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08-18-2008, 09:57 AM
HI & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Home of the BIG A$$ Walking Challenge! :tread: :running:

Come join us as we walk away the pounds this summer.

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee: :cofdate: :coffee2:

08-18-2008, 10:18 AM
Good Morning everyone. I I hope your day is going better than mine.

Mine started off with a panic everyone's has to be better right? LoL!!! I went to sleep with one, and woke up with one. But I totally over did it yesterday. I over stressed myself out for no reason. But things got done in thats all that matters.

We bought that cat spray stuff..and had to spray it around the house. I was making the cats nervous, LOL. But the stuff made me I guess it didnt work on me, lol. Fonzo does think I need some stress free stuff. I was like..heck ya, but you gave away my tequila, lol.

OKay avoid more attacks today, I'm not gonna eat anything. I doubt I'll be able to eat tomorrow either. Ughh...

08-18-2008, 10:29 AM
Hello ladies, and a good morning to all!

Did I mention my 30 day challenge? Well, Saturday was the first day of my challenge of no eating out for 30 days. Today is day three and so far, so good. I thought I would be having withdrawals, lol...but I am fine. Had my bowl of shredded wheat but no banana :( Have to go to the grocery store later and get some.

Exercise is done...feels good getting it out of the way. I used to spread it out thru-out the day but now I like getting it done first thing. Nice not having to worry about when I will fit it in. Even worked out free day. Well, sort of...I took Chase on a 3 mile bike ride...geez, louise! My legs were hurting...need to ride the bike more often. Then I mowed the front and was a really, nice, cool day, anywho...

MINDEE...I guess I didn't realize that your sis didn't invite you guys. And sorry that your family wasn't there for ya on your special day :hug: But like you said...the people who mattered the most were there and that is really all that matters. have you decided on which apt to go with yet? I was going to say the one with the school you like but then the second one sounds good too. I'm no help, lol. Keeping my fingers crossed you get the one you want. :crossed: So what movies did you guys get? tomorrow is the BIG day! I am excited for you guys, moving day is finally here :yay: Try not to get stressed today and be safe tomorrow and enjoy the trip!


DD and I are going to see Pineapple Express later today...supposed to be funny. I did good Sat when I took Chase to the movie...didn't get popcorn or candy. I bought a bottle of water and I had stuffed a 100 cal snack in my purse to take, and gum. Decided when I feel the need to eat I am going to grab water and a piece of gum, in between meals and snacks. We saw The Mummy...was actually pretty good. Think tomorrow V and I will go see something, not sure what. Anyway...

Take care ladies, and have a wonderful day!

08-18-2008, 10:33 AM
HIYA posted while I was typing the mini-novel. Well, I hope the stuff worked on the cats. Sounds like it worked on you too but not the way it should. Try not to get too stressed missy, I know it is easier said than done. :hug: Don't starve yourself though...I don't think that would be a good really do need to eat, even if it is a piece of fruit, something in your belly is better than nothing in your belly. Try and relax, and have a good day!

08-18-2008, 11:30 AM
Good morning ladies. Beautiful day here. So far I have been busy stripping beds and washing . I had a light breakfast and have a salad already made for lunch. I am trying to cut down on bread. Ugh...we love our sandwiches and toast. I am allowing mine mostly at breakfast for my English muffin or cereal.
I have to do something different...I rode the bike every day but one and ate, I though, well. Lost not a pound!! My body just hates to give up the fat, I swear. I go on a new adventure. :)

Cristina- I hear you about eating out. We do that often. I did talk DH into eating breakfast at home today. I find that meal the hardest to eat healthy if we go out. (Love those biscuits and gravy)

Francie- Good luck today on staying calm. Have you ever tried lavender scents for calming? They have a pillow spray and sachets for the bedroom to calm you and room sprays also. I have never used them but DD had some lavender for her baby boy, who wouldn't calm, and it really helped.

Mindee- Glad you had a nice BD with the important peeps in your life. I bet the kiddos were excited for you. Those funfetti cakes look good...cute too.

Susan- Hope the house hunt goes well. Personally I would love to be by the water...but then you have to consider the schools for our Miss Gaby.

Hi Katy, Jules, Tammy. Hope all is well.

Back to Mt. Washmore.

08-18-2008, 12:56 PM
HIYA SUE...I think breakfast is the worst for me as well. You are doing what I need to do...well, strip the bed in Josh's room. We keep calling it Josh's room but I think he has slept there maybe 4 times, lol. We moved while he was in Iraq. Need to start calling it the spare room or something. Great suggestion for Francie...never entered my mind. They have the calming candles as well and it all smells so good. Enjoy your day!

I am going to go make my bed now and strip Josh's and get some laundry started before heading out to the show.

Have a GREAT day all! :hug: :wave:

08-18-2008, 02:58 PM
Just a flyby because I am F-ing manic on coffee.........

I did get a call on the astoria one last night and was approved for a move in! It has the school I like (no love because I just researched and they have above average state performance record) and it is the one closer to the water.
My only draw back is that dang bathroom but I guess I could live w/ that for a year and get something next summer. I was also thinking of the girls and wanted them to be comfortable, because with the up/down stairs it is a bigger space.
The w'd would be nice but the laudromat is just a block away, I am use to that.
anyway - the lady was going to let me know tomorrow on the townhouse one. I left it that I can sign the papers next weekend for the astoria one and he would give me the keys. Simple, so I am moving no matter what now. yay..:carrot:
oh, it was Kindergarten Cop that I got Cristina, I wanted to see the inside of the school - haha...

k- back in a bit!

08-18-2008, 03:30 PM
just popping in while I have a chance to do so.........

Marissa is taking a nap, Logan is not, and Brandon is watching a circus movie he has. Marissa climbed out of the walker this afternoon because I was taking too long to get her into the high chair to eat her lunch. so she climbed right out of it, but then got mad because her foot was still stuck inside the seat.

thanks for all the nice comments. it bugs me that none of my family had the audacity to call me on my birthday, BUT a couple of my sisters and my dad did tell me that day before, so I guess that counts. BUT even still, the ones that hadn't told me the day before should have called.

but then again, Anna, one of the kids' godmothers knew a month in advance about the party, and then told me the middle of last week that she had to check with her boyfriend because they had been invited to his friends house for a BBQ. I am tempted to send her a message and tell her that since she is one of their godmothers, that she better start acting like one, or I am going to take her off as being one of their godmothers. I am so tired of her crap that it isn't even funny! Tommy keeps telling me not to let it bother me, but I can't help but let it.

SuzieQ~ That is great to hear!!!! You will have to keep us updated on how every thing goes!

Francie~ How does not eating help with having a panic attack? I am just curious that is all. I hope you are doing better today.

Sue~ I couldn't agree more! the people that showed up yesterday I count more as family then I do as friends. Me, Tina, and Anna, (two of the three godmothers) are suppose to all get a friendship tattoo, BUT after yesterday (well actually after all the crap that Anna has been pulling) we agreed that me, Tommy, and Tina would get the tattoo instead. So, now we are trying to figure out what we want to get and where. Me and Tina would probably get it done on one of our ankles, not sure about Tommy.

gotta make this quick because I have to go and check on Logan.

Cristina~ I am going to take your lead and start a 30 day challenge about not eating out as well! Thanks for the comments on my pictures!

08-18-2008, 08:39 PM
Mindee- Marissa sounds so cute, they sure keep you hopping, huh?

Cristian - impressed w/ your bike riding, I am too scared to get on a bike. Good luck on your challenge.

Sue - Love carbs! I had 1/2 a hamburger bun w/ dill pickles on it. mmmm, should have put mustard on it too.

Francie - :hug: thinking of you.

:wave: to Asia, Katy, Sassy, Tammy and Jules!!

Went and did some school shopping for Gab,we both had a melt down in the dressing room. I swear that girls only thinks of toys. I bought her 3 dresses, 1 pair of dress shoes and a 2 piece outfit w/ leggings. Impossible to buy her jeans.
I was going to warm up the dresses when it gets cooler in the Fall w/ nylons and sweaters. I still want to get her some more dresses , shoes and a coat. .....other stuff. lol
Anyway, what I bought today was around $80 so I was happy w/ that. We shopped at Kohls and Target.

problem solved on the apt! If I get the apt I want I can always tranfer her over to the school I want her to attend. I can do that because I was going to take her anyway and it would only be 4 more miles.

k-back later.

08-18-2008, 11:16 PM
Pop in here....I rode 2 miles in the afternoon and then 2 more tonight. Yay! Now if I could do that 3 times a day.
Food was on target too. Fitday says I ate 1205 calories. It also says I can have 2200. Like, can anyone lose weight on that?

I'm not too sure I will do Fitday...seems like if I figure the calories right after dinner I am always thinking "oh..that's low, I can have more." Tonight I ate a few animal crackers with my cup of tea and called it good.

Hi to ya'll.

08-19-2008, 12:59 AM
Hi All. :wave:

I was sick on my nights off last week, had a fever and all that jazz, I still do not feel quite 100% yet, but ok.......Just kinda have that "icky" feelin'. :p But I'm glad to feel "icky" at work, vs. when I am at home and can't enjoy myself. At least I'm getting paid, right?? lol.....

Wow ya'all have been chatty :blah: today!

Francie -- :hug: Hope everything goes smoothly for ya.

Cristina -- I ate out yesterday AND today! :faint: But DH packed me a spring green salad with low-fat dressing for lunch tonight........Oh and I've been snacking on those mini-snickers too! Man!! When I fall off the wagon, I really fall off!! lol.

Sue -- I need to strip the bed and all that too. Maybe this weekend it will get done since hopefully I won't be sick! lol. UGH I love bread I know I shouldn't eat it, but I just love it so. :love: Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? lol. WOW girl, you go with all your miles! :bike: Thats awesome! :high:

Suzie Q -- Great news! Awesome. :D

:hug: Mindee.

My health insurance is really irritating me! :mad: Since I switched it over to being me as the "primary" since my dh is unemployed, they are being buttheads. Its like I'm starting all over again!!! So frustrating! They are fighting against one of my Diabetic Medications that I have been taking for several years now. And I am still with the same insurance and all, just changed the primary from my DH to me is all. They are even fighting with my dr! So ridiculous! I told DH not like its a new medication I'm taking or something that isn't that important, like my wellburtrin, which yes I need, but its not like it will affect my health like not taking my diabetic medication. Luckily he has me on 2 medicines and I have the other one, but still, just irks me that they are battling over that. Its been 2 weeks now without my medication and do they care? Noooooo and its not a medication the drs office gets samples of either........So irritating!!!!!! So I am sure once I have to refill my other meds they are gonna fight me on those too. my :soap:

Big :hug: to all that need it right now!!

08-19-2008, 01:49 AM
My goodness, I can't believe Brandon has a week and a half before he starts school again!! where in the heck did the summer go? It seems like now that he is in school, the summer just flew by like it was nothing!

I am hoping to get either a call or letter stating when he in fact starts, who his teacher is, and if he is in the morning or afternoon from the school district soon! the past couple of nights I have had a dream where I get up to start the day, look out the window and the bus is sitting there waiting to pick him up!

And on that note, Logan has a week and a half before his recheck appointment. By then, they will have their insurance, so I will have them go ahead and make the appointment for Brandon with the ENT. I am also going to make sure with the pediatrician about Logan. If he still has the fluid in his ear, I am going to see if they will make an appointment for him as well just to be on the safe side.

As for Miss Marissa, well, she is just jumping for every thing these days! Today, she got mad at me because I was taking too long to get her lunch ready, so she decided to climb out of the walker herself! And then she proceeded to get mad at me because her foot was caught in the walker! She then proceeded to do it again when Tommy got home from work! I was making dinner, and he said "did you just get her out of the walker?" I said "what are you talking about? I have been in here making dinner. How could I get her out of there? why, did she get out again?" I then saw her zoom by the gate, so I knew that she had gotten out again! Now, if we can get her to be brave enough to take those first steps!!

as for the napping..........well Marissa seems to be the only one doing! I am hoping that when school starts up again, that Brandon will take one if he gets into the morning class. If he gets into the afternoon class, then it will be great for getting him to bed early at night!

SuzieQ~ Yay on doing the school shopping! Right now, I am happy that Brandon needs very minimal things for school. He already has his clothes, his back pack, and shoes. So, unless we get a list from his teacher or in the mail, we don't have to buy him anything for school this year! that is great about the school........I hope you get the one that you want!!!

Sue~ It is good to hear from you! how are things with you, your DH, and your mom?

Sassy~ I have been meaning to tell you thank you for the smilebox you made me for my birthday! I meant to show it to my hubby on Monday, but I forgot. I got teary eyed while looking at it. And I saw that same site in one of my magazines and actually have it bookmarked to look at it more so I can do some slide shows on it! I hate having to fight with insurances......and trust me, I have had my fair share of them all!

08-19-2008, 05:25 AM the big stuff is gone. We're sitting on our air mattress and watching the Olympics on the little tv, lol. The cats were okay..until we put them in the bathroom. They flipped out big time!!!!!!!! They think that whenever they go in the bathroom, then they'll get a they were scared. But after they got the boxes out of the walk in closet..we put them in there..and they were happy again, lol. I even sat and play in there with them. That seemed to make them happy.

The movers left at 2:30pm (they got here at like 9am). Lucky was totally spooked!! She just went to the corner of the bedroom window and looked really tiny and scared. Poor baby. Sassy & April were exploring everywhere. We sprayed that anti stress stuff...and after awhile, Lucky seemed to calm down a little bit. We blew up the air mattress ( came with an electric pump) and put it in the living room, lol..cuz its nice and cool in here. Lucky sat on the floor next to the mattress. I had to put a blanket over here, cuz all she wanted to do was hide. We fell asleep for awhile..and Sassy slept on the bed with us. April was too hyped up to sleep. She was running around EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! LoL!!! I sorta woke up cuz I was really hot..and thats when I realized that Lucky was sleeping on my tummy, lol. She was all curled up and it was sooo sweet. She's doing much better now. She took a big nap..then did some exploring with the other cats. Sassy & April are sleeping right now. April finally passed out, lol. Poor things had a crazy day. I feel bad for them. But they are okay for now. That stress stuff works!! Which is hella good!! LoL!!

Mindee~I try to avoid eating whenever I feel panicky..cuz sometimes I get really hot, and my stomach starts hurting. And then I usually end up throwing up. I hate throwing I try to avoid eating. But I was so hungry today, that I ate, lol.

Sue~Lavander makes me sneeze really bad. But if theres anything else..then I will totally try it.

Okay..I'm gonna go catch some Z's right now. I will write more before we leave!!!!

08-19-2008, 12:27 PM
Just a quickie here, I'm at work today and was just lurking and trying to catch up. I had a four day weekend and painted all weekend. Two bedrooms down and one more to go. I hope to take off next weekend and not do any painting. That is unless I get a call that my new bedroom furniture is in and then it will be back to the painting. I'm so bad with paint colors and DH was really hoping that I was not changing the color in our bedroom (it really doesn't need painting, but the new comforter doesn't match the current paint color) but he came home and found that I put 5 different colors blocks on the wall, using the sample paints at the paint store, and he said "well now, I guess we will have to paint".

Cristina--I know what you mean about calling Josh's room...Josh's room. We still call my kids rooms by their names even though Justin only was his for a few months before going into the CG and Lauren has been out of her's for 8 mo now. DH is now calling the bedrooms, guest room #1, #2 & #3!!

