceries of some kind like tea or coffee, sugar and dried fruit, tinned fruit etc. They occasionally have things like bacon rashers and sausages with eggs. There is only one place where meat is the first, second and third prizes.

Yes like you I also enjoyed the games and they did try extremely hard to put on the games and like you I think they succeeded. I knew the winter games was in Canada in 2 years time but I did not know the host city. Unfortunately we do do very well in that but there again we do not have much snow so all training has to take part overseas.

Gosh you have many interesting diversities in your family which must be interesting looking through on the family tree. My family on both sides of the family nearly all came from one county and only moved for short periods to a neighbouring county. I think if I wish to go back any further than I have I will have to look at parish church records for births, deaths and marriages which all takes many hours. Also my surname is one that may be spelt in many ways and depending on the person whom wrote it in the church records it would change as so often in the past people where illiterate so did not know the spelling of their own name so relied on others to get it right.

Did not know what a spider plant was so looked it up on the Internet and now I know what it is hear the plant is known by the name Mother In Laws tongue. No I do not jest it must be the Brits sense of humour a bit warped ;)

Glad that your DH is feeling better about the imminent move. Like your DH I am the worrier my DH says if I do not have something to worry about I create something :D Moving is one of the most stressful things that happens in our lives which I know from studies. There are some really kind people in this world willing to help someone they do not know some of lifes angels. Yes it is so hard for you to move especially when you did not plan to move and it was enforced on you. It is bad enough when it is planned but the other way round is much worse as no time to plan and prepare.

Time to go and answer my emails and sort my correspondence out. So bye for now and take care :hug: purpleorc :hug:

09-19-2008, 11:15 PM
HI PURPLE ~ our day started off so wonderful; warm and sunny ... just peachy. Later in the afternoon a small storm with big winds came by and knocked over one of our cupboards (like a large wardrobe) so DH put it in our trailer to take to storage; the damage was only on the back and small so DH will be able to mend it as he is handy with wood stuff that way.

I did a lot today and now I'm exhausted; I did some dying of linens and things. Don't know if you have ever done that; I learned it in a 4-H class I took when I was young becuz I was so bored living on a farm at the time (all work and no play). This is my second batch (did one last week too), so I'm all done now: today I did few more towels and mostly underthings and they all turned out great. The last batch I did was towels and I did them a lovely medium old country green, and that gave them new life. Today I did lilac, plum purple, and plum pink; it was a nice mix and they look lovely.

I also made some fruit bran muffins with blueberries for DH; and we packed some more boxes tonight for awhile. Now I'm on strike becuz I told DH that is not how I plan to spend all my Friday nights, which are supposed to be for fun: I want Friday Fun ... lol!

Well, becuz of the weather, we will go in town to pick up some more boxes tomorrow instead; DH didn't want to go when it was raining and very windy like that. I'm afraid he has been very stressed out with this moving thing and you are so right what you said. It's one thing to move when you want to and you know where you are going, and when, and why; but this was not very nice to put us in such a pinch two months before our winter.

We do have a couple of places lined up, but there are still many details that have to be looked into and we are still waiting for people to get back to us so we can know what we are doing. :dizzy: We have not moved in over 16 years and the cost of places has climbed astronomically in that time; so much so, that many landlords don't even want to tell us how much the utilities are going to cost us (i.e. the heat and the hydro), so we can't take a place until we know whether we can afford to stay there or not. Maybe they are afraid to scare us off; but like many people today, we have a limited income to spend on housing so we have to know approximately what those costs are going to be.

DH doesn't want to move into a place and then have to move because we can't pay the heat. We have a good credit rating and I don't want that ruined either. So we have to be a bit cautious before making our final decision. Our neighbours have been fortunate to find a place already, but they have six adults sharing the costs, and we don't.

But I know that we have a place one way or another; we have been offered two places that we know we can go to no matter what. We have two that are supposed to get back to us: one next week and one the first week of October, but that delays us somewhat. So we are packing and getting everything ready as much as we can.

Dh was still stressing a bit again today; but I hope that once we have a place secured for sure, that he will relax a bit. It is hard when you are alone and don't have relatives around that can help you or a big family like our neighbours have. Gee, small families suck ... lol! ;) Oops ... sorry, just expressin' some thoughts there. Well, our problem is that our family is spread out far and wide; but it is large by some standards.

ANYHOW, maybe we can find some more ANGELS around to come and help us; some $$$ incentives might help a bit too. LOL. DH is our worry-wart, but I get concerned that he is trying to take too much on himself; and he has to learn how to let go of his hurt feelings too.

BUT WE SHALL SURVIVE WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE!!! When we get some more details, I will pass them on. I hope you have a lovely Friday evening and I am going to enjoy the rest of mine too; gonna put my feet up with a puzzle and a hot drink, I think.

:wave: Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-20-2008, 03:29 AM
Sorry I haven't been on lately. There are too many posts for me to go quickly through and comment on everyone, and with my memory so completely shot...I can't remember what I was going to say, much less what everyone else said. :D So, sorry...going to be selfish and just post an update since I saw the neuro yesterday and am still absorbing all that. Plus, the weather has changed so my arthritis is acting up and I'm just thinking "hot bath" :) I'm packing like mad and will have to keep doing so. I've got to clean my sensor on my camera for one thing, clear my memory cards, all sorts of stuff that I wouldn't do before a normal vacation and have me sure I'll forget something horrible. Last time we went to the beach for 2 nights I forgot my seizure meds and had to get an emergency Rx called in to the pharmacy there. Oh, and I've forgotten PJ's, my toothbrush, all sorts of things. I have to be an obsessive list maker/checker when it is a vacation for more than a day.

My neuro has put me on another medication to take WITH the one I was already on (and at the max dose), plus gave me another one to take if I have seizures. She said it is very likely that the trip will trigger them unfortunately...I leave on the 25th and do NOT plan to cancel the trip. I haven't been to England since '94, and haven't really been away from the boys since my oldest was born in May of '01.

The possible side effects of one of the meds I'm taking now are rather scary. True, it is very likely I won't get them, but except for multi-vitamins, Ibuprofen, and a couple anti-biotics I have yet to react to drugs in the "normal" way. I reacted so strongly to the supplemental med she tried me on last at the LOWEST dose it was possible for her to give me. She had told me I probably wouldn't even notice I was taking it. I can't take antihystamines because I have the opposite reaction from what most people get, and so severely it is dangerous to me. I have PVC's and if I take antihystamines my heart starts racing at dangerous levels, I'll often end up with one pupil dialated, I'm dead on my feet, but it is like I have full body restless leg syndrome. I was in Jr. High and my mom found me walking in a daze up and down the stairs shaking, my heart hurting, and I wasn't doing well. I have had multiple doctors say "it did what?" when I've told them my reaction to different drugs. Heck, with my first seizure medication the neuro (NOT the one I have now thankfully) was absolutely fascinated with the fact that I stopped eating and gained 50 pounds in one month...he wanted me to stay on it because it was such an abnormally severe reaction!

Anyway...though they are scary, some of the side effects are rather interesting and it amazes me that a drug can actually manage to do so many different things in different people.

Coarsening of the facial features, enlargement of the lips, gingival hyperplasia, hypertrichosis, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, granulocytopenia, agranulocytosis, and pancytopenia with or without bone marrow suppression, Lymphadenopathy including benign lymph node hyperplasia, pseudolymphoma, lymphoma, and Hodgkins's Disease, Systemic lupus erythematosus, periarteritis nodosa, toxic hepatitis, liver damage, and immunoglobulin abnormalities may occur.

Joy. :D Umm...I had to google quite a few of those words. :) Just to give you an idea about one of them is also known as "werewolf syndrome!" :) aaaoooooo! hey...full moon a few days ago, I missed it!

09-20-2008, 03:31 AM
Ooh...and Sunday "So You Think You Can Dance" will be in town. I am SOOO bummed because I probably won't be able to even say hi to my cousin (Katee Shean if you watched the show...we look NOTHING aunt is Japanese and Katee looks very much like her mom, not the pasty white side of the family) after the show because of how chaotic it will be and they aren't allowed to tell people where they will be. They are traveling under assumed names is that bad. Aaah well, at least I'll get to see her dance in person. She was the flower girl at my wedding.

