Support Groups - Lo Carb 25 The bus is movin again!!

04-01-2002, 06:57 AM
Good Monday Morning.

My goodness, where have we all gone to? The bus is pretty quiet.

Speaking for myself , I know that the months after the holidays have been tough for me. Focus wise. It seems like my determination only lasts a few days. I get soem exercise in, eat right, but my focus fades. I do know that I don't want to put any more weight bcak on. I never want to wear a size 24.26,28 again. I also know that I do want to waer a normal size. A size 12.

SO I am with Sue. 10#'s between now and mother's day.

So girls. What do you say? Are you there to answer?

What about all you dedicated lurkers? I know you check in to see how we are doing. Why don't you come on board? This isn't a private club. It's open to anyone. We need the support.


I think I'll Start a thread dedicated to the trip to mother's day

04-01-2002, 11:59 AM
Pam I am so jelous of your weather!!! 86 sounds wonderful even 56 would sound good!!!

I am so ready for this trip OP all the way. I even tould DD that our weekly splurge will have to be put on hold. I can not do it. that was triping me up badly. so until i drop this 10 plus the 10 of fluid i have (was 179.8 this morning almost 10 lbs of water) i will not splurge. this will be tough for the first week. but i am holding storn although it is only a few hours into the morning. I have almost 2 1/2 doz eggs for munching so i am ready.

Pat Pam lets go girls!!! I will continue to email dana to find her and lure her back. she needs our help!!!

04-02-2002, 06:42 AM
Good Morning,

Nothing really new to report. SPring is out there somewhere. The poor birds that came back so early look a little pO'd.

The house hunting will begin in earnest in a couple of weeks. I haven't heard any thing positive about that experience from any one. We do now have a realtor looking for us. I am so eager to move into my own space. The drive is killing both DH and myself.

I am also eager to make the weight 222#. That will be an official 50#'s off. THe next milestone. I've got to start pushing myself in ways that will not aggravate the knee anymore than it is. One more week till the MD appt.

Where is everyone?

Sue, Way to go with the energy!! we will get there! 10#'s gone

04-02-2002, 02:04 PM
I am still waiting for spring. just hints of it but i am still holing hope. it may just trun to summer like it has for several years. UGH i hate that!

Staying OP so far managed to eat just 1 jelly bean yesterday and it was not worth it! but it was better than the 1 gross that i ate sunday! :devil:

LK has joined us for the Mothers Day challenge! Way to go!!!

Pam come and tell us more of the nice weather. (I feel like a kid telling mommy to read me that book with the happy ending again! ) :lol:

I see hints of flowers here on the occasion will i see some croacusus (sp)

Busy day here so must run.

Check in girls!

04-03-2002, 06:34 AM
Good morning all,

My goodness I just read about the possibility of even higher gas/oil prices. It is getting pretty scary over in teh middle east.

The weathe still sucks. The extended forcast shows 50's next week but I will believe it when I see it.

It is pretty quiet other than that.

Have a great day

04-03-2002, 07:26 PM
We were having light snow here too! horrible i can not wait till it gets a bit warmer.

I am feeling much more incontol again!!! thanks for the little vacation from my self!

Pam? Dana? girls where are you???

Pat how is the job going??? Hope you have a great time with the house hunting, I do love doing that. it is fun to see what everybody else does with their house. it is the lack of choices that i do hate. I will hope that you find what youa re looking for withoug too much problem

04-04-2002, 07:27 AM
Well it is Thursday. Yesterday was a better day OP wise. The cravings were less intence and much easier to brush off.

The job is OK. Nothing I plan on retiring from. It is teh hours that I don't like. But it's fine for now.

The house hunting is going. I am not much of a shopper. ANd I am a bargain person when I do shop. Neither, applies well to this process so far. The winter dragging is slowing down teh process as the snow covers the ysrd. Can't wait till it is over with.
ANd basically if I was honest it's really my attitude(negative for somereason) that is coloring everything. Must work on it.

