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04-05-2002, 12:12 PM
Alternative Group (April 5, 2002)
We are a group of non-traditional lifestyle individuals. We are partnered, single, widowed, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, gay, bi-sexual, bi-colored and straight. We bask in our diversity and unite in the same goal of losing weight. If you are relatively open-minded and accepting of ALL walks of life, please join us.

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04-05-2002, 12:36 PM
Hey guys.... I have part of a day that I don't have anything to do... except for study, shop, return over-due library books(sorry LAM) Did taxes this AM... Yeah we don't have to pay state!!!!!! Getting enough back to pay of DH's car a year early :) So that I can use that extra money to pay of credit cards so we can be free and clear when we go to by a new house or build!!!!!!!!!! (game plans, game plans) "doing the Snoopy dance"

Ruthie - glad to see your alright... you have so much on your plate right now... Sounds like a supper place in Boston.. one of my ex-boyfriends live in Lowell... Heard it was nice except for the snow "which you probably are use to any way"... Could you IM me your last name. I have your donation sitting on my desk and don't want to mail it just addressed to "ruthie" also who do I make the check out to?....

Everyone else, Glad your doing well... I have been OP 5 out of 7 days... which is great because I started TOM this morning unexpectedly so... I haven't been pigging out like normal. Snacking well also... All the easter candy is gone so I don't have tootsie rolls haunting me.

Got to go!

04-05-2002, 12:38 PM
Since we were in the "last Page" And since Flower asked so nicely I started this new one.. Hope you all didnt mind (but I added a link to bring up the older post so you can reveiw it as you type..)

Ok I have not so good news... :(
I am up to 261.5 after being finally down to 259.. I am bummed out big time.. Even though I knew I was gonna gain due to the week I have had.. Been tooo exhausted to exercise this week .. So it is time I refocus and get my a$$ in gear.. I have NO excuse I am just a bit mad at myself I will get over it,, I know gains happen .
Another thing I have to deal with is I got results of urine test back and according to them I have a serious UTI going on.. Funny wouldnt I have known I had one?? The docs nurse said that some level of something (began with an "L" thats all I know) was really high,which meant I have had this for quite sometime..
Also I found out the my landlord /neightbor maybe be passing away sooner then we all expected.. I feel terrible for his wife but she seems to be handling it well. ( They have known for a long time that his time was coming to a close) I feel bad for him too but knowing that he is as ill as he is I also fee peace that he will finally be able to be without pain and suffering. Does that make me sound cold hearted?? If I do that isnt my intent .

RUTHIE I am sorry I havent been ignoring you ,my days seems non focusing since every one is sick. The only one that is over it is my DD my 4 year old DS is still sick and so isnt DH. Please forgive me??:^: It is great to hear you found a place!!Boston is a nice city, although everytime I go there I get lost (and wouldnt you know it , it is always in the wrong area you would wanna get lost in.) Gonna be a journalist huh?? Maybe I should start buying the Boston Globe.. The NH paper get kinda boring ( and to think I just subscribed to them) Oh well thatpaper is good for cleaning windows anyway..
Well I am off to get the DH car inspected. We were pulled over (when we parked the car yesterday for uninspection.. Now we have a 43.20 fine to pay ...Grrrrrr
Take Care and I will check in when I get back

This Just in
GRRRRR just got another call my choseterol is too high so NOW i have to take another test....LOVELY ..NOT!!! I am not having a good day
And I went all the way down to get the d*mn car inpected only to find oiut the WRONG car registration was in the glove box..... Wait till he wakes up I am in QUITE the mood today
Take care all I will be staying away from computer for a few days I need o get alot of stuff done as well as quality time with the family.. Talk soon

04-05-2002, 03:01 PM
Thank you Shiela! I can't start new threads with the baby on my lap. He loves to sit here and play on the puter with mommy!

And you sound like you could use a serious HUG!!!!! So here is a cyber hug {{{{{{HHHUUUGGG}}}}}}} Talk about the sky falling all at once! The rest of the day must go better. Sometimes you don't know you have an infection. They can tell by the cell counts esp in urine samples. I have never had my cholestrol done. I will next time I go in. I get a new insurance company this month thru work. Gonna go for a well checkup.

Amy-congrats on the big return. I paid off two cc bills in the last month. I made double payments on the others. Each month I have 3 paydays, I am going to pay off something and make bigger payments. I want to be debt free except for my house in 2 years.

Ruthie-I have a very good cyber friend in Plymouth. She loves the area in general. I haven't been since I was 4! :) A very long time ago! When is the big move? Does the new place have a pretty green view?

Well, gotta get to work...thanks again Sheila!!!! ~flower

Venus Envy
04-05-2002, 04:54 PM
Love to read what everyone's up to, but haven't posted in here for a while ... one of those "just the facts, Ma'am" weeks, posting in the Food Journal thread. I think it's post-event letdown after a terrific trip to the Big Apple for Easter ...

Sheila, it sure DOES sound like you're having everything happen at once! How are you maintaining balance amid the chaos? Or are you one of the folks who get through the crisis times alright and then get the shakes afterwards?

Amy, (( congrats! )) on a fabulously OP week! "... While visions of Tootsie Rolls danced in her head ... "

Ruthie, I've been telling all my TNT buddies about your fundraising efforts -- everyone is marveling about all you're accomplishing. You know, TNT's offering a half-marathon at San Diego, so if your training does have to take a backseat to all the other major stuff going on, you can always ask to change your registration to the half. You'll still do great things for the Leukemia Society, and 13.1 miles is something to be very proud of!

I've been feeling a little discouraged about weight loss the past couple of days. Though I've been doing great with my eating and have kept on track with my walking and strength training, I still gained .8 pounds this week. *sigh* I know, I know, I know ... all the reasons not to be discouraged and how little it means in the longrun ... strength training adds muscle, which weighs more than fat ... it's how you feel, not the numbers on the scale ... go by how much better the clothes fit ... gain this week, lose next week ... but it's disappointing to stand on the scale after a GREAT week of abstinence and activity and find the numbers have gravitated to the evil side of the force.

C'est la guerre.

04-06-2002, 08:46 AM
Sheila, It sounds like you need to just hang on to something and ride it out! It's weird to get that all at once, huh? Well, here's to a better week!

Ruthie, are you feeling less overwhelmed? Thanks for checking in! It's always a little disconcerting when we don't hear from one of the regulars for awhile. I was ready to send out the cyber-hounds to search for you!:)

Going into my 25th day of eating well. 32 days is my record and I'm determined to break that! Now I just need to rouse this old frame to work out and then I'll be a slug the rest of the day. Ahhhh....

04-07-2002, 11:26 PM
Hi all. Slow weekend here, huh? Thought I better save us from the bottom of the list before we disappeared.

Sheila, hope your weekend went better!

Amyjo, sounds like you're back on track. How was the weekend?

Venus, sometimes you're the windsheild, sometimes you're the bug. :D Some weeks just have a destiny all their own, no matter how hard you try to make things happen. Tomorrow is another day.

Eydie, you're doing fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Flower, how are you doing? Did you find shoes for work?

My weekend was horrible food-wise. Pizza Friday night, chicken fingers and a few (baked) mozzarella sticks Saturday night, Omelette and bacon for brunch, pork roast for dinner....*yeesh* Like I told Venus...tomorrow is another day....hope it's a better one.

Do you know how impossible it is to find plain navy dress pumps these days? I'm normally a black shoe person, but I bought this cute little navy dress (for only $34.00!) and needed new navy shoes. I spent two hours trying on shoes Saturday afternoon. Finally found a pair...leather, nice shaped heel...regular $80.00 but I got them for $26.50. I'm SUCH a bargain bag. :D I remind hubby how lucky he is that I shop for good deals and that most people would spend more on one pair of shoes than I spend on a whole outfit. ( I just buy twice as many outfits..hehe :s: )

Watch for newcomers Kelly25 and Neiko...I've extended an invitation. Whether they accept is another question.