Francie-- Have a wonderful and safe trip and I can't wait to meet you in Annapolis!!

Gotta go, someone is calling me, someone needs a bottle, a call light is on, an IV is beeping...the list goes on and on.......

08-19-2008, 01:46 PM
Hi Tammy- Great to "see" you again. Wow...would you come paint at my house? We don't need it either, but I have some color changes in mind. (don't tell my DH, he will freak) You stay busy that's for sure.

Francie- Good wishes on your drive today. I hope you can make it an adventure. Don't stress too much.

Mindee- Celebrating for you on the back to school comments. Yay!!! Mommy has a little more freedom. (That is if Mr. Logan doesn't pull some shenanigans.) haha.

Susan- I am sure you will enjoy the move, whatever you decide. Well, not the actual moving part...LOL. That is not fun!

Sassy- I am sorry you have been sick. Better take care of yourself and not get too run-down. Bestest wishes to you and DH.

Cristina- I did good yesterday...and so far today. Playing with Fitday has given me something to do. :) I am still trying to decide how to log in 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup...grrr.

I rode 2 miles this morning while DH made himself some gravy for breakfast. Then I ate cereal and fruit. hurdle crossed today. Have cleaned bathrooms and swept all the floors. Also washed and re-filled the hummingbird feeders.

I think I will read for awhile once I get off here. My neighbor brought us tomatoes, corn and green beans, so I will have a healthy fresh veggies dinner of some sort.
Have to ride another 2 miles later, but it is too hot right now. Gotta get it early and late right now.

Have a good day ya'll...and where is Katy and Jules???

08-19-2008, 02:46 PM
Just a quickie! I need to take my car in for a check on the brakes and maybe some more shopping this afternoon at JCPen.

Down 1 more pound. I have the school reg. forms the school coming today, w/ the school supply list...awww, I need to write a letter requesting a transfer but am waiting to see if I was even approved for the townhouse one. Maybe a lotta fussing for nothing. Probably, story of my life!

Mindee- Yay school...I love the start of school and Fall time. Hope you get some answers asap :)

Tammy - yay,,,,nice to see you still hanging around! :)

Sue - It should be an easy peasy move, I really don't have that much stuff. I figure 2 hours to set back up at the new place. I have moved so much over the recent years I had a habit of just throwing away stuff instead of bothering w/ packing. Now I have nothing, lol. I was kind of reading about the Spain swim team and their flashy costumes, what is that all about???

Sassy - :hug: hope you get the medical straightened out, can be stressful. I am just trying to get Rach a mental health appt and she said it would take 2 weeks to get her an appt.....just an appt! WhatEVER.

Francie - :hug: to you and the kitties!!

Cristina - :wave:

Katy :wave:

Jules :wave:

Asia :wave

better rest for the unemployed. haha

08-19-2008, 03:49 PM
Hello, hello :wave:

FRANCIE...thinking of you, Fonzo and the kitties. Remember to relax, enjoy and be safe. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

SUE...I tried fitday once just could never remember to go there. About the 2200 cals...not sure if one could lose weight on that many cals. I know the hubby went to see a dietician once and she put him on 2200 cals...he lost 10 pounds the first week and even went over some days. But we all know men are different from us. I know I couldn't lose on that, just seems a little high..but then I think they take your exercise into account as well so maybe. The fresh veggies sound good.

SUSAN...yay on tmoving! :yay: I know how much you want to be on the coast. Here's to new beginnings :cheers: Sounds like you got some great deals for school. And I know JC Penney's is having a great sale right now so have fun shopping! And thank you for the good luck wishes.

MINDEE...the pics were cute! I loved the fohawk, too cute! I'm with you...where did summer go? The kids here started school last week, I swear it gets earlier every year. I wish you luck on the challenge. I am doing okay so far, not really feeling like I am missing out. But I know as time goes by and things happen it will prove to be challenging. I have faith we can do it!

TAMMY...I will probably keep calling it Josh's room but once he gets all his stuff out it will be a computer/craft/grandkids room, lol. I won't paint though because I don't think he will take the bed or bedding and I just painted. Umm, rather, the hubby did. But I hear ya on the paint colors, ugh...decisions, decisions. And it is so hard to figure out what a color is going to look like in the whole room from one little square. Our bedroom we started with one and it looked nothing like the little swatch. The second one was perfect and I love it...swampwater, lol. It's kind of an olive green. But the bath, ugh. It is ugly. I think since the hubby is home I know what he will be doing tomorrow, lol. Hope you find the right color!

SASSY...those darn insurance companies. I don't know why they have to fight us. I mean we do pay for it, or a portion of it. Hope you get it straightened out and sorry you are feeling icky...hope you feel better soon :hug:

HIYA KATY & JULES...hoping all is well with you ladies, we miss you :hug:

Okay, so today has been a blah day. I feel so tired. But now that I have some food in my belly (just had lunch) I think I am ready to go. I slept in and I always feel so bad when I do. I hate getting up early to walk but when I don't my body hates me for it. Needless to say, I have not gotten any exercise done at all. I am getting ready to go do half the walk outdoors and then come back and do some dvd's...I will get something done today.

Today is day 4 of my challenge and so far so good. Not feeling like I am missing out on anything. I think I just got in the habit of eating out so much, not out of neccessity but just habit. I know once lunch is down there will be no problem with dinner, especially if I don't go anywhere. Dinner is planned problemo.

Better get going and get some laundry done.

Take care ladies, and have a great day!:hug:

08-19-2008, 08:48 PM
Ya..we're still here, lol. We needed a freakin day off to just rest up. We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning though. So ya..just letting you all know. I probably wont be able to get back online until we get to a hotel that has wireless internet.

08-19-2008, 08:59 PM
Hello *echo* Hello *echo* echo*, way too quite today!

How are you Cristina? Eating out does pack on the calories, I blame that on 40 pounds of my 60 pound weight gain. lol Hope you are feeling better and not so much blah.

It is going to be quite without our Miss Francie for the net 9 days. Too bad she couldn't have been moving to Idaho or something. ha

Going to fix my brakes and get an oil change for $275.....have t ochange the front rotors too, it was bare bone, metal against metal. Plus next week I might get some new tires because with all the back and forth I am going to be doing I need a safe car.

Went shopping and bought Gab some more junk..... I think I have $80 more in her budget.

I bought another dress, another 2 piece outfit, a pacific trail coat, a white sweater, slip on brown shoes that are real cute, and some Nike's $35 orig and with the sale I got them for $20, plus another shirt. Grand total $120, I figured I saved $40 with the sales. I was happy w/ that.

I still need nylons, underwear, socks, and another sweater....and maybe some more leggings. Anyway, have to spend the whole $

Starving!! Think I will have chicken and steamed carrots for dinner, I totally skipped lunch. :yikes: Looking forward to finishing Double Cross tonight,,,,

Hi to everyone! :wave:

08-19-2008, 09:01 PM
:yikes: Francie!! lol ,,,,,:hug: to you!! *sigh....wireless internet! :bravo: we need our Francie fix :)

08-19-2008, 10:34 PM
Back again for a few minutes...waiting for DD to finish up in the exercise room so I can do my weights and jump in the shower. I was going to take a free day from exercise and just couldn't do it, lol. Ended up doing 4.20 miles so that's not so bad. Need to go add that to the ticker. I am either really close to the 300 mile challenge or I passed it already. Took that ticker off and made the 1500/2008 goal one but I keep track on my printed calendars so just need to add it up. Anyway...

FRANCIE...makes sure and get lots of rest missy, that's an order!

SUSAN...sounds like you are finding lots of good bargains for Miss Gaby. Yeppers, you need to get your car fixed and in tip top shape with all the driving you will be doing. And yes, eating out does add on the pounds! And we ate out so much last week I really don't care to for a very long time. But I imagine come close to the 30 days being over I will get the itch, lol.

And speaking of eating out...DS called me today and asked me if I wanted something from Arby's. :yikes: I asked him "WHAT?" And told him "What did your sister say to you?" Lol...DD told him to quit calling me and asking if I want something on his way home. He forgot which is okay. I am proud that I did not give in and say "Yeah, bring me something." So I did good. I told DH the same that DD told DS...I told him "Do NOT call me to ask if I want something!" I told him if I need something say from the store I will call him but don't call me to ask if I want some fast food. I am hoping me not eating it will make them stop. DD doesn't want any, and DS is trying to not eat out so much but with his school, giving spanish lessons, and work it's hard to get around it sometimes. At least he is being careful and making better choices. Anywho, blah, blah, blah, lol...

Hoping everyone is having a great evening. Ciao! :hug:

08-19-2008, 11:45 PM
Quickie before I go to bed.... I did the extra 2 miles for 4 today. Ate pretty well OP also. Well, I am counting calories and was under the 1200. I did some fancy switching out of food at dinner so I could have a few slices of fried green tomatoes. That cost me my snack and I was glad to give it up. We only have FGT once or twice a year, so I splurged.
I am getting various conflicting opinions on how many calories biking I am not even worrying about that. I know I HAVE to do it or some type moving, so I just will.
Also looking to find out the percentage of Carbs, Fat and Protein a person should eat daily. Fitday tells you how many you are eating, but I can't find a guideline for how much you SHOULD eat.
Oh well...just being a nerd. I am smart enough to know if I eat less and move more I will feel better and might, just might lose a pound or two. (Although that is slow going for me) :)
Anyway, Goodnight ladies. Francie, be careful and I will be thinking of you!!

08-20-2008, 01:13 AM

Mindee -- YW. Glad you liked it. I made one for my mom last week, just one to make her "Smile", I thought it was really cute, put all that effort into it and all I got back from her was, "that was neat". :yikes: I dunno just made me feel like "Why bother?" So I surely do appreciate that you enjoyed it. That is why I do them for. :)

Sue -- Thanks. I feel better, but I still sense a little bit of the "Bug" or whatever it was still lingering.......

Cristina -- I dunno why they fight us so badly. Esp on medications we NEED. I mean its like not for my ingrown toenail or something. Its for my Diabetes! Geez. lol.

Suzy Q - I think its very sad how some offices make you wait so long to be seen. That is one reason I left one of my gyn. I wouldn't be able to get in for like 3-4 months, at least! I was like this is ridiculous! Then I found a good one and she moves out of state! Just my luck! :rofl: I hope Rach gets seen soon. It stinks having to wait, for any kind of appt.

Francie -- hoping the move goes smoothly!

Okay, so I finally got me an organizer, a very small one that fits in my purse. I wrote down everything I ate and drank yesterday, man calories really add up! I am seeing how many calories I waste on soda, so I think that will help me finally :kickbutt: the habit! I say this as I have one by my desk, but it is the same one I had from yesterday. (I put it in the fridge and all)

Yesterday for lunch I had a spring Green salad with Vinegrette and it was SO good and filling! I was surprised! I thought I'd be hungry in an hour or so, but nope! Best of all, I felt better afterwards. Usually after lunch I am soooo sleepy, but I wasn't yesterday at all! Tonight I have a lunchable cuz I just didn't feel like another salad. Now I know I probably could have two salads for my one lunchable, but its what I wanted. :( Guess I'll have to just learn the "checks and balances" I never was good at "accounting" I could never "balance" at the end! :lol: But it is a beginning. I am taking responsiblity to what I put into my mouth. Now I need to get to the exercising to subtract some of those calories! lol.

So my grand total of calories yesterday? 1173 Total.

Today has been bad. I'm afraid. But what can we do but do better tomorrow, right? :shrug:

08-20-2008, 01:41 AM
just popping in quickly!

we went to Arby's for dinner (Tommy worked over time and neither one of us felt like cooking) and then we went to Walmart. I got some money for my birthday, so I bought dinner and a couple of things from Walmart. I bought myself a two pack of hair dye, for get this $3.96! I saw that price and thought it was a joke so I made sure to run a price scan on it, as soon as it showed up on the screen, I knew that it was going home with me! Plus, it is one of the ones that only takes 10 minutes to do, so I will be able to do it myself probably at night after the kids go to bed!

I also bought a couple of other things. I had to buy a new cake pan for Tommy since I accidentally melted the other one in the oven on Monday. I turned the oven on to get it all preheated and completely forgot about the pan being in there until I was smelling cake in the kitchen. Then it dawned on both of us that it was in the oven! I also bought myself some shampoo since I was out, and then two packs of pens since we can't seem to find any more in this house!

I also drafted our letter to the owner in regards to getting our floor fixed or we will put our money in the escrow at the court house. So, I am going to write that out, grab a stamp tomorrow, and then send it out in the mail. Tommy suggested just walking it over to the office, but I think it would look more professional if it was delivered to the owner through the mail system.

Plus, on a side note, our friend that works at the complex (my boyfriend as Tommy calls him) told me that a friend of his called him with a job opportunity doing landscaping and he would be making more money doing that then what he is making now. So, if he does take it, he will start on Monday. I told him "so, if you take this job you know that you will have to come out here more often to hang out, right?" and he said "yeah I know." So, I am going to see if he is going to take it or not.

other then that, not really sure what else is going on! I have to go and write myself a note to call the transportation department about Brandon's schedule and if they know if the school district will send me anything in the mail.

08-20-2008, 11:56 AM
Good morning...I have noticed that my whole attitude changes when I am eating properly and exercising. Does that make sense? I am not losing at a great rate, but I feel better about myself. Funny, strange, but true.
For one I am not lethargic, and I attribute that to not eating as much FAT. Plain old fried foods used to make me miserable, but they tasted good, so I kept eating them. I feel good without them...not saying I won't have something fried now and then. I had green fried tomatoes last night. I just stopped at a little portion instead of tons. And I didn't feel bad afterwards. wisdom to myself this beautiful morning. LOL

I had my English muffin, fruit and a 2 mile ride this morning. For some reason my legs didn't want to pedal, but I will do 2 more later. I am off to sort through some things in my closet and scrapbooking supplies....oh fun! NOT.

Have a good day my friends.......

08-20-2008, 11:57 AM
Hey everyone..we'll be leaving here in an hour or so. Fonzo has to talk to housing first..and then we'll be hitting the road.

"Get your motoring running..headin to the highway..lookin for whatever comes our way...BORN TO WILD!!!"

LoL...I think i might've gotten some of that wrong, lol. My mom always thought he said.."*****in for a running" lmao.

Okay so ya..I'm gonna go pack up the last min stuff..and then wait for Fonzo to grace me with his cranky

08-20-2008, 12:20 PM
Happy Hump Day!!

Yes, a day off with nothing really planned :carrot:. I do need to get out and walk the dogs, go buy dogfood and might browse through Michael's for some artwork for the bedrooms. It's a beautiful day, low in the 80's. By the time Francie gets here we will probably be back in the 90's with 100% humidity!

Francie--Have a safe trip hun!

Mindee--I'm so sorry that I missed your birthday :mad: I hope it was wonderful.

Cristina--Kudos for passing up the fast food. It's so easy to just call out and order. Doing all the work around the house lately has caused me to eat out or order out too much and has led to a weight gain. I've got to be honest and change my ticker to my real weight.

Sassy--Congrats on the calorie intake. You flip back and forth with night shift, right? I don't know how you do it. When I work nights, I feel like I eat for 24 hrs straight.