Pam, melody, lee, dana LC, check in and let us know how things are going you rae missed!

04-04-2002, 11:12 PM
maybe wieh the weather gets better you will feel better about house hunting. the realators can send you tons of papaers to help weed out some of the bad ones. and yes you do need to see teh whole thing toget a beter idea of how it is going to look.

doing much better today had too much running today but hopefully things willb e eaaseir tommorow i have volentered to baby sit for a friend her 3 kids overnight on friday HHMM how stupid!!! but that is ok they are not comming till about 9 and then i will make popcorn and then send them to bed!!!

04-05-2002, 03:15 AM
Well my Darlings Tom came in today quite rudely I might add! Still I have been so busy and so much to do. This weekend we are painting the livingroom and going to a town function on Saturday evening. Busy , busy , busy!!!!!

Just for my Sue bee...........

The Azalias are hot pink and the bush is bursting with blooms as is the white one. The Magnolias are thick with buds so soon the sweet scent of Magnolia will fill the air. The The dark red raspberry bushes have spread beyond our hopes and tiny white flower are beginning to give way to budding fruits so sweet and delictable. The sun shone softly today through rain clouds that eased by and a light breeze warm and fragarent with Wisteria wafted through the open windows and doors. Birds sang with such joy and played in the bird bath I had filled in the front yard.
Hummingbirds came to feed just in front of the large bay window showing off all their beauty and danced about the window with great glee. The grass becons for a trim as the recent rains have caused it to burst out of the ground with much enthusium. Even the weeds have shown a curious dazzle with lovely delicate purple flowers as if to prove that they can enhanse the effect too. Leaves appear upon dead looking trees and life has filled them again. Bumble bees lightly bounce from flower to flower the orange yellow stripes brilliant against the tender petals. Cats lay in the warm sun streaching and yawning to dash off and chase after one bug or another. Life has renewed itself yet again and in full blazing glory.
WE are like that too. Again we pick up where we left off and renew bringing ourselves to our own full glory.

04-05-2002, 06:19 AM
Well it is Friday. Another week is gone by.

I am torn between jelousy and wonder from Pam's beautiful description of spring. It is so nice to see you post. As always.

More snow for today an dtomorrow. I am desparate for spring and warmer weather. Had a Good ole Atkins day yesterday! THe metal mouth is back! No workout though:(

Sue - you are a wonderful friend! good luck with the kids tonight.

You all have a great weekend

04-06-2002, 07:46 PM
had to laugh I could not even read what i had wrote! LOL I know when i get going my typos get bad but that was too much!!!

Pam what a wonderous way of writing. You speak so much from the heart it just pours out of you in a beautiful flow of words. Thanks for the descriptiion I am freezing my butt down here how is that for a description??? it is so cold my raynauds is acting up really bad!!!

I have been bad tosay a bit stressed and the jelly beans did not make it to the garbage. they are gone now!!! I did have some hot dogs so the sodium will be holdig me back but i have lost a ton in flid this week. almost 5 lbs!!!

DS got mad and kicked the door. the problem was that it was a french door with very old glass and now we have a hole where the galss was and a small cut on my 8 year olds foot!! i almost killed him!!! I can say that i was stressed and eating out of stress.

I have a site for avon now!!! I am excited i spent all day yesterday reading up on doing business online now I am ready! if anybody want to they can order through me and have it delivered to ehir house! just sign up with my site if you want or by some one elses (they get thecredit) but here ismy site I am excited!!

other than the bad eating this day i had a delcious dinner vege goulash made with


and sausage all cut and fried together in a pan then add a can of tomatoes to it. and any seasons that you like i like mione rather plain so garlic, and parsley is all i add. but it sure was really good. especially with the sausage.

Pat i was thinking of you if you were house hunting today. hopw you had a good time.

04-07-2002, 01:44 PM
I feel more incontrol today !

