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04-04-2002, 10:22 PM
Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor as we share our lives as we restore health, lose weight and raise a family!! We welcome newcomers as well as all of our regulars!

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04-04-2002, 10:39 PM
Good evening!
Well, I finally threw Dd off this computer long enough for me to clean up email and post. (she has not been all that bad this week, but it sure has been busy keeping her amused and at softball practice!)
The other kids are doing ok, and seem to be somewhat more like their mother (a bit of a homebody) than their older sister is. So at least not as much running around for them. Dd has a game tomorrow at 11, but mind you here in NY state it is not supposed to break 40 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! But fortunately, the game is 2 miles from my favorite Walmart, so at least I can get the shopping done once the game is over.:)
I had hoped to get some really long walks in this week and have had to suffice with some quickies.:( Maybe tomorrow morning I will get one in before the game. We have to leave at 9:15 to get there an hour before game time (expecting business traffic).
I hope that Spryngs trip is going well. BTW, what is that Atkins web site? Not that I have had the time to even look at the book! Maybe next week...........
Jackie- the last time you posted it was a short post! (did not think that was possible). Are your kids home this week too?
Still pedalling away there?
Misti- is it still raining cats and dogs by you?
Sheila-I think you were the last one to post on the old thread.
Any clues as to how our guesses were? What about you Jen?
When are we going to divulge our appearances? Maybe I can get my next roll of film downloaded online and import a picture of me. A rather scary thought!!!!!
Well, lets see what else is new. This afternoon I did have a bit of time where everyone was entertained (except for my 6 year old) and she was down because all of her buddies were unavailable. I got out the sewing machine to work on a dress for her (I only started it last year!:o ). She was great company for that, and even better yet I got to do some sewing. (wish I had more time for that). I should be able to finish the dress for church on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed.
Well, I can babble on and on here......but had better start to slow down and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a long day.
Have a great nite!

04-05-2002, 10:15 AM

Good Morning, Moms!

First of all, thank you Ginny for opening up a new thread. You beat me to it! ;) About our guesses: Let's wait for Spryng to get back & make her final guess. Today will be my day for the guessing game. I think that would be great for us to post our pictures after we're done with this game. I'll post one if I can figure out how to scan & transfer one! (No promises, okay?) Ginny: FYI: My kids are definitely on spring break this week! Between waiting in line for the computer & carting them around to sleepovers, not too much of a chance to post. :rolleyes: Now, you couldn't understand my problem, could you? I've been pretty lucky & obedient when it comes to my pedlin' & I've been able to pedal for an hour just about everyday. I almost didn't last night & hopped on at 10:30 for just 15-20 min. & I ended up staying on for my whole hour! Oh!, by the way...Ginny: How's dd's dress coming along? Is it finished yet? I'm still working on my dd's Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Cheerleading outfit. I started it in October for Halloween & it still isn't finished!! Well, it's day 5 on the Fit For Life program for me. So far the easiest part for me is just eating fruit all a.m. Afternoons & evenings are a little bit more work & I'm trying real hard to balance my proteins with the carbs & starches. This is definitely the hard part!! I've lost 3.5# so far, but part of it was part of a loss from a Easter Dinner gain though. I think I'm on the right track though. Well, here I go with my guessing! Let's see....well, I put my guess in already on how Spryng looks, but sorry gals...I can't post this because I already told you all that my guess was really close. So,I'll move on to Ginny: She has medium brown wavy hair that just hits the collar. Her eyes are light brown or maybe hazel with an oval face. Her complexion is quite rosey, due to all the walking that she does & thanks to this, she doesn't have to wear much makeup. Her eyebrows are very well manicured with a nice arch to them. She works hard at trying to keep a nice, bright smile, so her teeth are in the quite white range. I believe she normally has a pair of tennis shoes on her feet. Now...Misty: She has longer, medium brown, straight hair that she wears tied back or in a French braid. Her hair is a little bit streaked or frosted. She has grey/blue eyes which are quite large & has a narrow face. When it comes to wearing makeup...she's a natural beauty & wears little to nothing during most days, with an exception to special occaisions, she then dolls herself up! She is fair to medium for complexion & she takes stock in facial & body moisturizer & keeps herself very moisturized! Boots are mostly her foot attire. For Gemini Jen: She has blue eyes & either light brown or dark blonde shoulder-length hair that are either naturally curly or permed on a regular basis, which makes them look rather on the "full" side. I picture them to be layered. She has an oval face, with nicely shaped eyebrows. She has a medium complexion that is always moisturized & she can't leave the house unless she puts her makeup on, but looks as natural as possible. She always has a smile on her face, no matter what! I picture her to wear stylish/laced up shoes which go well with her favorite jeans! And Sheila... Short, wavy,collar length dark brown hair & very large dark brown eyes! She has a darker skin tone, fuller eyebrows & thanks to her nice skin tone, she doesn't have to wear much makeup or none at all! She has a nicely rounded face & her eyes are her best feature, which always show a great amount of compassion in them. I picture her to be wearing either a pair of casual loafers or tennis shoes. And Spryng: I'd love to tell you what she looks like, but she already told me that I'm real close on my guess. ;) Well, I think I'm done on the guessing & I sure hope that I haven't missed anyone. I'll go back a few threads just in case I've missed someone that hasn't posted in awhile. Well, DH needs his laptop back, so I'd better sign off for now. Have a great , energetic, OP day today! :)

04-05-2002, 10:28 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick hello! Off to Dd's softball game. Thanks for checking in Jackie. Glad that you are off to a great start today.
I got a 40 min walk in :) it felt so good. Been ok eating too-so far.
Well, gotta fireup those chipmunks that power the van and off to a game! Have a great day.

04-05-2002, 11:47 AM
Mornin' Gals!

Jackie... those were some detailed guesses! I'm impressed!

Ginny... hope dd's game goes well. It's cold here in New England, too.

And I hope spryng is having a good trip.... I'll bet she knows we're all thinking of her.

As for me, I finally got back on the bike this morning, after a week's hiatus. I am just starting to feel almost normal after my bout with pneumonia last week, although I still have a bit of a cough, so I didn't push myself and just peddled 20 minutes. It felt really good, though. :) The good part about being sick was that I didn't have much of an appetite, so no junk. But, I didn't have a great day yesterday. Feeling good about being back on track now, though.

I think it's a good idea to wait til spryng gets back before we reveal our "true" selves. :lol: I'm all for posting a pic, and I even have one ready to go. :)

Have a great day ladies! Jackie and Ginny... spring break is almost over. We have ours week after next! Talk soon... :wave:

04-05-2002, 02:35 PM
OKsince I posted this morning I have had two calls from my docs office
First I have a UTI .. According to the results it is seriously bad..My something that begins with "L" is extremely high so they called a prescription for it..

Secondly the second call was because my Cholesterol levels were also high so I have to go in for a fasting lipid profile

Third I went to get my car inspected . Drove all the way down there and DH had the wrong car registratiuon in it. So I have to call later today to go back..

Fourth DS is still sick as a dog ..

and finally FIFTH ... I weighed myself to find I gained I weigh 261.5 now.. that is a 2.5 GAIN!!!!!!!!! :cry:
I am tired as heck due to all the taking care of an entire sick house I havent been able to do my tapes since I have NO energy left over from doing everything .............

THANK G the weekend is upon us!!!! I got all this bad stuff before 12.30 this afternoon . I hope the weekend is better!!!!
I am going to go rest while I have the chencce and call my docs office to set up that test after they get back from lunch

Take Care all
Talk soon

Sorry for not talking to you all individually but I dont have the words for being chippy today.. Sorry I will make it up to yall.

PLUS I was supposed to go for and outdoor outing with the family GUESS what it is GONNA be freezing so the plans are cancelled!!! Snow expected for sunday as well... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: CAN THIS DAY GET WORSE?????

04-05-2002, 10:03 PM
Sheila hang in there hon. I feel for you. Total sympathy. Please take care of yourself and try to rest. Let us know how the rest of the doctor visits go. Don't sweat the gain either. You are under incredible stress. It will fall off when things get back to "normal" and you can return to your routine. We arre all pulling for you. Don't let the gain ruin all of your wonderful motivation. Remember You ae going to do this, like you said.

Ginny and Jackie, I'm still amazed at how you two do it all. And seem to keep your sanity intacted. So proud to know there are mothers out there who really still care. I was touched by the sewing and all. Okay I'm alittle sappy tonight. My mother was always to uptight to sew. My grandmother did those things for us. I still have a few things she made for me in my hope chest. Your children are blessed to have you. Keep up the fantastic weight loss too.

Spryng incase you get to read this post when you return, I hope you have a safe trip. Enjoy it, you deserve a good time. And you are missed.

Gemini, I really hope you are feeling 100% soon. Please be careful and don't overdo it.

Everyone it is good to see you all posting and supporting one another. Keep it up!


04-06-2002, 12:11 AM
Good Evening, Ladies!

