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08-16-2008, 07:11 AM
Good morning! A lovely day is dawning out there and I'm about to go out to snip a few more flowers for the garden show. I'm not doing arrangements - no time - but will enter some individual blooms. We have to be there by 7:30 to "place" them for judging at nine.

After setting up, I'll come home to do all the stuff I should have done yesterday: Church bulletin, four dozen devilled eggs for a 50th Anniversary party this afternoon and lemon squares of some sort for tomorrow's christening party. I've already done and packed up the cookies for today's garden show and munched a few, I'm afraid!

Hope your Saturday is stunning. See y'all later.

08-16-2008, 07:30 AM
Good morning all! Much to my dismay my son has gotten so used to his school schedule that he was up bright and early at 6 this morning. Blah! Not more sleeping in for mommy this year. We have friends in from out of town, so we will be entertaining all weekend. I want to stay on plan, but we will be doing lots of going out to eat as we will be out and about doing things. I survived yesterday's resturant with flying colors, got the grilled chicken salad, hold the croutons. I wasn't sure on dressing so I brough my own, which probably certifies me a complete dork, but I really don't want to screw up. I can start phase two on Sunday, but I am nervous about it. I have just gotten used to *this* way of eating, don't want to screw it up ya know?
Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Ruth- have a great time at the garden show!!!

08-16-2008, 07:30 AM
Morning Ruth!! Have a great time at the garden show!! Send pictures!

I'm sporting a bit of a headache this morning (Rum punch induced along with very high humidity) But had a great time last night partying at a local event held each year called "Hot August Night". All of downtown stays open and an artist is in each establishment along with a wine tasting. I got a great print by a N.O. artist whose work I really like. (called Post Katrina Blues ( I also bought a crystal anklet with a dangling fleur de lis. Today, I'm off to a school workshop all day , it is STORMING outside and not too happy about it at all. Come on, Sunday!

Hey Autumn! we were posting at the same time! Oh, I remember those "kid saturday" mornings too well! By the time my kids were old enough to get up on their own on Saturday, I could not sleep past 5 anymore. (I could, but for some reason I didn't!) bummer!

Oh, I forgot my really good news. My oldest son is graduating from LSU in December. He had an internship with a large construction company this summer. He did his end of the internship "presentation" last week. After that he was offered a part time job with the company till he graduates and after that he was offered a full time job. He was the only one out of all the interns to be offered that. He will be making TWICE what I do when he starts full time. I am really proud of him. He has dyslexia and school was really a struggle (oh, those homework nights when he was little were like pulling teeth) He has a very strong work ethic and I just KNEW if we got him out of school he would be successful. All those miserable nights of struggling are now going to pay off big time. I've decided he'll be the one to take care of me when I am old. Pay-back are h*ll, right???

08-16-2008, 07:34 AM
Good morning! It's looking like a beauty of a day with nothing planned except for learning how to put up ceramic tile in the kitchen. I'm still basking in the after-glow of spending the afternoon with Nessa and Schmoodle yesterday, what a nice time we had! Now that we've "broken the ice", I hope we can manage to get together more often. :)

I'm admiring your avatar, Ruth, but I can't tell whether it's a dahlia or a zinnia? Spending the morning at the garden show sounds like the type thing I would enjoy. Your mention of lemon bars are stirring up yearnings for my SBD friendly Lemonade Pie, I think I'll make one for tomorrow's dessert. :) Have a pleasant Saturday!

08-16-2008, 08:09 AM
Hey Beachers!

Ruth: Have a great day at Flower Show, I second Femmes pix!

AutumnRose: I felt same way...nervous starting phase 2. Take it slow.

Femmecreole: "Hot August Night sounds like fun!! You earned your headache! Lol!

Cottage: Sounds like you guys had fun! Hearing you talk of putting up ceramic tiling, makes me want to do a mosaic somewhere in my house :)

I've had a stressed few days... a lot of emotional stuff around a friend who needs help... psychiatric that is. It's hard. I'm fixing dinner tonight for her and a nurse friend of mine.... so I'm emotionally drained... I'm making a tofu stirfry, lentils and brown rice for dinner. Have a great day everyone!

08-16-2008, 08:14 AM
Good morning chicks!