04-08-2002, 07:38 AM
Good morning all!

There are more people back on teh bus!!!

Dana, I miss you!

Terri, Oh my gosh no one was hurt were they? I hope not . Glad you are here!! You were missed.

Melody , where are ya girl?

Sue you doll. Thanks for letting me know. Went house hunting this weekend. Nothing great.

I'll have more tommorrow

04-08-2002, 03:35 PM
Sorry ladies! I didn't mean to be gone for so long! Things have been crazy, and then we had spring break, and I just couldn't get to the computer, and well...I missed you guys! I thought about you everyday, and everything that I would tell you if I had the time to get to the puter.

Well, I finally went to the doctor. The pain had spread to my knees. In my head I knew it was arthritis. I just knew. he sent me for tests for lupus ,and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was scared to death I would have RA. my aunt has it, and is completely diabled, due to it. I was scared....He told me he thought it was RA. Well a week later I went for my results,and it wasn't RA!!!!! I just have regular old, "old people's" arthritis (osteo arthritis)!!!! Isn't it great!!!???!!! It won;t cripple me!!! YIPPEEE!!! I might be able to make that 5K after all. BF made fun of me, being so "OLD"... I'm 28, he's 23. A baby.

I finally got off my buns and began my BFL challenge. I started Wednesday the 3rd. I have the workout part down. I just need some help on the food part. It's tougher. My buns are so sore from weight lifting last night. today is aerobics!! 20 minutes on the elliptical. I have been doing that instead of running, until I get this arthritis under control. I like it. I do it while I watch TV, takes my mind off the pain. Tomorrow will be weight lifting again....upper body...and on and on we go....

I finally got the BFL book. I found it for $20 at meijer. It is really inspirational. AThe diet is hard. i feel like I am starving most of the time. Which sucks because then I want to binge.

I heard on the radio this AM, about a new gum that helps curve your sugar cravings. If you chew itfor 3-1/2 minutes, then you don't want anything sugary....even if you try to eat something sweet afterwardas, it takes the sugary taste out of it...for example, chocolate tastes like wax, and Coke tastes like water. I gotta find me some of that. Go to if you are interested. I think they said itis $29.95, for a huge box.

Well ladies, have a great day! I missed you guys! Pam, I am glad you are doing so well, and Sue congrats on the good #'s from the Doc, and the 3 miles!!! WHHOOO HOOO! I am jealous! Pat, thanks for thinking of me while I was gone!!!!

I gotta go join your challenge now!!!

love ya!

04-08-2002, 07:21 PM
Melody and Terri!!! I missed both of you!!! It was just me and Pat for a while now Pam is back (she will be a bit schetchy for a while as she is really busy) Dana will be back soon. so we are almost all here!!!!

My cabana boy is the personal trainer i have he works me out 2 times a week. and boy can he hurt!! (so good) :lol: I will have to be sending him on his way soon asi can not afford him any more. :(

I will say that i am feeling better and in more contol. I went out and bough some protein bars I was doing so great when i ate them but i had a problem with (ugh) gas. so i had stoped. but now it is me or the gas and i cholse to support me!!! I will just have to scare the people away!! :lol: or run!

I have been struguling for a whjile, and today is the first time in a while that i did not have the urge to nibble (so far, but I am getting it now) so i must take some chromium so i can get my control again!

Terri how is the house??? I take it that you all made it out OK?

Melody I know the busy seasson. I was just telling Dana that i figured that you had gotten so busy that you could not get back on. so glad that you are bback. (and you too terry)

Pat i did not forget you how did you do today???

Pam if you are there I am thinking of you!

04-09-2002, 07:33 AM
HI all!!

My heart is full! I am so glad to see the MIA post, or soon to post!

Sue and I have been holding down the fort.

I woke up an dit was 50 degree's. Unbeleivable a heat wave. The extended forecast is a little bit warmer. I saw someone's yard and it wa full of snow drops. I am planning on doing some container gardening. AS I really don't know where i'll be when it finally is OK to put in a garden here.

