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08-18-2008, 10:57 PM
So, today was day 1 and I can feel myself struggling, I know this will subside in a couple days I just have to press on! I made a eewygooey sugar laden apple pie(we have apple trees in our yard producing fruit this year so I wanted to take advantage!) for my DF and didn't touch one bit of it. Actually cooked fruit grosses me out so that part wasn't hard, its the crusty sugary carmely crap that would get me.... but so far so good. I also made him some homemade mac and cheese for dinner and didn't touch it either... He can eat anything and still be skinny! ugh!

anywho- here is my menu. I think I did pretty good today but wanted to get everyones opinion and any constructive critisism or suggestions are appreciated! fyi-I am lacto-ovo vegetarian

Thanks in advance~

please see my fitday link for menu :) I have too few posts to post a link here...:dizzy:

08-18-2008, 11:50 PM
Don't torture yourself by making treats you will want to eat! I hope your DF doesn't expect you to do that all the time. South Beach has lots of really delicious foods, make and eat them, and your DF can have some, too!

08-19-2008, 12:06 AM
just because he's thin does not mean he is healthy... he needs to eat well too.

Fat Melanie
08-19-2008, 12:53 AM
My BF is thin and probably not very healthy... he has high blood pressure and he eats so much fattening junk and sugary crap that he's probably vitamin deficient among other things.

I tried to look at your fitday and it won't let me! What kind of stuff did you eat? Good job at resisting the apple pie and the mac n' cheese. I personally could not have withstood the temptation and it's great that you did.

08-19-2008, 01:00 AM
I did atkins a while back and always made him something starchy along with a veggie and protien, now were both vegetarians and it still doesn't seem to bother me to make him something I can't eat...

Its just the initial getting used to this WOL and getting rid of the cravings...

No worries- he eats healthy most of the time- at least when I cook usually- now, when I am gone and the frozen pizza comes in who knows! lol

so, here is basically what I had, I was hungry today!

B: egg with 1/4 green pepper and 5 button mushrooms 1 tbs olive oil
s: 2 talks celery with light cream cheese
L: 2 veggie dogs with mustard and lc ketchup
S:nsa popsicle, 1c ff milk
D: 2c fresh spinach cooked with garlic and olive oil with mushrooms, a veggie burger with 1bs mayo 2 slices tomato and 2 leaves romaine lettuce
S: roasted chic peas, 2 c hot tea

08-19-2008, 01:06 AM
I was trying to see others fit day page as well and I can't see it either- it always takes me to mine- ugh!

Fat Melanie
08-19-2008, 01:27 AM
IMO, your menu looks good to me, only I myself would eat 2 eggs (but I don't think 2 eggs are required so you're just fine!) You need at least one more cup of dairy though, like another cup of ff milk somewhere, and plus I didn't see any cheeses, maybe a slice of rf cheese on your veggie burger or a sprinkling on your veggie dogs or morning eggs?

I could be wrong because I'm not experienced with the SBD yet, but I've learned a lot. But the above post is to the best of my knowledge. :)

08-19-2008, 03:03 AM
You don't say how much Cream Cheese. There is a limit of 2 Tbs. per day. One Tbs. oil with breakfast, 1Tbs mayo and olive oil ? amt with supper. (Remember the limit of 2 servings of fat per day.) You don't say how much chickpeas. Some people overeat these so be careful on quantity. Your lunch looks too light on veggies. IMO this is one of the most important times to get your veggies in to prevent hunger/snacking in the afternoon. Remember, you should be getting 4 1/2 cups of veggies per day. Otherwise I think your food choices look good to me.

08-19-2008, 04:25 AM
Mmmmm - spinach with garlic & mushrooms. Sounds good.

I agree with Murphmitch about the veggies for lunch.

What are the veggie dog and veggie burger made of (ingredients not the nutrition panel)?. If they have refined carb ingredients they may be making you hungry.

There could be room in your menu for beans which are filling (and not mentioned in the original book as ok to eat, but added in the new book).

08-19-2008, 07:15 AM
I love refried beans or black beans with my breakfast. It keeps me full better. I'll just echo what others have said - 4 1/2 cups of veggies a day are essential. On this WOL it's really hard to eat too many veggies!

08-19-2008, 08:23 AM
I agree. More veggies and add some beans. If you are hungry, eat, eat, eat...keep hard boiled eggs and salad fixings, left over vegges etc in your fridge so you can easily grab when you feel the need to. That will help you from grabbing no-nos!

08-19-2008, 11:05 PM
Thanks, I only had 2tbs cream cheese and forgot to add that I had a .5 oz slice of provolone with breakfast and dinner... I didn't eat veggies for lunch cause I was on the go, but honestly I usually am on the verge of 6+c a day of them. Im a veg head and I eat tons of them!so, today I had

B: 2eggs with 1c spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes, .25c green pepper, 2 veggie sausage links, 2 large mushrooms
S: roasted veggies with olive oil and spices .5c
L: 3/4c cubed tofu with tamari and ginger 8 mushrooms, 5 stalks asparagus, .5c green beans, .5c roasted eggplant salad(ate at whole foods..yum.)
S: .25c chic peas roasted
D: large salad 2c romaine, diced tomatoes, cheese, black olives, green salsa, 1/2 c black beans 2tbs guacamole

I may have a nsa popsicle later... we'll see... for now I think I am going to try to just have some hot tea and see if that satisfies~

08-19-2008, 11:07 PM
ooh, and I also had an 11oz can of v8 this morning.