09-20-2008, 01:41 PM
Hi Ladies and good afternoon

Well another lovely hot sunny day so managed to get all washing dry and ironed. Went to SIL late morning today as she is challenged :D when it comes to DVD recorders and how they work. Her DH is away for the weekend and her daughter is abroad. Her daughter wanted a programme DVDing from the television. So my DH sorted her out with this and offered when her DH is back to come over and sort the television out as that is not correct as you can only watch one channel on terrestrial television instead of 5 of them. If they wish to see others then they must view them through the cable television. We suspect her husband has wired them up wrongly as it is not that knowledged in that area either but slightly better than is wife.


No problems with posting we all have our own challenges that make life that bit more difficult but it is so nice to hear from you. I hear that weather effect arthritis and especially if it turns cold and damp. So in the UK winter can be "murder" for people with this condition as we are renowned for lots of rain and it can be cold.

I am like you very much orientated by lists and lists to remember list you get the picture ;) If I did not have them I get in a right pickle. This holiday I have just been on due to circumstances of my father having appendicitis just before we went away I was so disorganised. Normally I remember everything as I have planned meticulously but this year I had forgotten several things including nightwear :o . I did not feel so relaxed as normal as things were so rushed. Glad you were able to call in and get an emergency px for your drugs.

I see you are coming to my part of the world I hope you have a lovely holiday and our nice weather holds out. Are you touring around England or stopping with family?

It is difficult with drugs if you are sensitive to many and have adverse reactions to them. I am fortune :crossed: with medication so I have been blessed. Especially when you read the side effects of some of the medication I take, never mind the interaction that they all have together does not bear thinking about. If I did not have to take them I would choose not too but the pain from the trigeminial neuralgia is so bad that the slang name for it is the suicide disease. Due to the high incidence of suicide among people with it due to the pain never going away. (like toothache but 10x worse is the best I can describe it)

I am lucky with my medication the hospital neurologist gives me enough rope to hang myself :rofl: due to the fact I was a nurse. He just tells me I can be on no more than so many milligrammes per day and how many times a day I can take it. He then leave it up to me to see what level I feel good on. This is due to my past of being a nurse and having an more than a passing interest in drugs.

Talking of google I had a look on there myself when you mentioned your cousin Katee Shean. I know of the programme but I have not seen the US version of it. It is a shame that you will not get to say hello to her but at least you will see her dance.


I have only done some dying a couple of times and did some tie dying in school. Never entered my head to do something like you have, clever you. I may do some in the future especially now you have given me some ideas in that area. You have been a busy bee with dying and cooking as well.

I can understand the worries that are involved with moving. Especially when you have a "small" family. I am lucky in the sense that my DH brother and sister live very close by and help us no end. I do meals for them now and again as a thankyou as they both enjoy my cooking. I also cook for their family as well. Then my parents live 30 miles away and same with my sister. You definately need to know the finanical out lay before you more you do not want to find out a few months down the line that it is not affordable. Then have to do it all again :no: Once is enough moving :yes: . When I moved this time I did ask the council if at all possible that it was wheelchair accessable due to the nature of my condition and that it could result in me being in a wheelchair at some point. I was fortunate they did listen to me and offered me a place that was very nearly wheelchair accessable. The only thing needed would be a ramp from the front door which the social services would fund no problem. I have all wide doors and a huge hall way to turn a wheelchair around and a walk in shower. I have a pendant that I can wear round my neck to call for help 24 hours a day. So I feel safe if DH goes out and leaves me. Touch wood I have never needed the service and only set it off by accident :o

Best go and drink :coffee: that DH has made for me so till next time bye bye :hug:

09-20-2008, 02:35 PM
Purple -

Thanks, I was just checking in one more time before I ban myself from the computer. :D

Hehe...I'm married to the computer "nerd" of the family so our stuff generally works and then we get calls about "can Pete come fix ___?" :) I used to do computer technical support, but now I leave it all up to him.

I'm in Oregon...our weather is very much like in the UK. We have a saying...Oregonians don't tan, they rust. :) Hehe...yeah, the last time I forgot my PJ's I had to sleep in jean capris and a t-shirt. If it had just been me I'd relive my university days and wander around in simply a t-shirt and undies, but didn't feel like it since the house had several people in it, and I jiggle a lot more than I did in university. :p :D Not terribly comfortable.

It is just me, and I'm going to be staying with 3 different families that I've met on the photography board I'm an administrator on. Sounds insane, but the majority of the people on the board have met the majority of the rest of them...they all know each other and I'll be perfectly safe. :) It is purely for me to get photography done. I haven't touched my camera much in the last year and I want to get out of this rut and get back to it. I'm starting out in S. England, going up to Sunderland and the lake district, then heading down to the peak district and then back to Oregon. It cracks me up...we're going to visit Portland. I grew up in Portland Oregon and was glad to leave because of the drugs and gunfire in my neighborhood.

Aaah...trigeminial neuralgia...I occasionally have what the doctors haven't decided if it is an ictal headache or a cluster headache. Both of which I've heard called "suicide headache". Mine have gotten better with the seizure meds, so I think it probably was ictal headaches I was having though I never noticed them happening around my seizures...I wasn't paying much attention just trying to survive through them. To me though, trigeminial neuralgia sounds even worse.

I'm so glad that your neuro lets you take care of it and trusts you. My regular doctor is like that. Trusts me and knows that I'd rather not take medication if I don't absolutely have to. Like with my youngest...he's told me I don't need to take him to the ER again and just call the office when he starts showing signs of croup and he'll call some steroids in for us if we need rather than us having to wait till it gets to hospital admitting levels. Last time his O2 stats were in the 80's at the ER and he almost had to spend the night. Does your medication seem to generally work for you? How are you coping?

Katee is fantastic. She was the top girl from the show this year (of course, we think she should have won) and is doing WAAAY more dances than any of the others during the tour. I'm worried for her, hope she doesn't injure herself seriously. One of the first dances she ever had with Josh, he dropped her on her head (not in the filmed version thankfully).

Rosebud -

I'm glad you are looking into the utilities cost. Here, they are saying natural gas will go up 40% in November. The gas stove, furnace, and gas fireplace that were such a draw when we first moved here...not quite so much now. You are being very smart...too often people look at rent and call it good...nevermind what the rest of the place will cost them and then they can end up in a world of hurt. Glad you are thinking ahead! Good luck!

09-20-2008, 06:52 PM
:wave: HI CHICKIES ~ we had a beautiful sunny day today; I came in early just to read your posts and now I am going to make dinner as DH just came in. I will come by later to write a longer post.

HANG IN THERE, CAFFEINE ~ I NEVER believe everything I hear or read anywhere; esp on those possible side-effects charts. It is important to be aware of them, but most people won't have any of those side effects at all. Hope you and your DH have a wonderful trip to England; make a list to remember your list ... LOL!

BE BACK LATER , your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-21-2008, 04:14 AM
HI LADIES ~ I put my feet up after dinner to rest them awhile, and do a small crossword puzzle; and promptly fell asleep. I didn't wake up until now: hence, why I am posting in the middle of the night ~ LOL!

Well, we had another lovely fall-spring day today, so we went into to town to pick up some more boxes and tape, and such that we needed. It is cooler than normal this year, but the sun sure makes it a lot nicer. We got a lot of packing done this week, and next week, I want to tackle my extra dishes. I decided to rest this weekend becuz I have been very tired: trying to do too much too quickly, I think.

I guess I'm getting a lot of exercise doing all this work; I am still trying to get some short walks in each day, but I do miss the longer ones I was doing this summer. Maybe when we know where we are going, things will get sorted out again. We should have some more news about that this week.

CAFFEINE ~ oops, as I re-read your last post, I see you are taking a solo photo trip to England; hope you have a great time. Maybe you could pack your suitcase now, starting with pj's, underthings, tees, and pants. I have so many clothes that I could pack a couple of suit cases ahead and be already to go, if need be.