Melody. Nice to see you. I too suffer from arthritis. "one of the 100 different varieties" according to teh doc. One of the things I take ( or should) is glucosamine&chondroitin. A supplement. It does help. I also find that regular exercise also help. I am in teh middle of my annual spring flare up. Not a good thing. I also find that keeping hydrated also helps. So was this your ankle problem?

Dana my girl. Looking forward to seeing you.

Pam how are things?

Sue. Thanks for your ongoing support and courage.

Well off to tues.

04-09-2002, 09:57 AM
Good Morning Chickee babes!

Pat- Yes, the arthritis was my ankle problem. It has since struck my knees, elbows, and wrists as ankles are the big problem however. I will not let it get me down. They put me on a anti-inflammatory, and it has helped. I too have been sticking with the work outs. My doc said if I take off 5 pounds that is 20 pounds of pressure off of my knees, so hey I am game! He told me about that Gluco stuff, and I may try that also. Other than that, he really didn't tell me much...basically it's something I will have to live with.

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical last night. Boy was that tough...I waited til right before bed, and man I was wore out! But I did it. I want a better bdy by Mother's Day!

I wish I could get this diet thing down! gosh i have no will power. I probably will not weigh in for a week or two, til I know that there is a loss. The gain weeks really depress me! At least now, thw work out portion is up and going strong. I will not let one missed workout destroy my efforts!

Sue- Sorry about having to let go of your cabana boy...he sounds hot!

Pam- I am thinking of you!

Dana- I miss you!

Terri- Hello!!! Glad to see you.

If I am missing anyone, forgive me!! I love you guys!

Stay OP!

04-09-2002, 01:39 PM
melody I had a great one on one today with him and he killed me I lifted bench pressed 135 lbs!!! I am going to try to keep him. the glucosamine had helped many people so give it a try yopu can buy it buy the huge bottle for not too much.

I just got a great call from a woman with CAPCO a business for helping people here in NY and they want my services for helping people leanr nutrition and loose weight!!! I am so excited i must get to work and get my stuff prepared.

Pat isn't this weather wonderful I try to keep an eye on the weather you are having so i can feel with you. I am so excited to see all the flowers starting and can not wait till tomorow!!! whe it will be sunny and nice!!!

So my girls that are havign problems with your joint i can feel for you Lucky for me it is temporary) my hip is still bothering me i have pulled my hipflexor tendons and well must let them heal and when i run make sure i use proper body alignment, and slow doen on the advancement of distance so it is no running i think for this week and start back at 2 - 3 miles when i do get back. But in the mean time i must get to work..

have a great day!!!

04-09-2002, 11:56 PM
Hi everyone...

OOOOPPPPsss!!!!! I must have posted on the wrong topic last time.....I was starting to feel sorry for myself when I didnt see any replies over on the other thread.... Im glad I jumped into here........

IT IS GREAT TO BE BACK!!! I''ve been OP, feeling great, getting the house back in order...we all made it out safely.....just the poor house and appliances that took all the beatings.....

Well, at this point I can only think of one thing to say:


I sure am getting tired of all this rain and grey skies we have been having.......

have a great day... I will try to pop in tomorrow.....

04-10-2002, 01:34 PM
Good afternoon Chickees!

All is well today. I waited too long to work out last night. I waited until after 10:00 and by that time I was so pooped I cold only do half of it (Upper body weight training) I was really trying to push it too, but I was just worn out. I promised myself I would do the second part today, and I would do the elliptical today as well. I say today because I am never going to wait that long to work out again.

Sue- Sounds like a good workout!!! 135 pounds!!!! That is awesome! I bet I couldn't do half of that!

Terry- Glad to hear from you!

Everyone have a good day!