Ruth - My dear, if you're going to tell us you ate some cookies, at least you can tell us how good they were so we may live vicariously through you!! Yummm......

Autumn - my DS1 starts kindergarten in 2 weeks, not that I can sleep in now!! Good job on the dinner last night!!

Cat - I clicked the link... I love the colors and his style...very cool!

Ruth - glad you enjoyed yourself yesterday! I think I'm a little too far away to join you sometime :( (state college, PA)

Me - so far (knock on wood) a quiet night on call. Work's packed today, and it's been a Looonnnnnngggg couple days. I did get a 3.5 mi walk/jog on my lunch break yesterday...but exhausted last night! I can't wait til the boss comes back... Hope she's proud of me!

I've been doing lots of shopping on (been there??!! awesome!! Those "unnamed" khakis are LLBean....for $10!!!) since the weight loss! What a hoot to shop for smaller sizes! This morning, I'm on Kohl's before the rest of the house wakes up and I go to work...

Have a lovely weekend!

Indiagal simulpost - good luck with the're right, that's so exhausting.

08-16-2008, 08:15 AM
morning... i'm up... feeling good...meeting another internet friend today from another board... oy i'm busy...

dh is going to the drag races up by green dragon. I should have just droppped him off yesterday LOL

Cottage is a delight as are her charges... and well Schmoodle is my buddy.

we have to get together more... esp. if i'm going to be moving south...

oh well time to start the day

more later

what kind of cookies were they ruth?

little chick
08-16-2008, 08:29 AM
Good Morning Chicks... again a quickie for me, it seems that is all I have time for lately. We are planning on going camping this afternoon and dh is working and will be home at 1:00 and I need to have everything ready and packed. Plus I need to clean the house. Hope you all have a great week end and I will chat with you again on Monday. Love ya's LC

08-16-2008, 08:38 AM
HI Nessa!

Twynn, I bet you look awesome in your new clothes!

Indi - While your helping your friend remember to take some deep breaths! So sorry your dealing with this!

Enjoy a good rest Cottage.

Femme, having to work today sucks! Sorry they scheduled it on saturdays!

A busy day Ruth, but I hope you enjoy it as you go!'

I have my sister coming to go hiking one or more of those beautiful gully's today. I have to call her to confirm. She likes to say yes the night before and then back out the day after! LOL, lucky for her she's amy baby sister! Spoiled by mom (the youngest of 13).

Ds is being... um, impossible. I had a "feeling" that he was in trouble, so tried contacting him, went to a few of his friends house looking for him. By the time I got home that night he left a message "dont try contacting me again." Well, I heard his voice and knew he was alright physically, so I took his message loud and clear. When he comes for his computer I will be taking my key to the house. When he decides he knows he's wrong and comes back then I'll welcome him with open arms. Why can't people realize their mother's are not trying to control, but really are concerned. (and for what it's worth, I didn't say anything to tell him what to do, just asked questions to get him to think!)

08-16-2008, 08:59 AM
Good morning chicks and rooster!
Cat, how exciting for DS (and for you)! Why do you have to work on Saturday?
Ruth, enjoy the flowers.
Loriann, glad you were able to find out your DS is okay. I guess you've just gotta let him work through this?
lc, have fun camping and nessa, have fun visiting! Hope Brian has a great time at the races after what we put him through yesterday.
Twynn, I haven't been to sierratradingpost. But I will definietly be checking it out! I love to do all my shopping on the internet, the problem lately is I have no idea what size to order!
Have a nice dinner indi!
Have fun with the tiles cottage. DH does not like to do tiles, he did our bathroom and if you look very closely, they are all crooked! It was great to meet you!
Autumn, if you are bringing your own dressing, you are going to do just fine. Don't fear Ph2! sorry about your early morning.

Well, as soon as I'm ready, I'm off to Aldi's. If I see any fun-looking yard sales, I plan to stop. Kids are at grandma's until lunchtime. I plan to get my yard sprayed (finally), and if it's hot enough, to the pool! Tonight we'll have screen on the green.

Okay, the scale said 179 this morning, but I am not ready to believe it yet. Let's just see if it sticks.

