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08-14-2008, 09:05 AM

I waon't say girls anymore, cause I see we have a man with us now!!! Welcome hadaad!! BTW..we share the smae b-day, but your're considerably younger than me ;)

got in my walk/jog, gotta do some crunches. Then off to the nature center to drop the kiddos off, then to Kohl's (I got a 30% off coupon, so I'm gonna see what kind of damage I can do with it :) ). MIL will pick up kids...I have a baby shower cake to do today for delivery tonight. I have been very slow over the summer, now I have six orders over the next month. Funny.

Okay, hope everyone has a super day today. I will definitely check in later!!!


08-14-2008, 09:19 AM
Good Morning Everyone!! :coffee:

Well, I'm down .2 lbs. It's not a lot, but I am still excited! Anything is exciting! :carrot: I have a new Mini Goal - 150 lbs by Christmas. I have not weighed that since I was pregnant with my first child - and he's 13!

pmasci - I love Kohl's, especially when they have their big sales where things are 80% off!!

Welcome to any new people!! :welcome3:

Hope everyone has a great day!


08-14-2008, 09:32 AM
Hello all! I confess I never did get my workout in yesterday but I did exercise this morning!! Yeah! I think that will complete my goal for the week because I leave tomorrow for vacation (just for the weekend) and will be doing lots of walking. Tomorrow is weigh in but I am not even expecting a gain this week so I shouldn't be too upset w/the scale! Welcome to anyone new! And Erin, i think I read that book--is it by Tosca someone? All right, I am going...

08-14-2008, 09:47 AM
Good morning!

Pam - does your cake baking/decorating business generally keep you pretty busy?

Holly - congrats on the .2lbs! I'm with you, every little bit helps. You and I have the same goal, down to 150lbs by Christmas. We're starting from about the same place too!

RLK - good for you for getting the workout in this morning. Have a great weekend vacation!

I'm feeling pretty tired today and I'm trying to get motivated to go grocery shopping this morning. If I go, the kids and I can leave tonight and go to our cottage. It's not so much the shopping that I find hard, it's shopping with 2 and 3 year olds!

Lauren - I know, I know, I shouldn't weigh myself so often. I'm thinking of taking my scale to the cottage so I CAN'T weigh myself as much. But I find seeing the numbers go down (when they do go down) very motivating.

Pear - I did Turbo Sculpt yesterday and it was good. It's 40 minutes long and you can use light weights if you want. I found the 40 minutes flew by and I can feel it in my muscles today! I really like strength training in general and this was a good way to do it.

Ok, the coffee is kicking in a bit, I'd better get that grocery list going.

Have a great day everyone!

08-14-2008, 10:23 AM
Oh, for the love of Cheeze! My hands are blue! Pmasci, you were right, I am making my own cake. I had to knead the blue dye into the fondant to make the ribbon, and my palms are this sickly grey-blue colour! I've never worked with fondant before, it's kind of like an art project.
This is some nasty information, so you may want to turn your head away from the monitor so you can't see it while you're reading it. I'm making a 4-tier frosted cake. Into this cake and it's frosting have gone 3 cups of OIL, and FIVE POUNDS of white CRISCO. I thought I was doing really well not picking at it while I was making it, this thing is vanilla, chocolate, and lemon and it smells like heaven! And while I was taking my Cake decorating course last year, I couldn't keep the frosting out of my face. But after seeing the globs of fat going into it, I don't know if I'll be able to eat much of it! And decorating it is harder than I thought it would be, Pam, you've got your work cut out for you!

I tried to tan for awhile yesterday, but the fluffy orange cat thought it was cuddle and purr time, so that was a disaster!
I have so much to do today! I'm going to go at 100 kmph (60 mph) and get lots done today, so I can have some free time owed to me later!