Well, I managed to make it thru one more "Fit For Life" day today. Today was day 5 on the plan & I can say two things about it: 1.) It works & I'm losing 2.) It's been a tough 5 days, but I love the reward in the end!! :spin: I got on the scale again this a.m. & I'm down another pound! So, between the Slim Fast a few weeks back & the plan I'm following now, I'm down a total of 6#. Now...the real challenge is to keep it off for life & then some! :lol: My friend talked me into a body pump class @ the "Y" today. Instead of an hour on the bike, I pumped iron for an hour!:strong: Most of it I was able to handle until it came to the leg squats, now that was tough! I'm sure I'll feel like I climbed off a horse in a few days. Well, spring break is just about over for the kids. It's been nice, but I'm looking forward to some "Me" time next week! I felt like I was an Airport Limo Service with all of these sleepovers. If I have to look at one more suitcase & sleeping bag after tomorrow, I think I'll go nuts! :spin: Now Misty: You may think that I have it all together, but I don't! I really admire these women that seem to have it all together.
The women with not one hair out of place, who get out of their imaculate cars & into thier eat off the floor homes! My friend that is a lot like me said that these women must be lacking it somewhere! When I do my sewing projects, the rest of the house falls apart. Unless I pull an all nighter @ the sewing machine & try to focus the next day & try & compete with a normal day. I a lot of times feel like one big failure! Thanks for thinking that I have it all together. Sheila: I feel so sorry for you right now. Just remember..there are better days ahead for you. I always think of that one song that says: "It takes a little time sometimes, to get your feet back on the ground. So hold on for just one more day!" I think either Amy Grant or Carle Wilson sings it. I'm not sure on that though. I'll count you in on my prayers tonight, okay? When you don't feel good, it's sure draining on you isn't it? Just try & pamper yourself & don't forget to drink tons of water & down that cranberry juice! Don't worry about the weight gain right now, as this might be your bodies way of trying to fight the infection off. Just keep flushing your bod with water! I again hope & pray for you & your family to get well. Jen: My guesses may be quite detailed, but I sure wonder how accurate they are. :?: I'm glad to hear that you are getting better. I'm sorry that I didn't give you any formal get well wishes in the past week. I guess I just read thru the posts & tried to post something as fast as I could. So, sorry again that I didn't wish you well the way that I should have. And my advice goes out to you too-Keep downing that water by the tons, it does your body good! Don't over do it on the bike either, otherwise you will be back in bed & feeling really crummy again. And for the pic that you are saving for us, I can't wait. I'm still debating if I should take some pictures of myself, or go dig for one in my rubbermaid boxes. I can't wait to see how good or how bad that my guesses were. Ginny: Thanks for checking in with us. I hope you had a safe & "sane" day with softball today. So...what did you buy @ your favorite WalMart Store today? Did you run out of money? ;) I'm surprised that you were able to fit in a 40 min. walk this a.m. too. You are doing such a super job, keep it up girl!
I still can't believe on how much weight that you have lost in the past year. I'm jealous!! Well, I guess I'd better get going. DD & DH just noticed that I'm missing & in no time soon, they will be heading for the basement to come get me. I guess it's bedtime here & they want me to tuck them into bed & of course snuggle time with my DH! :o Have a great weekend, everyone!

04-06-2002, 10:41 AM
Good morning!!!!:)
Another busy day ahead of me.......I hope to get on again later and leave personal responses.
Dd's game was COLD- they lost 1-0. But she pitched a great game. Her school is "class D"- (smallest in size) and the other team is "class AA" (HUGE- 5000+ students). A real David and Goliath challenge. That they lost 1-0, and the one run was from an error is wonderful. She has much to be proud of.

Real quick- thanks so much to all of you who left such kind "guesses" as to what I look like. What touches me is that you have left personality comments..........and they are so sweet.
Thanks for being great friends. BTW- Jackie you are right about one thing! I LIVE in my walking shoes........blow thru a pair every 3-4 months.

Sheila- feel better and hang in there!

Jen- sounds like things are looking up for you a bit- everyone feeling better?

Misti- how are you doing? You did not mention much about yourself, everything going ok?

Jackie who wins todays award for the longest post- great job on the weight loss!!! I am so happy for you- as I know how you have struggled since Hawaii! :) Congrats on being fit for life!

Dh and I got out early this am, 6:15 for our cholesterol check.
Mine will not be too good (chocolate)- so this will be a good time to get serious about it. (Sheila- I have lots of good ways to get cholesterol down, and will discuss later).
Gotta go.
Have a great day!

04-06-2002, 11:37 AM
Mornin' girls! :)

Jackie, what are you apologizing for??? Don't ever think that you are not supportive! I love coming here and reading what each of you has to say, whether it's addressed to me, personally, or not. That, in itself, is supportive. And as for your guess, well... I think everyone has guessed about me, so I'll say you were way off! :lol: But, your detail was still impressive! :)

Sheila, hang in there, hon. As bad as it may be right now, keep in mind that it actually COULD get worse, and be thankful that it isn't. I know that's a very hard attitude to take, and I can't say that I am good about being thankful when I'm in the pits, but it really does sometimes help if you can be thankful for what you do have. Then, it makes what's going wrong in your life seem that much more manageable. I just know things will look up for you soon. :)

Misty, glad to see you. How's the weather? Are you guys baled out? I will echo Ginny and ask, how are YOU???

Ginny, good luck with the cholesterol check. I haven't had mine done in a long time... I am way overdue for a general physical, actually. Perhaps I should make it my goal next week to find a doc and make an appointment. Glad to hear dd's game went pretty well... sounds like they put up a real fight.

Busy weekend for me... family time today and work tomorrow. Hope everyone is well. Talk to you all Monday... :wave:

04-07-2002, 10:40 AM
Good Morning!

Granny here! "Well, at least I feel like one for the past 2 days!" That body pump class that I took on Friday has really left me feeling quite laim! This is one great sign that I know it's doing something for my bod! :lol: Hmmn...I wonder if I'm gaining muscle already? I hopped on the scale this a.m. & was up 2#!
I've been faithfully staying OP, drinking my water & of course you can see that I'm exercising. I'll hold on for a week or so before I get discouraged because it may take that long for my muscles to adjust to the water retention that's supposingly "Plumping UP" my muscles! Let's see about that!:s: Jen: I'm sure glad that you aren't mad at me. I guess my insecure nature is showing
through again! :rolleyes: I'm still working extremely hard in that category yet! Maybe a few more self-help tapes will take care of that. ;) And for my guess: I did at first guess you as a sun-tanned blue eyed blonde, but I changed my guess because I was associating you with a gal at the "Y" named Jen. I thought that I'd go to the opposite extreme! Now I'm really wondering what you look like & I'll wait patiently for you to post a picture. Ginny: I'm sure with all of your walking that you are doing, the cholesterol numbers sure have to drop! Keep us posted, ok? And for my guess: I know for sure I got the walking shoe part right, but I'm sure wondering how I did with the rest of my guess.
Okay, I'll wait 'til Spryng returns.:^: Seeing that your dd is in softball, did you go see "The Rookie" yet? DH & I took our dd on Friday & we really liked it. Sheila: I sure hope that your spirits leave you feeling good today. I just finished up saying another prayer for you! It felt good to pray for someone else rather than for my "greedy" self, if you know what I mean! Spryng: I hope that your trip home today is a safe one, as we all miss you a great deal! We'll try to wait patiently for your return. Misty: I hope you're enjoying the weekend. It's raining here in WI, so hopefully it has all isolated over here so that you don't have to deal with so many muddy clothes that your dh so gracefully hands to you! :lol: Well, I guess I'd better get going & start my busy day. I'm skipping church today & will try my best to go to the Monday eve. service. I'm starting to feel kind of sad that the kids spring break ends tonight & that they will all be in school tomorrow. Am I crazy, or what? I guess a little guilt is seeping through! Time to get the laundry started again. TTFN

04-08-2002, 01:03 PM
Thank you everyone for letting me vent.. I just didnt have no one to gripe to at home so I had to go somewhere..
Things are MUCH Better in almost everyway .. DS is still kinda run down BUT he is getting over it.. I actually got outside yesterday and did 1..5 hours of yard work..I still have alot more to do but if I do some it is less the next time around..
Freckles Took me a few minutes to think of the song you referred to then it hit me!! Wilson Phillps .. I have their CD somewhere that was always my favorite song.. Kinda words to live by.. Thanks for reminding me it helped BIG TIME!!!And thanks for the prayers as well you never know the power a prayer has..
Gemini You are right THINGS could have been worse you werent being hard in any way . I just sometimes forget to take a different veiw of things especially when they all hit at once..Thanks for reminding me there are alot of things that would make my little things look like a cake walk..
ECMOM Congrats on your DD game.. As long as the team gave it everything they had she should be proud!How did your Cholesterol test come out.. It might not be as bad as you think..OH NO did you say chocolate has cholesterol?? SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!! I already know what my doc will say stop eating the steaks and choloate and having half and half in my coffee and drink more grapefruit juice and take garlic pills with alot of water or apklecider vinegar with water (that sounds GROSS) but if you know of any lower cholesterol ideas just let me know.. My email addy is :Sheilas Email Addy (mrssheila68@hotmail.com) this is for everyone I dontremember if I actually ever put it up in any of my posts before
Well when can we see how close our guesses were??? I am dying to find out if I was even halfway close to any...:lol:
Well all I better get my rear in gear and do something before I get a computer butt (__I___) that would be a bad thing since I already have a duck butt..LOL
Take Care all
talk again soon

04-08-2002, 02:07 PM

Sheila: Glad to see that you are feeling better! Thanks for correcting me on the singing group to the song that I told you about. All I could remember was "Wilson" & I knew it was another name that went with it. See....you did hang on for just one more day & things did get better!

