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08-26-2008, 06:52 PM

Here's a group for any Weight Watcher members (or anyone thinking about joining) to check in, get support and encouragement while trying to become healthier, not just thinner. We want to focus on eating a wholesome diet, exercising more, having a positive outlook on life, and losing weight along the way. This is what Weight Watchers promotes anyway, but sometimes it's hard to stay focused. Together, we'll make it!

08-26-2008, 07:14 PM
Hello all,

Trish - well, one more good reason to eat those salads, right? Goodness knows my joints need all the help they can get. The arthritis in my rt knee is so bothersome going up stairs.

Sassy - hiya! Are you thinking about doing WW? It's really a good program once a person is in the right frame of mind. I'm there right now, and pray it lasts!!! You know me - I can totally get sidetracked by a brownie, lol. Anyway, if you have questions about WW, or want to join us, please just post away. :)

Patty - YAY for you being a cancer survivor! :cp: That's great! As Jaime said, you really aren't supposed to worry with points while doing Core. That's why I could never do it - I'm not the best at knowing when to stop eating unless I measure everything. Lack of portion control is what got me to this size, lol. Core works really well for lots and lots of people, though. If you look at their threads, you can tell how well many of them are doing.

Jaime - pffft! I've got socks older than you, lol. Wow, your idea for a hike and a picnic for your birthday is very original. Ahhhh, it's always nice when the kitchen is put together in a new place. Sounds like your apartment is really coming along.

Ruthie - did you fall in???

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I got to have DGS Jackson for several hours today. I picked him up at his daycare, and we went to the park, had lunch with my niece Carol, then went to Wally World. We both took a nap when we got back to my house, lol. He is the sweetest little boy, and reminds me of when his daddy was that age. (16 mos)

I overate at lunch, and will have to be very, very careful with my evening snack to not go over. :^:

See ya later,

08-27-2008, 12:06 AM
Good Evening Ladies,

Late here getting here, but thought I would go ahead and say hi.

Patty - Congratulations! That is so great you being a cancer survivor. Glad you got your WW at work going to. I wanted to do Core too, but I find Flex better for me at this time. Good luck with your WW journey.

Jane - I agree and I love a good salad any way so it is nice to know it is good for the joints.

I really have had 3 good days OP only used one of my WAP. Eating the GL way sure helps because I don't get hungry and have no cravings.

Sassy - Hi glad you dropped in. How is your DH job situation going?

Marti, Ruth, Pat and everybody else I missed - we miss you. Hope you will back soon Marti and hope all of you are doing okay.

Catch y'all tomorrow sometime.


08-27-2008, 12:29 AM
Hi Jane :wave: No, haven't joined WW, I've just been doing the Calorie Counting thing, seems to be working for me. Glad WW is working for you. :)

Hi Patti :wave: DH did get approved for unemployment so he has a little more time to find a decent job. No job offers yet. Thanks for asking. ;)

I hope you all have a Great Day. :)

08-27-2008, 03:47 PM
Hi all, another flying visit!!! Im getting ready for another date :) lol i m gettin around these days, his time with an ex?? Although we only broke up due to th fact that we never got to see each other because we hadnt got the time!!
So fingers croassed for me ladies,
And my weigh in is tomorrow mornin, so whatever we do tonight i have to be extra extra careful.
As Im not going to the dinner dance now, My new mini goal is to have twenty pounds off for Halloween. My mam decided she is having a party.
Ok I have to find something to wear!

Hope your all keeping well :)
Jen x

Slimmin Patty
08-28-2008, 11:43 AM
Good morning ladies,

I've been thinking and I think that I'm going to combine South Beach with Core. With South Beach you could eat as much as you want of certain foods, but they have portion sizes and you need to wait 20 minutes after eating a portion before you eat more. I was going to use Flex portion sizes...

I need to start exercising again. I was doing so good and after school started I stopped exercising. My DDs have been in school for a week now so I should be able to get a new routine started.

Have a great day :D

08-28-2008, 12:20 PM
Just a fly by today. I've got so much to do, and not enough time to do it. Food is so-so, and I'm trying to behave!


08-28-2008, 01:34 PM
Hi Ladies,

Patty - The nice thing about WW Core or Flex is that it will work with any way we choose to eat. I've spent time learning to tweak my way of eating on WW. I too like the Core ideas and I will eventually go to it with my GL eating. I have a vacation coming up in November and GL w/Core will be easy. However, in the meantime, I am using GL w/Flex until I get used to what I'm doing.

Jane - We have a busy day today as well. Tony wants to exchange a game we bought that does not work and I need to go to Walmart to get some more GL foods. I think I said I am using the GL dummies guide so since I like to snack, I ate some dried fruit and walnuts. I was so excited that I only went over 4 pts. I've only used 5 of my WAP. That is so exciting to me as I always went way over before. I eat oatmeal for breakfast every moring only change my fruit. Since GL a serving of oatmeal has become too much so I cut it in half this morning and it was still too much. I have already lost 3 lbs (recycled) so I should have a really good weight loss this week.

Jen - Hope things work out the way you want with the ex. My marriage to my late DH of 31 years was a guy I dated off and on from the time I was 14 yrs old until I was 18. He married someone else and I did too. Eight years later we got back together and married and although we had many tough times especially the last years of his life, I wouldn't have missed one moment with him. I think those 8 years apart made us appreciate each other more. Sounds like y'all had a good thing, but time was against you so who knows just maybe things will work out for the two of you the same as it did for us. Regardless, enjoy your journey to the "Mr. Right". I read a book once that said there are lot of people in our lives on our way to him in order to prepare us for him. Good luck.

Jaime - I'm sure your busy getting things settled in your new home. Having to work while you do that doesn't make it very easy.

Well, I haven't been exercising. I don't think I've mentioned it, but the girl in the doctor's office told me that he wouldn't want me exercising until I talk to him. I haven't read yet in the GL for Dummies about exercise yet, but the other book I have says 15 minutes a day, 21 minutes 5 days or 35 minutes 3 days a week. So I will probably do the 35 minutes 3 days each week when I get the okay from my doctor.

We have a lot of you MIA. I hope each of you are okay. I know we are really busy these day so try to check in when you can.

Everybody have a great day.


08-29-2008, 09:44 AM
Hi Ladies,

Sassy - how much have you lost so far? Seems I get more food with Flex than calorie counting, because fiber is figured in. Just what I need - more food, lol. Actually, the healthier the food, the more you get. If you're interested, you could go to one WW meeting to get the basic program books and points finder.

Jen - my DH Neal was an ex. We dated for a few months, then I broke up with him because I wasn't totally through with someone else. Four years later, when I had had it with the other guy, I looked up Neal, and we got back together. Best thing that ever happened to me. :yes:

Patty - finding what works is so important, I think. Since I've been doing the GL with Flex, I'm doing better. What kind of exercise routine are you going to do?

Trish - you are doing great with Flex and GL! My weigh in is tomorrow, and I'm hoping for a loss. I messed up yesterday which was due to some drama I didn't handle well, but got right back OP.

Today I'm going to do some bookwork, laundry and babysitting. How exciting, no? LOL

Any special plans for Labor Day?

08-29-2008, 10:19 AM
Almost forgot! Just in case Jaime is busy tomorrow, I wanted to say this today:

Happy Birthday, Jamie!


Any special plans?

08-29-2008, 10:40 AM
Good morning :wave: I know some of you from an old thread we all used to post on, and some of you I've never met...so hope y'all don't mind if I jump in with both feet ;)

I've been an on-again-off-again WW for years and years. I lose a lot (40-50 lbs, but as you can see from my ticker, I have a lot further to go than that), get to a plateau, get frustrated and quit, then gain back. Finally figured out -- WW works, but it's not a diet. It's a permanent change. Not what I wanted to hear. :tantrum: I wanted to get down to a healthy weight, then go back to eating whatever I want, as much as I want, and stuffing my face to celebrate, or if I'm depressed, or angry, or...whatever :rolleyes:

Ah well, so here I am, started half-heartedly back to WW in May...have been going consistently since 7/29. I'm a big girl no matter how you look at it -- 5' 10" and even at my best "fighting weight" I'm not skinny -- I look pretty darn good at a size 12-14. And I have a long, long road ahead of me. Definitely could use the motivation, support, encouragement, and advice from other WW's along the way :cheer:

I am:
drinking my water
writing everything down
tracking my points
trying to eat a LOT of veggies to fill in the spaces :carrot::broc:
trying to make better, healthier choices overall
trying to fit in bits of exercise wherever I can (walking the stairs on breaks at work, etc)

So...that's about it. Hi to old friends, hi to new friends I hope to meet :D

08-29-2008, 11:28 AM
Katie - :welcome: to HFF :D You're right about the lifestyle change. Once I realized it was permanent it became way easier to just consistently make healthy choices. Of course I am not perfect but I am a lot more accepting of things now - I am okay maintaining for a week or two or even a month because I know I have a looong time ahead of me to get this straightened out. Sounds like you have a wonderful plan, I wish you the best of luck!

Jane - :o Thanks for the birthday wishes! :hug: You are so sweet. LOL @ having socks older than me - dear, I hate to tell ya but socks don't do much for you when they are more hole than fabric, which usually happens around the 6 month to one year mark :lol:

Trish - Talking to a dr is always a safe bet. I hope you get the go-ahead for exercise soon.

Patty - Seems SB and WW combination is pretty popular, I think that's why WW made Core. I have thought a few times about going on Core but always chicken out with the food restrictions :p

Jen - Hope you have fun on your date!!

Well, I am feeling about three thousands times better today than I have recently. We are still far from unpacked but all of the essentials are in order and we will be able to get pretty much everything else straightened out this weekend. The sore throat that has been plaguing me since we moved is on the outs finally, and I have gotten all of my stressful projects out to the editors at work. I can finally breathe! I don't think I'll see a loss tomorrow at my meeting but if I can maintain over a move I will be thrilled!

As for weekend/birthday plans... Unpacking is high on the list. Otherwise if the weather is nice like I said we may try to find a nice hike/picnic spot. It looks like we may also have some friends over to play Risk on Monday, which should be fun (though the idea of hosting people intimidates me, we've never hosted anything before). Pretty low-key stuff.

:wave: Hope everyone has a great weekend!

08-29-2008, 02:39 PM
:wave:Good afternoon HFF,

Katie - :welcome2: to our group. Glad to have you here. I think I remember you. Were you with us on the Jaded Ladies group? I do understand how you feel. I finally settled on WW too. I came to the conclusion that losing steadily and keeping it off is the smart way to go. I have recently incorporated low Glycemic Load with my WW Flex Plan with the idea of learning how to do this in a more healthy way rather than just counting pts and eating whatever which wasn't working for me. I found myself hungry all the time and the weight didn't move. However, as I said I'm learning a more healthy approach and I'm no longer having cravings and I am begining to see the scales moving down. You have a good plan. Good luck on your journey.

Jaime - :bday2you::woo: Sounds like you have a busy week end unpacking and all. Hope you get to have your hike/picnic. You'll do fine with your little get together. Hope you still are able to have a great birthday in the midst of it all.

Jane - :hug: Sorry about your bad dramatic day yesterday. Hope today will be better even with all the busy stuff your doing. You know what I like about the GL part of eating? Balancing the some of the off things. Since nothing is forbidden although we do have to still be wise, there are times we may eat something high GL we can eat the low GL to balance so we don't gain. It is a great addition to WW. Times I think oh I've blown it, I find I haven't because I'm still within my pts. I've been tempted to switch to Core or IE with Core guidelines, but I love doing this with Flex because I am learning that I can stay within the pts allowed with very little times of going into my weekly allowed pts. Just remember, be good and nice to yourself. Stress times are difficult times any way. Good Luck on your WI, mine is Sunday and for once I'm looking forward to it.