Sorry to hear that you also suffer from severe migraines like our PURPLE; they're certainly no fun. My SM (stepmom) suffers from them all the time, and the doctors seemed to have trouble finding the source, although they suspect they are STRESS-based.

HI PURPLE ~ glad you are having some nice sunny fall weather there. You are lucky to have so much close family near you. We have a terrible shortage of specialty housing here; they now say there is a 3-year waiting list. With the population aging the way it is, our governments, on all levels, should have looked at this problem more closely.

The problem is only going to get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid. We also have a terrible housing shortage here on top of that: not enuff places for all the people here; and with the crazy rise in fuel prices lately, in almost every area (oil, gas, and propane), this is putting people in a real bind. It is very cold here in this country (and even more so in the far North where we live), so where and how do they find AFFORDABLE housing???

As you know, our apartment complex is being closed down for that very reason: the rise in oil costs. The oil is costing more than people can recoup in rent, so more and more people are either selling their places and/or closing them down, which just makes the situation even worse.


ANYHOW, I hope you all have a pleasant and restful weekend; do take good care of yourselves too, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

09-21-2008, 11:25 AM
Hello from the UK

Well a record here :D the 3rd sunny day in a row here not knocking it though but you would think it was winter by the feel of my hand they are freezing :dizzy: Not to mention my feet more often than not I have to put thermal socks on in bed which is very romantic ;) .

Last night saw the start of strictly come dancing here in the UK ( dancing with the stars I think it is called else where). This year we have 9 men and 9 women celebrities dancing but at this stage the men dance and then one gets voted off and then the women dance next week. This is because they have so many dancers on it now. I love ballroom and Latin dancing as I did this type of dancing into my late teens. I enjoyed so much the dancing but hated exams they were so nerve racking and you would have to remember something like 9 dances 5 ballroom and 4 Latin American. You would have one less dance in Latin American for much of the time as you started in ballroom and then progressed to Latin.

CAFFEINEIV I do not blame you leaving the technical PC problems to your DH I think I would do the same in your position. Though due to me being a nurse in the past I often get asked to look at X, Y and Z. They seem to forget that my expertise lie in the field of psychiatry :D. Not that you do not pick up a bit of physical stuff along the way as my patients had illnesses along the way.

I have heard about cluster headaches and there effects. Glad the seizure medication has helped in that area. I have the seizure medication for pain control of trigeminial neuralgia and overall it is successful now. Though odd days it rears its ugly head and I struggle to get some relief. I must admit it is 100 times better now that it is more under control. Over all I cope I am not saying that I do not have days that things get me down but generally I am a up beat person who is determined the MS and trigeminial neuralgia will not rule my life I will be its boss. Ever since I was diagnosed with MS I have that attitude from nigh on the beginning. For me what I was most upset about was having to give up my beloved nursing it had been my life virtually. I gave up having children (never had a strong drive to have children ) so that I could pursuit this dream and whoosh it was taken away virtually over night. It took me months to come to terms with that and get my head round that.

Your going to some very picturesque places of the lake district and peak district. I hope that your camera works over time in those areas ;) Lets hope that it is a digital camera else it will cost a fortune in films for the camera.

ROSEBUD We are fortune that the council provides housing, it is based on a points scheme of need. With your challenges you would be high on the housing list for a disabled bungalow. From when I went to the council it was less than 2 months and I was in my bungalow. You with your circumstances would be higher than me as you are going to be without a housing shortly so would be rehoused almost immediately. I never realise how lucky we are here in the UK we may have many faults like being very expensive and have trouble with alcohol and drugs but free health care and affordable housing. When you move into a bungalow you pay for your own gas and electric to the house and pay for what you use. There are ways to help you by having a meter installed into the house which you pay for your gas and electric as you use it. Or you can do like I do pay a set price each month for it though I do expect mine to go up due to the fuel increase lately. I really do hope you do find somewhere soon to live with gods help.

:wave: Val and Meowee I hope you are having a lovely break away and recharging those batteries.

Right to muster the energy and wash the dog. To be honest he has a distinctive whiff coming from him. So till tomorrow bye bye :wave: purpleorc :hug:

09-21-2008, 10:12 PM
HI LADIES ~ we were so blessed to have another sunny fall day: it was cool but still very nice. Last night, we had one of the worst frosts I can recall: everything was covered in a white frost. We don't usually have such a hard frost as this until the middle of October. Sadly, I lost some of my flowers, but managed to save four baskets for awhile.

Spent the day catching up on emails and such; only packed one box of tupperware today (special plastic containers). We had a lovely roast chicken dinner with veggies from our garden, which I picked today.

Not too much too report today, as I spent the day doing things like reading and such. I spent some time outdoors working with my plants too, and just enjoying the lovely weather.

HEY PURPLE ~ you are fortunate to have a lot of help with housing there in England. There are some places here, but there is a terrible shortage compared to the need; and right now, none are available. Our town is also a rescue center: whenever a far-away northern town experiences floods or other natural disasters, our town takes many of the refugees (in the hundreds), so that also takes up many of the empty places.

Sometimes, as has happened here, some of these people do not return to their original towns when the crisis is over ... instead, they just stay here. Some people think this is part of the reason we have such a shortage here right now; and I think that they might be correct about that.

Oh boy, what a job: washing the dog; our NIKO doesn't like that at all. Earlier this month, on a nice, rare hot day, we took him to a nearby lake for his bath. It was apparent to us that he hasn't been swimming much in his short life. Most of the time, we just walk around the shore with him on lead and get him to chase sticks but he is so clever that he knows if he goes too far, he will get all wet. We are going to take him to a lake with a shoreline that has less of a slope next time. For the winter, it will be back to the bathtub, which he doesn't like at all!

HELLO TO VAL and MEOWEE ~ hope you ladies both had lovely trips this weekend.

HI CAFFEINE ~ hope those cluster headaches get better sometime soon. I had a headcold earlier this month that had a lot of headaches on and off; didn't enjoy that, as I don't usually get headaches much, so I can appreciate that you are looking for ways to get relief from them. I have heard from more than one source that some kinds of antidepressants can relieve migraines for some people; so maybe that is something you might want to ask your doctor about.

Well, I'm off to have some tea, put my legs up, and do a puzzle or two; so take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

09-22-2008, 11:34 AM
Hi Ladies

:( Well the run of good weather came to an end today and we got caught out in a shower of rain :rain: whilst doing our daily exercise. Even when it is not raining it is very dull and overcast. It is such a shame I hoped the weather would be nice as caffieneiv is due to come over to England. It is suppose to brighten up tomorrow so fingers crossed :crossed: for brighter weather on the horizon :yes:

Been busy the last few hours baking 3 big flaxseed muffins the recipe that I found off here in the weight loss surgery section. Though I have tweaked it a little and add other goodies in like blackberries/ blueberries / nuts / dried fruit and different essences from vanilla / rum / orange and almond. Did an experimental one today using oat-bran instead of flaxseed we both had a sliver of it to try at coffee :coffee: break mid morning when it was slightly warm. It sure did taste good :drool: and took all my will power from eating the rest of the cake. DH still remains to lose weight :goodscale: since starting on these flaxseed muffins. Last week lost 2lb and he reported to me that he has lost another 1lb this week already. It has sure helped him mentally as he is on :cloud9: since dropping steadily each week for the past 4 or 5 weeks after a plateau of months and months. It is hard to keep DH positive when I was losing week on week and he was not budging a pound. So I say :carrot: to flaxseed muffins they have made him a happy bunny :rofl:

ROSEBUD :~ :yikes: Frost already it is quite frighting to think that it is getting that time already. We fortunately have not had one yet but the nights have turned pretty chilly over the past couple of weeks. Shame that some of your :flow1: have been caught by the sharp frost. That is the trouble with that we inevitably get caught out by early frosts.

Getting housing over here has got harder over the years due to shortage due to several factors. Firstly the council selling council houses to tenants for a reduced price. Another factor is unmarried mothers are given high priority for housing so many girls purposely have a child to get away from home. The third issue is that due to our good welfare state of free health care and different benefits you can claim like housing (on low income and housing rent will be paid for or a good proportion of it. ) we had many immigrants coming from many countries to have the housing and state benefits. Though in very recent times immigration laws have been tightened up considerably to stop it happening and now it is more difficult to move to the UK.

