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08-25-2008, 10:16 PM
I just had the best non-scale victory tonight. And it was an exercise NSV, which is even better! ...Because it's not about how I look, which is usually what my NSVs are about (that, and shopping for clothes that fit ;) ).

So I'm biking home, my usual route. It's about 10 minutes on the road, 15 minutes on the trails and 5 min home after I leave the trails. On the 10 minutes of road part, there are two not-bad hills. At the top of the first one, another cyclist passed me. Which was okay, because he was a nice enough person to say "good evening". I hate when cyclists pass me and aren't even friendly enough to say hi. :dizzy: So he passed me, but I caught up to him by the time we got to the top of the second hill. And then we get to the trails: the entrance is behind a hospital, so when we got to the parking lot, I went one way and he went another. Then about 100 metres into the trail, I notice a cyclist behind me. He didn't pass me right away, but stayed about 30 feet behind me. I realize that this is a real-life training opportunity. :D I will happily work harder when I'm "competing" with a cyclist than I would if I was just happily riding home. So I start cycling at pretty much the fastest I know I can maintain for more than a few minutes. About halfway there my legs are a little tired, but I know I'm keeping the cyclist at bay, so I keep it up. :D As we approach my exit from the trails, I signal, because I know he's right behind me. I move to the left side of the trail so I can get out of his way while I turn. The cyclist says just before he passes me, "You're really fit! Thanks you." I chuckled, and we both said goodnight as we passed. It was the same guy who had passed me on the hill. :o

I'm really fit!?! Woohoo!! :carrot: I was tired, but I still managed to bike all the way up the Giant Hill on the way out of the trail--that a cyclist last week referred to it as the "killer hill".

Yay for exercise NSVs!! Please share. :cp:

08-25-2008, 10:20 PM
Congrats on your NSV, Nakedmango!

I don't know if this technically counts, but here goes:

About a week ago, I was at the gym getting ready to hop on the crosstrainer. A lady that I've seen at the gym (but don't know) walks up to me and says "I meant to tell you the other day that all the hard work you're doing is paying off.."

I love compliments from strangers about weight loss...that means I'm really doing well!!! :cheer2:

08-25-2008, 10:24 PM
Coolness! I love that kind of NSV.

I think the biggest one I've had was when I got brave enough to go do squats with the olympic bar by myself. It was odd ... because I've never been intimidated by the free weight area at the gym and I'll do curls and bench presses, etc., but the act of going over there and squatting that bar ... that just intimidated the **** out of me. :)

I can't think of one recently ... maybe I need to work on that! :D