08-16-2008, 09:09 AM
Good Morning! Odd start to the weekend for me, my usual routine on saturdays is I am up waaaay before the rest of the house and it is "my" time. Up at 6 not too bad for me anymore, almost slept in. But the rest of the house was up by 7, DD had volleyball practice and is gone now, and DH is wii fitting it. This is gonna throw my whole weekend off LOL!

Not much on tap anyway, the usual laundry and cleaning. With DS back at campus I have some rearranging to do in the house.

Cottage gosh now you have me thinking about painting, oh DH would hang me for sure!

Loriann :hug: its amazing how years later we understand what we put our parents through. Good Luck!

Zeff I know your out there somewhere, I saw the other day where you said you were reading the Stephanie Meyers series, I am on book 2 after my DS turned me on to them, afraid it is going to take me much longer to read them but I am enjoying it!

Going to take me just as long to type this post, we got a new computer a couple of weeks ago, not sure what it is about this keyboard but I can't type worth a crap on it!

Alright off for now, Have a great weekend!

08-16-2008, 09:15 AM
Good morning chicks and rooster!
Cat, how exciting for DS (and for you)! Why do you have to work on Saturday?

It is a 4 day reading workshop. Teachers went to it at the beginning of the summer. Those of us recently hired or those that missed the first one have to go the next 3 Saturdays to make it up. I did the first one a couple of days before school started. I'd rather eat dirt and have a root canal.

08-16-2008, 09:55 AM
Good morning chatty Chicks :coffee2:

Ruth - Have a fun day :) Mmmm, lemon squares. Wonder if we could come up with a legal version...

Cat - Hope the workshop flies by and they let you out early! Wow, congrats to your son and his Mom :)

Cottage, Nessa, & Schmoodle - add me to the jealous crowd! Sounds like fun.

Indigal - :hug: Hope you are taking a little time to keep your batteries charged too. How do you cook your lentils? I love lentils and am always looking for new ideas.

Twynn - Hey, I shop there! They definitely have some good sales. Shopping for smaller sizes can get expensive after awhile. I overbought at 12 and 10 because I never thought I'd be any smaller than either of those. Oops. Ah well, the thrift store loves me and I've picked up as much as I could there so it helps take the edge off.

LC - have fun camping!

LoriAnn - Sounds like you've got the right approach to parenting. It's soooo hard to watch them bang their heads against a wall. Hope the hike is lots of fun. Will there be any pictures?

AutumnRose & Pacer :wave:

Another busy vacation day here :) We leave for Maine camping tomorrow so need to get stuff done here. I've got 6 trays of fruit leather ready to package up now, then on to the next project. I did remember that we can get any groceries we need in the area we will be in so don't need to go overboard worrying about food. With our food restrictions it can be challenging but Southern Maine is very compatible with our eating habits.

I'm an every day scale user but some days I really understand why we aren't supposed to do that. I've gone up and down 2.5 lbs this week - could make a person crazy if I took it too seriously. Luckily, I don't - just use it to make sure things don't go too far out of whack.

Have a good day everyone!

08-16-2008, 11:22 AM
Quickie while I wait for the darned eggs to finish cooking.

Cottage, it IS a zinnia. (Um....there is a title under the picture! :lol: )

For those of you who live vicariously, the cookies were double chocolate chunk and definitely food porn! I did NOT get on the frassing scale this morning.

I'll try to remember to take my camera back to the show this afternoon. There were some gorgeous flower arrangements there including some very tiny ones!

Time to get chopping chives and stuff for the darned eggs! Why couldn't I have become famous for something less fiddly - like double chocolate cookies?

08-16-2008, 12:25 PM
Yes, I'm trusting God, I'm reminded of the prodigal son! :)

My sister called to postpone said hike till next week... hahahaha, did I call it or what? ;)

OK, so now I'm here looking at dogs for adoption. I love my girl, and believe she's enough, but my sis got me looking this morning. Upon searching I found they are in dire need of foster homes. So, I filled in my application to become a foster home for labs. Part of me is scared, never know what you get into... they can do everything from bite to bring in fleas and what not. Well, can't live life by the "what if's>" and these dogs do need a place to stay, and a home is much better than a cage in a shelter! We'll see if I get approved for it. Besides, this way I might just find myself another decent pet to love and adopt! :)

08-16-2008, 12:34 PM
I got pulled back into work around 9 last night for a couple of hours and then got paged at 4:30AM and worked until 10:18. Now I'm free until the next status call at 1:00PM. So I've just managed to get breakfast and plan to shower, dress and run Brian out for some shoes he needs. It's tax free weekend and he really needs new shoes. I just hope this work doesn't interfere with our scouting plans this evening. Technically I'm not on call any more and I am on vacation next week but I'm a subject matter expert in this area so I've got to help if I can.

