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08-23-2008, 08:30 AM
Good morning ladies. Time to start a new thread around here. I don't know how those ladies who have pages and pages stand it. Drives me nuts!

Susan: Hope sleeping hasn't been too bad for you. I know it has to be difficult with your leg braced so it doesn't move that knee around.

Gail: I feel like some kind of criminal on the run. My birth name is Modonna, I used Donna with family and friends, I used Faye here, which is my middle name because of a tangle with a couple kooks several years ago on this site and I had to "rejoin" under another name. Actually, telling you were going to call me Donna Faye brought back some sweet memories. Growing up I lived 2 houses from my maternal grandparents. When I was little my grandma used to call me Donnie Say. Funny, but my mother refused to call me anything but Modonna up until the day she died and I was named after my dad's sister not anyone in her family. I get a lot of looks and comments about my name for sure. It is pronounced like the singer Madonna. I was on the phone with a guy from Direct Tv a couple weeks ago and he asked me my name and I told him and he though it was such a beautiful name. Blech! I hated it growing up because I was made fun of, especially in jr high school when the Beatles song "Lady Madonna" came out. I seem to be using it more and more as I get older though.

Maggie: Going from confined spaces to large will be interesting for you. Sounds like you are having a grand time getting settled and that is a nice way for it to be. I have been meaning to ask, how large is your church population?

I have the first little hat knitted and am sewing it up then will make the tiny leaves and roses to put on it. I am not happy about her not including the brand of yarn she used so I could buy the same colors. I am still burning from her not including the flower and cherry patterns or a disclaimer on the patterns. I ended up not being able to find suitable flower patterns tiny enough to knit for a toddlers hat so I bought these buttons for this hat. The closest I could come to colors was a soft pink and then a rose color more than the coral she has. Whatcha' think of the color combos everyone? Think they will work and are simple enough for a child's hat? She has 4 knit flowers and 4 buttons sewn on the hat so I bought 4 flower buttons and 4 coordinating buttons. They look large, but are actually 5/8 in buttons.

Well, I need to go and get things done. We are meeting Kelly and family for lunch today and I am looking forward to it. We haven't seen them since the 4th.

Have a good one everybody!

08-23-2008, 10:54 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Faye, I love the buttons and yarn; they will be pretty together.

Gail, I went to Super Walmart yesterday to get som OTC cold medication. They have been remodeling all summer and now I can't find anything although I think it will be better when I figure out where things are. The aisles are wider and its brighter. They also put in hardwood floors.

Maggie, I'm a confirmed thrift/used store shopper. I love getting a bargain. It sounds like you've found a great place for furniture. Isn't it fun to settle in a new house...I hope to never have to again!

And hello to Jean!

To set the record straight, I'm in a brace not a cast. I can take it off to shower and dress. It's my right knee so that makes driving hard but it's against the law to drive with your left foot. In Virginia you cannot sue a state, county or city but I never even thought about that. They will pay medical expenses. I think people just sue way too much anymore - they take no personal responsibility in any way.

My friend and I are going to a quilt shop today and then to have lunch at this great hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant on the wharf.

Have a good day.

08-23-2008, 04:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world! The sun is shining, bright blue sky, and just a slight breeze. We walked this morning and we both commented that we could tell we hadn't walked for a few days. I've been doing laundry and looking for my school keys -- I know I will find them when I'm looking for something else. Later this afternoon we are taking our stereo -- furniture type from the '70s -- over to Beth. She seems to think she wants it for the memories of growing up with it. It still works fine, but I don't know if replacement needles are available anymore.