No plans for Labor Day for us.

Everybody have a great week end and Labor Day.


Slimmin Patty
08-29-2008, 06:04 PM
Jane - I haven't given much thought as to what I'm going to do for exercise. Until this last week I was walking a lot and using my DVD's at home. Once my daughters started school I stopped doing both. The only thing I have been doing is journaling what I've been eating :o

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone:dancer:

08-30-2008, 02:22 AM
Thanks for the welcomes, ladies :) Yeah, Trish, I was a JL... I attend Saturday morning WW meetings but will miss this week -- we are leaving early early in the morning to drive to the coast, spend the night in Fort Bragg/Mendocino. One of my favorite places -- and should be about 30 degrees cooler than it will be here in the valley :yay: It's about a 4 hour drive, but we just love it there...

I did ok this week, I think...I went over my daily points yesterday and today, but had plenty of my weekly extra point allowance to spare. We'll be doing a lot of hiking this weekend, so that's good -- and I've been taking the stairs at work, and on my breaks walking up three flights, across the building, then down three flights and around a path outside (our building is really neat, with a redwood grove in the middle and a walking path through it). Work was pretty stressful this week, and I'm glad I stayed on program.

You may have already discussed this, but I'd love to hear...what are some foods that keep you from going off the deep end/totally going off program? For me it's:
Diet Dr. Pepper
Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges (1 pt)
Babybel Mini Light Cheeses (1 pt)
Trader Joe's 12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers (high fiber, 1 pt for 11)
Jello SF Pudding Snacks -- especially Dark Chocolate and Dulce de Leche
Reddi Whip Fat Free Dairy Topping
Trader Joe's Light Cheddar Cheese Slices
Hillshire Farms Thin Sliced Deli Ham
Stacy's Naked Pita Chips (LOL, they are really good, but I have to weigh them to make sure I keep portions reasonable)

What works for you?

08-30-2008, 12:46 PM
Good morning ladies- I am not doing WW at present, but talking with a friend about it. I wonder, if a person does WW at home, what supplies/and or books does one need to read to get the hang of the program? I know people say you can find items on e-bay...but what items am I looking for?
Hello to Jane, Katiecat, Trish, Pat and any others I might have met elsewhere. Sounds like you are all doing great and getting healthy. I am still pedaling away on my bike and have lost the weight I gained over last winter...just can't lose the glued solid ones. Lol. (and here it is close to winter again and I need to learn how NOT to pack it on this year.)

Thanks for any input about WW.

08-30-2008, 02:49 PM
Hello ladies,

Mary - I am so glad to see you back here! :hug: Some of the things that help me are:
a can of diced tomatoes added to soups, veggies, etc. (I like quantity, lol)
cooked sf ff chocolate pudding (which you shared with me, thank you)
sf ff banana pudding with sliced bananas, w/graham cracker crumbs on top
WW ice cream sandwiches (like Skinny Cows)
fresh fruit
more fresh fruit
sugar snap peas for crunch
veggies alone or dipped in salsa w/a little lite Ranch
whole fruit popsicles
15 grain bread
no sugar added fudgesicles

Yay for you, staying OP during stress. :cp:

Jaime - I hope you're having a wonderful birthday! What did you and your sweetie end up doing?

Trish - I think Jaime said it all when she said she's in this for the long haul, and basically tries to stay OP more days than not. I've kind of adopted that way of thinking, because there will be times I just can't be totally OP. GL at weigh in tomorrow. :crossed:

Patty - well, you could go back to what you were doing before. Or maybe try something new?

Sue - hey, I'm glad you decided to join the HFFs after all! The one thing you for sure need is a points counter. You can get this from eBay. You can get the info as to how many points you need by Googling WW Points Quiz, or so I've been told. I'm not allowed to post the info here, since it's copyrighted info. The other way to get what you need is to attend a meeting. I think the free registration is still going on, so you could get what you need for just the cost of 1 meeting.

Pat, Ruth, all other HHFs, hello!

Well, I'm down 1/2 more pound. I'll take it, after my mess up. :dizzy: I found the coolest new food at Walmart. Itty bitty grapes! They're called champagne table grapes, and they're about as big as an infant's pinky toe. I used them in lite chicken salad today, and they were so sweet and good!


09-01-2008, 02:08 PM
:wave:Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. I hope everyone is doing well this Labor Day. I think the only one in our group who might be getting some rain from the hurricane is Ruth in Shreveport. Ruth I hope you will check in with us when you can and let us know you and your family are okay. If there is anyone else, I can't remember. If so check in with us when you can. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Sue - :welcome3: to HFF. So glad you have joined us. Yes, I do WW at home. Like Jane said you can get your materials from a meeting. I got me a WW magazine which I now take and called the WW number on ad to get my WW at home materials from them. I also joined WW on-line which came with my order I think they have special things offered with it depending on what you order. I will say that I have learned more from reading from WW groups on 3FC than I did from WW on-line so that is just up to you. So there are options. WW is an excellent program that is doable with any healthy plan you choose or need to eat. The books are very helpful as you start WW and my greatest tool that I use the most is my slider so that I can use the info on labels to get exact pts for the products I use. How are you doing? And how is your Mom?

Katie - I think the foods that helps me stay OP the most are lower GL grains which I learned about thanks to Jane. I used to hate eating breakfast. I love oatmeal with fruit, yogurt, walnuts and cinnamon. It is amazing how it balances my blood sugar and stops actually keeps me from having cravings. Also salads as I love veggies. I am eating healthier than I have in years.

Everybody else :wave: Y'all have a good day.


09-01-2008, 07:40 PM
Hey all, been very poorly lately with a chest and sinus infection. But that could be something to do with the horrible Irish weather!!
Struggling to stay OP, I really need to be extra good between now and Thursday, I desperately want to get my stone (14 pounds) at this weigh in on Thursday!!
I also might be making supervisor at the end of the month!! :) So fingers crossed for me ladies!!

I bought an e book today called burn the fat feed the muscle and its pretty much common sense, but over 300 pages of explaining why you should eat protein with every meal, why you should eat 5 - 6 meals a day etc etc :)
I havent even finished th book and I dont know how he could have another 150 pages of things left to talk about ??
But it is a very interesting read.
Jus thought id drop in and say hi.

All my luv,

09-01-2008, 09:36 PM
Hi all,

Trish - like you, I'm hoping Ruthie is ok. I sent her a PM before I even thought of Gustav hitting her area, because she hasn't checked in for a while.

Jen - I hope you're feeling better. Yay for you having a chance at being supervisor. This is at the movie theater, right? Speaking of that, there are a several good movies coming out in a couple of weeks. The Family That Preys, Burn After Reading, and another one, with a bunch of women in it, but I forget the name. Hey, I gotta tell you, I feel so much better when I have protein at every meal. It's easier to get protein at lunch and dinner, but I have 1 T peanut butter every day on 2 cinnamon graham crackers for breakfast. That holds me over until lunch. Here's hoping you get your stone by Thursday. :crossed:

Did I mention that my nephew gave me a terrier that had been homeless? I named her Maggie, and she was all skin and bones, poor thing. Anyway, she was scheduled to get spayed on Thursday, and she went into heat on Friday. Ewww. Now she isn't getting spayed until Oct. 2. Thank goodness we have a big fence all around the yard to keep the boys out, lol.

I did pretty good with food today. Mainly, it's just been too hot to eat much, anyway. I did have some apple crisp at the cookout, but not a whole lot else. That counts as a fruit, right? ;)


09-02-2008, 12:34 PM
:wave:Hello Ladies

Busy day so fly by here just to say hello. Lost 2 lbs this last week. Appt with Chiropractic Dr today to learn results of x-rays and tests and find out about treatments and hopefuly start treatments today. Tony starts his treatments again today. He took off last week telling them he would start back with me. Found dentists I hope will take our dental insurance and need to get work started on my teeth. We are making a trip the 1st of November to IN and to TX and I want to get some work done before then. So will be busy, busy for a while.

Jen - :(Sorry you are feeling bad. :hug:Hope you be well soon.

Jane - Sounds like a fruit to me:?::D

Ruth - Hope you are staying dry. Looks like Shreveport is getting a lot of rain.

Everybody have a great day.


09-02-2008, 09:34 PM
Hey Trish congrats on the 2 lbs :)
Jane, fair play taking in the little terrier... poor thing!!
I didn realise you could have peanut butter on ww????
I love peanut butter. gonna have to go buy some in the morning!

My parents have been at me lately to get a real job.. the movie theatre was intended to just get me through college. But I have finished college, a degree in business management and didnt quite get the one in accountancy. But regardless, Im stil lm still in the same job.
So my plan is this.. stay were I am for the monent, pray that I get the supervisor position!
(at the minute another company are building a shopping centre aka mall across from where i live, and a new movie theatre will be going in there)
So providing i get the superviosr position, get as much experience in that position as possible, learn all i can, and when the new opens apply for junior management or trainee manager or somethin along those lines, how does that sound??
Sorry I got slightly side tracked.... thats my plan my parents want me to go an get a job in some company or other, but with the economy so bad at the minute, I think im best to stay where I am?? Talk about decisions!!!
Hope eveyone is keepin well

09-03-2008, 10:49 AM
Hello ladies...

Don't think I've posted since we got back. Mendocino was beautiful, as always -- that's our favorite "get away for the weekend" place. My 17 year old son had never been, so it was a lot of fun showing him our favorite places and things to do. We went to Glass Beach, to a huge used book sale, and hiking on the headlands. DH had a bad fall backwards on to a log :fr: huge ugly bruise on his lower back, thank goodness he didn't break anything, but he is in a lot of pain :( Other than that, though, the weekend was really good.

Having a heckuva time staying on program this week, though...I feel so hungry all the time. Trying to fill up on low or no-point munchies, like carrots, but it's still a struggle.

Jane, nice that you've rescued in a lil' doggie friend! Hope she turns out to be a great pet. And apple crisp is certainly better than a lot of other dessert choices you could have! I'm sure you could find a good WW friendly recipe for it, if you had a craving ;)

Jen, sorry you've been feeling sick -- DH and I went to Ireland for a week in September 2005, absolutely loved it! But yep, it did rain quite a bit...can't wait to go back again, though :D Good luck on getting to your "stone" goal. Yes, you can have peanut butter on WW -- you can have pretty much anything, as long as you weigh and measure to make sure the portions are correct, and you keep track of your total points. Peanut butter is good for you and a good source of protein, but it is very high in fat. 1 Tablespoon is 2 points -- but like Jane mentioned, she eats it on a couple of graham crackers and it is a satisfying breakfast. Like that book you are reading says, a little protein at every meal really seems to help. I don't know what links you can post on this board, but if you Google "WW points peanut butter", or whatever other food you want to know, you will find some good resources. I usually check a couple if I'm doubtful and if there is a difference, I go with the higher number just to be safe. Good luck on the possible promotion! Sorry to hear your economy over there is suffering, too -- I won't discuss politics :foot::sssh::ziplip::no::lol: but our economy is the worst I've ever seen it, jobs are harder to find, housing prices have tanked, and prices for everything keep going up and up...hopefully things will start getting better soon.

Trish, thanks for the suggestions. I am struggling so much this week with staying OP. I need to eat something for breakfast every morning (so I don't go crazy eating at work, also because I have meds that I'm supposed to take with food), but I have a hard time finding something that will really tide me over until lunch. Yogurt and fruit is a good idea; I started getting non fat Greek style yogurt at Trader Joe's for recipes, and it's really good. I could add my own fruit, and I bet it would be yum :T

Sue -- glad to see the biking lady here! :hug: WW is the best thing I've found, and I keep coming back to it because it makes sense and it works...but I have to echo Jane and Jaime: I've got a long road ahead of me, and I need to stay focused and just try to stay OP more days than not. If I mess up, then I have to not beat myself up, but get right back up and keep going.