I'll chat more when I can.

08-16-2008, 12:45 PM
Cottage, it IS a zinnia. (Um....there is a title under the picture! :lol: )

:o Oooops! Hey, gimme a break, it was before 7 am when I was looking at it! :D

Jake wanted to go to The Shady Maple Smorgasbord for breakfast, and I did OK. I had a veggie omelet, SF baked oatmeal and a plate of fresh fruit. But I couldn't resist a few bites of some kind of cream cheese pastry that Jake was eating. It looked kind of like an eggroll, stuffed with cream cheese. Ummmm! Afterwards, we did some shopping at the farm market before heading back home. Monica just called to say she and the girls are coming out after they drop Eric off at the theatre, so it's a good thing I made a pie. I guess much work won't get done in the kitchen today.

Belle Mer
08-16-2008, 01:02 PM
Sorry to do another fly-by, things have been busy lately. Just returned from an organic farmer's market, got some goodies, and I'm off again.

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!!!

08-16-2008, 02:56 PM
I finally SAW a Wii Fit! If we'd gone to Target first instead of Walmart, I'd have it now. I rang the buzzer to have someone come and unlock the door but two people came and one was responding to a lady who got there first. Oh, well, next time maybe I'll get the last one.

On a positive side, I found shoes that fit Brian, shorts that fit me and I'm back in time to get on my conference call to continue working the work problem.

08-16-2008, 07:53 PM
Hello All! Happy Weekend!

Had a very busy morning at the USO (a large group of guys coming in trying to get to their base 2 1/2 hours away) so I made oddles of breakfast sandwiches. I love cooking at the USO and sandwiches are my favorite to make. Being able to give them choices and seeing their face light up when I say things like bacon, croissant, and avocado makes my morning. I actually had one soldier ask for a 2nd sandwich because it was "so good". It makes me really happy to be part of such a cool organization.
The rest of the afternoon has been spent at Sears (I'm hitting all of them in the area) to look for great deals, and then I was home watching last night's Olympics. Michael Phelps is truly magical! Headed to Mom's tonight with the pups to re-acquaint her with them since she'll be watching them next weekend. Tomorrow will be church, groceries, and :crossed: The Black Knight. I may also head to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up starter herb plants to plant on Monday. Should be good.
I'll try to check in tomorrow.

08-16-2008, 08:36 PM
I 've kind of had a scattered unproductive day. I've had a nagging headache all day, probably because I didn't drink enough water yesterday. Trying to make up for it and get rid of the headache, but I think I'll break down and take something for it before the movie.

I got the lawn sprayed FINALLY. It pretty much took me all day. I had borrowed a pressure sprayer from a friend and mixed up the solution and tried that one, but it wasn't working, so went to Home Depot and bought my own hose sprayer, sprayed the whole back yard before I realized it wasn't sucking up the garlic stuff, so fixed it, did it AGAIN, getting it all over myself in the process (and boy does the stuff stink). It'll be worth it if it works on the mosquitoes. The true test will be to get DD out there tomorrow and see if she gets bit.

I made Kierie's warm spinach salad for dinner (with walnuts and gorgonzola), so yummy I ate the whole bag of spinach myself. Good thing I went easy on the nuts and cheese. I had 4 cloves of garlic in there, so I'm sure I smell like a giant walking clove of garlic now, inside and out, but the mosquitoes shouldn't bother me tonight at the movie!

So, I just made myself some Old Bay popcorn, and have my 100 calorie once-a-week dark chocolate bar in my pocket, so I am ready to go to the movies! Have a fun night chicks and Matt!