"Gma" -- I'm sure I'll hear about the school fundraisers sooner or later. Our superintendent is doing a lot of policy changing this year; I'm not sure if the board ok'd it all or not, but you'd think he was paying for everything out of his own pocket! The groups at the high school have to account for every penny daily, do the paperwork, and turn it into the office to be locked up in the safe. The way it was before teachers/sponsors could keep the money in their own desk and turn it in monthly. The music department does several fund rasiers because every 4 years they fly the whole department, along with instruments, music, robes, uniforms, etc., to Orlando to perform. Whatever the individual sells counts towards their own expenses for the trip. Ian and Zowie's daycare had a fundraiser last year so I'm sure Zowie will give me a call one of these days. :lol: We can't have Christmas nor Easter printed on anything school related; we have our "winter break" and our "spring break" now. :( I agree that they need to get some religion/morals/manners put back in the schools! We don't even say the Pledge of Allegiance any more and I think that is REALLY wrong! They do still play the national anthem at ball games however. :rolleyes: Your real name is an interesting one. I was used to calling you Donna then you came back as Faye, or vice versa. I was confused and "Gma" was easier! :lol: The yarn is beautiful and the buttons will be so cute!

Susan -- So far my schedule has been ok at school. We could possibly have a student coming back from a detention center who will need an escort between classes. It won't be me, but it could change my schedule in that another aide will have to be with him and I will take some of what she is doing now. I hope you are getting along ok with your brace. :hug: I know it is a pain, but if it helps avoid the surgery that is what is important. Enjoy your trip to the quilt shop and your "fishy" lunch! :T

Maggie -- I'm sure you are enjoying putting together your new home. I can just imagine Ragg Mop checking out "his" yard! Have you lost him in the house yet? ;) You have just moved in and already you are entertaining! What a woman! The soyburgers will be served next week at school; at lunch we discussed what the reaction of the students will be. Chili day is a BIG day in the cafeteria, but it may not be any more. I will just be taking my lunch more often which is what I should be doing anyway. :yes:

Gail -- I wonder if they use peach juice as part of the ingredients or just cut up peaches and stir into the mix. :T Have you tried any of the WW ice cream? I bought the chocolate mint and it wasn't just too bad. Bob even ate one of the cups. Jason always wants to try making chocolate, but I hate to ruin a good thing in case the chocolate part doesn't turn out. He settles for hot fudge sauce instead. It sounds like you had a busy Friday! :yes:

Hope you all have a super weekend! I'm off to clean out another drawer in search of whatever may be hiding from plain sight!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-23-2008, 05:17 PM
Hi! :) I had such a great day with my oldest daughter and my grandson at the mall. We let him out of his stroller (because he was getting so antsy) so he could walk a bit in the portion of the mall that was not crowded--he was so much fun to watch. He has this thing that he does now where he throws both hands up in the air like he's yelling TOUCHDOWN! only he jabbers. Fun.

Wayne is due home from work any moment now. We're going to grill hamburgers--something simple and quick and the cleanup is super easy. Bless him for being such a simple meat and potatoes kind of guy!

Donna Faye, that is a sweet story about your name (not the part about the bit of trouble though) Modonna. I can imagine you did get some teasing during that time. But I was (still am I guess) a big Beatles fan and I think that song is pretty. I didn't like my name either when I was young--thought it was so boring but I've grown to like it--it's me...after all. Love the color of the yarn and those buttons (so cute) for the hats. I agree with you--I don't like reading pages and pages and pages of posts--I like how we do it. :)

Susan, sounds like you have a great day planned also! Quilt shop and lunch out! :) Sorry to hear about your problems--glad it's a brace and not a cast. I get really annoyed when a grocery store remodels. I think they do that so customers will buy more on impulse.

Jean, there were chunks of peach in that ice cream! YUM. Yes, I have tried ALL the flavors of the ice cream that WW has put in those little tubs. I have to be really careful about having that stuff in the house--ice cream of any kind is a red light food for me. Wayne says we will start walking in the morning again when he has more down time...which will be at the end of September. I love walking with him. I chatter alot--I have his full attention! :)

Well, here's Wayne now...