Don't know if any of you have tried those "Green Bags" for produce -- supposed to help absorb the ethylene gas that cause fruit and veggies to ripen...and eventually rot! We throw out WAY too much produce because we just can't eat it fast enough. Anyway, we found some at the store and decided to try them. Only thing we've tried so far is bananas, but it seems to be working really well. I hate bananas once they get past the just barely yellow stage :cb: but they've been on the counter for like 3 days now, and are exactly like we bought them -- just barely yellow with a tiny bit of green by the stem. I hope it will help us keep our fruits and veggies fresh longer, can't be wasting money, everything costs so much more now...

OK, ladies...time to get ready for work...

09-03-2008, 11:26 AM
Hello my HFFs, :wave:

Trish - a big WOOHOO on the 2 pounds lost! :carrot: Quite an accomplishment, my friend. Did you get a good report from the chiro? I'm so glad you included IN on your trip list, so we can meet. Neal is looking forward to it, too, since he hears so much about my HFFs.

Jen - like Mary Kate said, you can have anything on WW. We just gotta be careful with portion control. I lost 85 pounds in 2004 eating pb every morning. I even took it to Walt Disney World with me, lol. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that I cannot have the chunky kind in the house. Made ME more chunky, lol. Yes, I think you have a good plan with the theater job as long as you get a management position (where the money is). If that doesn't seem to be the case, then, since you asked, I'd say you should follow your parents guide and look elsewhere. Here in the States, theater employees are paid diddly-squat unless they are management, and I'm assuming it's like that in Ireland, too. Because they love you, your parents are probably wanting you to get a good return for your education.

Mary Kate - yikes, I'm sorry DH all bruised from the fall. He's lucky he didn't injure anything. Someone else (maybe a sister?) has just mentioned those green bags. I'm going to get some, because I just hate to waste fruits and veggies, too. Just hang in there with being OP. Are you getting enough water? How about protein? Just a thought.

I'm doing fine OP, but it's an on-going struggle. What's really sad is that I'm just now back to where I was this time LAST year! This yo-yoing has got to stop, because I know it's so unhealthy for my body. Now that I've adopted a "do better more days than not" attitude, I feel more calm about it all. Does that make sense?

See you later,

short & sassy
09-03-2008, 10:11 PM
Just a quick hello....I've been MIA and not very motivated....so starting to day I'm countig my points again. I hope everyone is having a good week and I'll check in again soon.

09-03-2008, 10:44 PM
Hello all. Thought I'd join you all as I decided on my 45th birthday to get fit and healthy. So, that morning I took myself to my first WW meeting since 2002. I have a long way to go, but I've already seen changes. My resting heart rate has gone from 80 in 2002 to 54 now in 2008. The decrease in RHR is also because I requit smoking again on May 22.

I look forward to getting to you know all.

short & sassy
09-04-2008, 08:47 AM
Welcome Debbie, this is a great group of ladies...I tend to go MIA when things aren't going well, but the girls here are always checking in on me to make sure I'm alright. Congrats on your weigh loss and keep up the good work.

09-04-2008, 10:11 AM
Hello HFF,

Ruthie - I was relieved to get your PM yesterday, and am super happy to see your post today. I think it's natural to not post much when we're struggling to stay OP, but that just when this site can be even more motivating. Did you get any damage from Gustav? We're getting some much needed rain from it now.

Debbie - :welcome: to you! A big Whoo Hoo for already seeing positive changes in your health. We're all in it for the long haul, so you will fit right in with us. I'm looking forward to knowing more about you.

Nothing new here. How's your day going?

09-04-2008, 01:54 PM
:wave:Hello HFF Ladies,

Ruth - Yeah:cheer: So glad to see you posting again. Just hang in there and things will begin to happen for you. Just remember, we are here for you.

Debbie - :welcome3: We are glad you have joined us and we look forward to getting to know you. Good for you (and smart too) to decide to get fit and healthy. Jane is right. We are in it for the long haul. It is changing old habits/lifestyles for a healthier one that must last forever not just until we hit goal.

Katie - So sorry to hear about your DH fall. Tony just experienced a fall and had to go for treatments from chiropractor which turned out food for me which you will see why later in this post. He is find now and I hope you DH will feel better soon. Thanks for sharing about the green bags. I've wondered if they really work. I think they are reuseable as well, is that true? Probably not often though. I've wondered how it works. I grew up eating ripe bananas, but then I learned they are better for you when they have a little bit of green. I hate not being able to buy very many at a time when green and letting them turn because the ripen so fast. I've heard some people (doc/nutritionists) say don't eat them, but they are very good for keeping blood pressure in the healthy numbers as well as havong potassium.

Jen - Ditto on Jane's advice about your job and your parents wishes for you. They see the whole picture and have your best interest at heart.

Jane - :wave:We too are looking forward to our trip to IN. As always, we are planning a lot once we leave IN and head to TX. I just found out my daughter has moved to AR just south of Little Rock so we are planning to go by to see here for about an hour or so before we boogie on to get as close to Dallas as we can before spending the night in motel. We plan to go see my 82 year old aunt (only blood aunt still living) before we go on to see spend the rest of our time with my family in Waco. My son and his wife and my sister and her family who all live in Houston are driving up to visit with us in Waco. I think my other sister is planning a big family gathering for us while we're there. Daddy turned 85 this year and we never know if he'll be there when I get to go back again.

Well, I had my informative appointment with my chiropractic doctor yesterday. I am hypoglycemic. I found out that the very short time I was a diabetic that it was self induced by the foods I was eating since no one in my family has ever had it. My MD at that time was the family doctor for my parents, sisters etch never could understand why I had it. He always said that it didn't make sense and he was amazed how quick I got over it. I also figured out from the materials on hypoglycemia that I got yesterday why I had so many fainting spells when I was a teenager. I spent my whole senior year in high school and finally dropped out of college the first year because I just didn't have enough energy to go on. Our doctor back then ran test after test and could not find anything wrong. They didn't know much if any thing about hypoglycemia back then and some doctors even today still don't believe it is real. Then he said "You have an under active thyroid which is why you have a difficult time losing weight." However, he said that I still have more good things going for me than I have bad. So I came home with medication suppliments and a treatment plan to correct these situations as well as some others to help me start losing weight and get my energy back. I will have 12 treatments and then he will check to see how they are working or if we need to change something. He told me to stop dieting and gave me a quick how to eat healthy lesson. He just means to stop looking for another diet. I am going to attend a diet and supplement class Monday evening after my treatment to learn more. I already have the diet plan and the really neat thing is that it is pretty much the way I've read in the low GL diet books and the way the whole foods group on 3FC eat any way. I do have some disks in my lower back (reason for pain) that look like someone pried them apart and he told me to stop eating red meat. I don't eat much red meat much any way. He told me to go for more chicken and fish. And as all of WW know eat more fruits and veggies and grains instead of refined carbs. He told me to drink more water. He said drink a glass of water before each meal. So since I usually drink green tea and 2 c coffee as some of my fluids, I will have to stop that. He said physically on a scale of 1-5 that I am a 4. However, on the stress emotionally, I am a 23 which is too high and means I am not happy. I told him that is because I hate this weight and haven't been able to figure out why I could be so good at following a diet and not lose or gain when I shouldn't be. So he said I have to change the movie I play in my head. Guess we all know that. We have to get rid of "fat" thiking. So overall, for a 65 year young woman:dizzy::p, I think I got pretty good news because, now I know what is wrong and why and I also know what I need to do and I have doctors that not only know what to do, but they want to help. What joy to know that the problems are fixable and/or treatable so I can live a better life.

Sorry this is so long, but I did promise to let you know what I found out. Still don't know about exercise so I will just try to be more active. I've had 2 treatments so far and had to come home and take a nap because I was so relaxed.

All those I didn't mention by name:wave: Y'all have a great day.


short & sassy
09-04-2008, 07:57 PM
Hey ladies, I'm sitting in class waiting for it to start and thought I'd say hello again. I've been opt for 2 days now...well, today isn't over, but I probably won't get out of class until almost 9 pm so, I think it's safe to say I'll stay opt. I walked at both of my breaks today...that should have been about 2 miles.

Well class is beginning so I've got to run...talk to you later....

Oh, Trish...what route are you taking to Dallas?? I live right off I-20 in Shreveport...would love to meet you if you are heading this way.

09-05-2008, 10:07 AM
Good morning,

Trish - wow, sounds like this dr is going to be a huge help to you. With what's going on in your body, no wonder your weight loss is slow even when you've stayed OP. I'm so glad you've found out this stuff, and you'll feel better soon. I wonder why he said no red meat at all? I know it's best to eat chicken, turkey and fish most of the time, but I gotta have a hamburger once in awhile, lol. Is it because of the cholesterol?

Ruthie - wouldn't it be cool if you could come to Evansville and meet us? I'd love for you to do that, if it's at all possible. That goes for any of you HFFs! I'm glad to hear you're back OP and getting the walking in. I totally understand about not doing so well, too, though. That's me a big part of the time.

Hello to all the other HFFs. :wave:

The new dog, Maggie, is wanting to bite the other dogs, and the grandkids, when I show interest in them, instead of her! I called my nephew, and said maybe she should go where there are no other dogs and kids, and so he's picking her up today. I feel so sorry for her, but I can't take a chance she'll hurt my DGKs!

I have been having trouble staying OP and honestly think I am addicted to sugar. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for me with this. I'm not one of those people who can take tiny bit and be satisfied with that. :(

Who wants to come and help me clean today, lol? Nobody? Well, shoot. Guess I'll just have to crank up a Rolling Stones CD and git r done myself, lol!

Toodles for now!

09-05-2008, 10:30 AM
Good morning ladies!

Trish...wow, lot of info from that chiropractor! Sounds like most of the advice he's giving you is very common sense -- whole foods nutrition, drinking water :yes: I was wondering too, why he told you to totally avoid red meat and green tea? But it's not like he's telling you to eat something UNhealthy :D Did recommend any particular kind of exercise? And yep, the green bags seem pretty durable, and it says you can definitely reuse them. I hope they work well for the other produce besides bananas, because it's getting so expensive, I just hate throwing stuff away -- but we can't seem to eat it fast enough!

Jane, nope, can't have a dog biting the GK's, or anybody else :nono: I think you are right, she'd probably do better in a household where she can be the center of attention with no other pets or kids. Oh, and when you are done cleaning your house...c'mon over! And bring your Stones CD :hug:

TGIF...I can't wait for the weekend...

09-05-2008, 12:45 PM
:wave:Good Morning Ladies,

Ruth - We will be taking I-30 thru Little Rock and Texarkana. Now that my DD lives south of Little Rock we have to go by and see her. She has my little baby great granddaughter whom I've never seen and I am going to see her. I'm not sure what route we are taking as come back though. I will check with DH and see. It would be fun if we could stop somewhere maybe for an afternoon lunch and meet you. I'll have to see what DH says.

Jane & Katie - The reason he wants me to stay away from red meat is because of placque that is in my discs. It is probably just one of those things you do without during healing and cleansing the body. I am on a tea that cleanses the cells. So I'm not sure it is permanent. I will find out more about that when I take the diet/supplement class. I am a firm believer that we need some red meat. I heard a doctor on tv years ago say that you need some because of enzymes you get from red meat that you can't get any where else. My DH who died ate a lot of red meat. Since I married Tony, we don't eat it as often. We half a home cooked steak once a week. I really don't believe that is enough to hurt me. He didn't tell me not to drink the green tea. I'm still drinking it. What I meant was that I can no longer count the tea as half my water consumption. I still have to drink # of glasses of water plus the green tea. I forgot to ask about exercise so will have to remember to ask today when I go in for my treatment.