Okay, Monday looms....nighty night.

04-07-2002, 11:46 PM
Hi. My best girlfriend's wedding was last night. For a cheesey chapel, it was beautiful. We had a good time. I had to work on 4 hours of sleep. I just had a veggie burger and a Zima and I am going to do a mini workout and go to bed. I am pooped. Nope, no perfect shoes yet...Still searching. More on days off-Wed and Thurs ~flower

04-08-2002, 12:45 AM
I'll be glad to join you !!!!!
I'm 40, 3 kids, last one a 10 month old baby. I'm still breastfeeding her, so I'm doing the weight watchers program for nursing mom, which allows 35 points a day, I figure out it's around 1700 - 1800 cal a day...
I'm 186 + these days, started 202 january 2002, my goal is 147 which is the weight I keep easily in between pregnancies, when my body isn't food and hormones crazy :devil:
I lost quite quickly, then I don't know, got tired ? lost focus ? lost motivation ? forgot why I was really doing this ?
My huge problem is with late night binging, I can be real good all day, then lose it totally at midnight, when the whole house is asleep...:?:
My other problem is I've already done this after the first 2 pregnancies, and look where I'm still at today ? back to square one...(well, weight wise )
I need to work at keeping my motivation...and, well, just do it!
Looking forward to hearing from you
I must add that english isn't my language, I'm quite comfortable with it but making lots of mistakes and sometimes having trouble to find the right words so forgive me for that !

04-08-2002, 11:42 AM
Welcome Kelly!!! I am a mom of 3 too. My youngest is 18 months. What is your native language??? ~flower

04-08-2002, 11:54 AM
Good morning all...

Just a short post then I'm going home sick. My first "real" cold in literally 9 years. My Mom's feeling pretty guilt ridden since she's the bringer of the bug and my 2 best friends are coming up from California in 4 days... She said *she* would be upset if I was sick while they were here?? Whaddabout how I'd feel??
I'm going home and taking drugs. :(

I'm down 2 more pounds this week. Wonder how many points are in cough drops and Nyquil??

Welcome Kelly!!

Hello everyone, sorry for the short post... I hope to be back to "normal" tomarrow.


04-08-2002, 12:42 PM
Thanks Everyone for letting me complain Friday ..
Luckily everything is better now.. DD is better and back in school and Dh is better but he still is a bit run down due to work and ongoing GI problem which he has had for almost 10 years now..But that will lighten up a buit just his body trying to get back to "norm"DS still has a bit of a cold but he has been getting better ( now I just HOPE he doesnt end up with ear infections )He has never had one yet and he is 4
I admit Saturday I was really fed up with everything so I hit the store and bought not so good for me food..And I ate it :( But now that its gone I feel like I can get back on track and get back into focus again..
I am on meds for the UTI and Car is all inspected till Nov. I did some yard cleaning yesterday.. As I said before the yard seems like it was never cleaned up of debris (knee high deep in leaves and fallen tree limbs) but I do understand why.. The owners both are really sick and the hubby is not going to be around much longer due to heart problems he is in a hospice program now they estimate 2 weeks.. I have been worried about whether or not my family will still have an apartment when he passes on.. I want to ask the wife but I dont want to sound cold and uncaring.. I been having some really scary dreams since I found out how close his passing will be..So my sleep pattern is a little off.. YIKES the stress :eek:
PUNKIN Take it easy and rest up Colds are the worse things to deal with especially when you are having out of town guests .. I ont think you need to worry about the points on Nyquil or cough drops (they should make sugar free ones)
Kelly25 WELCOME TO OUR THREAD!!!!!! Glad to see you here.. I am a 33 year old mom of 2 myself I cant imagine 3.. I dont think I would have the strength !!!You will like it here we are good people (if I do say so myself):lol:
WILDFIRE I am a thifty shopper as well (OK I am just plain ole CHEAP!!) I like walking in shoe stores and checking out different styles I used to wear spiked heels alot when I used to go out clubbing at dance clubs. Now I hardly dress up for anything anymore.. I think when I get smaller I will start picking my clothing choices a bit better.. Thats when I can buy clothes by the style not the yard..LOL
Venus Envy I wish I knew how I handled things.. I just take it and try to move on.. BUT sometimes it isnt easy.. I usually get so discouraged that I end up going to bed but I couldnt this time since everyone else was in bed sick..
Eydie It has been a better week so far . But I am still tired as all get go . My DD realized she had 24 pages of Math homework to make up for last night at 9:30 PM.. I was up till midnight trying to explain how to do her homework in terms she could understand.. Wasnt easy for me but 4 pages got finisshed (only 20 left to go LOL) I felt like ..............ummm never mind ,let me just say I wasnt PLEASED with her at all for pulling that on me at that time of night..Glad you doing so great with staying OP!!! I am proud of you!!!!
Flower I didnt know you were a native New Hampshirer!!! I have lived in NH all my life .. I find NH living a little slow paced but being only 25 minutes from Massachusetts I know if I wanted to check out a faster pace I could go to a day trip to Boston.. I live in the City now but I am an original suburban girl ..
Ruthie You will like the northeast section of the US.. Except during foliage season..Just a little piece of advice NH is a tax free state.. Alot of Mass people shop in NH to save $$ But then again Mass may be cheaper then where your moving from..
AmyJo Hope all is going great for you .. I like your game plan!!!

Well I think I yammered on LONG enough ..:lol:
Talk to you all Soon


04-08-2002, 01:46 PM
Welcome Kelly! I'm 40 in Sept. and have 4 children, although my baby is now 5. I got nice and slim after my 3rd, and then; whoops.

Metabolism slows down after the 3rd child, and after 35. My opinion, but it was tough the 3rd and 4th time losing.

I remember after the first two pregnancies it all practically fell off. Nursing helps though, don't you think? I was nursing Foster when I did WW when he was 1.5 years old, and nursing still, and it really helped with the loss. But he was an older baby, and not at all reliant on nursing for nutrition...

Hello to everyone else!

I have to pop out to do errands and my stint at the school to help out.

It's warming up here and finally smells like spring.

Have a great day everyone!


04-08-2002, 04:12 PM
Hi Everybody and Welcome, Kelly!:)

Really just wanted to quickly check in and wish everybody a healthy week! My plans for this week include getting to work in my vegetable garden; Its time to start planting! This year I want to plant something pretty in front of our house too--it needs some color. Only trouble is our dog destroys most things we try to plant out there. There's got to be some shrub or something that thrives on dog pee!:lol:

04-08-2002, 06:26 PM
I was happily sloshing around in my garden today and saw my rubarb and chives peeking through the muddy earth, and other perenials poking up towards the sky as well. All we need is ONE warm sunny day and I'll stop complaining. I want to feel the sun on my face and feet.

Soon, soon!


04-08-2002, 09:27 PM
Hi Kelly! Glad you've joined us! Wow...three kids...I don't know how you girls that have more than one kid do it! I'd be certifiably insane! :D I have one 14 year old daughter...and we may not survive to see fifteen. She's driving me crazy! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Punkin, hope you get over your cold quickly. Take it easy.

Sheila...clothes by the yard...*LOL* I haven't heard that one before. I better smarten up or I'll have to buy a bigger size....and that ain't happenin! Hope your family is on the mend.

Lamorgan, you might get your wish tomorrow...we're supposed to have a high of 16 degrees celsius...not sure about the sun, though.