08-23-2008, 07:33 PM

It turned out to be a lovely day in the neighborhood. Right now it is in the low 80s ~ likke it is 81 to be excact. The air and fans in this house work great. One place that doesn't have a ceiling fan is the dinning room and that will come soon. We had a great luncheon and everythng turned out yummy. I made a green salad and a pasta salad. I sauteed mushrooms to put on top of the steaks Will grilled. He also did a loaf of frenchbread which I had prepared with butter and crushed garlic. For dessert I had sliced seedless watermellon then cut each slice into 6 triangles. Made it so easy to eat that way. I made enough pasta salad for Cox's Army (as they say) so I would have enough to take to pot-luck tomorrow along with the rest of the watermellon cut up in triangles. A crock pot of my "famous" Cowboy Beans should make it enough this time. Every where I have taken those beans there weren't any left to bring home. Lets see if I have any left over tomorrow. Tonight for dinner we will have the rest of the green salad that was left from lunch. That will work.

SUSAN That is good that you will have your med bills for your accident by the powers that be. Also interesting that how they do things there ~ ego not suing the govt would not stand a chance in the Supreme Court if challenged. The Supremes said that you CAN sue the city, county or state. No one is above the law ~ supposedly. Although one gets the feeling that some thinks they is.

DONNA That is a great choice of yarn, it looks so soft and those buttons are great. The church membership here is around 30 now. Surveys have been done and congregations witout a minister don't very well and they have been without for awhile ~ at one time they were up in the 100'ds. The building is rated to hold 205 so there is evangelism to be done.

JEAN Changes are in the wind. The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind.

GAIL Sounds like you are getting in some nice exercise with your walking. After the weather cools down some in the evenings here ~ the heat stays till well after dark ~ I am going to start a walking program. AH peach ice cream ~ LOVE IT.

Have a great evening Magnolias.

08-24-2008, 07:38 AM
Good morning to you all! I hope your Sunday is starting out well. We have the dreaded "get out of my way I am on a scooter" grocery shopping except now I am the one on the scooter! lol I am actually polite and excuse myself a lot though. I am still having trouble walking the whole commissary without getting really bad cramping so I still use the scooter when I do the two week shopping. Right after we get back from Houston, I am getting on an exercise program I am hoping will help and a much more restrictive but healthy diet. I want to check with the dr first on Tuesday, but I imagine he will certainly be gun ho on it as it cuts out the bad stuff and you eat the good stuff. I love WW and will keep Jack on that, but I found that I still made bad choices just figured them in the plan. I lost weight, but the problem is I have a sugar addiction and I need to completely wein myself off sugar period forever. I find I stay with a program, but eventually I will little by little bring back in more and more desserts and soft drinks again. This program is more like the core program of WW except it is spaced out more through the day. I don't know if I will ever not have the health issues now, but I have to try and solve what I can.

We had a great time with Thomas and Kelly and Tom yesterday. They regaled us with stories about their vacation. Tom dropped Kelly at some disco and dislocated her knee! Like I said before they are really healthy eaters and Jack asked them about food in Costa Rica. Tom was saying you had rice and beans at EVERY meal and Kelly said she loves rice and beans but never wants to eat it again. She doesn't like breakfast meats of any kind, nor eggs, pancakes and the like and so when she would go to breakfast she would end up with rice and beans every morning. She said the plus factor is they sure were regular! lol Thomas told me he and his dad got to see a volcano erupt and Tom said you would be sitting in the dining room and see geckos and iguanas, which were sometimes as big as a large dog walking around like we see squirrels and birds here in the states. One thing he said was there are No bugs. Guess those geckos and Iguanas keep them cleaned up.

I will catch up with you all tomorrow on individual posts. I have to hop to and get chores done and work up a grocery list so we can go first thing this morning. The Cubs are on tv at 1 pm so we want to be back home to watch.


08-24-2008, 01:13 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We walked early again this morning . . . cool 58 degrees out there! Bob wore jeans and a flannel shirt while I go in shorts and a t-shirt. I kidded him about walking when it's really cold out there. Bob took and his mom and headed to the lake to paint the trim on the cabin. He brought the shutters home to paint and has them ready to put back up. I'm still looking for my school keys :( and need to finish the laundry today. I have another Good Will box almost full and want to get that ready for Bob to take tomorrow.