Sue--I hear ya about the calories burned. The other day I was asking a dietician at work which popular diet she recommended and she said WW. But she didn't agree with their option of added points for exercise. If you aren't aware. WW allows you additional food points if you exercise a certain amount. She believes that exercise should help boost weight loss, or help maintain you weight loss and you shouldn't be encouraged to eat more just because you exercise. Makes sense to me.

Hugs :hug: to Jules, Susan, Katy, I'm sure I'm missing someone here. Ok, I've got a confession to make.....I started Alli 3 days ago and it has really keep me on track. I'm so afraid of those "nastly side effects" of eating over 15 grams of fat per meal that I stared at 2 huge oatmeal raisen cookies and a half of a chocolate layer cake all day yesterday at work and didn't even dip my finger into the icing. I'm trying to follow my WW points plan while watching the total fat grams per meal. No side effects so far but this morning I was down a few lbs from 144 this weekend to 141 this morning. My last weigh-in at WW was 137 back in May. I finally feel like I'm on a roll now. I didn't make it to WW this past Sunday, but plan to go back this weekend. I bought a dress last January to wear to my DS's wedding and it was too big and I knew that it needed to be altered but at the rate I was going, I was starting to "grow" into it. The bride's family are all tall and thin and I'm afraid to be the only short chunky one. Can't do much about my height but sure can do something about my weight!

Well, I gotta get rolling here, get dressed and walk the dogs, eat a low fat lunch and go shopping :D

08-20-2008, 03:11 PM

TAMMY..I agree with you about WW. When I was going and following it the leader really pushed the exercise/extra points. And she said to count housework etc as exercise. I never did, didn't seem right. I probably should start up again with it because I always did better when I had someone to answer to. I would be embarrassed if I didn't lose something. WTG on passing on the cake and cookies and glad to hear Alli is working for ya and no side effects :crossed:

SUE...I love fried foods too! But since leaving AR many years ago my taste has changed...I hardly fry anything and the few things I do I use Olive Oil...a better oil for ya. I actually like the flavor better too. I know what you mean too. I'm not losing a whole lot but I too feel so much better. I think it was our Susan who mentioned it is all about attitude and I so believe that. I am glad that you are feeling great and have a different attitude! :carrot: the song! Have a safe, fun trip and we want to hear all about it when you get there, or along the way if possible! :hug:

MINDEE...good deal on the haircolor, can't beat that price for two. Arby's eh...that is what DS was trying to tempt me with yesterday. :devil: It sounded so good and I was hungry but I passed on it.

SASSY...glad you had a good eating day! :cb:


I'm feeling kind of blah again today. Well, more sleepy than blah I guess. I stayed up too late last night reading and 5 a.m. came fast! I looked out the window to see if it was raining and it wasn't, darn it! :lol: I always feel better after getting my walk in but man, some days it is hard to get out of bed. But I feel good my exercise is done! And the eating is OP!

Another NSV for me...I went to buy groceries this morning and then had to run to Hobby Lobby...looking for some Christmas wrapping paper and knew they ALWAYS put their Christmas stuff out early...nothing! Well, wrapping paper that is. They had trees and all the decorations and such but not one single roll of Christmas paper. Anyway...I was soooooo tempted to grab something from any and every place I passed but I didn't so I am all jazzed about that. This is day 5 and so far so good again. Dinner is planned so I am basically calling day 5 done, lol.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY HUMP DAY!

08-20-2008, 04:08 PM
Back again for a few minutes.'s things going with you? With the apartment stuff? Are you still holding out for the townhouse or taking the awkward layout one? Did ya get everything for Miss Gaby to be beautiful when she goes to school?

SASSY, MINDEE & TAMMY...are you ladies still posting on the Jaded Ladies thread? No particluar reason, just saw it wasn't under us anywhere and wondered if it died or what. We are glad to have your ladies here! :hug:

Okay, so I am going to go change my avatar because this lawmower stuff just ain't cutting it, lol.

Have a great day ladies! :hug:

08-20-2008, 05:10 PM
omg- I feel so far behind :cry::cry:

I will catch up this afternoon after I get some things done! I spent the morning w/ Beck getting her check up and picking up my car. I will get the tires next week, mechanic thought it would cost 150/200 depending on the tires I decide on. A heck of a savings from when I took it to my brother tire store.....I spent 800 for the same work.... I spent 275 (and that includes the oil change) plus the 200 = 475. I feel like calling up my mother and *itching about my brother!! lol

anyway, with no car last night we all realized we have no food in the house! I ended up making Rach pancakes last night and stealed a piece w/ chunky peanut butter on it....otherwise the cupboards were bare. So, I have to go and do that and I am still dying to get my hair cut!!

and Gab is useless for anymore shopping today, if you don't do it in the morning forget it.....

:wave: to everyone!! Chat more in a bit....and ya I am still holding out for the townhouse!! haha..... no word yet but I am ok if I don't get it , figure the other place is 100 less and I wouldn't have to fool around w/ the school transfer.

08-20-2008, 05:18 PM
Cristina--no I haven't posted on JL for quite sometime. By now, you should know me well enough that I have trouble trying to post on one thread. More than that, I just don't have time for. I do, however, spend some time on the HGTV general decorating board. Mostly lurk. I do miss talking to Jane. I think she is on the WW thread. Might look her up.

My next challenge is dance tonight. They have a buffet that is swimming in butter. All the veggies, taters, etc have butter floating on top. There are several fried foods (I love fried chicken) and then there is a few cassaroles. The salad bar only has regular salad dressing on it. I think I'll try the salad bar, take a huge fried chicken breast and only use the inner meat, shred it on the salad and use the smallest amt of salad dressing possible. Maybe if they have a pasta dish, might try a spoonfull. No dessert, will munch on pretzels. I'll let ya'll know if I overdue it. The bathroom will surely call me if I go over the fat grams!! Wish me luck!

08-20-2008, 10:36 PM
Ready for bed here...just pooped for some reason. I am going to give up and sleep. :)

I rode 4 miles total again today. Ate a little that I shouldn't have, but right back in the groove and ready for tomorrow. I still think I can lose by least move the scales down a little. *fingers crossed*

Sleep well ladies and I will pop in tomorrow.......

08-21-2008, 02:13 AM
beyond tired right now, so I am going to make this short!

I watched the movie "The Notebook" yesterday! Great movie!!! other then that, nothing really major. Brandon went to bed nicely for me, and then decided that he was going to wake back up for the night again. Gosh darn him but he is back asleep now!

I called about finding out the information for his bus and schooling. The lady said that they are sending out the postcards for the buses by this Friday or next Monday. And then same goes for the schooling schedules. Nothing like taking it down to the wire!

As for the Jaded Ladies, well we were all still chatting in there and then all of a sudden we got really quiet. Some one pointed out to me that they have moved over to the Weight Watchers, I think, threads.

08-21-2008, 03:31 AM
Good Thursday Morning Everyone!! :coffee:

Sue -- I so know what ya mean! We have been eating better for a while now and just today we stopped for McDonalds because DH had a craving for a dbl cheeseburger. So we did that, but I know what ya mean. When I had my spring green salad for lunch the other night at work, I felt so GOOD and had A LOT more energy!!! :carrot: WTG!! Your doing awesome! :D

Tammy -- Thanks. Yeah I never know if I am coming or going. I get confused on what "day" it is sometimes too. Just comes along with the territory I suppose. :crazy:

Cristina -- Nobody has posted in JL's in a while. I beleive they have started a new thread under WW's now. So I guess they ditched us. lol. But thats okay, we have all your wonderful folks here, right? lol.

Suzy Q -- :hug: Go get ya'all some grub! ha ha. I want to get my hair cut too, just haven't done it yet..........:p Good Luck on the TH! :crossed:

Mindee -- OMG I love the Notebook! Its a good one!!! I just got done watching another of my favs yesterday morning before I went to bed -- The Spitfire Grill, its a good one, well I think anyways.........;)

I hope I didn't forget anybody. If so, I'm sorry, forgive me, its my last night and by now my brain is ummmmm not functioning so well! :dizzy:

Good news!! :D My DH got approved for Unemployment!! :woohoo: The first time he submitted it, the co. denied it, so he sent in a rebuttal and they called and talked to him, asked him a bunch of questions, then yesterday morning he checked his email and saw he was approved! :celebrate: Not only that, but it even states at the bottom of the document that the US Dept. of Labor could not find any just-cause why the co. let my DH go! Basically DH was told that he was let go due to attendance (the co is very strict on that) So the US Dept. of Labor stated that the co. could not justify a reason why they let DH go. They also could not provide enough proof that my DH had excessive absenteeism/tardiness. It says this on his document. I told him he probably could now sue the co. if he wanted. But we don't have the $$ to do that. But it just makes us feel good that we have it in writing that the co. had no just-cause in letting him go. So now they have to pay him unemployment. So HA HA! lol. And you know dang well they will be inquiring with DH's ex-supervisor why he fired him because now they have to pay unemployment. So I think its just hilarious! :rofl: DH is still job searching of course, but now we don't have to worry as much about $$.

So that is my bit of news. I know it probably is not exciting to any of you, but it is HUGE to us. :D

I haven't got a good start to this "day" either. But I realize now that its all about balance, I mean that is what "normal" folks do right? They just balance everything out in the end, right? I did find some excellent online food journal sites too, but I am keeping with my "old school" one too so I have it everywhere I go. :carrot: I think I may need a bigger one though, cuz I want to start planning out my meals and by me writing it down, it like sinks in with me more, if that makes any sense???

Have a Good Day and TG its MY Friday!!! :dance:

08-21-2008, 10:40 AM
Hello everyone....and...Goodbye, everyone! We were in town long enough to do laundry and re-pack our bags and now we are off to the beach...I'll catch up when we get back.

Have a great weekend everyone!

08-21-2008, 02:30 PM
just doing a quick pop in right now. Tommy is off this weekend, so I am going to make sure that we get through every thing for the yard sale! as of right now, I think we are thinking about moving it back to the second weekend in September. I guess we should probably tell our neighbor that as well!

I wrote a letter, like the office manager suggested us to do, about getting our flooring fixed in the bathroom. They now have until September 5th to get it done and fixed or we will take the money to the court and put it in escrow. The office manager read the letter and she put it on the owners desk for him to read. She was joking around and said "as soon as he sees this he is going to say "she makes us cookies and now she is going to send us a letter."" I told the office manager "well, I can still make cookies all I want, but that isn't going to fix my bathroom floor!"

Sassy~ That was the first time that I had seen the movie! I had read and loved the book, but I just never got a chance to see the movie. I am going to buy the movie now! that is great to hear about the unemployment!!!

Katy~ Have fun!

08-21-2008, 03:33 PM
Good Morning, it's me!!! :cp::encore:

awww, I love coffee.:D :coffee:

Sassy - I am interested in anything *unemployment* (!!!!) Yay, for your husband in fighting the claim and getting his benefits!

Mindee- I have to call the school district myself and get some answers about the "possible" transfer for Gaby. Still no word on the townhouse, she did call last night and told me she is still working on the application and was in Portland so that put her behind. Grrrrr. I am only giving her til tomorrow, I can't stand the suspense!:faint: Is the Notebook w/ Kevin Costner?

Tammy - wow to the alli!! You are one brave lady, I am glad you are doing well on it so far and you get some results soon. :) How did the buffett go??

Sue - Good luck on the scales moving! I thought of you when Beck told me she was in love w/ Michael Phelps. She has been camped in front of the tv for days now and only moves when we kick her. lol - jk.

Cristina - I hope you are feeling better?? Good for you on your challenge! Actually I think we are the jaded ladies. hehe
I couldn't even get into The lake house, I tried, seemed farfetched. I think I will stick with another Alex Cross story.

Jules - we MISS you!!

Asia- how are you?? Hope you are having a good week!

Katy - at least we know you are out having fun! Enjoy the coast , suppose to get decent weather now thru Monday.

Francie :wave: Hope you are doing ok and the kitties too.

argh..........I better go, out of time. I still need to get my hair cut and I want to put a nice n easy application in to cover the last remaining paprika puke ,,,and what else?? oh, sit by the dang phone for that lady to call and put me out of my misery!!! geez lousie.

chat at you all later!

08-21-2008, 03:53 PM
Hiya Chickies!

MINDEE...what? Just because you make them cookies they think you are supposed to let things slide? Ummm, not! You did right by the letter because they should have fixed the floor a while back! What are they waiting for? Someone to get hurt and then be hit with a lawsuit? This kind of stuff really angers me because you are paying your rent and things should be in tip top shape and working order. Hope you get the bus times this Brandon is excited about school. I loved The Notebook book but wasn't as pleased with the movie. I have it and do like it but I thought the book was so much better. don't have to have money to file a lawsuit. Find a lawyer that will work on a contingency, the first consultation is usually free. So you might want to check it out...if the company was in the wrong I would definitely think you would have a lawsuit. Glad your hubby is getting unemployment I know that is a relief! And of course you have us here! I don't plan on going anywhere and hoping no one else is either. :hug: What is the Spitfire Grill? It sounds familiar but I can't for the life of me picture it.

TAMMY...oops! I just saw that you posted last night so wishing you luck today on the buffet doesn't apply, lol. Don't know where my head is except that I am sleepy! So how did the buffet go? I do know you are a busy lady for sure! And yes, I should have known that you don't have time to post on lots of threads. :o

SUE...I'm feeling pooped today for some reason, thinking it is the weather. Hoping you got plenty of sleep. WTG on the 4 miles! :carrot: I bet you will see those darn scales go down, sending lots of good vibes for WI on Monday :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

KATY...hi and bye, lol. Enjoy the beach!

SUSAN...hey, pancakes sound good to me! I like to fix breakfast for dinner sometimes. Hope you did get some food for the cupboards old mother hubbard :lol: So...regardless of which place you get, when will you move? Can't remember if you mentioned a date or not, sorry if you did. :nono: to your brother, lol. Being your sis he should have given you a deal. But glad this was cheaper and you got it fixed...all ready to go now, almost. Funny, Gaby sounds like me :lol: If I go shopping I like to go and get it done early so I can get back home...turning into a hermit. I just don't like to be out shopping later in the day. Especially when people are getting out of school and off work.

HIYA ASIA...hoping all is well with you!

FRANCIE...hoping you, Fonzo and the kitties are enjoying your trip! this is day 6 of no eating out and I am really a bit frustrated. I decided to weigh everyday, which is bad for me. I have lost a little over a pound and that's it. For some reason I thought I would have lost more from eating right. Now I am wondering if I am eating too many calories, which I seriously doubt, or if I am not eating enough. But I do feel like I am. I am going to take a cue from Sue and try fit day and log everything for a few days and see what is says. I don't actually count my cals but have a general idea of the daily total. So we'll see what happens. That is one reason I don't weigh every day kills me when the scale doesn't move.

Of course the plan for today was to mow the front and back but the rain threw a wrench in that. And I overslept knowing I wasn't going for a walk. After getting up and getting a few things done I decided to go for a walk after all since I can't mow. Did the 3 miles, the Biggest loser and have 10 mns of weights to do and I am done...sleepy, but done. I keep dozing for some reason. I swear the longer I sleep, the more sleepy I am thru-out the day.

Have a couple loads of laundry to get done and that is about it for my day.

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful day! Hugs :hug:

08-21-2008, 03:56 PM
This is for our Miss Sassy...

