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08-17-2008, 09:09 PM
G'day all,

It is Monday and I am back to some sort of order...I think...that will change again when we leave on Thursday for Melbourne and visit our daughter for 10 days:dizzy:

Nice to 'see' you Slavika, sorry to hear gd is not well, I am sure she would have enjoyed being spoilt by you for a few hours. For a dog like Patches it is very easy for the fur to matt. I had the same problem with my pappilions, I tried my hardest but their fur always seemed to matt espectially in their necks.

Glad your doctor straight away put you on some meds for your high cholestrol Ann, I agree it always seems to be something.

Your plan sounds good Trish, 30 minutes excercise a day does not seems that difficult to achieve but I know how hard it is to keep that up, so good luck!

It is amazing that we are almost into spring and you guys almost into autumn, it seemed like yesterday our winter started. Adelaide has had a terrific amount of rain, the highest fall since 1974. I hope that means we will not have water restrictions this summer.
Adelaide has a very dry climate so ANY rain is very welcome.:carrot:

Alan has bought himself a new computer a HP TouchSmart. Quite amazing that you can either use a mouse of touch the screen, the grand girls think it is fantastic being able to just touch the screen and 'things happen'!
I can imagine each wednesday when we look after them they will be wanting to use Alan's computer!


08-20-2008, 10:12 PM
Hi All:

We really 'dodged the bullet' this time. Storm Fay really missed us. We had some wind and rain, but nothing serious at all. We needed the rain. So far there hasn't been much damage in the state, some trees down, etc. but nothing major. What a relief.

So far so good with the new meds. No achy muscles . I hope it works.

I have started a new plan to see if I can jump start some weight loss. Before I've been counting my points and then adding flex points or exercise points. I never used the full allowance of flex points. I also go to Curve 3x a week and when weather permits try to walk or ride my bike as well as go to the pool for an hour of exercise. But nothing was happening.

So the new plan is to start with 20 points and make myself stick to that for the day. And I haven't used the activity points or flex point, I just know according to plan I do have 4 point to used if needed. So far I have not needed to use them. And it is making me plan more carefully. I haven't got on the scale yet, but will let you know if it worked at the end of the week.

Sally: I agree that I would like to be thinner when I get my hair cut, but sadly only my head gets thinner. :D: and that is not the part that needs the most help.

Maria- Have a great time in Melbourne.

Trish: you can do the 30min. exercise every day but one. Especially if you are doing in indoors, but outdoor exercise is great. What sort of exercises are you doing?

Suz: How is the garden growing? Are doing well with your Farmers Market?

I'm sure everyone has been watching the Olympics. There have certainly had both highs and lows for the athletes. Some broken hearts for sure, having to wait for another four years to try for a medal. What age do you think those 2 little Chinese gymnasts are? I can see why there are questions, for sure.

Off to watch again. Good night.


08-21-2008, 09:13 PM
I hadn't been here since July 18, I had lots of catching up to do. Looks like everyone had an interesting summer. Of course not as exciting as Maria's winter trip. I don't know how I would have coped in the same situation. We have been keeping busy and the weather was good. Today it started out sunny and hot and then cooled down and is raining. Weather warnings out for this evening.
Once again, I had some pc problems, but my daughter "fixed" things up for me. I will see how long it lasts. I will be on the look-out for a new computer. Since I am technically challenged, it isn't something I am looking forward to. I did an on-line questionaire that said I should be looking at Intel Core Quad 2 Processors.... now if I could only figure out what they are...:?:
On the rabbit front, we still have them running about our yard. The grandkids are absolutely delighted and love to come here and see them. However, my DH borrowed a trap and has been putting it outside every day, filled with apples and lettuce. So far, they have been too smart for him and have avoided the trap.
My cousin came for a 10 day visit. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario. We all tried to make her visit memorable. Folklorama was on so we took in quite a few events, we all had dinners at our homes and we all got to see our own city again. We did have fun, but 10 days was very loooooooong. I don't know why it is that it will take visitors arriving for us to enjoy our pretty city.
One day my DH and I went on a river taxi tour with our DD and family. We went in the morning and there wasn't a lot of traffic at the time, so the boat driver stopped and let all the little kids drive the boat for a while. My grandchildren were so happy, you should have seen their faces.
We took a couple of small jaunts around and had a very nice summer. I am talking like it is over, but once we get to the end of Aug. and the children start getting ready for school, it always feels close to the end.
I really loved the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Canada got off to a very poor start but has won some medals and the press isn't on them so much anymore. We are not a summer Olympic country. We should do better next year for the Winter games. Not that we ever win more than the USA. Of course it would help if our government was more generous to the participants. They don't get funding like the other countries give to their athletes.
I have signed up for Line Dancing on Saturday mornings. It doesn't start until Sept 20th, but I am excited already. Always wanted to do it.

Bye for now...:hug:

08-23-2008, 08:32 AM
Hi Everyone
wow it has been about 3 weeks since I posted did not realize it was that long my how time flys when you are busy

The farmers market has been going well keeping us busy picking on Thursday and Friday We usually sell all our veggies but it has not been a good year as we have had way to much rain and not enough sun and warm weather The tomato plants started to die from the bottom up and only set maybe an average of 7 tomatos per plant instead of 2 or 3 times that many Our roma tomatos are very small and they seem to be falling off while still green It also looks like we are not going to get any winter squash this year its always a good seller at Thanksgivmg time

We got invited to the annual zucchini festival on Sept so I will let a couple of zucchini grow and enter into the largest zucchini contest I think I will also make some zucchini food stuff to sell

Maria I just lokked at your vacation pictures what beautiful country and such interesting looking nirds and flowers So glad you and Allan are OK

Hello to everyone else Suz :carrot:

08-26-2008, 03:41 PM
Hi Everybody: Looks like everyone is home now from holidays. Ann what kind of medicine did your doctor put you on. I have been on about 4 different kinds now (all statin drugs) and after a month my muscles start to hurt and then the doctor tries me on a different one. The one I am on is called Lescol XL and I think this one has bothered me the most. I remember I was on Zorcor and Crestor at one time and those didn't work out either. I see the doctor on Sept. 4th and I know I will have to come off Lescol. It's too bad that I have trouble with the "statin" drugs because they are the ones thought to be the best especially if you have had a heart attack. Most people do not have trouble and maybe you will be one of the lucky ones. I had trouble getting here today. I couldn't find us under "WW Clubs & Groups". I had to get here in a round about fashion from my personal page. :?: Suz, seems like the gardens here have not done too well. My friend's tomatoes rotted from the bottom. Now what do I have to do to highlight the names like gals have done?? Gloria congrats on the 13# weight loss, WTG. :carrot:

08-27-2008, 05:43 PM
How's everyone doing?
I have my new computer up and running. There are a few things I have to work out yet. I have 1-800 numbers to call for assistance, and believe me, I will be calling them. So far it is good. I know Maria has Vista, does anyone else? It doesn't look too much different. I am having trouble opening PowerPoint even though it is installed. My printer only prints in color and I want to enlarge the font in IE. I thought I has solved that problem in e-mail, but it reverted back.
I have my seasonal allergy back again, this time my hands are covered in the rash I usually get on my cheeks. Getting old is just one big barrel of laughs.

Does anyone know about INTERNET SETTINGS vs INTRANET SETTINGS? I wonder which is better? The way I read it .. the INTERNET SETTINGS are safer. I am asking because there is a bar at the top of this page telling me my Intranet settings are now turned off by default.

I have to agree about the gardens. My tomatoes are not the greatest this year. We look forward to them so much.

Talk to you later...

08-27-2008, 06:16 PM
Well, have a new operating system. Every time they change my computer I feel so darned frustrated. Trudy and Gloria, you both are doing so well. First of all, I have to start signing in here every single time again. And I cannot get the font size big enough to see. And my printer and speakers don't work. And 'they" don't think I am a huge priority right now. Are you all playing the violin for me?

Life is very sweet here in Oklahoma. All of August has seemed like September with just a very few really hot days. We have had quite a bit of rain so instead of brown August grass, it is sort of green. Very impressive and unusual.

Just went to the doctor and had a bone scan and mammogram and have not heard the results. Guess I am a low priority there too.

Well, Maria is seeing Lexie and family and everyone seems pretty busy. And Gloria is getting skinny! Yea, Gloria.

I have been having a sad day, probably brought on by this stupid computer, but for some reason I am missing my mama today. Phooey! Seems to come on me once in awhile.

Is Labor Day a holiday in Canada? We are just meeting my sister and her husband in OKC and probably just go tot he show and eat out. Our kids all will be having the other side of their family.

I sure am tired of politics! You?

08-28-2008, 11:04 AM
Just a quick reply as you hit a note with me, Glenda. I may thing I am getting along real well with this new MAC but it too has such small print. I am glad I have another lesson on Tuesday so I can ask about that. I can click on view and enlarge the type on the page I am on but if I change pages it goes back to small print, Oh, well, I guess challenges are what keeps us young.

Maria: Hope you are having a lot of fun in Melbourne with your daughter, son-in-law and Saskia!

Trudy: I see you, also, have similar problems with the computer...never heard of INTRANET!

Sally: Never went away this summer but sort of let the brain take a vacation. I wouldn't say that I am skinny but I am working on it. I went to a Diabetes Lecture yesterday at the Wellness Clinic and was able to weigh in before and I have lost another #. So it is coming off slowly. The lecture was very interesting and informative and there are 3 more in the next 3 weeks. I may know what is going on with me by the end of all this. I am hoping that the #20 the Dr. wants me to lose will also help.

Suz: Your efforts in the garden seem to be going as well as can be expected with the kind of weather we all have had this year.

Ann: Happy to hear you missed the big storm but I am sure you got more than your share of water. Maybe enough for a long while!

Well need to get of the computer and out to door...last day for a sale on Swordfish and Jack would like some, me too!


08-28-2008, 12:36 PM
I got my haircut this morning and Sally was the next appointment... "Nice to see you this morning Sally".

To answer your question Glenda Monday is the Labor Day long weekend.

I love this new computer, but I have problems to iron out. I have been corresponding with Suranjan at the HP Support site..:lol: He is trying to help me get this old HP Deskjet printer to work in both black and color ink. So far it will only print in color. I don't want to buy a new printer. The next problem will be with my Nikon camera. It won't download pictures. After that my HP Scanner will have to be delt with.

I am waiting for the repair guy to show up. My deepfreeze seems to have a problem.

My DD is working today, so we have to pick the grandchildren up and take them to a birthday party. So I have a busy day in front of me.

Have a good day everyone...:hug:

08-30-2008, 08:22 AM
G'day all,

Arrived back late this afternoon with Matilda and Poppy greeting us at the airport.
I bought some bits and pieces for them which they both loved.
It is great to be home again, we had a lovely time in Melbourne. Lexie and I went to see the musical show 'Wicked', and had dinner before the show. A great night.
It is so nice and peaceful just the two of us and my own bed tonight :love:

Monday I am back into using my Wii Fit, Gloria is setting a great example and I MUST follow suit and try and look half decent for our coming summer.

Good luck to both Gloria and Trudy, I am sure you will enjoy your new computers once you have overcome the few challenges that all new computers seem to bring:dizzy:
You may allready have your answer to Intranet and Internet, in case you haven't, an Intranet is used by big companies for their own network. When I worked at Telstra I had access to their Intranet but that did not allow me to go to the Internet. If you are still unclear, Google it and you will get the answer.

Slavika to bold names, simply highlight the name and click on the 'B' top left of this box.


09-01-2008, 10:50 AM
I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. And it is hard to believe that September is here.
So Happy Restful Labor Day to you all.

Now the big worry has been Gustave. But for us it just meant a very rainy day on Saturday. A grey day yesterday and a bit of rain possible today. But I feel terrble for the people of the Louisiana Gulf coast to have to be going through this again after only 3 years. And now I guess Hanna is not going to be a problem for us either. Sure hope that proves to be true.

Maria- I wanted to use your clue to bold face, but have searched my page and can't find a B at all. What am I missing? Anyway, glad you are home and that you had a wonderful time with your family. I often think that one of the nice things about going away, is coming home to sleep in ones own bed. I have lost 2# with my new strategy, of making my points for the day 20. I am staying pretty much within, but if I do go over one or two, I still haven't exceeded the actual points for the day. So I am going to keep at it. I'm sure you will do well with your Wii. I enjoyed the games when we were at Holly's. She has been planning to get the exercise Wii or whatever it is called, but don't know if she has yet or not.

Suz: I'm sorry to hear that your garden hasn't been doing so well this year. I guess that weather has always been a gamble for farmers. How about the leafy vegetables, like chard and lettuce. Did they rot also, and your root veggies, like beets and carrots? We have been getting tomatoes from our farmers market here, but Florida tomatoes just don't have the same flavor as northern ones.

Trudy: I'm happy you are enjoying your new computer. You will get the swing of things soon. I expect you are speaking to someone in India, based on the name. Have you ever asked, when you are conversing. When I speak to a tech that is from India, I can't help but remember that email we had some time ago with all the wires, and the lone operator sitting out in the country. Sorry about your rash on your hands. Allergies are the pits. Right now mine are pretty good. But when they act up I take Zyrtec. It seems to work well for me.

Slavika: Nice to hear from you. The cholesterol med. that I am taking is a generic called Simvastatin 20mg. So far I have not had any problems, but of course that is a comparatively low dose. I have a friend who is taking the same med. 80 mgs. I hope your Dr. can find something that works for you. I took Red Yeast Rice for quite a while but it made my joints ache, every one of them, so I had to quit. I know that lots of people have success with it in lowering their cholesterol.

Gloria- :cp: Congratulations on your steady weight loss. It is a real accomplishment. Keep up the good work. Do they tell you at the lectures that by losing weight, you may be able to cut back on your medicine? I have heard that and wondered if it is true. Swordfish sounds good I know DH really likes it, but it is never on the menus down here, as I believe that there is some problem with conservation of the species.

Glenda: Sorry you had a bad day. I guess they hit us all now and again. Maybe we all need a good 'pity-party' now and again to make us more truly aware of what blessings we have. I too am sick of politics. It has gone on too long, and the official nominations seem almost a let down after all the hoopla that has gone on for so long. I must say that I am pleased with the choice of Gov. Palen as a running mate for John McCain. I have been listening to what she has to say, and i think that she is going to strike a chord with a lot of people.

I have taken up a new project. I have an old quilt that my grandmother made and it is a lovely applique pattern. I want to copy it and make a quilt of my own. (Have some granddaughters that will be marrying one of these days) so I have worked at making a pattern, etc. and then read of a class in applique at a local quilt shop, so went and took the class. It was a big help. She is going to help me with the amount of material I need to buy, etc. I am getting excited about starting it now. It will keep me busy, 'out of the bars and poolhalls' :D: and hopefully the finished product will make a nice wedding gift.

Have a good day, Everyone, and no labor on Labor Day.


09-02-2008, 06:09 PM
Maria, I also have no B on the page so we must have a different set-up. Glad you are finally home. Alan's computer sounds very high-tech.

Gloria, yea for you and your weight loss. As I understand it, you could possibly quit taking your diabetes drugs if you lose weight or at least greatly reduce them.

Well, we did go to a new movie theater that is something else. They had a bar and restaurant at the top. We ate there and then went to the movie and sat in recliners. We had a button for refills of drinks and could order anything with a bill at the end. Pretty expensive too, but it was a treat.

Ann, sounds like we might be on opposite sides of the political fence, but that doesn't mean I am not sick of this year's bickering and fighting. I am so tired of the us against them theme in politics. I remember when we could disagree without such rancor against the other person's point of view. I do believe that no one is totally right anymore.

I was so happy that Gustav wasn't as bad as it could have been. We are just getting some rain from it.

Is everybody's computer acting properly now? I at least have a font I can read by now. Thank goodness!

09-02-2008, 10:31 PM
I think Maria is talking about the b on the keyboard. You make [] around the b ... then type in the name or word and the put [/b] right behind the word....

Give it a try..

09-04-2008, 11:03 PM
G'day all,

Nice to read all the posts and I hope the video on how to bold will be useful.
Suz and Trish email me and I will send you the video if you would want it.
As you both may have gathered, those of us in the original group, quite often exchange emails.
My email address is mariascholz@adam.com.au

Good luck with the quilt Ann, sounds like a mammoth task to me but will be beautiful when completed.
From an outsiders point of view, I would think that Barack Obama now is a certainty to become the next US President. I have to really disagree with you Ann that McCain's vice president's nomination is a good one.
Most mothers would wonder what time she would have for her 4 month old baby and if McCain was to be your next president and god forbid, he was to die in office, I cannot imagine this woman to be capable of being in control of one of the most powerful nations on earth. :eek:
Of course you live in the States and you are closer to public opinion.

Pleased to see the weather has abated somewhat and the people in New Orleans were not hit as hard as what was initially forecast.

I am not much of a movie going person Glenda but David and Peta are and they love the 'gold class' treatment.
From what I remember you more or less have the 'gold class' treatment at home, doesn't Leon run when you press his bell;):D

Spring has arrived and we are having some beautiful sunny days.
We are revamping our little back yard now that the camper is out of it and it is looking great.

David and Peta are off to Sydney for the weekend and we are looking after the girls tonight and then Peta's parents take over on Saturday.
I have made some play dough and we are transforming this humungas box into a cubbyhouse. Our new outdoor setting arrived in the box.
Should be fun and....tiring.

Have a great weekend all,


09-05-2008, 10:23 AM
Just a quick Hello. we have dodged Hanna, and have only a little rain today. The big worry is going to Ike. I hope he decides to wander about and head out to sea, but probably that is too much to hope for.

My quilt project is coming nicely. I will start wotking on my first block today. I am getting excited about doing the project.

Phil is going to therapy 3x a week now to see if they can't improve his balance. I hope it works. The Dr. thought it worth a try, so wrote the prescription for it.

I joined Curves Smart program last week and it is more intense than just doing it on my own. I hope it helps in the weight dept. we'll see.

I'm sure we all have our opinions about the up-coming elections, but when it is all over, I believe that whoever the new president is will be there because it is part of God's plan.

We are off to exercise now, but when i have more time I will go more into my opinion, and why. for what it is worth.

And my set-up doesn't have a B for bold at all. At least I can't find it.

Off we go. Ann

09-05-2008, 06:35 PM
Well, I will be darned. So that is how you bold. Thanks, Maria. I have seen this stuff up here and just totally ignored it all.

I just had to tell you that Kyle thinks his dad is my slave. It isn't exactly like that. It is that he thinks he does everything more correctly so I just let him do everything that I don't want to. It works for us. You know the older I get he more "gold class" I guess I get.

We are having the three little ones tomorrow for the first OSU football game. But we are going tailgating first until the game. Do you guys know what that is who aren't in the US? It amounts to eating your weight in junk food and drinking anything you can get your hands on. But for that we are kind of party-poopers. Leon sometimes has to go get the married kids after the game because they are afraid to drive. :dizzy:

Ann, in my office we have just taken a moratorium on talking about the election because we all disagree. That works best for us. I am sort of in the wrong colored state for how we feel, so I know what a minority sort of feels like in that regard anyway.

Well, you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay healthy!:)

First time I have used smilies.

09-05-2008, 11:42 PM
G'day all,

You do what works for you Glenda:carrot::carrot:
I am not familiar with the term tailgating, not too sure if I want to either ;):D

As far as politics, I think the best option is to agree to disagree, what will be, will be.

I had David and Peta's girls here since lunchtime yesterday, Peta's Mum has just picked them up and calm reigns again:)
Lexie has asked me to put a little website together of Saskia's second birthday so I will do that this afternoon.

I am susrprised Ann that a different page opens up for you when you post, cannot quite work that one out unless I see it.

Have a great weekend all,


09-06-2008, 02:40 PM
(bTrying an experiment, thanks to Norma/)

I agree (bGlenda/) about politics. We all just have to agree to disagree.

I have started to work on my first quilt block and it is looking good. One question maybe you all might have an answer to. My red material is not color fast. I washed a small sample until the water came clear. But I have a large peice of material I have to wash. I have heard the white vinegar in the rinse water will set the color. Do any of you have knowledge of that, or of something else that will work better?

Have any of you been experiencing advertisements inbetween some of our posts? I did today for the first time.

(bMaria/) How can we make it possible for you to see what my page looks like. At the top it says 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community-Reply to Topic-Windows Internet Explorer. Then the rest of the top is the same as it is anytime I go to Explorer. I have to click on a special place at the bottome of the page to see any of the new icons to put in my post. Hence, I don't use them too much.

Hope you are all having a good weekend. We are carefully monitoring our weather to see just where hurricane Ike is going to go. Sure hope it isn't Florida, but I don't really wish it on anyone else either.

No other interesting news from this part of the world.


09-06-2008, 02:41 PM
Sorry Norma, the (b-/b) didn't work. Now what? Ann

09-06-2008, 05:17 PM
Ann I e-mailed you.

09-07-2008, 11:57 AM
Ann At the bottom the page where you have just read all the posts it states "Quick Reply" with a box for a, what else, a quick reply. Across the top are some symbols ie B IU etc. When you click on the B for example you will get [B] [B] then you just put your word between them. It will be bolded when you post the quick reply. The same should be on the top of the regular post reply box but since this is on the same page as the postings it is easier for you to test your bolding. Good luck. Gloria
PS: The rain from Hanna is over and it is a sunny and cooler day today. I am grateful that all the rain fell during the night and didn't spoil today. G

09-07-2008, 05:37 PM
Maria- Gloria-Trudy Is it possible this dummy has it now. I hope so. Ann

09-07-2008, 05:42 PM
:cp: By George, I think I've got it. Thanks again ladies.
The hard part is that on my message page no where is there a B for bold. I do have it when I use my Microsoft works or word, so I do know about how to use it, but it does not appear on my post page. Wonder why?
Also for me to get the similes I have to go to a separate page to see what is available. A long time ago, I made a copy of the similies, but now there are a lot more available
Oh well, I am jus glad to be able to use the bold thanks to your instructions. Ann

09-07-2008, 09:49 PM
G'day all,

WELL DONE ANN!!!!:):):):):)

Computers can be sooooo frustrating, just when you think you 'got it' something else throws you!

I have been very frustrated the past few months, it really is because I am just not settled, first Alan in Malaysia and me going over for 2 weeks, then he comes home and is home 2 weeks and we are off in our camper, then we have the horrendous trip, come home for 2 weeks and then off to Melbourne for 10 days ENOUGH:dizzy::dizzy:
I just need to get back to my normal routine and I am sure all will be well.

It is a beautiful spring day here which makes one feel so much better anyway.

We have quite a hectic week coming up and looking after the girls for 2 1/2 days.
We have a few things planned to make it easier for us and more enjoyable for the girls and with the spring weather we should have a nice few days.
HAve a great day all,


09-07-2008, 11:20 PM
Hi everyone!
Ann you did it! I also learned something from Gloria... just click on the B.... who knew? I thought Maria's tip was a great way of bolding too. I have always done the square bracket and slash thing, it never occurred to me there was an easier way.

09-10-2008, 05:19 PM
:oWell isn't this cool!!!!:carrot:I know how to use smilies and bold.

Maria,you have probably created a monster now. Every other word will be bolded or some such thing. I say to you not to be so frustrated with yourself or things but give yourself a break. You have just been too busy and I bet a lot of your frustration is just that you are so darned tired! Just take a big breath and relax. Maybe you need to just stare at the walls for a few minutes a day.:D

Ann, I hope you get an answer about your material because you don't really want your nice red color to look all faded before you even start on the quilt. One day I am going to do a project like this. For now, I will just look at yours when you are finished.

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Everyone stayed all night Saturday night so next week I will get the blow-up bed out for the little boys so their daddy can sleep in a bed. I woke up Saturday morning and big old Kyle was lying with a pillow on the floor. His neck hurt. His back hurt, but he let his littlest boy kick him out of bed.:?: But I think by the time he lay down he was feeling no pain??But he felt it when he woke up. :smug:

It is raining here and has been off and on for three days. It looks like all this week will be wet too. Supposed to be flooding too. My friend who was flooded last year is getting nervous. I hope Ike just leaves us all alone, especially all you coastal Floridians.

I can't wait to see if my smilies worked and if the bolding really bolded.

Karen L
09-12-2008, 11:00 PM
Hi all sorry I have been MIA for a while. Just haven't felt myself. Am coming out of it now I hope.

I am back to leading both groups of exercise in our park. So every day I do some sort Of aerobics. Plus I walk every day too. With the hurricane in the golf we have had some nice winds. So much nicer to be outside when it is so hot . Poor Sprout is panting so when we come in he drinks a bowl of water.

Sally I know what you mean about dog hair matting up around the ears and neck. My groomer always cut Sprout nice and close so we don't have to deal with it much. I was using No More Tears spray that you can buy for little girls hair and massaging it in to a matte and it worked pretty good.

Congrats to our big losers on the board. I think I have dadd (diet attention deficit disorder) I wonder if I can get a pill for that? I am so easily distracted. Just show me a cookie and it is in my mouth. I am back to within the 2 pounds of my goal weight so am not paying any more to go to meetings. And I really need those meeting . Even after being a leader for many years I still need to be reminded what works and what doesn't.

Well just wanted to stop by and I do plan to be here more often. So don't write me off OK.

09-14-2008, 09:39 PM
G'day all,

Nice to 'see' you Karen. Sorry to hear you have not been your usual self for some time.
You might be putting us all to shame doing so much excercise:dizzy:, good for you and to be only 2 lbs of goal weight.....I wish:)

The weather in America has certainly been ferocious, hope nobody in our little group was effected by Hurricane Ike.

I am starting to calm a little and getting back to some normality.
We had the grand girls for almost every day or at least part of every day last week and were quite exhausted. We had a spring clean on Saturday and now everything is back to normal.

Have a great day all,


Karen L
09-14-2008, 11:27 PM
Florida didn't get but some clouds and a little rain out of IKE. I do have a friend who lives in Texas City Texas just out side of Houston and not to far from Galveston. Was very worried when Ike set it's sites on Galveston. No way to contact her except through other people in her email ring. I found out she and her husband had moved into Houston for the storm into a hotel. Well watching the news It looked as if Houston got hit pretty good was was still worried. I had been watching a TV station out of Houston that was broadcasting over DIRECTV satellite. So I went to their web site and posted a message asking if the hotel and gave the address was OK. About 4 hours later some one answered that it was fine. I had called their cell but it was going straight to voicemail.Long story short She called me just a little while ago to tell me they were able to go home. They have no power but do have water. Their house came through the storm with no damage. They did have trees down in the yard. But nothing hit the house. Also no flooding . It was a weekend of lots of praying let me tell you.

Maria For me exercise is key to losing and maintaining my weight. Other wise I'd be a blimp because I love to eat. Living in Florida does away with the excuse that it's to cold to exercise. Sometimes it's to hot to walk but then it's to the pool.

Went shopping on Saturday. Bought three new pants. 2 pair of Capri's and one pair of shorts. Great deals. 50% off and then another 40% on top of that. The only way to shop. But even then you know the store made money. Next time I go though I need to buy things I can wear to church.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend just watching the storm on news.

I'll check in again.

09-16-2008, 01:22 PM
Karen, you are my hero. 2 pounds from goal! And you love to eat! I am so glad that Florida got a break during Ike. Just wish Texas was as lucky. We were in Galveston last year and we were all wondering if the area where we stayed, which was beautiful, survived intact. It was right at the coastline.

I get a bit perturbed by people who ride out the storm :( and then are seen on rooftops, hoping someone will risk their lives to rescue them. I know, I would hate to leave my home too, but not if my life were threatened. Oh well, just one of my peeves. Believe me, if I were told a tornado was coming, I would leave.

I went to a chiropractor today with my dreaded DBS (dead butt syndrome). We had a busy weekend with just Makenzie and I woke up Sunday, hurting all over, but mainly in the afore-mentioned area. Just achy. So, anyway, went and got an ultrasound and have never been so embarrassed in my life! It is different for a neck or a back, but this????!!!

We are having unseasonably cool weather, but we pretty much missed all of the rainfall from Ike. It looks like Missouri is just covered with flood warnings. What a weird weather year!

Does it seem that we have lost Suze and some of the others?

09-16-2008, 09:48 PM
G'day all,

I am not sure if it is that I take more notice and watch out for areas where any of you live but the USA does seem to be hit by many 'freaks' of nature in the form of storms etc., never noticed this before.:dizzy:

Pleased everyone is OK. I would be inclined to be one of those to ride out the storm (sorry Glenda;)) unless it would be really ridiculous to do so.
I am very close to the beach (500 metres) just on the other side of a sand dune. I did once say to Alan as we were walking home from the beach, if there was a tsunami or anything like that we would be under water for sure.
We are in a bay so a tsunami would be unlikely.

So what was the result of your ultra sound Glenda? I would imagine it was muscular.

We continue to have lovely spring weather. Alan has never been much of a gardener but he is really getting into gardening and the garden is looking great.
I should try and take a little video and post it on Utube to show off my little garden....one day.

Have a great day all,


Karen L
09-16-2008, 11:45 PM
I can understand a little why people don't leave when told. Maybe some of those people don't even have extra money or a credit card so they can at least eat while away from home. I'm sure FEMA is not as efficient as they would have us believe. But from my side of the Golf Coast. I'm packed and ready to leave when they say go. Better be safe than sorry. I talked to my friend today .They are still with out power on her end of town. But she was finally able to see some of the pictures of the destruction and just how close they were to losing it all. Just 12 mile to her south is leveled. She said her jaw just dropped when she saw that!

Glenda I think my weight is going to be the death of me. I fight every pound to get it off. It ticks me off to think that I'll have to eat as little as 29 points a day to keep it off. That's maybe 2 meals out a week. The rest is just plain food you need to live. But I keep up the fight because I never want to go back to the 200 pounds I was 15 years ago. On a more positive note I've been doing the core plan and it really is going well. I just have to remember portion sizes.

Maria The weather lthe last few years has been just awful don't know why except maybe it's our turn?
My neck is killing me today. It started out last night and I did finally get a migraine but the neck pain is still with me. Also my hip this morning was giving me a fit. While walking Sprout I had to stop and do some stretches just so I could get all the way home. All the while think oh man I still got aerobic's and water aerobics. Need less to say I made it through and now the hip is good . But the neck is not.

Enough complaining.

Going to bed now you all have a great day tomorrow.


09-16-2008, 11:46 PM
So glad to read that Ike missed all our US friends. I am in total agreement with Glenda, if we were told to evacuate because of some impending disaster, I would do so. Staying behind to ride out the storms puts not only yourself in danger but also the rescue teams that have to come and get you out. North America does get a lot of "weather". We have the North pushing down cold and the South pushing up the heat driving these powerful jet streams. (The weather man said this on the news :lol:)
We have had nice fall weather, another lovely day today. The leaves are starting to turn. We went to see our grand-daughter dance this afternoon. The girls are so cute learning new routines. On the way home we stopped and had dinner at Perkins. They make a lovely salmon entre.
I am still learning on my new computer. I have decided that I really like Vista operating system. It offers so much more than XP. I enjoy playing with pictures and can't wait until I buy myself a Photoshop of some sort.
Bye for now..:hug:

Karen L
09-16-2008, 11:48 PM
Hi Trudy. After I posted I saw that you had been here. Just wanted to say hi. I'll bet the girls were really cute.

09-17-2008, 03:33 AM
off to the next thread....see ya there.