To the rest of you: I just started my 2nd week on the Fit For Life program. It's a tough one & I'm hoping by week 3 it's habit forming & my cravings go away. The family had pizza for dinner last night & I decided to have 1 piece. If I didn't join them, I was afraid of going into a deep depression because I felt so food deprived. The plan did say that if you do just fruit in the a.m. that would be fine for starts. Thank goodness, otherwise I would of been depressed because I cheated! It's a win-lose situation, huh? To compensate for the pizza I will try & pedal more this week. Maybe 10 min. more each day to balance out for the slice of pizza. Well, not much time to post. My FIL is in rough shape & who knows how long he will last. He has so much wrong with him & now his heart is only working 1/3 of what it should be. He has congested heart failure, a pace maker, diabetes, prostrate cancer, is almost blind, has arthritis & so much more that I can't even remember. We have to take him for a breath test this aft. because he can hardly breath.
So...I'd better go & finish up my chores & get ready to take him.
I'll check back later & when we see a post from Spryng we can reveal what we look like. TTFN!

04-08-2002, 11:23 PM
I have emerged from the missing...................still missing a lot of marbles but here in spirit ( 'cause the mind is shot).

Sheila- I am so glad that you are doing better!:) Vent here all you want or need to, we love you and this is most definitely a safe haven. Bet that yard work felt good! It is a great way to let go of some stress. I do that a bit when I get house happy or really wacked out about how awful the house looks or how wierd my kids get............ Anyway! On to cholesterol. You have it right with the garlic and cutting out the half and half. Just a few hints. Instead of half and half try making powdered skimmed milk double strenght. It usually calls for 1/3 cup of powdered milk to a cup of water. So use 2/3 cup of powder to 1 cup of water.
And make the night before so that it can "age". Ok, it is not half and half:( but does not taste bad at all. I have been doing that for a whilel and even my Dh (son of a dairy farmer) does not mind it most of the time. Another one- yes oatmeal works. Of course watch out for cheese- and any fatted dairy product. I hear that those margarines (Take Control and there is another one that my lone brain cell is having a tough time remembering) also work.
Try to stay off of drugs (and I worked for a drug company!) There are natural ways to get the cholesterol down and unless you are one of those who are genetically predispositioned to have high cholesterol it is best to try it on your own.

Jackie- Amy Grant also recorded that song you mentioned for Shelia. You are an angel with all you do for you FIL. Forgive me for forgetting, how old is he? Is Dh on the road this week? And how is MIL holding up with FIL being so sick? I will keep all of you in prayer for healing and God's grace. WTG on week 2 of FIt for life! And resisting the pizza (I did not do that!). You are doing great ! Hope that those sore muscles are subsiding a bit!
No, we did not see the Rookie yet. Ds did not want to see it (reminded him of all the softball we sit thru...........) so we went to see Ice Age instead.

As for me, life continues to be kooky. (So what else is new?)
Dd (6) has a temperature (100) so will most likely be home from school tomorrow. Dd is crabby..............so what else is new....... but at least she was sort of pleasant this evening.........sort of.
Ds! Ah, it is spring and he is galloping at full speed into his spring achedemic slump! :dizzy: Came home crabby- and then got upset when I asked about how school was. Then I saw the 61 on his math test (which he was trying to hide while watching TV).
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:mad: He is going on a class trip to Washington DC, leaving Wednesday (6 am) returning Friday nite.Well, I will miss him- but not this nonsense. For 3 days the homework gestapo will have the day off! Gosh I hate the way we fight over homework. And now that he is 13- he thinks that he knows it all.............and of course I have less brains than a worm.............. And I continue to preach to those of you with little ones- love those little babies and toddlers to death!!!!!
Nuff of me bellyaching!
Good thing that Jackie and I live half a country away. I sew just like her, in the middle of the night.............until done or I drop!
If we lived across the street from each other it might be dangerous.
Guess that I had better get some sleep. I did get a 40 min walk in today. My eating was fair...........improving.......but still not great. I hope that tomorrow is better.
Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

04-08-2002, 11:27 PM
Me again!
Thanks for putting up with all my misspellings in the last post. I am just too pooped to find and fix them all........
One thing I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!
As far as my appearance all of you missed one thing that I feel safe to add. That is the permenantly stressed/deranged look plastered on my face!!!!!:lol:
Gotta go............nighty nite.

04-09-2002, 08:56 AM
Good Morning!

Well, today is a new day, right? Ahh...yes, thank you, I needed to start over fresh. Yesterday was a crazy day for me. BAD FOOD CHOICES! I had such a high-stressed day. Not too bad of a day with my FIL. It seems as though he passed the breathing test & will find out how the report went when the Doctor calls them today, I think. Ginny: He is 84 y/o, I believe. It's hard to tell how sick the guy really is because he loves getting all wrapped up in his pitty parties. DH went to see him on Saturday & I guess he looked like he was on his death bed. Now, yesterday...was a different story, as he looked quite chipper to me. I know that the elderly have good days with their health, just as they do bad days. I think yesterday's good day had something to do about being "center of attention". When my DH called my MIL yesterday a.m., dear FIL was in the background cutting my dear MIL down to the last notch & calling her bad names. My DH said to me:"You'd better take them, as I might totally lose it with Dad if he keeps ripping on Mom!" Well, the ride to the Doc's & back again wasn't really that bad. It might be because my FIL thinks of me as a "Holy Roller" because I always give him talks on forgiveness & how you have to forgive others, so that Christ will forgive you & let you into those "Pearly Gates!" And...just my dear FIL getting out of the house may have a big part on how he was feeling. I also drove them to a restaurant after the appt. for dinner, which also was a highlight of his day! He did start getting into one of his "Pitty Parties", but I talked him out of it by saying: "You have to think positive, otherwise you will just drag yourself down even further." He started the conversation by saying that he was falling apart & that so much was wrong with him & I said yes, but look what you can still do! You can still get up & walk a small distance, without a wheelchair, you can still hear, with the help of your hearing aids, you can still feed yourself, etc...isn't that enough to feel happy about? Well, enough about my day with the inlaws. When I returned home @ 6:45, it was another story in itself. Thank goodness I brought home Subway Subs for dinner. On top of all things, dd reminded me that it was my turn to help out with Brownies tonight, so I had to spend a little creative time trying to figure out what kind of project to make. I came up with Wind Chimes made with old silverware. Hopefully the Brownie Leader will aprove it. Today also is my day to take my Mom to her 2nd post-op appt. for her foot, which is at the same clinic that I took my FIL to, which is a 45 min. trip from home. Oh well, I'll try & make the best of it! I'm not going to get myself in the middle of one of my pitty parties again! Wow! It's almost time for ds to hop on the bus & I still have to put the finishing touches on his lunch & make sure that everything is in his backpack. Bye!

04-09-2002, 11:01 AM
Jackie and Ginny... I am worn out from reading your posts! :dizzy: You girls need a vacation!!! At least you are able to keep good attitudes and humor.. they will get you through anything!

I was a bad girl last night... did great during the day. I was busy with yardwork and so didn't have time for eating junk... I barely got in breakfast and dinner. But after work, I blew it and stopped off for a roast beef sandwich and a milkshake. :?: Grrrrrrrr!:mad:

OK, enough of that... today is a new day... more yardwork to do. My arms are so sore from raking and myblisters have blisters, but I'll pop some Motrin and work through the pain because the end result is so rewarding. So, it's off I go to Home Depot for fertilizer and seed and pest control... talk soon... :wave:

04-09-2002, 05:11 PM
Just saying hello to everyone. I am a stay at home Mom, with a 15 month old. He keeps me quite active. He motivates me. I am eating low fat only. It has been 3 weeks, and 16 pounds lost. Just wanted to say Hi, and this is a great site!! I am under diet/lowfat eating is the way as well, if anyone wants to know more about me, You can let me know what you think!!:p Take care!!

04-09-2002, 06:14 PM
I'm still around girls. We had a fairly nice weekend. My girls got out in the yard and played. It was a good release after being cooped up.
Sorry to hear some of you are having a time with bad eating choices. I'm a bit guity myself.