08-14-2008, 10:32 AM
Mornin' All :exercise:

Busy, busy busy today--- yet again. Yesterday was just as busy and it seems those busy days are either good or really bad. Good in that I don't have time to eat, eat, eat or bad in that I choose not so healthy choices (fast food for example) as we have a ton of things to do. Yesterday was one of those good days and hoping today will be too. Meeting up with my hubby for lunch today, so need to plan and pack lunch for the 4 of us. Seeing as there really isn't much in the house I may just go out and get something?? I dunno yet??

Ahh, so glad there are more and more VB fans coming out. He-he-he... gotta love VB. :dancer::dancer:

Guppy--- That Turbo Jam sounds like something I def could do. Thanks for the heads up.

Hollymommy weightloss is weightloss... :bravo:

To all the others I have missed HELLO!!!

Well off to get ready for a busy day of errands and everything else that usually goes on around here. ;) Talk later--- :wave:

08-14-2008, 10:38 AM
Good morning to all and the newbies.

Got on the scale this morning and lost 3 pounds. I had 1440 calories yesterday. So I guess this healthy eating is helping me out a little. Who would have thought it? LOL;)

My daughter is turning 12 on Saturday. Pam I wish I knew a good cake person here. I would love to get her a big girly cake. She will have to settle for a cookie cake from the mall. We are going to have a small family gathering at the house Saturday.

Holly and Guppy we are working on a similar goal. I am trying to lose 20 pounds by Christmas. I hope I can do it. That means I will have to lose 5 pounds a month. We can do it.

I hope everyone is well. Have a great day. :hug: to everyone having a bad day.


08-14-2008, 10:57 AM
Mornin' Girlies!

Pam ~ I just caught up reading posts and you are *so* motivated these days! Amazing what daily exercise and cutting the crap from our diet will do for a person:). Keep it up Chickie!! BTW, I had to laugh at your comment about VB... A bunch of you girls are really into it and I had no idea what the stuff was. I googled it, saw a picture and said to myself, "oh, the old lady bags." LOL. Some of them are really pretty though!

Holly ~ LOL at your youngest being 13 and you haven't weighed since his birth. When can we stop calling it "baby weight?" My sister has a 21 year old and she still refers to it as baby weight (jokingly).

RLK ~ yeah for getting your exercise in already! Morning exercise is the best way to start out your day.

Guppy ~ how neat that your family has a cottage. How far is it from your house?

Kori ~ I've never liked Crisco icing and now after reading about the *5 LBS!* of Crisco that was dumped into it, I really dislike the stuff! I know what you mean though about the smell. I love the smell of lemon and vanilla:). My sister is an amazing baker and she made 20 cheesecakes for my wedding years ago. They were so beautiful and what a hit! Keep the blue hands for the "something blue" on the big day LOL.

Pear ~ I know what you mean about fast days vs. slow days. I love being so busy that I forget to eat. Unfortunately, by the time that I get to eat I'm super hungry and make poor choices. Have fun at your lunch out with hubby.

Fergi ~ yeah 3 lbs. lost! Are you feeling less tired today? It's always so tough to get back into a schedule again after vacation.

School started yesterday here and I am typing this in a quiet house!!! DD is in half day Kindergarten so I have approximately 3 hours all to myself each morning:). She is LOVING Kindergarten. It's great to see her so enthused about school. She talked the entire time during our walk home yesterday as well as all thru lunch. So cute. I'm not used to that as my older two never tell me anything! I walked a 2 mile trail yesterday while she was at school and will hit it again shortly.

08-14-2008, 11:40 AM
Good morning.

My back is still hurting although I can stand straighter and walk a bit. I saw the chiropractor again and he did some *crack crack*. I had an appt with my gp yesterday as well. I had not seen her since Dec so she was pleasantly surprised to see me. She said I looked really good and that she was glad I was taking care of myself. I now have a MRI scheduled for Sat, to rule out any bulging disks or such.
So because of my back, I have been missing my daily walks and workout. Although my eating is under control, I feel like I almost becoming fat. Does that make sense?

lois lane
08-14-2008, 12:45 PM
Hey everyone!