Gail -- We grilled hamburgers yesterday too. I really like it when we grill because there is no clean-up in the kitchen. :) I'm not a big ice cream fan; actually I'd much rather have things to chew rather than anything slippery that just slides down. :twirly:

Maggie -- Your food contributions sound yummy as always. :T What part of Kansas are you in? I tried to find it on the map/atlas and couldn't.

"Gma" -- I need to make a grocery run later this afternoon. I should have done it yesterday and put it off. :( I could do the geckos but think the iguanas are kind of creepy. When my dad remarried, one of the granddaughters had just gotten an iguana. He was bright green and maybe
6" long -- kind of cute. Well, the dad built bigger cages as he grew and now he is HUGE! The granddaughter moved to CA after college and took Burt along . . . he must be at least 14 years old now. It sounds like Thomas and family had a nice vacation.

Susan -- I hope your knee is feeling better with the brace. :D Enjoy your day!

I need to get busy! Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-24-2008, 07:51 PM
Good evening, ladies!

Today was another beautiful day. I don't know where the August heat and humidity is this year, but I hope it stays there. We sure could use some rain, however.

Faye, it sounds like you have been doing some thinking and come up with a good solution for your weight loss plan. Sugar is bad - it really affects me, too. I just want more and more. I have even been noticing that sugar substitute also does it to me so I haven't been using those either.

Jean, good for you out there walking!

I went to church this morning and to the library this afternoon and didn't do much else the whole day.

08-25-2008, 08:51 AM
Good morning to you all! It still looks gloomy outside so I expect it may be more rain for us. The last three times we went grocery shopping it rained and we nearly got soaked. At least yesterday it stopped long enough for us to get indoors and back out again. There was no one there yesterday and it was wonderful shopping without whacking into people here and there. We zipped right through.

Jean: Did you change handbags since school ended? Maybe your keys are in another handbag. I know sometimes I forget to look in a pocket and leave something in a handbag. How about a jacket or sweater that has pockets. Sounds like the cabin will be all spiffy just about the time it is too cold to go up there anymore.

Susan: Luckily, I am one of those persons who doesn't freak out at gaining weight or how I look or whatever. I will get frustrated at clothing sometimes, but other than that I don't go postal on the fact I haven't lost weight. I do know I have to be motivated to do it and nothing motivates you more than a health issue. Of course, I have a sister who is obese, has to use C-pap to sleep, has diabetes and continues to smoke like a chimney and drink soda like no tomorrow so guess that is not always true. Fact is, I am pretty healthy for as large as I am for the most part anyway. I am one who could care less whether stick thin is in, I am comfortable with how I look no matter my size and I think that is a healthy thing to be. I know most people don't agree, but my motto has always been, "if you can't love yourself fat, you can't love yourself thin." I think loving yourself and not being satisfied with your body are two different things. Improvement is always good, but I actually saw an infomercial for one of the programs out there that said, "If you don't do this for yourself, do this for the ones you love." WRONG!! You should never lose weight to please someone else. I have often told Jack if I had a husband like some of these ladies here on the site, I would tell him to hit the road the first time he made a comment on losing weight. This is a very personal thing that has a lot of components to it besides dropping lbs. Don't you feel, as someone who years ago dropped a lot of weight that to keep it off, you have to be constantly vigilent, that you have had to adjust your thinking about food, etc? I really truly think that the very most important part of losing weight is your brain! Food is just food, but how we look at food, why we eat it, when, what emotions do we allow to interfere with food, etc. all can either make you successful or fail. No eating plan will work long term if you don't solve why you always eat when you are mad, sad, happy, depressed, whatever. I always pose one question to people that I think sums up bad habits in a neat little package. Can you go to the movie theater and not buy or take anything to eat and drink and watch the whole movie without food or drink? I bet almost 100% of people would have a hard time just going and watching a movie without a snack of some kind. That is programming on our part and it is one of the hardest things to readjust. Giving up the food or drink while reading, watching tv, at a ballgame, movie or whatever. We have programmed our brain to actually make us "need" food at that time. If you can break that cycle boy have you come a long way. Enough of my :soap: . I just think people choose what plan they are going to use and what exercise, but leave changes to the brain to someone else and it just won't stick that way.