Someone posted this on the general thread and I thought you might want to take a look. Makes me wonder about my diet coke...I hate to think about what it is doing to my stomach. :yikes:

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is vegetable oil that has had atoms of the element bromine bonded to it. Brominated vegetable oil is used as an emulsifier in citrus-flavored soft drinks such as Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Powerade, Mello Yello, Pineapple and Orange Fanta, Sun Drop, Squirt and Fresca to help natural fat-soluble citrus flavors stay suspended in the drink and to produce a cloudy appearance.

The addition of bromine increases the density of the oil, and the amount of bromine is carefully controlled to achieve a density that is the same as the water in the drink.

Health effects
Long after consumption of BVO in test animals, traces remain in the body fat. Bromine is a halogen and displaces iodine, which may depress thyroid function. Evidence for this has been extrapolated from pre-1975 cases where bromine-containing sedatives resulted in emergency room visits[1] and incorrect diagnoses of psychosis and brain damage due to side effects such as depression, memory loss, hallucinations, violent tendencies, seizures, cerebral atrophy, acute irritability, tremors, ataxia, confusion, loss of peripheral vision, slurred speech, stupor, tendon reflex changes, photophobia due to enlarged pupils, and extensor plantar responses.[2] In one case, a man who drank eight liters of Ruby Red Squirt daily had a reaction that caused his skin color to turn red and produced lesions diagnosed as bromoderma. The excessive quantities together with the fact that the man had a higher than normal sensitivity to bromine, made this an unusual case.[3] A similar case reported that a man who consumed two to four liters of a cola containing BVO on a daily basis experienced memory loss, tremors, fatigue, loss of muscle coordination, headache, ptosis of the right eyelid as well as elevated serum chloride.[4] In the two months it took to correctly diagnose the problem the patient also lost the ability to walk. Luckily bromism was finally diagnosed and hemodialysis was prescribed which resulted in a reversal of the disorder.[1] A Pepsi product website notes that BVO has been used by the soft drink industry since 1931.[5]

In test animals, BVO consumption has caused damage to the heart and kidneys in addition to increasing fat deposits in these organs. In extreme cases BVO has caused testicular damage, stunted growth and produced lethargy and fatigue.[6]

08-21-2008, 04:00 PM
HIYA SUZYQ :wave: are you going to go short with your hair or just get a trim? And..I hope the lady finally calls today! :crossed: What is wrong with her, making you wait?! Have a good day!

Has anyone heard from Jules? Getting worried about her...she is probably just busy being grandma, but still, missing her.

HIYA JULES! :wave:

Okay, I am going to go fix me some soup for lunch, and maybe 1/2 a sandwich.

Have a good day!

08-21-2008, 04:00 PM
Saturday, Labor day weekend moving day, school starts Wednesday w/ a Tuesday orientation!! How exciting!! I love school....

I want 2 inches off the hair.

chat later, time is up at the library! I know............lame. lol

08-21-2008, 10:47 PM
I am back, yay! :carrot:

Still have to get my hair done, going now. I also picked up some amber shimmer Loreal rinse and will put that on tonight. I will be a totally different woman by morning! ha....

Townhouse school district wrote back and said he would have no problem granting a courtesy transfer for Gabster. Yay, but might be all mute if I don't get the unit. At least I am covering my butt.

I picked up 2 Patterson books, one love story one,,,,Jennifer letters ?? and another NYPD detective one that has 10 kids. lol.....

ummm, I guess that is it. Doing good on eating and water and lousy on exercise. I like the lemon flavor water, treat myself to [1] 20 oz a day.

Chat more tomorrow! :) :wave:

08-22-2008, 02:09 AM
just a quick one from me, I am making some peanut butter cookies......trying to get rid of the smell of melted plastic. (I accidentally melted the lid onto the cake pan Monday night while I was making dinner. so I am trying to get rid of the lingering smell from that!)

Tammy~ Are you on Alli now? I got the book in the mail and I read it. It has peaked my interest on trying it. Now, I just need to find the local money tree so that I can get it! How are you liking it? Would you recommend it as a product?

SuzieQ~ Is it Jennifer's letters to Nicholas? (I think that was the title anyways) Did you get your hair cut? Mine is in desperate need of a cut! I am going to dye it on Friday.......I bought a two pack of Light Ash Brown for $3.96! I was not passing it up at all!!!

Cristina~ I was actually making the cookies for our friend who is on the maintenance crew and the office manager. But when I walked in one day, one of the other guys asked who the cookies were for, and the office manager said that they were for every body. So, any time we had extra sweets in the house, I took them over to the office because I didn't want to be tempted by them. Now, our friend who works on the maintenance crew is taking a new job offer starting Monday, so we shall see how often I make cookies from now on! I will still make them for the office manager, but for the rest of the guys, that will take some time for me to think about! I agree with you 100%! the floor should have been fixed when we first told them about it, but since the head maintenance guy told the owner that it wasn't dangerous enough, it got tossed to the back burner. I put in the letter that "I have mentioned to the office manager, numerous times, and she has filled out the work orders for the bathroom floor. But they haven't been filled because the remodels are more of a priority over the units where tenants already live." (I can post the letter, in complete detail, that I sent to them if you want to read it........just let me know)

Brandon is really excited about going to school.....but I think I am a little bit more for him! It will be a new school, where he can make new friends. He met a little boy in our complex that is going to kindergarten this year, so I am not sure if they will be riding the same bus or not.

Sassy~ What is new with you?

08-22-2008, 02:35 AM (

Morning All! :coffee:

Lets all post our favorite Friday pics!!! :D Like mine? I think its great! lol. (We can delete them tomorrow if the mods want us too)

Thank You all for the kind comments for my DH. We are so glad and relieved that he has unemployment.

Well for dinner I made my Aunts Deep Dish Pizza, it was good and I know lots better than what you order out!! We didn't pig out, so I think its ok.

I finished off the Mt. Dew I had brought home from work and I don't keep pop here at home anymore. So only water at home. ;) I think that is a pretty good deal, don't you???

Katie -- Hi and Bye!!! hee hee. I hope you had fun at the beach!!! :beach:

Mindee -- Good for you, I hope you get your bathroom floor fixed for ya. I know what ya mean. We are on very good terms with our complex owners and mangement and maintenance, but doesn't mean we still don't want our stuff fixed! ;) That is the one reason we haven't moved yet, cuz we are on good terms, figure its better with my DH unemployed and the owners let us pay the rest of our rent late and didn't charge us a late fee. That was a good movie, I didn't read the book, but most movies that are based on a book are better I think...............

Cristina -- Thanks Yeah I read that yesterday morning. No wonder I am so short!! I could have been 6'0 tall!!! :rofl: Nah but I know its not good for me, but I'm tryin' I really really am!!!! I told DH to talk to his parents neighbors' sister, who is a lawyer, I bet she'd do it for him. I think he should because you know if they did it to him, they have done it to others and will keep on doing it and some people may apply for unemployment once, get denied and not pursue it. Its these big corporations like the one I work really make sick. But I can't say too much cuz it pays the bills too! But I would much rather work for a small more friendly co. like the one DH worked for in Upstate NY. Only downside is like what happened to that one, it went under, so everybody lost their jobs......But it was so nice. They had cookouts and dinners monthly, EVERYBODY, even the VIP's were there! We all celebrated together for everything, we were all close, it was nice. I didn't even work there, but I knew everybody very well. That is what I want. As soon as DH get something stable and reliable, I am gonna begin looking. Maybe start out part - time then slowly work up to full time before leaving my current job that has all the benefits. Wow sorry Cristina!! I rambled a bit there! lol.

Suzy Q -- Aw thanks girlie. :hug: Unemployment definitely is a great thing! It relieved our minds, that is for sure! DH went to a job perspective today, he had to take a test, but he said it was the most beautiful building!! He said they have a full cafeteria inside and a FITNESS CENTER!!!! :carrot: Maybe they will let spouses come and work out, ya think??? :D But can't get my hopes up.............but its exciting. lol.

Well DH and I stripped the bed finally and remade it with clean linens I so hate hate our comforters. Both of them have holes in them. But my dear MIL is buying us one for our Anniversary next month. :D She bought us the set of sheets we put on the bed. They are so nice. I love them. Weird how you can love sheets, eh? lol.

Later on today (Friday) we are gonna go to a leather store. You can buy all kinds of leather and make things. I want to "try" anyways making my mother and me some slippers.......that will be her Christmas present, if it turns out!

I need some ideas for my fil's bday present?? What do you give someone who has everything besides a gift card? I kinda wanna make it special. I was thinking of maybe making him something, but what?? I know he says he doesn't need anything or want anything, but we still wanna do something special for him. :)

Well the new girl that is going to be working with me on my shift starts training with me on Labor day night. (Monday, September 1st) Yippee. I haven't even met the chick yet. I hate training new people...........and I hate having to work a whole entire long shift (I work 12.5 hrs) with someone I do not know and its just me and her, nobody else. What if I can't stand her??? UGH. I know I am psyching myself out. A coworker of mine who works days, the complete opposite of what I work (she works 9 AM - 9:30 PM, I work the reverse: 9 PM - 9:30 AM) she wants to work with me. She asked the new girl if she wanted to switch with her and the new girl said no. :( The new girl has a baby and a husband and she said she'd never get to see them on my coworkers shift. Does she seriously think she is gonna see them on mine?? If she thinks she can stay up all day long with a baby and all, then come in and work 12.5 hrs all night, she is totally MAD! lol. A guy who trained me who has been doing it for many years has 5 kids, goes to school full time and works my shift but on opposite nights and he is the one with all the heart problems now!!!

Oh well I said one night with me and she will change her mind because I don't do the all nicey nice everything is great training. I am realistic and I make them work the very 1st night. lol. But to me, that makes a stronger worker. My counter part who works when I am off, I trained her and she is doing wonderfully, now training her new co worker. ;) So we shall see how it goes. I just totally dread it. Because I have a vision of her already and I know that is wrong. But I have her as small, petite, blonde and pretty. Why? Because she is friends with someone else who works on another team who I know and he is all thin and all and so is his wife and his wife drives me insane! So if this chick is anything at all like his wife I will go totally mad!!!! lol.

I just cannot stand teeny tiny wafs who constantly complain about everything in life! Drives me nuts! And that is what this guys wife is like and she drives me insane! But then again, here I am complaining about them complaining! :lol3: Oh well guess no one is perfect......:shrug:

Nothing against the petite and thin in shape people, my mom is small and petite and honestly so is my bio. father. Kinda ironic that I am this huge Ogar, huh? :lol: Its just combination that with an attitude that they are better than everybody else. I guess just that period drives me nuts, no matter what you look like, but its these women who get a spec of dirt on them who freak out about it. Those are the women I cannot stand. I can see if you are dressed up for a Wedding or something, ok, but in everyday life, its not all perrtty and fluffy. Oh well. I guess I just need to not rush to any conclusions until I meet her and work with her a while.

I am not the greatest person in the world to get along with, believe it or not! :rofl: Some people love me and others cannot stand me. There really is no in-between. lol. I am sure that is what its like on here. I'm sure some people like me a lot, and others probably cannot stand to see me post one single word. lol. I guess I am truly my grandmother's grandchild because I think I am a lot like her. lol. She was very "Sassy" herself and you either loved her or you didn't. But a lot of people did love her. :love:

Anyhow, sorry to ramble.............:blah: Oh ya and my grandmother was a talker too. lol.


08-22-2008, 05:08 AM
Hola from Billings, Montana!!!! I cant stay long..I'm super tired right now. But I just wanted to come by and say hi. Check out my pics and blog on myspace.

08-22-2008, 02:10 PM
Francie! :wave: Be safe!

Sassy- Congrats on the unemployment...what a relief, huh?

Cristina- I think Fitday takes a lot of time, but it does help to see the calories. I find I look up things before I even decide on dinner more often now.

Susan- What a way to spend the holiday..moving! :)

Katy- I am jealous of the beach trip. A last hurrah of summer?

Tammy- I get tired just reading what all you do. I too would like to hear your experience with Alli. I have been tempted...but the "accidents" kind of made me shy away.

Asia and Jules. Where are you? Hope all is well.

Sorry about no post yesterday. I missed everything, including exercise. DH announced in the a.m. that we should get away, so we went South to the river. Spent the day at the casino boat. It was fun and really was needed. We didn't get home until 2 a.m. and I am dragging today. I ate fairly well, except for some fried shrimp. Had lots of veggies and a sugar free cookie. Trouble is only 2 meals and it was a longggg time between, so I kind of felt bad. I chewed lots of SF

Today I am back on the wagon..although it was too hot and humid to walk when I finally got up the energy. I will do that later or else WATP. Food has been okay so far. Tomorrow is a card game at SIL's so I am taking a bag of veggies to munch on. There is always too much food...and not much of it healthy. LOL. I might as well NOT weigh on Mon. and wait a week...I am sure I am not doing well now. :mad: to finish yet another load of laundry. Then I might get a nap!

08-22-2008, 02:53 PM
Hello ladies...

SUE...I agree with you about Fitday. Man, I spent way too much time there yesterday. Seemed like everything I ate I had to put the info in myself, especially when it came to the peanut butter sandwich, :yikes: I definitely do not and naver have used 2 tbsp on a slice of bread...I think I would choke! Glad to hear you and the hubby had a nice day yesterday. I wouldn't worry about WI on Monday.

SASSY...I am trying with the diet coke as well. It doesn't have the calories as mountain dew but it's still not good for me. Hoping the trainee isn't so bad. DH always has to train people for his postion at work and he hates it. It takes away from his work and puts him behind because he is trying to teach them and when they don't do it right then he has to do it so what is the point? Then they complain about him being behind.

MINDEE...sure if you would like to post the letter I would definitely read it. I'm hoping they will finally fix it. :crossed:

SUSAN...good to cover the bases, Miss Gaby is important, the school she goes to is very important. Did you get your haircut yet? I would love to go really short but such the chicken. I did cut my hair a few weeks ago and it wasn't short enough so went a little bit shorter. I have to have enough to put up because of this wind around here, otherwise I end up eating it or it gets stuck to my lipstick. How did Rebecca's check up go? Forgot to ask :o I think you will like Jennifer's Letters...I did!

FRANCIE...looks like you guys are enjoying your trip! The kitties didn't look so happy, lol. They will be to their new home soon enough though, and you guys too of course, lol.


Not a lot going on with me today. Was up kind of early and got my exercise in, all of it! Got my shower taken, breakfast & lunch eaten, a load of laundry done and getting ready to head out the door at 1. Have to take the recyclables, take Jason his violin (he's at work and his lesson is right after but he had no place to keep it at work) and then run over to Target to pick up a few things that I forgot when I went to Wally World Wednesday. I'll try to check back later...not sure what the hubby has planned though. He bought some of those stick on carpet tiles for the dining area. I have been wanting a rug there and saw on HGTV the carpet tiles so thought we would try those. Going to do a checkerboard patern...the tiles are 2 ft. x 2 ft...a lot bigger than what I thought. Then trying to pick out a paint color for our bath. I mentioned it days ago that he could do that since he was home, lol. We painted, okay, he painted it but the color is wrong, wrong, wrong! Too easter egg looking and I hate everytime I go in there. Anyway...I will try to be back later.

Take care, and have a wonderful day ladies!

08-22-2008, 02:55 PM
Ooops, Sassy...I forgot to post a picture *slaps forehead* I will try to do that when I get back!

