South Beach Diet - Rainy Monday at the Beach Chick-Chat

08-11-2008, 07:13 AM
Yawn, :coffee:

Happy Monday. It's dark and gloomy, and more rain is expected. We had some tremendous storms through here yesterday with lots of flooding, but that didn't keep anyone away from our party. We were bursting at the seams, but everyone had a real good time, and the house looks in good shape despite the fact that we were all stuck indoors.

Not much is happening today, maybe a trip to the library this afternoon. The girls always want to cook on rainy days, so maybe we'll stir up something in the kitchen, too.

Right now I need lots of coffee to get me going this morn.

08-11-2008, 07:19 AM
Good Morning all!!

Cottage....looks like we're in for a rainy/stormy day as well!! We desperately need the rain though. Have fun with whatever you choose to do today!

I had a good weekend....spent some time with my mom helping with some things out in the yard while my dad is out of town. Talk about a workout..haha. Saturday evening we had dinner at a restaurant on the river not too far from here....very relaxing!!
My monday is off to a good start...even though I have to figure out a way to get my jeep to the shop today....the stupid emmissions light came on AGAIN...the 2nd time in 4 months....ah well....just got off of the ellipitcal and about to hop in the shower

Happy Monday everyone!!!

08-11-2008, 08:02 AM
Cottage, try to stay dry and have fun at the library!

Mandy, where did you eat? Friends? Mortons?? Yep, looks like big time storms here today!!

Me...have to leave here in just a minute to get to school early to get some stuff run off and get organized. Starting something fun today...a class newspaper since we don't start our reading program till next week. Should be fun!!

Took a video of the "babies" this weekend. Cute, huh??? (
I've pretty much given up on keeping the towels etc "in order". Bijoux just digs them all up again to make "nests"

08-11-2008, 08:23 AM
Cat, those wee puppies are simply adorable! I want one!!!!!

Mandyleigh, I hope your emissions light doesn't mean any costly repair job! My engine light came on last week, but it was just a warning to replace my air filter, thank goodness!

08-11-2008, 08:25 AM
Aw, Cat, that brought tears to my eyes with puppy memories and cries. Hershey came over to the PC when she heard the whimpers. She was an excellent mother.

Cottage, it sure has been rainy around this part of the continent but it doesn't seem to slow down your entertaining! I've sort of decided to ignore the weather for the rest of the summer and just carry on.

Mandyleigh, those darn lights on the dash. Right now I have "Check gas cap!" and there's nothing wrong. "restaurant on the river" :lol: We say that around here too but it's the St Lawrence not the Mississippi.

Disney did OK at Obedience yesterday and even growled at a German Shepherd who was becoming too pushy. Too funny! She seems to have recovered from her trauma.

Last night I tried the roasted cauliflower for the first time. OMG that is a great recipe from Nessa. I'm glad I got a huge cauliflower at the market Saturday. I've never liked cooked cauliflower although I love it raw but this was great. I must check to be sure the recipe ends up in our Phase I Veggies Section. By the way, have you seen the number of stars on Taco Bake. That has to be the best recipe we have.

We're off to the groomer again for a second bath for Hersh - she was too tired after her Saturday shearing - and then we will see the vet again now that Leslie can see Hersh's skin. The fur on her sides was so matted, it came off in a piece like a sheep fleece. I feel guilty of neglect.

I need to do some weekend baking and meal prep this afternoon and will start some peaches drying. I did three medium zucchini into chips yesterday and managed to eat them all! Good thing zukes are low calorie.

More coffee needed. See y'all later.

Belle Mer
08-11-2008, 08:27 AM
Just wanted to say Good Morning to all. Dashing out the door, be back later!

08-11-2008, 08:58 AM
Good morning chickies!

cottage - hope you get to relax after the company yesterday!

Mandy - I agree, freakin' lights. My "maintenance needed" has been lit, I'd bet they didn't reset (again) when they changed the oil...

Cat - I won't even check the link...I've been getting "dog urges". I need to wait til we're not in a rental, and the kids are big enough to help!!

Ruth - I tried the roasted cauliflower, wasn't that great. Maybe because I only put on salt and pepper? Or didn't cook it enough?