Eydie, plant some plastic flowers? They'll survive the dog pee and from the road no one will see the difference. :s:

Welll, my daughter may have a broken arm. She slipped getting out of the shower and cracked her arm on the edge of the bathroom counter. It has a huge bump on the side and is all red and purple. She wasn't able to move it through a full range of motion, couldn't squeeze the doctor's hand or turn her palm up, so we were sent to the X-ray clinic. They didn't have a radiologist on duty to read the films, so I had them phone the doctor back to find out what we should do. We were told if there was a fracture we would have to go to the ER. They sent us home to put ice on it and give her Tylenol, and the results will be in tomorrow morning when the radiologist arrives. Seems a little ...not negligent, but...I dunno...strange that she could have a broken arm and we have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Never a dull moment.

So, I didn't bowl tonight. I didn't get up to do my yoga this morning because the security company that monitors our building at work called us at 3am to tell us the fire alarm was going off, but had reset itself. (My hubby is first contact for the alarm.) You know what a call in the middle of the night does to you...wide awake until 4:30. My alarm was set for 5:00, but I shut it off and slept until 6:30, then ran around like an idiot trying to get everything done and out the door on time.

Tomorrow is going to be better.

04-09-2002, 12:24 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone !!!!will need some time to get to know all of you, but I,ll try!!!!!:D
WILDFIRE : I'd have 4 or 5 kids if DH could be negociated into it !:devil: unfortunately, it wont happen :nono: The key word I guess is organization, and maybe kids from larger families get to be more independent, mine are, and do a lot of things by themselves, like keeping themselves entertained on a rainy day ;) they also help a lot with the baby, which is great... AND I don't have any teenage yet!!!!!
Hope YOUR teenager's arm is better...and you get a good night sleep!
LAMORGAN : I want some sun toooooooooo!
I don't know about breastfeeding, seems it doesn't help me lose, instead I'm retaining everything like crazy! What would you say on the diet - no diet issue when nursing ? some say it's very bad because you get lots of toxins in your milk, some say if you're reasonable, having your cals and water, it's all right :?: I'm kind of confused, don't want to stop just for the sake of losing weight, anyway my baby doesn't want the bottle so I'm kind of stuck ;) but would like to finally find my old (old) body back!
EYDIE : I admire someone who actually WORK in her garden... my competence here is limited to wishing real hard everything is going to hang in there all by itself till winter, then be nice and come back at spring !
SHEILA : Is it my yard you're talking about ? seriously, hope the situation with the apartment will get better.
PUNKIN : get well soon !
FLOWER : I'm from france, living in canada.

I've been doing great for the last couple of days, seem to be out of the demotivation, depression, discouragement dead end. Wish I was out of the 180's too!!!!!
Good luck and good week to you all !

04-09-2002, 06:44 AM
Lamorgan, I've never tasted rhubarb. Can't believe I've existed for 39 years and never have, and I'm such a foodie too! But this is the year I do--I've collected a few recipes for experimenting. I've read that it's very good for you--hard to believe that something that looks like celery could break down to a sauce like they say. Do you have a favorite way to prepare it?

04-09-2002, 10:41 AM
My favourite rhubarb recipe is a rhubarb cake one that my sister gave me a couple of years ago. I'll search for it. Rhubarb-Strawberry pie is good, I'm not a pie-maker though, and I like Rhubarb-Strawberry jam. My plants are large enough to make lots of stuff this year...

Breastfeeding and dieting should be done carefully, but if you follow the WW diet for nursing moms until at least your baby is a year old, then as he starts to eat more and more solid, that should be ok... It's hard to hold back, when you want to alter your body... When I did WW with a nursing toddler my milk supply really dropped, but I wasn't so concerned since he was over two when I think about it... He nursed until nearly 3 I think.

Walks in the summer sunshine will make a big difference too!

Warm out there, but really windy. My window is howling, a winter sound, but I have some windows open a crack to allow the spring smells in.


04-09-2002, 11:23 PM
Hi lamorgan,

It's basically what I think, the ww approach allows me to eat a lot of food, and my supply never dropped so...it must be OK!

Did you nurse till your child was 3, like keeping a night or early morning feeding ? IT's the first time I nurse so long, don't know when I'll stop...when she wants, I guess !!!!!!

And yes, it'll be nice to have some sunshine. Today was quite ok 15 celsius, but rainy rainy rainy...

Good night!!!

04-09-2002, 11:29 PM
Guys~ I am so sick of school!!!!!!!!!!! I am suffering from burn out Majorly! I just want this semester to be over and have some ME time.

Doing good otherwise. Trying to walk a mile every other night which is a huge difference from the 4 to 7 I was doing this time last year but making time for that isn't possible right now. Wish, I could make myself wake up early in the mornings and walk but I just can't manage right now.

Well, going to run!!!!!!!! Welcome Kelly!

Post soon,

04-11-2002, 09:27 AM
Nursing... One of those chapters of my life that seems so long ago! Between 1990 and 1995 I was a La Leche League leader, and my third child is the one I call my LLL baby. I fully intended on nursing him forever, and sleeping with him forever etc. Did the whole natural-mom thing, and I don't regret it but I didn't have the same mind-set for the fourth baby. Third child nursed when he wanted, not in public though, and stopped when he forgot about it and didn't ask anymore. Some friends of mine would offer, but I chose to believe that if they forget, then it's a sign they are ready to wean. My first child nursed to 18 months, 2nd until age 2, 3rd for 3 years and 4th until 18 months again. The third child has been very challenging though, and was really close to me through a lot of moves back and forth across the country plus the deaths of my parents, so I think I clung to him as much as he clung to me! But by the time the fourth baby came along I was already reclaiming 'me' again, and knew that he would have yet a different kind of mom than the other 3 had had...

NOT on program this week. Menses due and I'm eating everything within reach, it seems. But bought a wonderful new WW cookbook on the weekend:
Versatile Vegetarian, and it is wonderful! Can't wait to get some food in the house so I can use it!

Lois the Hot Cross Bun Lump.

04-12-2002, 11:51 AM
My life is upsidedown right now, but what is everyone else's excuse? :) Check out my latest diary entry if you are curious. I am completely confused. And only one real life person knows anything about it. And since she just got married, I don't want to burden her. I sure could use some divine guidance right now!!!!