Also, forgot to mention that today is day 7 of no eating out! :yay: is killing me, lol. I need some junk! Okay, I don't, just sounded good, sort of. :lol:

I'mm outta here :wave:

08-22-2008, 03:08 PM
Ok, this is the picture Cristina wanted me to post for her. Her favorite Friday pix!! yee haw

08-22-2008, 03:15 PM

I am FULL of coffee and I have no time to chat!! The lady FINALLY approved the townhouse! I emailed the school district man and I am sending my signed request in the mail and he will fax Monday and he said to go ahead and enroll her in Astoria , even before the paperwork is cleared. Yee Haw....

Francie - How are the kitties!! Geez lousie girl, I need a kitty update! :D

Cristina - I finished Sam's letters to Jennifer, it was very nice, surprised Patterson could write like that. lol I didn't get my hair done yet, today at 12:30. I did put the amber shimmer in and here I was trying to get rid of the papricka and ended up with more red tone, it is ok though...the rinse made my hair more soft and oh so manageable. :cool:

Sue - haha . I have been on a vacation for over a year! I am so anxious to get back to work and back on a schedule. I figure 2 hours tops and I wil be all set up in the new place. If not I am throwing everything still on the UHAUL away. lol Heck w/ that....I am going to the beach on my Labor Day. haha

:wave: to Sassy and Mindee and Everyone!!! I have to go....way too much to do now. :hug:

08-22-2008, 03:31 PM
I think it is safe to say that that picture has gotten the weekend started!!!!!

I gave in and dyed my hair this morning! For the first time dying my hair myself, I think it turned out perfectly. I will change my avatar here in a second. I will also post the letter here in a second as well.

the mail truck just went passed so I am hoping that in the mail box is Brandon busing and schooling information!!!

Tommy doesn't have to work tomorrow, so this weekend we will be going through every thing! or at least as much as we can get through!

The owner is supposed to be in today, so we shall see what comes of the letter. And from what I was told, we are not the only ones that are sending a letter in regards to getting our things fixed!

brb in one second with the new picture and letter

08-22-2008, 03:37 PM
Dear Lakes Management,

My family has lived in this complex for almost 2 1/2 years now. We were first in an upstairs unit, but now we are in a lower unit. When we lived in the upstairs unit, we never had any problems. Now that we are in the lower unit, we have one major problem......our bathroom floor!

Your head maintenance man, Cheelo, has seen the floor and has told you that it is not dangerous enough to do anything about it. I have talked to you personally about getting my bathroom floor fixed. Your response to me was "give me two weeks and I will get back to you." It has now been a month and a half, and my floor is getting worse! I have three small children, as well as my husband and myself, that I worry about either falling through the floor or getting hurt, and all because my floor hasn't gotten fixed yet.

I have mentioned to Donna, the office manger, numerous times, and she has filled out work orders for the bathroom floor. But they haven't been filled because the remodels are more of a priority over the units where tenants already live.

I would like my bathroom floor fixed by September 5th, or I will take my money to the court next month and place it in escrow until something is done about my flooring.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.


Thomas & Mindee (our last name here...and then I put in our building number and apartment number)

08-22-2008, 04:55 PM
Hey ladies...things have been past insane. Classes start Monday and I havnt been to college in like 2 years. I am really excited. I ham just glad that I am getting things back on track. Anyhoo...I am really sorry I havnt been on in several days but I have been constantly going. Andrew had to go to the doctor this week because he had a virus. I went with him and we were there for like 3 hours right ater I got off work. I just feel so ugh because I am just going and going. Its only gonna get worse. Petsmart is upping my hours which I am def not complaining about. But its gonna be School, 8 hour workdays, chores, Homework, and my social life. Argh. I can do it though. My goal is to make it through this semester still on the wagon. Forget how much I lose this fall I just wanna keep my good eating and exercising habits. Weight loss is finally going great. I am no longer on a plateau. I am down to 163. In 4 more I will be in the 150s. I am so excited. Andrew has lost 5 or so pounds. We arnt sure. He was fully dressed when he weighed and he was 3 pounds lighter than the last week when he was in his undies. He is doing very well. We have grown so much through exercising together. We get to really talk. I am just scared that this semester we wont be able to as much because this is his last semester here at the college before he leaves me to go to Texas a&m. I just really want to help him get healthy before he gets there. He was to join the corps cadets. Anyways.....I am def gonna try to post more often. I missed yall. It may not be huge long posts but I will try to post often.

08-22-2008, 05:51 PM

Okay, finally! Geez, what a pain to post a picture! Too many to choose from but I thought this was silly. :lol:

Thank you SUSAN! That is exactly the picture I wanted, how did you know, :lol:

SUSAN...glad to hear you got the townhouse, woohoo! :yay: :woohoo: Bet the color looks good on you!

MINDEE...can't tell much from the avatar so I will check your myspace. But from what I can see your hair looks good. So you're a haircolor virgin eh? Ummm, rather was, lol. Hope you heard something about Brandon's schedule.

ASIA...there you are...was wondering what happened to ya. Try not to do too much and get stressed. I know DS does what you just said you will be doing and he gets so tired sometimes. So remember to take care of 'you'!

So got everything done that I wanted to. Had to get some cereal containers from Target, mine are falling apart and not very tight...don't want to waste money on cereal for it to get stale. Then bought some water bottles. DH finally got the reverse osmosis thing for our drinking water. It's a filtration system that supposedly makes faucet water taste like drinking water. It goes thru 3 different filters and is supposed to take all the impurities out...we'll see. We just spend too much money on bottled water and then there's the recycling. I will still recycle but it definitely will be a lot less. Anywho...that's about all I have for now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day. Have a good one, what's left of it! :hug:

08-22-2008, 07:55 PM
I am still running behind but wanted to chat for a second!

Cristina - ok, that pic ......while cute kind of freaks me out. If I saw that guy coming at me I would be screaming, he looks like a perv. lol I like his vaccum though, reminds me I will need to get one w/ the new place. Wall to wall carpet up/ the dining room too ,ugh. I hate carpet in the dining area, I will eat in the bathroom. haha. Funny about the peanut butter! btw, I thought you told me that was V in that beach picture??? hehe

Mindee- I liked your letter, well written. I hope that puts fire under their butt. What color did you do for the hair?? Mine was just a rinse, should wash out in 28 shampoo's at least that is what the instructions say :yikes: Did you get the school info??

Asia - :wave: take it easy. Excited about you going to school, enjoy it. I am sure everything will work out.

Hi to everyone!! I still have some indy's....if I am on the computer too long my family feels a need to fight, so I better go before WW3 begins. I like my hair cut, she did a great job. Feel good about the Gabsters school , I can't do anything else til next week when I go down - maybe Monday or Tuesday.
bbl :wave:

08-22-2008, 10:21 PM
Just got in from a long 12 1/2 shift at work and I thought I'd update ya'll on the Alli... It's day 6 and I've done really well all week. This stuff literally scares the crap out of ya!! I'm going to give ya'll probably a little more information that you want but remember, this is a nurse talking and we will talk about the grosses things even if we are eating. Nothing bothers us. Ok, here goes.....The first two days, I was scared to death to go near any fat grams and wore a overnight thin long pad nearly up the crack of my arse. You know that they warn you of oily leakage, oily farts, uncontrollable urges to go poo etc. Well after two days of pulling those pads out of my crack, never once experienced any of the above. I don't take a pill with breakfast because I only ever eat a cereal with about 1 gram or no grams of fat and skim milk and then have some fruit. I have strictly kept my fat grams to under 15 (as suggested) with lunch and dinner. Now my usual problems with a very low fat diet is horrible constipation. You know that you have to have a little fat in the diet for adequate digestion. Well, lets say that I've had the opposite. The bathroom and I have become best buds;) I make 2-3 trips a day, leisurely, not hurried, to the potty with soft, not diarrhea, results. Alli is supposed to rid you of 25% of the fat you consume. I really believe that the scare of bathroom mishaps is what keeps you on program. At dance on Wednesday night, I made a salad from the salad bar using the least amount of salad dressing possible. I got a huge fried chicken breast (yes fried, only thing they had) and cut the meat out from the middle and put that on my salad. I had about 1/3 cup of rice and some sort of seafood/tomatoe based concoction on top. I munched on pretzels and took one bite of my DH's dessert (ok, maybe the only cheat, but it was only a nibble). I think I tossed and turned often that night in bed with worry of how many fat grams I had eaten and sure that I would be awaken with an explosion in the bed and not making it to the bathroom....but again, nothing happened. I really believe, beyond all the fear, that I'm going to do OK with Alli. The weekend is going to be a challenge because we plan to eat out tomorrow night and this is not something like WW where you can save up points for one nice meal. You are seriously limited to only 15 gr of fat. Hopefully I can get to WW this Sunday and get back on that program along with limiting the fat grams. This has been a good experience this week with making me stay OP. I think with adding the WW guidelines to the diet along with increasing my exercise, hopefully I can get these last lbs off before my DS's wedding.

Well, ladies.....I hope this was informative. I'm pooped :D, seriously meaning I'm tired and heading up for a long shower. I'll get back with everyone and do indies over the weekend. TTFN

08-22-2008, 11:52 PM
I am really tired and so ready for bed, waiting for Rach to watch The Hills (??) at her fathers and after that is home!
Still trying to catch up on post...

Mindee- aww, ash you like it? Was it a rinse?? I was tempted to go back and get a warm brown shade but this amber highlights is kind of growing on me. What are your plans for the weekend?? When does school start for Brandon? Was Logan going too? Nosy, ain't I? :)

Sassy - You are not an ogar! Good luck on that soda drinking. I really like the lemon flavor water with no calories or sugar in it. Cute kitty picture -lol

Francie - I will have to go check out the myspace page and see your pictures! I bet Montana is beautiful, what a great road trip :)

Sue - What lake did you go to? In Nevada somewhere? :dizzy: It sounds nice, I am glad you guys were able to get away :)

Cristina - I so love pancakes! I just can't eat them all the time. When pancakes are all you have in the house it kind of takes the fun out of eating them. lol :bravo: on the weight loss :)

Tammy - Thanks for the info on Alli, sounds like you are doing great on it so far. :)

:wave: to Katy (what beach did you go to?) , Asia and Jules!

I managed to go from 155 to 149 this week, yay me. I think it was just TOM and fluid gain, it is nice to get back down though. I have been eating my yogurt and fruit for breakfast, I might have oatmeal this weekend though. A lot of chicken, tuna and veggies. Taco Del Mar is calling my name though.....I love that place. I want to lose the weight more so I don't want to do that.

Anyway, time to head home! No real plans for the weekend, I guess I should start packing. :dizzy:...and I do plan on a trip to the coast Monday.

k- enough of my ramble....night :wave:

08-23-2008, 01:49 AM
This non blond is back! Ok, so I was only a partial blond from the sun, but it still counts! I have natural brown hair with red highlights in the winter/fall/spring. But then in the summer time, the red highlights turn blond! Go figure!

I will have to see if I can attach a picture here in my post that will show it off better!

Asia~ Holy smokes girl! You are half way to your goal!!! You are doing great!! Now, can you send some of whatever you are taking over to me? I see that working out together with Andrew has helped you. I have been afraid to exercise around Tommy so I try to do it after every body has gone to bed. Once we get things settled with the yard sale and such, I will see what he thinks about working out with me. He has a lifetime gym membership, but hardly gets there because we live so far away from his gym.

where do you ladies find all these pictures??

Cristina~ I was indeed a haircolor virgin, as in doing it myself, until today. I have dyed my hair at least three times prior to this time. Once with a one of the kids' godmothers, and the other two were at my parents house. I was really worried about doing it myself since I had never done it before, but once I got it all set up it was smooth sailing!

Oh yeah.......we did get a letter from Brandon's principal at his new school today! It was a letter with the date for his open house/orientation so we can meet his teacher and see the classroom. My MIL is going to come and stay with Logan and Marissa while me, Tommy and Brandon go to his school. Since we got that, we should be getting his busing information as well! He is going to be in the afternoon class. So, he will be in school from 1:02 to 3:32, Monday through Friday!

SuzieQ~ I got the light ash brown for my hair. Nope, it wasn't a rinse, it is a permanent. I went in to ask the office manager something and she goes "did you dye your hair?" I said "yeah I did actually, I was tired of all the grays!" then she said that she needs to do that to her hair. Later on I had to go back and talk to our friend (yes the one guy that used to work here that I think is cute.........heck I think he is HOT) and she said "did they even notice?" (our friend and the owner's BIL were standing outside) I said "are you kidding me? they are guys, they don't notice that kind of thing! Ben, (our friend) only notices something if it has boobs or food." To which the other guy said "yeah. that is true for him." Then I went and talked to our friend and showed him my hair, and he just got this blank expression on his face. (so I proved my point in that guys don't notice anything like that!)

Tammy~ Now, you really have convinced me to try Alli. Now, I just need to find the money tree in order to get it!

SuzieQ~ When I was watching the dye sink into my hair, I didn't really notice anything different. When I rinsed out the dye and was looking in the mirror, it looked like my hair had turned black! But alas, it has settled into being a light brown color. Now, my next step will be getting at least the split ends cut off! Our plans for this weekend are to go swimming since it is going to be really hot on Saturday, AND going through all of our stuff for the yard sale! School starts officially for the district on September 3rd, but Brandon goes in for an open house/orientation that day, then starts officially on the 4th. Logan isn't going this year. I have the paperwork sitting on the bar halfway done. So, I will try and get that finished up and sent out and maybe they can still squeeze him in.

08-23-2008, 01:54 AM
oops! I forgot to add a picture to my last post!

so here ya go:

08-23-2008, 04:04 AM
Mindee...are you watching Dazed & Confused?

Well..HELLO from South Dakota!!!

The rest of Montana was soooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!! Same goes for Wyoming. Good thing we were so close to the state lines between Wyoming and South Dakota, otherwise, I would've lost my mind, lol. Seriously..I rather take the desert than all that open farm land any day. Although, I did enjoy seeing the horses and cows, lol.

So, my tooth broke off :( I just couldnt believe it. It happened while I was eating some lunch. It will have to be pulled or something when we get to Annapolis. It totally ruined my day too. I was crying and everything. So Fonzo decided to take me to see Mt. Rushmore to cheer me up, even though it was an hour out of our way. But we didnt get to see it..yet. It took us awhile to find a nice hotel that accepts pets. But we got to walk around the boardwalk place they have here. And see some shops. And tomorrow, we're waking up early to go to Crazy Horse, then to Mt. Rushmore. Oh..and theres like a billion other things that we wanna see here too. So we're gonna come back at another time when the cats arent with us. I think I like South Dakota, lol.

The cats are doing really good. They hate being in their carriers..but dont mind exploring the car. We let them out at every other rest stop..then once they go back in..they all take naps in their carriers. Oh man..before we even left the house in WA..April had chewed up her carrier. So thats why she has the plastic one, lol.

Anyways..I uploaded some pics from today. So check them out if you want...

Nighty nite!!!

08-23-2008, 12:11 PM
...of not eating out...nothing, zilch, nada...well, unless you count the smells, lol. I thought I would be having a harder time with not eating anything but I think the week before I started this challenge I was sooooo stinking sick of eating out that if I ate anything else out I wold literally throw it all up, yuck! And I am happy to say that last Saturday I was at 185.7 and this morning I was so HAPPY to see 183! :carrot: :yay: :woohoo: *Pat on the back to me* Anyway...that is my good news for the day. :D

Hello to everyone, and a Happy Saturday to you!