Well Rizzie had his shower yesterday so now smells sweet and is all soft. Went into the shower as good as gold for me and was over really quickly. Only seen Rizzie in the river once and that was in Scotland. The river up there was crystal clear and I suspect you could drink the water fresh from the river. He loved fetching his ball from there and went in every day. I have posted a couple of photographs of him from this holiday.

You mentioned to caffieneiv about antidepressants being used as a pain killer in headaches. Well I use one sort that is popular for such but mind is to treat trigeminial neuralgia. I am a low dose not effective enough if you had depression for example but I have found it excellent for pain relief during the night. I was waking up in the night in agony but now I tend to sleep through the night and if I do wake for the potty I go right off to sleep again. It was bliss to get a nights sleep and not spent hour after hour awake and miserable in pain. I did try to stop them on doctors advice to see if I could now manage without. :yikes: within 3 days I was in agony and had to go straight back on it and it took about a week to get the pain under some sort of control. So we leave the medication well alone whilst it is working and not effecting my blood work in away way or my health.

Time to go and dispense all my tablets for the week into my daily doses for the 4 times a day. I find this way I remember whether I have taken it or not as the case maybe :dunno:. It does take a while with my pills but time well worth spending for peace of mind. Bye bye and take care :hug: purpleorc :wave:

09-22-2008, 12:56 PM

I am back and I definitely had a terrific weekend, but I am sooooooo tired. :tired:

Hope to get caught up opn things tomorrow . . . see you later.

09-22-2008, 09:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had a lovely sunny fall day again until dinnertime when some clouds rolled in. I just heard that we are having torrential rains out there right now, so I will have to hurry up this post and get off here just in case it gets worse.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you had a nice trip; boy, that was a short one for such a long ways away. I hope you got to enjoy yourself a bit. I'm sure you are tired if you drove all that way and back.

HI PURPLE ~ nice shots of RIZZIE; next time, we go to the lake, I'll be sure to take my digital camera and get some of NIKO there too. NIKO is young yet, so I hope he will get used to baths and showers and swimming eventually.

I'm sorry to hear you also suffer so much pain; but glad that you have found a way to help relieve it some, esp so that you can sleep. I have pain every day too; like today, I did a lot of packing of my good dishes and my feet and legs were throbbing by dinnertime. They are getting a much-needed rest while I read and post tonight.

I didn't get the calls I hoped for today; so I made some calls to no avail. Guess this is gonna be a waiting game; I have never seen things like this before. Usually people are anxious to get good tenants and get back to you right away or they already have all the info prepared ahead of time.

Why is it when we HAVE TO move, everything is going through the roof in a crazy fashion? Rents, heat, hydro, and housing prices are nuts here right now. And the reall shame is that we are seeing dozens and dozens of houses sitting empty right now and we can't get one to rent ... ugh!!!

Yah, these frosts are a month early; I trimmed up my plants yesterday and today and they look pretty good again. I am gonna keep better watch and bring them in if that thermometer goes down too low from now on.

PS ~ I get 18 medium muffins from my fruit & bran muffin recipe and put some in the freezer for later (see the recipe below).

Well, it's time for my tea and crossword puzzle; take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-22-2008, 09:42 PM

1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1-1/2 cups NATURAL Bran (Quaker)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar (opt)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp allspice
1/2 cup raisins
1 x large chopped apple OR 1 mashed banana
3/4 cup blueberries (last)
2 x large eggs
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/8 cup molasses
1-1/2 cups juice* or skim milk

Combine and put about 1/4-1/3 cup mix into 18 lightly greased muffin tins; and bake at 400 F for about 20 minutes. Watch if you have a hot oven.

* NOTE * for a less sweet muffin, you can omit the white sugar.

* I like to use pure apple or cranberry juice to give them more flavor and vitamin goodness. I also vary these and sometimes sub dried cranberries or almond slivers or mashed carrot or a wee bit of flax meal, etc.

09-23-2008, 09:29 AM

Wowee, after sleeping a lot yesterday, I think I'm beginning to feel almost human again . . . and guess the two pounds I was seeing yesterday were just www because, happily, they are gone again this morning. Blood sugar is still running too high and I still have residual knee pain and some neck pain, though. Hopefully those will both disappear soon too.

I definitely did NOT drive all the way to NC. Drove to Halifax (about 1.5 hours) and flew to Newark, NJ and then on to Asheville, NC. Trip down wasn't bad, but coming home I had a very boring but tiring four hour layover in Newark and I think that was what really did me in.

Our weather is almost perfect for the first full day of Autumn -- sunny and the predicted high is going to be about 14C/57F -- so as soon as I clean the litter pans and have a shower, I am out of here. Must do some grocery shopping or I may be reduced to eating cat kibble soon. :lol:

Have a great day, everybody . . . :grouphug:

09-23-2008, 10:24 AM
Hi Ladies

This is a swift drop in today as I have been for my oxygen therapy and I am very tired now. Though I thought I would make an appearance and then answer posts hopefully tomorrow when I have a little more time and feel more human again.

Weather still remains :rain: showers and very overcast and it sure does feel cold at 14c or it may be me being Eskimo Nell ( often cold when really it is not that cold ). I am wearing my thermal socks at the night time at least until well into the night.

Just going to have :coffee: a drink then have a rest on the bed before I crack on with an evening meal. Having a cooked tea as being at the ms centre today and DH operating the tanks (oxygen therapy ones) I take food with us to the centre to stop us delving in the biscuit barrel which is there.

Bye for now and take care :wave: purpleorc :hug:

09-23-2008, 03:03 PM
HI LADIES ~ Well, we had a doozy of a rainstorm last night, but no thunder or lightening. The sun is trying to shine a bit right now, and we could use it as it is damp and chilly out there. I have spent most of my day so far making phone calls about housing.

Well, I finally know why we haven't heard back from people: one was avoiding us and the other was stalling. Turns out, both of them have their places up for sale. One place had a price that was ridiculous for in the country; I told her that I thought the place was too big for us. Guess what the heating costs are: would you believe $300-$400 per month. And they wanted $600 per month for the rent, plus hydro ($150+) on top of that! :yikes: Don't know what she was thinking asking us to rent that place. I think as soon as anybody finds out the heating costs in that place, they will run away ... screaming !!!

The other one which is a small tiny house has an offer to buy it; so she has asked us to wait awhile but DH isn't that keen on renting a place that's for sale again (like where we are now). That's why we are having to leave this place; DH doesn't want to go to a place like that again. I think that is going to be my first question to any place we look at from now on: IS THIS PLACE UP FOR SALE???

EEKS ... you sure need a lot of faith to find a place to live today. Since we last moved, the rents have doubled; hydro has tripled; and heating costs have quadrupled ~ LOL!!! You have to laugh, or you would just spend all your time crying ...

Well, at least we still have one offer; and it is more reasonable, but we will have to be very frugal to keep the utility costs down. Keep praying for us; cuz we sure need it.

HI MEOWEE ~ I kinda figured that you didn't drive becuz driving all the way to North Carolina would take a couple of days just one way. My parents and my sister drove down to Florida one year, and I think it took them a week each way; they stayed with a family friend for about a month while they were there.

HI PURPLE ~ yah, I seem to be the same these days; the damp and cold really bother my legs and feet and hands. Before coming on here, I had just asked DH to put up the heat for a while, as it is damp and cold in here right now. We also have a small turbo heater that we can use to take the the chill out of the air, if need be.

I got a lot of packing done yesterday (five boxes), so I am taking it a bit easier today. DH is taking a breather today too; he is doing fall yard work ... tidying up for the winter. We have a fall pick-up here, so that helps out too. The garden is almost done now; we still have some carrots and onions which can take a lot of cold, but that is it for this year.

HIYA VAL and CAFFEINE ~ hope you ladies are feeling well this week.

Well, I guess I better get going and get something out for supper; probably will have fish today since it's Tuesday. We rotate white meat and red meat days as much as we can; and light meals verses big meals too. So take good care, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-24-2008, 02:56 PM
Oh phooey, now I've come down with a doozey of a cold -- coughing and sneezing and a through so sore I can barely swallow. Just too many aircraft and airports over the weekend I guess.