I was reading materials last night that came with the amino acids I am taking. As we get older our bodies do not absorb vitamins and nutrition from our foods as we get older because we don't make amino acids. The sad thing is that because of the way my Mama ate when she was young, I don't think my body ever did. I see so many problems I've had all my life and now I believe it had a lot to do with that. She and Daddy were probably hypoglycemic. The only time in my life I was really healthy was when I lived with my aunt who was a health nut. I am very excited about learning more about the way I am to eat. I don't want to do SBD, have thought about using SBD 6 smaller meals type guide so I can learn to eat 6 small meals instead of 3. I suddenly understand why I cannot eat big meals any more, but need some structured plan.

Jane - Sorry about the little dog, but no you can't take the chance of her hurting someone. I hope you can find a good home for her. She needs someone who needs a pet to love since she definitely needs someone to love her.

Hope everyone has a nice day.


short & sassy
09-05-2008, 10:43 PM
Just let me know if you are coming back I20...

09-05-2008, 11:21 PM
Good evening all!

I got a note from my leader yesterday that next week's meeting isn't going to be held, so I have go to a different meeting, with a different leader. :( I really like my leader, as I knew her socially before I started WW.

My MP3 player took a nose dive, so while I was at Wally World today I went over by the MP3 players. I was looking at the iPod shuffles, but they wanted $47 for a 1G one, while the 2G Creative ZenStones were going for $38. Guess which one I bought. LOL

It's going to take me a while to get to know you all better. Till then, know I'm sending you some good vibes to stay on plan!

09-05-2008, 11:50 PM
hi all jus a very quick note as its almost 4 am here... do not ask why im up so late, lets just say my parents have headed off for a few days!!
Well I managed to get my stone on thursday!! I am so happy, im looking forward to gettin under the 200 mark, shouldnt be much longer!!!
I got a lovely little blue stone from my leader in return, so now need somewhere to put it!!
But today was dreadful diet wise, I was eating things i knew i shouldn an i didn care!! Had a very bad day, But promised myself i have to try harder tomorro,
Ok ladies ill catch up with you all soon as i can, but for now I need to get some sleep
Luv Jen

09-07-2008, 01:20 PM
:wave:Hello HFF Ladies,

I better do this today as the up coming week is very busy with 3 days of chiro treatments, perm one morning and Wednesday is a new women's Bible study morning class starting at church and I've decided to attend, my treatment that afternoon and back to regular Wednesday night Bible study DH and I attend together. I got permission from doctor to use my stationary bike, but he doesn't want me doing any other exercises at this time. He says my body is responding well to the few treatments I've had by everything staying in place and I need to be careful not to get anything out of place. Someone here said that SBD is a lower GL diet and it is the way of eating that the doctor gave me, so I started SBD Phase 1 today. Another thing thatis causing the problems with my spine is my belly causes me to be sway back. I guess because I work very hard at trying to stand straight. Since SBD helps get rid of the belly fat, works without much exercise and is hypoglyemia friendly, it seems like the way to go. Today was WI and no loss. I've decided that with the money I'm spending on treatment adjustments and vitamin/suppliments that I need to be doing something that will work with them to get the weight off and get me healthy too. I'm not using the diet margarines, but using either low fat and healthy fats. Back to kind of a WW/SBD combo. I guess that is the way I should have been doing it all along.

Jen - :cheer2: Yeah for losing your stone. :hug:I know how it feels to lose it especial reaching a mini-goal. It won't do any real damage if you get right back on plan. I don't know about you, but I think I have a tendency to reward myself with food when I hit a goal. If we do that, we need to change and make our rewards something else. Just a thought.

Debbie - :( So sorry you are going to have a new WW leader your not familiar with. I sure hope it will surprise you and turn out to be a good thing for you. I know I don't like those kinds of changes either, but maybe you are going to get some fresh new ideas that you need.

Ruth - Since my DD surprised us with her move to AR :o which I never thought she would do, DH and I decided that we should change our return plans. So at this time, we plan to go through AR so I can see my DD and my new 4 mo. old DGGD on our way to and from TX. I also have a precious 6 yr old great granddaugter in Waco that I've only seen twice. We haven't told her I'm coming to see her yet because she doesn't understand time and she gets so wildly excited that we are going to see each other, but misunderstands thinking like "Nana is coming to see me today today". She just doesn't understand how far away I live. That is the bad thing about living so far from TX. They can't afford to come see me and I only get to go back home about every 2 years or so if I'm lucky. And boy they do grow up fast. I hate that I'm missing so much about them. So we plan on taking a northerly route through AR. I'm so sorry it didn't work out for us to meet this time.:(

Everybody else - :wave:

Catch y'all again when I can. Y'all have a good OP day.


09-07-2008, 01:53 PM
Hello all,

Mary Kate - I'll be right there with my cleaning supplies and Mick, lol.

Trish - I'm getting my hair done this week, too. Subtle highlights, and a touch up and a trim. Not a moment too soon, either, for the touch up, lol. Good luck with SBD Ph 1. I wanted to try it, while keeping within WW points, but it was just too hard for me. If you remember, I barely made it through the first day.

Debbie - yay for the new Mp3 player. I love new toys, don't you? I hope you like your leader this week. It's just for this one time, right?

Jen - whoo hoo for you, making your stone!! That's great!

Hi to all other HFF. :wave:

Well, I got weighed yesterday, and I'm back up again. :( It's my own fault, though. I'm going to focus on what I do right for myself, instead what I do wrong. This week will be a real challenge, with my birthday and anniversary both!

Any of you ever try Paul Newman's Lite Honey Mustard dressing? I use it on tortillas w/turkey and veggies, also in lite chicken salad, and anything else that needs a flavor boost. Just wanted to share that.

Have a good day!

09-07-2008, 08:38 PM
Well Ladies,
I have finally gotten a chance to catch up with everyone and its been that long, I had to go back to the beginning of the thread and read the whole thing through, thankfully there are only 3 pages at th minute. My apologies for not being arounf lately ladies, Ive just been very busy, but I know that deep deep deep depp down you love me really.
Ok so this may take some time

Katiecat and Sue and Debbie and Ruth, HI!! I do realiser that you have been around here alot longer than I have, but I look forward to getting to know all of you! The others will tell you. I do my best to actually post things that arent all about me!(I do try :) )
Jaime Happy VERY belated birthday, hope you did something special :) (i told you its been a while) Hope your all sorted in your new place, hope to see you back here soon
Jane Sorry to hear that the weight is back up, but its a long road, jus concentrate on gettin back to were you were last week, I know its not easy, but baby step :).
Trish Glad to see that this doctor is really starting to work for you! Hopefully things will work better this time. Have a good time on your trip, its allways nice to get away, especially if it is to see family!!
Anybody hear from Angie since she came back from New York, or is she back yet?? Id love to go to New York :) Im so jealous
Hi to anyone else i missed!!
Im almost sure to get th supervisor position!! So Im so excited!! Im working at every possible hour, and if someone is sick etc. I need to be obliging, well at least appear to be until we find out who gets the position!
Other than that Im not doing TOO bad as to stayin OP, I could do alot better, and I need to do more exercise. So Im making this week the week to make an improvement! I just seem to have lost my motivation, even getting the stone didn't encourage me!
Out of interest for anyone who goes to the meetings etc, here we use stone an pounds, and every stone is 14 pounds. So every time we get half a stone ie 7 pounds we get a silver 7 sticker, an every time we get a stone we get a little kinda crystal (its not crystal but similar lookin material) stone to represent what we lost? Does anyone else get those little rewards from weight watchers??
Ok this has ended up ridiculously long,
Talk to you all later
Luv, Jen x

09-07-2008, 09:19 PM
Yes, it's just this one time. I had her a few ago when she sub'd for my leader, and she's pretty good. Like I said, I just like my leader because I know her socially for the past 2 years. In fact, I think I'm one of the few who know her last name, kids, phone number, and email address. LOL

I got really lucky yesterday when I went to Walmart. I've had my eye on this bike for the past two months. It's a 7 speed, and looks like something we rode way back when, but I love it. It's bright red and shiny. Anyway, on the web the bike was $159, but since I wanted to see it in person, I headed over the store. I get there and it's on sale for $124, but the rear bike rake was bent like someone had sat on it. So I take it up to the customer service desk and ask for the manager to be called. He arranged to see if a new rack can be found in the store and put on. When after an hour it couldn't be, the manager agreed to drop the price by an additional $20. So, I left the store without the rear bike rack, but I only paid $104 for it! Now I just need a flowered basket for the front and I'll look like I belong back in the 60s. LMAO

So, yesterday I get the lights put on the bike, and head out for a 3 mile ride. Today I only road for 20 minutes (haven't mapped it), I can already tell I'm going to have to take my day of rest tomorrow, my butt and legs hurts like the devil! LOL

I'll see you all tomorrow, I'm off to watch a movie.

09-08-2008, 10:00 AM
Good morning, :wave:

Jen - I sure hope you get the supervisor position. :yes: You would be good at the job. Btw, you can set your options to have 40 posts on each page, if you wanted. Just go to your User CP, in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and then change your setting in Options. Yes, our Angie is back from New York, and hopefully she'll pop in here soon.

Debbie - wow, you sure got a bargain with the bike! My bike is in the shed, probably getting all rusty. I used to ride it when we lived in town, and loved the way it made me feel like a kid again. Have fun!

Hello to all other HFF, and to anyone reading this.

Nothing new here, just another beautiful September day to enjoy. :)


09-08-2008, 02:33 PM
:wave:Hello Everyone,

Debbie - Glad your leader will be substitute and you'll be able to keep the one your know. What a great deal on your bike. I haven't been on a regular bike in years. I loved riding though and I would want what they call a beach bike. Don't care for the gears, etc. We thought about getting me one so DH and I could ride together, but he is afraid I would fall and break something.:( So he won't get me one. I'm stuck riding the stationary one.

Jen - I hope you get the new position. Is it supposed to become available real soon? I do WW/SBD at home, but yes the WW groups do get rewards. Someone else will have to tell you how they work, but my sister enjoys getting hers.

Jane - Enjoy your beautiful September day. It is a pretty day here, but no breeze.

Well, I guess I'm going to let off some steam. I am really ticked off today. I got a call from the company that I thought was my Medicare Part D which would put me strictly on Medicare and I found out that it is still all screwed up. I still don't know who is covering my doctor bills so I had to call the Chiropractic center and cancel my treatments maybe until January which will mean I will have to start all over then. This is really a mess. When you call Medicare, you get a different answer each time. However, they are the ones who not only made the switch to the new company which they say I am entitled to do and they told me to just present my Medicare card to the doctor's office. I don't think anyone knows what is going on. The companies sure don't seem to know what is going on. I was so upset that I had to apologize to the lady who called me, because I know she is only doing her job. But she told me one thing when she called and then told me something else when I told her why I had called on Saturday. Even the girl I talked to Saturday that I was active with them. This lady said I was at first, and then said something else. So who knows what is going on?:?: So for now everything is on hold until I can find out more. I think I just have to wait until Medicare gets it in their computer which we know how slow that can be.