FRANCIE...I was wondering if you guys saw Mt. Rushmore. Took a look at the few pictures on the updates from part and just saw the signs so didn't know if you guys went, lol. Sorry to hear about your tooth, ouch! Hope you are feeling better today.

SUSAN...glad you like your haircut! Yikes woman! 155-149?! I want to know your secrets! :woohoo: :bravo: to you! I take it you don't like carpet, lol. I had carpet in the last dining room and hated it, wanted wood floors. Have wood floors and now want the carpet back, lol. We put the carpet tiles down and I like it. I wanted more color to it but it works and it is just under the table. I know, seems stupid especially with kids coming over, and they are messy but it is easier to clean up, or I think so. As long as they don't spill something red on it, lol. I am happy that you got the townhouse. Hey, that's my cousin you are talking about, :lol: I thought it was a funny picture...him thinking he was Jessica Simpson, whatever :lol: Nice try though.

MINDEE...I think the haircolor looks good! I got the picture from photo bucket...Susan turned me on to it otherwise I would be clueless. There's soooo many to go thru though. That would be great if you could join the gym as well as Tommy. V's job offers them discounts all the time at the Y and one day I will do it. It is for the whole family.

TAMMY...glad your experience with Alli is a good one! I was always afraid to take it because I did have the oily discharge, it wasn't bad but I didn't want to be somewhere and it happen again. The funny thing is I did stay within the range so, who knows. I'm glad it is working for ya! Hope you managed to get lots of sleep after that 12 1/2 hour shift!


Okay, so me and DD were doing our usual walk this morning. Did half of it and it was so muggy this morning that we went home cooled down and then headed out for the other half. We were almost done when we came around the corner and smelled something funny, rather stinky and no it wasn't me or her, :lol: I said does that smell like a skunk? We saw it in someone's yard quite a ways from the empty fields and trees and took off running. :lol: Now mind you, for a while I carried a stick in case we came across some loose dogs to scare them away but my one worry was encountering a skunk and not knowing what we would do, other than run. I just knew one day we would come across one but thought it would be by the dead end streets where the fields are. Needless to say we didn't finish our walk. So now I need to figure the times we walked (I always write the time down when we leave and return) and then go from there and figure out what I need to walk on the treadmill. So will record my walk later. Need to do that, walk on the treadmill and do my weights and the Biggest Loser dvd and I am good for the day.

Oh, and for my second piece of good news...Josh is officially out of the Army! And, is coming home tomorrow. :yay: :yay: So happy about that, and I know Charlotte is even happier! He would have made a career out of the Army if he hadn't have meet her and not sure what he will do for work now but that's neither here nor there right now...just happy he is coming home!

Nothing planned for the weekend except cleaning up osme messes I've made and lots of reading. I am falling behind, sort of on my reading challenge. I say sort of because my challenge was 3-4 books a month which I am doing. But I started off with a bang the first of the year and am falling behind. Want to get at least five a month now and trying ti keep up with that.

Okay, so I have blabbed enough. Take care ladies, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday/weekend!

08-23-2008, 03:14 PM
Good Morning -

Cristina - omg - is that really your cousin?? lol :bravo: on the weight loss again and getting back to 183!!! I really think a lot of my up's and downs have to do with water retention:whoo: I guess my only secret would be not to drink after 6pm and limit the sodium and wine. I use to not drink at all, maybe once a year, I have noticed it was every weekend, especially w/ McD. Gads.....
awww, happy about Josh coming home! He will find work, I am sure and it will be so nice for him and his family to be together!
I like carpet and I love to vaccum but I do hate carpet in the dining area, especially with the spills. I guess I will just put a throw rug underneath and vow never to eat Italian again. haha.

Mindee- I will never ever use permanent color again!! And no more wire hangers either!! :rollpin: lol It has taken me forever to get rid of this paprika color, it has almost grown out. Anyway, you look nice as a brunette :D Yay, for getting the school info in the mail!

Francie - I will go check out the pictures! Nice to hear everything is going well, sorry about the tooth though! Ouch.

I better get going and surf for a second. Down a tad today, yee haw....(ya, that is my favorite saying these ) just going to start packing and clearing out closets, need to get Gab out for some swimming or the park , otherwise just same ole same ole. Oh, Beck finally mentioned school clothes so have to do that w/ her. I mean if she wasn't going to mention it , I wasn't going to volunteer spending $$$. lol....

k- adios and a huge HI to everyone else!! :wave:

08-23-2008, 04:07 PM
just popping in here while I can.........Logan and Marissa are napping. Brandon went to the store with I am having some soup and enjoying some music!

Francie~ Yup, I did have Dazed & Confused on! Even though they shouldn't watch it, the boys love watching it for the cars. I saw your pictures on myspace! They are great.........were the teepees hotels or were they actually people's houses? Tommy is two different Native American tribes.

Cristina~ You are doing great! And I am going to start that challenge on the first of the month! And I am going to refrain from eating out on the 3rd since Logan has his recheck on his ears that night! So, wish me luck on that one! That is so great to hear that Josh is out of the Army!!!

SuzieQ~ Have you heard anything on those houses? I first thought that I wouldn't ever dye my hair again after I did it the first time. BUT as soon as I saw all the grays and the roots I knew I needed to cover it all up! thanks for the nice comments. It is nice to be an official brunette, instead of a brunette with this color in the winter and that color in the summer. I think I will make this color my regular that I buy when I need to fix it all up!

08-23-2008, 04:50 PM
Howdy ladies :wave:

Back again for a few minutes.

MINDEE & SUSAN...THANK YOU! :thanks: :hug: Now to get back to 180 where I was a while back and down further. I did see 179 one week.

SUSAN...I hear ya about the water retention. I WI one Sat and was at 187 point something and knew I didn't over eat that week. Then weighed on the following Monday and it was back to 185.7...was driving me crazy! But then I am crazy already so it wouldn't/doesn't take much. Have fun at the pool and shopping!

MINDEE...I do wish you lots of luck and sending good vibes for when you start. :lucky: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: Just when you start, make sure the hubby doesn't bring any home! But I guess if you do it 30 days whether it is consective days or not matters. I know for me, we eat out way too much, way too much! It takes a toll on your body too, all that greasy icky stuff. Okay, all that greasy, fat stuff because it's not all icky :lol:

Okay, hi to everyone else again :wave:

I am finished with my exercise, yay. So now to find something to do. Really excited about Josh coming home tomorrow.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

08-23-2008, 07:12 PM
back from taking Brandon to the pool......Tommy is making dinner......the kids are playing.

Cristina~ You are very welcome! I know any time without eating out is great, but the longer a person does it, the easier it is to avoid it. Not that I am meaning to avoid it at all. I do know that if we eat out now, then I feel bad about eating it after.

08-23-2008, 10:40 PM
Whew...a day of shopping and moving furniture. Boscov's is going out of business in our area. (they are similar to Penney's) and I found a pair of shoes for my son's wedding marked down to $21. They are really comfy with only a 1 1/2" heel....yippee :carrot: I'll be able to dance in comfort. :dancer: They we lucked out on finding Tiffany lamps for our bedroom. They only had one and another store about 45 min away had the other. When I called a friend, who lives close to the other store for directions, she went out and picked it up for us immediately. We hung around the mall until she called and said that she had the lamp and then went back to our store and bought the matching one. Saved $100 per lamp!!!! :cp:

When we got home from shopping, we moved all our bedroom furniture to my DD's room because I got a call today scheduling delivery of my new set. I could have had it delivered this Thurs but put it off till the following week. I still need to remove the wallpaper border, paint the room and put up new curtains which I won't get started till Wed or Fri., my days off. It will give us the long holiday weekend to get the room together and then the furniture can just be put into place. :D

What is Francie's myspace name? I'd like to see her pics while traveling across country.

Mindee--I like your hair color. Just wait till you HAVE to'll want to go lighter then.

Cristina--Congrats on Josh being out of the Army. My Justin says that he is going to be a lifer. He has already enlisted for another 4 1/2 years. He needed to do it to get the job that he presently has. He is going to marry a hometown girl so at least when he has time off for visiting, we don't have to worry about which family he plans to see. Her family only lives about 20 mins from us.

Hugs to everyone else :hug: I'm achy from all the furniture moving and think I'll go get a quick low fat snack and head up to my empty bedroom (except for the bed, tv and one end table) and read for awhile.

08-23-2008, 11:13 PM
Mindee - not to brag or nuthin ((ya, right Susan)),,,,,but I don't have any gray hair, weird, huh? I tell my mom "I guess my life isn't stressful enough"
My 36 year old sister has always colored her hair this neon orange color....and my 47 year old sister has this black hair ,,,my mom and her fight over it being sisters natural color and of course it isn't.....but sister insist it is.
What houses?? The Townhouse? I did got word on that Friday and it was a yes! I hope for a move in next Saturday,so I have to go down this week and get Gab all ready for school and the transfer was approved too , G will go to the Kindergarten Cop school.
What kind of music were you listening to???

Cristina - I saw 142 one day and I stepped back on because I couldn't believe my eyes and it popped back up to You are doing good though! I know the yo yo scale can be a pain.

I had a so so day .Ended up at a picnic and ate a hot dog, :yikes:....even tasted the grease but it was so good...and it was crispy burnt too....yum,yum. lol I also had carrot sticks just to be healthy.

08-24-2008, 01:39 AM
doing my nightly check in.....

Tammy~ I can't recall Francie's myspace name off hand, but if you go on my page (I will give you the link if you need it) then you can get to her page off mine. Unless she comes on here before then and posts the link for you. Thanks for the nice comments about my hair! I tend to usually wait until the old color is pretty much out of my hair before I color again.

SuzieQ~ That is what I meant!!! That is great to hear!!! I am so excited for you!

08-24-2008, 06:49 AM
Morning All.....:coffee:

Well its back to the ole' grind tonight............At least I have one last week of freedom before I am stuck with the new person. Better enjoy it while I can, right? I have no freaking idea why they are having her start with me on Monday night, Labor Day. I start my weeks on SUNDAY, not MONDAY! She should be there for the whole freaking week and if she doesn't like it then she should just get the h*ll out now! lol. Nice, aren't I? :p

Anyways. I have been very hormonal lately. Just a complete rollercoaster of emotions. Yesterday was my weepy :cry: day, cry, cry, cry.......Today is my angry day I Just don't feel like putting up with anybody's crap. lol. :mad:

I went to do my work clothes and I am out of fabric softener! UGH. I'm usually good at that, buying stuff before I run completely out. I had a teeny tiny bit but not enough, that is for sure.........Oh well guess my clothes will be clean at least, right? lol.

And I keep sweating!! Not all the time, but just every once in a while I just start sweating, for no good reason! It is REALLY frustrating!!! At first I thought I was just battling a cold and the sweats was from when my fever would break, but I can't be sick this long, can I? (about a week?)

Cristina -- that picture is a tad bit scary, but it also reminds me of my room-mates I used to live with, they were all gay. lol. I could SO see them doing that! lol.

Suzy Q -- I am an Ogar compared to my parents!! They are tiny people!! lol. I take after my grandmothers. Why couldn't I take after my parents? Oh no......I have to take after my grandmothers and gain 5 pounds just by smelling something!!! lol. Speaking of Gray Hairs..........I found some in my eyebrows!! UGH I plucked those suckers out, now watch 20 more will come in!!! Not fair! I told DH I am gonna be completely gray before I turn 40 by this rate!! (I'm only 33, well I guess 33 1/2 as my bday is next month) :cry: I guess I did inherit that little lovely thing from my father!! YIPPEE so now I'll be short, fat and gray-haired, boy will I be HOT, oh yeah and sweaty, don't forget the sweaty part!! Man what a babe I am! :rofl: Look Wow, I found a picture of me, now how did that get posted on the net? ( :rofl: :lol: :lol3:

Tammy -- I would go lighter on my hair just so no little grays would pop out, but its sooooooooo much work to keep up when you have such dark hair......I had blonde hair in my 20's, that was when I was into the hair thing and all that crap. Now I'm an old married woman and I know I still should care, but I don't. :lol: You work 12.5 hrs too? I do as well, its so much fun, isn't it? lol.

Francie -- so sorry that you went through some boring states, have you went through Ohio yet? Its really boring. lol............I think the prettiest states to me is Tennessee and Upstate NY in the fall, so so pretty........

Where is Sue? Out riding her bike :bike2: I suppose!! Stop in for a visit, would ya girlie? lol. Also Hi Miss Jules, wherever you are............:wave:

Did I miss anybody??? :chin: Don't think I did??? But if I did I am just putting up there as hormonal and my mind is gone right now. lol. :crazy:

Have a Great Sunday All........

08-24-2008, 01:26 PM
Hey..just real quick. We drove through Minnesota yesterday and we got to Madison, Wisconsin at like 3ish. Didnt get a hotel until 4 though..and didnt get to sleep until 5, lol. But ya..we're going to see my cousin today. So I better hurry up and get ready right now.

08-24-2008, 04:20 PM
Sassy- :hug: wow, you are on a roll!! haha. Thinking the co worker is starting on Labor Day because it is the 1st of Sept? Maybe the payroll ends at the end of the month? :dunno: What phase comes after weepy and angry?? Do I dare ask. lol

Mindee- Thanks, I am getting nervous now about moving. I will be without my support system, I guess meaning my ex , course that is a major reason I am moving. It is always his way or no way and I think at 44 years old and 7 years since we divorced I am allowed to live my own life. * least that is what I think....of course he :doh: says that is wrong on my part. :stress: lol.....jk, it isn't that bad! How is your weekend going??

Francie - States aren't boring, dear. I am sure there is something to take splendor in (whatever that means, sounds deep) and marvel at God's creation all around you. It is Sunday, that is my sermon, amen.

*sigh........I hate what coffee does to me, I should never get on the computer after I gulp a cup down. :coffee: lol

So, ya. Lets chat about me.....:D, I am getting NO sleep. Rach was a pill yesterday, nasty little mouth on her. I just wanted to runaway....or at least I wish she would! lol She still doesn't know if she is coming with me or not, she doesn't want to leave her boyfriend and she wants to enroll at the community college for her GED course. I told her to go ahead and stay and I can always come in Friday evenings and she can spend weekends with me...4 days at her dad's and 3 with, we'll see.

anyway - school shopping w/ Beck today and my mom has a rug for me so I am going to go and get that this evening.

:wave: hi to everyone.....Asia, Sue, Katy, Jules , Cristina, and Tammy!! Hope you ladies are having a great weekend! :)

08-24-2008, 04:44 PM
Nah..I am here. You can't get rid of me that easily. I have been busy, that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Just ran the sweeper in the bedrooms and picked up the house a little today. Read my paper and sipped coffee all morning. Ha.. (busy, right?)

We went out of town again yesterday, so I didn't get to ride the bike. It is so hot here today I don't know if I will ride or not. If so it will be about 8:30 tonight.

Sassy- Calm down and step away from the might blow up the computer. Just kidding sweetie, but I hope you feel better. Maybe serene peace follows crying and angry?? :hug:

Susan- Now is a heck of a time to get cold feet about moving. LOL... I wondered if all 3 of the girls would move with you or not. Rach is going for her GED and not back to school? What grade will Beck be in? Then our little Miss Gaby will be marching off to a new school in all her new fashions. Cutie..