04-10-2002, 04:38 PM
My Darlings,
Well Op is not total as I have been to tired to do much cooking. After 14 years of being nearly bed bound, painting the ceiling of a twnty six foot livingromm by 16 feet has made for a very sore Pam! I have no muscles left and this body is not happy with me. It looks as though Hurrican Andrew moved through this house but it will be lovely when it is done. We knocked down the ceiling beams and yes I helped, and painting the ceiling was a job as it soaked up the paint like a dehydrated desert flower.Hubby had to get two more gallons today to finish it right. I will start the walls tomorrow and hopefully get it finished:dizzy: Put back the furniture and set the livingroom back up. Polish all the furniture and clean the floors from all the dust of sanding the mantle! Freshen up the bedrooms and then Hubbys family will be here!!! So much to do!!!!! Needless to say I am more than exhausted. I am taking Friday off!!!
The leaves are all on the trees and the wisteria has faded away being replaced by the Honeysuckle. The skies are overcast but it serves to soften the look of nature to a silvery glow. In the evenings the rain falls tenderly to keep our garden growing well while we are so busy inside. It seems so quiet and serene in nature as though it is waiting for us to get done so that we can enjoy it all. The air is fresh and clean from the evening rains and fresh mowed grass enhases the effect so well.The leaves of the trees seem to nestle us protectively set back down the curved driveway from the road. Soon the house will be equal to the surroundings nature has provided us with. Tiny flowers of pink and white abound and the large beautiful Bluejays weave in and out of the green leaves demonstrating the Glorious rich blue God made them.The aming red cardinals to display their adornment.Sparrowsand finches and a myrid of glittering birds coplete the beauty with much spendor. Squirrels run and play along the fences and buterflies have come to dance upon the currents of air in total abandonment. So...all is well,just very busy inside the walls
of the home as visions long held in my mind unfold in reality. Our home made new and more warm and inviting.
Love you all.

04-11-2002, 06:33 AM
Hi all,
just a quick note.

The ortho went OK. No surgery at this point but no more running on teh treadmill. seems there isn't enough cartilage. I also must strat cross training.

Not OP at all yesterday. UGH!

Will give myself the rest of this week off from exercise and retuen in full force on MONDAY

The weatehr is supposed to be better today!

Hello everyone

Off to better eating today

04-11-2002, 09:13 AM
Good Morning...

Pam, isn't Spring lovely....I am so glad to hear that you are doing so much better!

Pat, sorry about no more running:( . Take a much needed break, feel better, and come back strong on Monday.

As for me. I am not Op at all today!:( i don't know what is wrong with me....I get one part right and then the other part of my program goes to heck....

Walked over 2 miles yesterday, lightly jogged for one minute....ankles have been realy stiff...I hate this arthritis stuff...

How are the rest of you ladies doing?

I have been having some mean craving s for beef and bean buritios....Don't understand that one at all....

It's warm and sunny....70+ some degrees today. My class is spending all day outside today!!! I definitely have Spring fever!

Everyone have a wonderful Spring day!:)

04-11-2002, 06:12 PM
Hello My Friends!

I have been MIA! It feels good to be back! I love the title of this thread! The bus is movin' again! Glad I am on board!

Long story short............I have felt I had nothing to share with you all! I have been at a stahl since the holidays. I "tweaked" my plan and slowed down on the exercise----(2 real no-nos) --so needless to say-----10 pounds found me! I weighed in this morning and have RE-COMMITTED myself both TO MYSELF and to you ALL! It is my birthday. I turned 44! (Hubby says time to trade me in for 2 22 year olds!)

I am still proud of the fact that since I began my journey in July I have lost nearly 40 pounds! I still have a way to go. On the positive side my size 18 and 20 pants still fit.........(ok, I admit the jeans are tight!) I have not decided to kill myself over 10 pounds. Hope SPRINGS IS spring..and I AM HOPE! I go again!

I apologize for simply fading away. It it not at all like me. I have not excuse but the truth.........I felt I had nothing to share.