Weather is gorgeous however . . . :yes: . . . so hopefully I'll be feeling better really soon. :crossed:

09-24-2008, 05:28 PM
HEY THERE CHICKIES ~ we had another lovely fall day with warm temps and sunshine. I spent my day so far packing up dishes and delicate glassware. Time for a break, so came in here to read and post a bit.

MEOWEE ~ so sorry to hear that when you got home that you have a bad cold; there has been a nasty cold/flu going around Ontario for awhile now (people in the North and South have caught it). We had it, but it seems we are finally at the end of it; touch wood!!! Do make sure to get lots of rest; and sure hope you're feeling better soon.

:wave: TO PURPLE ~ hope you are having a good day today, as I know yesterday was a busy one.

:wave: TO VAL ~ hope you had a nice time on your weekend cruise in Mexico. I probably told you that I went to Mexico for nine days when I was sixteen y/o; loved the pyramids and the old Spanish city we went to (Merida, in the Yucatan Penninsula).

:wave: TO CAFFEINE ~ hope you are feeling better this week and those cluster headaches aren't giving you too much of a problem.

Well, it's time for me to go start getting dinner on; we are having a pasta dish tonight as it's Wednesday. Trying to stick to my menu plan as best we can. Not much else to report right now; no changes in the home front. DH spent the entire day doing wiring on his trailer; he was very upset as his memory isn't too good these days, but he finally got it by 3:30 pm. We were getting ready to take it to the garage again ~ LOL!

ANYHOW, take good care of yourselves ladies, and have a great evening ~ your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-25-2008, 06:23 AM
Hi Ladies

Sorry I did not drop by yesterday but I think due to the fact it was so cold I was feeling like I do when it is really hot. My movements were very slow and everything was just an effort. Fortunately on waking today I am feeling much better :crossed: fingers crossed I stay that way. I have never been effected by the cold like that, Yes :yes: I have all to often with the heat. I have heard that some MS can feel like that in the cold but I have never experienced it until yesterday. It even slowed my thoughts it was so weird especially as I normally feel so well on a Wednesday as it is the day after my treatment. I am very thankful that I feel much improved today.

ROSEBUD Many thanks for the recipe for the bran muffins. I will have to "translate" the measurements from cups to ounces as we do not use cups here in the UK. I use pounds and ounces but the younger generation use grammes. I can use that system but takes me a while to "translate" one to the other. When I went to school the distance was changed to the metric system of centimetres and Metres. Then the same with weights but I use the old system as my parents did as they were not use to this system and did not understand it fully. Will definitely be making them and popping them in the freezer as standbys. Great if guests pop by you can offer them tea and cake. (very English tradition :D but not great for the waistline ;) )

I have just made a couple of muffins for DH this time I have put some dried apricots in with nuts. A local supermarket had a sale on such items so I have bought a couple of packets but I will soon whip through that with making muffins for DH and friends :D

:faint: gosh what will you be paying for the whole streets heating our gas and electric bill per month come to under half of that. Plus you know how mega expensive every thing is here. What is the bill hydro ? the only thing I can think is water? Here we pay for water per month and that is about $60 per month for 8 months of the year then nothing for the other 4 kind of strange but that is the way it is done.

Yesterday decided to be adventurous and try and do a French polish manicure on myself. I am rather pleased with my efforts and my nails look nice. I am sure I will get much better with practice. I do like to wear a nail polish if at all possible I know it is me showing off because for years and I mean years I bit my nails. Well I bit them well into my early 30's then eventually broke the habit so now I treat myself and show my nails off. The trouble is most think they are false now in the era of acrylic nails but they are what god gave me.

Like yourself I rotate the fish, white and red meat. Though red meat does not feature so much on the menu now but we still have it. Will be doing spaghetti Bolognese tomorrow with mince (ground) turkey and then I will be doing sweet and sour pork with brown rice. Beyond that I have not made up my mind but will do sometime today so that I may plan. I am being a lucky bunny DH is taking me out for dinner today as I was not very good yesterday. Will post a card to Mum and Dad as it is their wedding anniversary and they will have been married 48 years on Saturday. On the same day it will be DH sisters birthday and she will be 50 so another special day.

MEOWEE :getwell: hope you are better soon colds can really wipe you out for several days not to mention how you feel. It is such a pity after your few days away for a break. Wrap up warm, plenty of fluids and medication to take the temperature down is about the top and bottom of it.

Like you my weight gain from my holiday must have been fluid as I am back to my ticker weight again. I think a change of routine and maybe extra walking can be the main culprit on my holiday for my weight gain. Typical DH lost 2lb on holiday :D and I swear he gave it to me ;) Now the rolls are reversed I have plateaued and DH is losing. For so long DH was on 224lbs and could not budge the scales was super glued at that figure. Though since starting on the flaxseed muffins he is now down to 219 in a matter of a couple of weeks or so. Not that I am jealous of him far from it I am so pleased for him as he tried so hard and it is difficult if you have a very sweet tooth and eating the healthier things is life do not come easy. So he has come such a long way considering he was approximately 290lbs and 5ft 11". His next mile stone to reach 5 1/2 stone which in English ;) is 215lbs so he is so nearly there now.

CAFFEINEIV Hope you are having a wonderful holiday looked at the long range weather forecast for the next 10 days and it is not suppose to rain just alternate between being sunny and cloudy which is good at least it is not raining. :rain: Look forward to you telling us of your time with the photograph in the Lake district and Peak district such beautiful places in there own way.

VALDINE Hope your holiday is going great just before you commence your new post. Looking forward to you telling us about your latest travels and how the new job is going.

Time to shift as we have a few things to do in town so for now bye bye and take care ladies

09-25-2008, 04:38 PM
Cough . . . snuffle . . . sneeze . . . that seems to be about it for me today -- between naps of course.

See you later . . . :grouphug:

09-25-2008, 04:43 PM
:wave: I made it back home. I spent an extra day in winnipeg to shop and visit my grandmother so I was outta town for a week total. But it was such a good break. more to come later!

09-26-2008, 06:43 AM
Good morning fellow chicks

Not a lot of news here today to chat about as I have not done much since yesterday. Today when I get my act into to gear I will be cracking on with those house hold chores but found another excuse not to do them yet by coming and posting on here :D It is not as though I am wanting inspiration to do them more like a fairy godmother ;) I know once I start cracking on they will be done in no time it is just the getting going sometimes that takes some doing. Then I do not know always when to stop :o

Another grey and overcast day here but at least I can manage my exercise in weather that is like this. Just been chatting to my sister the first time in a few weeks which is unusually for us to go so long. Unfortunately she has a back injury which she is in a huge amount of pain with even went on morphine at one time but that made her feel so bad :dizzy: I hope that she soon gets it sorted and gets some relief.

VALDINE Welcome back from your travels and seeing your grandmother. Looking forward to hearing from you when you have recovered. Nice and thoughtful of you to drop by even though you must be shattered.

MEOWEE Sorry to hear that the cold is still being rotten and you are feeling what we call "death warmed up" A strange expression we have for somethings the mind boggles :?: Wrap up warm and plenty of fluids.

ROSEBUD :wave:


Enough now of my dilly dallying around and time to shake a leg. I am sure that in an hour it will all be ship shape around here. So till next time take care :hug:

09-26-2008, 09:16 AM

Sore throat has retreated a little . . . but definitely still doing the sneezing and snuffling routines. Oh well, this too will pass. :lol:

Have a great Friday . . . carrot:

09-26-2008, 09:53 AM
Hi I am back again :D like the proverbal bad penny ;)

Well I eventually did get motoring and was quite productive when I did. Did the daily hoovering (vacuuming) due to the constant dog hairs Rizzie sheds quicker than I can pick them up :D. Then I have made spagehetti bolognese for today with ground mince and then put some black eyed beans in to pack it out and use less meat. Must admit enjoyed lunch and the first time I had used this type of bean. The pasta we used was wholemeal so again rather filling. I cooked a sweet and sour with pork but put butter beans in to cut down on the meat. Never used these beans either so being rather adventurous. The rest of the butter beans I think I will put in the vegetable soup I plan to make tomorrow with the vegetables I have.