Belle (and whomever else might be simul-posting!) - have a great day!

Me - just finished making the "lazy cabbage casserole" - it took 30 minutes to prep, so not too lazy! But now, dinner is ready. Boss is on vacation, so I work longer hours.

Went camping this weekend with friends, had a good time. And didn't gain any weight back. Ye-haw!

Hope everyone has a great day!

little chick
08-11-2008, 08:59 AM
Good Morning Chicks, no construction going on this morning and the girls are still in bed and my dad is at my sisters so I actually can get on the computer for more than 3 minutes. I am trying to catch up on all the stuff going on around here. Lots of new names around. I miss you chicks like crazy, school goes back in the first of sept so I am sure from now til then I will keep trying to do a quick pop in. Take care and have a great monday.

08-11-2008, 09:04 AM
Morning. I'm getting so excited about Friday... Gonna meet Cottage and see Schmoodle again! woo-hoo

yesterday was an interesting day for me. capped off by seeing my local Boy Michael Phelps and his team SMASH the world record with that awesome relay! My brother swam at that club as a kid (and was asked to go olympic 35 years ago!) so it hits close to home.

scale today 214... and i'm retaining water... so wow me.

ruth so glad you liked the cauliflower...

now i must work.

08-11-2008, 09:23 AM
:wave: belle

Ruth I'm so glad to hear Disney is back to her persnickity self after the trauma! I'll have to try the roasted couliflour. I too don't care for cooked. And like I stated in weekend thread, my son and his friend (who's alergic to tomatoes and dairy) polished off an entire pan! so much for left overs! My son is by far the most finicky eater! Won't eat fast food, can't have dairy (he can, but swears he's allergic like his friend! lol)

Have a great day at school Femme!

I hope it's an easy fix Mandy!

Cottage, It stormed here good yesterday! had hail an inch in diameter, lost power for a minute, and had heavy thunder and lightning! looks like rain brewing again, want to get jade out this am.

Me I had a family over for dinner last night. I made chicken marinated in Old Bay and corn, Clair brought sweet potato casserole and salad, and I made biscuits. I didn't touch said biscuits, but did eat an ear of corn and a small scoop of casserole. Clair asked about the plan, if I had to forgo something else to allow for it. I explained to her it's about eating properly, right carbs, right fats and that a little thing like corn once in awhile wont totally sabotage plan. I also told her that I need to stay away from bread at all costs. I think thats what gets me in trouble. I think I FINALLY (after over a year on SB) figured out what is going to work for me. veggies, and doing p1.5 all the way. This week I will introduce apples. I bought enough for the week, butg my son ate one. So I will start tomorrow for work.

Clair and randy needed a couch, so I gave them mine, I kept it's matching loveseat, and brought out two chairs into the living room. It's opened up and looks so much cleaner, and roomier! May not match, but I'm one person, they have six kids! And said kids always have friends over! When they came they asked if I would let them look for a chair, they didn't know I had a couple hiding in my bedroom. Now my bedroom is decluttered and so is living room! I told them I was good to go. I think that made them feel better! :) Their couch was like sitting on hardwood covered with sandpaper! I gave them an overstuffed couch that you sit in and go to never never land! :) I don't like the look of the couches, because to me it looks clumpy. But man alive are they comfortable. The couch I was gonna buy was nice and sleek. I hope to someday still get a decent couch that I like the looks of!

OK, so I FINALLY got the scale below 184... it read 183. For some reason I've been struggling to get under this once again when I gained all that weight. I hope I'm on my way down to the 170's without climbing again. I swear I'm a yoyo, up and down in 180's and 190's. sigh. Hopefully new insight on my plan might help that, and fact I'm walking Jade now more than ever!

I'm gonna do some finishing touches on bedroom today before starting tomorrow, and clean out my car so I start with nice clean interior! being a precision shop, they notice :D

Hope you all have a wonderful day on the beach!

08-11-2008, 09:31 AM
Oh my, I wrote such a novel that more people posted while I was!

ladybugnessa! Congrats on the scale!!! You go girl! It's been a pleasure watching you shrink down to nothingness over a year! OH, I so want to meet you all! I hope you have a nice visit!