But that was yesterday! Today is a new day. Nasus promised me some pink duct tape to go with my sprong wardrobe! Tape me in good! I am here to stay!

I have missed you all more than you know and I hope you forgive my absense. It had nothing to do with anyone was ME............just me. I was not feeling the energetic HOPEFUL way.......and I did not want to bring anyone down. That was wrong. I know in my heart I can share with you, friends, the ups and downs. I go..................My love you all!

Happy Birthday to me.MORE HOPEFUL THAN EVER!!!

04-11-2002, 11:33 PM
DANA!!!! Welcome HOME!!!! I am sorry that I did not get on board before you came to with it to you so you would see it!! So Hope that yu had a great one!!!

We did miss you and well the duct tape is neede all around I was doing great for a few days till DH had to bake 2 cakes for bosycouts and well they had problems so i had to repair and well i nibled and nibbbled and tasted while i was repairing and so today and yesterday was off plan, but i am ready for tomorow *(the cakes ae out of the house)))

Pat I am sorry that your kneese are not holing out. cross training is good!! that will give you a well rounded set f exercises to do!!!

Pam things sound wonderful. My house is in a uproar but it is just chaos from not cleaning not from renovating and fixing like yours!!! Please hun take it easy!!!

Melody I understand that problem I was doing great when i was taking some chromium in the afternoon so that will be started tomorow to get me back OP!!! the out side for school sounds wonderful!!! and the jogginhg I know can be hard on the ankles so easy and take some ibuprofen before youstart for a few weeks I have to do that or my ankles kill me but if i do that then it is much easier and not as painful and i get used to it and in a short time i have no further pain!!

Terri we would not have forgoten you!!! We all posted to you but here!!! I should have said some thing! SORRY!! when youa re donw with your hosue you can stop here and help me get back in order!!! LOL things are looking up for me for work but it will take time. avon is looking fair too!!!

04-12-2002, 10:33 AM

Well it started out to be a beautiful day but now it looks like rain!!DARN!!! I was hoping that it would miss us! IT is a much better day if I can get my class outside.

Took yesterday off from exercise. Will weight lift today!

Dana, Don't feel bad. I probably weigh about 10 pounds more than my last weigh in...but I'm not sweatin it. I'm not weighing, because knowing for sure would kill my motivation. i am workin out now, and hopefully i will get this diet thing down soon, and the pounds will come off. I believe it will happen, therefore it will.
We are here for each other no matter what...and we are not judgemental...we love you no matter if you lose a pound or gain 10. Because we are in this together. 40 pounds is an incredible amount of weight to lose. Just stay focused, and don't get down on yourself. If you know you are doing what needs to be done, don't worry about what the scale says. You are winning just by staying with it!

Sue- You are the kick butt queen! Your dedication to working out astounds me! Keep it up!

Pam, How ya doing?

Terri, How are you doing? How's the house/

Pat, how are you enjoying your short break?

Have a lovely weekend!

04-12-2002, 10:04 PM
Hi all....

just popping in for a few seconds to say Hi........

Thanks everyone for the welcome back....I sure did miss you all here...its funny how you get used to chatting and getting to know people here and then you have to go without being able to talk to them or letting them know why you cant be here and you realize how much you miss them..... I MISSED YOU ALL

TGIF...........Im so glad this week is over with...whew.........

hanging in with the OP, just working on the exercise part of it....the kids have too many things going to give me time to workout but I am just gonna make up my mind that I have to make the starting Sunday I am gonna do something, either an exercise tape or a walk.....

Please explain to me what an ellipctal??? is again????...might be something I could use.....I get bored on the treadmill. I would rather be outside walking (at least when the weather is nice).

Take care everyone.........great to see ya Dana!!!!

Sue---You rock girl!!!! you definetly keep me going......

Pat--- I know what you mean about the knees....mine have really been bothering me...we have a lot of stairs in our house and lately it's been **** trying to get up and down them.....