I also made some flaxseed cakes as well they are now cooked and put away in an air tight container. Must admit I am somewhat tired now so I think after this coffee I will have a lie down to recharge the batteries.

MEOWEE Lets hope the cold is on its way out if the throat is subsiding a little :crossed: fingers crossed.

Will have a shower in a bit which hopefully will wake me up a little. Will wash my hair but it will not dry for many hours with it being so long and thick. Bye again and take care :hug:

09-26-2008, 09:10 PM
HI LADIES ~ have had just too much on my plate lately, so I didn't get in to post yesterday. Still did a little packing of dishes; now I don't have much of that left; just my main set which I will now wait until just before we move. Checked the paper tonight: not much in there of interest for us I'm afraid, but we will keep looking.

HEY PURPLE ~ Glad you like the recipe; I wondered if you would be able to transcribe those amounts. I had a book that could do that; but I think I packed it already, as that was one of the first things I did. The cold affects me the same way; it makes my legs and feet hurt like crazy and that makes them feel like lead weights.

Oh BTW, HYDRO is a Canadian name for 'ELECTRICITY', as in a Hydro Dam that produces electricity. Your water is about $40.00 per month; many here are the same or even higher. Yes, the heat bills here have been going up in a crazy fashion: pure greed only, there's not really any good reason for it.

At least, we still have one place possible yet; maybe a couple more that I may call about to see if they are main floor level as they didn't specify. There's no point taking something that is too problematic though.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad you are starting to feel a tad better ...

HIYA VAL ~ nice to see you back and glad you had a fun time on your trip and shopping in Edmonton.

:wave: CAFFEINE IV ~ thanks for the reminder from PURPLE that you are on a holiday to England ... boy, is my memory crap these days. I'm sure it's partly due to so much on our minds lately too.

Spent the day doing emails, letters, research, and other very 'heady' stuff; but I purposely spent an hour sunbathing out on our deck; gee, I sure hope we get a sundeck wherever we are going, if not DH says he will build one. Sunny fall days are best for sunning because there's no bugs. When I was moving something, I scraped my left calf a bit; the sunning helped to dry it up. I'm glad I found this method to help it on a site on the net (a tip from a doctor). I'm gonna have to be more careful about that as we are moving stuff around the place.

Well, that's about all from here; not much to report: we had hamburglers for dinner tonight (I only eat one whole wheat bun to save on calories and carbs). Yesterday, I went through the entire freezer, cleaning it out and found five packs of STEAKETTES (special hamburgers), so I want to use them up before we move, so we have less stuff to cart with us.

Have a great Friday evening ladies, and take good care; your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug: PS: if I missed anything, I'll catch up later ...:D

09-27-2008, 07:56 AM
Good morning fellow chicks

It seems to be a lovely autumnal day with a sun shine :sunny:though there was fog this morning but that has cleared lovely now.

Did not go to bed until very late as I forgot to take my last set of medication till late hence I could not sleep so I was up late this morning. Would like to get my washing done while the weather is nice so hopefully I will do that later and even get it dry tomorrow.

Just cooking a lean slice of gammon for lunch at the minute and having it with a baked sweet potato :hungry: Not had a sweet potato in ages so looking forward to it. My lunch for tomorrow is all but done we are having sweet and sour pork with rice so I only have to reheat the sweet and sour and cook rice.

Went out to play whist last night but this drive is only on once a month. DH got in and won some tea bags and I did no good. Though did enjoy myself so that was the main thing. Friends of ours are going on a whist holiday so every evening cards are played and you play for money but also the person with the biggest total for all the week gets their name on the cup. Games are also organised for the afternoon but they are more or less there for people whom get not get out and about more or the weather is horrid there is something to do. Though these scores do not count in the afternoon for the whist cup only the night sessions. We would like to go but with having our DH we can not go. We would never dream of putting him in a kennels for the week he would be so unhappy :cry: Even when he goes for the vet for a procedure they call us back early as he is so distressed and whimpering at the top of his voice.

ROSEBUD :yes: Yes you have so much on your plate at the minute I know what it is like moving home there is so much to organise and arrange. Then when you get somewhere there is more organising and arranging. Not to mention the packing and storage. All this takes its toll and eats into our time.

:eek: sorry that you have grazed your leg that is all you need you can guarentee that you catch any part of you that is tad delicate. Glad the sun works its magic and dries the wound up and helps nature takes its course.

Never even thought that hydro meant hydro electricity I suppose as my electricity is not supplied in that manner. I do not think we have hydro electricity in the UK but I stand to be corrected on that one. Another fact I have learnt and makes these boards so interesting the differences we learn about one anothers countries but also the things that are the same.

You made my day and made me smile with a typo error (error of typing a key by mistake and a terminology that comes from the world of type writing). I was reading what you had for your tea. You had hamburglers :D the typo error was a great one, not one to talk though as I can not spell for toffee and sometimes get the wrong word. When I was a greenhorn student nurse I had to do a handover (when you tell the next on coming shift of nurses about the patients) well I came out with a classic that had them rolling about with laughter. I said this patient had gone to the maternity ward to be "seduced" and then they all bursted out laughing :rofl: . The charge nurse (male equivant of a ward sister) said well that happened 9 months ago dear I think you mean "induced" :o I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me :D.

Must go and check on the lunch I have on so see you all tomorrow :wave: purpleorc :hug:

09-27-2008, 07:08 PM
I think Hydro is mostly an Ontario term because the electrical power comes from water power (most specifically, Niagara Falls) . . . here in NS we get our electricity from burning coal or from wind driven turbines (a recent development and one that is quickly gaining favour) and tend to refer to "Nova Scotia Power" the way we referred to "Ontario Hydro" when I lived there.

BTW -- just so you don't miss out on my daily whine. :lol: Today I've added a niggling migraine (induced by low pressure) to my cold just for good measure -- Kyle is definitely on his way.

See you later . . . :wave:

09-28-2008, 12:22 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had lovely warm sunny weather most of the day, but around dinnertime, clouds rolled in with lots of wind and rain. I spent the day to some fix-ups on our car and then yakking with my sister for the afternoon ... lol!

Tonight was doing more typing and writing letters and such. Maybe tomorrow, we'll go for a drive to get out of this place and pick up a few groceries as we are getting a bit low on the fresh stuff like bread and fruit. Just wanted to pop in here and see how you all are.

MEOWEE ~ you are probably right about the Hydro issue; I guess it depends on what is creating the electricity. It is interesting to see how things are so different, not just country to country, but even how different it is just province to province inside our own country.

HI PURPLE ~ that story about yourself when you were a young student nurse is very funny too. I think we all do something like that sometime. Once I said Macco instead of Macho; and everyone laughed at me too; I didn't know then (as a teen) that is was Macho as in Nacho (sounds like Notchoe). I said, 'oh that guy is so Macco' instead of "oh, that guy is so Macho". :D Even now, I have to laugh at myself about it; it did sound funny, but it was sooo embarrassing at the time! :o

HI TO VAL and CAFFEINE IV ~ hope you ladies are having a great weekend!

Take good care ladies, your friend :hug:Rosebud:hug:

09-28-2008, 10:32 AM

Typical we had a lovely sunny day :sunny: yesterday but I did not have the time or energy at that time to do the washing in the morning. So I looked at what the weather report was going to be for the next day and it was suppose to be more of the same. So that evening I did all my washing so I now I have 2 lines of washing. Hmm not a ray of sun in sight :lol: So it looks like I will be drying it all in the drier which I prefer not to do. One because of the cost of the electric and secondly it smells a lot better when dried outside. Fingers crossed :crossed: that the sun makes an appearance this afternoon. If they get dry I will tackle the ironing.

Watched the film last night of Mamma Mia and we loved it but saying that we were brought up on the abba music so it was a great sing a long from beginning to end. Our friends had watched it some weeks earlier and they had said they had enjoyed it so we gave it a whirl.

DH is watching the Hong Kong F1 grand prix and cheering on Lewis Hamilton. It is the first time they have done a night race but to look at it you would never really guess it is that well luminated.