Jackie I am so excited to hear you are doing so well with Fit For Life! 6# is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Ginny you seem to stay so busy. It blows my mind. I wish I could invent a potion to keep my girls little forever. My heart goes out to you. And I know for a fact you have more brains than a worm :lol: That kills me!
Gemini hope it is a nice day for ou to get your yard work done. Then too I hate to hear you over doing it. But no pain no again, huh? I'm sure you have about worked that milkshake off by now.

Sheila how great you are getting out in the yard too. And I'm glad to hear your Ds is feeling some better.

Spryng I hope you are having a good time and a safe trip home.

Thanks goes out to those who have asked about me. Things here are good. We are super busy. This time of year always is. I'm very excited to get my garden started.
We had a new addition to our family over the weekend. We had a mare foal on Satuarday. So sad to report that she died half way through delivery. So I'm a new momma to a beautiful little filly. We named her A New Dawn. It was suitable. She's healthy and strong. I'm sad her mother died but blessed that the filly made it.

Well that does it for me. I hope you all are doing well.

04-10-2002, 12:06 AM
Good evening!!!!
Another busy day comes to an end! Pfew!!!!
Jackie- what a sweetie you are!!!!! (knew it before, but today's post really proves it). I know all about cantankerous Inlaws- got two of them myself! And it is SO tough to keep them on the up and up when in pity party mode. I have to remind mine all the time that the alternative(basically, death) is not attractive either- and also remind them that it is a blessing that they still have each other. My mom has been widowed for 17 years....and done really well, but still misses my dad. (MIL is too much of a complainer to want to hear that!). But I got off track. The Lord will bless you for your kindness and caring heart. "Let us not grow weary in doing good. In due seasons we shall reap".
Sorry that you made some bad food choices. Tomorrow will be better!
Gemini- glad that someone is getting some yard work done!!!! Hope that your arms are not too sore also. Regroup tomorrow with the eating. We get a new start every day. Make the best of it!
Misti- I am so happy to hear from you! How sad that you lost the mother of that filly. It must have been such an emotional drain. Any idea why she died? But congrats on A New Dawn! What color is she? And good for you about getting that garden in. I have my seeds and hope next week to get the cold weather seeds in.
Welcome T Girl!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you are doing great with just watching your fat intake. Are you excercising too (as if a 15month old is not a workout in itself?) How much do you want to lose?

As for me, this was another insane day. Tomorrow promises to be even more nuts. I expect to be home for about 15 minutes between 9 am and 6:45 pm. The rest of the time I will be on the run...............so what else is new!
My eyes are closing here...........guess it is time for some rest (what's that??????).
Have a great nite.

04-10-2002, 12:18 AM
hello everyone!! Boy did I miss you! :)
We just got home tonight (a day late which I'll explain in a second.)
I haven't read any of this new thread 39 yet. But I'm printing it right now and promise to get up to date on everyone. My visit with the in laws didn't go quite as planned. :( On sunday my DH got really sick and his blood pressure went sky high. He started vomiting and such so we rushed him to the hospital and they just released him today. So needless to say I've been stressed. The morning after they admitted him he had severe chest pains so everyone panicked and thought he was having an attack. Well after dozens of blood tests and an echocardio gram and two chest x-rays plus a cardiolite stress test they found nothing. At first they thought he was having a gall bladder attack but ruled it out. All of his tests came out good except for two. He has elevated enzyme levels in his liver and he failed his stress test. But they went ahead and released him with the diagnosis of "Chronic Obesity" thats what the chart read. So that upset me that they couldn't find out what was wrong. But tomorrow we are calling our doctor and getting him into a good cardiologist office. They wanted him to follow up on the stress test. What a pain. So besides that I also had to deal with the brattiest 5 year old in history. She's lucky to have survived me ;) Attitude of a 15 yo. And a mouth to match. Ugh. She's going to have a hard life if she doesn't straighten. Plus I don't get along with my mil and it's always a rule when we go up there that my DH doesn not ever leave me alone with her because I just can't stand her. Well by him being in the hospital I had to fend for myself and it was hard. But that's another novel that can be written. Well, I'm tired but I did come home to my new book on Fit For Life which I plan to start tomorrow and stick to faithfully. I ate awfully these past 6 days and need to get back on track and feel like my life is normal again. My DH is considering going on it with me. He's 5'11" and 285. But very muscular too so he really doesn't look chronic obese. :o Just has a belly. Oh well. I guess all doctors blame it on weight instead of their incompetence to find the real culprit. :^:
Ok, I'm going to read everyone's posts and promise to be in "the know" tomorrow. :D Did everyone post thier real identities yet??? I guess I'll find out when I read it. Talk to you later. Boy, am I glad to be HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-10-2002, 12:19 PM
A great big Welcome to T-girl!!! Looking forward to hearing more about you!

Misty, how exciting about the new filly! I was very sad to hear of the mare's passing, though. :(

Jackie, God love you for taking the in-laws around. It is so important for the older folks to have relatives with them for these visits. They are lucky to have you. :)

Ginny, my head spins :spin: whenever I read your posts!!! I guess you are giving me a glimpse of my life in a few years with my kids. They are already busy, at 6 and 4. From now til June, we have hockey on Sunday, t-ball on Monday, hockey Tuesday, t-ball Weds., and dance class and swim class on Thurs! :dizzy: Plus, my 3 nights at work! Phew!!!!

Welcome home spryng!!! We sure did miss you!!! Sorry to hear about dh. I hope he is feeling better. One thing I've learned in my life in the ER... unfortunately, we can't always find what causes every porblem. That's what specialists are for. :) Hopefully, you can get some answers from a cardiologist. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. As for your visit, well, it sounded stressful. I hope you have a chance to unwind and take care of YOU, now.

Well, so spryng is back and we can now reveal our true selves!!!! I suppose I can start. :) Ginny's guess about me was the closest. I have medium colored brown hair, brown eyes, and medium skin that tans very nicely. :) My hair is VERY short, almost spikey. It's the perfect wash-and-go cut... out of the shower, a bit of gel, and I'm done with it. I am a no muss, no fuss kind of girl. I hardly wear make-up... just a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Never lipstick, or blush... I flush very easily. I never wear nail polish, and sometimes bite them if I don't have an emery board handy! My ears are pierced.. one in the right, 2 in the left. And I have a tattoo of a rose on my left ankle.

I gotta run and pick up ds from pre-school... I'll post my pic when I get back. :)

04-10-2002, 01:01 PM
http://images.snapfish.com/333%3B682%3B23232%7Ffp46%3Dot%3E2325%3D435%3D%3B99 %3D%3C%3A%3B%3A%3A%3Bb242%3A2%3C43%3D3232356%3A95% 3C%3B5nua%5BZ%5Bfj0mrj

Ok, so I don't know if this will work... we'll see. I forgot to say in my previous post that I wear glasses. Also, I am not tall... just 5'4".

Hmmmmm... the pic seems to not be coming up. Are you guys just getting a red x? I tried right-clicking on it, but it still won't show pic. Any ideas???

04-10-2002, 01:12 PM
Just a quick check in to say hello.
Spryng! Glad that you are back........but what a weekend away.
GLad that Dh is ok, for now. I know that you will follow up with your Dr and find out what is going on with him. Sorry about that bratty 5 year old. Sure makes home look better than ever, eh?

So, Gemini, now we know what the real you looks like!!!!!!!!!!;)
Glad that I guessed well, sometimes you have a feeling about these things. I look foward to seeing your picture online somehow. I promise to get mine there too......with my next roll of film.

Gotta go help out at the school book fair.
Have a great day!
(see ya later)

04-10-2002, 01:15 PM
OK, I am trying again....

04-10-2002, 06:00 PM
Hi everyone again. My exercise consists of weight lifteing 3 times a week. 30minutes normally sometimes an hour. As well I do aerobics/walking. I do tae-bo. (love it) and some Kathy Ireland tapes. I also have a tape by Rachel Mclish on weights I do sometimes. I had used the same tapes before, and they really helped;)

Walking is great too!! I love to get my son out there, with the fresh air/breeze. I do watch my calories, but it is more fat grams that tend to get me. I am not as hungry as I was before, since I started this, and it makes a month today!! On Friday, I will weigh myself and let you all know how it is going. Take care, everyone!!Oh, and I wieghed 250 last Friday, my goal for now, is to get down to 160 within a years time or so, ! I am going to do it. My alltime favorite that normally gets me is chocolate. I found this recipe that cut that out, for a no fat chocolate sauce and cake. Well take care everyone.


04-10-2002, 11:20 PM
Welcome Latisia!
I apologize for not welcoming you sooner. I'm alittle out of sorts lately. I'd be interested in your chocolate cake/sauce. It is a huge weakness of mine.
Gemini, I was way off! Wu Wu, love the hair! I wish I could do it. I always wanted short hair. Your personality so suits you.
Sheila, Wow. That is some hair you have. How long have you been growing it? I'm a hair freak if you didn't guess already. Beautiful! Do you ever feel like cutting it? I really had you all wrong too.
Jackie, Ginny and Spryng I am so excited to see yours!
Spryng, I wanted to tell you I am so sorry about all that you went through with your DH. How is he doing? How are you doing? You were in my thoughts all day. I hope you are doing okay.