The kids start school here on Monday, :( So I have a ton of stuff to do. Today we have orientation and open house for ds at school. Tomorrow, I am taking 3 teenagers to Carowinds. Spencer is not into amusement parks so he wont be going. Oh and I have an eye appt. in the morning at 8am. I don't know how I'm going to get up for that one!

Okay, I have the coolest news for you guys. My DH's computer obsession is finally going to pay off for me. Remember when DH's friend stole the 4 wheeler? Well....the police officer who came to take the report owns the local workout place. DH traded him some computers so I can use the gym!!!! I hope I find time to go check it out on my days off!

Joan, I'm glad to hear that your little one is enjoying school so much!

Hi to everyone else, I have to go and read posts from the last few days!

Talk later,

08-14-2008, 01:52 PM
Alicia, that's great news!! Hope you get Lots of workout time, esp. since the kiddos will be back in school. Frankie isn't into amusement parks either, strange, huh?

Kori, I know the blue hand feeling. Usually with me it's red, though. Have fun, and post of pic of the cake...I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see it!~!

Joan, hey girl. so, hit me with it...how was the first day of school?? I'm so glad Brigid loved it, but how did YOU do?? I'll be there in aobut three weeks...really looking forward to it, but I'm starting to get a little wistful about Cady's "youth" too, KWIM?? BTW..good job on the walking, and yes, I do feel great. Only a little over 3 months til our anniversary trip, that's my main motivation.

Guppy, yeah it keeps me knida busy. It's not any money to count on, but it's nice to be able to go out, or buy presents with it. Kind of alleviates the bills every now and then. Hop eyou got your shopping done!

Fergi...congrats, girl!!! Calorie counting is working for me too...I'm hoping to get over the threshold this week....Keep it up, you'll meet your goal in no time!!

Pear, hope you have a great lunch with hubby!! So nice you are able to do that. My DH works on construction sites & I never get to have lunch with him, me & the kids would love it!

Asaan, hope your back is better. I know what you;re talking about, your body is missing the workouts. Just try to be patient, you don't want to mess yourself up more. (HUGS)

Okay, gotta go decorate a cake. Have a great afternoon!!


08-14-2008, 02:12 PM
Hello from Sunny and humid southern CA!
oh my G-d I am not used to the humidity!

Alicia that is great news! you are going to love the gym! good for you!!!

Pam I agree w/everyone else your cakes are AMAZING!

Joan hello! I know what you mean the little ones grow up so fast, where did time go!!! Have fun on your walks

Pear have a great lunch with DH!

Fergi I wish I could bake beautiful cakes too, I can bake, but they are not beautiful, all thought I can say they are mmmm.... I am sure your daughter will love what ever you do, happy early birthday to her! and contgratulations on the loss!!!

assaaan you do need to listen to your body, nurse that back, I hope you get better soon!

Kari I hear you on the baking, my hat goes off to you for even trying! good luck, take a pic. and show us the end result!

Holly congratulations on the .2 loss! great job!!!

Hi Guppy I never hear of turbo sculp ???? I am glad you are enjoying it!

RLK I wouldn't worry to much about the weight in, but concentrate on how you are feeling and how are you clothes fitting!

I am super tired today, it has been a busy summer, my lower back is hurting a lot and I have not clue why. Today I have a relaxing day, DS is at camp and I don't have to pick him up early they are going to the stadium to watch a game, he is doing baseball camp this week and he is loving it.
I am meeting a friend for lunch and then I am coming home and I am going to sit in the yard with the dudes and watch them run while I knit.
I am loving my MAC laptop I can take it with me anywhere, it is great!
I will see you gals later!


08-14-2008, 03:08 PM
Afternoon All!

I hope everyone is doing well.
Fergi- Congrats! What an accomplishment.