Made a huge and a I mean huge pan of vegetable soup. Anyone would think I was feeding the 5000 with it but I will put some in the freezer for another time. I made this to use up my vegetables and because it was more of a wintry day I fancied soup. I am a big soup fan and always have been. I had some for my lunch and I am rather full now to say the least.

MEOWEE We also get our electric from wind turbines or coal for the majority of places. This is a picture of our power station which is coal powered. This is the Radcliffe ~ on ~ Soar power station. It has 7 huge chimneys which are locally known as the 7 sisters but I do not know why that name came about.

I hope your migrane improves swiftly as it is not much fun. I must admit I am grateful that I do not get them as frequently as I once did. I suppose I get 2 or maybe 3 a year as opposed to 1 or 2 a month. Why the change? not sure but maybe all my pain killing medication has something to do with it. What ever it is I am so thankful I do not have to contend with them so often.

Here in the Uk we are very sheltered we do not hear so much about hurricanes. I had to goggle Kyle to see if it was a hurricane. The only time we tend to hear about them is in the news when great destruction has been caused by this force of nature.

ROSEBUD It is funny the errors we make with words. I am sure if it had happened to me now I am older and wiser I would have been less embarassed :o and able to say something witty. In nursing you soon learn to defend yourself with witty charm. I think because the difficultly of the job we relieved the pressure by laughter and practical jokes. No one was exempt, I was the nurse in charge of this ward one day. Has frequently happened I was the only female nurse, as psychiatry is a male dominated profession. I on this ocassion was doing observation of a disturbed patient which meant for that hour I was allocated to go with that patient every where so they were never out of site. I though it was so kind that the staff had made me a cuppa. Some male staff were not so good at providing drinks not because they did not want to I think it did not enter their head. Well this drink was gratefully received and then I noticed staff and patients were laughing at me. Hmm what had they done I then discovered on the cup they had put the label Maid Marion. Why the name Maid Marion? Well we were living in Nottingham at the time and I was the only lady on duty so often I was kindly called Maid Marion. (my name is nothing like this :D). I loved the joke and saw the funny side of it. Oh believe you me I did get the male nurses back but it was all good clean fun which relieved the pressures.

Time to wash up a few pots and check to see if the washing has dried any ;) So till next time take care ladies :wave: purpleorc :hug:

09-28-2008, 09:46 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had a very cold day today, but the sun finally came out for us and we had a pleasant drive in town this afternoon. Only I had a big disappointment when I got to our one and only grocery store: NO BANANAS TODAY !!! So I picked up some apples, pears, and pineapple instead.

We went looking at homes again; and got a terrible surprise. We went over to the last house we had lined up to take another look and talk to the lady about the utilities, and would you believe there what a huge new sign out in the front yard saying, FOR SALE. DH was so upset; a man came out from the landlord's place and told us what was going on. Dh called the man that offered us the place and he just said that he changed his mind about renting the place, and is going to sell it instead; yah right, we'll see ...

Sooo ... we are right back where we started from at the beginning; only 4 more weeks to look until we are HOMELESS. Anyhow, we start looking again next week. I am starting to think that there is something NOT QUITE RIGHT HERE!!! I have never seen anything like this before and a couple of friends think the same as me; something is afoot!.

HEY PURPLE ~ who was it that made that line famous? Was it ROBINHOOD or SHERLOCK HOLMES? Surely MAID MARION would know the answer to that querie ~ lol!

I think those coal stacks kinda look like the busts of seven identical women without heads, so that may be why they call them the seven sisters; that would surely suit them. Yah, I think the HYDRO may actually mean WATER POWER, hence the nickname was born. We have many water damns that produce electricity and a few nuclear plants too, but they are not all up and running right now. We are just starting to get into the WIND turbines here.

We haven't seen the movie MOMMA MIA yet; maybe sometime when we are at a rental place, we'll pick it up to see it. Have always been a fan of ABBA and we have some of their music here.

:wave: to MEOWEE and VAL and CAFFEINE IV ... hope you all are having a great weekend without any headaches of any kind!!!

We had a nice restful day today; deliberately put off work and packing for the weekend. Monday, we'll be back at it as per usual; we are making headway and good time too. Take good care ladies, and have a nice evening, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-29-2008, 01:53 PM
Hi . . . :wave:

The Seven Sisters are famous in both astrological and mythological circles, I think.

Hurricane Kyle was a fairly well-behaved little guy in my northeastern corner of Nova Scotia and has now drifted off to sea with very little to remember him. Wish I could say the same for the stupid 'hed-cod' which I'm still overfeeding with things like chocolate and pizza. :o Hopefully it will be gone soon, too because neither my blood sugar levels or weight loss efforts can handle too much more of this nonsense. Think I'm trying to find something I can actually taste. :dizzy: Oh well, luckily we also get to start a new month soon and it will definitely be a better one. I promise.

See you later, gang -- try to keep things moving and shaking just as much as you possibly can. :grouphug:

09-29-2008, 01:58 PM

Had a man on the roof today and it wasn't :santa: Santa Claus :D We do not have a chimney in this house as it does not have and never has had a coal fire it is gas central heated. The man was from the council come to check the flue to the back boiler which is on top of the roof. My parents house does have a chimney or should I say chimneys as it had at once upon a time coal fires to all the rooms except the kitchen / bathroom and one bedroom (smallest one in the house often referred to as a box room). Mum and dad house was built in the mid 1930's

Just made a recipe for Berry Oatmeal Cups from the green lite bites site but only when I sat down did I realise my big error I had read tbsp for tsp :yikes: It was on the ingredient baking power which is the raising agent so they will come out flat :D I love this ladies site has she is on a weight loss / healthy eating and she has some great ideas on there. Some of which I can do if we have the ingredients in the UK.

ROSEBUD Yes never thought that is why the towers at the station were called the seven sister and I think you maybe right. Takes someone else to point it out could not see what was under my nose end ;)

I am sure you will love Mamma Mia if you like abba music the only disappointment for me was one of the lead male roles was taken by Pierce Brosnan and he did not have a great vocal.


Time to look at my flat cakes :D so bye for now and take care :hug:

09-29-2008, 09:59 PM
HI LADIES ~ it was really cold out there today; thankfully, the sun did come out for the afternoon a bit. I spent the whole morning outside cleaning up my flower pots and putting them into storage containers (just large garbage bins with lids) for their trip to our new home, wherever that may be.

Then I just stayed indoors for the afternoon as fingies needed thawing out ~ lol! Today, I just did sorting and cleaning; plus letters and such too. Then tomorrow, I'll start packing from the cupboards again.

GEE MEOWEE ~ that "hed-cod" is sure lasting longer than I would expect a cold to last; it almost sounds like the flu that went around here this year: it has all the symptoms of a head cold, but worse, and it lasts much longer than a cold (which is usually only about 2-3 days). My doctors says a cold should only last a few days, where as a flu can go on for 2-3 weeks or longer if one's immune system is too taxed. Hope you are feeling much better real soon. BTW, I love NEO-CITRON type drinks for whenever I have a cold or flu; they really help a lot. The name brand is very expensive, but lessor known brands cost much less.

HI PURPLE ~ I hope your oatmeal cakes turned out better than you expected. Good that your council checks out your flue before the winter season comes, just to make sure everything is working OK. Hope you have a good day at your pressure treatments tomorrow.

HIYA VAL ~ hope you are having a great new week; have you started your new position yet? I bet you are very excited about this new adventure.

HI CAFFEINED IV ~ have a great week!

Well, I already had my tea for tonight, so I think I'll go and put my sore feet and legs up and do a crossword puzzle or two. Take good care, ladies ~ your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-29-2008, 11:09 PM
:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

I started my new job today. I keep seeing my old boss around town... so I just make a point to be sickly sweet every time I see him.

:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

cruise pictures:

09-30-2008, 10:59 AM
Good for you, VAL . . . and best of luck on the new stuff. :hug:

And a great Good Morning for everybody else, too . . . :grouphug:

Sun is shining around here and the leaves are definitely starting to look their very brightest. I really :love: Autumn because of both the colours and the temperatures even though it does tend to remind us that Winter will not be too far behind.