Okay, and here goes.... I have dark blonde hair past the middle of my back. It is usually tucked under a hat or in a pony tail. Hazel green eyes, fair skin that tans nice in the summer. I'm actually pretty goofy. I've been compaired to Meg Ryan. I'll try and post a picture.

04-10-2002, 11:35 PM
:yawn: Good Evening, Ladies!

Too pooped to post much, so this will be short! Do you believe me? Well, just wait & see. :D First of all, Welcome, T-GAL! I've lurked on all your posts while I've been peddlin' away for the past hour. I will give you more of a greeting when I have more time & I'm more awake, okay? Spryng: I was worried about you when you didn't post on Monday, but then I thought..."Oh, yeah!, her DH is usually off on Mondays & didn't worry as much anymore.
And then to find out...that there was something to worry about! My biggest Get Well wishes go out to him & I'll also keep him in my prayers. The Fit For Life program should work out great for him, but I'd check with his doctor first. I lost another pound this a.m., with a total of 8.5# so far. I had the most delicious breakfast this a.m. I had thawed-frozen raspberries with cut up banana's. :T Gemini-Jen Thanks for posting a picture & a nice one at that! I guess I WAS way off on my guess, huh? Sheila: I'm so happy that you posted a picture too! I do have a vague idea what you look like now. It showed up pretty small on my computer, so I can't wait 'til you enlarge it. Maybe I could print it & then enlarge it myself?:?: Did you watch the Maury Povich show today? It was about ladies with very long hair that cut it off for "Locks of Love" which in return is given to children with cancer. Ginny:You busy gal, you! I can't wait for you to reveal your picture too! (Get a close-up picture on those walking shoes too, as I want to see the worn thread on the bottom of them!) :lol: Misty:Sorry to hear about you losing one of your horses. Congrats on the new Filly though! Are you bottle feeding it? My DD just started taking riding lessons about a month ago & loves it! Well, I promised a short post & for me, it's still rather small with
1,906 characters long. So, good night for now. If I missed any of you, I will get back to you tomorrow, okay? Good Night! :yawn:

04-10-2002, 11:54 PM
Good evening ladies and welcome t-girl! I hope to see you post often! We love to read them here. :)

Well today has been pretty good. My Dh is at the hospital right now (we went through the Er since they couldn't get him into a cardiologist until may) and they are running a million more tests. He is still having chest pain so they may even admit him tonight but I had to come home to stay with the kids. But the hospital is only 45 minutes away so not a big deal. 2nd I'm dealing with another problem. Personal. I may be pregnant again. I'm going to buy a test tonight and find out as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I'm really scared. I take the birth control pill but lately I've been feeling strange. So I'll know tomorrow for sure.

Anyway, it's nice to know what you gals really look like. Here goes mine. I have light brown hair which goes about two inches or so below my shoulders. (It's not my natural color, two weeks ago I was blonde blonde :) ) My eyes are a very light blue and I have skin that tans easily. I wish I had more of one right now ;) I think somebody guessed that I have well manicured nails and that would be way off! I wish I did. But I play the guitar now so they are short and I never polish them anymore. The tips of my fingers are callused from the steel strings. Just the way I like them. :) Hmm.. I do wear makeup everyday. But it's always very natural looking. I have this thing for looking nice for my husband even when we are just going to clean out the fridge together :) It's my thing, my one luxury I guess. I think that is about it. I don't have a scanner or digital camera so I don't think I can post a pic. But I may try to get a roll of film developed on a disc. But it may be awhile. Anyway, now you know. :) I think the only one I guessed right or close to anyway was Misty. But it was fun.

Well, I got my fit for life book read today only to find out I bought the wrong one. I got his newest book which tells nothing about the actual diet. it's all about mono-dieting. So I'm sending it back to buy the first book he wrote.

Well, I need to get off the computer in case DH needs me to come get him tonight. I'll check in tomorrow.
I did catch up on the other posts from the past few days. It seems like everyone has been very busy and went through alot of ups and downs. It's nice to know I was missed too. I sure missed you guys. I mean gals :o


04-11-2002, 08:30 AM
Good Morning!

I forgot to mention one thing in my post last night. I'm desperately looking for my favorite picture of myself. I'm usually not too photogenic & this is why I'm looking for this "one" picture. I'm not like my dm, who looks better in a picture than in "real" life. So...when I find it, I'll try to post it. I also just remembered that my dd has a Barbie digital camera, but I'm not sure on how the pic's turn out. One thing that I do know, the only way it prints a picture is with a "Barbie" scene around it. Who knows...
maybe I can have Ken framed all around me, huh? Spryng: I really feel for you right now! Sometimes stress can make your hormones change & puts you in the pregnant "feeling" mode. If you are pregnant, try & not worry about being on the pill. My friend got pregnant while on the pill & her child turned out normal. If you're worried about the weight issue, don't worry. I'm sure your doctor will let you stay on the "Fit for Life" program. It's such a well-balanced diet, so I don't think that it will hurt you or the baby any. I wouldn't wait too long to see if you are pg or not. Wow! It's almost 6:30 a.m. here & I have to get ds breakfast. One more thing Spryng: I checked out the book from the library called: "Fitonics For Life", which is written by Marilyn Diamond & Dr. Donald Burton Schnell. Marilyn is the wife of Harvey Diamond, which co-wrote the book "Fit For Life" with his wife Marilyn. I'm reading it right now & it seems like something you may be interested in. Before you buy it, go look for it @ your library. Well, this time I really have to run. TTFN

04-11-2002, 11:54 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wanted to check in and say hello. I got a quick chance to read some of the posts........and look at some pictures. It is GREAT to see what you look like!!!!!! Gee, this is fun.
Anyway, I am going to print this out and read later.........have no time now.
Have a great day!!!!!!!!! (and hope Dh is ok, Spryng)

04-11-2002, 01:10 PM
Good morning all!! happy to report the preg. Test was negative. Of course we want one more eventually but just not right now. My kids are 28 and 16 months now. I need to give my body a rest.
My DH was at the ER until 1:00 this morning. All his tests came back fine but they don't want him to go back to work for 7 days in which time he will see a cardiologist. But they don't seem to worried anymore. That's a relief. But they still haven't explained the chest pains. But they think maybe his gallbladder is acting up (even though the tests show it is normal) and that when he eats a heavy meal his chest will hurt a little. But that's still to be determined.
But now that MY test came back negative I need to focus on me again. I'm going to a local book store to see if they carry Fit For Life and if the price is too high I'll check out our local library. Our libraries are tiny and don't have much stuff anymore. I'm always dissapointed when I go there. But maybe they'll have that one. The big library in Fort Smith has everything but costs 20 dollars for a card. OUCH. That's because we live out of state.
Well, I'm hurrying my husband to get around this morning. He's bugging me right now :) (he is also reading this post) It's hard to type with someone looking over your shoulder. :s:
Guess he is wanting attention so I'll get off here. :lol: Have a great day everyone!!

04-11-2002, 04:32 PM
Hey everyone!! I just wanted to say to Spryng, that I am glad all turned out well for you. My DH, is leaving tommorow am, and I am preparing for that. Have to make sure he is all ready. I think I ate one too many rice cakes. My head is ringing!! WEll I will write much more tomorrow, Kinda running around today!! I dont know how to send a pic. mine is old anyways@!!!( when I was 70 pounds smaller) Take care!!


04-11-2002, 11:11 PM
Pfew!!!!!! I survived today..........and stilll have a few marbles rattling around in my head......:dizzy:
Spryng- so glad that Dh is ok!!!!!!!!!!! It also sounds like (you mentioned the post heavy meal discomfort) acid reflux could be a culprit. If that has not been checked out- it could be a possiblity. (not that I am a Dr or anything). And I am happy for you that the pg test came out negative. You sound stressed....I hope that you can get some time off for yourself. Well, I guess I was off base on your appearance!
Jackie, my friend, somehow I think you with Barbie or Ken or anyone framing you would make us all smile!!!!! Go for it- even if Barbie is in the frame with you. We all know that you are a mom and well, stranger things have happened to us all since becoming moms. I will never forget the time (I worked full time until Dd, the 15 yr old, turned 18 months when I retired to mommyhood) that I ran out to the onsite daycare to nurse her- and returned to a meeting with spitup on my shoes and shoulder! (stupid me, I was in too much of a rush to notice:dizzy: ) Or the time that I went into work wearing a necklace that Ds had made for me that morning out of nothing but paperclips! (forgot that I had put it on, opps!) I'd love to see what you look like! So, how is life with you now that the kiddies are back in school?
Sheila- Your hair is magnificent!!!!!!!!! I could not have been more off base with your appearance. (we must have had you howling when you read that most of us had you as a blondie).
I was never able to keep hair all that long so I am always amazed by someone who can. For some reason I had you as a rather tall blonde- looking sort of like my neighbor (who I like) who is a tall blonde.
Jen- so you did not tell us who the furry friend is in your picture!!!!!(or did I miss that?) You really look like you to me, if that makes any sense. In the picture I see a warm, fun person- someone easy to be with. You come across the computer to me that way too!
Misti- well I was sort of off with my idea of what you looked like! Opps! I hope that you can leave a picture here too. Isn't this fun? And did it stop raining yet? What did you get in your garden?
Latisia- great that you have an excercise plan going, in addition to healthy eating. You will get that weight off.......keep checking in with us here, we will keep you going!