I saw my doctor yesterday and she said "you need to lose weight" and I said "no kidding" So my goal before my annual next year in August is to get to my goal weight. I am very sure I can do this. I should make a mini goal like you all are doing. I think I will try to lose 10 lbs by my birthday which is in October. If I am really careful about my calories and what not, I should be okay.

I am really ready to head back to school too. That will mean much more structure and no time to eat! Yep, thats a good thing.

Well, take care and I will check in later!

08-14-2008, 04:46 PM
Fergi - nice work on the 3 pounds! That's great.

Good job to hollymommy and everyone else who lost this week!

My son starts full day kindergarten on September 4. *sigh* It's painful that he is growing up. I hope that he has a good attitude about school.

Pam - where can I see pictures of your beautiful cakes??

VB Friends . . . we are making "old lady" CHIC!

Trish - MRC is Metabolic Research Center. It's like Weigh Watchers in that you go to the clinic 2 times a week for weigh-in and body composition. However, they also give you strict menus to adhere to each week (3 meals a day), protein/high nutrient supplements, and they monitor your progress so that your body goes into "fat burning mode." Essentially, it's quick and dirty weight loss (1/2 pound a day). I've lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks. AND I've "cheated." It's all about low salt intake and high water intake. And eating 3 small, balanced, portions so that your body burns fat, instead of retaining water (like when you don't eat/starvation mode). As part of the deal, they offer classes, yoga, counseling, etc., plus a year of maintenance support when you hit your goal weight. I'm on target to lose 50 pounds by the beginning of January, IF I can keep on track and not freak out. There is a section of 3FC for MRC peops (under Diet Central). You can get an idea of how it works by reading the successes and the grumblings of everyone!

Ladies, have a fantastic day/evening!!

08-14-2008, 09:20 PM
Cheryl- Is that diet offered everywhere and how much does it cost? I am not sure I could do it but just wondering....

08-14-2008, 10:11 PM
RLK2005 - Have fun on your vacation!!

Holly - congrats on the .2lbs! I'm with you, every little bit helps. You and I have the same goal, down to 150lbs by Christmas. We're starting from about the same place too!
Guppy23 - Thanks! Yeah, we are starting close to the same - but I think you're about 4 inces taller than me! LOL! The Turbo Sculpt sounds cool - I just can't find 40 minutes of spare time!

Kofarq - I'm sure your cake is going to look beautiful - and be oh, so yummy - no matter how much Crisco is in it! I am a frosting fanatic! But then I get caught cuz my tongue turns blue....

PearFreak - Did you have a nice lunch with hubby & kiddos?

Fergi - Congrats on the 3 lbs! :carrot:

Holly ~ LOL at your youngest being 13 and you haven't weighed since his birth. When can we stop calling it "baby weight?" My sister has a 21 year old and she still refers to it as baby weight (jokingly).
IrishJoan - the 13 yo is actually my oldest - youngest is 4. But the thing is, I gained 75 lbs with him, and started out pretty small. I gained a minimal amount with the others, but I started out fat! So, if I can get down to a weight that I was when I was pregnant for him, it's still someplace I haven't been near in 13 years! :D

asaaan - Sure hope your back gets better soon! Glad to hear the cracking helped a little. :hug:

lois lane - That's great news about the gym!

pmasci - How did the cake turn out?

happy2be - I really want a laptop someday - glad to hear you like the Mac...I'll have to file it away for future reference!

mcmommy2 - Good luck on your mini-goal! I'll be rooting for you! :cheer3:

cp33- 14 lbs in 3 weeks is great! Good for you! :woohoo:

I hope everyone had a great day! I am looking forward to tomorrow - it's Friday!!

So I had to share - my 2 little ones are with my sister for the night, so I decided to take a walk, and my husband came with me. We walked the bike trail to the local Dairy Queen (about 1 1/2 miles) and then home - and we didn't get ice cream there!!! :cb: I was so excited I just had to share. I do have some fat free raimbow sherbert I am going to treat myself with, but my eating has been very good lately. ;)

Have a Good night!