04-12-2002, 01:51 PM
Sorry I been MIA alot this week I just havent been able to gather many thoughts this week I guess..The nicer weather gets me a bit tired sometimes when it should be the oppisite.. I blame the whole change the clocks ahead thing myself ..
I am down a whole pound so I am a bit excited about that.. My antibotics are making me sick all week so instead of calling to complain when it first started I called yesterday so now I have to take a whole nother prescription of antibiotics which I will pick up today..
I talked to my landowners wife and I asked her what was going to happen should he pass away ( should?? she said..he is !!she said) Anyway I asked her if when he passes if we had to move .She said "h*ll NO what made you think that??" I couldnt tell her that ever since she told me he was dying I havent been able to sleep at night.. I also apologized for asking such a unpolite question knowing what she is going thru.. Well since i have gotten that question answered I stopped waking up in the middle of the night in fear of being homeless.. Now my body wants to recover all the lost sleep ..
FLOWER Hope everything gets right side up for you soon..I didnt read your diary (even though you said we could) but I can feel you are going thru one heckuva time just by the words you posted. I am sure your divine guidance is being sent your way and you will feel it soon ..
LaMorgan Your talk of rhubarb made me think of when I was little.. The lady next door used to grow it , and everyday when I delivered her paper to her she used to give me a stalk of it to eat (yep just raw and washed) said it was real good for me.. To be honest I thought the stuff was too sour but so not to offend her I ate it anyway..Said it had good enzymes (sp?) to keep me healthy..Back then anything nasty tasting was supposedly good for you,(also back then I was 8 and I didnt know what a enzyme was and didnt ask )
Wildfire Hope your DD arm is getting better .I wont comment on the care you and DD received about that arm.. It wouldnt be very nice.. I can say that everyone here is almost 100% DD is all better and up to the same old sh*t as before and DH is doing about 85% better but he still has a little lingering due to his IBS, DS he is gradually getting better but now he is just going thru Nintendo64 withdrawls ( I wont rent new games till both kids learn to be good to each other )
Kelly25 Nope it wasnt your yard I was talking about .. I am sure you didnt have to fill 11 yard waste buckets to find the ground.. But guess what I missed a huge spot that will require two more buckets . Good thing the buckets were emptied out yesterday.. You moved from France to Canada??? That was a bit of a trip I bet ..I am STILL not fully settled in from my move from one town to another in the same state!!! At least now I know I can finish unpacking and setting up , but I will wait till he passes since I know that the hammering and moving stuff will be disruptive for a person who is sleeping on the other side of the wall behind my headboard..
Amyjo I am sure you will make it thru the semister ( when does it end??)
Eydie Good luck this year on your garden.. I cant plant one at my new place so I guess I am stuck with buying my veggies..I didnt know that my "backyard " was made of 80% concrete but after cleaning up the yard debris I found it..
Well all I will end here since I need to get some stuff done .. I will try to check back with yall but if I dont I will talk to you all on Monday !!
Take care and if I cant get back hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

04-13-2002, 03:05 AM
Dear Alternaladies,

My friend Lindsay actually told me about you all and I am surprised to find the thread still here!

Sheila welcomed me from my "Lesbians" thread and I would like to join your group. I have almost 100 pounds to lose and have just started getting into it for real. I hope that I can join you all.


04-13-2002, 10:17 AM
Hi Kieryne! Of course you are welcome to join us! We're glad to have you. :) Where is Linds these days? Tell her we miss her!

Sheila, good to hear your home won't be uprooted by the unfortunate situation with your landlady. I'm sure she appreciates all the work you're doing in the yard. Good to hear everyone is on the mend!

Amyjo, do you get any kind of break between semesters?

My daughter's arm is better. It wasn't broken, just painful. The swelling is going down and the bruise is starting to fade.

I was up until midnight last night painting her room. She's picked a medium blue with yellow accents, but in an Oriental theme....her bedding is shades of blue with yellow Oriental symbols on it. We bought wooden roll-up blinds for the windows, a seagrass rug that we are going to stencil symbols on, a wicker chair and footstool and some accessories from IKEA. I'm just having a cup of tea before I tackle the second coat of blue paint. Hubby was quite impressed that I bought a masonry drill bit to install the blinds (we have to drill into concrete) AND that I bought the right size. He forgets that I was quite capable of surviving on my own before he came along. :rolleyes: I'm the one who gets dragged out of Home Depot....I could wander in there for hours....the possibilities are endless! Saw some really neat indigo blue frosted glass lamps that would be great in my daughter's room.... :s:

Well, those walls aren't going to paint themselves! Sometime today I want to try out my new Yoga for Weight Loss video. I'll let you know what I think of it.

Hi to flower, Eydie, Lamorgan, kelly, Punkin, ruthie, and anyone I might be missing!

04-13-2002, 01:41 PM
Hey Guys!

Thursday I was going to cut half of my Psych class to take my oldest dog to the vet, to get her eyes checked. Well got her bathed and to the vet and by the time I got home I had the absolute worst headache I have had in over a year. SO, instead of going to either of my classes I washed a couple of loads of clothes and slept.

Friday, The headache was still here :( and I thought I would feel much better if I could just cut my head off. That didn't work either so I started in on the sinus medicine... releif was found... but then I had to go to work. :( I worked from 7P to 12A and came home. They tried to get me to work this weekend too. I told them NO!!!!!!!!! Be proud that was really hard for me to do. :) So this is the first weekend I have had off in 4 weeks and with the extra day off from school even though all I did was sleep I am starting to feel human again.

WF- Yes I have almost 4 weeks in between Spring and Summer semester, which is going to be a lot of ME time. I am sure I will work but not that much! I plan on taking a couple of days and going to my Grandparents in Birmingham, and maybe conning DH into a few days in New Orleans! :s: With out the kids maybe.

Welcome kieryne! We always like new faces!

I have had a couple of really bad food days! Didn't take in that many calories but the food was horrible for me, I just felt too bad to really care.

Well, since I have slacked the past two days and slept LATE today I need to get my rear in gear and do some house work and then some homework, I have two tests next week and a great deal of paper work due for the end of the semester.....

Just 3 more semesters to go!!!!!


Hugs to all,

04-14-2002, 11:46 AM
There is nothing like listening to someone else's problems to put your life in a new perspective.... Maybe life isn't so bad after all. ~flower

04-14-2002, 03:26 PM
Flower ~ Hey, had a chance to read your diary. I understand where you are coming from. It is one of those, scratch your head and wonder things. I have felt the same way at many times in my life, most of the time it was a grass is greener thing for me. I will be sending you good vibes! Hope all works out for the best.

Sending you a cyber "hug"!!!!! HUGSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


04-15-2002, 01:21 PM
Hi everyone
Hope everyones weekend was good..
Welcome Kieryne!!!!!!!! Glad to see you found us.. We are awesome people if I do say so myself...

Well my landowners husband passed away on Sunday.. I didnt know until this morning I was reading the newspaper and read his obituary..Keep in mind I was home alll day yesterday except when I went to the park w/dh and son.. DD was at her friends house..This whole thing feels a bit strange cause I really didnt think he would go that quickly.. He was a die hard sports fan I remember I commented once when he said well he will live to see the Patriots win the super bowl, good ,I said , I guess your gonna be around a longggg time then cause the patriots havent won a SuperBowl in a long time..
Anyway she called me this morning as well and told me about his passing ,still took me a minute to understand he is gone..Now I BARELY know these people beleive it or not we share the same building and backyard ,we just never see each other . When it all calms down I will let her know if she needs anything done or the like to let us know..Right now she has alot of people over and I dont want to disturb their greiving process.As for funeral services they are set for Tuesday where as I have younger children I dont know if I will be able to attend the wake.. Then again would that be approprate since I barely know them??But as their tenants wouldnt that be expected?? I dont know I have till tomorrow to think of the best thing to do in this case..
Anyway enuf of that downer venting...... I did do something good for myself this weekend .. Like I said I went to the park with DH and Ds and we walked around the entire pond .. Of course I took pics as I walked like I always do .. I am thinking of maybe starting an online album of my pics that I take of all the different things I capture with that camera..I was hoping to see the baby ducklings but I dont think they are hatched yet.. Saw a whole lot of the ducks though and a few new ducks swimming in there as well.. How could I tell they are new?? Simple these were a different type of duck .. That pond is usually paired off couples of Mallards ( I think) the new ones were wood ducks..Anyway one of these days I want to get a pedometer(sp?) so I can actually see how far that trail is.. I been walking it for years ever since I was 8, so to me it doesnt seem that long but according to DH it is about 2 miles maybe more.. I could always find out by asking the parks and recreation office they are in the process of redoing the trails and setting up marked trails ..(Funny I never needed them marked I used to like playing hide and seek in there I never got lost..) I know those trails better then the back of my hand.. (Who really studies the back of their hand anyway )
Wildfire Hubbys always think it is amazing that the wives can think for themselves and for them at the same time.. About 5 years ago we lived in an apartment that was all concrete walls and floors (no it wasnt the state prison but I guarantee you that they are the ones that thought up the plans) What those apartments USED to be were housing for the military and their spouses with bombshelters in the basements of each building.. (they actually still keep them as bombshelters for that area) Anyway my hubby tried to drill the walls with a regular bit, after 3 drill bits I had made one phone call and had mansonary bits brought to the house within 5 minutes.. He then said to me well why didnt you do that before I started to drill, I told him because I am not the one drilling and you said that you didnt need my help!!! ( I remember the date this happened July 1st 1997, two days before my scheduled Csection and I know there was NO way I would be able to drill that when I get back from having DS..) By the way , your DD bedroom sounds GREAT.. We are trying to decorate our bedroom in a Chinese look .. Once things calm down next door I will be more comfortable to finish setting up my room..
Well I best end here for now since I been booted twice off my ISP service... Gotta love Bluelight.com .. I am going to go thru all the pics I took yesterday and decide which are good enough to keep and save .. Then maybe decide to start a little album online so I can show my online relatives and friends..
Take Care

04-16-2002, 09:38 AM
I start posting again and everyone leaves :?: Do I smell?