Have a good Monday girls. I am off to work on chores and the second hat. The first one I am still making the embellishments for and they hurt my hands so I have to do a little at a time.


08-25-2008, 09:40 AM
Happy Monday Morning!

We need rain. I know that Hurricaine Fay has been wreaking havoc down south but we need rain badly. Our grass has turned to straw. We are watering the four new trees we planted back in the spring.

Y'all know how it seems to go sometimes--there's always something happening? Well...I have a permanent bridge in my mouth and over the weekend whenever I would drink something cold and it would hit that area the pain of it would send me to the roof. Thankfully, I can see the dentist at 11:30 this morning.

Yesterday was a great day. We went to church, came home, and did much of nothing. I knitted. I cooked dinner--made spaghetti. Really...that was it!

Donna Faye, I don't like going out when it rains although I don't allow it to stop me. I just don't like getting wet. I agree with you--one must lose weight for oneself. I don't want to be skinny; I just want to be a few sizes smaller and healthy.

Susan, I agree with you--sugar is not good for me...and I find when I eat/drink too much of it, I just want more. I find the days that I limit the sugar content of foods and also of breads/pastas/carbs in general, I feel more energized.

Jean, 58 degrees sounds wonderful to me. I love the Fall. I love the colors changing and the cooler temps. Wayne, on the other hand, starts to whine (yes...whine) just about mid-October and then all the way through winter about cold weather. I call winter the "whining season" (yes, he knows this--I tease him!).

Maggie, you certainly planned a great meal! Yum!!!

Okay ladies...gotta scoot...


08-25-2008, 01:47 PM
I'm back from the dentist. My permanent bridge is fine. However...the back tooth that helps hold the bridge in place? Well, it decided the nerve should go bad so guess what I get to have tomorrow morning?! A root canal!! And not just any ol' root canal either. I get to go to a endodontist!! Whoopeee!! At least I'll get it over with and things will be fine. Really. I'm fine really unless I allow something cold to get near that back tooth...which I am not! :)

08-25-2008, 08:51 PM
Good evening, ladies! Heat and humidity found us today.

Gail, ouch! Hope your root canal goes well and doesn't give you any problems. Your trees would be dead here - water restrictions means no watering. I you use more than your allotment (based on winter usage) you have to pay a lot more.

Jean, did you find your keys?

Faye, I'm with you - we need to love ourselves no matter what size we are.

I sure wouldn't mind getting wet in rain if we'd just get some. The ground is like cement.

Had a good day at work and went to Curves so I'm feeling good.

Off to do a little sewing while I watch Army Wives.

Have a good evening.

08-25-2008, 11:12 PM
I made a decision this day that I hope will work out for me now that I have moved. I used to get to have a choice which WW meeting I attended bacause there were several throughout the day. Here there is only one and it meets at 7pm on Monday. Well after getting out of meeting it was really too late for dinner and so this day we at at 5:30 as usual and I took a 2 pound hit for it. However, if I continue to eat dinner before weigh in it should all work out. I got to thinking how dumb of me to wait that long to eat ~ made me too hungry. And you know what too hungry does. Besides where do you count the food you eat after you weigh in and the next day when you weigh at that night before. It was just free food after weigh in. Anyway that is what I did.

DONNA Your plan should work for you. A gal has to find what she can live with an what works. I am glad to say that sugar isn't one of my many problems. I would rather have salty snacks instead of sweet ones. I love stormy weather ~ guess you knew that already;) Raindrops keep fallin' on my head.

JEAN Did you find those run-away keys? I hate when that happens. Hays is in the left third of the state in the upper half. Halfway between Kansas City & Denver on I-70. WOW that is one huge Iguana.

SUSAN I am so thankful that it has been raining off and on all month here. They say it is unusual and I really don't want what is usual which is HOT.