As DH said, at least I know what my physical problems are and I also know what and how I have to do things to make them better and I can be working on everything on my end until and can go back to the chiropractic center. One good thing is I borrowed a neck pillow from the doctor's office to try out for over the week end to see if it would help. It works wonderfully. I have had little to almost know neck pain all week end and my back even feels better. So I will definitely purchase it. Who knows maybe that will help things a long way. In the meantime, the insurance girl at the doc's office is going to see what she can find out for me. I guess it will work out one way or the other. So:?::dizzy: we will see. Thanks for letting me vent.

Angie, Jaime, Marti, Sue, Ruth and anyone else I missed -:wave: Check in when you can. We miss you.

Have a great day!


09-08-2008, 02:44 PM
Jane - :hug: Oh I'm so :( sorry about your gain. I sure know how you feel I was up 2 lbs this WI too. Hopefully with the changes I'm making and my new suppliments I will be able to lose them and keep going downward. My thoughts are with you.


da fat n da furious
09-09-2008, 01:22 AM
hellllloo all its been a couple of weeks for sure!

Its been the best of times and the worst of times! Nah is all been good. I went to New York,,,Had a blast! NEED to go back to just see the rest.
Im making this a short Hello and off to bed.
I plan to come back and do some reading,,,
hope all you are doing great!


09-09-2008, 06:50 AM
Good morning you all.

Yesterday started with me going to my temporary meeting, with a tickle in the back of my throat. As the day progressed, that tickle went to a sore throat and now I'm all stuffed up. I'm just hoping it doesn't go into my chest like it usually does. I'm awake, in the wee hours of the morning because I couldn't sleep except for in fits. An hour here, 20 minutes there. Right now I'm drinking a cup of hot tea with honey in it, points be da--ed. I'm hoping to fall sleep for at least a little while in a bit.

Jen, here's hoping you get that position!
Jane, here's hoping you get your focus back!
Patty, here's hoping you don't have to wait until January!
Angie, nice meeting you!

09-09-2008, 09:39 AM
:wave:Good Morning Ladies,

A quick one here as I'm on the run this morning to the beauty shop for a cut and perm. Then by the grocery. Talked to Medicare last night and they say "yes use just your Medicare card your covered". Yet it still isn't in the computer and it has gone from it takes 10 days, 30 days to now she said 60 days to "cross over". I kept asking what that means and got no answer to my satisfaction. So I've decided to wait until I see it on the the MyMedicare site before I do anything just to be on the safe side. I did use my confirmation number with one lady I spoke to and she couldn't find any thing and then she put me on hold to reprocess it and we got disconnected. So as far as I'm concerned problem still isn't solved so I'll just have to wait until October 16th to see if it gets on computer as it supposed should. When you deal with the government...:dizzy:

Angie - Glad your back and had a good trip.

Debbie - Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Catch you later.


09-09-2008, 10:34 AM
Hi ladies, just a quick good morning...

Getting ready for our trip to WDW in about a week and a half :D I'm going to pretty much eat whatever I want on vacation -- I always drink diet soda or unsweetened ice tea, will keep drinking my water, and I know we will be walking around 10 miles a day -- one time at Disneyland I wore a pedometer and we walked 17 miles in one day:running: But I'll just try to make good, healthy choices, salads with my meals :carrot: :broc: etc, and not sweat the point counting until I get back. Last week was a bit rough OP, but more back on track and in control this week.

Deb, your bike sounds really cool :) I love my WW leader, and hate it when someone subs for him. Sam is very real, very down to earth, and he is so funny...everyone loves him.

Trish, hope everything works out with Medicare...I just hate insurance headaches...

Jen, congrats on your making your stone! :goodscale Our WW leader gives us star stickers every 5 lbs we lose, and other things when we make 10%, and other specific goals. Good luck on the promotion :goodluck:

Angie!!! :hug: Good to see you girl! Glad you had a great trip to NY :D

Jane, I knew your bday was coming up...which day??? :goodvibes

OK...off to work!

09-09-2008, 06:37 PM
Hello Ladies,

Well, my hair is very curly. I just hope it lasts until after my trip in November.

I am on day 3 of the Phase 1 SBD/WW combo. The 1st 2 were a breeze, but today has been a struggle at times. I'm hoping it is just because my day started earlier and got my schedule a little off. I have another early day tomorrow too. I have never made it the whole 14 days before, but I am absolutely determined to make all of them this time and then ease into a healthier eating lifestyle when I'm to go into Phase 2.

Katie - When is your trip? I always do better eating when on trips. I think it is because food isn't readily available. I am already planning healthy things like nuts, dried fruit, etc that I can take with me for eating in the car. We usually breakfast on the run and then only eat one main meal out. The strange thing is I usually end up losing weight. Of course, this time I'm going back home to TX and they all like to celebrate with food. And they always try fixing my favorites.

Hope everyone is doing well.


09-09-2008, 07:50 PM

Trish - wow, what a mess with the Medicare people. My sister is facing some of the same trouble. :dizzy: Glad you like the neck pillow. I'm pulling for you during your P1 of SBD!

Angie - good to see you here again after your vacation. You've always got the most fun things going on in your life! I live vicariously through you, lol.

Debbie - aww, I hope you're feeling better by now. :hug:

Mary Kate - wah! I wanna go with you to WDW!! When we went in May, we didn't make it to Disney Hollywood Studios, and I want to go back so badly! I tried to convince Neal that we should just wisk off to there for our anniversary Friday. He didn't go for that idea, lol. My birthday is the same as Angie's - Thursday, 9/11. Kind of a sad day to celebrate, but I count my blessings extra hard that day.

Hello to Ruth, Jaime, Pat, and all other HFFs. :wave:

I had the best day! Mary and I took Lily to the vet, (dropping her off was sad, though) then we picked up Jackson, and ran some errands. I got lots of hugs, kisses and big smiles from my buddy before I had to take him back to his daddy. He's such a charmer! I can just hear him with his best Joey from Friends imitation, "How you doin'? " in about 15 years, lol.

Tomorrow I get my hair touched up, and some highlights, too. My stylist has moved to Terre Haute, so I'm trying out a new one. I think I'll like her, since I've seen her work on others while at the salon. Wish me luck, lol.

My eating has been healthier today. :)

09-10-2008, 02:24 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just though I would check in. Day 4 on my SBD/WW and I am really feeling tired. I think it is because I've been getting up early for 2 days in a room. Need more sleep... 5 to 7 hours sleep just doesn't cut it any more. Still determined to make the 14 days of Phase 1.

Jane - Thanks for the encouragment. I did make day 3 fine and OP. I am really looking forward to getting grains back into my diet. I went to the Introduction/Orientation of the Bible Study Fellowship class held at our church this morning. I had never heard of this, but a little over 200 women from different denomintations from surrounding cities get together on Wednesday mornings to study the Bible. I am going to really enjoy the lessons and meeting new people. It will be really nice since I haven't met many people since moving here. The whole this is only 2 hours long and I am so glad it was just an orientation today as I got that fuzzy/cloudy feeling/thinking about the last 15 minutes which I understand can happen on Phase 1 of SBD. It is good to know this will pass, however, I think I'll be okay when I can have my oatmeal for breakfast again. Oh Jane, :) Jackson sounds so sweet and one of those little ones with quite a "special" personality. I know he is a real joy to you.

Tony's DD in FL called last night. She thinks she might be able to get off for Christmas this year and wanted to let us know. She noticed that the woman who has always been off at Christmas is taking Thanksgiving. April has always had to take Thanksgiving. So they are hoping to be here for a week or mabye even a week and a half for Christmas. I sure hope it works out it would be so nice to have all of them here. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without the little ones.

I think I'll go take a short nap before I have to fix dinner. Wednesday night Bible Study with DH tonight. Hope everyone has a great day.


09-10-2008, 10:31 PM


:gift: :bday2: :woo:


09-10-2008, 10:40 PM
Trish - thank you for the card - it is so funny, lol. :D Also for the bd wishes here. You're a sweetie to think of me. Good job on SB so far! I admire your determination. Wow, I hope Tony's DD will get to come home for Christmas. So far, I've had kids with me every year, and can't imagine them not being here. Katie has to work this C'mas Eve, when our big celebration is, but we'll just wait until she can be here. Seems funny talking about C'mas already, but really, it will be here before we know it!

Hello to everyone else! :wave:

09-10-2008, 10:53 PM
Dang, I had a post all written up and some how didn't "post" it. I'll try to remember what I wrote.

Jane, Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good day.

Trish, I was suppose to start BSF tomorrow, but I'm too sick. So I plan on attending next week. I know I'm looking forward to learning more about the life of Moses. I've been in the past, but had to take the last couple of years off. You will love how much you learn each week just by studying the very small section of the bible for that week and then listening to the fellow women during discussion. Enjoy!

Still sick and because of that, my breathing is really labored, so I'm still not exercising. I have asthma, and usually it's under control, so I rarely have to use my inhaler, which is a good thing because I hate how it makes me feel afterward. So the plan for this week is to just watch my points (as much as possible) and start exercising when my breathing is better.

I hope you all have a great day!

09-11-2008, 01:17 AM
Happy Birthday, Jane and Angie!!!



09-11-2008, 11:02 AM
Good morning all.. I am new to posting and fairly uncertain if I am doing this right. I am a weight watcher for a lot of my life. I have been at it for over a year and lost 30 lbs.. give or take a few.. I have at least 30 to 40 to loose yet ( haven't set my goal)
I have rheumatoid arthritis so that is my driving force. I also have taught aerobics/strength training for 20 years.. so I am fairly active.
I have recently decided to get with it and crank it up!
I will try to get used to this platform here and get with it.. :carrot:

So here I am!


09-11-2008, 04:09 PM

Parteee for Jane and Angie!

Wishing you both the best time ever!


09-11-2008, 04:39 PM
:celebrate: :bday2you: :celebrate:


:balloons: :gift::bday2: :gift: :balloons:


09-11-2008, 05:06 PM
:wave:Good afternoon Ladies,

Stabledgurly!!! - :welcome2: to HFF. You are doing fine with your posting. :congrat: for losing 30 lbs. Sounds like you have done a great job. Sorry about the arthritis. I don't know musch about rheumatoid arthritis but I think it is good for us to keep moving and do what we can. Most people I know who have arthritis and keep moving seem to do better than those who don't. At least it seems to work that way for me. Glad you are here.

Debbie - :hug: I hope you get to feeling better soon. Sorry you didn't get to start BSF today. Will you be able to get this weeks lesson next week? I got a call from the lady who will lead my discussion group. She said our class will be a new class. I had never heard of BSF and I didn't know what to expect. I always though studying the Life of Moses would be boring, but I realized just from day one that this is going to really be a tremendous study. I talked to my babysister in Houston today and I think she is going to look for a group in her area.

Jane - In case I forget, Hope You and Neal have a very "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" tomorrow.

Sue - How are you and your family doing? What is new with you?

Pat, Ruth, Jaime and everyone else I missed - :wave: Have a great day!!!

Day 5 of SBD/WW Phase 1 and I am really feeling the urge to stop and move on to Phase 2, but I am trying to stick with it. Don't know if I'll make it a week much less 2, but am still determined, really struggling to stay OP.


09-11-2008, 05:24 PM
Trish- Great job with SBD. I only made it 11 days the first time I tried it. If I remember right you can't have fruit? That is a big staple in my life. I have my fingers crossed that you do well. Thanks for asking about me and the fam. We are doing well, even mom, who had been very ill last year. Things are looking up.

My friend who wanted to do WW online with me bailed out...so I don't know if I will try or not. So far I am just riding the bike and counting calories.

Hope you all have a nice Fri. and a wonderful week-end.