Ok, I have kept suspense here long enough......as for my appearance............ya really want to know?????
I live in my walking shoes.....and go thru a pair every 3- 4 months.
The pair I have now I got early January, and it is time for a new pair. Ok, Jackie?;) I am 5'4"- basically an apple in shape, so most of my weight is in my stomach. I have medium skin tone- which leans toward the sallow and can tan nicely. My eyes are brown (medium brown) and my hair is just above the shoulder in a dark brown. My hair (even without assistance!) picks up red highlights easily. For Mother's Day I am planning on getting some more "natural" highlights, if you know what I mean!!!!! (covers up the dumb grey...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) I wear my hair either down or if the day is really busy back in a scrunchie (which is about every other day). Nails? what nails??? I sew, I garden, I fix the house (paint, refinish furniture) so my nails break easily. Opps! Two more things about my appearance. I am usually in the drivers seat of a silver Quest.............and usually have a cup of tea glued to my hand (my sanity, the tea that is).
I will somehow get a picture downloaded and on here in a week or so.
Have I babbled enough for one day?????
Time for some sleep! We actually get to sleep in tomorrow. Ds is on a class trip to Washington DC (no need to wake him up), Dd has a 9 am dentist appt- so she can sleep late and the youngest Dd does not leave until 8:45! So we might actually get to sleep in unitl 6:30 or 7 (my morning begins at 5:15).
Have a great nite, y'all!

04-11-2002, 11:16 PM
Hi everyone!!
Spryng, I'm so glad things are coming together for you. I really thought about you all day. What a week you have had. I would have done some serious stress eating. Did you check amazon.com for your book?
T-girl, I'm glad to see you posting and keeping up with us. We are a wacky bunch. But these girls are fantastic. Really, I've come along way. No way could I have done it without them.
Ginny, when do we get to see you? Did you say? I must have missed it.
Jackie, I can't wait to see you and Ken if you can't find your fav pic.
The filly is being bottle fed, doing great too. Thanks for asking.

04-11-2002, 11:27 PM
I'm a dope, what can I say.
As for my day, I had the dreaded once a year womanly doctor appt today. Oh joy. Anyhow, the scale stopped at 119#. I'm begining to feel pretty comfortable. Finally. I'll probably go down 4# then begin my struggle to maintain.
Does anyone know anything about the cabbage soup diet? I was considering this to drop these last few #'s.
I'm going to post a picture. I really want to wait untill I have a minute to brush my hair and put a dab of makeup on though. I'm a fright without makeup.
I really got to get to bed. Nighty Nite girls.

04-12-2002, 12:12 PM
Good Morning!

Wow! What a crazy week it has been for me! Everyday something
more exciting to do. Last night & this a.m. has topped them all!
My ds, who has ADD had to publish a book for his teacher. He got this assignment before spring break started, so he could have had a lot of time to work on it. Well, I get this FAX sheet from his teacher stating that he didn't have it finished yet. During the spring break, ds told me that it was just about finished & wasn't due until several days after the spring break. He gets it out @ 9:30 last night & only the binding & pages were sewn together. So...this leaves him with a story to write, edit and then later on tpye & print. So...guess who gets this job? You got it!! He then tells me @ 10:45 p.m. last night that he needs a fabric cover & of course it has to be in an African print. I just went through all of my old clothes 2 weeks ago & gave away all the clothes that I didn't want anymore. So...my so called "Zoo" shirt with the African animals all over it supposingly was donated to Goodwill. I had a hard time parting with this shirt, as this was my "zoo" shirt for the past 7 years! Well, I decided to go through my "unsure" clothes & thank goodness, I didn't get rid of it! It is now made into the fabric cover of his book! What a remembrance
huh? I guess we will cherish this book for years to come! I stayed up 'til midnight working on it & then got up @ 5:00 this a.m. to work on it again & we finally finished it @ 7:45 this a.m.
Of course through all of this, ds missed the bus, so I had to drive him to school & we just made it in time! I then had to drive 1/2 hr
in the other direction to take dd to school, which unfortunately, she was the one penalized for being tardy. DD talked me into walking her to her class & ask if the teacher could be so kind to let dd be "on time" for the attendance slip. Thank goodness she excused her! Well, I'm back home again after spending an hour and a half in the car! DD has a 1/2 day of school today & guess where we're going this afternoon? THE ZOO!! I will be wearing my "New" zoo shirt, which is Kaki in color with a lot of zoo animals embroidered across the top of it.
I wore it one time before to the zoo & several people thought that I was a zoo attendant. How funny, huh? Well, I get to finish my day this evening relaxing @ my friends house. She has planned a little get together, where we will play cards & other games & of course eat & gab. I'll be bringing veggies & a light dip.
Oh!, guess what? I'm down another 0.5# I think it's a total of 9# now. I'm so happy with this plan & hopefully I'll get to my goal with this program. Now all I have to do is add weight training on a regular basis & of course, keep peddlin'. Thank you all for all of your descriptions of yourself & again for the pictures. Ginny: Your description of yourself sounds a lot like me, only I have a "pear" shape, with shorter permed hair & darker brown eyes. (Including the walking shoes!) I drive my crew around usually in my Dark Green Ford Taurus Wagon, with the kids fighting over who gets to sit in the rear-facing back seat! This car is a lot of fun!
T-girl: I hope you won't miss DH too much & that he has a safe trip to & from his destination. Does he travel a lot for work? Mine does! You may describe yourself if you'd like, or did you already. We'll wait 'til you feel comfortable to post a pic, okay? Misty: You are so, so lucky to be so close to your goal. You lucky gal, you! (I'm jealous!!) :p I can't wait to see your picture! Ginny: I'll try & get that Barbie Digital camera working this weekend, with a little help from my ds. (He owes me big time!) DS is the computer geek in our household & hopefully we will figure out how to take the picture, download it onto the computer & then finally transfer it to our website! Wish me luck Gals!! I loved your working mom stories, sound a lot like some of mine! One time I was delivering mail & made it til' quitting time & was punching out @ the clock to go home when another carrier tapped me on the shoulder & whispered to me that I had a bib hanging out of my pocket! I then yelled out an "Oh My Goodness!" & all the carriers started to laugh at me, or should I say laugh "with" me? Another time I was out on my foot route & someone asked me for directions. Of course I was moving my arms around & pointing to different streets to let the patron know where to go. After they left, I noticed that my button was open on my uniform shirt with my bra & boob sticking out! I bet that guy got a rise out of this, huh? (I was in great shape back then.) Spryng: Thanks for checking in with us. Hopefully you will get the time to post more later. (Without your dh looking over your shoulder!) :lol: For your sake: I'm glad that you aren't pregnant! Enjoy your "girlish" figure for awhile, okay? I'm still keeping your DH in my prayers. It was kind of funny last night because he was @ the tail end of my prayers & I kept falling asleep & had to keep asking for my prayer request over & over again, with a noticable slurr in my speach! Well, it's time for me to go pack my cooler for the zoo, take my shower & scrub my floors & be ready to go in the next 1.5 hrs., so I'd better get going. My post is long enough anyways! I hope you all have a great day & a great weekend. Take Care!

04-12-2002, 01:09 PM
Just a quick answer to the unanswered question of where did my picture go.. Well simple , after my husband had a big discussion with me about having my pic posted I decided for "family harmony" I would remove my pic.. He just is a bit uneasy with the whole "net thing as a whole and so to make him feel comfortable I removed it..It has nothing to do with you all.. But when I used to have my pic in profiles I use to get alot of unessasary emails from some really unique people . Hope you didnt mind

Now for some good news I lost a whole pound..!!!! so instead of 261.5 I am 260.5 I am happy about it I been so upset with that gain..

