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08-18-2008, 11:56 AM
For you newbies....this is a thread where we share what we're having for dinner in hopes to inspire others to try new things and give new ideas.

Today we're having pecan crusted chicken tenders, summer veggie gratin, and a green salad. Dessert is still up in the air, but I'm thinking it'll be some sort of yogurt pie.

08-18-2008, 12:00 PM
Salmon filets and ratatouille.
Fudgesicle for dessert if I don't eat it earlier. I am determined to only have one today.

08-18-2008, 12:03 PM
per dh we are having baked chicken breast and lots of veggies

08-18-2008, 12:06 PM
Now that the BBQ is working again - Duh! out of propane _ I will do a skewer of pork tenderloin, red pepper and onion and have it with green beans and tomatoes from the garden. The peppers and onions are from the garden too but I didn't grow the pig. Maybe in my next Life. :lol:

08-18-2008, 01:45 PM
Chicken breat or Turkey burgers with Steamfresh veggies

08-18-2008, 01:54 PM
It was going to be WW Pasta with Pesto Sauce, but I decided to have some All-Bran crackers at lunch, and already had a WW english muffin at breakfast (which is 2 servings), so no pasta for me tonight.

Maybe I'll steam some shrimp and vegetables.

08-18-2008, 02:08 PM
we are having chili tonight with kidney and pinto beans, onions, extra lean ground beef, and chili seasonings with a little bit of ff sour cream on top, and green tabasco.

08-18-2008, 02:28 PM
camping food - squash salad with black beans and veggie burgers. I've also taken to nibbling on pickling cucumbers all day long :)

08-18-2008, 02:47 PM
Pizza soup: homemade tomato broth with stewed tomatos (no sugar), tomato paste(no sugar of course) and diced tomatos, sliced broccoli, cauliflower, sliced olives, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, lean ground beef, low fat mozzarella and low fat ricotta.

08-18-2008, 03:04 PM
Wow, pizza soup sounds yummy!

We are having leftover grilled cilantro chicken, coleslaw, caprese "stacks" and some sort of veggy TBD...probably broccoli.

08-18-2008, 05:45 PM
I'm in the mood for breakfast this evening so I think it looks like we will have a spinach quiche with a peach for dessert.

Belle Mer
08-18-2008, 06:03 PM
Bison and black bean chili. Large salad with raw veggies.
Cantaloupe for dessert.

08-18-2008, 08:57 PM
We are having leftover grilled cilantro chicken, coleslaw, caprese "stacks" and some sort of veggy TBD...probably broccoli.

Do you have the recipe for cilantro chicken? It sounds yummy!

Tonight's dinner is a stuffed pork chop, cabbage, and peas.

08-18-2008, 09:10 PM
I had the SBD turkey and bacon wrap...

08-18-2008, 09:38 PM
I had Baked beans...cucumber and tomato salad.

Yum Yum!!;)

08-18-2008, 09:45 PM
That pizza soup sounds great. My dad and I just made a ton of homemade stewed tomatoes.

We had South Pacific venison (basically sweet and sour venison, with pineapples, green peppers, jalapenos) brown rice and salad.

08-18-2008, 11:39 PM
Tonight we had grilled shrimp, grilled squash and asparagus and red bean mash cakes with tossed salad. cheesecake for dessert.

08-19-2008, 01:11 AM
Tonight I had sauteed fresh spinach in olive oil with garlic and mushrooms
a mushroom lovers veggie burger sandwiched between romain and tomatoes with mayo
some roasted chic peas and hot tea for after dinner snack :)

08-19-2008, 06:58 AM
Turkey spaghetti sauce with "curled" zucchini instead of pasta ( Salad with spinach, avocado and the tiny core of the zuchinni (the core is left over after the machine makes the "spaghetti" cute and VERY tender) greek dressing on the salad.

08-19-2008, 12:07 PM
We're eating out tonight, but I wanted to share that I made the summer veggie gratin last night from the Phase 2 side dish recipes. I kept the potatoes (2 really small ones) but substituted pecans for the cornbread. It was SO GOOD!!! Yummy, Yummy recipe!!!

Belle Mer
08-19-2008, 12:13 PM
Baked Falafel, tzatsiki sauce (cucumber/yogurt/mint/lemon) whole wheat pita, salad. Berries for dessert.