Enjoy some quiet little chick!

TwynnB Let me know how it turns out! Last time I tried it, I didn't add enough cabage and found myself adding chili powder so ended up more with chili without the beans! DOH! Glad you had fun camping!

08-11-2008, 09:31 AM
Good morning Chickies

I can't keep up with the personals too many posting hehe, but that is a good thing.

I am busy at work so I will just say hello and have a great day.. and say went to State Fair yesterday and yesterday afternoon was definitely op eating, but I am back on track today.

08-11-2008, 09:39 AM
Cottage - glad your party went well!
Mandy - uigh! car problems stink!
Femme - Cutest thing EVER!!! :)
Ruth- Roasted cauliflower sounds great, might have to try it!
Twynn- Good job!
Nessa - My hubby loves watching Olympic swimming too, actuall all Olympic events. I probably won't be getting much attention until it's all over lol
Loriann- Very sweet to pass on your couch, I bet they will get great use of it!

As for me, sent the kids off for first day of school today. There were a few tears, but overall it went well. I am going to lunch today at school (not eating though) and will pick them up instead of them riding the bus home, thinking might take them for a treat like ice cream after school. They've been asking so it's probably a great time. I will order a Diet Coke and be fine. I haven't hardly been hungry at all and find myself wanting to skip snack and such (which is a new feeling for me!) but I want to stick with the phase one plan 100%. That's about it. Have a great Monday!


08-11-2008, 09:46 AM
Autumnrose... Eating those snacks help keep you ON plan, so you don't get so hungry you eat anything in site., it also keeps a low fuel burning in your system and helps LOSE weight! :)

08-11-2008, 09:50 AM
Pearl, how did you enjoy the Fair? We didn't end up going yesterday (even though it was "veterans day" and admission would've been free for us) but may go for the last day, I'm not sure yet.

Yawn, indeed, cottage! I'm wiped out myself. Think I'm gonna make some tea real quick. Back to work again today. Had a nice, restful weekend, but am groggy for some reason this morning. Gonna be a long week. I have to work 3 days and then have the Regional Picnic in Chicago on Thursday. It's softball tournament time again. Joy. This year I'm bringing the sunscreen and Icy Hot so none of us are hurting too bad on the ride home.

Well, geez, this morning is flying by. Hope you girls have a great day!


08-11-2008, 09:59 AM
Good morning chicks, I've got a houseload of kids with the niece and nephew here, but haven't heard a peep so far this morning. I've got a telecon soon, so hopefully all will sleep for a while. If not, they are old enough to fix themselves some breakfast. My weekend was not stellar, I had a couple of transgressions, so I am disappointed in myself for wrecking my streak of perfect days, but not a huge deal, so I am ready to move on. LOTS of water today should do the trick.
This is the first week in a while I am starting the work week without any major issue hanging over my head, so I hope to have a peaceful week and catch up on all the niggles, as well as catch up on things around the house. I made progress over the weekend but still lots to do. And I took Friday off for the big Green Dragon Market outing, can't wait for that! Need to get ready for my meeting so I will skip the personals until later - you are such chatty chicks here this morning.

08-11-2008, 11:25 AM
I had a pretty easy oncall week last week up until yesterday. I got paged as I tried to get in the shower, at the grocery store, as I tried to leave for church and one more time. We finally made it to the 6PM mass after giving up on the 10:30 and the noon. Then we stayed up watching the Olympics. That 4x100m men's relay was incredible!

Then my pager went off at 4:30 this morning. I got back to bed about the time I would normally get up but I tried to doze for another half hour which made me run late. Brian has his physical this afternoon so I'll be away from work for awhile. Thank goodness I'm no longer oncall.

08-11-2008, 11:32 AM
Hiya chicks just breezin through it's kind of a crazy Monday. Had a great weekend did some shopping and housework and I did that bick butt bootcamp video again on Saturday it's tough but boy does it feel good. Eating was a lil crazy on Sunday but not to to bad. Headin to the movies tonight to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

Have a great day chicks!