GAIL So you are going to have a root canal job. I gotta tell you that I had one and it was not an unpleasant happening at all. However I can tell when the weather is going to change because I get a twinge. I have had it looked at by the "experts" and all they could tell is that there is an undetectable hairline crack somewhere but exrays don't show it. If it ever gets uncomfortable for me they say come in and they will explore. It has been that way for years. I don't hear radio music in it though ~ bummer.

Everyone have a good nights siesta and I'll type at ya later

08-25-2008, 11:51 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Well, I've had my nap in front of the TV and now I'm ready to head off to bed. :yawn: Bob had a meeting at 5 so that screwed up the supper plans. :( They have finger food there so he's never hungry when he gets home. It looks like we'll have 2weeks of politics on TV after 2 weeks of the Olympics . . . I'll take the Olympics any day! :cheer: The Chinese certainly put on a good closing show.

Susan -- We've had strange weather, for Iowa, this spring/summer also. The spring was way too wet and cool while we never did get the hot and humidity for weeks on end during the summer. We really need the rain as our yards are brown and cracked. Water is too expensive so no one waters the grass; we all look alike. Nope, I haven't found my keys yet. Can you do Curves with your brace on or do you take it off? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

"Gam" -- I did think to check my purse that I was carrying this spring. I even went through and checked pants pockets when I found a shopping list in a pair the other day. I agree that the weight issue is a very personal thing. My mom once told me it was easier to take it off when you are young than when you are older and I didn't listen to her advice. :( Now I wish I would have! What color is the second hat going to be?

Gail -- I will be curious as to what the endodontist charges you. Bob had to pay $800 three years ago for a 3rd root and I just paid $620 for a 3rd root a couple of weeks ago. His letter of introduction letter states that payment is due the day of the appointment. I've had several root canals and never had any problem. The worst part, for me, is that my jaws get sore from being held open so long. :lol: You are lucky to get in so soon. Good luck!

Maggie -- You will have the 2#s off in short order. :yes: My weigh in is at 5:15 and the meeting is at 5:45. We are usually out of there by 6:05 or 6:10 at the latest becuase our leader is a dud and there is little participation. Bob and I always go out to eat afterwards and I don't write anything down. I figure it is my one "freebie" (no journaling) meal of the week. I've been writing things down but not the point value since school started. I need to get back to tracking the points. For years the dentist thought I had a crack in my tooth and it turned out to be the 3rd root giving me trouble. Now that that is fixed the gum area has gone back to its normal size.

I'm off to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-26-2008, 06:44 AM
Good morning ladies. Today is my last surgical dr appt! :carrot: Well, I am assuming so as the little bit of incision that wasn't healed when I was there 6 weeks ago is not completely healed and up closer to the surface. I have a 10:30 appt, but am going to be all ready when I take Jack to work and run by dmv and try and get my license renewed before the drs. Maybe if I get there real early I will be first in line. After all, someone has to be first, right! :D Tenn allows you to renew online, but I got my license when we moved down here before the federal law passed where you had to prove your citizenship so I have to go in and take my birth certficate this time. I have to pay $19.50 for a regular operators' license, which I think is outrageous. But we who have no state income tax have to get it out of us someway! :)

Gail: Hope you can get your tooth problem solved and can go back to normal. It is agony when you have that problem.

Maggie: I used to not eat until I weighed in either and it would be after 1 pm before I had anything to eat on weigh days. I got to thinking that if I would just eat my pts that maybe it would show a slight gain, but if I would do that every week it would then even out and show just regular losses. Sometimes the things we do to our body.

Jean: Ok, I would suggest looking in the couch cushions, chair cushions and car seat cushions next. Maybe they fell out and got lodged in one of them. As for the hat, the little pink one I posted with the buttons is the one I am working on now. Though it isn't finished, here is the first hat I did. It is a rough pic as I have to measure the sides to tac them in place, sew on the flowers, buttons etc, but you get the idea. I am waiting for my wheelbarrow buttons for the sides which I enclosed a pic of.