Freckles I had you wrong I almost guaranteed the red hair , I was way off..LOL

Lilbit I know how to make cabbage soup I just didnt know there was a diet for it...Hmmmm sounds like something I would try ..Not every single day to I reach goal but something I would try like once a month ..Oh and to answer your question about how long I have been growing it , I made a "donation" of 14 inches to Lock of Love back in May of 1997.. I had it cut to shoulder length .. My hair grows fast which to me it is a good thing I look very bad in shorter hair.PLus long hair covers my sparetires on the sides of me ...
ECMOM I admit I was kinda laughing real hard at the blondie description..I have ONCE thought of dying my hair blonde but since dying it would do alot of damamge I never did it.. I go thru enuf conditioner and Infusium23 leave in treatment just to keep from getting split ends..Right now I am still a bit leery of getting my hair colored to cover the 50% grey (which if I bring the top part and pull it back the gray doesnt show that much..I am on the top grey..(Native American Ansestry is sometimes a great thing except they get grey early)

Tgirl I am not sure if I welcomed you earlier or not so WELCOME Tgirl I dont get online much I been too busy with stuff here . Yesterday I had a fever and slept most the day away.. But my body needed it I guess..Thats why I havent been posting much this week.. I do walking tapes that require weights and lately I been dancing to the radio while I chug away at housework..

Spryng Congrats (????)on your negative test . Actually not too sure on how to respond to that one so I am guessing..Sorry about all the stress you been thru glad that things are improving for you and hubby..
Well I am going to end for now I have to get ready to do the erreands .. I will check back before tonight since I wont be around to post till monday ( quality family time on weekends )
Take Care and talk soon

04-12-2002, 03:17 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!
Well today is officially my first day of Fit For Life. I went grocery shopping this morning and now I have enough fresh fruit and vegtables to kill somebody. :) I had a avocado and tomato sandwich for lunch which was suprisingly delicious! I'll be having many more of them and then I had some baby carrots as a sort of side dish. And four glasses of water so far so I am doing good. My DH wants steak for dinner so I may have a small steak with lots of vegtables and a big salad.
I bought the book yesterday at our local Hastings store. It was the last one. I was so glad. I just love it. It makes so much sense to me. I think this is the diet for me.
I wanted to thank everyone who has been concerned about my DH and myself. And yes I have been stressed out. But today has been a wonderful day and I feel great and optimistic about my weight loss and life in general. And thank you a million times Jackie for including us in your prayers. I was truly touched by that. You are an amazing friend and I am so glad that we met.
Well, DH wants to run to town to buy a bbq grill so I guess I need to work on getting my kitchen all cleaned up. I'll check in tonight.
Have a great OP day all!!

04-12-2002, 04:41 PM
Hello everyone, I have lost a total of 2 pounds in the past week. Not too bad, I normally lose weight quicker, but as you see, it never stayed off. I suppose now it will.

Congratuatlions Sheila!! THat is wonderful, every loss is a major tribute to your work!! Congratulations to Spryng on her new start, keep it up!

I have to be honest everyone about yesterday, and quite frankly, part of today, Went out with Dh yesterday, and ate very horribly. He left his darn doritos behind, I was looking everywhere for somewhere to put them out of site, Now they are being consumed by me!! I am going to start fresh again in the am and do my tae-bo!! It really is good for me.

My Dh travels quite a bit, with the army, as far as looks, I have black hair brown eyes, and right now, I am an xxlarge frame(temporary) I am black. I love to read, play, and fix myself up ..

I am a little upset with myself, about the last day and a half, but not discouraged. I will talk to you all later..


04-12-2002, 09:59 PM
Well, after surviving yet another day of absolute insanity (ah, so what else is new) I am back! Dh stayed home today so that we could go to Dd's softball game, over an hour away from home) and Ds comes home from his trip tonite. And all the other mommy stuff...........hey, I made it thru it!
Glad to read the posts... and I got a few laughs out of them. I wish I had time to personally respond. Maybe later after Dd gets off the computer (she is patiently waiting for it). The little one wants to go to bed- so it is night time Bible story time for me!
Have a great nite.

04-12-2002, 11:21 PM
I'm back tonight. :) I'm happy with myself today. Dinner was a little off plan but not outrageous so I'm not worried about it too much. It's going to take me some time to get used to all the vegtables I have to consume on this diet. I was a person who didn't like fruit of any kind and ate very little roughage. And now I have to eat alot of it everyday so I am going to try and ease myself into this type of eating habit. I did learn something valueable that Jackie may be interested in. The Fit For Life book says not to take a multi-vitamin before 12:00 pm and not to drink water with a meal. To drink it afterwards. And if you are eating 70% high water content foods than it's not nessasary to drink 8 glasses of water a day because you'll be getting enough water with your fruits and vegtables. But to listen to your body when it feels thirsty. I thought that was very interesting. Tomorrow I have it all planned out. Fruit for breakfast, probably an orange or two, Avacado and Tomato sandwich for lunch with a salad and then I think I may a have a big backed potato with butter and a salad and steamed brocoli for dinner. That's my plan I just hope I stick to it. The book says that if you eat exactly how it says, to food combine properly and eat only fruit until noon and never eat after 8:00 pm except for water or fruit then he guarentees you'll lose about 10 lbs in 10 days or so. If that is true then I would be only a lb away from my goal in 10 days. It sounds so nice but 10 days can contain stress or whatever it is that makes me stray from plan. The first day is always the hardest for me but I really want it this time. I want to finish.
Misty, I have heard of the cabbage soup diet. It does shed weight fast but it is all water weight and I learned the hard way on that cleansing diet that the water comes back even if you are eating low cal or whatever. So it can make you feel like a failure. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Keep us informed of what you decide. You are doing so great anyway.
Latisia, I am so glad that you have joined us. Don't worry about snacking on the doritos. It seems like you have the right mindset. You'll try anew tomorrow and and eventually we'll all get it right huh?? :dizzy: This dieting thing is a career for us women it seems. Sometimes I just want to quit but then I know I don't want to gain back the 30 plus lbs I've already beaten off. It's hard but worth it in the end. What kind of diet are you on?
Well my email is buzzing and I keep getting paged on it so I guess I need to get off here and check it out. Talk to your gals tomorrow!!

04-13-2002, 01:17 PM
Good morning!
Well here is another great start to a beautiful day. :) I've already had my fruit for breakfast and now we are getting ready to do some yard work. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping that if I keep myself busy today I won't be tempted to cheat. We'll see. But I'm optimistic so far ;)
How is everyone's weekend going?
I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I hope everyone has a great OP day! I'm rootin' for ya!! :jig:

04-13-2002, 04:40 PM
Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank you to spryng for those helpful words, I am doing wel today, Did alot of house work!! Cleaned up the mess my Dh let, my goodness. It is such a beautiful day though, have to go to the park or somewhere when the baby wakes up!! Just wanted to check in with everyone. Have a good day..


04-14-2002, 11:14 PM
I guess everyone is busy today. Nobody has posted. So I thought I would check in. Today went ok. But I made a decision. I can't do Fit For Life. I mean it sounds good and all but I can't ever figure out a good dinner for me so I end up eating the wrong things. Low calorie worked the best for me so I guess I'm going back to it. Then I can eat whatever I want as long as I keep the calories between 1000 and 1200. I like the whole fruit for breakfast idea so I will probably keep that in it but I can't keep my proteins and starches seperated. I am going to eat more fresh vegtables though. I bought a ton of them so I might as well eat them. But there are days I want mac and cheese and I can't have it on Fit For Life. Did I quit too fast?? I feel like I am making the right decision. I'm gaining weight so I need to get control of this again and low calorie worked for me the first time. I just have to control my portions. Let me know what you think. I'm off to fitday.com to figure out how many cals are in the fruit I eat. I'll check in again tomorrow.
Besides that everything is going well today. Took the kids fishing with my dad and 2 yo little brother. Was a ton of fun and am planning on more tomorrow evening.
I'll see you girls later! :)

04-14-2002, 11:32 PM
Well, I am not going to report anything.................today ended up being one of those disaster days. Irritable Dh, Ds who won't do homework........ oh well........better days are coming!!!!!:dizzy:
Yesterday was great eating.......today not so good (stress is a wonderful thing, eh?)
I will check in tomorrow morning when the dust has settled (literally, Dh decided to rip out some sheet rock tape today and that is dusty!) and all are back to work or school. Maybe sanity will prevail for a wee little bit!
Hope that your weekend went well.

04-14-2002, 11:39 PM
Hello everyone.. HOw are you all doing??

Spryng: I am sorry to hear that you felt that diet wasnt right, we have to do what works for us..

Not much going on DH gone off for a month so I try to stay busy No slip ups today!! horray!! well talk to you all later.