08-17-2008, 12:47 AM
hi everyone! The conference today was good, but the food was not great. I caved and had a chocolate brownie...which everyone else said was delicious, but it was too sweet and rich for me. I don't think I even like sugar anymore...i would have much rather had a big plate of veggies. Then I had a delicious salad at Red Robin for dinner with my uncle that I haven't seen in a while, so that was nice! Then I came home and watching a bit of the olympics with my mom...watching Phelps get his 8th gold medal! woohoo! And congrats to Torres too for getting a silver at 41 years old! of this AM I had lost another pound! Anyways, I best get to bed. Family lunch at my aunts house to meet my baby 2nd cousin and then back to state college tomorrow night. Have a Great Sunday everyone!!:)

TwynnB - hope your on call weekend w/o me is going well!:carrot:

Schmoodle - warm spinach salad? that sounds delectable!

08-17-2008, 02:26 AM
Happy weekend everyone! :)

I'm still hanging in there. I'm just not able to get to the computer as much as I've been able to. That's another story in itself. ;)

Anyway, just wishing all of you the best of luck to survive the weekend! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :grouphug:

08-17-2008, 07:24 AM
Goof morning! That's a typo but I'll leave it as I am going to goof off for part of the morning. Claire is picking up the lemon squares, the bulletins for Church and the flowers so I plan to soak in the tub and relax for a while. Disney and I have obedience class this afternoon followed by the post-christening party. Now if the cousins will just stay up at the Island, I'll be able to have an early bedtime.

Did OK at the garden show yesterday with three firsts and several seconds. The crazy thing is one of the firsts was for a stem of red begonias that I grabbed from the porch planter as I was leaving in the morning. :lol:

Nice to see so many chickies posting, especially Kara.

Have a glorious Sunday.

08-17-2008, 07:52 AM
Wow :congrat:Ruth! Hope you get that relaxing evening tonight.

We are off to Maine this afternoon. Luckily the campground has wireless! Remember when camping was roughing it?! Keeping :crossed: for good weather. So far the forecast looks good but we've had so many nasty storms pop out of nowhere this year that I'm not counting on it.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

*added - why I hate the scale - I've gained 3.5 lbs in 2 days. Really?! Unless I have a hump that I haven't noticed it seems unlikely. Grrrr. Glad I'll be away from the beast for a few days.

08-17-2008, 08:17 AM
Morning Ladies and Matt! Yesterday was pretty uneventful, cleaning and laundry in the morning along with picking about 100 cherry and yellow pear tomatoes. Then ventured off to an antique store with DH. I'm looking for a table an chairs for my kitchen. The table I have is to big, and not so much antique are vintage and not in a good way! Oh I found plenty I wanted just not at a price I wanted to pay unless you count the coca-cola table and chairs that would have meant a full paint and wall paper job as it wouldn't go in my blue kitchen! Thats ok, it just a another reason to keep looking!

Today is much the same, I think I am going to make some broccoli salad to use up some of my tomatos from yesterday along with some steaks on the grill.

Oh I splurged kind of last night, I had gotten some peaches at the grocery, cut one up with some oatmeal and SF syrup and popped in the microwave and then topped with a small amount of SF Butter Pecan Ice Cream, omg!

Hope eveyones weekend is going well!

08-17-2008, 08:19 AM
Good Sunday Morning!

Ruth, congratulations on your prize winning flowers! I hope you enjoy a relaxing day after the flurry of activities!

Cyndi, have a great camping trip!

Yesterday turned crazy, with all the kids and grandkids here. Monica brought up a crate of cherries, and we put up several jars of brandied cherries, with a lot of sampling along the way. She also brought a lovely box of Heirloom tomatoes that taste heavenly! It was fun to have everyone here, but Jake and I didn't get done any work that we had planned.
We're not expecting anyone to drop in today, and I came downstairs to find Jake already laying out the wall tiles and figuring which ones will need to be cut. I have at least a couple of hours until we can start making noise, though, so I'm just relaxing and enjoying my coffee and 3FC. :)

08-17-2008, 08:23 AM
Good Morning. I have my sister over and niece. We went to pick up a HUGE chocolate lab. I swear he has st. bernard in him, he must weigh 150 with paws as big as Jade's head! He loves jade... I'm having a hard time keeping him off of her. Becky is going to take Biko home with her. I was going to keep him but it's just too much!!!!! If I do get a second dog it will either be a puppy or a foster. He' is a great dog though, Jade has snipped at him (when he tries to get on her in a sexual way) and he doesn't snip back. He loves to play as does she. But jade will have none of him being near me! lol.... My sister is in love with him and I know her kids will love him too. She does have a jack russell, and i told her he playing iwth it, he jumps and afraid that club of a paw might kill her russell! I do have to wash the kitchen floor and run the steam cleaner from the drool of him,, YUCK! But he's such a gentle boy! But at 8 yrs old we were a little scared! But he's got so much energy!