Hope all is well with everyone!!!!!!


04-16-2002, 11:45 AM
Amy- my smell o meter is broke on my computer. Can't tell ya if you smell or not! :)

Chris is going out of town this afternoon and won't return till Friday at 12, when I return to work. I need time alone. I will post more then, I gotta get my shift in for work. Tootles til then~flower

04-16-2002, 12:44 PM
Hello everyone
Well I decided that although I am a tenant I will not be attending the wake.. I will however post my condolenses online to the funeral home where she will see that in fact I did think about them at this their time of greiving..
I started my TOM earlier then I expected this month I just ended 19 days ago jeez wish my body was normal once in a while..
Today although it is gorgeous out I have to get my house done.. I been putting it off too long..
Amyjo I am sorry . You dont smell!! I just been trying to gt some stuff done and everytime I try I been getting distracted.. Lately it has been more of me being tired than anything..
I finally got my prescrition filled last night.. They been trying to get my order filled but the company has been back logged so there fore the had to substitute my Cipro 100mgs to a Marcobid Caplet for my UTI..They had to get my doc to order the other stuff
Also BIG NEWS!!!!!! I bought a new vaccuum Saturday !! to me that is big news I been sweeping the darn rugs and it just isnt as clean as I wanted them to get so I finally bought a bissell Boss for $45 and 2 pkgs of vaccuum bags at .97 cents a peice
Flower Enjoy your time you get.. My DH works third shift so during the day he is home sleeping so I rarely see him till I wake him up at 4:30ish. During that time I have the house to do and DS to cater to and the regular everyday stuff, very little time for me..:(
Oh I called the school dept and I need to get a few bits of paperwork so that I can register DS for kindergarten in Sept.. He is looking so forward to school. He was telling me he needs a backpack and binder and notebooks and pens etc etc etc for school.. He thinks he will be walking around with heavy duty stuff when he starts school.. He will be so disappointed when he finds out he dont need all the stuff sissy does for school.Now if I can get him away from his blankies.. Mind you he doesnt take them everywhere but he does need them (in his opinion) to go to sleep with.. Another habit I need him to break is he sticks his thumb in his mouth in order for him to fall asleep .. He doesnt suck his thumb all he does is put it in his mouth with blankie in hand. Now he HATES to get those things washed.. (his blankies not his thumb) He would rather have thoise things stink up the house then to get them washed and dryed..
Well I guess I rambled on enuf I will talk to you all later
Take Care

04-16-2002, 03:21 PM
Hi! I haven't been online for a few days--have missed you guys!
My step-mom's mother passed away and I've been doing that family thing.

My eating is way out of control again, I've got to pull it back together NOW!!! I had a great run of 27 days and something always happens to throw me off. What is it with me? I feel pretty lousy and I KNOW BETTER! The eternal mystery....

04-16-2002, 10:03 PM
Hey, I'm still alive. REALLY busy at work, so I'm exhausted when I get home.

Eydie, sorry for your loss, and hope you get back on track soon.

Flower, I read your journal, and I hope things improve for you.

Sheila, I think a card or some acknowledgement of your landlord's passing is sufficient. Don't drag your kids to a funeral. Good idea to speak with her after it's over. I'm sure she will appreciate it.

Amyjo, you don't smell from where I'm sitting!

Kieryne, Kelly, Lamorgan, Punkin, Venus, ruthie....hope you're doing well!

04-17-2002, 12:47 PM
Hello friends... here is a cute email I opened this morning.


I am passing this on to you.

It is definitely working for me.

I think I have found inner peace. I read an article that said the way
achieve Inner Peace is to finish things I had started.

Today I finished two bags of potato chips, a chocolate pie, a bottle of
and a small box of chocolate candy.

I feel better already. :-)

Pass this along to those who need Inner Peace....

Anyways, I have only had a pkg of peanut butter crackers and a big red soda, so I am just halfway to inner peace. :) I need to find some modivation. It is going to be a lazy day. I kinda want to go back to sleep, but Grif isn't ready for a morning nap. Chris is in Ely NV. He forgot to call last night. Good thing I expected him to forget. MEN He called this morning. It is snowing there. It dropped 30 degrees here in 12 hours on Monday. The cold wind from the north got us good. So his fishing trip isn't the trip he was expecting. I sorta feel bad, but not really. :) Aren't I awful?

I watched Lake Placid (love Bill Pullman) and then the wedding planner(for the 6th time?) before bed last night. Grif got a good checkup at the docs. He is finally gaining some weight. Could have told them that without the checkup, he is getting heavy! He has a red throat, so gotta go back next week for shots. He has a bit of a cold, that I think he is sharing with me. Nice, that he shares, huh?

I doubt I will be going anywhere till Friday at noon when I go to work. I had to ask god/dess for protection as I drove yesterday. The wind is so strong this week. Monday was the worst in 13 years. over 80 mph. Yesterday gusts were still in the 40-50 range. Took hundreds of trees out. Anyways, Chris took my car to Ely so I have his BroncoII , it has been raised with huge overside nubby tires. Not a good car for the wind. My left thigh was shaking from using his clutch by the time I made it to work. The universe did slow the winds down a bit so I could make it home. As I was on the last block, they picked up again. I was so thankful to be home!!!!

Cooking Light magazine has some good reciepes in this months issue. If I could just get modivated to go shopping and get the ingredients! I am going to try for visual again at work. There may be an opening. I would have more of a set schedule. As much as I think I would be most excellent at mgmt, I think I would like to wait until Grif is older to persue that. I think Chris is frustrated w/ being mr mom, and that is most our problem. He needs to join the working world again and I need a regular schedule. So, a career can wait, I will stick with a lower stress job.

Well, off to clean my home. I should color my hair, but no hair dye and I am not leaving the house. Next week. I think I will clean my nightstand, cosmetic drawers ect first, maybe even my closet. Girlie stuff. Sometimes in a house of all males, I forget I am a girl. Hi everyone.... Hope everyone is safe and happy and at peace with themselves! ~flower

04-17-2002, 01:11 PM
Hello everyone!!

Kieryne - Welcome!!!! Nice to see a new face 'round here!!

Amyjo - Hun, I think your headache was *someone's* way of saying "enough!!! You need to rest!!!" Bravo to you for putting your foot down and taking care of yourself!

Sheila - I'm sorry about the landlord's passing. I know, even when it's not someone you are on a friendly basis it's still unnerving when someone passes. I just lost a client of mine and found out when I called a backup number. The person told me "he didn't call you back because he was killed in a bicycle accident 3 days ago." I hung up and cried. I guess a few phone calls were enough to unhinge me.