Susan: You can have some of our rain. It has rained 4 days in a row here and makes the humidity just unbearable. We haven't had issues with mosquitos at all this year, but if it keeps it up, I imagine we will.

Well, I have to go. I want to put away the dishes out of the dishwasher then have to head upstairs and get ready for a long day. Have a good one.

08-26-2008, 12:20 PM
Good morning, ladies. Anticipating rain for the next 4-5 days. We'll see if it actually happens. It's all clouded over with dark rain clouds now. I did have a few drops on the drive to work so that may be it for the day. Weatherman said Fay us giving us rain!

Faye, the hat is adorable. I hope the doctor dismisses you today. It's been a long haul for you.

Jean, I actually can't do all the Curves workout - only the upperbody, nothing that involves my leg. So I do extras on the machines I can. I have great strength in my legs but my upperbody needs more strength. I have to leave the brace on. I can only take it off to shower or change clothes. I have a hunch your keys ran away to elope with my quilt block. I gave up looking, it'll turn up sometime.

Maggie, I'm with you on the salt - popcorn, chips, nuts. I have to be really careful of my portions. I eat before I weigh in. As you said, it's up the first time but thereafter it evens out. Just think, if you can't eat one time it'll be way down!

I cut out a new quilt this morning so that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

Have a great day, and stay dry if you have rain.

08-26-2008, 12:28 PM

It is another cloudy day here and I do believe that it has been cloudy and rainey all month which isn't bad at all for the humidity has stayed down in the 30's. I woke up ready to do battle with this weight and get my head back into the losing mode. You know it all starts in the head don't ya. Got an appointment to have Ragg Mopp bathed and clipped tomorrow and the prices are much lower than we were paying out west. We have found that the clothing and food prices are the same but the other items are lower which is teriffic. Especially the gas. It is much lower because CA has that extra 62 cent tax they tack on to every little gallon of gasoline.

DONNA I hope you did get in front of the line. :cool: Don't you just hate it when you are in line there and the person in front has an encyclopedia full of questions and takes forever. I still have my TN ~ the one I got renewed on line and it doesn't have my picture on it. ;) I love it and it is good till 2011. I found I could keep it because legally I don't have to change it since my husband has the designation of being an Evangelist. Besides it is a piece of TN I keep close. Pictures don't usually really look like the owner anyway, usually worse in fact.

SUSAN A new quilt. What pattern are you making this time? BTW how many quilts do you have now? One day I would love to see your collection. Soon I am going to start doing my glass again. I have to get my crafts room organized. Still have some boxes in there that aren't gone through to find a home for the contents. Not having a house full of furniture ~ well I really need a small chest of drawers in there to stash needful stuff. For now I need to organize things in boxes.

Have a great day folks. Type at ya later

08-26-2008, 06:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been another beautiful day in my corner of the world -- bright sunshine with a nice breeze and no humidity. Love it! I had a few things to pick up at WM and need to make a grocery run later. Tonight is Bob's night to cook so not sure what/where that will be.

"Gma" -- I hope your appt. with the surgeon went well and you are no longer in need of his services! :D Bob looked under the car seats for my keys -- no luck. I've vacuumed the sides of the furniture and didn't find anything except crumbs and pieces of pop corn. :o

Susan -- We could sure use some rain. Maybe Faye could share both directions. ;) I've just about given up on looking for my keys and figure I will find them when I least expect to. :smug: I have several places that they could have fallen into, but I need to unpack boxes, etc., and I'm not to that point yet. Enjoy your new quilt project -- what design, colors, etc.?