So just a hello this am.l Sis and I are gonna take the dogs to the park and let them get exercise this am before she has to go back home.

Enjoy your day!

08-17-2008, 09:34 AM
Good morning all!

Sigh. Yesterday was a helacious (sp?) day at work! It finally ended at 1 am....with a phone call at 7:30 :(. Don't you hate it when you can't go back to sleep? I normally go for a jog on a Sunday morn before the family gets up, but b/w work and a cold....I'm too tired!!

I thought I'd give an update on my coworker (not Matt), the one that I thought was doing SB the wrong way...tried to tell her that an iceberg lettuce salad with a sprinkle of ham and cheese was not the way to go. She told me yesterday, she's giving up on SB, switching to WW w/points.

I told her that it's not for everyone...but I really felt she didn't do it right. She responded she did exactly what the book said. I think back to the way I did it the first time, and it was different than this time (which, by the way, today was the first day the scale said 20# total gone!!! It's gotta be one of those "swings", too soon to change the ticker, but delightful to see anyway!!). It reinforces that I do believe I wouldn't have been nearly as successful (well....unsuccessful) without this forum.

You guys rock!

08-17-2008, 10:03 AM
Morning girls and Matt!

I'm a wee bit tired. After minimal "celebrations" lately, my body decided to wake me at 1:30 for not one, but two! That's a miserable wake-up call. Got all the way back to bed and then my stomach went nuts again and I had to get back up. And I didn't even lose any weight from it! Grrrrrr.

Tom and Little Guy are over at Tom's mom's place, sitting and having coffee this morning (Tom, not Little Guy.) So.... I have a quiet morning to myself? :woohoo: I got a new SELF magazine in the mail yesterday (along with 8 bills.... sigh) so I have something to read even!

May take Little Guy to the last day of the IL State Fair today. Not sure though. He saw it on TV and wants to go on the swings ride (which is actually one I can ride, being that my stomach is pretty wimpy.) I'm one of those freakish people that can spin in circles all day long at warp speed, but if you drop me more than 10 feet, :barf:

Otherwise, not a lot going on. Think I'm going to get my tea going and start reading my magazine while I have a nice quiet house. Hope everybody has a great day!


Fat Melanie
08-17-2008, 10:40 AM
Hello Peoples, I am tired and do not wish to be up.

Ever since BF went to his Pastor friend who has known him since he was a child (his best friend's dad) for help in the custody battle, the man has been guilt tripping him into going to his church... sigh. So guess who has to be dragged along?

No offense to anybody who is an active member of church or anything like that, I don't look down upon that at all, in any way. It's just that, I myself am not particularly religious and church just bores me so I haven't been since I was a child. But last weekend we went to the pastor's church because TBH, we felt pressured... and today we are going as well, because apparently it will make us look good to a judge, says the pastor, who is friends with all of the judges and very influential, and can be a bit vindictive in a way, whereas if my BF does not go to his church, he will not help him. So, off to church we go. Well after I shower and stuff, that is. We are going to the 11 o'clock sermon, that's all I can handle.

I must admit though, last weekend really was quite entertaining. The church I went to as a kid was large, but quiet and demure. This church is really tiny but the people all take turns singing songs (and there is a band, and the pastor plays guitar) and they take turns preaching and ranting and raving and crying and chanting... I didn't know the pastor's wife screamed like a banshee like that... oh, and there's these two ladies who simulataneously break out into tongues in the middle of every song... All very extreme and I honestly don't believe the whole tongues thing but really... entertaining. My son was terrified... This one lady was simpering all over my son, about how cute he was and she was so smily and happy... the next minute she walked up to the stand and broke down in tears and screaming about Jesus this and that.. I was so, so confused. I did enjoy when this one really creepy dude (we have met him before, also he seemed drugged up last Sunday, swear it) sung a song, he really belted it out, he had a great voice actually, but then broke down in tears and like, cried and stuff at the end. I'm not making fun, it's just... I'm not used to such fervent religiosity... (I tend to get skeptical and a small voice in my head whispers, 'cult') and again, not insulting or trying to offend anyone. I just found it really hard to feel what they were all apparently feeling, so I feel guilty... I dunno. I am just not used to it, that's all.