Flower - I loved your Inner Piece!!! I feel that way about my French Silk Dryer's light ice cream. I keep thinking if I finish it I'll be at piece.... hehehehe

Well, I'm off to the Dr.'s. Still coughing and have NO voice after 2 weeks. I guess that warrants a visit to the doc. I have no insurance though so pray for a cheap visit huh??


04-17-2002, 01:30 PM
Hi Everyone

WILDFIRE So good to see your alive and kicking.. I figured you would be a bit busy this time of year anyway (dont ya love tax season) .. After doing my checkbbok last night I am so glad I didnt persue being an accountant.. I overdrew again because of stupid meds..This is the second time I have done that.. Now I know I am not accountant material..I will talk with her when all calms down..

FLOWER I like that inner peace email.. I wish sometimes my DH would forget to call me .. He calls at break everynight when he i working at 12:45 AM to wish me a good nights sleep..Most the time I am SLEEPING when he calls so to ANSWER his call (if I dont he worries then the cops knock at my door) I am WOKEN up!!! Then have to toss and turn to get back to sleep after his call..In the morning I am grumpy and he doesnt understand why..I am thinking of coloring my hair as well,just I know it will be a huge job to do my hair alone,so I put it off more then I should..

EYDIE We have missed you too . I am also sorry for you loss take all the time you need we will be here for you when you get back.. Dont feel bad about the getting off track after all you are going thru some stuff right now , once all is calm you will get back to refocusing on you again..

Well we broke a temp record in our state yesterday .. It reached 88 degrees !! Today is supposed to be even warmer..I decided that my working out outfit is fine enough to wear today , I have NO intentions of going outside in it though..Since doing the working out tape and eating better I have lost a few inches in the waist area which has made the upper part look bigger then normal..And I am getting a bit self consious of the guys double looks and cat calls I have been getting lately.. And to think I am still a far cry away from my goal by 100 pounds!
Well I have alot of stuff to hopefully get done today before it gets TOO hot so I will end for now and check up on you all later
TAke Care

04-17-2002, 05:48 PM
I'm determined to get back on track today. So far, so good. Calories are a bit higher than I'd like at this point in the day and I'm SO HUNGRY! Maybe by Friday my stomach will have shrunk some....Nothing to do but drink more water!

04-17-2002, 07:32 PM

~Author Unknown~

Hush little baby don't you squall
Momma's gonna buy you a crystal ball
And if you still can't see beyond
Momma's gonna buy you a magic wand
And if that wand don't change your fate
Momma's gonna teach you to levitate
And if the astral makes you sick,
Momma's gonna buy you an incense stick
And if that patchouli smells too rank
She'll buy you a sensory deprivation tank
And if that tank don't float your bones
Momma's gonna buy you some precious stones
And if those gems don't ease your heart
Momma's gonna buy you a natal chart
And if your planets go berserk
Momma's gonna buy you some bodywork
And if your aura still needs kneading
Momma's gonna buy you a past life reading
And if your destiny still stays hid
Momma's gonna buy you a pyramid
And if your chakras all feel stressed
Momma's gonna take you on a vision quest
And if power animals don't come to charm ya
Sorry, kid, it's just your karma.

04-17-2002, 08:12 PM
Flower ~ I absolutely love it... and it is just my Karma :)


04-17-2002, 09:44 PM
Hi girls! I'm telling you...there is nothing like some Canadian East Coast music to lift your spirits. Been having some insane, busy, generally stressful days at work and it's been getting to me. Tonight I banished everyone but the cats from my bedroom, plugged in the earphones and cranked my "Fire in the Kitchen" CD and painted my nails a funky color...Aluminum Foil it's called. Bright shiny metallic silver. :D The cares of the world just seem to fade when I listen to music from down home. Who needs Calgon? Makes me a little homesick, though.

Punkin, hope the doc's visit went well. Feel better soon!

Flower, you're ambitious! I never tackle closet, night stand, and cosmetics all at once! I'd be buried alive...never to be seen again! Love the newage lullaby. :lol:

Eydie, come back to the food journal. You were doing well while posting there.

Sheila, you're getting the same weather we are. We hit 30 celsius today!

Hi Amyjo!

Where have the others got to? (oh my...my Cape Breton accent is showing. *L*) Er....where are the others? Lamorgan, you've been unusually quiet...everything okay?

Venus, Kieryne, Kelly, Neiko (have you made it over from the food journal?)...summer is sneaking up on us...time to drop in and help us all get motivated!

04-18-2002, 01:39 AM
Hey girls,

Thank you for all the welcomes! It is so nice to be here with you. Lindsay says "Hi," too, but she is so busy with school and will be back in the summer. :)

As for me, I am a 27 year-old lesbian in school (with Lindsay) and trying to lose some weight, too. I weigh 240 and would like to be around 160ish. Trying to do the small meals throughout the day thing, and being easy on the carbs.....

How about everyone else????

Nice to meet you,

04-18-2002, 09:57 AM
Love the lullaby, Flower! :lol:

Thanks for the invite back to the food journal, Wildfire--I'll be there.

Gotta get my walk in; I'll check in later! :)

04-18-2002, 10:18 AM
I have eaten like a COW lately was edging back up over 150 :( was starting to freak but still eating. :moo:

We are going to the beach in ONE month, I would so like to loose another 10 pounds. Weighed back in the AM at 149, and that is with eating Italian and Mexican for the past two nights. Got myself back on the treadmill this week at least once and have been lifting some weights while DH walks on the treadmil (where that has come from Who knows)

I will post this afternoon, got to shovel in some cereal and get my rear to class.

Hugs to all,

04-18-2002, 11:48 AM
Hi everyone. Welcome newbies. I didn't even tackle my bedroom yesterday. I did the living room desk, some laundry, some dishes and played and kissed my baby all day. Very lazy day. Oh, I read a stack of gossip magazines. (star ect.) Aren't you proud of me. My plans for today? Another load or 2 of laundry, more dishes, cooking, my bedroom. And 11, I am going to lunch with my girlfriend. At 3:30 I am walking to the farmers market w/ my children. If all goes well I will do a good workout on the gym.

I can see how Chris could get bored at home. When I am at home, he or the children are home too. But when it is just me and the baby, it is very quiet. It could lead to stir crazy ness after awhile. Hopefully he will see some of my points while he is gone too.

I over ate on pretzels last night. Better than cookies right? Grif slept almost 12 hours. He woke up 2 times but rubbing his back did the trick. Yeah!!!! ~flower

04-18-2002, 11:54 AM
Hi everyone :wave:

Feeling ok today... the doc put me on an Albuterol inhaler because my lungs are "reactive" (meaning the 2 week cough and cold air are irritating the **** outta me). I can't wait for the weekend - I bought 3 movies and rented 3. I'm going to sit on my butt and finish recouping so I can get back to normal next week. I actually miss my walks!
Turns out the Dr. visit was less expensive than I'd planned. I saw a nurse practitioner intern (in her last year at OSU) who was really good, very thorough and friendly and she saved me some money since I didn't have a full visit with my regular NP. That and the inhaler was only $22. So I bought myself an aromatherapy candle.... I always feel the need to treat myself when I don't feel good. :^:

Wildfire - I know what you mean about music making you think of home. That song by David Gray "Babylon" does that - and only because the entire video is shot in San Francisco. It makes me miss home so much... I've decided to do my TV room in wine country decor - when I go to CA this summer I'm going to get some Napa pics and put them up. I'll bring my old hometown to me.

Flower - Love the lullabye. Do you know who wrote it? Can I reprint it?

Sheila and other warmer people - I'm SO jealous of your toasty weather! We've had snow, hail and rain for 4 days now! This morning it was 24 degrees... I'm freeeeeeezing and I want my Spring back!