08-11-2008, 11:49 AM
Hi, everybody! :wave:

I've missed you all--it was a super-busy summer and we spent most of it away from home, so I've been missing! But I'm back and looking forward to modding again. :goodvibes:

Cottage, I love the library on a rainy day! Maybe you can find a cute kids' cookbook there!

Femme, I want to see your babies, but I don't have Flash on this ' the name Bijoux!!! :love:

Ruth, I simply have to post this wonderful roasted cauli recipe I involves oil and mustard and toasted walnuts. It's AMAZING! :drool: I, too, am not a huge raw cauli fan, but love it roasted.

:welcome3: Belle Mer and Twynn! I'm sure you've been here for ages, but you're new to me!

Twynn, good going on not gaining and having fun camping! :high: You may not have roasted the cauli enough. I have a recipe for roasted turnips...when they are done enough, they are DIVINE, but when I don't roast them enough, they're icky. :shrug:

Nessa, I love meetups!!! Hope you have a great time...give the both a big hug from me...I can't wait to see photos! That race last night was heart-stopping and amazing!!! :love:

Loriann, you explained the plan well. :) It's a plan for life, IMHO, and that means figuring out what things work for your body/cravings and what don't. Try looking at your overall loss rather than the day to day bouncing to help you see the end results...I find there's lots of bouncing day to day, but if you are going down overall when all is said and done, there's no need to stress! :D

Weezle, have you tried that "cool" spray-on sunscreen from Neutrogena? It's helioplex, so it gets UVA and UVB, sprays-on super easy, and isn't greasy. I love it!

Goodness gracious, Barb...was your pager on fire? That's crazy...all those calls! :faint:

I'm way too late this morning to do personals for all the posts...sorry not to hit everyone!

We were gone for weeks and weeks--a visit to Paris and Vienna (fantastic! especially because I actually lost a fraction of a pound by the time I got home!), a week in CA to visit my bosom girlfriends and my sisters (wonderful, but hard, especially since I managed to gain 5 pounds while there!!! :mad: ), and a week and a half in WI with my in-laws while my SIL and BIL visited with their newborn son (our new nephew!). In the time around the visits, I ran all over trying to connect with friends, get to the gym, read some books about the emotional/mental part of overeating, scrape wallpaper, do tons of gardening, and clean. It was a busy, busy time!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was busy--between staying up for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics (WOW!!!), going to a friend's party (fun!), replacing the screens in our very old screen door, taking a 15 mile bike ride (awesome!), and doing sundry chores, it passed quickly!

Big "Hi!" for all to come...can't wait to catch up on all your goings-on! :listen:

08-11-2008, 12:11 PM
Good morning ladies!!! Happy Monday!

Cottage - Hope you and the girls cook up something wonderful.

Mandyleigh - Sorry that you're light is problems can be the worst! Here's hoping that things get resolved quickly and cheaply!

Cat - Such Rolly Polly puppies. Too cute, thanks for sharing. Have fun with your new project this morning at school!

Ruth - Glad to hear that Disney is completely recovered from the trauma from last week. I hope poor Hershey recovers from what ever he's got going on as well....and soon.

Belle Mer - MORNING!!! :wave:

twynnb - Great job maintaining while on the camping trip. Way to work it!

Nessa - Nice job with the scale this morning....keep it up!

l/c - Good to see you around this morning. I hope all is well and you're still working the program!

Loriann - Are you going into work today? I hope it all goes well!

pearlrose - Good job getting back on program. I hope you enjoyed your time at the fair.

autumnrose - I'm sure everything will go so well with your little one today. And a treat sounds like a fantastic idea....maybe a family tradition as the years go on. But like Lori said, be sure to be eating your snacks. You need them to keep your metabolism burning to use up more calories.

weezle - Hope you day at work goes well.

Schmoodle - Hope the kids were quiet during your conference call. Don't be too hard on yourself. You know what you need to do...just stick with it.

Barb - Sorry your day was so crazy! hope everything goes well at the Dr.'s today w/ Brian.

Gonnabe - Enjoy your movie tonight. Sounds like fun!

Beachgal - Welcome back! Where in CA did you stay? Sorry you ended up gaining, but I hope you had fun. Welcome back to normalcy....enjoy it!