08-15-2008, 12:06 AM
Hey all... been so busy the past couple of days, I didn't even post yesterday! I have been exhausted from work since I am on VACATION (yehaa!!) next week and I had a lot of things to do to tie up the loose ends. So today was my last day for a whole week!!!! I am so happy!!!

I've read so many posts I can't remember what anyone said!!! Let's see...

Welcome Newbies!!! You'll love it here! Everyone is so supportive... you just can't ask for a better group.

For the person who mentioned that calorie counting is too time consuming, I just read something that says that 90% of people that track their eating, lose more weight than those who don't. I know you've heard me mention sparkpeople.com and they have a fantastic food tracker that not only allows you to enter individual foods but also food groupings. For instance, if you have a certain recipe that you make, you can enter the items as a food group and then when you make the dish, you just add it to your diary. I love BLT's on whole wheat wraps and I make them the exact same way each time so I just made a food group that consisted of... 1 whole wheat wrap, 1 tbsp of light mayo, 3 slices of tomato, 1 large lettuce leaf and 2 slices of bacon. Then when I have that I just add BLT Wrap to my dairy and it automatically enters off the the items and calories/fat/carbs/protein. You get the idea.

Pam... where did you get the 30% of coupon? Was it in the paper? Are you still using sparkpeople? I'm loving it... it is truly helping to keep me accountable.

CC... sorry that you are feeling depressed. Sometimes it's easy to be overwhelmed by too much stress. The important thing to remember is that no matter how sad or overwhelmed you feel, there are people who love you and want you to be happy. Embrace them and hopefully you will start to feel better. I'll be thinking of you...

Wanted to mention that I don't do mini goals because I am easily discouraged. Like Toni mentioned that she didn't make her goal (and she was OK with that and that is awesome!!!) but for me, if I didn't make my mini goal, I would feel very disappointed and may go astray. When I began on June 28, 2008, I gave myself two years to meet my goals. I thought that this would remove the pressure to "rush" and the feeling that I have to be perfect. I felt that two years to lose 80 pounds was very realistic. The last time I was watching what I ate (I had 75 t lose), I gave myself a year and as time wore on I was afraid I wouldn't meet my goal so I started going off program more and more. I used that as an excuse to not continue.

Now I have decided to make this a lifestyle change rather than a diet. That compared with a very realistic goal date is what is keeping me going. I know that this wouldn't work for everyone because most people want instant gratification (and who doesn't?) and I'm no different but I've already tried that route and it doesn't work for me.

I say that you have to do what works for you... what you feel comfortable with... because after all... what works for you is what will make you succeed.

Hope you all have a fantastic night!!!!!!

08-15-2008, 02:55 AM
Hello...I'm jumping in here. I'm squarely in the 30 somethings though I only admit to 28. Might be able to fool people for another year or two, but that would be it. :D

I have to lose a ton of weight...well, not literally. I went on seizure medication about 9 years ago now. As the doctor upped the Rx, my weight went up and my appetite went down. I was barely eating, but one month I gained 5 pounds, the next 10, and the next 50!! I went off the medication at that time, but also got pregnant...of course. I've had 2 boys. I lost all the baby weight with the first in 2 weeks and with the second in 3 days because it was all water weight. I had hypertension with both (and gestational hypoglycemia with the second too). So, here I sit on my wide behind with a now 7 year old and a 4.5 year old not having managed to get the weight off yet.

I was in a car crash at the end of last August too...stopped at a light and a guy going about 50 slammed into the back of our car, completely totaling it. My back has been bothering me ever since. I can't walk, can't do much but I can swim. I'm supposed to start, but the Y is re-doing their pool this month and so I'll have to wait till next month (though they will be having their 10th anniversary then, so I should be able to get in on a special).