That's all for now, later gators!

Terri :moo:

04-18-2002, 12:10 PM
Hello Everyone
Kieryne I am doing pretty much my own thing as well low fat low sugar watching calorie low salt and doing walking tapes or just regular walking for exercise.I am a married 33 stay at home mom with 2 kids my youngest is 4 and he will be starting school ( kindergrten ) in Sept.. Glad to see you found us alright , I didnt know you were going to school with Lindsey ,cant wait for her to get back with us all in summer..We miss her around here..Oh and currently I am at 259.5 again ( I keep forgetting to change that in profile)I am trying for 160. I am 5'6" tall..
Wildfire Yesterday it was 93 degrees F here!! I have a idea what 30 celicus is because I asked someone from Canada (approx 70 in the F temps) So glad to see that the weather is getting much better today though it is about 65 we are getting a northwind marine flow of air here that I am glad to see too cool things up here..NH is almost drought due to the lack of snow this winter so alot of wells are dry and our water table is low.. But I am sure we will get some rain..
Flower I love that lulabye..Glad to see insnse sticks in there ..when I bought all mine DH said I was going back to th hippee era..Now I can just say it is a new age thing and he is in the hippee age..:lol:
Punkin How did your docs appointment go???? Hope you get better .. My DD would like it if I lost my voice for two weeks
Eydie Glad to see you around more often
Amyjo I am sure with the weights you will lose that 10 in no time..
Ruthie, VenusEnvy,Kelly and anyone else I missed hope you all are doing well and I hope you come back to post more often..We miss you around here

As for me I have been doing good I guess . Although between my antidepressants and antibiotics and allegra D med I have been wicked tired still..Guess the antibiotics are working for me to feel so drained..I have a feeling that I have lost some this week I will find out on Fri morning though..
My DD told me the other night that she wants to study witchcraft because kids in the city are mean and she could cast spells on them (yup she watched the movie "the Craft" again) I told her some info I learned about that ,like it comes back to her ten fold for any bad spells she thinks she could cast,she think I am full of it because I dont know what I am talking about..Jeeez I admit not knowing everything but I think she best start thinking like a human and stop watching so many full of crap movies..KIDS cant live with them , cant send them back either..
I admit I stayed in my workout wear all day yesterday (didnt go outside either) I think I will be picking up another outfit like that one since it is nice and cool in hot weather..I didnt get everything done yesterday either like I wanted . I need to go down and get my DD new prescript samples of allergy meds they want to put her on ( It begins with a Z and I cant remmber the med but I remember the commercial )
Well everyone I am off to start getting stuff done and I willl look in on you all later
Take Care

04-18-2002, 05:27 PM
Hi everyone. I got the lullaby off a message board. LV Pagan Pride. It didn't have an author listed. The person who posted it was just copying it off somewhere else. I am sure the author probably wouldn't mind... Not a very good new age person if they got too angry. :)

I miss my boyfriend. Guess it isn't time to call it quits. We justed needed a time out and a walk in the other person's shoes. We will take a deep breathe and try something else out. There must be a compromise in here somewhere. I just gotta keep looking...

Well, off to go searching for cattle and coyotes on the internet. (children's research projects).... ~many hugs everyone! Ruthie-I miss you! ~flower

04-19-2002, 08:44 AM
Good morning! All is well, I'm just really busy with work, family and so on and so on.

Sounds like the weather is all across the board, with some of us in deep summer and some struggling with the dregs of winter...

We had our first thunderstorm this morning around 5:30 am, it was great!

Lots of laundry to do, I'll never catch up I fear. Laundry and Cooking is really getting me down these days. I am suffering housework burnout and am not getting the support I need from the kids or the absent husband.

So I'm frumpy and shrieking a lot these days. They only seem to hear me when I raise my voice...

Have a great weekend...


Venus Envy
04-19-2002, 02:13 PM
Perimenopause sucks. I have a disorder where my body doesn't sock away iron and other materials in the bone-marrow stores to create new cells, so I have to go into the hematology clinic every few months to get IV infusions of iron and some other stuff. And now that my body's on the fence on the whole hey-do-we-really-need-a-uterus? question, I'm having an even harder time than ever with anemia and white count levels.

So within the past two weeks, I've had another freakin' bone-marrow biopsy -- OUCH! -- and an iron infusion (which takes several hours, requires heavy sedation, and leaves me shaky and feverish for a few days). And in about two weeks, when my blood counts should be closer to normal, I'm having uterine surgery. Ah, the joys of womanhood!

I'm DYING to eat rotten things. Chocolate, Ben & Jerry's, chocolate, Cheetohs, chocolate, and more Ben & Jerry's. But I'm walking that marathon in six weeks -- and I soooooooooo want to finish that marathon!! It's in San Diego, where my daughter's stationed in the navy, and I want her to see me cross that finish line. Want her to be as proud of me as I am of her.

Despite spending two of the past seven days in the hospital, I've done a great job with my eating (all OP days!) and with my training (walked a total of 28 miles so far this week!). And the training pays me back by letting me bounce back quickly from these procedures. It's a nice partnership, but there are emotional tensions in keeping things together. Tensions that only chocolate and ice cream can assuage!!

I wonder when that reflexive urge to turn to food will go away. I mean, it WILL go away someday, right?

04-19-2002, 02:59 PM
Hi everyone
I cant wait to annonce I am now down to 255.5!! I am down 4 WHOLE pounds!!!!!!!! *doing the snoopy dance BIG time*I even reweighed myself 4 times just to make sure.. How I lost 4 pounds and still be dealing with TOM I dont know. I am just happy with myself
Venus : Sorry about the Perimen thing.. I know that is something I am not looking forward to in the near future..I been asking that what do I need a uterus for question for years after all I cant have anymore children so what good is it?? It is like a gallbladder ( which I dont have anymore) just an extra part in my eyes..I am sure your daughter will be VERY proud of you..Congrats with staying OP and getting the exercise in to boot ..28 miles is a GREAT accomplishment!!!!And that food thing WILL go away,just toughing it out really sucks on ice..
Tomorrow we intend on going fishing and having a little picnic and just goof off for a day..We plan on going to a state park where there are trails.. I best get batteries for my cam I think I will be doing some pic clicking while I am there.. This will be the first real fishing trip Timmy has done.. We fish for trout which is fish and game dept raised.. If we do catch any I will be the one to has to clean and cook them ( that is the part I hate the most) DH should be doing the cleaning of them that part is gross!!!But I actually know how to do it better..I had to teach DH to fish when we first started going out 20 years ago.. Funny he has 6 brothers they all like to fish but 3 get faint just by putting on worms on the hooks.. The other 3 dont eat what they catch they give it away.. I actually hate fish but I guess it wont kill me to eat it once in a while..
I went and did a bit of shopping today.. I bought salad stuff again..I am dying for some pasta& veggie salad.. But I never can stop eating it.. I buy tri color pasta throw in tomatoes and cukes and onions and peppers and light italian salad dressing and I could eat that till the cows come home..Which since I live in the city would be a long time... Well I am in an extremely great mood so I best get off my butt and get some of this stuff done so I dont have to get it all done during the weekend
Take care and remember to get in the water the Hot weather is starting to get here
Talk soon

Venus Envy
04-19-2002, 05:42 PM
(( (( CONGRATS! )) )) Sheila!! You go, girl!

04-19-2002, 06:52 PM
How would you like your Amy, Stir Fryed, Well Done or Deep Fryed? :joker:

I had today off from work and school so, since the kids are on spring break, I felt the need to take them to the beach. I am cooked. We were there 2 hours and my backside is quite burnt. Really had a great time but I can not imagine how I will feel in about 2 hours since I am already nice and toasty!....