09-11-2008, 08:10 PM
Sue - It is so good to hear from you as I think of you and your Mom a lot. I am so glad she is doing well. She went through so much. Thanks for the encouragement. I think the longest I ever made it on Phase 1 SBD was 9 or 10 days. I do hope I can make it this time. I do miss my fruit and my oatmeal. I also like yogurt or cottage cheese with blueberries. I think the morning oatmeal keeps me from being hungry all day plus gives me some bulk. I have heard that doing the SBD Phase 1 cleans up the system and also starts healthy things happening in our system as well. So I think it would be good for me if I can complete it. I will make it as long as I can working hard to make it the 14 days.


09-11-2008, 09:18 PM
ok the usual for me, happy belated birthdays ladies!! hope you enjoyed!!
Another flying visit, I should know about th position by the end of the month,
And I got my dress, luckily i found out this dinner dance is nothing more than a glorified disco lol saves ALOT of embarrassment, so this is my dress, bare in mind iv no tan make up etc on an the hair isn done lol,
Ill post pics from tht wknd, jus to show ye lol, but what do you all think??
Believe it or not, my mam picked out the dress??

09-11-2008, 10:31 PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a great day today, being totally spoiled and pampered by the family, lol.

Angie my db twin - I hope you had a great birthday, too!!!! :carrot:

I am totally worn out, but will be back tomorrow with individuals.


09-12-2008, 12:08 AM
Hi Ladies,

A quick one tonight to fess up. I fell off the wagon. I didn't make it on the Phase 1 SBD/WW through today so I will move on to Phase 2 SBD/WW tomorrow. Guess it just isn't my way of eating.

Catch y'all tomorrow.


Slimmin Patty
09-12-2008, 04:36 PM

I did South Beach and had good results with it. The first 2 weeks are awful... I missed my fruit. South Beach Supercharged helped me a lot...

I also decided to do a combination of SB/WW. I started WW because we started WW at work and I thought it would be good for me to have face to face contact.

Have a great weekend :)

09-12-2008, 05:06 PM
Hi all,

Mary Kate - thank you for the wishes. Your bd is right around the corner! Will you be in WDW at that time?

Sue - aww, thank you for the birthday greeting, too. It's good to see you here even if you aren't doing WW. Anyone who is trying for better health is welcome here. Glad to here your mom is better. Like Trish, I think about her.

Trish - you sure lasted a lot longer than I did on SB P1!! It's a killer, for sure, when a person is used to WW Flex. Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Jen - I like the dress, and tell your mam I said she has good taste, lol.

Patty - :wave:

Neal and I are taking off for the Amish restaurant after while, then we're going to the movies to see Burn After Reading. Seems like a cute comedy.

Tomorrow I'll be in Terre Haute with my friend Dixie at a conference, but will check in as soon as I can.

Have a good weekend!!

09-12-2008, 08:45 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

Been a busy day. We went to Costco in Charlotte today. We don't go as often now that gasoline is so hi, but we love the tomatoes we get there. I didn't get any fruit because they are in such bulk amounts and ruin before we get them eaten. However, I got of those little sweet peppers and some sugar peas that I love to eat in salads or even as what I call finger salads. I found some turkey and ham cuts that will work great as roll ups.

Ruth - I think you are the one who told us about the green bags that make our fruits and veggies last longer and they are great. It is really neat that my veggies are lasting so long and I'm not throwing them away because they rot any more. Thanks for sharing with us about them.

Jane - Sounds like you and Neal have a great anniversary "date" planned. Have fun. Where is the Amish restaurant? I remember you telling me about it, but don't remember where it is. Have fun with your friend tomorrow in Terre Haute. I told Tony that I don't plan to go there with him ever again. He took me to see the places where he lived growing up and then was so upset and disappointed that nothing was the same. However, we did have fun and enjoyed the bookstore and walking around at the university where he graduated from even tho even that had been changed.

Patty - I have the Supercharged book. I read somehere that if you have a difficult time with SBD P1 then just start SBD P2. That is what I think I will do. I liked SBD P1 because it stops the cravings especially for sweets, but I found myself wanting something sweet this time. Besides the fact that I am a person who needs some grains like the oatmeal, I honestly think keeps me from eating sweets even tho I do enjoy some of the dessert recipes I found on the website here on 3fc. I love coffee with vanilla cream, but since I couldn't have it on SBD I learned to use a little bit of milk with a splash of vanilla flavoring and it is actually very good. How are you doing with the WW/SBD combo? It is very WW friendly.

Jen - I forgot to tell you that the dress looks good on you. Have fun at the party. Fingers crossed for you getting the promotion.

Debbie - How are you feeling? Hope your feeling better.

Mary Kate - When is your bd?

Angie, Jaime, Sue, Stabledgurly and anyone I missed - :wave:

I check my medicare each day and when I got home from Charlotte I checked and everything is straightened out. I can go back to the chiropratic center next week. Yesterday I saw on computer that the center filed with my medicare and evidently it got their attention and speeded things up because today it shows I left the previous insurance August 31st and went with the new plan Sept 1st. Thank God it all got straightened out before the 60 days. Also there was a lady at medicare who put me on hold while she went to reprocess things for me and I never knew what happened because I got bumped off the call some how. Maybe she along with the claim got things done. Any way, I am so glad I can call first thing Monday and get DH and my appointments set up again.

My son and his wife are riding out Hurricane Ike as his neighbors say they all are like an island in these things but safe. I certainly hope so, because it looks like they are going to be right in the center of it since they live between Galveston and Houston. My sister and her family headed to our hometown in Waco. So I'm praying for the safety of all involved.

Everybody have a great week end.


09-12-2008, 09:46 PM
Hi Everyone!

I woke up this morning with intense pain in in my right ear and on the right side of my face, which confirmed what I had been thinking, this cold went into a sinus infection. So I called the doctors office and was able to get in. She agreed with me, but I've had so many of these in my lifetime I know the signs as soon as they happen. Other than the trip to the doctors office, it's the same old same old.

Trish, no I won't get this week's BSF plan, but that's okay because the lecture part after you get done with your group, will cover that.

Good night all.

09-12-2008, 09:51 PM
Trish- As I watch the news tonight I am thinking good thoughts for your family in Texas. I pray they are safe and dry.

da fat n da furious
09-12-2008, 11:17 PM
Good evening ladies!

Been hearing the new of the weather way down south,,,praying for all those there a safe time...

Jane,,,glad to hear you got pampered,,,you deserve it Girl. And you and Neal have a romantic dinner,,,
My birthday was up there as being one of the best ones ever. Got crazy spoiled at work. Even my driver's wives called in to wish my a happy birthday. Got 3 bouquets of flowers, balloons, screamerings and banners. I wore a pink tiara all day. And I have two lunch dates set up for next week.
Came home to roses, and dinner! Tanner got me my favorite movie,,,Pride and Prejudice. Brandon dear boy was told to buy me this purse I was eyeing....lol (from the women at work,,,love them) Now Brandon's birthday is the day before mine,,,he made the start of my day interesting, and not in a good way. He went out for his birthday,,,told him not to since he has to be at work at 6 am. He went out...got home at 2:30 am drunk. I never went back to sleep....woke at 5:15,,,got him up,,,he is still drunk! So I took him to work....and he worked! I was so ticked at him. But with our company,,,we have so many young people this isn't a new thing for them...well its darn right new to me! Anyways he suffered later let me tell you! and GOOD!

Jen that is such a cute dress,,,gold hoops, and if you have boots,,,will look great!

Sue Im so glad your mom is doing well....

Trish,,,wouldn't be too hard on yourself about falling off the wagon,,,as long as you get back on that is the real strength.

Hello MaryKate,,,how many more sleeps till holidays? Wish I was going with you...we would have a blast!

Welcome Debbie! Sorry to hear about your sinuses...I hate when I feel like Ive gotten hit with a bat (thats how I feel when my sinuses are infected)

Im going for dinner with my brother and his gf tomorrow,,,lunch with friends and a movie. Momma Mia,,,wanting to see that for so long.
Then Sunday Im doing a fashion show,,,and interactive fashion show that is,,,I wear the clothes and walk around and talk about what Im wearing. How it feels and well I have no idea if Im to read a card or make things up as I go....arghhh Ive already gotten all my clothes picked out and Im wearing the cutest little jacket ever! Is mine!

Well Im gonna go crash,,,watch my movie and rest...feeling like Im going the way Debbie went,,,sinuses. blah


09-14-2008, 11:40 AM
Hi everyone from wet and soggy Illinois. We are under flood watches. My sump pump has been working overtime and my fear is it will demand some time off before this rain stops. I had to run to the video store last night, and the roads were getting flooded. Well, should I say they were getting flooded on my way there, but they weren't on my way home. That I don't understand one bit. Anyway, I live about 2 miles from the Kankakee river, but so far my house has been lucky. We are high enough up that we haven't flooded yet.

I was able to walk 45 minutes yesterday. I kept the speed of the treadmill down to only 2mph, but my sinus trouble is on its way out. The doctor put me on Avelox, as its one of the few stronger antibiotics that I can take. I have some allergy issues, I'm allergic to E-mycin and Sulfa drugs which pretty much take out two branches of antibiotics they usually give to folks.

How did you like the movie Angie?

09-14-2008, 02:40 PM
Hello all,

Trish - oh dear, I hope your family is safe! Give us updates, ok? There are several Amish restaurants around here. There's one in Eville, not too far off the I64 route, called the Black Buggy. Maybe we should meet there in Nov? Aren't you just so glad we have computers to look up all this medical info? I did the same thing with St. Mary's website when I had a couple of procedures done. I love technology. Well, the parts I understand, that is, lol.

Debbie - how are your sinuses this morning? Better, I hope. I'm bothered with that, too, at times, and it drives me bonkers. Southern Indiana is getting pounded with rain and wind right now. Lots of branches breaking off the trees, etc. The worst of it is going north, though.

Sue - are you getting the winds and rain from Ike, too? We sure are.

Angie - I got your card, and it is so cute! I had no idea we could send those music ones through the mail w/o them being ruined. Thank you for it. :hug: Glad your birthday was a good one. What's the purse look like? I love purses and shoes. And jewelry. And clothes. teehee

Jules - this is the place, and I hope you join us. :)

Hi to all others.

Neal and I had a good anniversary. The Amish food was soooo good! I tried to keep it real, but I have to admit, I over did it. We saw the movie Burn After Reading. It was really cute, lol. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, what's not to like, eh? Brad Pitt plays a real doofus, and does a good job of it.

Did I mention I'm going to NC to visit with some friends? I leave Thrusday morning, and will be back Sun. evening. I'll taking the laptop, so I can still check in. Anyway, it's time for me to think about what clothes I'm taking, etc.

Have a good Sunday. :hug:

09-14-2008, 09:03 PM
Hi Ladies,

Quick one here. Thanks for thoughts and prayers for my family in TX. My son and wife didn't leave. All their neighbors say they are safe there. They lost some tree limbs and their fence. My sister got really sick and wasn't able to leave, but I talked to them just before their cell phone went out and they were fine.

Jane - I looked up the Amish restaurant and would to meet you and Neal there. I would love to see their general store as well. I think that would be fun. Aren't you a gad about. Have fun on your trip.

Everybody else - :wave: Catch ya later.


Slimmin Patty
09-15-2008, 12:46 PM
Happy belated birthday wishes!! Hope you all enjoyed your special day.:celebrate:

I was up .8 lbs this morning on my WI at home... we'll see what my official WI shows at noon :(

I think I need to reread the book I got at the first session because I'm missing something. I feel as if I'm just bumbling around... I like some of the concepts from South Beach like eating unprocessed foods and staying away from the fat free because of the "stuff" that is added. Eating this way adds too many points to my meals.... I'm blonde and I'm soooo confused.