Mindee- Like the hair. It isn't hard to color is it? I have done it many many times over the years. I know I am older than all you chicks...but I remember pulling hair through a cap and frosting it. Kind of a fore-runner to the highlights of today. I would get together with GF's and color each others hair. Gave each other perms too. Gosh those things smelled!!

Cristina- Wow...good news about Josh. I thought he might make a career of it, but I can sure see why he didn't. He has quite the family now. And probably has baby-making on his mind too. (I mean that in the nicest way...not offensive I hope..) :) Hey, good job on avoiding the skunk. haha.

Tammy- Good luck on getting the rooms painted before the new furniture is delivered. Your house is going to look so great!! Did you ever tell us what colors you had chosen?

Katy- Ya have to come back from the beach at some point lady!! :)

Jules and Asia- Hi to you both.

Off to check on the pizza I popped in the oven. Yes, I know, not real diet friendly, but I am craving it. :(

08-24-2008, 07:49 PM
hmm, I had pasta yesterday, it was good. Sometimes I think we just need to give our bodies what it craves in moderation Sue. I am sure the pizza was yummy! My mom gets the thin crust, I guess that cuts down on the calories?? Also, maybe even buying the pre-made crust and making our own would be another idea.....
Rach is going to do the GED thing, otherwise she would have been a year behind with her sister when graduating. I think that would have been ok too but she changed her mind (again). So, we'll see this time. It is a good deal, you pay $25 reg fee and her books and testing are covered by the school district , plus she would get a free term of classes after she completes the program.
Beck has always been a daddy's girl. She sat there and said "we don't care if you move mom" because I was all nervous telling them. The ex is pouting andtrying to tell me how selfish I am. Gaby of course just wants to go to the beach. lol
And it is such a cute school (it use to be the fur trade center when it was first built back in the late 1800's?? , I think that is it)),she'll only go threre for 3 years though it is 1st thru 3rd grade only.

anyway - off to fix my dinner! Hi to everyone :wave:

08-24-2008, 11:49 PM
Well here is what follows weepy and angry: SLEEPY. :yawn: I think I could sleep and sleep and sleep and I would if I wasn't working! lol.

It stormed pretty bad in our area. Some tree branches were down and the flag pole was bent over by our Rental Office in our complex. I know its nothing like the folks dealing with Fay right now. But it was thundering so loud around 5:30 pm it woke me up......shook the whole building..........Then when I left for work it was all weird looking outside.........Freaky. My DH was out in all that mess -- part of it on his motorcycle! :yikes: But he made it home, safe and sound and WET. lol.

Suzy Q -- Our new pay periods start on Saturday. I have no clue why she starts Monday night, maybe that she wanted it that way? Who knows......

Sue -- I'm ok, really.........I thought I was being sarcastic. :lol: But tonight I am just so so sleepy....:yawn:

Well I hope you all are doing well. Only 10.5 more hrs to go............:yawn:

08-25-2008, 12:26 AM
well, I am enjoying this nice quiet time. we took the kids outside to play, then decided to take them to the pool. we brought them home, Tommy made some dinner on the grill, I made some sides on the stove, and then we ate dinner. poor Marissa was so tired for all the fresh air and the water, that she couldn't hold out long enough to eat and fell asleep in the high chair. she woke up in the high chair and then started crying, so I tried to get her to eat, but she wasn't having anything to do with it, so I made her a bottle and she fell back to sleep in her crib. (and here it is almost 11pm and she is still sleeping)

after I laid her back down, Tommy took the boys outside so they could play some more while I ate my dinner. one of the lady's here in the complex said that she would cut my hair for me, for free! so, I am going to take advantage of that here shortly since I really need a hair cut!

we were suppose to do some major cleaning this weekend, but we took advantage of the pool still being open since they are closing it on Labor Day. we also will be getting a flyer here shortly about an end of the summer BBQ and it will be fun. I mentioned to the office manager about making it a yearly thing at the beginning of the summer next year. Since this one would give all of us tenants a chance to meet each other. we are going to be doing some major cleaning next week, even though it will be hopefully a long holiday weekend!

Sassy~ My goodness I guess you have been on a roller coaster of emotions lately!

Francie~ It is good to hear from you! I love watching your road trip through your pictures!

SuzieQ~ What? Does he expect you to live at his beck and call even though you are all divorced? our weekend went well. we got absolutely NO cleaning done, but we have to get it all done next week! I buy the rolled pizza crust to make homemade pizzas on. Good luck with all the schooling! One of my sisters is going to get her GED. Then I think she is going to go to beauty school.

Sue~ Thanks for the nice comment! I was really weary about dying my hair for the first time by myself, but once I got started there was really no turning back so I had no choice but to continue on with it. (I don't think I have mentioned this before, but Sue is my middle name) when my sister last dyed my hair for me, well technically she frosted it for me. so, her and my mom sat and pulled the strands through the cap while I watched tv.

08-25-2008, 04:08 PM
Just a quick hi and bye ladies. Not really in a talkative mood, just really grouchy and feeling exhausted for some reason. Will chat tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good day! :wave:

08-25-2008, 04:40 PM
Quick pop in for me...I took mom to 2 Drs. this morning, then 2 drugstores, Wal-Mart and the gas station. I am tired from running....
Mom is doing real well so the heart Dr. doesn't need to see her for 3 months and the family Dr. for 6 months unless she does something silly. We won't know what to do if we are not running to the Dr. every week. :) She has an epidural next month and hopefully will be good for the rest of the year. Yay!

Now DH goes Wed. for his check-up and tests, so hoping he is ok. Mine isn't until Sept. Then we will all be finished for awhile (I hope)

Nothing good to report scale-wise, food-wise or exercise-wise today. I will TRY to ride the bike later, but it looks like rain.

Later chickies......

08-26-2008, 12:53 AM
Hi Everybody! :wave:

It was a totally beautiful night coming into work.......Had the windows down in the car, and the sky was so pretty, it was ashame I had to go to work........:p But oh well, only one more night -- after tonight is done..........and then 4 nights off......Yippee.............:carrot: I just love my short weeks! :D Then next week is extra $$ with Labor day + my long week. CHA-CHING! :)

Mindee -- Yup big emotional rollercoaster, which I hope is now over with cuz I feel more like "me" today! (Sassy that is....;) ) lol. Free haircuts, that is awesome! :) BBQ sounds fun, hard to think its the end of summer already......

Cristina -- Hi and Bye......I hope you get some rest.........:hug:

Sue -- I'm glad everything is alright with your mom, I am sure that is a big relief. My DH has a checkup this friday, I hope his goes well..........we've been really trying...........

I hope you all are doing well!!!


08-26-2008, 02:07 AM
just popping in here quickly.

Cristina~ I hope things are better since your weekend was wrecked!

Sue~ that is great to hear that mom is getting a little reprieve from all the appointments. Good luck to your hubby for his appointment. And also good luck to you for your appointment!

Sassy~ Well, it is great to have you back as being Sassy! I hate when I get into those emotional ruts. They drive me nuts, which in returns drives Tommy nuts!

08-26-2008, 03:58 AM
just popping in here quickly.

Sassy~ Well, it is great to have you back as being Sassy! I hate when I get into those emotional ruts. They drive me nuts, which in returns drives Tommy nuts!

AMEN to that and it drives my DH crazy too, just like the old saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" Thats great english isn't it? :lol3:

08-26-2008, 03:16 PM
Good Morning -

Quickie because I have tons to do and way too much on my mind trying to keep it all straight :dizzy:

Sassy - yay, I am glad you have some time off from work! Enjoy :)

Sue - :hug: Nice to hear your mom is doing ok. Hope you get some rest!

Cristina - :hug: hope you are feeling better and in a chatty mood! Miss you when you aren't around. :)

Mindee- Yep, been divorce for 7 years and I still have to check in. lol. Ex and Rach are having a horrid time with the thought of me moving. Which to me is a main reason to go ahead w/ the move....what is going on is way unhealthy for me, Gaby and them too. Rach is one year from being a legal adult she really needs to step up to bat this year w/ her school. She pleads that she needs me to help her and I say "You have lived w/ me for 10 months and I have tried to help you w/ school and you just won't do it"....the more she talks the more it sounds like having me stay gives her a place for her boyfriend to come and spend time at...if she is at her fathers the bf won't go there and if she moves w/ me she thinks the bf will find someone else.
So, always drama at the o-k coral!

I was able to take R and G down and I handed in the enrollement papers for G. It is such a nice school and I can call today and get her teachers name. I also signed the rental papers and she gave me the key. I took R to look inside it thinking that would make her feel better about moving w/ me.

anyway - hi to everyone :wave: I better get moving again! Chat when I can.

08-26-2008, 03:47 PM
Hello ladies...

MINDEE...thank you :hug: I am still kinda po'ed that my weekend was ruined but trying to move on, slowly but I am. The kid will not be coming here to stay for a long time and I will get together with Josh & probably Charlotte another time, alone. Hoping all is going with with you and the kids.

SUSAN...I am excited for you...moving this weekend, yay!

SUE...happy to hear things went well for your mom at the docs. And hoping everything goes well for the hubby. rest for the wicked, lol. I need to take a nap though, and I need to read!

TAMMY...I was kinda hoping Josh would make a career of the Army but then not. He had some injuries and I just didn't think it was a good thing. But he almost resigned and talking with the wife changed his mind. Lots of decorating, moving furniture and painting going on in your house eh? Hey, when you are done, you can come on over here and do some of mine, lol.

FRANCIE...looks like you are enjoying, or enjoyed the company of your cousin. Glad you guys are having fun.

KATY...hope you guys are enjoying the beach!

JULES...hoping to see you post soon, miss you! :hug: are probably getting ready for school and are busy, busy, busy! Don't get to busy that you forget about us :D

Nothing much going on around here...same old, same old. Had some errands to run this a.m., mowed the yard and of course did my walk/exercise. Still in a crappy mood but whatever...I'll get over it. I think some sleep just might help. Feeling exhausted lately for some reason. Anyway...doing a load of laundry and that's about it...calling it a day.

Have a good one, ladies :hug:

08-26-2008, 07:16 PM
Cristina- I missed out on whatever spoiled your week-end. I am sorry to hear it though. Hope whatever it was is better now...


08-26-2008, 10:10 PM
I kind of missed it too what happened over the weekend Cristina, gather it had something to do w/ Chase? Hope you are feeling better now though :hug:

:wave: hi Sue....

I am just checking in, trying to write instead of munch.....lord, keep my hands on the keyboard and off the fried chicken. lol
I had a little itty bitty fried chicken wing, it was so good and I didn't even take the skin off like I normally would, just NEED to taste the grease, I guess.Anxious and flustered with everything that is going . moving and trying to get everyone ready for next week.
I took Gab to get her bangs trimmed, Rach for a check up, grocery shopping, and laundry all done. Finished up on Gabsters school supply list, still need to get 2 boxes baby wipes and a box of kleenex. Still need to get her nylons and I need to take 2 tops back because they didn't fit right on her.
Get my address changed w/ DMV , already did the utilities and I have a new phone number, how exciting .....need to pack tonight, not sure what but if something gets in a box I will be happy. Actually packing is the least of my problems. lol
Rach seems to have calmed down and we will go tomrrrow and I will pay the $25 for her GED classes. I will have to come back into town on the 9th and go w/ her to a mental health appt. *sigh.....I guess that is it.

So, if I can cool the munchies tonight I will be happy, seems to happen when I am tired. I think I will go and chat w/ Gaby....the ex says she is the most sensible one out of all of us..and he is right. Toys and slurpee's, what else do you need?? haha

chat at you all later!!

:wave: hi to Cristina, Asia , Jules, Sassy, Katy, Mindee, Francie, Sue, and Tammy!! :) And anyone else that is lurking around, we would love for you to join us!

08-26-2008, 10:52 PM
Hi All. :wave:

Well TG its MY friday! :carrot: YAY!

I hope you all are well!!!

Not much to say...............I am just glad that its my last night here. I am so ready to have 4 nights off!

Have a Great One!

08-27-2008, 01:12 AM
oy my aching feet! I helped the office manager pass out some flyers for the BBQ this coming weekend. my feet are killing me, but it was a lot of fun even with all the up and down with all the stairs. but I don't mind doing it!

Brandon was going to go with me, but started playing with the little boy around the corner and she said that he was I told Tommy to go around the corner and get him at about 8:15.....he went over at 8 to check on him. I spent about an hour passing out the flyers that I had in my hand. we only missed about a building and a half, which is good I thought! So, the office manager is going to do those buildings tomorrow!

Oh yeah.....speaking of buildings I have some news! The owner and the head maintenance guy saw me outside with Brandon yesterday. I was chasing down Brandon's run away RC car, and the head maintenance guy says to me "hey lady, don't go too far. we are coming to your house." to which I said to them that I would be right there I had to chase down a run away RC car. They both come inside and look at the bathroom floor. The head maintenace guy then starts stepping on the spot in the floor, to which the owner says "I can see it sinking from where I am standing." The head maintenance guy then says "so what do you want us to do?" I said "fix it so that me, my husband or my kids don't end up going through the floor." He then suggests to put some 2x4's under that spot to brace it. I said "that is better then leaving it to get worse." The owner then has the audacity to say "we will try that first, and then if it doesn't hold or work, then we will rip up the floor and fix it that way."

So. I had the kids outside today, and over comes the head maintenance guy and our friend who works here with the ladder to go into the crawl space. Our friend went under the floor and put some 2x4's to brace the spot in the floor. After he comes out from being under the building, the head maintenance guy says "ben, you will have to go step on it, I don't weigh too much." So, ben comes and says to me "let's go check this out and see if we fall through." Surprisingly, it is holding up better then it was! It still is a little squishy, but I am not going to holding my breath every time we go into the bathroom for showers/baths!

And on another note........while I was passing the flyers out, I met the lady that lives around the corner but right next to us. I had Brandon with me, and she asked me how old her was, so I told her. And then I rattled off that he has a younger brother and a sister and I told her their ages as well. She looks at me and says "you have three kids?" I said "yes I do" and she then says "how old are you?" I said "I just turned 26." She says to me "you are so young. I am 36." Then she looks at me and says "you have three kids? you look so good for having three kids." I heard that and I was beside myself that she just said it. I was trying to make sure that my ears heard her right! so that completely made me forget about staring in the mirror at all my areas of dislike!

did anyone happen to catch the information that was released recently about the afternoon being a better time to work out? I was watching the news I believe it was, and now I can't remember what station I was watching! I want to read up on it because when Brandon goes to school, I will be doing my workouts in the afternoon.

Sassy~ A friend of ours taught Tommy "happy wife means happy life." Now if that isn't words to live by, then I don't know what is! That and my dad taught Tommy "yes dear" so that works as well! LOL

SuzieQ~ do you like this said boyfriend? If not, then all the more reason to move! Not trying to be mean, but that is just something my mom would have done. what did she think once you showed her the place?

Cristina~ I hope things are going better for you now! How is the not eating out? And by the kid, I am assuming it was possibly one of hers? But then again, you know what happens when you assume! LOL

Sue~ I got your friend request on myspace. That was you right? If not, then I just added somebody else!