04-15-2002, 02:55 AM

Did anyone else notice that the print on this site seems so much larger, or did I hit a key or tab that I didn't know existed? I kinda like it this way & kind of not like it. Spryng: I'm sorry to hear that the Fit For Life Program didn't work out for you. I was a little skeptical at first, but now I'm getting the hang of it. As far as I know, you can still have your Mac & Cheese, but not with a meat/protein. Oh!, maybe not....the cheese is considered a protein, isn't it? Well, if it makes you feel any better: I ate Mac & Cheese last week on this plan thinking that it was okay & I still lost! I was reading the "Fitonics For Life" book that is written by: Marilyn Diamond & that one Dr., which I can't think of his name right now. They said that if you can't handle this plan totally, just do the important parts. Just having fruits & fruit juices for breakfast & try to have another meatless meal besides. This would still leave a "free meal" for you & they said that you still should lose weight, but at a slower pace. I feel that if your digestive system seems to be working, which it should if you just eat fruit for BF & also increase your vegetable fibers, why wouldn't it work? Did you get a chance to read the whole book yet? There's a lot of helpful info in it, but I do prefer the "Fitonic's" book better. It's a more revised plan & easier to follow. Well, enough of the "Fit" talk. Did your dh go fishing too? Glad to hear that you had a great time, you deserved to have fun after your hectic week that you had. Ginny: Sorry to hear that your day didn't go too well for you. If it's any consolation to you, the homework with my ds really stunk too! He STILL didn't get his book finished.
He waited until tonight again before he started his homework & then we couldn't find any printable pictures, so I'm up now when I should be in bed, downloading pictures from our CD encyclopedia. It's kinda funny in a way because I have 2 computers going at the same time. I'm posting in between pictures. He needed 8 lion pictures, so this gave me some time to post. I sure can't wait 'til summer, how about you? Will your ds go to summer school? I might put mine in an organizational class that meets for 2 hrs & is only for 6 weeks. So, he'll still have most of the summer off. And for your eating: Hang in there, as I know well enough that you will get back on track. Maybe when you get stressed, you could take a short 5-10 min. walk. My dh wanted Pizza last night & I gave in too & ate 3 pieces of Pappa Murphy's Pizza & a slice of garlic bread. I did make sure that I stayed on the bike longer than usual yesterday & today to try & make up for the extra calories. Since I started this Fit For Life program, if I eat the wrong combination of foods, I feel so bloated. And dream....this pizza really had me dreaming some crazy stuff! :eek: So, back to you Ginny: What is your dh remodeling now? My dh ripped off our old wallpaper in our Foyer a few weeks back & now I'm stuck looking at scored-drywall! I guess the outside work & NASCAR is more important to him. I hope your day goes better for you tomorrow, just like I hope mine does. Does it ever go exactly the way we want it to, though? It's never a dull moment @ my house. ;) T-Gal/Latisia: Thanks for keeping our thread going the past several days. I've been reading your posts, but when I'm a peddaling away, it's too hard to type & when I'm done pedlin', no time to post. I do so much enjoy reading your posts though! Oh!, and by the way....I just love your name "Latisia", it's such a pretty name. It's pronounced "Lah tee shah" isn't it? So...where did your dh go for a month? Is he in Virginia trying to "balance" out your move & putting the final touches on it? If not, it sounds like you will have a busy schedule quite soon! While your dh is gone, enjoy the time with your baby. Try not to get too lonely while dh is gone, okay? If you do, turn to exercise before you turn to food. I know it's so easy to turn to food when you're bored. Could you use this time to get together with friends? Spend some "cherished" time with them before your move sneaks up on you. I couldn't remember if you made a lot of friends where you're living now, or not. Does your family live close by? Congratulations on the 2# loss for last week too! It's such a reward in itself, just to see those numbers keep going downward, isn't it? It sounds like you're on a roll now & will be successful with a large loss in the long-run. It's better to take it off slow anyways. Just remember, we're here for you to keep your incentive going. If you reach a plateau, hang in there, as your body needs time to adjust to the new weight. If you stay faithful with your plan, you will be successful. Sheila: Congratulations on your loss! It won't be long & you will be in a new "decade" of numbers. FYI: I call reaching say "259" a new decade because you will be in the 50's then & then the next decade w/b the "40's". I think you know what I mean, don't you? About your picture: I understand where your DH is coming from. I tend to be a little leary on this subject too. I will be posting a picture though, so you ladies can see what I look like. I tried using my dd's "Barbie" digital camera yesterday, but I looked so distorted in the prints & so it really didn't look like me. I'm still looking for that favorite picture of mine. I have to be getting closer at finding it, as I don't have too many boxes to look thru anymore. When I do post a picture, I'll probably only leave it up for a short time, long enough for you gals to view it, or print it out. I wouldn't want any naughty lurkers to see it & the longer we keep these on here, the more time they have for their shannanigan's. And in your case, I believe it was up long enought for us all to view. And for your guess about me: I think with the username "Freckles", people would think that I'm a "Freckled Faced" red head! I really don't have too many facial freckles anymore as this goes back to when I was a child. Now my back, that's another story! I got sunburned a few summers ago & now my back has plenty of them. I usually tan, but too much sun can make anyone burn. Well gals, my printing for ds is just about done & I'm really tired, so I'm going to sign off now & go to bed. :yawn: See yah all later!

04-15-2002, 10:03 AM
Hi girls, long time no post! I had a busy end to last week, and worked 20 hours over the weekend. :dizzy: But, it's Monday and the start of April vacation week here! Hopefully, the kids won't kill eachother before next week! :lol:

I've really been totally off-program since I recovered from being sick... no exercise (except yardwork) and terrible eating. But, today I start anew!!! Fortunately, I've only gained back 2 or 3lbs of my 15 lb loss, and TOM is approaching, so it may not really be that much. I'm hoping by getting back OP, I can minimize any damage done over the past 2 weeks.

I have read every post I missed, and want to say to everyone who have had losses... CONGRATS!!! :D Keep it up, girls! Sheila, I think it probably was not a bad idea to remove your pic, and I think I'll remove mine, too, since you've all seen it anyway. Spryng, don't feel badly about not sticking to the Fit program. I think going with what has worked for you in the past is a good plan. I have a real hard time with popular diets such as Fit for Life and Sugar Busters, because I think they aren't realistic. They're fine while you are on them, but once you've lost your weight and start eating "normally" again, you gain. I think it's much better to figure a plan around eating regular, everyday foods, the way you normally eat them. I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying that, and I'm not trying to knock anyone on one of these diets. These are just my own personal opinions. Bottom line is that if it works for you, then go for it! :)

Well girl, gotta get breakfast going for the gang. We are off to do some shopping today, then the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 80's!!! So, I may not be around much. Please pray I keep my sanity through this week!!! :lol:

Take care, girls!!! Talk soon... :wave:

04-15-2002, 10:15 AM
I'm such a dope! I meant to address all of you, but got wrapped up in my tirade on diets!!! Sorry!!!

Latishia, good luch while dh is away. My dh is ex-army, but never travelled much. Most of his enlisted time was before we even met. He got out after 10 years, just after we had our first child. The demands of the army were very difficult on family life, and thankfully, he chose our family. :) But, I want to send out a great huge thank you to your dh for working to protect our country, especially in this very tumultuous time!!!

Sheila, guess what?? I actually thought you would be of Native American decent, but didn't put that in my guess! :)

Ginny, that furry friend in my photo is my girl, Sadie. She is a blue Weimaraner, and my best fur-friend. :) That pic was taken last June on her first b-day. (I still look the same.) Our other pooch, Cole, was beside him in the pic, but I had to crop him out because the pic was too large to post with him in it. (Cole is a black-labX, and "daddy's boy"!) And thank you for your wonderful compliments... I am just a regular person trying to give my kids a good life. :)

Spryng, how is dh feeling? Has he been able to see a cardiologist yet? I've been thinking of you.

Jackie, you are such a great Mom to give up your shirt for ds's book! But man, staying up half the night to work on it??? Are you showing me what I have to look forwards to with these kids of mine??? :lol:

Misty, how are you?

OK, kids are hungry! Bye, gang!!!!

04-15-2002, 11:28 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, once again I wish I had time to read and reply to all the posts. I scan them and hope to have the time to read later.
Today seems a bit better- even if only because all of the diffucult personalities are not here. The house looks as though a tornado ran thru it..........whatchagonna do????
I still have bills to do, blah, blah........so I better scoot.
BTW, Dh did call from work this am and apologize for being a monster. He has mellowed somewhat and admitted that he can be difficult at times (an understatement!);) Ah,but none of us are perfect.
Off to visit my checkbook! Hope to get back on later. Have a great day!
(got up at 5 to walk this am...............hope that I do not fade at 2 this afternoon!)

04-15-2002, 03:52 PM
Hi Everyone!

I have opened up a SAHM's thread #40. Don't forget to read all these old posts if you haven't had the chance to read them yet.
See you at thread # 40!

04-15-2002, 10:40 PM
Hi everyone!
Spryng, it sounds like you have made a good decision. Do what works best for you and what you feel good doing. I'll email you that calorie counter again. It is alot more accurate than fitday. Maybe you can still incorporate some of the fit for life plan into your low calorie diet. Don't worry about the weight gain either. You have been through so much. It is understandable. Good luck. How's your Dh doing? Did he get to go out fishing with you all today?
I'm really tuckered girls. I hope you are all doing well and to see you posting soon.

04-15-2002, 10:46 PM
:dizzy: Oh my goodness. I didn't even see page 4. I never posted to all of you. Here I thought page 3 was the last one ending with Spryng. Duh. Really sorry girls. I'm so tired I'll print out your posts and read them in the morining. I promise to address you all then. Nighty Nite!