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04-02-2002, 11:09 PM
K guys,

I confess: I'm a serious overeater! Cmon I know SOMEONE out there can relate - the diet's going well for one day...two days if I'm lucky...then BAM the cravings just get to be so very tempting that you just can't resist. It's especially easy when no one's watching or no one cares enough to tell you to stop. I need a collaborative collection of wisdom from all of ya'll to share YOUR best ways to defeat cravings. I need your help!! Thanks :D

Ready for a change,

04-03-2002, 02:49 PM
Try writing down EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth. Even the binge stuff. Get a hobby. Go for a walk. Clean out a closet. Do something to take your mind off of food. Check out a catalog for bathing suits, better yet, try on some bathing suits! ...REALITY CHECK!

Prepare for the cravings...have low cal things that you like handy...popcorn, chocolate rice cakes, fruit, yogurt...eat enough at mealtimes so that you will be full, less likely to munch on full stomach. Drink your water. Have a cup of tea. Do needlework. Go to the park. Smell the flowers. Ask a friend/hubby/bf/partner, see if THEY have any suggestions! ;)

Just putting in my $0.02!

good luck!

04-05-2002, 12:20 PM
I read you, I see me...;)
And I'm tired of it too...but don't know how to get rid of this old old old eating pattern...my problem is late at night, as you say when nobody's watching.
I was wondering if we could begin a support group, those of us who just can't seem to get it right, try to be honnest with each other and help each others??? would you like to join ????
I posted under support , hope I'll see you there !