So, off to church I go.

08-17-2008, 11:12 AM
happy sunday everyone....

i'm making muffins with blueberries i got at the green dragon...
today will be laundry and cleaning
yesterday was great shopping at lane bryant... about 240 dollars worth of stuff but i got 200 dollars in women bucks AND I got a zillion things...

08-17-2008, 11:20 AM
Good morning chickies and Matt,

Been a relaxing weekend trying to get my back to feeling better, been using my magnetics which is really helping.

We are off to church, so everyone have a great day

08-17-2008, 11:29 AM
Morning All! How goes your Sunday?

This morning we're headed to church then it's off to groceries and to see the Dark Knight (finally). I thought about doing the whole herb garden thing....but then realized that I was not going to be home for 5 days and have now decided that I'll wait to do the garden until we get back from vacation. It would seriously be a waste of money to put it all together on Monday then leave it be without any TLC for 5 days shortly after. Don't know what we'll do for dinner tonight.....
Enjoy your weekend, all!
Be good and ENJOY!!!

08-17-2008, 12:24 PM
Happy Sunday chicks and Matt. I have been a busy bee this morning, I made a vat of ratatouille and a vat of veggie soup. I got a little carried away at the farmer's market last week so needed to use some stuff up. Keep forgetting I am not shopping for veggie-monster DH this summer. I also made my bean brownies, a batch of oatmeal bars, and boiled up a bag of edamame for snackage. Kara and Nessa, thank you again for those recipes, I make the oatmeal bars all the time, and those bean brownies have saved me many times. They are so chocolatey and also so filling and full of protein, they really do the trick.
Matt, that spinach was sooo good. Kierie posted it somewhere, but not in the recipes I think. I sprayed the pan with canola oil spray, dumped in a bag of baby spinach and some chopped garlic, and tossed until it was wilty, but not cooked all the way down. Took it off the heat, salt and pepper, and sprinkled some toasted chopped walnuts and gorgonzola. You could use any nut and cheese combo that appeals though.
Okay enough food talk. We are going to the pool this afternoon, then I'll need to work later to get ready for AM meetings.
Nessa I froze all my blueberries but one box. I love to grab a handful from the freezer and eat them frozen, so yummy. Sounds like you found lots of great stuff at LB!
Twynn, I tried to do SB once before, about a year before my join date here. I followed the book exactly and didn't know about 3fc, and I only lasted about a week into Ph2. Even so, I was amazed by my cravings being under control, so I knew it could work for me. Luckily I found this forum before I gave it another try. Thanks 3fc!
Steph, what a perfectly reasonable and delicious-sounding splurge!

The kids and I have been talking about what we need to do to appreciate the last week of summer vacation - plus beautiful weather is predicted all week. We decided to hit the pool as much as possible, and hopefully enjoy mosquito-free dinners out in the yard every night. One night we'll do a weenie roast (and maybe I'll surprise them with s'mores if I'm feeling strong). A beautiful sunny day is wasting, so see ya chicks!

08-17-2008, 12:58 PM
The scout event was so much fun last night. We chopped down branches and did a lot of cleanup at the church and then had a cookout (no on plan food - I should have at least brought my own bun). I thought about going bunless but they had no eating utensils. After a short troop meeting they spent two hours swimming. It was such a nice cool day- in the 70's and 80's. It was fun to relax and talk to the other leaders.

I didn't get back on my work problem until this morning so I got a nice break. And I'm not required to be on this call since I'm on vacation but I just feel like I need to know what is going on.

08-18-2008, 12:40 AM
so my new (2nd) cousin is SO CUTE!!! he was born on 8/2 and today was the first time I got to see him! He's the smallest baby I've ever held or been that close too! I can't get over how tiny and cute he is :) Have a wonderful monday everyone!!!:D