Venus ~ Sorry to hear about your woes. I understand completely and hope you feel well soon.

Sheila!!!!!!!!!! ~ Dancing with you that loss is sooooo great!!!!! Keep it up girl.

Well, I have house work to do and need to go kick the A/C on in the exercise room. I didn't look too bad in my bikini today but I still want to drop 10 more pounds before our mini-vacation!

Hugs to you all,

04-21-2002, 11:15 AM
Hi everyone :wave:
I know I usually dont go online on a sunday BUT I am now.. This is the acception to the rule here

I feel terrible today .. Has nothing to do with food but I went to a animal shelter yeterday to meet a few furbabies..Yup we are considering adopting a fur ball.. Anyway I met with "Abby" a great long haired black an white sweety but after meeting her I realized I couldnt adopt her , her hair was to long and fine and causing my daughters eyes to water due to allergies.. Then I met "scruffy" lovely sweet all black male with big green eyes. He was named scruffy due to all the fighting scars he had in his face and head..Well he was the sweetest guy..He just about melted in my arms and a purr so heavy it vibrated..Shorthaired male but the name would have to go.. First glance made me want to name him Sherlock.. He was quizzative looking like he had to analize everything and everyone.. But hubby wasnt too sure he wanted to meet TINA a siamse beauty tan with brown points.. I looked at her but the feeling of coldness came over me I didnt really think I wanted to meet her but I did.. Was told she does have QUITE an attitude by the volunteer ..OK well I thought attitude could be a good thing.. Well Tina loved DH and really didnt like the kids but she literally ATTACKED me.. She jumped on my lap a minute I went to pat her and she SPAZZED out she ended up biting my wrist drawing blood came realllll close to my vein.. She was declawed but somehow still was able to scratch my arms.. Now the bad part is because of this attack she will not be placed for adoption .. Due to past additudes with volunterrs none which Tina drew blood they have no choice but to put her to sleep.. I feel sooo rotten ..I had to put in an accident report (there was no accident Tina just hated me) and now she is quarintined for ten days (i case I come down sick or infected from her) then she will be put to sleep) I was crying most the night because I am responsible for her upcoming death..I had to report the incident because my wrist was bleeding and my son doesnt know how to be quiet..(Hewas freaking out..) This shelter has a no kill policy if they can adopt they do everything they can to make sure they do so.. But they said in Tina case she has an additude to everyone and that they have been kinda of leery to place her ..Anyway I feel terrible but H said to me what would have happened if we did adopt her and she spazzzzes out on my 4 year old .. Or someones else family if someone else was to adopt her.. I know that he was trying to make me feel better but it didnt help..
Ohhh well I still plan on adopting a fur baby just gonna wait till next weekend to meet a few more.. maybe if Scruffy is still there, i will take him home..But he need a good brushing first he is shedding big time .But the name has to go.. So if all goes thru I will have a shelock.. ( DH and kids want to call him Salem , but he isnt a salem he is a Sherlock..)
Well I best get off line now just had to tell you how my saturday went
Talk to you all Manyana

04-21-2002, 11:40 AM
Sheila ~ Sorry to hear about your incident... That is sad but your husband is right, cats that bite and claw will generally continue to bite and claw. I have a "salem" who will bite anyone who isn't family at all times, and family on days she just doesn't want to be messed with and it can cause a real problem. We warn people that just because she is warming up to you doesn't mean you should pet her because she will turn around and bite you as soon as your not looking. I have found that declawing can have an effect on cat's dispositions, several cats that I know who are declawed are just really mean, they don't have the claws to protect themselves so their attitudes and teeth go into over drive!

I have a friend from school who has 7 new little furfaces and I want to take one of her kittens so, so, so bad but DH is like we don't need any more animals.... :( but he saw a teacup Pomeranian and an Australian shepard at the vet the other day and said he wouldn't mind having one of those... We simply need to wait until we move somewhere bigger before we extend our family any further.

Off of work today so I have to work at home! Will post tonight or tomorrow.

Hugs to you all,

04-21-2002, 11:46 AM
*L* Sheila...I have both a Sherlock and a Salem, both black!

Will post more later...I'm headed for the shower, then a walk, then laundry. Back on track today!


CONGRATS SHEILA!!! Way to go with the loss!

It's a few hours later now, hubby and I went for an hour long walk, he stopped at a coffee shop for hot chocolate (the wind was COLD!), but I didn't get anything. I came home and had some soup. He's gone off to the bookstore now to find something on the stock market...his new hobby. So far he's made $400 US on his investments, and that's in the last two weeks. I told him to just let me know when he makes his first million....or the downpayment for a house....

Sheila, that's sad about poor Tina the Siamese, but your hubby is right. It could have been a child or a more serious injury. Siamese are very hostile cats usually. They tend to pick one person they will allow to love them, and everybody else better stay away! Go get the big black mushy lump if he's still there. I have one of those, and he's the light of my life.

We've stocked up on good food for the week. No take out, no junk food this week. I'm back OP, and setting a goal of five pounds by May 5. I know it's only two weeks, but the first week I'm really back OP I lose more than the weeks that follow. I am going to fit in exercise every day somehow and write down what I'm eating and drink that water till it's coming out my ears! Just five pounds...that's doable!

Got back on the scale today... :(...181. So this is my fresh start (one of many) but I'm going to get back to 175 and downward from there!


04-22-2002, 12:21 PM
Hello all...

Apparently April is just not meant to be my month. I'm still sick and now I have a sinus headache. I still don't have much of a voice after 3 weeks and this weekend I didn't even speak until Sunday night when my Dad called. 3 more days and I'm calling the dr. back like she asked me to if I'm not amazingly better. :(
Top it all off with a gain this week - I'm dehydrated, tired, not exercising and not caring what I eat because I feel so bad. So far I'm back on track today though...

Venus Envy - I'm so sorry for all your female stuffs going on! I went on Depo shortly after my Mom had her hysterectomy due to endometriosis, partly because of how hereditary they told me it was and I wanted to avoid all that I could. I hope everything goes well with the surgery.

Sheila - Congrats on those 4 pounds!!! :dizzy:
I am going to agree with everyone else on Tina. I know it doesn't make you feel any better, but it just might be for the best that she not be adopted out if she's going to be violent. I am always sad about the pit bulls that are always getting put down. They're great dogs, not violent unless someone's TAUGHT them to be - but once they're mean, they're better off not being with people anymore. It's sad...

Amyjo - 2 words... Aloe - Vera. Hehehehe! Take care of that toasty backside!

Well, I'm off. Guess I should get some work done.


04-22-2002, 12:43 PM
Sheila-what a bummer. It isn't your fault. She'll be reincarnated into another body in a little bit. Hopefully she learned her lesson that being nasty is not gonna get you anywhere.

Punkin, hope you feel better soon. I am okay sinus wise considering it is spring. I have only hit the allergy/sinus medication once this year so far.

Wildfire-tell hubby good luck on the stocks, he is braver than I. You'll do great getting back on track, grocery shopping is the best tool there is.

Hi Amy! Are you still on over drive?

Venus-has the chocolate craving passed?

Lamorgan-any more thunderstorms? They are my favorite! Well, I love the lightning, tolerate the thunder! We only get them in the mid summer. Monsoon season.

Eydie, ruthie, everyone else...where are you?????

I am off to work. Yesterday was filled with art shows, craft bazares, shoe shopping for the boys, darts, playing in the sun. A lazy day. ~flower

04-22-2002, 12:49 PM
I started a new thread to hop to it ------->Click Here<------ (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=15548)
I will post more there