Melody----- GUM????? You have definetly got to let me know how that works..... sounds like something I could use......

Pam---- When your'e done at your house could you come fix mine up????? sounds like you are keeping real busy around your house!!! It will be great when its all done......

Talk to ya later

04-12-2002, 11:16 PM
Terri the elliptical is a machine that you use it is like a combo of stairmaster and treadmill the feet go in a elliptial motion but NEVER leave the pads. it is like walking, or even running and it is very easy on the joints so you do not get the pain from the pounding. You can change the tesnion and some of them you cam make it seem like you are going up hill or down. and some have hand movement also (my favorite) They are programed and can do many different things you can go backwards and really do a butt killer exercise.

I wish that i could be worth of your praise but lately it is not taking me much to fall off the wagon. so that is why i am going to do the BFL with melody and LK if she is ready!!! this way i can feel like the exercise is not going to waist (pardon the pun) I have to dump my cabana boy as i can not afford him. I love working with him but I have to let him go. so I must develop a program so i will succeed!!! so that is it!!! I will be OP this we4ekend but modnay is my official start date so you will see days by my signature and that is what it means. I may even cound down the weeks till the anniversary which is my 19th but where my goal weight is set for. I may not reach goal weight but i will reach a goal size if i do this right!!! a size 8. do you think that i can do it??? that is going to be tons of hard work but i know of people doing the bfl workouts and lost 1 size a month!!!I would be happy with a 10 but i would like to squeeze my butt in a 8. so i have set it in writing. so be it!!

Pam will be doing my house first then to yours!! terri :lol:

04-13-2002, 09:22 AM
Hello All!

Happy Saturday to you all!

Not much newwith me. On plan and avoiding the scale until I "feel" like facing the metal monster and stomping on him with an "I DARE YOU!"

Saturday means a MEGA listofhousehold chores for me so I must get at them!

Hello to you all! It feels good to be back!

Dana (Hopeful........THANK YOU!):dizzy:

04-13-2002, 09:33 AM
Hi all. had a not good day yesterday did fine till i went all day without food and well it was not pretty

I do not know why i sabotage myself! I do so great till it comes to the afternoon. I know what to do it is just getting it done!!!

So I again say that i will have to make a huge commitment to the exercise part, and the push should help with my followthrough. maybe make sure that i eat more frequently and take my P-bars that was a great help!!! i was sooo op when i was doing them. So today is my prep day for PPWAV!!! (protein Power With A vengence) no exercise for me but staying OP is my plan!!! wish me luck!

Dana the scale is not going to be in myplans till monday m,y official day and then only once a month. this will be fun not getting on one for that long i do not think i can do it!!!

04-13-2002, 06:44 PM
Hi everyone!!!


Just got home from Lansing for my daughter's basketball tournament....whew..what a long day and back we go tomorrow for another one.....almost done with the season tho...just in time for soccer to start haha

Sue---are you doing PP or BFL???? thanks for the info on the elleptical(sp?)....might just trade in my treadmill for one of those....I will have to check it out...

Everyone have a great to ya later....

04-13-2002, 06:50 PM
Hi terri

PP is the woe for me only. and BFL is my exercise program. so the answer is YES!!!! to both.

So far so good today. this is my tough time. I have been glancing at the easter candy that dd brought down stairs to give away and then i found a bag of m&m's remember the problem i had with them before. that darn carb monster. I took my chromium this afternoon while talking to a friend that has just started with Atkins and we were talking about the chromium and so i remembered to take it. but i am having the carb cravings so i am fighting hard to win this fight!!!

HHHMMMM may be it is time for my secret wepon the P-Bars!!!

04-13-2002, 06:57 PM
Hey Sue, We are both online right now....

Can you buy the BFL exercise alone or does it come with the whole program??? Seems like I have seen it on infomercials and it was a huge kit of stuff.....Just curious....the exercises looked interesting!!!!