Me - First official day of vacation!!! Actually slept in until 7:30. I was super lazy yesterday, spent most of my time on the couch watching the olympics and napping. I'm bummed that I missed the big relay race last night, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I need to make a menu and go grocery shopping today. I'm also meeting up with my Mom and Aunt for lunch and an antique fair. Should be a lot of fun. I'm crossing my fingers that I find a new vintage pin to add to my collection.
Have a great Monday, Ladies!!!

Fat Melanie
08-11-2008, 12:26 PM
Hello all, going grocery shopping today so I can start phase 1 again tomorrow, trying to compile together a list of lower priced things to buy so I've got to search for all of those budget threads. I'm gonna cook double, freeze all leftovers (except for one portion to have for lunch the next day), and try to stay within a weekly budget.

08-11-2008, 12:52 PM
Mel If you can you may want to consider not freezing, just eating alternating dishes throughout the week, thats what I do. I'll make a taco bake one night, chicken next, then next reheat taco, next chicken, .... cheaper food bill per week and for me, less cooking per week! Last night had 6 chicken breasts left so put two in freezer, and four in fridge! of course, son is STILL here (wont go home, lol) and will likely have the chicken today when he gets his butt out of bed!

hma the boss called yesterday (Sunday) and changed my start day to Tuesday... which, if I get off this computer, gives me a chance to tidy a few things up before going back to the grind of work! Nice to have a lazy day once in awhile. I am exhausted today myself, eyes burning exhausted. May take a nap yet. Up the veggies, like spinach, and move on! Enjoy a day of rest at least once a week, God rested!!!

Beachgal, I'm tired just reading about all you've done!!!!

08-11-2008, 02:12 PM
Is the roasted caulii recipe posted already? Is it different than the cauli poppers? I tried those once and wasn't crazy about them, but maybe didn't do it right. I have a big head of cauliflower in the fridge, so may have to give it another try this week.
I'd love to see your recipe too Laurie. I love walnuts on anything.

08-11-2008, 02:35 PM
Hey there! Just a quicky for me...I'm leaving for Pune in the morning so I'll be MIA here a few days... Have dental appt, and appt. with my cardiologist to regulate mt BP meds. Pune is 3 hrs drive from here 1 way...It' where I stock up on skim milk, lowfat cheeses and other SB friendly stuff . SO I'm excited.
ANyhow off to bed now! Have a great day everybody!

Beach Gal welcome back! I remember you from a year ago when I was here last.

08-11-2008, 02:42 PM
Weezle we had a good time we also got in "free", long day though because it is a big fair- and dh had ticket to see Joan Jett and Huey Lewis and the News- we did not get home until 12:15 p.m.- though I slept the whole way home.

08-11-2008, 02:54 PM
Hi all!

I've never participated in Chick Chat before, but here I am. :cool:

I went back to Iowa/Illinois for the past 4 days to visit my family. I grew up there, but moved to Georgia when I was 13. But all of my family (except mom and dad) is still there, as well as friends. It was a good visit! I had not been home for 2 years, ouch, so it was a well overdue visit.

But the eating - yikes! I had planned for 2 off program meals. (1) This totally Un-Mexican restaurant (really, who puts unseasoned ground beef in their tacos, but they are SOO good!), and (2) a breaded tenderloin, since they don't sell those here in Georgia. Well, mom informed me that the Mexican restaurant closed a year ago. They had been there for 20 years or so. :( I did still have the breaded tenderloin though - and it was worth every single calorie and bad carb. Just delicious! One a year isn't what made me fat, I promise. lol

Grandma was being a SB killer. She shows love with food. Night 1 she invited the entire family over to see me, which was fabulous. What was not so fabulous was the pizza and DQ Ice Cream Cake. That's my absolute 2 biggest weaknesses on the planet! I indulged in 2 slices, some fruit, and the cake - but hit the elliptical at 7:00 the next morning. Next day was good, but there was grandma - handing me another slice of ice cream cake during opening ceremonies of the Olympics. At least it was just a sliver.

I stayed OP other than that. I was DREADING the scale this a.m., but was only up 4 ounces. Don't ask me how, but I'll take it!