08-27-2008, 04:39 AM
Mindee -- Glad they at least temorarily fixed your bathroom floor, I hope it holds or should I say I hope it doesn't so you can get a new floor? Kind of a catch 22 there. lol. They painted our lobbies of our apt. buildings. Next they say they are replacing the carpets out there I guess. The monthly newsletter just said "carpets". I doubt its the apts actual carpets since they replace it whenever people move out, but what about the people who have been there a while?? I think we deserve new carpet too! :lol: That was an awesome comment from your neighbor!! :carrot: I like that motto "Happy wife equals Happy life" and yes so true and my DH knows all about the "Yes Dear" and don't forget the all important, "I'm sorry, it was my fault" :lol3:

Hey I have Less than 6 hrs to go!!! :woohoo:

08-27-2008, 02:30 PM
Good Wednesday! :carrot:

Is it Wednesday?? I am all confused.

Mindee- I like the boyfriend, not for Rach though. She relies on him too much and nothing gets done. She needs to be focusing on school and her mental health at the moment. She decided to stay at her fathers and started taking all her posters off the wall last night, she seems to have clamed down. Her Dr's appt was good yesterday, they want her back in on the 9th to get her counseling started and possible meds for her anxiety.

Anyway, good about the floor! Wondering how old are these buildings?? What caused the floor damage?? I assume water?? If so what about the meldew /mold and such?? You wouldn't want to be breathing that...if that was the case. Just a thought. It just irks me that the owner is half a$$ about their own property.

:wave: hi Sassy!!

I better go. I have the kitchen pretty much packed up and 1/2 of my clothes and Gaby's. I need to run to Uhaul and get some more boxes, they offer free used ones, I though that was nice, need to get out more.

*sigh.........k - toodles! and :wave: hi to everyone!

08-27-2008, 03:20 PM
Good afternoon....I have been way too busy and need to slooooowwww down.
My exercise suffered yesterday and my eats have suffered also. I washed my car last night in lieu of biking. Didn't have time for both.
Having a few computer mouse doesn't want to cooperate. Funny trying to get that cursor where it is supposed to go. :)

I will try to stop in later if I have time to breathe.

Yes, that's me on Myspace...trying that again so I can peek at ya'll's pictures. I need Francie's though. Darn.

08-27-2008, 04:02 PM
Hiya ladies...

Feeling better today, but still feeling a little off for some reason. Thinking I am just not getting enough sleep.

Yes, this was Chase that totally ruined my day/weekend. It started off good at the airport and Josh and Charlotte were going to go spend some time alone and we took the kids. From 10:30 till about 2:30'ish I was sooooo freakin' close to killing a kid. What the heck do you do with a 9 year old that will not listen. I had to tell him things all day long more than once and it was so frustrating. I was mad at myself because I actually screamed at him to just shut up, no one was talking to you! He back talks, he has a very bad attitude, he does not respect us or our house, he yells and he interupts everyone's conversation and he lies...I have never seen a kid like this. He is 9 and I don't feel like I need to tell a 9 year old more than once to not do something. Something he knows he shouldn't do. At one point he looked at me and laughed...I told him he will not come back to my house. I also told Charlotte yesterday...she said something about Josh leaving his skateboard so Chase can ride it here. I told her I do not want him over here, at least not for a long time. Until they do something I don' may sound mean but I don't need it and I don't want it. The problem is, and we talked about that if I have rules here and his grandmother does not honor them, or his mother then he is not going to change. Apparently Charlotte's mother lets them run wild and buys them anything and everything they want and she is not going to say anything to her so...he won't come over here. Anyway, I still can't believe that I let a 9 year old get the best of me, and the sad thing is...he thinks he has won. Everything is a contest to him, a challenge. Anyway...the day was supposed to be about Josh coming home and this kid made it all about him, even when they came over. What really pissed me off was they did nothing and he did exactly what I told him not to do so whatever...I am done with him. We talked, she acted like she was mad at him but did nothing. They did tell him to apologize for being bad but I just ignored him. It wasn't sincere and he was told to do it so...I guess I am still po'ed about it, lol. Rant over...

SUE...I added you and also sent a message to let you know that I use another page also, mostly. I made it an exercise page...hope you got the invite from that one. can go to Francie's page from my page. I think hers is private but there is still a link that you can send an ivite from it and with a message so she knows who you are. Hope you get time to breathe!

MINDEE...WTG on the comments and the floored getting fixed, finally! the challenge is going great! Today is day 12 and still going strong. I have not had any fast food (or eaten out what-so-ever), not even a fry! DD wanted some curly fries while we were out the other day and I didn't take one :yay: I am determined to make the 30 days. Love th pics! Looked like the kids were having fun and I hope your feet are feeling better! That was a lot of walking! Almost forgot to mention the article...I didn't happen to see it and I don't think I have ever heard it is better to exercise in the evening or morning. I used to split up all my exercise thru-out the day and that always worked for me but now I am liking doing it all in the mroning before getting a start on the day. It's done with and I don't have to worry about when I will fit it in so...if you find the article or info let me know what it said, I am curious now.

SUSAN...don't tire yourself out, and don't get stressed. I know you have tons to do before getting moved and it takes it's toll so try to get rest and relax. Glad Rachel is doing well. :hug: And stay away fromt he fried chicken! :nono: Actually, I think it is okay to indulge once in a while...lord knows I do! Did you get some chatting in with Miss Gaby? Is she excited about school?

SASSY...woohoo to your weekend! Hey, maybe you should put in for new carpet, lol. I think it only fair...I mean, if you've lived there a while and they replace the carpet everytime someone moves I think it only fair if you plan on staying longer.

HIYA JULES, KATY, ASIA and FRANCIE! :wave: Hoping all is well with you all.

I am so sleepy, not sure why. The last few days have been like this, not wanting to get up but if I sleep in I feel worse. Then about 2'ish I start getting sleepy. Thinking I will go take a nap in a sleepy by 9:30 I can barely stay awake and not getting any reading done. Not really hungry either. I have been getting my exercise in plus. Anywho...going to go check the general thread and I think I am going to give in and take a nap. Maybe I will be refreshed when I wake up.

Have a good day! :wave:

08-27-2008, 07:23 PM
:hug: sorry about Chase, Cristina. Maybe w/ Josh home and in the house on a regular basis now he will bring a firmer hand. I am no sure what the story is w/ Char but I know a lot of single parents indulge alittle too much, I know I do.
I know my Hawaii man did .....omg! When I was there the 1st time we snuck off by ourselves for a itty bitty bit and his son kept calling us (on his own cell phone and he was 9 at the time) Hawaii Man wouldn't answer his phone after the 3rd time (son was calling w/ a request for a new fishing pole and he already had several) the son called my cell next and I didn't answer but son left a message saying "answer, you dummies".....I was so shocked and even more so because Hawaii Man didn't make the son apologize and the grandmother ended up buying the kid a fishing pole the next day.
I hope that makes sense, I have several stories on that spolied child. lol
anyway - being a single parent doesn't excuse rude children.

Taking a rest, almost all packed. I can't do much more or I will be digging back in the boxes looking for clothes and kitchenware, so I will pack that stuff on Saturday. Gab has helped packing her toys but I dug Bob the Builder back out and tossed it and some others that she hasn't played w/ for years.

anyway, just feel a little depressed about the whole thing, maybe I am just getting tired??

k- :wave: hope you all are having a good day!

08-28-2008, 01:54 AM
just popping in before shoving off to bed....

Sassy~ I had to do a double take to make sure that I heard her right. Then she asked Tommy the same questions when he went over to check on Brandon.

Cristina~ I can't believe him! I would not let him over any more either! We make sure that who ever watches them knows the rules of our house so that they are followed and they know that if they don't listen they will get grounded and something will get taken away.

Sue~ I have been spending a lot of time outside trying to keep three kids that dont seem to want to nap for me! Since Monday, I have spent a total of 16 hours outside! Four hours on Monday, six hours on Tuesday, and another six yesterday! no wonder why I fall asleep on the couch with Brandon!

SuzieQ~ I can't believe moving day is already here!

08-28-2008, 08:36 AM
Hi all...........just a bit bummed...........:(

Cristina -- Sorry to hear about Chase...........:hug: I agree with you though. If he can't respect your rules, than no need in coming back. That is how my mom is too. ;)

Mindee -- you are doing wonderfully girlie and you deserve the compliments.....get ready to hear even more of them!!! ;)

Hi All, I hope your all well. :wave:


08-28-2008, 02:51 PM
Good Morning,

Just popping in for a sec.
I can't believe I found a Patterson book in an old box of books I had! It is the diary one, so I will have something to read over the next few days because I took all my books back to the library.
anyway - tons to do so I better get. Hope to get to "147anything" by tomorrow. I doubt it though. I ate 1/2 a slice of pizza last night and drank tons of water. Overall I am doing pretty good eating. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

:wave: to Mindee & Sassy! chat more later.

08-28-2008, 03:34 PM
just popping in here while I have the time. the kiddos are supposed to be napping, but as usual, they are not!

I called transportation in regards to Brandon's busing since we haven't gotten anything about it yet. He will get picked up at 12:32 and get dropped off at 4:08. So, I am guessing that he might not be the first one picked up or dropped off.

Sassy~ I am trying to brace myself to hear more of those comments. I went over to the office this morning and couldn't figure out why two of the maintenance guys (our friend and the head maintenance guy) were staring at my shirt. Then I realized when I got home, it is the one that says "hot mama" on it. LOL

SuzieQ~ I hope the packing continues to go well and the move goes smoothly for you!

08-28-2008, 03:37 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

SUSAN...I am hoping you meant 147 anything? I know you don't want to be at 187! Charlotte does indulge the kids and what cracked me up she blames her mother for all the problems and spoiling. She even said they are spoiled and they expect something from everyone wherever they go. She pawns them off on her mother a lot too because she loves to shop and go out and I am thinking that will change though since Josh is home. :crossed: She does try to discipline but she is always sending them mixed messages and I talked with Josh about that. She will put them in time out for something so stupid because she is having a bad day and when they do something bad she does nothing. She also will tell Cambrie to beat up Chase and then when she gets hurt she gets onto Chase. He is too old to be rough housing with a 4-year-old and that is another thing...he hits on her all the time and makes her cry and on and on. It's just all messed up but again, I am hoping with Josh there things will change. If they want to bring him over here it better. I think the kid is the spawn of satan :devil: The funny thing is I don't necessarily have any rules, lol. I think it's just basically common sense go to someone's house you respect it and them. He will just push the envelope about anything and this wasn't the first time but it sure was the last. Anyway...aaahhhh, don't get depressed :hug: Is it just because of the move, or you feel like you are leaving the girls behind? You're not going to be so far that you can't see them and get back...go and enjoy living by the beach missy! That's an order :D

MINDEE...nothing works on this kid and yeah, he won't come back until he learns some manners and learns to listen. Funny, Charlotte mentioned or rather said "Maybe I should take his things away and make him earn them" Key word here, maybe...because I don't think she will. She buys him too many video games and the violent ones on top of it, he spends way too much time in front of them. I second what Susan said...get ready for more compliments lady! And I love the shirt, too cute!

SASSY...sorry you are bummed :hug: Anything you want to talk about? You know we are here for you. I saw that you changed your song on myspace...I had that album years ago! It is a great song!'s sad because I absolutely love kids! And this one is just terrible...I don't think I have ever been around a kid who acts like he does. He has a serious attitude for sure, and I hope he gets an attitude adjustment soon.

Hi to everyone else...KATY, ASIA, TAMMY & JULES :wave:

Sorry for going on and on about the kid...I am over it and moving on, trying not to think about him. It saddens me because I probably won't get to see Josh much because of him though.

Today was shopping day, grocery shopping that is. Also ran to Penney's to take a bra was so pretty but oh so big! So they are having a great sale that I couldn't pass on, lol. Well, sort of...didn't really have money to be spending on anything. But they had the exercise pants I like for fall/winter for $9.99 and I had to get three pair and a shirt and some socks. I tend to go thru socks and shoes a lot lately.

I did my exercise before leaving and feel good about that. Need to go change the ticker. And...I am happy to say today is day 13 of no eating out what-so-ever! :carrot: Honestly, I thought I would have given in and got something by now, lol. I was so close to doing so this morning. I was running late and only had a banana and some water before leaving so I was starving! I needed a diet coke too! I went straight home though, and had a salisbury steak and mac & cheese froz dinner...the WW ones, can't remember what they are called. They are pretty good, and enough food for me so... I was wanting some meat of some kind and this did it for me. I'll have a snack of cheese & wheat thins and an apple a little later since I missed breakfast. Okay, blah, blah, blah :gossip:

Have a good day, ladies! :hug:

08-28-2008, 04:04 PM
For Susan...


08-28-2008, 08:07 PM
hmm, that is kind of a cute guy in the front seat Cristina, is he mine too?? Can I, can I?? He even packs like I do. haha

actually I am anal (I know, hard to believe, huh?? ) I have all my boxes stacked in order by size, very neat, very orderly. I think Friday night though I will move the piles over by the front door so it is easier and people don't have to walk as many steps to get the boxes on the u-haul. :D

anyway , yes!!! I did mean 147something, not 187something.....thank you!

I am just really tired. I had a cheese hambuger from McDonalds and yesterday I had a chicken wrap. I didn't think that was too bad. Once I get settled down next week I can get back on a schedule. Spent all morning in the car returning some items of Gaby's.

I am a little depressed over leaving the girls behind. I know I can always see them every weekend but I will miss them. I found an old mothers day card they had made w/ pictures of themselves. One was a It's a Girl card w/ Rachel's footprints on them...and that made me cry. Just the simple "it's a girl"...aww, my baby. *sniff..........also I am just getting tired now trying to get everything done....

anyway.........I better get. :wave:

08-29-2008, 12:25 AM
popping in before heading off to the kitchen to make some cookies......

Cristina~ Thanks for the nice words! I am gearing myself up for those nice comments that are sure to come. I wonder if she will ever learn to teach Chase some rules to live by. Although, I think if he is already 9, he should have rules that he has to follow already!

SuzieQ~ I was hoping you were meaning 147 as well! So, both R's are going to stay with their dads? It is just going to be you and the Gabster in your new place?

08-29-2008, 12:38 AM
Hey Ladies..long time no speak!! I've been in PA since tuesday. It's sooooooooooo pretty here. We've been staying with my friend here. I totally wanna check out the Amish stores out here sometime. They look so cool.

Anyways..some news for now. 1-we move into our place on Sept 3rd. And 2-I got a tattoo today!!!! Its like on my calf/ankle area. The anchor part didnt really hurt..but when he did the heart..omg that hurt soooooooo bad, lol. Anyhoo..heres a pic of it. (my friend got one on her foot. its on my myspace)

Okay..I have go to clean my tat right now. Then I'm going to bed..catch up with everyone laters!!

08-29-2008, 01:46 AM
Francie~ I put a comment on that picture on myspace! But I will say it again, that looks great! And I love the one that your friend got!

08-29-2008, 03:53 AM
Hi Girls.......:wave:

Mindee -- Awesome.......;)

Cristina -- I'm ok now. I was just bummed really. I feel better now though, thanks. :)

Francie -- Nice Tat. I want a Celtic Cross ( about the same place you got yours...I'm not sure if I want the rose in it or not...........but I do kinda like it.........

We're going to the Outlet Mall today (Friday) Yes I am still awake I should go and lay down a few hrs but I'm afraid that will be worse than just staying up!!! lol.........

Have a Great Day!

08-29-2008, 10:00 AM
Okay, know the routine...100 posts, new thread. I have some extra time this morning so thought I would go ahead and start the new one. So...DO NOT POST HERE! Please & Thank you! :D Head on over to BIK#55...see ya there :wave: