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08-16-2008, 03:08 PM
So, I've got epilepsy. It took almost 9 years to finally get a diagnosis. Started one day at church. I had a headache, took some advil, got up, was on my way to the back room where it is quiet, suddenly couldn't see and couldn't hear. I ran into a wall, fell down and ever since I've had dizzy spells. Not all epilepsy is the same. I don't lose consciousness, I don't have what most people think of as a seizure where your whole body convulses (those are called Tonic Clonics now btw...not Grand Mals. I think Tonic Clonic sounds like a drink wealthy snobs would have their butler make for them on their yacht.). My siezures are simply weird dizziness. Sometimes strong enough that I need to lay down or I'll fall down, but generally just a second or two of feeling like my brain is floating on a string about a foot above my head.

Epilepsy medication is notorious for loads of side effects. I have several. I've lost a lot of my hair, I've lost fine motor control, my cycles have changed, and it is harder to lose weight. It is my second seizure med, the first I had to go off as I was gaining weight at an incredible and VERY unhealthy rate. When I stopped, I had gained 50 pounds in one month but had completely lost my appetite so was barely eating. This med I'm on now doesn't seem to have made me gain weight, just has decided I should be stuck here forever.