Maggie -- I look like an ex-con on my driver's license picture. :eek: I even asked the guy if I couldn't just use the picture from the last time because it was a much better picture although not all that great either. I know you will have your house organized in no time! :yes:

I'm off to call my mom and make a grocery list. Have a relaxing evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-26-2008, 07:31 PM
Well. The root canal itself went fine--no pain there. However, because Dr. Liu had to drill through my permanent bridge that now has to be repaired by my regular dentist. So my bridge has a filling. That is so not right! But there it is. The numbness has worn off. I am sore (that side of my mouth)--he said I would be and I've taken some Advil for that. Jean, you ask how much is this costing me? The good Dr. Liu wanted 10% up front. I wrote a check for $99.00. Hopefully, the dental insurance will cover the remaining $891.00. We do have pretty good dental insurance. Oh yeah...I "may" see another root canal in my future. The other tooth holding the bridge? Well, it "may" decide to go bad also. This all seems like insult to injury to me because I go to my regular dentist every six months and inbetween I go to a periodontist for deep cleanings. I do think a lot of this is inherited because my mother has the EXACT SAME MOUTH or I should say dental history that I am having now. I will fight to save my teeth!! :D (See? I can still grin?!)

Maggie, I agree with you--eating after WW would be way too late! My only suggestion (and I'm sure you've done this) would be to eat lightly that day and stop drinking water around 2pm.

And I've been saying this and not following through but I did FINALLY rejoin WW this morning at 8am. I am glad I did because if I had not I would slowly regain all the weight I lost and then some. I have to be held accountable. Today has been an off-beat kind of day of eating since I have to be careful of what I eat and not allow it to roam to the bridge side until I get it repaired (sounds like I need a bridge engineer instead of a dentist, doesn't it?!). I'm certainly not in any danger of going over daily points today.

Wayne is working late today so I don't have to cook dinner--he's going to grill some hamburgers outside. Then he's going to work early in the morning. But the great thing is he has a 4-day weekend. We have nothing planned except on Sunday evening all the kids and their kids are coming over for dinner. And I haven't a clue what I'm cooking.

Susan, I used to go to Curves when the franchise came to town. I went pretty regular and enjoyed it but when I changed departments right before I retired, I found I was too busy to go anywhere after work so I dropped the membership. I may start attending again. I know I need to work on strength training.

Donna Faye, picture me waving to you because now I can't remember what I wanted to say to you since I can't scroll back re-read your last post! So frustrating. Oh yeah...I agree we have to love ourselves. I stopped beating myself up when I gain weight or don't lose what I think I should. Just not worth it. I like me. I'm my own best friend! :D



08-26-2008, 08:09 PM
It has been a lovely day here in the heartland.

I usually take my shower after I get up in the morning but waited till later today because I planned to color my hair which I did. I am now waiting for my hair to dry now after it was washed so I can mouse it. It is so soft and just there unless I junk it up. But once I junk it up like tomorrow I will just have to spritz it with water and it will go back into a do. Tonight is ladies class at the church so it was a good time to get myself clean and put some smell good on.

JEAN So sorry you haven't located your keys ~ that must be a pain to have to get them replaced. Enjoy those days with out that humidity! ;) An x-con eh? That is too funny.

GAIL A filling in your bridge sounds a bit strange doesn't it. I once had a root canal done through a crown. What tooth is it ~ maybe your lower right 12 year mollar? I had a bridge for that tooth which came out and was called a spider bridge. They don't make them anymore (saftey) and I don't wear it anymore either. As I got older ~ these last couple of years it just didn't fit right anymore. Teeth must have shifted some. Anyway I quit wearing it because it would always come up when I ate and it was scary if I were to swallow it. I toyed with the idea of a permanent bridge but at my age I opted to live with it as is. I do hope your insurance does pick up the tab. We have insurance and piggy back on that so in a sence we have insurance on our insurance. Anyway the piggy back pays what the other insurance doesn't. Yes Monday is an 18 point day so I am at my bare minimum on weigh day anyway and restrict that fluid until after weigh in. A cup weights a pound they say. Good for you for rejoining. Now buckle down and lets get down this road to thin together. We love bbqed burges and in fact we are having a couple over this coming Saturday for them. I think I'll make a point frendly potato salad to go with.

Well folks I think I can go mouse my hair now. Actualy it isn't really mouse it is called Got 2B Spike Gel Type at ya later