I'm also starting to feel a lot more human . . . don't know how you get so lucky as to hve only 2 or 3 day colds, ROSEBUD, but I'm very, very jealous. Mine always seem to be a week long. :p On that note, it should be completely gone by tomorrow. ;) But, I'm not taking any bets.

The guy was here to do the fall fertilizing and liming of the lawn this morning and that, combined with the fact that the birds are starting to flock preparatory for the flight South, is providing lots of exercise for the cats as they run from window to window trying to get in on the action.

Hope the last day of September is a good one for all of you . . . keep things moving and shaking as much as you possibly can . . . :carrot:

09-30-2008, 12:13 PM
Hi Ladies and good afternoon

Another grey overcast day here and we have had rain :rain: on and off. No sunshine :sunny: in sight. I have had my treatment at the MS centre today so I am feeling a little drained though that is normal.

One of the other ladies whom I go in the chamber with for my oxygen therapy asked whether she could try reiki on me and another lady. She has recently taken a course and is still taking it but needs practice. I was willing as you do not learn if you can not practice. Many kind patients where willing to let me "loose" on them giving their weekly injection called a depot (stops the need for so much oral medication if any at all.) The kindest of all was when I was learning to take blood :o I was absolute hopeless when I had someone watching me like a hawk as I was being tested to do X amount before I was let loose on my own. I am very thankful they were willing to help me. Once I was not being watched and examined I was fine but taking blood while you hand is shaking like a leave is not conducive to finding a vein! So now the tables are turned so to speak and I am willing for others to learn on me. Same if I go to hospital I am willing for others to be there as students to learn. I have never had reiki but the short session I did have I found relaxing and warmth in the areas she touched but her hands where actually cold. It certainly was very nice and I would have it again if she wants a willing volunteer.

VALDINE :goodluck: with starting the new post today and I hope everything goes well. Look forward to hearing from you when you have a spare minute.

Love the photographs from your holiday of a cruise and the photographs of you wow what a transformation in you since your weight loss you look wonderful. Keep up the good work.

MEOWEE Glad your cold is all but gone :crossed:. This reminds me that my annual flu jab is just round the corner. It is either in October or early November but I do not know the dates yet may have to pop into the doctors to find out. Normally it is on my repeat prescription and you just turn up on the day. The surgery then it like a cattle market as it is only tiny and with all these people it is hectic. There maybe a huge volume of people but they get through rather quickly as they have 3 people vaccinating at the same time. I will not have to have my pneumonia vaccine just yet as i have something like 7 years left as they last 10 years.

Yes the migrating birds do remind you that winter in now knocking on the door. Not that we have many whom migrate from this country the only one that comes to mind is the swallow oh and yes the swift. I suppose that is because our climate is relatively mild.

ROSEBUD is a photograph of my oatmeal muffins sorry hopeless at photography so this is why it is out of focus :D Though it gives you the general idea. Even though I did not put as much baking powder as I should it still turned out reasonably good. They are very yummy and I will be making them again. Rather parcial to raspberries so loved them. I had 2 which is apparently equivilant of 1 serving of fruit and that was my tea as they were mega filling. I suppose it was the oats that did that.

Time to trot off and start making tracks on tea. I have most of it done slow cooked meatballs in sauce now need to cook some whole meal pasta. So till next time. Hope to get on tomorrow but I am going to deliever bean bags to London so long tiring journey :dizzy: :wave: purpleorc :grouphug:

10-01-2008, 12:13 AM
HI EVERYONE ~ We had a cool day, but some sunshine came out here and there just in time for our drive to town to pay bills and such. Then we picked up a little lunch and had it by one of our favorite lakes. Then we got a call to go see a little house that we had been hoping to get; and the wonderful news is that ....


HIYA VAL ~ I bet you have been hyper on your first day; and good for you, not letting your ex-boss get to you. That's very professional of you, and best wishes for the rest of your week as you get familiar with your new position. I always love to see pics of all kinds; hope you and your friend had a blast on your trip.

HI MEOWEE ~ I really don't know how long my colds last, but that's what my doctor says anyways; I guess it's a subjective point of view. DH and I have had one for more than a week, so we assumed that it was a flu; but it had all the symptoms of a cold, just a lot milder (sneezing, stuffiness, and such). We had two flus this spring and they were doozies where we lost all our sense of smell and taste; don't want those ones ever again, becuz we felt horrible.

HEY PURPLE ~ those oatcakes look simply yummy; I'm glad they turned out OK for you. Yah, learning to give needles and take blood would be nervewracking, I think. I remember a nurse friend of mine who had to practice giving needles on oranges at first.

I have heard of REIKI, although I really don't know what it is. I imagine that if it is a kind of massage that might help someone with MS; my sister had a massage recently and says that she loved it so much she fell asleep. That's very nice of you to let them practice on you; and there are benefits for you too. I hope you have a good trip to London tomorrow.

We've had a huge flock of BLACKBIRDS here the last few days, I guess they are filling up on their way down south for the winter. We still have some songbirds that stay here all winter; they look like a kind of sparrow and some of them have a kind of a dark mask on their face. They sing beautifully and I love to watch them; they are the main thing beside the lovely rainbows here that I will miss where we move to. I will put up my feeder, but I don't know how many birds will show up there.

We went to see another house today; it was very nice but much bigger, but Dh was worried about the fact that it had propane heat, so he wanted to take the other house in town instead. We have heard some really scary stories about propane and oil prices lately.

ANYWAYS, we are just elated that we finally have a nice place to live; so take care ladies ~ your friend :hug:Rosebud:hug:

10-01-2008, 11:06 AM
So happy to hear your good news ROSEBUD . . . :hug:

Well, gang . . . it's October . . . let's make it a great, great month for all of us.

See you all soon . . . :wave:

10-01-2008, 02:01 PM
Hi Ladies

I am back from my travels to London the trip went extremely well so no complains on that front. I know that I will be going to bed early tonight after the travelling plus getting up at 7:30am and that for me has been for 2 days running getting up early. Unfortunately I took a little fall in the ladies toilets on the return journey in the service station. I fell against the separating walls of the toilets. It has hurt my shoulder and hip but my shoulder is the one that is worse. I know it could have been far worse if it was not for the wall divider I would have gone crashing to the floor and maybe broken a bone. So really I was blessed so I am very grateful really.

Yesterday at the MS therapy centre I tried what is known at the wobble machine but I think it is really called a balance machine. It is run on electric and you control the level of vibration that you can manage. I went up to level 6 and I was on the machine for 9 minutes. My legs felt I jelly (jello) afterwards but soon recovered. It helps build up the core muscles and muscles in your legs. Also has an added benefit of burning fat so I kind of figured that I have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. Maybe I will have a washboard tummy and rippling muscles in my legs NOT but I can dream ;)

MEOWEE It is unbelievable that it October already. In this month I have 2 family birthdays my Mum and then my sister.

Hope you are getting up to full steam after your horrid cold.

ROSEBUD :congrat: on getting your new house I am so pleased for you. Looks like your prayers were answered. Yes I understand that there are concerns about it being bigger and the heating bill because of it. I lived in big Victorian house prior to this bungalow which was big property. We to keep fuel bills down just heated the rooms that we need to and that way the fuel bills have been no more than this property which is smaller. I know it is not ideal but it was a way a solving the fact if we heated the whole property we were wasting fuel in rooms we were not using. It worked for us the only time we had more heating if we had guests to stay and then we used it for the rooms we needed. We put up thick curtains and draft excluder's at doors all made the room cosy. We are lucky in this home we have great loft insulation and walls insulation.

Reiki is not exactly a massage it is just laying of hands on certain parts of the body. The laying of the hands on the body the pressure or touch is very light. It is suppose to heal you I was reading last night and is based to some extent on the Chinese philosophy of chi. Other than that it was a bit complex for me to understand.

Time to go and sort my mail out and reply so till next time lady take care :hug: purpleorc :wave:

10-01-2008, 09:51 PM

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to start it; I'm sure MEOWEE will be by soon to make it into a red sticky for us!

See you all there ...