Have a great day everyone ;)

09-15-2008, 07:29 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just another quick one to say :wave: Started working on getting this house clean. Doing just a little bit at a time. Start back to chiropractic center tomorrow so I'll be getting really busy. So I will checking in when I can. I am staying OP which is good. I hope everyone is doing well.


09-17-2008, 09:31 AM

Trish - so glad to hear your family in Texas is ok. Neal has some friends down there that didn't have any damage, but said the power is going to be out for about 3 weeks where he lives, so they packed up and went to Florida for a vacation. I wish all of them that are affected could just take a long vacation. Let us know how it goes at the chiro, ok?

SPatty - are you doing Flex? If so, don't forget to add in your extra 35 points per week. I personally add 5 per day. That should help you.

I'm taking off very early tomorrow to meet up with some friends in NC. I'll have my laptop with me, but not sure how much time I'll actually have to post.


09-17-2008, 09:53 AM
:wave:Good Morning Ladies,

This is a busy day so this will be a quick one.

Jane - Went to the chiro yesterday and it felt so good to relax under the heat treatment and then the manipulation treatment even felt good. Tony finished up and was released to come in for treatment as needed. I got what they call a wave pillow two weeks ago and it has really improved my neck and my back. I had only lost about 1/4" of the treatment while out last week so the doc said I was doing really good. I guess that means my body is holding the treatments very well.

I'm in one of these moods where I don't want to diet and I am tired of thinking about it or food. Don't know what I want to eat so maybe I don't want to eat. Don't understand the new mood. Nothing tastes good and I don't want to bother cooking or even think about it. Is this good or bad? I don't know.

Got to run go to get out of here. Bible study class this morning and to night with chiro treatment between. Hope everyone is doing well and have a great day.

Catch ya when I can.


Slimmin Patty
09-17-2008, 12:54 PM
Jane, I'm doing core. I've heard from several ladies that they don't use the extra 35 points. I don't know if I'll be able to do that, but with the points I feel as if I have too much flexibility. I might try to just eat my AP points. The scale isn't moving, but I can tell from the way my clothes fit that I am making progress.

da fat n da furious
09-17-2008, 06:22 PM
Hello ladies,

Have a great trip Jane!

Trish,,,I need to go to my chiropractor,,,maybe get in a massage. The last time i went I was in agony. She had worked my back so hard my skin felt bruised. But Im willing to chance it again...

Patty,,,well I would complain bout the lack of weight off,,,as long as the clothes feel loose,,,means your toning.

nothing new around here,,,still working,,,*sigh Have a meeting each Wed at noon to talk about our jobs. Im fustrated. We are short staffed and its causing alot of people to their minds. Its just insane.

Anyways just thought I would say hello

short & sassy
09-18-2008, 07:56 PM
Good afternoon ladies, thought I'd stop by and say hello to you. I'm at school waiting for class to start so I can't stay...hope everyone is doing well.

09-19-2008, 09:17 AM
Just checking in from North Carolina. It's a gorgeous day here, and my friends and I will be taking in the downtown sites after while.

Have a good day, and I'll "see" you later.

09-19-2008, 01:10 PM
Not much happening here. I'm still having ear aches, so I know my sinus infection isn't healed up yet. Yesterday my lungs hurt (no wheezing, just hurt), so I didn't walk or ride. Didn't feel like dealing with an asthma attack. I'm just waiting for a call back from the doctor today, as I need more antibiotics.

I hope everyone has a great day!

09-20-2008, 01:18 AM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

Tried this earlier and lost it into cyberspace so will try again. Not much going on here. Just going for treatments which they tell me I'm doing really good and I have to admitt that I am feeling better.

Debbie - Sorry your feeling back to yourself. Hope you got in touch with your doc and get help soon so you get to feeling back to par.

Ruth - Glad you dropped in to say hello. I thought of you and your family when y'all got all that rain again.

Angie - I hope you get the help you need at work. Have they found a replacement for you to move into your new position?

Jane - Glad you are having a good time in NC.

Marti, Jaime - How are you doing?

Patty, Sue, Jen and anyone else I missed - :wave:

Y'all have a good week end! Catch ya later.


09-20-2008, 03:47 PM
Hi all, I got my medication yesterday. She gave me another week's worth of antibiotics. She's giving me samples because I don't have health insurance. My doctor's office is wonderful about doing that!

I just had my butt kicked big time! I just tried to do Level 1 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I only got through 2 circuits, and I fell in a big heap on the floor! I felt like I should be hearing "Clean up on aisle 7" I was such a mess. I was overheated, sweating, and panting for breathe. But I'm going to try to do it again tomorrow and hopefully I'll make it through more. I know I'll be buying this DVD as soon as I have the money. I have Comcast, and their OnDemand system has level 1 & level 2 of this DVD, but I see that it says that Level 1 is going to end about Oct 7th. So, I have to make sure I get this DVD. It's awesome.

Patty, glad the treatments are working and your feeling better.

short & sassy
09-21-2008, 11:41 AM
Good Morning all....

Hey Trish, are you still in the same mood you talked about earlier. Truthfully, I hate thinking about food also. Cooking is the worse!! Sometimes I think I hate food as much as I think I love it. Right now I'm just taking one day at a time. I need to take off 5 lbs that I've gained back...I guess the main thing is not to give up...so hang in there. So, for motivation I went out and bought some new clothes that fit snug, I need to lose about 5 lbs for them to be comfortable...10 would be great. Also, next week I'm going to get my hair cut...you know sometimes when you need a pick-me-up a good haircut will do the trick.

Jane, hope you ar having fun on your trip. Have a safe one.

Debbie, hope you are feeling better.

Angelia, how are you feeling? Hope the job discussion goes okay. Did you ever get your Wii....I've been neglecting mine...guess today is just as good as any to get bakck on it.

Well, ladies, hope everyone is having a good weekend. We had two birthday parties for grandbabies this weekend. The youngest one turned 1 yesterday and my oldest daughters youngest turns 4 today. I turned the pick 5-0 on Friday...Maurice took me to eat at my favorite restaurant which is actually in Longview, Texas...which is about an hours drive from Shreveport. Then yesterday we went shopping....and my youngest daughter is taking me for a pedicure later today.

Well, I've got some studying to do, take care and I'll talk to you later.

09-22-2008, 05:28 AM
Hi all,

I'm back, had a blast, and will catch up later. :wave:

09-22-2008, 07:51 PM
Hi Ladies,

Jane - :wave: Welcome back. Glade you had such a great time.

Ruth - Yeah pretty much. Good luck on reaching your goal. Since my doctor told me to stop dieting, I'm doing IE (Intuitive Eating) again. It is working for me since now I can eat only when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied. No limit on how much I have to eat. I'm working on the idea that there are no good or bad foods. It worked today when I went out to eat KFC. I ordered something I used to love and found it didn't taste like I remembered it. I only took 3 bites of it. I even took the skin/batter off the chicken.

Went to have my adjustment today and talked to the doctor about how I had been feeling this week end. The adjustments and suppliments I'm taking are working. I am really feeling a lot better. I don't think I will have to take all 24 treatments that medicare allows.

Hope everybody is doing okay.


09-23-2008, 09:46 AM
Good morning,

Trish - IE will probably work well for you, since you sometimes have trouble finishing all your points. You can still incorporate the basic WW guidelines of healthy eating, and get the best of both worlds.

Ruth - a belated Happy Birthday to you! I'm so sorry that I missed that. :hug: Sounds like you and Maurice had fun, and the pedicure will be a treat. Before you know it, those clothes will be fitting just fine.

Debbie - hahaha, clean up on aisle 7 - too funny! :D My doc is good about giving free samples, too. I like that. Hope you're feeling much better now.

Angie - are things any better at work? Hopefully, you're getting some new people in to lighten the load.

SPatty - this might sound funny, but if you ate your extra 35 points, the scale might move. The points are built into the plan to be eaten. Regardless, since your clothes are looser, you're making progress. :cp:

Ah, it's great to be home, but I had such a good time with my friends, I wish it didn't have to end so soon. My dog Molly sure was glad to see me. She had a smile from ear to ear when she saw me, and I wish I could've got a picture of that. The weekend was a bust as far as staying OP, but I stocked up on healthy groceries yesterday.

Have a good day!

09-23-2008, 05:36 PM
Hi Ladies,

Debbie - I hope the new meds are working for you and that you are feeling better.

Jane - I think you are right about the IE working for me. I read this morning on the IE thread that they say once you doe IE that you have a difficult time ever dieting again. It is easy to eat healthy when doing IE since eating good healthy foods is a most on any way of eating.

I went for chiropractic treatment again today. I told my doctor that I actually got up and did housework just because I felt like it not just because it needed to be done. He said that was good news as it means the treatments are working. He gave me the name of his dentist and told me to tell him that he sent me to him. He not only is his dentist but his friend. He also gave me the name of a medical doctor who also works with chiropractic doctors and is his doctor. I won't go to the medical doctor until after the first of the year. However, Tony drove straight over to the dentists office and made an appointment for me to start getting my teeth cleaned and fixed this Thursday morning. He has an appointment next month. My dull uneventful life is suddenly getting busy. Got BSF in the morning and regular BS tomorrow night.

Angie, Jaime, and others of you MIA let us hear from you.

Hope everyone is doing well. Catch ya later.


09-23-2008, 11:06 PM
Hey ladies,

Just wanted to let you know that there is a lot going on in my life right now, and I'm trying to limit my posting except where I'm needed as a moderator. Nothing is wrong, or anything like that, so don't worry. I'm just catching up with real life. :)

Keep each other company, and take care!

10-09-2008, 12:11 PM
Okay...I am going to bump this up. I have missed hearing about Trish, Angie, Ruth and all you ladies....... I don't post here much, but I read and take encouragement from you all. Hope everyone is well.

I had a big week...I hit 60 years old and hit 166 on the scales. I wanted to be at 160 by my birthday, but feel lucky to be doing as well as I am. I am a very slow loser...have been up and down for years, so take what I can get.

We are starting to have cooler nights and the leaves are turning and falling. This morning a big buck walked right through our yard. Very pretty!

Keep up the good work ladies and help keep me motivated.

10-09-2008, 06:13 PM
I'm kind of here. I canceled my WW monthly pass yesterday because I decided to do something huge! I finally made up my mind to get dentures. I have extensive periodontal disease, plus all of my teeth needed work done on them. So, I'm doing the only thing that makes sense, money wise and pain wise. Yesterday I had my remaining back 14 teeth pulled. All I have left are my front top 6 & front bottom 6, which won't be pulled until my dentures are finished at the end of January. So, I'm pretty much on a soft diet for now. I decided since some of the soft foods cost more in points, I'm only going to watch my calorie intake for now and go back to WW when I can eat solid food once again.

I hope everyone is doing good!

short & sassy
10-21-2008, 05:30 PM
Hey ladies, I hope everyone is doing okay...Debbie, my husband pulled all his upper teeth last year and has dentures. He didn't have gum disease, but he had bad teeth and also a big gap in his front two teeth...he had always been embarrassed about...so now he has a nice smile and no more tooth aches!

11-10-2008, 10:50 AM
Hi ladies,

I've missed you all. :hug:

Ruthie - how are the classes going?

Trish - are you back from vacation yet?

Deb - how did it all go with getting your back teeth pulled? I can see why you'd need a soft diet. Can you eat things like ground beef and beans?

Sue - you don't have to be a WW member to post here. Please jump in.

My life has settled down some. We're in a good routine now, with watching the grandkids 4 days on, then 4 days off. Mary's divorce is final now, and she seems to be in good spirits. She and Dale are on friendly terms, and do things together with the kids, for their sake.