Today was a killer - got home from the airport at 11:00 last night, and started Day 1 of boot camp this morning. Had to be up at 4:45, for the 5:15 class. Today was more of a fitness test (running, push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, etc.), and we will retest in 4 weeks to see how we've improved. I'm getting a little sore as I sit here at work.

Off to plan my menus, so I can figure out what I need to get at the store.

Wishing everyone a great SB friendly week! :hug:

08-11-2008, 03:24 PM
OK, so I've been praying about this job. Something wasn't setting right with how he was doing things. One of those things was him calling to have me start tuesday instead of monday. Well, I just called him to confirm for tomorrow. He's been number crunching he says and can't afford what I'm asking. He was apologetic, said he felt I'd be great. I told him with the distance I really can't go lower, that I was already a bit low. I was looking at how much it was per year, and it was WAY low.

WEll, my prayers were answered, the answer is no.

So, back to the drawing board!

08-11-2008, 03:36 PM
Loriann I hope you find something that you love for the pay you deserve!

08-11-2008, 03:40 PM
Loriann, I am sorry things didn't work out with the job. On the other hand, that's not the best way to run a business. It's usually good to check your numbers BEFORE you make someone a job offer. So for you, it probably worked out for the best, and just means that something better is coming your way soon.
kshe, welcome aboard! Gotta love those Grandmas, bless their hearts.
Laurie, Hoping there are some pictures coming our way???
Cat, wish I could see the puppies, but I can't load the latest flash player on this work laptop. It'll have to wait until I get a new desktop. Hopefully by this weekend, haven't had a chance to think about what I want. Recommendations anyone? This will be the family computer - picture editing and storage, internet surfing, some gaming, basic word processing and spreadsheets, money management software...

08-11-2008, 03:46 PM
Loriann, sorry about the job, but glad you stuck to your guns. Sounds like a near miss that you were lucky to get out of. Hope you find something much better soon! :)

Hi, Kitty! :wave: Safe travels and enjoy all the goodies you get!

Schmoodle, I'll try to post some pics least of my darling nephew! :) I'll also look for that recipe. I'm not sure where I got of my cookbooks... :chin:

08-11-2008, 03:56 PM
Lori- sounds like a blessing in disguise- doesn't sound like this would have been a good fit, something should come along soon for you.

08-11-2008, 06:44 PM
Lori, just keep praying. He will send opportunity your way when you ask for it!

Laurie, no I haven't tried that sunscreen! I need to find it because I'm still using like, Banana Boat SPF 50 (and still burning even after reapplication every hour) and being outside playing softball all day is going to hurt, I have a feeling.

Oy. I'm ravenous, but it's straight bad-food-cravings. I was THIS (imagine my finger and thumb a millimeter apart) close to buying some form of candy today. I held strong though. I'm all sluggish and icky feeling today too, my Day 3. I was hoping I'd skip the yucky feelings for days 3-4 this time around, but no such luck. Not doing a full 2 weeks. If I can detox just for a week, I think I'll be ok going back to my WW/Ph2 combo. I just felt gross from alllllllll the starches/sugars/flours.

No weight-loss to report yet but my tummy sure is a bit flatter, at least the top part (bottom part is a :censored:)

Well, gonna make some dinner and read my Women's Health Magazine. Hope you girls have a great night!

08-11-2008, 07:39 PM
Lori - so sorry, but like Weezle said, there's a plan and purpose....I"m sure you'll find something soon. And aren't you glad you didn't get there and then have things go terribly wrong. Sending up some prayers.

08-12-2008, 12:06 AM
Lori sorry to hear about the job, but it sounds like you found out just in the nick of time. And I agree, he should have figured out the financials prior to offering you the job, and should have called you on his own - not waiting until you called him to confirm. Sounds like it's for the better. :)

08-12-2008, 03:53 AM
Thank you all for your encouragement! Yes, I was a bit relieved when he was trying to get me to accept lower pay, to tell him find someone new! If he's like this out of the gate, come review I doubt a raise would of been easily given!

Lisa... Yesterday I was feeling sluggish, I ate a good size salad with chicken, cheese, chick peas, mushrooms, etc... and felt one hundred percent better!