08-19-2008, 12:24 PM
hmac, I'm glad you liked the vegetable gratin dish. It was a big hit when I took it to a potluck this summer!

Tonight we're having Chicken Satay Stir-Fry, which I just posted the recipe for in Phase II meals. It could be easily modified for phase 1 as well.

08-19-2008, 12:51 PM
tzatziki sauce is my mouth is watering just thinking of it! I use it to dip any veggy, as a salad dressing and on meats. My best girlfriend is Greek and she created a monster in me when she introduced me to Greek foods.

Leftover grilled chicken made into a chicken salad. I think I'll throw together some sort of cold bean salad as well.

08-19-2008, 01:10 PM
chicken and sausage gumbo with okra, candystriped beet salad and bleu cheese salad, and chocolate pecan pie.

08-19-2008, 03:38 PM
Roasted Pork Loin with Lima Beans and Green Beans.

08-19-2008, 09:23 PM
We just had chicken marsala on brown rice with steamed brocolli, with cucumber/tomato salad.

08-19-2008, 09:31 PM
I don't know what I'm gonna have yet. I'm supposed to go out with my DH for dinner for my BDAY, but we shall see. :)

08-19-2008, 10:36 PM
Tonight I created Everything but the kitchen sink quiche!
I'll post it in Ph 1 Breakfasts but its not really meal specific

08-19-2008, 10:40 PM
Tonight we had dinner out at Salsaritas... Normally I would have had a regular vegetarian burrito but I was fabulous and had a garden salad with all the burrito stuffings except rice! Black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, guac, olives, green salsa, cheese, and cilantro- YUMMY! didn't miss my burrito much at all! also, before we went had a few roasted chic peas just to hold my cravings back!

08-19-2008, 11:23 PM
Tonite I had grilled chicken and brocolli.

08-20-2008, 10:28 AM
Just have to say...stir-fry is not the best choice for pregnant lady!! LOL. I was STARVING two hours after eating, even with the brown rice. Hm.

Tonight is church dinner night, we're having taco salad. Mmmm. Which I've been fantasizing about for two days.

08-20-2008, 11:53 AM
I will be experimenting with a skillet eggplant lasagne with fresh basil. I've got lots of eggplant and cottage cheese I need to use up.
Steamed broccoli on the side.

08-20-2008, 12:36 PM
Last night we had sirloin steaks with steamed broccoli and cauliflower YUM. And tonight is taco salad.

08-20-2008, 12:40 PM
Just have to say...stir-fry is not the best choice for pregnant lady!! LOL. I was STARVING two hours after eating, even with the brown rice. Hm.

Tonight is church dinner night, we're having taco salad. Mmmm. Which I've been fantasizing about for two days.

no kidding, eh?

I have the same problems.....I find that I can't eat much at a sitting either. I tend to eat one small portion with dinner and then another small portion a few hours later. That along with a glass of milk keeps me full for the rest of the night and out of the snack cabinet.

I have no idea what we're having for dinner tonight as we're going to my Aunt's for dinner. I do know that chocolate cake is somewhere on the menu though. It's Dad's birthday, so I guess I can make an exception :)

For breakfast this morning, we had a scramble of eggs, tomatoes, peppers, onions, jalapenos, black beans and adzuki beans. Topped it with a little fresh salsa and sour cream. It was awesome and soooooo filling. DH and I could have split a portion.

Belle Mer
08-20-2008, 12:48 PM
WW pasta and tom. sauce, chicken sausage, broccoli, and a glass of chianti!

08-20-2008, 12:57 PM
Zeff, I was like that for awhile, not able to eat much at one time. Maybe she has shifted because I don't feel like that right now. I imagine it will come back though! Baby Libbie is 3 1/2 lbs and still getting bigger!

08-20-2008, 02:40 PM
Leftovers tonight, I have 12 bean soup that needs to be cleaned up with a side salad. Probably an apple with pb for dessert.

08-20-2008, 03:13 PM
Last night was grilled peppercorn pork tenderloin, grilled asparagus and roasted cauliflower. Tonight is going to be lean steak, i'm going to try roasting some kale, green beans and tossed salad. Breakfast cheesecake with cool whip and sf strawberry preserves for dessert.