After several false starts, I seem to be on the right road with WW once again. (knock wood!)

How have you all been?

11-10-2008, 11:34 AM
hi all jus popped in to say a quick hello and hope your all doing well. Have been mad busy at wrk since i got the supervisor position
take care fir now

11-11-2008, 01:10 PM
Jane- Thanks, I missed reading about you and your precious "grands." Glad to hear things are settled more and that you are back on track with WW.

Deb- Hope you are feeling alright after your big pull. My DGD had just her 4 wisdom teeth out last week and was hurting. Best wishes to you on yours.

Jen- Hope the supervisor position is going well.

Trish, Ruth and everyone..Hope to get in here and hear about you ladies too.

We had a wonderful 2 week trip west. Loved the beach in San Diego and of course got to see our sons. Then on to our "home away from home" Las Vegas. We had a nice time and shopped for a Winter home. Made an offer, but so far we don't know.....
The weather was perfect and we came home to a beautiful week...which has now turned on us. Brrr is it cold. Funny, later on in the winter we will think 37 degrees is a warm up, right Jane?
I am getting back on track after being lax, but need to come up with a different exercise. I doubt I will ride the bike much longer. I rode 2 miles yesterday and felt like a popsicle.

Good to see you all and I hope to learn more about those of you I don't know.

11-12-2008, 11:41 PM
Hi Ladies,:hug:

So glad to see us going again. We had a nice trip, but tired. I was so inspired by my niece and her DH when I was home that I am going to try WW Flex again. He has lost all his weight and made Lifetime week before last. Isn't it the men who always lose so quickly. My niece and her Mom (my sister) look good too, but is taking them a while to get down to goal. My niece cooked for ALL the family Sunday and I was really impressed as Everything was WW friendly. So I stopped by the store on the way home and got some foods I like and I'm starting WW again tomorrow and I'm rather excited. I think I have the mindset for it this time.:dizzy:

Sue - Good to see you joining us. Turned cold on us on the way home today. The house was really freezing when we walked in, but warmed up now. I'm ready for it to be cold, but not too cold. It will get that way soon though.

Jen - Congratulations on the new position. I wondered if it came through. Do you like it? I know you are good at it as you worked so hard for it. Let us know how things are going with you. Are still seeing the old boyfriend you were going out with again? Your in my thoughts.

Jane - Glad WW is working for you again. Maybe you had too much going on before. I know your still busy with the girls etc, but at least things are more settled now that Mary's divorce is final.

I hope everyone gets back to us so we can hear how everyone is doing.
Hope everyone is doing well.


11-13-2008, 12:24 AM
Just a quick pop in to say hi. It's nearly 11:30 here, and I'm headed for a shower, then bed. I'm glad to see you gals checking in, and I'll catch up more tomorrow.

Toodles, :hug:

11-13-2008, 09:42 AM
Hi all,

Jen - I'm so happy for you that you got the Supervisor's job. Are your friends that work there ok with this? Did you end up going to the dance, or not? If so, what did you wear?

Sue - your trip West sounds like lots of fun. I'd love to visit San Diego again. Its such a beautiful, clean city, and so much to do! Yes, come January, we'll think 37 is a heat wave, lol. I didn't know you planned on buying in Vegas again. Neat!

Trish - I'm glad you're home safe and sound. Yes, WW is the way to go for many, many people. Since no foods are off limits, it's so flexible. Like you, I think I have the right mindset now. (how many times have I said that, lol) One thing that is helping me is a trip to San Francisco I have planned for April with DD Katie. Our plane tickets are bought, and we've rented a vacation home already. I know that if I don't get some more weight off, my knees will never make it in SF.

Ruthie - how is everything going for you?

Deb - you can still post here, even if you aren't doing WW. Our focus is healthy eating no matter what program you're on. :hug:

Today will be a bit of a challenge since I'm having a birthday lunch with my good buddy Dixie. We're going to a new Mexican restaurant that just opened, but actually, I'm prepared, I think. Here's my plan, so tell me if you think it's ok. I'm thinking I'll order the chicken fajitas and eat two, with no cheese or sour cream. I'll go heavy on the vegetables, and make a conscience effort to eat slowly. When I order, I'll tell them to leave the rice off - can't eat what's not there, right? We won't be having dessert - we never do, so that's not a problem. Does that sound ok?

My house needs a good cleaning, but I just don't put as much effort into it as I used to. I'm getting sort of attached to the dust bunnies, lol. :dizzy:

What's on your agenda today?

short & sassy
11-13-2008, 02:40 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick note before I go back to work. Glad to hear that everyone is doing go. I'm struggling to get back on track...but I'm not giving up. Hopefully I'll be a member of a Wellness Center before the week is out...need a new source of motivation before I gain all my weight back!!

11-13-2008, 03:04 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

I was so glad when I got back yesterday from my trip to learn that Jane was getting this going again. I'm going to try WW Flex again. I wrote a long message this morning and was previewing it and got knocked off line. :( And I had a really hard time getting back on 3fc so I don't know if they were having trouble or if I was.

Jane - I think you have a good plan for your lunch today. Good luck and Enjoy. I know what you mean about having the right mindset before. How many times have I done that too and lost it.:?: Let's hope it will be different this time. You know after reading a lot on the subject of IE, I think we need to include some Modivational type of ideas along with our Healthy Focus here. Maybe we need to work on some Healthy Thinking as well. You know I think that we mess up when we are too hard on ourselves when we have what we "dieters" call "a slip" which can lead us to binge or give up because we think we are "bad" or have no "will power". I have learned that "one" slip is not a disaster unless we allow it to become one. I think we should not only expect them to happen some time, but to be ready for it when it does. What do I mean by "being ready" for it? I think we should expect them to happen and then accept it, forgive ourselves and move on by staying OP at the very next meal or snack. I think we put too much emphasis on the slip setting ourselves up for falling off the wagon. I think we give slips too much power. I have learned that normal people don't consider eating off their normal way of eating as slips or even binges. They just go on and eat like they do normally. So maybe we should change the way we "think" as well. If we start thinking like normal people do about it, then just maybe we can stay OP and reach our goals.:)

Well, today is Day 1 OP. I am starting over fresh as if I never did WW Flex before. I weighed this morning and am thrilled that while I didn't lose any weight while on my trip that I didn't gain either.:carrot: So I'm excited and ready to go. I did 5 minutes on my stationary bike this morning and plan to eventually work up to 15 minutes a day at 3 different times each day since my knees do seem to love it. Will do it 6 days; off one. I really need to develop a better attitude about riding it since it is really good for me and no weather excuses to keep me from doing it. I plan to do WW Flex different this time. I am not going to use so many "diet" foods as I do think they set me up for eating more etc. I will use more real foods especially the ones that I really like. Of course, I will follow the 8 suggested rules and be sure to eat all my fruits, veggies, dairy and drink my water. I got the plan now to just do it.:dizzy:

Ruthie - How are you doing?

Jen, Deb and Sue and anyone else reading this:wave: Have a great day!


11-13-2008, 07:57 PM
Hi ladies,
Glad to see everyone back again, and glad to hear your all doing well. Im just 1 pound short of reaching my christmas target of 2 stone (28 pounds) jus 6 weeks early.. so anything now is a bonus.
Supervisor job is going great, some of the staff at first were a bit unhappy about it, but things are going great now. Its strange getting so much respect of people who before would barely talk to you . HA HA .
And my boss is making sure myself and the other supervisor get as many hours as possible, and whatevr is left is distributed among the others, due to the fact that when we were terribly busy over the summer, we were the only 2 who made ourselves available sometimes 16 hour shifts, because we wouldn see her stuck. Happy its paying off now :)

Em I actually went back to dancing about a month ago, hip hop, I used to do it as a kid but had to stop when it interfered with work. But now back with a vengenance,my boss gives me every monday night off because she knows I have dancing, and wont let me eat anythin at work i shouldnt, except on friday, because tht is my treat day... its amazing having someone who isn family, support you so much. I mean she rings me every thursday to ask how my weigh in went.. Its nice...
Iv actually got lots more to say but ill stop for now, and talk to you all soon :)
Take care all, Im gonna go for a walk :)

11-14-2008, 06:30 PM
Hi Everybody,

I've had two good OP days so far. Hope everybody is doing well and y'all have a great week end.


11-15-2008, 09:15 AM
Hi ladies...I'm just jumping in here. I've been looking for a place to post and this board just feels like home! My name is Barbara, I'm 50 and I live in the Washington DC area.
I weighed in this morning at an all time high of 242. It's painful to see that number in print!! I know I have only two choices...do something about it NOW or allow my weight to drift ever upward, ensuring that I'll be just a hot mess by the time I'm 60! The way I see it, the second option isn't really an option! I won't be THAT woman! SO..I'm re-kicking myself into gear here..

Pattygirl My daughter is a freshman at Winthrop there in Rock Hill. I'm origninally a Charleston girl (displaced for the last 12 years!). She loves it down there!

11-15-2008, 01:08 PM
Hello all, :wave:

Ruthie - good to see you posting. Tell me more about the Wellness Center - is it like a gym, or more like a clinic?

Trish - a big Whoo Hoo for you, maintaining while on vacation. :cp: That's great! I've been trying to eat more whole foods, too. Closest to their original state, you know? You're right about the "healthy thinking" and we'll have to make that a priority.

Jen - wow, girl, you're almost at your Christmas goal. YAY!! It's neat that you and your boss have such a good rapport. Helping her out when she needed it was so nice of you, and now it's paying off. Hip hop dancing is such good exercise. Not that I'd know, personally, lol.

Barbara - :welcome: to our little group. You will get a lot of support and encouragement here. Oh how I wish I had gotten the weight off and kept it off when I was in my 30's. Although I've had a weight problem all my life, it really got out of control in my 30's. You're right that the 2nd choice you mentioned isn't really an option at all.

Hello to the others.

I'm still OP, and feeling good. I stayed totally on plan at the birthday lunch with Dixie. Whoo hoo! I didn't even touch the sour cream, and they didn't serve cheese with the fajitas, so I didn't have to worry about that.

I've been getting the Christmas presents wrapped, cuz we'll put the tree up the weekend after T'giving, and I like at least a few under it so it doesn't look bare. Hard to believe C'mas is a little over 5 weeks away!

Have a good weekend, and I'll catch ya later. :hug:

11-15-2008, 02:05 PM
Hi Jane..and thank you for the warm welcome! To be OP after a Mexican meal is quite an accomplishment indeed!! It's sooo easy to swallow all of your points and make a deep cut into your WPA's right there in one sitting! Good for you! Did you say "wrap Christmas presents?". Wow!! I'm just now starting to get ideas of what to buy for folks. I always admire you gals who have a handle on it all!! Every year I say I'm going to do it all differently..then fall right back into my proscratinator mode.

I've had a good OP day so far with the rest of my day/evening planned out. There's nothin' like a plan!! Thanksgiving week is going to be a challenge 'cause we'll be out of town. My father is in an assisted living home now and my sister and I need to finish cleaning out his house. We are so fortunate to already have a buyer for it but he really wants it YESTERDAY..so this will be our final push to finish up (with my husband onboard to provide the muscle and to keep us on task!) So for this trip I'm making and freezing meals to take down..my sister is single and is allergic to her kitchen..never much more than some stinky fancy cheese and restaurant doggy bags in her fridge. <sigh>. At least I'll have some options on hand other than going out to eat every single meal. Blech!!!

Didn't mean for this to ramble on so...hope everyone is having a good weekend!


11-15-2008, 03:02 PM
This is getting long, so I'll see you all at Health Focused Friends #5.