08-20-2008, 05:31 PM
Just thought I would post my lunch since I found it so delicious!
I had tofu shiratake(sp) noodles with a little tofu and lots of green beans. 1tbs peanut butter with tamari and sariracha hot chiloi sauce and a tsp or sesame oil. YUM- but addictive, I ate way too much- but I did manage to put half away for lunch tomorrow, or possibly dinner depending on what df will eat tonight!

08-20-2008, 11:42 PM
I just made homemade spaghetti sauce (there was only one sugarless sauce at the store, so I figured I'd make it myself with the abundance of tomatoes from my garden!!) to make crockpot (noodleless) lasagna. YUM!! Tomorrow night's supper is ready to go!

08-21-2008, 12:42 AM
I had a chicken breast fried in about 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil with Cajun Seasoning and spinach.

It was very yummy!


08-21-2008, 12:58 AM
I made chili tonight with 1 can great white northern beans(kidney beans are too tough for my taste) 2 cans diced tomatoes and about 1/2 a bag of crumbles by morningstar. along with spices it wasw delicious! a little warm still for chili but hey, it sounded good! I also had a huge salad with crumbled feta :)

08-21-2008, 11:13 PM
I had a Western Omelet...Ham, Bell Peppers Onion, & Tomatoes, FF Cheese.

It was very good!

08-22-2008, 12:40 AM
I had leftover chili from last night poured over a big salad with avacado and salsa- voila- taco salad!

08-22-2008, 09:57 PM
Chicken enchiladas with LF sourcream

08-22-2008, 10:28 PM
Warm collard slaw with tempeh bakin & sauteed patty pan squash with dill

08-23-2008, 12:04 AM
My DH made oven baked hot wings. We also had a tossed salad and Sugar-Free Jello. :)

08-23-2008, 06:20 PM
Well, I decided to do a little experimenting outside of my box with tofu- I eat tofu all the time but its always asian... so I decided I would make tofu parmesan!!! It was delicious! and filling! Perfect with a large salad.

I took my block of tofu and sliced about 1/3 in slices and put them in a pan with some EVOO and garlic and browned each side a bit. then I sprinkled one side with parm, flipped and cooked enough to brown the parm then sprinkled on other side and cooked the same way. It turned out great! TO be sure I was being sbd friendly I made my own yummy pomodoro sauce. I took a can of petit diced tomatoes, clove of garlic, pinch of pepper, about 8 basil leaves chopped and made my sauce. IT WAS A GREAT MEAL! Almost felt like cheating LOL

Belle Mer
08-23-2008, 06:50 PM
No time to cook so I'm throwing together a Caprese salad (, deviled eggs, and assorted raw veggies.

08-23-2008, 07:30 PM
I was craving a good old BLT, and made my own SBD friendly version. I put a slice of crispy bacon on a romaine lettuce leaf with some chopped tomato and avocado and rolled it all up. It was so yummy that I had 3 of them, with no cheating and no guilt! ;)

08-24-2008, 05:36 PM
Schmoodle's Skillet Eggplant Lasagna & Squash Salad

08-24-2008, 06:54 PM
We had a light, but delicious, dinner of open-faced grilled veggie panini on whole grain bread. :T Dessert's going to be fresh peaches cut up into Greek yogurt with a drizzle of agave and a dash of almond extract.

08-24-2008, 09:27 PM
Turkey burgers on the grill, veggies cooked in foil on the grill.

08-24-2008, 09:32 PM
Lunch today was cajun spiced turkey burgers on ww buns with romaine lettuce, red onion and tomatoes. Peaches and apples on the side.

Dinner tonight is spaghetti. ww pasta with some scratch bolognese that I had in the freezer. I thawed it and added chopped zucchini. Rosemary ww foccacia on the side.

08-24-2008, 11:07 PM
Steamed crabs, shrimp, sliced tomatoes, roasted curry cauliflower, leftover ww couscous salad

Frozen blueberries, Greek yogurt, agave nectar, and slivered almonds for dessert

08-25-2008, 02:05 AM
lunch was a salad with chipotle cheddar dressing and a veggie patty

dinner was a deep dish type pizza i altered a recipe I found on here... took 1/2 c veggie crumblers and put mozzarella over baked and then topped with lots of veggies and pizza sauce and a bit more mozzarella. yum. dessert was one piece russel stovers toffee (sugar free)

08-25-2008, 10:28 AM
I just threw some lentil stew in the crockpot. Hopefully it will make enough for a few days worth of lunches/dinner.